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#gwyn berdara
fatimaussain · 5 hours ago
So we got two and half a book for Feysand. One book for Nesta and Cassian. We know for sure there'll be an Az book from the live and we already know that Elain will have her own book as well.
The main idea here is that Az and Elain will have separate books to discuss thier journey and not a joined book/s like the others!! so what does that mean for them as a couple? Because if they well end up together, why not just give them two joined books or one with multiple pov like Nessian?
If each of them is getting a separate book, doesn't that mean they will end up with different people like u know Lucien and Gywn? At this point we all know that all the three ships are possible like don't even try to deny it.
But it'll be such a mess to have a love square. Can SJM manga to have a love square and a war plot, in addition to other couples in the making? Because the war with that kochie guy will be developed in their books obviously and there will be a war TOG style!!
something to think about.
I'll tag both gwynriel and Elriel because i want to know what u think so don't fight, it's really not worth it. We'll be waiting for at least two years for the next book, by then you'll get bored of your ship anyway.
Disclaimer: I'm a gwynriel shipper ( at least i think) I was very excited about it but now after all the fighting idk.
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shansenfan · 6 hours ago
azriel hc:
Here me out... Azriel reads smut.
As in Nesta accidentally left one of Sellyn Drake's books lying around in the House when Az was self-loathing late one night. Since then, he's read every book Nesta has put down and/or finished.
But it's all a secret.
gwynriel pt.
gwyn discovers Az reads smut.
I have this idea that Az takes Gwyn either into the city of Velaris or any other city in Prythian. And they find a mini book shop and they find a newly released book by Sellyn Drake *limited edition and signed copy* SCORE. Turns out, Drake hasn't published a book in decades (as told by Az, because he was stalking reasearching more about all of her series)
Az: She hasn't published a book in decades
Gwyn playing back to what he'd said: You read smut?
Az unable to keep the truth hidden from her: Nesta has left one or two of Drakes's novels lying around in the House (Along with dozens of other smutty novels)
Az: Don't tell anyone alright? Or I'll never hear the end of it
Gwyn grinning mischievously up at him: We wouldn't want ot bruise your reputation, now would we Shadowsinger?
Az chuckles nervously:
Gwyn: Alright, it'll be our little secret.
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carolmoro · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
se usar por favor dar créditos a @carolsbook no twitter || if you use pls give credits to @carolsbook on twitter <33
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vidalinav · 19 hours ago
Is it friendship week yet?
Emerie and Gwyn love that Nesta is known as being bitchy, because they’re like bitch where? But Nesta is obviously known as being scary and so they’re always like “Do the face! Do the face!” because they want her to make her resting bitch face, and Nesta’s like “I can’t do it on command!” and she’ll start laughing and forget it. She can’t keep a straight face for more than two seconds with them. But they’re always like teach us your ways, Nesta. Teach us how to make men fear us, in like a very serious voice, and Nesta can’t take that seriously either. She will start cracking up. 
I love their friendship guys. I’m planning on posting two long Gwyn and Nesta/Nesta and Emerie headcanon posts, for the respective places they live. That is all. 
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vidalinav · 19 hours ago
Did y’all know that after Gwyn and Emerie were introduced and became the Valkyrie BFF squad with Nesta, I was like forget the rest of the series? This deserves a spin-off series that begins now. What I wouldn’t give, to have a whole entire series of them as the main POVs. Imagine the adventures, the lunacy, the antics that only make sense to themselves, the smut filled humor, the care and love they show each other. It’s a beautiful, wholesome thing. 
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shadowhunters-trove · 21 hours ago
Gwynriel Headcanon Fic ideas
I'm thinking of writing about Gwyn realizing Azriel's her mate as a companion to this.
Suggestions about when she would've figured it out are welcome. I would like to hear your thoughts about it.
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✨Nessian parallel✨: “repaying a debt to their friend who in turn says you dumbass there is no debt pls don’t get yourself killed!!!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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genya-berdara · a day ago
lucien vanserra and gwyn berdara @ fandom probably
Tumblr media
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imsointobooks · a day ago
I honestly want the 5th acotar book to be gwyn and az and his shadows
And then the 6th book to be lucien and elain. But they don't end up together rather i want lucien and vassa together and elain and jurian.
I love lucien with all my heart and he is one the best and deserving characters in all the fandom so i honestly don't want elain to be with him except if it is the only he would want and just bcuz then he'll be canonically related to feyre and that's just yayayayay...
Elain from a charcter point of view is not bad but she is unremarkable for me and therefore lucien should be with someone with more fire in them. She seems boring to me and although sjmaas can make me love any character i don't think i m gonna like her much other than maybe if she gets a villain arc.
I want lucien to end up with vassa, cause the impression of her i got is that she is pretty similar to jesminda and that's why she is lucien's type.
Jurian and elain could bond over being mortals who were made into something different by the cauldron.
Plus because a lot of talk is surrounding how they want to combine prythian and the mortal lands and remove the separation there i think both of them would be rlly good at that negotiation.
And well for the gwynriel their is just amazing potential there with banter and healing and az laughing and gwyn trusting him and shadows playing matchmaker with mommy and daddy. They are definitely my OTP and i can't wait for their book. Plus there are too many mentions of water nymphs in acosf to not make a Gwynriel book.
Also there was this post somewhere about how all the sibling sort of bonds are shared experiences. Like cassian and feyre bothe know what is like trying to survive in the cold and wild. Nesta and Az both relate to each other over never judging each other bcuz they are very similar in persona. And Rhys and Gwyn both have a sexual abuse trauma which i think they'll bond over. (Best theory EVER)
And even if i wish that the nessian in acosf would hv been more talk then sex, cassian's character development was more and some gaping plotholes were not there, i liked everyone's character still and even loved nesta from just liking her. Elain i feel is just hanging out around and that she honestly does not fit well with the whole dynamic.
I think she could be potentially a head of the spring realm and mortal lands combined cuz no doubt she'd excel at court.
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shansenfan · a day ago
I remember seeing this post that Gwynriel is the Little Mermaid (i stand by that) and Eluien is like Tangled/Rapunzel? With Lucien being Flynn Rider, which is also perfect! Love that idea.
But I've been listening to the Tangled Soundtrack and the
When Will My Life Begin Repraise 2
Just hits differently because all I see is Gwyn finally leaving the Library to go into the city with Nesta and Emerie.
(I also think that Cass and Az would be there to but they're basically doing their own thing, but they'll be close enough if anything happens. And ofc teh girls would be able to protect themselves and it is Velaris but still... it's a good feeling to know your proteted by people who care about you)
Gwyn looking out the window, praying she'll have enough courage to go outside the Library walls:
Tumblr media
Idek, I think it's cute.
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thecrispypotatochip · a day ago
Headcannon that since Az’s hands are so scarred, he sometimes can’t feel things with them. (shadowhunters-trove)
So when Gwyn wears a particularly soft tunic or finds something with a strange texture, she gently rubs it agains his cheek or neck so that he can know what it feels like.
(This includes her tickling him with a quill and the discovery that Az is very ticklish. Like full blown laugh attacks, rolling on the ground and crying. You wouldn’t know because he hardly lets people touch him, let alone try and tickle him. Gwyn loves to tease him about it and once the IC finds out he’s done for.)
(Inspired by @shadowhunters-trove )
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honeybugg00 · a day ago
Chapter 2 of Cauldron Chosen is up!
Click Here to read it!!!!
Here is a little excerpt:
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Gwyn queried. She wondered if Mor’s expression mirrored the way Gwyn often looked at her -- she hoped more than anything that it did.
“Like what?” Mor smiled. “I’m sharing a bath with the most beautiful female in all of Prythian and you expect me not to be mesmerized by you?” Before she could process what she was doing, she reached for Gwyn’s hand and circled her thumb over the back of her hand, gently. Mor hoped Gwyn didn’t take it the wrong way, and silently cursed herself for not being more in control of her impulse to touch Gwyn. 
“I’d have to argue that you are actually the most beautiful in all of Prythian.” Gwyn returned a smile. The thumb on her hand was soothing, Gwyn wanted more of it, all over. She wanted Mor’s hands on every inch of her body. 
Previously the bath smelled like a field of lilac, but the House decided to betray the both of them and strip away the sweet scent and uncover what it was masking. The thick, nearly tangible smell of both Gwyn and Mor’s arousal combined. Gwyn waited for Mor to acknowledge it, to say something witty, but the acknowledgment never came.
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gwynrielsupremacy · a day ago
Part 11 of 'Time to rest your weary head'
Chapter List: right here!
I KEPT MY PROMISE!! Here in Brasil it is still Sunday, so there you go, part 11 out now! It is indeed a little bit shorter but because of it, Part 12 will come soon, possibly until mid-week :) It's been hard finding time to write these last few days bc i'm at the end of the semester in college :) but it'll be over soon and then i'm planning on writing non-stop (including more headcanons and one-shots after I finish this one ~ my ask is open!)
@starbornsinger @katiebellf and @madie2200 yayy!
A million thoughts raced through Azriel's mind when he reached his room; mostly because his shadows couldn’t stop stirring, around and around and driving him crazy. They wanted to go back to her, reaching out to the now closed door and trying to leave the bedroom.
He sat on his bed, still smiling like a fool. Tonight was wonderful. Gwyn was wonderful.
Flashes of her face during the Orchestra, how her eyes lit up when she contemplated the theater. The way he came that close to closing the space between them after calling her beautiful, to share with her what was in his heart. And when that sweet melody began, it sounded like falling in love. He was falling, hard, for the female right next to him. The one who cared about him, even when he didn’t care about himself. Who always surprised him, with her wittiness and determination and hope. Who was helping him deal with his demons, just the way he felt he was helping her.
Then Gwyn finally broke his stare, closing her eyes as if carried away by the music. And a few moments later, when he felt himself was crawling back into that dark, dark place, the melody automatically bringing out his pain… She held his hand, gentle and soothing, and, for once in his life, he didn’t feel like it was ugly and marred. He didn’t feel unworthy.
He kept darting his eyes back and forward from their hands intertwined to her freckled, flushed face staring at the stage, and could have laughed surprised at how natural it felt to have her hand in his. But then again, everything was so easy with her. He slowly tore down the wall he had carefully built during these centuries and had let her in; had let himself out. And he was enjoying every second of it.
When they paced together through the streets of Velaris, how proud he felt of her, admiration written across his face as she silently took in the space around her. She deserved this, he thought, she deserved happiness; she deserved all that was good in the world. And he was blessed by the Mother to be able to watch her thrive.
He had come so close to telling her; he didn’t know if she knew, but he just had to say it. To let the words imprinted in his mind, and the million possibilities entangled with it, fill the air: that they were so close to being truly happy, if she only wanted it as well. Because that, taking that step together, it would be her choice. It would all be her choice. Azriel wouldn’t have it any other way. His shadows kept whispering mate, mate, mate during the entirety of the evening, until the very moment they let go of each other’s hands, by her door.
Azriel didn’t want the night to be over. He suddenly felt the impulse to go and knock on her door, to obey his shadow’s pleas and just tell her. If he just said the words… And she was so, so close now; it was as almost as he could feel her presence, beckoning to him.
He swore he heard the song again; that first melody that echoed through the theater earlier, getting louder and louder as he swiftly covered the distance that separated their bedrooms. What the hell was he doing? She would probably be asleep by now, he should go back. But his damned shadows kept saying go and he didn’t find it in him to stop them.
He just wanted to see her. He would just knock on the door, and if she didn’t answer, he would leave – Before he could lift his hand, though, the door opened.
And there, with a resolute expression on her beautiful face that mirrored his own, hand on the handle, stood Gwyn.
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shadowhunters-trove · a day ago
Gwynriel one-shot
Read on Ao3
A thing of secret, lovely beauty
Inspiration struck as I was browsing the Gwynriel tag. This is a Gwynriel one-shot that came out of nowhere. It may be that both Gwyn and Az are a bit OC, but I hope that the essence of them is still there. 
I'd like to point out that I have 0 sword skills or knowledge about sword fighting. But I did my best with what little knowledge I have from books, movies and other fanfics.
Summary: Gwyn is training and Azriel has a revelation (you can guess what it is)
Word count: 2597
They were sparring in the training ring. They have been going at it for a while now, neither of them willing to yield. Gwyn was putting all instructions she had received from Cassian and Azriel into her moves. Watching the opponent, not letting him get close to her guard, parrying when the opponent wanted to get in on her guard. She was looking for an opening so she could stop defending and start her attack. There was none.
She changed her footing, started dancing around her opponent. Gwyn was fast, Cassian told her many times to take advantage of that, tire out her opponent. She was doing just that. But her opponent was nowhere near the tired point. He was mirroring her. Gwyn realized that he was also trying to tire her out, so she changed tactics. She stopped defending, retreated from the fight. That confused her opponent for a second. Concerned appeared in his eyes, but then, a flash of recognition sparked on his face. It was too late.
Gwyn charged with her sword whilst with her free hand she unsheathed the dagger strapped to her thigh. Her opponent did not expect the flawless transition, a mistake he wouldn’t had normally done on the battle field, nor training with anyone else. But it was Gwyn, so he let his emotions get in the way for a long time considering the pace of the sparring. He was proud of her, her cunningness was welcome. It gave him a challenge. Still, Gwyn was relentless and he only had a short sword compared to her long one. He didn’t have the time to pick a long one when Gwyn attacked him out of nowhere grinning.
He was trying to parry both the dagger and the sword using his sword and his gauntlets. It was mostly working, but a gauntlet wasn’t a shield, no matter the strong and almost impenetrable material it was made of. His arm was getting a beating. And Gwyn was taking advantage of that. Then she did something entirely unexpected once more.
She crouched and swiped at his legs with her sword. Her opponent dodged that easily, but he didn’t see that she had thrown her dagger up in the air when she went low. When he stepped back and Gwyn rose, the dagger landed in her outstretched hand. Guard half-down from stepping back and being unprepared from a trick from Gwyn, he was caught by the dagger’s hilt on the left side. His ribs.
There was just the sound of their combined panting in the still night. Gwyn’s eyes were bright with delight at having bested him. He was just rigid, the pain of the dagger’s hilt a dull throbbing. It would’ve been a killing bow had Gwyn used the blade. She was still digging that hilt in. For a few seconds, that’s how they stood, unmoving. Until she stepped back flipping her ponytail over one shoulder. She sheathed the dagger and let the sword drop on the stone floor. His sword followed.
She crossed her arms and waited for him to acknowledge her win. He sighed and extended one scarred hand. “That won’t work twice, though.” They shook hands, Gwyn’s grip strong.
“I told Cassian I wanted to win against you at least once. He showed me the trick with the dagger.” Their hands were still interlocked in between them. Azriel wasn’t thinking about his hands being touched or how Gwyn would perceive them or how he would taint her skin with his. Those thoughts were out of his head when he was around her. Not because he banished them or because he made himself forget, but because he simply didn’t even think about thinking that around her. Gwyn realized they were still shaking hands, but she didn’t want to let go. She didn’t know if he realized it or not, yet she’d hold on until he’d retreat. Which wasn’t looking like anytime soon. She… liked how his hand felt in hers. She liked that she could touch him without feeling an ounce of the fear that would’ve paralyzed her early on in her training for becoming a Valkyrie.
“When you stepped back, away from the fight, sword lowered, I thought something happened. I didn’t realize that you were trying to distract me. That was clever. But this won’t work on a battle field. You withdraw, the opponent will attack. Viciously so because you give him an opening, a perfectly good one for a killing blow.” He went on to rant more on battlefield tactics, hands still connected. It was second nature to him when in training mode. Gwyn let him finish talking, giving him a slight smile.
“So, you’re saying that on the field, I should fight like we fight in training.”, Gwyn smirked.
Azriel firmly nodded ready to launch into another long tactics monologue. Gwyn tightened her hold on his hand drawing his attention. Azriel still wouldn’t pull back, but the distraction interrupted his train of thought.
Gwyn began, “On the battlefield, of course I would put to good use the normal skills you and Cassian are teaching us. But I wasn’t on the battlefield. I knew my goal. My goal was to best you. And I did. Goal accomplished.” She gave Azriel a bright smile, her pearly whites shining in the moonlight.
Azriel found himself distracted for a second time. Her words reached his ears and he understood Gwyn’s intent. She was so determined to win against him that she had learnt a different tactic. He noticed her cleverness early on when they started training together. Cassian might have taught her the dagger trick, but she had been the one to put together the entire sequence. Azriel was sure of it. He had also noticed her resolve, her will, her determination. The ribbon had been the moment he realized that she’d be a great warrior, a great Valkyrie, in time. She wasn’t ready for that yet, but she’ll be. Azriel was determined to see that happen. He’d be honored to fight alongside her if the time came. Of course, he wished they wouldn’t have to. But war was coming soon.  
There was something else that he noticed now, though. That smile. How come he didn’t notice how beautiful her smile is? Or how her nose scrunched up just the tiniest bit when she was grinning like that? Her hand in his, it felt smooth, from the little he could actually feel. Although, her thumb felt a bit rougher. Azriel glanced down and saw their hands still gripping one another. His scarred one did not allow him to properly feel her skin. It was a side-effect of the scarring, some damage to how sensitive his hands were. Sometimes he couldn’t even feel whatever objects he found himself holding depending on its size or how smooth its texture was. The only indication that he would get that he was holding something was from its weight. If it was heavy enough, though, to make an impression. Azriel found himself thinking for the first time about how he’d like to feel her hands better. On his cheek, maybe? That did it.
He abruptly let go of Gwyn’s hand and roughly took a step back. Wordlessly, he picked up the two swords in a few long strides putting them back to their rightful places. Gwyn was gapping. His retreat was so sudden that it baffled her. Did she do something wrong? Did she say something out of place? She retreated a bit, curling a bit into herself. Something shifted in Azriel’s demeanor. Gwyn watched his shadows swirl around his shoulders, his waist, as he put back the sword. They appeared agitated.
Gwyn bit her lip and started walking back towards the staircase that led away from the training ring. But something in her stopped her. She was tired of backing off, of retreating into herself when the situation was not comfortable enough for her to be carefree. She wanted to know what happened to change Azriel’s attitude in a second. He was moody, true, but he could also be friendly, teasing and funny. Not often, yet she had seen that side.
The first time was on that damned Winter Solstice when they were alone for the first time. She didn’t know what to make of his friendliness then, but in time she started understanding him bit by bit. Observing him and by listening to what was said about him while she was around either Nesta or Cassian, even from Emerie who was now in a stable and healthy relationship with Mor. And Mor was known to be a gossip sometimes. And Emerie shared some of that gossip with Nesta and Gwyn from time to time. Especially if it involved information about either of the “terrible” three Illyrian males.
Gwyn squared her shoulder, eyes fixated on Azriel’s back. When she reached him, still fiddling with some weapons, straightening them in their place, Gwyn reached to tap his shoulder. The shadows parted to let her hand through and they danced around the length of her arm, almost reaching her jaw, but they didn’t dare touch her. Not now, not yet.
Azriel was lost in thoughts about how he hadn’t thought about Elain in such a long time, hadn’t thought about any woman, really. But tonight, thoughts about Gwyn emerged. Not the usual thoughts he used to have about Mor or Elain, but… more than… he had to admit it. More than lust and entitlement. His thoughts were… he didn’t know the word just yet. Couldn’t place the feeling. Out of nowhere, he felt Gwyn’s touch on his shoulders. He whirled amazed. What the hell? Too many times in one fucking night to be startled by her. His shadows were framing her, they had parted for her. Something sparked in his chest. The way she stood in front of him like that… He noticed her eyes. They were watery. Her jaw was set. Her lips pursed together. Her stance rigid. Gwyn was mad.
“If something’s wrong, I’d appreciate it if you told me, not dismissed me by turning your back on me. We were having a conversation, at least have the decency to be polite about it. I’m sorry if I said something that I shouldn’t have, but there’s no need to treat me like that.”, Gwyn lowered her eyes, her next words barely a whisper. “You are the last person who I want the cold shoulder from.” Realizing that she probably said too much, it was her turn to leave.
“Gwyn.” Azriel’s voice was strained. She had never heard him like that. He sounded like he was almost chocking. Concern travelled through her. She back paddled in an instant and faced him. There were tears streaming down his cheeks. The Shadowsinger, the spy master, one of the strongest warriors in The Night Court, he was crying. His shoulders shaking, fists tight against his thighs, mouth partly open sucking in gulps of air. Gwyn was speechless. His shadows were all around him, swirling all around, tangling, parting, darkening then becoming lighter then darkening again. It was a whirlwind of emotions and Gwyn didn’t think. She just acted.
She hurried to him, then gently, so gently she took his fists into her hands. She didn’t speak, she let her own tears flow. She tried to keep her composure. Azriel needed her to be the strong one now. Gwyn clasped Azriel’s hands in between her own, her teal eyes locking with his hazel ones. She lifted their hands to her mouth, gently kissing his and drawing closer. She kept her eyes open the entire time. Azriel’s emotions were written all over his face: disbelief, worry, confusion. But there was also something more. There was a spark there: hope, relief. Gwyn lowered their joint hands, separating Azriel’s hands and guiding his arms around her waist. She stepped into the circle of his arms, her chest brushing his with every breath. Her head barely reached his collarbone, she tucked that into her mind as the first time she really realized it. All the while Azriel kept her eyes on hers. He was still shaking, his tears still flowing, but his breathing became more even. She locked his hands at the small of her back then slowly Gwyn ran her palms softly up his arms until she reached his shoulders.
He was motionless, stuck. He couldn't think about anything except that she was touching him, she was there, next to him, in his arms. All the times that he had seen her in the library, during training, sometimes at meals in the house, or just a glimpse of her for when he was working and couldn’t linger for training, but he still felt like he had to go see how the Valkyries and Valkyries to-be were doing in their training. He couldn’t believe that he didn’t see it earlier. That he didn’t see Gwyn earlier. Three years had passed since he rescued her from that damned temple. One year and two months since he had started training her. There was a change after the Winter Solstice. That thing of secret, lovely beauty that started then grew. It grew. And it grew. And now it hit him in the face. Gwyn’s arms reached his shoulders. He could feel her chest against his rising faster than it was normal. She was panting. Azriel barely tightened his hold on her.
And then she was embracing him fully. Her arms were tight around his shoulders, one hand resting just above where his tunic ended, the other tangled in his hair at the back of his head. She was trembling, but holding him tightly. Her head rested on his right shoulder, face buried in the side of his neck. He could feel her breath and that made him shiver. He heard her words.
“I know. I know.”
She kept repeating those two little words and he felt his knees buckle. There was no stopping it. Gwyn felt him put more weight on her. She realized he was about to fall, so she somehow managed to lower them to the ground. Their knees still hit the stone hard, but they didn’t care.
Azriel dropped his head in the crook of her neck, his arms drawing her closer, and securing her against him. He dropped his head and cried. Azriel cried like he never cried before. Sobbing, hiccupping, trembling. All in happiness and disbelief. Gwyn felt that, somehow she did. She could feel it all, so she let her own sobs join Azriel’s.
They cried together on the cold stones of the training ring, clinging to each other, accepting each other and being ready for each other. They held each other so tight, not willing to let go even when their sobs eased up. They held each other in a loving embrace for a long time. Azriel was the first one to let up. He leaned back so he could look at Gwyn’s face. Her teal eyes were bright and red from crying, much like Azriel’s. They didn’t need words. Azriel kept one arm around Gwyn’s shoulders, his free hand reaching for one of Gwyn’s that was tangled in his hair. He brought her hand around, keeping his loving eyes on hers, as he placed her hand on his cheek. Gwyn cupped his cheek in her hands running her thumb in small circles on his skin. Azriel closed his eyes unwillingly, delighting in the feel of her hands. Soft, yet calloused, warm and steady. A thing of secret, lovely beauty.
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Okay so quick question, if gwyn were to write a book about the valkries, what would she call it?
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lordsaturnmoon · a day ago
Valkirias ART🎨
Sugar, Seasoning and all that is good. Those were the ingredients to create the perfect girls. They are the Super Valkirias
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how I was looking forward to posting this art. I love these two trios so much, I needed to merge them. I based each valkirias on the personality of the super powerful generation z girls. I think nestha is a great match with the blossom of generation z.
that's it like on reblog babies
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queen-hypaxia · a day ago
Tumblr media
But Azriel tucked away the thought, conscious erasing the slight smile it bought to his face. Buried the image down deep, where it glowed quietly. A thing of secret, lovely beauty.
- A Court of Silver Flames, 2021
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queen-hypaxia · a day ago
I've been attacking the Helion x Lady of Autumn fans with feels. Now it's Gwyn x Azriel's turn...
Whatever you do. Don't listen to Sally's Song from a Nightmare Before Christmas. Don't you dare picture Gwyn singing this to herself.
Little Mermaid is cute and all, but then there's this...
*clears throat*
I sense there's something in the wind
That feels like tragedy's at hand
And though I'd like to stand by him
Can't shake this feeling that I have
The worst is just around the bend
And does he notice
My feelings for him?
And will he see
How much he means to me?
I think it's not to be
What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
Although I'd like to join the crowd
In their enthusiastic cloud
Try as I may, it doesn't last
And will we ever
End up together?
No, I think not
It's never to become
For I am not the one
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