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#gwyn berdara
emmeellexa day ago
Gwyn: have you ever stolen something too big and didn't know where to hide it because it was huge?
Azriel:, why?
Gwyn: ...just asking 馃憖
Helion: hey, I can't find one of my pegasi, have you seen it?
Gwyn: 馃憗馃憚馃憗
Gwyn: nope
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incorrect-random-fandom23 hours ago
*Gwynriel scolding their child*
Azriel: We are not mad, just disappointed.
Gwyn: No, we are mad.
Azriel: Yes, we are mad. We are livid. But we're going to let this one slide.
Gwyn: No, we're not.
Azriel: I'm not a mind reader, Gwyneth.
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the-bookish-valkyrie2 days ago
Ideas for how my ACOTAR ships could be referred as:
- Lady Death and her sword
- The warrior and his witch
- The fire and the steel
- The mad general and his firebird
- the queen of fire and the dark general
- The shadowsinger and his priestess
- The singer and the shadow
Edit: The valkyrie and her ribbon
If you like this theory:
- The ligtsinger and the shadowsinger
- The valkyrian and her truth
- The lover and the warrior
Bonus for the elucien shippers 鈾ワ笍:
- The lady and the fox
- The flower and her sun
Edit: The fox and the fawn
Edit: the sun and the seer
Any other ideas? 馃
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halaberdaraa day ago
this is just my opinion, if you disagree with any or have better alternatives please do share them with me, i鈥檓 open to any suggestions
feysand- you belong with me
there are alot but.. 鈥測ou've got a smile, that can light up this whole town鈥, is literally the starfall scene.
feylin- we are never getting back together
its in the title.
nessian- dress
鈥渆ven in my worst times, you could see the best of me. flashback to my mistakes, my rebounds, my earthquakes. even in my worst lies, you saw the truth of me鈥, this is such a nesta quote
gwynriel- i think he knows
鈥渨hen we get all alone, i'll make myself at home, and he'll want me to stay鈥, gwyn doesnt feel comfortable around males but she feels comfortable enough to be with az, and the same way around.
moriel- how you get the girl
鈥渋 would wait for ever and ever鈥, az literally waited for 500 years, thats approximately 5 human lifetimes.
elriel- getaway car
az (taylor) used elain (tom) as a getaway car to move on from mor (calvin).
emorie- dancing with our hands tied
鈥渋 loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us鈥, same gender relationships are frowned upon in prythian but emorie loved each other regardless.
elucien- lover
鈥渁ll's well that ends well to end up with you鈥, despite previous heartbreaks (graysen&jesminda) elain (taylor) is content with her new lover lucien (joe), and vise versa.
helion x loa- love story
these two are literally the romeo and juliet of acotar.
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acciowests2 days ago
For the scene number 4 and for the sentences 9 and 28 and the ship is Gwynriel please
Did I do this right?
Yep, and these are such adorable prompts! I hope you like this <3
Comfort Cuddles
SUMMARY: Azriel and Gwyn settle down to watch a Halloween movie, only Gwyn doesn't realise until late that it's a little spookier than she was expecting.
When Azriel had said he wanted to put a movie on, she had expected 'The nightmare before Christmas' or 'Hocus Pocus'. She'd gotten their drinks, a hot chocolate with cinnamon sticks for her and a black coffee for him, while Az had put together a bowl of Halloween candies they had bought last week. It wasn't until she was tucked beneath the blanket, head on her boyfriend's shoulder that she realised what he had put on.
"You haven't seen this before right?" he asked, finger hovering over the play button.
She most definitely hadn't seen 'The Ring' before. She hadn't seen a single horror film. Her twin sister loved them, but she could never sit through them without getting scared. She shook her head, gripping his hand in a tight hold as she looked at him with what she hoped was a convincing smile. "Nope, never."
He smiled in return and pushed play, settling in close to her and leaning his head against hers. She gulped and wrapped an arm around his chest, curving around his body and practically sitting within his lap. They'd turned all the apartment lights off, the tv flickering the only source of brightness. he tried to keep her eyes on the screen, but she couldn't help but look away, glancing into the blackness of the kitchen. Her eyes tried to play tricks on her, making terrifying shapes out of normal items. She blinked and looked away, only to be met with the horrors onscreen.
Azriel was drumming his fingers lazily on his knee, feet up on the table beside the candy bowl. She peered up at him, the gentle light casting a white glow on his brown skin. His other hand was wrapped around her waist, resting warmly on her hip. She tried not to jump as he snapped his head to her just as someone screamed in the movie. He raised his eyebrows and tilted his head curiously. "Did you want something?"
Pressing her lips together, she slowly shook her head and turned back to the movie. A horrifying woman was crawling out of the screen. Her long black hair hid most of her pale white face, but still, her expression had chills running down Gwyn's spine. Someone slamming the door down the hall truly made her jump, her whole head whipping around to face the doorway. The shadows were dark there, her brain picking at the blackness until she couldn't handle it anymore. She turned, burying her head in Azriel's neck. She could feel him moving as she squeezed her eyes shut against his skin. It wasn't until the apartment went silent that she looked up, Azriel's eyes wide with concern, a gentle palm on her shoulder.
"Baby?" he started, lifting his hand to cup her face, thumb running along her cheekbone. "Are you scared?"
She blinked a few times before giving in and dipping her chin in a subtle nod. "Can we turn the lights on please?"
He practically bounced up, rushing across the room to turn on the overhead light. Gwyn squinted against the brightness, content when Azriel came right back to her, sitting at her side and pulling her into his lap. She always felt safe within his arms.
"Why didn't you say anything?" he asked, brushing the back of her head, playing with her strands of hair.
Knitting her arms around his neck, thighs wrapped around his hips, she gave a small smile. "It's Halloween. I didn't want to be boring."
"Gwyneth Berdara," he started with a sigh, "you are anything but boring. Liking scary movies doesn't make you any less or any more boring."
A blush rose on her cheeks as she buried her head in his chest. "I wish you had said that earlier. I doubt I'll be able to sleep for a week now."
He chuckled, fingers mapping her back. "Well, I'm sure we can fill our time with something better than sleep."
She gasped playfully, pulling back to see the wide grin on his lips. "You're such an idiot."
He hummed, hair across his brow as he leaned in to press a kiss to her nose. "You love it."
"I do," she whispered, cuddling back against him. "Very much."
It was then that he settled, both arms wrapped around her, pressing kisses to her hair as she curled against the warmth of his chest. It reminded her of when they first got together: the cuddles watching movies, cuddles in bed, hugs hello and goodbye. She'd felt comfortable with that, his body against hers in a non-sexual way but one that felt so intimate too. She heard him switch off the tv, the gentle click music to her ears as his focus turned wholly on her.
"You wanna stay like this, baby?" he asked, his voice hushed as he rubbed a hand up and down her back.
She nodded, closing her eyes. "Mmm... you're so warm."
Even though she couldn't see it, she knew he was smiling, that shy smile he only saved for his near and dear. She would fall asleep like this, the noise of Velaris outside, the warmth and protection of her boyfriend. She'd wake up tomorrow, having been carried to bed, and spend the day taking down decorations, eating chocolate and welcoming the new month with her favourite person in the whole world.
* * *
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*anyone in the acotar universe having a conversation*
someone probably: that鈥檚 crazy, no one in their right mind would do something like that.
Gwyneth berdara:
Tumblr media
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shadowsingwyn2 days ago
Tumblr media
鈥淚 understand,鈥 Gwyn repeated, 鈥渨hat it is to 鈥 fail the people who mean the most. To live in fear of people finding out. I dread you and Emerie learning my history. I know that once you do, you鈥檒l never look at me the same again.鈥
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talkfantasytome2 days ago
Heeey, I hope you are having a good day!
If gwynriel, nessian and elucien went to a Hallowen party how do you think they would dress up? What would they look like?
Hi Nonnie! 馃挄 Doing fairly well! I'm so close! Basically everything is packed except my office, my bed linens, and my shower stuff. It's all getting packed tonight (reason why my sleeping bag is also not packed 馃槀). I fell SO prepared for the move tomorrow, but also still insanely anxious like I should be doing something. 馃憖
I love this! My first thought was: witch, Nesta likes to dress as a witch. Basically the exact outfit she was in in that fanart of her, Gwyn, and Emerie as witches (I can't believe I didn't reblog it, if someone sees it or knows it, tag me to it so I can? I need easy access to that beaut), except I see Nesta as more purple over orange. Anyway...
Then I realized you're probably looking for couples costumes, considering the ask. 馃槀
Let's remember, this is also our NERD couple. I don't care what people say - yes, Nesta's a dork, and she can be nerd-y, but no, nerd-status goes to Gwyn and Az. Remember how Gwyn memorized the mind stilling for her and Nesta before they even tried it once? NERD. In the most wonderful way.
With that in mind, I feel like they would dress as a couple from history. After a bit of searching, I think maybe they'd go Dante and Beatrice, because that would combine history and literature. And, I mean, Az already has that whole "pining" thing down. 馃憖
Hands down, something that would likely allow Cass to be shirtless or showing off his muscles in some way. Like, part of me wants to say they'd go literary couple, but that feels VERY Nesta-centric. Of course, Cassian is also extremely Nesta-centric, so I'm sure she could convince him. But I think Nesta would want to find something that fits both of them, you know?
I could see them doing a Greek deity theme (though I could also see that with Elucien). My only issue with that is, like, Cassian would obvs be Ares, but that would make Nesta Aphrodite, since she and Ares were long-term consorts. And, Aphrodite was technically, like, married to another god. Zeus and Hera are also a couple Nesta would never agree to. Assuming it's modern times, Nesta would def. read Lore Olympus, so she might suggest Hades and Persephone. But in the togas, for Cassian, so some chest could be shown. lol
So, I could also see them going Greek deities, but I think they also would likely go a bit more standard. I don't see Elain being as into Halloween as Nesta and Cassian...and idk about Lucien, tbh. Like, it feels so lame, but I could totally see them going the prince and princess route. And then, just to feel like they fit in with the others, they'd be sure to make it specific prince and princess. Like, with their general looks, they might say they're Beauty and the Beast after the transformation. Or Elain might carry around a silver pea.
OR, omg, cause while idk if I'd see them being super into Halloween in general, I could see them, like, putting on a bit of a show. So they show up as Belle and the Beast, right. And then Lucien has a rose. And throughout the night he keeps discarding a petal. And when the rose runs out, he suddenly "transforms" (aka takes off his mask or quick face wipe 馃槀), and for the rest of the night he's the human prince.
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c-e-d-dreamer14 hours ago
It's always really interesting to me whenever I see people talk about the whole Rite part of acosf and saying it wasn't believable and it ruined the book for them. Mostly because I didn't have these issues when I read the book for one reason, and one reason alone...
鉁 men are stupid 鉁
Men are so stupid. And it's pretty heavily implied that all those Illyrian warriors are taught brute force first, actually think 10 steps later. So three smart women besting them and winning? That tracks to me!
Because they all are so smart! Emerie runs her own business like a badass boss, Gwyn spends all her time doing research in a library, and we all know Nesta is smart. Them combining their abilities and using brains and strategy to win against a bunch of stupid men? What's not plausible about that?
Gwyn luring the beasts out and to the little camp is a prime example of genius strategy! And yes, I do wish S/JM leaned more into this and there was such a great opportunity for more, but the point is I don't think it's "not believable." They could have literally had a single day of training, and I would still be like them outsmarting a bunch of big, dumb bois to win? Yep. Sounds about right
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mystical-blaise5 hours ago
A Court of Whispers and Song Chapter 48 is up!
Tumblr media
There was a beauty in the wildness. Freedom in each labored huff from the horse.
Did I get a chapter done on time and finish reading A Shadow in the Ember? Yes. Yes, I did. Anyway, enjoy this chapter of Valkyrie shenanigans!
Read it on AO3
Read it on
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emmeellex21 hours ago
Azriel: oh, you crossed a line, Gwyneth
Gwyn: are you scared, Shadowsinger?
Azriel: you are a horrible being, play with something like that
Gwyn: a challenge is a challenge
Azriel: I never thought you would force me to commit such atrocity!
Emerie: what's happening?
Nesta: Gwyn challenged Azriel to go to therapy
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Azriel: Have you not listened to anything I've said?
Gwyn: I certainly haven't, but I didn't think you'd notice.
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the-bookish-valkyrie3 months ago
Tumblr media
Here it is guys! My latest Valkyrie commission by the amazing Ellyness5! Give her some love please 鉂
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nezriel4 months ago
Tumblr media
the pretty priestess 鈾★笌 ( art by @mftfernandez )
The priestess had been pretty in the library, but with that joy, that confidence as she aimed for the three priestesses, she had emerged into a beauty to rival Merrill or Mor.
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pcrisakamali8 months ago
acosf as john mulaney quotes because we all need that shit
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the House:
Tumblr media
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trashforazriel2 months ago
Tumblr media
HOLY AWESOME #gwynriel commission from cosmikla on instagram. Please reblog, do not repost. Support the artist 馃帹.
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talkfantasytome4 months ago
Rhys to Feyre: Who I am in the Court of Nightmares... it's not something I want you to see.
Az to Gwyn *probably*: I'd rather you not see who I am in the Court of Nightmares.
Cassian to Nesta *probably*: Going to the Court of Nightmares tomorrow! Please come with me! You're going to be sooooo turned on. I promise. ;)
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