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Cover: Murder Hornets Take U.S. By Swarm 


Page 2: Up Front & Personal – Heidi Montag, Janeane Garofalo is stuck in the ‘90s, Antonio Banderas 

Page 3: Adam Sandler, Ireland Baldwin in a mask stocks up on Coors beer, Casey Affleck grabs himself while out in L.A. 

Page 4: After four weeks of loony lockdown with ex Demi Moore Bruce Willis finally reunited with wife Emma Heming at Demi’s Idaho estate, Gwyneth Paltrow’s marriage is in crisis because she keeps giving the cold shoulder to husband Brad Falchuk and she’s sharing her deepest secrets with girlfriend Jessica Seinfeld instead of Brad and it’s rubbing Brad the wrong way 

Page 5: Bashful bombshell Penelope Cruz claims she gets uncomfortable when people call her beautiful because she doesn’t think of herself in those terms, Casey Anthony busted for speeding in West Palm Beach 

Page 6: Cover Story – Hornet horror stalks America 

Page 8: Lonely Prince Harry rushed to psych ward – frazzled prince breaks down after revealing he’s friendless – the stress of quitting his royal duties for an unknown life in L.A. with American wife Meghan Markle triggered PTSD in the fragile prince and he was secretly rushed to a California psychiatric facility for urgent treatment 

Page 10: Angelina Jolie’s skin-and-bones revenge – bitter Angie has alarmingly shriveled to a skeletal 90 pounds by purposely starving herself as a weird revenge against estranged ex-hubby Brad Pitt 

Page 11: Guy Ritchie’s crowning glory seems to have a little more glory sparking buzz that he has secretly undergone a hair transplant, Fox News’ Tomi Lahren got a case of cold feet and handed back her $50,000 engagement ring to congressional candidate Brandon Fricke

Page 12: Celebrity Buzz – Robert Blake grabbing a meal in Beverly Hills, Emmy Rossum held a funeral for a dead street rat and used a designer Gucci shoebox as a coffin after her dogs killed the rat on their final walk of the night and she was weirded out by the slaughter, famously perky Katie Couric delivered a not-so-subtle diss slamming Jennifer Aniston and her new Apple TV series The Morning Show by saying she wished they made her more charismatic, Joe Manganiello is going against the grain and shaving his signature masculine facial hair, Beach Boys singer Mike Love is trying to unload the palatial $8.7 million 11-bedroom mansion he owns in Rancho Santa Fe with longtime wife Jackie, just miles away is the oceanfront getaway Bill and Melinda Gates just snapped up in nearby Del Mar for a staggering $43 million 

Page 13: Eric Dane quarantines in Brentwood with The Amazing Race’s Kimberly DeJesus, Shakira out in Barcelona, Natasha Alam exercises in L.A., real estate whiz kid Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi are flipping a quirky two-bedroom investment home they bought in Montecito for $3.6 million and are selling it for $6.9 million 

Page 14: Julianne Hough’s husband Brooks Laich overshares that after a day of self-isolating in Idaho he doesn’t have a sexual charge, Tiffany Haddish was caught using the bathroom while on a video conference call, Fashion Verdict – Laura Dern 9/10, Shay Mitchell 4/10, Nicole Richie 5/10, Hailee Steinfeld 8/10, Alicia Keys 2/10


Page 16: Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s nuptials axed after brutal brawl is caught on camera

Page 17: Duane “Dog” Chapman swore he’d never remarry after the death of his wife Beth but 10 months after Beth died he’s engaged to Francie Frane, Joe Pantoliano narrowly cheated death after suffering a head injury when hit by a car 

Page 19: 10 Things You Don’t Know About Kate McKinnon, Katy Perry’s ultrasound shows her daughter giving the middle finger, Michelle Pfeiffer is mourning her beloved dog Freddie who passed away at age 18 

Page 20: True Crime 

Page 23: Kim Kardashian is ready to quit Kanye West unless couples therapy can save their crumbling marriage, Joe Giudice reveals his heart is aching after his latest deportation appeal was denied 

Page 24: Tinseltown’s Secret Twins – stars’ special sibling bond uncovered – Gisele Bundchen, Ashton Kutcher 

Page 25: Scarlett Johansson, Kiefer Sutherland, Rami Malek 

Page 26: Alanis Morissette, Joseph Fiennes, Laverne Cox 

Page 27: Vin Diesel, Parker Posey, Linda Hamilton, Jon Heder 

Page 32: Madonna’s Mental Meltdown – her risky behavior during the coronavirus plague including flouting social distancing rules has alarmed friends and they’re urging her to get help right away, when asked what advice he would give his younger self Tiger Woods did not say anything about the sex scandal that killed his marriage and dented his career – instead he said not to run so much because running 30 miles a week destroyed his body and his knees 

Page 34: Health Report 

Page 38: Real Life 

Page 42: Stir-crazy Cara Delevingne handed out her phone number to fans on social media

Page 44: Straight Talk – Bill Cosby continues to be an arrogant lowlife by claiming he should be one of the prisoners Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf was releasing early due to the spread of coronavirus in prisons

Page 45: Natalie Wood’s daughter Natasha Gregson is lying when she says she believes her mom’s drowning death was an accident and her stepdad Robert Wagner had nothing to do with it charges a deception expert 

Page 47: Hollywood Flashback – 1942′s Ride ‘Em Cowboy starring Abbott and Costello, Bizarre But True 

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