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#guy on the left is the artist of the song btw
kageyahoe · 3 months ago
dating chifuyu matsuno
pairing: chifuyu matsuno x gn!reader
genre: fluff
request: omg dating chifuyu pls<3
Tumblr media
shout out to chifuyu, gotta be one of the bestest boys in tokyo revengers!!
being chifuyu's partner has got to be one of the best things someone could accomplish in their life LMAO
chifuyu firmly believes that a relationship should contain mutual trust and love, and he is so incredibly happy that he's found someone who cares for him as much as he does them
(remember when he was bitching about not being able to spend time on christmas eve looking for a partner??? YEAH THAT)
when you first start dating i feel like he'd really want you to meet his friends, just cause that way you can get to know them and you could all hang out together
it'd be easier for him too since baji's ass is always around him, and he doesn't want to neglect anybody
he'd fall in love even more with you when he sees that you get along nicely with them all
it makes his heart so full to see his friends and partner hanging out, that sometimes his ass is left behind
"yo chifuyu, y/n is more fun to hang out with than you!" - smiley, probably
chifuyu: :o
often, chifuyu likes to take you all over the city when you're free
he'd offer to take you out whenever you're free to spend extra time with you!
your family find him incredibly sweet and trustworthy as well, so he has no problem winning over their hearts <3
he promises them that he'll return you back at a reasonable time and safely!
around the city, he'll take you to get some food, buy your favourite drinks, and maybe even feed the ducks at the nearby pond
he just loves seeing the smile light up your face when you're having fun, it honestly makes his entire day
one place he really likes to go is the book store where he can look for and buy new manga with you, he'll offer to pay for your books too if you want any
now, since he's apart of toman, he completely acknowledges the dangers that come with being a gang member
he'll put his whole effort into making sure that you are safe
if you insist you can handle yourself (he finds that super attractive btw), he'll ease up a little but is still on your ass with "be careful" or "call or text me if you need me okay!!"
he is ALWAYS talking about you to takemitchi (he finds it really cute tbh)
"takemitchi look look! they're so cute" - chifuyu when you post a new photo online
he's a total fanboy of your shit too, if you like to play an instrument or you like to collect figurines, whatever it is!
chifuyu is ON HIS SHIT to support you !! chifuyu number one y/n supporter !!!
his friends find it funny too, they sometimes ask about you and how you're doing, and chifuyu has all the latest updates
smiley and pah tease him relentlessly, don't matter if you're around or not
he gets pretty blushy but is rather flaunt about having a partner
chifuyu's got this habit of drumming his fingers on your thigh or hand whenever you sit with him
if you're on his lap, he'll rest his hands on your legs and just- pat pat pat
just random patterns, or to a beat of a song that's stuck in his head
if it makes you uncomfortable or annoyed at all, he'll stop for sure, he's not one to push you into anything you wouldn't want to do
you guys like to share music with one another too! so if you recommend him an artist, he'll def check them out and vis versa!
you two have a shared playlist where you just compile a bunch of your favourite songs together and listen <3
yup i 11/10 recommend everyone a chifuyu matsuno
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multidreams-and-desires · 9 months ago
𝓜𝔂 𝓛𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓢𝓸𝓷𝓰𝓫𝓲𝓻𝓭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yandere sugar daddy Yunho x independent fem reader.
Warnings: Yandere themes!, sugar daddy Yunho (he is the nations sugar daddy), jealousy, obsession, manipulation, seduction, smut!, size kink, daddy kink 👀, overstimulation, name calling (slut,whore, etc), overstimulation, degradation, corruption kink, oral (fem receiving), fingering. Also yes I’m pushing the Yunho monster cock agenda 👀.
Word count: around 1.5k or more Enjoy!!!!
Yunho had always been at the top his entire life and he believed the no one could make it the top all on their own. It just never made any sense to him. There was this on person who stood against that ideal of his and their name was Y/n. The self made successful young ceo of a music label.
He had known you for a very long time ever since college and even back then you were an enigma to him. His parents paid good money to get him into that prestigious university and here you were at the same university the only difference is you had gotten a fully paid scholarship as a result of being a good student and working hard. Yunho felt insecure and jealous of your efforts , he didn’t have to do anything to get in and yet you made it in because of working hard. You were independent and a part of him admired your determination while another more morbid side of him wanted to watch your life fall apart just so you could depend on him. He wanted to strip that independence from you.
You how were weren’t making it easy for him and you soon left to go ahead where he lost track of you.
Years after graduating university and becoming a successful ceo his ears perked up at the mention of your name. He hadn’t heard that name in years. He looked up at the tv and watched the news. The was a story about you and how you had a successful debut as an artist. It was interesting to see a ceo of a music label also be a musical artist.
The first question was simple enough “what motivated you to pursue a career in music?”
The first question was simple enough “what motivated you to pursue a career in music?”
“Well music has always been my passion and many doubted me that I would even make it but look at me now. You politely tired down his offers and flat pout told him you weren’t gibbing up on your dream.
The second question piqued his interest however. “Who was your biggest doubter Y/n” The host asked. Y/n paused to think before answering “There was this one guy in uni who would always doubt me all because I wasn’t like him. I got to where I am because I worked hard and never gave up”
He glared at the screen he knew exactly who you were talking about. You were talking about him and yet you didnt tell them the full story. He wasn’t doubting you, he was just suggesting you give up. In his mind there was a difference.
The rest of the questions were mundane and just asking who you wanted to collab with and who your celeb crush is. He couldn’t care less but continued listening just to hear your voice. Now you were going to perform on live tv and he wanted to see that. You couldn’t have changed that much in a few years.
“If only everybody,Could see you through my eyes, We wouldn't have to worry, And leave it all behind...” (song is Our Way Out by Nico Collins)
It was safe to say that he was completely blown away by your performance. He loved your voice and you certainly had talent. He was surely regretting calling your dream pointless.
Now it was time for your second song and you purposely decided to sing this song. You called it Borderline. “I look past all the flashing lights, Drive through ignore the warning signs, When things blow up I close my eyes, And shake it off as if it’s justified” (songs Borderline by nico Collins btw)
After the exhausting performance you bid goodbye to the audience a bright smile on your face. Your dream having been realized but no you’re done yet. This was only the beginning of your dream.
“Wow” He said breathlessly as he admired your figure before the show ended. He was now planning an listening to your entire discography. He was quickly and unknowingly becoming obsessed and addicted to you.
However the more listened to your songs the more he grew jealous of the countless other eyes that were on you.... so he made you an offer if you’d refuse he’d do something drastic. Only he could get get to hear your voice. You are HIS SONGBIRD no one else’s. Only he could have the luxury of hearing your voice no one else.
This cruel world could taint you. Only he was allowed to corrupt you. He couldn’t allow for that to happen. You practically owned his heart from how deep and vast his obsession with you was. He had to protect you from that and he would do it the only way he knew how. By making you all his.
His obsession started off slowly treating himself to the best seats at your concerts and buying all the best merch. But it wasn’t enough to satiate him,he needed the real deal. However you seemed almost unreachable to him so he pulled a couple of strings and made your company suffer great financial losses. He knew you wouldn’t take too kindly if you had found out. He made many phone calls and various threat which more than enough to get all your backers and investors to back out.
A few mouths passed and things had gone to hell within your company. Where did you go wrong? It had all started when all of your backers and investors suddenly left one by one it impacted the company greatly. You could barely support the other artists that had signed with your label. You sighed and slammed you first down on the desk violently out of frustration. The phone rang and you immediately picked up. “Hello?”
“Ah hey boss there’s someone who is willing to invest in the company. He however wants to have a meeting with you today. Are you available?” The woman at the front desk told you to which you replied “sounds great send him up right away I’m available” before hanging up and fixing your somewhat disheveled look.
He walked in confidently and took at seat, he couldn’t wait for his plan to be a success. He was certainly happy to see but the could be said for you. Why was he here?
He purposely left a few buttons of his button up shirt unbuttoned leaving you a nice view of his chest. He knew you were staring judging by the stutter you had when speaking to him. “Uh Y-Yunho is that you?” You asked to which he nodded.
“You know Y/n I can help you. I didn’t just book this meeting to catch up with you. I heard about your... recent troubles.” He said as he smiled at you but that smile had less than innocent intentions. “You see Y/n I can make all your troubles go away. Are willing to hear me out?” He said as he could tell you were interested in his plea. “In exchange for what I know how you people work Yunho. I know there’s a catch” You said as you still havent forgotten the cruel words he said to you years ago. “Ah dear Y/n I can see you’re eager for me to explain. I know I may have said some harsh things to you but I only did it because I cared” He replied and merely defended himself. “Oh really so you actively insulted me and doubted me all in the name of care? Ha you’re funny Jeong. But get to the point what do you want or are you here to say sorry to me since I proved you wrong” You said taking a said of your tea with a expectant eyebrow. “I only doubted you because... how do I say this? People from the bottom usually don’t make it to the top all in their own. I would’ve helped you with my money but no you ran away from me. But now We’ve found each other.” He said with a smirk. You two were meant to be together in his eyes
“Uhh Yeah you found me and? It’s not like I’m yours so out with it. Tell me what do you want from me or just get and stop wasting my time Yunho” You said as you glared at him. “And I want your hand in marriage. Now tell me Y/n how are you going to support yourself, your artist and employees? Your company’s falling apart I can help you all you have to do is say yes and agree to be mine” He explained as he leaned on your desk giving you a sultrous look. Your reply was lost to you a an your eyes met his mischievous ones. “Your company is on the brink of collapse you can help so many people if you just take my offer.” He added
Your eyebrows were knit together as you bit you lip. “You help so many people but you’d hav to lose your independence and married to Yunho and he made the deal sound permanent. You wouldn’t be able to escape him. But you were running out of options you had already filed for bankruptcy but that wasn’t enough to save your crumbing company. “Think about it Y/n I won’t leave until I have an answer and who knows this might be your last chance to save your business” He said with a smile.
You had a dilemma you had the choice to be selfish or selfless either way you’d lose something near and dear to you. “N-no i just can’t! No after coming so far! But I-I don’t know!” You answered your head hung low in between your hands. You wanted to be selfish but you also thought about all the people who worked under you.
“ just give in... you need me just as much as I need you” He whispered as he pulled you closer to him. “If you want your company to fall and go up in flames..that can be arranged my dear Y/n. You have no idea how powerful I am or the power I hold. With one phone call I can have this building go down in flame with you and me still inside. Don’t test me little one”. You know he wasn’t kidding and froze in your tracks out of fear and shock. “One phone call and everyone in the building dies. Do you think you could live with yourself knowing it’s all your fault that countless of innocent lives were lost.” Ah i see you’ve finally calmed down. You act as if the worlds ending if you stay with me. It won’t baby~” He whispered as he held you up and orders your face flush against his chest. The smell of Louis Vuitton cologne being the only thing you could smell while pressed against him. “Let’s go home baby.”He said with a hug grin on his face. His whole demeanor going from what you saw and heard just minutes ago to a bright and ecstatic one. You had hold yourself back from cursing him out but he’d probably enjoy that too much.
He took you “home” after that with a huge smile on his face. He looked like he had won the lottery. His home was so luxurious and the looks he kept giving you made you press your thighs together. He wasn’t letting you out of his sight. Even though you’d probably get lost inside the labyrinth esque walls. He takes you to his lavish bedroom and let’s you look around. “See it’s not so bad having to depend on someone hm?” He whispered in your ear as his hands left lingering touches on your hips. Those touches made you feel all heated up and desperate. When he was looking away you pressed your thighs together but he caught you doing it. “Is there something wrong little one?” He asked as he pressed you against the wall his breath fanning your neck. “Is there anything I can help you with?” He asked as you grew shy. “ hot... h-hot.. d-down t-There” You whimper out softly. “Oh you feel hot down there want daddy to take care of it?” He whispered with a smirk as he kisses your sensitive neck. “Y-yes” you replied “yes who?” He said his hand crawling up your body before landing on your neck. “Y-yes daddy... p-please” You said as you gave into your lustful desires.
He picked you up as you instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist. He chuckled at your actions as he threw you into the bed after giving your thighs and ass a good squeeze. He takes your shirt off and your skirt followed suit. His shirt completely unbuttoned.“Open your legs little one I need to prep you first. Besides I saw the way you stared at my hands during that meeting.” He said as he pried your legs apart as his head was nestled in between your legs. He saw the wet patch in your panties and without hesitation he ripped them off causing you to yelp. He rubbed his fingers through your soaking folds before he dove in and had a traste of you. You legs shaking as his fingers slipped in through your wet folds. You whimper as you moan your hands making their way into his hair as!d tugging. He moans and curls his fingers inside of you hitting that spot that made you cry out not from pain but from pleasure. You hand spill on his hair as you greedily pulled his head closer to your core. “Such a greedy little slut” He said as his lips sucked on that sensitive clit of yours. You gasped and pulled on his hair making him let out a moan as his talented tongue and fingers continued to pleasure you. You count stop yourself from moaning and who wrong out his name. You grew more and more desperate from all the pleasure as you begged him to not stop. “Daddy don’t stop” Your desperate pleas were music to his ears. The feeling building in the pit of your stomach wa s going to snap and it did. “Daddy~!” You cried out your eyes shut tight from the cascading orgasm that hit you. His downright sinful tongue collected all your juices as he pulled away. “You’re ready for the main event” He whispered as he licked your release off of his fingers.
He bulge in his pants now very very prominent as he smirked when he saw the shocke dlook on your face. He wanted no time in freeing himself from those pants and his boxers. His shirt his long been discarded. He kissed you sweetly and takes his time with you. You wondered if it would even fit. He pushes in slowly your nails digging into his back at the stench. He was massive and he whispered sweet praises in your ears. “You’re doing so well little one.” He whispers. “Fuck you’re so small” He grunts while pushing more of his cock into you. You hiss and moans at the feeling before his finally bottoms out. He lets you adjust and get used to the feeling. You’d definitely would need it.
You shake and squirm in his hold as he placed your legs on his shoulders and continues his assault on that bundle of nerves that has you seeing stars. “Y-Yunho~!” You cry out only for your orgasm to be denied of you as Yunho’s eyes darkened. “That’s not my name slut” He said his voice had deepened as one of his hands wrapped itself around your throat and applied pressure making you blush and moan at sensation overtaking you. You were so overwhelmed with pleasure you failed to remember. You whimper and writhe in his possessive hold “d-daddy~ please” You stuttered out. “That’s right my little whore. Call me daddy” He asked as he rolls his hips right against your gspot making you unable to focus.
“Who’s making you feel so good little one?” He asked as his pace speeds up. “ y-you~ daddy~! Daddy feels so good~!” You cry out tears starting to brim your eyes. He was hitting all the right spot to make you be in cloud nine. He loved how you were falling apart all because of him and the way he continued to pleasure you. He smirked when he heard your whimpers and cry as you felt that coil within the pit of your stomach snap. “D-daddy~!” You cried out as your eyes were shut tight from all the pleasure. You mouth dropped open in a loud silent cry. He could feel you tighten around him as you came. Your tight walls squeezing his cock as you unraveled in his hold.
He however didn’t stop he just kept going, chuckling darkly at the stomach bulge you had everytime he’d thrust into you deeply. “Fuck you’re so small. Your tiny little pussy taking me so well” He said as he felt you squirm and whimper from oversensitivity. “Yeah thats right get weak for me whore” He whispered. “D-daddy t-too much!” You cried out barely being to form coherent words. “You can take it~ like the good little one you are~” He praises which makes your cheeks go red. You suddenly came without warning as a overwhelming waves of pleasure hits you like a hurricane. You writhe as he takes his tie and ties your hands together with it.
“You thought we were done little one? Oh you’re in for long long night. I’ve got a whole world of pleasure to show you little one.”
Taglist: @yunhoiseyecandy @galaxteez @cometoceantrenches @latte-fairytaekwoon @hanatiny @ddeonghwva @hanatiny
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gubler-me-up · a year ago
Sky’s the Limit
Tumblr media
Request: Hi! This is oddly specific so no worries if you don’t do it but I was wondering if you could do a Spencer X y/n where he (and the team) find out that Y/N has gymnastics training or trapeze training or aerial silk training and Spencer is just like 🤩 Thanks! Love your writing!!
A/N: Thanks for the request, anon! I’m not gonna front and say this one wasn’t a challenge to think of a good concept for. All I knew is I wanted to make it about aerial silk because it’s such an amazing talent. To my surprise, this turned out better than I expected and I hope you really enjoy it! Btw do you do gymnastics, trapeze and/or aerial silk? If so, kudos to you! (Btw I left the song choice up in the air, but while I was writing I was listening to The Weeknd - Loft Music)
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!reader
Category: Fluff
Content warning: None
Word count: 2.8k
“I know it’s the weekend and all, but you’re sure in a rush, Y/N,” Morgan remarked.
You were running late for your dress rehearsal for your aerial silk performance at an open talent show taking place at National Theatre DC. You had done aerial silk dancing for years as a hobby. It was hard keeping up with it while working at the BAU, but an old instructor of yours contacted you about the opportunity. You thought it was a great chance to finally display your hobby to the masses.
“I’m running late for an appointment,” you said as you grabbed your bag.
“Oh? A Friday night “appointment” huh? Who’s the lucky guy?” Morgan asked.
You chuckled. “Not that sort of appointment, player.”
“Damn, I thought a certain someone finally made a move on you,” he said.
You were going to ignore his comment and be on your way, but you were curious about what he just said. You raised an eyebrow with a mischievous smile on your face. You went up to his desk and sat on the edge of it.
“Certain someone?” You asked.
He chuckled. “Oh yes, a certain someone. Matter of fact here he comes now.”
Morgan looked over your shoulder, so you followed his gaze. You saw Spencer walking up to you guys with a smile as he nervously latched his right hand onto his satchel strap. You didn’t think he liked you more than a friend, but according to Morgan it seemed as if you were missing something. So much for being a profiler.
“Hey, Y/N. Are you busy this weekend? I know you love classic French Noir films and they’re playing Pépé Le Moko tomorrow night, so I was wondering if you wanted to go watch it together,” Spencer asked.
You looked at him surprised before looking back at Morgan. He gave you his favourite expression: I told you so. You looked back at Spencer. He had an eager, glowing smile on his face. You were close to saying yes to him just by his enthusiasm.
You sighed. “I can’t this Saturday, Spence. I have a commitment I already have. I’m sorry.”
“Oh, that’s no problem. I should have asked you earlier,” he said.
“Yes, you should have,” Morgan chimed in.
Spencer gave Morgan a strong glare as he was getting ready to say something. Before you were put in-between another fight of theirs, you grabbed onto Spencer’s upper arm and gently squeezed. You were kind of surprised to feel a little muscle on him.
“Spence, have you been working out?” You asked.
He blushed. “Not really by choice. Morgan’s been forcing me to join him on his gym sessions.”
You looked over at Morgan. “You’re forcing Spence to work out?”
He shrugged and put on a sly smirk. “What can I say? I thought we should all gain as much upper body strength as you have, Y/N.”
“I don’t have any upper body strength,” you said.
Spencer grabbed your right bicep and gently squeezed it. You looked at him as he had his thinking face on. He soon noticed you looking at him which led him to let go of your arm and awkwardly clear his throat.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to do that. I was just admiring your bicep form. It’s well developed, even more than Morgan’s,” he said.
You giggled. “I don’t think my little muscles can compare to Morgan’s.”
“This time the kid might have a point. You have some serious bicep action on you. What’s your secret?” Morgan asked.
You hadn’t exactly told anyone on the team about your aerial silk training. You kind of liked keeping this certain talent hidden from the rest of the team. You were also nervous if you had them watch it would be the one time you’d mess up and break your arm. It was silly for you to think the worst would happen if your friends saw you perform since they were your safety net.
“I’ll tell you two another time, but for now I’m running late. See you two Monday,” you said as you picked up your bag.
“Have a great weekend, Y/N,” Spencer said.
You turned around and waved. “You too. Tell me how the movie is on Monday.”
“Will do,” he said.
You turned back around to make your way out of the bullpen. From behind you could hear the clacking of heels running towards you. You knew exactly who it was before you turned around.
“Y/N, hold on,” you heard Garcia say.
You looked at your watch. It was nearly six o’clock and you weren’t even out in the parking lot yet. You turned around and put up your wrist to show Garcia.
“Pen, I have to go,” you said.
“But I was wondering if you wanted to go-“
“Really, Pen, I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Bye.”
You rushed towards the elevator before she could chase after you. You didn’t want to be any later than you were already running. Whatever she had to tell you she would just text or call you about it if it was important.  
Your dress rehearsal went well and you were proud of your performance. You thought your choice of song added to the performance immensely. You felt as if you were dancing on air and you didn’t even think of all of your muscles having to work on overdrive to make sure you didn’t fall. You didn’t even think you worked this hard to take down an unsub.
You were on your way to the change room to get dressed and go get something to eat. You were starving since you didn’t have any time to stop and get food. Your food would have to wait a little while longer since you heard your instructor call out your name. You turned around to see him walking up to you.
“What’s up, Sam?” You asked.
“Well, I noticed you hadn’t asked for tickets for your guests. There are a few extra tickets if you have anyone to give them to,” he said.
You shook your head. “Thanks, Sam, but I don’t have anyone to give them to.”
He raised a questionable eyebrow. “Really? No one from your job? No friends you want to invite? Family?”
“My family lives in another state and so do most of my friends and the rest are busy this weekend. Thanks for looking out though,” you said before turning around.
“How about your coworkers?” He asked.
“They’re busy,” you said as you started walking away.
“Well, can you at least think about inviting some people? It would be nice if people in your circle could see how talented you are,” he said.
You stopped walking and turned around to look at him. He stared at you with such a proud expression on and you couldn’t help giving in to him. All he wanted was the best for you because he thought you were the best.
You stuck out your hand. “Give me the tickets.”
His face lit up as he reached into his pockets and pulled out the extra tickets. There were only two extra tickets. As you took them from him, you pondered on who you would end up inviting.
“Can’t wait for your performance tomorrow, Y/N. I’m sure your friends will enjoy it,” he said.
You smiled. “They sure will.”
With that little exchange over and done with, you went to the change room to get ready to go enjoy the rest of your night. It was the perfect night to grab some pizza, lose yourself in the universe of YouTube and fall asleep on your couch. What you really couldn’t wait for was relaxing all your muscles in a hot bath.
As you changed, you thought about the two extra tickets. It would be nice to have someone or in your case two people from the team to come by and watch you. In your head though you couldn’t get over this worry of embarrassing yourself in front of them. It was whatever to mess up in front of people you didn’t know, but in front of people you saw nearly every day was nerve-racking.
You took out your phone from your bag and went to your most recent text messages. You didn’t see a text from Garcia which meant whatever she had to ask you wasn’t that important or she found someone else to fill your spot. Either way you were glad she didn’t message you. You wouldn’t be able to bear her sad, puppy look if you rejected her invitation to any sort of outing.
You would ask Garcia to come but she seemed as if she had other plans in mind. There was JJ or Emily you could ask but JJ was busy on the weekends being a mom and Emily was always busy doing kid-free activities. Inviting Hotch or Rossi would be cute because they were like father figures to you, but at the same time you kind of liked them to be father figures from afar. Morgan probably wouldn’t shut up about your strength for weeks and encourage you to tackle more unsubs, so he was out of the question.
You opened your text conversation with Spencer. He liked artistic performances and according to Morgan he also liked you. It would be the perfect opportunity for you two to bond beyond work. Maybe you’d even take him out for ice cream after to celebrate. You’d have to make sure he’d take his Lactaid first though to make his ice cream experience enjoyable.
You started to type out the question you were dreading to ask anyone on your team. I’m performing an aerial silk routine. Interested in coming? I have extra tickets. You stared at it for a long while before erasing the whole thing and stuffing your phone back in your bag. You couldn’t gain the courage to do it and you knew that. You just took the extra tickets so Sam would stop begging you to bring people to the show.
In due time you would let the team know about your hidden talent, but your first public performance wasn’t the best time to debut it. You’d probably give the tickets to some people on the street and hope they would attend. You picked up your coat and bag to start your journey home. You had a long night of pizza, baths and nerves to overcome.
You paced back and forth as you waited for the act before you to finish. You were closing the show, so your adrenaline was pumping hard. The pressure you felt to end the show with a bang was unreal. You just wanted to represent the artistry of aerial silk as best as you could.
“Ready for your big break?” You heard Sam say from behind you.
You turned around to look at him. “Born ready.”
He chuckled. “With all that pacing you’re doing, it’s hard to believe that statement.”
“Oh, so you’re a profiler now too huh?”
“Not a chance. I’ll leave all that psychological horror to you, but I do know you’re nervous about your performance. I’m here to tell you you shouldn’t be, you’re amazing at what you do.”
You smiled. “I guess so.”
“Well, I know so. Especially with your friends in the crowd, you’ll feel even more confident.”
You were silent. He looked at you confused and then in shock. You quickly looked away from him before he could inquire about the tickets. It was too late for that plan though.
“You didn’t invite your friends? What did you do with the tickets?” He asked.
“Gave it to this lovely couple on my way home yesterday. Rachel and Keith are sitting in the front row as we speak,” you said.
“You what? Y/N,” he said in frustration.
“Do you hear that? I think I’m up next,” you said as you scurried on stage.
You walked to the centre of the stage and let your silks drop down to your sides. The crowd was cheering already which made you feel good inside. As you looked out into the crowd you could see Rachel and Keith, who were ecstatic to be there. You smiled as you continue to scan the audience with your eyes.
Your eyes widened when you saw a curly-haired man along with two blonde women, a dark-haired woman, a dark-haired man, an older man and a bald man. You squinted your eyes just to make sure you weren’t seeing things from the bright lights messing with your sight. It was true though, your whole team was there.
Before you could even process anything, the music started to play which meant your routine had to start as well. You decided it was time to just let it happen. Obviously some greater power in the universe decided to bring your fears to the light and have you overcome them.
You grabbed onto your silks and started to gracefully entangle yourself in them. You made sure your feet weren’t too loose and your hands were holding onto the silks tightly. You swung, you flipped and you dropped in one swift motion.
The cheer from the crowd was unbelievable. You had to admit it was even better knowing the team was cheering along with them. Sam might have been onto something when he told you the satisfaction of hearing the crowd cheer for you was worth it. All the nerves, all the rehearsing, all the sore muscles. He was right.
Every move you did, you made sure it was done flawlessly. You felt on top of the world as if you were floating in the clouds. Nothing was on your mind besides the lyrics floating in your head as you did your whole routine.  In no time you were done your routine and found yourself not wanting it to end. The only thing keeping you alive in the bittersweet moment was the crowd giving you a standing ovation. You even heard Garcia scream at the top of her longs with praise.
You bowed and then the rest of the performers came out on stage to take their bows. The crowd kept getting louder to the point where you couldn’t even feel your adrenaline pumping heart anymore. It felt amazing to drown the sound out with praise and love from everyone. Especially your supportive team.
After you got changed, you went out to greet the team as they stayed around after to wait for you. You waved at them with a huge, goofy smile on your face. They all started clapping for you again with big smiles on themselves.
“Glad you guys liked it. How did you even decide to come here?” You asked.
“Well, little speed boat, I was going to ask if you wanted to go to this talent show on Saturday, but you left so fast I didn’t have the chance to. I then proceeded to get everyone on board with me to come see the show and to our very surprise you were on the pamphlet,” Garcia explained.
You blushed. “Well, thanks for coincidentally coming out to watch.”
“Why didn’t you tell us about this before? We would have definitely come,” JJ said.
You shrugged. “I don’t know, I guess I was just nervous about messing up in front of you guys. I’ve never performed in front of an audience before, so everything was very high risk for me tonight.”
“Well, you pulled it off. Congratulations,” Hotch said.
“Thanks so much, sir,” you said.
“You did so great tonight, Y/N. Reid over here was so starstruck that I think he was drooling a little,” Morgan said as he playfully punched the side of Spencer’s face.
Spencer sighed in frustration. “Don’t listen to him, Y/N. I was not drooling, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised by your act.”
“He was totally drooling,” Emily said.
“Jaw on the floor,” Garcia said.
“Eyes wide in amazement,” Morgan said.
You smiled as they just kept describing how Spencer looked while you were on stage. You looked over at Spencer. His face was practically red, but he tried his best to hide it with his hand.
“Okay, kids, that’s enough bickering for the night. Dinner’s on me. I’m feeling for Italian,” Rossi interrupted.
“You’re always feeling for Italian,” Spencer said.
“I’m trying to help you get out of this situation and you’re coming for me?” Rossi said.
Spencer instantly looked away as if nothing ever left his mouth. Everyone else laughed as they followed Rossi out of the theatre. You and Spencer trailed along behind everyone. You grabbed his bicep again. Not to squeeze it, but to hold it close to you. He noticed and looked at you with his face still red.
“You know, even though Garcia, Morgan and Emily’s claims were exaggerated, I thought you were incredible tonight,” Spencer said.
You looked up at him and smiled. “I’m glad you think so. Seriously though, were you as starstruck as they claimed? Even a little?”
He smiled. “Maybe just a little.”
You giggled. “I’ll make sure to set up a VIP for you the next time I perform.”
He chuckled. “I’d love that.”
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pettyvxbes · 6 months ago
Colson Baker x Reader - Ocean Eyes III
This was originally only supposed to be three parts, but I have so many ideas. . . I might be getting a little carried away. If anyone is interested in being included on the tag list for ocean eyes drop me a comment. ❤ Btw, ya'll rock, and I'm so thrilled that you're digging where this story is going as much as I am!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Colson had insisted on going to a coffee shop across town, even though there were plenty of great coffee shops near Shaker Square that you two had frequented on your previous Saturday adventures. He initially suggested that you ride with him, but you declined the offer and opted to drive yourself, much to your dismay. You considered making a wrong turn to head back to your sister's house several times as you followed closely behind him but decided against the outlandish idea.
Pulling into the parking lot, you immediately noticed the sizeable pink skull painted on the side of the brick building. It read "Drink. Eat. Work. Meet" arched across the top with "The" on the forehead, a 2 and 7 in separate eye sockets, "club" on the chin, and the most clever part was the nose which was a cup of steaming coffee. The aesthetic was everything, and you quickly understood why Colson had wanted to bring you to this specific coffee shop. It was edgy and artistic, kind of like you, and he knew you would love it.
"This place is fucking awesome." You gushed, taking in the surrounding interior. The walls were painted pink and accented with black. There were skulls in various places throughout the room, and directly in front of you behind a large circular counter were the associates, wearing "Coffee Dealer" tees, waiting patiently to take your order. Capturing every aspect of the shop, you noticed the music playing. It was a synth-pop-R&B beat accompanied by the voice of Chris Brown and Usher.
"You gon' be my baby Love me, love me crazy Tell me you with it Baby, come and get it Maybe try a new thing And let's spark a new flame."
It was one of those songs that stuck in your memory and could take you back to a specific time and place. You looked over at Colson to find him looking back at you, and you were instantly transported to that cold January night eleven years ago, the night you had first met Colson.
The air was crisp, and the night sky was aglow with the bright city lights of Atlanta. You were visiting your best friend for what was left of your winter break at NYU. She couldn't wait to take you out on the town. So naturally, you both ended up at the Gold Room less than five hours after you had touched down in the Empire State of the South.
The Gold Room was fancy. Golden poles were lining a transparent window rail in the main seating area. Each roped-off section donned eccentric gold couches, chandeliers, and splashy tropical lighting, all of which highlighted the significance of those seated there. You happened to find yourself smack dab in the middle of the distinguished crowd, behind the velvet ropes. All thanks to your gorgeous best friend who had been casually seeing one of the Atlanta Hawks.
"Y/n, don't look now, but that guy over there has been staring at you since we walked in." Your best friend screamed into your ear over the loud music.
"Which one?" You questioned, waiting to turn and look.
"The blonde with the tattoos!" She paused, taking a sip of her drink. She could tell you were waiting for a more descriptive answer. "You'll know which one. He's fine as fuck!" She screamed, causing you to chuckle at her bluntness.
You casually turned to the side to look for the mystery guy, and you were quickly met with his blue eyes. You felt your cheeks flush a bit as he maintained eye contact.
You were beautiful in a way that the other girls in the club weren't. You were confident but not cocky, and your attire was modest but still sexy. You didn't need to be accepted by others, which was apparent in how you carried yourself. Your smile was beaming as you looked back at him, and Colson could have sworn it illuminated even the darkest corners of the room. You were authentically you, and the blue-eyed boy was captivated.
Your eye contact was broken by one of the tall basketball players in your section offering you a glass of champagne. You accepted the drink and made small talk for a moment before quietly excusing yourself to the ladies' room. At least that's what you told your friend, but if you were honest, you were actually looking for those blue eyes. You made your way slowly through the horde of people keeping your eye on the VIP section that the tattooed man occupied. You couldn't see him, so you wandered closer until you were stopped by a husky voice.
"Are you looking for something?" You turned, looking up into the blue eyes you had been searching for.
"Not anymore." You smirked. He was taken aback by your forward response, and you could tell by the look across his face that he was speechless. You chuckled at his expression. "I'm sorry."
"I wasn't expecting you to say that, but I was hoping you would" He laughed. "I'm Colson."
"Y/n, that's beautiful." He smiled at you. You couldn't tell if it was the champagne coursing through you or the fact that he was extremely handsome, but all you could think about was kissing him. The thought was soon pushed to the back of your mind as you began exchanging information about yourselves. Where you were from, what you were doing in Atlanta, your relationship status'. . .the basics. You two eventually found yourselves halfway through a game of 21 questions in a more private area of the club where you could actually hear each other speak.
"If you could have one 'do over' in your life, what would you do differently?" You inquired.
"Ooh, we're going there now?" He chuckled. "That's easy though, I wouldn't do anything over because then I wouldn't be sitting here with you."
“Smooth.” You chuckled at his cheesy answer.
“Yeah? You see what I did there?” He joked "Ok, my turn. . ." He changed the subject, trying to think of a question quickly. "If there was one piece of advice you could give, what would it be?" You thought for a moment before speaking.
"To always appreciate the little things in life."
"The little things?" he questioned, waiting for you to elaborate further.
"Yeah, you know, like early morning sunrises or late sunsets. The ones where you'll see an array of colors in the sky that you wouldn't normally see." You raved. "Or road trips and motorcycle rides, when you have music in your ears and the wind in your hair. Or the days when you're surrounded by your favorite people, the ones who make you realize that the world isn't such a cold, harsh place." You rambled, and he smiled like a fool.
"The little things that make you realize what life is about and what it means to be alive?" He pondered quietly, contemplating what you had said.
"Yes!" You extolled. "Appreciating the little things makes you enjoy where you are, right now, in the present."
"Enjoy where you are right now," He reiterated. "I like that" A comfortable silence settled in for a moment, and you could hear a catchy synth-pop-R&B beat surging through the room. The voices of Chris Brown and Usher were crystal clear.
"Who said you can't find love in a club? 'Cause I wanna tell them they wrong Come on, just baby, try a new thing And let's spark a new flame."
You both let out a little chuckle at the lyrics, and the next thing you knew, his right hand was on the side of your face pulling you into him. The kiss was magic, chaos, and a little bit of poetry. You felt a fire deep in your bones, and he melted every part of you.
"Hey, Colson!" The barista greeted him, pulling you from your memory of the man standing next to you. You hadn't even noticed, but you two were still staring at each other, and you wondered if the same memory had crossed his mind too.
He turned towards the barista as your eyes continued to explore the coffee shop. That's when you saw it—a mural on the wall situated above black leather dome seats. In large pink letters, "Enjoy where you are right now." and it clicked - this was his coffee shop. . .and he still thought about that night, just like you.
Colson glanced back at you, preparing to order, you smiled at him, and yet again, he could have sworn it illuminated even the darkest corners of the room. You were still authentically you, and the blue-eyed boy was still captivated.
II << 💀 >>
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layzhe-06 · 6 months ago
It's time for some Yumihisu headcanons! (Minor spoilers up ahead ig)
Btw, some of these are applicable to canon but I think a good chunk of it is applicable to the au where Ymir chooses Historia over Reiner and Bertolt.
Tumblr media
They just cuddle whenever they have bad days. No words need to be said because they just know when the other is sad. So they just cuddle until they can talk about it.
Ymir loves having pets around, so she and Historia have a dog and cat at home and they treat those two like their kids lmfao.
Reiner is their #1 supporter, no I won't take criticism for that. (hE WAS ABOUT TO DIE AND YET HE STILL GOT THE LETTER TO HISTORIA OMG--)
You guys might think Historia's the clingy one but in reality, I hc it as the other way around. Idk, but based on what I saw from Junior High, I genuinely feel like Ymir has the tendency to just... Have an oddly dramatic monologue when Historia's doing some errands and she's left alone at home lmao.
✨ Forehead kisses ✨
They're vv supportive of each other. Ymir would probably go to Historia's declarations and stuff and bragging about how awesome her wife is: "That's my wife!" "Yes, you go Historia!" "I love yOU!" Historia wouldn't be too embarrassed, she'd just find it absolutely sweet, and it helps her when she gets a little anxious onstage.
Ymir can sing, so during their anniversaries she just pulls out an instrument and serenades Historia. Historia would probably sing along too if she knew the song. Oh and Historia would be the type to give chocolates, flowers, and handmade cards. Miss ma'am is an artist and we love that.
When other ppl insult Ymir, Historia will literally go and defend her wife's honor before Ymir can do it herself. She's not going to simply talk, she's going to go slap them and then talk. Esp when it's some creepy loser. Ymir does the same basically. She gets angry when random ppl hit on her in clubs even when they're very clearly together. So if the guy won't leave, Ymir's gonna throw some hands.
Ymir sleeps in a fetus position and Historia has the habit of curling around her from behind whenever they sleep. It's so cute tbh if only I could draw it. Maybe I will, one day idk.
Historia would propose first, just sayin.
Ymir would be the first to cry during their wedding lmao ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
When Ymir dies, Historia just feels that very moment she does, and it hurts a lot. Like, she'll just be assessing something and then she feels it. It hurts a lot, like a really painful ache in her heart and that's when she realizes that Ymir is gone for good. She suddenly felt alone, cold, and everything hurt.
Before Ymir dies, when she's all chained up, she's defo thinking about Historia. What she could be doing and if she's okay. She's probably sad that she can't apologize to Historia for leaving her like that. Ymir's last thought before she dies is probably about Historia ✌️😗.
So yeah... That's all for my yumihisu hcs atm. I rlly do adore their relationship and I'm rlly sad that it had to end that way. tHEY DESERVED TO GET MARRIED AND I WILL WAIT FOR THE DAY THAT COMES.
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zorelle · 14 days ago
Blue Unicorn - Unicornio azul
So we all… know who the unicorn is, right. This song is about losing him.
Tumblr media
Unicornio is a song by the great Cuban poet singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez. Silvio is one of the most renowned artists in his genre, la Nueva Trova Cubana, the musical Cuban expression of the counterculture/anti-establishment phenomenon in the 60s and 70s around all of the Americas and parts of Europe. Silvio is it for me like so many of his songs fuck me up and make me wanna cry… To thread a loose parallel to my non-Latinx readers, you could place him next to Bob Dylan, as in he´s one of the protest singers in Latinoamérica and that whole thing was huge here, still is.
So the song is actually just called Unicorn but everyone knows it as The Blue Unicorn so you know when the derangement hit months ago… and then Y yo a ti happened (!!) … Like this is one of the songs that made me do the playlist. (btw here's the playlist). This one is not as long as the last one by any measure, but I still think we should discuss it under a cut.
Ok… here we go.
That Destiel shot
Originally I thought about this song for the Purgatory arc, and I think it still fits by the lyrics, but the more I listen to it I think about the widower arc or I see Dean crying in despair… the song has this deep melancholic feeling that penetrates you, this sense of loss and hopelessness and like sweet awful grieving... So. In general, this is from Dean's POV and it's about every time he thought he'd lost Cas forever. Listen to it and you'll get a better vibe from this whole post, I swear. And yes, by a better vibe I do mean a sorrowful one. So go listen to it while Dean cries aklashdkjffvfth.
Tumblr media
Blue Unicorn
— as translated by me.
My blue unicorn got lost from me yesterday I left him grazing and now he's disappeared If there´s any lead or tip… I'll pay for it well. The flowers he left me are refusing to speak.
I lost him yesterday, my blue unicorn I don't know if he ran out or if maybe he got lost… And I have nothing left but a single, blue unicorn If anyone knows anything of him I beg you to tell me, 100k, a million, I'll pay it.
…My blue unicorn. I lost him yesterday, He left…
My unicorn and I, we developed this friendship A little bit on love, a little bit on truth. He would fish out songs with his indigo horn And then he knew exactly how to share them.
Yesterday, I lost my blue unicorn And this may have started to sound like an obsession, to you But I've got nothing more than a blue unicorn Even if I had two, I only want him.
I'll pay for any, any tip… …My blue unicorn. I lost him yesterday.
He's gone.
That Destiel meaning
I could start waxing poetics about Dean's grief and loss, but really the song already accomplishes that so much better when you listen to it and think of him. I think what I want to talk about is how the song belongs on the playlist, not only by Dean's POV in the story but by us. Because I think the way the show was handled forged this open wound on a lot of people where we never got a moment to actually say goodbye properly, to Cas. So the audience had to go through this grieving without closure.
A few days ago the spn fandom (the guys I follow anyway) were talking about how Castiel felt real to them and I think that's very powerful and true, like… I balled my eyes out recently when Misha said he believed Cas felt loved before the Empty took him. like I KNOW I understand he's not real… but it felt like Misha was the last person who saw a friend in common who I didn't get to see and lost forever, and he was sharing that my friend had felt loved before he died. I know it may sound weird to outsiders but I'm sure you understand. Our mind doesn't recognize fictional characters as fictional. If we care about them and we lose them, then real or not it's gonna hurt bad, and actually, this whole tumblr experience has been partially about healing that wound for me. The ending felt like a symbolic act of violence to a lot of communities I identify as part of and that's why I rewatched spn to catch up but I came to care about these characters and their fates, and it hurt like a bitch in the end because they didn't get a respectful closure, and it felt almost hateful to Castiel.
So yes, it is about Dean losing Cas and the uneasiness and grieve and obsession over finding him, but I think it could also be about the spn fandom wanting to see our fictional friend again and the despair of not having that moment to say goodbye or to not know if he's happy wherever he is now. Lastly, I wanted to say this song interests me in the latinenatural sense because… if we consider Latinenatural beyond the funnies, I think the treatment of the story would change drastically under a Latinx lens. Some parts actually do change under our consumption of the media as viewers. There's a lot of despair and grief and horror in Latinoamérica… So the setting of losing and searching for someone by a Latinx lens I think wouldn't necessarily have Dean chopping heads as to show how much Castiel means to him, I think it would maybe focus, even on a fantasy setting, on the horrible journey of searching obsessively for someone who disappeared. Or at least that's what I'd do with it. I would talk about the disheartening horror of losing a loved one and not knowing what happened to them.
Something more like Unicornio. Because the song, corny as it may sound talking about a magical beast, is written in honor of a disappeared friend.
About the song
¿Cómo pudisteis cantar infamemente a las abstractas rosas y a la luna bruñida, cuando se caminaba paralelamente al litoral del hambre y se sentía el alma sepultada bajo un volcán de látigos y cárceles, de patrones borrachos y gangrenas y obscuros desperdicios de vida sin estrellas? — Roque Dalton, Canto a nuestra posición.
There's a bunch of theories around the meaning of the song. This is partially Silvio's fault bc he's been changing his answer on interviews for decades now, sometimes he has talked about how everyone has a unicorn so it's left for interpretation, other times he straight up says he actually had a unicorn and lost it… So people have come up with theories like 'he used to have a unicorn toy when he was a child' or 'he means unicorn as in the artistic inspiration, the muse', the most bonkers one is 'he lost a pair of jeans he really liked'… I'm here to tell you I've done my research and they're all wrong. I caught you, Silvio! I did my homework and I gotcha now! (actually, all I had to do was read the reference for the cd booklet)
In 1982 while presenting his album, Unicornio, Silvio says "everything started with a good friend I made called Roque Dalton, he was from El Salvador and besides being an amazing poet, he was a great revolutionary, which would ultimately cost him his life (…)"
Tumblr media
Roque Dalton was recognized by a lot of people, he was admired by big names like Julio Cortazar and Elena Poniatowska, as much for his revolutionary spirit as for his rare natural ability to thread words in beautiful ways either be it poetically or narratively, which people recognized it also had to do with how close he was to his story and his people, the care he had for his country. Because of that, he got arrested a lot by the right-wing regime in El Salvador and ultimately had to exile himself in Mexico. From there Roque went to all the hot spots in the Soviet bloc and then settled in Cuba, where he met Silvio… and Cortazar, actually. Cortazar said he met him when Roque was getting in an argument about gun usage with Fidel Castro at a party. Like, imagine that. (x)(x)
So Roque is Silvio's unicorn, and the song is partly about his disappearance. He was killed by his own mates on the revolutionary forces, which really... I think is so fucked up. El Salvador didn't open any investigation, no one was ever charged for his death, and his body was never recovered.
The other inspiration Silvio talked about was actually Roque's son, Juan José Dalton, who had also made part of a guerrilla and young as he was had already been persecuted, captured, and tortured by the time Silvio and he spoke again. On that occasion, he had told Silvio that when he lived as a combatant in the mountains, he used to see a blue unicorn grazing in the distance from time to time. I guess that reminded him of his friend, forever lost to him and all of us.
Wouldnt it be nice to think of the people we love and lose as magical beings at peace, grazing around mountains, partially covered by the morning fog.
Anyway, this post is part of a set of rants I'm (slowly) writing about my playlist, Destiel en español, on Spotify. I wrote this one particularly in celebration of @tootiredmotel 's 500 followers, she planned 3 prompts each day for 4 days, I wanted this post to be ready on day 1 for "blue", but I'm like 2 days late 😬. However, I hope you still all find me sexy when I tell you I can fit it in today's prompt which is "reunite". It's 11:20 so I'm on time. And in order to reunite them on a good note and close this full circle, I'll take the words of Roque Dalton to take us there:
"Cuando sepas que he muerto no pronuncies mi nombre, porque se detendría la muerte y el reposo" "When you know I've died, don't say my name, for that alone would stop my death and stasis"
Tumblr media
That´s it for now, my heller friends and latinenatural vibrs. I hope you enjoyed it. 👐🏾✨
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romanticdrift · 9 months ago
You are a new ARMY? Me too hehe what made u attracted to vmin btw?
Thank you for asking this!!! I'm so glad I have an excuse to talk about it, especially in the New Year. Good time for reflections 😁 Sorry this will be a bit long, I'll talk first about becoming an ARMY and then becoming a VMinnie. You can just skip the first part if you’re not interested!
Journey to Becoming An ARMY & Vminnie
Becoming an Army: I’m one of the many quarantine ARMY, shamefully, haha! BTS has actually been on my radar for... a really long time. I had the luck to see BTS perform Boy in Luv live in the spring of 2014 at Music Bank in Korea - frankly guys, they blew everyone, including the SHINEE subunit promoting at the time (Key & Minho, I think?), straight out of the water. Their performance was actually one of the pre-recorded ones. Most artists with pre-records come out to say hi and do part of the song, but they don't go very hard (because why would they? The crowd was pretty small that day too). And jerks like CNBLUE waved for 10 secs and left. But BTS left their very hearts out on that stage (and it's been awhile but I think I remember dubbing Taehyung my fave immediately, which is sort of funny now, haha. Look at bb!Tae below. My taste in faces & voices haven't changed much).
Tumblr media
So anyway, my group all left being very much impressed with BTS. I casually followed them through the years, listening to some songs & always thinking of them fondly (and that I remembered this after one performance should let you know their charisma is no joke).
But as you all know, listening to them and being ARMY is a little different. And I didn't become ARMY until 2020 (honestly my great regret is that I didn't become proper ARMY that year - I could probably have gotten their signature that day since my friend's mom worked at music bank and seen all their shows when it was possible and grown up with them). 
The path there’s probably familiar to many. I was having a rough time in quarantine, Carpool Karaoke came out and I was charmed by not just their music and talent but their personalities, I slowly started trying to figure out names & song lyrics, and became deeply deeply caught up in their storytelling in both lyrics, MV, and performance (I don't talk much about their music here at all except for the song analyses, because tumblr is basically where I work out my shipper squees. But if anyone wants me to talk about it, I'd probably thank you 😂). Without going too much into the details, they helped me through a dark time. Jimin, specifically, for me came to symbolize both past-me and the me-I-want-to-aspire-towards.
Becoming a VMinnie: So! VMin! My entry-point was Jimin (as is the case for most people, I think?) - I watched a lot of interviews and read a lot of bad meta early on while attempting to learn the members' personalities. And I kept snagging on Jimin's, I felt like I just didn’t get it, and he was just so controversial. Like, don't google it, and definitely avoid quora, but it was all the stuff people like to sling at Jimin, that he's insincere, overly affectionate, attention-seeking in front of the cameras. But some people said it has to do with insecurity, and that he was really sweet, and of course he’s the focal point of all the maknae ship line fights. So... long story short, I began to watch Jimin really closely.
And honestly, you can't throw a stone in this fandom without hitting Ji / kook, so one of the first long insider things I watched was that gimbap-making vlive with Jungkook to try to figure them out 😂 But lo and behold, the only things lingering in my head were questions about the Jimin-Taehyung interactions. 
Tumblr media
I can even point you to the specific moments that confused me, haha. I’d heard they were best friends, even soulmates (which made me roll my eyes then). But I couldn’t read this relationship on screen at all (And please forgive my first impressions, like most people I initially thought Tae was very stoic because I couldn’t read his facial expressions & and thought Jimin acted too much because I didn’t know he really reacts that big all. the. time):
The gimbap vlive moment where Tae calls and says he's bored (lonely?). Jimin asserts control over the whole convo, keeps trying to get him to hang up, and I think ultimately the staff hung up on Tae? I remember thinking, “Why is Jimin so mean to Tae? Did he go off-screen to get a knife and signal to the staff to hang up on Tae?” 
The Time interview where Tae talks about how they’re not the Beatles because they’re seven, dance, and sing, and Jimin just collapses over him in laughter and puts his hand on his shoulder. I was like, “Overreaction much, Jimin???” and I couldn’t tell how Tae felt about the lingering touch.
This moment where Jimin says "You trust me?”, all flirty out of nowhere. Tae replies, "Yes, I trust you” but is very blank-faced and I was like, “OK so Tae does not like the joking flirtiness?” (I did watch the full interview but I can’t for the life of me remember which it is now, haha)
The Variety interview, specifically 6:22, where Tae keeps complimenting Jimin and Jimin is the blank-faced one, and the members were cute and awkward in the face of Tae’s sincerity (”What eyes are those?” “Temptation”). I was like, “So Jimin doesn’t like the joking flirtiness??? Is Tae even joking???”
This People interview, which I actually find excruciating to watch now because they’re trying SO hard to work through the language barrier and they were given such crap questions. But anyway, you know this one. Tae says Jimin wrote him a birthday letter and deadass recalls it as only saying, “I love you.” RM pauses, then says “Yeah, I won’t translate that,” while Jimin has a very stilted, careful smile on his face. I thought maybe it was them not wanting to have things misinterpreted due to cultural differences, since I knew Korean men tell each other ILU platonically, but at this point I was definitely going, “What is going on??? So they are best friends???”
And... that’s all she wrote folks. Down the rabbit hole I went. 
Funnily enough, these moments in some sense now encapsulate why VMin is so fascinating to me. There’s the teasing cuteness that veers straight into sincerity. There’s the odd push-pull, especially when Tae responds in a manner that’s too frank and Jimin and the other members don’t know what to do with him. There’s even the weird hot-cold thing Jimin does to Tae when he’s flustered. So on a meta level, there’s just so much to pay attention to and write about with VMin.
[Mini analysis on each moment now while I’m here:
Jimin seems to dislike Tae calling/”pranking” with him on live, I think both because he approaches it as part of the job (esp since this one was more formal) and also because he doesn’t like not being in control. I do think he signaled the staff to cut the call at an opportune moment so they could finish making gimbaps on schedule, since Jimin doesn’t comment when it cuts off. But notice how Tae basically speaks directly to Jimin & vice versa - Tae must’ve called on Jimin’s phone -; how Jimin can’t help laughing at his cute comment; how Jimin asks Tae what gimbap he likes to eat. There’s a lot of affection I couldn’t read on initial watch.
Jimin is not faking it obviously. He laughs like that all the time, and Tae doesn’t react much because why would he, it’s Jimin. He just looks over his shoulder and gives a small cute smile before continuing to talk.
Tae says that so quickly because he obviously does. And they flirt... because.
Tae means everything he says, but it’s such a serious interview it’s hard to laugh off how strong his statements are, which other members often try to do. Esp since Tae brings up Jimin to compliment out of nowhere not once, or twice, but three times. (Tbf, Jimin really did kill it in BST)
... I don’t know, there’s a delulu answer and a non-delulu answer. But as always, Tae means what he says]
BUT - beyond the way VMin allows me to over-analyze, VMin’s relationship is honestly so real and admirable? Soulmates, platonic or romantic. But not because they were born that way, but because they worked their way there? (I’ll talk about this in my Friends analysis, which I swear is still coming). Every time I think about their history and how they’ve cried and laughed and fought together and that’s how they can be what they are now, so obviously loving — I get a bit emotional. 
I spoke to a friend about this recently, I’m not the type of person who can have this type of relationship. I’m a little too selfish, too independent, too cowardly, I think. I’d want someone who shows up to sleep with me at 3am because I’m crying, but I can’t imagine loving someone enough to do the same. And I’m not sure I want to love someone this much? It’s so scary to place so much of yourself and your love in another person, what if one day it ends for you or the other person, what then?
But VMin do. And that they have such love, trust, and courage makes me admire this relationship endlessly. 
Tumblr media
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haiyuta · a year ago
|| || bang chan
Tumblr media
Summary: Struggling college student Y/n is on her last year of college as the bills stack she’s in a tough situation. Her roommate recommends her a website for local sugar daddies. That's where she meets Mr. Bang Chan a producer who is just a nice guy that has a lot of money.  
word count: 5.1k || genre: smut, lots of smut, kissing, dry humping, light choking, praise kink, soft dom chan, like soft, like he’s a caring daddy btw, light barely their daddy kink. 
a/ n: the end plot is so sloppyyyy but I put lots of plot and love and smut this could be better but its 5k of hard work so enjoy yall~
Chewing on your lip you eyed the website your finger hovering on and off the signup button. the website read on the front page in a quote read "where sugar babies meet high-quality Sugar daddies".
Taking your finger away you gave it a thought all the scenarios going through your head. What if it didn't go well? What if the men were creepy? Your friend already gave you tips 'meet in a public place' 'only if you want to you have to' things like that.
Your bank account was desperate though. Between school and working, you were left with little money. Lingering in the back of your brain you knew you couldn't the reality of having to borrow more money from your friend making you cringe.
Were you desperate enough for money to even sign up for this site? It was something you considered before knowing a few girls who used the website your roommate included for a while until she got what she wanted her debt paid off.
'Its easy just sign up it couldn't hurt' she explained to you. You grimaced it could hurt the many thoughts popped up in your head bad and good.
Your finger hovered over the signup button with great reluctance decided to sign up. Entering your email and information you looked at the rules. It was simple enough the men contacted you based on profiles near them. They recommend you do a date in public for safety reasons etc.
Some of the profile content was questions like the financial level you needed and what you could provide and some small information about yourself.
Your fingertips hovered over the keys writing some info about yourself.
"Hello I'm a graduating student soon with ambitions to join the workforce soon financial help would be the main  and I am very open with new options and experiences"
Finishing off with some fun facts age and a pretty picture your friend took of you. etc you clicked the finished profile you sat back looking at the website shaking your head you closed your laptop work was going to be early tomorrow.
You didn't check the website but a lingering message sat in your inbox.
As the week went on it a few messages popped in your inbox with a variety of guys some seeking immediate sex for money, some promising you the world but then there was one message.
Bang: Hello I'm sure you got many messages you're very pretty I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me. I'll pay of course and see if we are matchable. If not just ignore this.
The message made you quirk your eyebrow it felt real and raw in a way the others didn't. And with no picture, you decided to go and message 'Bang' back.
You: Thanks for messaging me I would love to just send your phone number and I'll talk to you more.
Nerves in your stomach grew as you waited for his message. A night went by until his reply.
Bang: Thanks so much here's my number can't wait to talk to you more :)
Tumblr media
You've been texting back and forth with Chan for a week till he scheduled a date setting a date that was good for both of you.
You were nervous your stomach turned with butterflies, the restaurant you were in was a fancy Italian restaurant downtown it had deep mood lighting with a clean crisp look to it.
"May I help you," the hostess gave a kind smile.
Shifting in your tight black dress your own but the gold necklace with a nice handbag were thanks to your roommate.  "Um yes," you said nervously "I have a dinner date with Mr. Bang," you said.
Looking at the list she nodded "oh yes he's waiting for you," she said leading you to the back.
Walking through the restaurant your stomach twisted leading towards the table. Questions ran through your mind. Why were you even doing this? It was to late to back down now you thought.
"Here you go," she gestured to the table. Laying your eyes on him you were slightly taken aback at his appearance. He was handsome.
Looking up from his phone a handsome smile lit his face. Slipping the device into his pocket he got up quickly.
"Let me," he gave a sheepish laugh moving toward you. The smell of his cologne filled your senses it was nice really nice.
"Thank you," you said sitting putting your loaned clutch on the table. Drinking in his features you noted he had sandy blond hair, deep dimples, and perhaps an accent. Dressed simply in a black button-up and black jeans expensive chan sat handsomely on his neck.
An awkward silence filled the table until he chuckled "I'm sorry I didn't even introduce myself I use Mr. Bang on my profile but you can call me Chan," he said. Yup, definitely an accent you noted.
His friendly smile radiated causing you to let a small smile "I'm Y/n thank you for taking me out". More like thanks for messaging me and taking me to a restaurant normally college boys would take you out to the best they could do. A local taco joint close to the university which was amazing but you did yearn for something romantic.
"You were beautiful I had to," he flirted with a charming smile. Stomach knotting at the word beautiful and how his foreign accent whispered them out.
"Thank you," you beamed shifting in your seat. The more you talked to him the more comfortable you became with him.
"So, you work in the music industry," you asked wanting to get to know him. Quickly thinking of his profile on the website. Young, producer and money to spend. The website though matched you and you couldn't directly message them until they choose you. Chan would be snatched up quickly if any sugar baby could choose.
"I do I'm a producer I also sing and rap a bit," he explained, "its something I like to do a lot" he added.
"That sounds like a lot of fun," you giggled poking at your food already full from the soup and salad but wanting more.
"It's long hours of editing and writing music," he perked up his eyebrow you noted he had a small cut in his eyebrow. "Hearing my music be sung by artist and people loving my lyrics is all worth it."
"But it's my passion but sadly my passion is mostly inside so it's hard to meet people," he explained eyeing you.
"May I ask why a guy like you would be on a sugar baby website," you said hoping you weren't overstepping your boundary. "I mean not that you can't be on these sites," you quickly blurted out feeling warm at the question you asked.
He laughed a little "I'm not a 40-year-old businessman with a wife and kids," he smirked out.
"Kind of," you trailed off staring at him.
"Well some of my friends were doing it recently saying they met some great people," he said "I also like showering my girl with money might as well see if this will work." he finished.
"Ah okay," you hummed eating some food.
"I'm just a nice guy who has a lot of money," he grinned his cheeky dimple popping out.
You snorted at the comment "wow," you laughed a little.
"Sorry was that cringy," he gave a sheepish smile.
You nodded covering your mouth trying not to laugh out loud.
"Anyway what about you," he asked.
You explained a bit about yourself adding what he needed to know you were almost out of college the struggle to finish was getting harder. He understood explaining he came to Korea from Australia looking for a fresh start. He found his talent when he sold one of his songs for the first time. You were shocked that it was called "Why so lonely" a classic a song that use to be on your freshman playlist every day.
The experience was new but something you would soon treasure a good conversation a lovely meal and getting money for it.
"Did you like the meal," he asked eyeing you placing his black card in his wallet writing down a quick tip.
"It was amazing," you gave a gentle smile. A little bummed this dinner had to end. Also anticipating if he wanted to continue this.
"May I drive you home," he asked giving you his arm. You smiled nodding slipping your arm through his arm.
The small private parking lot on the side as you browsed the expensive cars till you landed on his BMW with admiration a beautiful car that fit his aesthetic. Playful yet luxurious. Sliding into his car you shivered at the cold leather seats.
"Where do you live," he asked.
"Student apartments right next to the university," you explained "just that general area," you said hitting yourself of how dumb you sounded.
The car ride had light chatting he played some music from he wrote. You were shocked to find out it had some of your favorite artists under it. Learning he did some music for a trio group named 3racha.
Coming up to your apartment you sighed glancing at him "thank you so much," you paused letting out a soft "sir" at the end of it.
A moment passed over the both of you until Chan let out a laugh "Sir," a deep cute laugh.
A blush went to your cheeks at his laugh"You're cute enough you don't have to try okay," he assured his you pressing his hand to your cheek gently.
Your face was warm but his hand felt warmer. "Sorry about that," you said softly cringing at yourself. How natural this felt was amazing.
"May I kiss you," he whispered out his lips so close.
Your eyes connected to his light brown eyes your lips wanting to touch his "please."
It was a swift moment as his lips capturing your own. It was soft as he greedily consumed your kiss you were shocked at how good it was to be kissed.
Pulling gently apart your eyes flickered to his noting his eyes were so warm and deep you could drown in them.
"Um thank you for everything," you said feeling warm and frazzled at him. Opening the car door you could feel your heartbeat a little faster and your mind swirl with want.
"Your welcome baby girl," he winked watching you with as you trailed yourself up the steps and into the apartment building.
Tumblr media
Its been a few months since your first date with Chan. Honestly, it felt too good to be true. Soon as got home he texted you some information and the next thing that morning a pretty number with 4 digits now sit in your account.
It took all your will not to scream in a pillow at the money. That's what you make in a month for a date.
As the relationship continued Chan was giving you money for your attention dates, kissing, sex all of the above. Honestly, he could pay you nothing and you would still jump at the opportunity to sleep with him. You shuttered a little thinking of the sex simply put it was amazing.
Some basic rules were gently inforced. 1. You or have the right to end it at any time 2. Stressed the fact that this was an exclusive relationship. Light rules but Chan was very laidback.
Currently, you were in a store way too expensive well use to be way too expensive picking out a dress that would look good for this event with Chan. "This one," you hummed walking out in a cream-colored dress. It hugged your ass but the color was sort of off-putting.
Chan sitting on the seat in the private dress area leaning back his hair messy and untamed with a touch of curls. Your fingers always itched to touch those curly locks.
"I don't love it," he hummed eyeing you up and down. "Just the color it looks amazing on you though," he grinned. Sitting next to a pile of dresses that you both didn't like very much.
You frown this was the fifth dress you've tried but to be honest you didn't love it that much either.
"Okay I have a few more," you bit your lip as you went back to the dressing room. The event was tomorrow night performance of some underground rappers and Chan said he might perform with 3racha if he had time. Being on his arm for this event was important.
You shyly claiming you didn't have many dresses for something like that.
Sipping into the dress that caught your eye the most a deep rose gold dress with just a touch of sparkle. Eyeing yourself you smiled at how the dress fit you the price tag with the glaring 1k on the tag.
Slipping out the dressing room your gazed landed on Chan his eyes ran up and down your body. "Wow," he whispered out getting up to inspect the dress. "Do you like it," he asked placing his hand on your hip.
"I love it," you paused eyeing you and Chan in the mirror admiring how you looked and how he looked next to you. His eyes glazed with lust. "It's pricy though," you hummed looking at the price.
Chan leaned over kissing your temple "you know I'll buy it for you," he grinned pushing his hips closer to you.
"You spoil me," you hummed posing lightly in the mirror. It complimented your skin the way it fell made you feel utterly amazing.
"You look beautiful," he said pressing his body against yours. His chin resting atop your head as he stared at your dress in the mirror. You giggled at the reflection. He looked at you with an admiring lust-filled look. You perked up when you felt his bulge pressing against your ass.
Glancing at him through the mirror his deep brown eyes basically told you what he wanted. You've had sex with Chan before and to say the least you would fuck this man for free. You were just lucky enough he was paying your tuition with a sweet payday every other Friday.
You pushed your ass into him feeling his eagerness waiting for you. "We shouldn't," you hummed glancing at him. Leaning over he hummed his lips connecting with your neck. You sighed at the kisses leaning away for more access.
"We just need to be quiet," he whispered in your ear. Grabbing your hand he lead you to the small bench settling you on his lap.
His lips captured yours hungrily your mouths moved in a gentle rhythm. Pulling away Chan looked at you grabbing your exposed thigh placing you across his jeans. "Come on baby we don't want to wrinkle this beautiful dress up," he said pushing the dress up.
A small mew slipped out of you at the feeling of Chan lightly bouncing his leg. Wrapping your arms around his neck to steady yourself you moaned as he added more pressure to your clothed slit.
Your body was heating up at the feeling "come on baby girl," Chan whispered in your ear. Biting your lip you squeezed your eyes closed feeling your stomach twisting at the sensation. God, he got you off so good your mind raced with want.
Clenching your thighs around his you gave a soft moan as you rocked against his leg. The lewd act of humping his leg made your stomach twist with want.
Chan let out a light chuckle you gave him a small embarrassed glare at your current position. "Don't pout you look adorable," he gave a small smirk. "We better finish this off before we are found," he grinned as he proceeded to bounce his leg.
You were already damp as it seeped into Chan's black jeans. Pushing your head into his neck you let out small whimpers as you got closer to the edge. Ready to fall any moment but Chan holding you so tight you never wanted to let go. Pushing down on his thigh you gave a deep moan as you desperately humped his leg.
Leaning over you placed your lips moaning in the kiss. Your eyes twisted shut as waves of heat rolled down your body.
Chan pressed his lips hard against you as you sloppy kissed him. You came down from your high it took a moment but you felt Chan hand run up and down your back.
Biting your lip you gazed up at him giving him a light smile "we should get out of here," you hummed pushing your dress back down and getting up,
You lightly grimaced at his leg with had a decent size wet mark on them. "Fuck sorry," you said also eyeing his bulge.
He hummed grabbing your hand "don't worry about it lets just buy the dress and go back to my place," giving you a wink.
Your stomach stirred thinking of going to his house with him laying in his bed as he pushed your deep into his sheets "Let's," you grinned eagerly.
Tumblr media
"How does it look," you asked your roommate coming from your room in the dress you bought last week. It took a dry clean to get the smell of sex from the dress but it still looked clean and new.
Her gaze went from her phone taking a double-take at your dress. "Look at you in that dress," she hummed. Smiling you gave a small twirl the gold shimmering.
"I know I love it so much," you hummed going to the mirror to check your makeup and hair.
"So Y/n how's Chan," she said leaning on the couch her eyebrow raised at you.
"He's good he's taking me to a club tonight," you said.
She nodded "so you don't have feelings for him or anything right," she hummed out looking at you.
Pausing you stared at your eye makeup looking at her through the mirror image you felt your heart leap "of course not he pays me," you told her.
"Yeah I mean your college semester is almost over when will you break it off," she asked. You paused wondering if you would. You did get mostly what you wanted. Clothing, money, your schooling has been paid up to last semester. The thought of breaking it with Chan made your stomach drop.
Before you could answer you heard your phone ring. Grinning you picked it up avoiding your roommates grilling question.
"Hey baby are you ready," Chan spoke.
Glancing at your makeup and outfit you looked good. Shyly remembering what you did in this dress earlier that week. "Yeah I'm good," you hummed out.
"Great I'm downstairs," he said.
"Okay bye," you said clicking off the phone.
Your roommate was still looking at you "you're like into into him," she commented.
"I'm into his money," you easily lied to yourself. The money was great the clothing, the tuition all was amazing. But Chan as a person he was the best of all the gifts. Repressing these growing thoughts was the best you could do.
"Sure you are," she said pulling out up her Netflix. "Just let me know when you move into with him so I can find a new roommate," she teased.
Rolling your eyes you stuck out your tongue  "will do but won't happen," you said leaving.
"Have a nice night," she called out.
"Thanks," you yelled back leaving. Your stomach turned excited to see Chan. Hurrying downstairs you quickly came outside to see Chan leaning on the side of his car. You eyed him loving his outfit.
"Hey," you grinned going to him wrapping your arms around his neck. Your eyes held his from the told of his dirty blond hair to the way he had a smile chain around his neck and his signature black style.
"Aw you missed me," he grinned a small dimple popping out.
"Always," you flirted back.
Giving you a quick peck he opened the door for you. The drive to the small club was nice his hand firmly on your thigh as he navigated the roads driving up to the club.
"You'll meet some of my friends just fellow producers," he explained. The word date stuck to your brain well you were his date. The words girlfriend would be amazing to hear out his mouth.
"Do your friends have any sugar babies," you asked out the blue. Remembering he told you months ago some of his friends use the site.
He pursed his lips "some do some have two or more," he explained closing the door on the side parking.
Taking his arm nerves bubbled up in your stomach as you entered the low lit club. It was loud with live music on the stage was a male he had dark black hair with deep black makeup and he was rapping.
"That's Jisung he's a close friend and producer," Chan said leading you toward the back. The club was lowkey as people enjoyed the fast rapper on the stage.
"He's really good," you called out to Chan.
He nodded "yeah we are underground rappers are normally producers but we like to stay out of the limelight," he added. "I'll be on stage in a bit hope you'll cheer for me," he grinned.
"Always," you grinned. Sipping on the drink you were introduced to lots of people Felix an upcoming solo artist in the company.
"Time to get on stage baby girl," Chan hummed giving you a light kiss on your lips. His eyes lingered on you for a moment "After my set will get outta here," he said.
"Sounds good," you replied.
Felix stayed next to you as you two chatted while Chan was in the back. "Yeah, Chan told me a lot about you."
You nodded "can I ask about," you asked curiously.
Felix nodded his head "just you're really good for him is what I'm going to say," he explained.
Before you knew it the lights went down once again as Chan got on stage with Jisung and another male "who's that," you asked Felix.
"That's Changbin he is just an underground rapper Chan likes to promote with they call themselves 3racha," he explained.
You watched Chan on stage it was like he was a natural. His smile lit the stage his outfit clean making him look fashionable and handsome. That messy hair was darkening.
Your heart speeds up as you watched his performance him bouncing on stage, the way he hyped up the crowd and his fellow rappers.
Chan never really talked about the performing aspect of this. You were transfixed on the performance the lyrics, his movements it was all amazing. Then cheers filled your ears Chan had a small layer of sweat on his forehead "thank you for coming everyone we have so many new acts tonight please keep a lookout for them," he yelled in the mic.
"They were amazing," you said excitedly.
"Yeah, I love watching them perform," Felix agreed. "It doesn't happen often but when it does it's always great," he praised his friends.
Soon after Chan came back to the table with Jisung and Changbin behind him. A layer of sweat on all of them. "Guys I want you to meet Y/n," he said. "My girlfriend," he said glancing at you for a second.
Your eyes widen at the work girlfriend but decided to act cool "um Hi guys I love your music Chan's showed me some samples," you said.
"Ah thank you so much welcome to our little circle Chan's been meaning to introduce us to you," Jisung said giving a wide smile.
"Has he well my boyfriend is so mean not introducing me to his friends sooner," you side-eyed Chan. You felt Chan wrap his arm around your waist.
"Well we should all get together for some food soon," Felix added.
"That would be great," Chan said slipping his arm around your waist. "Sorry to be rude me and Y/n have to dip," Chan said. Giving his friends a few fist bumps he pulled you out the dark club soon after.
The cool night hit you giving you some much-needed space to breathe. "So Chan girlfriend," you quirked an eyebrow stepping away from his. Your insides turned at the word.
"I'm sorry that just slipped out," he spoke quickly apologizing, a red from the tips of his ears to his cheeks maybe from performing but it made him look different. Vulnerable to you like a confession. "I meant it I'll admit it," he added.
There was a pause as you looked at him and he looked at you. Before you knew it your lips were on his. His plush lips felt so good your heart beating rapidly at his confession and you think you got your answer across. He wrapped his arms around your waist pressing deeply into the kiss.
Pulling apart you gazed up at him he had a handsome smirk on his face. "your place," you bite your lip.
He hummed "I gotta hear it one time," he raised an eyebrow.
"Can my handsome boyfriend take me to his place," you admitted your arms thrown around his neck.
Grabbing his keys he and you hurried to his car. You praised his performance as you rode to his place. His hand now firmly placed entwined in your hand.
Stumbling into his condo you and his lips were attached to one another. Closing the door behind him you giggled as his hand slide through your once neatly curled hair now messy from the night.
Grabbing your hand you lead him to his bedroom it had deep blacks and grey al round. Your lips met in a messy haze of lust.
"Fuck you do things to me," Chan whispered pulling his lips away from you. His fluffy hair was now matted to his forehead attractively from his performance those brown eyes of his blazing with want.  
Sitting on his bed eyeing you from the high ground. "Look what you've done," he chuckled out touching himself. Your fingers itched to unzip him and help him.
"Can I," you asked reaching for his zipper.
"Ask properly," he leaned his hands behind him his hooded eyes stared you down.
"Please daddy," you whined out  On your knees, you unbuttoned his pants revealing Calvin Klein's you loved so much. When you got a peek of those they really set you off.
Slowly touching the hard outline you licked your lips in concentration as you teased him from the base circling around the tip feeling he was wet.
"Fucking hell Y/n," his hips involuntary jerked up to your touch. Your fingers raised under his black tee feeling his solid abs under your fingers tips.
"I love your body," you hummed feeling his stomach circling little shapes right above his waistline.
"Yeah," he stared down at you with hunger loving the praise that you gave him. Something you learned early about Chan is praise could get you a long way. Your nails dragged down his abs loving the feeling of them under your fingertips.
Pulling him out you admired his length. You gave his slick head a small kiss as you gently bobbed.
Chan lifted his hips letting you slip more into his mouth. "Fuck," he moaned as he started to hit the back of your throat.
"Relax your throat Y/n," he said gently brushing your hair. Chan gently rolled his hips deeper in as you relaxed your throat. You lightly choked on it pulling off quickly. You blushed realizing even with the training you couldn't take him very far.
"Sorry," you flushed embarrassed you couldn't even deep throat him.
Pulling you onto the bed Chan's eyes were gentle and lustful. He lightly patted your head lovely "you got better," he hummed. Grabbing your wrist he gently took it placing gentle kisses across your wrist. He stared at you with a smoldering look of want.
Leaning down his mouth attacked your neck you felt so close to him you could hear his heart race just like yours. His dick hard against your thigh so close to your entrance.
"Chan I need you," you moaned in his ear as he left wet kisses across his neck.
Pushing your dress up his fingers went to your panties taking them off "where do you need me," he groaned. His finger went across your slit petting you lightly.
"Right there," you moaned body heating up from the petting. He pulled your hips so close to him "please chan," you hummed desperate him to fill you.
He gave a cheeky smile "no need to beg," his Australian accent deep and thick. He grabbed your leg hiking you up. Hooking your leg around his hip as he entered you. The feeling of him stretching you making you wince as you took him between your folds.
"Ah fuck," he cursed out his face twisting into pleasure. His nose scrunched up in pleasure as his hips rocked into you.
Pushing your head into the pillow you let out mews of pleasure as he gave gentle thrust. The closeness of him in you made your head twirl. "Harder," you panted feeling him almost hitting that sweet spot.  
You felt his hips pace start to pick up as he went deeper. "Ah," you moaned out feeling the tingle of an oncoming orgasm come. You pushed the feeling down trying to savor the feeling of the pleasure.
Looking up at Chan his mouth slightly slacked as he focused on his thrusts fuck he was handsome you thought. A vulnerable look of want and pleasure twisted on his face.
He looked down at you a small smile lit on his lips "you look hot on your back for me." His words made your stomach twist with want and love.
"May I," he hummed his fingers wrapping around your neck. Your stomach tingled with want something about choking made you excited.
"Please," you begged.
Wrapping his hand on the side of your throat made you lick your lip making your head dizzy. Honestly, you didn't know you had a choking kink until Chan introduced you to it.
"Thank you, daddy," you hummed loving the way he pressed lightly on your throat his thumb gently tracing your windpipe. His thrust hit hard as he tightens his hold restricting your breathing.  
"Your welcome baby," he said thrusting into you deeper. Lifting into him you enjoyed the way his body pressed into you.
"I'm close," you moaned out feeling him hit that spot over and over making your eyes roll back.
"Hold your breath baby," he said tightening his hold. His pace got faster as he chased his own orgasm small groans left his lips lovely. "Fuck," he moaned "You feel so good," you moan feeling the sudden warmth of his cum spurt out. The warmth of it pushed you over the edge.
Clutching your leg behind his back black and white spots filled your vision. Chan let out sensual groans as he came down from his high. His hand released your neck as he went to pet your hair. 
Shifting your leg you felt him pull out of you. You bite your lip smiling at the feeling of him pulling you close. 
“Fuck,” he moaned taking off his shirt laying on the silk sheets. You turned to him a grin on his face. 
Wrapping his arm around your midsection he curled up to you. “Chan you smell like sweat,” you whined at the smell. 
“You know you love it,” he grinned as you pushed your face into his curly hair. 
“Mmmhh,” you hummed feeling him pet your head as his fingers up and down your body. 
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dinosaurtsukki · a year ago
haikyuu!! music idol au (karasuno ver.)
at long last here it is!! also most of this is based on my knowledge about kpop groups and the industry (as a kpop fan) but i made a lot of tweaks and i’m basically imagining this in a world where the kpop industry wasn’t so hard on its idols and churning out commodities. but yeah! this is going to be the first part of a series so stay tuned for more! also this is p long because i added hc’s for kiyoko and yachi >~<
Tumblr media
okay so in my head karasuno (or KRSN im sorry im bad at coming up with names) is like one of those really large groups that hav sub-groups kinda like NCT
they're from a fairly small entertainment company called umm KS Entertainment (im sorry im bad at names hnghn pt. 2)
its headed by ukai who's also like a really awesome choreographer and takeda who's like YG if YG had an exact opposite really kind twin who actually values their idols
(sorry im really salty)
takeda is honestly the sweetest, he's responsible for scouting and judging auditions
he'll basically let anyone who appears to put their all in pass the audition
he also likes to take care of all the trainees and make sure ukai hasn't made them dance to death
production crew are: ennoshita, kinoshita, and narita
kinoshita's like responsible for planning the concepts for every comeback
sometimes he thinks of really wild ones and ukai's jus like whoa there lets tone it down a bit
narita tag-teams with kinoshita by being karasuno's amazing stylist
his favorite person to style is suga but dont tell anyone that
and lastly we have ennoshita who singlehandedly produces every track on every album
he's also a really good vocal coach
and he's very tired because he's the producer and he also has to deal with tanaka and noya knocking on his door every five minutes
subgroup (night) KRSN-N
consists of: daichi, suga, asahi, noya, and tanaka
ok so karasuno has basically two main types of concepts: night (which is more like rugged and bad boy) and day (which is more boy-next-door and sweet)
the night subgroup has like a very strong rap line consisting of daichi, noya, and tanaka while for vocals we have suga and asahi
daichi is their leader ofc
he, suga, and asahi were in the same batch of trainees and had to (survive) live with each other for quite a while
his rap skills are really consistent and he has really good flow. also tends to start off their songs
his dancing skills are also impressive and basically just a great all-around guy
he's also really stressed from managing his group members esp because they're all children
asahi is one of their only two vocalists but he also has some good skills with music production and likes to work with ennoshita
he has a really deep but mellow voice
really shy when it comes to being onstage and meeting fans but he has the sweetest smile
tanaka is part of their dance line because boy can he bust out the moves
doesn't mind performing without a shirt. kinoshita has styled with him just wearing a jacket most of the time
his stage presence is just woah
the kind of performer who'd really get up close and personal with cameras and also people's phones
everything about him screams bad boy except for when he's really sweet in fansigns
noya is like their lightning-fast rapper who always comes in during the bridge
takeda heard him rap for barely a minute and quickly signed him in
more often than not enters the stage while piggybacking tanaka or asahi
also an amazing dancer who does all the gravity defying flips and jumps
he was invited more than once to collab with other artists
he and tanaka are trainee buddies and were inseparable ever since they ran into each other naked in the shower room
now for suga
he's like main visuals also main vocals also main dancer
was talented ever since he sprouted from the womb
he actually didn't audition his mom posted a video of him covering 'euphoria' by jungkook which takeda happened to come across
his voice is very high and he often harmonizes with asahi during the chorus
also tends to be really affectionate with daichi onstage and everywhere basically
so many 'daisuga being karasuno's parents for 15 mins' videos
subgroup (day) KRSN - D
okay so these guys have been together since their trainee years and basically had to live in the same room
which was like chaotic because they were always fighting and only yamaguchi knew how to do laundry so everyone was trying to be his friend
until daichi and takeda gave them a little pep talk so they don't hate each other so much now
n e weigh
first up we have yamaguchi who is basically jus very boy-next-door and also the unofficial leader of the group
he has an amazing voice and can hit the highest notes and he has a tendency to wink at the cameras
main vocalist and visuals
his fans love him because he's just so sweet
sometimes daichi comes in to check on how he's doing and treats him to a meal
he likes to check on other members during live shows
looks stunning in white suits also the fans made a petition for him to grow out his hair and now his hair is long
he and tsukishima have both dreamed of becoming idols and auditioned together
tsukishima's the main (only) rapper of the group
my brain: hnGhh rapper tsukki nskdkssm
he had to work on his stage presence but when he finally Got It he is such a master at it
also had to work on his dancing because he looked like a wiggling beanpole at first
most of his lines are actually written by him esp because he didn't want to say anything that felt embarassing for him and ukai was like 'why dont u write ur songs then?' and he's like 'mAYBE I WILL'
hinata's our other main vocalist, also main visuals and main dancer
his voice is p ordinary but whats great about him is that he's able to keep it consistent while busting out the hardest moves
personally learned a lot of his dancing from noya and tanaka
also he's always in the center because he's short and he looks adorable
he can nail the high notes too btw
he's the kind of idol who has the most random and funniest videos on twitter
kageyama's like their genius maknae
he had been training for such a long time and he actually wanted to be booked for another entertainment company but was rejected (hmm i wonder which company this was ??)
but he was a fan after seeing suga practicing when he toured the company and decided to join KRSN
he's in the vocal line as well and also main dancer
his voice is a lot lower so he harmonizes with yamaguchi and hinata
he and hinata were very competitive when it came to dancing during their trainee days
but they balance each other out pretty well and like to choreograph dance breaks together
super shy around fans and fansigns
most of the pics of him have kageyama doing the peace sign because he's awkward af
KRSN as a whole
takeda and ukai really encourage all of them bonding together and taking breaks in between all the stress of practicing and performing
they all live in one big house and its really chaotic
very few people know how to cook and do laundry
also there is an average of 2 accidents per week
but they do get along when it comes to practicing for the next comeback, especially when the subgroups have to collab
ennoshita's studio is a mess of sticky notes and crumpled up paper with probs asahi, daichi, tsukishima, and ennoshita napping on a couch
suga loves being able to train hinata and yamaguchi with vocals and they have a project of covering a new song every week for the fans
tanaka, noya, kageyama and hinata also spend a lot of time in the dance studio
whenever there's a new song they like to come up with movements to add to the choreography
after a really hard day of dancing they end up falling asleep in the studio and waking up to take-out courtesy of takeda
photoshoots and styling sessions take forever since there are so many of them but also its a good time for the members to get some sleep
but kinoshita and narita do not but in the end its all worth it when they see the photos and the reactions from the fans
their music and performances are very varied since they like to show that they're versatile as much as they can
they don't really prioritize being precise and flawless, more on channeling the emotion of their songs and power in their dances
no two performances of the same song are ever the same 
okay so takeda also had this genius idea of bringing out solo acts and after another round of auditions, kiyoko caught his eye
she's a bit older with idol training and recently left the group she was supposed to debut with because the company didn't treat them right
my girl kiyoko knows her rights
she's basically an all-around talent: good at singing, dancing, rapping, and visuals
takeda knew he would be dumb to overlook her and even though they've mostly been producing boy bands, maybe they'll have success with a solo female idol
kiyoko was very clear abt wanting to have more control over how she was going to be presented and also wanted the opportunity to write her own songs
and takeda and ukai were jus like well yeah duh, that's why we scouted you
kiyoko was like an immediate success
her style is def very sassy and sexy, especially with her dancing ability
kind of like Chungha or Hwasa
but her fans also like her more melancholic and deep songs that are accompanied by her piano playing
she's also super confident and loves to use her platform to empower women
sometimes she does get together with the KRSN members
she collabs pretty often with suga esp when it comes to dance covers and performances
the day she asked tanaka and noya to be back-up rappers for one of her songs was the happiest moment of their lives
kiyoko's a fucking queen
because i wrote hc's for kiyoko i have to make one for yachi too
she's quite interesting because yachi joined like one of those idol training shows and kiyoko happened to be a guest judge
watching yachi sing made her sense some sort of potential so kiyoko being the bad ass bitch she is convinced takeda and ukai to work with her
yachi almost died hearing that Queen Kiyoko thought she had potential
her first years training to be an idol were really tough on her, esp since she was aiming to be a solo act
but she spent a lot of time training with the KRSN - D group and they really helped boost her confidence
everyone in KRSN and kiyoko asked their fans on twitter to support her when yachi's first album dropped
yachi's music is super mellow and light and she has a very sweet, high voice
comeback stages and music video shootings are pretty scary for her but she really shines in live, studio sessions
also knows how to play guitar
writes her own songs !!!
during her first fan meeting she prepared a bunch of presents for her fans and was scared that no one would come but a whole bunch of people did and she was so happy she almost cried
haikyuu!! music idol au series: karasuno vers., seijoh and shiratorizawa vers., nekoma and fukurodani vers.
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gendistic42 · 9 months ago
Ok so here are my famous!newsies headcanons from an a modern au i thought of if newsies were celebrities/famous yknow bcs I couldn’t get this idea out of my head and idk what to do with it other than making a headcanon list nabsnzbsvsnsbz anyways hope yall validate me after not posting any original content for like…. awhile now hehe
btw it got longer than expected. And I mean r e a l l y long. So if yall wanna read this better sit down and buckle up! 
He’s an artist on youtube
Like a modern day bob ross ig??
If yall know zhc on youtube just imagine that but not so rich (I don’t watch zhc btw but i do know that he does custom art on iphones and stuff and that is definitely not jack kelly)
Anyways Jack simply goes by Jack Kelly.
So jack does art challenges. Like does the weirdest requests from his fans left in his comment section and stuff
Or maybe challenging himself to make art from a specific theme or a specific media
Sometimes he vlogs too but his art videos are what his fans like the most
His merch is amazing because he designed the pattern/drawing/whatever yknow. It’s printed/sewed/whatever on the clothing and it’s good quality. It’s pretty lowkey for a youtuber’s merch bcs jack doesn’t like those merch that just smacks his logo on a hoodie
He’s a fantasy, YA, romance writer (he mixes it wisely ok?)
And goes by David Jacobs
Listen he’s a hopeless romantic and i’m pretty sure yall agree too
He wanted to stick to YA romance. The classic high school lovers yknow
But he wanted to challenge himself since he’s been writing about high school lovers since he was in high school
Thus the fantasy genre came in mind
So yeah he likes creating love in his own universe
Whether it’d be different worlds, universe, species, time periods, whatever.
He wanted to direct the movies based on his books, but he’s actually lowkey terrible at leading on his own. But he did stick to being the script writer and co-director (look idk how it works in the film industry i’m just making shit up)
He’s a solo jazz singer
Crutchie gives off Michael Buble and Jason Mraz vibes tho
And maybe a bit of frank sinatra? Yknow ‘cause he sings jazz
Also he riffs thank you very much :)
He goes by Crutchie Morris to everyone
He usually plays the acoustic guitar or piano on stage
Ok but he’s like really good with the piano
Makes the best jokes on stage too. Some are just sarcastic comments.
Crutchie asking through the microphone : “Oh, straight?”
A fan he’s talking to from the crowd : “Uhh… no, gay”
Crutchie : “no not you, the vodka”
Everyone at the concert : *laughs*
Crutchie, jokingly : “Oh, you’re drinking vodka! Straight? No gay”
(yes that was indeed inspired by that one video of Harry Styles and a fan in one of his concerts yall can’t stop me)
She’s a crime mystery writer
Think like the modern day Agatha Christie
Okok but she goes by Kathrine Plumber on her books :D
She chooses that genre bcs she’s a huge fan of Agatha Christie
Her favorite book from Agatha is Murder on the Orient Express
Oh and her books are sometime very gruesome alkjsfhakjsfb
Nobody check her browsing history, she’ll look like a murderer
Ok but I feel like she also has a youtube channel about books and stuff and sometimes like to vlog
She also has a writing tips series on her channel where she shares tips on some of the frequently asked questions about writing or her fans leave a specific question in the comment section and thought she could expand more to it in a full length video
Also she likes to vlog while she’s in a book convention
Her books are also turned into movies and she has done a great job directing it
Yall would be lying to me if you don’t think this kid would end up being a twitch streamer and youtuber (like vlogging yknow. I feel like his gaming stuff would strictly be on twitch)
And ik it’s widely agreed by everyone in the fandom that he’s a dancer of some sort so yeah he’s also simultaneously a dancer
I don’t think I need to explain any further bcs it’s just so in character
He goes by Racetrack Higgins
Ok so he likes to vlog on his youtube channel
Sometimes does stupid challenges
Maybe he’d drag Albert to do a challenge which he always says no
“I’ll just be your cameraman dude, dw”
Race : *angery*
Since Al and Smalls are the skateboard peeps™ race is the rollerblade dude™ bcs I say so
He has three cats named Racecat Higgins, Spot Clawlon, and Romeow (i’ve mentioned it before and I will mention it again hehe) and his fans loves them endlessly
You don’t think this kid would also end up being a twitch streamer and youtuber like his bestie up there?? Lmao you thought wrong (again, gaming is strictly on his twitch)
He just goes by Albert DaSilva on the internet
And yes he’s also a dancer because I say so
On his Youtube channel he also vlogs
Half of his vlogs starts with him riding his skateboard
“Hey, guys! Welcome back to another vlog-” *falls off his skateboard for not paying attention to a curb*
It happens way more often than he’d like to admit let’s be real. His fans make a compilation of it and memes on reddit
Always wear a snapback
Snapbacks are an important element to him so his merch store is really boosting his snapbacks
And just for the wormsie discord server he has one with the word ranga on it after it being born from a stupid inside joke he, race, and both of their fanbases combined share (@ my wormsie fam thank me later)
Oh yeah, his youtube besties are Race and Smalls just so we’re clear here :) (I’ll get to Smalls in a bit)
So I always headcanon Albert having two big dobermans. So his fans always want to see a doggy update because Zara and Zoey are everything to them.
Doggo vlogs are fun. It’s usually Albert taking the two good girls to Central Park for playtime or teaching them new tricks
He’s a solo rock singer
Is an amazing singer like wow none of the newsies expected him to have that sort of pipes to reach high notes
And he does it amazingly with no sweat
Also his instrument is the electric guitar to go with his amazing singing ajsfhasjfhajhf
Anyways he goes by Spot Conlon still
And his songs are very lyrical. Like very.
A lot of metaphors. No one knows what most of his songs means.
So basically Taylor Swift songs if it switched genres to rock. And not even like songs from speak now or red. But like if evermore and folklore songs were to turn into rock songs with a little bit of reputation vibes sprinkled on top. And his concerts has the reputation era vibes but make it spot conlon (hey non swiftie fans reading this i’m so sorry i’m pretty sure yall don’t understand wtf i’m talking abt)
That is also the only way i know to describe his vibe i’m sorry but i don’t really listen to a lot of rock alkjhfasjk
Anyways it’s a known fact that he wears tank tops daily that it becomes his signature look. And also an inside joke among his fanbase
Now just picture the merch booth from one of his shows and there’s like endless tank top designs for his fans to pick and choose
He’s also crowned to be the King of Brooklyn bcs of obvious reasons
But the joke is he’s a pretty tough hardcore guy that’s a cat person
She’s a badass female solo singer
Mostly does pop but the badass type of pop
Yes, she does go by Sarah Jacobs
Fans were really surprised Davey and Sarah are related
Because one is a hopeless romantic while the other is a total badass
Anyways she gives off Little mix, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Selena Gomez vibes
That is literally the only way I can describe it
She’s very lyrical, with a lot of metaphors
When she dances on stage, she d a n c e s
All while holding a mic to sing. And she hits all those high notes like it’s no ones business (a literal queen i tell you)
She and Spot are besties and has been known to have done a few collabs together
Their fans were hesitant about their collabs since their genre is pretty different from the other but they make it work and it slAPS
And among all her boppy songs with full choreography and backup singers, she always have a few songs she sings while only being accompanied by piano or guitar (Either electric or acoustic) which she plays on her own
He’s an indie pop artist with his trusted acoustic guitar by his side
Just think of music by Wallows and Lewis Capaldi were to be blended in together and Conan Gray for the cherry on top
But it has a little bit of Ed sheeran, Lorde, and Lauv vibes to it too
His concerts are simple but his songs are mostly very boppy so his fans still have fun either way
And it’s usually in small venues but there are times where he had a concert in a huge stadium
He goes by FINCH (yeah all caps btw)
Finches are a very on brand thing for him obviously
Has been known to collab with Crutchie and they actually make a very good team
Somehow was able to combined both genres to produce a few boppy songs
Ok ok but Finch and Crutchie have made a collaborative album (and maybe they went on tour????)
He’s a history fiction writer
Yes this is inspired by the fact that he’s 100% a history nerd (no one change my mind i love this headcanon aight)
And he explores a lot of different histories from different parts of the world
He actually helps a lot of students understand history even further for school through his novels
Anyways he goes by Specs because I say so
No one knows why that’s his pseudonym and Specs isn’t interested in explaining either. No one other than the newsies need to know it was born from a stupid nickname the newsies gave him :)
His research mostly comes from history books because of his genre which wouldn’t be a problem since he has loads and will voluntarily buy more if needed
Also yeah he makes a great director for the movies taken from his books
He’s a chef on youtube
Goes by Mush Meyers
So think if Gordon Ramsey and his youtube channel but make it mush
Yeah that’s it really
Ok but Mush is a jolly and friendly person
Other than just food vlogging he does cooking challenges and cooking tips too
Sometimes he does the cooking challenges with a friend (mostly henry but i’ll get to him later on in the list)
But he also vlogs his life
Which isn’t really often but he likes to sometimes
He’s that big of a foodie he has a food blog too
And also a seafood restaurant so that’s cool :D
Like Mush, he’s a chef on youtube
Goes by Henry on the internet and in general
Ajkfhajfjska I’m thinking about how ppl would address him as Chef Henry kajhfkjlashfjklasfjklsf
He mostly does the same thing like Mush actually
Food vlogging and cooking challenges (they do it together so) sometimes cooking tips
But Henry vlogs his life a lot
And instead of a food instagram he has a food blog
He has a sandwich restaurant
Yeah it is inspired by his pastrami on rye with a sour pickle line from KONY get mad about it why don’t ya (well if i’m not mistaken henry was the one that said it but idk i have horrible memory) 
He’s a youtuber
Ok so I have a specific headcanon that Blink majored in psychology but didn’t end up being a psychologist
So instead he becomes a psychologist on youtube
Who often vlogs jhgasjlfhs
The guy looks like he could cut you but his sense of humor once you get him talking is just *chef’s kiss* amazing
Which is why he also has a podcast because he’s also secretly great at talking
He just thinks mental health is very important, okay?
He’s an actor
Mostly on Broadway but has worked with Hollywood before
He’s usually a supporting character but has been known to understudy for main characters
Ok ik these bullet points are getting shorter and shorter but these are mostly bcs some of these stuff are pretty self explanatory since it’s very in character
Like are you telling me a kid named Romeo isn’t gonna be in some way very dramatic and end up turning that personality trait into his career?? Plus he’s very good at that?
Yeah you’re lying to me
Also he’s a pretty frequent vlogger on youtube
Look he’s a fun guy, what did you expect?
Just goes by Romeo on youtube
He’s an actor
Has done his fair share in Broadway and Hollywood but started in Broadway
He can dance but thinks he’s pretty average in it yknow
Which his fans has no idea what he’s talking about because on stage he can do flips and turns like it’s no ones business yknow
But he can sing really good and takes pride in it
Elmer would play characters that is really far off from his own personality that fans couldn’t believe that Elmer played that character
He has done his fair share in main characters and supporting characters on Broadway
In Hollywood he usually does indie and rom-com movies
He’s a fashion youtuber and basically an influencer 
Let’s be real this boy is a fashion icon
He’s not really a model but more like a fashion influencer and also kind of a fashion designer
His clothing line is very *chefs kiss* amazing
He designed it all and sometimes likes to design for his friends as well
He also does fashion tips on his youtube channel
His instagram game is god tier level (along with Tommy Boy and Sniper I’ll get to them in a bit) 
But yeah he also vlogs
And goes by Buttons Davenport
He’s an actor
Mostly on Broadway but has done a few movies in Hollywood
He radiates main character energy and he does become the main character most of the time (on hollywood at least)
On Broadway he mostly enjoys being apart of the ensemble because this boy loves dancing
But he does play a few supporting characters
He has released one or two albums too because his singing is top tier
But isn’t interested in doing a lot of live concerts with his albums
Since no one has the time to say Josephino Jorgelino De La Guerra he turned it into Jojo De La Guerra (so much for ‘a special nickname only for friends and family’)
Mike and Ike
They’re a pop boy band and bcs of my lack of creativity it’s called Mike and Ike
At the start of their career :
“My name goes first because I’m older than you!” - Mike
“You’re only older than me by 13 minutes, holy shit!” - Ike
But Ike slowly accepts the fact that it’ll be like this yknow
Anyways they’re pretty great singers
They have one direction and new hope club vibes
Tho unlike one direction they can dance (i love the boys alright but i really think it’s funny that they can’t dancelkhjjlh)
They like to switch from the guitar (electric and/or acoustic) to the piano
The amount of times their name is confused by the candy is too many 
But they like it like that lol
Anyways i’ve mentioned a headcanon where Mike has tattoos (not like from head to toe but it’s fairly noticeable to everyone) and Ike has piercings
So the only way their fans tell them apart is by that
But there are times where Mike has his tattoos covered or Ike took his piercings off in public alone. A fan mistakens them for the other twin but they still respond to the other name because they don’t feel like there’s a need to correct them since they’re mostly known by Mike and Ike anyways. When the fan posts it on instagram and tags the twin they thought it was the twin that was tagged would comment “wrong twin but nice pic you two”
Happens wayyyyy too many times. Their fans are officially scared to approach one of the two in public alone without their differentiating indicators on which is which
And yes it is widely known that they argue a lot when it comes to writing songs
Nothing out of the ordinary sibling squabble yknow but it’s a lot
But they do end up finding a solution to the topic of their argument and make a good team at the end of the day
He’s an actor
On Broadway, he’s one of those actor’s that is mostly good in just the acting and singing
He can’t dance to save his life sjdfghaf
So Jeremy Jordan yknow asj;oghajshf
No not really. He can dance a little bit
So he’s mostly the main character
But he’s widely known for his works in Hollywood
He does a lot of drama. Think stuff like Elite and Designated Survivor. Yeah those kinds of heavy drama (well idk i think those two are pretty heavy)
He wants to release his own music because he’s a pretty good singer but he can’t write songs to save his life either jgnjafjasf
And all the demo songs he was suggested by producers isn’t his cup of tea
So he’s no singer ladies and gents ://
The name Hotshot is used to name his social media platforms. He always adds a description in his bio’s that Hotshot is a nickname his friends and family use so his fans and the media refer to him with his name
I headcanon Hotshot’s real name is Tyler or some sort. No don’t ask me what’s his last name is because idk either lol
She’s a model, beauty and fashion youtuber (I’m pretty sure those are two different things tho idk i don’t watch youtube religiously anymore), and just an influencer in general
Instagram game on p o i n t
I know most beauty youtubers go by their names but uhh… i don’t think i’ve ever thought of a first name for Sniper but I really think she really would just go by Sniper Wah on the internet (Idk she seems like an Ashley in my head but feel free to recommend headcanon names to me)
Anyways she’s very fashionable
Tommy Boy (i’ll get to him just wait aight?) and Buttons are her fashion besties
The three of them pretty much appear in each other’s Youtube video not Tommy’s tho bcs he doesn’t have one lol
Sniper’s brand are huge sun hats
I have no idea how or why but that girl has sun hats vibes I can’t explain any further I’m sorry
Doesn’t have a clothing line but does have a make up brand of her own. She calls it Sniper. Yeah that’s it akjfhjf
She’s a twitch streamer and youtuber like race and albert
They’re a youtube trio everyone loves it
And yes she does go by Smalls
Oh and she also dances like her two stupid besties thanks for asking
Bubblegum is her brand (idk how to explain she just has the vibe)
She is skateboard chick
I’m imagining a video collab of her and Al on a skatepark doing stupid challenges
It’s her most viewed video
Tommy Boy
Ok ok he’s a model, influencer, and dancer
So think a male version of Gigi Hadid that dances
No he doesn’t have a youtube channel but frequently has made an appearance on Buttons’ and Sniper’s videos
Yes his instagram feed is also very amazing
He goes by Tommy Boy
People genuinely thinking ‘Boy’ is actually his last name and kinda think it’s strange but doesn’t complain
Tommy literally didn’t think people would think it was his last name. But they did anyways
Let’s just get straight to the point : he’s a famous tiktoker 
And yes, ppl are surprised at the fact that him, Davey, and Sarah are related to each other 
To the people that made it through this entire list. Congratulations and thank you for your validation. Have a wonderful evening and stay hydrated 
i will write at least one oneshot out of this au i promise!!
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coralsgrimes · 22 days ago
That photo of Ben with the guy from 'Just Jared' is enlightening as to why he's not on the team of 40-year-old Hollywood winners. Sigh!
Chances are, his WME agent manages careers at C-list level, or at most on B-list level. Many actors (Chris Hemsworth, Jake Gyllenhaal) at some point in their career realize that to win they have to leave a WME and go to a CAA or vice versa. If Ben hasn't been able to figure it out so far, maybe the time for him to do it has passed. It's hard to understand why he hasn't been making movies for the past few months, like some other actors with less talent than him.
Wake up Ben, there's still time!!
Btw, his inspirational list has fantastic artists, but it's like he's stuck somewhere at the age of 60. Boring as hell.
Gyllenhaal left CAA years ago for WME right? Gonna add again that Jules is signed with WME as well.
Anyways, whatever they do at WME, it is clearly not working in Benny Boys favour… Wanted to add lately but that would be only half-true lol. Or maybe Benny gonna only do netflix projects now?
Yeeeah the playlist is boring af and not my style. If I was a mean bitch (which I’m not) I would say that the playlist/influences are like uni student hipster musicians or something. The ones that play at open nights and no one listens, and maybe put some songs on soundcloud (is it still a thing?)... Benny is a big Donny Hathaway fan tho. If someone still haven't noticed lol
More Ben and Jared photos incoming. One is from ‘Birthday Bash’ and it was in 2012 or 2013 and the other one is from a pool party in 2014.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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girlgrouptrash101 · a year ago
Jiwon (Fromis_9) as Your Girlfriend
Request: “Can I ask a fromis_9 Jiwon as your girlfriend please?”
“Thanks for dealing with my requests!! Wanna request a gf headcanon with fromis_9 Jiwon and Nakyung *peeks*”
“Tear gas-eating HongKonger requesting fromis_9 Jiwon as a girlfriend lol Thx for your efforts, I rly like your work as a tranquilizer to me among thousands of tear gases launched here lol”
A/N: guess who’s back again usdfsdfklks
- C
Tumblr media
who's ready for some good old PARK MEGAN YEE YEE
you two met in school, n Jiwon basically pined after you for like a year until Chaeyoung was like IF YOU DON'T ASK THEM OUT I WILL
so Jiwon ended up taking you out for pizza,, and you hit it off so well and have been together since :'D
(I mean you secretly had a crush on her ever since you heard her singing in music class but I mean who wouldn't she has the voice of an angel)
since you left school, your relationship has only gotten stronger, both of you maturing and growing up together creating such a strong bond between you
plus you still get to go on pizza dates whenever you want hehe
n Jiwon, even though she does it EVERY SINGLE TIME, AcCiDeNtaLLy gets her milkshake all around her mouth and makes you kiss it off every tIME
which you also give into every time because I mean... free kisses who's complaining here, not you!
LOVES playing video games with you ,, she wins every round but makes you play time and time again because she convinces you that you have a chance at winning
she also loves watching horror movies
which is great but.... miss Jiwon is loud asf in general, so just prepare your eardrums for when the jumpscares happen cuz god DAMN
absolutely forget ever owning your own clothes because y'all share everything now
but it's so so worth it because when Jiwon borrows your hoodies she has the cutest little sweater paws n you just wanna snuggle her forever 🥺
Jiwon absolutely LOVES cuddles
sometimes you cuddle watching movies and stuff but her absolute favourite way to cuddle is to lie on your bed, her head resting on your chest as she snuggles right into you
and you guys stay up for hours like that, talking about the most random things that come to your mind, making dumb jokes and also planning your future together
plus she gets easy access to kiss your neck, and you get to play with her hair for as long as you want (which she absolutely loves btw)
as well as cuddles, Jiwon absolutely loves kissing you, whether it be your hand, your forehead, your neck, your cheeks, your lips.. anywhere she can kiss you, she will
and when she gets a lil sleepy, she loves to climb into your lap, giving you the softest kisses against your lips
which usually ends up in a slow makeout session, Jiwon kissing you until she gets too tired to continue, laying down and falling asleep against you 🥺
Jiwon is also like the CEO of gift giving like you haven't even said anything about what you want but somehow she always manages to guess exactly what it is that you wanted like idk... she mind-reading or sumn over there
but the best gift she has ever ever EVER given you was a mixtape on your second anniversary
if was a mixtape of love songs that she'd written and sung for you, all recorded onto the tape and my god she literally had the voice of an angel 😔🥺💔
like you always play it in the car when you're missing her, and you honestly can't listen to it without crying - it's just so raw and pure, it's so clear that she loves you SO much 😭
Every year there's a local music festival that you and Jiwon have gone to ever since high school
you always pack a picnic and a blanket, chilling out on the grass and listening to all the up and coming local artists, just having the time of your lives
and at midnight on the last day of the festival, they always let off fireworks,,,,
those fireworks are when you and Jiwon had your first kiss all the way back in school
so now you have make it a tradition to have your lil firework festival kiss every year since then
absolutely a sucker for PDA
like she will be hanging off you (probably decked in your clothes also), your hands intertwined as she steals kisses whenever she can
just a 10/10 girlfriend/support system/personal singer/ BABIE
Tumblr media
NSFW From Here:
not to push the Jiwon pillow princess agenda but I'm about to push the Jiwon pillow princess agenda
girlie just likes to lay back and get taken care of after a long day and you're more than happy to do so
highkey a bottom lbr like girlie just wants you to take control and make her feel amazing
when she gets really into it, Jiwon loves to make it feel really intimate and more like making love than having sex
you best believe she will have candles lit and the bed covered in roses omg
but she's also the typa girl to just get freaky in sweats on the couch after a movie and a takeout
it all just depends on her mood really
10/10 giggles after every time you make her cum
and afterwards she's like??? why is my voice gone damn and Ur like.. did u not just realise how loud u were??? park Megan hello!!!!???
she looks absolutely stunning! in lingerie and she KNOWS IT
which is why your phone always blows up at the most random of times, with 102929 Snapchats of her in her favourite lingerie sets, knowing that she's driving you insane
doesn't mind toys too much, and often finds new ones for you two to experiment with to spice things up
but she often prefers when it's just you, your fingers inside her curled just the way she likes it
LOVES when you eat her out like I'm not even joking she will go INSANE
her fingers threaded in your hair, pulling you closer to her core as her voice rises higher and higher
aftercare with park Megan usually consists of her passing tf out as her hands pull you against her so you can envelope her in a bear hug as she sleeps :']
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celestelights · 10 months ago
It’s been years, I still love you
Tumblr media
-   Chan is a well-rounded idol and full-time producer, everything was perfect, he got his dream job, the members, his passion for music, until he saw a familiar face, y/n the only one who caught Chan’s attention even after she left to change path of career. Y/n was a model under a famous company, she thought in modeling, her life would be at peace until she met him again.
* Disclaimer: I’m not a professional writer so please bear with me and this may have been grammatical errors and typos so yeah *
° GIF not mine °
I’m late again for practice! Argh! I shouldn’t stay up all night writing songs.
“Hyung! you’re late again”, “Hyung! Where have you been?”, “We need to finalize some steps in order for us to film our next music video”. That’s all I can hear once I enter our practice room.
“Okay I get, I’m going to do some stretching first before I join you guys.”
After practice we rest a bit then eat our lunch together at the cafeteria. “Hyung! Why are you late?” Jisung asked as I eat my lunch. “I stayed up all night writing songs “. After that I remained quiet, as I looked at my members, I felt happy and contented but something is still missing….
“Okay guys, before we go back to practice, we should go bowling? What do you think? “ Hyunjin asked, “ How about karaoke? I know a place near here!” Jeongin suggest, “ AAHHH!!! I don’t want to sing at the moment, my voice might crack!!” Minho whined, “okay okay, how about we split? Hyunjin and the others can go bowling, while the Jeongin and the others can go to karaoke?” I propose.
After karaoke and bowling with the members, we go back to the company and finalize our steps, we’re preparing for our next comeback, and again our schedule would be hectic as always. As we enter the elevator, I saw a familiar face, she was average height, has a nice body portion like a model and angelic face. “ Y/N? “ I said to my mind.
The elevator closed going to the 3rd floor, to the practice room, I waited for it to reached at 3rd floor, ”it can’t be her?” I said to my mind as I wait for the elevator to reach our destined floor.  “Guys! I’ll catch up, I think I forgot something at the groud floor?!“ , “But what about our dance?” felix asked, “Just go! I’ll be right back, I promise” I said as I got back into the elevator to see if it is indeed y/n.
I reached the ground floor, trying to find y/n. “Where is she?” I whisper. I try to fasten up my pace in walking, as I walked to the artist lounge, there I saw her with ryujin! “it really is her!” I smiled as I look at her from a far.  I try to get closer to them without getting caught.
“how you have been y/n? it’s been a long time! I missed you!” ryujin said “Yeah, it’s been a while, are you taking care of yourself? It’s cold these days, you should take care of yourself and your members also! congratulation on your debut btw! Hehe” y/n said to ryujin. Gosh I missed that voice, the voice that I admired even since trainee days.
I was about to go until ryujin saw and called me. “Chan?” now I’m dead, I faked a smile as I faced them. “How are you two doing?” I asked them, as I walked towards them. “Good, I’ve been busy since our debut promotion is not yet over” ryujin said. “how about you y/n? it’s been years” I said to y/n, her face was kind of shocked but she still manage to look at me. “ Good, busier since a lot of photoshoots and commercials” y/n said with a smiled. I missed that smile.
“I better get going, you guys should catch up!” ryunjin said as she left me with y/n. I lowkey smirk, it’s my chance to talked to y/n alone without anyone interrupting us.
“Can we go to the rooftop? You know catching up, it’s been years since I saw you” I said as she avoids my eyes. “Sure! I guess hehe” We both step inside the elevator, it’s awkward, a moment of silent for the two of us. We reach to the rooftop. I was about to hug her real tight but then.
“What is it that you want to talked about?” she first starts the conversation. “I really missed you y/n, I really do!” I said while she was watching down to the cars passed by the streets. “How are you? are you sleeping well? Do you eat healthy foods? Do you take your vitamins?” she asked I fluttered when she asked that, she really never failed to make me fluttered, y/n was really caring, she has these maternal instincts, care free spirited and mostly friendly to others, reason why I can’t let her go.
“ I want you back! “
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thewilddreamerrr · a year ago
Skam Italia Review
The intro. So fucking good and spot on. I loved it
Ele not being around, just having a blast with Edo is *chef kiss*
I squealed when I saw the boys, but specially Marti. I missed my son😭
Also... what's in that drawer Marti??? SHARE WITH CLASS!!!
Elia confessing to Sana was... surprising but cute? Idk I thought he looked like a puppy there and it was sweet. Also his fuffly hair melt meeee
I saw someone idk who sorry call the ballon!squad, the rose!squead and that's official now, they all cute, funny and I would die for them
Marti and Sana. That's it.
Malik you're a sweetheart and we're thrilled to have you
Marti and Robbe said earing rights and i respect that
Filo being everybody’s adopted dad lol
Malik x Sana flirt, man it felt so natural, and the religious conversation was also so good, Malik expressing his lost of faith for what happened to Luai
Sana starting to feel left out💔
AND blocking malik (i don’t want these meme)
Ele, even in the distance, she’s still the voice of reason, my beautiful lovely girl
I’m in love with Rami, damn
‘‘Somebody that i used to know’‘ brought me back to my 16 year old self and i appreciate that. And the use of that song during that moment Nico x Luai saw each other after so long, poetic cinema y’all
Btw Luai i give you 5 stars on booking because you’re a walking dessert my man
Jelous!Marti got me all hot and bother not gonna lie it might be the fact that i have an undying crush on Fede but oh well but i’m also pissed as fuck because of the fight goddammit
Gio x Elia created a band?? YESS
the Eva x Fede moment while Gio watched from afar. Why must you hurt me this way?
THE JANITOR!!! i love that guy
.......Marti did what now?
i never thought there would be a time when an Isak would broke up with an Even. THE NERVE RAMETTA
oh fuck Luai💔💔 But also the fact that he’s openly gay with his friends and even has a boyfriend?? the power that has has-
quarantine mood: Marti laying on the couch with a pizza box on his chest, sulking while Filo calls him out on his bullshit
Sana x Marti chillng, watching movies, eating junk food? yes and thank you
Marti calling himself her best friend, i won’t argue against that (and neither did Sana thank god)
‘‘Marti’s bisexual’‘ lol as if
Sana’s audio made me sob fuckkk
Bracciano, the solution to everything
Federica snapped and it was glorious. Girls united once again (i love how they handled the whole girl drama)
Marti... for fuck’s sake gO KISS YO MANS
let Nico eat his cake in peace
oh,,, OH HIDE AND SEEK SO NICO CAN FIND MARTI!!! i want friends like them *sobs*
Gio’s answer to everything: throw them in a room and lock the door
....damn fede....
well at least this served as a motivation to get her shit together and study harder
Malik’s going to france to visit a cousin... as in... Sofiane maybe??
Malik-ism. Where do i fucking sign?
I love the fact that all the Yousefs are sweet cinnamon rolls to good for this world, bless their hearts
now ep 10 wooooh
Luchino the artist. i like it
Silvia’s dad can suck my nonexistant dick for calling her fat jeez
‘‘I’ve been waiting for two years. Get in line’‘ - Giovanni Garau, ladies and gentlemen
Federica is really out there trying her best I LOVE HER!!!1!
holy fuck when it gave negative i started crying, i can’t even imagine his relief
i’m so glad Filo has someone like Ele as his sis, i breath for them🧡
okay, Niccolo still uses that tiny brick as a phone, good for him
i always loved that scene in the OG when Even calms Isak down, i’m happy they brough it up here
lol the girls vandalized the wrong car😅🤣
no emma don’t ruin this god public sex huh?
They ended it how it started with Eva x Gio, nice circle closure
I loved the season what can I say
Tumblr media
This got longer than expected lol
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mimiscappinisideblog · a year ago
I've got this idea for sometime now and I know I'll never gonna do anything with this so I'll share it with you all.
If any of you wants to do something with this shit be my guest. Btw this is some selfindulgent shit.
This has been in my drafts for months.
A friday night out with your friends. Just your average group of people in a bar drinking and enjoying eachothers company.
This bar was one of your favorites because of the ambient, not too classy and just enough of that calmly home feeling to make you feel warm and welcome.
Not to mention the live music playing every night. Each artist bringing a little of their soul to play off on that stage where all the patrons were able to see and listen.
You suggested this specific bar to your friends because of one thing, the drinks were really good and not too expensive, and maybe also because friday nights a certain musician came in to play it's a posibility. Okay, it was only for him who are you kidding.
You frequented that bar enough times to know that he came every friday to sing a couple of songs then he'd have one or two beers before leaving.
By this time you already knew who he was, the barman told you he teaches music in an after school program that originated from Horace Green. The barman already knew of your little crush on him and was trying to get you to try and talk to him but you were too shy of a loser to actually go and say hi to him.
One of your friends shooked you out of your thoughts and handed you your drink, she saw your distant stare.
"You alright there dub? You seem distracted." she asked with concern in ver voice.
"Which is funny considering you were the one that bring us here. You wanna leave already or something?" another one chimes in.
"No, no. I'm fine." you said trying to compose yourself for them "I was just thinking, nothing to worry about." you hope they buy it and not press more on the matter that you were expecting someone intenly watching the front doors. "what were you guys talking about?"
You try to jump in the conversation but out of the corner of your eye you see the doors open.
And then you see him.
Dewey Finn, the man who's been running on your mind the whole day in anticipation for this moment. The man who sends you a thousand buttlerflies everytime you hear his melodic voice singing. He's fanally here.
He goes to do a little chat with the barman. Your eyes focus on him for a little too long. Long enough for you not to notice that your friends were also looking at you and thanks to your staring they noticed Dewey as well.
They all excange knowing looks that were only confirm by every second that passed and you were still staring at the poor unsuspecting guy.
A witress blocks your view of the musician bringing your table some food.
"So..." your friend adressed you after the waitress was gone and you started to dig in "Were you going to go talk to him or just stare at his back whole night?"
Taking in the question you suddently notice you're the center of attention, all eyes were on you "What are you talking about?" you said trying to play dumb.
"Come on, everybody saw the way you were undressing the guy at the front bar. A little bit more staring and you'd drill holes on the back of his neck"
"Please. She was totally looking at his butt. No way the holes were going to end up in his head" your face was aflame, pretty sure they all could see your red blush even with the caramel lights of the place.
"No I wasn't" you insist "I was just looking at the different drinks they have on the menu posted on tbe wall. Might wanna try something new"
"Something new... Like the guy with the guitar at the front bar?" They kept at it.
There was no escape, they won't let you go out of this. You know very well they'll keep it up until you confessed to them, which you were known to avoid at all costs.
With a deep breath you finish the glass you were still holding onto and stood up "I wasn't staeing at him, if you don't believe me I don't care. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to the bathroom" you really needed some cold water on your hot-red face.
Meanwhile Dewey went on stage to get his things ready, so when the barman was free he took a stroll to the table you and your friends were at.
He told your friends all they needed to know about your little 'dilema' with Dewey and that he tried effortlessly to get you two together.
He left your table after that and went back to work. Your friends were estatic, comming up with ideas of what to do with you.
And they got one, you were fucked... Well they hope you get fucked at least.
Just as you came back from the bathroom the sound of guitar strings being played sorrounded you. Sweet honey filled your ears and your heart fluttered when Dewey started to sing.
You were so dumb stroked you didn't even notice your friend on your right gave you a full glass of beer.
So entranced with the music and musician you downed the whole thing before the song was over.
Dewey usually sang three songs each night.
By the time he finished you were three full glasses down.
You were, by no means, drunk you had enough acohol in your sistem just to be in a "overconfident" mode.
So overconfident that you let out a "That guy is so fucking cute" loud enough for your friends to hear.
They all wore matching grins.
The plan comming into play.
"You know, you should go an tell him" one friend on your right tells you.
"Haha I can't do that" you said laughing at the idea of just going and talk to him.
"What's the matter? Are you scared?" everybody howls at that.
Oh they did not just implied that you are scared of something like that. Overconfident you was scare of nothing!
"I am not scared!" you kind of shout.
"Oh yeah? Go and tell him you think he's cute then!"
"Fine I will!" and you march for were Dewey was.
He was sitting on a bar stool looking at his phone while drinking.
At the middle of the way your shy self rised up over your overconfident one and scramed at you. What were you doing?! How do you talk to him? How in the world are you going to tell him he's cute?? This was a bad idea.
While your mind was debating your feet didn't seem to care and continued on their way.
By the time you finally decided you were going to turn around and go back to your table a voice surprised you.
"Hi. Can I help you with anything?" you look up and see. See him.
You never got this close to him before, barely two feet away. He had beautiful brown eyes. Eyes that were looking right at you waiting for an answer. Oh shit you had to answer! Your brain scattered and was looking for what to say. Think of something!
You felt eyes on your back too. Then you remembered your friends. Your friends. They fucking knew! Oh, shit they knew. How?
Making up a lie you answer Dewey "Oh, hi! Yeah, I- I'm just here because my friends kinda made me? Would you fake talking to me for a while until they calm out?" you shoot him a smile you hope seals the deal and he believes you.
"Of course. I mean, I wouldn't have to "fake it" if we just small talk, right?" oh my god his smile was brigth enough to lift your worries and made you forget everything around you.
You just smile like a dork at him, standing in front of him not sure what to do with your hands.
Everything was going okay, mindless banter of the wheater, music. It was perfect!
But your friends weren't buying it, they knew you were staling. So one of them shouts at Dewey "SHE THINKS YOU'RE CUTE!"
You freeze. Well this is it. I'm going to die after I kill my friends.
You were going to make a run for it when you hear "Is that true?"
Looking at Dewey you felt silent for a minute.
"Do you really think I'm cute?" that genuine smile catched you off guard.
Enough to make you speak without thinking "Of course I do! You're hella cute" Were did that come from?
He just giggles at that. Is he... Is he dashful? This man is going to be the death of you!
"Why, thank you!" he takes a good look at you "You're pretty cute too" and he sends you a wink.
Now you think he's gonna be the death of you.
How fucking dare he make your heart stop for a second. And that wink made your legs tremble. You were so fucked.
"Wow, um. Thanks a lot! I'm gonna go now. My friends are waiting-" right when your body started to move he speaks.
"Wait! Won't you like to sit with me for a bit? I mean if it's no trouble. I understand if you don't, it's okay" just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter here he is, trying to make you stay. You were going to die.
"You're so kind but my friends-" you can't finish because of a voice shouting over you again.
Dewey laughs at that and your reaction.
Whe you get your hands on your friends they'll!!-
"I guess you'll be staying with me for a while" Dewey says with a smile, beckoning you to sit next to him. And you do.
That's all I got. I don't know how to continue.
The plot was that he also noticed you when he performed at the bar. Then the sexy times happens.
But I can't write so all I have is this
Okay, bye.
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catharticallysarcastic · 8 months ago
WIP Song part 2
Thank you for tagging me back @dotr-rose-love I LOOOVE THIS too much
And now on to what I realized. Based on these info and songs you chose for Tales of a Fake WAG I realized I got a similar dynamic between two characters, too so I got excited and felt like sharing. Also, my heart was grasped for Roman by what I read and the lyrics of the song you chose. Btw I think I want to be tagged to this cause I am really curious what lead Harley to this state so yeah. :3
About the rest now, I feel that both Jo and Jameson are very relatable characters, and “Half a Man“ killed me. Very powerful song. Maddox sounds like a fun character and love the song choice :P I think I’ve said that before though at another tag game. In this moment for Elena? I suppose she is more badass than I had previously thought. *thoughtful*
I definitely have to put this under the cut lol
Do you? Oh my god! Who? Tell me more about them! I need to know! Roman is the sweetest puppy and he has so much love but apparently he keeps choosing the wrong people to try and give it to.
I will tag you *grins* You mentioned last time we talked about TOAFW that you worry about the warnings so I will DM you and we’ll see if maybe I can warn you which parts to skip. Also, it’s no secret, Harley’s fiance died in a car crash and she’s having serious issues working through her grief mainly because she refuses to work through it.
Jo is one of the most relatable characters I’ve ever written, I think. (besides Evie, Evie is the queen of relatable) She’s just a girl madly in love with a guy and later on she’s just a woman trying to move on while also having her heart left with him and even in moving on she keeps reaching back to try and help him. She knows she should send him away and not allow him to be part of her life (for long years there’s nothing between them) in any shape or form but then who would patch him up after he gets into a fight, she’d do this for anyone else, right? 
Jameson... My beautiful boy *sobs quietly* His family has planted such deep self hate into him that he’s drowning constantly and he screws up everything that’s good (looking at Jo) just because he’s so adamant that he deserves none of it, that he can’t be loved. Sorry, I’m too into these two now lol
Maddox IS that song. He’s a d*ck, he’s the one who you constantly want to strangle because he’s so damn arrogant and makes your palm itch because dude. He’s also selfish as hell. He won’t listen to anyone because no one but him can be right anyway so why would he listen? He’s damn fun to break a bit though MUAHAHA 
Oh, Elena IS the biggest badass (alongside with Léda, Viv and Eiza... god, I have many ladies lmao)! She was my first baby when I got back into writing and oh, she’s a tornado. The way she forces Maddox on his knees is beautiful and damn pleasing if I want to be honest. She’s gonna take no shit from anyone. She’s just a natural disaster and she screams and shouts but she can also be damn cruel so it’s better not to mess with her.
Also, if I may just add, Love Is Hell by Theory of a Deadman is definitely their anthem (and at one point Maddox is drunk and horribly singing Wake Up Call by Maroon 5, finger shooting the air and whoever crosses his path, I’m seriously shutting up now)
Hunter’s Moon
Okay now that I spent half page rambling, Niko...
Oh, my lovely Russian mountain, my immovable man. I’d go with Anthem for the Underdog by 12 Stones for him. Obviously, we’re yet to learn more about his past but he’s coming from one of the roughest backgrounds in story. I just feel like this song sums it up so much how he feels, how his father kept telling him he was nothing but he’s been moving forwards fast and constantly and how even when the man is dead (we aren’t talking about this... have I already spoilt it? Can’t remember now...) he haunts Niko. It also just shows that behind all the smiles and easy going front, Niko has heavy secrets, a lot of pain hiding.
You try so hard to bring me down You can't break the broken You still don't seem to understand It's your turn to see just How it feels to be me How it feels to be knocked down
Wine and Vinegar
It’s always been 6 Inch by Beyonce because it’s so damn fitting for Vivian. She’s a prostitute, she works non stop, going for her goals without haltering. She’s not ashamed of what she’s doing. She’s holding her head so high, she barely even sees people that aren’t in her immediate circle and that’s basically her sister, Eiza and best friend, Dylan, no one else. This lady could care less about what other’s think, she will get where she wants to be one way or another.
Six inch heels, she walked in the club like nobody's business Goddamn, she murdered everybody and I was her witness
She works for the money, she work for the money From the start to the finish And she worth every dollar, she worth every dollar And she worth every minute She works for the money
For Fede I have Scars by Michael Malarkey for more than one reason. I sort of always felt like the atmosphere of the song fit so damn well because Fede is a bit artistic himself, there’s a lot of suspense around him and then of course, there’s the lyrics. He’s doing something he has no idea where it would lead and why he’s even doing this. He’s a man with deep feelings and he’s gotten into a whirlwind and he has his own scars, he fights for his own heart and often, even he wonders if he completely gone mad for doing what he’s doing.
Do you like scars? Do scars make the man? Do you want me wounded and hardened? My head in the sand? My fists up in defiance Is that what you understand?Am I too good to be gone? Beginning the ending for too long
(Bonus because I have to say it, Can’t Help Falling In Love - Dark version by Tommee Profitt  and Brooke for their relatioship)
Every Queen Needs A King
You Should See Me In A Crown was written for Eiza Blancos, I swear. She’s a force of nature, she knows no god, no man who could stop her from what she wants and what she wants is everything. In a way Eiza is a spoilt brat, what is funny considering she came up damn poor but Vivian has always tried her best to provide the best she could. But this was what really lead to Eiza being Eiza, coming up besides Vivian who knew no boundaries to get by. Eiza is ruthless, there’s no stopping her. She will not fall back to where they came from, no, she will rise higher than anyone thought she could. She wants to be above everyone, she wants to rule everyone.  
You should see me in a crown I'm gonna run this nothing town Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by You should see me in a crown Your silence is my favorite sound Watch me make 'em bow One by one by one One by one by one
For Cris, I have Crutch by Theory of a Deadman (if we aren’t looking too closely on their relationship but at him as a character than Remember The Name by Fort Minor) is just so how he feels through the whole insanity with Eiza. He’s taking the (metaphorical) punches from her, over and over again but he’s so sick and tired of it. He’s trying to help her but she doesn’t trust him (that woman doesn’t trust anyone but her sister), she keeps pushing him away but then she’s keeps going back and he’s trying his damnest to understand, to help, to hold her up if needed but she’s being damn near impossible and it’s breaking him slowly.
Help me help you, I'm down on my knees If you need me so much then why did you leave You needed a reason, you needed too much. You can lean on me, but don't lean On me like I'm your crutch.
You never started loving me so you could never quit I could rule this fuckin' world and you'd still think I'm shit You've turned your back on me, have no family In the end the devil gets what he deserves
The Good Sister
Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift for Evie because of the vibes that fits her as a character so perfectly, because the lyrics really fits her relationship with Caden. She’s a dreamer, a bookworm, a woman with funny skirts and her hair all over the place and never ending babbles. Evie is such a soft baby (but she’s also way stronger than she gives herself credit for) and she sees the best in everyone and I kinda just imagine her humming to this and then full on spinning and screaming the lyrics. She does not want to be forgotten even if this relationship with Caden is their secret and no one knows, she hopes he will remember because for her this is magic.
Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress Staring at the sunset, babe Red lips and rosy cheeks Say you'll see me again Even if it's just in your wildest dreams, ah-ha Wildest dreams, ah-ha
Caden has a lot of trouble coming to terms with his life not turning out how he imagined it would. He has a lot of self esteem problems behind the arrogance. For a long time he doesn’t acknowledges any of this and it catches up with him then and he spirals out of control and it’s bad, very bad but then he’s trying. He might not feel perfect, he might not agree people around him should forgive him but he’s coming to terms with that not being his decision, he’s coming to terms with just trying is good enough and no one wants more from him.
I've been having a hard time adjusting I had the shiniest wheels, now they're rusting I didn't know if you'd care if I came back I have a lot of regrets about that Pulled the car off the road to the lookout Could've followed my fears all the way down And maybe I don't quite know what to say But I'm here in your doorwayI just wanted you to know That this is me trying I just wanted you to know That this is me trying
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coma-bby · a year ago
Nicole Dollanganger Q&A ( 4.13.2020 ) via Discord
Hello everyone! Nicole stopped into our Discord server to hold another Q&A! Below the cut is the full transcript. If you would like to join the server feel free to, the link is at the end of this post!
1. hamburger baby ` ͜ʖ´♡: Hi Nicole, I hope you’re having a good day ♡ what’s your favorite type of doll?
Nicole: thank u, hope u are too! my favorite would have to be german bisques
2. evancelion: hi nicole! I love the outdoors and urban exploring, especially at night. I love your album covers and on-location music videos and photoshoots. if i can ask, where do you find the pictures and locations that you use (excluding album covers that are drawn artwork)? For example, the flowers of flesh and blood, beautiful and bad EP, etc. etc.?
Nicole: for those u specifically mentioned (flowers of flesh and blood, beautiful and bad EP)- flowers cover was a victorian mourning photo, and the beautiful and bad ep was a photo of my friend matt's head actually haha - but  as for abandoned locations..for the sake of preserving those places, i don't want to disclose where they specifically are ( i just noticed that is generally a code amongst folks who enjoy exploring abandoned places).  generally the east coast tho. ♡
3. bratzaliciouz: do you have any favorite youtubers/youtube accounts you like to watch?♡♡
Nicole: i love lordanARTS !
4. cocobanana: hey nicole!! im like your #1 fan im so excited to be able to ask you a question omgomg. you are sooo cute and inspirational! you have NO idea how much your music means to me, its gotten me through some tough times. my question is what is your opinion on drakes song toosie slide? and if maybe we might see you dance to it?? i would love that!!! haha love you!!!!!
Nicole: that means so much to me!  Thank u so much.  Oh my god my opinion is that I have not knowingly (maybe on the radio unknowingly?!) heard that song.  I’ll have to listen haha
5. westernstars: does the uncertainty of how some of the more macabre aspects of the music is going to be perceived or possibly misconstrued by the listener ever concern you personally, or has it ever gotten in the way of your writing process?
Nicole: It didn’t before (like way way back), but I think at times it should’ve.  It does now tho, and sometimes makes writing a lot harder
6. kiki ♡: hi nicole! i was wondering who is an artist you want to collab with?
Nicole: Rosie Diamond & Ethel Cain ♡
7. Shrimp: Hi Nicole : ) what’s angels of porn about? I’ve heard many interpretations about it and I’ve just been wonderin
Nicole: it was abt an eating disorder feeling very tangled up with sexual relationships
8. missanthropocene: Hey nicole! Massive fan here, what is your favourite book in the flowers in the attic saga?♡♡
Nicole: flowers in the attic is definitely my favorite!  but seeds of yesterday is a close second
9. elendoll: i love you so much my darling! can you tell us when you're planning on dropping your new album
Nicole: its so hard to say with the pandemic and everything going on right now, but i've got 11 'for sure' songs for it right now and i'm using the quarantine to keep writing/work on new demos ♡
10. kieru: Nicole! idk if this is weird or selfish to ask, but I left some prints of artwork I made that were inspired by you with one of the merch guys at the Chicago Show in August, and I was just wondering if you ever got them!!
Nicole: omg yes!  i don't have them up yet (all my picture frames have been a mess since i moved) but i'm putting them up.  they are amazing!  ur so talented.  i remember when u shared the alligator blood one online way back ♡ Thank u so much.
11. coma-bby: Nicole! Im always fascinated by an artists process and im curious as to what album was most memorable/special to create? Or what album, if you can choose, is closest to your heart? Luv u + miss u!!
Nicole: hi!!! ♡♡ heart shaped bed is nearest and dearest to my heart bcuz i feel like it came rly close to being a swan song record.  it was made during very bad years/an intensely abusive situation.  so it will always hold this heavy weight 4 me!   also matt and i put so much blood sweat tears into that damn thing haha :heart:
12. archangelofteeth: Will you ever be doing covers again? I've been listening through a lot of your old ones and it's so cool to hear your take on them ♡
Nicole: i really wanna properly cover i've written a letter to daddy haha
13. yungnick: favorite meme at the moment? of all time?
Nicole: it has to be the guy crying smoking a joint
14. dollface: what makes you cry?
Nicole: recently my dog had an emergency surgery and i was crying nonstop all the time.  i would do anything in the world to be able to communicate a few things to him like, 'were gonna be back to get u soon' 'its going to be ok' and have him understand
15. dualiper: Hey Nic, dualiper from twitter here (we always talk there lol), how this whole covid-19 thing affected you during this process of recording the next album? stay save, luv u ♡
Nicole: hey!!  it put a lot of visual plans on hold,  but using the quarantine to keep writing has been fun, i feel like because of this it's going to be a really long record ..
16. Bunny: Is there anything you want to let your fans know? Like anything you've been excited about or enjoy and just haven't found the right situation to tell anybody?
Nicole: this is such a cute question.  one thing i'd like to let u guys know is that i fucking love u and appreciate u all so so much.  i have a lot of anxiety around most social media stuff (as im sure most do), and i feel like that makes it really hard to interact sometimes.   im so excited abt this discord bcuz it feels like a wonderful place to be able to talk  ♡ thanks for being such wonderful and loving ppl.
17. gray: nicole are u still close friends with grimes
Nicole: we live on opposite coasts,  but i love her so much.  she's an amazing, amazing fucking person
18. laudanumat33: One of the most striking songs you've written has been "Cement."  At first I thought you were addressing another person or possibly making a distant references to the film "The Cement Garden" (unlikely, but still).  However, as time has gone on I've wondered if you are actually addressing yourself, but wasn't sure how.  Recently I read somewhere that the lyrics might possibly be related to River Phoenix and letting the idea of him go.  Was that the case?
Nicole: Thank u ♡ it was about how u can't possess/own people
19. Space Angel: Do you plan on making physical releases for your next album? And is there a reason NBL and HSB didn’t have physical releases?
Nicole: Yes I do!  for both Natural Born Losers and Heart Shaped Bed, it was a decision mainly based on wanting to get the music released online first.  especially with HSB, it had  been so long since the last record, and putting off the release for even longer for vinyl felt like the wrong call.   but i have plans for both of them!!
20. ana: Hi Nicole! Love you, I’ve been a fan since almost 2 years. Was just wondering, are you planning on releasing Heart Shaped Bed album on SoundCloud?
Nicole: omg i should do this later tonight , its wack i havent already!
21. nathanresi: hey nicole!! i was listening to the new code orange record and was certain i had heard your voice somewhere on the first two tracks! are the backing vocals on ‘swallowing the rabbit whole’ yours?
Nicole: i did samples 4 (deeperthanbefore), Swallowing The Rabbit Hole & Cold.Metal.Place  ♡
22. ༓ shinigami ༓: would you redo or do part 2's or 3's of any songs?
Nicole: so far all the songs for the new record are all entirely new songs,  but the 1 that im always tempted to 'redo'  is only angels have wings.    the demo of it was way less watered down in terms of lyrics and when i went back and listened to it i regretted chickening out /taking out some of the lyrics 4 the album version
23. dollface: what do you do when you have writer's block? love you so much btw, the beauty of your art is just /chef's kiss/
Nicole: oh god, the only thing that really helps me i guess in the end, is to write even when i hate every word.  and to not obsessively edit and micro manage while i'm going...  i think usually my writers block comes from critiquing it while im writing it.   so i tell myself to keep going until i've finished 'the draft' .  ugh im sorry if this is not much help.  always having a book to read on the side definitely helps too!
Nicole: hey guys!  im so sorry i didnt get to all these questions,  but thank u so much for being here again!  im rly excited to come back and also to chat a bit more casually too lol ♡ u guys made my night.  hope everyone is safe and hanging in there.  there were a bunch of questions pertaining to favorite books/songs/artists things like that; im gonna get back to u on these and post later- in case anyone is hunting for extra reading material or some new stuff to listen to during these times ♡  . !!
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supergirlthoughts · a year ago
We will have our endgame.
I didn’t fall for Supercorp at first. And because Lena Luthor (aka KMcG) is incredibly sexy, I just thought that Kara was, like any other woman would be, amazed by the sweet creature she had just met. 
I knew Supercorp long before watching Supergirl. In fact, I met the pair through the work of my fellows Supercorp shippers’ art — drawings, fanfictions, edits, videos… (shout out to you all btw I love you!!). Longing for more representation on screen, I jumped in what I thought would be a journey at the end of which Lena and Kara would be together. 
I have lost hope before, an endless amount of times, but it never came to the point that I was mad at the show for not putting them together. I prevailed Kara’s happiness before all, and if she didn’t see Lena this way, I respected that. Because I knew they were the evidence, I knew, particularly after season 2 (and 3), that no one new could be introduced and become Kara’s love interest without having her character belittled. 
So it was between Mon-El — who was now married and gone — and Lena. 
And I was (SO) good with the latter. Because she was the one who always supported Kara Danvers, the one who always admired Supergirl and tried everything she could to make a friend out of the girl of Steel, Lena was the evidence. 
She did what every partner supporting its endgame superhero ever did. Felicity Smoak, Iris West, Lois Lane… they all met their respective partners through their secret/human identity. They are all the link to the superheroes’ humanity; they keep them down-to-Earth and remind them who they are behind the mask/costume. 
So it didn’t matter who Kara would date, because I was convinced, in the deepest part of my soul, that Lena was her endgame. 
And, you know, I didn’t feel bad at the time, because no matter how much hope I had, no matter how convinced I was; as an LGBTQ+ member, I was used not to see my — what they like to call it — “fantasies” come to life on a TV show. So I was kind of detached from it, which is paradoxical. I was so convinced it would happen while being sure it would never. I decided to enjoy my endless list of fanfictions. Those would bring me joy and comfort in the hardest days, but also break my heart with angst and tears. However, I felt validated in every AU.
But this detachment had changed. It changed when the show sent signals that Supercorp could really happen. It was not just a ‘fantasy’ anymore. 
Supercorp always felt like a slow burn. We would all hold on to parallels made between Supercorp and Olicity, Supercorp and WestAllen, Supercorp and Clois. 
But now we don’t hold on crumbles anymore. It’s not just things that could be interpreted. Not just longing looks, unexplainable lip bitings, court signals, sighs, loving smiles… 
Now there are songs, love songs; there are words and scenes that leave no space for misunderstanding. 
And that’s why I am mad now; because it can’t be called a fantasy anymore. Producers, showrunners, actors all promised us a Supercorp-centered season; they all promised us a fight for Lena’s soul. 
And this is why it hurts. And this is why now more than ever, I feel invalidated. Because for the first time, they acknowledged our rights to a Supercorp love story. And since they acknowledged it, it blatantly means we are being queerbaited.
And yes, we know it. 
And yes, they know it.
And yes, it hurts, and a lot of us lost hope and left the ship, but we can’t afford to lose hope right now. Not after all that we’ve been through. Not after fighting tooth and nail with other fandoms who would drag us down for being delusional; not after having our hearts break by a cast mocking us; not after being established as one of the most powerful fandoms out there thanks to our commitment and our conviction towards our belief; because we are finally seen.
We have a place within the most influential fandoms, we are mentioned by papers who write about us, actors who share our arts and support us. It’s not about ‘just some fans’ anymore. It’s beyond us, beyond the producers, beyond the show. And that’s why we can’t lose hope. 
Simply because they cannot sit on Supercorp’s potential; 
Simply because they cannot ignore their chemistry.
And yes, they don’t deserve our hopes, our time, our trust and our mental health that is more fragile in these times. But I ask you to trust, not them, but ourselves. 
We’ve come from being laughed at to being seen, we’ve achieved so much already. 
Artists have provided us with the most amazing pieces of art, and we’ve achieved so much as a fandom — the Supercorp zine is an example. 
It’s beyond the show, and the showrunners don’t have much power right now, because we have the ability to change things. 
So I’m asking you, one more time, to trust our powers. 
As a hero once said: 
“They want us to be invisible because of their own fears. They want to erase us, so we need to shine even brighter.”
Yes, it hurts to see the showrunners introduce William with a romantic tone. But come on, let’s be honest for a second, they could never be a thing given their inexistent chemistry (no offense Willara shippers). Plus, haven’t we been there with Mon-El? Yes, we have, and we never lost hope, always in respect of Kara’s character, because the Mon-El back then wasn’t respectful enough, just like William hasn’t been, no matter his reasons. 
The show can’t go backward. Now that they took a step forward, now that they acknowledged and paved the way for a possible romance between Supercorp, they can’t take it back from us. It may take some time for them to take the leap, but they will. 
Remember Clois in Smallville being the slowest burn in history? It didn’t count when they would be together because we all knew they belonged to each other, we all knew that no matter how many people would get between the two, they were each other’s endgame. That’s what Supercorp represents. They are each other’s home, and they will find each other; because now we are the ones who make the rules. 
We are the most active fans regarding the show, and we all perfectly know that Supergirl wouldn’t be here without us. We already changed the trajectory of the show when Katie became a regular. For that matter, Emily (Felicity Smoak), who was supposed to only guest star one episode, became a regular after fans expressed their love for her character (and she married the guy!). It was not a miracle, and we will do it again. 
We don’t need the show; the show needs us. And they may not seem to understand it for now, but they will eventually. And very soon. Because we finally realized, at a high cost, that we, as a fandom, have infinite worth, and we, as people, are worth more than being treated like this. 
But Supergirl is about hope, help, and compassion for all. And if the writers, the producers, the showrunners don’t remember this, we will remind them. 
We will hope tirelessly so that our magic never dies, and more people can join the fight for us to become invincible.
We will help them remember what the show stands for, what it means to us, and what makes Lena Kara’s endgame by being loud.
We will have compassion for the ones that are blinded by hatred and try to invalidate us. The same ones who refuse to see the evidence because they cannot move on a ship they had the luck to see happen on screen, the same ones who call us delusional but cannot find the light and understand they are the ones stuck in their fantasy. 
If the people who run the show cannot remember this, we will. Because we are the core of the show, and we are dedicated to it, and we don’t forget anything that happens in it (hi plot holes), and we know the characters like the back of our hands. And because we are powerful.
I will never lose hope, and I ask you to believe, as well. 
Because this is not about the show anymore, this is about us and everything we are yet to achieve. 
I love you with all my heart Supercorp fam.
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