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roseyshades · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i am not myself cause I haven’t put up all my bedroom’s Christmas decorations. (I still have my halloween ones out.)
ps I love my sorta new skirt ✌🏻✨
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versvibe · a day ago
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Deck your hips with her favourite strap on
(Fa la la la la, la la la la)
‘Tis the season to eat pussy
(Fa la la la la, la la la la)
Dick her down with gay apparel
(Fa la la la la, la la la la)
Don’t you stop til her thighs are shaking
(Fa la la la la, la la la la)
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soiwatchthestars · a day ago
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Tumblr media
i had a tough few weeks and cried my way through my first therapy session yesterday but today i worked out/showered/did laundry all before i even had any coffee so heck yeah 😏🤪
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roseyshades · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anybody else have a list of stuff they wanna watch then watch the same shit over and over? I don’t wanna admit how many times I’ve rewatched shadow & bone
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dripwithhoney · 2 days ago
Face down, Ass up
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Tumblr media
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wlwvintage · 2 days ago
question 20 for the ask game? <3
20. Your favorite LGBT+ movie or show?
As for my love for vintage lesbians, it would have to be Carol. P.S happy Carol season!
Ask me a question
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justlgbtthings · a month ago
gay shit ive done that i thought was 100% straight before i realized: a biography
tried to explain to my straight friends that girls are just objectively more attractive than guys. like objectively.
and being convinced that they were lying to me when they disagreed and said they were attracted to men
didn’t understand why breakups were such a big deal. “if he doesn’t give you enough attention just leave him.” “well at least now you have more time for yourself!” “well you still have me :)”
avoided watching lingerie or swimsuit commercials and had my eyes glued to the floor in locker rooms because obviously i’m not gay. like look at how not gay i am
“yeah sometimes i want people to look at me and wonder wtf i am”
got happy chemicals when people thought i was with my female friend
thought that bi girls and lesbians were the coolest fuckin people ever
female characters who didn’t want a relationship with a man and had their own independent storylines were my favorites
stopped watching shows if the characters randomly got paired up in het relationships
got super excited “for no reason” whenever i read a book with gay rep
“i want to look goth and lethal and have a sword but i also want to be a fairy and look like the embodiment of a claire’s store”
“i wish i was a boy because girls are so pretty and i don’t want to have to be with a boy”
never wanted to get married or have kids
felt super uncomfortable whenever a man would show any interest in me
“obviously ⏳ is more attractive than🚪”
but all sizes and shapes of girls are cute
sweaters, flannels, boots and beanies are not seasonal, they are year-long clothing items for all weather. even if it’s 108 degrees and humid
handpicked boys to have a crush on
“these are the men i’m attracted to” (insert queer-coded fictional character with feminine characteristics)
“who do you have a crush on?” “no one” “aw are you embarrassed to tell us?” 😐
any man who has ever been nice to me i must have a crush on now. that’s the rules.
i think i like him but i have to convince myself really hard that i do and the second he reciprocates fondness i no longer like him. i’m probably just picky
“he’s sweet, he’s funny, his face is symmetrical, and he’s smart but not in a show-off way… why don’t i like him?”
“look at all these other girls being boy-crazy. SOO GLAD i’m not like that :P”
other gays/queer people feel free to add on (although this is primarily for sapphics (and aspecs))
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unraveling-heart · 3 months ago
Understand that relationships are not just love. People fight, people argue. That's a normal part of being in a partnership. If your person leaves you after an argument instead of working it out, then that's not your person. One argument shouldn't kill the love you have for eachother. If it does, that's how you know their intention was never to stay for the long haul.
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lulanight · 5 months ago
Help a native (Wetʼsuwetʼen) intersex lesbian survive their debts from escaping a transphobic situation? My job is only giving me 6 hours a week and I can't do physical labor due to my disability. Pm me for more information.
Paypal and etransfer is
600/1600 CAD
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