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Pairing - Vinnie x reader
Summary - a piece of cloathing for only him to see
Warning - smut, jealousy, degratation, toy use, word bunny use, sir kink, praising, slapping, orgasm control, rules, oral/male, gagging, spit, squirting
Tumblr media
You were fucked over. His eyes didn't leave you, not a second spent without you in his sight. He looked over your thighs, strapped in the little skirt he liked, when only he was in the room.
Right now you two were standing outside, watching Calvin being made fun of while Connor ran around half naked. Wasn't anything unusual for the Hype House. Until you looked inside, dozens of people swarming the marble floors.
Vinnie was only a couple feet away, listening to a dude, rambling about something from the media. Some chick cheated on some guy, or maybe it was the boy standing by him. The blonde couldn't remember.
Only thing he focussed on was you. He did admit you looked beautiful, shiny hair, bright eyes, golden skin, but the furder his orbs ran, the more he fumed up.
He was the only one to see you in that skirt, to see your ass almost hang out, the slight color of your panties teasing anyone who walked by. And the last straw was when you bent down.
The boy stalked forward, grabbing you by the arm and pushing you to him. Your back straightened, muscles flexing, pulse beating from the scent behind you.
" Y/n, you're coming with me."
You didn't even protest, dragged by the boy who just skated through the crowd of people. Pushing away others to clear a path way for the both of you. You just ran after, tiny steps stomping on the hard ground.
" You think it's funny?" his toungue quickly swipped to lick his lips, the pink pillows glistening in the dark hallway.
You didn't answer, only stood by his side, listening to anything he said. Ready to complete his wishes, " To fucking tease me?"
His actions were rough, hand tightly wrapped around your upper arm, pulling and pushing you to the bed. You landed with a slight jump, ass diving into the soft sheets.
Vinnie moved to the other side of the room, opening your special cabinet.
" Vinnie, I'm sorry-"
" Vinnie," he repeated in a mocking tone, " too late for that, bunny. You wanted to act like a little slut, and this is what little sluts get."
He walked to you, steps slow, carefull to not let you see his full arms, " Remember whats my name-"
" Sir..."
" -Open up," your legs spread, the bright red cotton tight between them, " so fucking pretty. All mine? "
He looked up at you, expecting your anwser, but all he saw was your bottom lip pulled inbetween you pearly whites. His palm lanted on your clothed core, a shriek swarming out of you, " I want an anwser. Got it?"
" Yes, sir."
" Good girl," he again rubbed your clit before his hand pushed your chest down, his teeth sinking into one of your thighs.
A moan spilled over your plump lips, his fingers working magic to your skin. His mouth ran upward, pushing your skirt to the sides his didgets hooked your panties. Kisses thrown on the flesh around your waist band, slowly pulling the skimpy fabric down.
The light material was thrown somewhere in the room, Vinnie's full attention on something else. His fist wrapped around a lush bullet vibrator, hot red sillicone against his palm.
He leaned down, fingers skimming your bottom lips, pushing them away from eachother the vibrator came in contact.
A moan spilled out when the tip pushed in, stretching you out just enough to have you squirming, " Give me your hands."
Looping and turning the rope between the head rest, he reached down to gather your wrists and tie them together, " Good fucking girl."
The boy sat back down, pulling his phone out of his pocket and looking straight in your eyes, " These are the rules. No cumming, no whining, if you're asked something, you anwser, I get to control the speed and pressure. If you break atleast one of these, you're in for the whole week. Got it?"
You nodded quickly, forgetting about his favorate point. Vinnie got up, striking to you and slapping your cheek, stinging feeling warming your whole entire face.
" Bunny, you're braking them. I'm asking again. Do you get it?"
" Yes, sir." smirking he leaned back, pushing the lush bullet further in you, making you slightly move your hips.
The bright red toy started buzzing, your lover on his phone controlling the settings of it. Moving it faster, then turning it off completely.
This continuined for multiple rounds, teasing, stopping. All over again and again.
At this point your nipples were hard as a rock. Perky little tips pushing through you white top, dark circles sorounding them. Your teeth digged into your bottom lip, trying to prevent you from making any noise.
Vinnie was on the side, chuckling at your attempts to let you cum. His own pants getting tighter and tighter by the passing seconds.
Suddenly, the vibrator stopped. Your breath got stuck in your throat, chest heaving up and down when you tried to calm down. His hands were running up and fown your body, ignoring the places you needed him the most at.
He slightly massaged your brusing wrists, hands working against the tight ropes. When they fell down, your hands limped against your sides, " On your knees, bunny."
As fast as you could you got down, heels digging in to the sensitive flesh of your ass. The blonde undid his belt, pants and boxers falling down to his ankles, thick, red, angry member staring back at you.
" C'mon, baby. Suck my cock."
Your head was pushed down, lips meeting the leaking tip.
Your toungue ran across his slit, salty taste swarming your mouth. His neck was craned, thrown back, pleasured noises coming from the bottom of his throat. Your hands came down to play with his balls, molding and pulling the freshly cleaned skin. His own wrapped in your hair, pushing you forward until his tip hit the back.
Gagging, you tapped his thigh letting him know to let you go. Breathing in a full blow of fresh air, your spit dripping down his dick, connecting to your chin.
Looking up at him, eyes glossy, cheeks damp, you got down again. Bopping your head up and down, a random rithm in your mind ticking over and over again.
His hips bucked, your head forced forward, load of sticky paste shooting on your toungue.
He pulled you by your arms, slightly bouncing on the matress. His hand working against him, quickly hardening his member. Vinnie hovered over you, his chain dangling in your face, his curls falling and sticking to his forehead.
Sliding in with no probloms, the boy started to move. Hips meeting yours in fast thrusts. Moaning and groaning in eachothers ears, the building orgasm chasing your mind.
" Sir, I-"
" Let go, bunny. Come for me."
It was all it took. The strong feeling over taking your body and mind, shaking from the magical euphoria. Making a mess all over the sheets, squirting over his dick and your thighs. The boy letting go for the second time tonight.
He fell on your chest, head resting in the crook of your neck, " That skirt, only for me."
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i’m already going mad anyways so here’s some hacker cursors because apparently no one has made them yet?  Link to download on my drive here 
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<3 the ones who aren't really important but are still here
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vinnie hacker smut - the bet -
hi besties - this was another request I had, not sure how great it turned out, but hope you like it :)
warning: smut 18+
“You think they heard us?” you said trying to catch your breath as you looked over at Vinnie nervously. 
“Baby I think they heard you in Africa,” He laughed leaning over to kiss you softly, you rolled your eyes at his words. 
“Maybe this was a bad idea,” you covered your face with your hands in embarrassment. 
“Absolutely not, everyone wants you here,” He grabbed your hands pulling them off your face as you gave him a shy smile. 
Thomas asked you a few days ago if you wanted to move into Hype and you couldn't have been more excited. You had a good following on tik tok, you were friends with everyone in the house, but mostly because your boyfriend would be just a few doors down. 
“Yea well I highly doubt they want to hear us having mind blowing sex at 8am” you sat up covering yourself with Vinnies sheets. 
“It was mind blowing huh?” He chuckled leaning in to kiss you again, you smile and kiss him back. 
“You're missing the point,” you push his chest slightly back. 
“I was joking, I honestly don't think anyone heard us, my room is far away from everyone's so stop worrying your pretty little head about it,” He pulled your head in kissing your forehead before getting up to put on his boxers and a pair of pants. 
“Fine,” you sighed before getting up as well and slipping on your tshirt and shorts from last night. 
“Should we go down and make breakfast?” Vinnie said from inside his bathroom brushing his teeth. 
“Yes, I’m starving,” you walked into the bathroom behind him grabbing the toothbrush you had been keeping in there and began to brush your teeth. 
“Honestly you could have just moved into my room, you don't need your own,” Vinnie laughed finishing up before standing behind you wrapping his arms around your waist as his chin rested on your shoulder.
“Until you got sick of me,” you laughed softly, putting your toothbrush away before turning around to wrap your arms around his neck as his arms stayed around your waist. 
“Never,” he shook his head, kissing you softly. “I could never get sick of you,” he whispered against your lips. 
“Let's go down before I drag you into bed again,” you smile and whisper against his lips. 
“That doesn't sound like a bad idea,” he smirked as you playfully shove him. 
“I’m hungry so,” you walk out of the bathroom as he follows close behind.
“I know something you can eat,” He mutters quietly, but loud enough for you to hear. 
“Vincent,” you give him a ‘seriously?’ look as he chuckles. 
“Joking, joking.” He follows you out the room and down the stairs as you both enter the kitchen. 
“What are you in the mood for?” Vinnie walks over to the fridge as you hop up sitting on the large kitchen island. 
“Hmm,” you swing your legs trying to think “Pancakes,”
“That sounds bomb,” He nods, pulling a few ingredients out of the fridge. 
“Do we have strawberries?” you look past him into the fridge “You know how much I love strawberries on my pancakes,” 
“You’re in luck,” he pulled them out and smiled over to you, seeing you sitting there on the counter. He slightly bit his lower lip as he closed the fridge putting everything down before taking the strawberries over to you and standing in between your legs. 
“Hi,” you smile and say softly before placing both your arms on either side of his shoulders. 
“Hi,” he looks you in the eyes before grabbing a strawberry and holds it up to your lips as you slowly take it into your mouth. He watches you in awe licking his lips as you take a bite leaving just the leaves. He lets out a soft groan before throwing the remains in the sink as his hands find your ass pulling you closer to the edge of the counter against his body, his lips attack yours with a deep kiss as you kiss him back wrapping your arms around his neck. 
“Could yall not for like 5 minutes?” Jetts annoyed tone filled the kitchen causing you both to slightly jump.
“Sorry,” you blushed, burying your face into Vinnies neck as his hands rested on your thighs, chuckling softly. 
“Jeez,” Jett shakes his head, grabbing a water bottle from the fridge “You guys can't go without touching one another for more than a second,” he shakes his head taking a seat at the table. 
“That's not true,” you pout but laugh softly letting go of Vinnie. 
“She can't keep her hands off of me, what can I say?” Vinnie chuckles as you roll your eyes. 
“Oh shut up, you’re the one who came over here just now,” you cross your arms at him tilting your head to the side. 
“And you’re the one that came into my bedroom last night,” he smirked, letting out another laugh. Jett cringed at the oversharing of information. Your eyes widen at his words as you shove him from in between your legs. 
“Asshole,” you roll your eyes annoyed. “I bet I can hold off longer than you can,” 
“Oh yea?” He chuckles and shakes his head “I highly doubt it,” 
“Lets bet on it?” you glare at him ready for the challenge. 
“Oh boy,” Jett rolled his eyes before glancing down at his phone.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Vinnie crossed his arms giving you a surprised look. 
“100%, if I win I get to have your room,” you smile sweetly, he had the biggest closet in the house and you desperately needed it.
“If I win, I get head whenever and wherever I want,” he smirked. Of course that's what he’d ask for. 
“Deal,” you both shook hands on it as you hopped off the kitchen counter.
Breakfast was pretty quiet for the most part besides some car talk between Vinnie and Jett. You and Vinnie would eye each other as the tension filled up the room. 
“This should be interesting,” Jett muttered, feeling the tension before getting from the table to put his plate in the sink. 
Next day
You and Vinnie practically avoided one another until the next morning when you ran into him in the suddenly too small of a kitchen. He stood against the counter sporting only a pair of grey sweats as he ate his sugary bowl of cereal. Your eyes trailed up and down his body, missing every inch of it. 
“Morning baby,” He smiled as his eyes found yours catching you checking him out. He glanced at you wearing his t-shirt that hung until your mid thigh. His gaze quickly looked back down at his bowl finishing it. 
“Good morning,” you tore your eyes away before making your way to the coffee machine making yourself a cup. Silence and tension filled the room.
“Jett and I are going to check out a car, would you want to come?” He asked after a few minutes to break it, putting his bowl in the sink and looking over at you slowly making his way closer. 
“I have plans with the girls, we’re going shopping” you turned to him realizing how close he was as you waited for your coffee, he stood in front of you as your eyes met his, you almost reached for him but held yourself back remembering. 
“Close call,” He chuckled softly, making you slightly frown at your own almost slip up.
“Whatever,” you leaned against the counter looking up at him. 
“Have fun with the girls,” He gave you a genuine smile “I love you,” he said softly warming your heart. 
“I love you too,” you slightly smiled back realizing this would be a bit harder than you anticipated. You quickly turned to grab your coffee and headed to your room to get ready. You met Mia and Kouvr downstairs after about half an hour. You couldn't help but tell them about the bet you and Vinnie made because you were sure they'd find out anyway if they hadnt already.
“I don't think Alex and I could do that,” Kouvr laughed, shaking her head as we entered another store. 
“Same,” Mia shook her head giving you a scared look. 
“I just need to get him to slip up before I do,” you pressed your lips together trying to think of ways to do so. 
“I have an idea,” Mia snickered “Try on some lingerie and send him pictures while we’re here,” 
“That's actually an amazing idea,” you grinned at the plan hoping it would work the moment he saw you. “Let's go into Victoria Secret,” the girls nodded as you all rushed to the store. 
You tried on a red lace two piece that made your body look to die for. You smirked to yourself before snapping a few photos and sending them to Vinnie. 
You: thoughts?
Vinnie received the text and opened the photos letting out a soft groan gripping his phone in frustration. He knew she was trying to toy with him. 
Vinnie: Very funny.
You: you don't like it? :(
You laughed softly at his response knowing it got to him. He didn't respond any further though. He wasn't going to give in without a fight of his own.  
You: I’m buying it. 
You double texted as you went to check out. Still no response. You smirked hoping you had this bet in the bag. You and the girls shopped around for a bit more before heading back to the house. 
You saw Vinnies car parked and smiled in anticipation walking into the house and up to his room knocking on the door softly before entering. 
“Hi,” you said softly with a smile seeing him sitting on his computer playing Valorant. 
“How was shopping?” He glanced over at you and then back at his computer screen, you slightly frown at his lack of attention. 
“Fun,” you shrugged before walking up to lean your body against his desk and drop your lingerie bag beside his foot. He didn't even bother looking as he kept his focus on the game. 
“Good, I'm glad,” He smiled at you for a second before looking back away. You studied him before grabbing the bag and walking into his bathroom to put on the sexy two piece. You walked back out making your way to lean back against his desk facing him. 
“You never told me your thoughts on it,” you teased in a disappointed voice. His eyes trailed down your body as you saw his jaw tighten. You smirked at the achievement. 
“Come on Vin, I know you can't hold out,” you leaned in to whisper before turning around, your ass now facing him, to pretend to be interested in something on his desk. You could feel his firey gaze crawl up your back sending a shiver down your spine. You turned around to meet his eyes as you walked over to his bed laying on it. He turned in his chair watching you as he got up and made his way over to stand in front of you as you looked up at him waiting. He dropped to hover over you as both his hands rested on either side of your head but didn't touch you. 
“This is what you want huh?” He leaned closer to whisper in your ear causing your eyes to shutter close, he shifted himself so his knee was in between your thighs close to your heat making it throb. “Of course my little slut cant last a day without me touching her,” His voice was husky, sending chills all over your body as he pushed his knee up to your clit. You wanted to deny his words but you couldn't. A moan threatened to escape your lips at the feeling but you held it down as he moved to your other ear. Every fiber in you tried to hold your hands down but your desire was strong. 
“I'm all yours to touch, baby” He whispered into the other ear as you slightly bit your lower lip grinding against his knee trying to relieve some pressure. He watched you for a second before moving it away causing you to whine as your eyes opened, you squeezed your thighs shut wanting to feel something. He knew you were close to cracking.
“I hate you,” you mumbled as he chuckled softly.
“I know you want my dick deep inside you baby girl, just give it up, I’ll fuck you so good you’ll see stars” He purred into your ear as your eyes rolled back at his words and a soft moan escaped your lips. You couldn't fight the urge any longer as you grabbed the back of his neck pulling him in as your lips crashed onto his kissing him deeply. He smirked into the kiss at his win, kissing you back roughly pushing his knee back against your clit causing you to moan into the kiss. Your hand dug into his hair slightly gripping it as the other trailed down his beck.
His hands finally roamed up and down your body as you slowly began to grind against his knee again, he squeezed your breasts in the red lace bra before moving his hands to you back to take it off. He pulled away to stare at them as they slightly bounced from your rocking. 
“I've missed you,” He let out a soft groan before kissing you again, trailing down your jawline to your collarbone. He kissed down to one of your breasts taking it into his mouth as your back slightly arched at the pleasure. 
“Fuck, Vin,” You moaned gripping his hair tighter as you grinded harder against him. His tongue played and sucked at your nipple before moving to the other one giving it the same treatment pushing his knee harder against you. The pressure between your thighs builds up as he kisses back up to your lips. 
“You going to cum on me baby?” He said in a husky tone against your lips taking you over the edge as you attempted to find your words. His hand taking one of your breasts massaging your nipple between his fingers. You kissed his lips hungrily as he kissed you back sucking at your bottom lip as you could feel the knot in your stomach grow. You kept riding his knee harder burying your face in his neck as your climax took over. 
“Good girl,” He said softly against your ear, removing his knee as you tried to come down from your intense high. His hand slowly slid down your breasts to your stomach pushing your soaked underwear to the side before dipping two fingers into you and taking them into his mouth tasting you. His eyes full of lust as he gazes down at your body. 
“No more games,” He growls grabbing the edge of the lace ripping it off and flips you over to lay on your stomach as he pushes off his sweats along with his boxers letting his rock hard dick spring out, you look back in anticipation as you poke your ass up ready for him. He doesn't hesitate for a second before gripping your hips on either side and slamming deep into you with a hard thrust. 
“Oh fuck,” you moan at the feeling of sudden fullness as your hands fist the sheets underneath.
“So good and tight for me,” He groans, sliding a hand up your back to gather your hair and tug at it pulling you back against his chest as he continues to thrust hard and fast into you. His other hand gripping at your throat as you hear him breathe heavily into your ear driving you mad.
“Harder, Vinnie” you whined biting your lower lip wanting more. You could feel his smirk against your ear as he shoved you back down against the mattress pressing you there, his dick slamming into your harder and faster with each thrust as he moved his free hand to rub at your clit in a slow circle. 
“Don't ever tease me like that again, got it?,” He growled as he watched where you both connected, he slapped your ass hard causing you to hiss with pain and pleasure. 
“Y-Yes,” you moaned loudly, gripping the sheets tighter as you could feel the knot in your stomach tighten once again. He gripped your hair pulling you back against him once more fucking into you faster as the room filled with skin slapping skin noises. Your hips meeting his causing him to groan deeply.
“Cum on my dick like a good girl,” His free hand grabbed your throat once more as he pressed his lips to your ear whispering in a raspy voice sending chills all over your body as your walls tightened around him. He lifted his leg on the bed shifting his angle to fuck you harder as his hand in your hair moved down to your clit once again taking you over the edge.
“Vin, holy shit” your eyes rolled back in pure bliss as you reached behind you to grab onto him as your climax tore through your body. He thrusted a few more times before his hit as well cumming deep inside you causing you both to collapse on the bed. You both took a few minutes trying to catch your breath in silence. 
“Vin,” you say softly looking over at him as he looks back “Your cum is dripping down my thigh,” you giggle softly as he lets out a soft groan. 
“Don't say shit like that,” He licked his lips leaning in to kiss you deeply as you kissed him back “You're going to make me hard again,” He got up to grab a towel and clean you up.
“Sorry,” you blushed slightly, covering yourself with his sheets as he threw the towel to come lay next to you once again. 
“But I guess that's not really an issue anymore since I won the bet,” He put his arm around you pulling you into him as he grinned and kissed your forehead. 
“Yea whatever,” You rolled your eyes crossing your arms as he laughed.
feedback always appreciated <3
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Buying The Dip by Jason Kwak
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golden hour - v.h.
Tumblr media
chapter one - a collection of chapters to complete Slow Burn
pairing: vinnie hacker x female! reader
word count: 2,506
summary: Y/N gets accustomed to life in LA with the help of some cool people. 
warnings: cussing, fluff, the slow burn ;)
a/n: welcome to the series. this is new for me, so please leave feedback as it is greatly appreciated. i will be doing a full analysis breakdown with the concept in hopes for this series to flow better. enjoy :)
chapter two:
It had been a week since the party in which you met Vinnie, and since then your life has been nothing but a mess of moving your shit to LA & getting your shit together.
You were desperately trying to find time to hang out with Vinnie, but here’s the thing: both of your schedules completely interfered with each other. Between moving and getting used to LA living, it was rough to even spend quality time with anyone at the moment. “Please tell me this is the last box” Liza huffed as she set the box down. “I wish, my mom comes to town tomorrow with Gray to bring the furniture for my room and living room. She also has boxes of decorations.” You spoke as you checked your phone to see if your mattress was ready for pick up. “I cannot believe we’re going back to IKEA again tomorrow Y/N, now you’re the one who’s lucky I love you.” Liza said as she laid on your couch. “I know, I’m so over this. I hate moving.” You said as you sat down on the lovesac in the middle of your very bare living room. “Is your mom bringing Baymax?” Liza asked as she massaged her hands. “Yes, I owe her because I’m pretty sure she’s allergic to cats but she sucks it up when she has to watch him. I miss him so yes she is. Now to figure out where to set his litter box.” You said as you stood up to see if your bathroom allowed for the litter box.
On the bright side, you finally found a place to live. It’s only a 15 minute drive from campus but still has all the features you were accustomed to back home when you lived in your old apartment. It’s a homey-modern one bedroom apartment near Beverly Hills. You were internally grateful that with your scholarship money and working your ass off you were able to afford this place. The next objective before classes started was of course: finding a job. “Have you heard back from that internship you applied for?” Liza asked as she helped you take out clothes that you had been smart to throw on hangers ready to put on the racks. “Yes, but it would be unpaid. Thankfully I did something similar back home, so I don’t need it. Hopefully I can tell them with past experience I can contribute more and hopefully it turns into a paid position. If not, I’ll send my resume and linkedin somewhere.” You said as you sighed. You knew that coming to LA to launch your career after graduation was smart, you’re studying to be a marketing executive and have interned at some tech companies before. But your dream was to do it for a big time social media company, and had scored an interview with Instagram headquarters. “I’ll have to manifest pay, if not I’m sure we can find someone who’s bound to have connections here.” Liza said with a small smile. She knew you hated handouts, but when it came to your career you had to learn to swallow your pride and allow help. “Thanks bae, I think it’s time I utilize those.” You said as you folded clothes.
“Heard from Vinnie since the party?” She asked and it caught you off guard. “Yeah, but our schedules are too packed.” You said as you put stuff away into the drawer the apartment provided for you. “I could tell, you’ll find time. I actually have to go to the house later tonight to help him find something to wear to the Hype House Netflix premiere next weekend. Do you wanna come with?” Liza asked as she prepared to call Vinnie and ask if he was ready for her to head on over. “Do you think he’d be okay with me coming?” You asked as you setup your full length mirror on your closet door. “Duh, he has mentioned how pretty you are every damn day since the party. I’ll ask him though since I know how you are.” Liza said as she headed out to your living room to call Vinnie. You always wanted to respect boundaries, even if they weren’t fully established because you never want to bother.
As you started to unpack more clothes Liza walked back into your room, “Okay ma’am get yo shoes on. We’re going to the house.” She said. You immediately obeyed and sprayed some perfume and retouched your deodorant because although you knew you couldn’t put full glam on, you urgently needed to cover the fact that you’ve been moving crap in all day. As you gathered your tote bag, keys, and wallet you glanced around the apartment. Mentally face palming that you hadn’t gotten as settled in that you wanted to, but you have all the time in the world to do so.
About half an hour into the drive you were about ready to yank your hair out. Liza reached for the volume and turned it down to the podcast you both decided would be worth listening to on the drive to the house. “Used to the traffic yet?” She asked as she chuckled at the sight in front of your eyes. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it, like fuck, where did all these cars come from??” You asked as you glanced out to the literal hell that unfolded. “Yeah it was never this bad back home, but we’re like a good 40 minutes away. If you want to nap you can.” She said as she put on a chill playlist. You hadn’t even realized that you had been yawning and rubbing your eyes. Your night was jam packed with trying to find textbooks for your classes that were upcoming and procrastinating any school related things with catching up on Euphoria. “I may just do that bae, thank you.” You said as you set the seat down to a lying down position and drifted off to sleep.
As you were deep into slumber you felt the car start to hobble as the road of rocks leading up to the house caused your head to slightly bang against the seat. “What the fuck?” You asked grabbing your head. “Oh shit I’m sorry I was trying to go slow but that clearly worked against me. We’re here though.” She said as she turned the volume down and parked in between some cars. The house looking different from the trashed scene you last saw it in after the party. “I never realized how huge the house was.” You said as you fixed the seat looking out to the house. “Yeah it’s pretty big, but I think when we left your mind was clouded with thoughts of something- I mean someone else.” She said as you both got out of the car. You lightly rolled your eyes and smiled, “I’m gonna hurt you Liz.” You threatened knowing she hated when you called her that. “Nope no, I take it back.” She said as you both walked up to the front door. She knocked and Jett opened the door. “Hi Liza, hi Y/N. How was the drive?” He asked as he moved out of the way so you both can come in. “It was okay, Y/N slept once we hit traffic though.” Liza said as she headed to the kitchen. “It was a good nap.” You said as you followed her. “Vinnie should be heading down soon, he had a call with some people from Purg, but he should be down soon.” Jett said as he opened the fridge and got a Yerba Mate. “Does anyone want one?” He offered as he held two out. “Yes please” you quickly accepted the original flavored one as it was your absolute favorite. “Fun fact, Y/N was the one that out me onto these back home, she always has one with her I swear” Liza said as she accepted the other. “Vinnie just texted, we can head up there if you guys want, the call ended.” Jett said as he grabbed another yerb and walked to the staircase.
As you all walked up the stairs Thomas came out of his room and greeted everyone, “It’s nice to see you again Y/N! Enjoy the party?” He asked as he pulled out his phone. “Yeah! You all were wonderful hosts, thank you so much for the invite!” You said as you walked forward waving bye as he walked down the stairs. Catching up to Liza and Jett as they had made it forward leaving you to talk to Thomas. You all made it into Vinnie’s room and saw him bent down as he set food in Hera’s bowl. “The cat was not being patient during the call so half the time she was just meowing.” He spoke as he stood up and smiled at you. “Hi guys, welcome back Y/N.” He said as he sat on his bed. Jett sitting at his desk and you and Liza taking a seat on his couch. “Hi Vin.” You said as you smiled back at him. “Now, we need to figure out what you’re going to wear Vinnie. Thomas said everyone has an outfit except you, lucky for you I called Tati and she was able to arrange you a fitting with Louis Vuitton for Friday at 1:30 pm. They did send samples though, they should have arrived yesterday.” Liza spoke as she read the confirmation email from the people from LV that were assigned to Vinnie. “Yeah, I tried them on and they look good but I like the all black option.” Vinnie said as he messed with hoodies that were scattered on his bed. “I figured you would, so I made sure to email them that. They told me too narrow it down to two options, I just forwarded the email to you.” She said as she out her phone away. Hera came up to your leg and started to meow, you set you hand down and she purred loudly at the attention she was getting. “She likes you.” Vinnie said as he looked at you with a closed smile. You felt your cheeks get hot and felt dizzy. You hate feelings my lanta. “She’s super cute.” You said.
His phone went off and he thanked Liza as he had received the email. “Do you need anything else? I need to go home soon, we have to take Indy to his check up.” Liza said and you looked at her confused. She did not mention that to you, or you would have driven to the house to not have to drive back to the city to make her late. “I also may go soon to stream, have to do one here soon right.” Jett said as looked at Liza. You and Vinnie looked at each other and started to piece it together. “I can always take Y/N back to her place Liza since you have that appointment.” Vinnie spoke as he looked at her with a smirk. “You read my mind Vin, thank you.” She spoke as she came over and hugged you and she whispered you’re welcome in your ear. Jett said bye to you and Vinnie as he exited the room as well. You and Vinnie just looked at each other and started to laugh at how not slick that was.
“I got played. She really just left me here.” You said as you set your bag down on the ground next to you. “I wasn’t expecting that but I’m glad they both chose a day that I wasn’t busy to do something.” He spoke as he sat up at the end of his bed to be closer to you. “So, what do you have planned for us Vin? I’m sorry I wasn’t able to look more presentable I was not aware she was going to leave me here.” You said as you looked at him. He shook his head and smiled lightly. “Are you kidding? You’re beautiful. But, since you got abandoned here I guess I could show you that I’m more than a lame tiktok guy who games. I’m not sure if you remember but I have a clothing brand and earlier I got a call that some samples for our new drop came in. These two hoodies are some of them.” He said as he handed you one. You immediately recognized the Purgatory name as you FaceTimed Liza before she headed to the last drops shoot as she was nervous to model for it. “C’mon Vin of course I remember, this is super high quality. I love it. This design is sick” You said as you traced the design on the back, the green skull absolutely taking your breath away. “Thank you, we had a contest and the one who designed it, her name is Ash, did an insane job. You can have that hoodie. An exclusive, never hit the market yet steal.” He said. “Vin, stop. No way.” You said smiling. “I swear, butttt that does mean that you get to be my Purgatory assistant today. I have to go to the studio where the rest of the drop is to help with inspection check for our pop-up shop we’re hosting in a couple of weeks.” He said looking at you, praying for a yes. “Oh of course, you’re my ride home. Besides it’ll be like I’m working for the hoodie.” You said as you took a sip of your herb. “Perfect, it’s about an hour drive. Let me email Liza the samples I chose for Friday and we can head out.” He said as he walked over to his computer.
“Have any song requests?” Vinnie asked as he started the car. “Ummm, nope. I’m cool with whatever.” You said as you put your seatbelt on. Vinnie had told you the night of the party how much he adored his car, and were even more amazed at the work he had done to it. Your car knowledge was slim, but when he saw how genuinely interested you were in it he couldn’t help but feel happy inside. “It’s even nicer in person Vin.” You said as you looked at the red interior, it matched the car perfectly. “Thank you Y/N, I love it. Now you gotta sing to this song or I may just have to make you walk to the shop.” He said as he put on Nights by Frank Ocean. Your favorite song by your favorite artist. He remembered. “ROUND THE CITY ROUND THE CLOCK” you screamed as Frank’s voice filled the car a wide smile on your face, with a matching one on Vinnie’s face at your excitement.
You look out the window as Vinnie drove down the highway, the golden state showing out during the golden hour. As Frank Ocean sang the words been ready for you all of my life, you weren’t aware of what that simple lyric would mean for what was to follow for you and Vinnie.
To be continued…
taglist: @wildmustang111 @ilikeblueberrypancakes @chr0m3h34rts @lainalig @aomi-nabi @tatelangdon111
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shesnothingspecial · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I got a thingy (sorry lol idk what it's called) asking for a period fic, so here you go! :)
You were laid out on the couch in the living area of the hype house. Comfortable wasn’t at all what you would use to describe your situation. You were a groaning mess, hugging your stomach, praying the devastatingly painful feelings would leave. It hurt so bad you couldn’t even walk to take pain killers. The front door opens, but you couldn’t find the strength to lift up your head.
“Oh hey! I didn’t know you were home, I thought you left with everyone else?” Hype house member, Vinnie Hacker acknowledges your presence. You don’t say anything, you shake your head no and end up whimpering. That noise catches his attention, “Are you okay?” He asks.
If looks could kill. Pretty boy would be 6 feet under as we speak.
“Right... I'll uh, here I’ll be right back.” He slowly makes a break away from the living area to who-knows-where. You and Vinnie were acquaintances, the both of you being famed teenage tik tok stars right out of high school brought the two of you closer, having that in common with someone who wasn’t a borderline narcissist was relieving. Ten minutes pass by, and you think you scared Vinnie away...not that you wanted him to come back, right?
Hearing thuds coming down the stairs, you’re knocked out of your pondering thoughts, Vinnie walks back into the living room with a small bottle in his hands.
“Sorry I went to text Mia to see if I could help you out a little,” He held out the small pill bottle, “she said Midol helps out with the cramps and nausea.” You go to grab the bottle, but a sharp pain hits you like a freight train. Groaning and curling yourself into a fetal position, Vinnie opens the bottle, and takes out a small pill. He watches you until the pain lessens just a hair for him to turn your head, place the pill and the right amount of water in your mouth to swallow.
“Thank you.” You look up at him and give your best smile. He smiles back and turns to place the water cup and bottle on the side table next to the couch. “Do you need anything else? I could totally go out and get you food or anything you need.” Vinnie offers. You find yourself wondering ‘where did this guy come from?’ His kindness fills your heart with feelings of gratitude. “Are you sure? I don’t want to bother, weren’t you supposed to go out with Chase and his crowd?” You don’t want to seem needy, but you don’t want him to leave.
“Nah, I mean I was going over there, but halfway through my drive I just realized I wasn’t feeling up for it, so I came back and now we’re here.” He looks at you, and you can’t describe it, but it’s the look of not wanting to leave.
“Now we’re here.” You say. An agreement to stay without actually using the words.
“And you’re the furthest thing from being a bother right now, I just want you to feel comfortable, so is there anything you want?” He offers once more, giving you his best smile.
Telling Vinnie what you wanted, he’s out the door and promises to be back in 30ish minutes. In that waiting period, you found the strength to sit up and find a blanket and the remote to the tv. Trying to browse watch to watch, you found your mind occupied by a certain shaggy haired boy. Why haven't you talked to him more? Why is he so kind? Not aware of the amount of time that has passed, when the front door opens again you jump.
“Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” He says while walking over with a bag of goodies.
“It’s okay,” You reassure him before digging through the bag to gather the things he’d got you. “Thank you again, it means a lot Vinnie.” He looks at you, like he’s surprised you even knew his name.
“Anytime,” He flashes that damn smile.
The two of you are there, sitting on the couch in an empty house, looking at each other like no one else existed, and at that point, no one else did.
“Do you want to watch a movie with me?” You ask, but you had a feeling you already knew the answer.
“Of course.” He says. Grabbing the remote you browse movies until you come across your favorite movie.
“I freaking love this movie dude!” Vinnies voice cuts through the air, catching you by surprise.
“No way, I freaking love this movie!” Your excitement blending into his without missing a beat.
“The obvious answer is to play this movie then.” He comments,
“Obviously.” You reply, pressing play on the movie, letting it engulf the screen. Around the 45 minute mark of the movie, you no longer found yourself paying attention to what was happening in front of you, but rather of who was sitting next to you. You started stealing glances, taking in his earring, his jawline, his lashes, his hair. All of him.
And then he looked at you.
A blush creeps across your cheeks, “You’re pretty.” The sentence slips out of your mouth before you could even catch it, the blush darkens. Vinnies eyes widen, and then he runs his tongue on the inside of his cheek and looks down, “Weird,” His eyes meet yours, “I was just gonna say the same thing about you.”
You didn't know how to react to that. He looks at you and then turns back around as he wraps his arm around the back of your shoudlers.
You spent the rest of the movie like that, leaning against his shoulder, his arm draped around yours.
You were so grateful he came home and made you feel comfortable, looking up at him,
“Thank you Vinnie, for today it means a lot “ the words softly come out of your mouth, prayer like. He smiles down at you, “Anytime, you look tired, get some sleep” he kisses the top of your head. With that you snuggle in closer, closing your eyes and allowing your mind to be filled with all things Vinnie.
You couldn't wait to wake up, and talk to pretty boy about the rest of the world, because you had a feeling he wanted to talk to you about everything and nothing as well. Drifting off into a peaceful sleep, you feel Vinnie brush your hair back, "Pretty girl" a soft whisper floats through the air.
You've never been this comfortable during your period before, and you owe it all to the boy laying next to you.
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break-bit · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
X-girl PC videogame (98)
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roguetoo · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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delightfullyquirkydoodles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s been like eighty years since I posted my art online, so forgive me if my skills are a little rusty. I just HAD to draw the Chapter Two crew.
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dinbeskarbaby · 3 months ago
Together. Forever. BEST FRIENDS.
Tumblr media
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unbelievable-facts · a month ago
Tumblr media
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kissmyaxe140 · 6 days ago
Can u do one for Vinnie or Harry where the reader is a artist? A pov maybe ?
Tumblr media
vinniehacker: When your girlfriend is a artist @yourusername
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Yourusername: love you 🤍
Vinniehacker: 🤍🤍
Vinniefan: we stand YN
Ynfan: she’s actually really nice!
Tumblr media
Vinnie_yn_fan : did you guys see Vinnies stream? It was so adorable😩 he kept giving her kisses and YN was giggling and - it was cute 😭 @vinniehacker @yourusername
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Ynfan: he was giving her back message while reading the chat!
Vinniefan; honestly she is so lucky :(
Vin_yn: idk if I want to be YN or be with YN
Ynfan: did you guys see when she was showing him all of her drawing ? It was adorable
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catgirl-kaiju · a month ago
Tumblr media
Absolutely dying this is so fucking funny
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moonxbabe · 3 months ago
vinnie hacker smut - not too loud -
hi besties - this is another request - enjoy :)
warning: smut 18+
“Your mom said she’s picking us up from the airport when we land,” You leaned your head against Vinnie’s shoulder as he held your hand intertwining your fingers. You both were on the way to visit his parents in Seattle and you couldn't be more excited. This was the first time you would actually be going to visit his family and it just made everything feel more real.
“I love how she texts you and not me,” He let out a chuckle.
“What can I say? She loves me,” You smile up at him and peck his cheek softly. 
“She does, which I'm very happy about.” He held your hand tightly before leaning in to kiss you softly, he then pulled away to whisper “I'm also very happy you wore those leggings because you look so fucking good in them,” He moves his hand to your thigh squeezing it gently. 
“Don't start,” you smack his hand away as he slightly pouts. “You’re going to need to keep it together all weekend,” 
“What do you mean?” He looks at you trying to process your words as if you just spoke to him in a different language.
“I mean, we’ll be at your parents house Vinnie, we’re not doing anything inappropriate there,” you say in a low tone so no one on the airplane can hear your conversation. 
“You're joking right?” He stares at you in disbelief. 
“Vin, you can do it, I believe in you,” you laugh at his expression. 
“But-- I mean--” He tries to find defending words and you shake your head. 
“Don't even try, absolutely not.” You lean down to grab the magazine you bought to browse through it. 
“Well this is just great,” He groans softly, slumping in his seat like the child he is. You glance over at him and can't help but to laugh again. “Can we at least have a quickie before we get there?” He leans in whispering but with urgency. 
“Get a grip would you,” you look at him with wide eyes at his suggestion. 
“This fucking sucks,” He rolls his eyes and pouts once again before putting his earphones in. You shake your head looking back down at your magazine as he leans his head on your shoulder closing his eyes. 
“I'm so over this trip already,” Vinnie leans against the doorframe of the room his mom assigned to you for the weekend. 
“It's fine, it’ll make things easier anyway,” You walk over to him, placing your hands on his chest as he moves his to your waist pulling you in and kissing you softly. 
“Or I’ll just be thinking about you all night from my room down the hall,” He closes his eyes and presses his forehead against yours, sighing. You slide your hands up and around his shoulders before kissing him again. 
“It's just a few days, but maybe if you're a good boy I’ll sneak into your room and give you a goodnight kiss,” you whisper against his lips and he smiles.
“Dinners ready!” You both hear Maria call out from downstairs. Reggies door swings open and chuckles at the both of you standing there.
“Get a room would ya? Oh wait,” He jokes at the fact that you both will be in separate rooms. Vinnie lets you go and rolls his eyes shoving his younger brother playfully as you both follow him downstairs. 
“Did you get all set up y/n?” Maria asks you, setting up the table. Vinnie plops down on a chair not being anymore obvious about his annoyance at the situation. You hold back a laugh.
“Yes, everything is great, Maria. Thank you,” you smile at her and stand by the kitchen counter helping her grab things to place on the table. 
“If you need anything at all, don't be shy,” Nate chimes in, sitting down at the head of the table.
“You guys are so sweet, thank you for everything,” you smiled at both parents before sitting down besides Vinnie at the table. 
“It would be sweeter if--” Vinnie mumbled to himself as you smack his side to stop. 
“I’ve missed you so much,” Maria comes up to hug Vinnie from behind, kissing the top of his head. He hugs into her and smiles causing you to smile.
“I missed you too mom,” He says back as she walks over to take her seat. 
Dinner was filled with a lot of chats and laughs, bringing up Vinnies childhood. Maria pulled out baby photos which were adorable. We all played board games until almost 12am which is when his parents decided to call it a night. 
“Vin, go to bed,” you laughed softly as he lingered at the door of your room once again as you pulled out one of his t-shirts that you loved to sleep with and a pair of sleep shorts from your suitcase. 
“Come with me,” he frowned at you.
“I’ll come tell you good night in a minute, okay?” You walked over to peck his lips as he grabbed you kissing you deeply. You kissed him back before slowly pulling away. 
“I need a cold shower,” He groaned softly. 
“Go, i'll come by your room in a few,” you whispered and smiled at him, he nodded. After getting changed and doing your nightly routine you peaked out the hallway to make sure no one was around before sneaking to Vinnies room. You knock softly before opening the door and walking in quickly closing it behind you. He was standing in front of the mirror in a towel wrapped around his waist as he attempted to fix his wet curls. Your eyes scanned his body as you slightly bit the side of your lower lip at the sight of him. He was a God and you never understood how lucky you were to have him.
“Hi baby,” he smiled, catching your eyes through the mirror before turning around and walking over to you. 
“Hi,” you say quietly as he places his hand on your cheek, kissing you softly as you kiss him back, your hands resting on his bare chest as his other hand sits on your lower back. After a few moments you slowly pull away. “I should go,” you whisper against his lips and he shakes his head. 
“No, stay for a little while longer,” he pouts while moving both hands down holding your waist against his.
“I will, if you put some clothes on,” you look him in the eyes trying not to get distracted by his almost naked body and the fact that your bodys were basically pressed together. He raises an eyebrow and slightly smirks realizing it was getting to you. 
“Or I can stay like this,” He leans down to kiss your neck softly as your eyes flutter shut.
“No fair,” you gasped at the feeling as he placed kisses all over your neck, he knew that was your weakness and he was taking advantage of it. He chuckled softly against your skin before kissing up to right underneath your ear, breathing softly into it. 
“Tell me to stop and I will,” He whispered into your ear causing you to bite your lower lip.
“S-Stop,” you attempted to say but it came out more as a soft moan. 
“Hmm doesn't sound convincing baby,” He kissed back down your neck before moving to the other side and sucking on a spot. Your arms moving around his neck as you swallowed hard, your eyes slightly rolling back at the feeling. 
“Don't leave a mark,” You moved one hand into his damp hair, gripping it slightly before tugging it away. He trailed his tongue over it and kissed back up to your lips. You kissed him back hungrily as he moved his hands down gripping your ass letting out a soft groan. You could feel his hardness poking against you as your bodies pressed against one another. 
“I need to go,” you whispered breathlessly as he kissed down your jawline again, taking your earlobe in his mouth sucking on it gently. You let out a moan at the feeling trying to hold back but he was doing everything to make it impossibly hard. 
“Go then,” He chuckled softly into your ear teasing you. He knew he had you.
“I hate you,” You groaned softly, moving one hand to rub him through the towel wanting him deep inside you already. 
“You fucking love me,” He growled pushing you back against his door before moving one hand swiftly down the front of your shorts as he let two fingers slide up and down your pussy feeling your wetness causing you to gasp softly. 
“Still want me to stop?” He bit his lower lip letting out a groan at how soaked you were wanting to savor it. You rolled your eyes at his words causing him to softly laugh. 
“Didn't think so,” He rubbed circles against your clit before thrusting both fingers deep into you causing you to moan. You spread your legs a little more, giving him space as his fingers worked in and out of you at a steady pace. 
“Yes, Vin,” You leaned your head back against the door moaning once more as he leaned back in to plant kisses all over your neck. 
“Not too loud baby,” He whispered against your skin, reminding you. You nod a little as he kisses back up to your lips devouring them. You kiss him back deeply as your arms wrap his neck. His tongue enters the kiss exploring your mouth as his fingers work faster in and out of you while his thumb doesn't leave your clit. You moan into the kiss glad its muffled as he moves his free hand under your shirt to grab your breast and slowly play with your nipple in between his fingers 
“Fuck, Vinnie, don’t stop” You pull away from the kiss and whisper, biting your bottom lip to hold back any sound that was dying to slip out. You lean your head back against the door overwhelmed by pleasure as your eyes roll back shutting. You move your hips against his fingers as he smirks before slowly curling his fingers over and over deep inside you hitting your g-spot. 
“Oh my God,” Your mouth falls open letting out a moan as you grip his shoulders steadying you as your legs begin to shake uncontrollably. You could feel the knot in your stomach form as your walls clenched around his fingers.
“Cum for me baby,” He whispered against your ear driving you over the edge as your climax took over releasing all over his fingers. He held you up as your legs gave out from the high before slowly taking his fingers out tasting you. “Good girl,” He whispers against your lips before kissing you as you kiss him back deeply. You move your hands to quickly undo his towel letting it drop to the floor before reaching for his hard dick stroking it. 
You pull away ready to get down on your knees, but he shakes his head pulling you back up.
“I want you, now.” He growls, devouring your lips once more as you nod quickly wanting him just as bad. He bends down slightly lifting you up from the back of your thighs as your legs wrap around his waist and your arms around his neck. He pushes you back against the door as he lets out a groan feeling his tip rub against your wetness. Within seconds he thrusts deep into you causing you to moan loudly into the kiss as your back arches off the door into him. 
“You’re so tight baby, fuck,” He pulls away from the kiss to mumble in your ear as his hips thrust in and out of you at a steady hard pace, his hands grip your ass as he buries his face into your neck. 
“Faster Vin,” You tried to moan quietly but he felt so good it was impossible. He nodded pushing you back against the door harder as he fucked into you faster and deeper. “Yes, holy shit yes--” Your nails dug into his back as you leaned your head back against the door.
“Shhh baby girl,” He whispered in your ear letting out a soft laugh before kissing down your neck. Your eyes rolled back in pleasure at the feeling as you began to move your hips along with his meeting every thrust but you wanted more. 
“Fuck mommy harder, Vin” You moaned into his ear knowing it would get to him. He loved it when you let him call you mommy. He let out a groan at your words losing control fucking you into the door harder and faster causing you to scream in pleasure. “Yes, yes my good boy” you moaned as your nails clawed down his back. 
“I'm about to cum, mommy, fuck” He growled against your ear, breathing heavily as you nodded, feeling your orgasm get closer with every thrust. His sweaty and damp hair sticking to his forehead as he leaned his head back gripping you tighter against him pushing himself as deep as he could go hitting your g-spot once again causing you to moan loudly. 
“I-Im--” You begin to say as Vinnie slams his hand over your mouth as you both hear a door open and someone walk around the house. You look into his eyes in horror as your body shakes attempting to hold your orgasm that was beginning to take over. Your heart beat loud in your chest as he held your body tightly shaking his head signaling you not to worry as the steps paced around. You hold your breath in fear causing your body to shake even more as your orgasm lingers, tightening your legs harder around him. 
Vinnie lets out a soft groan at the shift and leans in kissing your forehead before you both hear the footsteps stop and a door close, he slowly removes his hand from your mouth attacking your lips with a smile enjoying the risk too much. 
“Oh my God, Vin” You breath out holding a moan as he continues right where you both left off thrusting in and out of your hard and fast as the knot in your stomach grew biting your lower lip. 
“Cum on my dick, mommy,” Vinnie whispered in a husky tone into your ear causing your climax to take over within seconds, you threw your head back as you attempted to hold back a loud moan, your walls clenched around him hard, causing him to twitch inside you. 
“Yes, my good boy,” You whined as your high ran through your body. He moaned softly at your words, holding you tightly, cumming deep inside you leaving you both breathless. Your legs give out as they slowly unwind from around his waist down to the ground. He held you up hugging your body tightly kissing the top of your head. 
“Never again,” you breath out looking up at him as he slowly lets you go to grab a towel. 
“You started it,” He chuckled softly, bending down to clean you up as you held on his shoulders. 
“Absolutely not,” You looked down at him in disbelief and frowned somewhat ashamed you couldn't keep your hands off each other for one weekend. 
“Yes you did!” He whispered-yelled getting up “You came in here, remember?” He pointed out, causing you to roll your eyes. 
“I’m so embarrassed, I hope no one actually heard us,” You leaned into him pressing your head into his chest wrapping your arms around him as he chuckled softly hugging your body tightly. 
“It's not a big deal, we weren't caught,” He lifted you up, carrying you to his bed. 
“Vin, I can't stay in here,” you insisted as he sat you down in the open covers of the bed. He frowned at your words getting in next to you.
“But you know I love to cuddle after,” He puts his arm around you as he covers you with his warm comforter making it hard to resist. 
“You're going to make your parents hate me,” You pout cuddling into his bare chest placing a soft kiss on his peck. 
“They could never,” He smiled at his win, hugging you in his arms placing a soft kiss on your forehead. 
“I'm going to have to sneak out of here at like 7am, okay?” You look up at him as he nods, leaning his head on top of yours ready to fall asleep. 
feedback always appreciated <3
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strelasboo · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I couldn’t pick what one I liked more so you get both!!! A little glitchy boy inspired by mcc today c:
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vinnieslut · a month ago
to the moon - v.h.
Tumblr media
pairing: vinnie hacker x female! reader
word count: 484
warnings: not edited, fluff, ya know the deal
summary: in which Y/N & vinnie enjoy a late night call
a/n: recommend to listen to “to the moon” by Phora <3 also amor means love in Spanish <3 (i know it means that in more than one language but i know it that way in Spanish)
Your eyes fell droopy as you yawned for what seemed like the tenth time in a row. Finals week had slowly been killing you, but you had to stay awake to pick up the call. Long distance was not ideal, but you and Vinnie made it work. Sometimes that looked like waiting until 3 a.m. to get a phone call.
This was a routine, sure your sleeping schedule had to make adjustments, but so did Vinnie’s. You attending college in the east coast was fun don’t get me wrong, but the 3 hour time difference was so hard sometimes. You both had to find the silver lining and that was simple, you loved each other. So here you are waiting for the call as you rubbed your eyes. 3:10 am. read your phone screen.You laid down and as soon as you started to fall asleep your ringtone started to go off.
vin <3 with a photo of you and Vinnie smiling at each other flashed over the screen. “Hi amor” you said as another yawn took over. “Hi baby” He said as he chuckled, “it’s late Y/N, i wasn’t expecting you to answer.” “Are you kidding, it’s what I look forward to every day. I’m sorry I couldn’t call earlier, but I’m finally finished with this semester.” You said as you smiled to yourself knowing you get to visit soon.
“I know, can’t wait for my pretty girl to visit me so I can take you out to dinner to celebrate a semester well done.” He said as you shifted in the bed. “I know my flight leaves early next week” you said a stupid smile coming to your face. You couldn’t wait to see him. “Are you comfy in bed?” Vinnie asked as he gazed out out of balcony to the bright full moon that appeared. “Kind of, why?” You asked as you sat up in bed. “The moon looks so beautiful tonight, reminded me of you.” He spoke softly. “Oh yeah? Lemme go take a look.” You said as you walked out to your window. There she was in all her glory, the moon shining brightly. “You know what’s cool, no matter where we both are, we’re always going to be looking up at the same moon.” He said looking up to the moon. “Yeah, I like thinking of the distance like that. At least we’re under the same moon.” You spoke smiling weakly, distance was a killer and you both knew that. “Well, next week we can moon gaze all we want, together. For now, get some rest. I love you.” Vinnie spoke on the other line. “I love you more, to the moon and back a thousand times.” You said as you got back into bed. Once you both hung up you drifted off to sleep knowing that no matter what, your love was to the moon and back. Always.
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firstenchanterorsino · a month ago
My Discord was hacked. I’ve had my money spent and servers deleted. The scam to me was not typical or tell-tale.  I want other people to know this method so the same doesn’t happen to them.
Tumblr media
This is what should be known at the very least. Exact details and tips are under the read more.
The scam specifically PREYS upon friendship and empathy.
They take over accounts and target the contacts.
My hacker was a REAL PERSON. Not a bot!
They appear normal enough in conversation. 
They specifically make a friendly request for help.
They give reasons alongside the infected link or file.
It’s all about making you feel safe and not ask questions.
This would have NEVER HAPPENED if I had 2FA. I was stupid and didn’t. I regret it so much. 2FA is quick and easy. You link a phone number and get texts. Discord has one-time use backup codes you can download. This is for if something happens to your phone. You HAVE to download these prior to losing your account.  Again, set up two-factor-authentication. Download your 2FA backup codes.
If you are a target, this can save you from a lot of grief.
A friend in my contacts was hacked and taken over. I was messaged by the hacker. They said they were a part of an IT class now, had a project due where they had to code a simple game, and needed feedback. They claimed they were leaving in 20 minutes and needed this done. The file actually didn’t work my first attempt. The hacker suggested “fixes” to "help” me.
You’re inclined to help a friend. The story makes sense. This friend was one I trusted but didn’t know a lot about. I was not busy, so I didn’t have reason to decline. The time limit’s purpose was to make me focus on giving feedback rather than make conversation, so I wouldn’t figure out the scam. The hacker talked to me when it didn’t work to make sure I got the malware.
The file was called “Snake Game.exe”. This was a Trojan file. Trojans look like real programs to trick you. I don’t know the exact function of this Trojan. My guess is that it was a keylogger. It forced me to sign out of Discord. If it was a keylogger, it read my info as I typed it to log back in. I’m not 100% certain ultimately. Hackers have an arsenal of malware available and it’s not going to be the same in other encounters.
In TWO MINUTES, my account was lost. I thought the server error’d. Login denials went from saying incorrect info to saying my email was not found. I got an email sent confirming my Discord email was changed. Without 2FA, this was easy. They had my password, the only thing Discord would’ve asked for.
The Trojan was basic. It got my discord login and nothing else. Either couldn’t or didn’t have a chance as my antivirus killed it. I scanned my computer and didn’t have more malware. While basic, it’s all that was needed.
I had Paypal linked. They spent $110 total on Nitro. I changed my Paypal password thinking it’d disconnect my Discord from it. Later, another purchase went through. I cancelled my debit card.
I made a new Discord and messaged my own account. Hacker demanded bitcoin and tried to voice call me. He only bothered to reply because I offered money, which I was lying about anyways. Hackers say very little and don’t reply if they don’t need to. Pointless and not worth the risk.
He deleted the servers I owned and left the others. This is typical for Discord hackers. They use what’s useful, strip your account, and then either abandon it or delete it. This hacker didn’t use my servers but others will, getting the account banned.
They started to message people. The hacker is possibly a new person at this point. The way they typed and the believability notably changed.
Hacker’s story and malware host changed. He sent a link, not a file. A friend I got back into contact with sent me screenshots of the hacker trying to scam them.
LINK TO SCREENSHOT. Hacker is green, friend blue, and the red is a past username. I left in the link he sent. Don’t go to it. I don’t know how the site works and how it gives malware. Merely going to it can be dangerous.
To summarize, hacker wants friend to bug test a game site they helped developed. This scam was obvious. Writing was poor, looks like it was put through a language translator, says he developed a game but links a “streaming” website, says the site has netflix/amazon/hbo for free, the site preview text is unusual, and outright says “this isn’t a virus”. 
Obvious red flags. My friend asks a personal question I’d know. What’s my pet snake’s name? First time, it was ignored, so my friend repeated it. The hacker didn’t use my chat logs and guessed wrong.
Alarmingly, the “name” they said was actually an old username I used in the past elsewhere. I haven’t used it for years. This wouldn’t be found on my Discord or chat logs. Nothing else was hacked. I don’t know how they got this. My one guess is that my Discord password has been in a data breach and they looked up my password to get my compromised information for old accounts.
The hacker ends up changing my avatar, name, and numbers to something obviously not me. This makes no sense. It defeats the perk of pretending to be me. They’ve been offline for a while now so they might’ve moved on.
Support is notoriously awful. They’re slow, strict about their privacy policy, and literally don’t reply sometimes. Common advice is accept your losses and don’t hope to recover the account. I've been lucky with Support so far but I still don’t have my account.
There’s an automated reply to your ticket that has questions. You need to give your original email, your discord username AND the 4 numbers, and how you got hacked. Having this gives optimal chances the ticket is taken seriously. 12 hours later, I was informed I’m being assigned to a team member. No actual action yet. Three days later, new email said they investigated and reverted my email back. The account is temporarily suspended and requires a password reset. 
I still can’t get in because I’m asked for a 2FA code. I don’t have one. I told support and there’s no reply yet. Policy says they can’t give codes, but it might differ when hacked. 
A deleted account can be recovered for up to 14 days, then is gone forever. It’s common for hackers to delete accounts. Get your ticket in and reply to Support ASAP. You don’t want to waste time.
When it comes to the transactions, contact Paypal or your bank first. Discord discourages Paypal disputes and wants a ticket. Contacting Discord should be your last option. My ticket about the money was never replied too and they asked for information I didn’t have access to. Meanwhile, Paypal solved my case in four hours and I was refunded.
Having 2FA is the strongest security measure you can have when it comes to not getting hacked if someone has your info. Have the backup codes and keep copies in multiple secure places with one being Drive/Cloud service.
Practice security basics. Have a strong password. Don’t use one password for everything. Browsers now will generate you strong passwords and save them. You can also use a password manager. The email you use for accounts should be one you know you can still access. 
haveibeenpwned is a site dedicated to archiving data breaches. If your email or password is compromised, this site will tell you. Compromised passwords should be changed right away if in use. Compromised emails should be monitored, but isn’t as dire as a compromised password.
Have an antivirus and an antimalware service. There is a difference. Having both maximizes protection. There’s a plethora of well-working options that are free. Keep them up to date.
Don’t brush off oddities or gut feelings. If something is off, ask questions and take precaution. A hacker relies on saying little while getting what they need. Simple questions reveals them. A true friend should understand you wanting to be safe and wouldn’t be upset at you not immediately doing a favor.
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