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#gwyn x azriel
positivewitch · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Gwyneth Berdara & Azriel
By @positivewitch me lol
I’m really nervous about posting my art bc It’s been ages since I last draw something :’(
And I know this is not perfect but I hope y’all like it <3 <3 <3
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tealnymph24 · a day ago
omg haha minimum of 3 weeks is accurate and I'd pay good money to see them have to go back before the frenzy has worn off, and to see his reaction to seeing her in training. in 👀👀 leathers. and "gwyn love, did you borrow that from nesta? I don't remember seeing you in it before" and sly smirks and exaggerated warm up stretches
they wouldn't last more than 15 mins before they ✨have an emergency and need to leave✨
He is going to die when she puts on training leathers after the frenzy sets in! I don't think Gwyn is the type to want to wait out the entire frenzy locked in a house, so they will definitely try to go back to normal life but it will be a struggle.
The best part is everyone is going to be floored by their behavior, even the mated couples. Because sure, they went through it too, and they have seen how handsy Azriel normally is with Gwyn, but it is going to be on another level.
He won't be able to go more than five minutes without having his hands on some part of her. Training will become impossible because he is too distracted by her in her leathers and he has to constantly be touching her.
They will definitely have tons of *emergencies* and sneak off down hallways or literally anywhere that is nearby to satisfy that *itch.*
It will be hot, hot, hot. But also really cute and funny because there will be lots of giggling and cuddles. Like, they will be in the middle of ripping their clothes off while Azriel apologizes for interrupting yet another activity and Gwyn will just be giggling hysterically.
I can't wait to write this all out! I fully plan to explore what happens with their mating bond frenzy in my fic, it just won't happen for a bit.
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littlefishbigsea · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gwynriel Song Inspo & HC
Stay, Rihanna
All along it was a fever A cold sweat, hot headed believer I threw my hands in the air, said, “Show me something” She said, “If you dare, come a little closer”
Not really sure how to feel about it Something in the way you move Makes me feel like I can’t live without you It takes me all the way I want you to stay
Oh, the reason I hold on Oh, ‘cause I need this hole gone Well, funny you’re the broken one But I’m the only one who needed saving ‘Cause when you never see the light It’s hard to know which one of us is caving
This song popped up on one of my playlists today (the Rihanna duet) and it reminded me of these two. Mikky Ekko’s solo version of the song is great. So, I went back and read Az’s bonus chapter, because this was the exact scene the song triggered:
It was too late to bank without appearing like he was running. Azriel landed in the ring a few feet from where Gwyn practiced in the chill night, her sword glimmering like ice in the moonlight.
She stopped mid-slice, whirling to face him. “I’m sorry. I knew you all were going to the river house, so I didn’t think anyone would mind if I came up here, and-”
“It’s fine. I came to retrieve something I forgot.” The lie was smooth and cool, as he knew his face was. His shadows peered over his wings at her.
The young priestess smiled - and Azriel thought it might have been directed at his curious shadows. But she just hooked her coppery-brown hair behind an arched ear. “I was trying to cut the ribbon.” She pointed with her sword at the white ribbon, which seemed to glow silver.
“Aren’t you cold?” His breath clouded in front of him. 
Gwyn shrugged. “Once you get moving, you stop noticing it.”
He nodded, silence falling. For a heartbeat, their gazes met. He blocked out the bloody memory that flashed, so at odds with the Gwyn he saw before him now. 
Her head ducked, as if remembering it too. That he’d been the one who’d found her that day at Sangravah. “Happy Solstice,” she said, as much a dismissal as it was a holiday blessing.
He snorted. “Are you kicking me out?”
Gwyn’s teal eyes flashed with alarm. “No! I mean, I don’t mind sharing the ring. I just... I know you like to be alone.” Her mouth quirked to the side, crinkling the freckles on her nose. “Is that why you came up here?”
Sort of. “I forgot something,” he reminded her.
“At two in the morning?”
Pure amusement glittered in her stare. Better than the pain and grief he’d spied a moment before. So he offered her a crooked smile. “I can’t sleep without my favorite dagger.”
“A comfort to every growing child.”
Azriel’s lips twitched. He refrained from mentioning that he did indeed sleep with a dagger.
It still blows my mind that parts of the fandom refuse to catch on in regard to these two. She can totally tell he’s lying and then she teases him about collecting his comfort dagger like it’s a stuffed animal. Gwyn motherfucking Berdara just called the shadowsinger a child. And he almost smiled. But! That’s not the best part.. the best part is this, “He refrained from mentioning that he did indeed sleep with a dagger.”
Why? Because it meant he was very close to admitting something intimate about himself to her (at this point in the story) a stranger. And eventually does when he admits to her that he sings. Now, seeing as this is the first time it’s ever been mentioned outside of his title, that’s a big fucking deal. It has always been a HC of mine that Azriel sings when he’s drunk. 
Anyways... before I get ranty, I’mma stop cause I only meant to post a pretty song and some lyrics. He might not have asked her to stay, but he didn’t use the out she gave him. Azriel didn’t run. He stayed.
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meher-sumedha · a day ago
Also I got this idea literally in the middle of the night but knew I had to write it.
Okay but just like imagine, Gwyn and Azriel get married and Gwyn gets pregnant with twins. But Koschei was still a problem cause he had just declared war. Gwyn and Az didn't want their babies to be born in a world of war so they wanted to be done with the war as soon as possible.
So, they the whole of Prythian readied their troops but the night court's main members arrived at the site a bit earlier to talk to Koschei. When they got there, they saw no troops of Koschei, only him sitting on a throne in a church with 5 more members
Plot twist - He is a warlock and a sorcerer of time. So he knew Gwyn and Azriel were having a baby, and the baby might be a Valkyrie with wings. Also plot twist : Gwyn has Valkyrie wings which she never told anyone about because she was a decendant of the first ever Valkyrie.
Koschei heard the heartbeats and stopped time. The entire court was frozen on the spot, including Hope Mikealson from tvd (read other post for more info on this). He pinned Azriel to the wall and made Gwyn lay down on the table. And took her babies, yes, plural. She had twins. One had illyrian wings and one had Valkyrie wings. A boy and a girl respectively.
Gwyn was shouting but no one could do anything, Azriel was shouting but he couldn't do anything either. When he took the babies Gwyn asked, "Can I hold them" And smiled for a mini second with them in her hand before her throat was slit by him. He then took the babies and winnowed and everything went back to normal. Azriel went down and took ahold of Dying Gwyn in his hands. "I love you" She said before never saying anything again.
Azriel was crying and shouting. His pain was unbearable when he saw Hope giving her blood to Gwyn and Gwyn shot up. He hugged her fiercely and then kissed her with tears in both their eyes. Then she asked "Where are they? " And Azriel just said "I'm sorry" Before Gwyn started crying in his shoulders and her wings spread out for the first time ever.
Then Gwyn got up. "I don't care if I have to die a million more deaths but I will save them" She said to everyone. "Hope do a locating spell and find out where he is, he couldn't have gone far, Azriel, check the skies once if you can locate them". And it didn't take Azriel a minute to leave.
Azriel found them and took them all there and Hope told him she needed Koschei's blood. "Leave the kids" Gwyn said while walking towards Koschei. "Nature wants balance, Valkyries should not exist anymore", "Neither should you". "Ah, you should watch your tongue when you speak to me, I was only planning on killing the Valkyrie at first but now, I will kill everyone you love".
Azriel winnowed towards Koschei faster than anyone could blink and slit his throat and collected his blood. For a reason he still didn't know yet. Koschei laid on the ground for a few moments before getting up. "You shouldn't have done that shadowsinger" He said and everyone stopped moving except Azriel and Gwyn.
He pinned Azriel on the wall with one hand and held the babies in the air with his other. "Choose Valkyrie, the person you love or the children you just gave birth to. CHOOSE! " He shouted. "I choose - Both of them" She said before plunging the with oak stake in her heart. Plot twist : Gwyn was the decendant of the very first Valkyrie and could only be killed with a white oak stake. Koschei shouted "NOOO-" before disappearing into think air. Everything went back to normal.
Azriel went running towards Gwyn. "I'm sorry but this was the only way, I'll always love you and our children. I'll see you again Az, I promise. I love you" She said before the light died in her eyes. He shouted her name a thousand times but she never got up.
Plot twist : Hope needed the blood of Koschei to link him to Gwyn and that's why Gwyn told Az to go up in the sky because she said goodbye to everyone and didn't want Az to stop her.
Also this is how their children looked :
Tumblr media
Also : The entire inner circle had decided to take the family name 'Mikealson' so all their children would be cousins.
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meher-sumedha · a day ago
Gwynriel Headcanon with Nyx - After the 'breakup' :
Rhysand, Feyre, Cassian and Nesta are at the house of wind. "Okay, just listen once more please, I have to give him warm milk if he cries, make him fall asleep at 9, make sure he burps before he sleeps, make sure his wings don't fold while he sleeps, make sure he doesn't get hurt and -", Gwyn holding Nyx was cut off by Nesta.
"And you have already recited the entire routine twice now. Don't worry Gwyn, you'll take good care of him. He likes you the best".
"Can't fight with that" Rhys replied. "Don't worry Gwyn, you'll take good care of him. Besides Azriel is here to help you". "I'm pretty sure he's just gonna stay at the sidelines and blame it at me if anything goes wrong".
"I'm hurt by your words" Azriel said dramatically with a hand on his heart while coming into the dining room. "Don't worry, Gwyn, you're worrying even more than me and we'll be back by 10." Feyre said. "No, we WON'T be back by 10, have some fun Feyre, it's your first time away from Nyx and our first double date. And besides, Gwyn can handle Nyx for a night." Cassian said with his armed hooked around Nesta's waist.
"We don't wanna be late now do we, let's go" Nesta said and placed a small peck on Cassian's kiss. They all started walking towards the balcony and said goodbye before Rhys winnowed them.
"Alright Nyx, now promise me you'll be good for Auntie Gwyn" Gwyn said to nyx and held out her pinky finger with her free hand. "I promise Auntie Gwyn" Said Nyx and shaked her pinky finger with his. Nyx was almost 2 years old now and he could speak the names and the usual words.
Azriel was still leaning in the doorway and smiling at Gwyn and Nyx. "What do you wanna do Nyx? " Gwyn asked him. "I want umm" He said while pointing his finger to his head. "I want a story".
"Which one? ", "Umm, of uncle Az and you". He replied and Az came towards them. "Now why do you want a story about us Nyx? ". "I don't know". Nyx said.
"Alright well I'll tell you a story about us. Did you know that Uncle Az fought in the war?". "He did?". "Yes, he fought in a war 500 years ago". "Uncle Az Old" Nyx said while giggling.
"Yes, uncle az very old. In fact, you should call him oldie uncle az". Gwyn replied and Nyx started giggling. She then tickled him in his stomach and he started laughing loudly. Azriel just stood there and smiled at that.
Gwyn started taking Nyx to her room and sat him down on the bed. Azriel followed and sat on the bed. "Now Nyx, are you hungry? " He shaked his head with his hair flowing and landing on his face. Azriel then slightly removed his hair from his face and took him in his lap. <<This is how nyx looked cause...why not>>
Tumblr media
"Do you want to drink milk right now" Azriel asked nyx while playing with his hair. "Ummm, YES", "Alright Nyx, I'll get you some warm milk". Gwyn said to him. "Story, Uncle Az and you", "don't worry Nyx, she'll tell you a story, first drink the milk and then she'll tell you as many stories as you want". "Really? " He asked. "Really" Replied Az and Gwyn shot him a look before walking out to get milk.
"Why Auntie Gwyn no story promise? " Nyx asked Azriel while playing with his hand. A habit he surely got from Gwyn. "Well, I don't know, should I tell you a story about auntie Gwyn?" And his shadows started playing with Nyx. "Mhmm", "Okay, did you know Auntie Gwyn won the blood rite-" He stopped speaking as soon as Gwyn came in the room.
"What's blood rite? " Nyx asked and Azriel put his own hand on Nyx's mouth. "YOU'RE TELLING HIM ABOUT THE BLOOD RITE? ". Gwyn literally shouted. "Yes, he tell you won it" Nyx said and Azriel covered Nyx's mouth again.
"HE'S A KID!!", Gwyn shouted, yet again. "Hey, it's not like YOU don't tell him about wars". And Gwyn shot him a look to which he immediately shut up, Trying to hide his laughter. "Come on Nyx, drink this and then we'll sleep" And came closer to where he was sitting on Az's lap. "What about story? ". "I'll tell you another story, one about 3 boys who learn to fight for their home". "Promise?", "I promise" Gwyn said and shaked his little finger.
Azriel handed Nyx to Gwyn and Nyx drank the milk quietly while Gwyn told him to story of Rhysand, Cassian and Azriel with as few details as possible. About how they fought Hybern and how they protected their home. Azriel just sat their while listening to Gwyn. He couldn't stop listening to her. After all this time, he finally knew why Gwyn was Nyx's favorite. Because she listened. She listened to Nyx's questions and answered them in the best possible way.
She never stopped him from speaking and if he asked her to repeat the whole story. She did. She told him about how the warriors were fierce and protective. How they fought and fought just so they had a home to come back to.
When she saw Nyx started feeling sleepy, she took the empty bottle from him and stood up. Resting his head on her shoulder and rocking side to side so that he would fall asleep.
When she heard slight snoring she stopped shaking him and rested him on the bedbed where she saw Azriel sleeping with a smile on his face. She tugged some of Azriel's hair which were on his face. She then lay down beside Nyx, placing him between themselves and fell asleep.
Azriel was awoken by someone crying. He saw opened his eyes and took Nyx out of the room so he wouldn't wake up sleeping Gwyn. "What's the matter little guy?". "Mommy" Nyx replied. "Mommy's not here right now, she'll come back in the morning". He was moving side to side with his head on his shoulder.
"Song" Nyx said in a muffled voice. "What". Azriel said. "Song, Gwyn said you sing, sing" He replied. "Gwyn told you that? ", "mhmm, she tells me many things about you". "Oh", "song". "You're not gonna sleep without it are you? ". "No" Nyx said while smiling.
"Alright". He took him to his room's balcony so Gwyn won't hear him. So Azriel sang the song :
Tumblr media
And he heard slight snoring when he stopped. When he turned around to go back, he saw Gwyn standing there. He was so focused on singing and was so sleepy, he must not have heard her come in. Despite the warnings his shadows were giving.
He layed down Nyx first and then lay on the bed himself. Trying to understand what excuse to make when his thoughts were interrupted by Gwyn whispering. "You're a good singer, shadowsinger. I'd love to hear more songs" Before lying down beside Nyx and falling asleep.
Azriel was too tired to even comprehend what that meant. He was too sleepy.
The Next Morning :
When Azriel woke up, he saw Nyx was lying between him and Gwyn and Gwyn was lying on Az's shoulder. Nyx was holding one finger of Gwyn with his tiny fingers. The sight of which made Azriel smile........
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gwynkyrie · 2 days ago
Reading the Azriel Bonus Chapter feels the same way as listening to Fine Line by Harry Styles and I will not provide any more explanation as to why but I am right.
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talkfantasytome · 2 days ago
Rhys to Feyre: Who I am in the Court of Nightmares... it's not something I want you to see.
Az to Gwyn *probably*: I'd rather you not see who I am in the Court of Nightmares.
Cassian to Nesta *probably*: Going to the Court of Nightmares tomorrow! Please come with me! You're going to be sooooo turned on. I promise. ;)
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tealnymph24 · 2 days ago
A Song of Shadows: Chapter 19
Title: Heated Reunions
Azriel returns after an unexpected work trip and reunites with Gwyn. 
If you would like to be tagged in updates, please let me know!
Read on AO3
Azriel x Gwyn
Warnings: Mostly steam, but a little fluff
Single POV
Word Count: 4,583
Gwyn slowly made her way toward the library, dragging her feet reluctantly. She had been in the training ring for several hours, reading a book Nesta had lent her in the hopes it might distract her from the absence of a certain Illyrian male. But she had only succeeded in making herself miss him more.
Azriel had unexpectedly been called away the day after Mor’s birthday to investigate a lead with some issue they had been investigating in Vallahan. He had been gone for 11 days. 11 days in which Gwyn had spent almost every minute wishing she could have gone with him. Unfortunately, the situation called for a more experienced spy, one who was rather gifted at disappearing into the shadows. So, she had waited, trying to distract herself with training, library work and books to keep herself from missing him too much. She had only partially succeeded.
As she blindly walked to the library, she let her mind drift, sifting through memories of his mouth on hers, his strong arms cradling her in bed, the contented smile he had had when they had woken up together. She missed him, even if it had only been 11 days.
She was so caught up in her memories that she almost didn’t feel the slight tugging at her wrist. It took her a moment longer than normal before she registered the presence, lifting her head to find a cloud of shadows swirling around her, urging her to turn around. She whirled, twisting on her heels to look behind her. A moment later, she was running, her heart feeling a thousand times lighter.
Azriel opened his arms for her as she ran toward him, meeting him halfway down the hall. She barely registered the delighted look on his face as she threw her arms around him, letting him lift her off her feet as she buried her face in his neck, needing to feel his strong body as close to hers as possible.
They held each other for several minutes, quietly reveling in each other’s presence, both too happy to form words. She closed her eyes, breathing in his soothing scent before his mouth found the exposed skin on her neck, drawing a small gasp from her. She lifted her head, meeting his gaze as he paused his explorations long enough to give her a small smile, his eyes heavy lidded as he dropped his gaze to her lips. She shivered at the hunger in his eyes, then returned his smile and quickly dipped her head, taking initiative and crashing her lips into his.
He immediately reacted, opening his mouth eagerly and tugging her tighter to him. His hands slid down her waist, finding the backs of her thighs to lift her higher. She responded by wrapping her legs around him, her priestess robes falling open to reveal the leggings underneath, his hands gripping her firmly as he began walking, their lips never parting.
He carried her swiftly down the hall, somehow managing to find his way to his room despite being otherwise occupied with kissing her. She buried her hands in his hair, moaning slightly at how good he felt against her. Gods, she had missed this, missed him. She didn’t want this to end; she couldn’t get enough of him. She had never thought she would ever want someone as much as she wanted Azriel, but she did, and it made her heart ache with happiness.
She tilted her head back when they finally pulled away for air, giving him better access to her neck; Azriel only pausing for a moment before beginning to trail his mouth down her jaw. She kept her eyes closed, reveling in his frenzied kisses, not noticing as they entered his room, his shadows shutting the door behind them. She was too lost in him to care about anything else. It wasn’t until a moment later that she realized she should have been paying more attention, they both should have.
Her backside came down on a hard surface, Azriel’s mouth marking a path down her neck as her eyes shot open, a sudden tightness in her chest stealing her breath away. She tried to stop the surge of fear from welling up, but she was caught unguarded, her body going rigid.
Azriel responded instantly, his head snapping up to look at her. He registered what was happening before she could form words, quickly pulling her off the desk he had set her on and settling her on her feet, turning them so he was the one pinned against the desk.
“Gwyn, are you okay?” He asked, breathless from kissing, his face filled with fear and worry. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking.”
“I’m fine, I just need a minute,” she assured him, leaning into his chest to catch her breath. “I’m sorry for freezing up.”
“Bird, it’s okay,” he murmured against her hair, lightly running his hands up and down her spine. “Don’t apologize. We’re still figuring these things out. I should have been more aware. I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault,” she assured him, leaning back and wrapping her arms around his neck, her book from earlier still clutched in her hand - she had almost forgotten she was even carrying it. “I was caught off guard, that’s all.”
“Was it the desk? Or me pinning you against the desk.”
She thought for a moment, trying to remember what it was that had made her freeze. “It was the desk, I think. It wasn’t you.”
“Okay, I’ll remember that for next time,” he promised, brushing back a lock of hair that had come loose from her braid. “No tables. I think I can manage that.”
She let out a breathless laugh, closing her eyes again as he leaned his forehead down to rest against hers, his hands wrapped firmly around her. She would never stop being grateful for how patiently he handled situations like this. He never failed to make her feel safe while also making her feel desirable.
“I missed you,” he whispered after a few moments, his voice soft. She opened her eyes to find him watching her, his shadows swirling around them. She smiled, lightly kissing him.
“I missed you too,” she mumbled against his lips, savoring every second of being in his arms. “I’m glad you’re home.”
“Me too,” he gave her a crooked grin, lightly tugging on her braid. “Are you free for the rest of the night?”
She nodded, overjoyed that she could spend the rest of the night with him, her earlier sadness at his absence completely gone.
“Okay, let me cleanup and then I’m all yours,” he told her, tugging her toward his bathing room. He flicked on a light when he entered, quickly stripping off the tops to his leathers, exposing his perfectly muscled chest. She held in a sigh, eyes roaming his body hungrily as he strode to the sink, warmth spreading across her body.
He met her eyes in the mirror, his satisfied smile bringing a flush to her cheeks. She gripped the book in her hands, trying not to think about what it might feel like to run her fingers along his bare skin. She had seen him shirtless many times now in training, but the only times they had ever been alone while he was so exposed was when they had fallen asleep together. Both times she had wanted to touch him, to trace his tattoos, taste the skin along his collarbone, but she had held back.
She knew he would let her do whatever she asked, but a part of her was scared. Not of touching him, that part excited her, but that she might not do it well. He always seemed to know just how to touch her, how to kiss her, to make her feel warm and dizzy and completely happy. She wanted to do the same for him, especially after what he had done to her after Mor’s party.
Every night he had been gone, she kept remembering how it had felt to have his lips on her stomach, her hips, her thighs. She couldn’t help wondering how it might feel if he kissed her in other areas, more sensitive areas. Her thoughts had shocked her and excited her all at once. She was finally, slowly, beginning to feel safe enough to want to explore things with Azriel. The thought made her almost want to cry from how happy it made her.
“What are you reading?” Azriel inquired, startling her from her fascination with the thin scar that started above his hip bone and trailed beneath his pants. He smirked at her flustered expression, grabbing a towel to dry off his hands. He lazily leaned against the counter, waiting for her to speak.
“It’s a romance,” she forced out, trying to focus on his face rather than the interesting dips of his torso. “Nesta lent it to me.”
“Mm, is it good?” He questioned; eyebrows raised in amusement.
“It’s fine,” she shrugged, tucking the book behind her back.
“Fine? That doesn’t sound appealing,” he quipped, crossing his arms loosely across his chest, the corded muscles in his arms going taught. She turned her face away to hide the warmth spreading across her skin, praying he wouldn’t notice how distracted she was becoming. “Is there something wrong with the story? Too much smut perhaps.”
She shot him a withering stare at his teasing, rolling her eyes dramatically. “No, that’s not it at all. I just don’t like some of the characters.”
“Why not?”
“Because,” she shrugged again, realizing she had backed herself into a corner. She had very specific reasons for not liking certain characters, and now Azriel was going to want to know why.
“Because why?”
She waved her hands in front of her, gesturing wildly with the book, a huff of exasperation escaping her. Azriel only laughed, pushing off the counter and walking toward her as she turned to leave the bathing room. She had barely made it past the threshold before the book was removed from her hand, stolen away by Azriel. She gaped at him, trying to snatch the book back, but he was too tall; he easily kept it out of reach as he strode to his desk.
“Azriel, give that back,” she demanded, following him. He leaned against his desk, legs stretched in front of him as he flipped open the book, thumbing through the pages. She stood in front of him, arms crossed, tapping her foot expectantly.
“I’m reading it,” he smirked, a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Am I not allowed to read romances?”
“You don’t like romances,” she shot at him, her face going crimson as his thumb found her bookmark. Oh no. Not that spot. “It’s also not very well-written. You’ll hate it.
He ignored her, face unreadable as his eyes quickly scanned the pages, a slight furrow between his brows. She tugged on his arm, trying to distract him but only succeeding in getting him to wrap an arm around her, pulling her in between his outstretched legs, his other arm holding the book open. She groaned, leaning her head into his shoulder, awaiting his inevitable teasing.
She heard him take a deep breath before unexpectedly speaking, holding her tightly to him. With each word from his mouth, her face went a deeper shade of red. If she could sink into the floor, she would have.
“This part is interesting,” he mused, studying the pages intently as he began reading aloud. “He thrust wildly, his velvet steel manhood pounding into her with a force that rivaled the mighty waves of the ocean, their bodies slapping loudly against each other with every frenzied stroke into her throbbing womanhood. Her breasts flailed as her body jerked against the mattress, his eyes drinking in the sight of her pert nipples as his mouth wrapped around the tip of one swollen mound, their combined juices soaking her core and spilling onto the sheets as she reached the final summit of pleasure with his name on her lips.”
As Azriel finally came to a stop, his body shaking with silent laughter against her, she groaned into his shoulder again, dreading what he might say next. She heard him snap the book closed and set it on the desk, his other arm coming around to stroke her back. She kept her face hidden, refusing to meet his amused gaze.
“Well, that was interesting,” he chuckled, lightly running his hand along her braid. “So, was it the smut that made you dislike the characters or something else?”
She mumbled unintelligibly against his neck, still not lifting her head to look at him. When she didn’t say anything, he continued.
“Gwyn, you can talk to me,” he reminded her, his lips grazing the shell of her ear, sending a shiver down her spine. “We’ve discussed this. It’s okay to tell me about your books, even the smutty parts.”
“It’s silly,” she whined, slowly raising her head. His eyes were less amused than she thought they would be, instead filled with concern.
“It’s not silly, Gwyn. Not if it matters to you.”
She frowned, but gave in, steeling herself to explain. “I…I don’t like the male love interest because he doesn’t talk…during sex.”
“Ohhh,” Azriel hummed, his head tilting inquisitively. “And you prefer it when the male does talk?”
She scrunched her nose up in concentration, trying to think of how to explain. “Sort of. I don’t mind if there are quiet moments, but…”
“But what?” Azriel gently pushed when she paused. She was slowly relaxing, his calm demeanor giving her the courage to tell him exactly what was on her mind.
“This male doesn’t talk at all,” she finally said, lips pressed into a thin line of annoyance, not at Azriel but at the book. “That scene you read, that was the second time the couple had had sex and it wasn’t any better than the first scene.”
Azriel frowned, studying her with a steadiness that always soothed her. “What do you mean?”
“Well, in the first scene, the male sort of just…” she trailed off, a flush creeping up her neck once more. “The female had never had sex before, and when they first…have sex, the male just….”
“Just what?”
“He just…thrusts into her…without a word,” Gwyn finally got out, taking a deep breath before continuing. “Both scenes were consensual, but they don’t discuss anything. There is no dialogue at all. It bothered me.”
“Hmm, and Nesta liked this book?” Azriel asked, his hands gliding up her back.
“No, she doesn’t like this author much either,” she explained, setting her hands gently on his bare shoulders. “Emerie refuses to read anything from this author, but Nesta still reads it because she likes to critique them, so I read them too so she has someone to whine to about them.”
“I see,” Azriel mused, head quirked to the side, an odd glint in his eyes. “So, you don’t mind quiet moments, but you like some talking. Right?”
She timidly nodded, holding his curious stare.
“What kind of talking?”
“What do you mean?”
He bit his lip before responding. “What kind of talking do you like? There are different styles, I’m curious what you enjoy more.”
“I…I’m not sure,” she admitted, looking down at the floor to avoid his eyes for a moment, her heart pounding. “Can you…can you explain?”
“Sure,” he agreed, placing a soft kiss to her forehead, lifting her chin up with his fingers. “There is more straight-forward communication, which isn’t necessarily sexual, but can be quite stimulating. And there is dirty talk, which is much, much more sexual and usually only serves the purpose of trying to arouse yourself or your partner.”
She stared at him, swallowing rapidly. “Could you…tell me an example of each?”
“Are you sure you want me to?”
“Yes,” she promised, more curious than nervous. She wanted to know what he would say. “It’s okay, Az. You can say anything. You already read my book.”
He chuckled, then tilted his head again, studying her face. After he seemed to decide she wasn’t going to run away at his first words, he pulled her firmly against his chest, his mouth coming to rest right next to her ear, his breath tickling her skin.
“Can I put my hands on your ass?” He whispered into her ear; his voice low, rough. She involuntarily shuddered, her knees trembling. She gripped his shoulders, digging her nails into his smooth skin.
“Yes,” she nodded, voice shaking. She was warm all over, her body flooded with heat and desire. A breathy sound escaped her lips as his hands drifted from her back, slowly falling to her backside. He gently set his hands on her ass, his fingers gripping ever so slightly as he whispered in her ear again.
“That was straight-forward communication,” he explained, kissing her neck before moving his head to the other side of her face, his lips grazing her other ear. She waited, heart pounding as she anticipated his next words.
“I am so fucking hard for you right now,” he rumbled, dragging the sound of each word out. Heat flooded straight to her core, her mind going fuzzy. She swallowed; her mouth suddenly dry. She dared a glance between their bodies, a small sound of surprise escaping her when she realized he was being honest, the evidence was right in front of her.
“Umm, was that dirty talk?” She managed to ask, meeting his lust filled gaze, his pupils blown out as he nodded. She was acutely aware of every millimeter of space his hands were touching, the light grip he had on her making her want to clench her thighs together. It was such an odd sensation, being so openly aroused, and yet she didn’t mind.
After a long moment of staring at each other, he asked. “So, which do you prefer?”
“I…I like both,” she confessed, a small smile teasing her lips at the pleased look on his face. His clear desire brought an unexpected wave of courage to course through her. She had wanted to do something for weeks, even more so after what he had done following Mor’s party, and now she had the opportunity. “Azriel, could I try something?”
He smiled softly. “Anything.”
“Are you sure?”
A firm nod was her only answer, one hand coming up to softly brush her hair back. She swallowed again, taking a calming breath.
“Okay, but I…I need you to hold still,” she instructed, throwing back her shoulders. Her heart was pounding, her body buzzing with nervous energy. “I’m a little nervous, and it would help me if you stood perfectly still. Can you do that?”
Another nod, followed by his hands moving to rest on the edge of the desk, his body going utterly motionless as he studied her.
“Close your eyes,” she commanded, taking one last deep breath as his eyes shuttered. His throat bobbed, a slight shudder running through him as she slowly slid her hands along his shoulders, gliding up his neck until her fingers were buried in his soft hair. She looked at him for a long minute, reveling in how willing he was to put his body in her hands, how easily he handed over control to her.
With a small smile, she moved, bringing her lips down to his and softly kissing him, savoring his taste as his mouth opened for her, giving her freedom to do as she liked. She took her time, letting her tongue explore every inch of his mouth, her hands running through his silky strands before gliding back down his neck. She dragged her hands down his spine, her fingertips digging in ever so slightly, the tightening of his muscles the only indication he was affected.
He was doing a wonderful job obeying her instructions, but she could tell he was already struggling to hold still - yet she had only just begun. She moved away from his mouth, working her way down to his jaw, a shiver running through her as his stubble grazed her skin. She kissed her way down his neck, stopping at the base of his throat, just at the top of his shoulder. His arms strained against the desk, his knuckles white as her tongue lightly ran across his skin, tasting him.
She pulled away to catch her breath, smiling when she realized she wasn’t the only one breathless. His chest was heaving, his hands clenched on the desk, his muscles tensed. She gently brought her hands back to his shoulders, pausing to watch him before finally doing what she had wanted to do since the first time she had seen him shirtless.
Her fingers began tracing his tattoos, following the swirling patterns along his shoulders and down his chest, mapping them, memorizing them. She let out a soft sigh, reveling in the feeling of his skin beneath hers, the tattoos occasionally interrupted by delicate scars, hidden beneath the black ink. She traced every single line, letting her hands stop at his collarbone when she had finished.
Her heart was racing, her body aching with want. The fear she was worried she might experience was nonexistent; she felt nothing but desire. She wanted to keep touching him, tasting him - so she did.
She dragged her fingers down his chest, gliding over his hard muscles as she brought her head back down. She kissed his shoulders, letting her tongue slip out to taste his collarbone, mapping his torso with her lips. Her hands continued drifting, dropping to his abdomen, tracing the hard lines. For a small moment, she worried if she was doing this wrong, but her concern was quickly erased when her fingers grazed along his hip bones and a deep moan escaped him.
“Gwyn, fuck,” he groaned, head thrown back as he gripped the desk, eyes clamped shut. “Kiss me, please. Gwyn, please.”
She willingly obliged his pleading, working her way back up his neck until she found his mouth again, brazenly sucking on his lower lip. He moaned into her, his resistance breaking, a scarred hand cupping the back of her neck to bring her closer. The kiss was frenzied, needy, wild. And she loved it. She couldn’t believe how undone he was just by her simple ministrations.
As their mouths devoured each other, hungrily tasting, exploring, her fingers worked their way down his abdomen, one hand searching for the scar she had been fascinated with earlier. She softly traced the scar from the top, grazing her fingertips along the slightly raised line, following its path down, down, down until she hit the edge of his pants.
Spurred on by his needy kisses, she found the courage to go farther, to dip her fingers beneath the hem of his pants, hesitantly following the scar farther down. He gasped into her, his other hand gripping her waist, their bodies pressed firmly against one another. They had never been so uncontrolled before, so desperate. Despite their frenzied actions, she felt safe. Safe enough to let her hands slowly slide down, tracing that delightful scar.
Her fingers were only a few inches below the edge of his pants when her hand was wrenched away, her hand gripped tightly in one of Azriel’s larger ones. He pulled away from the kiss, chest heaving, leaving her shocked and confused. She was only left without an explanation for a moment before Azriel was gasping out a name.
“Cassian,” he choked out a split second before the door to his room burst open. Azriel’s wings snapped around her, concealing half of her body, his shadows deepening around them.
“Cassian, get out!” Azriel demanded, the sound of something being thrown towards the door meeting her ears. Her face was flushed from embarrassment and the after-effects of her impromptu explorations.
“Oh shit, I didn’t know you weren’t alone,” Cassian laughed, his deep rumble echoing across the room. “I just saw the light.”
“Get the fuck out, Cas! Clearly, I am not alone.”
“Sorry, I’m going, I’m going,” Cassian chuckled, seeming unbothered by the scene he had stumbled into. “I’ll talk to you later. Have fun!”
With that, he shut the door behind him, leaving Gwyn alone with Azriel once more. Azriel slowly uncurled his wings, releasing his grip on her wrist. She met his gaze, her face flushed, lips swollen, hair a mess. He looked about the same as her, eyes dazed and cheeks delightfully red. A giggle escaped her, a smile slowly spreading across her face. Oh, that was wonderful. She wanted to do it again and again.
“Well…fuck,” he laughed, running a hand through his hair, his other arm wrapped securely around her. “Gwyn, honey, I…I don’t have words. That was amazing.”
She sheepishly smiled, tucking her face into his chest. “Are you sure? Was it okay?”
“Gwyn, it was so much more than okay,” he earnestly assured her, his chin wresting on her head. “It was incredible. You can do that whenever you want.”
“Mm, okay,” she grinned against his skin, breathing in his comforting scent. Gods, she had missed him.
“I…I’m curious if…,” he trailed off, mulling over his words. “What you just did, was any of that part of the kissing tips you learned from Nesta, Emerie and Mor?”
Her head shot up, almost colliding with his chin. She gaped at him, surprised he had even remembered that. His eyebrows were raised in amusement, his lips fighting a smile.
“Yes, some of it was,” she hesitantly admitted, slowly smiling when his face broke into a crooked grin, pure delight shining in his eyes.”
“Remind me to thank them later,” he chuckled, dipping his head to kiss her again. Before his lips could make contact, the bedroom door burst open again, too fast for him to shield her this time. He groaned dramatically, head snapping toward the door. “Nesta, what the hell?”
Gwyn looked to the doorway to find Nesta grinning with glee, leaning against the doorframe like she had been invited. Gwyn stifled a giggle, blushing when Nesta waved at her.
“What?” Nesta asked, feigning innocence. “I was only coming to say hello.”
Azriel huffed. “Well, you’ve said hello. Get out.”
“Oh hush,” Nesta chided, waving a hand at him. “Gwyn, I was coming to see if you two were staying for dinner, but I see you’re busy, so I’ll leave you to it.”
Nesta turned on her heel, closing the door behind her as Gwyn burst into laughter, her body shaking against Azriel.
“They are both busybodies,” Azriel remarked, frowning at the door. Gwyn placed a kiss on his cheek, bringing his attention back to her.
“They love us though,” she argued, lightly kissing his jaw.
“Yes, but right now, I wish they would love us a little less,” he whined, tucking his face into her neck. “I just want to be alone with you for a while. Can I take you somewhere?”
“Sure,” she agreed, wanting to be alone with him as bad as he did. “I’m all yours. Take me anywhere.”
He leaned back up, studying her, a smile slowly spreading across his handsome face. He kissed her deeply, cradling her face in his hands, then headed for the door, grabbing her hand and leading her out. She happily followed, excited for whatever adventure he was going to take her on.
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smilesisreading1 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“Remember that you are a wolf. And you cannot be caged.”
✨What’s your favourite genres?
I love Fantasy, Magic Realism and Documentary and this series was A STAR IN FANTASY ♥️
✨As skeptical I was when I started this series cuz I was not sure it worth all its hype (I have a bad experience with overhyped book🌚) yet this series did indeed matched my expectations.
✨Storyline and Plot: what kept me reading these books was the several plot twists and the various shifts in the storyline. A lot of surprises kept jumping at my face and I felt inclined to finish it ASAP so I can avoid any more surprises. I did liked the first point of view in the first 4 books yet in the ACOSF the third person was a lot better and had more insight in the character’s personality and POV.
✨Characters: I loved all of them, their rich backstories and complex traits and personalities are mesmerising anf to die for in any fantasy, yet my favourite are Rhysand and Nesta. I tend to find both are more rounded and have much depth than the others, especially Nesta and her character development in ACOSF.
✨What I did not like was the extreme repetition of words and I will keep mentioning it cuz it was so annoying and boring.
✨Will you believe me if I said I finished them all in 2 weeks since I got their order 😂😂To say I loved this series will be an understatement but I cannot deny I had the best time reading it. Its world building and characters carved their fingerprints on me and it will stay there for a while. Not that I complain tho😛
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️/5
Tumblr media
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 days ago
*possible fight after the necklace debacle in my head*
Azriel: Gwyn, just listen to me.
Gwyn: Just leave Azriel, I don’t love you anymore.
Azriel *grabbing her hand, imploring her with his stark eyes*: That’s okay, I love you enough for both of us and I will fight everyday for the rest of my life to prove to you my love until you believe it. Just give me another chance sweetheart, please.
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songandshadow · 2 days ago
Modern AU Gwynriel headcanons
Azriel brings Gwyn coffee in bed every morning because otherwise she gets hella cranky during their sessions in the training pit
They battle for hours over what movies and shows to watch at night, only for Azriel to fall asleep 30 min in. Gwyn just rolls her eyes and smiles, rubbing Az’s head as it lays in her lap
So many tipsy music sessions on Saturday nights after too much faerie wine
Their favorite song to duet is “Thinking Out Loud”
They live in a small white Mediterranean style bungalow built on a cliff by the sea. Az had it built just for her so she could wake up to the sound of the ocean every morning
Mini Pegasus sleeps on the Gwyn’s corner of bed
Rainy afternoons in Velaris involve them sitting in cozy cafe, reading books and sharing a chocolate croissant
They don’t cuddle when they sleep, but they always fall asleep holding hands or arms
Azriel’s and his shadows like to play small pranks on Gwyn, mostly bc Gwyn is cute as shit when she’s flustered and Az can’t get enough
Weekly game nights or date nights with Feyre, Rhys, Nesta, and Cassian. During game nights, Rhys and Gwyn (who are absolute besties) love to pair up against the others. It can get extremely competitive...... and the trash talk never ends
But Az just shakes his head and smiles when it happens, because he loves seeing that 2 of his favorite people have such a strong friendship and Gwyn is so stinking ADORABLE when she wins
Gwyn coming home with yet another mini Pegasus bc theirs needs a brotherrrrrr
Azriel now has a mini Pegasus sleeping on his side of the bed too
Az serenading Gwyn, just because
They take turns babysitting Nyx with Cassian and Nesta; Gwyn can always calm Nyx down and lure him to sleep by singing to him
Azriel watches her lovingly, picturing her doing that with their own child one day
They love to plan little getaways when they can; their favorite spot being a cabin they own in Autumn Court. They enjoy the solitude
The cabin sits next to a beautiful lake because Gwyn obviously loves to be near the water (it’s the water nymph in her)
The cabin has a fire pit outside where they love to have bon fires, drink spiced cider and play music. Az brings his guitar and Gwyn does most of the singing.
She glows when she sings, attracting all the fireflies in the area. The fireflies’ lights reflect off the lake water, making it look like a giant pool of stars
They show PDA in the cutest possible ways: forehead and cheek kisses, “I love you” hand squeezes, Az loves to wrap his arms (and shadows) around her.
Gwyn attends Feyre’s painting classes to help deal with her anxiety and PTSD. Her skills have gotten better with time, and Az insists on keeping them all
He calls her “love”, and (jokingly) “my warrior goddess” she calls him “babe” and (jokingly)“shadowsinger”.
During Winter Solstice, the IC gathers around the grand fireplace of the River House, sipping mulled wine and hot chocolate as Gwyn and Azriel sing Christmas songs
Gwyn coming home exhausted after a long night of dealing with Merrill in the House of Wind Library, and Azriel having a hot bubble bath waiting on her
He’s missed her so much all day that he’ll just sit next to the bathtub and talk with her
They don’t fight often, but they are both very stubborn. If they do fight, Azriel’s shadows typically side with Gwyn, which drives Azriel nuts
But most fights they have end in some insane shadow sex
If people thought their playful banter was entertaining, you should here their *dirty talk* banter 🥵
Whenever Gwyn comes home from her girls’ nights with Nesta and Emerie, she always has a new book she can’t put down
The latest one she brought home was a smutty retelling of “The Little Mermaid”
Azriel lovingly picks on her for it, asking her if she’s reading her “mermaid porn again??” every time her nose is in a book
They order take out often, but if they cook, they cook together. Gwyn finds cooking to be a chore, but she loves to eat! Az finds cooking relaxing, so he doesn’t mind taking the lead most of the time
He is also a surprisingly good baker: chocolate croissants are his specialty. They remind him of mornings in the cafe with Gwyn, so he’s quite fond of them
Gwyn lounging on Az on the couch at the House of Wind, listening to their best friends Cassian and Nesta bicker like a couple of street cats
Gwyn has become quite the collector, always collecting unique things she finds from the places she travels to and visits. Az tries to bring her small knickknacks from abroad during his spymaster work for Rhys
Gwyn still has moments where she struggles to be around people outside of their group of friends. However, she loves animals, making small friends wherever she goes
Part 2 possibly to come later when I think of more.. 😂
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rhyssescups · 3 days ago
Just a friendly reminder that at the end of the day this recent chaos is all just internet discourse revolving around fictional characters in a fictional book series.
Finding users’ personal, and private, accounts (on IG, Twitter, FB, TikTok, etc.) and even going as far as to find their loved ones’ accounts is very concerning behavior and should not be tolerated by anyone in this fandom, regardless of where you stand in this stupid ship war.
This goes for individuals sending people death threats as well. It isn’t cute / funny things to discuss with your friends, it’s (once again) concerning behavior.
Note: I will be tagging this in every ship that I can before I reach the tag limit because I feel like everyone needs to hear this (Elriels, Gwynriels, Eluciens, Vucien/Vassien, etc.) It’s just a general message to the whole fandom to not be a creep.
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gwynrielsupremacist · 4 days ago
it's a good day to be a gwynriel stan my dudes
Tumblr media
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meher-sumedha · 4 days ago
Gwyneth Birthday PART 1 Gwynriel Headcanon - Inspired by @rhys-darling but not the same
Azriel was in the balcony, it was 6 am in the morning and he couldn't sleep. It was still dark outside and the stars were still visible. He was in a normal t-shirt and pants while looking at them when he heard someone entering.
"Hi" Gwyn said to him. "Hi" He replied. He saw she started fidgeting with her hands. He noticed in the past few months that it was a sign of nervousness.
"What's wrong? " He asked, suddenly concerned. "Oh nothing is wrong", "oh" He replied and started wondering what could have gone wrong. "Can I ask you something?" She asked him.
"Sure", "Can you take me to the city? ". He couldn't help to hide the surprise in his face and she started fidgeting again. "Um, sure, but why do you suddenly want to go to the city?".
"It's my birthday today and I wanted to face it, it's a beautiful city". " Happy Birthday" He said and couldn't hide his smile, to which she returned the smile.
"So how am I supposed to do this? Do I have to take the elevator or what? " She asked. "No no, you'll wake cass and nes with the amount of sound it makes. "
"Oh" She said and frowned. "It's alright, i'll take you. ", "Really?". " Yeah, why not" .
"Okay" she said and came closer to wrap her arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around her waist. Azriel spread his wings and she laughed. "Ready? ", " Ready. "
As soon as he shot to the sky she hid her face in his neck and he laughed. When the finally landed she didn't let go. "Are we there?" She asked with her face still in his neck. "yes", "but are we really there? ". "Yes gwyn, we're there" He assured her.
She then took her face out of his neck and smiled at him before walking away from him and taking in the city. She was awestruck. She froze on the spot and couldn't do anything except smile.
"It's beautiful", "I know" Azriel replied. He couldn't stop the small smile on his face when he saw Gwyn so happy. He then walked towards her and they started walking towards the city.
They then stopped in front of a coffee shop and Azriel's wings disappeared. "Ready? ", " Ready" She replied and they went inside.
"The shop's closed, come back in an hour" A redheaded woman in her forties replied from behind the counter but when she saw them she froze. "Oh I'm so sorry, I didn't know it was you. The shop's always gonna be open for you. Come sit" She told them and directed them to a table.
"It's alright, anyone could make such a mistake" Azriel replied. "Oh i wasn't talking to you lad I was talking to her. She's a legend around here. Along with Nesta and Emerie. Ah, her book is an inspiration to all of us, Our Stories Are Worth Telling, wait, can I please get your autograph? "
Gwyn started laughing and Azriel was well, he couldn't be any more surprised. "Thank you, but I've never given anyone my autograph, are you sure you still want it? ", "oh of course I do, who wouldn't. " She then handed gwyn her notepad and her pen and gwyn signed her signature.
"You wrote a book? " Azriel asked, still not able to stomach whatever happened. "Yeah, it was about our journey, mine, nesta's and emerie's. "
"Why didn't you tell any of us? ", "well Nesta and Emerie knew, but I didn't think it was important to tell anyone else. I don't even know how they got the book. ", " Well if you ever write a book again be sure to tell us, we'll give you a huge party for it" Azriel said and Gwyn started laughing.
He had never heard such a melodious sound. He loved it when she laughed and it always made him smile. "Well she forgot to take our order so tell me, what does the author of the year want? ". "The author of the year would like a cup of ginger tea please". " Alright" Azriel smiled and went to the counter.
"Excuse me, could we get a cup of black coffee and a cup of ginger tea? ". "Yes, why not, anything else? " "No, nothing, thank you. Azriel went back to his seat when a guy with a lot of flour on his clothes came running from the kitchen door. He handed the woman a tray and said "alright, i've washed all your dishes and cleaned the Kitchen, anything else I can help with? "
"Oh no Ace, you couldn't be more helpful, Just hand the people at the seats these cups and you can go".
He then emerged from the back of the counter and came towards them. "Here you go" He said and Gwyn's mouth parted slightly. "Thank you very much" She said and he turned towards her. She couldn't contain her smile and nervousness. "What's your name? ", she asked the brown haired guy with brown eyes and an Amazing bod.
"Ace, nice to meet you", He replied and shook her hand, she shook his hand and said " Gwyn". "Alright, that'll be all". Azriel said cause he felt a huge pang of jealousy in his chest and put some gold coins on the table which brought Gwyn back to reality.
Ace took the gold coins and gave them a slight salute before returning to the counter and leaving.
"Why'd you have to be so rude? " Gwyn asked Azriel. "Me? Rude? Never heard of it" He smiled and took a sip of his coffee. "Alright leave it, so where are we going next? ", She asked him. " We can go anywhere. "
"Okay, I saw a clothing shop which I want to go to". "Alright".
They then finished their drinks and went to the shop. Gwyn tried on so many clothes but still Azriel never got tired of watching her being amazed. But whenever she saw the price tags of the clothes she sighed and didn't buy even one dress. One particular red dress had her interested but she never bought it, she made excuses like she didn't want it but Azriel knew she did.
They were walking through the final streets of Velaris when she finally asked him the question. "How do I earn money? ", " Whatever do you mean? " azriel asked cheekily.
She glared at him and then asked. "I mean like Rhys pays you for being his spy right, so if I have to get a job, could I get one? Here, in Velaris? ", "yeah, you could, but don't the priestesses get paid? ", " We do get paid but not in the form of cash, Rhys has already provided us with a safe home so we never needed anything else. "
"Oh" Was all Azriel replied. "Can we go back now? I'm very tired and we also have to train in a few hours". " Okay" Azriel replied and scooped her in his arms and took them to the house.
She then went to her room which was practically Rhys' room because he barely stayed there now. It was right opposite Azriel's room and both of their rooms had balconies, so they never felt trapped.
She stopped in front of her room and said. "Hey Az", " Yeah" He turned towards her. "Thank you for tonight", " No problem " He said and they both returned to their rooms.
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gwynrielsupremacist · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
credits to Dominique Wesson for this precious art
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thecrispypotatochip · 4 days ago
Gwynriel and hands
Tumblr media
Gwyn and Azriel are a hand holding couple
They are constantly attached by their hands or even just the fingers. Sometimes they just link their pinky fingers while Gwyn sways their joined hands back and forth between them.
Azriel’s hands are so much larger than Gwyn’s and Gwyn is obsessed with it. She will press her palm against his and Azriel, knowing what she wants, will silently bend the tops of his fingers over hers sending Gwyn into a fit of giggles.
They rarely even realize it. Sometimes at dinner Azriel’s hand will rest on Gwyn’s thigh and she absentmindedly lightly traces the pads of her fingers in patterns over Azriel’s scars as they join in conversation.
They sit across from each other at a small table. Azriel will be reading over reports while Gwyn is transcribing a certain text for Merrill. The lamps are softly glowing in the comforting dark of their bedroom. Azriel uses his left hand to write, he is actually ambidextrous but finds that he writes neater with his left hand. Gwyn uses her right hand to flip pages and make notes in the margins. But their free hands are connected by their fingers. They lightly tap them against each other and cross their fingers over and under to connect thumb to index finger, pinky to middle finger, etc. They don’t realize they’re doing it until one of them stops and the other then lightly squeezes the other’s fingers to resume the light touches.
It is very meaningful to them because of the shame Azriel used to find in his hands that he fought long and hard to get rid of, which he did, each touch is a celebration.
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emilia3546 · 4 days ago
Shadowsinger Part 18 - Gwynriel
ACOSF Spoilers! Do Not read this unless you have finished ACOSF and the Azriel bonus chapter*
Masterlist with all previous chapters
Cassian was still giving Azriel weird looks when they finished training that evening, having missed the usual morning session, and Azriel finally rolled his eyes and glared at him,
"What? You've been weird all day."
"Did something happen?" Cassian narrowed his eyes, leveling a concerned gaze at him,
"No, I'm fine, what are you on about?"
"I know you're fine, you just seem a bit different today, did you sleep last night? I know you don't sleep much at the moment, but you just seem, I don't know, it just seems like something's changed."
"Yes, I slept last night, I've been sleeping properly for about a week now," Azriel muttered, something had changed, but it was nothing that Cassian and his big nose needed to know about just yet.
"And Gwyn was practically glowing when I saw her earlier, not like that," he rolled his eyes, "I'd know if that had happened, she seemed happier than usual, more at peace, the same way that you do."
"Really?" Gwyn seemed happier, because of him? Azriel couldn't help the grin that sprang to his face at the thought of her happy, especially if he had made her that way,
"I knew it. What the hell did I interrupt this morning?"
"Nothing, we were talking, taking a moment of calm before an idiot interrupted, and she decided that she was getting up after all." Cassian snorted, halfheartedly apologized, and seemed to let it go, but turned back to Azriel before he left,
"I'm glad you found her." Azriel almost blinked in surprise, he knew that Cassian would be happy, but it was still difficult to remember that people cared, that anyone would bother to be happy for him. "But," oh gods, there was always a 'but' wasn't there, "I will be returning the favor, 'chaperone', don't you worry." Azriel rolled his eyes, but a spark lit in his chest at Cassian's words, he wasn't just happy because Azriel was, he saw a future between him and Gwyn, he thought that this was a good decision. Something made him chuckle,
"I don't think that'll be an issue for a while, we're not you and Nesta, no matter how much I love her, we're not idiots."
"Oi, that's my mate you're talking about," Cassian joked, forcing a glare at Azriel, but broke down into a laugh moments later, and clapped him on the shoulder, "You are idiots, I'm guessing you told her last night, despite everyone, apparently everyone but her, knowing for ages now." Cassian grinned again when he walked off, leaving Azriel desperately trying to figure out how everyone else could have known for ages when he didn't know himself.
Without Cassian's endless chatter, it seemed that the whole house was sleeping, the hallways were all silent, and dark. Azriel paused as he passed his study, the unfinished plans screaming at him to work until they were ready, but he turned away. Gwyn had been right, he would work better in the morning, when he was rested, but the first step away was still difficult, still felt wrong. Besides, Gwyn would be waiting for him again, and she'd come and fetch him if he didn't show up soon. Azriel slowly shook his head as he walked, chuckling to himself at the thought of the fiery redhead literally dragging him away from his work so that he would sleep,
"What are you laughing about?" Gwyn's voice shook him out of his thoughts and he snapped his gaze up to where she was leaning against the doorframe, hair unbound, already in her nightgown, smiling softly to herself,
"The idea of you dragging me back here if I tried to do any more work."
"Damn right I would, you watch yourself shadowsinger, any funny business, and I'll tell the shadows not to let you out of this room." Azriel chuckled, knowing full well that if she did that, they would obey her, even if he outright ordered them to let him out.
"You're a devious little creature, you know that."
"You wouldn't have it any other way," she chuckled, and dodged him when he moved to kiss the top of her head, "Bath first," he tried again, and she yelped, darting to the side, "No, you get away from me until you've bathed, you smell."
"You wound me! I do not smell." He sniffed the air, "Maybe I do smell, but you still wound me." Gwyn snorted, and pointed to the bathroom, 
"I already ran a bath, it should still be warm, I wasn't expecting you to have a gossip session with Cass. That is what you were doing?"
"He might've wanted to discuss a couple things." Azriel muttered, wondering how on earth he'd become this transparent, or maybe it was Gwyn, he'd never really been able to hide from her,
"About us? He gave me a funny look earlier,"
"Yes, he says everyone's known for ages, but I don't know how, I didn't."
"Maybe we didn't have to." Gwyn settled down on the bed, leaning against a pillow set up against the headboard, a book already in her hands as she glanced back at the bathroom, "Bath. Now." Azriel chuckled something about her becoming a tyrant, but obeyed nonetheless. 
The water was still warm, and he closed his eyes for a few moments, the rustling of Gwyn turning the pages of her book almost sending him to sleep. This was what he wanted, the safety to relax for a moment, no worries about someone or something trying to kill him all the time, the female he loved safe and content. He'd hadn't noticed how long it had been, but he opened his eyes at the sound of footsteps,
"Are you drowning? Or sleeping?"
"Neither," he chuckled, "Daydreaming," Gwyn perched on the edge of the bath, next to his head, keeping herself turned towards his face, and poured a bucket of water over his head, giving him just enough warning to take a breath and squeeze his eyes shut before the water rushed over his face. Gwyn laughed, and moments later, soft fingers brushed the wet hair out of his face, 
"What were you thinking about?"
"Nothing. And everything. What the world could be, if we can just get some peace."
"It'll be beautiful," she whispered, "I see the way you sometimes get, all of you, I can't wait to see the world that you will build,"
"The world that we will build, Gwyn. You will be there, every step of the way, right with me, with out family," she smiled, 
"That world will be the home of the dreamers, the ones who left the world a better place than they found it." She brushed her fingers through his hair again, her gaze slowly switching from contemplative to playful, and she snatched the bottle of shampoo off the edge of the bath, "You use lavender shampoo?"
"It's my mother's favorite flower." She turned the bottle over in her hand, and flipped open the cap,
"Can I wash your hair? Maybe then it'll be less all over the place," she joked, but made to hand the bottle back to Azriel, perhaps worried that he didn't want her touching his hair,
"Yes, of course you can, but,"
"Hush," she muttered, and shifted to sit behind him, careful to step over his wings without touching them, and perched on the little footstool that he'd gotten for her, even if she didn't realize it was for her, he'd never needed one to reach the top shelves, but Gwyn certainly did. She tipped his head back, sliding her fingers into his hair, and Azriel let out a sigh, closing his eyes, his whole being narrowing down to her fingers in his hair, the way she was carefully holding his head just above the hard edge of the bathtub. His breaths slowed, and he could almost see Gwyn's smile, even with his eyes closed, that little knowing smile that she gave him each time she realized that he was calm, happy, mostly when she was around if he was being honest. 
Softly, Gwyn started to hum, her fingers in Azriel's hair following the same rhythm, her humming slowly getting louder, until it changed from simple humming to song. He didn't recognize the words, but he would always know a song designed for calming, it had almost the same melody as his mother's lullaby, the notes practically floating around him, stilling his mind and his body as Gwyn rinsed his hair off, 
"You sang me your lullaby, now I've sung you mine. This is the one that one of the other priestesses used to sing when I had nightmares. I don't know where it's from, but I still sometimes hum it to myself when I need to calm, or to ground myself when I'm nervous."
"It's beautiful." Azriel murmured, and opened his eyes to find Gwyn wreathed in shadow, to find them encircling her head. A crown, that's what it was, he sang to the shadows, but Gwyn, she was their Queen, and he was blessed to stand beside her. She raised an eyebrow at his contemplative look, but giggled when he reached up to cup the back of her neck, and pulled her down for a kiss, "You're so beautiful." He whispered, blinking in surprise when Gwyn flushed slightly, he hadn't meant to say it out loud, but she was, she was the most beautiful female he'd ever seen. 
Gwyn left Azriel alone to dry himself off and put on a pair of pants, but she immediately put her book aside when he emerged, his hair tidier than usual, as if he'd taken pains to make sure it was. The moment he sat down, she ran her hands through it again, and fluffed it up, chuckling at his exasperated sigh,
"I like it like that." She said as he flopped backwards onto the mattress, smirking at him as she swung a leg over his hips, her hands on his shoulders. She wasn't totally sure he was breathing until she leaned down to kiss him and a hand dove into her hair holding her against him. She leaned down and gripped his shoulders, rolling sideways, so that Azriel was leaning on his forearms above her. She took a deep breath, still holding on to him. Azriel, this was Azriel, she loved him, she trusted, she wanted him. He stilled, allowing her to decide what she wanted from him, and she closed her eyes, but opened them the moment a familiar song filled her ears, deep and rich, he clearly didn't know the words, but Azriel was humming her song, her calming song, and she smiled, and nodded, "I'm okay." 
"Tell me what you want."
"Kiss me again." He did, slowly, sliding a hand across to the back of her head, grounding her against any remaining fears. It was his touch, his eyes, his voice, everything about him that shoved her fear aside, this was her choice, he was her choice. She had chosen him, and she was never letting go, not now, not ever. She blinked her eyes open when Azriel pulled back, brushing his thumb across her cheek, "I love you," she whispered, and wrapped her arms around his neck as he leaned back down, opening at the first brush of his tongue, savoring the feeling of his body pressed against hers, pushing her down into the mattress, a little of his weight on her, but far from scaring her, it ignited a fire within her. She nipped at his lip, and moaned into his mouth, letting her head fall back, baring her neck to him,
"Tell me to stop and I will. Always." No matter how much he wanted this, wanted her, Gwyn could see in his eyes, even if she hadn't already known that fact, no matter how far down this path they were, the moment she changed her mind, he would stop, and wait for what she wanted. 
"Yes." She whispered, her eyes fluttering closed when he kissed along her jaw, working his way from one side to the other before pressing a gentle kiss to the side of her neck. Gwyn slipped a hand up to the back of his neck, not quite holding him still, but just letting him know that she wanted more, that she was okay. When his tongue flicked against her skin she thought that she was going to explode, somehow he had done this, had made her want more, more more. She let out some sort of sound, and tipped her head back further, demanding more, if he could make her feel this good from just kissing, she could hardly imagine what it'd be like when he got between her legs. She opened her eyes when Azriel's weight lifted off her, and found him staring down at her, his head wreathed in a crown of shadow, great dark wings lifted up behind him. He smiled, and brushed a hand through her hair, still splayed across her pillow from when she'd rolled over. He gently brushed a hand up her waist, only her nightgown between them. She wanted him to take it off, but she couldn't quite manage the words to ask him, not yet. Another night then, but she could still touch him, and let him touch her, even a little bit. 
Azriel's own eyes flickered shut, and he moaned out her name when she lifted her head to kiss his jaw, gripping onto his shoulders tighter than before, then dropped back down, and ran her hands down his chest, and back up. She never quite worked up the courage to dip her touch below his navel, but that too could come another night. She grinned, and laughed when Azriel gathered her up into his arms, rolling sideways so that she was lying on his chest, his wings wrapped around her. She let her head rest on his chest, his heart thundering next to her ear. He brushed a lock of hair out of her face, 
"Thank you for trusting me." Gwyn just snuggled into him, and mumbled that she trusted him with anything and everything he could possibly imagine. No other words were needed as they lay there in silence, Gwyn holding Azriel's shoulders with his arms wrapped tight around her waist, and his wings shielding her from the world, but leaving her room to wriggle. Even the shadows were settling close around them, calm and quiet, but not in the way. Gwyn sighed in contentment, this, this was what they were fighting for, this, and everyone else who had someone they loved, who they wanted to live for. Because she did want to live for him, really live, beyond the library, beyond even her training with the Valkyries, he made her want to see everything the world had to offer, to accept the life she had started to build, to live, not just survive, not any more. True, Nesta and Emerie had opened the door, but it was Azriel who stood on the other side, his hand held out to her, ready to help her find her place, if she only took his hand.
In that moment of quiet, of peace with just the two of them, Gwyn closed her eyes, and smiled, the thought of that door to the future popping up again, with Azriel waiting for her just beyond the open door. Everything she could possibly imagine lay beyond that door, a world where she could be what she wanted, a world where she didn't have to be afraid, a world where she was free to fall in love without thinking that she wasn't enough. She was enough, and she wanted that world, she wanted that world where she could marry the male she loved, where she could have the life that she had always dreamed of as a child. Azriel's chest rose and fell underneath her head, and he was still absentmindedly stroking her hair when she realized that was what she wanted. Forever, she had known that she wanted forever, that she was hopelessly in love with him, and had been for longer than she'd realized, but she'd never considered what that actually meant. She wanted that future, she wanted everything with him, she wanted it all. So she smiled again, and pulled up that image of the door, of Azriel waiting just beyond, but this time she took a step towards him, this time she didn't stop walking. This time she took his hand.
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“You...” Azriel coughed, a delicate blush sweeping his cheekbones. “You read up on me?”
Teaser for Chapter 12 of Fireflies! 
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