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usermichi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Adam Ramzi and Sharok in RSS “Raw Construction” (2019)
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littlemousebrennan · 5 months ago
I’m so sick of seeing “Men are terrible” post everywhere. Even my friends make comments like this to me. This hurts not just as a trans guy (who’s also gay), but it hurts knowing that so many guys feel hurt as well. So this is for you.
To all men, whether you’re cis, trans, nonbinary, Intersex: 
No matter your age, race, sexuality, weight, physical abilities, neurodiversity, or anything. 
You’re not disgusting. You’re not evil. You’re not worthless. You are loved. 
(Also piss off if you’re a terf, radfem or someone who is going to derail this post) 
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melty94 · 7 months ago
The way they made Luke Skywalker look like an absolute saint though, tearing through the dark-troopers like it was nothing. The power he exuded, the smooth slices of the lightsaber, the flowing cape, the CHOIR that followed his arrival. Freaking utter perfection and everything he deserved. 
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