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Missing out on “guy stuff”

I missed out on a lot of the sibling bonding my older brothers did while we were growing up.

Sucks that I now have no interest in fishing, wrestling, cars, camping, action movies, etc., just because I was never included in those things as a kid.

Doesn’t feel any better that I’m constantly teased for not enjoying any of it. When in actuality, not-enjoying “guy stuff” was probably a necessary defense to not feel as left out.

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Feeling the need and urge to challenge myself more, as well as wanting to expand some basic ‘man knowledge’ without knowing what I don’t know, I recently took the Boy Scout Handbook and adapted it for grown men. If I complete all of the ‘badges’ I’ll not only be a better Christian, dad, citizen, and outdoorsman, but I should also have an interesting bunch of experiences. 

Anyway I have “The Badge Book” as a PDF if anyone wants it…and if there’s a way to share it on here which I don’t know. 

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So it’s official

He just is not emotionally available and he’s going through a whole load of crap and I’m not his type, ok, painful and sucky but done I guess.

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You’re allowed to have your emotions just like she is; but if your coping mechanism is joking about it when she asks for support like to watch a youtube video about pregnancy or abortion or whatever she’s trying to learn about so she can make the best educated guess on how to handle her life right now. Just don’t joke. Going through a pregnancy, abortion, or faux pregnancy can be very difficult on a woman, mentally, physically, and emotionally. If she wants the baby she’s trying her best to keep her body as pristine as a temple, she’s not drinking, she’s trying to eat right, she’s avoiding even simple things that she might used to do like taking baths all to avoid harming the baby. If she’s thinking about getting an abortion (worst experience ever) either she’ll take a pill and have a whirlwind of emotions and physical feelings way worse than a period… or a more physical abortion where they literally have to pull the fetus out and if that doesn’t make you feel like the worse person in the world than I don’t know what else did (this is what I went through, I’m pro-choice and it was not healthy for me to have the baby due to my lungs) so she might’ve been prepped to be the most outstanding mother in the world until she figured out she couldn’t cary the child…. that goes along with miscarriage, or faux pregnancies…. They all are a whirlwind of emotions. So all I have to say going through all of these things is emotionally, physically, and mentally demanding and sometimes damaging…. so please just think of this before you roll your eyes if she asks you for support if she wants you to read, or watch something to help support her through whatever she’s going through. My only wish to all of the women and whomever else may be carrying a child have a safe journey through and whatever happens, may your partner be the wind beneath your wings…

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