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I been wanting to ask for you to make a fem! reader X gyutaro in modern. Would love to see him overwhelming by u using sex toy on him. I hope u accept ^^
↳ ❝ 𝐏𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐄 𝐋𝐄𝐓 𝐌𝐄 𝐂𝐔𝐌 ! ❞ ۪۫❁ཻུ۪۪
Tumblr media
hi !! i hope you enjoy !! you didn't specify on what sex toy so i did a fleshlight since id be easier, hopefully you like it nonetheless !! highkey, gyutaro is a but pathetic here but in a good way ;]
cw : nsfw !! subby ! gyutaro, dom ! reader, mentions of edging, use of a vibrating fleshlight, gyutaro is so needy and pathetic, lots of begging, he almost cries, etc .
taglist : [ @ciiberangel & @nannatsugikuni ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
all he could do was whimper and moan, his hand was clamped over his mouth, in a weak attempt to muffle his cries of pleasure.
he was laying back against the plush comforter of your bed, while one hand covered his mouth, the other was tightly gripping the bedsheets. his eyes were shut, and his body was squirming.
you were seated prettily in between his shaky legs, in your dominant hand, there was a vibrating fleshlight, while your other hand was wrapped around the base of his cock.
you moved the fleshlight in a steady pace, the toy having that usual vibrating hum, your gaze would shift in between gyutaro's face to his cock. a small teasing smile on your pretty lips, he looked so pretty like this, a bit messy, but that only added to the view.
"i-it's too much baabe..!-" he drawled out, almost pathetically, his hips moved against the fleshlight, needy to cum, but you only denied his advances. you wanted to see how much he can hold himself back from cumming, see how desperate he can get under you.
"is it now?" you asked softly, staring at him directly with a teasing smile, gyutaro stared at you, his eyes were glossy in small tears from the edging you've caused him.
even though the fleshlight covered it, you can imagine the pre-cum that spilled from his tip, the mental image making you stomach twist in joy.
gyutaro nodded his head, he wanted to cum so bad! it wasn't fair you were holding him back like this, even if he loved you and the attention you gave him, the pressure he felt was almost painful.
this had been going on for longer than he wanted, longer than he expected he would last too, but by the sparkle behind your eye, he knew you were nowhere near done.
his climax started to get closer and closer, his need to cum never really left it only increased, his whimpers got louder and his moans were broken, he was practically begging to cum, trying to convive you to let him cum. the pressure was too much! he didn't think his body could handle another rejected climax.
pretty ocean colored eyes were glossy, his pale skin was flushed bright red, his cheeks and ears were easy to notice, the little quiver of his lips as he whined. small tears crowded his water line, he was so needy, so desperate, and this was a view you enjoyed happily.
"b-baby, please..!" gyutaro begged, but you only smiled, the fleshlight's pace had decreased in a way to drawl out this moment for a bit longer, "please what, gyutaro?" you asked, pretending to be clueless just to edge him more.
a broken whimper left his lips, his eyes shut while his head rolled back, he was growing a bit frustrated with how you kept denying him so easily, "let me cum, p-please!" he begged, his voice was loud and whiny, you could hear his a crack in his voice as he spoke, which only fueled you more.
"you wanna cum?" you asked again, the fleshlight's pace was now dreadfully slow, gyutaro's eyes opened, he looked over at you and nodded his head eagerly - maybe you would finally let him?
you hummed watching as he nodded his head a little too eagerly, how cute, your pretty boy was practically putty in your hands.
you had to admit, you felt a bit guilty of edging him on like this, he was still being such a good boy, despite your unfairness. he even said please, you couldn't deny him now, he might burst into tears if you do.
a small sigh left your glossy lips as you stared down at him, his body was shaky, his hips were occasionally trying to fuck upwards so he have chance for his own climax, his legs were twitchy too. his face was the prettiest though, with that little quiver on his bottom lip and the little tears in his eyes, he looked so pretty. the way he stared up at you with a begging look on his face, he was giving you the little puppy dog eyes in his own way.
of course you caved.
"go ahead, cum for me, pretty boy." you allowed with a sweet tone in your voice, gyutaro let out a small moan at your words.
to aid him, you started to move the fleshlight a bit faster, which did the trick in no time.
"m'cummin, m'cummin, m'cummin-!!" gyutaro cried out, "go on, baby, be a good boy." you reassured, his back arched immediately after your words, a broken moan left his lips as his hips thrusted up, his cock throbbed against the fake vibrating silicone walls of the toy before soiling them with his cum.
you held the toy, finally moving the hand that was grasping the base of his cock, you placed your free hand on his thigh, gently caressing it with your thumb.
gyutaro eventually came down from his high, his climax hit him hard. you gently pulled the fleshlight out and hummed softly, turning it off then placing the soiled toy on the bed. gyutaro's cock softened, he laid back on the bed breathless, he panted trying to catch his breath. you moved on top of him, you leaned over his face and gave him a small smile before leaning down to place a sweet kiss on your pretty boy's lips. which he happily melted into.
your hand gently caressed his cheek, pulling away slightly, now it was time you cared for him after doing so well.
"such a good boy for me, you did so well."
Tumblr media
© 1-800-fa1ryl4nd 2022 : don't steal or repost my writings !!
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Demon Slayer - Entertainment District Arc - The End
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He’s not dead?!
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Entertainment district arc ⛓✨💜
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In another life
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yandere upper moons pt.i | kny
yandere! au
general headcanons !
implied fem! reader
[Douma, Akaza, Daki, Gyutaro]
WARNING(S): obsessive/possessive tendencies, violent behavior, mentions of kidnapping and manipulation
Tumblr media
yandere type: possessive, clingy, manipulative
I suppose Douma is a love-at-first-sight yandere, as most demons are
but his infatuation is primarily based on curiosity at first
You likely meet when you turn up at the Eternal Paradise Cult sanctuary for whatever reason
his interest would peak as soon as he sees you, and even more so at your refusal to explain how you ended up there
He quickly makes you his favorite
treating you gently, giving you all the easy work, keeping you close, and doting on you
his obsession keeps growing more intense and never stops
Douma is subtle from your point of view; just your leader looking out for you. You don’t know any better either, because you’re still relatively new.
as you begin to see his charm, his other followers get increasingly jealous of you
this causes problems
he doesn’t tolerate your mistreatment in any way
followers who so much as glance at you wrong disappear the next day
he hides it well
But after awhile, he starts openly flaunting the fact that he’s a demon in front of you
you can’t leave him anyway, why does it matter?
he’s not sensitive to your feelings as long as you’re alive, so he has no problem with chewing on a human limb with you in the room
definitely taunts you with it, he thinks your reactions are cute
at this point the two of you sleep in the same bed, likely because you’re too scared to stop him
sure he’d never kill you, it’s easy to realize that
but he could hurt you really bad if he wanted to
he prefers to threaten you with harm to others, that’s always pretty effective
so selfless of you, he thinks in awe as he murders one of his followers in front of you as a punishment
He’s exceptionally happy when you’re around, his smile never once drops no matter what’s going on
his eyes immediately fixate on you
he’s convinced that the first moment he saw you, you gifted him with true emotion
Douma is quite touchy, and doesn’t like to share
people catch on pretty quickly to the “no touching y/n” rule, as well as your new title as his equal
he wants you to experience all the luxury he has, but you never end up with private servants. he tried it, but got too jealous after the first day and killed them oops
he has you sat sweetly on his lap most of the time during the day and enjoys nothing more than to show you off to others, even demons
he finds it kind of funny that they’ll never be able to touch you
he’s extremely affectionate, and has been since you’ve arrived. at first you assumed it was simply his personality.
he especially enjoys bites and kisses
he covers you in bite marks and makes you dress in showy clothing afterwards so everyone can see
kisses come very often, if not constantly when you’re in his line of reach
he likes to flash his fangs at you just to remind you of what he can do
Now Douma’s not a complete sadist, but he enjoys the range of emotions you have that he lacks
he likes seeing you miserable for only him
he’s almost scared that it’ll go away once he turns you into a demon
He keeps you human for a few years at least; your humanity is something that infatuates him. It’s an important part of you.
nothing about his obsession ends up changing though, he’s still enamored and you remain mostly the same
in fact, he now gets to see a more feisty side of you that could claw him across his face if you were angry
he just sighs dreamily at you whilst bleeding
Marriage is something he forces on you before he turns you
never gives you a chance to say no, he just kind of tells you it’s happening a few days prior so he can have a dress made
a wedding with Douma could go either shockingly well and horrifyingly bad, no in between
There’s really no best course of action with him; he’s manipulative and he’ll get what he wants from you no matter what
Tumblr media
yandere type: protective, obsessive
Akaza takes his time watching you for a little bit, but immediately knows you’re something special upon seeing you
he wants to know things about you before he shows himself, so he can surprise you with his knowledge and prove he cares for you
He naturally gravitates towards a weaker darling, he likes having something to protect
especially if his darling is physically weak, but has a mouthy personality
he doesn’t ever want to turn you into a demon, he’d much rather keep your dependence on him. But eventually it’s bound to happen because he’s not losing you.
definitely hides you away in a cabin isolated from anything and everyone as soon as he knows you
opposite to Douma, Akaza is very sensitive to your emotions
having you upset is not ideal, he really tries to have your best interest at heart
ofc your physical health takes priority, that’s what really counts for him; being alive
He puts in a lot of effort making sure you’re fed well and get proper sleep
don’t be mistaken though; he doesn’t come off very caring as he does any of this
he’s quite forceful about it
and while he doesn’t want to upset you, it’s something he’s willing to ignore in favor of things like touching you
he especially likes holding you, sitting you in his lap and such (a bit of an infantilizer)
he also has the habit of totally manhandling you; it’s not necessarily on purpose, he’s just trying to get things done, but he does enjoy how easy it is
He will never, never have you near another man or demon
it’s not even an option
you leaving the cabin? without him? not a chance. He just cannot risk you getting hurt.
it definitely bothers him that there are existing demons that are stronger than himself, who could possibly hurt you
it would never happen tbh, but the very fact that it could puts him on edge
on the off chance that any demon manages to find your remote cabin, the place stenches of upper-moon three so they’d likely take off
He’s a show off, for you especially
always showing off his physical strength, and teasing you for every glance you throw his way
he cherishes your attention
really likes when you ask things of him, whether it be to open something, reach something, bring you something, etc.
he always does it with a smug grin on his face, fangs glinting
doesn’t hand anything over until you thank him and give him a kiss on the cheek
At the end of the day, he’d probably do anything you wanted as long as you asked
including murdering whoever you wanted (whoever posed a threat to you physically or mentally)
he’d go to extreme lengths to please and protect you
He’s attentive though, so not very easily manipulated unless he doesn’t see the harm in doing what you want
he knows you so well; he gauges your reactions to find out what you like to see from him / what you’re attracted to
Being upper-moon three, Akaza has times in which he has to leave you for a little bit, which he hates more than anything
so it encourages him to hurry and het things over with
this is why Muzan doesn’t mind your presence among his favorite demon; you motivate him
The only other demon you’ve ever met is possibly Muzan, but for the absolute minimum amount of time Akaza could get away with
he doesn’t like having you around anyone else, especially someone as strong as Muzan
he never brings you to meetings, but Douma likely eventually catches on to your existence and begs him to bring you along
he mutilates Douma whenever you come up in conversations
There’s not a lot of complications in being with Akaza, his interests and motivation are rather obvious
you aren’t necessarily given a list of rules so punishments don’t really happen
the worst you’ll ever get out of him is a lost temper after an escape attempt or you making contact with a stranger / demon
Tumblr media
yandere type: selfish, possessive, clingy
Daki is an incredibly difficult yandere, especially towards the beginning of her attraction
the idea of idolizing someone without reason is very strange and inconvenient for her
She meets you when you are brought in as a new Oiran
your exquisite looks didn’t impress her; she’s seen many pretty people there, (she’s the most beautiful herself)
but you were so genuinely kind to her
you did nothing but shower her in praise and compliments, completely ignoring Koinatsu
As sweet as you are, this frustrates her for many reasons; the biggest being that she doesn’t want anyone else around you now
sure, she’s bossy and rude to you, but that doesn’t stop her from dragging you around almost everywhere she goes
She essentially sabotages your work so that you’re left with no customers: just her
you cry to her about being stressed, not making enough money (she loves the attention, not very good at comforting you)
then she gets to swoop in and save the day ! by kidnapping you
Hopefully you’re rather shy or just too scared to stand up to her
because if she receives any negative attention from you? immediate problems
she’s a brat and she can get real mean
there are probably moments where she loses her temper and hurts you
on top of this, Gyutaro hates when his sister cries
and once he’s mad at you too, there’s really no going back. he’d definitely encourage her anger, but he wouldn’t actually touch you unless she says it’s alright (she would never)
Speaking of her brother, she’s jealous of him even though she has no reason to be. She only wants you to look at her !
Gyutaro doesn’t really care about you, he mostly just ignores your presence. As long as you make his little sister happy, then all is good. It’s best to avoid making Daki cry.
unfortunately, she can be rather sensitive when it comes to you
she has a perfect picture of you in her head, and any sign of you not living up to it really upsets her
She’s selfish, mostly unintentionally
she doesn’t have much regard to your well-being, she really just wants your praise
(she def forgets to feed you sometimes)
she wants you to love her and talk sweet to her and do things for her and truly see her
of course she’ll mock you or just brag about herself if you actually do any of that
Being her darling is a very demanding job, but she’s not completely terrible
it’s obvious that her childish nature of responsible for quite a lot of her tendencies, so some of her behavior becomes endearing
she has many soft habits, like holding your hand too tightly as she rests
she’s scared of you leaving
The only way she really shows affection is physically
it starts with her dragging you around by your hand/arm/clothes
but once she has you for herself she can freely latch onto you whenever she wants
Very clingy
hates leaving you, which leads to taking her anger out on other people
Because she doesn’t like your attention on anyone but her, she’s unable to show you off
but she still brags about you to her brother, as well as the other upper-moons
I think she’s likely to turn you into a demon pretty early on
it’s inconvenient having to feed you separately and the idea of you dying really stresses her out
She never even thinks of marriage, mostly because the concept is foreign to her
she just tells whoever will listen that she has this perfect partner
and then goes on over-glorifying rants about you
Tumblr media
yandere type: possessive, obsessive, aggressive
Gyutarou’s feelings towards his obsession are honestly quite endearing, but he doesn’t show them well at all
he’s a little,, emotionally disturbed
the fact that he’s only had Daki his entire life plays a big role in his frustration towards his darling
romantic feelings are very foreign to him
He’s not delusional at all, but he’s easily angered by reality
he hates that he’s ugly, he hates that he has to hide you away, he hates that you’ll never truly love him
even if you actually do hold affection for him, he wouldn’t believe it
has a pessimistic mindset, so you’ll really have to lay the charm on him to keep things calm
He’s most likely hidden within Daki when he sees you for the first time
you do makeup for most of the girls (and would have been promoted to Oiran if it wasn’t for Gyutaro killing anyone who suggested it)
you’re kind to his sister, and gentle too. you’re so pretty, he can’t help but to think you must be an angel.
after that, he doesn’t like sharing Daki’s body when you’re around
he doesn’t want her picking up on his feelings
chances are, she already has. And she has the potential to make things a lot worse.
best case scenario: you’re sweet to her and she doesn’t mind your presence much. it’s fun to have an actual friend around and not just her brother ! she can’t rant to him about other girls in the district like she can with you
unfortunately for her, Gyutaro hates sharing
especially with someone so pretty, like his sister
he has to deal with it at first though, because frankly,,, he’s shy
He watches you a lot, constantly actually, but can’t bring himself to touch or talk to you
he just sits in the shadows, scowling while leaving deep scratches on himself when you do something cute
he’s extremely jealous; anyone who speaks to for too long (or any man who even looks at you) goes missing soon after
By the time he actually takes you for himself and hides you away, he’s built up a lot of frustration
it’s not towards you at all, but it’s often taken out on you
he thinks you’re perfect, but how is he supposed to tell you that when he’s probably the lowest thing you’ve ever seen?
it’s embarrassing for him
he and his sister are a lot alike in this way; they put up this false front as if they don’t care about you, when I’m fact, they do
they crave your approval constantly
Gyutaro bites, a lot. not even as a punishment, he just likes it
it’s good to have something that’s truly his that he can play with and leave marks on
it takes some time for him to be physically affectionate, he mainly just sticks to holding onto you from behind
not one to physically harm his darling, but he shouts, growls, and threatens you very often
You have to be sweet and patient with him if you want things to get better, but it’s quite easy to set him off
praise him, but not too much or he’ll think you’re making fun of him. touch him, but just a little so as not to trigger any of his insecurities.
it takes awhile to get him to a point where he’s docile and willing to touch you softly, but once you get there, it’s worth it. It’s a lot less frustrating.
he likes when you do the talking, so that he can just sit you down in his lap and listen
he doesn’t exactly remember much from his human life, so there’s not so much he can talk about anyway
he does tend to get very giddy though, especially after a fight or when you’re particularly affectionate
this is when he’s the most talkative, going on about how someone like you belongs to someone like him
He never shows you off; he can’t risk you seeing other people and somehow preferring them over him
besides, his jealousy is dangerous
your only options are him and sometimes Daki, if he’s in a good enough mood to let the two of you hang out
To brag on the two of you, Daki let’s it slip that Gyu has a partner to the other upper-moons
most don’t care to listen, but Douma likes to tease him
Gyutaro once lost his temper and bit Douma’s hand off
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I got you bby
Upper Moon Demons NSFW links
1. Riding him in the bathroom
2. Squrting while he fucks you from behind
3. Fucking you in that morning lighting
1. Fucking your wet pussy
2. Twerking on his cock
3. Creaming on his cock so much when you ride him
1. Squat riding his big cock
2. Rubbing your clit while he fucks you
3. Breeding you
1. Fucking you in an odd position
2. When you cosplay for him
3. When you make him moan pretty
I did the ones I know
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Tumblr media
The sheer irony of this dude made this quick sketch possible lol
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"If I hadn't left Uzui's side in the first place, this wouldn't have happened! Sorry. Sorry! Sorry, everyone! Sorry... Nezuko."
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(pt 2) of gyutaro x f! Reader
Here is part 1
Warnings: mention of physical assault, soft sex, nsfw, he a lil too eager so no prep for reader, kinda long LOL
- tonight was like any night, Gyutaro thought, he had hoped to see you giddy and happy as usual
- but tonight when he saw you, you covered your head with a long scarf...and looking around, almost as if you were looking out for someone
- "are you okay, pretty girl?"
- you turn around with tears in your eyes, and a fresh red imprint upon your soft cheek
- he was instantly angry, but he had to ask what happened
- "a client wanted me to touch him...but I said no. And he screamed out of no where and when everyone came rushing in, he said I tried to seduce him!"
- "did he hurt you like that?"
- the tears in your eyes spill, "no" you sniffle, "mother (of the manor) punished me... After that I ran out of the house... "
- Gyutaro clenches his fist for a moment, only to soften them for you
- he reaches out to touch your red cheek
- his cold hand felt good on your face
- "do you remember what he was wearing?" He asked gently
- you didn't think of it much when you said the clients name and what he was wearing, you were so entranced by him touching you... Something he hadn't done by his own will until tonight
- the fall breeze made you shiver, no matter how covered up you were
- "you should go back inside," Gyutaro pulls your scarf more snuggly around your face, "you're going to get sick staying out like this"
- you didn't want to go, if only summer time was forever, then maybe Gyutaro and you would be like this every night. Listening to the people while hiding inside the alleyway, talking about nonsense
- you wipe your nose and nod, but you knew this was his way of showing that he cared about you
- you said your good byes, and just like that, he vanished into the night
- the next few weeks, it had became quiet in the manor, the mother of the house had suddenly vanished, and the reoccurring client hadn't stopped by ever since that incident
- but Gyutaro hadn't made an appearance either, until tonight
- you were up late, laying in your futon
- it was your first day off in a month, and you finally had a chance to sleep at night, but you just couldn't
- you wanted to see Gyutaro so badly
- the window violently slid open, letting the cold air into your room
- you get up from your futon angrily "when are they going to fix these damn windows??!!"
- you slam the window shut and put the wooden stick back into its place, hoping it wouldn't falter again
- "y'know that's going to make it even harder for me to get in"
- your breath left your lungs as you quickly turn around, just to see your precious Gyutaro looming in the corner of your room
- there he was. His pale grey skin being warmed ever so lightly from the red and orange hues of the lanterns outside.
- "where....where did you go?" You sounded so sad to his ears
- he rubbed the back of his neck, "I had some business to take care of, but I'm back. I wanted to see you" he let his green hair dangle in front of his face, to hide his 👀💋 embarrassment
- he didn't expect you to wear so little, just a simple single colored robe. He usually saw you all dolled up with hair done and a bit of blush on your lips and cheeks
- but seeing you in the privacy of your own room, your naturally beautiful features almost made you look... vulnerable
- yes, he wanted to see you. After seeing you...he had a sudden hunger for touching you
- you walk towards him, and touch his shoulder, melting him under your warm touch
- "I missed you, Gyutaro..." You say shyly, taking his hand into yours
- your other hand makes its way up to his face, and pulls his hair to the side, "is it okay if I kiss you?" You ask
- yes yES YESS finaLLY
- he nods and leans in a little too eager, but his lips meeting yours is the best thing to happen in his life time
- his lips were a little chapped, thankfully you put on a little bit extra lip balm before bed.
- the single kiss was short lived, as you two pulled back from one another
- both of you blushing !!!
- you didn't want the night to end... Neither did he. It was the first time you two had been alone privately. Not standing in the shadows between buildings
- "Gyutaro..." You finally say
- he gulps because he's so nervous, a pretty girl like you holding his hand, dressed not very modestly, let alone just kissed
- "should we...should we run away together?"
- the question stayed in the air for a moment, before he shook his head no
- "I can't..." gyutaro whispers, "I have to take care of my little sister" as much as he wanted, he couldn't
- "oh!" You wave your hand in the air, "of course, I'm sorry. That was irrational of me. I mean if we did, it would be hard to get funds, and a place to stay" you try to laugh it off, you couldn't compete with family, but damn :/// a gurl can wish
- and you haven't even talked about this before, you felt guilty just asking him out of no where
- Gyutaro gently graps your arm with his hand, and pulls you in closer
- his arms envelop you into a hug, his skin cold from the outside world, warming like soft wax
- you smell so good, he thought, the shampoo he had Daki give you matched you so well
- you were so soft, softer than he every imagined
-without knowing it, his hands traveled from your waist to just under your booty
- he wants to feel all of you, all over, see you all over, smell you all over
- taste you, all over
- your whimper snaps him out of his own trance, "Gyutaro," you whisper in his ear, making him gasp, "let's continue in the futon, okay?"
- he gulps when he realizes where his hands were on your body, but all he could do was nod, and have you lead him to your futon
- there, he laid in your futon, smell intoxicating him more than ever
- but then you climb on top of him, your hips wrapping around his, your robe opening every so widely to have him peek at your supple, tender thighs
- his cock twitched in his pants, and that's when he realized... You weren't wearing any undergarments
- the twitch of his member made your hole pulsate, fuck it felt so good to finally feel him, under you hard as a rock nonetheless
- "is this okay?" You adjust yourself slightly on his hips, making his dick twitch more, "am I too heavy?"
- Gyutaro eyelids hang low, almost drunk off the friction alone "not at all, pretty girl..." He rests his hands on your hips, slyly pulling your robe just a bit farther back so he can see your bare pussy on his clothed dick
- the sight almost took him tf out
- he did NOT expect a neatly kept hair patch on your pubic, let alone a growing wet spot underneath (from his precum or your's, he couldn't tell)
- "Gyutaro..." You moan
- he looked up at you, and he was thanking muzan-sama for chosing him to live this long
- you looked so ravishing under the lantern lights
- the sleeve of your robe fell over your shoulder as you slowly rutted against his hard member
- please, he begged, please don't let this ever end
- you lean over him and capture his lips, a deeper kiss this time. Sucking on his bottom lip hoping he got the hint that you want him, only him
- your hips continue to rut against his pants, as your tongue dances with his
- sooner or later your continuous movements pushed his pants down...and you were met with his tip at your soaking wet entrance
- he moans quietly at the direct contact, you were so fucking soft everywhere that it almost hurt him
- you release the kiss, and sit up, your full weight on his cock as you unfasten your robe tie
- "I don't - I don't think we'll need this for long" you giggle
- finally Gyutaro saw your breasts bare, and now you were completely naked on top of him. Your hole pulsating against his cock, ready to devour him for the taking
- how could someone so beautiful want someone like him?
- you remove yourself from his hips, and make yourself comfortable between his legs
- Gyutaro raises and eye brow, were we finished already?
- "I might not be good at this" you tuck your hair behind your ear, and slip your finger tips under the hem of his pants, making him gasp
- you pull them down far enough to let his cock free, seeing him like this, flustered under your touch, was so satisfying
- he was lengthy, the base of cock was thick and tapered slightly when reaching the purple-tinted tip. Veins were apparent all over his shaft
- you licked your lips as you grab him, pulling him closer and closer to your lips
- he lets his mouth gape open as his watches himself enter your soft mouth, your tongue swiping across his sensitive tip as you taste his essense
- he wriggles his hips, wanting more of your mouth, wanting to be deeper inside you, in one place or another
- you can only take him half way, to your dismay, but no matter, you will swallow him whole soon enough
- Gyutaro whimpers under your touch, it felt so good being in your warm mouth, though, he'd much rather your mouth be on his
- you lift your head, letting his cock go from your mouth "can I... Can I go further?" You say, practically begging
- wasn't really fair with your lust drunk eyes, and you fisting his cock with your slippery saliva
- Gyutaro, awkward as he is, only nodded
-you smile, climb your way up his body until your eyes met his
- he saw your pupils dilate, like a predator about to devour their prey
- Gyutaro sits up and puts his hand around your neck, tight enough to feel your pulse
-he presses his lips against yours and kisses you frantically, feeling you smile in the kiss
- "there's my pretty boy..." You moan in his mouth
- oh
- maybe...maybe he's into being praised... 👀
- Gyutaro felt his tip oozing with precum, and you were right there, so close
- he pulls back from the kiss and leans into your ear "pretty girl..." He whispers, "I need you, right now"
- he grabs your hips and lines himself to your entrance
- slowly, slowly, painfully, easing himself inside you, the ring of muscle resisting him momentarily
- you're holding your breath, you can feel his shape, his hot warmth, his love
-and Gyutaro is gripping your hips so tightly, almost as if he's afraid you'd flee if he let you go
- his hips finally meet yours, he is buried deep, deep inside you, stretching you so good that tears begin to peck at the ends of your lashes
- your shiny doe eyes only added to the fire inside him
- Gyutaro lifts you off his cock bit by bit, savoring the texture inside you, only to slam you back down into him
- you yelp! Much to your surprise
- he grins, exposing his sharp pointed teeth, "you like that?"
- you nod, closing your eyes shut as you wrap your arms around him for stability
-his teeth gently nibble at your neck as he continues this aching pace, slowly pulling out, then slamming back in
- Gyutaro is in complete bliss atm
- you moaning, gasping, whimpering into his ear, gripping onto him because he feels so good inside of you
- You reach your peek quicker than you expected, and you cum right when he slams into you
- your ring of muscle pulsates around him, and that was it for him too
- he pushes you down as far as you can go on his dick, and holds you there while you ride your orgasm out, and he burns your insides white hot
- both of you are heavily breathing, sticky feeling but oh so satisfied
- you loosen your grip around him, and pull away, meeting his green eyes no longer filled with lust
- "y/n" he says quietly, "will you stay here, with me?"
- you smile, again, pulling his hair away from his face, "I'd be with you forever, Gyutaro."
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1-800-fa1ryl4nd · a month ago
Tumblr media
✿𝆬 you teased gyutaro, saying his cock was small, and of course, he had to put you back in your place by showing you that his cock was big.
based off an rp i had with @ciiberangel bc girlboss activities .
nsfw !! dubcon, messy fuck, lots of cum, breeding, mentions of impregnation, gyutaro spits in your mouth, dirty talk, gyutaro calls you a slut + whore, overall nsfw.
minors dni !! not proofread
Tumblr media Tumblr media
your face was roughly smushed against his bed, gyutaro's hand held your head down firmly, your back was arched. gyutaro's weight was over you, he was laughing cruelly, babbling insults and degrading you, but you were too hazed in excitement to understand what he said.
what got you here? well, being a teasing slut is what got you here. you had the audacity to tease your boyfriend's size, why did you do that? you dont even remember. it all happened so fast, gyutaro was quick to rip your clothes off and have your pathetic self pinned under him.
and you couldn't help but feel excited being in this situation.
"you're such a dumb slutt..if im so small, you won't feel me using your cunt like cumdump, rightt?" gyutaro said, grinning as he pulled on your hair, his other hand was gripping the plush skin of your thigh, digging his nails into your skin. you yelped feeling your head being yanked back, but you still felt adventurous, you laughed, you looked over your shoulder at him and grinned.
"yeah! you're so small im not gonna feel you put it in!" you laughed, you wanted to be as cruel as him, get on his nerves, and you did.
gyutaro scowled, he pressed your head back onto the bed, he was quick to pull down his loose sweatpants, his cock sprung out, he took a hold of your hip, his other hand gripped his cock as he positioned himself. if you weren't going to feel it, why give you the proper prep, right? you were already sopping anyway.
gyutaro practically shoved his big cock right into your wet cunt, an evil grin came to his lips when a sharp cry left your lips, you deserved it.
your lips parted, your cunt was being stretched out, his cock was at the verge of kissing your cervix, not so small now, huh?
gyutaro, not feeling mercy for your little cunt, he pulled back, his cock almost pulling out fully, before slamming back down to your cunny, this time, his tip kissed your cervix, the sheer force made your body thrust foward.
your eyes shut tightly, a moan left your lips, he was too big for you, maybe you shouldn't have teased his size, because all he was doing now was pounding into your gummy walls.
the pleasure was overwhelming and soon enough you were a moaning mess underneath him, drool leaving your lips, your eyes were getting teary, your cunt was sopping. your hands were shakingly gripping the bedsheets, your body was moving along the force of his brutal thrusts.
gyutaro laughed at you, his hands digging into your hips, "awww..look at you, such a dumb cock slut, and you said i wasn't big enough?" gyutaro said with a cackle, your eyes were practically rolling to the back of your head, you shook your eyes and sobbed.
"i-i lied! you're sososo big, g-gyu! i can feel you in my tummy!" you sobbed, tears of pleasure rolled down your eyes, it was true. his was so big, it felt like he was hitting your womb, over, and over, it was driving you mad.
gyutaro's ego filled almost immediately hearing those words, he quickly pulled out, much to your dismay, but before you could complain and beg for him to put it back in, he flipped you over so he could see your face and once he did a big grin came to his face seeing how pathetic you looked.
"you like that? you're such a fucking whore." he said with a condescending tone, your eyes watered, you felt so humiliated under his stare, so humiliated because your cunt was begging to be stuffed. "awee, you're going cry? you're gonna be a big baby?" gyutaro teased with a cruel laugh.
you whimpered, your hand moved down to your clit, wanting some friction, he couldn't just leave you there, gyutaro watched your hand, he scowled and slapped your hand away. he took a hold of your wrist and pinned your hand to the bed. "i didn't say you could play with yourself, did i? stop being such a whoree." gyutaro spat, your lip quivered as you stared up at him.
"gyu, please! stop being a meanie! i..i need you!" you cried out, gyutaro groaned, your begging going straight to his throbbing cock, "you need what, come on, tell me, slut." gyutaro said, he was still grinning, but in reality, he needed to hear you, he needed to hear you beg for his cock.
you bit your bottom lip in hesitation, you gulped before speaking. "gyu please..! i-i need your cock inside me, please!" you begged, gyutaro's breath caugh his throat, good girl.
he took a hold of his cock and slapped it against your aching cunt, making you gasp, after a few teasing slaps, he slipped his cock deep inside you again.
feeling his cock rub against your gummy walls made your eyes roll back in pleasure, a moan left your pretty lips, "f-fuck!" you cried out.
gyutaro threw your legs over his shoulders, his hands rested right beside your head, he leaned down and rested his forehead against yours before going back to pound into your squelching cunt.
you parted your lips for him, he was quick to get the memo, he spat right into your mouth, the glob of his saliva landing right in the middle of your tongue, immediately after he connected his lips with yours, pulling you into a sloppy makeout session.
god it felt so good being stuffed again, you were letting moans slip into gyutaro's mouth, the kiss was messy, saliva getting everywhere, you couldn't even complain, you liked how messy it could get.
gyutaro then pulled away, a small string of saliva connecting the two of you, gyutaro then moved back, he then spat on your tits, he watched as they bounced with every thrust he planted against your cunt. you whined feeling his saliva roll down your breasts.
gyutaro squeezed your tits together, sloppily kissing and sucking them, your head rolled back, fuckk. it was too much, a coil started to bubble up on your womb.
gyutaro moved your legs so they wrapped around his hips, he leaned down again and nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, he grit his teeth, your cunt was getting so tight around him, you were practically milking his cock.
he laughed against your skin, "i t-think you need to be punished for being such a c-cock hungry slut, huh? what if i stuff you full with my dirty cum, huh? make you carry my kid..yeah, i like t-that idea." gyutaro stuttered, his voice still held that same condescending tone, your eyes widened, was he being serious?
you hated kids, the idea of pregnancy made your anxiety rise, but you couldn't help your cunt fluttering around his cock, causing gyutaro to scoff. "your cunt just got so t-tight! what is it? want me to stuff you full? make you a m-mommy?" gyutaro grunted out, his hips still pounding against yours.
you were so turned on, the idea of bring gyutaro's baby mommy making your arousal skyrocket, you nodded, your brain was turning into mush, and everything you said and agreed with was just your cunt speaking.
gyutaro laughed at you, he's cock was aching, seeing your becoming putty in his hands was a delicious sight to see, he couldn't even help but moan as his cock was squeezed by your cunt, those moans slowly turning into small whimpers as he reached his climax.
"f-fuck- im gonna cummm.." gyutaro drawled out, his thrusts becoming sloppy, you nodded, your cunt was aching, the knot inside your womb was going to snap any minute now.
"im gonna cum, gyu! please, don't pull out! stuff me with your cum, please! make me a m-mommy!" you begged, it took all his willpower to not cum, he wanted to hold back a bit more.
he straightened up his posture, he placed his thumb on your aching clit, and started to rub it, it had no specific rythm, but it gave you the last bit of pleasure to make you come undone.
your hands frantically reached for the bedsheets, squeezing them tight as he toyed with your cunny, still pounding into your messy cunt. it sent you over the edge, hard. you practically sobbed from the pleasure, your back arched slightly and your eyes shut tightly.
gyutaro groaned at the sight, seeing you come undone under him like that, it forced him to cum too, he whimpered a small "m'cummin, m'cummin," before shoving his cock deep inside you, knocking right at your cervix, stuffing you nice and good with his cum, white spurts of his cum painting your gummy walls. he then thrusted a few more times to lower his high as well as yours.
you were left breathless, your head was turned to the side, you were panting, your legs were trembling slightly, gyutaro nuzzled into the crook of your neck and stayed there, not wanting to pull out of your warm cunt.
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ufotable thank you for giving us this fight
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Demon Slayer Season 2 / Episode 10 - Never Give Up! 
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arlertslove · a month ago
— baths with gyuutarou
hi bae @uzuiz happy birthday, ily and thank you for filling in the form <3 im sorry for being so sneaky about this bc i know you dont like it but i hope you still enjoy it hehe
Taking care of gyuutarou <3
WARNINGS: gn!reader - fluff - kinda self conscious gyuutarou? (he thinks about it - 500 words - not my best im sorry :’)
Tumblr media
Gyuutarou let out a relieved gasp as he got into the bath, relaxing his muscles right away. This was exactly what he needed, especially after such a long and annoying mission.
“Is the bath good like that?” your soft voice rang through the bathroom. “It’s perfect.” he answered, smiling weakly at you as you slipped in the bathroom. It was always like you knew what he needed, what he wanted and what to do in certain moments yet he didn’t realize you could read him like an open book. You made him feel loved, needed and cared for him, giving him a home he had always dreamed off.
You were stupid though. Sure you were everything he longed for but why would someone as perfect as you take their time to take care of someone like him? Why would you fall for him? You deserved so much better, is what he convinced himself yet as the days moved on, you never showed a sign of hesitation when telling him these sweet words.
“Gyuu? You okay?” you asked, snapping him out of his thoughts. “Hmm? I’m fine, sorry.” he mumbled quickly, shaking his thoughts off. “Sure sure– come here, let me wash your back.” you smiled. There it was, the smile that made him weak in the knees, the one that made him fall for you.
“I can do it myself.” Gyuutarou fought back in embarrassment while moving closer to you. “You still came closer to me though.” you laughed, grabbing the rag and gently cleaning his back.
Gyuutarou relaxed under your touch and let you take care of him. Your hands were gentle as you massaged his shoulders, so careful like he was fragile glass bound to break any second. You two didn’t say much, you just enjoyed each other's presence while cleaning one another. That’s all you needed sometimes.
“You’re so pretty Gyuu.” you complimented your lover, breaking the silence. It was something you often did without realizing. Gyuutarou never said much when it happened yet the faint blush on his cheeks gave him away. He couldn’t deal with compliments, especially not if they’re coming from you.
Gyuutarou closed his eyes, enjoying this moment. Your hands gently roamed all over his back, your lips pressing some kisses against his skin and your breath fanning over it, leaving him with goosebumps. You had so much effect on him and he loved it, he loved you yet he never said those words to you, until now.
“I love you.” Gyuutarou whispered quietly, just loud enough for you to hear. You paused in your movements for a second, repeating those words in your head as a smile creeped on your face.
You knew it was new and hard for Gyuutarou so these words meant the world to you, those words were everything. That’s why you couldn’t help the happiness you were shining off.
“I love you too Gyuu.” you told him, giving him the reassurance he needed even though he already knew.
You loved each other and that was all that really mattered.
Tumblr media
networks: @knyplaymatemansion
if you’d like to be tagged in future works, click here <3
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Kimetsu no Yaiba Fanbook Two, The Demon Corps Info Book, Two Specially-Drawn Manga, Part I  Interview with the Demons from Hell: Voices from Beyond the Sanzu River 
Thanking N for the commission and cleaning. PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE. Part II will be uploaded either tomorrow or this week.
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