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Tony: So, Pepper is the woman I’ve been seeing recently

Pepper: … Why are they looking at me like I’m a zoo animal

Clint: Well, Tony acts as sort of the dad of the group, so emotionally, this is kind of like being told that you’re our new mom

Pepper: But you know it’s nothing like that, right?

Peter: Absolutely. Do you cook macaroni?

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Georgina is carefree, kind and gets bored easily. She has a diverse set of interests and will often pursue new interests because she likes to do new things.

At her best, Georgina becomes less focused on her own feelings and is very caring towards Payton. She is also a very kind woman and helps her family a lot. She is able to channel her charm and positive personality into running for Vice President and ultimately president of the United States.

At her worst, she is selfish and inconsiderate o f the feelings of those around her. She also stays in a loveless marriage while having an affair, to support Payton’s ambitions (disintegrating to 1). 

In romantic relationships, Georgina can become bored easily and will move on to another partner quickly. For example, in s1 she is having a longstanding affair with Brigitte, and even divorces her husband to be with her, but in s2 she has moved on from her to a new partner. This continues in season 2 as she begins seeing tino very quickly after breaking up from her previous relationship.


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She has many different interests and is quite talented at many things like painting and gardening. In s2, she decides to run for California Senate and is a very popular candidate. This is something that she decided on a whim and it escalates with her continuing her political aspirations further and becoming President.

Georgina has a soft spot for Payton and is willing to do almost anything for him. She is always encouraging him to reach his goals and is gentle and loving towards him. She also sees herself as needing to protect him from his twin brothers. Despite this, Georgina will still follow through on her beliefs even if Payton asks her not to.

Georgina has a wing 6 because she is less assertive and outgoing than a wing 8. She is more willing to try and keep tability in her life as seen with her marriage and has more of a tendency to avoid drama and conflict.

Tritype: 7w6-9w1-2w3

Some quotes to describe Georgian’s motivations:

“Life isn’t a train. It’s a shit tornado full of gold.”

“Your life going off the rails is the best thing that could happen to you.”

“Eat some pizza. Hang out with friends. Experiment.”

“Great lessons are only learned when the stakes are high.”

“I think a lot of young people feel that way, especially nowadays. Your generation got the terrible idea that it was best to vomit every thought and feeling all over each other. It’s a pandemic of over-communication that’s led to an absence of intimacy.”

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