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moonxbabe · 23 hours ago
vinnie hacker smut - for the first time - part 4 -
hi readers - so this little story has come to an end, this is the last part of ‘for the first time’, thank you to the anon who requested it, I really enjoyed writing it and hope you enjoyed reading it :) 
warning: smut 18+
part 1
part 2
part 3
2 weeks later
Vinnie had called, texted and sent flowers basically every day since the pool party trying to get any response back from you but you hadn't given in. You had been sulking in your room most days not having motivation to do much even though you had classes and work you needed to get done. 
You deleted all social media since the incident because you couldn't handle seeing it all anymore. The hate, the comments, the updates. It made you sick with anxiety and self-hatred. It felt like nobody was on your side.
The worst part of it all was that you missed him. You missed him so much it hurt. His touch, his smell, his laugh. Everything about him. You felt like part of you was ripped away. Everyday you are tempted to respond back to his texts or answer his calls, but the thoughts linger and fear gets the best out of you. 
You sigh re-reading the latest text he sent earlier that morning saying:
Vinnie: Good morning beautiful, I hope you have a good day. I think about you every moment. I miss you so much, I will never give up on us. 
Your eyes fill with tears as you press the phone to your chest holding it tight. You lay back down in your bed holding back the tears because you're too tired of crying. You drift off into a nap. 
You jump up awake hearing someone knock at your door. You grab your phone looking at the time reading 7:21pm realizing you slept through most of the day. You groan softly, getting up and looking around for a pair of shorts to slip on, not in the mood for guests. 
Nailea showed up a few times to check in on you as well as your forever best friend even though you told them you were fine a million times. They knew the truth.
“Nai if it's you I already told you I’m fi--” you open the door to see Vinnie standing there. You look at him, speechless.
“Hi,” He says quietly, giving you a tight smile. He was hoping and praying you wouldn't slam the door in his face. 
“Hi,” you looked at him unsure of what to do or say. You frowned a little, noticing he looked a little skinnier than the last time you saw him and it seemed he hadn't shaved in a while which was really unlike him. You crossed your arms over your chest uncomfortably glancing down realizing you were wearing his t-shirt before looking back at him. 
“Can I come in? Please.” He studies you for a moment, his face soft and his words pleading. 
“Why,” you say quietly.
“Because I miss you,” He hesitates, “and this is killing me,” He places his hand on the door frame waiting for a response. You sigh and move to the side letting him in, not saying a word. 
“How have you been?” He breaks the lingering silence staring at you, you glance up at him before looking down once more. 
“Fine,” you slightly shrug, rubbing your right arm with your left nervously. 
“I’ve just been really worried, you haven't returned any of my calls or texts,” He sighed, taking a few small steps closer to you, you didn't move. “I know Nai’s been over so I asked her but she wouldn't say much,” 
“I mean there's not much to say,” you said in a quiet tone. 
“I know you're hurt and upset and hate me right now, but is there any way we could work this out? I can't just let go and forget y/n,” He swallowed hard holding back tears. 
“I don't hate you,” you sigh “I could never hate you,” 
“I'm glad to hear that,” He said calmly and took a few more steps now standing in front of you, you still looked down scared to make eye contact with him. 
“Hey,” He used his fingers to lift your chin to look at him, your eyes falling into his. You held back tears as his honey colored eyes brought back all your shared memories. 
“Please don't cry,” He slightly frowned as he could see your eyes tear up, you pressed your lips together and nodded. 
“I'm sorry,” You said quietly, soaking in the moment. 
“I’ve missed you so much,” He whispered, letting go of your chin and using the back of his index finger to gently brush your cheek, you closed your eyes for a moment letting him, enjoying the feeling. He presses his forehead against yours as your noses brush against one another.
“I’ve missed you too,” You whisper back as your eyes flutter open, a small smile appearing on his face. He gently places his hand on your waist pulling you a little closer. 
“Can I hug you?” He says and you hesitate but nod. You wanted nothing more than to hug him, to feel him against you. He pulls you in, hugging you tightly as you hug him back resting your head on his chest. 
“These two weeks have been the worst two weeks of my life,” He says quietly, not letting you go. You slightly smile to yourself at his words because you felt the same way. 
“Vin,” you say after a few moments of silence.
“Hm?” He pulls away a little to look at you. 
“This doesn't mean we can just go back to how things were,” you said as he slightly frowned “I missed you and love you yes, but that doesn't change anything, it doesn't change what happened or what will continue to happen” you slowly let him go “I don't want to be put in that situation anymore,” 
“I know, I know,” He sighed and nodded, “I wouldn't put you in it either, I just wish I could protect you from it all,” He groaned frustrated “I hate how everyone can be happy and in relationships, but it's not the same for me,” 
“They just hate me,” you look down trying to keep your emotions together. 
“Well I love you, and I dont give a fuck what anyone else thinks or says,” He places his hand on your cheek stroking it softly with your thumb. You meet his eyes once more and attempt a smile as you try to hold back tears once more. 
“Hey hey, dont,” He frowns and leans in to kiss your forehead holding your face. You hug his body tightly once more letting your tears fall, you had been waiting for this moment, to be able to hold him and for him to comfort you. He was the only one you wanted to see this whole time to make it feel better, but every fiber in you pushed him away. 
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I just-- they said awful things, Vin, and I believed them,” you broke down into his chest as he hugged your body and rubbed your back. “They always say things about me or to me, I don't know why and I try my best to ignore, I just don't get it,” you sobbed. 
“I know baby, I know, I'm so sorry,” He sighed, holding you so tightly, scared you'd slip away. 
“I don't know how you can do it,” you tried to calm down but just being with him after being away from him for so long made it difficult. 
“Even if I need to delete all my social media and just focus on us, on you. I would do it. I don't care,” He pulled away to look at you, you shook your head.
“I could never ask you to do that Vin, it's your life,” you wipes some falling tears.
“For you I’d do it.” He moves his hand to stroke your cheek softly with his thumb wiping away your tears. 
“I don't want you to,” you sniff  “I just think if we see each other it should be in private so no one will know,” 
“So like sneak around?” his face was a bit disappointed. 
“Mhm, I feel like that would be best” you hug him once more placing your head on his chest hearing his heartbeat. 
“But what if I want to take you out? Like on a date or we just want to get food and hang out,” he sighs, hugging you tightly, placing a kiss on the top of your head. 
“We’ll just need to figure it out in a way no one will know,” you look up at him still hugging me. 
“I mean I guess, if this is the only way,” his voice frustrated. 
“Just for a little while Vin,” you pull away from him, your hand falling into his as your fingers hold on to one another. He smiles as you two stay quiet for a moment. 
“I know it's been a little while, but um-- do you think I could stay with you here and spend the night?” His fingers still linger in yours as he watches you.
“I’d love you to,” you smile at him and get closer leaning your head up for a kiss. He smiles and kisses you softly, placing his hands on your waist. 
“I love you so much,” he pulls away to whisper against your lips, he uses one hand to move a strand of hair falling on your face tucking it behind your ear. “The thought of not being close to you or losing you drives me crazy,” 
“Don't think about that,” you slightly frown. “I’m right here,” you slightly grip at the front of his shirt and he gives you a small smile. 
“I know,” He sighs and kisses your forehead “I'm just scared I guess,” he shakes his head “Let's get you to bed?”
“I'm not really tired, I should probably hop in the shower though” you look up at him. “Would you uh want to join me?” you ask nervously, that was something you both never done.
“More than anything,” he smiles and nods. He takes your hand leading you to the bathroom and turns on the shower. You lean against the sink and watch him smiling to yourself at his excitement. 
“Come here,” He turns around to look at you as you make your way to him, he takes your shirt pulling it off of you gently as you slowly take off your shorts and underwear. He watches you in awe as you step out of the clothing. You hug yourself at the sudden lack of clothing before looking up at him catching him watching you.
“What?” You slightly smile.
“Nothing, you're just beautiful,” He leans in to place his hand on your cheek before kissing you softly, you blush kissing him back. You pull away and get into the shower waiting for him as you close your eyes and stand under the steaming water. He takes off his clothes and gets in, placing his hands on your waist. You open your eyes and smile at him as you run your hands through your wet hair. 
“I’ve missed you so much,” He says softly, pulling you towards him. 
“I missed you too, a lot,” You place your hands on his damp chest running them up and down before wrapping them around his neck. He leans down to kiss you deeply as his arms wrap around your waist. 
“You haven't been shaving,” you pull away from the kiss saying quietly. 
“I know,” He sighs “I definitely need to though,” 
You lean in to kiss his cheek feeling guilty because you know when he doesn't shave he's usually in a depressive episode.
“Does it bother you?” He searches your face for an answer. 
“Vin, of course not,” you slightly frown, kissing him softly once more. “I just know it's unlike you,” You sigh. 
“I’ll shave tomorrow, I promise,” he gives you a reassuring smile.
“Now let me shower,” you laugh softly, letting him go waiting for him to unwrap his arms. He fake pouts and lets you go as he then grabs the shampoo before you. 
“Let me,” He pours some in his hand waiting for you to turn around as you playfully roll your eyes but do so. He massages the shampoo into your hair as you close your eyes enjoying the moment. He puts his hands on your waist once more leading you under the water to rinse as you do so before turning around to smile at him.
“Your turn,” You grab the shampoo, putting it in your hand as you reach up to wash his golden brown hair running your fingers through it. He lightly bites his lower lip at the feeling and watches you, pulling you towards him once again. 
“Rinse,” You smile at him as he turns you both around so now he's under the water as you reach up to help get the shampoo out. 
He leans down to kiss you deeply, wrapping his arms around you once more as you smile and kiss him back, your chests pressed up against one another. He groans softly before slowly lifting you up as you wrap your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. He holds you up against the wall by your thighs giving them a slight squeeze. You slowly slide your tongue across his bottom lip asking for entrance as he allows letting your tongues meet one another causing you to moan. You can feel him growing hard against you as you move one hand to softly grip his hair. 
He begins to kiss down your jawline to your neck as you attempt to catch your breath and bite your lower lip at the feeling as he finds a spot to suck on. 
“Vin,” you groan softly gripping his hair once more as he sucks and bites at that spot leaving a hickey before moving to the other side of your neck. He peppers kisses all over as you lean your head back against the shower at the sweet feeling. He leans you back so he can kiss down your breasts before taking one in your mouth massaging it slowly with his tongue. 
“Fuck,” you moan at the feeling holding his head in place as he moves on to the other giving it the same treatment. He lets go of your thighs and tapes one thigh to unwrap your legs. 
“I want to make you feel good,” He whispers as he gets down on his knees kissing your stomach softly before lifting one of your legs over his shoulder giving him access to your heat. You bite your lip in anticipation as you steady yourself watching him growing wetter by the second. He leans in and slides his tongue from top to bottom causing you to gasp and grip his hair. His tongue finds its way to your clit as he begins to suck at it letting his tongue massage it. 
“Oh my- Vinnie,” you moan loudly as your legs slightly shake, your head leaned back against the shower wall as your eyes roll back in pleasure. Your hand not leaving his hair as his tongue continues back down to thrust itself in and out. After a few seconds he replaces his tongue with two fingers thrusting him quickly in and out of you as he lets his tongue trail back to your clit to suck and play with it. 
“I-Im so close,” your legs shake even more as he curls his fingers to find your g-spot.
“Cum for me baby,” he groans softly as he feels your walls clench around his fingers. 
“Vin,” you moan loudly as you grip his shoulders trying to steady yourself as your climax takes over. You almost slide down the wall but Vinnie quickly grabs you holding you up kissing you softly. 
“You okay?” He whispers softly letting you come down from your high. You nod, giving him a smile leaning your head into his chest. 
“My good girl,” He kisses the top of your head as you slowly stand on your feet. He turns around to turn off the shower before reaching out to grab you a towel wrapping you in it and then grabbing himself one. 
“Let me help you,” you motion to his hard on wanting to make him feel good too. 
“No, it's fine baby,” He shakes his head. 
“I love you,” you say softly looking up at him as you hug your towel. 
“I love you too,” He smiles at you as he finishes drying his hair and wrapping the towel around his waist. You both walk out of the shower and head to your bedroom as he slides on his boxers and you grab his tshirt and underwear putting them on. He sits on the edge of the bed waiting for you as you grab your hair brush and brush your hair. 
You finish and turn around to see him watching you as you smile walking over to him standing in between his legs. 
“Let's get in?” you peck his lips softly as he places his hands on the back of your thighs squeezing them softly before nodding. He gets up to open the covers as you crawl in waiting for him to follow, he gets in next to you and puts his arm around you letting you cuddle into his chest. 
You let your fingers trail up and down his chest before they land on his spider tattoo tracing it slowly. 
“You love that one dont you?” He chuckles softly looking down at you as you nod slightly biting your lower lip looking back at him, you lean up to softly kiss his lips before deepening it. He lets out a soft groan as you slowly get on top of him straddling him. He places both his hands on your face holding you as the kiss turns hot and heavy. He moves one hand to slide into your hair gripping it slightly as you softly suck at his bottom lip. 
You begin to slowly grind against his hardness causing him to moan as both his hands reach down to grip your hips.
“We should stop,” He groans, whispering against your lips, using all his strength to pull away from the kiss. 
“No, I want this,” you whisper and look him in the eyes. 
“What?” He studies your face for a few moments not wanting to misread since you had never, “A-Are you sure?” 
“Yes,” you nod holding his face and placing a soft kiss on his lips “I’m sure, I want you to have all of me, Vinnie, I love you” 
He looks at your face for a few more moments and leans up kissing you deeply, “I love you too baby, more than anything,” he whispers against your lips before flipping you both over so he’d be on top of you. He leans back down to kiss you hungrily as you wrap your arms around his neck pulling him closer, your leg slowly rubbing against his as he moves one hand to slowly pull down your underwear. He rubs your clit slowly feeling your wetness as you moan into the kiss. 
Your hands move down his arms under the covers as you push off his boxers letting his hardness out. He groans softly at the feeling as you take it into your hand stroking it slowly.  
“We’re going to go slowly but if at any point you want to stop or don't feel comfortable, tell me okay?” He pulls away from the kiss breathless looking into your eyes. You nod nervously, moving your hands back to rest on his arms.
“I trust you,” you whisper and he nods, leaning down to kiss your forehead softly before positioning himself at your entrance. You slightly grip at his arms as he slowly enters his tip, biting his lower lip at the feeling. He slowly slides a bit more causing you to wince in pain.
“Vin wait,” you place your hands on his chest pushing him a bit causing him to stop. 
“Do you want to stop?” He moves a hand to stroke your hair softly. 
“No no, keep going,” you shake your head moving your hands up to his shoulders holding them as he slowly enters a little more into you. 
“It hurts, give me a second” you wince once more as you hold back tears not wanting to give up. You attempt to slowly adjust yourself to his length.
“Baby maybe we should stop, we can try again another time,” He looks at you with concern as you shake your head. 
“I-I'm fine, I promise,” you lean up to kiss him softly as he kisses you back nodding. He slowly enters the rest of himself into you, filling you up causing you to grip him tighter. He groans softly at the feeling of finally being deep inside you. 
“You okay baby?” He whispers looking down at you as you nod in reassurance before he begins to slowly thrust in and out of you at a slow and steady pace letting you adjust. 
“Vinnie,” you moan softly, as the pain slowly turns into pleasure, you wrap your arms around his neck once more burying your face into his neck. 
“Yes my good girl,” He lets out a soft moan as he keeps thrusting slowly. 
“You feel good, Vin, you fill me up,” you move your hands to his back slowly gliding them up and down his skin. 
“You’re doing so good, beautiful,” he groans softly as he feels your nails slowly scratch his back. He leans down to pepper kisses all over your neck as you lean your head back giving him more space. “You feel fucking amazing,” He whispers against your neck giving you goosebumps down your spine. 
“Vin, harder,” you bit your lower lip wanting more. He stops kissing your neck in surprise at your words. 
“Are you sure baby?” he swallows hard watching you as you nod.
“Yes, please, harder,” you groan as he follows with harder thrusts. 
“Fuck,” you moan out as your nails dig into his back and your eyes roll back in pleasure. 
“You like that baby?” He groans as he thrusts harder and faster into you, moving one hand to grip your breast squeezing it.
“Yes Vin,” you nod, wrapping your legs around his legs thrusting your hips to meet him. 
“Guess my good girl is a whore for this dick now huh?” he growls into your ear moving his hand down in between you both to rub your clit. 
“Oh my God-- Vinnie,” you moan loudly as your back arches off the bed at the feeling. Your legs begin to shake as you feel your climax approach. 
“Who do you belong to, slut?” He moves his hand away from your clit and kisses you hungerly but pulls away waiting for your answer.
“Fuck Vin,” you moan, whining moving your hand down to your clit before he grips it and holds it down. 
“Answer me,” He growls. 
“Y-You, only you,” you cry in pleasure as he smirks. 
“Good answer,” he moves his hand back to your clit as he watches himself slide in and out of you. He groans feeling your walls begin to clench around his dick as your legs shake vigorously. 
“I'm about to--” you moan loudly gripping at the sheets next to you as he watches you spill all over him before thrusting a few more times and releasing into you. 
You hug into him holding him in place as he holds you not pulling himself out yet. You both lay like that for a few moments in silence as he then slowly pulls out and gets up to grab a towel cleaning you up. You lay there watching him as he then gets back in bed next to you pulling you in to cuddle into him pulling the blanket over you.
“You did so good, baby,” he kisses your forehead holding you tightly “Are you okay? Was that okay for you?” He looks into your eyes as you nod sleepely, kissing his lips softly. 
“Thank you,” you hold him closely as if he'd somehow slip away from this moment. 
“For what beautiful?” he looked down at you rubbing your back softly.
“Just for being so amazing all the time, I don't deserve you,” you hold back tears as best as you could and kiss his chest softly. 
“Hey, don't say that. If anything I don't deserve you, especially after everything I’ve put you through,” he slightly frowns thinking about the two weeks they didn't spend together. 
“It's not your fault,” you shake your head “And of course I wish things were different, but all I care about is spending time with you and being with you.” 
“I will always be by your side, even if you attempt to push me away,” he slightly laughs and you frown. 
“Never again,” you look up at him and he nods, kissing your lips softly as you kiss him back. 
“Never, you're my soulmate.” He whispers against your lips causing you to smile. Your eyes slowly begin to drift closed. 
“Vin,” you say softly as he attempts to stay awake.
“Hm?” he rubs his thumb softly on your arm. 
“In the morning can we do it again but I want to be on top,” you say quietly but get a laugh out of him. 
“We’ll see baby, you’ll be pretty sore in the morning,” he kisses the top of your head and you nod as you both then fall into a deep sleep.
hope you guys enjoyed this story! feedback is always appreciated <3
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mrs-jakedonfort · 2 days ago
Hello 🌻
Dont know if you all remember me or not😂💜
But I found something which I would like to show here I made this ik that's not good but I'm not a artist what I can do🙊😭
Tumblr media
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yuumei-art · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Frey from my cyberpunk webcomic, Fisheye Placebo. I had to go on hiatus again since last year due to hand pain but I've been feeling better lately and I plan on updating the next chapter in Feb If you're not familiar with the comic, you can read all existing chapters for free on my website
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dame-c · 6 months ago
Hardison Appreciation Post This boy works hard for the team and deserves some recognition for it. Not only is he the hacker, but he is also the forger. We see this most explicitly in the Miracle job, Season 1 finally and the King George Job, where he sculpted the replacement St Nick statue, the fake David's and the diary. But he also does all their photo shopping and video editing (He and Parker seem to split the actual photography, as they are the 2 best at fine arts on the team). My understanding of video editing is that there is a lot of rendering time which he can use to multi-task, but even considering that, he said he spent 13 hours making that Japanese commercial of Eliot the baseball player (adhd priorities are not always good priorities). He makes all their disguises (he has canonical said that he sews the FBI jackets himself... yay cosplay skills). And all their fake IDs and badges. Between jobs he does things like find most of their clients on the web. He does preliminary veting before Nate even talks to them. He maintains a number of fake personas for all of them including paper trails and social media accounts. Even using bots and scripts, this does take so time, and he would have to check things to make sure the bots don't go off the rail. (Alice White and Sophie/Eliot in the hot potato job) He maintains the business and financial side of their fronts/businesses (Leverage Inc and the Brewpub). You can automate a lot, but not everything. He builds and/or programs most of their tech (ear buds, tiny metal detectors, custom phone apps, emp gun, Parker 2000, etc). For a job he does all the research and puts together the presentations for Nate or who ever is masterminding. He builds any fake identities that they need that he can't repurpose from one he is already made and any new cover stories, last minute businesses or social media. Like for the wine blog or daddy blog in season 5 even if he built the sites using WordPress and articles plagiarized from other places (and we know he writes at least some of the content himself) he needs to at least given everything a quick fix up in case one of the collateral people goes more than a page or 2 in (mommy blogger could have blown up in their faces about the ) While on the job, even if he isn't helping with the grifting or theft he is hacking, monitoring video feeds and radio chatter. And providing misc support and research for the other team members. Often when he is helping with the grifting or theft, he then has to play catch up all night to get the other tech stuff done in time for the next day. And after the job is finished he isn't. He has to do all the clean up. Remove these one off social media pages, blogs, and businesses. Scrub any footage of them and suppress social media/forum chatter (like when they make Eliot or Sophie famous) he can run bots to help with this, but again there will be manual work too. And he will have to keep the bots running all the time in case some one is like "oh hey. check his video I took at a chocolate festival last year." In conclusion, my precious adhd genius very likely doesn't get any sleep when they do short intense cons and probably crashes and sleeps for 18 hrs straight.
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vinnieslut · a month ago
fast & furious - v.h.
summary: where Vinnie brings Y/N to her first car meet. shit gets interesting.
warnings: angst, jealousy, degrading comments, a lot of cussing, a surprise asf 
notes: i ain’t ever been to a car meet nor have i ever been in an rx-7 fd so if you have and this is way off I’m sorry
semi edited <3
word count: 3,498 :)
Tumblr media
Now what the fuck does one wear to a car meet? You had been looking through your closet for a good hour. As you were scrolling through Pinterest with the words Suki, fast and furious, and car meet in bold on the search bar, you were sure you were overthinking the entire thing. This was not an actual fast & furious movie Y/N, what the fuck.
You settled for something cute yet comfy. Black purgatory sweats, cropped white tank top, your black and white dunk lows, and your black and white fitted with Vinnie’s initials he had just gotten you. You accessorized with your gold rings and with your dainty gold butterfly necklace Vinnie got you.
You hopped on your bed and FaceTimed your boy and he answered not looking too happy. “Oh no, what’s wrong?” You asked as you furrowed your brows. “This car is about to send me into a stroke” he spoke as he flipped the camera to Jett doing God knows what to his beloved rx-7. You didn’t know shit about cars, and that’s okay, you just tried to understand and that was enough. “We can always take mine to the meet, they’d probably egg my car because it’s not cool at all but that’s okay” you joked with a soft smile to try and ease his stress. He flipped the camera to see his face as he rolled his eyes but laughed slightly. “It’ll be fixed, if it breaks down there though, I’ll cry because their will most likely be cooler cars there” Vin said as he sighed quite loudly. “It’ll be okay bro, it should be fine now” Jett says as he goes to turn the car on. With the keys in the ignition his yellow beauty sounded pretty nice. “Okay pretty, I’ll be on my way to get you. I love you” Vin spoke as he smiled content that the car was running. “I love you too, drive safe” you said as you hung up.
You went over to your vanity and did your hair and makeup. You felt like a bad bitch after you finished. You decided to take a selfie and post on your story, and Vin immediately swiped up “😩😮‍💨🤪😻” you typed back that you hated him with a lil smooch emoji. You decided to watch some actual fast & furious as you waited for Vin to get to your apartment. Damn, Paul Walker was a fine ass mf. You thought to yourself as you watched.
Your thoughts were quite rudely interrupted as Vinnie yelled “I’M HERE” from your living room as you almost shat yourself. You got up from your bed and and walked to the living room as you lightly smacked his chest. “You scared me, you asshole. I told you to text me so I wouldn’t think you’re here to murder me” you say as you embrace him. “Well then that takes the fun out of you giving me a key to your place” he says as he leans down to kiss you. “You look so beautiful, the hat looks so good on you” he says as he looks at you with a smirk and connects your lips once more. “Don’t get started Vincent because we will never leave and Jett will murder us both, let’s go” you say as you pull away to go turn off the TV and grab your purse to head out.
The drive there wasn’t that long as you and Vin sang your asses off to a shared Spotify playlist you two had. You, Vin, and Jett made a stop at Chipotle to get dinner before the meet and quickly were found by fans swarming Vinnie. As you ordered for Vinnie and yourself you brought the food to the table and saw Vinnie still taking pics with fans. As Jett finished up with pictures he sat down with you to eat.
“It’s so cute seeing him like this” you state as you ate your burrito bowl (but not with your mouth full pls). “This could go on for quite some time” Jett spoke as he ate his bowl as you both just chuckled and made more small talk before a mind boggling question was spoken by such a cute voice. “Y/N, could I get a picture with you?” The sweetest little girl with a white and red purgatory hoodie asked you, her mom standing behind her with a small smile. You internally freaked out, but quickly shook the thought as you responded “of course sweetie, what’s your name?” She responded with her name as you leaned your body down towards hers and smiled brightly at the camera. You had never been asked for a photo. Sure, you had a following but you weren’t by any means an influencer. You wouldn’t try to be “the gold digger” or the “clout chaser” in this relationship, but people following you just came with being Vinnie’s girlfriend. The little girl then asked Jett for a photo and Vinnie returned to the table to eat with you all once he finished taking pics.
“That was really cute” Vinnie stated smirking at you as he nudged your shoulder lightly. “It was kinda crazy, I mean, i couldn’t say no to her.” You responded. “Fuck dude, look Trent is going to be there” Jett said as he showed Vinnie his phone screen. “Fuck.” Vinnie said as his body tensed. You sat there
Confused asf
Who the hell was Trent? “Trent’s always at the car meets we go to, he has this nice ass car and is a complete dick about it” Jett spoke as he continued to show Vinnie other people and their cars who were arriving at this meet. “We’ve gotta hurry and finish, I wanna get there even quicker now” Vin spoke as he basically shoved his burrito in his mouth. You sat there still confused but hoping that this meet wasn’t going to be a disaster.
As you all finished up and got to the lot you noticed something crazy. The street had been closed off, and they had lead both Vin’s and Jett’s car through a special entrance track to get to the blocked off street. You sat in the passenger seat with Vinnie’s same hype up playlist blaring that he used for the fight in June. You looked out of the window to see so many different, nice ass cars lit up with different types of LED’s and crazy shit. Music blaring from a whole ass DJ in the middle of this circle with so many girls dancing and having the time of their life. “Vin, this isn’t a car meet, this is fucking fast and furious” you spoke completely shocked. “I didn’t know it was going to be this big when Jett told me about, you ready to meet more car nerds?” Vinnie asked as he was guided to reverse park the rx-7 next to other rx-7s in that portion of the lot. “I mean, I guess” you say as you look out. Other girls who came with their mans came dressed to kill, you felt confident still but slightly underdressed. You both step out of the car as Jett parks next to the rx-7. A group of guys came up to greet Vinnie and formally be introduced to other well, “car nerds”. They all headed over to the front of the car as they open the hood and go over car shit.
“Yeah man, we just added this turbo last week, makes it run smooth as fuck” Vin spoke pointing to the turbo. “It also makes me fear for my entire existence” you said to the small crowd that had gathered to hear Vinnie talk about the car. They all let out a small chuckle and laugh as Vinnie continued to talk about the changes he and Jett had made to the car. Half of those in attendance being girls who were just drooling over him more than the car. You didn’t mind, sure jealousy kinda sparked, but you just smiled to yourself knowing you’re the one who drives the man crazy.
The music came to a stop as a guy went to the DJ booth, gaining the attention to those on the lot as everyone grew silent. “Man, L.A. always shows up and shows out for this meet. My name is Dustin and I will be being your announcer tonight. Welcome to the 5th annual Melrose car meet. We have something special planned for you all tonight, the whole street has been closed off, with turns leading to the loop around, and you know what that means.” The crowd cheers and you look over at Vinnie and he glances at you with eyes wide. No fucking way. “That’s right y’all, races return tonight. We will have 3 races, but beware at the Melrose meet pink slips are up for grabs,” he speaks as he shows empty pink slips in his hand. “Of course, we will have a ton of sign ups but the 3 races are limited to two people per race to make the odds more even, regardless of if you sign up only 6 of you will be chosen. Good luck, sign ups end in 30 minutes and our races will begin. Come sign up!” Dustin screams into the mic as cheers erupt and the music blares once again.
As you go to approach Vinnie, a bone chilling voice grabs you, Vinnie’s, and Jett’s attention almost immediately. “Vinnie Hacker, here to lose your rx-7 to me?” A guy who looks no older than 20 asks walking up with a posse of equally as intimidating guys. “Trent, I don’t think I’m racing, and even if I did your car doesn’t stand a chance” Vinnie spoke as he stood up straight and walked over to face him. You froze. What the actual fuck Vincent.
“And why’s that? You afraid you’ll lose not only your car but your bitch to me?” Trent spoke as he looked directly at you a dirty ass smirk on his face. “Chill the fuck out man, don’t say some stupid ass shit like that again, I know you saw my fight” Vinnie spoke as his jaw and fist clenched getting dangerously close to Trent’s face.
“Well then show me Hacker, live up to the hype. Pink slips are on the line, if you lose I take your car and have a shot at your girl. I lose you take my car.” Trent spat at Vinnie. “Deal.” Vinnie spat back. Your heart dropped as the crowd that had surrounded the two men erupted into cheers. The two men walking back to their own group.
“Jett, go get a pink slip and sign me up.” Vinnie spoke as he and some guys started to tighten stuff up under the hood. You grab Vinnie’s arm and yank it slightly to the side to yank him towards you. “Are you fucking out of your mind?!” You spoke with gritted teeth trying not to cause a scene. “Y/N please just listen to me, it’ll be okay. Trent can’t win. Jett and I put the turbo in and some other stuff to make the car go fast. I may not even race, so please just stay calm” Vinnie spoke as he looked directly into your eyes without breaking eye contact. That’s how you knew this shit ran deep. “If something were to go wrong Vin-“ “Don’t think like that, hey,” Vin said as he grabbed your chin to make you both keep eye contact “do you trust me?” He asked. You nodded as your hands started to shake a bit. “I love you Y/N, I’ve just gotta show this asshole that he fucked with the wrong one” he said as he gave you a quick kiss.
You excused yourself as you tried to find a nearby bathroom, settling for a porta potty you stood in there crying slightly. You wanted to be supportive. You wanted to be excited for this. But the fucking rx-7 broke down not even hours ago. As you stood there crying lightly in the smelly ass porta potty your worst fears came true. “For the 3rd and final race we have Trent…” your heart stopped beating and your ears started to ring “and Vinnie Hacker” and your heart dropped to the pit of your stomach, the chipotle you had earlier on the verge of being thrown up all over the damn porta potty. Screams and cheers were roaring as you quickly dried your tears. You basically sped walked to where Vinnie was, he had his brows furrowed as he filled out the pink slip. Jett and others making sure the car would at least, make it, through this damn race. “It’s going to be okay, I promise” Vinnie spoke to you. You looked at him and with every ounce of your body you spoke lightly, “if something happens to you I’m going to beat your ass” you said as you grabbed your purse and the water bottle trying to calm the fuck down.
The evening continued and one race had gone down, both of the racers being smart and not putting pink slips on the line. It had gone okay with no police radar activity to disrupt. As the second race approached, a guy came up to Vinnie and instructed him that he had to move his car to the street area. “Come with me babe” he spoke as Jett followed to at least be by your side as Vinnie raced. You both got into the car as Vinnie blasted his playlist. Because to be 100% honest, he was also on the verge of absolutely shitting himself. He has never raced before, what the fuck was he doing. The short drive to the street caused your stomach to feel even more uneasy as a huge crowd had been cheering as the two racers of the second race finished exchanging the pink slips. The one who lost looking absolutely broken. As they instructed Vinnie to straighten out, Dustin came to his window “10 minutes until show time champ, show em how it’s done” he held his hand out and Vinnie handed him the pink slip. Dustin had jogged over to Trent’s car for his pink slip. “Look at me Y/N” Vinnie spoke, “I know this isn’t what you thought was going to happen and honestly I didn’t either and I’m not really sure how we got here.” Vinnie chuckled. It’s because you’re a dumbass. “Nothing I can do to make you not race?” You asked, but you already knew him. Anything he set his mind to, he did. He shook his head and gave you a small, very small smile. “Okay then, go show that asshole how it’s done. For family” you said tears brimming your eyes. You both smashed your lips together in the most tender yet passionate kiss. “It’s showtime baby” Vinnie said as you both pulled away. “Good luck my love” you say as you open and exit the car to walk over to where Jett was standing near the start line.
“Start manifesting Y/N, i hope you brought your crystals” Jett spoke as you approached him. Your eyes widened as Dustin started to make the official race announcement. Everyone’s attention to the two cars moving to the start line. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE FINAL RACE OF THE NIGHT, FELLAS THE TRACK IS SIMPLE, GO STRAIGHT TO THE END AND AT THE END TURN LEFT. YOU WILL BE GUIDED BY ARROWS, ITS NARROW, BUT THATS HOW COPS HAVEN’T BEEN ON OUR ASS THIS ENTIRE NIGHT. ONE LAP, THIS ONE’S FOR PINK SLIPS.” You felt like screaming at the top of your lungs. You felt like crying. You wanted to die what the fuck was happening. “VINNIE, ARE YOU READY?” Dustin yells into his mic and Vinnie revs the engine and your body tenses. Since when did the car sound like that?! “TRENT, ARE YOU READY?” The loudest most obnoxious rev anyone has ever heard erupted. “RACERS, ON YOUR MARKS GET SET…GO”
•••VINNIE’S POV ••••••••••••••••••••••••••
“Good luck my love” Y/N said to me as she got out of the car. I smiled to myself slightly. “Okay car, listen to me, we are not going to breakdown. We are going to win.” I said out loud to the car. I probably look crazy. I know I’m stupid for what the fuck I agreed to when I accepted this race. “Remember what’s on the line Hacker” Ugly ass Trent spoke from his stupid ass car. I looked over at him and it looks could kill, his ass would be dead. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WELCOME TO THE FINAL RACE OF THE NIGHT, FELLAS THE TRACK IS SIMPLE, GO STRAIGHT TO THE END AND AT THE END TURN LEFT. YOU WILL BE GUIDED BY ARROWS, ITS NARROW, BUT THATS HOW COPS HAVEN’T BEEN ON OUR ASS THIS ENTIRE NIGHT. ONE LAP, THIS ONE’S FOR PINK SLIPS.” My heart was beating so fast. I gripped onto the pretty crystal Y/N gave me to calm down when I got nervous. “VINNIE, ARE YOU READY?” Dustin yells into his mic and I rev my engine. “TRENT, ARE YOU READY?” This fuckers car sounds like ass my God. “RACERS, ON YOUR MARKS GET SET…GO”
I stepped so hard on the gas and every nerve of my body felt like it was on fire. The big turn caused Trent’s car to do a large drift, I saw my chance and cut my drift short to get in the lead. As we approached more turns my mind started to blank. I knew I was racing, I knew I was in the lead, but then the car started to shake.
After numerous narrow left turns the drive back approached. Trent was starting to get in the lead as I looked to my right very quickly, I have never prayed so much in my life. I decided to drive so fast, faster than I’ve ever gone this car before.
Here goes fucking nothing.
I shift gears and step on the gas harder. My mind going blank. My heart froze. The finish line getting closer and closer, I wasn’t even paying attention at where Trent was, I needed to keep this car. One more gear shift and I swear I was in a damn nascar race. Once I crossed I turned slightly to drift to a stop. Trents car trailing behind by a split second. Dustin running to me with two pink slips in hand. Everyone going crazy. I got out of the car and turn around slightly to see Trent punch his wheel. I look back to see people swarming me and my extremely overheated car. How the fuck.
I fucking won.
The crowd was cheering. You were holding on to your evil eye necklace for dear fucking life. All you could hear was ringing. No one could see the cars after the first 10 seconds but your heart felt like exploding. You felt like passing out until you heard Dustin yell.
“THEY’RE ON THE THE TURN BACKS” He screamed as the crowd sprinted to the next location where the finish line was. You and Jett make eye contact and follow the crowd, basically shoving elbows to get back to the front.
As soon as you all get back up you see the familiar yellow car and start screaming your head off. Trent had the lead for a split second and you saw the Mazda do a quick shake and it started zooming. Both cars zoomed past the crowd and the finish line. You could’ve swore Vinnie won. It all happened so fast.
“VINNIE WON” Jett screamed shaking you. “Oh MY FUCKING GOD” You screamed and quickly huh Jett out of pure joy. The crowd screaming their heads off. You could’ve swore you saw people exchanging money.
Dustin grabbed the two pink slips sprinting over to Vinnie’s car and you see Vinnie get out of the Mazda, a huge smile on his face. “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER, VINNIIIEEEEEE HACKERRRR!!!” Dustin screams raising Vinnie’s hand up. Everyone surrounding him.
You started to run to where he was, leaving Jett behind slightly. As soon as you were done pushing people saying “sorry, excuse me, move please” you made eye contact with your boy. You ran into his arms as he immediately caught your legs around his torso. He chuckled as he set you down and immediately crashed your lips together. “Vincent Cole Hacker, is there anything you can’t do?” You ask with a huge smile kissing him again.
As you both pull away, Vinnie grabs Trent’s pink slip and walks it back to his car. The crowd falling silent. You stand there smiling. You knew he wasn’t going to leave this man without a car. “I don’t need it man, as you can see I’ve got everything I need right here” Vinnie says as he walks back his hand extended so you can intertwine your fingers and walk away hand in hand as everyone wanted a to congratulate and take pictures with the champ.
a/n: ahhhhhhh, here u go bb’s. hope y’all enjoyed :)
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nixcraft · a year ago
Hack the planet. 
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moonxbabe · a month ago
vinnie hacker smut - back seat -
warning: smut 18+
“Are you sure this is a good idea?” you questioned putting your hand up on your forehead to shield you from the beating California sun. 
“Hm?” Vinnie responded too distractedly with filming his most recent purchase. Yet another jdm shitbox he didn't need. 
“Vin.” you snapped your fingers trying to grab his attention for what seemed like the 10th time that day. They had been standing outside in the heat for over an hour so Vinnie could purchase this beat up car that he felt he needed as if he didnt have two other ones that barely worked at home. 
“Yea?” He looked up at you, finally giving you his attention. 
“Is this a necessary purchase?” you questioned him again. 
“Of course it is babe,” he pouted at you before sliding his phone in his back pocket and moving closer to you to place his hands on your waist pulling you in to kiss you softly. You smiled into the kiss because you couldn't help how cute he was. How excited he got from these types of things. 
“Fine. As long as you're happy, can we leave now? I feel like we've been here all day and we still have an hour drive back to the house.” you sighed looking up at him. He chuckled and nodded. 
“Does this thing even run?” You walked over to the passenger side getting in.
“It does,” He laughed, getting into the driver's seat, turning it on. His grin was from ear to ear as the engine revved up. 
“You’re a child,” you laughed at him and shook your head at his excitement. 
“But you love me” he smirked looking over at you and placing his right hand on your thigh before beginning to drive off. 
“Sadly,” you joke, causing him to laugh. You turn on the radio and try to find a station with some good music, finally landing on one. 
“I love this song!” Vinnie nods his head up and down to the beat as you try to focus on the drive. His hand still resting on your thigh giving it a squeeze every few minutes. His fingers lingered in between your thighs unintentionally but you couldn't keep your mind off of it as much as you tried. 
“Vin,” you swallow hard as his fingers tap at your skin. 
“Yea beautiful?” He glances over at you before looking back at the road. 
“You’re making me horny,” you close your thighs a little as your words cause him to swerve a bit.
“Oh yea?” he lightly bites his lower lip looking over at you in surprise. You nod as he squeezes your thigh once more using his thumb to softly stroke it. 
“Let me give you head,” you bit your lip glancing down at his pants that were getting stiffer by the second. 
“W-What?” He groaned “are you serious?” 
“I want to,” you nodded, reaching your hands over to unbutton his pants and slowly unzip them. He attempted to help as you pulled out his hardness before beginning to stroke it. 
“” he groaned trying to focus on driving. 
You lick your lips in anticipation before leaning over the seat to slowly take his tip in your mouth. A soft moan escaped his lips as your mouth covered more and more of his dick using your hand to stroke the rest. 
“Holy shit--” He moaned once more, moving one hand to stroke your hair as you bobbed up and down his length. You began to hum sending vibrations through his hardness causing him to grip your hair slightly shoving you further down. 
“You just love to suck my dick,” He bit his lip gripping the wheel with his free hand “My little slut,” he continued feeling himself getting close. You pulled up to lick his tip a few more times as your hands continued to stroke him. 
“I-I'm so close,” He groaned as his legs buckled up. You opened your mouth ready to take his load as he gripped your hair even tighter releasing into your mouth. You swallowed it all and smirked as he tried to catch his breath. 
“That was amazing,” He looked over at me as I smiled at him. He leaned over a little to kiss my lips as I kissed him back. 
“Maybe we should pull over?” He groaned softly after he pulled away from the kiss. “I want to make you feel good too,” 
“Do it.” you nodded ready to jump his bones any second. He quickly finds a secluded area to park the car and doesn't waste a second before reaching over to grab your face in for a kiss. You moan into the kiss as he deepens it. His tongue slowly slides into your mouth as your tongues go to war. You reach your hand out to stroke his hardness once more as he lets out a groan. 
“Let's get in the back,” He mumbled against your lips and you quickly nodded before glancing back. 
“This is going to be a bit tight..” you bit your lower lip before managing to crawl back there as Vinnie followed somewhat struggling causing you to laugh. 
He chuckled before sitting down and pulling you onto his lap. His hands resting at your hips as he leaned in for another kiss before kissing down your jaw line placing kisses all over your neck. You lean your head back giving him more space before letting out a soft moan. One hand rests on his shoulder as the other slowly digs itself into his curls gripping them slightly. 
He groaned at the feeling, beginning to suck at your neck leaving hickeys all over. 
“Ugh Vin,” you whine at the feeling. His hands reach to unbutton your denim shorts as he helps you pull them off along with your underwear. Without hesitation his hand goes in between your thighs straight to your folds cupping them before sliding two fingers in causing you to moan loudly. 
“Damn baby, you're soaking,” He bites his lower lip so turned on. His fingers thrust in and out of you at a quick pace. You grip his curls tighter as he then uses his thumb to slowly massage your clit. 
“Fuck Vinnie,” you moan again throwing your head back in pleasure, his free hand reaching up to grab your neck as the other keeps pumping in and out of you. He curls his fingers attempting to find your g-spot.
“Oh my-- I-I'm going to cum,” you scream in pleasure as you clench around his fingers reaching down to grip his wrist as your climax takes over. 
“Good girl,” He smirks, pulling his fingers out, licking them all over. You bit your lower lip smiling before leaning in to kiss his lips hungrily. 
“It's so hot in here, take this off,” You tug at his shirt as he nods quickly pulling it off. You pull the tie at the front of your shirt letting it slide off as well. He stares at your exposed breasts in awe. You place your hands on his chest and slowly slide them up to his shoulders before leaning in to kiss his neck softly knowing that's his weakness. He lets out a soft groan before moving his hands up to your hips using his thumbs to stroke the area. 
You kiss up to his lips as he kisses you back moving one hand from your hip to inside your hair gripping it kissing you roughly. You moan into the kiss beginning to grind your opening against his hard dick. 
“Dont tease,” He growls gripping your hair even tighter as you smirk at the feeling before slowly sliding down on him. You moan at the feeling and try to adjust yourself to the size and angle. Regardless the amount of times you two had sex you always had to adjust to his size. 
“Fuck, you're so tight,” His hand reaches for your hair down your throat gripping it as his other hold your hip. You bit your lower lip as he tries to guide you up and down. 
“Ugh Vinnie, wait” You groan at the feeling trying to adjust once more. Both his hands move down to your hips to help you ride him as you try to let the pleasure take over the pain. 
“I-I cant” You shake your head and try to push his hands off but he shakes his head. 
“Yes you can, you can take it,” He growls and lifts you up a bit thrusting his hips into you. 
“Fuck,” you mumble as you slowly begin to get more comfortable and the pain turns into pleasure. You begin to match his rhythm and bounce up and down on his hardness. 
“My good girl,” He praises you, before moving his hand to your neck to grab you into a lust filled kiss. You moan softly into it as you continue to ride him. Sweat dripped from both of your bodies as the car got steamy. Your hands rested on his shoulders for support as his hand gripped at your neck tighter. 
“This pussy is only mine,” He groaned, mumbling against your lips as his other hand reached down to rub your clit. 
“Oh my-- Vin,” you moan loudly at the feeling, throwing your head back in pleasure as your eyes shut.
“Say it,” His voice stern as he stopped rubbing your clit. 
“Its yours!” you whine and try to move his hand back to your clit. He chuckles and shakes his head. 
“What's mine you slut, say it.” He growls holding your hips down so you can't move. 
“This pussy! It's yours and only yours, Vinnie,” you whine once more as he smirks moving his hand back to your clit, rubbing it letting you continue riding him. 
“My good little whore,” He bites his lip in pleasure as his hips match yours. 
“Holy-- Im close Vin,” you moan, digging your nails into his skin as you felt your walls begin to clench around his dick.
“Cum for me baby,” Hr groaned at the feeling of rubbing your clit at a faster pace driving you crazy. Your body begins to shake as your nails claw at his skin causing him to hiss. 
“Vinnie,” you scream in pleasure as his climax takes over at the same time as yours. 
“Fuck baby,” He grunts holding you tight busting deep into you as you collapse on his dripping chest. You both sit there in silence as you try to catch your breath before slowly crawling off of him. 
“That was something,” you finally catch your breath and smile looking over at him. He grins and reaches over to place his hand on your cheek pulling you in for a deep kiss. 
“I’m obsessed with you,” he says softly after pulling away from the kiss causing you to smile even more. 
“I love you,” you let your nose softly brush against his as he pulls your head by the back of your head so he can kiss your forehead. 
“I love you too, even though you're really sweaty right now,” he chuckles as you then playfully shove him. 
“This was your idea,” you reach down to grab your shirt and slip it on.
“You were the one who said you were horny and I didn't see you objecting?” he pointed out.
“True,” you laugh and cover your face in embarrassment. 
“It's okay baby, I know it's hard to resist me,” he jokes, slipping his shirt back on as you roll your eyes. 
“Let's go home, I’m exhausted,” you yawn and he nods, leaning in to kiss you once more before you both crawl into the front seat. 
hi all - hope you enjoyed this new story!
requests are always welcome just no marriage and pregnancy ones please!
thanks :)
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edgy-senju · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Eh? Why are yall talking about russian hackers? It was just Chihiro messing around with their computer! [14/12/20]
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luisonte · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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shitfucktory · 5 months ago
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freakshow115 · 28 days ago
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Tumblr media
With the change of the solider, the assassin changes as well. May they return to the melee weapons as a viable option? Who knows what the future holds for our espionage units. It’s exciting.
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mrs-jakedonfort · 2 months ago
MC : it was me.
JAKE : -be forgiven because everyone deserves a second chance.
PHIL : if it was me, I'd be dead by now
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𝙷𝙴𝚈! ᨐ ¥999 ♻️ꉂ🍄💤. ⊼⌔⊼ ) [𝗇.]ᦕᩚ𝚆 𝕡𝗼𝘀𝘁 ꖺ✿*) 𝘇𝗭𝘇 . . . 𝗅𝗂𝗄ᴥᩚ 𝗼𝗿 ꢯ𝗲𝖻𝗅𝗈ᦋᩨ ⋆゚꒰ఎ ♥︎ ໒꒱ ⋆゚[💭⁝๑🍓🥟៳ ᥋𝗋ᦸᩚ𝖽𝗂𝗍𝗌 ꦧ𝗲 𖡎 . . .
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Tumblr media
i took a shot everytime i cheered him on
i was drunk asf after his fight pls i was laughing during the rest of the night
me against my entire friend group
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