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#guild wars 2

I doubt I’ll ever make him a real character, but I made Aoife 2′s brother in the makeover panel. He’s also the 2nd oldest sibling in the main AU and he pops up a few times there. Roisin, my norn ranger has him as a big ol’ hero and best friend. In Aoife 2′s universe he’s her lil bbie brother :3.

Man, male norn are all goofy lookin.

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30 Days of GW2 - Day Fourteen - How do you pick your character’s names

Hi. Enjoy some word vomit.


My humans have had the surname of Fae since GW1 and it’s just carried on over from there. The GW2 Faes are all descended from the GW1 versions, though I haven’t worked out who some of them are related to yet. On top of that, most of them didn’t know about the others until they got involved in the Commander’s guild. Two exceptions are my thief and my mesmer. They both carry the surname “Sun” instead. Thief has it cos boything asked me to change when he helped me make Dreamer. And Mesmer has it as its one of her aliases. She picked the Sun surname cos of someone she met on her travels, which just so happened to be one of boything’s characters :)
Some of the names of the humans are just “That sounds like a pretty name” but I take a lot of inspiration from TV. Characters that I like, the actress’s name, or even a name that actress plays from another tv show.


My norn have the surname of Ulvstrom. Ulv meaning Bear, and the strom from “maelstrom”. The surname is a mashup of their dad, Ulvar, and their mother was Maelstrom. The girls all have names from an Irish origin, with the exception of Fia whose name is from a Scottish origin (since she had a different mother). Aisling probably shouldn’t be Aisling then since her parents are completely different, but uh, I just really like the name :)


Charr are all in the same warband, the Ember warband. I disliked charr for the longest time (1070AE never forget!) but originally wanted to call my charr, should I ever make one “Cinder” or in the Cinder warband, but ended up going with Ember. It sounded better for more options. Emberblade for the warrior, Embergleam for the ele. Gleam was the original name for Glint’s child we now know as Vlast. They started life with Fae and Khorren, so people knew it was me, but recently gave them some actual names.


The asura have names that sound fitting to asura culture.
Aloreca is acerola backwards, which is a type of cherry. My friend used to have an asura called Elppa, which was apple backwards and I wanted to steal the idea. :D. Nokomai is a body of water… somewhere. A friend had some characters named after bodies of water, so I stole that idea. Yhalea was a name kind of similar to a friend’s OC and I just tweaked it. Blixxie just sounded cute (though it has an accent on it). And Viianna exists because I wanted an asura who went by the nickname of Vii.


And the sylvari are just kind of a mish-mash. Amarilis was named after an actress from the Sweet Valley High show, which is close to the actual flower called amaryllis. Khorren was going to be the name of a norn character, this was decided back when GW2 was announced, but then I came up with the family name of Ulvstrom instead and wanted to go down the irish naming scheme. So the name Khorren was given to my first made character, it’s also my account name :D. Faebrynn was just Fae with a sylvari-ish sounding ending to it. Never really 100% liked Teaghaann’s name. She originally was just Teaghan with an accent in there, but the accent bugged me way too much, so used the free rename from buying PoF on her. She’s not really played, has already been used for full world completion so the odds of her being treated to a rename token are slim to none. Sorry Tea!

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Day 6: Do you follow the story or just worry about unlocking zones / masteries

I have one thing to say:  THe storyis a guideline, not a rule

It usually depends on character to be honest.

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What is a memory hazel thinks fondly of from her past?: Outings with her brothers and dads, mostly; days where they’ve visited markets together or planned a fun activity together.

What did others think about her being close to her family, specifically her fathers?: In the fahrar, her and her brothers did recieve a lot of scrutiny, sometimes bullying, for their uncharrlike family; it’s how Thlayli injured his tail as a cub and how Hazel learned to fight pretty early on, and why all three of them ultimately joined the Pact instead of remaining in the Legions. Her fathers were also pretty scrutinized by their own peers too, especially once Sam decided to retire as a soldier and move on to his current role as a Primus. (He’s proven himself an excellent teacher however, much to the chagrin of those who doubted him.)

What does she regret?: Hazel haaaas two sort of diverging canons: her life if she were never the Commander, and her life if she were. Her past. parents, and siblings remain the same in both, but those paths diverge pretty much the moment Personal Story starts, so I separate them by Vigil!Hazel and Commander!Hazel. Vigil!Hazel doesn’t have a whole lot of regrets, tbh. She/her family are on bad terms with Kleos her uncle, but she doesn’t really regret it (if they ever come to better terms, maybe. But currently, nah). Commander!Hazel has MANY REGRETS because being Commander is the most stressful job in Tyria, but I’m sure her regrets started with the campaign against Zhaitan, and watching people she’d come to know through her travels fall under her command. Will smith poses at the GW2 plot, Commander!Hazel’s been through a lot, and is overall way more like…. chill, seasoned, and more tired than Vigil!Hazel but that’s getting off topic

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(i realized too late that i had some outdated info on echo’s page that i’ve since retconned, including her last name, so i apologize but i won’t answer the warband question since it doesn’t apply to her anymore weeps)

Whats echos favorite music?: She enjoys the musical styles from sylvari and human cultures, and loves a lot of music with piano, cello and guitar.

Which instruments would they like to try out?: Probably piano, but claws and human-size instruments make it a tad hard.

What kind of music do they dislike?: They respect pretty much any genre of music, but they do have the above preferences.

Their opinion on metal legion?: 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Which legion are they?: At one point, Iron, but she’s gone her own way since, and tends to roam now, playing music for those around her wherever she finds herself.

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Hera : what made you abandon being a pirate and instead go for hired work?: “I abandoned nothing. I simply found my own way.” (she was born and raised on a pirate ship, she never really chose that life. her mother respects her decision, and hera still relies on a lot of the skills she was raised on. She may one day run her own ship, when she grows tired of hired work.)

What dragon minions do you hate the most?: “Risen.” (she was present for Zhaitan’s attack on Lion’s Arch, and defended her city.)

Whats the cutest thing youve seen?: “Rapscallion.” (she found a little tuxedo kitten in Lion’s Arch and named him Rapscallion, and has kept him with her where she goes when it’s safe to do so.)

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Whats myrons necromancy specialty?: He’s a “chillromancer”, chill-based reaper; he manipulates life force to “freeze” people, but it’s more of a draining effect, leaving people feeling cold.

How does he feel about the necromantic arts?: He… is actually pretty grossed out about the undead, and refuses to raise minions. It informed his route to achieve immortality; he looked into lichdom, but given the shape Joko was in, he uh, decided against it. He likes necromancy more for the manipulation–and now, consumption–of life force.

Is his tail genetic or was it cut at one point?: He makes up a new story every time about his tail; he was born with it, he lost it in a bet, it was eaten by a shark, etc etc etc. The truth is that he lost it as a child, but he refuses to talk about it, as if it bothers him. (it does somewhat affect his balance in slight ways, and among charr, it can conceal his body language; it’d be like a human wearing sunglasses or wearing a mask, and you lose a little bit of that expressive information).

What legion is he in? What are his feelings on the legions?: There are actually no records of him ever having been in the Legions; nor are there records of any parents, siblings, etc. He claims to be a Legions gladium when it suits him, and then refuses to elaborate when pressed. In truth, he, nor his past family, are from the legions. As for his feelings on the Legions, he considers them beneath him, as he does much everyone else. They’re pretty convenient when he needs to pretend to be from them, should he be talking to someone who wouldn’t know better.

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i spent all day on this. i just suddenly felt inspired by the sad, almost sepia tone of orr. the crime is i love this oc too much ;w; 

ive improved enough to get the confidence to draw ian again! goth king. i actually tried coloring it a bit just to make it look more interesting, cause i know my art is really plain. :o 

i love drawing his little bat earrings so much every time i just 😭 i almost threw another choker on him but i thought he seemed okay with just his earrings this time. also, i bullshit drawing ears every time idk how to do them and at this point im too afraid to ask. and idk how to color him as pale as he is without just going monotone white. he’s THAT pale you guys

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What is his style of captaining for his ship?: he’s a tough captain, a fan of punishment for blunders or slackers (cat o’ nine tails, menial/difficult chores, etc etc). He’s just as quick to reward his crew for a job well done, and will go on “morale” missions to loot merchant ships for comforts and good food. Though he’s tough, he’s kept his crew loyal.

What does he feel about other pirates?: It’s all a bit of a sport to him; worthy rivals, mostly, that he respects but he Will engage if they cross him. He’s not above ceasefires and allies, but he takes the phrase “keeps your friends close and enemies closer” to heart.

Whats the name of his ship?: Y'know I hadn’t thought of that, so I might as well write a good name down. I’d imagine he’d name it something that hearkens back to his origins, so i’ll go with Tyrulu’s Ire.

Does he have any rival ships?: He used to. He talks often about his crew’s victory against The Blackfang and her crew.

What are the worst crimes he would admit to doing?: He steals, kills, and loots. Typical pirate stuff jfkjslf. He keeps to his own kind of code of honor, to be explained in the next question.

Does he have any personal rules/morals and things he would NEVER do?: He’s a BIG believer of freedom and self-determination; he does not capture (if he can help it), he does not believe in bartering lives as objects. He kills those who get in his way, he kills people he deems truly despicable, and he tries to free those he finds captured, whether by the law or not.

Being elonian what does he think of joko?: A despicable person who deals in lives as if they’re objects. He takes pity on Joko’s subjects, and during the time the Awakened were under Joko’s thumb, he cut them down if they went against him. Now, they’re just another group he pities, but is glad they’re free.

His favorite food?: Lobster bisque or seared tuna, depending on what he’s in the mood for. He has a high-class palate, and indulges in the riches he’s accumulated.

What does he perfer to do when he is on land?: Find aforementioned food, and cash in on whatever hedonistic desires he’s feeling at the moment. He actually cares quite a bit about his grooming, and often gets a thorough, relaxing bath when he drops anchor.

What got him into being a pirate?: A desire to be free; he didn’t like having expectations placed upon him, and was rebellious from a pretty early age. As a cub from the Olmakhan, when they visited trade hubs they often crossed paths with pirates; one day, Vaughn simply left the Olmakhan during one of these trips and joined a pirate crew, and clawed his way to becoming a Captain.

Does he know his parents?: He had a mother, but he was more or less raised by the whole village until he left.

What does he think of the…asuratraffiking/selling asuras as pets in elonia?: according to his own code, he’d probably just kinda. smash the cage, and threaten the shopkeep if they tried to stop him. aaaaaaand then leave the asura to his own devices jflkdsjlk

has he travelled far and wide on the sea? Where is the farthest hes gone?: He’s through the regular corsair routes in the seas near Elona, but he’s gone as far as Lion’s Arch, especially as mainland Tyria opened up to Elona.

How long has he been captaining? Whats his age?: He’s been sailing since he was a mid/late teen? he was pretty young when he joined the pirate crew. He’s likely in his mid-thirties now, with a lot of experience under his belt.

how does he take care of his rex-like fur?: he takes care of it, particularly his mane, by scrubbing out dirt/debris with water and perfumed oils while out at sea, and then gets a deep-soaking bath when he visits land, soap, water, perfumed oils, the whole nine yards.

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not atm, but very soon! just simple stuff for gold/fancy gemstore items. still to make a pricing sheet, but keep an eye out! i’ll make that post and pin it

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Bingus Wrinklepaw, Imperator of the Snuggle Legion! He uses his guardian magic to heal those in need and spread adorableness throughout all of tyria! And also to bash in the heads of his enemies. (but he does the little kitty butt wiggle before he attacks so it’s ok)

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doodle of my new norn, hrani the rainbird

i lined over a screenshot of him and thinned him out a BUNCH, just for the purpose of trying to show off how his outfit is like a slutty, pretty greek gods loungewear 

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Doin’ a draw of Solea again.. but this time it’s the Commander AU, since I’m playing through the entirety of the living story straight through. She’s probably a lot more mature at this point than she currently is right now.

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Two new asura characters. Pwan, who works in the Pact but has no combat experience so he deals with the management/logistics? Stuff and has to deal with all my weirdos and is very tired.

Rouk is yet another chimera asura who has various animals mixed in. He was created by the Inquest and then taken in to work as muscle. He works for them as he sees no way anyone else would accept him.

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What is Mu’s fav foods?: Mu really loves sweet foods, cakes the most. Thought I’d make the doodle for this one a demonstration of that <3

How do they feel about charr?: She’s got a high interest in charr, especially since she’s part charr. She’s a little intimidated by them and wants nothing to do with fighting (though she and Zo will sometimes sabotage Inquest labs if the need is great), she likes the “family” aspect of warbands and wants to join one.

What do zoxu and mu love doing to pass time?: Zoxu might tell her stories, talk about history, cultures, festivals, things like that. Mu tends to spend a decent amount of time grazing, so they spend a lot of time chatting together, teaching Mu things. Whenever they need supplies, Zo’ll either put a glamour on Mu to disguise her as a true charr (which Mu can’t maintain for super long bc her legs arent really built for standing up for super long. think of gorillas and how they can do it short-term but not very long), or have Mu hide out nearby if it’s a place she’ll stick out too much/be too at risk to be discovered by Inquest (for instance, Rata Sum). Mu loves markets though, so they try to visit them as often as they can.

What is Mu’s hopes for the future?: Mu hopes to be able to live without worry, meet new friends, and generally just…. not be on the run. Having a warband would be great, but she doesn’t like the “fight for your Legion” bit, so thus far her warband consists of her and Zoxu.

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