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#gwen: yes. thats mine
the-mother-of-lions · 4 months ago
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It seems things have changed for you, Guinevere. Yes, I suppose they have. I'm glad.
If you don’t drag each other at every opportunity, are you really even siblings?
Day 3: Favorite Scene - Gwen and Elyan reunited in Season 3, Episode 7: The Castle of Fyrien
Created for @merlinladiesweek
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waitimcomingtoo · 6 months ago
Trial Run
Part one and three 
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader enemies to lovers!
Synopsis: last week you hated each other, this week you’re making out in his bed.
Tumblr media
Since you and Peter weren’t exactly friends before, you didn’t have each other’s numbers. You had no way of communicating with him once you went home. Meaning, you had no idea what you’d be walking in to on Monday. All you knew was you made out with your former rival. You didn’t know what it meant to him; you barely knew what it meant to you. So when you saw him at the lockers upon entering school, you had to brace yourself.
You walked up to your locker and kept your head straight as you unlocked it. You could feel Peter’s eyes on you, just as you could feel him fumbling for words to say.
“Hey.” You said casually without looking over at him. You were doing your best to play it cool, when you were internally freaking out around him.
“Hey.” Peter said immediately, overly excited that you were the first to speak. “How are you? Um, how was your weekend?”
“Good.” You said simply. “How was yours?”
“Good.” Peter nodded. He stared at you for a minute as he worked up the courage to say something better.
“I thought about you a lot.” He said quietly, adverting his eyes so he wouldn’t lose his nerve. You sucked in a sharp breath, hating how easily he could fluster you.
“Did you now?” You asked without looking at him.
“Yeah.” He smiled shyly. “I really liked it when you kissed me.”
You couldn’t help smiling at his words, despite you trying to fight it. You looked at him, saw his signature shit eating grin, and rolled your eyes.
“I liked it too.” You said quietly, not wanting to give him the satisfaction.
“Okay, good.” He nodded happily. “We’re on the same page.”
“I guess we are.” You looked at him as you shut your locker.
“In that case, do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked hopefully as he twisted his shirt around his fingers. For once, you found his nervous behavior to be cute. You wanted to say yes, but you had to make sure he was all in first.
“Not yet.” You decided. “I said I’d be willing to give this a try. I can’t commit to anything until I know what kind of boyfriend you’d make.”
“How can I prove to you that I’d be a good boyfriend?” Peter wondered. You pursed your lips as you thought about it, not having thought that far ahead. You looked down at the books in your arms and held them out to him.
“Carry my books.” You instructed.
“Okay.” Peter took your books from you and walked with you when you moved.
“I like old fashioned romantic gestures.” You explained as you walked together. “Carrying books, opening the door, asking the father for permission to date, things like that. I want a gentleman. I wouldn’t date anything less.”
“Okay.” Peter nodded as he made a metal note. “I can be a gentleman.”
“Walk faster.” You commanded, and he picked up his pace. “I don’t just want you to be a gentleman though. You have to be rough with me sometimes. Tell me when I’m being ridiculous and shut me up with a kiss every now and then.”
“Nice. I finally know a way to shut you up.” Peter joked.
“Cute.” You narrowed your eyes at him. “I’m telling you all of this now because I think communication is the most important thing in a relationship. This is what I want in a relationship. If you can’t give it to me, then we’ll just be friends. No harm done.”
“Okay. Gentleman, kisses, books. I can do this.” Peter hyped himself up.
“Good.” You smiled and stopped walking. “So what are your conditions for a relationship?”
“I don’t know if I have any.” Peter realized. “I’ve never been in a a relationship before.”
“Well what do you want from me?” You asked him. Peter thought about it for a minute before making a decision.
“Can I hold your hand?” He asked, and you fought back a smile at his innocence. You looked down at his free hand and frowned suddenly as something dawned on you.
“Are you still gonna like me if I start being nice to you?” You asked without looking at him.
“What?” He asked. “Of course I will.”
“I don’t know.” You shook your head. “What if you had some underlying degradation kink that I was fueling? And if I stop being mean to you, you’ll stop liking me.”
“I liked you before you were mean to me.” Peter assured. “And I don’t have that kink. At least, I don’t think I do.”
You looked at him for a minute, unsure of what you wanted.
“I don’t want to start this if you’re gonna break my heart.” You said quietly.
“Hey.” He said comfortingly. “I won’t do that. I’ve never broken a girls heart before.”
“Didn’t you say you’ve never been in a relationship before?”
“Yes.” He realized. “But even if I had, I wouldn’t have broken anyones heart. Not on purpose, at least. You have just as much of a chance of breaking mine.”
“I’ll try not to.” You smiled a little.
“I would appreciate that.” He told you. Your smile widened as you fell just a little bit more for Peter. You let out a dramatic sigh and looked up at the ceiling.
“You can hold my hand.” You said like it was inconvenient for you.
“I appreciate that even more.” Peter grinned as he took your hand. You continued walking to class, hand in hand.
You reached your classroom and stood outside of it, hesitant to go inside. You’d only ever sat in that class as Peter’s rival, and now you guys were almost dating. You looked at him holding your books and squeezed his hand gently.
“Just so you know, I want this to work.” You told him honestly. Peter’s cheeks turned pink as he gave you a small nod.
“I do too.”
“Good.” You smiled. “Now get inside. I don’t like being late.”
You and Peter walked into the classroom hand and hand with his books still in his arms. Before you could take a seat, your teacher stopped you.
“Wow.” She folded her arms and smirked. “It looks like my plan worked.”
“I’m sorry?” You asked.
“Making you guys partners seems to have paid off.” She pointed to your books in Peter’s arms.
“Peter was just taking a break from his usually monkey brained self to do something polite.” You stammered.
“And Y/n couldn’t carry her books because she’s too busy carrying the weight of being the most obnoxious person in this part of New York.” Peter followed up.
“Mhm.” She nodded. “And the hand holding?”
“It was his idea.” You said at the same time as Peter said, “She let me.”
“Right.” She clicked her tongue. “Take a seat you two.”
You and Peter took your usual seats and kept quiet the entire class. The rest of the class was quick to notice the absence of the typical taunting banter that usually occurred between you and Peter. In its place, much to everyone’s surprise, was your dangling hands holding each other’s under the desks. His left hand was reaching forward while yours was reaching back, meeting in the middle and staying that way throughout the period. You didn’t know why you let him hold you hand the entire time. He didn’t know either. All you knew was you liked the feeling of his hand in yours.
At lunch time, you found yourself walking towards Peter’s table instead of sitting with your other friends. You had no idea why you wanted to sit with him, but you felt yourself missing him throughout your classes. You silently put your lunch down next to him and began to eat. Peter and Ned exchanged a look and Peter nearly choked on his food.
“You’re sitting here?” Peter asked with a mouth full of food.
“Is there a problem?” You asked as you looked between him and Ned.
“No.” Peter shook his head. “I’m glad you’re here. I’m happy to see you.”
“Shut up, loser.” You snickered as you leaned into him. He leaned back before wrapping an arms around your shoulders. Ned stared at the two of you in shock, usually accustomed to you going at each other’s throats. When Peter told him you’d kissed, he thought he was kidding.
“So are you guys like a couple now?” Ned asked, interrupting the moment. Peter didn’t know how to answer, so he looked to you.
“We’re giving it a test run.” You shrugged. “For now, we’re just casually dating.”
“When will you know if you want to be a couple?” Ned continued.
“I kinda had the same question.” Peter said sheepishly. You thought about it for minute, not exactly sure of your answer.
“Tell you what.” You decided. “If I ever look at you and feel an overwhelming need to kiss you, thats when I’ll know.”
“Okay.” Peter nodded. “I can work with that.”
“So how’s your project going Ned?” You asked as you changed the subject.
“Well, Gwen and I haven’t started dating, so not as good as yours.” He joked.
“Yeah, well. She’s missing out.” You winked at him.
“Not really.” Ned shrugged. “I’m exactly like Peter, just without the abs.”
“And I’m like Ned without the beautiful Hawaiian complexion.” Peter complimented back.
“Woah. Didn’t realize sitting here meant I’d be third wheeling on your date.” You joked.
“You’re not.” Peter didn’t get the joke. “You can sit here whenever you want.”
“Not that I care”, you prefaced ‘“but did you say Peter had abs? As in defined abdominal muscles?”
“Yeah.” Ned nodded as Peter’s face went red. You looked at him with a knowing smile and he knew exactly what you were thinking.
“Don’t.” He warned you.
“I knew you were on steroids!” You said excitedly. “I called it and I was right.”
“I am not on steroids.” Peter whined.
“I knew it.” You insisted. “Your arms got bigger practically overnight and now you have abs?”
“I work out.” Peter lied.
“No you don’t.” You snorted.
“I’m Spider-Man.” He tried again.
“I’d believe you work out before I’d believe that.” You told him, much to his relief.
“Then I guess we’ll never know.” He shrugged, sneaking a knowing glance at Ned. “Do you want to come over later? We can continue working on the project.”
“Sure.” You shrugged, feeling nervous butterflies in your tummy. “I’ll meet you by the lockers after the last bell.”
“Don’t be late.” He smiled.
“Don’t tell me what to do.” You deadpanned, making his smile fall.
“I’m just kidding.” You smiled. “God, you’re so gullible.”
“You don’t like to make things easy, do you?” Peter joked as he leaned on his hand to stare at you. The way he was looking at you sent a wave of butterflies into your tummy, causing you to look away.
“Hm.” You grinned. “No I do not.”
“Hey May.” Peter called as he set his keys down by the door. Your heart rate quickened when you heard footsteps coming into the room.
“Hey, Peter. How was your -oh! Hello.” May stopped short when she noticed you standing behind him.
“Hi, Miss Parker. I’m Y/n.” You introduced yourself since you didn’t meet her last time you were over.
“You’re Y/n?” May asked. “The one from your physics class?”
“Yeah. Peter and I have a few classes together actually.”
“Is this the one you called a b-“
“Beautiful, sweet Angel.” Peter cut her off and smiled at you. “Yes, this is her.”
“Oh.” She was surprised. “Hi. You can call me May.”
“It’s nice to meet you, May.” You smiled as you shook her hand.
“You too. Wow.” She laughed. “You’re nothing like I pictured.”
“May.” Peter said warningly.
“What?” She asked. “The way you described her, I figured she had horns and a little tail.”
“Oh, I do.” You nodded. “I just hide them well.”
“Peter.” May said pointedly. “She’s not nearly as bad as you told me. What are you guys doing here anyway?”
“We have a group project.” He said.
“We’re also dating.” You followed up. Peter looked at you in pleasant surprised, feeling very happy that you said that.
“Finally.” May scoffed. “I knew you liked her. No one whines that much about a girl he doesn’t like.”
“Yeah, yeah.” Peter rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.
“Well, I’ll leave you guys to it.” May said. “Do you guys need anything before I go? Snacks? Drinks? Condoms?”
“We’ll take some condoms.” You said casually. May raised her eyebrows as Peter choked on his saliva.
“Kidding.” You said through an awkward smile. “That was a joke. Thank you, though.”
“We’re gonna go to my room now.” Peter quickly ushered you out of the room. “Bye May!”
“It was nice meeting you!” You called as he pushed you into his room. As soon as his door was closed, you put your hands on your hips.
“You told you aunt I was a bitch.” You pointed at him accusingly.
“No.” Peter pointed back at you. “I told her you were a brat.”
“Oh.” You relaxed. “Well that’s not that bad.”
“Is that a deal breaker?” Peter worried. “I kinda told her we hate each other.”
“Peter, you have to stop being so worried about messing this up.” You said as you rubbed his arms. “I told you, I want this to work. You have to relax a little.”
“Okay.” He sighed. “I’m sorry. I’m just having a hard time believing you like me back.”
“I like you some of the time.” You shrugged before cracking a smile.
“Hey.” He whined.
“I’m teasing.” You told him. “I’m just getting used to being nice to you. If it makes you feel better, I’m starting to like you a lot more.”
“I guess that does make me feel better.” He mumbled.
“Good.” You smiled and patted his cheek. “Now stop whining about it, brat.”
“You’re the brat.” He scoffed playfully as he put his hand over yours. You sucked in a breath at how close you were, hearing your heartbeat in your ears. Peter’s eyes fell to your lips before going back to your eyes.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked softly.
“Shut the fuck up.” You matched his soft tone with a harsh one.
“Okay.” He backed up. “Sorry.”
“I’m kidding.” You assured him as you pulled him back to you. “You can kiss me.”
He rolled his eyes at you before cracking a smile.
“You’re mean.” He mumbled as he put his hands on your face.
“Yeah, but you like that.” You whispered as you leaned up to kiss him. He pulled your closer by your face as you slid your hands under his shirt. He was a surprisingly good kisser for someone who had never been in a relationship before, and you wanted to test his limits. You dragged your fingernails down his stomach and just as Ned told you, he had abs. He groaned at the unfamiliar feeling and began to move backwards. You followed him until you both fell on the bed. Peter rolled on top of you and continued kissing you, slipping his fingers through yours to hold your hands. You licked his bottom lip and he took the hint to open his mouth. His kisses were clumsy and awkward, but you absolutely loved them. You made out on his bed just like last time, your project long forgotten. Neither of you had any idea how much time had passed before you both collapsed on his bed to catch your breath. You rolled over and rested your head on Peter’s chest, feeling his rapid heartbeat beneath you. You rested your hand on his stomach, mindlessly playing with the soft material of his sweater.
“Hm.” You pouted as Peter wrapped an arm around you and rubbed your shoulder with his thumb.
“What’s wrong?” He wondered.
“I really like you.” You realized as you made a disgusted face.
“Is that a bad thing?” He chuckled.
“Yes!” You exclaimed. “I don’t want to have feelings. Especially not for you. We’re supposed to be enemies but…”
“But what?” Peter asked when you trailed off.
“But I never want to leave this bed.” You mumbled as you you held him closer. Peter laughed again and kissed the top of your head.
“It’s okay.” He insisted. “I really like you too.”
“If I have to stop worrying about messing this up, you have to stop worrying about letting this happen.” He reasoned. “It’s okay that we like each other. I didn’t see it coming either.”
You let out a sigh and gazed up at him.
“I hate when you’re right.” You mumbled.
“You’re gonna have to get used to that.” He told you as he stroked your face.
“Why would I get used to something that only happens once a month?” You asked. He gave you a look so you smiled.
“Kidding.” You told him. “We can still bully each other, right? Or does that have to stop if we’re dating.”
“It depends. You said you need communication, right?”
“Okay.” He nodded. “I don’t like it when you make jokes about me being on steroids. I’m scared people are going to believe you and then I’m gonna have to pee in a cup in front of the principle. I’m very pee shy.”
“Thank you for letting me know.” You laughed. “I won’t make those jokes anymore.”
“What about me?” He asked. “What’s off limits?”
“Well unlike you, I can take a joke, so nothing is off limits for me.” You shrugged, always taking the opportunity to tease him.
“Hardy har.” He said sarcastically.
“Actually, wait.” You thought of something. “Don’t call me a bitch. Brat is fine but bitch crosses the line.”
“That’s easy.” He said. “I only ever called you that in my head anyway.”
You gave him a look and he laughed.
“Kidding.” He mimicked your voice. “You have my word. I won’t ever call you that.”
“All right.” You sighed in content. “I feel better now.”
“Does this mean I can start calling you my girlfriend?” Peter asked.
“Not yet.” You decided. “I haven’t decided if I want to do this for real yet. I’m still weighing my options.”
“Okay.” He nodded. “Take your time. No pressure.”
“Well that makes it sound like you don’t care either way.” You whined as you sat up.
“I do. I do care.” He assured you as he sat up. “But I don’t want to rush you. I really want to give this a try, but only if you do too.”
You looked at him for a while as you processed what he said.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” He wondered.
“You’re making it really hard to justify not liking you all these years.” You told him, and he couldn’t help but smile.
“Good.” He shrugged. “I want you to like me.”
“I got my heart broken pretty badly in the past.” You whispered. “Because I liked someone a little too much.”
“I already told you, I’m not gonna break your heart. I’m not like that.”
Your lips tweaked into a smile before you leaned in to kiss him.
“You better not be.”
You continued casually dating Peter throughout the week, getting closer to telling him you wanted to be his girlfriend every day. He carried your books for you, opened your door, and shut you up with kisses, just like you asked. By Friday, you were ready to make it official. You found him in the hallway between classes but before you could tell him what you decided on, he started to speak.
“What are you doing after school today?” He asked as he bounced on his heels.
“Volunteer Club was cancelled so nothing.” You answered. “Why?”
“I want to take you somewhere.” He explained. “But it’s a surprise.”
“I knew it.” You shook your head. “I knew you and your cult were gonna kill me.”
“There is no cult.” He huffed. “Just meet me here after school, okay?”
“Okay.” You looked at him skeptically as he broke out into a grin. “But what-“
Peter cut you off with a kiss before telling you, “It’s a surprise! No more questions.”
He quickly scurried away before you could ask him anything else, leaving you a blushing mess in the hallway.
After school, you walked with Peter’s hands over your eyes to an unknown location. The walk was pretty far and his hands we’re starting to get sweaty on your face. If you didn’t like him so much, you would have complained.
“Okay.” Peter announced. “We’re here. You can look.”
Peter uncovered your eyes and let you look around. When you realized he had brought you to a cemetery, you looked at him for answers.
“I was doing a little research, I hope you don’t mind.” He prefaced. “This lot is closest to the Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, so it’s where they put most of their car crash victims.”
“Yeah.” You nodded as you kept your eyes ahead. “I know.”
“This is where they buried your parents, right?” He asked quietly. You looked at him, impressed that he was able to find out where they were, and nodded.
“Yeah.” You said softly. “It is.”
“Can you take me to them?” He asked politely. You opened your mouth to speak, but found no words. Instead, you took Peter’s hand and lead him to your parents graves.
There was a pile of roses laid in front of the headstones, all in different stages of decomposition. Peter took his backpack off his shoulders and pulled out two roses. He handed one to you and kept the other in his hand. Before you could say anything, Peter got down on one knee in front of the headstone.
“Mr. and Mrs. L/n, it’s an honor to meet you.” He began. “My name is Peter Parker. I’m sure Y/n has complained about me a few times to you guys. I’ve definitely given her a lot to complain about.”
You chuckled at his words as tears came to your eyes. You thought what he was doing was sweet, if a little morbid. You knew his intentions were pure and that’s what mattered.
“I came here today for two reasons. The first was to meet the parents of the most unpredictable, intelligent, and beautiful person I have ever met. She’s also super annoying. Like, you would not believe how annoying this girl is.” He joked. “Or I guess, maybe you would. In my opinion, she gets a little easier to endure everyday.”
Peter looked back at you to see if you were still listening, and you gave him a thumbs up.
“My other reason for coming here was to formally ask you for permission to date your daughter.” He continued. “I know it’s ultimately her decision, but she likes old fashioned romantic gestures. So here I am, asking for your blessing.”
You covered your mouth with your hand as happy tears fell from your eyes. Not only had Peter remembered what you listed off to him, he followed through with the most thoughtful romantic gesture you’d been given. He turned around again to look at you, shielding his eyes from the setting sun.
“They’re kinda quiet.” Peter joked. “Do you think they said yes?”
“Peter?” You said weakly.
“I’m feeling that overwhelming need to kiss you right about now.” You told him with a tearful smile.
“I bet you are, loser. Can you give me a minute? I’m in the middle of a conversation.” He rolled his eyes before turning back to the headstone. “So, you guys enjoying the weather?”
You let out a laugh and wiped your face free of tears.
“Peter. Stand up right now.”
Peter obliged and stood up to face you.
“You said you liked romantic gestures.” He began to apologize. “It was either this or I pull out a ouija board and-“
You cut Peter off by throwing your arms around him and kissing him. He kissed you back immediately, stabilizing you as you stumbled into him. Something inexplicable made this kiss feel different from the last ones. This time, you were letting yourself feel everything you wanted to feel for Peter.
“Wait.” You pulled away suddenly and held him back from you.
“What’s wrong?” He worried.
“I don’t want to get caught making out with my boyfriend in a graveyard.” You told him. “That’s too weird. Even for you.”
“You called me your boyfriend.” Peter smiled happily, ignoring everything you said except that.
“Did I?” You played dumb. “I didn’t even notice.”
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kingz-pig · 10 months ago
Okay so I've been looking at the spectacular spider-man tag and I just wanna voice my opinion.
Peter parker in the spectacular spider-man cartoon was a dick. He was a crappy friend and a horrible boyfriend.
He had feeling for Gwen and got distracted a lot thats not the issue it isn't that he got with liz either it's that he confessed to his best friends girlfriend right after his best friend said he was kidnapped. Then had the audacity to think that his pain was just as bad as Harry's after harry lost his dad and he didn't get Gwen.
Yes I get Peter was trying to be honest but the fact he dragged Liz and Gwen around cause he couldn't make up his mind and chose to focus on what he didn't have other then what he did have was wrong. He never once tried to be a good boyfriend to liz he didn't stop and think maybe this can work out if I put effort into making it work.
Because liz was pretty much perfect for him she was kind and understanding. Never got mad at him for being late only for ignoring her (you know his girlfriend) for Gwen who was with harry.
And poor Gwen was trying to move on after getting her heart broken but couldn't cause he was giving her hope even after ditching her for Liz. I am not saying harry was a good boyfriend for Gwen either cause it just seemed like he was only using her as an accessory.
Gwen and Liz were such good characters but they were ruined by making them rivals for a guy who clearly didn't deserve it.
And this doesn't mean I hate Peter from the cartoon I want to but I can also see why he did it without realizing, that and I really like his character design so I have a hard time hating him cause of that too.
Also if you have a different opinion that's fine I just wanted to voice mine
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master-jedi-iris · 11 months ago
Though he didn't know it yet Chris Mclean was in for a shocking revelation. One of the campers is not exactly just some rando kid. This camper is his kid and she is out to expose it.
Name : Iris  Escalona
Age 16
Eye color green
Caramel skin
Black hair that she keeps in a high ponytail. A Cherokee rose on the left side of the hair tie.
Iris is 5ft 8",135lb
Out fit-White tanktop with the alchemists symbol blue acid washed jean shorts black converses
Iris has a dark sense of humor. She loves horror,pranks,is resourceful. Iris is not above smashing some skulls together. She is not quick to anger but Heather pushes a lot of her buttons.
All her life she just wanted Chris to know she was alive. Her mother never gave the reason why she left. She is the oldest of seven children.
________chapter 3_________
• Chris: Last time on Total Drama Island, twenty-three campers arrived and learned that they'll be spending the next eight weeks at the crusty old summer camp. The campers we're faced with their first challenge, jumping off a cliff into the shark-infested waters. While most campers took the plunge, a few were forced to wear the dreaded chicken hat. At the campfire ceremony, it all came down to two campers, Courtney has experience as a CIT in summer camp, but refused to jump, and Ezekiel managed to tick off every female at the camp with his sexist comments about women, in the end, the first camper voted off Total Drama Island was Ezekiel, proving that homeschooling and reality TV don't mix, who will be voted off this week in this dramatic campfire ceremony yet? Find out tonight on Total... Drama...Island.
Iris woke up early and snuck into the kitchen.
It looked a mess it was four in the morning so she needed something to do.
Iris looked into the camra
"Ok so ever since I was ten I wake up at four in the morning. Some nights I don't even sleep. Doctors can't figure out why but hey at least I can do something before the challenge starts."
(End of Confessionals)
Iris was almost done cleaning when Chef walked in. "And what are you doing up?" Chef said crossing his arms. "Sorry Chef woke up at four and couldn't go back to sleep. I decided to clean the kitchen to help you out. If you need help cooking I can do that too." She said still scrubbing. "Awe thats real nice of you sweetpea. But I can take it from here go get washed up. The mess hall looks great. " Iris stood up saluting him. He did the same to her and she went to the showers.
That girl is a sweetheart. I haven't met a kid who would just clean without being asked. Her parents raised her right she will make a man happy one day.
*static *
(End of Confessionals)
Iris walked into the mess hall. Chef had a cup of coffe ready for her. "Here you go sweetie thanks again for cleaning the place up." He said making her bluch. "No problem if you need any help you can always ask."  She said sitting down. "Why did you clean this dump?! You never do anything nice." Courtney came over before Iris could take on sip of her ainti murder juice. Holding up one finger Iris took a drink. "Ok child now that I had a caffeine shot I can speak. I wake up a four am every day. Why I do not know I just do. Some nights I don't even sleep. As for doing something nice goes. Unlike you I was raised to help someone when I physically can. You were shelter from the world thats why your a spoild brat.  Do you want me to spill what it was you did to my brother, or are you going to sit back down like a good girl?" Iris was now glaring at the pampered princess. Courtney like any other teenage girl that doesn't get her way, stomped away with a "Ahh!"  I waved her finger at the child.
Chris walked in "alright campers time for your challenge. Both teams will complete one lap around the Island. The team that completes the race first wins. "  Trent asked about breakfast. "Oh you will eat after the race. Ready set go!" He laughed as everyone ran.
Iris pov
It was a nice warm up but ,I doubt that this is the actual challenge.  When we made it back to the mess hall a buffet was waiting for us. It was so beautiful I wanted to cry. Though something sinister is happening here. This is a set up so I'm not going to eat to much. I saw cranberries the kind you get on Thanksgiving and chowd down. It was refreshing everyone else asked why I wasn't eating anything but Cranberries. "Think about it why would they give us this food. It's a plot for the challenge. Trust me I want to chow down with all of you." I said making them shrug and go back to eating. Courtney was glaring at me. I think about it the guy that asked me the question was Duncan.
Iris started laughing.
"Oh she is a treat I will thoroughly enjoy this."
(End of Confessionals)
"Hey Duncan can you step outside with me? This won't take long." I said standing up. He shrugged and followed me outside. Once we were out of ear shot I turned to him.
Meanwhile in the mess hall.
Courtney pov
"They have been gone for awhile. I'll go check on them." I said having campers telimg me to leave them be. Iris is a conveying snake you can't ever trust her.
"Hey guys what are yo-Ah!" I walked out to find them making out. I march up to them and pull him away getting in her face. She smirks at me. "Hello Courtney how can I help you?" She chuckles "You can help me by not macking on my teammate you snake." I growled
(Confessionals Duncan, Iris)
"If she is a snake and thats her bite. Please bite me some more."
"*laughs* oh wow I was right she likes him. This is going to be a fun day for Duncan and me. He is on board with the plan. Obviously he is enjoying this too. *smirks* bey bey second place Courtney"
Iris pov
Duncan stood between myself and Courtney crossing his arms. "I think you should run inside. You don't own me there four have no say in my actions." He said wrapping one arm around me. I place my hand on his chest the top of my head under his chin. I was side glancing at her. She growled stomping away. Once she was gone we bust out laughing.  He picked me up bridal style carrying me inside. "This is mine no one else can have her." He said sitting me down at my seat we started to feed each other. "Can you two get a room?" Heather complained. "Can you get a new attitude." I said making her gasp.
Once the buffet was cleared Chris came back in. "Everyone ready for the awake athon!" I knew it and they say I'm a snake. "Wait so you had us eat all this food so you can see who will fall asleep first?" Gwen asked "Yes Gwen Yes I did" I laughed "oh that so evil its good."  I said "Glad your finding this amusing lose lips" Courtney said  "Hey they are open for you too." I wink at her. "Your disgusting " she said following Chris to the pit fire. I sat in Duncan's lap during the challenge to get on princess sunshine's nerves. Its almost night fall I'm about to fall asleep. Duncan puts his hand on my cheek "got to stay awake gorgeous. How can I look into those beautiful eyes if they are closed?" I giggle at the sickeningly sweetness. "Let her fall asleep at least I won't be second place. " Courtney said  laughing "oh your second place in everything so shut up. " I said before glares at her.
Its now been twent-four hour mark. Come on stupid bass fall asleep. I thought to myself. It was now Myself, Trent,and Gwen for the Gophers and the Bass only had Courtney and Duncan.  Once Chris started to read the history of Canada Courtney, and Trent fell asleep.  Leaving Gwen, Duncan and me. "I have to hit the can" Duncan said as the camra crew followed him. Gwen fell asleep I was about to when Chris announced that the Gophers won. I smile before falling flat on my face.
• [The Killer Bass are standing outside of the cabins, stuff are outside due to Eva throwing them because she can't find her MP3 because Heather stole it.]
• Eva: [screaming angrily] Where is my MP3 player?! One of you must stolen it, I need my music! No one is going anywhere until I get my MP3 player back! [She angrily throws a book, which almost hits Harold]
• Courtney: Okay, whoever took it better give it up now before she destroys the whole camp.
• Heather: Hey, guys, wow, this place is a real mess.
• Courtney: Someone stole Eva's MP3 player.
• Heather: [holds Eva's MP3 player] Who don't mean this to you? [Eva is surprised that Heather found her MP3 player, which Heather actually stole it] I was wondering who it belonged to, I found it by the campfire pit. You must have dropped it.
• Eva: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!
• Heather: Sure thing. [Leaves. Static buzzing, in the confessional] Turn a team against their own members, easiest trick in the book. (Static buzzing)
• Eva: [smiles sheepishly] So, sorry about the that little misunderstanding. [The Killer Bass glare at Eva] Guess no one stole it after all. Okay, maybe I overreacted a little. [Laughs sheepishly]
Iris and the Gophers watch the marshmallow ceremony of the Killer Bass. It was down to Alpha geek Harold and wack Job Eva. Both looked nervous until Chris gave it to Harold. Wow did not see that one coming. They threw away their strongest team mate. Welp looks like the Gophers have it even easier now.
Chris "you All can get some sleep tonight you all are safe for now. Find out what happens next time on Total Drama Island."
(Have I mention how much I don't like Courtney yet. Well I don't have a great day/evening)
Tumblr media
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sourdough-morbread · 9 months ago
1, 12, and 37 for the fic writer's game, please.
thank you for the ask!! :D    fic writer asks
1. Describe your comfort zone—a typical you-fic.
canon divergence fix-its. i like mirroring canon but doing it slightly differently. they feel like solving a riddle or doing a puzzle. 
12. Is there an episode above all others that inspires you just a little bit more?
uh... thats a tough one. any of the big charcater moment episodes? like lady of the lake, nightmare begins, sins of a father, with all my heart, wicked day etc. the are ripe for fix-its.
also all of season 5 bc why is gwen so inactive and i was promised alex vlahos where the fuck is he?
37. Talk about your current wips.
i hope you know what you are getting into lol. im probably going to have to put this under a cut. (yep i knew it)
Magic at the Heart of Camelot: 
its a season 2 fix it. starts on nightmare begins.
i loved their dynamic in season 1 and i wanted to build on that and give morgana a character arc in which she grows and becomes a less self centered person. and deal with her struggle with discovering she has magic and how she really sees magic. like she grew up in uthers camelot, as much as she can see uthers abject cruelty. her perception would be affected by her circumstances, just like everybody else.
merlin doesnt just blurt out he has magic to her tho. its a pet peeve of mine when fics do that. he had absolutely no obligation to tell morgana anything about himself. 
all he says is “yes you have magic. go to the druids” instead of “i wouldnt know. go to the druids.” during that scene in her chambers when he brings her the sleeping medicine. at that point they both knew she has magic and she knew he was lying and essentially telling her “dont come to me with this” intentionally or not.
now merlin definitely would have helped her if she had come to him later in the season. his decision to deny was influenced by how much he has been taught to deny his magic at all cost and the fact that he is putting himself at risk of death just by talking to morgana about this. its understandable. but i think him acknowledging she has magic is equally plausible. 
haven’t updated in a long time but the first chapter is up on ao3
On the Way to Camlann:
im just rewriting entirety of season 5. more or less the same things happen, but different things get more screen time (or word count? ig) also some slight changes to the dialogues. also im adding a time skip between with all my heart and kindness of strangers bc they cant just kill elyan off like that and then act like it never happened. i refuse to accept it.
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insomnihan · 2 years ago
han’s Entire Thoughts and Feelings on Dreamcatcher’s “Breaking Out”
there are no read mores here so im sorry (im actually gonna apologize this time this is long™) IM GONNA BE VERY SPECIFIC
hella pictures, links, and words youve been warned™
THE SONG i think a lot of us would agree that the introduction threw us off (i was also one of those people) but to be honest i dont mind it AT ALL?????? that kinda harmonizing sound during here and here i dunno what that is but i was vibing hard with it i really liked it and yeah it is different from their usual style but once i heaRD THAT GUITAR IT WAS OVER FOR ME I COULDNT- like i wanna bounce but i also wanna headbang at the same time
i mentioned this to gwen @wickymicky tho one thing i would say is i just WISH this song went harder??? i dunno how to describe it exactly but something heavier??? i wish i knew how to elaborate on what that means im sorry but i just know thats what i feel but other than that im very satisfied with this song!!!!!!
yoohyeon starts the song as if i wasnt vibrating with excitement already like her singing voice is just sounds so pleasant???? HIT ME WITH THAT SILENT NIGHT SILENT NIGHT i personally liked this part in the middle and how it built up into the chorus i FELT THAT IN MY BONES
MISS JIU YOUR VOICE its so soft yet powerful just like you GENERALLY LIKE HOW!!!!!!!!! youre literally the second person to sing and you got two things from me: 1. F UCKED UP and 2. my heart........................... like her bridge part just SO PERFECT LIKE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND-
S U A YOU CANT BE KILLING ME WITH NO WAY NO WAY LIKE WERE STILL IN AND THERE WAS NO ONE LEFT just something about her tone.................. im- pairing her with jiu for THIS my heart and my ears, yknow what ALL OF ME is just so happy and ‘you cant stop my heart’ well you sure stopped mine with your voice-
there is SO MUCH DAMI??????? THERE ARE TEARS???? IN MY EYES???? i was shocked to hear her so early on in the song but i welcomed it with open arms i love her deep voice so much her parts were nice (tho a little off as in not very ‘dami-like’ if you will not usual to her parts in their other songs) BUT when she was saying that part with love, lost, and hide it and her part at 2:31.......................... pls.....
HANDONG P L E A S E her parts at 0:40 and 1:39 were small but they sounded SO pleasant im cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a moot of mine mentioned in her tags somewhere about how handong’s voice sounds silky and like...................... thanks for saying it bc youre sO RIGHT like i cant even describe it in depth to yall bc it just makes me feeL GOOD hearing it!!!!!!!!
miss lee gahyeon hitting me with something gentle at 0:44 but then hitting me with this at 1:31 like with handong her parts are small but still impactful!!!! her voice is so nice to listen to like it sounds smooth??? i cant Words™ but yknow what im saying right-
SIYEON I COULD LITERALLY LISTEN TO YOUR VOICE FOREVER her voice for the chorus................ IM CRYING ITS SO CATCHY!!!!!!!!! SO BREAKING OUT OF THE DARK NIGHT is literally stuck in my head i cant- her voice is just SO unique right??? like its so powerful and it jUST H I T S YOU FULL FORCE side note: i found myself waving my hand with her when she sings bye bye thats so dorky of me leave me alone
THE DANCE L I S T E N i was PLANNING on trying my hand at gifs but i was impatient and we all know that pictures WILL NOT do this choreography justice but AS ALWAYS THEY COME THROUGH WITH SOME GOOD ASS CHOREO it doesnt hit as hard as their other dances but that doesnt bother me- there was a lot of Hands™ like a lot of emphasis on the hands and gestures (will mention more later) UUUUUM the dancing during the chorus with so much arm swinging and they all hit the air so hard with their elbows and fists i could really just feel that energy?? like all the effort and power they put into their dancing and to give it their all???? aka i feel tired just watching them dance
two parts i REALLY wanted to gif: 1. when yoohyeon does this with her hands up to 1:30................................... thanks and 2. this part with jiu and sua together................................... thanks x2
Tumblr media
so this pose is like their thing now right?????? this is from what???? i dunno what this means here but like im glad they have a cool pose that represents them
Tumblr media
OKAY TWO THINGS: this was all i could focus on when i watched the teaser like siyeons face as if shes super into this (or was singing i dunno) and then jius face like is it THAT serious-
THE VISUALS ON TOP OF BOMB CHOREO THEY ALSO HAVE BOMB AESTHETICS FOR THEIR VIDEOS!!!!!!!! i would explain EVERY scene but i thought why not show the ones i really liked and put some thoughts under, some are more specifically about how i left looking at them (this is long enough already):
(i must mention beforehand that i loved the part with suas swing and jius rope too but i liked looking at these ones much more)
Tumblr media
I KNEW THE MOMENT I SAW ALL THAT RED THREAD IT HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH FATE like i think actually believe in fate and stuff like that now bc LOOK at them their threads of fate all tangled together and s hit but also i just REALLY wanna see how they pass through the strings lmao
Tumblr media
this part was haunting to me??? like i felt suffocated just looking at this??? i dont think thats how i was supposed to feel but this hit
Tumblr media
do you see how disorienting???? do you feel that way too???? bc I SURE DID plus i dunno these colors, overlaying her looking in different directions and then at the end when they connect again in the middle my god yes-
Tumblr media
okay i said i was going to mention hands and that theyre basically the most important thing in this entire video there are so many scenes of them reaching towards each other, wiggling their fingers and shaking their hands, but unable to even TOUCH you could really F E E L how DESPERATE.......... the WANT and the NEED to just connect together and bicth im gonna cry but its BEAUTIFUL™ (i was gonna add every shot that showed them reaching to each other but this is long enough already)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is like gahyeons scene but it didnt hurt as much i love the color green but for this scene seeing that wall nearly crushing her and this color together i ACTUALLY felt scared and nauseous and again i dont think thats what im supposed to feel but i did and it also hit she is certainly........................... breaking out sorry
Tumblr media
P L E A S E this is the ending and theyre all finally together and i think them standing in a circle and holding hands like is also their thing but do you see?????? yoohyeons smile?????? (im sure theyre all smiling at least i hope so)
to the shock of LITERALLY NO ONE they are the seven (7) most beautiful women to walk this earth, so of course i was shaking continuously and my neck was getting broken every second i have nothing to complain about or even REMOTELY MENTION to change anything about them except i want damis shorter length back
plus their outfits and makeup looks are simple and nothing over the top and i think theyre wearing their teaser image outfits in the more colorful scenes but no complaints there like the white outfits when theyre surrounded by the red thread like they look great!!!!!!!!!! just nothing to specify (also their really cool looking earrings they just always have)
(also pls appreciate these screenshots they all come from a split second within their individual shots instead of the shots from the beginning bc i love making my job harder for no reason looking good as hell it took forever to get them okay moving on-)
Tumblr media
someone pls tell me how she could make her face so intense...................... pls i thought i was gonna get turned into stone any second with how threatened i felt seeing her i just about died with all those damn close ups she got im TOO TIRED miss kim minji if looks could kill............................ her white dress was longer on one side so its lowkey just one leg and her shoulders out pls- that scene with the purple background and the rope and her eyes are purple too and just FULL of threatening energy....................................... dont hurt me
Tumblr media
ALL INSOMNIAS AGREE SHES A WHOLE MEAL™ this hairstyle and color on her specifically like this picture and its wavy i wish she could just keep that forever but yknow and that white dress shes wearing in this picture too with the sleeves pls you BEAUTIFUL BIH- her hair has a smaller pony tail in the red dance scenes and a whole pony tail for the swing i just wish i could see those styles better and I KNOW its a swing and the shot has to be far away but thanks for her side profile there im just saying-
Tumblr media
THIS WOMAN™ this exact look with her hair straight and the one black glove and the one long sleeve that s hit hurted me and when they were dancing in the kinda red (i think its red) scenes shes wearing pants so good for her to stay on her brand plus i mentioned the green scenes earlier and she is THE Actress™ shes literally so stunning i had a hard time getting this screenshot bc i just kept looking and NOT doing this, her Power™ truly i finish with mentioning the eyebrow thing at the same part as bye bye................................. thank you
Tumblr media
YALL ALREADY KNOW HOW IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THIS WOMAN IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IVE EVER LAID MY EYES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the first couple of close up shots she got I DIED AT THOSE TIMES SHES SO ETHEREAL i will NEVER get over this hairstyle on her EVER and her hairstyle for that one dance outfit here like CAN WE JUST ALL AGREE that she just almost always looks Expensive™ and Princess™ like whenever we see her bc i cant deal!!!!!!!!! and i DID see her wearing that lavender outfit from her teaser image when that dropped during these scenes like i understand its supposed to be far away to express distance between others and how gloomy it is like that but i wanna see- ANYWAY I LOVE HER
Tumblr media
let me just start out with how HAPPY AND THRILLED I AM that she has grey hair again like THATS HER LOOK™ shes also very good at being intense and powerful and that breaks every bone in my body but i had accepted it i wanna specify her little snarl hit me harder than it shouldve it lasted for literally a second she had the wavy hair too during those green yellow (???) and red scenes which i have to say AGAIN i wanna see it better but i understand why i finish this with her smile at the end i must mention it again pls my uwus-
Tumblr media
im sorry i need to start with full on wishing her hair was still that shorter length i miss that so much- ANYWAY this color on her F A N T A S T I C™ like this look with the black around her shoulders and she has a shorter dress instead of the long on one side like siyeon she was also wearing pants during those red dance scenes and honestly thanks im not even going to mention her scenes with handong again yall already know i wanna see it better
Tumblr media
LOOK AT HER she didnt have a lot of screentime like this picture comes from her first singing part and it was blurry but yknow that was aesthetic bc it focused eventually so ill let it slide literally she just has long black hair but she looks absolutely GORGEOUS in this mv!!!!!!!! i just wanted to see her more at all!!!!!!!! shes just so pretty and she got to have that cool scene with the plastic but like GIVE👏ME👏MORE👏GAHYEON👏NEXT👏TIME👏
LIKE i keep reminding myself that this IS a japanese song and i expected the style to be different so i guess thats why im not TOO critical about it i can totally hear how someone could be not so into it like that beginning part which doesnt sound like a dreamcatcher song if you didnt it was them yknow what i mean??? at least thats how i see it BUT PERSONALLY this is a pretty solid song!!!!!! ive been listening to it for two days straight and im feeling G R E A T!!!!!!!!!
bonus bc i had to make this:
Tumblr media
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softboyholland · 3 years ago
mj gets knocked up in her last year of college
she goes to harvard and he's mit
so she barely ever sees him
and on top of that, he picks up the whole spidey thing again
so when they reunite things get rlly heated obvs
but then
she gets pregnant w his CHILD SKJKJK
and she finds out like a month before her finals
she keeps it to herself
although she knows the right thing to do is to tell him
but tbh she couldn't even if she wanted to
that’s how busy he is
so now her hormones are x100
and then the daily bugle's front page is of spider-man kissing some girl
ok so great whatever right
it totally does not matter at all that this
but whatever
he was probably on the spot so he had to do it
it's fiNEEEE
then they schedule a date
and mj decides that enough is enough
and not telling him that she's carrying his OWN CHILD is a lil stupid
but that date is a disaster
bc for the most part of the date, he only talks about some girl called gwen stacy and some grand scheme between the two of them that she wasn't even listening to
and then in the 20 min mark, something happens and he leaves because he's gtg save the world!! wooo
and whatever she's not even surprised
so she goes home
and from simple googling, she realises that gwen stacy is the same person he kissed the other day
well isn't this rich
so now she's afraid
and she's never been this afraid because WHAT THE FUCK
and maybe she should abort her child
(that she's already grown attached to) but she doesn’t know that
so she calls liz and tells her about her plan and her dilemma
and liz tells her to take another pregnancy test
because maybe she's been cutting down on all her caffeine for nothing
and liz does that thing that phoebe does to rachel in friends
(for those of u who have never watched friends, liz tells her that the test came back negative and michelle starts tearing up because she's been attached to this baby already and now it's just gone so she's crying but then liz says that she lied and that the test is actually positive and michelle realises thats she wants to keep the baby)
and they both scream when they realise that there's a tiny smol growing inside of her
and michelle is crying omg
but then, she has a bigger problem
aka the father of this tiny smol
ok so liz tells her to wait until the whole gwen thing blows over
and that if peter doesn't come to his senses, she's going to take this whole gwen thing into her own hands
but somehow she finds herself looking at her reflection in the mirror, two weeks later
her hair is a greasy, knotted mess, at the top of her head, and there's a teeny tiny bump that most ppl mistake as a food belly there are dark circles under her eyes, and her skin looks rlly dull and her eyes are all red and puffy
then she thinks of gwen and her perfect eyes, and her perfect face and wow!
now she feels like shit
but whatever, she decides
because rn she just needs to get thru her finals
which are in two weeks btw
bc she will find a job and she will be able to support her baby
she knows it
so she studies like hell right
but then she takes like a practice test and she F A I L S
and then she finally snaps
because her overbearing parents are going to kill her for getting knocked up by some white boi who doesn't even love her anymore
and now she's never gonna graduate from uni and she'll never be able to support her baby financially
and her parents aren't even going to help her because they'll probably disown her
then peter shows up at her apartment
and she wipes away her tears
but peter isn't stupid
but she goes in for a kiss
and wow! he's missed her so much
then things start getting heated and she pushes him away'
and she decides to break up w him
and then peter gets pissed
because he's stressed too
and don't think he hasn't noticed her distant replies to his snapchats and his texts
and maybe the hinges on her door are a little loose bc of him slamming it so hard
but don't be fooled he never actually L E A V E S ???
like duh
he just stands outside her apartment and listens to the faint sobs coming from inside
and although he wants nothing more than to go back inside and to apologise and hug her, he knows that it's only going to make things worse
so he calls ned
when ned gets there, they spend 10 mins silently arguing outside of her apartment
then finally ned goes in
and well when peter slams the door behind him, mj breaks down
because her life has officially gone to shit
and she calls liz and liz is telling her to calm down and that she'll be there asap
but when the door bursts open and ned comes walking in
she decides that this is probably liz's work??
and when ned hugs her, she doesnt say anything but she subconciously holds her belly
then ned looks down at her and he's like
are u on ur period dood
bc maybe this is just a hormone-induced fight and peter's making a huge deal out of it
but she takes one look at her belly and starts crying again bc she's reminded of her situation
ned, as oblivious as ever, hugs her until she stops crying
so when peter hears mj crying again as he nervously paces outside her apartment
he groans and nearly hits liz
liz toomes allen??
what's she doing here
then he remembers that oh ya right she's close to mj
and the first thing she does is hit peter across the head
"that's for hurting mj"
and then mj caves and tells ned everything
and finally, she gets around to the pregnancy part
but then he subtly texts peter
but no reply because well, he's too busy fuckin having a heart-to-heart w liz
turns out that the whole gwen stacey thing was a scheme
bc gwen stacy was losing her job at the daily bugle and her boss is only interested in spider-man shit
so gwen, his childhood best friend before ned, who knows about his secret identity, offered him a job at the bugle in exchange for some news
and they kissed at some public event and now peter isn't in debt anymore because he has cash
also gwen is gay lol
eventually liz and ned leave
and peter is still contemplating leaving mj alone but he ends up falling asleep on her doorway like a creepy creep-creep
then he's woken up at 12 am bc of his spidey senses
and he bursts thru the door and finds mj on the floor, clutching onto her belly as if her life depended on it and there's a hint of tears in her eyes
now mj doesn't have spidey senses like peter so she has no idea that he's been outside her door for the past 2 hrs
so he helps her up
and then she's like 'sorry, i fell and i landed on my butt and i nearly thought i lost em-'
'you lost what?"
welp here goes
then she leads him to the couch
"pls don't freak out."
"that's what you said when you first kissed me so..."
"ok, well, um, remember that night after the uh the battle in manhattan.."
peter smiles
"right ok, so you know there was a lot of tension, and urgency, i guess we kind of forgot to use uh protection."
she gauges his reaction
but he seems normal
she takes a deep breath because wow she's really saying those words
"peter, i'm pregnant."
and he's still nodding along in understanding
jesus christ
but then his eyes widen and
"holy shit! y-you're um, wow! wait, is it mine?"
she smacks his arm
"yes it is, you fuckin idiot! i wouldn't cheat on u!"
and then silence
"look, i'm keeping them. if you don't want to be involved in this whole...thing, then fine. it's your choice. i'll figure it out on my own, i don't need you any-"
"woah, woah, hold the phone. why are you already taking my child away from me?"
"because, PETER!! i don't think you'd want a baby with me, of all people, after going around and kissing gwen!!! and with your finals coming soon, and with spider-man duties!!!."
"so, that's why you've been so distant! michelle..."
and he explains the whole gwen thing to her and he assures her that he still loves her very much
and that he's been in love w her ever since they were 17 and he still is even when they're 23
"so, you still want to.." and she looks down at her belly
then she starts crying because of her finals and what if she never graduates and she's so glad that he's with her on this
and he kisses her sweetly, her tears on both of their lips, as he tells her that they're going to figure it out together
and that, my friends, is the story of how peter found out about michelle's first pregnancy
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sailor-maaars · 4 years ago
all 100 :)
Spotify, SoundCloud, or Pandora?  spotify
is your room messy or clean? meeeeeeessy
what color are your eyes? brown
do you like your name? why? yeah i guess so, idk lol its not too stupid
what is your relationship status? taken
describe your personality in 3 words or less? “wat”
what color hair do you have? pink
what kind of car do you drive? color? 2007 Pontiac grand prix, its silver 
where do you shop? ?? i shop at many places
how would you describe your style? idk i look homeless most of the time
favorite social media account? eh they are all the same to me
what size bed do you have? full
any siblings? noo
if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why? idk lol probably where i am just because i already have friends and family here
favorite makeup brand(s) i like urban decay and kat von d the most prob
how many times a week do you shower? everyday?? i hope everyone does
favorite tv show? tie between rupauls drag race and its always sunny 
shoe size? 10 lol
how tall are you? 5′5″
sandals or sneakers? flip flops
do you go to the gym? lol no
describe your dream date? tbh anything. i like just about anything, just as long as its fun and we get some type of food and or milkshake
how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment? 20 bucks
what color socks are you wearing? none ooo
how many pillows do you sleep with? literally 8
do you have a job? what do you do? yes i work at a dollar tree lmao
how many friends do you have? like 4
whats the worst thing you have ever done? i once spread a rumor about this girl in middle school that she masturbated in the girls bathroom with a cafeteria hot dog. lol its bad that i’m still lowkey laughing at it but i do feel bad i did that
whats your favorite candle scent? oooh tough one i love the yankee candle “cherries on snow” a lot. but i love basically any kind of candel 
3 favorite boy names? seth, spencer and zack
3 favorite girl names? Veronica, Melody, and Olivia
favorite actor? paul rudd
favorite actress? winona ryder
who is your celebrity crush? paul rudd
favorite movie? heathers or beetlejuice 
do you read a lot? whats your favorite book? not as much as i use too but probably the Bell Jar by Sylvia plath
money or brains? brains are cool but i also love $$
do you have a nickname? what is it? not rlly unless you count Jess a nickname
how many times have you been to the hospital? like 5 
top 10 favorite songs? i have waaay to many but my fav is brick by boring brick by paramore. but i love any paramore, brand new or no doubt song
do you take any medications daily? my acid reflex medicine and my kolonopin (its taken as needed tho)
what is your skin type? (oily, dry, etc) i have combination skin
what is your biggest fear? hospitals 
how many kids do you want? 2
whats your go to hair style? i straighten it and thats it
what type of house do you live in? (big, small, etc) medium 
who is your role model? hayley willams 
what was the last compliment you received? got told i looked sexy
what was the last text you sent? “ooh boy ;)”
how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real? 7 i think
what is your dream car? idc tbh 
opinion on smoking? i smoke like half a pack a day so like
do you go to college? beauty school
what is your dream job? probably Vanna White’s job. i’d love to get paid to look pretty and flip letters. 
would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs? suburbs fuck the country shit scares me
do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels? i prefer my own shampoo but yeah i’ll snag it
do you have freckles? yes
do you smile for pictures? not usually
how many pictures do you have on your phone? 2,360
have you ever peed in the woods? ye
do you still watch cartoons? hell yeah
do you prefer chicken nuggets from Wendy’s or McDonalds? tough ass question they are both amazing but the real question is about the ranch, mcdonalds ranch is fucking BOMB where as wendys ranch tastes like shit. therefore i choose mcdonalds.
Favorite dipping sauce? ranch lol
what do you wear to bed? usually just panties
have you ever won a spelling bee? nah
what are your hobbies? i like watching game grumps and playing pokemon
can you draw? eh
do you play an instrument? i use to play trumpet
what was the last concert you saw? joan jett, forget who else was there bc i think i was hammered or stoned or both
tea or coffee? toughh, but bc of my acid reflex i can’t rlly drink coffee so tea i guess
Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts? tim hortons
do you want to get married? yeah
what is your crush’s first and last initial? WB
are you going to change your last name when you get married? eh probably bc i hate mine lol unless their last name is something dumb like “WIENER” (no offense to anyone with that last name)
what color looks best on you? black idk
do you miss anyone right now? yeeee
do you sleep with your door open or closed? CLOSED fuck that ghost shit
do you believe in ghosts? yes
what is your biggest pet peeve? people biting and or picking at their nails
last person you called`wes
favorite ice cream flavor? i like anything with chocolate
regular oreos or golden oreos? reg
chocolate or rainbow sprinkles? both
what shirt are you wearing? a black tie dye hoodie
what is your phone background? gwen stefani lol
are you outgoing or shy? shy
do you like it when people play with your hair? yeah people play with my hair all day pretty much
do you like your neighbors? ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not rlly
do you wash your face? at night? in the morning? at night
have you ever been high? yes
have you ever been drunk? yes
last thing you ate? brownie
favorite lyrics right now? i like all of them
summer or winter? summer i hate the cold
day or night? night
dark, milk, or white chocolate? milk
favorite month? november 
what is your zodiac sign? scorpio 
who was the last person you cried in front of? my teacher i think lol
thank u whoever sent this i love u!
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tympana-terra · 4 years ago
Fairy Tales Are Not For You
Far and away in a place called Scotland, there’s a snarky man by the name of Kennedy Lyall Grant. His name, fittingly enough, boils down to “big ugly wolf”, and thats exactly what Kennedy Grant is, inside and out. He never goes into town, and yet everyone seems to have met him at some point. Parents hate him, children are afraid of him, and everyone seems to speak of him in the same tone as one speaks of a particularly nasty accident: hushed, with a hint of bitterness. 
With his broad nose, heavy eyelids, wild burnt orange hair, and paper thin lips, Kennedy is no prize pig, despite his intimidating height. He knows this.
What Kennedy is, as you may have guessed, is a witch, and a damned good one at that. It is very likely that if Kennedy had any semblance of bedside manner, he’d have quite a practice for himself, or so his late wife Alana had told him. 
But this story is not about Mr. Grant. At least, not entirely. 
This is the story, instead, of a young Cantus Terra girl who thought she was the beauty to tame the beast. 
Gwen McLeod was the standard Scottish beauty, a fair skinned, redheaded girl with clear blue eyes and a fairy saddle of freckles on her nose. Being a girl who came from wealth, of moderate intelligence, stubborn will and above average looks, Gwen was used to getting what she wanted. 
Unfortunately, what Gwen currently wanted was Kennedy Grant. 
It wasn’t that she found him attractive, in fact she found herself physically repulsed by his heavy eyes and the dense, fur-like orange hair that covered most of his body. She also didn’t find him charming, like the other villagers she was put off by his rough and unfriendly nature. 
Gwen wanted Kennedy because Kennedy was a man who would not be had. A wild man of sorts, a Beast, if you would. 
Obsessed as she was with fairy tales and infatuated as she was with the idea of herself as a princess, she fancied herself to be his Belle, regardless of how he may feel about it. 
With this overabundance of self confidence spurring her on, she marched out onto the moor with a blanket and basket of food in hand, and before long came upon Kennedy’s little stone cottage, tucked away in a corner, sheltered by trees from both the weather and unwanted visitors. 
Alas, it was not protected enough it would seem, as Gwen managed to march right up to the door. She set aside her basket and knocked on Kennedy’s door, a commanding knock with the side of her fist, meant to squash any chance of being ignored. 
Kennedy , of course, had seen her coming. He opened the door a crack and peered at her from beneath those heavy, drooping lids, one hand curled around the edge of the door to keep her from wrenching it open herself. 
“Whaddae ye want, child?” He asked, his voice rough and dense with Scottish brogue. “I dinnae invite ye.”
Gwen smiled and said, her voice like cloyingly over-sugared honey, “I’ve come to ask you for a date, Mr. Grant.” She gestured to the picnic basket at her feet. “You never come down to the village, and I think it’s unhealthy for a man to be cooped up away from other people like this!” 
Kennedy’s lips drew up in disdain. “I dinnae care fer yer thoughts, lass. Ahm fine on m’ own. I’ll no’ be goin’ on any picnic with ye.”
Gwen, being a forceful girl (and a bit of a shit), stuck her foot in the door to prevent him from closing it. “Oh, C’mon now, Kennedy. Aren’t you lonely? They say you haven’t interacted with another soul since your wife died. Surely she wouldn’t want you to live like this. Now, come with me,” she demanded, grabbing his hand. “I’ve brought a lovely wine, and a nice little cheese plate, and-”
She was cut short by Kennedy flinging the door open and wrenching his hand away from her. 
“Now, just who on the good lords green earth d’ye think ye are, Miss? I’ve no’ given you the go-ahead to use m’ given name. I’ve certainly no’ agreed to any date with ye, and fer the record,” he added, glaring at her harshly, “Alana, God rest her merry soul, would be fine wi’ me livin’ as Ah always had. Now, get yeself back tah yer own home, an’ away from mine.”
Gwen huffed and stomped her foot. “Excuse me,” she said hotly, her face turning red. “I don’t think you understand how this works. When a lovely young lady like me asks a great hairy beast like yourself for a date, you’re supposed to say yes! You’ve been out here so long you’ve forgotten your manners!”
Kennedy roared with laughter. “Oh, a lovely young lady, are ye now? Outsides not reflectin’ innards well today. Lets fix that, shall we?” With a wicked grin, Kennedy reached out and roughly pinched Gwens cheek with one hand and his own with the other. “Atharrias,” he hissed, and her face seemed to melt under his fingers. Within just a second, her former perfect symmetry was ruined, her face a perfect feminine imitation of his, heavy eyes, thin lips and all. She could have been his daughter. 
Gwen squealed and pawed at her face, feeling the changes. “WHAT DID YOU DO?!” She shrieked, clawing hysterically at her cheeks.
“Well now lass, ye liked m’ face well enough to come attemptin’ to court it after ah’d said nae to ye, so I’ve gone and given it to ye!” Kennedy laughed. “A lovely lass indeed!”
Gwen, half delirious with rage and shock, started spewing nonsense. “In another time, I’d still be considered beautiful!” she shreiked. 
“Aye, but is no’ another time, is it? It’s the year of our lord 2016, an’ yer fuck ugly!” Kennedy roared back, and slammed the door to his cottage. 
Gwen ran back into town and spent a few months in hiding. It seems being ugly was good for her, as last I heard, she’s been an absolute joy, having had to develop positive traits to make up for her hang dog face. 
As for Kennedy, he’s not been courted again, which is, of course, exactly how he likes it. 
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womendatingcoach · 3 years ago
What ItaEUR( tm) s Like To Be A Young lady With AspergeraEUR( tm) s
Hello, my name is Gwen Kansen and I have Aspergers Syndrome. Ive known since I was thirteen. Im twenty-eight now. Ive spent my whole life trying to fit in. I feel like Ive ran so hard trying to be somebody else that I dont truly know who I am.
People with Aspergers are different. For a long time I didnt should be noted that. Or instead, I didnt want to accept it. But its true. We think differently, even if our impressions are largely the same. Now Im trying to figure out what that means.
I endeavoured to New York to be a fashion designer. Im still a student. But its deplete. My classmates dont talk to me. I got canned from my internship. Some of my professors have told me that they dont believe Id make it in this field. They said it to be kind, but they also sounded kind of incredulous. Like how could I have ever supposed I could do this? Two of them asked me point-blank if I have a learning disability. I said yes.
It hurts, that its that obvious to people. And it really hurts that Im not going to have the career that I wanted. Honestly though, Im alleviated. I guess I was waiting for someone to tell me that its okay: I dont have to torture myself like this anymore.
Ive always had difficulty keeping jobs. And friends. I feel like I used to relate to people better though. When I was younger we were all doing the same thing: college, dating, get our first undertakings. But Im behind other people my age now. I dont actually know what to say to them anymore.
People with Aspergers want to connect. We do. Thats the first misconception people have about us- that were robots. Another one is that youd know immediately if someone has it. The truth is that weve expend our entire lives studying social interactions. Like a science. A lot of us have trouble sustaining things because it takes so much energy to come off as normal. The more overwhelmed “weve been”, the more obvious it is. Still, the more high-functioning people among us can get through dinner and even a party without devoting ourselves away. We have to learn things intellectually while you learn them intuitively. Thats the main difference.
Something important to note: I dont always know what Im feeling. Thats common for people with Aspergers. Its called . I know I come off with the incorrect tone sometimes because of it. Tone is a good way to tell. Well be getting along fine for a while and then well say something that sounds off. Like were taking the situation too seriously. Or not seriously enough.
Humor is another tell. Sometimes our gags are on-point. Other days though, theyre only not. Some days were more in-touch with our brains than others. On my on days, Im deadpan. I dedicate good advice. I like to think Im almost charismatic. I see this as my true self. On my off-days I feel hazy and detached and it takes a lot longer for me to figure out whats going on.
We have a hard time filtering information. All datum. Not just social. We fixate on details and ignore the big picture. I learn things by connecting one piece of information to another in a very systematic way. Heres an example: I went on a few dates with a guy who was an orderly in a mental hospital. He didnt seem that curious about the patients. I get that it might have been hard to have sympathy for them a lot of the time, especially since one of them tried to stab him. Still, I dont think hed asked himself what it must be like to not know whats real and what isnt. I realized that if he didnt have the patience to do that, he certainly wouldnt have the patience to deal with me.
I also learn by comparing myself to others. A plenty. Its how I know if what Im thinking or feeling is appropriate. My therapist says I judge myself through my friends. I compare myself to stuff I see in the media too. I read stuff on Thought Catalog like. And then I ask myself wow, is that how I feel?( I do this more than I should .)
Many of us are like that. I have a friend with Aspergers who is obsessed with movies. He says its because he appreciates a good vision and character development, but everything he knows about people he judges through the lens of movies. Im not sure if he realizes this or not.
Some analyses show that autistic people have higher connectivity within brain regions and less connectivity between them. That might explain why so many of us have special interest: it doesnt require much switching of focus. It could also be why were so good with details. Things stand out to us separately and we have to tie them together to figure out whats going on.
Having Aspergers is perpetual detective work. It induces sense that a lot of us are smart. We have to be.
Women experience Aspergers differently than humen do. Were supposed to be more social. So instead of throwing ourselves into our special interests like the boys, many of us start to develop persona. In fact a lot of daughters with high-functioning autism get misdiagnosed as borderline because we tend to have an underdeveloped sense of self.
When I was little I always wore the same purple polka-dotted dress. One dress, all the time. My mom had to wait until I was asleep to rinse it. And I carried around an encyclopedia about dinosaurs. Id tell the other kids about dinosaurs until they walked away from me. At which point Id follow them into the hallway and theyd shut the door. It hurt my impressions, but its main purpose was still clear. I was a dinosaur dictionary. No multitasking necessary. When I hit puberty though, things changed.
When I was in secondary school I used to model myself on bitchy prime-time characters from the WB. I stimulated friends with these two girls who were also trying to rule the school without the necessary social chops.( I dont think they had Aspergers. But they had something .) We used to insult people, like walking up to people and insult them, because thats what they did on the television depict,.
But the two daughters were closer to each other than they were to me. They kicked me out of their group and they attained me believe that the other students to fight against me. I dont think that was true though. I believe kids can see when someones trying to be something theyre not. But I get depressed. I fell out of school. My mom sent me to a psychiatrist because I didnt want to leave the house. And I got a diagnosis.
A lot of people with Aspergers feel like theyre on the incorrect planet. Its actually a website: I dont think the divide is that big. Its hard to know how big it is, genuinely. But the majority of members of my friends have Aspergers. Or something else like bipolar or borderline. I meet people with problems naturally. Its like we have radar. Since I moved to New York though, I started going to support groups. Its harder to make friends here. And I know we cant suffer our bruised egoes alone.
I have had a fair sum of normal friends who I dont have to contain myself around. And its the best feeling ever. Most of my conventional social life: clubs, spring violates, road trips- I can credit to them. A lot of the time its been gay guys. They like girls with personas. Especially over-the-top ones like mine. Awkward+ sexy= campy. And Im cool with that. If I can make people laugh, thats great. Even if it isnt intentional. But I also get along with other brainy, introverted girls by default. One of my best friends, Caitie, is analytical and bookish like I am. But shes not on the spectrum.
I have some platonic guy friends too. They say they like me because Im honest. Sometimes because Im logical. My best guy friend is nothing like me: hes conservative, military, and pretty much only has sexuality in serious relationships. He likes hanging out with me because he can get a female perspective without sexuality getting in the way.
Honesty is my strong point. Its most autistic peoples strong point. That part of the stereotype is true. Awarded, a lot of the time were blunted without trying to be. But people appreciate that. They like it when we cut through the bullshit. Even if it isnt a heroic act of insubordination on our part. Penelope Trunk set it best: people with Aspergers look outside the box because we dont ensure the box.
Youve probably heard that were loyal. Thats also true. People with Aspergers want your approving. And like anyone else whos dealing with some rough shit, were often kinder to others because of it. Another good thing about being different is that you fulfill more interesting people. Do you know a bisexual, alcoholic Communist in a wheelchair? A 350 pound chick with a country accent and an IQ of 85? A bipolar ex porn-producer whose mommy died of AIDS? Probably not. Because you dont have Aspergers.
I did find another way to be social: I used to have sex with a lot of people. And I do entail. I know that could come off as a sob story, like oh, I have Aspergers, I got used. But no, this bitch has agency. Theres a thrill-seeking gene thats just as real as the genetic basis for autism. I wanted the thrill. And, mind you, it was pretty thrilling. But it was also the easiest style to talk to regular people. I had my weird friends. That was the perspective I got about life. It was insular. But wanted me. I got to learn things I wouldnt have learned from being stuck in a bubble with other people like me.
It was an identity thing too. I wanted to be something other than the weird smart girl. I got a bad reputation in college, but I didn’t dislike that either. I kind of liked it actually. I wasnt the hapless freak that people avoided. I was. You were with or against me for something I could control.
Ive had plenty of relationships despite all that. Guys like being around me because they can say pretty much anything and I wont be offended or stunned. Ill simply look at them with my impassive stare and discreet awe and let them teach me about their world. They think Im only the laid-back chick theyve been waiting for. But that doesnt last long.
An ex of mine laid it out for me: I was confident and funny. I liked things like anthropology and hiking. People at the bar we went to thought I was cool. He didnt expect me to be a depressive. He was really good with people- a lot of guys Ive dated have been with people. People with Aspergers gravitate towards people who are socially gifted because we want them to teach us things.
I kept asking him the issue of people we knew because I wanted to get his view. And I recur myself a lot. Ive always repeated myself: its called and many of us do it. He said he had to hold himself back from screaming at me because I vexed the shit out of him. Im sure other guys dumped me for similar reasons. Which doesnt stimulate them bad people. Most of my non-crazy exes would be great for someone else. I dont want to have to hold myself back in a relationship, anyway.
I have a boyfriend now. I gratified him in my supporting group. Weve been together for a year and a half. And its the longest, and best, relationship Ive ever had. I feel more comfortable around him than I have around any other human in my entire life. And he feels the same way. We act the same around one another as we do when were alone. Thats a big deal.
I guess I have mixed impressions about men. On the one hand, I love them because they dont judge me as much. Human dont care if anyone aloof as long as they have something interesting to say. On the other hand, I resent them because I have a hard time believe theyll be this supportive of me once Im no longer attractive.
My boyfriend told me I have a social advantage because men want to talk to me, hence Ive had more opportunities to develop social skills. However, I think he has the advantage. Hes content with being good at video games. Hes designing an indie game now. He got respect by being good at what he does. Not by being charming or hot.( Which, by the way, he is .)
Autistic humen learn to emphasize their strengths. They know they have no way to be valued besides performance and knowledge. The humen in my support group are loud and bold. They say whatever comes to mind no matter how fucking weird it is. They demand to be heard.
The women support group is much sadder to watch. We know were judged for things we just cant win at. Were a group of very smart women who know about history, astronomy: all kinds of overshadow shit just like “the mens”. One girl loves to draw blueprints of bridges. And many of these women have had to be pushed to speak because theyre scared of being thought of as weird. We still arent are applied to it. Even though people have been treating us that way for our whole lives.
Id rather be a freak or a slut or a bombastic, arrogant loser a million times over than be like those girls. Terrified to offend; apologetic for existing. We teach girls to spend their lives appeasing others and its done tremendous psychological damage to women on the spectrum.
If I were a human, I believe Id have come to terms with who I am much quicker. Id have actually read all those George Bernard Shaw and Dostoyevsky volumes on my shelf to distract myself. Perhaps Id be a paleontologist by now. Instead, Im stuck de-programming everything Ive internalized about how a woman is supposed to act. Its okay to not be charming.
Its okay to be standoffish and obsessed with yourself and your interests even if it doesnt stimulate people like you. And we shouldnt fret so fucking much about whether people like us anyway. Man are happy with being competent. Sometimes theyre even happy if theyre not competent. They just do what they want. Why shouldnt we?
Im scared of get older because I know people will see me as that weird old lady instead of the quirky ingenue that Ive tried so hard to be. Im just going to have to make peace with that though. And take my own advice.Part of maturity is not worrying so much what other people think of you. Which is still difficult when comparing yourself to others is the only way youve been able to develop awareness of whats going on around you. But its a balancing act. I hope the working day Im able to enjoy being part of the world instead of trying to figure out ways to force myself into it. Its manipulative, really, even though I dont mean it that way.
People with Aspergers are scared. But we dont have to be. Theres something out there for all of us. We simply have to change our expectations a little. But thats okay. Everyone does.
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master-jedi-iris · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
12 pt
Duncan: Wow. Poor guy.
Chef: Back on the course soldiers, now! One false move and I’ll be on you like stink on a poop wagon!
Duncan: I look forward to it, sir!
Owen: [grunting]
Gwen: Ah!
Duncan: Fallen soldier, I salute you!
Chef: You just bought yourself twenty more push-ups!
Duncan: Thank you! [kisses]
Chef: [growls]
Geoff: I think you may have pushed him over the edge, bro.
Duncan: I… think you’re right.
Chef: One-night solitary confinement. In the boathouse.
Gwen gasps
Heather gasps
Duncan: Big deal. How scary can it be?
Duncan [after he sighs]: Should’ve kept my big mouth shut.
Cut to Geoff and Courtney in the Main Lodge.
[wolf howls]
Courtney: I’m going to check on him.
Geoff: You like him.
Courtney: I do not like him.
Geoff: Yes you do.
Courtney: Not only do I not like him, I can’t stand him. He’s rude, he’s rebellious, and he’s totally annoying…I’m gonna go check on him.
(Confessional: Geoff)
Geoff: She likes him.
(Confessional Off)
I watched Courtney and Duncan sneak off to the camp dand and Chef are at.
After a few minutes we all hung out at the cabins with food. The boys used peanut butter and drew a smile on Harold's bed. Thats it keep it up mama wants ta win. Harold was at the window and gasps. I walk over and saw it. I place my hand  on his shoulder. He looked at me and nods.
(Confessionals Iris)
Evil smirk
I always get what I want. If I have to send some pigs to slaughter. Then guess what it's happening. Its now up to Harold who is he going to take down with him. Squeal little piggies *laughs*
(End of Confessionals)
Chef [over loudspeaker]: Attention, all remaining boot camp recruits, the next evolution of your training begins tomorrow morning at 0700 hours! And if I catch the sucker that took my desserts, your butt is mine!
Chef: What you are experiencing is an ancient form of torture. By now, the blood has begun rushing to your head. The next stage is nausea, followed by dizziness and a flushed appearance as the blood begins to pool your eyes. You may experience fainting spells.
Courtney: Duncan!
Bridgette: It’s okay! He’s all right!
Owen [strains] :Come on… I… can’t… reach! D’ah! [farts] [chuckles]
Heather: Okay, that’s it. I’m done. [grunts]
Owen: [grunts]
Heather: [muffled screaming] Off of me, you big ox!
Owen: Sorry.
Courtney: [giggles loudly]
Chef: Stop laughing this instant!
Courtney: I’m sorry. [giggles] I can’t help it. [giggles] Whoa! [giggles]
Chef: I expected more out of you, soldier.
Courtney: [clears throat] Master Chief? Heh. I just have one thing to say to you.
Chef: And what might that be?
Courtney: You really need to take a chill pill. [laughs]
[steam whistle]
Duncan: Hehe, yeah! Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Courtney: Okay, Geoffy, it’s all up to you!
Owen: You got this, Gwen?
Gwen: Oh yeah. I can hang here all day.
Geoff: Rock on, sister! I live for the head rush! Heh. [slurring] It feels… so… good. [thud]
Courtney: Ooh! That’s going to leave a mark.
Heather, Leshawna, and Owen cheer
Chef: Gwen! Congratulations, soldier. I’d go to war with you anytime.
Gwen: I’ll keep that in mind when choosing my career.
Chef: You do that, soldier!
Screaming Gophers cheer
Chef: You do that. [sniff]
cut to the elimination cerimony.
[dramatic music]
Chris: I only have five marshmallows on my plate. And these marshmallows represent the campers that will continue to be campers. Here. You’ve all cast your ballots in the confession can. If I do not call your name, you must immediately go down to the Dock of Shame, catch the Boat of Losers, and go home. And you can’t come back. Ever. Duncan.
Duncan: Yeah!
Chris: DJ.
DJ: Yeah!
Chris: Bridgette. Geoff.
Geoff: Yeah!
Chris: Campers… this is the final marshmallow of the night. Harold.
Courtney gasps
Harold: Yes!
Courtney: What?! You guys voted for Harold over me?!
[elimination music]
Geoff: Wha?
DJ gasps
Chris: Yes, yes. It’s always a shock.
Courtney: This is impossible! I demand a recount!
Duncan: Aw, seriously dude. I know for a fact there were three of us that didn’t vote her off!
Geoff grunts ash Chef pushes him and Dj to the floor.
Courtney looked at me saw my smirk. "You had something to do with this I just know it! You will hear from my lawyers Iris!" She yells as she is being dragged off.
"I don't think I did as much as your face was killing me. I didn't have the power to do anything." I said before walking away satisfied with the results.
Duncan: Courtney, wait! I made this for you! [throws a wooden skull]
Courtney[catching the skull]: Duncan! [looks at the skull] Okay, this is really weird and creepy, but I love it! I’ll never forget you!
[sinister music]
[flashback starts]
Harold: Who’s made s’mores out of my underwear?
Duncan and Geoff laugh
[fishing line reeling]
Harold: Ow! Idiots!
Harold [after hesips and pits] : That’s not juice.
Duncan: Oh, oh, my mistake, dude.
[flashback ends]
(Confessional: Harold)
Harold: You guys think you’re so funny. Let’s see how you like it when someone messes with your love life.
(Confessional Off)
[sinster music]
Harold: Yes…
I walk over to Harold after everyone left. "Well done Harold." I said clapping my hands slowly. "How's it feel to get some pay back?" He looked at me. "Felt good but I have can do the same to you at anytime." I then had him by the throat against the rocks. He had fear in his eyes. "Listen to me you little shit. You will not do a dam thing to me. If you do I rat you out." He laughed "oh yeah and I will say it was your doing." I laughed letting him go. "How so all I said was teach Duncan a lesson. I never said mess with the vots. No sugar you did everything on your own. You just needed a push. Well my work is done here goodnight." I said leaving him cowering on the ground.
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thunderclapstorm · 4 years ago
Thoughts on the Bowling Green Massacre…
Well, I must first thank Kellyanne Connelly for the fictional massacre to motivate me to be creative. I needed a small push because things got away from me. This happened to be that push. Truth is you enver know what it takes to get you over the hump. Nevertheless, this will actually be an update on the stories and background.
So what is happening? Alot actually. First, I will actually have a ‘Bowling Green Massacre in 2011 just like she said but also with Fredrick Douglass (not the historical figure one though) . It fits the direction I am going and considering its a college town, there is ample opportunity. I however will use the mining pits outside the town for the brutal horror. Its better imagery.
Second, I have adjusted another location in Lafayette. While never actually revealing the physical location of Gwen and Aria’s houses yet in published works, I do have a Google earth map of the city that did have their actual locations on it. When I went to actually use this for a scene in Heartbeat song I realized that the area Aria was in was River Ranch, a newer subdivision.
This is fine for Gwen and the Bretons as they moved from Australia in the 1990s. Its not good for the Natals as the gate is supposed to be in a fixed location since 1780. There are no buildings in that area from that period and no reason for such as its the same Vermillion river just down stream. So I moved the Natal House to across the street from Cafe Vermillion which has been in existance since at least 1812.
The quick and dirty is that both buildings were built at the same time by Vann’s Grandfather who was a Laurents. In all the stories I have included Shelly, Aria’s mother in, I have never revealed her actual last name only her house name. Laurents is a french name and blends into the fabric of the city better. Also a quick explanation of the house etc is in the story as well.
This brings me to the fact that as I am working on Heartbeat song I ran headlong into another issue. If there is an school shooting that envolves IEDs and massive causalities the hospitals in Lafayette can’t handle it. Without Charity and the other LSU hospitals ion New Orleans, the Primary trauma 1 hospital was in Sherveport or Houston. (Yes I am aware they did assign one post Katrina but it was ill-equiped to actually handle the load)
So I was left with solving that problem. First I figured I would upgrade the hospital, Lafayette general. Yet it would not be capable as the population wouldnt justify it. (I squeaked by with Forest Hills because of LSU and the CajunDome and making Booker Field old. This would be handwaving the solution away)
That left New Orleans. While Baton Rouge is closer. New Orleans is larger and up until Katrina had one of the Best hospitals in the country there: Charity Hospital. When I discovered why Charity was permanently closed (I won’t elaborate here other than to say LSU greed, however that overlooks alot of side issues) I decided to save the hospital. Doing so allows you all to actually meet Tyrion Cetus so when he dies in Song of Redemption, it will have meaning (like how Lorelei’s does now). Haven’t worked out all the plans yet but it envolves preventing the hospital from flooding during the MR-GO, Industrial canal, and London Avenue canal breechs. Something involving hard light constructs.
Most people were unaware (outside of the residents who were very much aware) that almost the entire city flooded from the canal breachs except the French quarter. Charity was in the CBD near the Superdome. Yet its basement and some of the first floor flooded.
Keeping the hospital fully operational (by revealing exactly how the Assembly handles Natural disasters) will allow it to remain into 2007 and on into my 2017. I will use the upgraded plans for the Hospital for my now timeline. It also means I will have a crap load of lifeflights from the attack as the criticals will be handled there. Thats the idea.
Finally, the Faking It! connection is gone as it will take too long to fully integrate into my world. I am keeping what I worked on in Heartbeat song but the fan fiction will be just that. Amy’s existential crisis of looking like Lorelei when she feels the exact opposite was in a fun challenge yet it detracted from where I am going with the story.So no Amy or Karma in my world anymore. Sorry.
I view Heartbeat Song be the connection to Song of Betrayal without actually tying into it. It will end the first series (which had Lorelei as the main character and Gwen as a minor character) yet open the path for Gwen to become the woman she is in Song of Betrayal.
Finally after this and finishing the editing of Song of Redemption, I will beack to open creation as that will finish the second series. (Song of Betrayal, Song of Redemption, Homecoming Song). Christmas circle is a follow up on A view from the street and not tied to the main story even though it has Tom in it.
The final 3 books (or next three depending on if I have more story) will take place in 2016 with the ressurrection of Lorelei, Gwen being queen and a musician like Becky, who at the time of this post, just finished singing at Club Nomatic in Houston.
That’s all for now.
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