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owl-house-lover · 2 days ago
Willow and Gus are such adorable and great best friends
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I really hope we see more of them in Season two.
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strawbbz · 2 days ago
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bmc au i think
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owl-house-incorrectly · a day ago
Luz: Why is my hand shaky?
Gus: Your skeleton is ready to hatch
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anguigenus · 2 days ago
I've been thinking again about the possibility of Hunter being sent after the galderstones and having a fight scene with Gus and Mattholomule. It would make sense after all; we've seen the galderstones are part of the grimwalker recipe (whatever that is) so they're likely to be significant somehow.
More specifically though, I'm thinking about the outcome. One idea is that Gus and Matt will lose in order to raise the stakes for Luz's team, but what if they won in order to raise the stakes for Hunter?
After all, if you think about it, the fight scene with Amity ended in a draw: Hunter got the key, but at a price. Ultimately though, that's going to put him in Belos's good graces.
Consider however, what might happen if Belos sent him after the galderstones and he came back completely empty handed. It would be a way to intensify the conflict between Belos and Hunter, maybe even causing Belos to threaten Rascal.
And if Belos did that, it could very well push Hunter to consider: does he want to stay with Belos? Or would it be better for him to leave?
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makofffee · 2 days ago
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Gustholomule for BETTER life 😒🥱
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incantatrice-hex13 · 2 days ago
After hijacking the plane to help Luz, Amity and Willow expresses their concerns over Gus's lack of piloting experience.
Willow: Gus, you do know what yer doing, eh, right?
Gus,reading a manual and playing around with the controls: Um... more or less.
Amity: Well, which is it; more or less?!
Gus: Relax! I interviewed a pilot once!
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sergeantsporks · 2 days ago
Heartbreaker AU stuff:
- King and Gus, of course, capture and edit all the footage.
- Luz watches ironically (slipping into the unironic, except that she witnessed half of this firsthand, so she’s just here for the commentary)
- Eda refuses to watch, because while she supports King in his endeavors, she “doesn’t want to watch a flowery soap opera about the golden guard.” Demands to be erased from all footage.
- Willow watches unironically to support Gus and King (and she’s maybe a little bit hooked). She doesn’t really know Hunter, so it’s just like regular reality TV for her
- Hooty, despite having seen most of it happen in real time, watches and sobs every time someone fails to get close to Hunter. He’s sort of missed the point of the show.
- Lilith, also aroace, thinks it’s hilarious. “Haha, golden brat is getting swarmed. Poor sap. Titan, I’m glad I was in my awkward nerd phase at that age.” They did an episode on her, once, it was a very sad day for Steve.
- Amity refuses to watch bc “We know him, that’s weird.” Eventually she agrees to watch one (1) episode at King’s begging. Laughs because “Hahahaha, they couldn’t be more clueless, it’s so obvious that he doesn’t want anything to do with-- waitasecondisthatmybrother?”
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elle-cosmic-chaos · a day ago
Really Random (TOH) HC Time: Monopoly Edition.
SO Luz and Amity landed on the little ring square at the same time, so they got “married” to be all cutesy or whatever, and Eda makes Raine marry her so they can pool their money together. 
Eda is constantly making up her own rules, but people put up with it because she still sucks
Hunter and Amity form a quick rivalry and just spend the entire game focusing on eliminating each other
King really doens’t understand the point of the game and enjoys cashing in his 50s into 1s so he can “make it rain”
Gus tries to buy all the property so that he can make some money that way, but no one ends up landing on his property so he just loses a bunch. 
Matt kinda crashes game night and everyones kinda awkward about it at first, but Gus is all, cmon guys, give him a chance! we let Amity redeem herself,right? and they’re like, fine but only cuz u like him ;) 
Through all the chaos, everyone is kinda ignoring Willow until the end when she wips out a shit ton of money she was hiding, winning the game. 
This was fun yall, let me know if you wanna see more stuff like this 
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insaneillusionist · a day ago
Gus: I’m afraid of clowns. There, I said it.
Boscha: Gus, if you don't like clowns, why are you friends with Luz?
(Boscha then gets attacked by everyone.)
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astrolavas · 2 months ago
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solar-novae · 8 months ago
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A little poster redraw featuring the kids. I’m so excited for season 2!
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discosmackdown · 3 months ago
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i've gotten a new hobby lately and it's drawing all of the kids in different clothes i like
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they-callme-ami · 6 months ago
The Owl House has given us
An afro-latine main character that is CANONICALLY bisexual and gender non-conforming, and seems to show signs of ADHD and/or Autism. (Luz)
A canon lesbian love interest that went through realistic growth and is not predatory or a stereotype. (Amity)
A biracial character with 2 fathers who are poc. (Willow and the Park fathers)
A bisexual middle aged witch that lives with a curse, which is a metaphor for chronic illness. (Eda)
A grumpy principal that actually cares about his students, listens to them, and is disabled visually. (Principal Bump)
A small, grumpy abomination professor that cannot walk, and uses an abomination to help him get around and is still respected by his students. (Abomination Teacher)
A young black character that never shows any forms of toxic masculinity and has a special interest in humans, raised by a single father, and moved up 2 grades showing that he is SMART and GIFTED (Gus Porter)
Multiple kids that were labeled as 'bad apples' shown to be smart and unique, but needed to be taught differently and given the tools to excel by combinding their magic talents instead of punishing them. (Viney, Jerbo, Barcus)
Multiple (albeit background) characters in same-sex or queer relationships.
And finally, today, we got Raine Whispers: a BROWN middle-aged NON-SHAPESHIFTING Nonbinary character fighting for freedom and to dismantle the system.
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miraculousares · 5 months ago
Growing up, like most of us, I only saw neurotypical cishet people on TV, most of them white. I rarely saw gay characters who weren't stereotyped side characters used for the "gay best friend" or the "butch lesbian" to poke fun at or the "bisexual who only likes the same sex for attention". I never saw genderqueer people who weren't used for some kind of humor or sad backstory and they were rarely respected when they even existed. Neurodivergent folks were always for humor such as the "ADHD kid bouncing off the walls and OOH SQUIRREL" or for angst such as the "autistic person who exists solely for angst and to be bullied by others." I never got to see someone like me in the media.
And now we're in a point in history where we get to watch this show.
The main character is bisexual, neurodivergent, and afro latina.
Tumblr media
The love interest is a lesbian with a rough past and abusive parents.
Tumblr media
The best friends are a burnt out gifted kid raised by a single dad and a girl with two dads and self esteem issues. Both of which are people of color.
Tumblr media
The love interest has a brother who's dating someone who uses they/them pronouns.
Tumblr media
The mother figure is bisexual with a chronic illness.
Tumblr media
The mother figure's love interest is a nonbinary performer with stage fright and a person of color.
Tumblr media
The mother figure's mom used to be an anti-vaxxer before she learned to understand and respect her daughter and her chronic illness.
Tumblr media
The principal has a disability and genuinely cares for his students.
Tumblr media
Several of the 'mean' characters have gotten realistic character growth in which they acknowledge that they did wrong, address it, and grow.
Tumblr media
Several side characters are seen with same-sex partners, various skin colors, and disabilities.
They/them pronouns are used regularly used both for folks who use them and folks whose pronouns are unknown.
Tumblr media
And none of these facts cloud any of the characters or are used for humor or anything like that. In this world, homophobia, racism, transphobia, and ableism flat out don't exist.
I have cried happy tears several times to my mom and my friends about how amazing it is that such an inclusive show exists. Not only is the plot incredible and the animation beautiful but it raises a more inclusive generation.
Young children are turning on Disney Channel and seeing that it's okay and normal to be disabled, neurodivergent, queer, transgender, a person of color, chronically ill, or from a "different" family dynamic. That it's never to late to grow and change as a person.
I would give anything to have had a show like this growing up. To turn on my favorite tv station to see that it was okay to be myself. That there's not just one way to be myself. To be able to see myself in the characters on my screen.
Dana Terrace and the team have made such massive contributions to the history of progress and inclusivity and I cannot express my appreciation enough.
EDIT: 1. True, Boscha has made no changes as of yet, I used that picture because I personally thought that scene seemed to hint that she has the possibility of change and I couldn't find a screencap of Matt that effectively showed his change. 2. True, there is some ableism as far as the magic abilities go (I.E. Eda's curse) but I meant as far as ableism that related to disabilities in reality, sorry for the confusion. 3. Thank you for everyone giving me suggestions and reminders as to things to add! I put what I could remember when I wrote it and didn't expect this post to blow up so much so thank you to everyone giving me suggestions to show how amazing this show is!
Also this show is called The Owl House and you can watch season 1 and the first few episodes of season 2 on Disney+! ♡
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barbiedreamghoul · 5 months ago
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i liked the new ep
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mgtxs · 4 months ago
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owl kids in their 20s
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camscendants · 5 months ago
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mira-blue · 6 months ago
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duckiesocks · 5 months ago
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Chilling after school!
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bloodraven55 · 6 months ago
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At this point I feel like literally everybody can see it dsjdjksskds
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