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juicedoesthings · 8 months ago
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There’s still been users still getting their accounts hacked and used by the Ray Bans bot. It is still a threat.
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Tumblr media
⚠️DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK IF YOU ARE TAGGED IN IT. It’s tagging masses of people in one go and targeting them directly now. Even using trusted users who were once a follower of yours.
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spacesimp · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am sure blogs are getting hacked in mass through these links. If you see someone you know posting these DO NOT CLICK, that account has been hacked.
Pls reblog to stop the spread of this.
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dizzyhmuffin · 2 months ago
In real life, hacking (in terms of breaking into secure systems you aren't supposed to) has a lower skill ceiling than you might expect, and it's not all that great to begin with. Real-world hacking is all about problem-solving skills, and using bugs and exploits which are already there, so to speak; you can only get so good before "even better" stops making a difference. I mean, yeah there's no such thing as bug-free software once you go above a given level of complexity, but a hacker needs to know what the bugs are, or find out through trial and error without the system ejecting them completely. Even if you're the best hacker in the world, you can't just break into a server with even just okay security if it's properly configured and there aren't any known exploits.
If you're really really lucky, then maybe you can pull off some kind of social engineering shenanigans and hoodwink someone on the inside into helping you. But in that case, you're up against people whose literal job description involves not being dumb enough to fall for that kind of thing, and even if you succeed at tricking someone, there still needs to be something exploitable you can do with it.
However, all that is boring to show in a movie or novel.
As a result, hacking in popular culture is usually depicted like the target system's firewall is like a bank vault, and the hacker has superhuman strength, except with a shitty laptop. It's a heist, mostly from the comfort of your own home. Henry Case can go full cowboy in Virtual Reality in Cyberspace (in the book which popularized the word "cyberspace"), and it's literally depicted as being like an airplane-dogfight. Precisely none of the hacking in "Hackers" makes the slightest bit of sense.
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nixcraft · a year ago
Hack the planet. 
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tentacion1999 · a month ago
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tomorrowusa · 9 months ago
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Putin didn’t need to steal the election on behalf of his slobbering dupe Trump because Vladimir already got everything he needed.
Why we should consider Russia’s hacking an act of war
This Russian cyberattack is particularly dangerous, since Russia is exploiting American cyber weaknesses at a time when it is the most vulnerable — during a presidential transition where the outgoing administration is largely refusing to cooperate with the incoming one, and amidst a national public health crisis that has substantially eroded U.S. defensive capabilities.
And if this is an act of war then we know exactly who the Benedict Arnold is.
Trump has been downplaying Russian cyberwarfare against the US since before he was president. He even encouraged the Russians to hack Hillary’s emails. It’s Ironic that Trump claimed that Russian hacking was a sign of disrespect for whoever was president at the time. Apparently Putin has zero respect for his incoherent stooge.
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And of course a majority of Congressional Republicans are still propping up a treasonous authoritarian who may have facilitated a cyber Pearl Harbor. Those traitor-loving Republicans include the odious Kelly Loeffler and the bigoted David Perdue who are up for re-election in the Georgia runoffs.
As soon as Biden takes office he should revoke Trump’s passport to keep him from fleeing prosecution in the US.
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one-time-i-dreamt · 7 months ago
Supposed hackers started new blogs that imitated older ones. Everything looked exactly the same except for one letter (for example, @one-time-i-dreamd) and everyone was questioning whether the URLs had always been that way. I don't think anyone actually did any hacking, though.
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weirdlandtv · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Computers and the 1980s. A completely random selection. Robert Tappan Morris (creator of what is considered the first computer worm on the Internet), WAR GAMES, Bill Gates, and Richard Pryor in SUPERMAN III.
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promptsforyourwhumpfic · 3 months ago
Whump Prompt #679
Submitted by anon - thanks!
Android/cyborg characters with digital systems getting hacked by an enemy and turned into a puppet that gets used to deadly effect against their own teammates. Even better if the character is still aware of what they're doing, but aren't in control, thus they can't stop what's happening nor can they even say a word to explain. Are their teammates understanding, or do they think A attacked on purpose? You decide.
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xponentialdesign · 2 months ago
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Potential Internal Bug | 8bit ASCII series (2 of 5) My entire 8bit ASCII series is up for grabs at 8ꜩ per unit ╠╣═╔╗ 0. Prequel 1. All Systems Nominal 2. Potential Internal Bug ◄ 3. Bad Sectors 4. Obvious Bad Sectors 5. UPWARDS DEFRAG PROCESS complete a full set = get a free personalized variation
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unbelievable-facts · 5 months ago
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amishsicario · 3 months ago
piece of infrastructure: *is created*
russian hackers 30 seconds later:
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A SORDID head canon
Every universe’s version of Donnie has a secret account full of money he steals from bigoted and hurtful organizations such as the Westboro Baptist Church, Autism Speaks, the Proud Boys, or the Trump campaign. He can only steal a little at a time, but it adds up.
The account is used to pay April and Casey back for the stuff they get the turtles, along with major projects like the 2012 turtle sub or the IDW Splinter Dojo. It’s very heavily guarded and has never been breached or traced (you think Don’s an amateur?)
Donnie’s usually pretty quiet about it, although 2018 Donnie brags about every “score” and fills the unlucky bastards’ inboxes with the meanest memes and gifts he can find. The rest of the family usually pretends not to notice unless they really need something (although standards of “need” can be very flexible, especially for Raph or Mikey).
Mikey usually calls it the SORDID account. SORDID stands for Shitty Organizations who Really Don’t need It, Duh. It’s not the best acronym in the world, but calling it Electrotentacles (because Donnie’s reach extends across the internet like an octopus) brought some inappriopriate connotations and was rejected.
Please reblog with suggestions for any other Shitty Organizations who could use a visit from our Lean Green Genius!
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