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#h writes

To the lovely that asked me about the sunbathing blurb, I hope this is okay in the place of it. I wanted to write something with the Tik-tok viral video of girlfriends walking in naked while their significant others are working. 

This is like 18+ Content adjacent. 

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. Remember to take care of yourself please. 

Enjoy my masterlist!


She’d be the first to admit that being stuck in the house was driving her mad. There wasn’t much in the way of work for her to do, seeing as her job had furloughed her and now, she was left to all the old hobbies she hadn’t picked up since being a teen. She had attempted picking up her sketch pencils again and admittedly, she was making strides to sketch for half an hour every day so far. But besides drawing, she was left to housework which didn’t really bother her, and listening to Calum work all day. Mostly on video conferences. Occasionally, he posted about the album, and did IG lives. 

In what felt like the seventh endless scroll of the day, usually punctuating the end of breakfast, the end of her drawing time, between recommendations on Netflix, after lunch, before dinner, and before bed, she ran across a compilation video of Tik Toks. Curiosity tugs in her and as she taps on it to bring it full screen, she reads over the text. “Walking in on my boyfriend naked. Here’s his reaction.” All the videos cycle through of guys’ dropping jaws at their significant others naked behind the camera. 

She snorts, but even as she scrolls down from the video, she wonders how Calum would react. They’ve been naked around each other without it immediately being sexual. But at this point, the boredom is starting to rot her brain, and she thinks what harm could be at hand. Pushing up from the couch, much to the disapproval of Duke, she peeks her head out, to see what Calum was doing. 

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Not sure if you like Harry styles, but would you do something with his song “golden” and Calum please?

No problem sweetheart! I love Harry Styles, btw. Hope you enjoy. 

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. Remember to take care of yourself please. 

Enjoy my masterlist!

No specific race or gender of the reader. 


Up In the Skies

Calum knew fire was hot. He knew getting too close always ran the risk of getting him burned. And even though, he was always trying to be cautious with matters that involved his heart, he couldn’t lie to himself. You were a fire burning bright and he was a moth just looking for light. Just the orb of light that he needed, so he let you in. 

The world never seemed to ever hurt you. Or least not for long. Everything thrown at you seemed to bounce off. You always bounced back. You always picked yourself up and still had the same vim and vigor to take the world by storm. You still loved to laugh and you still found the excitement in the tiny things, like when you managed to find flower growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, or at the top of mountains watching the world buzzing below you. 

Now, huffing as you pull yourself up the last few feet to stand at the tittering edge, Calum watches you with your arms spread out wide. The wind blows and he swears it’s straight out of one of the movies as the sun is nestled in the sky illuminating your entire body like an angel descending from the heavens. 

He doesn’t want to think about you ascending, about you leaving him. But he knows that while he’s happy where his life is at, there’s still that fear that lingers. The things that’s protected his heart from breaking, but also the very thing that keeps him from living, from loving, from having those soft moments wrapped up in each other, and laughing over nothing. 

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Omg all the feels! Could you write something cute about how cal and y/n have this subtle thing they do to check in with each other when they are out or at crowded parties/venues. Like they double tap their on the elbow to let each other know they are okay/thinking of them from across the room. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense I’m all emotional 馃槶馃槶馃槶鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

I can do that for you, love. Hope you enjoy as I added a little bit at the end there! 

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Enjoy my masterlist!

I will be a little slow to write and do have to exercise some discretion with my requests, but feel free to drop one song + a boy, or a tiny blurb request. 



Your bones are shaking with the music. But you’re content with your drink in hand, leaning against the wall. You’ve tasked yourself with keeping watch. The alcohol’s made your head heavy and you feel good, if not a little sleepy. You can see Calum floating, laughing as he leans in close to people trying to talk and hear over the loud rattle. 

He looks good with the close crop that’s starting to grow out and though you might prefer some styles over the other, your heart will never fail to skip a beat when you see him. A roar of cheers erupts from your left and almost lazily you turn your head to see a small crowd gathering around. You can’t see the middle, can’t see the thing that’s pulling everyone’s attention but you assume it’s fun, something good and watch as the bodies sway now. Maybe it’s someone dancing, showing off some new move. 

Flicking your gaze back across the room, you try to find Calum again. But he’s not in the huddle he was in before. You let your gaze skate, browsing over faces. You can spot Ashton talking animatedly. Luke’s off in another corner–that’s when you spy Michael and Calum. They’re discussing something and you just watch. 

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The stress is a recipe for disaster, but thankfully Calum’s there to help her all through it.

This is what we call self-indulgence 101. Enjoy soft Calum. 

It is a female reader, only referred to as ‘she’. No specific race. 

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The tension resides at the base of her skull, creeping its way up the back of her head, pulsing in her temple and right behind her eye. It beats the back of her skull on the left side of her head and the left side only. Her neck is heavy and not even the pillow beneath her neck is able to support it or alleviate the pounding. Closing her eyes hurt. Rolling onto either side hurts. It does not help with the lingering twinge of cramps in her lower back. Physically, she is falling apart. And mentally, she isn’t doing much better. The world in a panic to the pandemic and with her job now closed, she worries about bills. Thankfully right before the shutdown on her job, she had figured housing arrangements with Calum. But that didn’t stop the dizzying worry about her student loans, providing basic necessities for herself and her dog, Ace. 

The room is still dark when Calum peaks his head inside. She lays still, not fully under the sheets with Duke on her chest and Ace curled up on her side. It was a slight worry when she first moved at the end of February that Ace would be just too big of a dog around Duke with the German Shepherd abundantly clear in him. There were a couple other things, the best guess was Australian Shepherd. But the vets hadn’t been too sure and the people at the shelter couldn’t quite place it either. And though Ace did like to play rough, the moment she felt like he was getting too rowdy and called for him to cool it, he listened immediately. He was well trained and there was no doubting that. 

“Head still hurting?” Cal asks, stepping into the bedroom more. He uses his body to block the light from the hallway as he shuts the door close.

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Can I request an awkward meetcute blurb with Calum? Something about bumping into him and Duke with your pitbull and getting tangled with the dog leashes? Ilysm

I can do that for you. 

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The morning isn’t cold. But it’s not warm either. No real indication if the rest of the day is going to give into the bright sun or if the feathering of clouds will become more prominent. Either way you’ll take the slight chill underneath the light weight jacket. As the sip slides down your throat, you feel the leash grow taunt and grin, watching as your dog stand at attention at the people passing by. One or two of them stop to pet them, a few skirt away. You try and not let that bother you because you know your baby is the sweetest. It’s just the stigma. 

After the generous affection of a few strangers, they settle back down next to you and you work on finishing the last few sips of coffee in your cup. You’re thankful as hell that the coffee shop opens up as early as it does or the early morning walks would wreack more havoc on your body than it already does. Though as the years has passed with your dog, it’s getting easier. 

Their cold snout presses into your arm and you grin. “I know, almost done, bubba. I promise.”

They settle their head on your lap, eyes blinking up at you to urge you to finish. You have been sitting for a while but you just wanted a couple extra minutes with the breeze on your cheeks. Soon there are no more dregs that can slide down the innards of the cup to your tongue and you have to call it quits. 

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Pratego was brilliant and you're an amazing writer. Where can I find more? Could I get a song blurb please? "Do I wanna know" by Arctic Monkeys with our boy Michael 馃槏馃槏馃槏

Thanks for reading Praetego! I’m glad you enjoyed! If you’re looking more of that fic, it’s a standalone. But more fics can be found on my masterlist!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi. 

Feel free to send one song + your choice (including Shawn Mendes, Chris Evans, and Marvel). 

No mentions of race, gender, or sexuality.


The Nights are Mainly Made for Matters of the Heart 

Michael knows he’s gone off the deep end when he wakes for the fourth time in the week, with an ache in his chest that the sheets next time him aren’t filled with you. His sheets aren’t warm because you were sleeping there and then got up early knowing he will always have a tendency to sleep in a little late. He drops his head back into the pillow. It’s better in his subconscious, where you’re with him and he can curl up onto your chest. That way he’s already got your heart and isn’t standing at the door, after knocking, waiting for you to let him in. 

And maybe it was a little dumb of him not to move on. You had told him that with the way things had to work for him and his lifestyle that you might not have been cut from a cloth to withstand that. And he understood. It’s incredibly hard to leave the ones you love. He’s still not quite sure how he ever made the decision to leave his family at sixteen sometimes. And part of it surely was naivety. The world felt shiny and bright, and it was all he wanted in the world to get the fuck out and way from everything that hurt him. 

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Calum and Jewels thought the road for them was over. But all it takes it an act of kindess to bring them together again. Part 3 of Birthday Boy. 

Calum x Black OC.

There is 18+ Content (Smut). If you are under 18, please do not read or interact, thank you!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi

Also, enjoy my masterlist! (Parts 1 and 2 can be found here!)


Calum squints, adjusting the dial on his radio to bring the volume down. He reads the sign on the front of the building just to confirm that his GPS hasn’t gotten him lost. Content that it’s the bakery he is looking for, he turns into the shopping center and finds a parking spot. It’s not like Calum expected this to be part of his best man duties but when Crystal mentioned not knowing where to start for the cake, Calum said he had no problem helping out. Michael was just as lost as she was and Calum figured while it was a little out of the way for some of these places, it wouldn’t hurt. So they split up the list that she had narrowed down from and each of them went to scout out the locations. 

Calum had been sent out solo but the criteria was strict for him to follow. After consulting with Crystal after each visit, only one had survived so far to the even shorter shortlist. This was his last one and he hoped it was better than the others. Not that he didn’t like them, but they just didn’t feel right. Though it really wouldn’t be his gut feeling that would make the final call. Really, Calum was supposed to go to this one first, since it was the farthest out. But because two of the three being right next to each, he tackled those first. 

The rain seemed consistent, having rained for a few days prior as well. Even though it brings Calum down a little, he thinks there’s beauty to this too. The soft patter of it against the roof of his SUV and the way it sounds splashing into the asphalt are sounds that he didn’t get to hear too often. With his head ducked down, he carefully walks through the rain, inhaling the way the grass emits a smell with the weight of the water. 

The bell above the door chimes as Calum’s entrance. It smells sweet, which isn’t a shock, but it’s not overly so. It’s like the sweetness is just clinging with the last of its strength to the air in the shop. The soft mint green of the walls is inviting as he glances around quickly. No one sits in the small dining area but there are people lingering at the register. Calum takes a moment to contemplate the menu in front of them, to see if anything happens to tickle his fancy before having to find an employee to run down this script with.


The voice is high and he swears his heart is going to jump out of his chest. “Jewels?” 

He hadn’t seen her since her birthday. That was about three and a half months ago. Not that he didn’t have her number still saved and not that he hadn’t drafted text messages to her. And not that she hadn’t texted him once during that. But it wasn’t anything serious, just a quick, hope you’re doing well text message. He responded in the same, but it wasn’t clear where things stood. Calum didn’t want to push any boundaries or try to make something that wasn’t there. 

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I really love your work! I don’t quite remember how this works and I am not handy with tumblr at all so i hope I’m asking in the right place! Could I request you write something with Cal with the song Love Affair by Umi? Or Die For You by The Weeknd? I love your stuff so much I literally read everything.

Hi, love. Thanks for such kind words and thanks for your song suggestion. I went with Love Affair by Umi since it was the first one listed. 

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. If you feel so inclined and have the means, you can support me on Ko-fi

Enjoy my masterlist

Feel free to send me one song + a boy or small blurb request. 


Just a Good Time

 It’s so easy. Whenever your phone rings and Calum’s on the other end, things just feel light. You don’t have to worry and you don’t have to fret over what you’re saying and you don’t have to worry about the way you come across because he just gets it. And you get him. You get the late nights. Most often than not, you’ll stay up late on FaceTime watching him work in his office at home while you’re cozy in bed, offering soft praises. 

“You should get ready,” Calum says. Through his receiver, you can hear the crackle of a breeze like he might driving with the phone on speaker. His voice echoes too and you know for sure he’s in his car. 


“I’m ten minutes from your place.”

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The original request: Hey if you’re open to suggestions could you write about cal coming home one day and saying “uhm you look.. not sober?” And convincing him to join drinking with you and having a fun time 😉

This original prompt has since been adjusted. I did get permission (x). Thanks to you anon, for being so understanding and working with me so I can serve you best. 

Remember folks, consent is important in all matters of life–sex, romantic relationships, platonic, whether you’re giving a hug. Does not matter–allow the person to consent or even reject and respect those boundaries. Consent is also ongoing!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy.

Enjoy my masterlist–linked in the source!

Feel free to send me a song + a boy or small blurb request. (Can I beg for Michael content and request? Yes, thanks.)

This is a reader insert (you). Open to all races, gender identities. Just general light-weightness for the consumption of alcohol. 


It was only going to be one drink. One drink while you dipped your toes into the pool. And you had even poured it with a light hand, just to avoid feeling too out of your head too fast. But that light pour for one drink became a second one. And maybe they did become heavier pours as you went about it. But it was so hard to really taste the rum in the drink. That you figured maybe just a little bit more wouldn’t hurt. 

And now you’re sinking into the pool, your swimwear reflecting from under the water as the sun beams down. You relax your head into the slightly white marble. It feels good and for a second you’re not worried about the world outside, you’re not worried about work, or school, or bills. You’re not worried about anything because nothing else matters but the sun warming your skin and the water holding up your limbs. 

Before you can even realize, you’re three drinks down. It’s not that bad. Not until you go to pull yourself out of the water and suddenly without the natural buoyancy it’s a little harder to keep your limbs in coordination. A laugh pricks up your ears and you look up to Calum. “You do not look completely sober. I’d give us mostly.”

“It was only supposed to be one drink,” you huff. 

Calum nods. “You okay? They say you’re not supposed to drink alone.”

“I’m okay. The water just tricked me.”

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I think it's illegal not to request this: wildflower with the bodacious calum hood

Thanks for the suggestion! I hope my interpretation isn’t too left field. 18+ Content (Smut) Please do not read if you are under 18, thank you!

Please stay safe during these uncertain times. Drop a sweet message to your favorite blogger. Reblog your favorite fic. Recommend a fic to me if you want! We need to spread some joy. 

If you feel so incline, here’s my Ko-fi. But please, for right now, know that I just want to provide content to help you all through these times. 

Enjoy my masterlist!


Favorite Fantasy 

Let me put on a fashion show for you. The text is accompanied by a picture of a couple bags sitting on the edge of their shared bed. 

Calum grins, fingers tapping at the keys. I’ll be home soon. One more meeting. 

There’s no immediate response and Calum doesn’t think too much about it. He knows now that she’s back home from her small shopping adventure, she might be relaxing, or playing with Duke. Though Calum didn’t normally work this late on the weekends, he had to be in the studio for the Skype meeting. They were meeting a couple people about merchandise. The timing didn’t work out too well during the rest of the week and on a Friday evening was the first time it wasn’t a mess trying to get everyone near a computer. 

Regardless, after settling in thanks to letting the buffering sit for a solid five minutes, they are able to begin their meeting. Ashton taking the piss looks to Calum. “I guess we gotta make a bucket hat too.”

“Damn straight,” he returns, readjusting the one on his head. “Leopard print.”

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Mitch Rapp x Reader

Word Count: 2,147

Warnings: Angst, Angsty fluff



Day Unknown

  It didn’t take long for the door to open again, but this time the person who entered made me wonder if I was actually going crazy.

  “Evanoff?” I breathed, the stout man hunkering into the room.

   “Hello.” He glanced over his shoulder towards the door like he expected someone to burst in any second.

   “What are you doing here?”

   “SHE need fixing.”

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Quandary–Part 1: Trolley Problem

Calum knows he will always have to do what’s best for the people he rules and his kingdom. But that never seemed to include matters of his heart being in the way. 

Prince!Calum, Love Triangle, and two Black OC’s. 


“Would you care for a dance?” Calum asks as the band starts a new song. It’s in a more waltz tempo. The dance floor is clearing for couples that care to take a whirl. He extends his hand out, one arm tucked behind his back.

“I’d love to.” Their walk to the floor is silent. Calum gives her a soft smile as they settle into the proper hold. He leads and she speaks, “I remember the first time we danced.”

Calum lets a breathy laugh escape him. They were ten, attending a summit and all the parents were pairing their children off to dance. Calum was decently coordinated but still shy at dancing. “I promise not to step onto any toes this time.”

“Wore steel-toed heels just in case you change that tune,” she teases. They spin around the dance floor. More people clear out to watch the effortless glide. Sonya’s dress is an icy blue and lifts perfectly as they spin. The song ends and with a bow, Calum leads her back to the side.

As he thanks Sonya yet again for the lovely dance, he can hear the distinct pop of bubble gum. His veins turn ice cold, fingernails digging into his palm. He knows that sound all too well. He tries to keep a pleasant and polite face, but he knows as soon as he turns around he’s faced with her. He can see here sparkling blue jumpsuit from the corner of his eyes. She was never one to play by the rules, with her raven-colored hair, shaven on the sides and long on the top. The ends sometimes dyed orange, or blue. He admired her rebellious spirit. He still does if he’s honest. But she’s more trouble than she’s worth.


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Mitch x Reader

Word Count: 3,513

Warnings: *GRAPHIC* This contains very real descriptions. If psychological torture and human bodily functions is too much, please skip this part. Message me and I will give you any important information that was revealed. 

A/N: I did my best researching these techniques and the psychological impact of them. Naturally, I’ve taken some artistic liberties, but in general it should be pretty accurate. You’re welcome to send in your opinions and knowledge, but do so respectfully. 



Sunday, May 27th

   It seemed like days that I was kept in the trunk, my limbs cramping from lack of movement. There was no light aside from what shown through the thin crack, and it was silent. I was alone with my own thoughts and it drove me mad. At times, they were so loud that I was convinced they were voices coming from outside, and I would scream and pound on the trunk to get their attention.

   It didn’t help that I was still wearing the bullet proof vest, sending me deeper into claustrophobia than I would have otherwise. Then there came the time when I had to use the bathroom. I held it for as long as I could, but eventually the pain of my bloated bladder forced the urine out. I cried.

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Michael crosses paths with an unlikely friend. She’s not really in the business of making too many friends and Michael’s really only in this villa for a little bit. But they forge a friendship and become an unlikely pair. 

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The beach is quiet. That’s not a shock though considering the status as privately owned. Michael and the rest of the boys are renting the little villa out as they write the album. It’s nice to have a quiet place to come to as Michael takes in the mostly hushed sounds of the waves crashing against the shoreline. The house is anything but quiet with a constant buzz, a constant charge of thinking, strumming, humming. It’s not like they don’t all have their own separate house, not like they haven’t created small bubbles inside the larger one of being on this beach. But there’s always one house that’s buzzing, always one place, not even a twenty feet walk from him that’s in constant motion. 

However, the beach is mostly still. He can walk down the path, and find himself yards away from the chaos, from this constant pressure to be on. He can turn off, power down and just breathe. His only job here is to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. He slides out of his sneakers and socks, letting the sand slide in between his toes. He can smell the saltwater. It burns his lungs just a little. He should’ve brought a blanket, something to sit on. But at this point, it doesn’t matter. It does not matter as long as he can sit and finally be alone and be at a stand still. Stillness, that’s what he needs. 

He watches, after settling down, sitting with his knees bent, up near his chest. The waves lap against the shoreline, a gently whooshing side ringing against his eardrums. He takes another deep inhale. The constant quiet crash makes his limbs feel heavy. Michael feels as if he’s sinking through the sand, falling through the surface of the earth. Though he’s not sure where he’s going to land if he’ll land at all. But he doesn’t worry about that. He can’t find it himself to worry about that. He knows he’s sitting on solid ground. His phone buzzes from his pocket. He fishes it out, ignoring the text message and turning on the Do Not Disturb function. “Just a moment’s peace, please.”

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Thanks to the Old Me music video, I unearthed this old fic. Here is Football!Calum. With a hint of Artist!Calum. 

Calum took his chance. To be selfish. To have both things. Football and Art. 

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The grass feels different beneath his sneakers. He’s already walked with the team to put the equipment up. The coaches have already clapped him on the back, smiled at him, told him that he made his team proud. Though most importantly, they had hoped he had done himself proud. His mom and dad have already wrapped him in hugs, grins plastered to their faces. They’ve already taken him out to dinner, stuffed him with the fanciest thing on the menu. He’s already cheered in the locker room. His voice is still a little hoarse.  Three championship games in a row under his belt. This game, that took place less than three hours ago, was his last hurrah. His freshman and sophomore year weren’t total defeats. They made it to the finals, but didn’t quite make it all the way. And now with junior, senior, and this first year as a postdoc have felt like fever dreams. 

 It’s amazing to go out on such a high note. He can’t help but smile at the thought, the adrenaline that fueled him as he drove the ball downfield with just seconds left. They were up by one goal. It’s not like they needed another one. Calum was greedy for it. No, he was starving for it. It was the fire in his bones that kept him running down that field. The goalie, normally pretty good at reading fakes, took the bait as Calum juked left a little. He dove a second too early, clearing the right side of the goal and Calum watched the ball sail before hitting the back of the net. Time did not exist. He wasn’t breathing. Just watching the ball, praying it didn’t hit the beam. 

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It’s me again! Temporary heart by prettymuch with Calum

Thanks for your song suggestion and all your patience!

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Requesting for song blurbs is CLOSED. Thanks for all the love. 



He told his mom about you. His sister too. 

That’s what makes it worst the worse. He had called home. For the first time in years, he couldn’t hide his smile when anyone talked about you. When he FaceTimed his mother, just to check in, she knew immediately. She saw it in him that something had shifted his soul. And he had to tell her. He couldn’t hide you from her. 

The heart’s no good in an emotional capacity. It’s too fragile and too sensitive to be given freely.  But you snuck in. You managed to slip around Calum’s defenses and he was hopeless to defend himself. The truth is he was okay with being single but he did want someone. He did miss that feeling of wanting to wake up next to them. He missed talking on the phone even though the conversation was bouncing between things happening and things in the future. He missed sometimes just the silence of hearing the other person breathe. The comfort that he was still alive and so were they and they wanted him. They wanted every ounce of him. 

Is it so wrong to be wanted that it had to come with a price?

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Maybe something cute and fluffy like Bloom by Troye Sivan (listening to the one recorded at Spotify) for Michael?

Thanks for the song suggestion and your patience! (FunFact: At my day job they play the studio version on repeat all the time and I literally upon hearing the first line of the song nearly freaked out.) Also, so excited to use my knowledge of video games and streaming in this one. So thank you again for this! 

You can support me on ko-fi. It helps ensure I can continue to provide this content ant helps me save for graduate school! 

Requesting for song blurbs is closed. Thanks for all the love. 


Three Bits for Fate

Michael was used to traveling. He did it constantly for his job. It didn’t mean that he liked it. Like right now, it’s five-thirty in the morning and his plane would begin boarding in another twenty minutes. He hadn’t even slept yet. By the time he got in from the studio and ate, he figured he might as well just stay up, finish packing his bags and then catch a ride to the airport. 

Security was shockingly not an issue. He picked a spot at his gate and tried his best to keep his eyes open until his flight was called. Staying awake is proving to be a slight problem. He didn’t want to try coffee or a Redbull in the fear that he would never sleep on the flight. It’s just under an eight-hour flight. Plenty of time to get some rest and at least feel halfway functional when he arrived. He was asked to be a guest at a musical camp in Canada. Michael had no reason not to go though he did wonder why they hadn’t asked the whole band to go. But they only reached out to him and he would be a fool to have not taken the chance. 

Michael reclines his head back, trying to stretch his neck out. Don’t fall asleep. Save it for the plane. 

With his eyes peeled open and staring at the ceiling, Michael is shocked to feel someone settle next to him. Not too many people catch red-eye flights in the middle of the week. There is a whole gate full of seats. Not that Michael is angry about their placement, just perplexed. 

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coloring book by the regrettes with calum :)

Thanks for the suggestion and all your patience! (It’s a black reader insert, and I hope that’s okay! I normally try to keep my reader inserts open-ended on the race front. But I got carried away this time.)

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A World In Color

If anyone told Calum that he would be sitting on his living room floor surrounded by crayons, printer paper, coloring books, a plush Tweety Bird in his lap and a hyped up on sugar four-year-old and actually enjoying his life, he would’ve laughed a little but made it clear that he was a few years off from all that happening. 

That would’ve been the case. If not for the fact that he is actually surrounded by crayons, printer paper, coloring books, a plus Tweety Bird in his lap, and a four-year-old who is hopped up on life more so than sugar, but the lollipop he snuck her is probably adding to the mixture as well. And he’s actually enjoying his life and her story. 

“But of course he does because he’s mean,” Ysobel continues on. She’s currently explaining the stick figure with some bubble features that is her mother in the middle of an epic battle as the sun sets and her mother has to defeat the dragon burning all of the town’s crop. It’s veered a little from the townspeople and now she’s just bouncing on her feet, talking with her hands, much like her mother and leaning across his coffee table. “I want swords like Mommy. So I can big and strong, and be in movies like her too!”

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Call me back by young the giant and asht

Thanks for the suggestion and all your patience!

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TW: pregnancy, talk of abortion. 

Requesting for song blurbs is closed. Thanks for all the love. 


To Be, or To Not

He told himself he was through with promises. 

They were hollow anyway. They didn’t mean much when words can easily not be followed through. Words just filled the air. Ashton needed things that would fill his chest. He needed things that showed him just how much that person cared or just how faithful that person was to their word. 

His texts to her have sat unanswered for days. She promised to call him back, to let him know what the hell was going on. There had been nothing. She hadn’t called or texted him at all. In a situation like this, where it was altering both their lives, Ashton needed her to communicate with him and not play games. 

All he wanted was for her to fucking call him back. Was that so wrong? Maybe he’s a little wrong to text her, I guess soon means something different. Ashton stares at the text, it’s been a couple hours since he sent it. That was wrong of me, I’m sorry. I just need to hear from you, make sure you’re in a good headspace and if you’d made a decision or not.

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Thank you so much for asking for Michael requests! 鉂わ笍 our fandom needs more content for him 馃ズ please could you write a Michael fic based on the song ‘rainbow’ by kacy musgraves? Thank you! 鉂わ笍

Thanks for the suggestion, lovely! I hope you enjoy!

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Rained Out, Rained In

The first few clouds aren’t troublesome. They float through gently and without fuss, like always. Sometimes they stop right in front of the sun and provide a moment’s reprieve from the blaring afternoon sun. Michael glances up, eyes closing just a little to block out the yellow rays as they turn a hair more orange. There’s still plenty of daylight out. Still plenty of people bustling around the city. Michael readjusts his hold on the package of toilet paper and keeps on to his car. 

He thinks if the breeze keeps like this, he’ll take a stroll around his block. Maybe even venture out to that new coffee shop that just opened up. And even though Michael’s most definitely not a coffee person, he’s heard Luke, Calum, and Ashton raving about it that it might be worth checking it out. Not too far from it is an old school comic shop. He hasn’t had proper time to be a nuisance in the store so today might just be the day for him to meander about. 

The groceries aren’t a fuss to put up. Though Michael is slightly disturbed at his own ability to leave food in the fridge for so long that even the container does not look savable. “God, that’s gotta be a weekly chore from now on,” he says aloud, trying to hold back the gag but like the chills of disgust crawl up his skin.

It sucked cooking for just one person. He got bored with the leftovers after a couple days. While it was wiser to do it, sometimes he just didn’t want to be bothered by the whole song and dance of cooking. Sometimes nothing beats the salt of fast-food french fries greasing up fingers. 

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