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hains-mae 4 days ago
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sketchyneeks 7 months ago
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love shines brightest in the dark
secret tunnel !!
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condorclaw 8 months ago
Glad to see everyone in the tags are going through the stages of grief with the Mumbo/Martyn romance arc together
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outtagum a year ago
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The cast of Arrested Development and Archer pay respects to their costar Jessica Walter who sadly passed away on 24th March at the age of 80
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slashingdisneypasta 9 months ago
Incorrect Quote
The - one, - time Charlie volunteered to couch football at Thomas' school in order to help his little brother socialise. (It was Luda Mae's idea... it wasn't her best... )
Charlie: *Drops down on his knees by a fallen Thomas* How many fingers am I holding up!??? *Holding up 2 fingers in front of Thomas' face*
Thomas: *Holding his head, eyes drooping* ... *Holds up four of his own fingers, shakily, in answer*
Charlie: Say 2.
Thomas: *Switches to two fingers*
Charlie: Perfect! *Yanks him up and shoves him back out onto the field* Now get back out there
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bama744 8 months ago
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The Cast includes:
Brooke Shields as Violet Keith Carradine as Bellocq Susan Sarandon as Hattie Frances Faye as Nell Antonio Fargas as Professor Diana Scarwid as Frieda Barbara Steele as Josephine Matthew Anton as Red Top Gerrit Graham as Highpockets Mae Mercer as Mama Mosebery Susan Manskey as Fanny Henry Braden as Harry Pat Pierre Perkins as Ola Mae Philip H. Sizeler as The Senator Don Lutenbacher as Violet's 1st Customer Don Hood as Albert Fuller
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shuwuji 2 months ago
i am not capable of much more today than getting really comfy on the couch and having my heart ripped out of my chest
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heather-rose-owens a year ago
Bianca went from being consoled back stage by Triple H after being knocked out of the Mae Young Classic
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kaedeharacherilee a year ago
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daily-rubbersoul-redux 4 months ago
Mae once again was laying on the floor, sleep continuing to elude her. It had been... Quite a few days since she and Laurence had put their plan into motion. And goddammit was she hungry...
...What if this didn't even work? Gah, no, stay positive, but... It very well couldn't. This was all hinging on one observation she made after all, so...
...No. No, she had to have faith in herself on this. And hey, if she was wrong about this, then at least she was right about one thing. Haha.
She let out a sigh, bringing her hand up to her face and glaring at it. She had just checked not all that long ago, and there had still been nothing, but maybe now...
...Hm. Hm? Oh that.... It felt a bit toasty. And now it felt chilly. Oh my god. Oh my god!
Mae sat up, grinning like a madwoman. It had worked! It had actually worked! She had been right! Yes!
Alright, wait, no point in celebrating yet. Sadly, that was the easy part. But, it was progress, and that's what counted.
She laid back down on the floor, a proud grin still plastered on her face. For now, best to try and get some rest.
She would need all the energy she could muster for what was to come.
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hazelnutnebula a year ago
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owo?? what's this?? dont starve?? on M Y t umblr??
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hains-mae 6 days ago
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Bath time 馃泚馃
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peopleeeater a year ago
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started workin on a rando-ass horror/slasher type thing bc i got inspired by slashers and confetti birthday massacre and fnaf and all that shit and these are some of the survivors of it!!! they鈥檙e very in love and are super soft.
note - this little story thing is called聽鈥渟uper summer slaughter-hour鈥 so yeah
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starcythedec a year ago
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mae mae mae mae聽 hi im deccy im new here ig,
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j-r-macready a year ago
ZK017(H) parked.
ZK017(H) parked. by Hugh Trainer Via Flickr: RAF Hawk T2 ZK017(H) parked on The Cambrian Apron at Cardiff Airport 06/04/2021.
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wonderfilworld 12 months ago
Just wrote my first threesome fic and鈥. there will definitely be more of those to come
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celebrityskinmp3 a year ago
im obsessed with knowing people's middle names pls tell me yalls 馃懇鈥嶁潳锔忊嶐煉嬧嶐煈
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maeveelemora a year ago
鈥淚t keeps jamming on me, I dont know why,鈥 Val repeats mockingly under his breath. 鈥淢aybe if you cleaned your chamber more than once a fuckin鈥 year it wouldn鈥檛 jam, t锚te de noeud.鈥
These young fuckin鈥 Aldecaldo grunts out here not even keeping their guns properly mateninced. Just running them into the ground, not a single swab session getting done for months. Then when, exactly as can be expected, the things start jamming and misfiring, they just dump it in Val鈥檚 lap.
鈥淪hould throw it back at their head,鈥 he continues seething from the workbench. 鈥淢aybe knock some damn sense into th鈥擜H!鈥
Val whips around, one hand instinctively going for his own weapon while the other heads for the spot on his ass that鈥檚 still stinging from the unexpected smack. He鈥檚 just in time to catch a glimpse of the smirk at the corner of Mitch鈥檚 mouth right before the man kneels back down in front of the van he鈥檚 been working on for the better part of the morning.
鈥淒on鈥檛 do that!鈥 Val demands, the last word coming out as more of a giggle than anything.
鈥淢mm, I seem to remember you tellin鈥 me not to stop doin鈥 that not so long ago.鈥
With a blush already creeping up his cheeks, Val grabs the nearest rag and balls it up to chuck it at Mitch鈥檚 head, who just laughs in return.
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exhakunobest a year ago
Caster鈥檚 speech to Hakuno.聽
All of Hakuno鈥檚 servants give really heartwarming dialogue to before you arrive at the Moon Cell鈥檚 Core. Caster鈥檚 is quite ironic as she references Twice right before you meet him.
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maeo-0 a year ago
we love my dad for finally making me able to cry again
anyways does anyone have more irondad fic recommendations? :,)
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