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#guillermo's sweet little face
foxery · a month ago
why s3e10 hits so hard
Thinking about the WWDITS finale from a writing perspective and how it delivered SO well on every front—everything’s so intentional and builds up to that final reversal. BUT HOW?
This episode is so well crafted I wanted to write down some things I noticed…
The 4th wall breaking when Guillermo interrupts the interviews is brilliant because it’s not just the family falling apart, but the very fabric of the show itself. This has never been done and it really makes it feel like everything’s spiraling out of control. 
The scenes themselves subconsciously lead us to expect a separation at the end, despite Guillermo’s efforts. We got that cool Nadja/Guillermo scene where she confides in him, followed by that unprecedented Laszlo piano scene where Laszlo is actually decent to Guillermo. Full conversations we almost NEVER get between these characters. In both cases it feels like we are seeing what might be their last scenes together, as we expect/hope Guillermo to end up with Nandor.
Then we got that awesome FIGHT!!! Which was super fucking cool and REALLY rewarding to watch Guillermo’s growth as a character. And YES I believe Nandor was testing him from the beginning of the episode. We are used to Guillermo being the smartest guy in the room, but we give Nandor too little credit. Guillermo isn’t used to being outsmarted by the vampires, so he (and we!) take Nandor’s shitty treatment of him at face value.
But upon rewatch, that early Nandor/Guillermo scene makes it REALLY clear that Nandor is needling Guillermo intentionally. He’s being over the top patronizing, from the way he says “You’re not coming with me” to making Guillermo plan his trip (which would be agonizing for him) to forcing Guillermo to say out loud “I’m not a vampire”. Nandor’s VERY intentionally hitting him where it hurts: right in the status. He’s attempting to elicit a reaction.
(Rather than being a real expression of affection, even “My sweet, sweet Guillermo” was patronizing, intended to make him mad—and obviously it does! Look at his face!!!)
Tumblr media
Finally, Nandor’s little chuckle and pet name after Guillermo’s dead serious “I. Let. You. Live” line is Nandor goading him in the best way: laughing in the face of his power play. Guillermo’s whole thing this season has been a struggle for status. He deserves it and he knows it (and says so right at the top of the episode.) Nandor wants it for him too, but it’s not something he can give away—he needs Guillermo to seize it himself. And he does!
All this leads to our characters separating along the lines we would expect (Nandor/Guillermo and Nadja/Laszlo), and most importantly, it feels EARNED. There was a struggle from all four to get here, but they are all deliriously happy. They’re so close to getting what they want. 
The dock scene is incredible because in one swift motion, EVERYTHING is thrown out the window. In a single action we have the rug pulled out from under every major character and the trajectory that’s been building all episode long flipped on its head. 
It’s a misdirect to DIE for. And most importantly, it comes from character. Laszlo this season has grown into a fascinating character with layers to him that we’ve only been able to glimpse for the last couple episodes. In keeping with the theme, his final letter reveals that Guillermo (Guillermo, not Gizmo) has earned his respect—and ironically, it’s the reason NO ONE gets what they want.
Thus we are left with this devastating multi-cliffhanger. Talk about sticking the landing. I’m in love.
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gaykagome · 8 days ago
happy nandermo in 10 years would just be like. Imagine the old Iranian queen next door invites you over for a late night cup of tea with him and his sweet looking younger husband. and as you’re sitting in a bizarrely ornate sitting room, nandor starts spouting off about the funniest little story about him and his husband and guillermo quietly smiles and refills your cup of tea (you’re the only one drinking) and whispers the only reason he keeps him around is because he’s hopeless on his own “he can’t even do his own laundry.” and as you snicker quietly with him nandor dramatically throws himself on a nearby settee (a settee? really?) and whines about how that’s not true, guillermo! i keep you around because I love you and you do that thing in the bedroom where— and guillermo smacks him in the face with a wet rag as he passes to shut him up. As nandor keeps chatting, occasionally mentioning some shit about pillaging and killing, your suspicions that this lovely old queen and his hot husband are probably responsible for all the murders in the city are validated. You keep sipping your tea quietly though, you know you’ll keep coming back over when Nandor invites you, because Guillermo makes delicious biscuits and Nandor makes sure you have leftovers to take home. You’re sure you’ll be safe because, well, Nandor always raves about how he loves his neighbors.
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youremarvelous · 2 months ago
back with ep 4 thoughtssss
- this was actually the funniest ep for me so far this season. there were some really great lines (that I will now proceed to wildly misquote because I watched the episode at 5am and now I’m at work and can’t watch the episode back for accuracy)  “I love alcohol, I love to drink it om nom nom nom.” (me trying to relate with the Youths) “this is science.” “but this is a turtle” (true) “a sparrow. the lamest of all birds!” (hey buddy, what did sparrows ever do to you) - omg guillermo was about to come out to the vampires, huh???!? writers are teasing us so baaaddddd - speaking of that scene, nandor’s face?? looking at guillermo with what appears to be genuine interest/concern!??!?? I’m a total sucker but also feeeeelings. - SEANIIEEEE - okay but in the first season, laszlo just seemed to tolerate Sean’s presence. now we see him actually caring about him (or just his own honor? either way...). the character development of it all.  - (but like how much do you think it hurts guillermo’s feelings to see the vampires befriending/caring about other humans when they seem incapable of doing the same for him) - speaking of my favorite bodyguard, it was simultaneously so SWEET and heartbreaking to see him so genuinely happy about getting to travel just to step outside the airport to collect dirt. don’t settle for so little my boy, nooooo - also geez that symbolism with nandor lamenting how lonely he is and then guillermo’s plane appearing in the sky. as soon as I saw him sitting on the roof I KNEW they were gonna do that shit and then they did. ty ty.  - dude this show goes hard. was definitely not expecting the decapitation scene!? I watch horror movies all the time but that’s the most gorey thing I’ve seen in a minute. I respect it.
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lateforcakes · a month ago
every artist who draws guillermo with a sweet little round face is doing holy work
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youvebeenlivingfictional · 6 months ago
What’s the Use of Wonderin’ Part Twenty Eight
Previous Part | Next Part | Masterlist Notes: I hope y’all had a good week 💛🌻 Just a reminder that this fic is rated Mature and not Explicit so any... Scenes that are.... Of a sexual nature will only be alluded to, okay? Best I can do here, I don’t wanna swap the rating this late in the game.  Rating: Mature Warnings: Cursing; fluff; some angst (a smidge, tiny bit. itty bit.); sexual implications Summary: Javier’s plan, while it had seemed fuzzy to you at the outset, become clearer and clearer to you as you began to keep tabs on the files that he was asking for.
Tumblr media
You found yourself fighting the urge to blatantly disregard Crosby in the following days. You weren’t entirely sure what Javier was up to— he hadn’t told you what his exact plan was, but you knew that he didn’t need any more heat, considering what had happened.
You’d asked Javier to clue you in on what he was planning, of course, but he’d just given you a small shake of his head, hardly looking away from where he was eyeing his fingers knotting his tie in his mirror. “I don’t want any of this blowing back onto you, abejita.” “We’ve been careful. No one in the office even knows that we’re involved— Javi,” You’d sighed as he’d cut you a sharp look, a displeased twist to his full lips, “I just mean that they’d have trouble linking us together in...Whatever this is.” “Well,” He’d turned back to the mirror, smoothing his hands over his shirt, “I’m not taking that chance.” Your coworkers had noticed how noticeably tight-lipped you were these days— Stoddard had taken trying to beat you into the office to get a hot cup of coffee onto your desk, either to brighten your mood or ensure he was still on your good side, you weren’t quite sure. You appreciated the gesture all the same, and you certainly weren’t about to turn down some additional caffeine (even if the man never did make it quite right, it was the thought that counted).
Javier’s plan, while it had seemed fuzzy to you at the outset, become clearer and clearer to you as you began to keep tabs on the files that he was asking for— files that he was asking other people in your department for, as if he truly didn’t think that you were keeping an eye out. A list of the godfather’s known safehouses in Cali— and then a couple of hours later, a list of the prestigious preparatory schools in the area— licenses issued for computer companies in the area— The son of a bitch was going after Guillermo Pallomari. -- “I’m not going to be around much tomorrow,” Javier warned you softly. You didn’t look up from where your cheek was resting on his chest. This was for two reasons. 1. You were sure that Javier wasn’t looking at you, anyway.  2. It wasn’t that you didn’t like looking at him— quite the opposite. But as the two of you were in Javier’s bed, he was smoking. You weren’t sure what had prompted it— not the smoking, the events that had come beforehand. You’d gone to Javier’s apartment, intent on talking to him about what you’d worked out, but in short order, you’d wound up in his arms, on his couch, and then, well… In his bed. And you’d never tell him this, but you could finally completely understand why Luciana had been moaning as loudly as she was when you’d returned home early (not to mention Antonella had once told you about how proficient he was with his tongue). You nodded a little bit in response to his announcement, trailing your fingers across his chest, over the light smattering of hair there. “Going back to Cali, then?” He went stiff under you, in quite a different way than he had been about twenty minutes ago. You rolled your eyes a little bit, tipping your head up to look at him then. “They hired me for a reason, you know,” You added, brows raising. Javier huffed petulantly, rolling his eyes before directing his eyes and a stream of smoke toward the ceiling. “I know that,” He mumbled, leaning away to put out the cigarette. You watched as he settled back down and tuck an arm behind his head. “Figured out who we’re going after then?” You nodded, “Palomari’s the only chance you guys have at cracking that ledger. Break that open, keep the godfathers in jail, point the finger back at the president. It’s a solid plan.” Javier nodded a little bit, smoothing his knuckles along your cheekbone, “Why did I think I could keep this quiet?” He muttered, and you smiled, though it seemed that Javier was truly asking himself. You turned your head, brushing your lips against his fingers. “A gross miscalculation on your part, really,” You teased. His lips quirked into a small smile. “Well, your little boyfriend, Van Ness and I are leaving in the morning.” It was your turn to go stalk-still, and Javier huffed a soft laugh, “Yeah, I clocked that crush Fiestl has. Practically bats his fucking eyelashes at you.” You rested your chin on Javier’s chest, “I haven’t encouraged it.” “Oh, I know. I was regaled with the number of times you politely turned him down. Dan thinks it’s hilarious.” You rolled your eyes again, unable to help your slight smile at the smug expression that had taken Javier’s features over. “He’s a sweet guy, just uh…” You shook your head a little, “I wasn’t interested.” “Thank fuck.” You snorted, poking Javier’s side. He grinned, an arm curling around your waist and drawing you closer. You cuddled into his side, savoring in the movement, trying to memorize the way that your body fit against his. His hand smoothed over your bare back and you sighed softly, turning your head to the side and settling it on his chest. “...How long have you not been interested?” He asked. “Hm?” “I mean… You and Ty, you know.” “Things between Ty and I were only ever physical. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s a friend and all, but I was never interested in him romantically. He wasn’t interested in me, either.” “I knew he was an idiot.” “Javier.” “Don’t get me wrong, it worked in my favor.” You snorted, peering up at him, and smiling when you found him watching you again. He reached down, smoothing the pads of his fingertips along your jaw tenderly. You tipped your head up obligingly as the sweet touch trailed down to your neck. “So?” He pressed. You considered for a moment, lowering your eyes to his jaw, then throat— to the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed thickly, nervously awaiting your answer.  “It’s...Been a while.” “How long’s a while?” “Javi,” You grumbled, turning your head and pressing your face into his shoulder, a swell of embarrassment cresting over you. “Come on,” He whined a little, shifting beside you and leaning back against the pillows to try and get a better look at your face. You huffed, knowing that he wouldn’t let this go— if you didn’t answer now, he’d bring it up again later. “I guess… I mean, I liked you before, but I didn’t really realize...How much until the night before I left Bogotá.” Javier went quiet then, and you peered up at him from under your lashes. There was a frown affixed to his lips, something to sullen too be a scowl, but too dark to be a pout. “It was the night Steve and Connie had me over for dinner,” You tacked on lightly, “And you—” “I know what I did.” The words were quick, and harsh— but the harshness, the condemnation in his answer wasn’t directed at you. You turned your head, brushing a soothing kiss over his shoulder and slipping a hand up to rub soft little circles against the jaw muscle that had gone tense in a matter of seconds. “You didn’t know,” You murmured. “Should’ve been there,” He mumbled all the same. You turned your head, watching him for a moment. “You were there,” You reminded him as you shifted your thigh so that your body was draped over his more fully, “The next morning, to take me to the airport. I don’t… I don’t think you know how much that meant to me.” “Couldn’t let you leave without saying goodbye,” He did look down at you then, eyes soft and warm. You shifted up onto your knees, bracing your hands on either side of his head. “Tell you what else,” You added, “The way you held me— I almost didn’t let go.” Javier’s arms curled up around your waist. “I think I needed you to, back then,” He admitted softly, “I wasn’t—… I wasn’t ready for you, for this. I would’ve fucked up...More than I had already.” You tipped your head to the side. “I didn’t exactly make everything easy back then, either.” “Well, you didn’t fuck anyone in my apartment.” You schooled your face into a soft, regretful look, “Well, Javi…. There’s—… There’s something I never told you.” Worry filled Javier’s features, and you couldn’t keep the pretense up, your face splitting into a grin. “I’m kidding! Who would I even have—” “Oh, you’re gonna get it—” Javier swore, using one of the arms wrapped around you to steady you as he flipped you onto your back. You laughed as you bounced against the mattress a little. “How would I have even gotten in—?” You added, the question breaking off into a gasp as Javier began to worry a mark into your shoulder, in a spot that would be easily hidden at work. “Steve had a spare key,” He mumbled. “Well, as soon as I get my hands on a time machine—” Your mocking plan was cut off by your own squeak as Javier hiked your bare thigh around his waist and gave it a light smack. 
After the two of you had settled-- after Javier lit up and discarded another cigarette, you peered down at him from under your lashes. He was nearly asleep-- eyes closed, breath steady, body curled around yours. You ran your fingers through his hair gently, massaging his scalp. He hummed softly, tipping his head up into your hand. Worry roiled in your stomach. Javier would be leaving early to discuss the plan with Salcedo— that was all he’d been willing to fill you in on. You knew that you wouldn’t want to put all of your worries on him in the morning, not just before you let him out of your sight. “Javi?” “...Mm.” “I know tomorrow’s...Important,” You said softly, “But please don’t do anything stupid.” Javier huffed a soft laugh, tipping his head up to look at you, blinking sleepily. “You know, the last time you asked that of me, you were leaving for the States,” He told you, “And I thought I’d never see you again. I’m not doing anything to fuck up my chances this time, abejita.” You smiled, your heart fluttering at his sincerity. You nodded a little bit. You knew that he meant it earnestly, but you also knew fieldwork— it was always a crapshoot, there was always a chance for things to go wrong. You pushed the fear away, slipping your hand down to Javier’s nape and massaging lightly. “Sleep,” You urged softly. Javier’s lips brushed over your shoulder before he settled down, relaxing further as your fingers worked at the tense muscles in his neck and shoulders. Tag List: @justanotherblonde23  ; @pascalesque  ; @revolution-starter ; @the-feckless-wonder ; @angels-pie  ; @lcandothisallday ; @xletmetaste-yoursmilex ; @kaelyn-lobrutto24 ; @superwholockmarauder ; @blooo0ooop @bridiemh ;  @mylittlelonelyappreciationtoo ; @windfallss  ; @urbankaite2 ; @lunaserenade  ; @jedi-mando; @darthdameron ; @paintballkid711  ; @mjby  ; @captn-andor  ; @mando-amando  ; @wonderlandgabby  ; @sarahjkl82-blog ; @ajeff855 ; @massivecolorspygiant ; @trash-dino-5000 ; @littlemissoblivious ;  @psychedelic-star ;  @anrimdjarin  ; @pedritobalmando  ;  @cocotetsdespinacs ; @lou-la-lou  ; @wantingtobekorra ; @coldlilheart ; @daisychainsinknots ; @teamgeiszler-gottlieb ; @leonieb ; @artsymaddie ; @blueeyesatnight ; @tardis-23 ; @mamacitapascal ; @amidjarin ; @mcueveryday ; @dionysuskid21 ; @xx-small-town-witch-xx ; @yespolkadotkitty ; @elen-aranel ; @randomness501 ; @blo0dangel ; @hnt-escape ; @poedameronsbeard ; @spideysimpossiblegirl ; @naturenebula21 ; @brandyllyn ; @the-lady-of-stars; @empress-palpat1ne ; @darthcassi ; @beskarboobs ; @missswriter ; @leias-rebelion ; @chattychell ; @girlimjusttryingtoreadfanfics​ ; @carbonated-beverage
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nadjasgizmo · a month ago
unfortunately Nandor completely unable to make such a trip on his own, but I would love to see him angrily storm to England to demand an explanation from Guillermo. and probably my little bi heart can get a scene where Nandor and Nadja have to pretend they're locals so Kayvan and Natasia will speak with their regular accents.
side note: thank you for your beautiful gifs😍
😳😳 You should have seen my face reading this, my God. I didn't know I wanted this but I really, really do now. Natasia and Kayvan using their natural accents while in character... more like the death I deserve.
And thank you for thinking they're beautiful. 🥺 That's very sweet of you to say.
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rayslittlekitten · 4 months ago
Hello to you ❤️ on this fine celebratory weekend 🥳 For your 500 followers ficlet challenge, may I please request a smutty ficlet with Alan McMichael (I watched Crimson Peak recently and okay so it’s not one of Charlie’s bigger roles, but oh is sweet soft Alan now one of my fave Charlie characters 💘) with the following gif
Tumblr media
(gahh look at him looking all fine, clean and handsome whilst going about his working day 💓) and three words strip, shock, sweet.
I’d also be happy if you’d prefer the same three words with Will 😋, as I’m aware Charlie’s character in Crimson Peak wasn’t really one of the main ones.
Than you so much for your submission and as always for your support!! I always LOVE reading your comments! I am forever grateful for them. Hope this is smutty enough for you.
500 Follower Ficlet Challenge Masterlist
A/N: Okay so I've only seen Crimson Peak once and that was when it first came out. I found it a little underwhelming. I had higher expectations because of some of the other Guillermo Del Toro movies I've seen. Hellboy and Pacific Rim are probably my top two. Charlie also had a tiny role. So if this seems a little OOC, sorry! This is like AU, reader is like Edith, but not Edith if that makes any sense. This is also my first time writing anything with Alan McMichael. Coulda did Will, but I like a challenge.
Pairing: Alan McMichael x F!reader
Contains: fluff, events leading to first time de-virginizing wedding night sex
Word Prompts: strip, shock, sweet
Alan has always been such a gentleman. Too gentle, some would say. He's just a wholesome, sweet, honest man. It's what most women yearn for in a man, in a friend, in a husband – except for the women his mother would set him up with. They wanted someone who is charming, passionate, confident, assertive. Dark and mysterious. Someone who can demand attention in a room by merely entering it. Alan are those things, but not in a self-absorbed way.
Mrs. McMichael never approved of you, but Alan didn’t care. He was drawn to you and saw something in you that he didn’t see in the others.
After pursuing you and getting to know you, he asked for your hand in marriage. Spinster, you say, Mrs. McMichael?
You’re both now standing in his bedroom – your bedroom too. This moment has been on your mind since you woke this morning. In fact, you were barely able to sleep. You have never been with a man before, just as he have not been with a woman. Both of you are nervous and excited to consummate your marriage.
After ridding of his suit jacket, he walks over to you and looks you up and down. You feel warmth on your cheeks as he soaks you in. You stay standing where you are and look back at him, not knowing what else to do.
“You look so beautiful in that dress,” Alan breaks the silence.
“Thank you, Alan. You look handsome in that suit.”
“But I would love to see the true beauty underneath all that.” Alan takes a step closer to you. He’s so close you can feel the heat emanating off of him. He reaches up to cup your face and he kisses you. Alan has kissed you before, but never like this. He’s kissing you with urgency and passion. It’s making you feel things inside of you that you have never felt before. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against his body. You also feel something rigid below your waist pressing against you. His hands travel down to your backside and he cups you through your white, puffy dress.
Alan pulls back from your lips and you are left breathless. You see a fire in his eyes you have never seen before.
“Turn around,” Alan tells you. You are shocked by his assertiveness. You do as he says and you feel him starting to unzip your dress. You let him strip you of your garments until you are wearing nothing but your jewelry. You turn back towards him, feeling vulnerable. Your eyes glance down to the front of his trousers and see a very noticeable bulge.
Alan takes in a sharp breath as he admires your naked body.
“Lay down.” Alan nods towards the bed.
You slowly walk over and lay your back on the cool bed and soft sheets. You watch him disrobe himself before he gets on top of you, ready to officially make you his.
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alltears · a month ago
a family doesn’t have to be blood and i’ve spilled mine to be in yours
ive written 3 (three) nandermo songs in the past month because there is something wrong with me!!!!! this is a guillermo-pov taking place over the last 3 episodes of the season :) !! lyrics under the cut !!
i kiss you a little to build immunity to your taste / pretty soon i won’t even feel it when you spit in my face / i’ve marked my calendar for the day you’ll turn on me / it’s like clockwork / the way you try to leave / you lead me on while keeping me at arm’s reach / you don’t now how to practice what you preach / “suck it” / i scream “bite me” / i’m trying to hurt you but you smile and say “over my dead body” / a family doesn’t have to be blood / and i’ve spilled mine to be in yours / you’re the nail in my coffin / open it up / and you’ll find my corpse / don’t leave me like i left you / after all you put me through / kiss me like you want to / forget what i said / all my conditions /  and i’ll drop all of my suspicions / i won’t ask you for a thing again / if you never let go my hand / i wish i could tell you to fuck off / don’t you know i love you too much? / pull a knife / call me your “poor, sweet thing” / am i supposed to think that isn’t flirting? / a family doesn’t have to be blood / and i’ve spilled theirs to be in yours / you’re hell-bent on fighting / a warrior / i’ll glady give you a new kind of war / just don’t leave me like i left you / after all we’ve been through / love me like you want to / i’ve marked my calendar for the day you’ll turn me / it’s like clockwork / you promise, then flee / but the light in your eyes / the smile on your face / tells me this time it’s different / and if you leave me like i left you / i only have myself to blame.
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weyanto · 2 months ago
i’ve been hit by a need to see nandor appreciating guillermo’s body, so i wrote it!
Light My Love
Nandor rolls on his side, his long hair draping over his hard features. Guillermo is laying beside him, stubble blooming and the orange glow of the sun behind the curtains bathing his soft face. 
Nandor grins. Guillermo’s wrinkles have softened. 
‘He always looks so tense,’ Nandor muses. It’s a natural part of being a famil-
A bodyguard.
Nadja, Lazslo, and Colin Robinson have all gone to sleep. (Nandor was surprised that Colin Robinson even needed sleep—he wouldn’t have been surprised if he sat at the television watching his show for hours on end.)
Nandor’s grin falls. His eyes skitter across Guillermo’s features. An echo sounds through his still chest.
‘I love you,’ he says in his mind.
‘I have you,’ he realizes.
He knows he’s a lucky vampire. His perfect, wonderful, amazing partner would go to the ends of the earth for him. Nandor would do that for Guillermo, too. He’d burn down the world for him. 
‘Guillermo is too sweet for that,’ he reminds himself. 
Guillermo is such a modest little thing outside of the bedroom. Simply seeing his forearms in his slutty little bodyguard outfit nearly made Nandor salivate for him. If they had a moment together, Nandor would have taken him at the Council Headquarters, stake bandolier still strapped to his chest.  
Guillermo had brought a very nice set of sleeping garments to Atlantic City. While Nandor would have preferred to rip them out of his suitcase and bury them somewhere Guillermo would never find them again, he tried to recall the relationship books he had read, and didn’t do that.
The top button of Guillermo’s night shirt is undone. Nandor can’t resist the pull of Guillermo’s warm flesh.
Bringing his hands up, Nandor pulls each button delicately from its latch. Guillermo’s plump body is soon revealed, delicious and round and all Nandor’s. 
Nandor shimmies closer to Guillermo, wrapping his arms around Guillermo’s middle. He presses his lips into Guillermo’s collarbone. 
Guillermo wakes with a small startle, but quickly relaxes into Nandor’s hold, carding his fingers through Nandor’s mane. He lets out a small moan.
Nandor mutters words into Guillermo’s skin as he moves his kisses lower.
“My beautiful lover.”
Nandor sucks one of Guillermo’s thick tits into his mouth.
“Strong, formidable Guillermo.”
Nandor kisses Guillermo’s abdomen.
“I’d kill vampires for you, mi amor.”
Guillermo groans and shudders at Nandor’s spanish. Nandor kisses Guillermo’s stomach. 
Nandor stays there. His hands massage Guillermo’s skin, the softness of his belly so pliable. He can hear Guillermo’s breath and heart pumping behind his ribs.
He wouldn’t have it any other way. 
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lucysometimeswrites · 10 months ago
Hey can you please make a award season one but for a latina reader, if you would like you can keep the tom element. Sorry I'm asking again I accidentally deleted the last ask I made. I love your writing, you are amazing.❤️☺️
thank you thank you so much ur so sweet and of course! here you go and i hope you like it :) absolutely loved writing for latina!reader 
Awards Season (latina!reader)
“Here to present the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role, please welcome Meryl Streep!” the host announced. A roar came from the audience at the mention of her name, the very acclaimed actress welcoming the attention and making her way to the microphone.
“Oh, stop it” she said and waved them away, earning a laugh and even more cheering from the theatre. “If I’m honest, I really considered not presenting this award because it breaks me inside to give the Oscar to someone else when it’s rightfully mine” she said in a funny, raspy evil voice, resembling a witch, “But you know, sharing is caring or whatever. Alright let’s get to it.” she continued dejectedly, still joking.
“This year, we have been blessed with beautiful films and, along with them, incredible performances from beautiful and talented actresses. Viola Davis, your abilities to embody different characters and raise awareness to ongoing issues in society has always amazed us, and it does once again in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, Meryl announced, the camera going to Viola who was sitting about 10 seats to my left, the audience (including me) applauding and praising her. Literally all of her performances are incredible.
Could I still believe I was here? Definitely not, and not any time soon. From small skits to my big break with Tom Holland in a stupid rom-com that I didn’t even want to make, to now. Tom knows it’s nothing against him, it’s just that I haven’t learned to appreciate romantic comedies the way he has, but the thing I loved most from doing it was finishing it with Tom. He had become such an important person in my life since that moment, what with guiding me through the newfound world of fame and being there for me when I joined the Marvel franchise, it was just more than I could ever dream of. Now I sit here at the freaking Oscars, with Tom Holland as my date, and having done one of the greatest films ever, nothing could keep the smile off my face. Or the nerves.
 My leg kept bouncing up and down, a nervous action I often did and one that the guy beside me had caught on to real quick when we first met. His warm hand gently squeezed my thigh, and I turned to look at him a little surprised.
“Hey, it’s okay” he softly said, his gaze soft and comforting.
“I didn’t even realize I was doing it” I answered in the same tone, whispering a thank you and letting my hand rest on top of his, weirdly interlocking our fingers. 
Meryl turned to where Olivia Colman was sitting, “Your Majesty,” she started, referencing her portrayals of royalty and causing her to chuckle, “your moving performances have always left us wanting more, and I’m sure that is what I and everyone felt when we saw you in The Father” a big smile broke out on her face, and cheering ensued once more for our queen, or at least one of mine.
“Aging is some we all go through...unfortunately,” Meryl uttered into the mic, touching up her almost white hair, “and you, Cynthia Erivo, made us relate to your character this way with your brilliant acting in Reaching 39″, that woman is simply amazing, I thought as I clapped and cheered with the audience.
“My dear Kate,” the camera panned to Kate Winslet, who just stared fondly at the woman on the stage, “watching you grow as an actress has been one of the pleasures of my life and you reach new heights both professionally and literally in Misdemeanors”, she is such an icon, oh my.
Finally, Meryl Streep turned to look at me in the front row with a grin on her face, and I quickly got into “camera mode”, as I like to call it. I sat up straighter, looking at her with gentle eyes and smile. 
“Señorita Y/N Y/L,” she started with the heavily accented Spanish word for Ms., “with your entrance into the world of filmmaking, you have set new expectations for all of us to reach. Even though this is your first nomination, I feel in my heart it won’t be the last, and we can’t wait to see more of you like we saw with your extraordinary performance in Paraíso” she finished, bringing a big smile to my face at her words. Turning to the camera, I became a bit shy and gave a small wave, feeling Tom squeeze my hand in comfort and another hand on my shoulder from behind. I turned to see Salma Hayek, one of my co-stars in the film, who gave me a strong nod and smile, loudly saying “Eso!” as a cheer for me.
“And the Oscar goes too...” ayyyyy no ay no que nervios que nervios que nervios me muero- all of this going through my head repeatedly but having to put on a smile and a calm façade for the camera was exhausting. Tranquila, tranquila, si no ganas está bien igual solo el hecho de estar aquí ya es lo más-
“Y/N Y/L, Paraíso!” Meryl announced, and all I heard were screams and loud clapping from around me. 
Shocked, I looked up with wide eyes and my jaw going slack a little. I felt a buzz fill my body and the idol on the stage beckoned me up, when I realized I hadn’t moved. I slowly stood up and instantly turned to Tom who quickly pulled me into his arms with a strong hug and whispering in my year, “I knew it! I knew you would do it darling. I’m so so proud of you babe, go get your award!” not giving me a chance to answer as he gave me a quick kiss and turned me around in the direction of the stage. Still in a bit of a daze, I didn’t see Salma, Eugenio (Derbez), and Benicio (del Toro) make their way to me, ambushing me in a group hug as they started jumping around and sort of with me, chanting “EH! EH! EH!” like Latinos at a party and causing me to laugh and come back to my senses. I hugged them all and continued to the stairs, stopping to hug my directors Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón. 
I lifted my dress as I ascended the steps, and in true nervous fashion, stumbled and almost face planted in front of thousands of people. 
“Uy, mierda” I chuckled to myself, and accepted the help of none other than Chris Evans who lent his arm for the remaining steps. I thanked him with a smile and after his Congrats!, I made my way to Meryl who held the famous award in her hands. She handed it to me and pulled me into her embrace, saying “Beautiful job, sweetheart, you’re amazing”, and all I could answer was “Oh my, thank you so much, you’re the amazing one”, sharing a laugh with her and standing in front of the mic.
I looked out into the audience, who were still giving me a standing ovation. Almost like a camera in my head, I tried to ingrain this moment in my mind and took a deep breath, starting my speech.
“God, I really hope I don’t forget any words in English right now” I said with a breathless laugh, inciting one from the people below me. “Thank you so much. Thank you many people. To the Academy for this great, great honor. To my fellow nominees for inspiring me every single day. Being in the same room as you is already insane, let alone being nominated with you, it’s just- it’s truly out of this world. Viola, Olivia, Kate, Cynthia, you are my literal idols and if I could physically cut this Oscar into five pieces,” I said as I made a motion of cutting the award and humoured the audience, “I would give a piece to all of you. Um, thank you to my team, my agent, Victoria, te adoro y te agradezco for believing in me and helping me live out my dream. Sorry, I’m probably gonna switch between languages during this.” I said with a laugh. 
“Paraíso was a project that, for me, came out of nowhere. But for my extraordinary directors los señores Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón, it was a life’s work so to you, gracias por darme la oportunidad de darle vida a Marielos and for giving me the experience of a lifetime. Salma, Eugenio, Benicio, Gael, and all the cast and crew, thank you for becoming my second family and supporting me every step of the way. It has been my honor to work with you” I said with a hand on my chest, showing that I was speaking from my heart and smiling at the kisses and cheers sent to me from them, hearing a crazed Te amamos! from Eugenio. It eased the tension in my body which I was incredibly thankful for. 
“I also want to thank-” I stopped, getting a little choked up, “ha, sorry, it’s my family that couldn’t be here” I said, a wave of claps and cheering in comfort came from the audience. Quickly composing myself, I continued, “Ya, okay. All the way back home, lo hice! Familia, les dije que no les iba a agradecer si me ganaba un Oscar algún día por no creer en mi y hoy es ese día, pero no me lo perdonaría si no les agradezco. Gracias por apoyarme a pesar de que yo sé que les dio un ataque que quisiera ser actriz. Gracias por siempre estar ahí para mi, por quererme incondicionalmente y por enseñarme que trabajando duro todo se puede lograr. Los amo infinitamente.” I finished, with tears threatening to roll down my eyes. I tilted my head to the sky to prevent them from falling, and with a deep breath I turned to Tom who had his hands in a prayer stance while looking intently at me, the same smile from before still gracing his face.
“Tommy...” I started, and the audience audibly awed at the nickname, “Oh, you don’t even know what I’m gonna say to him” I said with narrowed eyes, but my gaze found my love once more.
“Thank you so much for being my rock ever since we met. I’m beyond thankful for you and all you do for me, baby. You make me the happiest and thank you for pushing me to do things that scare me. For being there for me in case I fall and for being my person. Te amo, amor.” I blowed him a kiss which he caught and jokingly used to wipe his tears, making me and the other celebrities laugh.
Please wrap up, I read from the screen, and let out and “Ay, perdón! I gotta wrap up sorry sorry” hurriedly finishing up my speech. 
“Lastly, this award goes out to all the Latina girls out there with big dreams. Nunca se den por vencidas. No dejen que nadie les diga que no porque de que se puede, se puede. Querer es poder! I love you guys, my fans oh my gosh, thank you thank you, gracias!” I rushed out, raising the award to the air with one last big smile as Meryl guided me backstage to answer some questions. Just before I was off sight, I turned and looked out to the stage once more.
Lo logré...
once again, disclaimer, movie names are mostly fictitious. feedback and requests always welcome!
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midearthwritings · 5 months ago
A Study On Ofelia Took (OC)
Yesterday was June 21st, the summer solstice, but also Ofelia's birthday. So I thought I would share with you some part of the process of creating her.
Tumblr media
→Who is Ofelia, and who was she meant to be?
We all know Ofelia as this sweet little hobbit who tends to cry a lot but who is still very brave and, way too often, a bit reckless. And although most of her personality remains what it originally was, some things changed along the way...
At first, I had made Ofelia to be more of a fighter. She was supposed to often get into fights and throw hands at those who would try to provoke her. But I thought better of it. I didn’t really want her to be a violent person. That is why I changed that into Ofelia being reckless and having very little sense of danger. I felt that it would keep this side of her that is tough while not having her being violent.
Another thing about our current Ofelia is that she is in a courtship with Kíli. But that was not the original plan. When I first began to design Ofelia, she was meant to be with… with Dwalin. Yup.
Since I love writing Dwalin x Hobbit!Reader fanfics, I thought that it would be amazing to have a Hobbit OC for him. But the more I worked on her personality, the more I felt like it would be complicated to have her paired with Dwalin. I thought that her sensitive personality and Dwalin’s really tough one would make their relationship hard. I realized that he might make her cry more often than not by accident, ending up hurting both of them.
After a bit of thinking and re reading what I had, I figured she would be a good match for Kíli. And I'm very happy with my final choice.
But who knows...Maybe one day I’ll make an OC for Dwalin…
Tumblr media
→The inspiration behind Ofelia...
I would say that I had two major inspiration to make her character.
First, just like Naya (my other OC), Ofelia was partly based on myself. I made her with the traits of my personality that I have trouble accepting, like the fact that I am so sensitive and cry so often or how reckless I can be sometimes.
And all those things that I kind of dislike about myself are what make her such a beautiful character to my eyes. Creating Ofelia was like taking the parts of myself that I see as ugly and making art with it.
The other inspiration behind my OC was a fictional character that has the same name. Maybe some of you have watched the movie Pan's Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro, or maybe you haven't.
In this movie, we follow this young girl named Ofelia, who is trying to get back to her father (the King of a fantasy realm) by passing tests and being guided by a Faun.
Here are some pictures of Ofelia from the movie.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( Picture 1 / Picture 2 : Ivana Baquero as Ofelia in Pan's Labyrinth, 2006)
Apart from some physical traits like the length of her hair, or the shape of her nose, and obviously her name, some part of Ofelia's personality were also inspired by this character.
Ofelia, like the young girl from the movie, loves books, mostly tales and legends. They both have a big imagination and are both very brave and would do anything to protect the most vulnerable ones.
Although, they are very different from one another since my character mostly resemble me. While the character from the movie is rather shy, calm and reserved, my Ofelia is outgoing, bold and doesn't hesitate to jump into dangerous situations.
But I like to think that this is the way my OC looked as a child (I usually don't do face claims though). At least...approximately.
Tumblr media
→Having the character, but not the story.
When I create an OC, I start by the character themselves, then their story. And if Naya's backstory came to my mind quite easily, I had some trouble with Ofelia's.
I think the hardest part was having her being linked to the quest. So after a lot of thinking (and a few "That's it, I'm giving up"), I simply decided to make her part of Bilbo's family.
After figuring this part out, most of it came naturally to me. I still had a bit of trouble for example with the details of how she came to be in a courtship with Kíli. But I was rapidly able to build her story.
To this day, I'm still trying to figure out some details, mostly about her childhood. And I think that it's a good lesson in the sense that having an OC is constant work.
What helps me the most with it are the asks that I sometimes get in my ask box about my OCs. Little questions like that help creating a more detailed background to the character which is super duper cool.
Tumblr media
→The details.
What I like the most about creating an OC is all the little details that you add to make them a unique being, and the stories behind them. Here are a few examples :
I mentioned in her Character Sheet that Ofelia has a very small, and barely visible, scar above her lips. This is one of the very first details I created about her, remainder of her original "violent" personality. Ofelia got this scar in a fight. And I didn't feel the need to take that out of her story. I mean, didn't we all get into at least one fight in our lives? (Probably not, but you get my point)
Another thing is the tattoo on her ankle. This is pure me. Of course, if I had made Ofelia to be a dwarf, she would have been covered in tattoos. But no, she's a Hobbit. So I gave her one tattoo. And at first, I didn't even know what it was. I just wanted her to have a tattoo. But the more I wrote about her and worked on her personality, I finally found something that made sense. Since she was born during midsummer, Ofelia has a small sun tattoo.
It took me so many tries before finally getting to draw a portrait of Ofelia that I liked. But in the end, I managed to do it. I gave her a headband. And after drawing her many times, I simply kept adding the headband. This is how I came to write her always wearing some kind of "scarf" her hair. And of course, yellow is her favorite color to wear.
Tumblr media
→Ending Note.
If you have read this until the end, thank you. I loved making this post.
I think that creating an OC is a very complicated and delicate process that varies from one person to the other. And in the end, it feels like you've just met a new friend. So I really enjoyed sharing those little things with you.
And a very happy birthday to you, Ofelia.
All Time Tags : @imnotevenhere9 @shethereadinghobbit @elvish-sky @katbby16 @dark-angel-is-back @shalinizhara @elarinya-nailo @thewhiteladyofrohan
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tiptapricot · 14 days ago
🧡📖❤️‍🩹 for Laszlo!!
🧡-Everyone I ship with this character
—Nadja, of course. They are in love! And are a wonderfully gross couple in both the romantic and [redacted] sense. I love how devoted n sweet they are with each other, and relationships that have as much history as they do mean they’ve built their own domesticity together, which always get me because there’s so much you can explore when it comes to the bits they know about each other that others don’t. And like Ough…. Laszlo’s speech about why he left England…… I will cry. Girlboss and malewife you cannot beat that.
—Colin pre babyfication. I just… I love a good… like… friends to lovers arc I guess. They’re both stupid and their dynamic is so fun, n I think it’s also interesting because to me it takes Laszlo somewhat out of his usual hyper sexual sphere which can lead to some interesting relationship aspects you can explore. The best way I can describe them is friends with benefits except the don’t actually reap the benefits. They just hang out n Colin tells him dumb facts and Laszlo listens and paints his nails. And sometimes they commit murder! And maybe kiss a little too. As a treat :-)
—I can see Nandor as a past or more casual relationship but I’m not personally super invested in them together, same w Laszlo and Guillermo. They’re both super fun relationships n could have a lot of good things in them! They just haven’t snagged in my brain yet (but who knows). I do love a good old poly Staten Island house though!
—Honorable mention to Laszlo and Sean also, idk what they have but it’s there.
📖-AU I’d like to see them in
This sounds strange but like a… like a baker AU? Like… idk just the visual n vibes of Laszlo running his own little bakery called Daytona’s or somth n he’s got his sleeves rolled up n flour dotting his face n hands while he kneads dough n talks loudly w the customers, n his lovely lady wife does the decore n management while he gets to fuck around in the kitchen… I think there’s something there and I would like to see it!
❤️‍🩹-Angsty headcanon
Though it’s canon supported my reading of Laszlo’s emotional boundaries is kind of extensive shhshdh so it counts.
Basically, I think he’s great at expressing certain emotions, like passion and pleasure and anger, but he really sucks at doing the harder stuff, the serious stuff, the stuff that takes deep thought and examination. He wants life to be lavish and jovial, packed to the gills with things that feel good, moving a mile a second and never stopping, and he gets to have that for the most part, but it also means he avoids the things that… halt that. The harder things.
As we’ve seen in the show he’s bad at communication, n I think this comes from a place of not knowing how to handle it. He doesn’t like having to voice things, doesn’t know how to because he doesn’t like how the much more intense things feel in his body, and it’s hard to put words to them. So he just keeps them in, instead, decides what to do with them privately, and then acts. But he still feels them. He may be a master of bottling things up, but every bottle cracks under pressure eventually.
Send me an emote for a character hc!
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jawabear · 11 months ago
My neurons are firing away! I really loved Don't leave and I saw that you said you'd do sequels, so I have a request for a Don't leave sequel 🥺 Like S3E4, when they go on that mission to catch Gilberto, and they need people they can trust, so y/n joins them, saying/thinking she can do it. But she's with Javi when he finds Gilberto and since he's pointing a gun at them she gets flashbacks from the time she got shot. So she gets through the mission with adrenaline rushing through her body 1/2
Tumblr media
(2) Don’t Leave (Javier Pena x Reader)
Tumblr media
Not my GIF (but y’all should know how much I love it)
A/N: Hey, here’s a second part to Don’t leave, as requested. Thank you anon! I hope this is good? I think its kind of a mess because I was basically rewriting the episode which was a little difficult. I had to use Spanish but I do not speak the language so it is most likely wrong so I apologise for that. This a little bit of a mess but I hope you can still enjoy it. Sorry for any mistakes. Stay Safe 
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Fem!reader, sexism, soft!Javi, alcohol, mental breakdowns, mentions of death, guns, me thirsting over how good Javi looks in this episode, mentions of medication, crying, confessions, tiny bit of fluff, my terrible comebacks
Summary: To catch a criminal, Javi needs people he can trust, but the person he trusts above all else is the one who he doesn’t want to take 
It had been a couple of weeks since she came back and was settling back in quite well all things considered. Javier made sure to keep an extra eye on her where he could. The smallest sign of struggle and he would be straight to her side to help in any way he could.
It was very sweet of him. It made her heart race. But she felt so much guilt as well. He had practically become her minder and that was an idea she didn’t like. She didn’t want to be a burden to anyone in the DEA, especially not Javier. But that’s what she was. Or felt like at least.
But she carried on as best she could given the circumstances. She didn’t want special treatment and made that quite clear to the Ambassador. She went back to desk duty which wasn’t so bad, it was what she was used to. But as strange as it’s sounds, now she had a taste of field duty, she wanted to get back out there. However, considering what happened last time, that wasn’t one of her brightest ideas.
It was late at the embassy which was pretty much empty. There were a few agents lurking around the building but most of them had gone home already. (Y/N) much preferred the embassy after dark. It was quieter and more manageable, especially with her fragile state of mind. She find it somewhat comforting sitting in her office. It was quiet. But a peaceful quiet. Not the painful and lonely quiet of her apartment, which was why she stayed a lot longer than necessary.
A knocking on her office door disrupted that silence. She lifted her head and saw it was Javi. She smiled to him and motioned for him to come in. He looked a little distressed.
He didn’t say and thing as he made his way into her office, closing the door and sitting in the chair opposite her, putting his head in his hands and letting out a heavy breath.
“Javi?” She said quietly bringing her chair round to sit in front of him. “Hey, what’s wrong?” She copied what he had done when she came back. She put her hands gently on his thighs as comfort to him.
“Shit (Y/N)” he muttered as he lifted his head a little, his posture still slumped over though “we could have him”
“Have who?” She asked.
“Gilberto Rodríguez”
Her eyes went wide with shock “are-are you serious? How?” She asked.
“Feistl just called. They tailed Guillermo Pallomari, the head accountant for the cartel. Lead them straight to Gilberto’s front fucking door”
“That’s...this is big Javi”
“Yeah. I know”
“What are you going to do?”
“We’ve gotta fucking go after him. We’ve got a secure location on him. We have to take it as soon as we can. But..” he paused for a moment “I need people I can trust. But there are fucking few out there” he said in a light laugh.
(Y/N) paused and looked at him. She looked at the way his thumbs rubbed over her hands. She saw the desperation in his eyes. The look of it being his only chance.
“What about me?” She asked quietly.
“What about you?”
“Take me with you”
“No” he said firmly with the sake of his head “no no no. No I’m not putting you through something like that again”
“You can trust me, can’t you?”
“Of course (Y/N). Of course I trust you. I trust you with my life. But I can’t trust myself to protect you from what ever happens. And I can’t...I can’t watch you get hurt again”
“There’s no guarantee I’ll get hurt Javi”
“There’s no guarantee you won’t get hurt” he retorted quickly.
“Javi,” she began quietly “I think, in this instance, catching one of the godfathers of the Calí Cartel is more important that me”
He squeezed her hands and dropped his head “fuck” he whispered “fuck. Alright, fine” he looked at her again “but you do exactly as I say, when I say it. You don’t fuck around. And you don’t get hurt. If something goes wrong, you get yourself out first. Got it?”
“Yes sir” she smiled “who else are you bringing along? If Calderón is working for the cartel, then who knows how many of his me are too. And this doesn’t really seem like a four person job, If we include Feistl and Van Ness”
“Don’t worry about that” he said with a slight smirk. “I’ve got an idea”
Javier’s idea was calling in a few favours from some old friends in Bogotá. Colonel Martínez and his most trusted men. Javi explained the plan of diversion to them all hours before the plan would be put init action to catch Gilberto.
“(Y/N), I want you to go with him” Javi said quietly to her.
“What?” She was slightly annoyed by his order. She wanted to stay with Javi.
“You’ll be safe with him”
“N-No, Javi, I want to stay with you”
“(Y/N)” He said sternly. He took a step towards her and rested his hands on her arms, rubbing them softly “Please. Please. Go with Colonel Martínez. You said if I let you come you’d do as I say”
She nodded “okay..” she whispered.
He brought his hands to her cheeks and tilted her head up slightly to meet her gaze “you’ll be okay” he assured her softly. She smiled as gently squeezed his wrists.
“You be careful. Don’t take any unnecessary risks”
“I won’t” he looked at his watch and pulled his hands from her cheeks. ”You better get going” he cleared his throat and glanced to his left to see that Colonel Martínez has been watching that whole ordeal play out. But as per usual, he show now expression on his face.
“Peña is right” he said as he strolled over to them “our window is getting smaller, we should go now”
“Yeah. Yes. Right, okay” (Y/N) nodded “I’ll um...I’ll head to the truck” she said before making her wave over to the chicken loaded truck. Javi watched as she jumped into the back, his heart sinking a little as he wondered if he had made the wrong choice.
“How long has it been?” Martínez asked in his usual stoic voice.
“How long has what been?” Javi asked looking at him.
“Cuanto tiempo llevas enamorado de ella?” (How long have you been in love with her?)
Javi let out a sudden and nervous laugh as he ran his hands through his hair “¿Qué te hace pensar que estoy enamorado de ella?” (What makes you think I’m in love with her?) He asked.
“I know the look of love when I see one Peña. What I saw was love. From both of you” there was a sudden softness to Martinez’s voice. Javi didn’t reply to him because he knew he was right. “Don’t worry” he said patting Javi’s shoulder “I’ll make sure she’s okay”
Javi could only nod before Martínez was walked to the truck and jumping in the back, the two metal doors being closed behind him. He just hoped she would be okay.
The ride in the back of the truck was dark, silence, smelly and hot. On a list of things she wanted to do before she died, riding in the back of a chicken truck was not very high up.
Her head rested back against the metal wall as she took in deep breaths. She couldn’t tell if she was nervous or excited. She was just daring to go. But she had to be sensible, smart. She had to be calm. But she was getting anxious. Mainly, she just wanted to be with Javi again.
The truck came to a sudden stop which signalled that they had arrived. (Y/N) lifted her head and her gaze met with Colonel Martínez who was sat opposite her. He gave her a subtle nod which she returned before pulling her pistol out of her vest.
From there, everything seemed to happen so quickly until she found herself in charge of making sure Gilberto’s three wives cooperated but not getting in the way or trying to relay false information. All three women have her looks. But (Y/N) couldn’t blame them. It was strange to see a woman in such a position. A woman in field duty? Laughable if nothing else. But (Y/N) was living proof that a woman was just as good on the field as a man. She was just waiting for her man to hurry up and make it.
Thankfully it wasn’t all that much longer until Colonel Martínez had motioned for her to follow him outside. When she did she saw a Police car pulling up being the Chicken truck with Calderón, Javi, Feistl and Van Ness inside. Her heart jumped a little to see that Javi was okay and that he has made it.
The four of them got out of the car and Javier and Calderón walked towards her and Martinez while Chris and Dan stood by the car.
“Colonel Martinez” Calderón said.
“Capitán” Martinez gave a subtle nod to him. Javi rested a comforting hand on (Y/N)’s arm but said nothing to her, so she said nothing to him. “sabes lo que está sucediendo aquí?” (You know what’s happening here?)
Calderón looked (Y/N) up and down giving her a slightly evil look. Before looking back at Martinez. “sí, creo que sé” (yes, I think I know) he said with a slight nod.
“te estoy dando una oportunidad. para hacer lo correcto y no follar esta opperación” (I’m giving you one chance. To do the right thing and not fuck up this operation)
Calderón looked back towards (Y/N) “si lo que he oído es cierto, no seré yo quien lo joda” (if what I’ve heard is true, I won’t be the one who fucks it up)
(Y/N)’s Spanish wasn’t the best, it was pretty awful all things considered. But she could understand when she was being insulted. That, and the fact she saw sudden anger wash over Javier’s face. But still he said nothing but squeezed her arm.
“This is no job for a woman” Calderón said “especially one who can’t hold her own”
“Maybe. But look who’s being allowed to help and who isn’t” she retorted calmly, which was more than could be said for Javi who was growing more visibly angry by the second.
Calderón back up to the car and Van Ness was quick to grab the keys to insure he wouldn’t drive off.
Martinez looked at Javi “Está aquí. Lo encontraremos” (He’s here. We’ll find him) he said. Javi gave a subtle nod back before dropping his hand from (Y/N)’s arm. Suddenly, it felt cold there. She was over come with the sudden urge to just jump in his arms, but they had something more important to be dealing with right now. “Véalo” (Watch him) he ordered to one of his men before walking back into the house.
“You still got your kids drawing?” Javi asked Chris as they all followed behind.
(Y/N) followed behind Javi up the stairs, trying not to get too distracted by how good he looked. Now was not the time.
They made their way into what appeared to be some sort of bathroom. No doubt one of many that was located in the grand house, but it was a bigger bathroom than she had ever seen. Off on the far wall were two extra room. They took one each, kicking open the door and holing their gun to as the search it. Both came up empty.
Javi gave her a look before looking back around the room, the same as her. He walked over to the large jacuzzi looking bath and walked up the wooden steps.
They both froze in place when an all too loud creak came from under his foot. He shifted his weight once, twice, to make sure he wasn’t hearing things. He wasn’t. There was definitely something not right about it.
He carefully and quietly step back down to the floor and gave her another look. She adjusted her stance and moved a little closer to him. She held her gun up to the steps as he bent down. He slid his hand over the bottom step. He reached down further and she swallowed thickly. Javi gave her another look and she gave him and nod.
The steps flew up and the two agents both too a step back.
There was Gilberto Rodríguez. His gun pointing directly at them.
(Y/N)’s heart began to race. Partly from adrenaline that was still flowing through her, but partly from fear. Seeing the gun pointing their way made her mind flash with images from that day. Only this time, it was worse. All she could see was a bullet going straight through Javi, and this time she wouldn’t be able to save him. She wouldn’t be able to jump in front of him. Instead she would be left to watch him die. Watch the blood flow from him.
She blinked her eyes quickly to try and wipe away the images but her hands were becoming shaky. She couldn’t stand there for much longer, not with a gun in her face. “suelta el arma” (drop your weapon) Javi said, surprisingly calmly.
Trujillo appeared on the other side of Javi to (Y/N) with his gun raised as well “suelta el arma” he repeated the same as Javi, in a less calm tone.
Gilberto hesitated for a moment before he slowly lowered his gun and dropped it to the floor in front of him “No dispares. Soy un hombre de paz” (don’t shoot. I am a man of peace) he said as he held his hands up in surrender. He grabbed the steps in his hands and shakily pulled him self out of his hideout. Javi grabbed his shoulders and pulled him out quicker, holding his gun to the back of Gilberto’s neck.
It was then that Martinez appeared holding his gun out but almost dropping it when he saw the Cartel Godfather at gun point. “Vamos” he said. Javi nodded and traded Gilberto off to him when he noticed that (Y/N) wasn’t moving.
“(Y/N)” Javi said quietly as he placed his hand back warmly on her arm, Trujillo and Martinez taking Gilberto away. She jumped slightly at his touch and looked at him “you okay?” He asked softly.
She blinked, swallowed and nodded. “Yeah” she said “yeah. I’m...I’m fine. Just...let’s get out of here” she said before walking past him, he followed closely behind her all the way down stairs.
The living room was almost full of Police. Gilberto was sat on the sofa whilst his three wives looked upon him with sadness, confusing and everything else along that line.
It was now only a matter of time before they would listed as heroes. They had taken down one of the Godfathers of Calí. That was no easy feat. But they weren’t in the clear just yet.
After managing to get Gilberto back to Bogotá and handing him off to the authorities, (Y/N) and Javier found themselves back at the embassy. (Y/N) had been quiet ever since they got on the plane to come back to Bogotá. It was obvious to Javi, and obvious to her, that the mission had effected her. She hadn’t said a said a single word to him for a few hours now and it just felt strange.
She went ahead of him when they got to the embassy and headed straight to the ambassadors office. Walking through the main office to get there, she was greeted with a round of applause for her work with Javi in arresting Gilberto. She gave them all a polite smile but walked quickly out of the office space, ignoring all the congratulations she was getting.
(Y/N) knocked on the door of Crosby’s office and she heard a “Come in” from inside so she opened the door and walked in. “(Y/N)” he greeted her, sounding a little surprised as he sat at the table on the right side of the office.
“Ambassador” she greeted back.
“I was expecting Peña to walk through the door” he motioned for her to take the seat opposite him and she did.
“Ambassador,” She said “I’m going to be frank with you. I can’t keep this up for much longer. I thought I would be okay, but being out there today...”
“Is this your way of telling me you resign?”
“No. No. Not resign. Just...I know I’ve already had so much time off for my injury but...I don’t know, I just need to not be in this. I need to just...need some time...”
“How much time?”
“I...I don’t know”
“Well (Y/N), let me be frank with you. What you and agent Peña did today was an impressive feat but comes with a lot of complications now for both the Colombian and American government. But I will congratulate you for your achievement. And, in all honesty, regardless of how it played out, I was going to sign you off anyway. Off work. If not just to get you back to how you were, then to get Peña to stop brining it up in every meeting we have”
“Sir?” She asked, a little confused at what he meant.
“He’s been hounding me to sign you off since you came back. Every meeting we have it’s the first and last thing he says. Keeps telling me that you need more time, and that you’re not in the right state of mind to work efficiently”
(Y/N) didn’t really know how to feel at that. It was sweet that Javi would do that in her behalf, but it was now properly evident to her that she hadn’t hidden her struggles as well as she originally thought.
“Four week” he said “I’ll give you four weeks. I don’t want to see you anywhere near this embassy building within that time”
“Yes sir” she nodded “thank you sir” she stood and reached her hand over to him, he shook it and she left for the door.
Just as she was leaving his office, Javi appeared and gave her a soft look “(Y/N)” he said quietly “what are you doing?”
“I um...asked Crosby for some time off. He’s given me four weeks” she mumbled.
“Good. You need it” he said to her.
“I...I better let you go in there”
“Yeah” Javi laughed slightly “no doubt I’m in for a fucking talk when I get in there”
She managed a smiled and nodded “I better go. I’ll see you later Javi” she said before walking past him towards her own office.
Javi let out a heavy sigh as he walked up the stairs towards her apartment that was just a few floors about his. Having to address the Colombian nation about the successful DEA operation of capturing Gilberto Rodríguez had taken it out of him. He needed to be with someone who he could relax with. He needed to be with (Y/N). He stood outside her door and knocked three times.
Then he waited.
He waited.
He waited too long. He knocked again. Still there was nothing. He pressed his ear against the door and could hear nothing from inside. This made him worry. It was unlike her to keep him waiting for so long. He tried the door handle but the door was locked. This worried him even more. Luckily he had a spare key in his back pocket that he carried with him everywhere. He pulled it out and pushed it into the lock before turning it and getting the door open.
The inside of her apartment was definitely not what he was use to.
It was a mess. Papers were thrown everywhere. In the kitchen, on the table were painkillers and other tablets scattered across the wooden surface. A half drunk glass of whiskey to go with them. She didn’t drink. The whiskey was technically his. She brought it for him so that he would have something to drink whilst he visited. But she hated alcohol.
He walked through her apartment looking for her and came to a sharp stop when he heard the sound of running water. He looked in the direction of the bathroom and saw the door was cracked open slightly. He took cautious steps towards it and pressed his hand flat against the door before slowly pushing it open.
There she sat on the shower floor. Fully clothed. The water drenching her completely. She hugged her knees close to her chest as she stared at the floor shaking. Whether she was shaking from fear or the water perhaps being cold, he didn’t know. But to see her like that broke him.
Javi walked into the bathroom, pulling off his jacket, shoes and socks as he did before he stepped into the shower and sunk down to the floor beside her, his back to the wall and his knees bent, his arms resting loosely on them. She immediately found comfort in him. Leaning her head onto his arm and bringing her hand up to grab at his bicep. “I-I thought I could do it” She stuttered quickly, quietly, her fingers flexing around his arm, trying to find the right place to hold, but it seemed she couldn’t. “I-I though I could...” she didn’t finish the second time. She couldn’t finish. The more she spoke, the more images of horror flooded her mind pushing her closer and closer to the point of crying.
She didn’t actually know if she was crying. She had been. But now she couldn’t tell it was tears or the water falling down her cheeks.
Javi didn’t say anything to her. He loosened his tie from around his neck and placed it beside him on the shower floor. He reached under his arm and grabbed her free trembling hand and pulled it through the gap and held it tightly in his hand. He brought her hand up to his lips and pressed a few soft and loving kisses to her knuckles. They were slow, lingering kisses. Each one lasting longer than the last.
His head then gently fell against hers, his cheek resting against the top of her wet hair. He turned so that it was his nose resting against her head. Breathing in what was left of her sweet scent, which wasn’t a lot, most of it had been washed away by the water and he no longer had her smell to comfort him. But in that moment, he didn’t much care. She was more important. She needed his comfort. He pressed a gentle kiss to where ever it was his lips were placed before slightly lifting his head from her and moving down
Javier nosed the side of her head, moving it round to her forehead and down her face, rubbing it against her own nose. She lifted her head slightly and let out a few shaky breaths as he continued the sweet action. The touch was so...absentminded, that she wondered if he meant to do it. But it made her heart swell. It made everything okay.
And then he kissed her.
He didn’t start off with the intention of kissing her, but he sure as hell didn’t regret it. Nothing had ever felt more right than the feeling of her lips against his. He felt right then that that was where he was meant to be. With her. Kissing her. Loving her. Doing what he should’ve done years ago. Doing what he should’ve done when he first realised he was in love with her. Doing what he should’ve done when she needed him most, when she had taken a bullet for him. Not just to help her, but to help him too.
He needed her. He wanted her. He wasn’t ever going to leave her.
She squeezed his hand and he squeezed back, pulling him from his thoughts before she barely pulled away from his lips. His nose still gently rubbing against hers.
“I love you” she whispered.
Her words lifted a great weight off his shoulders. So much so that he let out a breath of relief. “I love you too” he said in the same quiet voice. She laid her head back on his shoulder and he brought his arms round to wrap around her to hold her close. “You’re going to be okay (Y/N). I promise”
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Homecoming (Nandor the Relentless x Female Reader)
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You return to Staten Island to reconcile with your idiot vampire boyfriend. Things go incredibly well for both of you.
WARNINGS: explicit sexual content, language, slight blood kink, slight size kink, makeup sex, etc.
A/N: Yoooo, been working on a smutty Nandor oneshot for like two weeks. I swear to Christ I come up with fic idea and my brain immediately throws some writer’s block in there. Regardless, my thirst for Kayvan Novak has gotten me through it, so yeah. I’ve a have couple requests that are slated for this week and some moodboards ready to queue up. Hope y’all enjoy!
“Hello?” your voice echoed through the halls of cavernous house. “Guillermo? Laszlo? Nadja? Colin Robinson? Nan-“
You cut yourself off immediately, not wanting to say his name. When you left, you didn’t think you’d be gone for as long as you were. But you were angry and upset.
Not to mention hurt.
Nothing could have prepared you for the innate selfishness and hedonism all vampires harbored. Maybe it was the immortality and the centuries long list of experiences that left them constantly wanting more.
The hurt blossom into a fiery blaze of anger when you’d returned home after the incident. The sheer indifference stung the most, sparking you to throw every silver trinket you could find at your hissing idiot boyfriend.
Be careful with that shit!
He wised up after that barb, transforming into a bat and hiding until you’d calmed down. Unfortunately, that hadn’t been until you’d packed a small suitcase and drove to a friend’s house an hour away.
If it hadn’t been for Guillermo, you wouldn’t have returned at all. Yet the insistence of your friend had lured you home; the familiar mentioning his repentant master hadn’t hurt either.
The hollow roll of your luggage on the warped floorboards echoed through the foyer as you scanned the perimeters of the fancy room and library, looking for any sign of movement. It was just your luck that the night you’d decided to dramatically return they’d all decided to wreak havoc on the Big Apple at the same time.
Probably engaging in freaky vampire sex with blue haired little nymphs.
The thought soured your mood; maybe this had been a mistake. But where else could you really go?
Resigned, you slowly lugged your bag up the rickety staircase. You were happy you didn’t bring more with you when you left, feeling winded from your trek up the steps. Instead, you found yourself mildly content to return to your cozy bedroom.
The dark corridor engulfed you as made your way to the room you’d lovingly embraced the dark purple damask wallpaper and the lush velvet furniture.
You’d even learned to read tarot cards and left them on the bureau when you stormed out. That had been disappointing.
You’d missed your vampiric roommates too, hoping a part of them saw you as more than a forbidden treat. And that brusque, undead warrior you’d called a boyfriend? All you really wanted was to patch things up and fall back into his arms.
Throwing open the door, you were shocked to find the ancient monster carefully decorating your room with a hand painted banner. In a colorful and curly script it read:
I’ve missed you, my love.
There was also a mass of purple and black streamers twisted across the juncture of the wall and sloped ceilings. Your heart leapt into your throat as tears began to brim in your eyes. He wanted you to come home.
Your luggage fell to the ground with a heavy thud as you brought two hands to your face.
“For the last time, Laszlo: you and Nadja will have to use the red room if you want to do some mortal roleplaying. The purple room is off limits! What if she comes back? Yeesh.” You saw the outline of his nose as he barely turned to look over his broad shoulder. Instead, he began to sprinkle bat shaped confetti atop the mantle piece of the sprawling hearth.
“What if she already is?”
Nandor froze at the soft voice he thought would remain only a memory. Spinning on his heel, cape swishing as he did. The cold-blooded warrior’s features softened. Silently stalking over the you, he immediately gathered you into his arms.
His grip on you tightened, as if you were an illusion that would only disappear again. Maybe the walking dead did have conscience’s after all; vampire’s with a moral code.
Well, when they weren’t draining blood of innocents’.
Gently cupping your face, Nandor ran his manicured fingers down your throat, fangs poking out slightly when he felt your pulse race. You shivered beneath his icy touch.
“You came back.” He whispered airily before bringing his lips to yours. It was both parts chaste and needy. Sighing into the kiss, your vampire paramour took the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth. Tongues tangling, you were shocked by Nandor’s silence.
Even in throes of passion he would slip in an unexpected giggle or an awkward remark. But now he held you tight to his chest as he continued to ravage your mouth. He was hungry and wanted to devour you in the most sensual way. In case this was the last chance he had.
“I’ve missed you my, human.” His voice dripped like rich caramel before he broke the kiss, placing his large palms flat on your shoulders as if to keep you from fleeing. When your eyes met his expectantly, his darted away above your head. “And…I’m sorry. About what I did. It was not okay, even if I was under the influence.”
A fang dug into his bottom lip, releasing a droplet of thick, black blood. Nadja was right: the ancient Ottoman Empire was filled with so much toxic masculinity. However, in spite of the cringing and pained grimaces, he was trying.
You stood on your toes and pressed your lips to his once more. You relished in the way his beard scraped against your skin and the spicy taste of his blood as you smeared it across his bottom lip.
“I accept your apology.” You lightly booped his nose, delighting in the roll of those enchanting eyes.
“Let’s not make a big deal out of it.” He mumbled, gathering you in his arms. You threw your head back in a cackle before snuggling into his chest. You’d half expected him to toss you onto the bed in anguish; instead, he laid you down gingerly on the lavish four poster.
He was majestic as he towered over you, his long hair framing his pale face, sporting his many layers of 13th century attire. He quickly stripped off his caftan and doublet, leaving him a blousy ruffed tunic and breeches.
Not wasting anytime, he covered your body with his. Nandor lay still, propped up on his elbows and kept his eyes glued to yours. Your breathing grew shallow under his penetrating gaze as your twined your fingers into his chestnut tresses, pulling lightly at his roots.
Purring, his eyes drifted close as he leaned into your touch. His strong brows knit together, lips growing slack. You moaned as he ground his erection into your aching center.
“I don’t want you to think you’re out of the trees.” He offered dazedly as he helped you peel your clothing off, “But it’s nice to have you home.”
Your heart fluttered at that; he considered this your home. Before you knew it, he was kneeling above you bare body, shucking his tunic to the ground before diving back pepper your body with kisses. Not to mention the occasional nip. He couldn’t help himself: your blood was as sweet as honey and he need a taste.
His tongue dragged across your torso, lapping at your nipples until they were hard. Arching your back as he continued to lave your breasts, you jumped when he dragged his finger through your dripping heat.
“Relax, my love.” He demanded softly, wanting to savor your every movement.
“I’m sorry.” You  bit your lip, suddenly shy. “It’s been awhile. Since I left.”
It was easy to feel like a sexual novice in a household filled with easily the horniest species you had ever been acquainted with.
“You haven’t, copulated with anyone for six months?” He pulled away from your chest, fangs stained with droplets of your blood. Your face burned scarlet as he scrutinized you, even more embarrassed knowing that your red visage was only more enticing to him.
“I…I didn’t want anyone else.” You admitted wistfully. Nandor said nothing, feeling those pangs of guilt again. He’d had to ask Guillermo what that was when his entire body ached when you left.
All he wanted was to prove to you how much you meant to him, how much he needed you in his afterlife. Swiftly kicking his boots and trousers off, the vampire knelt at your feet.
He carefully spread your knees further apart, settling himself at your entrance. Dragging the head of his cock through your juices, Nandor slowly sank into inch by inch. You moaned deeply, not realizing how much you had missed the sensation of him pushing against your walls, stretching you.
You scraped your nails down his chest as you fell into the dirty euphoria. Wrapping your legs around his waist, you pulled him deeper. Hitting a new spot, the sensation made your head spin.
Gritting his teeth, Nandor thrust into you faster, delighting in the soft whines and needy groans you elicited. Leaning forward, he sank his teeth into your shoulder as you met his every brutal thrust. The taste of you was overwhelming.
Nails bit into his back as his movements became more erratic. The pain in your shoulder only enhanced the pleasure that knotted in your belly. The room was filled with the wet sound of skin slapping and animalistic growling as you both spiraled in ecstasy.
In a surprising tender moment, Nandor brushed a strand of hair from your sweat drenched face, catching your lips in a searing kiss as you climaxed. The vampire growled against you as he came inside of you. He kissed your forehead before rolling over.
“Stay with me tonight?” you quietly begged as he pulled you against his chest. Nandor’s dark eyes darted to the curtains, making sure they were tightly drawn. He never felt completely safe sleeping outside of his crypt.
But he’d missed having you in his arms, secretly enjoying how you ran the pads of your fingers across the expanse of hair that ran across his chest and belly.
“Alright, but only as long as you promise you don’t leave again.”
“As long as you promise not to be such an asshole again.”
“I mean, she looked exactly like you. How would I know?” He quietly defended himself as you bristled against him.
“She had pointed ears and blue hair.” You hissed, remembering how sick you’d felt when you’d found your significant other in the arms of some alternative vampire at a club in SoHo. Granted, the mystery vampiress did possess the unique ability to hypnotize other vampires.
But Nandor had been all too malleable.
“It won’t happen again.” He said solemnly, cradling you protectively against his chest. Smiling against his cool skin, you were almost asleep when there was a loud stumbling up the stairs followed by a raucous bout of laughter.
“Shit.” Nandor groaned, quickly covering the both of you with a fur lined blanket as the door swung open. Laszlo marched in, a gleeful Nadja tossed over his shoulder.
“Remind me how you mortals use those beds, Mr. Daytona.” Nadja mused in a high-pitched voice. The Englishmen removed a tooth pick from his lips, eyes focused on his wife’s ample bottom.
“Get out of here, Laszlo!” Nandor roared, his hold on you tightening as if one his sleazy roommates would steal you away. Laszlo’s lips quirked when his eyes fell on you.
“Bloody hell,” he dropped Nadja to the ground with a thud. “She’s back!”
“What in the ­fu­-“ Nadja crawled between her husband’s legs, prepared to strike him in the groin when her eyes grew wide with delight at the sight of you “Darling, you’ve returned!”
“I’m sorry, my good chap. My good lady wife and I will use the other room.” Laslzo announced, pulling the door swiftly shut. You knew full well it had nothing to do with respecting the unofficial leader of the house; in fact, the married couple openly preferred your company to his.
“Fucking guy.” Was your immortal boyfriend gritted, though he couldn’t be too angry with you in his arms. Humming contently, you rested your head on his chest. If there was one thing the housemates could agree on: you were back where you belonged.
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For the requests, can you do Douxie x reader where the reader gets a job at the bookshop and conveniently forgets their sweater at work so Douxie has to lend them his hoodie 🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Sweater | Hisirdoux Casperan x Reader
Plot:  haha, sweater go brrrrrrrrr
Word Count: 1,946
Warnings:  Folding chairs and spiders
A/N:   Idk what this is, but i hope you enjoy it
Tag List: @furblrwurblr
Tumblr media
You had always wanted to work at a bookstore.
Ever since you were an angsty twelve-year-old who only found solace in books, it had been your dream to work amongst the written word.  Too bad Chapters had shitty hours.
That didn’t matter now, though.  GDT Arcane Books had excellent hours, a positive work environment, and the nicest couches to ever exist.  They also had a painting of Guillermo del Toro.  You weren’t sure why, but you loved it anyway.  There was only one thing about the small bookstore that you loved more than the Del Toro painting, which is saying a lot, that painting was amazing.
Your coworker, Hisirdoux Casperan, was very quickly becoming your favourite human being in the entire world.  He was sweet, selfless, and he cared about other people.  He made you laugh more than anyone else, and he was there for you when you were stressed or anxious.  Also, he had a cat.  I don’t even need to tell you that cats are amazing.
The bookstore was the perfect place, and it only got better as the seasons changed.  Fall in Arcadia was beautiful, fall in Arcadia in a bookstore was even better.  GDT began to feel like a second home to you, so much, in fact, that you developed the habit of leaving things at work.  It wasn’t your fault, things like this happen sometimes, and that’s okay.  As long as you don’t forget anything too important, you should survive.
And then you forgot something important.  
It wasn’t anything major like your wallet, but it was necessary to keep you warm in the cool weather, especially at night.
And it was night.  And it was cold.  And your favourite sweater was still in the bookstore.  And you hadn’t realized until Douxie had locked the doors and you’d both gone your separate ways.
In short, you were a little bit screwed.
You wrapped your arms around yourself, shivering slightly.  This was fine.  Totally fine.  As fine as a dog drinking coffee in a burning room.  The wind blew, shaking the branches on the trees and raising goosebumps on your skin.  Lovely.
You braced yourself against the breeze, trudging forward, determined to make it home and have a hot cup of tea.  
And then you heard a trash can fall over.  Extra lovely.
The last thing you wanted was to deal with a Goblin or Shadow Mephit or something.  You walked faster.  There was another, louder crash behind you.  You sped up again.  You were not dealing with this tonight.
There was more noise from behind you, the universe clearly disregarding your wishes for a calm night.  At this point, you were running.  There was a limit to how much crap you could put up with, and it was a limit you were fast approaching.  
Then Douxie flew into your side, bringing both of you to the ground.
Whatever had thrown Douxie at you roared from the alley.  You couldn’t see it, but you could tell that it wasn’t anything good.
“You have to run,”  your coworker said, getting to his feet and offering you a hand up.
“What?  No, I’m not leaving you-”
“I’ll be okay, (Y/N), but you need to get out of here!”
Even if you wanted to, you didn’t have time to get out of there.  What appeared to be a large stone spider emerged from the space between buildings.  How this thing didn’t wake up the whole neighbourhood, you had no idea, and you couldn’t stop to think of one because the arachnid was now attacking.  Douxie stood in front of you, shielding you with his body, and some kind of blue forcefield.  
“(Y/N), GO!”
You ran, but you didn’t go home.  Instead, you searched for something to fight with.  
Monsters and magic were not a new concept to you, not when you lived in Arcadia.  You’d gone through whatever the hell that troll-thing was, an alien attack, and several other crap-tastic world-ending events.  This was just one monster, and you had Douxie, who was apparently a wizard on your side.  This was not the problem you were expecting or even a problem you wanted, but it was one you could handle.
It took a minute of searching, but eventually, you found the perfect weapon.  Someone had left a folding chair outside.  It may not be an enchanted sword, or a serrator, or a gun, but folding chairs had done wonders for you during the troll-hell, and you figured it would work for you now.
You grabbed the chair and rejoined the fray.
Douxie was not pleased to see this.  He really liked you.  You were sweet, snarky and charming, and he really liked all of your quirks.  He enjoyed your company and wanted to spend more time with you.  He knew you were a strong person, and that you could take care of yourself, but he was really hoping that you wouldn’t have to deal with this.  He knew it would kill him if anything bad happened to you.
But you lived in Arcadia, where bad things always happened, and you knew how to deal with this.
“EAT CHAIR, PUNK!”  you yelled, bringing the chair down on whatever part of the spider you could reach.  This didn’t make the spider happy, but you were able to avoid any and all attacks while repeatedly bashing the thing with your folding chair.
The wizard was at a loss for words.  
While he wanted you to run home, he knew there was a high chance that you would stay, and a higher chance that you would stay and try to help him.  The chair, however, had not been a part of these calculations, so all he could do was stare and watch as you kicked this thing’s ass.  No one could blame him, it was very impressive and very attractive.
And kick-ass you did.  You dodged attacks and landed hits, your folding chair proving to be as useful as ever.  Eventually, you managed to wedge your weapon between the pincers of the arachnid, distracting it momentarily.
“Douxie!  Now!”
Douxie snapped from his haze at the sound of your voice.  He sent a wave of magic at the thing before opening the gate to limbo underneath it.  You and Douxie were left staring at the ground where the thing had fallen through.
“Nice one,”
“Thanks,”  the situation set in for both of you.
“Hey, wait a minute, what was that?”
“Oh, fuzzbuckets, are you okay?”
The two of you hesitated for a moment, held at a stalemate.  You wanted answers, he wanted to know if you were alright.
You took this time to take in details you hadn’t noticed while beating up the stone spider.  Douxie had some kind of band or cuff on his wrist.  You had never seen that before despite working with him for a few months now.  It was new.  And it was pretty cool if you were telling the truth.
While you examined the cuff from where you stood, Douxie noticed that you were unharmed, but shivering slightly.  You didn’t have your sweater on.
“Aren’t you cold?”
The question knocked you out of your thoughts, but fortunately, you were focused enough to answer, “Oh, uh, yeah, I forgot my sweater back at the bookstore,”
Without another word, Douxie took off his hoodie, walked over to you and wrapped it around your shoulders.
“There you go, that should warm you up,”
You gingerly grabbed the edges of the hoodie, wrapping it tightly around your shaking frame.  He was right, it did warm you up, but as your eyes ran over the tattoos on Douxie’s shoulders, you thought of a few more ways he could help you achieve that goal.
“Thank you,”
“Of course, love,”
The wind blew by again.  It wasn’t so bad this time.
Then you realized how late it was.
“Oh, god, I should be getting home, I-”
“Let me walk you,”
“Are you sure?”
“(Y/N), I know you can defend yourself,”  he cast a cautious glance towards the discarded folding chair, “But it would make me feel a lot better to know you got home safe,”
Your cheeks warmed at the sentiment.  It was nice to be cared about.
“Ok.  Come on, I’m this way,”
The walk started off in silence.
Douxie’s hoodie was soft.  His tattoos were really nice.  It was still kinda cold, but Douxie showed no signs of feeling the temperature.  
But it was too quiet.  You needed to talk about this.
“Hey, Doux?  You mind telling me what that thing was?”
The wizard sucked in a deep breath, “To be honest, I don’t know yet.  I’m still figuring that one out,”
“Huh,”  you supposed that was a valid answer, “Let me know when you do,”
Douxie smiled for a moment.  He told you that you’d be the first to know.  Then his face fell.  He almost looked scared, but there was nothing around you to be scared of.  You were a bit confused, but your attention stayed on Douxie.
“(Y/N), until this is all sorted out, could you avoid going out after dark?  I don’t want you getting hurt,”
That was a bit of an understatement.  If you got hurt at all, it would kill him.  If you got hurt by something he could have protected you from, it would destroy him.
“I’ll do my best, but you know I get off from work late,”
“Then I’ll walk you home,”
“I’d like that,”
You were a bit surprised by how determined he was to keep you safe.  It was really nice to have someone watching out for you for a change.  It made you feel warm on the inside.  
After that, the conversation turned to normal things.  Music, books, anything other than stone monsters with no name.  Douxie did ask where you learned to wield a folding chair, but some things are best left to the imagination.
You were actually sad when your house came into view, something you never thought possible.  You’d been enjoying your time with Douxie so much, you didn’t want it to end.  Unfortunately, you did not control the universe.
“Well, this is me,” you took off the hoodie, which was also a sad event.  You held it out for Douxie to take, “Here-”
“Hang onto it,” the wizard said, taking your hands under the hoodie for a moment, “At least until you get your sweater back,”
You both pulled away, blushing, 100%.
“Thank you,”
“It’s no problem, really,”
There was another moment of silence.  You both had so much to say, but no idea how to say it.  
“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow,”
Douxie watched as you opened the door to your home, and stepped through the door.  A surge of energy ran through him.  He had to say something, anything, or he would regret it.
You spun around to face him faster than either of you thought possible, “Yes?”
Douxie paused.  He didn’t think he’d get that far, to be honest.  But you were watching him with anticipation, waiting for him to speak.
“Just… stay safe, okay?”  it wasn’t exactly what he wanted to say, but it was close enough.
“I will if you do,”
The smile on your face was the best thing he’d seen all day.
He was so distracted by the curve of your lips that he didn’t even notice that you had moved to stand in front of him.
“Thanks again, Douxie,”  and with that, you left a small kiss on his cheek and entered your apartment, leaving Douxie a blushing mess on your doorstep.
“Douxie?  Are you alright?”
“I’m much better than alright, Arch,”
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chelsfic · a year ago
Five Times Nandor Tried and Failed to Make a New Vampire, and One Time He Succeeded - Guillermo x Nandor fic (one-shot)
Tumblr media
WWDITS Masterlist
Summary: Journey into Nandor’s past and discover the real reason he’s been so hesitant to turn Guillermo all these years...
A/N: I hope you enjoy this small offering!! If you like and comment that would make me a very happy little writer creature.
Warnings: Crack, Fluff, Smut, mentions of concubines in Nandor’s human past, Blood drinking...obviously
“Truth be told, I’m not feeling my usual plucky, intrepid self.”
  Nandor bares his fangs in a nervous smile. He’s sitting stiffly on the chaise in his crypt, fiddling with his rings as the documentary people question him about tonight’s...big event.
  The vampire lifts his eyes to the ceiling and exhales before continuing, “It’s just--and I don’t like talking about this, but Guillermo says I need to work on expressing my...feelings--it’s just that in the past I might not always have been... entirely successful in making new vampires.”
  There’s a beat of awkward silence during which Nandor casually picks at some lint on his sleeve.
  “I mean, there was my nineteenth wife…”
  Nandor languished in the empty halls of his palace for a week after his thirty-seven wives left. But at a certain point there comes a time to stop moping and start acting. Plus he’d eaten all of the servants and he was a little alarmed by the crowd of peasants outside armed with pitchforks and torches. 
  So, his new vampiric form was a little problematic. He was now homeless, wifeless and--worst of all--horseless. Driven from his land, Nandor was forced to take refuge from the lethal light of day in whatever haphazard way he could. He snuck into wine cellars. He broke into catacombs. And, most shamefully, he even buried himself in the earth when no other shelter was available. But at least his new state gave him the means to solve one of his problems. 
  There was no reason that Nandor should have to walk the night alone. He thought he remembered enough of what transpired on the battlefield to be able to turn someone else into a vampire. And as soon as the thought occurred to him he knew there was only one person with whom he wished to share this cursed gift.
  Andrakis . His favorite wife. She was sweet and young, with a magnificent ample backside that Nandor loved to squeeze and slap. She had not yet bore him any children but perhaps that was for the best. No messy loose ends for her to leave behind. He knew she would agree for she, alone among his wives, had wept sorrowfully as they rode away. 
  Nandor used his new vampiric senses to find her. It took months, but eventually he tracked her back to her family home along the Euphrates. He walked through lands scorched and ruined by his own army and he thought about the first time he laid eyes on Andrakis. As he recalled, the town was on fire and his men were pillaging the wealthy houses for gold and jewels. They were also rounding up the attractive, young citizens for...reasons. Nandor took one look at his sweet Andrakis and said, “No! That one is for me and me only!”
  So romantic.
  He could have kept her as his concubine, but Nandor was infatuated with her sweet, soft spoken ways and her delicious round thighs. He gave her jewels and furs and when he finally returned from the campaign he made her one of his wives. All Nandor’s wives loved him, of course, because if they didn’t he would have their heads chopped off. But it was different with Andrakis. She seemed to truly care. She fretted when he went into battle, insisting that she be the one to help him don his armor. She cried real tears and begged him to be safe and return to her. It really moved him. Also, again, she had a fantastic ass.
  The night he, at last, found her, Nandor floated up to her window, scratching at the wooden shutters and calling to her softly. 
  “My sweet Andrakis! It is I, your husband, Nandor the Relentless! I’ve come to assert my claim on you, cherished one! Do you...want to, maybe, come to the window now and let me inside?”
  With his heightened abilities, he could hear her soft gasp and the rustle of fabric as she pushed back her bed coverings and slowly approached the window. Nandor heard her heart racing, the thundering gush of blood flowing through her veins and her trembling breath. He opened his mouth and his eyes rolled back with pleasure as he caught the smell of her blood just on the other side of those thin planks of wood.
  “Time to open up, sweet one!” Nandor singsonged, placing his hand on the shutter as if he could reach through and grab her.
  “Is it really you, my husband?” Her voice was as soft and sweet as he remembered. 
  “It is really, really me, Andrakis!”
  She unlatched the window and Nandor beamed at the sight of her pretty, round face. That may have been a mistake--he kept forgetting about the fangs--the poor woman took a quick step back and brought her hands to her chest in shock.
  “Oh, my Nandi! What has happened to you?” her eyes widened and she took a cautious step toward the window, peeking out over the sill, “You are flying, dear one!”
  “Isn’t it great?!” Nandor laughed, kicking his legs out merrily and doing a little twirl. “I thought you might want to join me. You know...with the flying and the eternal life and the--ehm--blood drinking.”
  She started to shake her head before he even finished and Nandor’s smile faltered. He rushed back to the window sill and placed his hands there, just on the outside edge of the invisible barrier protecting the home’s occupants. 
  “Andrakis...I am so lonely. And...and there is no one to help me with my armor or give me a massage when my head hurts. I think you liked being my wife, didn’t you?”
  The woman’s eyes flood with tears and she comes even closer, leaning onto the window sill and reaching out a shaking hand to press against his bearded cheek.
  “I love you, Nandi! And I am honored to be your wife, always. I will not take another husband, but… Nandor, I am frightened!”
  “My honey,” Nandor crooned, laying his forehead against hers as she leaned out the window, “There is nothing to fear. I will protect you forever if you will stay by side.”
  “...and then I ate her.”
  Nandor held his hands out and shrugged his shoulders, “What are you going to do? These things happen, right? No! I was very upset about it for the next eighty years or so. She trusted me to take care of her and I fucking ate her!”
  Nandor stares into space for a long moment. He’s had eight centuries to get over the loss of his favorite wife so it’s not grief that shows on his pinched face. It looks more like apprehension and self-doubt. The crew asks a muffled question and he starts as if they’ve woken him from a daydream.
  “ I do not think I would ever recover if I were to lose control with my Guillermo,” his hands clench into fists on his knees. “I will not lose control.”
  There’s more silence and one of the crew members suggests cutting the interview when Nandor continues as if he hasn’t heard them, “Guillermo is strong. He’s a cool, vampire killer guy now. He will be alright. He...he has to be alright.”
  “Nadja?” Nandor stands at the threshold to her and Laszlo’s crypt, anxiously plucking his fingers in the air. “May I speak with you about something in private? In the fancy room?”
  Nadja is braiding her dolly’s hair. There’s something really creepy about that thing that Nandor can’t quite put his finger on. Like it’s always watching him. Yeesh . Nadja rolls her eyes and snaps, “Can’t we talk in here? I’m going to tell Laszlo whatever pig-brained scheme you’re wanting to talk about anyway…”
  Nandor glances at Laszlo, hunched over and diddling the keys of his organ with a shit-eating grin, “That’s true, old chap. There are no secrets between me and my sweet mamtam…”
  Laszlo winks smarmily and Nandor rolls his eyes, “Please, Nadja! It is just a formality!”
  She shrieks in aggravation, accidentally yanking the doll’s hair and then cooing apologetically at the thing. Nandor grimaces uncomfortably.
  “Fine, you stupid ostrich. But this better be quick!”
  Once he’s properly secured the curtain and made sure to check for eavesdroppers, Nandor lays it out for Nadja. He speaks haltingly and without meeting her eyes. 
  “ see, now that Guillermo and I are...are...more than master and familiar, I am wanting to make him a vampire. But you may have noticed that my past attempts in this area have been a little shaky…”
  “Shaky! I think you mean totally fucked up the rotten asshole! Don’t forget you told me all about Babsy the Brainscrambled!”
  Babaius was a little guy he met a couple hundred years after the whole thing with Andrakis. He was a Wallachian painter’s apprentice and he had agreed to do a gratis portrait of Nandor for the practice. The portrait was flat and middling, but what did you want? It was the 16th century and the cool Renaissance shit hadn’t exactly reached the backwoods of Eastern Europe quite yet. More important was the fact that this cute painter guy had managed to ingratiate himself with the apex predator he had unwittingly invited into his home.
  Originally, Nandor’s plan was to kill him once the portrait was complete. But the longer he sat there, staring back at the man as he worked with that cute little half-smirk on his face, the longer Nandor had to appreciate his form. Babaius was not as curvy and sensuous as Andrakis. He was taller and leaner. But his lips were pleasantly plump and his fingers long and elegant. Again, Nandor felt the weight of eternal loneliness and he began to wonder.
  This time he made sure to feed beforehand. When he arrived at the human’s rooms he found him looking more excited than Nandor had ever seen him.
  “It’s complete!” he gushed, grabbing Nandor’s hand and pulling him over to the easel. “Come see!”
  Nandor stared at the clumsy, dour-faced rendering of himself and smiled politely. Is this really what I look like? Why is my head so small?
  He felt the weight of Babaius’s hopeful eyes on him and schooled his voice into false praise, “Wow! It’! You sure used a lot on my face, didn’t you? Bold choice…”
  “I’m so pleased that you like it, Nandor,” the human’s voice was slightly breathless and he looked up through his lashes coquettishly. Ah ha!
  “Yes, well, now that that’s done…” Nandor swept Babaius’s long hair off his shoulder and plucked at the collar of his thin shirt. “Perhaps we could discuss other things…”
  “ Oh, yes! ” Babaius trilled, launching himself into Nandor’s arms and frantically dropping kisses on his neck, chin and jaw. “I thought ...but I wasn’t certain… but yes, Nandor! Yes!”
  Nandor wrapped his arms around the man’s back and laughed a little at just how easy this was going to be. No mistakes this time. He was completely and totally in control.
  “Alright, Najda! I get it! I know you have to give them more than just one drop of blood now, okay?”
  Nadja nods somberly, “That poor man. Could not even remember his own name after you turned him. What happened to him again?”
  “I ripped off his head,” Nandor snaps, sinking into the couch cushions in a sulk. “It was the humane thing to do.”
  Nadja squints her eyes trying to remember something, “But wasn’t there someone else after…?”
  Nandor’s lips thin into a narrow line and he crosses his arms over his chest with a huff of annoyance, “I suppose you mean Aggy the Shrieker?”
  Agnes was something called a Quaker, which meant that she did not go about wearing a crucifix. She was also highly susceptible to hypnosis. Nandor didn’t think this had anything to do with her Quaking, it was just a nice bonus. She’d served him well for a number of years, procuring a very fine assortment of virgins for him night after night. The good lady was entirely ignorant to the fact that it was she who drew these young innocents to their doom. Nandor erased her memories each time before sending her away. She would hem and cluck along with the other Friends when news of a disappearance reached her ears.
  After a few decades, Nandor noticed that her face was starting to turn wrinkly and her movements were not as swift as they once were. The prospect of finding another familiar with a brain as soft and accepting as Agnes’s was a wearying thought. Enough so that he considered, once again, trying his hand at creating a new vampire. 
  This time it was a sure thing. Agnes appeared at his doorstep that night, like always. At her side was a fresh-faced boy whose blood positively shouted his innocence. Delicious . Nandor would feed first. Then he would just do a quick refresher of Agnes’s hypnosis so that the poor lady did not have a fright once she saw Nandor’s blood stained face. And then a quick nip and plenty of blood. Voila! A new wrinkly-faced vampire baby is born.
  The plan was faultless.
  “And no hypnosis! Alright. Seems nit-picky, but fine!” Nandor grumbles. He seems suddenly to remember that Nadja is helping him and his voice softens, “ Please, Nadja . No more walking on memory street. Just tell me what to do so that I do not hurt Guillermo. I cannot stand the thought of him becoming a shrieker .”
  “Nandor, you beautiful giant baby,” Nadja’s face gentles into genuine sympathy. “I’m going to tell you just what to do. Even you won’t be able to mess this up.”
  And she does. She tells him how to listen to his human’s heart and count the seconds in between beats, waiting until just the right moment to finish drinking. She advises him to prepare his blood ahead of time, decanting it into a vial or mug. He should not count on Guillermo being conscious enough to suckle from his wrist as he’d originally intended. Pour the blood down his throat if he has to. Once he drinks the blood the transition will begin, but Nandor’s work is not done. He must procure for his new vampire the most succulent of virgin feasts. He must care for him during the sickness. He must watch over him and make sure that the baby vampire does not do anything silly like run out into the sunlight or drink a gallon of holy water. 
  “You must be resolved and sure in your actions!” Nadja finally says, casting a skeptical glance at the immortal warrior. “You think you can handle all that?”
  Nandor sits there looking shell shocked for a moment before twitching his mouth into a forced smile and holding up two thumbs.
  On his way back to his crypt Nandor glances into the camera and leans in conspiratorially.
  “She does not even know about Roger the Rocker or Benjy…” he whispers, his lips folding into an embarrassed frown.
  During the 1970s Nandor went through a brief but intense love affair with punk rock. Disco would soon supplant the vampire’s fixation on studded leather and the Sex Pistols, but for a few fleeting years he was, truly, insufferable.
  “ Fucking goats’ balls ! Nandor! We are trying to have a blood feast in here! Will you turn off that unholy screeching!?” Nadja shouted, blood dripping down her chin as she drew back from the pathetically mewling woman sandwiched between herself and her husband. 
  Laszlo reared back with a lecherous grin on his bloody lips, “Did I hear you mention something about unholy screeching, my sweet dimplebottom?”
  “ Oh, Laszlo! ” Nadja giggled, leaning over the dying victim to latch onto her lover’s mouth. 
  Nandor slammed the door to his crypt and rolled his eyes, “Don’t mind them, Roger. They’re just a couple of sell-out perverts who don’t understand ay-narchy and non-conformationism.”
  Roger was a young human man with spiked green hair and a studded leather vest. He was the coolest familiar Nandor had ever had. He was also an alcoholic and a heavy drug user and half the time he didn’t even do what Nandor asked of him. But once he explained about “the man” and toppling “the system”...well, Nandor still didn’t get it but he was impressed! He felt that Roger would bring a certain rebellious youth to their cohort that might give them a cutting edge in these modern times. 
  The problem was that Nandor had never tried drug blood before. It didn’t hit him until Roger was half-drained but then the world spun off its axis. Nandor ripped his face away from Roger’s savaged neck, stumbling backward and falling down hard on his ass. The vampire exploded into a fit of giggles as the familiar twitched limply on the floor beside him.
  “Roger! I am ball tripping!” Nandor laughed, turning his head to look at his friend, “Whoopsie! Almost forgot! Time for a little drinky, Roger…”
  Nandor tore into his own wrist, ripping a jagged wound open with his fangs and smearing the gore over Roger’s lips and chin.
  “Chug! Chug! Chug!” Nandor cackled, falling back down and letting his wrist fall limp against the human’s mouth. He started singing softly under his breath, “Ayyyynarchy and the U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”
  In the end Nandor was so high he went to his slumber completely forgetting about the moaning, half-turned man on the floor of his crypt. He woke the next night to find Roger wandering around the front lawn, sun-burned and hideously deformed. He also had no memory of who Nandor was or anything at all about his human life.
  Nandor wouldn’t see him again until decades later when he caught the skeevy creep trying to take a bite out of Guillermo at the Sassy Cat Club. Nandor was so spooked to see the evidence of his past failure standing next to his most cherished human companion that he...perhaps handled the incident in a less-than-totally-gallant manner.
  Benjy be honest, Nandor isn’t entirely sure what came of the old clunker. He turned him and dumped him. Maybe not his finest moment but...Nandor had other things on his mind at the time…
  The moment that Guillermo flew to their rescue at the Nouveau Théâtre des Vampires, Nandor felt something shift inside his chest. It was an actual physical sensation like a key turning in a lock. How many years had he spent building moats, walls and fortresses between himself and his handsome, caring, devoted, achingly good familiar in order to protect his sweet innocence from the poison that was Nandor the Relentless? And all along he’d been underestimating him! Nandor watched Guillermo twirl, kick, punch and stake his way through a theater full of angry vampires. In the end he stood alone on a mountain of conquered enemies, covered in blood and heaving with the adrenaline of battle. 
  Nandor had never been more aroused.
  He was silent and brooding on the drive home. He sat in the passenger seat and kept flicking his eyes in Guillermo’s direction, hoping to catch his gaze. But his ex-familiar kept his eyes fixed on the road, his face a storm cloud of some scary-looking emotion that Nandor couldn’t name. The vampire felt unease crawl up his spine. Was he planning to leave again as soon as he dropped them off at the house?
  Nandor cringed in embarrassment as he watched the look of disappointment cross Guillermo’s features at the sight of the wrecked foyer. Dead bodies littered the floor, candle wax and blood stained every surface. He was overcome with shame and humiliation that they had made such a mess of the home Guillermo had toiled to maintain for eleven years. 
  Guillermo stood awkwardly in the front doorway, not quite inside and not quite outside, hovering on the threshold of their home. It was their home , wasn’t it? Nandor’s eyes flicked to the sad, dirty mattress in the cupboard beneath the stairs and he silently cursed himself. It’s possible he may not have made this quite a happy home for Guillermo.
  “I’ll just...go now…” Guillermo’s voice was soft and uncertain again, as if he hadn’t just committed a bad ass massacre.
  “No!” the word strangled from Nandor’s throat and he lurched forward, raising his hand to stop the human. For a split second he was completely unguarded and the raw desperation in his voice and on his face froze Guillermo in his tracks. Then Nandor’s eyes shifted to his fellow vampires, feeling the weight of their stares and he continued in a closer approximation to his usual haughty authority, “I would speak with you a moment. In private.”
  Once the door to his crypt clicked shut Nandor rounded on Guillermo, taking him by the shoulders and pressing him into the heavy wooden door. He loomed over the human for a moment, fangs bared, breathing raggedly as he scented him. Guillermo’s intoxicating, virginal aroma was mixed with the tang of his enemies’ blood. The irresistible fragrance threatened to overcome the vampire and he let out a pitiful mewling cry as he pressed even closer. Nandor’s forehead thunked against the door and his body was flush with Guillermo’s. Now he would know . The hard, bulging evidence of Nandor’s arousal was pressed into the human’s soft thigh-- unmistakable . Nandor keened a sob and his body went boneless as he fell to his knees in supplication before the human.
  “Guillermo, please!” Nandor sobbed.
  Guillermo stood as if paralyzed, staring back at his former master with shocked, wide eyes. Nandor felt broken, like one of those colorful donkeys split open and pouring out his guts. He did not exactly know what it was he wanted. Everything about this moment was highly uncomfortable. For one thing, the floor was very hard and hurty on his knees. For another thing, his erection was straining painfully in his pants. Also, he was realizing for the first time in his long, long life that there existed a person whom Nandor loved more than himself. And he was desperately, mortally afraid that Guillermo would leave him again.
  “What is it, master?” Guillermo flinched at the slip up but he pressed on, his eyes burning with earnest intensity. “What do you want?”
  Nandor had known the answer to this question for eleven years. He knew it the first time he laid eyes on the sweet, plump mortal working the panini press at Panera Bread. He knew it the first time Guillermo graced him with his smile after Nandor showed him his fangs. He knew it when Guillermo came to live with them, hauling his rolly luggage case up the front steps and shaking with nerves and excitement. He knew it when he spent hours crafting his familiar’s sweet face from glitter. He knew it when Guillermo cried, silently begging Nandor to give him a reason to stay. He’d known it in a thousand different ways for a thousand different reasons and he’d keep knowing it for a thousand years, long after the flicker of Guillermo’s short human life extinguished.
  “You,” Nandor’s voice was a broken whisper. “I want you, Guillermo.”
  The air expelled from Guillermo’s lungs in a shaky gasp as he fell to his knees as well. He took the vampire’s face in his warm little hands and Nandor had to remind himself that those were hands capable of plunging a wooden stake through his heart. The very thought sent another wave of lust through him. 
  Guillermo’s lips trembled and his eyes flooded with tears as he spoke, “If you’re just saying that to manipulate me…”
  Nandor grabbed Guillermo’s wrists, circling them with his long fingers, keeping him from removing his hands from Nandor’s face. 
  “No, Guillermo. I--I have not been a good master to you…” Nandor gulped, fighting years of careful control in order to get the words out. “I’ve lied to you many, many times. Made you think that you were just a servant to me. I thought that I was protecting us both. But...really I was hurting you. When you left me I...I…”
  Nandor’s voice trailed off and Guillermo allowed it, not wanting to push his fragile vampire too far. 
  “If we’re going to do this, I need to know. I need to know what exactly you want from me, Nandor. Because I know what I want. I’ve known for eleven... fucking years,” Guillermo’s voice hardens toward the end and Nandor feels himself go weak. His little forceful and strong!
  Suddenly the human was leaning in and brushing his lips over Nandor’s. It was the barest, gentlest hint of a kiss but it felt like a live wire touching his skin. Nandor’s eyes drifted closed and he saw stars as Guillermo pushed his tongue between his lips and plundered his mouth. Oh, why had he forced them to wait so long for this?
  Guillermo pulled back, the combination of his blushing cheeks and the splatter of blood along his jaw was a powerful image. Nandor whined, following Guillermo’s movement and pecking kisses to the man’s mouth.
  “Nandor, wait! Stop!” There was mirth in Guillermo’s eyes but a fragile uncertainty as well. “I need you to tell me this is what you want. That I’m not going to wake up tomorrow and find you pretending this never happened. Things have to change if we’re...if we’re going to do this.”
  Nandor nodded frantically, pawing at his human’s face as unmanly tears spilled from his eyes and rolled into the whiskers of his beard. 
  “Yes! Please! I want this. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You’re brave and strong and cool and beautiful and I lo--” Nandor’s mouth snapped shut and his dark eyes widened in fear at the words that almost slipped out. But when he took in his human’s guarded yet hopeful expression he growled and forced them out. “I love you, Guillermo.”
  Guillermo choked on a sob and his face crumbled rather alarmingly. 
  “I love you so fucking much you stupid asshole,” he replied.
  Nandor scowled, “Hey! There’s no need for all that!”
  But before he could work himself up to being truly affronted, Guillermo launched himself at him, knocking Nandor over backwards and attacking his face with his mouth. 
  “Things are going to change,” Guillermo repeated between open-mouthed kisses along Nandor’s bearded jaw.
  “I’m not gonna dig graves for you anymore or polish your boots!”
  “And,” Guillermo ripped open the fly of Nandor’s trousers, eliciting a delighted howl from the vampire, “you’re going to make me a vampire.”
  “So tonight is the night!” Nandor injects false levity into his voice as he strides down the hallway carrying a stack of towels on one arm. The camera shakes as the crew follows behind him. 
  “I’ve made all of the arrangements! We have a juicy virgin in the cell…”
  The camera peaks into a dimly lit closet where a young man is bound and gagged. Across his forehead giant block letters spell out: “DO NOT EAT! GUILLERMO’S VIRGIN FEAST!”
  “I’ve decanted plenty of my blood…”
  Nandor holds up a mason jar filled with thick, dark crimson liquid as he mounts the stairs.
  “I’ve got the towels and Guillermo has a first aid box ready…”
  He finally arrives at the door to the big, blue bedroom and turns around to face the camera with an apologetic smile.
  “ Vampires only! ” He slams the door in their faces.
  Once the door closes behind him Nandor lets out a long breath and his head falls back to hit the wood with a loud thunk. He lets the facade drop for just a second and the cloying anxiety and terror of what he is about to do rises to the surface. Then Guillermo looks up at him from where he’s sitting up on his big new bed and Nandor forces a cheery smile. 
  “Who’s ready for their unholy transformation?!” he warbles, shaking the jar of blood in his hand. 
  Guillermo grins, coming over to stand before him in all his warm, soft, human grandeur. Nandor drops his head and plucks at the sleeve of his ex-familiar’s thick, stripy sweater. He hopes that Guillermo will not think himself too cool to wear such garments once he is a vampire. He’s grown to love Guillermo’s simple human clothes.
  “Nandor…” Guillermo takes the jar and the towels from him, setting them down on his bureau next to the collection of wooden stakes and crucifixes. “You don’t have to pretend. I’m scared too.”
  The vampire lets out a breath and tugs his human into his chest, wrapping him in a fierce, suffocating hug. He lets his cheek rest on top of Guillermo’s dear head. Guillermo clings to the front of Nandor’s long tunic, pressing his face into the rich, embroidered fabric and wetting it with his tears. 
  “It’ll be okay,” Guillermo comforts Nandor, his voice trembling with emotion. In the short weeks since the incident at the theater and since their relationship took such a sharp turn in the right direction, Guillermo has been shocked and pleasantly surprised to find how dramatically the dynamic between them has changed. Guillermo isn’t just Nandor’s equal now. He’s his touchstone, his protector, and his deeply cherished lover. 
  “You don’t know that, Guillermo,” Nandor sniffles. “What if I brainscramble you like I did to Ba...Baba...Bambie?”
  “Babaius?” Guillermo prompts, pulling back from the embrace enough to lock eyes with the weepy vampire. Nandor has told him his whole sorry history of failures and abominations. It was Guillermo’s idea for Nandor to seek out Nadja’s guidance. And though he’s nervous and frightened about his transition...there is no one else in the world from whom Guillermo would accept this gift. “You won’t scramble my brains, Nandor. I trust you.”
  The soft cry that Nandor makes at those words cuts to Guillermo’s soul. 
  Nandor sniffs and attempts to pull himself back together. He speaks confidently, as if his words are an incantation that will somehow conjure success, “Well, of course you trust me, Guillermo. I’m a very strong, cool vampire. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to make another vampire when a freaky pervert like Nadja is doing it all over the place.”
  Guillermo snorts and pulls Nandor in for another quick squeeze before drawing away toward the bed, “Should we…?”
  “Yes...oh! Wait!” Nandor grabs the towels off the bureau, hissing when he accidentally grazes a crucifix with his hand. He hurries forward and starts laying them down on top of Guillermo’s thick comforter. “I don’t want your nice, new bed to get ruined.”
  Guillermo smiles warmly as he watches his ex-master’s efforts. 
  “’s not like I’ll be sleeping on it anymore after tonight…” he murmurs, causing Nandor to think about the shiny new coffin sitting next to his downstairs. 
  Nandor shrugs, “No...but we might--you know--do other things on the bed still…”
  He smooths his hands over the towels and retrieves the jaw of blood, placing it within easy reach on the nightstand before climbing onto the bed and stretching out in an unintentional come-hither pose. Nandor’s soft, long locks fall over his shoulders and his big, dark eyes look up at Guillermo with longing and terror. He pats the spot beside him on the bed.
  Guillermo clambors up after him, stretching out at his side and letting his head fall into the mountain of pillows that Nandor had insisted on purchasing for him after their...reconciliation. He smiles shyly and looks up at the vampire, his cheeks turning bright red.
  “Is it alright if some of those ‘ other things ’ first?” he asks, dancing his fingers over Nandor’s tunic. “You last time as a h-human?”
  The stutter in Guillermo’s voice interrupts Nandor’s contented perusal of his human’s delicious body and he meets the man’s eyes. Guillermo’s cheeks are irresistibly red and his lips are parted slightly with lust. But his eyebrows are all crinkled and there are still some tears leaking from the corners of his eyes. Nandor can’t really relate to Guillermo’s fear. When he was turned he was in the middle of dying on the field of battle. He didn’t have a clue what was happening when the strange vampire descended upon him. What would it feel like to go into it knowingly? To place his life in the hands of the one that he loved knowing there was a chance that things might go terribly wrong?
  Guillermo is incredibly brave.
  “Yes, my Guillermo,” Nandor cries, leaning in and pressing their mouths together in a desperate kiss. “Anything you want.”
  They take their time with the kiss, lips and tongues sliding and probing as they clumsily undress each other. By the time they’re both naked the floor of Guillermo’s bedroom is littered with discarded items of clothing and the towels on the bed are askew. Guillermo throws his leg over Nandor’s thick waist and straddles the man, their aching erections rubbing together as he leans down to trail kisses across Nandor’s hairy chest. 
  Nandor throws his head back in the pillows, his hair tangling as he writhes underneath Guillermo. He will miss the feeling of his human’s impossible warmth. The way his kisses seem to sear a blazing path over Nandor’s cold skin. The way his silky smooth rod pulses with molten heat. The feeling of plunging inside Guillermo’s fiery, grasping tightness. Nandor curses himself, yet again, for not allowing them both to have this sooner. 
  Guillermo’s hips rise and fall as he strokes himself against Nandor. The air between them grows humid with their breath and the room fills with the sounds of whimpers and moans. Guillermo places a hand on Nandor’s chest for balance and he leans over to his nightstand to grab the small bottle of lube sitting there. 
  He holds it aloft and says, as if reading Nandor’s mind, “Do you want to feel me one last time before…?”
  Nandor’s lips split into a grin and he grabs the tube from his human’s hand, nodding fervently as he drips the liquid onto his fingers. He’s careful and gentle with his Guillermo, mindful of how new this still is for him. He reaches between his delicious thighs and slides his wet fingers around until he finds what he’s looking for, pressing gently and then more firmly as Guillermo opens up for him. 
  Guillermo’s breath escapes him and he presses down on Nandor’s fingers with a wanton cry, riding him needily. Once he’s ready, Nandor pours out more liquid, slicking his cock and grasping Guillermo’s hips to move him into position. 
  “Are you ready, Guillermo?” he asks and the words take on an added meaning with the knowledge of what’s to come hovering in the air between them. 
  Guillermo senses Nandor’s seriousness in the moment and he meets his eyes, smiling softly before replying, “Yes, Nandor. I’m ready. Really .”
  The sex is a revelation and a comfort. Falling into Guillermo is like coming home. It’s like finally finding the place he was always meant to be. Even 700 years ago when Nandor was a ruler in his prime, he never felt this level of peace and belonging. He watches his beautiful, strong, brave human fall apart on top of him. They take turns setting the pace. Guillermo bounces frantically in Nandor’s lap until the vampire grabs his hips and holds him still so he can thrust upward, slowly and tenderly. He penetrates deep until Guillermo is near tears and the human’s poor erection is leaking copiously onto Nandor’s soft belly.
  Nandor finally releases his hold on Guillermo’s hips and wraps his hand around his erection, pumping up and down quickly as he bounces the man on his own cock. 
  “I’m close, Guillermo,” he whispers, stroking the human rapidly to edge him along. “Come with me. Please!”
  They fall over the precipice together, panting and clinging as their bodies quake with the intensity of their love making. Guillermo collapses on Nandor’s chest and the vampire wraps his arms around him automatically, soothingly running his palms down his lover’s sweaty back as he twitches and catches his breath. 
  “You’re getting very good at that, Guillermo,” Nandor murmurs with a hint of teasing in his voice.
  Guillermo snorts, “Yeah, I think you’ve almost got the hang of it, too, Nandor.”
  Nandor laughs and smacks his behind playfully, “Do not be thinking that just because you’re going to be a vampire you can start being so cheeky with me! I’m still seven hundred and twenty-eight years older than you, mortal.”
  Guillermo grins and hums in response, pillowing his head into Nandor’s broad chest with a contented sigh. 
  After a little while, Nandor shifts Guillermo off of him and lays him down on the bed with a gentle reverence. He picks up one of the towels and uses it to carefully clean him, dabbing between his legs and swiping over his soft stomach. Nandor takes his time, his face turning dark and serious as he contemplates what comes next. 
  When he’s finally finished he says, almost shyly, “There’s just one more thing I want to do first…”
  Nandor stretches out at Guillermo’s side and rests his head over the human’s chest, directly over his beating heart. His hair fans out over Guillermo’s flushed skin and the human brings his fingers up to toy with it as Nandor listens. 
  How many nights has Nandor awoken in his coffin, still gripped by the horror of a half-remembered nightmare and listened for that comforting sound to lull him back to sleep? How often has he heard that steady rhythm interrupted when Nandor did something that particularly stirred his familiar’s illicit attraction? How many thousands of beats has he taken for granted over the years? Soon that steady tattoo will cease forever. Nandor feels panic grip him but he reminds himself that things will be different this time. Guillermo will come back to him as he always does. 
  He does not feel ready but the hours are ticking away and he’d like to finish this well before dawn. Nandor shuffles up the bed, leaning on an elbow and letting his hair cascade down around Guillermo’s face. He brushes his thumb over his lips, caresses his jaw line and the ridge of his brow. He’s memorizing the way his beloved looks right now, flushed with life. 
  “Guillermo, I want you to know that even if I do scramble your brains--which I won’t!--but even if I do, I will take care of you forever,” Nandor says, his eyes wide and earnest. “I’ll never abandon you or rip off your head. That’s a promise.”
  Guillermo should scoff or snort or roll his eyes but instead he sobs and beams up at Nandor as he answers, “I know, baby. I’ll never leave you or rip off your head either. I promise.”
  Nandor nods and his dark eyes shift to focus on the crook of Guillermo’s neck. His skin is still slicked with the cooling sweat of their coupling and Nandor can see his pulse jumping in his throat. He opens his mouth in a hungry leer and his fangs elongate slightly.
  “This will hurt, Guillermo,” his voice is dark and menacing, but also mournful. “I am sorry.”
  He snakes a hand behind Guillermo’s neck and cradles his head to the side as he lowers his mouth to his vulnerable throat. He hovers there for a moment and marvels at the way his lover’s body surrenders so sweetly to him. Guillermo is soft and loose in his arms, the perfect victim. Nandor banishes that word from his mind. Guillermo, sweet, sensitive, competent, strong, scary, loving, powerful Guillermo. He is not a victim. He plunges his fangs into his human’s soft neck and takes from him the sweetest gift Guillermo has ever given. 
  Nandor’s terror and anxiety melt away as the blood pours over his tongue and down his throat. He has always known that Guillermo would taste delicious but this is ridiculous. He tastes like the joy of riding John over an open plain, he tastes like the excitement of watching the Dream Team do battle on the basketball court, and, most of all, he tastes like Guillermo. Like fuzzy knit hats and secret smiles and quiet evenings playing chess. Like longing and hunger and wistful pain. Like strength and desire and the thrill of conquest. Nandor drinks deeply, memorizing the flavor as his lover goes more and more limp in his arms. 
  He listens, once more, to the beating of that heart, just as Nadja said to do. He waits like Guillermo used to do, listening to the pops while he was making his corn kernel snack in the multiwave machine. Once the rhythm begins to slow Nandor pulls back, licking his lips and scrambling for the jar of blood on the nightstand. 
  He gathers Guillermo into his arms and the human moans low in his throat. Nandor feels unadulterated joy at the sound. He is still here . But when he looks down at his human’s pale, ashen face, a sob tears free from his throat. His lustrous, brilliant Guillermo diminished to such a drab reflection… Nandor mentally slaps himself and unscrews the jar, bringing it to Guillermo’s pale lips. 
  “Time for your snack now, Guillermo,” Nandor’s voice shakes. He strokes his fingers through the human’s curly hair as he lifts his head and begins to tip the contents of the jar into his open mouth. 
  Nothing happens for a small eternity. Nandor watches the blood pool in his lover’s mouth and spill out the sides of his lips with a feeling of increasing helplessness. 
  “Guillermo? Can you still hear me? It’s time to start drinking so you can become a cool vampire just like me and your friend, Armand…”
  Guillermo’s eyes are closed and his body is unnaturally still.
  “Please drink, Guillermo! I’m going to be very cross with you if you do not!”
  His skin looks waxy and he feels heavier in Nandor’s arms. The vampire tugs him further into his lap and clutches him to his chest, tears falling onto the eerily calm face.
  “Guillermo, you said you wouldn’t leave me again, please! ”
  Guillermo swallows. Nandor watches with a giant, goofy grin on his face as the man’s throat bobs and the blood disappears from his mouth. He brings the jar back up to his lips and continues to hand feed him, taking comfort in the way Guillermo’s lips purse as he drinks down the vampire’s life-giving blood. 
  “That’s it, my cherished one,” Nandor says, slipping into endearments he used several lifetimes ago. “Drink, sweet honey. And don’t ever fucking scare me like that again !”
  Guillermo snorts as he drains the dredges from the jar, blood bubbles forming on his lips as they curve into a smile. Nandor watches, his eyes wide and wondering, as Guillermo’s eyes flutter open and he feels a sense of intense relief when he recognizes that smile as the same one he fell in love with eleven years ago. know...with the fangs and the blood stains…
  “So, I’d say it was a marked success!” Nandor shouts into the camera a few nights later. “Of course, there was a lot of vomiting and achy-pains in the beginning...but once that passed and he drank some human blood everything was OK-A! Isn’t that right, Guillermo?”
  The camera zooms out to include Guillermo in the shot. He’s sitting next to Nandor on the chaise, their hands clasped together between them. His skin tone is very much the same although without the lively blush that used to grace his cheeks. He’s noticeably in tact, no pointed ears or deformities and seemingly in full possession of his brains. 
  He smiles and the camera zooms in on his newly minted fangs.
  “ A-OK , Nandor,” he corrects in an affectionate tone. He leans over and kisses the immortal warrior on the cheek.
  Nandor, still unused to public displays of affection, smiles nervously and answers with a roll of his eyes, “As I said, Guillermo!”
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nandoor · a year ago
number 8 and/or 16 for the mini fic thing? (:
8. things you said when you were crying
“You’re such a fucking asshole!” Guillermo sobs, clutching desperately to the still-bleeding wound at Nandor’s chest. 
Nandor chuckles, reaching up a trembling hand to cradle the back of Guillermo’s head. “It’s nice to see you too, Guillermo.” 
Guillermo was safe. As were Nadja and Laszlo--and Colin Robinson, someone he did genuinely care about even if it was difficult to admit most of the time. 
Nandor sighed tiredly, letting his eyes shutter closed. He would be fine drifting off like this, head pillowed in Guillermo’s lap, surrounded by the corpses of his enemies. Seven hundred and fifty eight years was a long life--it had been a gift and a curse in equal measure, but it was a life he did not regret, not when it had eventually led him to the peculiar little vampire slayer above him. 
He hears Guillermo sob even louder, his tears falling onto Nandor’s brow as he bowed over the vampire, their foreheads touching. “No. No! You are not allowed to die right now! Come on, fuck--open your eyes you stupid vampire!” 
Nandor is faintly aware of something warm dripping against his cheek a few moments later. Blood--Guillermo’s blood, his mind supplies, eyes fluttering open. An almost pitiful moan escapes him at the intoxicating scent that could only belong to one human in particular. 
Guillermo. His familiar. A vampire slayer. A vampire slayer who had opened up an artery for him. Who had done it without even a moment’s hesitation.
“Drink,” Guillermo soothes, bringing his bleeding wrist closer to Nandor’s mouth. His vision swims as he feels the warmth of Guillermo’s skin against his lips. At the rich taste of his familiar’s blood on his tongue, Nandor instinctively pulls away, a strangled hiss slipping past his throat. 
“No--I don’t want to hurt you,” Nandor grits through clenched teeth, breaths ragged and sharp. Despite not having any physiological need for oxygen, his body still remembered the trauma of dying, the way his lungs had once struggled to expand under the heavy weight of his own blood pooling into his pleural cavity. 
Panic welled briefly in his chest as Guillermo tilted his chin towards him, brown eyes still brimming with tears. 
“It’s okay... so, please. Let me help. I won’t just sit here and watch you die.” A flash of fondness breaks through the dark fog of his tears as he sniffles, lips curling into a faint smile. “Besides, I’m your familiar. It’s my job to take care of you.” 
“Guillermo...” Nandor rasps, grasping his arm just below the wound in a firm but gentle grip. “I would never ask this of you.” I could never think of you as a meal, Nandor reflects, even as his fangs ache to sink into Guillermo’s soft flesh. 
Guillermo nods, letting out a relieved chuckle. “I know. That’s why I’m doing it. So come on... drink up already.” 
With one final glance at Guillermo’s face, Nandor brings his mouth to the warm line of blood, letting the sound of Guillermo’s strong, steady heartbeat guide him as he drank his fill. 
He had thought Guillermo would taste like a lot of things--warm, like the heat of the fireplace in the music room that Guillermo always kept burning with ample timber. Cinnamon, like the spoonfuls he added to his home-made pastries, a sweet scent that lingered on Guillermo’s fingers and lips long after he was done baking. Ancient, as if the very blood in his veins was imbued with the heady taste of centuries worth of vampire hunters who had spent their lives killing creatures of the night. 
But it’s much simpler than that; he tastes like home. 
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elevenharbor · a year ago
Tumblr media
This week’s DDN prompts, playlist, and banner was made possible by the amazing @cakeit0n​. Thank you for doing what you do and for being amazeballs! Already looking forward to next month’s DDN!
I’m so freaking tired, I didn’t get to complete Prompt 10. Will edit this (and add prompt 10) when I have a life again.
Also, these (along with my other drabbles) are posted on my AO3.
Without further ado, here are my drabbles. Enjoy!
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Guard
She wasn’t a bombshell— not particularly— yet Sesshōmaru couldn’t figure out why he felt compelled to watch her every time she walked through the doors of the coffee shop, sketchbook open and pencil in hand.
A hobby that he indulged himself with in-between pointless meetings and the humdrum of corporate life, he filled his sketchbook with a curious amalgam of the traditional and the modern. Dozens of breathtaking scenery, beautiful poetry, and still-portraits of everyday citizens, all frozen in time, littered the many pages of the unassuming gray notebook.
But of course, he kept this hobby as a guarded secret. No one in their right mind would believe he had a creative bone in his body, anyway.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Intent
The clean, crisp page of his sketchbook ached for a masterpiece, as it was the last page. Traditionally, he kept the last page blank, only breaking this cardinal rule if he deemed his subject to be special.
It began a month ago as a mere fancy - out of boredom, more than anything. He watched fellow patrons go about their mundane business from time to time, trying to draw some inspiration for his next sketch but finding none.  
Little did he know his muse would come barraging through the doors in the form of a woman - slender build, flowing midnight tresses, sharp wit, and striking cerulean eyes.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Ritual
“What toxin would you like today, miss?” The barista asked, with a wink and a smile.
“Erm… I’ll have my usual, when I’m in a mood. Cafe Guillermo, please,” she replied, grinning back. “Thank you, kind sir.”
“Coming right up! Go find a seat, I’ll bring it over to you.”
Sesshōmaru watched as the usually taciturn barista and the woman exchanged pleasantries and friendly banter.
She must be a regular, or an acquaintance outside this place, he noted.
As soon as the woman sat in her usual spot across from him, Sesshōmaru’s hand took a life of its own, as if performing a well-practiced ritual. Brushing the graphite tip across the fine, crisp page, he began capturing the small details that usually went unnoticed— like her heart-shaped face, softened jaw line, and the elegant slant of her petite nose.
Such delicate features, all contained in a beautiful face, he thought to himself.
The vibration from his phone broke his concentration. It was time to go.
Closing his sketchbook, Sesshōmaru glanced at the blue-eyed beauty once more before taking his leave. Until next time, my muse.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Rule
“Thank you, darling.”
“No problem. Rough day, huh.”
“Ugh, you don’t even know. That jerkface stood me up again.”
Sesshōmaru continued to work on his piece for a while, so engrossed in his design and his model. Half-listening to the conversation between his nameless muse and the barista, he quickly surmised that she came here to escape the unpleasantries of dating life.
Golden eyes perused the progress of his masterpiece before dragging his gaze back to his subject. The rays of the afternoon sun illuminated her face with such brilliance, he had to remind himself to blink.
Realization hit him like a sledgehammer. He was as equally invested in learning about her and hearing about her day, as he was in sketching her.
He was breaking Cardinal Rule number two. Do not get attached.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Rite
He continued his silent observation of her for another week.
Sighing, Sesshōmaru sat down at his usual spot after ordering his coffee. He needed a strong dose after the disastrous meeting at the company headquarters, halfway across town.
Placing his sketchbook on the table, a steaming mug of black coffee blocked him from accessing his work in progress.
“I know you don’t come here as frequently as you do because of our coffee,” the barista supplied, smirking. “Even I know it’s shit quality, and I make them.”
Sesshōmaru stopped his fussing, flustering at being caught. Had he been that obvious?
“Just go up to her. She’s been checking you out too,” he added, leaning over Sesshōmaru’s shoulder to steal a peek at his art piece. “Wow. I know she’s gorgeous, but damn you make her look like a goddess.”
Glaring at the man’s unsolicited advice and commentary, Sesshōmaru turned his back to shield the barista’s prying eyes. “I don’t even know her name.”
The barista’s eyes crinkled with mirth, smiling mischievously.
“Kagome. Her name is Kagome.”
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Noble
The noblest thing to do would’ve been to swallow his pride and introduce himself properly.
But, that also meant admitting defeat, at being caught ogling—no, ‘staring’—which was rude, and far below him.
Things were rather going smoothly, his sketch his best yet. He had momentarily broke contact with the notebook, only to find azure eyes locked on him like a predator catching its prey.
His heart threatened to burst out of his chest cavity at the sudden rush of emotion—whether from fear of being found out, or from something else…like finally getting noticed.
Ashamed at his intrusive thoughts, Sesshōmaru quickly turned away and put his sketchbook away, disappointed that he would most likely never finish his masterpiece.
He wouldn’t be surprised if she found him to be a creepy stalker and decided to walk away, never to return. 
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Lord
“Oh my lord! Is that me?!”
Sesshōmaru flinched at hearing her sweet, dulcet voice so close to his person. He wasn’t expecting her to make an approach, let alone bear witness to his pride and joy over the past couple of weeks. He had only heard her voice echo between the space that separated them. Hearing it up close was a different experience altogether.
I must be losing my mind. When did I become this pathetic? He mentally chastised.
Gathering the courage to look back up, he found her sitting across from him, a smile plastered across her cherry-tinged face. Her blush intensified the color in her eyes. They were as deep and as multifaceted as a blue sapphire, sparkling with curiosity and happiness.
Steepling her delicate hands together, she leaned forward some more, to get a better look. Happiness radiated from her, as a smile blossomed at his piece.
“Do you like it?” He asked, his voice dropping an octave lower.
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Lady
“So, what’s your toxin gonna be today, darlin’?”
Sesshōmaru blinked at the barista’s odd question. In all the months that he paid his patronage to this little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, never had he been approached so…flirtatiously.
Had the barista been pining for him all this time?
Catching on to his confusion, the barista chuckled, before tilting his head up. “Not you. I was talking to your lady friend, behind you.”
As soon as the words left the barista’s lips, Sesshōmaru felt a pair of arms encircle his midsection, warmth and softness pressed against his back. He felt her trembling in laughter as she nuzzled her face in his free-flowing silver hair.
“I’ll have my usual, Cafe Guillermo, please,” she responded, her voice muffled. 
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Prompt: Mark
Unlike his usual lackadaisical approach, Sesshōmaru strolled into the cafe shop, clutching a rectangular item wrapped in an explosion of colored paper. “Good afternoon.”
“Wow. Someone woke up on the right side of the bed today.” The barista piped in. “You look happy.”
Sesshōmaru smirked at the barista’s astute observation. “I suppose I owe you a token of my gratitude,” he said, sliding the wrapped object across the counter. “Consider it a gift.”
“What’s this?” Surprised, the barista took the proffered gift, gasping as his fingers unwrapped a photo frame.
“Holy shit. It’s the sketch.”
Unsure, the barista glanced back at Sesshōmaru. “Are you sure you want to let go of this? This is a masterpiece!”
Sesshōmaru contemplated his question carefully, before nodding his head.
“She left her mark here, like she did with me,” he finally replied. "Having my muse in the flesh trumps any sketch."
… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …
Tumblr media
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kathaariawrites · a year ago
Nights in Cádiz - Armando Salazar x Reader (Chapter 1)
Hi my lovelies! This was supposed to be an oneshot for my beloved Capitán but I have so many ideas that I can’t so it’ll be divided into chapters. I actually dreamt with this story and had to write it. Armando may seem sweet here but don’t be fooled. Will be uploaded to AO3 as soon as possible with my other works, I'll publish the link here. Spanish to English translations at the end of the chapter.
Things to note:
This is an AU where the crew was freed from the curse, Jack Sparrow and basically everyone in Barbossa’s ship were killed by them and they went back to Spain. Pirates of the Caribbean (this movie at least) has a very confusing universe and I don’t think the timelines fit so I took some liberties with that. They were not gone for too long (25 years in my head though it felt longer for the crew while cursed).
For historic accuracy (someone has to care about that, right Disney?) I gave the reader a Spanish family name and set names for her parents.
Although I speak Spanish, it’s not my first language so I’m here begging for forgiveness for any mistakes and also begging for corrections if that’s the case.
Tumblr media
Life in Cádiz was monotonous to say the least. The city was not big and most of the life in it revolved in the Armada: if you did not work there, you probably knew someone who did, a friend or a family member. In your case it was your dad, Almirante Caballero. Your relationship with him was good. He was a honorable man, with a stable income that was more than enough to provide for his family and keep a big house. You had no complaints even with the long periods of absence in you childhood, a part of you knew it was part of the job.
Recently though, the whole Armada seemed restless and the rumours were endless. The crew of La Maria Silenciosa was back from the dead, freed from a supposed curse that seemed too fantastic to be real even to you and coming back to Spain after years of being declared dead to the world. You remember clearly as a child how the widows wept, the families broken as they received the news, the ship being late to their return, no communication from the captain and pirate activity on the rise again, the rumours reaching the Spanish shores in no time. The crew had passed, the ship was destroyed and the pirate named Jack Sparrow was to blame.
The captain and the lieutenant were your dad’s closest friends and the loss of such an esteemed member of his life destroyed a part of him you thought you would never see again. The friendly, warm shimmer in his eyes was gone since then and your mother begged him to leave the Armada, that they could survive somewhere else and do something else but he refused every time; Armando Salazar had renewed his will to get rid of the pirates, a goal they shared, and to protect his country. Now, with his return, your father seemed eager to receive him, to have him back to his house, show what had happened in these years.
That’s why today, standing in a beautiful blue dress the same shade of the sea that bathed Cádiz, you stood beside your father in front of the docks to greet them, eyes trained on its sails. How was it possible for the ship to be back in shape, like nothing happened to it? You don’t remember the captain or teniente Lesaro but you were just as nervous. Would they look like what the rumours said? Would they be aggressive, rude? So immersed and nervous you were that you did not notice the ship anchoring, the officers leaving and the families hugging and crying in celebration to have their loved ones back until your father’s strong voice shouted.
“¡Armando! ¡Guillermo!”
His voice sounded strained and you looked at your parents for the first time since arriving. Your mother had tears in her eyes, a hand covering her mouth and your dad did not look much better. He almost ran to the officers and embraced them, as did your mother, though the captain and the lieutenant were not in your line of sight for you to evaluate their reactions. That did not stop you from seeing their arms embracing your father too and the sobs that left his chest made your eyes go wide.
You stood there, uncomfortable, until your father walked with all three in your direction.
“I trust you remember mi hija, ¿[Y/N]?”, your father asked and you gave them a little curtsy. The eyes of the captain were trained on you the whole time, the weight of it was borderline oppressive. Lesaro smiled at you and nodded, taking your hand and planting a soft kiss to the back of it. The captain did the same, his eyes still piercing yours and bringing a soft blush to your cheeks.
“I certainly do, Hugo, though she was much smaller when we left these shores.”, Lesaro added with a smile. “A lot of time has passed, ¿eh?”
Your father agreed, “Sí, mucho tiempo. We have a lot to talk, Guillermo, over a glass of wine. I trust you and Armando have decided on staying with us for the time being?”
“Sí, I don’t believe we have other option and I look forward to having a real meal, fresh and delicious. Is Lucia still working for you?”, the captain replied and you started walking to your house together, your father giving them a briefing of life and happenings in Cádiz and the Armada while they were gone. Every now and then the captain’s gaze layed on you and you wanted to hide, the walk seemed endless.
In the house, the afternoon passed calmly and quickly. You didn’t see them the entirety of it, both men staying in the guest rooms to rest and get some energy back after the weight of the journey and their final battle. You walked through the gardens until a maid called you in for dinner.
Your father was happy and it showed in his face and actions. The capitán and the teniente seemed equally happy to be around the living and eating a well made, hot meal. After you were finished you stood up and excused yourself, resuming your walk in the garden with a book in your hands until you heard steps from behind.
“You are not very talkative, señorita. ¿Te ha comido la lengua el gato?”
You turned around, your eyes finding his on instinct. “Soy perfectamente capaz de hablar, capitán. I am merely giving you the opportunity to talk to my father, your absence had a great impact on him.”
His eyes softened at that and he hummed gently, stepping closer to you. “Lo siento, señorita. I am afraid my time away from the living has taken some of my social skills.” He offered you his arm as an apology, to which you promptly took and resumed your walk.
“Do not fret over that, capitán, it is understandable. But does it not make you uncomfortable to speak about it? The curse, these years? You seem so at ease.”
He chuckled then, his free hand resting on top of yours on his elbow and his fingers flexed, as if appreciating the warmth of the touch. “It is...a numb feeling, I admit. I used to think I would not wish to talk about it if we were ever set free but now I find it does not bring me any feeling. Besides, I presume there will be a lot of explanations to give to the Armada, so my talking is not over.”
You smiled and nodded in sympathy, “You have quite a tale to tell, capitán. All of you do. And it could be quite hard to tell it, some might be disbelieving but you have friends in this house, I am sure you will be back on the sea in no time.”
“I do not think of sailing again, señorita. I’m afraid my time in a ship is over.”
Her eyebrows raised, “You will not? The Armada has relieved you of duty?”
“You’re an inquisitive one, señorita.”, he chuckled again. “I believe this information is classified and therefore not for a civilian’s ears.” Another chuckle at your indignant huff and then silence for the rest of your walk. He took you back inside, leaving you by the doors of your room and leaving with a kiss to the back of your hand once more.
“Buenas noches, señorita.”
“Buenas noches, capitán.”
“Llámame por mi nombre, señorita. Armando.”
“Entonces te digo lo mismo, Armando. Llámame por mi nombre. [Y/N].”
“Pues. Buenas noches, [Y/N].”
“Buenas noches, Armando.”
Spanish translations:
Armada = how the Spanish navy is called
Almirante = Admiral
La Maria Silenciosa = The Silent Mary
Mi hija = My daughter
Sí, mucho tiempo = Yes, a long time
Señorita = miss
¿Te ha comido la lengua el gato? = Cat got your tongue?
Soy perfectamente capaz de hablar, capitán = I’m perfectly capable of speaking, captain
Buenas noches, señorita = Goodnight, miss.
Buenas noches, capitán = Goodnight, captain.
Llámame por mi nombre, señorita. Armando = Call me by my name, miss. Armando.
Entonces te digo lo mismo, Armando. Llámame por mi nombre = Then I tell you the same, Armando. Call me by my name
Pues buenas noches = Then goodnight
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