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#gummy bear rambles

The first thing Kirishima notices when they move in together is that Bakugou takes serious care of his body. He treats himself well: he goes to sleep on time, works out daily, has a concrete diet, and. And, and—a three-step skincare procedure.

Which is all well, really. It’s okay, even if Bakugou hogs the bathroom in the morning. Kirishima’s fine with it.  

A plus point is that the sink is surrounded by tiny bottles of sweet-smelling liquids and the washroom smells so good after Bakugou’s done taking his abnormally long bath.

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i feel so asian today because

  • i took off my shoes when i reached home, unlike fucking weird westerners wHO WEAR SHOES ON THE BED TF KILL ME
  • my dad warmed rice, spicy meat curry and made a poached egg for lunch when i got back
  • i called my tution teacher to tell her i did well. YEAH TUTION TEACHER. WE ASIAN
  • my mom said “im happy for you” followed by “prepare for the next test u weak hoe”
  • my brother said. “heh. wanna watch pokemon lmao”
  • i said “sinnoh?”
  • he said “joto you fuck”
  • “heCK YES”

any way that brings me here 

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kaminari is stupid but he remembers things. he remembers things that you say, offhandedly about yourself. he remembers that thing about your granny’s cat and that you like the colour blue and that you like miso and other things that you say but don’t think anyone would care. he remembers, though. that’s why he remembers that bakugou used to play the drums and that jirou loves music.

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uh to be fair i grew up in USA for five years as a kid so. half the time - & i’m sure a bunch of immigrants can relate - i thought that everyone had a secret language in their family, which only they knew. because when i said stuff in hindi or something in public no one understood me????? so the conclusion was that we had our own language at home. lmao i was a dumb kid. also here in india, most schools (private schools, anyway. the govt is shit so our public schools are fucking bs) are english medium, unlike most other asian countries. thus english is our first language so.

in all, i know, with decreasing profficiency: english, hindi, urdu, can understand bihari, can understand bengali, can understand haryanvi; can literally speak only three fluent sentences (i have a stomach ache; i love you; your hair is weird) in french but not understand a word when spoken/might get an idea when reading; i know three colour names in spanish.

thats it! thanks for this ask - you think i wRITE WELL ?

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🔥 shipping 🔥 reading squicks (beside abo lmao)

unpopular opinions on shipping // hm. okay, so, I don’t care about having my ship validated in canon. I’m cool with reading and writing or just looking at art or whatever, because the author has a lot more on their mind than just, ya know, shippy stuff. 

unpopular opinions on reading squicks // other than abo? gender-bending; BDSM; sugar-daddy kind of stuff; literally anything non-vanilla. I’m weird that way; cheating. I cannot stand that ish; pointless angst. if you’re doing angst, it has to be well done, imo; lack of character development; purple prose etc

and one really, really picky thing? if the author has odd dialogue writing. like, people don’t say things like “it shall have been worth it, this war, as it brought me to you, my flower” on the daily, no matter how much Hamilton may make it seem. I guess I can only appreciate a story if the author can make the characters realistic.

and perfect characters. no, sir, please. 

ask me unpopular opinions!

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Bakugou, out the blue, in the middle of a math sum, says, “You’re like chicken soup.”

And to that, there’s a pause. There’s a pause that’s aching and stretching. Bakugou is still writing his math problem and his pen scratches against paper and time plays a game of tug-of-war for a second.

read more, if u like. want to. PLEASE READ MORE JFC.

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