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Hello guys! Here is my latest Gwynriel commission by the amazing Blustock_ on IG! Go and show the artist some love! I’m so happy with how beautiful it is! ❤
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mercurianbisous · 2 days ago
Y’all how cute is this Gwynriel fanart?? 😭🤍
Show some love to the talented @ llibiarts on Instagram!
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And why I want them, their compatibility aside I want to see a SA victim shine, show us that they can have a healthy normal relationship ( let's face it... Whatever Az feels for Elain isn't healthy)
Gwyn is also this adorable little feminine sunshine despite everything that went down and I WANT MORE.
Granted we know nothing about Elain yet but the fact that Gwyn has more of a storyline in just ONE book tells us she probably won't be side lined.
Also SJM in an interview stated that her next book is about Azriel and his girlfriend.
His girlfriend who was born in Jan
Guess who was born in Jan???
Gwyn trivia --
Since she was conceived on Calanmai (which takes place at the beginning of Spring) and we know that Fae pregnancies take 10 months, her birthday likely falls in January. The exact date is still unknown.
Just the number of free smiles and proud looks Azriel gives her.
He pays attention to her, UNKNOWINGLY.
His shadows, born from his trauma LOVE her.
He isn't insecure about his hands around her.
Just the free being he seems to be around her, like he doesn't feel the need to pretend.
How his siphons glowed like colbalt fire when Cassian said terrible things were probably happening to Emerie, Nesta and Gwyn., how despite that he sadly said that he trained them
Showing his undying belief in her.
Calling her a thing of secret lovely beauty.
How he challenges her
How he freely shows emotions not limited to ONLY amusement.
'Cassian turned to look at Azriel but his attention was fixed on Gwyneth, quite pride glowing in his eyes'
That quote isn't entirely accurate, I don't remember the actual quote but he was looking at Gwyn proudly.
And their BANTER
Their friggin Banter
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kimstclair · a day ago
Gwynriel as The Little Mermaid retelling
Tumblr media
Gwyn as Ariel
She is literally Gwyn, no need to explain
Tumblr media
Azriel as Prince Eric
There's no need to explain again, but extra points for both of them being hot and misterious
Tumblr media
Cassian as Flounder
The supportive and loyal friend.
A plan made at the last minute without thinking about the consequences? Let's fucking do this!
He's here for the fun, Cassian vibes and all
Tumblr media
Nesta as Sebastian
The supportive yet concerned friend.
Basically Sebastian is really concerned about Ariel getting out of her comfort zone, but that's all 'cause he cares for her and doesn't want her to get hurt. Nesta is just like that with Gwyn
Tumblr media
Rhysand as Scuttle
He cames out of nowhere to give Ariel some 'important tips' on her journey
And being honest, they have the same personality
Tumblr media
Emerie as Triton
I was really insecure about that one, but listen-
Emerie showed up to be probably the most responsible of all characters, and I totally believe that if she had to act like the mother of the group she would
Of course I don't think she would forbidden Gwyn of anything like Triton forbidden Ariel, but she would definitely give Gwyn some warning advices
Tumblr media
The Shadows as Max
Needless to say a word
Tumblr media
They just love Gwyn so much
Tumblr media
This scene is canon
Tumblr media
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tealnymph-writes · 2 days ago
Kinktober 2021 - Cherry Pie
This is your headquarters for all the Kinktober 2021 goodness! Cherry Pie was a collaboration between several other writers and me. Enjoy the smut extravaganza and check out the authors below.
Read on AO3
Cherry Pie:
Part 0.5: Helion x Lady A
Part 1: Elain x Lucien
Part 2: Jurian x Vassa
Part 3: Feyre x Rhysand
Part 4: Emerie x Morrigan
Part 5: Cassian x Nesta
Part 6: Azriel x Gwyneth
Part 7: Sunday Morning 
The Authors:
@spell-cleavers | AO3
@bookofmirth | AO3
@separatist-apologist | AO3
@hlizr50 | AO3
@ladyadelinergrey | AO3
@duskandstarlight | AO3
@tealnymph24 | AO3
@rayonfrozenwings | AO3
Thanks for reading and supporting this collaboration. Make sure to give some love to these incredible authors!
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likeiwishiknew · 2 days ago
Gwyn: Don’t kill me, I have a mate.
Kidnapper: You think I care about that?
Gwyn: No, this isn’t a plea for mercy. It’s a warning.
Kidnapper: Wha-
Azriel: *Kicking down the door, shadows in a frenzy* I hope you’re prepared to die. 
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thenerdywriter · a day ago
Idk man wasn't Nesta cassians mate at the time of the blood rite? So Cass didn't go to protect Nesta, who's his mate, mind you, until the very end. Simply because it's strictly forbidden for anyone to intervene in the blood rite, even Rhys says so, which makes all your comments about not saving Gwyn kinda invalid.
Also like, elain has shown no willingness to learn how to defend herself. Which isn't technically a bad thing, mind you. But there's a difference in anyone's attitude when they're put ina situation involving a) a defenceless person, and b) someone who has trained to defend herself. Even beyond the extenuating circumstances, everyone knew that Emerie, Gwyn and Nesta were quite capable of surviving and defending themselves. Which Elain wasn't.
And making a comment like "oh he would never go to save her" completely erases the existence of Sangravah, which is when Gwyn WAS helpless and defenceless, and y'all are making a joke out of SA.
Ngl sjms writing is kinda weird bc there's SO MUCH retconning she might throw out everything we know from ACOSF for the new book
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Gwyn: Do y'all eat bananas with or without the shell?
Azriel: That's not how it—
Cassian: With.
Azriel: I'm sorry, what?
Emerie: Did this motherfucker just call a banana peel a shell?
Nesta: That's your problem with this?!
Emerie: I mean, it's Cass.
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gwynrielsupremacy · a day ago
Three brothers have a conversation....
In the patio of the River House, three winged males halted their conversation as soon as they heard the door open and a soft, but not shy "excuse me?". Gwyneth Berdara, with her long green tunic almost touching the ground walked until she was standing besides the shadowsinger, and crouched next to his seat before he could stand up.
Rhysand and Cassian pretended to ignore the interaction that passed by whilst making small-talk to each other, but both of them could hear her near-whispering "can you take me back to the House of Wind in maybe twenty minutes or so?" followed by his deep and almost imperceptably worried "yes. Everything ok?".
"Everything is great, just tired." She got up, and his once trained eyes on the ground now rose up to meet hers, "It was a long day", she added with a smile.
The day she was referring was the one where she played, maybe all afternoon long, with 3 year-old Nyx on the back lawn, chasing him through squeals and laughter, tossing a ball and expertly dodging his new flying attacks, just to hand him to his aunt and uncle Cassian when dinner was ready. And then there was dancing and drinking and laughing with Emerie and Nesta, and Gwyn hadn't had a great time like that in a long, long time.
And Azriel kept stealing glances at her throughout all of it. Well, if his brothers were honest, stealing was one way to put it. More like gawking, like the once-priestess-now-fulltime-valkyrie was the sun, moon and whole world of the spymaster.
Just like now, as Rhysand and Cassian watched him watch her leave, closing the glass doors behind her and joining her friends in conversation.
Only when Rhysand coughed before sipping his whiskey did Azriel turn his gaze to both of his brothers, sitting before him and trying hard not to giggle.
"What" His trained eyes betrayed nothing, hand tracing circles on the edge of his glass.
"Spill it, brother" Rhysand stated, eyebrow raised.
"I don't know what you're talking about."
The night breeze ruffled between the males, sitting together for a drink, the dark night barely appeased by fae-lights.
"Come on now" Cassian laughed "Don't shy away from us. What's going on between you and Gwyn?"
At the sound of her name, Azriel stilled his movements. That was the moment where he deflected, shut down, got angry or left. Sometimes, all of those at the same time.
But tonight... Tonight was different. Flashes of her hand squeezing at his arm before she left to go inside just a few minutes ago, or how he simply had to stare to the ground when she kneeled beside his armseat so that he wouldn't meet her eyes, because if he did, he was certain he'd do something stupid. Like kiss her, or touch her cheek, or suddenly declare what he now knew he felt for her, as if there was no one around them.
But there was, and their expectant stares were waiting for his reply.
So Azriel, for once in his life, shrugged. He lift his stare to the starlit night for a moment.
What can I say what can I say what can I say
Tell the truth, singer, his shadows coiled around his ears.
And that's what he did.
"She makes me..." He breathed out, still looking at the sky "I like being around her, and when I'm not, it's like the world becomes almost unbearably louder. It's weird" he huffed, pausing for a moment "and only when she comes back around I realize it. How louder it all gets when she's not there."
Rhysand and Cassian exchanged glances, probably thinking how this was maybe the most Azriel had ever shared with them, but they didn't mention it. No, not this time.
"We get it, bro." The General offered. Rhysand merely held a contemplative, knowing smile.
They really did.
They heard her voice from inside, beckoning him. He met her stare through the glass doors, her nose crinkled as she smiled.
A smile that could quiet all his thundering storms, even if she was completely unaware of it.
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the-bookish-valkyrie · 9 hours ago
So here is what we are NOT going to write under art/commissions.
Tumblr media
For those wondering, this is under my most recent commission. It’s completely uncessary as well as plain rude and disrespectful to all the amazing artists of the fandom (and to me in the process). It also obviously reeks of jealousy, it’s ridiculous how transparent this person is being right here. But the problem is that it also puts this poor artist in an awkward position as they can’t say much (this person apparently commissioned an elriel piece themselves). 
So I’m venting here and calling them out on Tumblr out of respect, something that this person doesn’t have apparently, for the artist. The artist is not in the fandom so she really doesn’t need for her comment section to become a war zone. She’s just doing her business on her side. And also because I have already blocked this azriel person and I’m not unblocking their irrelevant ass.  Please don’t go and interact with them on your side. 
Funnily enough this person has also been policing Gwynriels to stay away from Elriel pieces. Ironic, right? Keep the same energy for every artist or kindly shut the fuck up.
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yazthebookish · a day ago
People don't get that with or without the bonus chapter, it's obvious Sarah is setting up the foundation for Azriel and Gwyn in the background in ACOSF.
Excuse me people, it was a waste of words to have Sarah highlight Azriel's reactions to Gwyn like her squealing and him turning around from across the ring while he was training other priestesses to look at her or have them bantering—if it didn't mean Sarah wants us to pay attention to those moments for a reason.
I get why many shipped them harder after the bonus chapter, because like most of them I find that the chapter solidified this ship for me, but even before I read it I got the vibes from the book itself and was pleasantly surprised to find Gwyn in Azriel's chapter.
With or without the bonus chapter, it's evident that something is building up for Gwyn and Azriel in the background. Not necessarily something romantic as it's early, but a foundation to be built upon.
The reason why the bonus chapter is important is because it has a clear romantic coding and according to Sarah, she scattered crumbs all over it.
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feyretale · 22 hours ago
azriel’s shadows trying to hold in the words “she’s your mate idiot”
Tumblr media
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mercurianbisous · a day ago
Azriel would sigh in exasperation (probably because of something Gwyn did) and Gwyn would sigh louder to establish dominance. A concept.
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imsointobooks · a day ago
There's the addition of a thick blanket in the corner of the ring one day. Cassian ignores it for a while before he asks Azriel about why, to which Azriel says its for when he star gazes in the training ring at night.
Cassian thinks about joining him one day and asks Nesta to do too. Nesta gapes at him for a while before smirking and telling him that Gwyn told her that she put that blanket there for stargazing at night.
So that night they wander up to the training ring, and the sight they are met with makes Nesta grin and Cassian let out a swooning sigh at.
Az and Gwyn are both laid out on the blanket in their sweats and Azriel is shirtless. He's laying down with one hand behind his head and one around Gwyn's waist beside him, drawing delicate circles on her back with his fingers and smiling at her.
Gwyn is laid on her side facing Az, a hand propping her up and the other one on his chest, tracing his tattoos. Her hair is let down and a few strands are falling near Az's face. She's rambling and smirking and happy, and looks infinitely pleased as Azriel bursts out in laughter.
She laughs along with him and he tugs her in a little tighter and then he starts babbling himself and they keep on conversing and smirking and are in their own little bubble, occasionally going quite as Gwyn lays her head on his chest and then shoots up suddenly, as some other random thought comes to her that she has to share with him.
Nesta can't believe how comfortable the both are with each other and bright the two look, and the House has also lit faint fairy lights around them making their midnight picnic glow and even more magical.
Cassian wants to keep staring at his brother looking so joyful with someone who's like a little sister to him and wonders how close the two had gotten because he has never seen Az this open with someone.
They both go back in after a while deciding to keep the sweet moment they saw to themselves. And speed up their matchmaking plan with some well placed teasing and innuendoes.
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hellogoodbye14 · 2 days ago
A drunk Gwysand Duo
*Feyre and Azriel entering the estate house after a meeting*
Feyre: Hey Cass have you seen Rhys by any chance?
Azriel: and Gwyn? She was supposed to come here after training.
Cassian: *smirking* You might want to check the gaming room.
*Feyre and Azriel find Rhys and Gwyn in the gaming room with the kareoke machine on. Absolutely drunk off their asses with Nesta looking on from the couch in absolute wonder*
Gwyn: YOU! Change your mind like a girl changes clothes!
Rhys: Yeah YOU! PMS like a *covers a giggling Nyx’s ears in the bouncing chair near Nesta* like a bitch, I would know!
Gwyn: *pointing upwards and mimicking a talking hand* and YOU over think, over speak cryptically
Rhys: I should know! That you’re no good for me!!!!!
*Both yelling and jumping to the beat*
Gwyn and Rhys: Cause you’re hot then you’re cold.
You’re yes and you’re no
You’re in or you’re out
You’re up and you’re down
*now shaking their butts side by side*
Gwyn and Rhys: You’re wrong when it’s right
It’s black and it’s white
We fight we break up
*both blow a flying kiss to one another*
Gwyn and Rhys: We kiss we make up!!!
*Feyre coughs besides an amused Az leaning against the door frame with his hands in his pockets*
*Gwyn and Rhys turn around with their eyes widened. Looking like kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar*
*Nyx continues to clap and babbles as a laughing Nesta picks him up*
Rhys : *hiccups* Feyre darling!
Feyre: Lord you’re drunk
*Rhys affronted*
Rhys: I’m not drunk!
Feyre: Can you tell the time?
Rhys: *looks at the clock nearby and points to it* I’m not drunk!
Gwyn: See!
*Feyre and Az shaking their heads*
Az: Gwyn lets get you home, you’re sotted.
Gwyn: I’m not drunk, you’re just blurry mister.
Az: Let’s get you into bed Red, you have the keys?
Gwyn: totally, *takes a pizza cutter out of her pocket*
Az: Gwyn!
Gwyn: WHAT?
Az: That’s a pizza cutter!
Gwyn: *looks at it, then looks at Rhys and they both start laughing hysterically* omg rhys look a pizza cutter.
*both fall down to the floor laughing, and a few seconds later they end up snoring*
*Az shakes his head and picks up Gwyn, whereas Feyre bends down and shakes Rhys awake*
Rhys: *eyes barely keeping open*, you’re gorgeous but I have a beautiful wife I love.
*Feyre rolls her eyes and ushers him to get up*
Rhys: Could you take me to her? I miss her.
*Feyre enlists Cassians help to take him up to their room and Cassian continues to laugh as Rhys proclaims his undying love for his mate*
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sageofthegalaxy · 18 hours ago
A great philosopher once said,
"I can't sleep without my favorite dagger."
And a greater philosopher once replied,
"A comfort to every growing child."
Life-changing. 😭
Tumblr media
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ncssian · 2 days ago
Taglists for Future Works
IMPORTANT (for me)
if you’re on one of my current taglists, please comment/send a message to let me know whether you want to be tagged for future gwynriel works, elucien works, or both (all set in the world of A Favor). if you don’t interact at all, i’ll assume you dont want to be tagged for future non-nessian works and remove you from the list no hard feelings :)
taglist (general nessian):
@thewayshedreamed @drielecarla @valkyriewarriors @superspiritfestival @aliveahaahahafuck @cupcakey00 @sayosdreams @rainbowcheetah512 @claralady @thebluemartini @nessiantho @missing-merlin @duskandstarlight @lucy617 @sleeping-and-books @everything-that-i-love @cassianscool @swankii-art-teacher @wannawriteyouabook @arinbelle @jungtaekwoonie-is-life
a favor: @awesomelena555 @julemmaes @wickedqueenoffantasy @poisonous-bloom @observationanxioustheorist @gisellefigue08 @courtofjurdan @theoverlyenthusiasticwriter @wolfiixxx @cass-nes @seashade @royaltykxx @illyrianundercover @monstrousloves-explodinggalaxies @humanexile @that-golden-lyre @agentsofsheilds @mercy-is-alive @cassiansbigwingspan @laylaameer01 @verypaleninja @maastrash @bow-dawn @perseusannabeth @dead-on-the-inside666 @jlinez @hungryreadingaddict @anidealiveson @planet-faerie @shallowhighwaters @ghostlyrose2 @chosenfamily-valkyriequeens @rarephloxes
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Azriel: *says something*
Gwyn: Shut up.
Acotar 5 Villain: Yeah, Azriel, shut up.
Gwyn, turning her head around 180°: Talk to him like that again and I'll fucking rip your organs out.
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