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#guessing game
For the guessing game: I think you're 26 y/o, she/her, female. Maybe your zodiac sign is taurus? Single, hazel eyes, draw or write (or both?), introverted aaaaaaand autumn?

Oooohhh you are VERY close on these! The answers should be posted around 9 p.m. CST (USA). Thank you for playing!!

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So I thought of a little game because I thought it’d be fun (mostly because I’m bored and I wanna interact with people and make friends because quarantine is BORING AND DEPRESSING AS HELL). I have a list of emojis and you have to guess which emoji is which Ego, with a few exceptions. I’ve included some characters that aren’t Egos to begin with but I like including them anyway.

I hope this’ll be a fun guessing game for some people!























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Well, everyone, it’s been a week since I posted this, so it’s time for the big reveal of what these ensembles are and (if applicable) who guessed them correctly! Here we go:

  1. Well, funny seeing you here (also: thank God for veils) (soprano/tenor/baritone)- ‘Ahime, s’appressa alcun…Odi tu come fremono cupi’ from Un ballo in maschera; correctly guessed by @lessthansix
  2. Wait, whaddya mean ‘our trip is cancelled’?! (fourteen different singers)- ‘Ah, a tal colpo inaspettato!’ from Il viaggio a Reims; correctly guessed by @normallyparenthetical
  3. You don’t know what light is? Oh, honey. I need to do some explaining then. (soprano/tenor)- ‘Tvajo molcan’e nepanatna’ from Iolanta, correctly guessed by @lessthansix
  4. ‘PLEASE DATE US’ ‘HOW ABOUT NOPE’ *other two people are eating popcorn in the background* (2 sopranos, mezzo, tenor, baritone, bass)- ‘Dammi un bacio, o mio tesoro’ from Così fan tutte; correctly guessed by @doreenaloysius
  5. ‘INCEST IS BAD ALSO I’M JUST PISSED IN GENERAL’ ‘BUT HE’S NOT COMMITTING INCEST SCREW YOU’ (mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone)- ‘Che disse mai!’ from Don Carlo, correctly guessed by…surprisingly, no one
  6. we are definitely not going to turn this duel into an ambush (because you insulted my daughter). oh wait. he knows. greeeeeeat, now it’s a huge riot. (three tenors, two baritones, bass-baritone, bass, chorus)- ‘En mon bon droit j’ai confiance…Arretez! Entendez-vous ces pas?…Nous voilà, nous voilà’ from Les Huguenots- correctly guessed by @normallyparenthetical
  7. Like “Phantom of the Opera” except it’s a trio and it’s deadly  (soprano, mezzo-soprano, bass-baritone)- ‘Tu ne chanteras plus?’ from Les contes d’Hoffmann; correctly guessed by no one
  8. I already hated you. Now I find out you raped my mom. And yet you’re my dad…OH SCREW YOU ANYWAY (tenor, baritone)- ‘Quando al mio per te parlava…Ma che? fuggi mio sguardo’ from I vespri siciliani; correctly guessed by @lessthansix 
  9. HAHAHA LIFE IS CRAZY LET’S JUST LAUGH ABOUT IT IN A ROLLICKING FUGUE (ten singers and chorus)- ‘Tutto nel mondo è burla’ from Falstaff; correctly guessed by @normallyparenthetical
  10. you know, polyamory ain’t a bad thing… (soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor)- ‘À la faveur de cette nuit obscure’ from Le comte Ory; correctly guessed by @doreenaloysius
  11. Two breakup stories, one quartet, a LOT of snow (two sopranos, tenor, baritone)- ‘Dunque è proprio finita…Addio, dolce svegliare’ from La bohème; correctly guessed by @lessthansix
  12. this religious procession is driving me insane and now I’m going to strangle you because I’m so pissed off about you touching my dead wife’s hair (soprano, tenor, chorus)- ‘Du hier?…O süßer Heiland mein…Der fromme Zug…Ihr Haar?’ from Die tote Stadt; (understandably) correctly guessed by no one (but check this scene and opera out, it’s TRIPPY)
  13. yadda yadda yadda royal burns yadda yadda yadda VILE BASTARD *the opera gets banned* (mostly two sopranos yelling at each other but there are also some other singers and chorus)- ‘E sempre la stessa…Figlia impura di Bolena!…Va, preparati’ from Maria Stuarda; (surprisingly) correctly guessed by no one
  14. there is a book. it’s locked. it’s relevant to the intrigue in the plot. let’s sing about it. (soprano, mezzo-soprano, three tenors, baritone, bass)- ‘Oh qual m’invade ed agita’ from Stiffelio; correctly guessed by no one
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Someone asked you a question a little bit ago about what nickname Sonic would give you. You said that your name is odd and that Sonic would need a driver's license as proof for it to be your real name. I really want to know what it is


I’ll tell ya what: if you guys can guess my real name as close to or as accurate as you can, then I will allow you to give Sonic a flu shot.

How about that?

And anon? I will be taking that five bucks anyways, textbooks are becoming much more expensive for me in college.😅

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Nice (unlikely, but Imma give it a go), crack, philosophy

Ok, I’m gonna be honest. Nice is a word I associate with pretty much all of my mutuals. So it’s tricky to judge from that. And I’m surrounded by jokesters everywhere! Yet you @theladyhaleth rightly said philosophy because I associate that with you alone here. The other two of course apply to you (and what’s with the unlikely? Nope. No self-deprecation on my watch). But I’d actually say compassionate and fun instead :D

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So @nightwingshero tagged me to do this name aesthetic mood board and I’m dying because my choices were so weird, there were lots of dishes that looked like they were made with human teeth and body parts??? And then lots of spooky chicks standing alone in white dresses in cemeteries and tbh I came really close to using all those but I didn’t wanna freak anybody out 😤😤

So go to Pinterest and type in [your name] core aesthetic and choose 9 images you want to use and make yourself a weird ass mood board!

I’ll tag @ayakashi-chan, @chyrstis, @smithandrogers, @stvnningstrike, @feral-hog-of-tamriel and @lxmbert, only if you want to as always

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