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#gwen: yes 🥺
therootsinmydreamlands · 2 months ago
hey bby, congrats again on your milestone!💓✨
so, for the prompts, how about
placing a hand on the back of the other’s neck with Bucky🥺 I'm legit a sucker for that
thank you gwen! 💞
placing a hand on the back of the other’s neck with bucky drabble
You and Bucky have been going on dates for almost a month now, and things are going well. He hasn’t kissed you yet, he’s just been so nervous. Dating in this century is still new to him and he doesn’t want to mess things up with you.
Tonight, he plans on asking you to officially be his girlfriend. If you say yes, he’s going to kiss you for the first time. Bucky knows it’s not as common to ask that nowadays, but he wants you to know he’s serious and how much he wants to be with you. He’s taking you out for drinks tonight at a bar not too far from your apartment. It’s not the most romantic setting in the world, so he’s waiting to ask until he walks you home.
On the walk back to your apartment, you can tell how nervous he is. Bucky’s been quieter than he was at the bar, and he’s barely looked at you since then. When you reach your building, you stop and look at him but he’s staring at the ground.
“Is everything alright?”
He finally looks up at you and takes a deep breath. “Yeah, I’ve just been wanting to ask you something. I know it seems outdated and old-fashioned or whatever, but will you be my girlfriend? Getting to know you and spending time with you this past month has been amazing, and I want to make things official.”
“Of course Bucky, I think it’s sweet you asked,” you smile at him and you can feel the air thicken when he looks down at your lips.
Bucky steps closer and puts his hand on your neck, pulling you in for your first kiss. You rest your hand on his neck as well to bring him closer. It’s Bucky’s first kiss since the ’40s and he’s embarrassed you can tell, but you’ve been wanting it for so long you don’t care. You rub your finger gently along his neck and his hair feels soft against your skin. Even after he pulls away, neither of you move your hands.
“I’m so happy I get to be your girlfriend.”
“Me too doll.”
be a part of the sleepover!
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rambleoncas · 11 days ago
(Okay well. Guess I don't need to put anon on when I send you asks now sjdjsjs)
bUt hi !! So you said you also finished Merlin yesterday, and I was wondering what your favorite part of the finale was, if you have one ! I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day, this show has ruined me :') oH ALSO, do you have a favorite Knight of The queer Round Table ?
I don't have a sign off anymore so uhh,, see ya :]
hey!! ooohhh god, favorite part. when i think 'favorite' i think good and happy but alas the finale was PAINFUL and HEARTBREAKING ddhcbhdbcjs but !! i think probably when gwen realized merlin was a sorcerer. i'd been missing their friendship in the last two seasons, and it felt like from the beginning she's always had this sort of unconditional love for him and i'm really glad that she reacted the way she did!! also all of arthur's lovesick looks @ merlin but i feel like that's a given. AND YES I DO HAVE A FAVORITE. GWAINE MY BELOVED. OOOUHGHHHSHH I'LL CRY. he's SO. he's. *clenches fists* yeah. i love him a lot, possibly like my fave character in the show like. out of all of them. also love and miss lancelot though ): tbh i think after lancelot died, gwaine should have known about merlin's powers and then he'd have a knight friend who Knows again, yknow? yeah. anyway
PS. PLS KEEP YOUR SIGN OFF 🥺 its fun (u dont gotta but!)
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futures-tense · a month ago
ENZO PLANNING TKS BAR MITZVA?!?!?!????!???!? Like holy s*it I’m so down for this so so so down for this like Jewish Morgan’s/whatever-Enzo’s-last-name-is would be AMAZING; ugh like TK being hesitant about inviting anyone to his bar mitzvah bc he’s shy and has anxiety and Enzo making sure he knows that he deserves something special and celebratory, even if that means he just wants family to attend — of course Enzo will be there, and so will Gwyn, and his savta will be there, but if he doesn’t want anyone else, that’s okay too. And enzo is there in the front row the whole time smiling as widely as he possibly can and he’s the first person TK runs to to get a hug from when the ceremony is over, a giant, huge, encompassing hug :):):) it might be asking a lot, but do you have any fluffy h/c headcanons for TK and enzo? Maybe during TK’s spiral into drugs?
Yes yes yes!!! the thought of enzo being the one to plan it has me 🥺🥺
and its never a lot it actually is touching that you guys still want to hear me talk about him and you can keep asking because i won’t shut up
TW for substance abuse
okay so if you read my fic i love you but also you know that I hc Enzo as being the first person TK told about his addiction
but enzo knew before that
well sort of
he knew something was wrong but he didn’t know what it was
Tk had been acting odd but he didnt want to overstep. he mostly just thiught that TK would talk to gwen about it
instead, TK told enzo
and they had the same kind of conversation that simon and Abby had in love simon (“You know?” “No.” “But you aren’t surprised?” “…No.”)
But then TK asked for help and he didnt know what to do
yes of course he wants to help but he hates keeping things from Gwen
he tells tk as much - he doesnt give him any kind of ultimatum or anything
TK says he’ll tell her but only if Enzo promises to be there
and of course he does
Now onto softer things
so someone said they felt like enzo was a stay-at-home dad type of guy. Or maybe like ran a catering business from home or something which like????
he uses Gwen and TK as “guinea pigs”
at least once a week TK comes hime and the house smells amazing
its fantastic TK loves it
and he sometimes tries new recipes, sometimes he just tweaks old ones
but TK always loves it
And when he meets Carlos??? He absolutely teaches him how to make TK’s favorites and gives him the recipes so Carlos can make them on his own
(he also lets Carlos teach him his family’s recipes)
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avallachs · a month ago
gwen/thane + 5 🥺
5. things you didn’t say at all. also requested by @irisviellavellan
As Gwen hauls Jack and Tali onto the platform beside them, the words catch in Thane’s throat.
He flexes his fingers, wets his lips. Still, taking those three steps forward feels like the hardest thing he could have done.
When he is before the platform, Thane holds out his hands. Gwen, ever receptive, drops to their knees and takes a hold of them. They have put on a brave face, but he knows those stormy blue eyes; she is terrified.
You will be okay, he wants to tell them. Come back to me, pleads a small voice at the back of his mind. I love you.
Thane opens his mouth to say… something. Anything. But, again and again, the words catch in his throat. He reaches for them, for something that won’t get stuck, but chokes on the answering silence. He peers up at her, pretending he isn’t frantic, and finds them wearing that same blank mask.
Gwen rubs their thumb gently over the back of Thane’s hand, the gesture speaking the thousand words he can’t.
Then, she tosses him one of her razor-sharp grins. “Back before you know it.”
Yes, he thinks as they release his hands. You will be. You must.
send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a mini fic | pairings here
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gwenieart · 2 months ago
Love the look on the face of Arwen’s biggest shipper when Gwen said yes to Arthur’s proposal. You would have thought she said yes to him😂And come on, we know Merlin lit all those candles, although, I’m sure he had a little “magical” help🪄😉Love this scene, one of my favs🥰♥️The way Arthur holds Gwen’s hand while putting on her ring😩He’s so soft and gentle with her🥺And those heart eyes😍Arwen=soulmates, lovers, partners, friends forever!!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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freckleslikestars · 2 months ago
we can’t be together but let’s make the most of the night before we have to go our separate ways, maybe watch the stars as we talk about how we would have gotten married, how many kids we would have had, if the odds had been in our favor
For the angsty prompts again, but for Lily and Selden maybe 👉👈🥺
I absolutely love you for this prompt! I've been wanting to write something set around the Monte Carlo time for so long, but couldn't figure out what. And now, I have done it!
Also I am kind of slightly just a little bit tipsy so...😬
The other prompt you sent I have started, I just need to figure out where I am going with it.
Under the Stars
1300 words, Read here at AO3
‘I cannot turn up on their doorstep this late; Gwen would send news to Aunt Julia, and then it would not only be in Monte Carlo that I have no place to sleep. It is best everyone believe I resided in a hotel for the night,’ her voice was choked, cracking under the weight of her burden, ‘else...else I will be so far into disrepute that any prospects I do still cling onto are sure to be lost, and I cannot afford for that to happen.’
‘Then what will you do?’ he studied her as she put on a brave face, the subtle trembling of her body that betrayed her fear. Taking her arm in his own he guided her from the dining room, heart aching every time her step faltered.
‘I am sure I can find a secluded bench on which to sleep. The night is mild enough.’
‘No. Lily, I cannot allow this.’
She looked up at him, mask slipping, her face dissolving into a hopelessness that consumed her and threatened to drag him down with it, ‘what else would you have me do, Dear Lawrence?’
‘I...I...’ he searched desperately around him as if the answer would appear from thin air, ‘stay with me, Miss Bart. In my hotel room.’
‘I cannot, and you know it,’ she murmured, her mind already imagining it, the warmth of his body pressed into her side. She leant in closer to him, far closer than was appropriate, in an attempt to simulate the safety and comfort she imagined him giving her.
‘I am not propositioning you, Lily. It would be safer and spark far fewer rumours for me to sleep outside than for you. I will pass it off as having been to a casino after I walked you to your cab, and then having drunk too much.’
She looked up at him, aghast, ‘no. No, I will not let you sacrifice yourself for me.’
At an impasse, they continued on into the night, walking past bench after bench, Lily keeping a keen eye out for the most ideal for her to make camp on for the night. Finally they drew up to one secluded enough that she felt comfortable nobody would recognise her, whilst in the open enough that she perceived nobody would hurt her. Putting on the most cheerful voice she could muster, she untethered herself from her companion and sat, patting the bench and saying ‘yes, yes I think this will do quite well.’
‘Miss Bart, I must insist-‘
‘Stop, Lawrence. This is my only viable option. Now, if you will excuse me- what do you think you are doing?’
‘Sitting. That is, of course, what benches are for,’ he murmured, closing the gap between them again as he joined her, ‘and I will not let you stay out here alone.’
‘Very well,’ she muttered, trying not to sound as relieved as she was that he wasn’t abandoning her completely. She said no more, knowing if she did she might cry from how terrible it all was, and instead looked up to the stars. They shone so clearly in the dark blanket of night, and she felt she might float up into them, if only life amongst the stars was as peaceful as their steady twinkling promised.
‘I wish I could take you away from it all,’ Lawrence whispered, so quiet that she doubted for a moment he had said anything at all. ‘I wish you didn’t have to lead such a life.’
‘What a fruitless wish that is,’ she sighed. ‘I too wish it, though, despite knowing it can never happen.’
‘I’d marry you in a heartbeat if I knew it was what you wanted. If I knew I could make you happy I’d take you to the courthouse tomorrow. Or today, as it is now, I guess. I know I can never offer you enough, but we’d have a comfortable life. You would be safe and warm and would never go wanting.’
She was biting back tears, desperate for him not to see how much she yearned for such an impossibility of a future. For the life of her she could not remember why she resisted this man so, only that she must. She trembled and whether he took it as her being cold or not, he wrapped an arm around her, pulled her to him as if she were. She laid her head on his shoulder, looking out to the night sky with him, ‘tell me about our life together.’
‘We’d have a little house, out in the country. I’d move my practice to the outskirts of the city so I could commute more easily, and still be home in time for tea. I could never promise you a big house, but it would be enough, with bedrooms for the children, and perhaps a guestroom for visitors.’
‘Mmhm. Two. Maybe three. You’d be hesitant of the idea at first, worry constantly when we discovered you were pregnant, because you fear change. But I would hold you and tell you how beautiful you were, and promise you that when we had our beautiful little baby to hold you would love them as much as I love you,’ his shoulder was wet from her tears, his own cheeks glistening too. ‘We’d have a little girl, first, I reckon. God, Lily, she’d be so beautiful. She’d have your eyes, and your nose, and such curly red hair. You’d never mistake her for anyone’s child but your own,’ his voice broke and he grit his teeth together to stifle a sob.
‘Go on.’
‘She’d be so soulful, Lily. So serious, but when she laughs, oh it would be the most wondrous sound. And then we’d give her a little brother. And he would grow up to be her protector, despite being younger. And we would teach them all about love, Lily. We’d show them the world, and we’d love them so, so much.’
‘You said three children. Tell me about the third?’
He chuckled through his tears, nodded and pressed a kiss to her forehead, ‘our third would be a surprise. She’d be a few years younger than her siblings, and she’d be an angel. She’d be quick to laugh and quick to love.’
‘A dog. We should have a dog, too. I always wanted a dog.’
‘Yes,’ he nodded, ‘we’d have a dog. Something big, to chase around the garden with the children, that will sleep in front of the fire in the winter, and protect you should I ever have to stay in town. Of course, you wanted a smaller dog at first, but this dog, the dog we have, you found as a puppy. He was the pup of the grounds keeper’s dog, the runt of the litter. Far more hassle than he was worth. But you were walking one day and ran into them, fell in love.’
She was quiet for a while before she murmured ‘if we were not us, Lawrence, it would be the most perfect life.’
‘But we are us.’
‘And we could never work.’
‘No,’ he lied, lapsing into silence as she settled further into his side, ‘if only the fates had aligned.’
She hummed sleepily, her hand finding his, twining their fingers together.
They sat, in the quiet of the night, each absorbed in their own fantasies, until he gazed up once more at the star-studded sky, ‘look, Lily. A falling star. You must make a wish.’ But when she didn’t respond he looked down to find her fast asleep on his shoulder and smiled sadly. He made a wish instead, not taking his eyes off her tear-stained face in the moonlight as he did so.
He stayed with her through the dark of night, keeping vigil and watching as the sky changed into the greying light of dawn until the first of the city woke up for their day.
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ezasteral · 6 months ago
it’s literally the asscrack of midnight right now but i felt inspired to make a playlist with a storyline based on invisible string by the amazing @peterbenjiparker !! here is the song analysis/playlist breakdown as well 😩
TRACKS 1-7: the beginning of peter and y/n’s friendship
Flight of the Stars by Zayn - “i go where you go, go through armageddon / i got you” do i need to say more they are always there for each other
goodnight n go by Ariana Grande - reminds me a looot of how peter always swings by her house every night and often sleeps there 🥺
Me & You Together Song by The 1975 - the second verse reminds me very much of how they’ll marry each other as last resorts and they started talking about their futures, children, and cooking for her shit like that is cute
TRACKS 8-13: after y/n gets her invisible string and finds out it’s connected to peter 😱
iT’s YoU by zayn - yes she finds out it’s peter 🤗
I Don’t Mind by zayn - “i don’t mind falling if it means i get to fly again” y/n doesn’t give up on peter despite her besties telling her to forget about him/cut it off bc she’s willing to wait for him awwhhhh
Best Friend by Jason Chen - “how could i tell you i loved you, when you were so happy with some other [girl]?” HMGWHRBRBRRR
TRACKS 14-26: peter and gwen’s relationship develops and y/n is neglected aw
Till Forever Falls Apart by Ashe and FINNEAS - “if the tide takes california, im so glad i got to hold ya” shes glad that she got to spend all those nights with him before he got with gwen and now she doesn’t wanna do that bc she feels its wrong :,)
ivy by Taylor Swift - “my pain fits in the palm of your freezing hand taking mine, but it’s been promised to another” he could take away her suffering with a not so simple confession except she thinks that his string is really connected to gwen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Save Myself by Ashe - “right now, i’m just mad over being so mature. if only i was never yours, oh, i could’ve saved myself [from you]” yes y/n (thinks she) is being mature by distancing herself and yah if she was never connected to him in the first place then she could’ve saved herself 😁🙏🏻
Play Pretend by Alex Sampson - “i want you to be happy, but it’s hard to watch you fall again ‘cause now i have to play pretend” -y/n
Friend by Gracie Abrams - “I hate the way you love me and I hate that I still cars, funny how you feel like we could ever talk again- how could you think I’d be your friend?” -y/n
Chosen Last by Sara Kays - GRRR LISTEN TO THE SONG PLZ IT GIVES ME “i’ve always been chosen last and now my best friend chose her over me” VIBES
Dancing With Your Ghost by Sasha Sloan - y/n lonely girl vibes when peter starts to spend more time with gwen (esp after she started locking her window :,))
Younger by Ruel - “you and me were so, so close, and maybe that’s what hurts the most. it’s out of my hands, i’ve done what i’ve can so i just save my breath” -y/n
TRACKS 27-31: when peter gets sus of y/n, confrontations, and they make up blah blah
quit by LANY - pp telling y/n to just quit running away and Just Talk to him for goodness sake
you! by LANY - “you’re the sun to the moon, you’re my ocean painted blue - i’m nothing without you” -peter
Line Without a Hook by Rick Montgomery - “oh baby i am a wreck when i’m without you, i need you here to stay” / “was it something i said to make you feel like you’re a burden? if i could take it all back i swear that i would pull you from the tide” - peter vibes
I Miss You, I’m Sorry by Gracie Abrams - “and i know you said that we’re not talking, but i miss you, i’m sorry” LITERALLY THEM MISSING EACH OYHER AND THEN MAKING UP PLEASE
and the rest just fit the vibe but yes i hope u enjoy i will be updating as more chapters are released and goodnight bc it is 2am 😇💟 (ps: dear author, i love this fanfic u are very awesome)
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campeyourdiems · a month ago
a wild lurker has appeared (and wants a matchup please and thank you 🥺🙏)
nah but i’ve been getting re-hyperfixated on camp camp and all the beloved characters 💗 (at least beloved to me lol)
anyway, appearance-wise im basically a afab older max, except argentinian. i have about 2b-2c slightly longer than shoulder length hair, curl pattern is probably in between-ish? im pretty decently curvy, my body shape is an hourglass, but it’s not that insane lol. and last time i checked i was probably about 5’10”-5’11”.
my aesthetic is like, a mixture of retro (80s through the early 2000’s), baddie, corporate/business and sorta glam/boujee?? it all just depends on the day, yk? 😌
im— probably pan? not too sure. i go by any and all pronouns, and yeah.
personality? i can seem brash and abrasive, (probably my adhd tho, lmaoo) i just don’t like beating around the bush with formalities. im very dedicated to every viable project i make and im opinionated, but often open to hear others out. im also the mom friend and i can seem overprotective (ngl, kinda am—) but in reality, i just wanna make sure my friends aren’t getting into harms way. im the type of person that will remember the most obscure thing you said you liked in a conversation like, 2 years ago. my love language is quality time, but there’s no absolute no’s to any love language as long as you ease into it. (*cough cough* physical touch *cough cough*)
i joke about having old people hobbies, like, yes i love gaming and cooking and baking but i love crossword and birdwatching and bingo andfeedingthelocalracoonsandcrows (im 19 but im built different)
anyway, hope that wasn’t too little or too much, but have a great day and tysm :)))
(im fine with my blog being out there, i don’t need it to be anon lol)
Hello, hello happy to meet you! :D Hum..this is a bit of a tough one but I'm gonna have to go with...Gwen! First off, she'd think your outfits are pretty. Might even wanna borrow some 👀 She also tends to come off as "brash and abrasive" for similar reasons as well as being a bit opinionated. She's not always too open to hearing people out, but hey, at least one of you will be. She can also be a lil overprotective at times, but she'd appreciate it from you. She'd certainly be surprised if you remember something she said a while ago, she probably wouldn't even remember herself. Her love language is probably quality time, so it's good that you're fine with any of them! She really can't judge any of your hobbies when her own are uh..a bit strange as well. Hope you like your match!
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Character headcanons with Skipper and Bridget!!
Omg hi Leslie, aren't you in for a treat owo
Tumblr media
1. Grey-romantic bisexual
Tumblr media
2. Absolute guilty pleasure but I really like Skidget (Bridget x Skipper, that's their ship name). 👉👈. It's not canon currently in CoM rn, bc they're still at the stage of becoming friends. Their romance comes way later, Gwen and me have declared their relationship to be the longest slow burn ever.
3. I have a lot. Despite being second place on my Skipper ship chart, I think Skilene is a really sweet and cute brotp. Skipper with his brothers (Rico, Kowalski, Private) 🥺 . Skiju has its moments (Bro Skipper shed a tear and let Julien PAT HIS HEAD—) Alex and Skipper are fun, in the movies and Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole. BUT IF I MUST CHOOSE ONE...Skipper and Max the Mooncat. Just...
Tumblr media
4. Yeah sorry, penguin-shipping is in this category. I know the shows and movies have those moments of them being 'hinted' to having more than a brothership but no, they're just bad incest jokes. Or Rico being weird. Private calls them his brothers. Dreamworks declares them siblings. They are found family, and I will die on that hill. Also, I guess a sense?
5. Whoever trained Skipper to become the leader he is wasn't...the greatest. And the Trainer left imprints onto Skipper to where he doesn't understand that being harshed towards or slapping his brothers isn't always the answer?
6. Cod there's a lot —Uhhh I can be stubborn, angry, hunagry, I love coffee, I hate crying. I hate the moments when I suddenly feel like a Skipper bc I just internally cringe
7. What the heck is with the inflation ep? ALSO the writers did something to his character to where he somehow progressively got...worse? Like yes, he has insecurities and flaws, but he chooses to continue eating furros over saving the WORLD? This meme (with @baobab-3 and @sleepy-hooves’ arts) sums it up
Tumblr media
8. He's such a problematic fav. He has problems but lordy I can't even bring myself to hate him. I am his lawyer and I'm willing to prove with evidence why he's not bad, but just a complicated insecure man with trust issues, and just needs therapy. He's a very grey character despite being a hero
1. Asexual Demi-romantic (Straight)
Tumblr media
2. Once again, Skidget. I'm sorry I just love them 😖
Tumblr media
3. Her and all the penguins are good brotps. They're just all so sweet owo. Her and Marlene too would make a great one, and I'm tempted to put it down. I guess thou bc I'm biased, Kowalski and Bridget are my favorite BROTP. We can't stop the Dadwalski
Tumblr media
4. MMMMMMMMMM Don't really have one? I mean as long as no one goes shipping Bridget with Ciara then any relationship I'm cool with
5. When Bridget was young, she loved to invent things because she would fix broken items and turn them into something else. Her first invention was a nightlight made out of a broken music box. She still has it, and that was her spark to keep creating.
6. I can relate with Bridget, but not on a self-insert level. One thing is that we both don't like fish. The difference is thou I'm not allergic to it—
7. Chapter One Bridget—Okay but seriously, anytime I find myself relating to her I get embarrassed bc I'm like "Oh no did I write me?? NOOOOO--oh no wait that's her, okay *whew*"
8. Maybe both? Her character is very complicated and grey (like Skipper's). I admit that her arc is somehow like Rose Quartz from Steven Universe, someone who had a rough past, has fled it and is wanting to start anew as a new person. Where in that arc Bridget is, the reader shall find out. The most I'm worried about is that Rose's arc was very mixed to SU fans. So what readers will think when they learned what Bridget has done?
I’m now tagging @gwens-projects Bc I can UwU
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bellamyblakru · 2 months ago
leon for the character ask thing?? <3 :D
YES MAAM ❤️love u roya
general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: CHAOTIC ENERGY
worst quality: nothing omg
ship them with: i always see leon as aroace, but i like when people ship him with morgana🥺
brotp them with: MERLIN, arthur, and ofc the round table👏🏻
needs to stay away from: no one, the mans a king. everyone would do well with a leon around
misc. thoughts: i love his loyalty and chaotic vibe, he reminds me of me in that way. i absolutely adore the fact that he was bffs with gwen and elyan as children, and i imagine him immediately becoming the best big brother to arthur right when he first met him as a squire. leon is just a constant support system for everyone, and i think he is just so neat❤️
send me a character & I’ll answer the following about them!
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peterbenjiparker · 2 months ago
okay so first - the anon who said that the chapter was shit and you should try better? go fvck yourself. try to be a better human next time. be thankful that people are sacrificing their free time to bless us with this godsend content. if you don’t like it then go away, shut up and don’t spread negativity.
And now my planned speech for this chapter:
Nothing. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless, really. Usually I’m a quiet reader who mostly only likes and reblogs but after reading this chapter, I really have the strong urge to tell you what a masterpiece this is. Reading it was an emotional rollercoaster; just when I had my hopes up that everything is gonna work out fine - it gets crushed the next second. (The end? just when I thought that Gwen was finally out of the picture …. i nearly cried). it was enthralling because I felt every emotion that you described. it was like watching a movie, I could see the scenes play out in my head based on how you pictured the characters and their feelings. your writing stil is just so unique.
please don’t listen to some stupid anon who doesn’t appreciate this. the chapter is just as perfect as the other ones, this whole series is a gift from heaven. So thank you for spending your free time with giving us this amazing free content, even tho your health is/was not the best.
i hope you feel better soon (in case your health still isn’t fully back to 100%) and I look forward to the next chapter(s). but don’t rush, take all the time you need. take care of yourself. sending you lots of love. ❤️
(Sorry if there are any mistakes, English isn’t my first language)
this really means a lot to me. you're a quiet reader and yet you took time to talk to me about the series - thank you so much 🥺 and bestie dw, your english is great!
and yes dw i don't mind the anon! i receive enough positive feedback to pay attention to one negative one, thanks to you guys!!
i am feeling a lot better, still a little sick tho. will not say much but covid triggered another illness so im dealing with that atm. im recovering tho! thank you <3333
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notthedyingtype · 12 days ago
me missing maddie &&. gwen? yes 🥺😔
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that gif from the mexico dream sequence where gwendolyn runs her fingers along mildreds shoulder! it makes me go !!!! its such a small act its so tender just !!!!!!! is there any one small/ not very noticeable scene from the show that you really like?
Hi again! So happy to see you in my inbox 🥰
YES!! That is such a good moment! The whole dream sequence between them is so good! And I’d have to say one of my very favorite small moments is when Hanover signs the paperwork saying Edmund is fit to stand trial and then Gwen shares that look with Mildred before following the governor out. Like, she knows Mildred is panicking and despite everything still wants to be there for her, even if she can’t really show it in front of Hanover and Wilburn. I just… 🥺 she’s trying her best. Also in that same scene when she says, “it was the accomplice who shot me, not Edmund” and Mildred shoots her that little appreciative look. AH!
(I couldn’t find a good gif of that scene to save my life so I may just have to make it myself and add it later! 🙈)
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laptimedeleted · a month ago
hola señorita, 7 (i know but this is an excuse to see luna and gwen 🥺), 15, 23, 44, 52 aaaaaand (i am sorry i have asked loads lol) 96. mwah 😘
7. Do you have any pets?
here are two pictures of my lovable idiots,, Gwen (yes, from the Marvel Comics) on the left and Luna on the right
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
15. Favorite song?
Wait for it by Leslie Odom Jr, cause I have a strong connection to the lyrics and it reminds me of certain memories,,
23. Have you ever met any celebrities?
Yes, a few football players. For one due to my work as a football coach and because a good friend of mine went to school with Kai and he was a some of the parties with us.
And I've met one of the judges from a Dance Competition because he was visiting local dance studios.
44. Do you have a strong accent?
I'd say no but I'm not sure. In my mother tongue definitely not but I'm not sure about my accent in English
52. Favorite food?
Oreo Cupcakes!
96. How did you get your name?
My parents picked one out of a bowl with a lot of options. Like everyone in the family was allowed to put a piece of paper into a red bowl (girls name) and a green bowl (boys name). My name until my birth was Project Kevin-Chantal (they didn't want to say the gender cause they didn't want only pink clothes)
Ask me more if you like 🤍
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pinktwinkiezoppo · 2 months ago
Same anon from before! I have the same initiative with the BenRex content!! :) if there's not enough content, just create it yourself and there you go, ta da! But I'm more eh.. Shy to share ><
And aw nyuuu I think your art is great! Because you're showing improvement a lot!! Yes you can always polish up in art, that's what all artists do, but baby steps! For example I noticed your lineart became cleaner in recent artworks :3 and I absolutely LOVE the way you draw hair and looks so FLUFFY I wanna ruffle everyone's hair when it looks like that 🥺
OMG thank you! I was pretty scared to share my arts too and still kind of am but once I did it enough times I became less anxious(but it’s not the same with everyone, just go at your own comfortable pace)
I have some old arts saved and I noticed a drastic difference than how I draw now, so I guess it’s good that others notice too.
And yeah about the hair, ive always had a thing for fluffy or flowing hair and hair is one of my favorite things to draw so I always make hair fluffy(especially Ben and Gwens hair)
Omg compliments make me happy but I can never respond properly!
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fluffypotatey · 5 months ago
the batboys would totally hang out with the knights to train and kick each others butts and maybe damian would just get bored and start interrogating kilgarrah like 'hmm a real life dragon sir how would you describe your anatomy and neurological capabilities' ajsjajaj
also i love ur add ons this is so fun 🥺💕💞🥰 mwah mwah
Oh poor Timmy 😔 that’s right there would be no coffee in Camelot because Europe doesn’t get any until about the 1500s. Alfred would try his best to appease it with his tea but it’s just not the same!!! He would sulk for about a week, the Merlin gang would be so confused and “what is this coffee drink that’s so important?”
Tim trying his best to find a substitute for coffee. He drags Merlin and Gaius into it because they know herbs and remedies the best. Dick trying to stop him because his obsession with finding a substitute is becoming unhealthy. Jason helps as well because sure m, while he only “tolerates” the Replacement, Tim just looks pathetic running himself ragged for a substitute. Not like he cares about him or anything. Nope. (Dick calls bullshit everytime)
OMG YES BATGIRLS AND MORGWEN JUST CHILLING SHARING GOSSIP. It’s the most chill thing besides Barbara’s tea time with Leon and Percival until Steph turns it into a pillow fight. I honestly don’t know who would win but everyone of them had a close shot. Maybe it’s a stalemate.
10 bucks says that Damian forgive me demon spawn I just realized I’ve been spelling your name wrong 😭😭😭 takes none of Kilgharrah’s manipulative destiny talk and lectures him on how his words have negatively affected Merlin. Just Damian lecturing almost all of the parental figures in Merlin (not Hunith tho she wouldn’t need one and met Damian’s approval the moment he saw how she treated Merlin). Like for Gaius, he would question him on the value of teaching Merlin to fear the power his magic has (I don’t think it’s intentional but after living through the purge, some things stick with you that are no longer the solution to the problem). Damian coming so close to beating to shit out of Uther (Jason was so proud) that he had to be dragged away but not before having a few words that struck Uther to his core (he deserves it 😤)
Jason amazing the knights with his crossbows because he lost his guns and these are the closest. Damian and the knights bonding over sword fighting and maybe the incorporating both medieval sword fighting techniques with league’s.
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tetsvhoe · a month ago
yes gwen safe kmi were in iloilo hihihi thank you!!! i miss you too 🥺🥺🥺🥺
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applepiekyuu · 3 months ago
hiii!! okay so i’ve not been following you that long but i’ve seen people call you gwen, so i was wondering are you okay with anons calling you that? 🥺 because sometimes i wanna send you an ask or just tell you i love your works (WHICH, TOP OF THE TOP BY THE WAYY☺️) but i just wanted to see if you’re okay with it? >.<
HAHA HI LOVELY ❤️❤️ yes, gwen is perfect! and I would be SO happy to see you in my inbox xx
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