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Okay now I need the same energy for the police officers that killed Breonna Taylor.
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[id: a light pink userbox with a pastel pink border, and pastel pink text that reads “this user feels guilty a lot.” on the left is an image of a small pink heart. /end id
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Former Trump White House aide Steve Bannon was found guilty Friday at his trial for contempt of Congress in a Washington, D.C., federal court.
Jurors took less than three hours of deliberations to convict Bannon of two counts of willfully failing to comply with subpoenas issued by the House select committee that is investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol by a mob of supporters of then-President Donald Trump.
Prosecutor Molly Gaston told jurors in her closing arguments that Bannon “chose allegiance to Donald Trump over compliance with the law.”
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All he has to do is a little tiny smile and everybody goes, Oh my god, swoooon
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▪Outline: 'It all started as a stupid game Jungkook saw online. How on earth did you end up fully naked, trying to restrain your moans while he takes pleasure in it.'
▪Pairing: Jeon Jungkook × f!reader
▪Genre: romance, smut, fluff, domestic!AU, nonidol!AU, relationship!AU
▪Wordcount: 2.5k
▪Warnings: dom!Jungkook, sub!reader, established relationship, consent, explicit sexual content - Petnames, Foreplay, Teasing, Edging, Neck kissing, Breast play, Chocking, Strip tease, Inner thigh kissing, Oral fixation, Hair pulling, Spanking, Fingering, Aftercare.
▪A/n: Okay so I was on a long, long hiatus but now I am back with this new drabble. I found this prompt on pinterest and thought about writing it immediately. And this drabble is...a lot, trust me 🥴
Tumblr media
"Would you like to play a game?" Jungkook asks
"No" you reply
"Come on it will be fun!"
"The only one who gets to have fun is you"
"I promise. This will be so much fun for you" he says, smirking which catches your attention.
You were comfortably lounging on your sofa, soaking up the last of the evening sun, both scrolling through your phone when Jungkook popped this sudden question. Usually, his games would include increasing your trouble rather than letting you have fun.
Like that time when you both were playing truth or dare. Your challenging spirit went for a dare and he ended up giving you the task to do the laundry and the dishes for a whole week. He knows you are competitive. He knew you won't back down that's why he chose that dare.
But the smug look on his face did make you a little peculiar to know exactly what this game is about.
"I don't know Jungkook..." you say reluctantly, trying to smuggle out of his new game idea.
"Please," he says, "I know you'll love it!" his eyes full of innocence. But you know better.
Those innocent, puppy eyes of him hold an uncountable amount of mischief and sins in them. But even you are not immune to it.
Hesitant of the sudden change in his behaviour, from relaxed to energetic, you get up and sit closer to him.
"Okay tell me about this game of yours"
He gets all giddy and scoots closer to you making your shoulders touch.
"So I found this game online. We are supposed to do this with our partners," he explains "it's very simple."
"Oh...kay" your suspicion starts to increase slowly.
The smirk playing on his lips, the sparkle in his eyes, the deep breaths. Definitely, something is going on his mind.
"Okay, so, like, you are going to like it," he says nervously.
"Just tell me jungkook"
"The game is called 'guilt'. I am going to pleasure you and you are supposed to guilt me out of it by saying something like stop or anything like that. You have to pretend that you don't like it, making me feel guilty and if I want to win I have to make you moan or else I lose."
A sudden shiver passes through you after hearing his game's rules. This game does sound interesting, and you know at the end you will lose, but you do want to give jungkook a hard time for saying yes.
"What does the loser have to do?"
"Already thinking of losing dear?" he smirks "the loser will have to do everything the winner tells them to do"
Excitement runs through you like electricity. This is going to be fun.
"Alright then baby, take off your clothes and lay back"
He commands and you discard your clothes, each piece one by one. First the top then the bottom. Each piece is dragged out from your body, making him impatient.
You stop only when you're left with your bra and panties. Both of different shades, but still giving a comforting relief of safety, a trust you both share.
"Did I ask you to stop?"
Blood creeps to your cheeks on his comment. That sudden change in his playful demeanour. And by that, the last of your clothing is discarded. The cold air hits your breasts, making your nipples hard. Your pussy clench.
His hand comes to your waist holding you there and then slowly laying you down on the sofa.
"Do you want to do this babe?" he asks sincerely this time. No playfulness, no games, just a thin line of worry adorning his eyebrows.
"Yes, Jungkook" you reply with the same sincerity as he asked in.
"Okay then"
His words leave his mouth and then he is on you. Legs both splayed on the side, his hips positioned on top of your pelvis but in a way that doesn't crush you.
He sits straight and looks down on you like a king looking down at his prisoner, all authority and control in his hands. His tattoed hand comes up to your face, cupping around your jawline. His thumb caresses your cheekbone slowly.
"You look so beautiful splayed out like this for me, love."
The small nicknames that fall from his lips always find a way to make you melt under his touch. And he knows it. Knows all those tricks he can perform to make you feel pleasurable.
He leans down, his hands replacing his mouth. Hot breath fanning against your neck. He slowly drags his mouth against the junction of your neck.
A tingle runs through you but you try to stay still as a rock. You know what he is doing. Trying to figure out your pleasure point.
Although he knows where it is. He was the one who found it. But he is purposely filling you up with desperation.
You have already started breathing hard, moans coming out in deep sighs. Not knowing if you will be able to hold onto your strong demeanour for a long time. You bite back a moan just for the sake of the game.
"Stop Jungkook!" you tell him and for a slight second, there is a brief worry on his face but then he realizes that this is his game and continues.
He reaches there. Just behind your earlobe. A gentle open-mouthed kiss. He is targeting your weakest point.
A slight whimper leaves your lips.
"Uh oh, do I take it as a sign of pleasure?" he teases.
"It was just warm-up" you try to defend yourself.
"While I know you won't last long, what would be the fun of playing this game if you lose immediately, hm?"
"I wouldn't count on it babe"
"We'll see"
The confidence in his voice leaves you breathless. He knows what will get you off. Riling you up with desperation and then tipping you off the edge.
He continues his ministrations on you for a while, but you don't waver. Giving him a hell of a hard time. What's worth having a competitor who doesn’t like to compete.
Things start getting more difficult when he leaves your neck and starts to kiss his way down towards your breasts.
You grip onto the sofa as he slowly takes in your already hard bud.
Jungkook swirls his tongue around your areola, slowly, deliberately, heaving every stroke. He has been targeting all your sweet spots but somehow you have been able to keep yourself up and not fall into his trap.
This game is not that bad after all.
"I am not liking this babe..." you say to him.
He hums in return. Your eyes meet his and suddenly you see his tattoed hand coming up again but not to caress your jaw this time but to take hold of your neck.
He gently grabs your throat, keeping you in place. A sudden cut of airflow makes you squirm under him. Compared that with his tongue and you are already losing it.
"You sure about that babe?" He taunts
His hold gets stronger with each stroke, a gentle pressure but enough to make you squirm. Before you could tell him to stop. To tell him that you lost. To tell him that you will do anything he tells you to, his hand retrieves.
You don't know what he had thought of but suddenly the pressure on your breasts is also gone and left behind is a thin layer of spit. But that's not what matters right now.
What matters is how he takes off his shirt; all wrinkled from doing the hard work. His hands go up to his hair, messing it up a bit and instantly in front of you is not a cute bunny who likes to play video games and cuddle but a wolf, ready to devour you, kill you, within seconds.
And that is exactly what he does. He sits back up again in your lap and takes your limp hand.
"Jungkook, baby..." the wind is knocked out of you when he glides your hand gently from his torso, all the way down to his abdomen. Slowly. Willingly. Teasingly. His hooded eyes match yours.
It's like a personal strip show.
He gives you a wink as he asks you this question with full pride, "You willing to give up yet?"
"No..." you punch out the words even though you both know that you won't be able to hold on for too long.
"Ooh you are a tough competitor" he teases as he moves away from your lap and settles himself below your lap. His mouth is near your inner thigh.
He kisses you there. Gently at first but then passionately.
Hitched breaths, quiet whimpers and deep sighs are all that comes out of your mouth but they are not able to give Jungkook the satisfaction that he needs.
The throbbing in your clit that you have been ignoring till now had increased evidently. The closer he got, the more you felt.
A game you never thought would have made you feel this way.
"You want to give up baby?" he asks again and this time you want to say yes but something in you stops you from making that one-word slip from your tongue.
One word
"Babe stop..." your words trail off and suddenly all your thoughts vanish. All the games. All the bets. Everything. Only a thrilling feeling of Jungkook's mouth on your pussy.
A deep moan vibrates out of your throat.
You lost the game.
His sudden change of course threw you off your train of thoughts. You thought that he would carry on with his ministrations on your inner thigh but he changed his mind at the last moment.
"Uh oh...looks like someone lost the game," he says victoriously.
He gets up from where he was but one kiss on your clit was not enough for you.
Your hands reach out to his scalp, grab a hold of his hair and tug him back to where he was before.
"Yes, yes I did lose but please do leave me hanging like that!" you whine out to him
"Okay" he laughs out to you as he dives back to your pussy.
His tongue is devoted to licking every part of you. He licks up a long line from the bottom of your irritated hole all the way to the top of your clit.
"Nghh..." the moans that come out of you are pure sinful.
You tug again, reminding him to not tease. Reminding him that you have lost and he can do whatever he wants. You are the guilty one here. Not him. Never him. He never loses.
"the loser will have to do everything the winner tells them to do"
His words echo in your mind and this sudden realization makes you clench your pussy. He will do whatever he wants to do.
But before you can think more about what he can do and can't the knot in your stomach tightens to the point where you can't take it anymore.
Jungkook swirls his tongue on your clit. Again. And again. And again.
The rope that was holding you up till now breaks and you cum all over his face. He laps up each drop that comes out of you.
He slowly gets up from his position, his torso on full display. Those chiselled abs, bulky biceps and tattoos.
"You lost baby"
"I know"
"Now you gotta do whatever I tell you to"
A sharp spank hits you on the side of your thigh making you yelp.
"Use your words, baby girl"
"Yes, I will do whatever you tell me to do."
"Good girl"
His words always find a way to make your heart bubble with excitement.
He leans down, closer to your ear this time
"Now, do you remember our deal?" He whispers his words to you.
Yes. You want to say yes but the fog in your head only makes much sense to you so all you do is nod.
"Good," he says "now get up and lean onto that sofa"
You oblige to his commands and lean on the headboard. Your back arched and your pussy fully exposed to him, sitting in doggy style. You had leaned your head a little low from all the dizziness but you can hear some shuffling behind you.
You have been so engrossed in Jungkook that you had completely ignored that the sun has set now. Leaving the night light to linger behind.
Suddenly you can feel a pair of hands grabbing you from behind.
"You ready for me baby?" Jungkook asks you
"Yes please" you reply
Suddenly the cold tip of his dick is touching your entrance. Its wet. You feel giddy just by the fact that he was also super turned on.
His girth is big and long enough to fill you up but can also give you pain with pleasure if wanted.
He pushes himself bit by bit inside of you, letting you settle with the feeling of him being in you.
Little by little he finally empties in you and you whimper from the pleasure.
"You okay there?" He asks and you give a small yes in return.
After listening to you he gradually starts to move inside of you. Dragging every trust to his liking. Of course, he had won the game.
Suddenly he takes his dick out of you and starts to insert two fingers inside of you, scissoring them in you. All the tightness taken away within seconds. It makes you whine.
"Why- I am ready Jungkook. I don't need prep!" You cry to him for taking away your pleasure.
"I know darling but I like to see you whimper under me"
That is all he says before he takes out his fingers and puts his dick back in you.
The pleasure returns to you and this time you reciprocate. Giving in to his sharp thrusts. You weren't the only one who was desperate. He was too. You both equally suffered in the best way possible.
Jungkook huffs his breath as he jerks into you making you jolt. A strangled noise escapes your mouth which makes him groan.
"Oh baby," he says with a particularly hard thrust which makes you see stars.
He found your sweet spot and now hits it with all that is in him.
You clench tightly onto the sofa as he thrusts into you harshly. Nothing caring is left in him. Only the primal desire to get off.
Your skin warms up as you feel the all too familiar knot bubbling up in your stomach.
Your trembling doesn't stop as he increases his pace. Your skin prickles with heat, sweat dripping from your brows.
Too much. This is getting too overwhelming.
The knot becomes tighter which makes your toes curl and then all you see is white light.
He pushes you off the edge and comes tumbling down himself.
You shudder during your post-orgasm state.
You don't know when you closed your eyes but when you open them, Jungkook calls to you.
"Baby..." he says and you know he is asking you to come back to him.
So you push yourself up from the sofa and give into his embrace. Cleaning be dammed. You both can do that later but this. This feeling of safety that you both give each other is more important.
"You liked it y/n?" Jungkook asks after a while. When you both catch your breath.
"Oh yeah," You reply excitedly "you should find games like this more often"
Jungkook laughs at your comment and hugs you closer to him.
Tumblr media
©️ @thesvnsins
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On June 1st, Nate Chastain, former Head of Product at @opensea was arrested in New York. “NFTs might be new, but this type of criminal scheme is not. As alleged, Nathaniel Chastain betrayed OpenSea by using its confidential business information to make money for himself. Today’s charges demonstrate the commitment of this Office to stamping out insider trading — whether it occurs on the stock market or the blockchain,” said U.S. Attorney Damian Williams in the press release. Check out the official report released by the Department of Justice: https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/former-employee-nft-marketplace-charged-first-ever-digital-asset-insider-trading-scheme . . . • Join our social networks today: Link in Bio • Tag us to be part of the community: #nftcenter • Let’s talk NFTs! DM us for collaboration. #breakingnews #news #nft #opensea #arrested #guilty #fraud #trading #employee #newyork #america #usa #law #justice #crypto #blockchain #nftcommunity #manager #money #moneylaundry #scheme #fbi #criminal #crime (at New York City, N.Y.) https://www.instagram.com/p/CeWyEWwMoS7/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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Baiken from Guilty Gear
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hot girls use google translate to talk to their mutuals
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Reason to Live #7743
  Releasing yourself from the guilt you have. It’s a heavy burden, friend, and you don’t deserve to carry it. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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