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jaesspresso · 6 months ago
make it fit | lee donghyuck
Tumblr media
the image does not belong to me. credits to the original owner.
pairing:: best friend!haechan x reader
warnings:: sex! oral (receiving and giving), mentions of overstimulation, throat fucking, protected sex (does not mention but the reader is on the pill; please practice safe sex and being on the pill doesn’t make you safe from STIs so wrap it before you tap it), implied edging, some slapping like once, choking, begging, looking at your best friend’s huge dick there’s probably more...
summary:: best friend!haechan tries to convince you that he in fact does have a big dick but you won’t believe him so he decides to show you.
work count:: 3.5k
author’s note:: In honour of hitting yet another milestone! 🥳🥳 You guys are honestly so mf sweet and i send warm hugs and love to each and every one of you. This is also in honour of The Pussy Destroyer 2000 aka TPD2000. Haechan has a large thick cock and that’s facts. Have i proof read this? Kind of. But knowing me there’s probably still spelling errors sjkdjks
"You have a big dick? Yeah, right.” You scoff, your fingers tapping furiously at your laptop keyboard as you try to defeat the opposing team. You frankly had no idea how the topic of Haechan’s dick had come into conversation in the middle of a League of Legends game but in all honesty you did not believe him in the slightest bit when he told you he happened to have a large package. 
“Well, I do, alright?” He argues back in a rather playful tone as his fingers skilfully moved across the keyboard of his computer, controlling his character within the game. 
“Who said?” You retaliate with a smirk on your face. The victory screen occupying both screens as you look over at him. 
“All the girls I’ve fucked.” He moves the headset off his head and turns to you. 
“Well, I’m not one of the ‘girls you’ve fucked’, so I don’t believe it.” You comment, clearly not convinced, your arms over your chest to prove your point and Haechan stands up from his desk, moving towards his bed where you were laying. 
“Guess I’ll have to show you then.” He grins, lowering the laptop screen and removing the device off your lap, setting it beside you. He leans closer to you, until your nose is brushing against his and you swear, the look in his eyes, he could’ve taken you right there. 
“Stop being so crazy.” You blurt out before he could tease you and push him away, creating space between the two of you.
Haechan chuckles, rising from his bed. “Just because you know you won’t be able to handle it.”
“What-I, no-” You stutter over your words watching the boy leave the room, mentioning something about getting drinks for the both of you and as he walks out, you catch yourself staring at his crotch. 
He couldn’t be that big, could he?
Haechan returns with two cans of a fizzy peach drink, it’s your favourite but somehow today when he tosses you the can, you don’t open it immediately instead staring at the boy’s sweatpants. They’re grey. A nice shade of grey and you swear he’s somehow planned this out, telling you about his huge dick whilst wearing grey sweatpants. Just a Haechan thing. 
“You’’re really not as big as you are boasting, are you?” You ask, your finger tracing the rim of the cool can in your hand and trying to wander your eyes anywhere but his groin area. 
“No,” He replies, taking a large gulp of the refreshing drink before settling it on his desk ago with the rest of the empty cans of Red Bull. Saying that he loved that drink was a bit of an understatement, the boy was addicted. “why? Do you want to see it?”
You choke on your own saliva when he asks you, so straight forward and he chuckles. “Are you planning on just whipping out your penis like a sword or some shit?” You try to bring humour into the conversation, in the attempts to conceal your flustered state. 
“No, I plan on getting something too.” The can is back in his hands as he casually takes another gulp and you’re left wondering what that something is. 
“A blowjob?” You question, eyebrows knitted together and Haechan nearly chokes on his drink, some of it even coming out through his nose as he tries to cough some up too. You watch him place the can back where it was on the desk as he leans over it and hides his face in his hands, a part of him is beginning to laugh at himself as he tries to contain the coughing (bruh I promise he doesn’t have COVID he just can’t drink in this fic). 
“What? No, no.” 
“Perhaps,” He’s finally managed to control the violent coughing and laughing at his misfortune, more like your suddenness but hey ho, Haechan had done the same to you many times so he empathised with you. “flash your tits, I don’t know?” He shrugs, noticing the shock on your face as he tries to take back his own words.
“That’s doable.” You comment, sitting up in his bed as you prepare yourself for his supposedly large dick and Haechan just grins at the thought of you flashing your own tits in front of him. “But if it’s the size of a pickle, you don’t get any boobs, alright?”
“Okay, okay.” He tugs his shirt up, one of his hands going into his grey joggers and suddenly you stop him. 
“Wait.” You scoot closer to the edge of the bed, on your knees and your eyes are focused on his hand in his sweatpants. 
“Wanting a front row seat, I see?” He comments, rubbing the tip of his cock inside his sweats and you just watch him, mind blank. “Are you ready?” He asks and you reply with the most neediness, pathetic whine. “M’kay, princess.” 
Haechan teasing tugs his cock out, the soft pink tip coming in view before the rest of his thick length, very thick length and god was he long. If you were to take him in your mouth you’d probably get half way comfortably, but the rest? That would be challenging. 
“You believe me now?” 
You nod, still processing his large package as he was boasting on about earlier and all you can think about is how much you want him inside you, your mouth, your pussy- god, you didn’t care. You just wanted him deep inside you.
As Haechan is about to tuck his dick back in his Calvin Klein boxers, the branded underwear company’s name is visible on the band of his pants and he’s about to ask you to complete your end of the deal when you practically throw your arms out in the air, in an almost panicked state. 
“Wait, w-wait, wait, can I... Can, can I suck you off?” You try to match his straight forwardness, it always seemed to work and by the taken aback look on his face, it worked this time too. “God, fuck you are so big. I don’t even know if I can fit you in my mouth. You really weren’t lying when you said you were big and-and how, just how did- how can you fit it inside a girl? Like how?!” 
You don’t even realise you’re talking your thoughts aloud until Haechan interrupts you. 
“No, I’ll make it fit.” 
Haechan’s in your throat. Well, his dick is. The tip of it hitting the back of your throat as you lay on his bed. You hollow your cheeks, taking more of his length and you can feel the thing bulge in your throat. 
“Oh, baby.” Haechan coos at the sight of his cock in your throat, it’s so fucking hot. He tries his best to resist the desire to pull out and slam the whole thing back in again, mainly because he can see you struggle with the urge to gag around him but you’ve never been so determined to accomplish something like this before.
You bring up your hands, holding onto Haechan’s hips, pulling your mouth off for a moment for a gasp of air before pushing your head off the bed and slamming his whole cock inside you. 
Haechan nearly topples over you on the bed as you swallow around his length, making the boy let out the most arousing sounds that make their way straight to your pussy. You rub your bare thighs together for some friction, any friction and Haechan grips onto your naked waist, whimpering at the way you’ve managed to shove the whole thing in your mouth (and throat too)!
The tip of your nose is buried in his balls and you couldn’t feel more accomplished having taken your best friend’s large cock in your mouth. You smile, trying to do whatever tongue movements one could do with a very big penis in their mouth before Haechan’s grip tightens on your waist. 
“I-I’m close-” He whimpers, it’s the first time you’ve seen his whimper like that. Usually he’s very loud and teases you right back but today, you’ve got the boy crumbling at your touch. Proudly, you push his hips further in your face, taking more of his length if that was possible and guiding him through gentle thrusts as you move your own head as you sucked him. 
A string of more high pitched moans leave his lips and you can feel just how wet you’re getting at the sexual noises he’s making. You focus on finishing off, sucking as if your life depended on it before you even think about touching yourself. 
When Haechan’s close, his legs begin to tremble ever so slightly and you can tell he’s adamant to hold off his orgasm because he doesn’t want to release into your mouth but you feel differently. You want to swallow it, every single drop and you don’t care if it’s too much. Like the saying, the more, the merrier and yes that applied to this situation as well.
“Y/n, I’m- I’m close, so close, please.” He begs and now that’s a first. “Oh fuck. ‘M cumming, ‘m cumming, cumming-” 
You quickly speed up your movements, practically hugging his hips as you bobbed your head, your cheeks begin to hurt from all the sucking and your throat in some pain too from the pressure. ‘Cum’ you hum around his dick and that alone is enough to push him over the edge, shooting ropes of white inside your throat. You don’t move your arms until you’ve swallowed every drop, your throat clamped around his penis which only made him dig the tips of fingers into the skin of your waist, trying to ground himself and when you finally, finally let the poor boy go, gasping for air, there’s a string of saliva connecting your mouth to his cock. 
Haechan lets out a loud sigh, your own chest heaving as you try to calm down and you offer him a tired smile. You’re still upside down with your head hanging off his bed, his cock still standing boastfully in front of your face and you just want to take it back into your mouth, despite how tired your jaw felt.
His submissive side makes a swift disappearance as his hands move up to your legs. “Let’s see what we have…” You feel Haechan’s grip on your thighs, prying them apart to reveal just how wet you were and you feel your face getting hotter. “ Oh, look at you baby.”  
Haechan admires the wetness leaking out of your hole, glistening around your inner thighs and you try to close your legs, embarrassed but the strong grip Haechan has on your legs prevents you from doing so. “Shy?” He looks down at you, his cock centimetres away from your lips and you give him a timid smile. 
When Haechan moves one of hands, sliding two fingers inside you with ease and curls his digits, making you gasp. Your hands immediately grasping onto his thighs, eyes closing in bliss as you moan out at the delicious feeling. His middle and ring finger just brushes close to that sweet spot inside you, his other hand joining in to bring you pleasure. His other digits rubbing circles over your hood and you’re struggling to keep your legs apart now that both of Haechan’s hands are preoccupied, not holding your thighs down.
When your best friend pushes his fingers deeper, curling them in the effort to find your g-spot, you gasp, thrusting your hips up and Haechan smirks. “Found the jackpot, baby.” Haechan begins to set a pace to his hand movements, his hand skilfully thrusting inside you and curling. 
You are struggling, shaking under him as Haechan leaning over you and your arms collapse beside you, unsure of what to hold onto aside from the bedsheet due to the position you are in. You clench around his fingers, a signal to him that he’s doing a good job and he comments. “Are you close, baby?” 
You let out a pathetic whine, furrowing your brows as his cock brushes over your lips and the urge to have it inside your mouth settles itself within you. “Cock, I want your cock.” You cry out and push your hips up once again almost as if you were guiding his fingers to the sensitive spot inside you.
Haechan moves back just a little to look at your face and so does his dick. “Where, baby? Where does my baby want it?” His hand leaves your clit hood but the palm of his other hand works its magic, rubbing against your sensitive bud. 
Without any words, you push yourself up to engulf his length once again and Haechan groans, his tip still sensitive from the previous climax. His hand movements stuttering for a bit but soon he’s back at it, setting his pace a little faster as his fingers fucked your pussy and his cock fucking your mouth, a hand planted on the bed whilst he delivered thrusts, admiring your determination or neediness. 
Within minutes he’s brought you to a climax, pulling his dick out before he could release another load down your throat and your thighs are still trembling around his hand which you seem to not want to let go, your grip almost vice-like. However, when you finally do, your whole body convulsing as your legs cave in, Haechan moves back to admire how fucked out you look. There’s cum on your face, his cum and your pussy is glistening with arousal. Your jaw even more sore and you’re still in the same position but Haechan is quick to change that. 
He manhandles you into a different position, grabbing your wrists and pulling you so your head rests on his pillow comfortably. He is able to move you with such simplicity, like you were his ragged doll and settles himself on the bed too. His hands wrapping around your ankles and pushing your legs up so he could admire your wetness from a new and closer perspective. 
He’s done a good job preparing you, your juices spread around your cunt, inner thigh and some even leaking onto his bed. He is definitely going to have to change his bedsheets after this but for now, he wants to fuck you into one more and final orgasm. Reaching back, he grabs his shirt and tugs it off in one effortless movement. He looks good topless. No, scrap that he looks fucking sexy with no clothes on and you clench around nothing as he stares you down with an intimidating gaze. A faint smirk still playing on his lips as he bites them before taking in the two fingers he had fucked you with, sucking on them as if he were showcasing his oral skills. 
With hooded eyes you watch him, hands under your knees, holding your legs up and apart. Once done licking your arousal off his finger, Haechan leans down to capture your lips in a rather passionate kiss. He can taste his release and you can taste yours. 
How dirty. 
During the kiss, Haechan's moves his hands behind you to unclip your bra, it’s the only you’ve got on your body and since he’d showed you his dick (and let you suck it too), it would only be fair if he returned the favour. So, that’s what he does. 
He gets rid of that bothersome piece of light clothing, tossing it to some corner of his room and dives in, placing kisses and sucking down the valley of your breasts. He moves down your stomach, continuing the kissing and sucking before he reaches your pussy. 
The way you’ve held your legs, it’s inviting to him and just wants to get lost eating you out but he knows that you want him inside you. He did say he was going to ‘make it fit’, after all. So, he allows himself the chance to show you just how great he is with his own mouth, just enough to have you crying his name before getting on his knees.
“Listen here, baby…” He starts off, his lips and chin shiny from your slick as he holds onto the tip of his cock, positioning it right in front of your hole. “If you, try wrapping your legs around me, I will edge you two more times and you can toss the idea of a second orgasm out the window.”
You breathe out a yes, it’s a rather pitiful reply but that’s all you can come up with your eyes glued to his thick cock. 
“Words, baby. You can speak or have I fucked your brain out?” he laughs as you struggle to form a reply, his threat to edge you twice making it rather hard to breathe. “M‘kay baby, here goes-” His words are cut off with a sharp inhale as he pushes it inside you and you tightly clutch around his penis. He’s big.  Not that it wasn’t something you were only just discovering, you’d already settled that at first sight but his cock fills you right up and it makes you want to roll your eyes back in the pleasure or possibly even a little pain. 
Haechan was able to reach places inside you that no one boy had before, you’ve had your fair share of sexual experiences but this was something new and you don’t think any of your trusty sex toys could top this. The boy is good with his thrusts, hitting your g-spot with such precision and making your back arch as he holds your hips to stop you from moving. Haechan was experienced in bed, definitely more than you and you struggle to hold your legs up. Perhaps it was the position, or that fact you had already been brought to an orgasm but you felt close again. 
You were convulsing around Haechan as he railed into you, his pace fast and brutal. The bed was hitting the wall, but that sound was drowned out by your whiny moans and Haechan grunts. His eyes focused on that way your chest moved, your voice quivering with every thrust and your neck, how would his hand look around it?
A seductive gasp erupts from your mouth, your eyes darting up at the boy who had decided that his hand looked lovely as a necklace. He’s got a dark look in his eyes, his grip tightening at the sides and he leans down to connect his lips with yours. 
Your hands have given up, settling themselves down on the bed as you inched closer to your orgasm, your legs settled over Haechan’s thighs but not wrapped around his waist as he had warned. He gives you one last powerful thrust, making you yelp as your pussy maintains a vice like grip, creaming his cock. 
You’re so lost in the overwhelming feeling of your second orgasm, you don’t realise you’ve begun to tear up but Haechan picks up on that, teasing you immediately. “Can’t believe you’re crying over my dick and you tell me to stop being crazy.” His tone is playful as he slowly pulls himself out of you.
“Shut up.” You retort, laughing a little at yourself. “I’ve just never orgasmed twice, alright?” You wipe your eyes with the back of your hands, flinching a little when Haechan delivers a light slap to your inner thigh, sending shockwaves to your core. 
“Well, now you have and I told you I’d make it fit.” He proudly stands up, most likely going to retrieve a shirt but your eyes immediately go to his soft cock, watching it carefully as he walks around to his wardrobe. You still cannot believe how big he is, never mind the fact he was inside you less than five minutes ago and you watch him grab another shirt from his closet.
When he turns to you, pulling down his shirt, you raise your hands with open palms and he understands with you even uttering a word, tossing you a plain red shirt. “I better get that back, it’s my favourite. Anyways you staying over tonight?”
You hum happily knowing that you were about to put on one of Haechan’s favourite shirts before sliding back on your underwear. “Just let me text...” You mumble reaching for the discarded jeans on the bedroom floor and fishing out your phone, though for a moment you are side-tracked by the abundance of messages from the group chat. The chat consisted of your close friends; Mark, Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin.
“Hey, Haechan.”
“Yeah, baby?” He replies, still not dropping the new nickname he’d assigned to you within the last hour or so, as he tugged on a pair of clean black boxers before looking up at you. 
You scroll through the multiple messages of the boys panicking on the group chat and some even teasing. “Did you leave your mic on by any chance?”
“Well, Jaemin and the rest just heard us having the best fuck and suck of our lives so...”
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smileysuh · 5 months ago
Baby Face : Frat Haechan
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: You and Haechan have been enemies ever since highschool, when debates between you in class would get heated. Now, you’re in a sorority and he’s in your brother frat, NCT House. Trivia nights are supposed to be fun at the campus bar but you and Haechan always take it personally, and your friends see the the sexual tension, even if you and Haechan don’t. Johnny and Jaehyun concoct plans to force you and Haechan interact, frat boys lie, and even if Haechan gets you on your back, you’re never going to stop calling him the nickname he hates so much: “baby face”. 
⇢ Pairing: frat!Haechan x fem!reader ⇢ Genre: smut, comedy, slow burn ⇢ Warnings: lots of competition, high key GAMER HYUCK, dom leaning switch Haechan, oral (f/r receiving), pet names, slight degradation, angst, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it ya’ll), fingering, BIG DICK HAECHAN, dumbification, body worship, he reffers to himself as daddy once or twice, etc.. ⇢ Word Count: 14.4k ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: frat nct, enemies to lovers, childhood enemies, etc...
Frat NCT Au Masterlist HERE
Tumblr media
“So then we get back to his room-”
“Is he still rooming with Johnny?”
“Fuck, I’d climb that guy like a tree.” 
“I know right? But we get back there, and he throws me on the bed-”
You close your book loudly with a sigh, drawing the eyes of your sorority sisters who hadn’t even noticed you sitting in the living room by the window, the drapes half obscuring you and shutting you in with the beautiful morning sunlight- which you had been enjoying. 
“Oh, hi Y/N.” One says awkwardly. 
The man they’re talking about is Lee Donghyuck, notorious roommate of Johnny Suh and renowned “lady killer” of the frat system. Almost as well known as his reputation, or yours for that matter, is the fact that you both hate each other- and you have since high school, where you made a point to personally pick fights with each other in debate team.
“Don’t let me stop the story.” you wave your hand as you head towards the stairs leading up to the second floor of your sorority house, “Ryujin told me her version of it last Saturday,” you wink at the two girls, “and I hear the ending where he kicks you out at two am before Johnny gets home is the best part.” 
Fucking Lee Donghyuck, you think to yourself as you head up to your bedroom. When are the girls in your sorority ever going to learn that he’s the worst of the worst?
Tumblr media
“Could you just be nice this once?” Jenni sighs as you slide into the booth next to her at the campus pub for Trivia Tuesday. 
“No.” you answer, flashing a smile at Johnny, who’s just finishing setting up the projector for the game. He waves at you, grabbing a stack of trivia answer papers to begin handing them out to the tables who are playing.
“You cut it a bit close.” Johnny says to you as he gives you a peice of paper for your answers, checking his watch to see how long he has until he has until it’s 8, and trivia night officially starts. 
“I knew you wouldn’t start without me.” you beam up at the tall frat boy. As much as you hate Haechan, his roommate, in fact his entire frat, is pretty cool. NCT House is technically the brother frat of your own sorority, as much as you and Haechan wish this wasn’t the case, and that means that you end up in the same circles as NCT boys with some frequency. 
“Who would compete with Haechan if you didn’t show?” Johnny points out, eyes sliding over to his roommate. 
Your sorority and frat have two tables you’ve all but claimed on Trivia Tuesdays. Squished up next to each other, the two hour long game from eight to ten gives your houses plenty of time to intermingle and flirt. You’re at the end of one side, and Haechan has his claim all the way at the end of the other table. He has a beer in front of him, and he’s twiddling with a pen, chatting with Mark Lee and Kim Jungwoo. 
Johnny heads over to give Haechan’s table their own trivia paper, he does a few errands as a timer ticks down on the projector screen. Johnny manages to bring you a beer, and serve a few others at the table before the clock hits one, then he heads over to the bar, where he’ll be stationed for the next two hours, testing out the audio system. 
Taeyong enters the bar, eyes quickly scanning the tables, he makes the decision to join you and Jenni, taking the only free chair across from you. “Hey! You made it!” Jenni beams at her friend. Since they’re both leaders in your houses, they spend a lot of time together. You enjoy Taeyong, he’s a bit quiet, but a genuinely nice guy. 
“Happy Trivia Tuesday everybody!” Johnny says into the mic, drawing your attention from the wide eyed frat president, and earning a few whistles from the NCT table next to yours. 
“Take it off!” someone bellows, and when you turn to follow the voice you see that Lucas and Hendery are already drunk, happily situated near where your tables are joined. Most of the younger members, with the exception of Haechan, just come to Trivia Night to flirt. You’re not surprised that Lucas and Hendery already each have a few empty shot glasses in front of them.
Johnny grabs the bottom of his shirt as if he’s about to follow through with Lucas’s crude request, only to stop just as the first inch of beautiful skin is revealed, “You wish slut!” Johnny teases Lucas, getting back on track immediately. “I take my job as MC very seriously everyone.” Johnny laughs to himself, “For those of you who are new, the rules are quite simple. There are five categories, five questions each, with a total of 25 fill in the blank answers. The five categories are Art, Movies, History, Music and a Random category. Each category has a theme that changes every week. Every slide will be numbered and you get four minutes per question, with a five minute break between each category, which means we finish at 10:00.” he speaks so quick its hard to follow, “if you didn’t catch those rules, just roll with it. Without further ado, today’s first theme is…” he turns to look at the screen, hitting the next slide button to reveal “classical art!”
Your eyes shift to Taeyong, “We’re lucky you sat with us.” Jenni voices your thoughts. Taeyong might be a business major along with a few of the other NCT boys, but he has a minor in art history.
“Taeyong!” Haechan calls from the other end of the table, “come over to our side!”
Taeyong looks between you and Haechan, but luckily he doesn’t even get a chance to speak or choose who to listen to, because the ever prudent MC’s voice fills the room, “Whatever table you’re sat with is now your group, no changing or cheating, or you’ll be disqualified.”
Haechan makes a big deal out of this, rolling his eyes, throwing his hands up in the air, groaning- you’re surprised he doesn’t full-on throw his drink on the ground like a tantruming child.
“Is everyone ready?” Johnny looks around the room, then he switches to the slide.
“QUESTION 1: theme - classical art - name this painting and the painter (.5 points per answer)”
The picture on the screen is one you’ve seen before, hell, Lucas is so drunk he bellows “Easy! It’s the scream!” Loudly enough for everyone in the bar to hear.
But when Taeyong reaches for your pen- and you allow him to write “The Scream - Edvard Munch”- you realize the two part answer might not be as ‘easy’ as Lucas first thought. Edvard Munch- you’re glad Taeyong is here. 
You can’t help but sneak a glance down the table. Doyoung has the paper in front of him, and he’s pressed up to Haechan’s side, both of their heads bowed as they whisper. Jaehyun’s near them too, the final member of the ‘nct competitive trio’ who always does their absolute best to beat you at Trivia Tuesday. The dimpled captain of your university's soccer team throws you a wink, a challenge, and you shake your head at him.
It’s on. 
Tumblr media
Between you, Jenni and Taeyong, you’re pretty sure you do well in the classical art category. However, Doyoung is a formidable foe, especially where Taeyong’s concerned. They might be best friends, but they compete as if they’re each other’s biggest enemies, and it proves to fuel the energy in the bar.
Category two ends up being Children’s movies. You’re a little nervous when Hendery, Yangyang and Lucas perk up at the first picture, a film you don’t recognize, but Taeyong simply takes your pen and fills in the blank. Again, when the round finishes, you feel okay with your answers. 
You and Haechan exchange a look when the History theme ends up being ‘Greek mythology’. You’re in a greek mythology classical studies class together right now, and you’d even had a debate over Hades and Persephone’s love story in high school. “To play the devil’s advocate” Haechan had said, as he began to defend Hades’ actions- the debate had gotten so explosive that your teacher had to threaten sending you to the principal’s office if you didn’t both calm down. Suffice it to say, the entire trivia round is spent with the both of you painstakingly answering the questions, personal investment making your skin flush with competitive anger. 
By the fourth round, which ends up being hip hop music, nearly everyone is tipsy. Johnny hums hip hop songs without using the lyrics, and everyone gets really into the game. Entire tables sing out songs to completion, not caring that the answer becomes a given. It’s during this round that a bunch of people leave the bar. A few couples pair off, and you’re a little shocked to see Sweet Baby Taeil leave with one of your frat sisters holding his hand, good for him. Winwin, Yuta, Mark and Jungwoo all clear out as well, and you watch the way the drunken lion hangs onto the small Canadian music theory major. 
Johnny comes with a pitcher of beer, filling up the cups of those of you who are left. It’s unspoken common knowledge that the final round is always for you and Haechan to fight it out.
Johnny counts out everyone points, whoever is left in the bar that is, and the top two groups get to go into the final lightning round which consists of abstract questions with no set answers. The two group leaders have to convince two of the three bartenders to their argument to win the game point. With the topic being random, you and Haechan both rely on your years of experience bullshitting your way through debates. 
“Okay, as predicted, the two leading teams are ‘NCT House’ and ‘The Sorority gal’s’” Johnny giggles and you nudge Jenni with your shoulder, being late means she gets to choose your team name, and this one is not up to standard in the slightest. “Y/N and Haechan, come on up for the final round.”
Those who are left in the bar are primarily your own friends, however a few other students come to watch the Thursday night trivia takedowns. In fact, the younger members of NCT House have started taking bets on who’s going to win, you or Haechan.
Jaehyun has migrated to a table with a few other frat guys, you recognize his friends Mingyu, Eunwoo and Yugyeom, as well as a tattooed Film Major named Jungkook, who you’ve hooked up with once or twice. 
The two bartenders who are on shift with Johnny tonight are Baekhyun and Kai. they’ve acted as the referees for your trivia nights a number of times, and you trust the impartiality of the three men, although Johnny does technically have a bias towards Haechan, he has so much chaotic Aquarius energy that you know he won’t show preference. 
“Okay, question twenty one, which doggo is best doggo?” there are four pictures of different dogs on the screen.
“Haechan!” Donghyuck screams his own name, hand raising immediately to signify he has an answer. Haechan’s tactic is always to answer first, so he can choose the easiest answer, or speak first, which he thinks gives him the upper hand. But it also gives you more time to fine tune your answer. 
“Haechan!” Johnny nods to the man standing a few feet away from you.
“Doggo number two is the best doggo for three reasons!” Haechan answers, he’s also loved giving ‘three’ examples ever since high school, so none of you are shocked his answer begins this way. Next he’s going to give a logic based answer, then one that makes your heart hurt, and he’ll finish it off by being charismatic and funny. “One, it’s a german shepherd, which are really smart, so smart they’re one of the best breeds for police force work. Reason number two, look at it’s little face and it’s cute little hat. Third and final reason, I used to volunteer waking dogs and german shepherds always attracted a specific kind of girl that was just,” Haechan makes a motion with his fingers, “chef's kiss.”
“Good reasons,” Johnny laughs, “Y/N, rebuttal!”
Unlike Haechan, your strategy is this: know your judges. 
“Doggo number four is the best doggo for one obvious reason!” you respond in the same animated manner as Haechan does, mocking him, which you know he hates. “It’s a corgi, in fact, I'm pretty sure that’s Baekhyun’s dog at Exo House’s Christmas party two years ago.”
“What?!” Haechan narrows his eyes at the picture of doggo number four, realizing a moment later that you’re right. 
“And we all know that Baekhyun’s doggo is the best doggo.” you conclude, speaking over Haechan. 
“And this round's winner is…” Johnny picks up his whiteboard paddle, your name written on the front of it, Baekhyun and Kai following suit, “unanimously Y/N!” 
“What!?” Jaehyun yells from the tables, “But the hot girls!”
“The chefs kiss!” Doyoung agrees loudly.
“Excuse me, are you two the judges?” Johnny glares at his friends, “no? I thought so, now shut up and let us work! Remember, there is no right or wrong answer, this is all based on your ability to argue. Next slide… question twenty two! Who’s the hottest?”
Four pictures appear on the board: Taeyong, Doyoung, Jaehyun and Ten. 
“Y/N!” you throw your arm up and grab Johnny’s attention.
“Someone’s eager, Y/N!” Johnny points at you to let you answer first.
“The hottest is Taeyong!” You know he’s good friends with not only Johnny, but Baekhyun and Kai as well. “He’s got an amazing jawline, gorgeous big eyes, and he’s just generally beautiful.”
“Haechan, Haechan, Haechan!” your opponent is wiggling with energy, and you turn to watch his rebuttal. 
“Haechan go!” Johnny nods to his friend.
“Ten is the hottest! His teeth are perfect,” Haechan begins counting to three with his fingers, “he looks amazing in any style of clothing you throw at him, and look at his nose! I’ve seen girls with nose jobs that aren’t even as pretty! Come on, Ten’s the hottest for sure.” 
Johnny holds up the side of his paddle that says ‘Haechan’, and after a moment, Kai agrees with him. To your credit, Baekhyun holds up your name, and he even verbally disagrees with his fellow judges, “Look at him!” Baekhyun points to Taeyong still seated at your table, his ears turning red from the attention, “He’s adorable!”
“If Ten was here you’d say he was adorable too!” Johnny insists, “Haechan wins.” He adds a tally to the board he uses to keep track, hiding the points from you and Haechan until the end of the trivia night. Sometimes, there’s not even really a point to go one versus one because you or Haechan have a five point or more lead, but Johnny likes the theatrics of it all. If he was to tell you that one of your wins is guaranteed, you and Haechan might not fight to the death as you do when it’s a close call, and Johnny’s nothing if not a slut for drama.
“Question twenty three,” Johnny switches to the next slide, “The best category on Netflix to watch when you want to get laid.”
Haechan is quick to throw up his hand to answer, and a moment later he’s going into a full on rant, “horror movies are the best to watch when you want to get laid because the girl will hide on your shoulder and you can cuddle up close-” You roll your eyes and Haechan turns to glare at you, “oh yeah? What's your answer then?”
“Well first, not every girl is going to ‘hide on your shoulder’ because of a horror movie, in fact, Donghyuck, if I remember correctly, you’re the one who screams at jump scares.” 
“That was one time in tenth grade-” Haechan glares at you.
Johnny smacks his hand down on the bar top, “order in my court! Y/N, name a Netflix category, other than horror, for when you want to get laid.” 
“Yeah babe, what are you going to put on Netflix for background noise when you finally give in and just admit you love me.” Haechan teases.
You scoff loudly, “you know what, Haechan, when pigs fly and I finally decide to graciously allow you to get with this,” you motion to your body, “I’ll be putting on a comedy, that way at least something will be guaranteed to be funny.” 
Three paddles present your name and Johnny is still laughing as he gives you the point, Haechan left stuttering with comebacks that fall short.  “Question twenty four, name one person to bring to a deserted island with you. Y/N you’re first.”
“The dude from that survivor show, Bear something-”
“Bear Grylls!” Johnny helps you with the name.
“Yeah him, because he’s been doing this shit on tv for years. He would be the best person to bring.” You say, knowing that you answer is falling a bit short, but that’s what happens in the final few questions, Johnny purposefully puts pressure on you and Haechan to answer quickly. 
“Haechan!” Johnny points to your debate counterpart.
“If I was on a deserted island I’d bring Y/N, and she’d be the best person because she’d be so fucking annoying I’d have a ton of motivation to build a raft to get the fuck out of there. Worst comes to worst I eat her-”
“Haechan!” Taeyong scolds from the table, “what did we say about cannibal jokes?” 
“You said they’re not funny, but they are!” Haechan insists, pointing to Baekhyun and Kai who, unfortunately enough for everyone else, are so immature that they’re giggling. 
“Are you two seriously going to vote for Haechan saying he’s going to eat me!?” you ask in shock, gaping at your two trusted bar tenders, “Johnny?! You too?!”
Johnny gives Haechan a tally mark. 
“Question twenty five, first answer that comes to your head.” Johnny says loudly, “Name the best song to fuck to.”
“Who even chose these questions?” Doyoung asks, smacking half empty glass of beer down on the table, “these are rigged!”
“What!?” Taeyong argues back, “Haechan just won due to cannibalism!”
“Silence from the peanut gallery!” Johnny screeches. Doyoung lets out a ‘hmph’ sound and crosses his arms over his chest. “Haechan, answer!”
“Uh…” Haechan falters, then he says “Anaconda, Nicki Minaj! Because my anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun!” 
“Y/N?” Johnny turns to you for the tie breaker answer. 
“Or Nah, by Ty Dolla $ign,” You respond smoothly, “because I can lick the tip then throat the dick.”
There's a brief moment of shock and then Jenni and Taeyong are cheering for you, Jaehyun’s frat table bursting out into a fit of giggles as Jungkook nods in confirmation, and all three bartenders show your name on their paddles, signifying another win for you. Haechan is sputtering beside you, “that’s cheating, you’re seducing the judges!” 
“She’s not seducing us.” Baekhyun laughs at Haechan’s tantrum, pouring the celebratory winner drink that the bar gives the Trivia Tuesday winner for free. 
“And the winner is, drumroll please…” those who are left in the bar follow Johnny’s cue and begin to tap their hands and feet, Johnny coming to stand between you and Haechan, grabbing each of your hands, “coming in first place with 23 points is…” he throws your arms up, “Y/N’s team!” 
Haechan doesn’t even take his loss graciously, a groan leaving his lips as he stomps back to his table. You don’t care, you accept the beer from Baekhyun and dance over to your side of the big Greek System table. 
“By half a point!?” Haechan’s voice draws your attention from the celebration. Johnny’s just handed him back his score sheet, of course Haechan always goes over it immediately after any loss, just to make sure the marking is correct. “On question one?!”
“The answer is Edward Munch!” Doyoung insists, grabbing the paper from Haechan to inspect it. his pointer finger repeatedly smashes against the name he’d written, and his eyes are wide as he looks up at the bartender and part time trivia judge.
“No it’s Edvard, with a V.” Johnny says, pointing it out to them, a shit eating grin on his face.
“Since when was this a fucking spelling test!” Haechan throws the paper in the air.
“Uh, since always,” Baekhyun calls from the bar, tapping the trivia night poster which clearly says in the rules at the bottom that spelling counts when it comes to names and close call winner ceremonies. 
Haechan slumps his head into his hands, “God damn it.”
Tumblr media
“No, don’t let her in, she’s not invited.” Comes an irritating voice from over Jaehyun’s shoulder. 
“Aw, are you still upset that I beat you at Trivia Tuesday, Baby Face?” you pout at Haechan teasingly, utilizing the old pet name you gave him back in grade eight. In those days he still had all his baby fat, and would get so upset in class arguments that he looked like a baby. He still does the tantruming, but he’s lost the weight, his jaw now nearly as sharp as his frat president’s… he’s not a baby face anymore, but you’ll never acknowledge it.
Jaehyun smirks at you and Haechan bickering, moving out of the way to let you and your friends through the door to NCT House. Of course you’re invited to the party, as the ‘sibling sorority’ to NCT, you and your ‘sisters’ get free access to pretty much all of their frat events, especially their parties. 
“You beat me by less than a point.” Haechan rolls his eyes at you, taking a sip from his red solo cup. His eyes are dark and alert, sizing you up. He wonders why you have to dress so- so- revealing! That’s the word. Haechan hates it. You should be in a jacket, it’s cold out. In your outfit right now, well, guys will be checking you out, and for some reason the thought of one of his frat brothers kissing you- it sets Haechan’s teeth on edge. 
You grin as you walk past Haechan, “okay Baby Face, keep telling yourself that.”
NCT House is large enough that it’s easy to get lost in the sea of people. You’ve never had any problems avoiding Haechan during parties, and tonight isn’t any different. Three hours pass by blissfully, you bounce around with your friends from the dance floor to various rooms throughout the house, even joining in on a game of beer pong with Jaehyun, Johnny and Yuta. You’ve been drinking on and off, and end up in a happy buzz, looking for Taeyong and Jenni, who you lost a little while ago.
You poke your head into Doyoung’s room, only to be met by Mark, Doyoung and Haechan. 
“You looking for someone?” Mark asks, smiling lazily at you.
“Just Taeyong, he’s obviously not here.” you respond, turning to continue your search. 
You don’t hear Haechan excuse himself and follow you, the music from downstairs drowning out just about everything as you pass down the hallway in a pleasant half drunken state. You feel good, happy, aware of everything, just tipsy enough to be carefree. 
Haechan watches the way you walk, it’s different from normal, your gate is all off. He’s spent years watching you walk away from him, so of course he notices the ‘drunk waddle’ you do at parties. He licks his lips, still able to taste the peach schnapps he’d just been drinking. He’s around your level of tipsy, but where you’re happy and lightheaded, Haechan is determined, with a stubborn set to his jaw. 
“Why are you looking for Taeyong?” Haechan asks. The sudden intrusion of his voice on your otherwise happy hallway walk makes you stop and turn to look at him, eyes narrowing. 
“Taeyong. He’s busy. Why are you looking for him?”
“Stop being so jealous, you big baby,” you roll your eyes at Haechan, turning to continue down the hall- only to be grabbed in a vice grip. Haechan throws you against the wall, the air leaving your lungs from shock more than anything else, eyes blinking away any tipsy haze that your last drink had offered you. 
“Call me a baby one more time, I swear to god-” Haechan growls, his face getting close to yours. You can see the deep brown of his eyes, looking rich against the beautiful tone of his skin. His breath smells sweet, like alcohol, but oddly enough you don’t mind, body reacting as it tingles across the skin of your neck and face-
“Woah?” Taeyong’s confused tone snaps you back into reality, and you push Haechan away from you, “am I interrupting… something?”
“She was just looking for you.” Haechan answers smoothly, turning and heading back into Doyoung’s room without another word, foot shutting the door behind him.
“What was all that about?” Taeyong asks you.
Your brows furrow in confusion, “i don’t know.”
Tumblr media
By the next morning, you’ve all but forgotten about your little altercation with Haechan. He’s pissed you off enough in your life that the times he’s made you mad at frat parties all seem to blend together, besides, he’s done worse. Like the time he cock blocked you with his friend Jeno… but to be fair, you’d cock blocked him with one of your friends the week before too- in all honesty, your feud has gone on for so long that the scoreboard is marred beyond recognition, who truly started it? You’re inclined to say he did, but if you were to ask him, he’d point to you as the reason the two of you will never be able to get along.
Regardless, your life continues as it is, and on Trivia Tuesday, you find yourself at the bar, sitting opposite ends from Haechan. 
It’s nearly eight, trivia starting time, when Jaehyun rolls into the bar. He looks fresh from the shower, hair damp, and you know he’s probably just coming from the gym. Instead of going to sit on the NCT House table, he comes to you, taking the seat across from you and Jenni. The tables do intermingle, a few of your new pledges stuck between Lucas, Jungwoo and Yuta, but to have one of their star players here on your side? If Haechan could shoot laser beams from his eyes, Jaehyun would have been dead the moment he started over to your table. 
 “You’re playing with us tonight?” Jenni asks in shock.
“Gotta switch it up every now and then.” Jaehyun shrugs, “besides, tonight’s game isn’t going to be that fun anyways.” 
“And how would you know that?” You laugh, enjoying the cockiness that radiates off of the gorgeous man in front of you.
Jaehyun shrugs, “let’s just say I have insider’s information.” 
Johnny starts the game up a moment later, and when the first Art theme is ‘Van Gogh’, you realize that all the questions are going to be super easy, so much so, that Jenni takes the sheet of paper away from you to answer, leaving you to be able to talk to Jaehyun, who is obviously here to see you, not Jenni.
“So, Spring Formal is coming up.” Jaehyun says, leaning his chin on the palm of his hand, “you guys going as girlfriends again, or are you actually going to allow us guys a chance?” 
Jenni giggles next to you. At the last formal, your entire sorority had gone as each other’s dates, to prove to the guys that none of you need them to show up in suits with flowers and a limo- because if they’re not going to live up to your standards, you guys can reach them yourselves. You and Jenni had had a wonderful time at the formal, and only a very select few guys were even able to convince some of your sisters to dance- you know for a fact Jaehyun had gone the entire night without touching a woman, and you’d kind of felt bad at the time. Now here he is, and you suppose as far as NCT House boys go, he’s one of the better catches- despite you arguing for Taeyong’s looks in trivia night last week.
“We’re not going as girlfriends.” Jenni quips.
“Great,” Jaehyun looks to you again, “want to go with me?”
It only takes you a moment to agree, easily won over by Jaehyun’s charming smile and that cute dimple that appears when you say “yes.” 
“These questions are too easy!” Haechan whines from the other end of the table, as the category switches to movies and ends up being ‘vampire themed’.
The first picture is of a Twilight movie, and on the other end of the table, Hendery immediately whispers “breaking dawn part 2.”
“No it’s part one.” Xiaojun responds, with just as much ferocity. The two start arguing and Jaehyun laughs, watching as Jenni writes down ‘breaking dawn part 2’. 
“Last week’s game was too intense.” Jaehyun says, sitting back in his chair, “everyone wanted something fun.”
You have to admit, now that you’re not on the edge of your seat, muscles tensed with anticipation to answer trivia… well, it is relaxing to be hanging out with friends in the bar. You find yourself leaning against Jenni, laughing at something Jaehyun is saying as question three becomes question twelve becomes question nineteen. 
“Okay, final round, the two teams who’ve made it are…. NCT House and Sorority Gal’s 2.0. Please send up a team leader!” Johnny’s instructions draw your attention.
“I’ll go up.” Jenni says, patting your hand and moving out of the booth to go stand next to Haechan by the bar.
“Watching this part is always the most fun.” Jaehyun comes to steal Jenni’s spot next to you, and you can’t help but enjoy the closeness. He smells good, and he’s so big- you can feel his warmth as his shoulder brushes yours, his eyes glued to where Jenni and Haechan are facing the projector screen.
Everyone seems to be a little shocked that Jenni is up there and not you, even Haechan whips around to look at you and Jaehyun. His mouth forms a firm line, and he turns back to the projector screen. 
“Question twenty one,” Johnny begins, “If I, Johnny motherfucking Suh, had to dye my hair any colour, which colour would be the sexiest? Jenni, you’re first.”
“Blonde.” Jenni answers, “that way, you can temporarily dye it anything you want, but you need that base blonde level, and I think it would look really good next to your brown eyes.”
“Ok ok, good reasons,” Johnny nods, “Haechan!”
You brace yourself for whatever bullshit answer Haechan is about to give, ready to see him try to decimate your best friend-
“I agree, blonde would be nice.”
You feel your jaw drop.
“Haechan, you’re supposed to argue a different colour, that’s the point of the game.” Johnny says, “Did you hit your head climbing out of our window last night?”
“I’m fine,” Haechan pushes away Johnny’s hand as he tries to assess Haechan’s head, “Jenni’s just right, blonde is a nice colour for you.”
“So I guess… Jenni wins this round?” Sungchan, a new bartender and pledge to NCT House asks. He’s never judged one of these before, and the paddle with Jenni’s name in his hand looks a little out of place. 
Next to him, Shotaro, the second new bartender pledge, follows suit, flashing a big puppy dog smile as he shows everyone the Jenni paddle. 
“This is bullshit.” you mutter to Jaehyun who laughs, moving his arm around your shoulders to pull you tighter so he can whisper back into your ear. “Just relax and have some fun.” 
You take a breath, focusing more on your friend winning than Haechan, who is obviously allowing her to have the upper hand. It irks you the entire night, all the way back to your sorority house, that Haechan would work so hard to beat you, but be nice to Jenni.
You know that Haechan is generally well liked, but there’s something about him rubbing it in your face- the fact that he has the capacity to be nice, but just never tries with you, well, it’s awoken a fury inside of you that you just can’t get a handle on. 
Tumblr media
“No this plan is genius.” Johnny assures the two people sitting in front of him, “Jaehyun has Y/N, Hyuck will take you-” he motions to Jenni who holds up a hand.
“You still haven't explained how you’re going to subtly pressure Haechan into asking me, of all people, to the Spring Formal.” She says.
“Pff,” Johnny laughs, “that will be the easy part. I can hypnotize him in his sleep.”
“Really?” both of his friends gasp at him.
“No not really, I mean, I’ve considered it, but I haven't tried it-” Johnny waves his hand, “just trust me, I’ll make it happen. Haechan is vindictive, if Y/N is going with Jae, the only possible equivalent is you, Jenni. And then once Haechan sees Jae with Y/N and she sees you with Haechan-”
“They’ll both be so jealous they have to admit they like each other.” Jenni finishes for him. She’s been watching you and Haechan with interest the past few months, having always suspected there were some deeper feelings there, and now, knowing that Jaehyun and Johnny see it too- well, she can’t just ignore the obvious sexual tension any longer, and god damn it, she’ll get the two of you laid if it’s the last thing she does. 
“You know Johnny,” Jaehyun stretches his arms behind his head with a smile, “This isn’t the worst idea you’ve ever had.”
Tumblr media
“So…” Johnny collapses onto his bed, eyes moving to Haechan who’s sitting at his desk, headphones half on as he plays online games. Johnny can hear Yangyang’s voice on the other end of the call, yelling something that Johnny is pretty sure is ‘Get Chenle! Get Chenle!’
“One sec.” Haechan madly clicks buttons, letting out a big sigh and taking off his headphones, putting them down, “okay, what’s up?”
“I was just wondering if you’re going to the Spring Formal on Saturday” Johnny says. It’s less than a week away now, and Jenni’s only going to stay single for so long to allow Johnny’s plan to work. 
“Of course I am.” Haechan rolls his eyes.
“Who are you taking?” Johnny pretends to be nonchalant, pulling out his phone to scroll through it before he goes to sleep.
“Not sure yet, why?”
“I just thought maybe you’d asked Jenni,” Johnny shrugs, “you were nice to her at Trivia Night last week.” 
Haechan’s mouth forms a firm line and he looks for a moment like he’s trying to figure out if this is a compliment or an insult.
“She’s pretty.” Johnny continues.
“She is.” Haechan agrees. “I always thought Jaehyun was into her.”
“Jae asked Y/N.”
Haechan nods, eyes narrowing as he turns to look back at his computer screen, “Maybe I should ask Jenni.”
Johnny smirks to himself. Haechan’s so predictable. It’s about time someone gave him a taste of his own match making medicine, and Johnny’s glad he’s the one who gets to be the mastermind behind it.
Tumblr media
At Tuesday Trivia night, Jaehyun comes to sit with you and Jenni. He’s a nice guy, and he’s a good conversationalist, able to keep up with you and your best friend, while filling out the easy trivia questions.
“Why is it another easy week?” you sigh, looking at the paper wistfully. You kind of miss the burn of the pencil in your palm, finger aching from furiously scribbling out answer after answer-
“I think Haechan suggested it.” Jaehyun says smoothly. He’s lying, but the look in your eyes tells him that you’ve bought it and it’s made you mad.
“Why would he want it to be easy?” you cock your head.
“I think he has something planned,” Jaehyun shrugs, “there’s a special girl he wants to ask to formal or something.” 
Your eyes immediately move to all the girls at your table. Many of your sorority sisters are gorgeous, and there’s a pang of something like anger in your chest. You ignore the anger, thinking it must be just general dislike for Haechan, you don’t want him dating any of your sorority sisters, that’s for sure. 
The game night continues, the three of you spending much of your time talking about extracurriculars. Jaehyun’s the captain of the university soccer team, and it looks like they’ll be doing some traveling soon to play against other schools. Before you even know it, it’s the final round, and once again, Jenni heads up to fight Haechan.
After last week, most people have kind of realized that Haechan and Jenni aren’t as fun to watch as when you’re Haechan’s foe. Conversations continue, all the sparkle lost from the usually fiery final round. 
When Jenni comes back to sit next to you, after Haechan won, she says, “he asked me to be his date to Spring Formal.”
“What?” you narrow your eyes.
“I said yes.” Jenni’s words come out quickly, “I know you don’t like him, but you have to admit he’s attractive-”
“Haechan?!” you say it so loudly that you fear he may have heard you, and your eyes slide over to where Haechan is talking with Johnny at the bar. 
Jenni shrugs, “maybe it will be fun.” she’s smiling, and it is nice to see your best friend happy- but you just can’t get over the bad taste the news has left in your mouth. 
Tumblr media
“But why Haechan?” you groan for the umpteenth time, watching Jenni finish the last touch on her hair. 
“Honestly?” Jenni sighs, turning to look at you, “you have to admit he’s hot. I know you two have your history of fighting, but come on Y/N, he’s gorgeous.”
“He is not!” you say, but Jenni grins because you’re not fooling anyone.
“Y/N, you’re not blind.” Jenni adjusts her dress, fluffing her hair out, “I know you call him Baby Face and Cry Baby and all sorts of variations on the word baby, but he’s not that kid you debated against in eleventh grade. He’s a hot frat boy now. Maybe it’s time for you both to bury the hatchet.”
“Well, at least try to be civil at the formal, we’ll all be sitting together.” She reminds you and you let out a groan. At every formal you’ve been to, avoiding Haechan has been easy, but now he’s going to be sitting with you? With Jenni? His date? 
The frat village holds all the sorority and frat houses on campus, and when you look out of your window, you can see the square is filled with people dressed for Formal, waiting for the big party busses to arrive and take you to the venue. 
“Hey, are you into Jae?” Jenni asks as you leave the bedroom, heading to join everyone outside. 
“Uh, I mean he’s cute, but I don’t know, I couldn’t ever date him, if that’s what you mean.” you answer, “He only asked me to the formal because we’re friends.” It’s not uncommon for NCT House to take girls from your sorority to the formals, last year you went with Taeyong to Winter Formal and Yuta to Spring Formal. 
“Do you have your eye on anyone else then?” Jenni asks, “I know you liked Jeno for a while-”
“No, Jeno wasn’t really my type either.” you sigh.
“True, weren’t you mostly just flirting with him to piss Haechan off?”
Before you can answer- and by answer I mean defend your honour and your hatred of Haechan to your best friend- you bump into a group of boys from NCT House. Jenni smoothly inserts herself into the conversation, slotting between Taeyong and Doyoung while you go to stand near Jaehyun.
“Hey, you look beautiful.” Jaehyun smiles.
“You clean up nicely too.” you grin, nudging him with your shoulder. The two of you begin to chat about the venue, Jaehyun’s pretty sure you’ll end up at the same place as last time, but only frat presidents/coordinators know the location, that way no one can party crash because only a select few have the details. 
There’s a commotion from NCT House and all eyes turn to the doorway, where Haechan and Kun have run outside holding something that’s on fire. Haechan throws the flaming piece of fabric onto the grass, stomping it out aggressively with his foot and cursing while Jungwoo follows holding a phone and giggling.
“I told you it was flammable.” Kun is saying as he makes sure the fabric, which you see now is what appears to be a suit jacket, is fully extinguished of fire.
“Everything’s flammable.” Haechan mutters, picking up the black jacket and inspecting it, “well, my bad. Here Kun.” he holds it out for the older man whose jaw drops.
“What do you expect me to do with it?” 
Haechan nods, “good point.” he drops it on the grass again, “I didn’t need a jacket anyways.” and then he shoves his hands in his pockets and saunters over to your group, coming to stand next to Jenni who still has a look of shock on her face.
“Haechan-” she begins and he holds up a hand.
“Don’t question it.” he says smoothly, “trust the process.” he rolls up the arms of his dress shirt, exposing the pretty skin and arm veins beneath, and you tear your gaze from him, focusing instead on Jaehyun.
“I can’t believe Jenni said yes to him.”
Jaehyun laughs, “You know, you and Haechan are more alike than you’ll admit.”
“Excuse me,” you scoff, “and when was the last time I lit a jacket on fire?”
“I'm pretty sure you almost lit Johnny on fire at New Year’s actually-”
“We don’t talk about that night.” you interrupt Jaehyun before he can get into the details on how you got so drunk you spilled champagne on Johnny and then proceeded to try to hug him, which made him bump into a table holding a candle… which then rolled to his shirt sleeve, and well- the disaster had been thwarted by the ever watchful Taeyong. “Look, the bus is here.” 
Jaehyun’s hand finds the small of your back, and the two of you get onto the bus with the other members of your university Greek System. When you sit down, you look for Jenni, only to realize that she’s dragging Haechan after her. They manage to grab the seats in front of you and Jaehyun, Jenni fully turning around in her seat to begin talking with you and your date, after a moment, Haechan turns too. 
You can tell he’s making an effort not to look at you. And you don’t mind, you try to ignore him as well.
Haechan has to remind himself to breathe properly, and his mouth feels dry. His skin is prickling with tension, and it takes all of his concentration not to look at you. He’s seen you dressed up before at formals, but never up this close, no, this close he can see every detail. 
This close, his fingers ache to reach out and tug at one of your loose strands of hair, to annoy you- to watch your pretty strands bounce back after a rough tug- 
And god, who let you buy your dress? Haechan swears it must be tailored or something because no dress off a hanger could fit you so well. He’s almost angry at the dress, but then he directs that anger at you, and it festers the more people sneak glances your way.
Lucas, two rows back, has his eyes fixed on your neck and shoulders, exposed by the dress, and Haechan grinds his teeth together. Across the aisle sits Mark, and even he keeps sneaking glances at you. But Jaehyun is, without a doubt, the worst. Haechan catches the movement of his hand, and watches with disdain as it finds a home on your thigh. 
“Haechan?” Jaehyun’s voice interrupts his younger friend's loathing, and Haechan’s dark eyes snap up.
“We asked what venue you think it will be.” Jaehyun says smoothly.
“Does it matter?” Haechan asks, his tone coming off ruder than he intended… ‘but if Jaehyun would just remove his hand, then maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to be so rude now would I?’ Haechan thinks to himself. 
“What’s got you in a huff?” Jenni asks, her hand finding Haechan’s shoulder to soothe him.
You watch the motion, the way her beautiful hand rubs his shoulder up and down. ‘Haechan’s being a baby, he doesn’t need coddling right now, especially not from Jenni,’ you fume, hoping Jenni doesn't end up as yet another one of Haechan’s noona hookups who brings him coffee and cuddles him when he should be studying for tests- 
While Jenni and Haechan begin their own conversation, Jaehyun asks you about classes, and despite how hard you try, you can’t ignore the mere existence and close proximity of the annoying man sitting in the seats in front of you. It’s as if his voice is an annoying melody, and you can’t seem to get it out of your head.
Tumblr media
The formal had gone well for the first hour. There were some speeches and then food was served, but when dessert rolled out and dancing started, Haechan had decided that the time for pleasantries was over.
“Next week’s Trivia Tuesday,” he says, drawing your attention, “I’m going to kick your ass.”
“Oh yeah?” you roll your eyes, turning to look at him, “you keep saying you’re going to kick my ass but most of the time, I end up winning.”
“Most of the time.” Haechan scoffs, “as if.”
Jenni and Jaehyun exchange a glance. 
“If you miss getting beaten by me so bad, invite me to one of your video game nights, I’m sure I could beat you there too.” you say, lifting your chin defiantly and crossing your arms over your chest.
Haechan laughs loudly, “are you drunk? Yo must be drunk to say something as stupid as that.”
Jaehyun and Jenni smoothly excuse themselves, but you and Haechan barely even register their exit, too caught up in your own feud.
“I’ll beat you at anything Lee Donghyuck.” you seethe, “trivia night, video games, cards, board games, chess-”
“Ok, checkers, right now, pull out your phone.” Haechan demands. 
A minute later, you’re both hunched over your phones at a table in the corner at Spring Formal, dueling it out over checkers while your dates dance and laugh the night away in each other’s arms.
Checkers becomes chess, becomes scrabble- and finally someone approaches the two of you. It’s Taeyong, and he asks you to dance, because he’s requested DJ Johnny plays your favourite song next. “What have the two of you even been doing in this corner all night on your phones?” he questions as he takes your hand to pull you from your seat.
“Been battling to see who’s the best gamer.” Haechan answers.
“And who’s winning?” Taeyong laughs.
Haechan narrows his eyes at you, “it’s pretty even, but we haven't played video games yet.” 
This makes Taeyong stop laughing, his eyes widening, “Y/N, you really don’t want to challenge Haechan to video games.”
“Too late, she already did.” Haechan stands triumphantly, “where’s Jenni?”
“Pretty sure I saw her and Jaehyun go to the bathroom together a while ago-” 
“What!?” Haechan looks around wildly, eyes searching for one of the two people in question, “THAT ASSHOLE STOLE MY DATE!”
Taeyong smiles softly, “you stole his first.”
You’re whisked away before Haechan can start throwing fists, and Taeyong brings you into the middle of the crowd dancing. It’s nice to be with him, and he’s a great dancer. “How’s your night going?” The soft hearted frat president asks.
“I mean, all I’ve been doing is playing games with Haechan.” you answer.
“Sounds… fun?” Taeyong laughs a little.
“It was, kind of.” you admit, “but enough about him, where’s your date?”
“Look on the stage.” Taeyong twirls you so you can assess the DJ setup. Johnny and Mark are up there, and they’re swarmed by girls, one of whom is pressed to Mark’s side, you recognize her as Taeyong’s date. 
Taeyong laughs, “when do people ever really end up spending the night with their own dates though?”
“Good point.” 
Dancing with Taeyong feels easy, and before you know it, it’s nearly midnight and the busses have returned to take you all back to the Frat Village. While waiting to get onto the bus, you look around for Jenni and Jaehyun, with little luck. “They’re probably already on a bus.” Taeyong says, hand smoothing against your lower back to offer some comfort.
“Who?” Doyoung asks, stepping into line next to you both.
“Jae and Jenni.”
“Oh yeah, they’re on bus number one.” Doyoung points to the bus that's closing its doors, fully packed and ready to leave.
“Fucking Jaehyun.” Comes Haechan’s voice as he appears next to Doyoung. The four of you enter bus number two.
“Dibs on Taeyong.” Doyoung says when you find an empty seat, grabbing the NCT president and dragging him to sit down.
This leaves you standing there with Haechan, who grumbles “fucking Doyoung” and then continues down the aisle towards one of the last free seats. You follow after a moment’s hesitation. “Sit.” Haechan says without looking up from his phone, his free hand patting the spot next to him. “I wanna try checkers again.”
Tumblr media
Jenni nudges you and you immediately put your phone down, continuing your notes for class. “You’re so distracted.” she whispers when your professor turns their back to you, looking at the projector screen.
“I’m kicking Haechan’s ass at chess.” you mumble, waiting a few moments then pulling out your phone to make your next move. While you’re deciding what to do next, a notification tells you Haechan’s also made his move in checkers, and a few seconds after that, Scrabble as well.
“How many games are you even playing against each other at the same time?” Jenni asks.
“I don’t know, four or five.” you respond, eyes focused on your screen, “he’s beating me at checkers.”
Jenni’s phone dings and she frowns, “no one’s going to Trivia Night tonight, looks like a bunch of NCT have a midterm project due tomorrow and are studying in the library.”
“What? Tell them to bring their books to the bar!”
Jenni types something into her phone then laughs, “Jaehyun says that Haechan suggested the same thing.”
“Okay good.”
“No, they said no to him too, I’m just saying… you and Haechan said the same thing.” her tone is kind of weird, and you can’t help but notice that since Formal a few days ago, she’s been bringing up Haechan a lot.
“Did Jaehyun invite you to go to the library to study with everyone?” you ask, hoping that if you talk about her new crush, she’ll drop her whole weird confusing Haechan obsession. 
“Yeah,” Jenni smiles, “I think I will actually, what are you going to do after class?”
“Well… tonight’s Trivia Night.” you frown. You’d been excited for it, excited to go and compete against Haechan. 
“Maybe you should go play video games against Haechan instead.” Jenni suggests, “the frat will be mostly empty anyways.”
“What does the frat being empty have to do with anything?” you narrow your eyes at your best friend.
Jenni smirks mischievously, “well you and Haechan can yell at each other all you want and no one will over hear it.” 
Tumblr media
Haechan: Did you hear about Trivia Night?
Y/N: yeah it’s canceled :(
Haechan: come play video games
Y/N: ask nicely
Haechan: come play video games after class or I’ll come to your sorority house and egg your window :)
Tumblr media
Haechan doesn’t even greet you when he opens the door to his frat, waving you in as he aggressively argues with someone over the phone, “No Yangyang, I’m not saying you should climb up to the top of the gym by using the flower thing as a ladder,,” he motions for you to follow him through the frat house with his free hand, “I’m saying that if you did, and you got caught, you could run fast enough that no one would be able to catch you, and if you’re wearing a ski mask- well, i mean, it’s cold out still isn’t it? Is wearing hats illegal now?” You get to his room as Haechan says goodbye to his friend. 
You’ve been in Johnny’s room once or twice, but you’ve never spent much time looking at Haechan’s side of the room. He has an entire gaming table, and there are two controllers sitting on his bed, with Call of Duty opened on the screen.
“You just told your friend to climb the gym and take photos at the top.” you say when Haechan puts his phone down.
“Technically I didn’t, I just told him how to if he made that choice for himself.” Haechan responds, jumping onto his bed, “one versus one call of duty.”
“Isn’t it kind of not fair that we’re playing all your favourite games.” you sigh, tentatively taking a seat next to Haechan on his bed.
“We’re playing the ones I don’t use often.” Haechan responds, his eyes scanning the screen, “but if you’re really that worried I’m going to beat you, we can go play some of Yangyang’s video games, or Jaimin’s.” 
“Ok, after this.” you watch Haechan customize his gun, rolling your eyes when he goes for dual pistols as a secondary weapon. 
Within ten minutes, the game is starting, and Haechan is leaning forward with full focus on the screen. He’s never taken any of your games anything less than 100% seriously, and you don’t think he’s going to go easy on you now just because you’re playing video games, which are his medium of choice.
You notice the way his tongue peaks out, he appears to be almost gnawing on it as the game begins. You also sit forward, figuring that there must be a reason for it, and you notice that closer to the screen, you can be more immersed-
You die.
“Hey! Are you screen peeking!?”
“Maybe.” Haechan giggles next to you and you take a glance at his screen.
“And you’re camping! With a sniper!” 
Haechan’s laugh becomes sinister, “you never said there were rules.” 
Your jaw drops as you respawn, “i can’t believe you.”
“Ha ha!” 
“Well. Two can play that game.” you find a corner and put your controller down, looking at Haechan, who is, of course, still camped out in his one sniper hole.
“Hey!” he protests, “you have to run around or I can’t shoot you!”
“Maybe you should leave your hiding spot.”
“No. I’m winning.” 
“By one kill.” you scoff.
Haechan shrugs, putting his controller down, “I’m hungry.” he reaches for a bag of candy sitting by his monitor. 
You’re glad that it’s a Tuesday, because Jenni and you stopped at the bookstore for lunch, and you still have a bag of chips from the vending machine. You grab your purse and fish out your treat, Haechan watching your movements and licking his lips. “You have chips.” he says.
“Yeah, and you don’t get any.” you state.
“Well you don’t get any of my candy.” Haechan responds quickly, but his eyes stay glued to you as you plop a chip into your mouth. Haechan licks his lips, “what if, if I kill you, I get a chip.”
“Good luck killing me while camping out with a sniper.” you laugh.
“I’ll come down, I’ll play fair.”
“And if I kill you?”
“Then you can have a candy.” Haechan moves the candy bag in front of your face and you can smell the delicious food inside.
“Fine. You’re on. But you have to come down from your hiding place first.” 
You wait until Haechan’s side of the screen shows that he’s in the open, and then you pick up your controller.
“Let the games begin.” Haechan mutters, eyes narrowing as he adjusts back into ‘gamer position’. 
A few moments later, you see a flash of movement and then you and Haechan are shooting each other. You almost think you’re going to win, but you die first, and you groan loudly while Haechan cheers, “chips!” he says, turning to look at you expectantly.
You sigh and hold out your food, Haechan grabs a chip, chewing aggressively, then he turns back to the screen, “you should just give me the whole bag now.”
You roll your eyes, “as if.”
Haechan is so cocky, and it pushes all of your buttons, making you extra focused on beating him. When there’s a brief movement, you begin to shoot, and a moment later, you watch Haechan’s character fall down dead. “Ha!” you jump up, throwing your arms in the air, “I got you!”
Haechan groans, watching you sit down, then he fishes a candy from his bag, holding it out, “say ah.”
“What?” you smack his hand away, “you’re not feeding me that candy.”
“Well then you don’t get it.”
“That wasn’t part of the rules.” you glare.
“Is now. Do you want the candy, or are you too chicken?”
You groan loudly but give in, Haechan can’t call you a chicken and get away with it, and you’ll be damned if you don’t get your fucking candy. You open your mouth.
“Tongue.” Haechan watches you carefully.
“I swear to god-” you roll your eyes and push at Haechan, but he simply grabs your wrists, pinning them with one hand.
“Tongue.” he repeats, eyes dark. The tone in the room has shifted, and your skin feels electrified, pulse racing at the sudden situation you’ve found yourself in. You stick your tongue out for him and Haechan places the candy on it. “Good girl.” 
He lets go of you and turns back to the tv. If it wasn’t for the fact that he could legitimately find you and kill your character, thereby getting even more of a lead on you, maybe you would have stopped to fight him. But instead, you grab your controller, focusing your attention on the game instead of Haechan’s close proximity to you. 
You’re on the edge of your seat now, eyes glued to the game, and you shock both yourself and Haechan when you end up killing him a second consecutive time. 
“Bullshit!” Haechan groans next to you.
“Aw, is Baby Face made that I’m beating him?” you turn to gloat, revelling in the feeling of competition-
But then Haechan is grabbing you and slamming you down against the bed, slotting himself between your legs and pinning your arms above your head, “call me baby again, I fucking dare you.” he growls. His voice is low and his words go straight to your core, which comes alive with interest, your legs tightening unconciously around Haechan’s waist.
You swallow thickly and lick your lips, “quit being a baby and give me a candy.” you say smoothly. 
Haechan narrows his eyes at you, face getting closer to yours. You can feel his breath against your skin, and his lips look so pretty-
Haechan reaches for something, hand coming back with a candy that he slots between his teeth, holding it just above your own mouth. His eyes challenge you, eyebrow cocking as if to say ‘your turn’. 
You lift your head up to try to get access to the candy, but Haechan pulls away, smirking down at you. You groan, rolling your eyes, a rude comment just about to work it’s way up your throat when Haechan sucks the candy back into his mouth and plants his lips directly onto yours. He has the candy wedged in his cheek, but you can taste the sweetness of it on his lips.
Haechan releases his hold on your wrists, which have been pinned this whole time, and now that you have mobility, you wrap your arms around the back of his neck. One of your hands moves to his pretty hair, and you get a good handful, pulling lightly and earning yourself a growl from the man who’s kissing you as if his life depends on it.
Your entire body feels on fire, consumed by the feeling of Haechan. You’re not even sure how you’re able to sneak breaths between the kisses- and you gasp when Haechan grinds down, the front of his jeans catching deliciously against your core. 
“Whoever caves in first and takes clothes off loses.” Haechan says when he moves his kisses to your neck, nipping and sucking at the skin. 
You laugh, “and what does the winner get?” 
“The winner gets to have her brains fucked out.” Haechan responds. 
Her brains fucked out. He’s already declared you the winner. He’s given up. The knowledge that you’ve broken Haechan- he’s going to give up the game- gives you a sense of power that makes your heart feel tight in your chest.
“What if i want to be the loser and fuck your brains out?” you ask. 
“Lose the next game.” Haechan responds, hands grabbing at the bottom of your shirt and lifting to expose some of your skin, “you see, I already lost.” 
You grasp the bottom of Haechan’s hoodie, but he smacks your hands away, “no, I’m in control.” he tells you, looking into your eyes with a firm expression on his face. 
“Prove it.” you challenge.
Haechan scoffs, and the cocky attitude that has for so long annoyed you, oddly enough, sends a shiver of anticipation through your body. Your mouth feels dry from being so wound up, waiting for him to just do something- 
His hand wraps around your throat, “I’m about to prove it princess. And any time you call me baby again, I’ll prove it then too. I’ll fuck you anywhere and prove to everyone that you’re mine.”
His grip on your throat is so tight you can’t even respond, so you’re left to fester in the idea of belonging to Haechan, as his free hand begins to undo your pants. 
“No fucking talking back.” Haechan growls as he tears your jeans open, “if you do, I’ll have to gag you.”
“Maybe you should make me gag on your cock.” you say the moment his hand moves from your neck.
Haechan pulls your pants and your panties down just enough for him to get his hand between your thighs, which are spread because he’s still slotted between your legs. 
“I’ll make you choke on my cock later.” he says, pressing his mouth to yours again as his fingers slip between your folds, “so fucking wet. My little fucking whore-”
You nip at his lip, a warning for him not to be too degrading, and Haechan smirks against your mouth, “aw, kitten doesn’t like being called Daddy’s little whore? Well she’ll have to get fucking used to it.” Two of his fingers glide into your pussy and you gasp when he hooks them up, searching for that spot- 
“Fuck, Haechan! Right there!” you pull at his hair, moaning against his lips as his fingers work you up. He’s so good at this- where the fuck did he learn how to do this?
His tongue invades your mouth, forcing another gasp from you, your back arching off the bed only to be pushed back down by the weight of Haechan’s large body, which holds you steady and in place as his fingers continue their assault. 
“Cum for me.” Haechan says, voice low and husky. 
You clench your eyes shut as your body follows through with his command, it’s not like you can help it even if you wanted to, Haechan’s too skilled. The orgasm slams into you hard, and with Haechan where he is, you can’t even close your legs or get away as his fingers glide in and out of you. You can hear your wetness now, pussy all but squelching, your moans uncensored as you dig your nails into Haechan’s shoulders. 
“You like that kitten?” Haechan watches you closely as your face contorts with pleasure, and he all but eats up your sounds, which are music to his ears. When you finally come down, Haechan removes his fingers from your core and pushes them past your lips, watching with interest as you suck him clean. “Bet you taste amazing, I think i’ll have to see for myself.”
His lips move to your neck, and then down, tongue dipping to caress the well of your collarbone. His free hand pushes your shirt up, “take this shit off.” he instructs as he continues his descent, manhandling you a little so you’re now laying with your head against his pillows. The fabric smells like him, and for some reason, you groan at the beauty in being surrounded by Haechan. 
The competitive frat boy’s lips leave little kisses on your abdomen and his hands get your pants the rest of the way down while you remove your shirt. Haechan settles between your legs, fingers smoothing over your skin, “so soft.” he coos, teeth nipping at the sensitive flesh of your inner thigh. “Tell me you want me.”
“Are you serious?” you almost laugh, only to earn a rougher bite from Haechan, who suckles on your skin after to sooth it, a non verbal confirmation that he is, in fact, being serious. “Fuck, Haechan I want you.”
“How bad?” his breath ghosts over your entrance as he moves to your opposite thigh, and you nearly groan at having been anticipating his lips only to fall short. You lift your head to look down at him as he pulls his hoodie off, revealing pretty shoulders that are shockingly broad.
“Really bad, Haechan please, I need you-”
Your words seem to be enough this time, because Haechan’s tongue finds your clit a moment later. He flicks at it, making your legs shake, before he fully places his mouth on you, lapping at all you have to offer. 
You reach down to grab at his hair, loving the way the soft strands feel. Haechan groans at the pain on his scalp when you tug lightly, and the vibration runs through your entire body, your own whimper echoing the sound.
Haechan is practically devouring you with his mouth, and his hands move to grip your thighs, fingers digging into your skin. His lips suction around your clit and your back arches off the bed. You’re still sensitive from your first orgasm, and your legs are already trembling on either side of Haechan’s head. 
“Haechan-” you pull on his hair to try to get him away, not wanting to cum so quickly- but Haechan has other plans. He doesn’t seem to mind you tugging at his hair, in fact, if anything, you notice that his tongue applies even more pressure to your entrance. Each flick, each sinful slurp, gets you closer and closer to another orgasm until it’s crashing into you with as much ferocity as the first.
His warm hand flattens on your abdomen to keep you still as he works you through your orgasm until your throat feels raw from moaning and your whole body is wrapped in a wonderful afterglow, chest heaving as you try to get your breathing back to normal. 
Haechan begins kissing up your body, lips tickling your tummy and making you giggle. You can feel him smiling against your skin, and then he’s pulling your bra away from your skin and watching it smack back down, a mischievous glint in his eyes when you look down at him ready to fight due to the slight pain. “Take this off.” Haechan says, now kissing the swell of your breasts pushed up by your bra.
“Do it for me.”
Haechan sighs loudly but, as is the case with everything, he’ll accept your challenge.
“One handed.” you smirk.
“You think I can’t take off your bra with one hand kitten?” he narrows his eyes at you, “if I can, do I win?”
“Yes, and then as a reward I’ll fuck the shit out of you.” you moan when his lips move to your neck, suckling the spot that sends shivers through your body, your fingers clawing at his shoulders. 
Haechan laughs, one hand snaking under your body to unlatch your bra. The moment the tension goes slack and your bra is undone, you shake your head, of course he’d make it look easy as fuck on top of being able to do it with one hand. 
He slips your bra off, lips once again moving down. He sucks on your nipple softly at first, but then his teeth graze your skin and you moan, hips buckling up, searching for friction or pressure or something-
“Haechan-” you moan, reaching down between your bodies to try to grab his cock through his pants.
The man sucking on your nipples ignores you, caught up in the feeling of your boobs. Haechan’s always been a boob man, well… he likes ass too, in fact, Haechan’s just a ladies man in general. He worships the female form, and having his face squished up to your breasts is throwing him into overdrive, his mind nothing but a lusty haze. 
All those times he wanted you to cover up at parties and bars- it’s not because he didn’t want to see you, he just wanted to be the only one seeing you, and now he is. 
Haechan groans and you note the way he grinds his hips down against the bed. the visual is so hot, and if you weren’t so pent up, you think you might enjoy watching him just grind against the bed forever. 
You’ve had enough of his teasing, now it’s your turn. You push at Haechan’s shoulders roughly, and Haechan immediately gives you space, eyes looking up at you questioningly. You push him again and Haechan allows you to get him onto his back, a smile forming on his lips when you swing your leg over his waist so you can straddle him. Now you’re the one on top, and Haechan’s view has never been this good in his entire life.
His hands find your waist, eyes glued to your tits as you look down at his form. 
You have to admit he’s gorgeous. You think you’ve always been aware of his beauty, but you’ve had this thing where you’ve been so competitive with him that it’s been easy to ignore. Sometimes you still view him as that pudgy faced kid who would fight you over everything in highschool, but the man under you is not the boy you grew up to hate. The man under you is all chiseled angles, and his beautiful dark eyes draw you in like nothing else. 
It’s as if you’re seeing each other for the first time. There’s no witty back and forth, no thoughts of competition. No, it’s just you and him, suspended in a moment of quiet and primal pleasure. 
Your eyes travel to the beautiful column of his throat, and you decide the skin there has to be peppered in love bites. You lean down, and Haechan sucks in a breath when you grab his jaw, forcing his head to the side to give you better access. His fingers dig into your hips, “don’t forget who’s in charge.” he growls from under you, his hands forcing you to grind down on his length, which is still hidden from you by his jeans. 
“I’m in charge now baby boy.” you smirk, suckling on the skin of his neck.
Haechan lets out a groan, his eyes closing as the pleasure of the pet name washes over him. Baby Boy isn’t so bad actually, it’s better than ‘baby face’. His skin tingles with the newfound discovery that he actually kind of enjoys you being dominant with him, or at least challenging him like this. No other girl ever has, usually they just submit to him and be pillow princesses- but you? You’re something else, and maybe the fire in you is something he’s always been addicted to, without even consciously knowing it.
Haechan allows himself to relax a little, giving up control to you as your lips trail down to his collarbones. Your hands brush by the soft ticklish flesh of his abdomen and Haechan jerks under you, making you both burst into giggles. You continue pressing kisses to his skin as your hands undo his jeans.
Haechan lifts his hips and helps you wiggle his pants down, but he leaves his briefs on. Yes, you’re down there, but what if you’re not really ready to blow him? He doesn’t want to just whip his dick out-
You shove his briefs down. 
Haechan’s cock smacks up against his abdomen, and you lick your lips at the way the head of his cock glistens with precum. He’s a decent length, but what really catches you is his thickness. He’s big, and the vein that runs up the underside of his cock draws you in for some odd reason. You grab the shaft and position yourself over his cock, kitten licking the head and earning a groan from the man above you. “Feel good?” you smirk, repeating the action.
“Fuck, yes.” one of Haechan’s hands snakes down to your hair, he gets a grip but doesn’t apply pressure, doesn’t coax you to sink your mouth down on his cock. You don’t need any persuasion though, licking your lips one last time before you wrap your mouth around Haechan’s girthy cock, fitting as much as you can. 
Haechan moans above you, fingers flexing in your hair. His head falls back into the pillows, eyes clenched as he enjoys the feeling of your mouth smoothing up and down his cock.
“So good kitten,” he groans, hips jumping slightly, cock hitting the back of your throat and making you choke a little, “fuck, just like that- you weren’t kidding at Trivia Night when you said you could lick the tip then throat the dick-”
You work your mouth up and down faster, trying not to laugh or gloat, one of your hands wrapping around the base of his cock where you can’t reach. This better be the best fucking blow job he’s ever had, or you don’t win. You focus more on the head of his cock while your fist pumps his long shaft, using your saliva as lubrication as you twist your hand in a repetitive motion that has Haechan nearly cumming on the spot, “holy fuck-” his eyes snap open and he looks down at you, which is not the best idea, seeing as the visual of you worshiping him- he can feel his orgasm building in the base of his cock, and he’ll be damned if he cums from a fucking blow job.
“Fuck, enough of your mouth,” Haechan pushes your head away.
“I’m in charge.” you pout, looking up at him with a challenge in your eyes as your hand continues to pump him up and down.
“Not anymore.” Haechan smacks your hand away, and within moments, he has you pinned under him again, lips aggressive against yours. His tongue invades your mouth, and you feel something against your entrance- only to let out a disappointed moan when it’s just his fingers again. “Quit whining, I need to stretch you out.” he growls against your lips, opening his eyes to look at you.
He needs to stretch you out. He’s that big. You nearly salivate at the information, pouting up at Haechan, “I need you now.” you whimper, legs tightening around his waist. 
“Then get ready to scream for me kitten.” Haechan presses his lips to yours again. You can feel the head of his cock at your entrance, and you smile because you’ve won- and then he starts pushing into you and your nails dig into his shoulder blades at the stretch. 
“Fuck- Haechan!” you gasp as he peppers your face with kisses, smirking against your skin.
“Told you.” he says, sliding into you inch by inch, “fuck, you’re so warm and wet-”
He’s fully sheathed in you now, and his breath fans over your neck and face, his kisses softer now as he allows your body to get used to his size. He also just needs a breather, because your blow job got him closer to cumming that he’ll care to admit. The feeling of your walls fluttering around him is cute and he enjoys watching your face, eyes meeting yours every once in a while just to check and make sure you’re okay.
“Haechan, fuck me.” you groan once your body has adjusted to the size of his cock.
He doesn’t need to be told twice.
Haechan’s hips move fluidly, his cock sliding almost all the way out of your core, only to slip back in, refilling the emptiness he’d left in his wake. A moan leaves your lips, your eyes closing as the pleasure engulfs you. Your fingers find Haechan’s soft hair and a small tug makes the man holding you let out a whimper of his own, hips thrusting even harder.
There’s no need for talking, and even if he was to say something, you’re not sure it would even register in your mind. You’re so overwhelmed by the feeling of him, by the sweet taste of his lips, the soft warmth of his beautiful skin, and the smell of his cologne. 
You’re aware of Haechan moving one of your hands, but you don’t open your eyes until his fingers lace with yours and your hand becomes pinned down to the pillow by your head. Haechan is looking down at you, and this close, you can see the rich chocolate browns hidden in the dark depths of his irises. Blue eyes get a lot of love, but you can’t imagine finding anything more beautiful than the soft richness of Haechan’s eyes.  
His gaze dips to your lips and you do the same, a flare of envy running through your body when you notice how fucking perfect his mouth is, lips all swollen from kissing- 
You press your mouth to Haechan’s, suckling on his lower lip and earning a groan from the man who is literally fucking you silly. 
You can feel your orgasm rising in the pit of your stomach, and your muscles cry out from the fact that you’re about to cum for a third time in such a short period. You can’t remember the last time a man made you feel this good-
A whimper leaves your lips when Haechan slips his hand between your bodies, finding your clit again. Your hips thrust up, legs tightening around Haechan, “fuck- Haechan- cum for me-”
He growls against your lips. Usually he’s the one commanding that his partner cums, but to hear those words coming from your mouth- a shiver runs the entire length of his body, his fingers squeezing yours where he still has your hand captured as it’s prisoner. 
“Please-” you whine again when he rubs your clit faster.
He can feel your walls tightening around his cock, betraying how close you are, and he knows the moment you cum, you’ll drag him over too, so his goal is entirely on your own pleasure.
His lips move to your neck and he finds that spot again- you’re pretty sure he’s marked it- how else would he be able to find it so easily every time? All you can do is hold on tightly to Haechan as he throws your body into overdrive. 
Your grip on his shoulders anchors you a little, and you begin to move your own hips to meet his- something no one’s ever done with Haechan before. The motion takes him back a little, but fuck, it’s so fucking sexy- 
“Cum for me baby boy-” you whisper into his ear, and the moan that leaves Haechan’s lips is so sinful and sexy that it triggers your orgasm.
Your pussy clamps down on Haechan’s thick cock, and he swears he’s in heaven You were tight enough as it was, but now that you’re cumming? Haechan cum’s hard, his hips continuing their assault even as you both moan, lips reconnecting so your tongues and teeth can clash, eating each other's sounds as you both nearly vibrate with pleasure. 
You’re not sure how long you both ride out your orgasms, only that your bodies are both sweaty and exhausted as Haechan’s hips finally begin to slow down. You try to catch your breath even while kissing. His cock stays buried in you while you make out, and when you move your fingers to Haechan’s hair, intent on tugging, he pulls away finally, “if you tug my hair, I’ll have to fuck you again.” he warns you.
You smirk, “sounds like a challenge.”
Tumblr media
“Where are Y/N and Haechan?” Mark asks as he arrives at trivia night, shocked to see neither of the tables regular team leaders are present. In fact, the whole set up is a little odd, both tables firmly pushed together, with members of the frats and sororities more intermixed than Mark is used to.
“We told them trivia night was canceled.” Jaehyun answers from where he’s sitting with his arm around Jenni.
“What? Why?” Mark pulls out his phone, ready to text Haechan to come-
“So they could get laid.” Johnny says, coming to stand next to Mark as he hands out drinks to people, “if you tell Haechan we did trivia night without them I’ll break into your room at night and shave off your eyebrows.”
Mark swallows thickly, knowing that Johnny will for sure follow through with his threat. One time Lucas had pissed Johnny off after a particularly tense game of basketball and that night Johnny had held him down and taken a razor to his brows. Johnny had been nice and just given him two slits, which, honestly, had looked pretty good- but Mark isn’t willing to risk Johnny deciding to go full evil.
“Wait is this why Taeyong sent that message out that said the frat is supposed to be mostly empty today?” Mark looks around.
“Mostly? What do you mean mostly? We told everyone but Haechan that the frat had to be empty because it ‘smelt like there might be a gas leak and someone’s coming to check it out’.” Taeyong leans forward with concern.
“Yeah but… but Yuta’s at the frat right now.” Mark says.
“He’s WHAT?!” multiple men whip out their phones to check their group chats for any messages from Yuta. The group had been studying in the library all day and ignoring their phones.
“Yeah, this morning he said,” Mark reads out the text he received from Yuta before their 10am lecture, “‘i’m skipping classes today, fuck a bad smell, a bad smell can’t kill me, i’m a bad bitch’.” 
Mark taps on the group chat, which has come alive since he sat down.
Yuta: fuck Haechan and Y/N are fighting again
Yuta: wait… they’re not fighting
Jae: are u still at the frat????
Yuta: maybe
Johnny: have you just been LISTENING TO THEM FUCK THIS WHOLE TIME????
Yuta: maaaaybe
Johnny: you fucking dirty psycho
Mark: ooooop
Lucas: are they being loud?
Doyoung: LUCAS!
Kun: LUCAS!!!!!
Taeyong: LUCAS
Yuta: SO fucking loud
Tumblr media
After spending most of the day with Haechan on Tuesday, the two of you continued your competitive gaming through various apps on your phone. You knew there would be a party at NCT House on Friday, and as each day passed by, you waited for Haechan to invite you. 
You walk into the frat party with Jenni, having not received a specific invite from the boy you’d fucked three days prior. To say you’re on a warpath is an understatement. 
“I swear to god if that dude kisses someone else in front of me-” you say as you and Jenni head to get drinks.
“Y/N calm down, A, he’s not your boyfriend, and B, he wouldn’t do that.” Jenni sighs.
“Oh yeah, because your intel from Jaehyun is always one hundred percent reliable.” you scoff.
“Did someone already spit in your drink?” Haechan’s voice comes from over your shoulder, an arm sliding around your waist as he takes his place next to you. “Or is this just your normal resting bitch face?”
You turn to look at the man who’s joined you, glaring, “no one spat in my drink.”
“Well maybe I should fix that,” Haechan leans in, his lips ghosting over your ear as his tone lowers, “are you into spitting, kitten?”
You groan and laugh, pushing at Haechan, who remains firmly glued to your side.
“She’s mad you didn’t invite her to the party.” Jenni says, eyes looking around for Jaehyun, but her smile tells you this is a calculated mischievous plan. Traitor.
“I didn’t realize I had to invite you,” Haechan’s brows furrow a little in confusion, his body angling towards you more so he can face you, hands finding your hips.
“You didn’t have to invite me.” you groan.
“Kitten, you’re a bad bitch, you walk into every frat like you own the place.” Haechan says, “you never need my permission to show up here,” his hand dips lower, grabbing at your ass, “you should know you’re welcome any time.”
His words are nice, and they melt you a little, but you still have a bone to pick with him. “It would be nice to be invited though.” 
“In that case,” Haechan’s face is close to yours, lips nearly ghosting over your own, “would you like to come play beer pong with me, and after we kick Taeil and Yuta’s ass, you’re invited to come to my room and get your brains fucked out again.”
You laugh as you look up at the man you wasted so many years hating, “Baby Face, that sounds perfect.”
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading! oof, this frat univese- it’s my baby
Find the whole masterlist for this frat universe Here (so far Johnny has a fic, and so does Lucas & Doyoung)
my general masterlist can be found here
Please consider supporting me through kofi :)
© smileysuh — all rights reserved. reposting/modifying of any fic, reaction, or piece of original writing posted on this blog is not allowed. Translations not allowed.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
countdown to haechan’s birthday: (d-day!) ↳ #HappyHaechanDay! 💝
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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: calling your boyfriend by his first name.
Tumblr media
one new notification: the dreamies uploaded a new video! 
users :: nct dream x reader channel :: not clickbait universe uploaded on :: may 10, 2021 at 2:22 p.m. pst description :: what happens when you decide to call your boyfriend by his first name instead of your nickname for him? click to find out! don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe, honey bees!
author’s note :: in celebration of hot sauce, here’s a lil update on the not clickbait universe !!! ♡ i’m currently trying to get out of my writer’s block, so i’ll be writing little blurbs of the boys reacting to various tiktok challenges. these all take place after the not clickbait series, aka they’re already dating here (and yes, i intend on finishing the remaining fics for the other boys) ♡ (insp.)
Tumblr media
❥ MARK —
“Hey, can you pass me the whisk, Mark?”
You extend your hand out towards your boyfriend. He grabs the kitchen tool and starts to pass it to you before pausing. Something doesn’t feel right.
“Mark? Can I have the whisk, please?”
Suddenly, his eyes grow round in realization, and he turns to you, a questioning look overtaking his face. “You called me Mark.”
“Yeah, that’s your name, isn’t it?” You pluck the whisk from his grasp, returning your attention to the bowl of chocolate cake batter in front of you. He furrows his eyebrows, pouting slightly.
“But you don’t call me that.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m...” His cheeks grow red as he stumbles over his words. He scratches the back of his neck sheepishly. “You always call me...” He whispers the last word as the tips of his ears turn scarlet. “... Marky.”
You can’t hide the smile on your face anymore, and when you turn to face him, he grows even more flustered, noticing the Cheshire grin on your face.
“You did that on purpose!” he accuses you, flapping his hands around in embarrassment. “Is this another TikTok challenge?!”
You laugh, and he sighs in defeat. Leaning over, you press a soft kiss against his cheek. “Sorry, Marky, you’re just too cute.”
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whipped twerking
morklyrawr replied: ???? what does that even mean ????
yoitslucas commented:
junguwu commented:
nanaislove commented:
my therapist: y/n calling mark marky cannot hurt you y/n calling mark marky:
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Renjun, what should we Postmates?” You scroll through the app, assessing all your options. You hear no response from your boyfriend, so you look over at him.
He pointedly looks down at his phone, double tapping the pictures that show up on his Instagram feed (He scrolls past one unflattering image of him on Haechan’s finsta). You reach out and poke him. “Renjun?”
Radio silence. Your boyfriend even has the audacity to turn away from you and reach for his AirPods.
“... Junbug?”
“I’m up for ordering some fried chicken.”
“Wow, really? I thought you hated that nickname,” you snort, shaking your head slightly, but you click on your boyfriend’s favorite chicken restaurant. Fried chicken, it is then (You make sure to add a note to your order to have the deliverer ask for Junbug when he goes down to pick it up).
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moominjun commented:
appletater replied: oh so we’re going on a first name basis now, renjun?
moominjun replied: DELETE THIS NOW DEMON*
appletater replied: no ❤️
sheepsh commented:
hey junbug are you free on thurs to hang out
moominjun replied: stfu ten already confirmed that you like to be called baby (yes i’m free)
sheepsh replied: DON’T CALL ME BABY I’M 20 YEARS OLD (cool let’s meet up at 5)
10vely replied: why are you lying baby i taught you better than this smh still a young boy
goofys.chuckle commented:
you’re so cute here junbug 🥺🥺
moominjun replied: go step on a lego hyuck baby
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
❥ JENO —
“Are you gonna do a livestream today, Jeno?”
Your boyfriend freezes in his chair, fingers paused over the keyboard. You can hear Donghyuck and Jisung yelling at him over his headphones as their players die on screen, and you hide a smile, lounging against the backboard of his bed as you pretend to tap away at your phone, secretly filming him instead.
“Jeno?” You try again, and he lets out a noise of confusion, cocking his head slightly. He turns to you hesitantly, pulling his headphones down to rest around his neck. “... Am I in trouble?”
“No? Why would you be, Jeno?”
He rolls back in his chair a few inches. “You’re doing it again though. Just tell me what’s wrong. Is it because I ate all the leftover Chinese?”
“Nothing’s wrong.” You tilt your head, widening your eyes innocently. “And I’m doing what?”
“Why are you calling me by my first name?” He wrinkles his forehead, frowning. “You always call me babe.”
“Oh, sorry, babe.” You shrug, and he shakes his head. Your boyfriend turns back to his game, the both of you forgetting your original question. Suddenly, you shoot up in belated realization, back straightening up as you give him an incredulous expression.
“Wait, you ate all the leftover chow mein?! Jeno, I was saving that!”
“... So I am in trouble.”
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wig? snatched hotel? trivago jeno? in trouble
moominjun commented:
it’s ok y/n he ate my leftovers too......
peachyangel commented:
there is something so jeno about this i can’t explain
goofys.chuckle replied: you mean the boring reaction? yeah he didn’t even flinch
itsmebetch replied: leave my man alone he did his best 🤬
dobunny commented:
jeno... 🤐🤐
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Donghyuck!” You call out from the doorway, and immediately, your boyfriend snaps his head towards you with a growing frown.
“Donghyuck, can you—”
“My name is not Donghyuck!” he cuts you off, crossing his arms over his chest and abandoning his phone entirely on the cushion next to him. You stifle a laugh, but continue on with your little challenge.
“Yes, it is,” you insist, “Your name is Donghyuck!”
“No, it’s not, it’s baby!” he huffs out, his lips jutting out in a pout as he glares at you from his seat on the couch. You hold back a snort, curling your lips inward.
He narrows his eyes at you. “Baby.”
You quirk up an eyebrow, leaning against the doorframe. “Donghyuck.”
He pouts even harder. “Baby.”
“... Hyuck.”
“... Baby,” you finally concede, throwing your hands up in exasperation as you walk over, and he beams at you, pulling you down to sit on his lap.
“Yes, angel?”
“... You’re so annoying,” you mutter, leaning against his chest and resting your head in the crook of his neck.
Your boyfriend laughs, grinning mischievously before placing a kiss on your forehead and leaning his head against yours. “The feeling’s mutual.”
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bigheadking commented:
y/n: donghyu- hyuck: my name is NOT donghyuck, it’s sweet angel baby honey!!!! 😡😫🥺
jisungpwark replied: LMAOOOOOOO
goofys.chuckle replied: look who’s talking sweetheart
bigheadking replied: is your name y/n 🤨
goofys.chuckle replied: no?
bigheadking replied: then don’t call me that 🙂
moominjun commented:
bab— b— 🤢🤢
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Jaemin, can you add cereal to the grocery list please?”
You dig through the shelves, searching for your favorite brand, but come up empty handed. You shut the pantry door behind you, opting to get some yogurt from the fridge instead for breakfast.
“What happened to honey?” Jaemin appears next to you, sulking slightly, and you turn to him. “Oh! Do we need to add that to the list, too?”
“No,” He pouts, the corners of his lips tilting downwards as his bottom lip sticks out. “You always call me honey, darling, angel, Jaems, Nana, but not Jaemin.”
“But... it’s your name?” You say over your shoulder, plucking a carton of yogurt from the top shelf before swinging the fridge door closed. “Can you get me a spoon please, Jaemin?”
His shoulders droop slightly, and you start to feel bad, before he lets out a huff and grabs a spoon, passing it over to you. “Fine, here, Y/N.”
You flinch slightly. The sound of your first name coming from him feels unnatural to you, and he notices your reaction, smiling smugly before turning his nose up. “Huh, I guess you don’t like it either, do you, Y/N?”
“... Is this a bad time to ask you to get me some water, too?”
Jaemin pauses, pressing his lips tightly together before reaching out and grabbing a glass from the cabinet. He goes over to the freezer and fills it with ice cubes before handing it to you. “Here.”
You’re confused. “This is ice.”
“Wait for it to melt.”
Your boyfriend is truly the king of pettiness.
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showmethemonet commented:
so ig all the boys legally changed their name to honey or baby
itsmebetch commented:
the glass of ice tho 😭😭
nanaislove replied: i got her water afterwards!!!! she just didn’t show it ):
peachyangel replied: yes you did honey thank you ily 🥺💗
nanaislove replied: ily more 🥺💗💕💖💞💘✨🌷
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, I found the perfect restaurant for our next video, Chenle!”
You excitedly scroll through the restaurant’s website, the tip of your tongue sticking out before you realize your boyfriend hasn’t answered you. You spin around in your office chair to face him. “Chenle?”
Sitting on his bed, he barely glances up from his laptop. “Who’s Chenle?”
You furrow your eyebrows. “You?”
He gives you a deadpan look. You push yourself over to him, still sitting in the rolling chair. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” he shrugs. “I just don’t know who this Chenle dude is that you’re referring to.”
“Wha—” you cut yourself off mid-word, giggles bubbling up in your throat. “Are you serious right now, Chenle?”
Your boyfriend looks extremely unimpressed, and you only laugh even harder. He frowns. “I only know a Lele or sweetheart. I don’t know any Chenle’s.”
You let out a noise of amusement, a smile appearing on your face. “Okay, fine, Lele, you absolute dork.”
He finally grins at you. “That works, too.”
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sungchannel commented:
haha cute chenle~! ☺️
honeyfairy commented:
couple goals 💓💓
notanimpasta replied: omg you have to do this with jisung !!!
appletater replied: i’m listening......
itsmebetch replied: oh? 👀
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend flinches, nearly dropping his popsicle. He turns to look at you, and you smile at him. “Can you get me one too, please?”
“Sure.” He reaches down to fish out a second popsicle from the freezer drawer before halting. Something feels off. He slowly stands back up, shutting the freezer and trying to figure out what’s throwing him off. Shaking his head, he makes his way over to you and hands you yours.
“Thanks, Jisung!” you exclaim brightly with a smile, and he’s hit with the same feeling again. It’s like when someone (read: Chenle and Donghyuck) moved all the furniture two inches to the left, and he was left stubbing his toe against the coffee table every time he got up from the couch.
“Um...” He fidgets a little in his place, still standing there. Finally, the light bulb goes off in his mind, and he may or may not be the tiniest bit embarrassed at how much this change is truly affecting him. You look up at him, patting the seat next to you. “Aren’t you gonna sit, Jisung? We still have the rest of the episode to watch.”
Hearing you say his full name again, Jisung decides he definitely doesn’t like it.
“Why... why aren’t you calling me Sungie?” he says at last, cerise blossoming on his cheeks when he makes eye contact with you. He looks away, biting his bottom lip, as the blush spreads to his ears and neck. “You always call me that. Or... or... cutie.”
You can no longer suppress the smile on your face, and you beam at him, reaching out to slip your hand in his and tug him down next to you. “Sungie, you are so cute, oh my god!”
The splotches of red on his cheeks grow brighter, and he buries his face in your shoulder, muttering, “You’re such a brat. You did that on purpose.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, cutie,” you coo at him, and he grumbles, settling back in his seat as he eats his popsicle, the bright color of his treat a perfect matching shade to his face.
“You’ve been hanging out with Chenle too much.”
“Why? Does he call you cutie, too, cutie?”
“Shut up!”
“But I thought you liked me calling you that?”
“I... I do, but I just— argh!”
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bigheadking commented:
you don’t let me call you cutie ☹️
jisungpwark replied: oh my god go away
notanimpasta commented:
queen delivered 🤩🤩 the absolute cutest !!!! 
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
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ohoshi · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ɴᴄᴛ ʜᴇʀʙᴀʀɪᴜᴍ
𝐍𝐂𝐓 𝟏𝟐𝟕 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐛𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐡 𝐟𝐥𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐬
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smileysuh · 4 months ago
Scent : alpha! Haechan
Tumblr media
⇢ Synopsis: alpha Haechan finds you, a stray omega having issues with your heat suppressants, and he decides that even if he is one of the younger members in an all alpha pack, and even if he doesn’t want kids, it’s a fabulous idea to all but take in a cute, fertile, omega who is deep in heat. 
⇢ Pairing: alpha werewolf!Haechan x omega!reader ⇢ Genre: smut, slow burn.  ⇢ Warnings: a/b/o au, abo class systems, power dynamic focus, mentions of werewolf men being creepy to omegas, inclusion of omega on heat, masterbation, mutual masterbation, scenting, dirty talk, dom daddy Haechan, lots of talk about cum, mentions of breeding kinks, fingering, tension, so many orgasms, vouyerism, like 3 separate sex scenes, multiple positions, oral (f receiving), alpha kink, Haechan has monster cock syndrome as per usual, overstimulation, sex with a condom!, dumbification, etc... ⇢ Word Count: 11k ⇢ Tropes/AU’s: alpha/beta/omega universe, alpha haechan, alpha nct, werewolf nct, soulmate themes,   
a/b/o NCT masterlist can be found HERE
Tumblr media
Something smells amazing. Like truly. Haechan’s eyes scan the entire bar, where could the scent possibly be coming from? There’s no way an Omega is at the bar, some alphas flaunt their mates in public, but a place like this? Way too many threats. 
And Haechan’s never smelled someone like you before. You must be in heat- or near it.
The one thing that doesn’t make sense is why no one else is reacting.
Even Johnny, who arguably has the best scent ability because he’s physically one of the largest alphas in the club, is still laughing with Jaehyun about something.
Haechan stands up, hand grasping the worn leather jacket that had been on his chair. 
“Where are you going?” Doyoung asks quickly, eyes flashing red at the sudden movement. Out of all the alphas, Doyoung’s one of the jumpier ones. In the safety of their own spaces, Haechan can afford to push his buttons, but in public, they can’t get into fights, no matter how much they both need one. 
Doyoung narrows his eyes at Haechan, who’s stiffening under the scrutiny, grip tightening on his jacket until the heavy bands of his rings bite into his fingers. With one final growl to let Haechan know he’s displeased, Doyoung looks away, all but dismissing the younger male, who wonders for a moment if he should maybe say something rude, like point out the wine stain on Doyoung’s sleeve. That would piss him off for sure.
He’s been more agitated in the past few days, but be thinks the better of picking a fight.
Haechan takes a deep breath, allowing the smell to wash over his senses again. His wolf self pushes him towards the door, eager to follow his nose to wherever it takes him.
Adjusting his jacket on his shoulders, Haechan looks both ways when he exits the club. Finding it easier to pinpoint the smell with his eyes closed. Each breath he takes is selfish, lungs expanding to allow as much of the scent in as possible. 
He’s an alpha on a mission, that much is obvious to anyone who sees him on the prowl, eyes red, broad shoulders stiff under a layer of leather. 
He turns a corner and it’s as if the air is knocked out of his lungs. His eyes fix on you, a hundred meters away and walking farther from his reach. You’re the source of the smell, just out on the streets, as if you’re not an omega that smells like the perfect next meal-
Haechan’s eyes dart around, weary of anyone who may be a threat. He sees another wolf across the street, but Haechan picks up immediately that they’re a beta. Like alpha nosed Johnny, and the rest of the club for that matter, the beta pays you no attention. 
Haechan’s body moves forward, legs longer than yours, making the distance to you easy enough to conquer. He sees the way your body stiffens, reacting to his presence as he falls in step behind you, a predator, and you are his prey.
He can hear your heart, the way it gets faster. He can taste your fear and it’s intoxicating, melding with the scent that's already completely enraptured the young alpha. If it wasn’t such a pretty scent, Haechan may have pounced already. Instead he prefers to be just out of your reach, close to the flame, enough to burn, painfully, sadistically, but he loves it, the tension of the moment.
He wonders if you can hear his heavy breathing, he can’t help himself, lungs more eager than ever to devour your essence. 
“You shouldn’t be out here alone.” Haechan’s voice is a low rumble, a warning, but even he’s not sure of his follow through. You’re an unclaimed omega, but where are your protectors? Where is your pack? Your family?
Haechan could just eat you up, and it’s within his right to.
He hears you take a deep breath and watches your hand form a fist at your side, then you turn to face him. Your eyes are glowing blue, a sign of your omega status, but what Haechan doesn’t expect is the tears coming from them.
You’re crying? Had he really scared you that much?
The primal side of him falters, and the man underneath is eager to make sure you’re alright. With another quick scan of the street, Haechan looks down at you, “why are you crying?” He wishes his alpha side could be nicer sometimes, less blunt, but he doesn’t have time for questions, not when you’re out here, looking the way you look, and smelling the way you smell, with threats around every corner.
“I-” you whimper a little, looking down. Haechan’s alpha aura is affecting you way too much, your submissive side telling you to fall to your knees- “there’s something wrong with my suppressants- i had to go get some-”
Your skin is hot and your body is cramping, which is why you’re crying. The whole ordeal has been stressful, made all the more difficult because you’re alone now, having run away from your pack two months ago and only now settled here. Getting a good source of heat suppressants can be difficult, especially in a moment of crisis, but it was worth it to get a new bottle. You’re starting to feel the effects kicking in again. You’re a few hours passed the time you were last supposed to have a dosage, and the meds had kept your scent in check enough for you to be able to run and get more- or so you’d thought. 
The alpha in front of you can obviously smell you. 
You’re scared, but you’re also so done with the day you’ve been having. This is the cherry on top, to be sure. 
Luckily for you, Haechan pieces together your story, “where do you live?” he asks next, tone low and commanding. 
You’re thankful that you have a big, strong looking, alpha here to protect you. After you tell him your address, he nods, then he grabs your arm, dragging you with him, “let’s go.”
You struggle a little in his grip whimpering at how tight it is. Your suppressants should be kicking in more and more with time, but if this gorgeous alpha doesn’t stop manhandling you- well, you may just have to push him against the closest wall and kindly ask him to fuck your brains out.
You’re thankful that the night air keeps you semi-sober, and soon you’re opening the door to your building. The alpha comes in with you. At the elevator, he stops, “what floor are you on?”
Maybe you shouldn’t tell him.
After all, he’s gotten you home. What possible reason could he have to bring you all the way up to your apartment? You can’t help the flash of heat that erupts across your skin at the thought of him ruining you. His lips look particularly inviting, and his scent is intoxicating-
How young is he? Does he have a mate?
The alpha is reacting to your body, which is doing it’s best to convince him by smell alone to step into the elevator and fuck you until you’re so full of him that nine months from now you’ll be calling him daddy, and not in the fun, kinky, sexual way.
You’d heard there were a bunch of alphas in this city, young ones, ones that don’t behave… normally. they’re in a pack and they have a reputation; young, rich, born into legacy wolf lines, strengthened in numbers- 
Had you somehow lucked out and found one on your first night of heat? You hadn’t been planning on even exploring the city and getting a lay of the land until after this heat passed, but this alpha in front of you- well, suppressants aren't the only way to get rid of the pain that comes with your monthly ovulation period. One of the few things that will fully satisfy you this week is an alpha’s knot.
You lick your lips, looking the man up and down. You tell him the floor you live on, and you watch him head off towards the stairs the moment the elevator doors close. 
Enclosed in the small space of the elevator, you feel caged in, and it just riles you up more. Your skin is hot and you’ve torn your jacket off before you even reach your floor. The doors open and you rush out, making it to your apartment and unlocking the door before the aura of the alpha is upon you again. 
Like he had at the elevator, he stops at the threshold of your home, hands on either side of the doorframe. He looks in at you, watching the way you rush to get water to cool off.
Your apartment smells- well, it smells like you, and Haechan is overcome by it. He’s afraid that if he steps inside your apartment, he’s going to lose control. 
He can’t afford to. Not with you.
He doesn’t have much experience with omegas. There are so few females anymore, and they have to hide their true selves, hidden by families and packs that want to utilize their ‘breeding abilities’ to make more pure werewolves. 
Haechan can’t say he blames packs for doing it, although he does think it’s barbaric. He may be a primal beast half the time, but he still respects women- or, the human side of him does at least.
“Where are your protectors?” he asks.
“I don’t have any.” you respond, moving to stand near your window, which lets in cool air. You fan yourself, skin still flushed almost painfully. You need your suppressants to kick in-
“But you’re an omega-” Haechan steps into your apartment and you immediately stiffen, his scent intruding on the sanctity of your space. He closes the door behind him but stays weary, not wanting to test his own control. He watches you grip your water glass tighter in your hand, “you shouldn’t be alone.”
“I’m not alone.” you point out with a small smile. 
Haechan nearly groans at your words, the seductive tone. He can see right through your little act, can see your heat taking over. His own body reacts, and instinctively he wants to move towards you. 
“How long did you expect to live here and not have a- protector.” he notes the way you’re not fully unpacked, inquisitive eyes taking in every detail of your apartment. He can’t bring himself to say the word mate, besides, Haechan’s a part of the more naive belief systems in the werewolf community which suggests an alpha can be ‘just buds’ with omegas and protect them ‘platonically’. Now that Haechan’s in the same room as you… well, he can see why Johnny had rolled his eyes at the inclination, having dealt with omegas before, unlike a majority of the younger alphas. 
“I don’t know.” you lift your shoulders, shrugging them, but when you let them drop, Haechan sees they slump excessively. You turn to look outside, and Haechan gets a sense that you’re crying again. Whatever happened to make you leave your old pack, your protection, which is essential for omegas- it must have been difficult. 
You’re just a girl in need of help.
In need of him. Because Haechan, as an alpha, knows better than you. He can protect you. Starting with not letting you out of your apartment while in heat, even while on suppressants, which obviously aren't working, seeing as he can still smell you as if he had his face buried between your legs-
He’s one of the youngest of the group of alphas that’s all but claimed control of  the city, but he supposes if any of them are going to get a mate, it should be him. Haechan will admit he’s a guy with a lot of needs, which have never been satiated by betas or even alphas.
He wonders if he should call Taeyong, who acts as an alpha alpha… Haechan thinks the exact specificities of all the new age werewolf politics are a bit much to get into-
Haechan’s an alpha though, he can claim an omega for himself if he wants to. He doesn’t need permission.
“How are you feeling?” he questions, “are the suppressants working?”
“I think so.”
“It’s late. Go lay down.” Haechan’s surprised at his own commanding tone, the natural alpha instinct taking over. He knows what’s best for you. 
“You’re not the boss of me.” you try to insist, but there’s a weakness in your voice, and when you turn to look at the alpha in your kitchen, you’re still wiping away your tears.
The alpha scoffs at you, “go lay down. I’ll make you food.”
You look at him for a moment, appreciating the sharpness of his jaw and the wonderful tint of his skin. There’s a large alpha in your small kitchen, and he’s pulling out a pot, to make ramen you assume, because you’re in heat.
He’s babying you.
You don’t mind.
It feels amazing to be taken care of, even if there’s a part of you screaming for him to take care of you in other ways. 
Going to your room to lay down is a good idea, it will get you away from him. In the privacy of your own room, you can finally rub your thighs together, testing the friction and the wetness there. 
“Alpha?” you call out.
He appears in the doorway a moment later, alert and ready to deal with any obstacle.
“What’s your name?” you ask.
He swallows thickly as he looks at you curled up on your bed.
Tumblr media
Haechan hadn’t been able to sleep on your couch all night, instead tossing and turning with thoughts of his secret little prize, his omega. He even did some research, and realized that maybe there was a reason he could smell you while on suppressants. There’s a possibility you could be soulmates. Well, to be fair, the internet did not diagnose you both with ‘an issue of the split souls’ because there’s not enough research on the phenomenon, but Haechan thinks it makes sense.
You’re his to take care of, which is why you came to him.
He believes in fate, even if it's only applicable in this one very specific instance.
No, as Haechan assesses your apartment in the early morning hours, quietly weary of your sleeping form, he’s content with you being his fated mate. 
He has zero worries that you’ll reject him. Haechan might have a notorious mean streak, but he’s also well known for being lovable. Your body likes him already, of that much he’s sure, so now he just has to woo you… all whilst keeping his distance this week. 
While the idea of fucking you senseless and filling you with cum until you cry makes Haechan drool, the harsh reality of the word ‘child’ gave him more than one nightmare as he tried to sleep on your couch.
He makes himself at home in your apartment, but every single second, every breath, is devoted to you. Even as he munches on some crackers that he found in the pantry, pacing your kitchen, he’s acutely aware of your presence in the room over. He listens to your breathing, tempted to go check on you any time there’s a particular ruffle of sheets, as if you’re rolling around. 
Haechan’s at your door within a moment, only to realize that you’d mumbled the word. Are you dreaming? 
He can taste your scent as it greets him from under the only thing keeping him from simply ravaging you, the door. Haechan growls, hands forming fists as he turns so he can pace again. He can’t be this close to the door, and he can still hear you from the kitchen. 
Another moan.
He should wake you up for your suppressants, had you taken them during the night? Maybe this is why you smell so good again- But… he can’t even access you. He supposes he could call at you to wake you up from one side of the door- but wait, had he not asked for your name? 
His little omega- and he doesn’t even know your name.
He’ll have to make up for that.
Your whimpering makes Haechan groan, collapsing onto your couch, hands straining against his jeans. He can’t take this anymore. 
He can’t wake you up. He can’t leave.
His palm finds his cock, pushing up against the fabric of his pants. This offers some release of pressure, but Haechan knows it won't be enough. He likes to tease, but when it comes to himself, Haechan wants what he wants when he wants it. Lifting his hips to get out of the confines of his clothes, Haechan pulls his cock out, fist wrapping tightly around his girthy length.
He definitely heard his name. He’s not imagining things, but his eyes open anyways, focusing on the door. The fucking door. He hates your bedroom door. Truly hates it. Maybe he should tear it off its hinges-
Haechan groans, hips buckling up into his hand when another whimper slips out from under the door. 
You can’t possibly still be asleep, can you be?
Haechan’s eyes roll into the back of his head, his grip tightening on his length. There’s enough precum for him to be nicely lubricated, something he’ll have to deal with later though, it’s a sign maybe his rut is coming sooner than expected, which is not good now that he’s just adopted himself his own omega- 
Actually, maybe it’s the perfect time-
Fuck, he’s so close. The smell of you is getting stronger which isn’t helping anything.
Children, be turned off by children-
He can’t help himself, his hand working quickly as his orgasm builds at the base of his cock until he’s cumming hard, heart racing wildly in his chest. The animalistic side of him tells Haechan to cum wherever he wants, after all, you’re his now-
Being around you is bringing out the primal side of him, and Haechan is tired of being at war with himself. He takes a deep breath and just enjoys the ripples of pleasure that bubble through him. 
When he finally comes down from his high, he’s left panting, a sweaty mess. He’s definitely scented your living room, and he takes further measures to burrow into your couch, pulling his pants back up and letting out a deep, contented sigh. 
You’re still whimpering, and Haechan honestly feels bad for you at this point- then he remembers, you’re in heat, this is just a symptom.
Haechan thinks maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world to be horny and ready to be pillow princess fucked by an alpha for a whole week. 
With one final breath to calm himself, Haechan takes the liberty of cleaning up his mess. Then, he approaches your bedroom door. He can hear ruffling. 
He raises his hand, and knocks. 
The young alpha can’t remember the last time he knocked on a door, he’s always very quick to barge into the houses of any of his friends, even if it leads to a tousle in the entry hall. But you- well, you’re different. He can't treat you like an alpha. He has to be sweet to you.
“Haechan?” a question, not a moan- a whimper maybe- but you’re definitely awake. He can hear it in your heart rate, which increases as you come out of happy dream land.
“Did you take your suppressants?” he can’t believe how his own voice can lower an octave without him even being conscious of it until he hears words that sound like they’re coming from someone else, someone strong, who knows what they’re doing. 
Everything feels to be instinctual with you. Haechan relaxes into the feeling, he’ll try to stop second guessing himself so much, but, as a raging gemini, he supposes two-faced-ness comes with the territory.
He listens carefully to the sound of pills on plastic, then the clinking of your glass of water being set down again.
“Why are you staying?” 
“Because you need someone.”
There’s quiet for a moment, then, “I am a little hungry.”
Tumblr media
“Are you going to be here all day?” you ask through the door around noon, when Haechan’s presence is yet to go away.
You’d eaten breakfast on either side of your door in silence. Then you’d had a nap, body exhausted from not waking up to take your suppressants. You also set a reminder in your phone to wake you up during the night for a dose. You’d done a few things on your laptop, what you could endure with your suppressed heat symptoms, and now here you are. 
“I’ll be here all week.” comes his response. It’s a statement, and you’re too far gone into heat induced submissivity to question him. 
“I need-” you press your legs together at the thought of what you truly need. 
You want a better suppressant.
You need Haechan.
There’s a distinct difference. 
On top of everything, for some reason, Haechan’s smell has gotten much stronger. It seeps under the door, delighting you every time the alpha moves, his form displacing the air in his vicinity. 
On the other side of the door, Haechan is quiet, waiting for you to verbalize what it is that you need. At war with yourself, you roll around in your bed, groaning with discomfort. 
“Don’t you have anything to help make this easier for you?” Haechan’s voice finally draws your attention away from the heat tingling across your skin.
“I mean like toys.” 
“Toys?” you squeak, eyes opening to stare at the door that hides the alpha from your view. 
“Yeah, toys.”
“I’ve never-” you groan again, burying your face in your pillow for a moment, “my suppressants always work, it’s never been like this before.” your tone rises as you speak, getting more whimpery as your eyes threaten to betray you. Your body is on fire with stress, and even thinking about the situation is making you jittery. 
“There’s nothing you could use to make yourself feel better?” Haechan’s voice is smooth, teasing, because both of you know that you have working fingers if nothing else. 
You rub your legs together at the notion, whimpering at the ripple of pleasure that his words inspire. 
You hadn’t even considered masturbating with Haechan in the other room. It had been so far out of your mind frame- but now it seems like a fabulous idea. All inhibitions you may have had while in a non-heat frame of mind don’t matter. It doesn’t matter that you barely even know the alpha outside of your room, because you’re pretty sure that by the end of your week-long heat, you will be mated to him.
“Haechan-” you whine his name when your hand slips between your legs. 
His growled response is almost immediate; “Do you need instructions, baby?” 
You whimper, spreading your wetness around your entrance as you wait for him to tell you what to do.
“Talk to me baby, how do you feel?”
You lick your lips, swallowing thickly before you’re able to bring yourself to speak, “alpha, I’m so wet-”
You hear him practically purr at your words, then there’s the sound of a buckle and a zipper. On the other side of the door, your alpha has his cock out, and here you are, legs spread on your bed, in need of him-
“Rub your clit.”
You follow his instruction and gasp, whimpering, “I’m so sensitive-”
Another growl from the other side of the door, “I bet you are.” a tense moment passes, “how tight are you pretty girl? Can you fit a finger for me?”
It’s easy to slide a digit into your wet heat and you groan, “alpha it feels so good-”
“Then add another baby, stretch yourself out.”
A whimper leaves your lips when you do as you’re told and add a second finger.
“I can hear how wet you are baby, your fingers aren't enough though, are they?”
“No, I need- I need-” you can’t even get the words out, eyes shut, body teetering on the edge, your fingers are just not good enough to give you your pleasure.
“You need your alpha.” his low scary voice has returned, but it turns you on even more, pushing you closer to the edge. “Your pathetic little fingers are nothing compared to my cock.” you gasp at his words, “I’m going to split you in half pretty girl.” 
You explode on your fingers, writhing in your sheets as waves of pleasure wash over your body. “Haechan-” his name leaves your lips and you’re desperate for him.
You hear him groan in response, and his scent hits you like a freight train, overtaking your senses and making you ravenous. Your mouth waters, and you moan loudly, knowing that he’s just cum too. 
“When are you going to split me in half alpha?” you whine, curling up now that your body has been satiated... for the moment, at least.
“After your heat is over.” a pause, “I promise.”
 “Why not now?” you nearly cry.
“Because you’re not yourself. And you don’t want to get pregnant.”
When he says it blatantly like this, you do kind of agree with his timeline, however horny you may be. 
“You don’t want to get me pregnant.” you say finally, rolling onto your tummy and exhaling.
“You’re right, I don't.” a chuckle.
“Why not?” you can’t hide the way his candid response hurts you. 
“Because, then when would I have time to fuck you so hard you can’t walk straight for a week?”
“Haechan-” you whine loudly, not caring how pathetic you sound. You’re all but begging for him now, body unable to keep up with Haechan and his ever changing moods. He can’t be mean and say he doesn’t want to give you babies, and then say it’s because he wants to spend all his time blowing your back out with his alpha cock- he’s just not making any sense!
“I have to go out for an hour or two.” his next words are another shock.
“What? Why?” logically, you’re aware you’ll be safe in your apartment. But the omega in you is horrified at the idea of your alpha leaving you during your heat. 
“Alpha stuff.” 
You groan at the vague answer.
“While I’m gone, you should have a shower, it’s no fun to nap while sticky.”
You hear him stand up from the couch, hear his leather jacket lifted off of a surface, and the jingle of keys, “Haechan?”
“You’ll come back to me right?”
“Of course. If you need anything, I've left my phone number on the kitchen counter.” 
A moment later your front door closes. 
You can practically feel Haechan’s presence getting farther and farther away. His scent lingers in the air but you don’t mind, cautiously getting out of bed and moving to your bedroom door. Peaking into the living room your eyes immediately search out the man who’s already left, and your heart sinks in your chest.
Tumblr media
Twenty two pairs of eyes shift to Haechan the moment he enters the vip room at the back of the club. He looks like shit, wearing the same clothes they’d last seen him in at the bar the night before. It’s obvious he’s barely slept, and he looks generally disheveled. 
But all these visual things are not what makes Haechan so interesting to his alpha friends. Instead, they pick up on his scent, which is tainted. They can smell you on Haechan the way you can smell Haechan on your couch, he’d rubbed his own scent on your apartment only to have yours brush off on him as well. 
Taeyong is quick to grab Haechan, who smells a little too much like an omega in heat for his liking. Johnny is fast to follow the pair right back out the door Haechan has just entered. Taeyong pushes Haechan up against the wall outside, his aggression spiking and his eyes flashing red. “What did you do?!” he growls.
Mating with an omega is commitment. It’s not just fun and games like Haechan is used to with betas and alphas, and Taeyong is terrified that one of his youngest pack members has just made a mistake that's going to follow him the rest of his life in the form of mini Haechan’s, which Taeyong really does not have the energy to deal with.
“I didn’t do anything.” Haechan says, matching Taeyong’ angry tone and pushing back at the man who’s smaller than him.
Johnny steps in, separating the two alphas from each other. 
It’s an odd situation they’ve found themselves in. In a world with werewolves, usually alphas have their own packs and the hierarchy is obvious. However their situation had been hand crafted, a new pack of all alphas- clashing of heads is frequent enough as it is, but omega issues are a different territory. 
Those who do have omegas keep them very protected. In a normal pack, omegas would have more than enough betas around to fulfill caring roles, but in an alpha pack- things get more difficult. 
Johnny brings his omega around but he’s one of the more dominant alphas, even amongst his pack members, so everyone falls into line with his omega. But he never brings her around during her heat. Everyone knows when it's ‘that time of the month’ because Johnny simply disappears. It’s one thing to have your omega with your pack of alphas, it’s another to introduce her scent while in heat. That’s just asking for something to go wrong.
“Why do you smell like an omega in heat?” Johnny questions.
“Because I found one last night.”
Taeyong groans, covering his face with his hands as he begins to pace, “he found one. He just found one Johnny.”
“So you found a stray omega,” Johnny says, ignoring Taeyong’s melt down, “and you just decided, ‘hey, now's a good time to become a dad with this random omega I just met.’”
Haechan rolls his eyes, “no, I took her home, and made sure she took her suppressants.” 
“Have you been at her place since last night?” Johnny asks in shock, realizing why Haechan’s dressed the way he is. 
“But you haven't fucked her.” Taeyong clarifies. 
“No, I don't want kids, I'm not crazy like Jaehyun.” Haechan scoffs.
“Thank god.” Taeyong lets out the biggest sigh of relief of his life, doubling over and resting his palms flat on his knees, “Johnny! He didn’t sleep with her!”
“Not yet.”
Johnny and Taeyong look to Haechan, “what do you mean not yet!? Haechan! You’re not ready to have an omega!” Taeyong insists.
Haechan’s hands form fists. Taeyong is questioning his ability to fulfill his alpha position and truly take care of an omega. “Who are you to tell me if i’m ready or not?” when Haechan speaks his voice is low, a growl, his alpha side on full display as his eyes burn red, a daunting contrast to the golden colour of his skin.
Taeyong is technically Haechan’s alpha. 
But on matters such as these- 
“Maybe Haechan is right.” Johnny sighs, “being an alpha is about instinct. If Haechan feels this is working for him then maybe it is. Besides, he’s the one who found her, she is kind of his responsibility now-”
“How did you find her anyways? We didn’t smell anything last night and we were all together for most of it.” Taeyong’s brows furrow, and Haechan’s glad he’s skipped over fighting about ‘alpha-ness’ to focus on something that’s been confusing him too: your smell.
“Her suppressants were wearing off, or being just generally weird, last night which is why she was out; to get more.” Haechan answers. “But it’s weird that none of you smelled her from inside the club like I did. And there was a beta on the street too, who didn’t seem to be able to smell her-”
“You know what,” Johnny sighs, “let’s just blame her smell on fate. We have pack shit to do inside. Haechan you can’t come in smelling the way you smell or Jeno might attack you, so you should just go back to your omega and take care of her. Even on suppressants, heats are hard to handle.”
“Really? I can go?”
“Yeah, and Haechan,” Johnny sighs, “I really shouldn’t have to tell you this. But if this omega really is going to be your mate then... you are aware that condoms stop pregnancy like ninety nine percent of the time right?”
“What if I’m the one percent though.”
“Trust me Haechan, no matter how magical you think it is, your cum isn’t special.”
“But what if it is.” Haechan groans.
“Then use your fingers, use your tongue, use whatever you can to make your omega feel better. You don’t have to use your cock.”
“What about… consent?” Haechan looks between Taeyong and Johnny, “omegas in heat-”
“She’s on suppressants so she can make decisions.” Johnny clarifies, “and dude, you’re Lee fucking Haechan, who doesn’t want to fuck you?” 
Tumblr media
Haechan’s skin is buzzing. 
Having Johnny’s support makes things easier for him. He had no idea how much of a difference talking to his older alpha friend would make. Johnny’s right about condoms, but he’s also right that there are other ways to take care of you during your heat that don’t result in a possible baby.
Haechan can’t believe that some alphas really get off on the idea of baby making. He supposes there’s a natural, primal, protectiveness he has over children, and he guesses having one around wouldn't be the worst thing, just not anytime soon. 
The other thing keeping Haechan from ravaging you had been his worry about consent. 
Some alphas have been known to flip out around omegas in heat, and Haechan knows he was in a frenzy when he found you, even while on half working suppressants, so he could only imagine what might happen if you’d been fully in heat. 
If you are going to be his mate, he wants to start things right.
He doesn't want to be one of those dom alphas who finds an omega and simply claims them like a piece of property. He wants you to want him the way he wants you, and he wants it to be real.
He’s practically vibrating in the elevator leading to your apartment, able to sense your body, your heat, becoming closer and closer-
He can smell you even in the hallway, and although he loves it and wants to just melt into your aura, he makes a note to open some of your windows. He can't have any other alphas coming around and sniffing at your door.
When Haechan lets himself into your apartment, the first thing he does is look around, pinpointing where you are: your bedroom.
“It’s me baby.” he relaxes a little, locking the door behind him and heading to the window to prop it open. “I brought you a present, do you think you want to open your door and see?”
In the quiet, his wolf ears can pick up on you getting out of bed. A moment later, your door opens a crack and Haechan gets to see you. You look like you had a shower, as he’d suggested, and he’s dualistically pleased and upset that you cleaned up and covered some of your scent. 
Haechan has a tub of ice cream, he’d assumed it may help with your heat. He’s placed some in a cup with a spoon, and he pushes it across the floor roughly. You watch the cup slide smoothly towards you, stopping in front of you at your door.
You go to bend down to grab the food, but decide to just sit to eat. Plopping yourself on the floor, half covered by the safety of your door, you peer out at Haechan as he serves himself some ice cream too.
“Where did you go?” you ask.
“Pack meeting.” he responds.
“Tell me about them?”
“Well.” Haechan laughs. “We’re all alphas for starters.” he watches your reaction, seeing the recognition on your face. There are very few alpha packs that have succeeded before. Haechan and his friends had been made for this, raised together to make it work. They’re quite well known. “You’ve heard about us?”
You nod. 
“When you ran away from your last pack, did you come here knowing that it would be easier for you to find a new pack here?” Haechan asks.
You nod again, “I’d heard about your alpha pack, and I was told this would be the best place to find an alpha.”
Haechan inspects you for a moment, eyes narrowing at you. “Best place to find an alpha?” he repeats your words back to you. “So last night, you would have been just as happy with any of my other alpha friends finding you on the street, is that it?” his eyes flare red with anger and he can feel his skin getting hot, his shoulders squaring, making him bigger as he stares at you.
Still on the floor, you curl up under his gaze, frowning, “no, my suppressants weren’t working right- I wasn’t trying-”
He’s heard stories of omegas who break from their packs to go sugar baby themselves out to the best alphas they can find. It’s respectable he supposes, but it’s not his style. Jaehyun might be happy being a sugar daddy alpha and pampering his princess via text for months and getting chaperoned dates, but Haechan isn’t. 
He’s enraged now that he thinks about it. 
His sweet baby omega- and you’d been using him. Out on the hunt- how emasculating that he thought he’d been the one lucking out when he found you on the street when this whole time you’d been luring him-
 “My last pack wanted to marry me off to an alpha I didn't know.” your words are quiet and they stop Haechan’s inner tangent. “I ran. I thought I could come here and be on my suppressants, and maybe I could find a new pack or alpha naturally, but then my suppressants weren’t working- this heat, it’s-” Haechan watches the way you hide your face in your hands and his anger dissipates. He can see you’re in pain, can see you’re telling the truth. 
“I’m just-” when you look up at him, there are tears in your eyes, “I’m really happy you’re the one who found me, and not someone else.”
Haechan sighs, heart melting in his chest. He understands you now. He switches the subject, not wanting to cause any more pain, “how are your symptoms feeling?”
You wipe at your eyes with your hands, sniffling but you seem grateful he’s dropped his anger. “It’s weird,” you admit, “I was feeling a little bit better, and then you showed up-”
Haechan has heard this joke before.
Only this isn’t Doyoung saying he has a headache that comes and goes with Haechan’s presence.
This is his omega saying her heat is flaring when he’s close to her.
Maybe this has something to do with the way you smell, and how Haechan has also been way hornier than usual. He can brush off a bit of horniness and explain it away by the fact that he’s near you, his omega. But the amount of cum that he’s been cumming in the past 24 hours… well, he’s not a cum expert, but Haechan thinks it’s a little more than normal. Then there’s the way that his chest tightens every time he looks at you, making him want to practically purr with happiness- 
“Do you believe in soulmates?” Haechan asks abruptly.
You blink at him.
“Listen.” Haechan sits down on the floor of your kitchen so he’s eye level with you. You find it odd that he has to be so far away, but you also don’t think he can come any closer without his smell making you literally moan. “I’m the only one who seems to be able to smell you while you’re on your suppressants, except for this morning, but you missed a dose. And when you’re around me, your heat symptoms flare up. Maybe we’re soulmates, maybe this is the universe saying we should just give in.”
“Or maybe I’m allergic to you.”
“I don’t think that could be it.” 
You both giggle with each other and Haechan realizes how insanely happy it makes him to actually be able to talk to you face to face again without your door being in the way. Now that you’re back on suppressants your smell isn’t as strong as it had been last night. He’s not worried about losing his cool and getting you pregnant, he can focus on nicer things, like getting to know you-
You stop laughing abruptly, groaning and running a hand through your hair and then fanning yourself, “I’m so-” 
“Hot?” Haechan suggests, standing up and heading to the window to open it wider. “Come stand here.” 
You’re quick to comply with his instruction, rushing over to Haechan before you can even stop to think about what you’re doing. Then you’re in his space, shoulder just touching his as you stand next to the window. The air seeps through the opening, brushing away some of Haechan’s scent and cooling your skin.
Beside you, Haechan’s heart is racing. He’s frozen, not wanting to move and scare you or break the moment. This close to you he can admire your beauty, even if he can only do it using his peripheral vision. 
Something inside of him snaps when you let out a contented sigh, the air coming through the window caressing your hair- and Haechan can’t have it. He can’t have the wind getting more game than he is. 
Hands land on your waist, and suddenly you’re dragged so your back presses to Haechan’s chest. His arms secure around you, and you know better than to try to wiggle free, the omega in you simply bending to your alpha’s will and his grip. 
Your alpha’s heart is beating fast against your back, but he remains quiet. Your own body is reacting to him, pulse racing, skin heating up at the closeness, wetness pooling between your legs-
You’d left your last pack because they wanted to marry you off to an alpha you didn’t know. But here you are, in the embrace of a new alpha who you met last night-
Haechan just fits. He fits so well, slotting in behind you like he’s made to be there. He made himself at home in your apartment, and you already like the spot on the couch that smells the most like him, you’re pretty sure he napped there last night, and you’d spent most of the time he was gone in the space to feel close to him.
You wonder if there’s any merit to his soulmate idea. 
It feels crazy to think that you could be standing with the person you’re fated to be with. But to be fair, you live in a world with werewolves, so you think maybe it’s not completely out of the question.
You’d spent much of your life hearing horror stories of alphas going crazy for omegas. You’ve spent much of your life thinking all you’d be to an alpha is a means to have kids. You’ve heard of some loving omega and alpha relationships, but so many of them are arranged because omegas are such a commodity. 
Here you are with an alpha, and he’s not hurting you. He’s taking care of you. He has control of himself. And most importantly, you trust him. 
In his arms, with your alpha keeping you close to the window to let more air calm your warm skin, you feel completely safe. 
“Haechan-” his grip is a little tight, and the moment you whisper his name he loosens you, allowing you to turn around in his arms while his hands find your hips. 
You reach out, forearms settling on your alpha’s shoulders while your fingers find his softly tousled, chestnut brown locks. You’ve not been this close to him before, and you can finally get a good look at his godly face. His lips are plump, jaw sharp, and an eyebrow slit scar adds a bit of danger. Soft brown eyes that you could melt in flare crimson as your alpha looks down at you, his gaze darting to your lips then back.
“Maybe we are soulmates.” 
As soon as the words leave your mouth, Haechan is kissing you.
His lips are eager but not too rough, his tongue invading your mouth the moment you let out your first gasp. You adjust your grip on each other to get even closer. His palm finds the small of your back and he slots his thigh between your legs, using it to help pin you up against the window.
You grind down on him, nearly shaking with need now that you’re finally getting what you want-
Haechan’s lips tear away from yours and you whine, trying to tug him back to you by his hair. Haechan presses his forehead against yours, still out of reach, and your noses brush, his red eyes looking into yours, “tell me how bad you want this.”
You whimper in response, still trying to kiss him.
“I need to hear you say it.” Haechan still holds back, fingers digging into your hip. 
“I want you.” you assure him, and you know it’s the truth, “Haechan please, it hurts-” you rub yourself down against his thigh, pussy throbbing with need now that you’re so close to getting what you know will satiate you.
He’s still apprehensive, especially now that he knows your history. It sounds like you were pretty adamant about not mating with an alpha you don’t know, and yet here you are, offering yourself up to him. He’s a little worried this is just the heat talking, even if Johnny says it’s not. Haechan decides he’ll take his time with you. He’ll focus on helping you through his heat instead of getting his own pleasure- for as long as he can hold out at least. He has condoms just in case, but he wants you begging before he gives into you.
He reminds himself that you’re on suppressants, so although you may be extra horny right now, you’re still thinking logically. You’re his little omega, but you do have a brain. He thinks being careful with you is a good thing, but he doesn’t want to be so careful that he babies you… even if you are his baby already.
“I’m going to take care of you.” Haechan says, his lips ghosting over yours as he finally gets closer, “I promise.” 
When he kisses you again, it’s just as passionate as earlier, but this time his whole body seems to envelope you. His arms wrap around you, and you’re pinned to his chest, head tilted up to meet his lips. He’s so big and warm, and it’s the kind of heat that feels nice, despite your own hot temperature-
“I’m too hot.” you whimper against his lips. 
The solution isn’t to stop touching Haechan.
The solution is for him to take off your shirt, which he promptly does to fix the issue. His hands stroke your sides, his lips attaching to yours again as he moves you with his body, leading you somewhere- but you’re too lost in him to care. 
It feels nice now that you’re out of your shirt, your skin enjoying the new coolness that’s still coming through the open window. A moment later Haechan’s fingers are pushing at your sleeping pants and you eagerly wiggle free of them, lips on Haechan’s the entire time.
You need his kisses. You’re all but breathing him in. You’re moaning pathetically just from making out, and when Haechan’s lips move to your neck, you nearly cry from pleasure, burying your fingers in his hair. His kisses continue down, and he pauses at your neck, breathing in your scent. A growl rumbles in his throat and you know why.
“This is where I’m going to mark you.” your alpha tells you, voice deep and going straight to your core. 
“Then mark me.” you whimper, straining your neck to give him more space.
You’re a little disappointed when you’re met with a kiss, then a lick, but no bite. “Next time.” he tells you, “when your heat is over.”
“But then-” confusion makes your brows furrow.
“I’m going to take care of you, but I'm not on my rut. I’m not going to breed you or mark you. After this week, if this whole thing is just you being horny, you can change your mind and find a different alpha without being tethered to me for the rest of your life.”
“But I want you-” you whine, pulling his face back up to yours. 
“Don’t worry pretty girl,” he pinches your chin, “I’m still going to blow your back out, just with a condom on.” 
He pushes you down onto the couch, getting between your legs on the floor, “you’ll let me have a taste right?”
You nod, pushing yourself to the edge of the couch, heart racing in your chest. You still have your panties on, and you’re about to lift your hips when Haechan reaches out, there’s a flash of red, and then your panties are gone, torn in half and discarded. 
Haechan grabs your thighs, and brings you the rest of the way to his awaiting mouth. He doesn’t play around with you, diving straight into it all, tongue tasting, nose bumping your clit deliciously. His fingers dig into your flesh and he groans against your pussy, the vibrations running through your entire body. You grab at his hair, legs shaking on either side of his head.
Your suppressants have helped a little, but you’re still way more sensitive than usual. Your hips buckle against Haechan’s face, and his nose bumps your clit again, causing a squeal to leave your lips. Your abdomen tenses as your orgasm builds shamefully quickly. It helps that Haechan’s simply amazing at oral. 
It feels wonderful to have someone else making you feel good. Your fingers are not even comparable to the touch of another person, let alone an alpha who seems set on making you cum in record time. 
You can’t even warn him when you cum, your orgasm smashing into you the moment his lips focus more on your clit. Haechan’s strong hands hold you down even as your hips try to buckle against his face, body writhing with the intensity of your orgasm, legs shaking on his shoulders. 
You’re crying from pleasure when he finally pulls away from your pussy. Through teary lashes, you watch him wipe your wetness from his chin and lick his thumb clean. His eyes are fixed on your pussy, and although you want him- you need a breather.
This is a good thing, this means your suppressants must be somewhat working. When an omega is in heat, they can have sex for ages, or so you’ve heard. So a break is more than welcome.
You close your legs and Haechan looks up at you. Your skin is covered in a pretty sweat, and it prompts him to stand and go to your bedroom door to retrieve the ice cream you’d forgotten there in your haste to join him at the window earlier. He brings it to you, placing it in your hands, then he heads to the window, opening it wider, “can you feel the air from there?” he asks.
You nod, taking a large spoonful of ice cream into your mouth. The coolness feels amazing and you’re still hazy from your orgasm, which makes the entire experience delightful. You let out a moan of pleasure and Haechan laughs from where he’s standing at the window. He finds your sensitivity adorable, even if it is likely mostly due to your heat. 
You finish your ice cream and set it down, looking towards Haechan, who seems to be watching the world below. “Alpha?” 
That gets his attention. 
His pupils are blown when he looks at you, and you think he must be trying really hard over by the window to calm down the side of him telling him to ravage you. You remember how you must smell to him, and are a little taken aback by his composure. Being by the window is smart, he must be breathing the fresh air- whereas his scent floats towards you.
“Do you need more?” he taunts.
You nod, licking your lips in anticipation. 
As he approaches, you turn your body to fit the couch better, opening your legs so he can lay down between them. The moment Haechan’s knees are on the couch you pull him to your chest, lips attacking him as your arms wrap around the back of his neck. He props himself up with his forearm near your head, and his other hand finds your pussy.
“Where does it hurt baby?” he coos, moving his lips to your jaw and then your neck. He leaves open mouthed kisses across your flesh, tasting your skin- he cant get enough of the way you smell. “Here?” his fingers brush your clit and you moan, hips buckling up against his hand. 
“Or inside?” one finger slides into you and you gasp, pushing your chest up against his only to realize you still have a bra on. 
“Haechan-” you whine, moving your straps down. He’s not giving you enough space to get access to the bra clasp behind you-
His finger leaves your entrance and you’re about to argue about that too when his he shoves two fingers into your mouth instead. You immediately close your eyes and suck, groaning at your taste and the way his fingers feel-
He removes his fingers from your mouth too soon, and his hand slips under you and unclasps your bra, then he tears it off of you roughly. It joins your panties on the floor. 
His lips attach to your nipple, hand cupping your breast and squeezing as he does so. The stimulation makes you rut your hips up, reminding Haechan of what he’d been doing a moment ago.
This time, two fingers slide into you.
You grip his shoulders, moans uninhibited by Haechan’s lips on yours, he’s pleasantly occupied with your nipple, which he’s teasing with his teeth. If he continues this you’re not going to last long-
Haechan’s kisses begin to rise up to your throat again, “I said, tell me where it hurts.” he growls, “here?” his fingers crook up and expertly slam into a spot inside of you that has your toes curling and your nails clawing into his shoulders. 
“Right there!” 
“Are you sure it hurts here?” Haechan smirks against your neck, kissing you while his fingers abuse the spot over and over again.
You’re a whimpering mess, unable to even respond. Your body feels electrified with pleasure, legs shaking around Haechan’s hips, unable to close and escape the building feeling. 
“Already so close.” Haechan’s teeth tug at your ear, and then he goes down to your breast, lips wrapping around your nipple. He stops for a moment and looks up at you, smirking, “you’re not even stretched out enough for my cock yet.”
You explode on his fingers as his lips attach to your nipple again, head thrown back into the couch pillow while your hips buckle. You try to get away from the fingers that ravage you through your entire orgasm until you’re shivering and there are tears rolling down your cheeks, but to no avail. Haechan holds you down, giving you everything you’ve ever needed… and then some.
You watch Haechan lick his fingers clean, groaning at your taste. When he looks up at you, his eyes are red, and you know he’s finally snapped. 
He grabs you roughly, dragging you up and into a tight embrace so he can stand from the couch. Your legs wrap around his waist and your lips attach to his, not caring where he takes you.
A moment later you land on your bed and you let out a groan of comfort, happy to be in your soft space. Then your eyes go to Haechan, who’s at the foot of your bed, pulling his shirt off to expose beautiful skin that you want to pepper in kisses.
You place yourself in the middle of the bed, opening your legs for the man who gets his pants undone. A moment later you’re gaping at his cock, which is arguably one of the bigger cocks you’ve ever seen in your life. Haechan slips a condom on and part of you wants to make a comment about ‘magnum XL’s’ but you don’t know your condom brands well enough to execute the joke properly… and also, well, every thought entering your brain is quick to be overtaken by the visual of Haechan.
A moment later he’s in your arms, lips feverish against yours. He’s worked up and energized from waiting so long, and you think he must have some of the best self control you’ve ever seen in an alpha. 
Two fingers slide into your core instead of what you were expecting and you groan, pushing lightly at his chest, “i need you.” you say between kisses.
“You sure?” 
“You’re literally not even mating me-” this is the first time you’ve talked back to him, and Haechan doesn’t allow you to finish your sentence, cock replacing his fingers and pushing into you. 
You gasp, grabbing his shoulders tightly as your body flutters around the massive intrusion. You’re wet, incredibly wet, so it makes his strokes smooth, but you can feel that he’s missing the moment he pulls out of you, only to glide back in and reinhabit the space that had felt ghosted. Each thrust earns a whine from you as your eyes scrunch up with pleasure.
Haechan is gasping against your lips, watching you with soft brown eyes that want to soak up every detail of your pleasure. You’re definitely his soulmate. There’s no way in hell that you’re not. And he can feel it with every fibre of his being.
The wolf inside of him is bubbling to the surface, becoming more eager as Haechan’s passions rise. His heart is racing in his chest and when you whimper “alpha” in the dirtiest tone he’s ever heard, his other half tears free and comes to the forefront. 
Haechan pulls out of you and flips you onto your tummy, he straddles your legs and forces them together, then flattens himself against your back, cock sliding into your wet entrance. It’s a very tight fit this way, for both of you, and your moans fill the room.
When you push your ass up and back against Haechan slightly, it causes him to hit the same spot he’d abused with his fingers earlier, and you cry out, grabbing at the pillows as you moans are forced from you.
Haechan’s lips are hot against the scruff of your neck and your shoulders, his hands covering yours, fingers lacing and squeezing. 
His weight pushes you into the bed, and he dwarfs you with his size, which is the sexiest thing in the world. He’s your big alpha, and you can’t even take it, cumming for the umpteenth time today.
You’d been tight in this position before cumming, but when you orgasm, your pussy clamps onto Haechan like a vice, and it’s all he can do not to be dragged over the edge with you. But you both ride it out, and soon your whimpering stops.
“One more?” he asks, pressing a kiss against your shoulder as you try to catch your breath under him.
You manage to nod and Haechan man handles you into doggy position. His hands smooth over your back then roughly grab your waist, pulling you onto his cock again. 
You let out a moan at the stretch, burying your face in pillows. You want him to use you. This is the natural position for it after all, and he’s going so deep-
“Haechan-” you whine loudly, “fill me up.”
He laughs throwing his head back and rolling his eyes, scoffing at the fact that you’d say that after he specifically told you he really does not want kids-
“Fuck, alpha, fill me up, please-”
But holy fuck- maybe… and that’s a slight maybe, Jaehyun is onto something with his breeding kink. Despite what Johnny may say, Haechan thinks his cum is pretty magical, and if you’re going to say shit like this-
Haechan reaches his hand around your body so he can rub your clit and your toes curl with oversensitivity, your hands further knotting up the sheets. “Please-” you whimper pathetically.
“Cum for me.”
Your body tenses as he tears an orgasm out of you, and you’re somewhat grateful that he stops rubbing your clit- only for him to get a better grip on your waist so he can fuck you harder while you both cum. 
You think you must black out from the pleasure because the next thing you know, Haechan is looking down at you and you’re in a fresh shirt. Confused, you blink at the man who’s just set you down in bed. 
“What happened?” you ask, voice hoarse.
Haechan hands you a glass of water from your bedside table. “You passed out.”
You sip your water, still a little confused. 
“I think you just really needed a good dicking down to suppress your heat.” he explains with a cocky grin, “are you feeling okay right now?”
You consider his words and realize you feel fine, “a little tired.” 
“Perfect, go to sleep.” he pulls the blankets up to cover your legs and stands up but you grab his hand.
“Where are you going?”
“The living room.”
“You have to wake up at four am for more heat suppressants. A week from now, you can wake me up for sex as much as you want, but until your heat is over we have to be careful.” he reminds you, ever the alpha who knows better than you, you suppose. “And I need to go get more condoms if this is something you think would make your heat easier-”
You nod, still a little taken aback by his ever constant lack of pressure.  “You’ll be here in the morning?” you ask, yawning.
“Of course.”
Haechan watches you cuddle up to your pillow, eyes closed. He really did a number on you, and it’s not like you’d gotten a good rest the night before, so he really doesn’t blame you for passing out, he’s just glad it happened after you’d both finished.
Thankfully you’d only been out long enough for him to discard his condom, clean you up with a towel, and maneuver you into a shirt, or he may have gotten more worried. 
When the young alpha collapses onto your couch, your smell washes over him and he breathes in deeply to allow the feeling of you to cocoon him pleasantly. 
Tumblr media
The next morning Haechan wakes up early and runs to his apartment to grab a few supplies; clothes, condoms, his laptop, a charger, etc…
When he reaches the elevator, it opens to reveal Doyoung. 
The alphas all live in the same building, for pack safety reasons.This is why Haechan couldn’t bring you home with him that first night even though his instinct had told him to. 
An omega in heat would not do well in a building full of alphas, or, at least, her alpha mate would never feel comfortable with it.
Any time Johnny or Jaehyun’s omegas have heats, they take them to designated luxury heat hotels which have entire floors for couples who won’t be bothered by anyone else for as long as they want to ride out the heat. Haechan couldn’t just take you to one of these places when he first met you, but maybe next time-
Doyoung’s prying tone snaps Haechan out of his daydream, “Where are you going this early in the morning?” 
There’d been a time, quite recently in fact, where Haechan may have avoided picking a fight with the overly intrusive alpha who fancies himself above the younger male. But today, Haechan’s on alert, hackles raised while not with you.
“I have an omega to get back to.” Haechan answers with a smile, stepping into the elevator and facing forward, ignoring the alpha who begins to gawk at him. 
Doyoung doesn’t have his own omega and Haechan knows it. 
“Anyone could have found her on the street and she’d be with them right now.” Doyoung spits out a moment later.
Yesterday, before talking to you, this would have hurt. This would have been devastating. But today, Haechan just laughs. He’s already proved that he’s special to you using science, because your words hadn’t been enough to convince him.
After concocting an astute hypothesis, Haechan had purposefully not taken a shower at your place. He’s covered in your smell, which to him, is still very powerful. But Doyoung doesn’t even bat an eye. Your omega scent is naturally hidden under Haechan’s, unless you’re in heat, which had been why the pack could smell you on him at the meeting. But he’s the only one who can smell you while you’re on suppressants, and Doyoung has proven that. He’s proven that Haechan is, indeed, special to you. 
The elevator doors open and Haechan takes a deep breath, allowing the smell of you that clings to his shirt to wash over his senses again.
Adjusting his jacket on his shoulders, Haechan heads off towards your apartment. Able to feel with every step that he’s getting closer to you. He knows that that it’s the invisible cord of fate tying him to you, pulling him closer, and Haechan knows that no matter what happens after this week, even if he doesn’t end up being your alpha, you’ll always be his omega.
Tumblr media
THANK YOU FOR READING! I’m low key shook by omega-verse. I wanted to try it for the dynamic. low key, tempted to write a continuation to this with Haechan letting y/n meet the pack cuz they’ve smelled her scent during heat and like- ooof
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markresonates · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Haechan cancels your date when his friends unexpectedly come over to practice for a video game tournament. Recently you decided to be in an open relationship and suddenly they’re excited to spend more time with you.
Pairing: professional gamer bf Haechan x Renjun x pro.gam!Jaemin x pro.gam!Jeno x fem!reader
Genre: porn with plot, angst, eventual fluff
au/tropes: open relationship, college, fivesome
word count: +10.3k
A/N: how is 50% of this smut? I'm not religious but I might have to go to confession.
warnings: hard sex, degradation, oral (male & fem), throat f&cking, manhandling, masturbation, choking, lil humiliation, camera use, kinda cheating, hard dom!Haechan, dom!Renjun, soft dom!Jaemin, hard dom!Jeno, brat/sub!reader
Tumblr media
One of Haechan’s biggest faults is his lack of punctuality. Although, by this stage in your relationship, you’ve grown used to it. The thing is, you explicitly spelled out the importance of tonight’s date sometime last week.
“Seriously, Haechan! Let’s go!”
You wait impatiently by the front door, scrolling aimlessly through social media posts from old classmates you rarely talk to anymore. The chestnut wooden bench you’re perched on teeters as you irritability bounce your knee. Uneven, wobbly bench legs are the least of your concerns though. Number one is missing your dinner reservations.
Your finals and one of his e-sports tournaments overlap next week, making it virtually impossible to coordinate an anniversary date. Lucky for you, you managed to get a last minute reservation at this five star, luxurious bistro. In fact, he encouraged you to do it, insisting he would pay for anything and everything you wanted tonight. Yet for the past 25 minutes, all you’ve wanted is his presence, something that should have come for free.
Last week you made up your minds to try being in an open relationship. You both agreed you were okay with the other having sexual encounters outside of your relationship, but given this development, you are having doubts. The sleeping with someone else part still doesn’t bother you. It’s about the impression given off by not caring enough to go to your anniversary dinner. You are skeptical whether you would have agreed last week if you knew non-monogamous to him meant things like this were not important.
You have an eternity of time to do a mental evaluation of your necessities and accessories. Keys? Check. Makeup? Done. Purse? In hand.
Date? MIA.
Touching your ears, you realize you forgot to put on earrings. Given that you have all the time in the world before you actually embark on this incredibly late date, you return to the bathroom connected to the bedroom to retrieve your favorite pair.
You stand in front of the sink, eyeing yourself in the wide wall mirror and letting out a heavy sigh. On occasion, it’s fun pretending you’re acting out one of those movie scenes where the protagonist gets a makeover and a feel good pop song plays in the background. Tonight is not one of those occasions. You put a tremendous amount of effort into your Hollywood makeover montage that it would be a shame if no one lays eyes on your movie star appearance. There was nearly no point in getting so dolled up tonight if you never make it out the door.
Down the hall from the staircase, you hear the perpetrator of unlawful, habitual tardiness rushing down the stairs. His mumbled whiny apologies grow louder with every step he descends.
“I’m so so so sorry, princess. There was this game where-”
*DᵢₙG DₒₙG*
The ringing of the doorbell interrupts his path to the bedroom with every intention to grovel for your forgiveness. You hear the doorbell echo, but assume it’s simply a package being delivered. Brushing off it’s relevance, you resume your mission to find the elusive jewelry. That is, until you recognize the distinctive voices coming from the front of the house.
“-and we’ve been thinking you’re off your game,” Jeno confesses. He looks to Jaemin to back him up.
Jaemin takes a deep breath before speaking. “I don’t want to criticize you-
"then don't."
"-we’re just worried.”
“Yeah like at the European Masters this spring, it’s like you were distracted or something,” Renjun interjects with a nod.
“Shut the fuck up. You don’t even play LOL.”
Renjung tightens his fists and furrows his brow defensively. “I know enough about League of Legends to know you sucked this season.”
Haechan takes a step towards his accuser, a threatening expression twisting his face. Jaemin steps past the front doorway barrier, invading his friend’s personal space with a tight hug. “Haechanie, come on, you can tell us anything. Share with the class. What’s wrong?”
Your boyfriend swats him away, escaping Jaemin’s arms and stepping back from the front door. The ill timed intervention continues as the three friends invite themselves into the house. You hear the front door shut and the voices carry themselves further into the house.
Seriously? Haechan let them in? Just like that? Totally failing to mention he’s preoccupied with you?
Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin are innocent in this situation, and you don’t blame them for interrupting your date. They didn’t consider you two would have important plans. It’s Haechan you are upset with. He's the one who deserves an earful.
You abandon your trifle search for the earring and make your way towards the uninvited voices with determination. “ don’t even like scary games!why would you-” The clicks of your heels tapping the floor in their direction ceases the concerned conversing. The four of them snap their attention to your unexpected arrival with surprised, wide eyes. You take center stage of the living room and cross your arms. The three friends let out tiny breaths, thankful that they are not the target of your sharp, seething glare piercing through Haechan.
“So... our anniversary dinner means nothing, huh?” you ask in an alarmingly calm tone, corners of your lips twitching.
Haechan’s nervous eyes flick towards his friends then back to you. He clicks his tongue and lolls his head to the ground for a few seconds. The palms of his hands cover his ears in concentration. Looking back up to you, you know you won’t like his answer. “They have a good point, though. I do need to-”
“Then what fucking game have you been playing all evening? Why did you make me wait by the door for a half hour?”
“I-auhh, that was the new Resident Evil. Tonight I have to play LOL though,” Haechan sighs, trying his best to avoid eye contact.
Rolling your eyes, you scoff “Tonight? It has to fucking be tonight? If it’s next week, why does it have to be now?” You whip your frustrated glare at the others sitting on the tan, leather couches of the living room, making them cower in the tiniest sense.
Jeno is the only one with enough courage to address you. He clears his throat. “y/n, it’s actually tomorrow. Not next week.”
“I’m real sorry, princess. I didn’t know that the tournament starts tomorrow.” He stands up and wraps his arms around you softly. You don’t move your arms to hug him back. “If I win big, and get the money to do it, I’ll take you on 10 fancy anniversary dates. How does that sound, y/n?”
You tightly purse your lips. A dull frustration still courses through your veins due to Haechan’s willingness to buy into his friends’ persuasion. As if the cost of your relationship is worth far less than any video game. Of course you know gaming is his life. Plus, there’s relevance to him saying “get the money to do it.” He has to practice right now because gaming pays the bills or whatever. It’s something you didn’t consider prior to the confrontation but it’s still infuriating, nonetheless.
A little while back, Haechan, Jaemin and Jeno decided to pursue careers as pro gamers. The chances of making it, going pro and becoming successful in that field, are considerably slim, but all three of them were part of those exceptions that succeeded. They were recruited by one of the top teams, NCTeam, and excelled past the more experienced gamers, much to their envy. While Haechan had put his studies on hold, you’re still in college, chugging coffee all night to complete assignments and pouring hundreds of hours each year into studying for your university courses. A great majority of his winnings from the international, high stakes League of Legends tournaments go into savings, while a chuck of the other is dedicated to taking care of both of you. You never have to struggle through balancing a part time job with taking 1.5-2x as many college courses as the average student because all financial obligations are left to him.
“Okay,” you hesitantly whisper, holding back a slew of curses.
At the very least, more than one living soul got to see how cute you were tonight and appreciate the lengths you went to to look good.
You don’t notice the three friends ogling at how hot you are. Not cute. Hot. Your flowy skirt exposes your soft thighs, your blouse clings to your frame in all the right places, and the trim of the neckline dips low enough to tease most of your cleavage. And if they allow lewd thoughts to flood their imagination behind closed eyelids, their hardening lengths would more than appreciate how good you look, too.
You pull back from Haechan completely, making a b-line down the hall, aiming for your bedroom door that remains ajar at the end. Why would you want to stick around if all they’re going to be doing is playing that damned game? Your plan to make a swift exit fails when your wrist is caught by a gentle hand. Tugged back a few paces, you spin into Jaemin’s arms.
“Hey, where are you going, y/n?” he asks with a warm, little smile. He holds you as close to him as Haechan was doing moments ago. You're surprised to feel so comfortable in his arms, despite never being so close to him.
“To my room?” you giggle as his mouth falls into a pout instead.
“But whyyy? Spend time with me.”
God, his puppy dog eyes are to die for.
“Jae, aren’t you all going up with Haechan? His computer is upstairs.” You wiggle in his arms and he lets you out of his embrace. His hand trails down your arms to loosely interlock your fingers. It is such a simple, innocent act but his fingertips send teeny electric shocks through your body, a couple of them ending in your panties.
“No, he doesn’t want me and Jeno to come up and watch him because we actually play. Something about 'no backseat drivers' in his words.”
“That’s why Renjun went up with him. He hasn’t played a lot so he won’t hang over his shoulder and say stuff he knows nothing about,” Jeno comments from the spot on the couch he never left.
You look around and realize your boyfriend and Renjun were missing and you didn’t even notice they left. “Wait, if you knew he didn’t want you two with him, why did you even come at all?”
You look to Jeno who stares at the floor, blinking a handful of times. “huh. so we, uh, thought he might cook for us?”
“Ha! Good luck with that.”
“Well I don’t know about Jeno, but I wanted to spend time with you.” Jaemin squeezes your hand lightly. “We’re friends but we neverrr hang out together!”
You squint your eyes and quirk you head to the side, questionably. “What are you talking about? You guys come over all the time.”
“No, sweetie, I mean like me and Jeno. Orrr just me. Without Haechan. You know what I mean?”
Did he just call you sweetie?
You give him a lopsided smile, hesitantly answering, “Um, yeah, I guess I know what you mean. You’re right.”
“Exactly! So this is us hanging out. You have the PS5 down here on the living room TV, so do you wanna play something?”
“Is that all you guys do? Play video games?”
Jeno replies, “Most of the time,” while Jaemin goes, “Not always,” simultaneously. You burst out laughing at their responses then laugh harder at the faces they make to each other immediately afterwards.
“Okay, okay, surree. Well, um, don’t laugh, okay? It’s not on PS5 but I think the only game I’m good at is Mario Kart.” That’s a lie. Mario Kart is not the only game you are good at, not that you plan on telling them any time soon. Call it childhood nostalgia but that is your favorite game on nintendo switch and the only game you might stand a chance winning against the competitive pro gamers.
“Why would we laugh at that, y/n?” Jaemin winds his arms around you again, pulling you to his chest. Thank god for makeup setting spray or your cheek would be leaving an imprint on his black, cotton t-shirt. He tilts back, looking down at you face-to-face, flecks of mischief in his eyes. “I think that’s kinda cute.”
“Would you say you’re good enough to kick my ass?” Jeno chimes in, feeling left out of the conversation. “Do you have two nintendo switch for us?”
“Hm…definitely.” You are hopeful your cocky response is enough to distract Jaemin from the way your body tensed up as a rush of arousal shot straight to your core. You pull away from his touch for good measure. “L-like definitely I can beat you, that's what I meant. And we have three, actually. Because it was super important to Haechan that he has a Nintendo switch lite, too? You’ll have to go get them from upstairs though.”
“Willing to put your money where your mouth is, y/n?” Jeno boldly challenges, throwing both of his arms over the back of the couch and puffing his chest out. The way the material of his shirt stretches from the angle in which he is leaning back allows the faint imprint of his abs to be seen through the shirt. Something tells you he knows that and wants you to see his toned figure. Perhaps even imagine him without the shirt. Your eyes linger on him for three seconds, stroking his ego.
“You’re. On. Can you two go get them, though? I’m gonna go kick off my heels first.”
Their eyes follow your body until you are out of sight. You throw your heels in the walk in closet and run to the mirror to check your appearance, a very different circumstance from the way you looked at yourself before they got here. Swiping on a smidgen of lip gloss and creeping down the hall, you hear Jeno’s hushed voice around the corner.
“Did you bring the condoms?”
“I brought one condom? Why, did you forget?”
“Fuck. Yeah, I did.”
“Aww, poor Jeno forgot a condom and might not get to f-”
hmm, maybe you should tell them you have more condoms in the bedroom?
WAIT, what are you talking about?? that's not the priority right now.
Hooking up with Jaemin AND Jeno?
Crazy. Ridiculous. Preposterous. Unbelievable.
You believed you knew them relatively well until last week when a seed of doubt was planted in your mind. The little house you and Haechan live in has a shallow pool that you two rarely use. There was this one particular day where the sun was roasting your backyard and it would have been a crime to not take advantage of the perfect pool day weather. Haechan and Jeno played (and argued about) some kind of volleyball in the refreshing, cold water, Jaemin took pictures and fired up the grill, and Renjun blessed your ears with that beautiful soft voice of his as he sang random songs, then proceeded to fall asleep in the hammock. No matter if you were wearing skimpy shorts and a tank top, you were continuted to like crazy. You rationalized you might as well wear your bikini and soak up some vitamin D by the pool if you were going to sweat regardless of where you were on that sweltering hot afternoon.
One of the best things about having a pool at your house is the privacy that your own backyard provides. Privacy means no unwanted eyes lingering on you in a bikini like at the beach; but on that day you found four pairs of eyes glued to your body. Some of them for a mere few seconds and other ones that cemented their gaze indiscreetly. Their lustful stares eating you up and doing far more than just lingering in comparison to your beach outings. The thing is, you never wanted them to leave.
It came as a complete surprise that any of Haechan’s friends would look at you like that in the first place. Not that you were insecure, you just didn’t think you were their type or something?? Maybe that sounds silly. You waffled on the idea of straight up asking Haechan if he mentioned to his friends that you two had redefined you relationship status. Your hesitance, and eventual termination of that plan, stemmed from a concern he might possibly believe you wanted to sleep with one of them through the period it was just you two, together as one. The day before the pool interaction is when you decided on opening your relationship. You determined there’s no way in hell it was a coincidence that they all just happened to start staring at you like an alluring, godly oasis in the middle of the blistering desert to travelers near death, exhausted, and dehydrated as they track through the never ending span of sand. It may have been a hot day but it was not that hot.
Admittedly, you have imagined being bent over and railed to the point of not walking the next day (individually and all together) but yesterday, you would have nearly bet your life that hooking up with a single one of them would not happen in real life. Never in a zillion years in real life. Your dreams were visited by wild scenarios of being bent over and railed to the point of not walking the next day or, your favorite ones, being filled up by all of them, stuffed and used however they wanted. Every time you woke up from those dreams, you felt overwhelmingly guilty. Now, any remnants of pent up guilt for those thoughts has dissipated knowing you are not alone in imagining those filthy occurrences.
“Hey, guys, did you find them?” They visibly flinch as you enter the room. You don’t miss the alarmed glare they share with each other, wondering if you heard their dirty banter.
“Yeah, all good, baby. Would you please sit next to me?” Jaemin pats the spot on the couch next to him. Every time he uses a pet name, your panties dampen a bit more.
“Thank you for asking so nicely, Jaemin…” Jaemin’s smile falters a bit as you sit next to Jeno on the couch instead, two inches away from your thighs touching. “But I don’t think I’ve spent enough time with Jeno. I’ve only been in your arms.”
He hands you Haechan’s custom colored, matte black switch, speckled with little sunflowers on the back. He patiently lets you pick out your driver, the car, and whichever course you want. Jaemin watches from the smaller couch in the room. You look to him when Jeno clicks ahead for the race to commence.
“Why aren’t you playing? Didn’t you get the third one?” Your eyebrows knit together, disappointed you don't get to take on both of them.
At least game wise.
“You bet Jeno, remember? Not me,” he replies with brief whiny tone.
“Well you don’t have to be jealous about it,” you tease him, making Jeno snicker.
“What? I am not jealous.”
“Okkaayyyy, if you say so.” You take off from the race track and ignore Jaemin’s gaze.
“Yeah don’t be jealous, Jaemin. You can have her after me.”
Why did that sound so fucking hot?
There is no way in hell you could ever get your head 100% in the game while you’re imagining what "You can have her after me" might mean to him. And to make matters worse, half a minute into the game, Jaemin appoints himself your good luck charm, insisting he must sit next to you or else he won’t work. He plops himself down next to you as close as humanly possible, cupping your inner thigh with his warm hand to “show support” (his words).
And those two things are the reasons behind your demise.
“What was that about kicking my ass?” He nudges your shoulder and you nudge him back playfully. “How does second place feel?”
“That was totally luck. The blue turtle shell had it out for me I swear!”
Jaemin kneads your inner thigh. “You’ll do better next time.”
“So much for good luck charm, I guess,” you snort.
Quirking your head in his direction leaves your foreheads nearly touching. You see him kiss your bare shoulder and look up to your lips. He makes eye contact with you for a millisecond before pressing his lips to yours. Jeno takes this as his cue to take the nintendo switch from your grasp and run his own hand up your inner thigh. Jaemin’s tongue penetrates the seam of your lips goading a faint moan from your throat. He stops kneading your thigh, holding it firmly next to his while Jeno pries your thigh towards him. Spreading your legs, Jeno’s fingers glide up your thigh, reaching your wetness. Your breath hitches and you mewl when he moves his fingers around until locating your clit through the damp material.
Jaemin detaches your mouths. “Aww, sweetie. You make the prettiest sounds.” You open your eyes, nearly blinded by his perfect, dazzling smile.
“Oh, yeah? You think so?” You gently lick up his parted lips, the tip of your tongue curling from his bottom lip to his top lip, vertically.
Jaemin takes your hand, cupping it over his crotch for you to palm his half hard erection. “Fuck, y/n. Can I film this?”
“Only if you get my good side,” you purr.
He pecks your lips again and smiles. “2 minutes.” He jogs out the front door to what you assume to be the car.
Jeno puts his hand over your shoulder. Reaching around, pushing your jaw to direct your focus in his direction, he connects your lips. His kiss is rougher than Jaemin’s kisses. Jeno rests your foreheads together, favoring your pleasured noises. Thumbing your panties to the side and rubbing circles on your exposed bundle of nerves fuels louder moaning. Jaemin is back next to you in no time, camera in hand. You resume palming him through his clothes for another minute. Jaemin removes his stiff length from his navy sweatpants and boxers. His precum slick tip feels so smooth in your hand when he reconnects your grip to him. He gets a close up of his cock being jerked off by your smaller hand. Just like Jaemin and Jeno, you love to hear the sounds they make when you make them feel good.
Eventually, the noises made by your mouths and by Jeno's fingers tracing through audible wetness around your melting slit, end up being too loud.
Renjun startles you three, stepping in front to behold the pornographic scene playing out between you and his friends. “What the fuck do you guys think you’re fucking doing?” He quietly scrutinizes the impromptu threesome with flaming eyes tinted green in jealousy.
Your eyes shoot open at his sudden appearance and remove your hand from Jaemin’s shaft. Instinctively, you try to close your legs but Jeno and Jaemin hold them open for Renjun. You don’t know how long he’s been there before he spoke up, but in this compromising position, he saw your hand stroking Jaemin’s cock, either your lips interlocked or releasing blissful whimpering, and your dripping folds revealed by Jeno’s handiwork. His eyes remain trained on Jeno's fingers playing with your slick as your core clenches around nothing.
“Haechan is literally upstairs. He could come down the stairs any moment and this is what you’ve been doing?” He may come off as mad, judgmental and condescending but he truly feels envious he couldn’t have what they were getting. All three of you could see the outline of his boner clear as day. His mouth might be saying one thing, but his body is undoubtedly saying another. You don’t struggle to close your legs for more than a handful of seconds. Why did you struggle in the first place? You’ve dreamt about this before. Perhaps it is a reflex, covering yourself up in the wake of visitors. If it was any other visitor save for the tempting, black and white haired boy in your midst, you would have freaked.
“Are you sure you don’t want this? You’re going to stand there and tell me you don’t want to touch her?” Jaemin narrows his eyes at him then pressed his mouth to your neck. He nibbles at the sensitive, thin flesh, forcing another whimper to slip from your now swollen lips. You shut your eyes and throw your head back, enjoying the sensation of his love bites and giving him more skin to mark up.
“Renjun, help me take her panties off.” Jeno circles your clit with an increased vigor. Jaemin slaps his hand over your mouth to stifle the sinful whining provoked by Jeno’s rubbing. Feeling your thighs closing momentarily, you peer down to see Renjun between your legs. Jaemin’s hand falls back into place, kneading the inside of your thigh once Renjun has successfully rid you of the soaking material.
“Hands over your head, slut,” Renjun orders. You follow through obediently, hearing Jaemin suck his teeth at the new sexual partner’s demands. He swoops the blouse over your head. The see-through lace, unpadded red bra you are wearing underneath the fitted top makes Renjun’s cock twitch. He clamps down on the base of your neck and holds your head in place for his lips to land wherever he desires. Of the three, he’s the most jipped, a substantial disparity between his time with you versus Jeno and Jaemin. He lips are inches away from yours when the fantasy with Haechan's princess ends for them.
“What… the… fuck.”
All hands leave your body, jumping away from your spot on the couch, like children caught with their hand in a cookie jaw. Haechan’s intimidating tone may have thrown them off guard but you mostly remain unphased. You’re in an open relationship. The most he can get upset with is that you’re getting the couch dirty.
He stalls, jaw clenched and anger brewing within. “Everyone, bedroom. Now.”
Renjun, Jeno and Jaemin search each other’s confused faces. “Now as is right now. We need to talk about something.”
They are on edge about what their friend might say but decide it is in their best interest to suck it up, accept the lecture or ultimatum in person instead of hearing it from one of the others. Especially because if either Jeno or Jaemin leave before this “talk,” it will effect their performance tomorrow. The friends mosey their way to the bedroom apprehensively, although you made no such effort to get up off the couch.
“Oh, you mean me? I thought this was a 'gamers only' thing, per usual.” One moment you’re standing up to face him, and the next you’re being thrown over his shoulder and carried there. Your skirt rides up and uncovers your slit on the journey to an unknown future.
He lets you down on the bed with a huff. You crawl up the mattress, pressing your back to the charcoal velvet, upholstered headboard and curling into a ball, legs closed. Pulling your knees to your chest defensively, you wrap your arms around your semi-naked body. You remain in the see-through lace bra, and that black skirt that covers down to the middle of your thighs Moving up the span of the bed, you’re certain your wet folds were on display for at least a few seconds. Not that it matters. They have all seen what's hiding underneath the skirt anyways.
Jeno sits on the edge of the bed, Renjun rolls the swivel chair from the desk, ending up three feet away, and Jaemin makes himself comfortable on a lounge chair a considerable ways away from the action. Unlike you, they are fully clothed. For some inexplicable reason, that’s hot, like you feel vulnerable and your breasts and pussy are nearly within their sight. Almost as if you are theirs to do away with however they seem fit.
Haechan shuffles across the bed on his knees, stalking you like a greedy predator to his prey, on the prowl for your taste. Well, not solely his prey necessarily. You’re more like prey for his hungry pack to devour along with him, but you don’t know that at this moment in time. You allow him to easily push your legs flat against the bed for him to straddle your upper thighs. He snatches your wrists, prying the protective arms hugging your frame open, pinning them to the cushioned headboard on either side of your head.
“Princess… I’m really hurt you didn't remember,” Haechan scolds you in a whisper, tempting lips barely tickling the sweet spot by your ear. His friends lean in, attempting to hear the hushed words, to which your boyfriend intentionally uses a volume just high enough for them to make out every syllable. “I know we said ‘open relationship,’ last week, and we wrote down no neighbors, no work colleagues, and no family members. But I guess you forgot what I said about my friends here a while ago. Specifically, these friends. And that...that is just so disappointing.”
A chill trickles down your spine while an aching desire to be touched grows stronger between your legs. For the most part, you are empty headed, your focus on that aching feeling and barely processing his accusation.
“What do you have to say for yourself?”
You presume he wants to show off how he holds the leash of an obedient, house trained girlfriend. The type of girlfriend that would grovel for his forgiveness and comply with his wishes in front of Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin.
The thing is… that doesn’t sound like much fun tonight. And you don't want your daily walk in the park.
Especially because you believe Haechan is the one deserving of a scolding. Curious about how this will all play out, given that the other three are present, you decide on a dangerous course of action. You’re all too aware of what happens to brats, but what about now? What’s the treatment this time with them around? And what will they do?
Hopefully, join in all together like before.
“Well if I had to say anything, I’d say I have no idea what you’re talking about. And I’m positive you didn’t say anything about friends last week. I’m not a mind reader, you know?” you spat, courageously.
It’s all fun and games with Haechan, riling him up and taking whatever he gives you, graciously. You know he likes it rough and there is nearly nothing you love more than satisfying his kinks and feeding his insatiable hunger. And the pleasure he rewards you with (when merciful) is addictive. The sensation is both devastating and heavenly at the same time.
It’s moments like these that you knowingly bait him to take it further than before. You raise one eyebrow, retaliating against the total control he craves over the situation. He rocks back to face you. Removing one hand from your wrist against the headboard, he reaches down, flips up your skirt and grazes his middle finger over your pussy lips to your clit torturously. It’s the lightest feathered touch he’s ever given your body. You struggle to remain defiant against his dominance, biting down a whimper and pinching your eyes shut to reinforce your strong front. When you open your eyes, his finger is in front of your mouth. A tiny droplet of your juices sticks to the pad of it, and you barely part your lips before he smears your essence across your mouth. He tilts your chin up delicately, holding your overly-confident gaze for a handful of seconds as if evaluating you.
The room is pin-drop silent, air thick and reeking of lust. Jeno, Renjun, and Jaemin are still as statues, nearly holding their breath, torn between leaving due to the awkwardness, or staying and alleviating the painful sexual frustration left over from before. The stillness only lasts a half second, though when you’re jonesing for an orgasm as desperately as you and the other occupants of the suffocating room, patience isn’t exactly a strong suit. After an eternity, Haechan slashes the bindings of the muted, torture he tied around the desperate room.
“Whoahh… and to think I thought you were smart, y/n. Or at least, smart enough to know not to talk back to me in front of my friends,” he scoffs. Haechan sticks his tongue into the inside of his cheek, shaking his head out of irritation. “Take a guess about what I’m talking about. What is it that you forgot?”
You wrinkle your brow, breaking eye contact with him and look to the ceiling. Despite the deep dive you do, searching your mind and sifting through every storage file in your brain, you turn up with 0 results matching that description. Though you can’t blame yourself. The tense environment of the moment would likely suppress any one's comprehensive thought process.
Haechan jerks your chin back to forcibly face him. “Go ahead, baby, I’m listening.”
You nibble on the inside on your cheek for a moment, now nervous where this was going. “Was I… not allowed to fuck them?” you tentatively mutter.
“Try again,” he sighs.
Well that’s reassuring.
“Uh, was it thattt I could only be with one of them at a time?”
“Hmmm, that’s a good guess, but still no.”
“Am I supposed to… g-get permission? Like, was I supposed to ask you if your friends could fuck me?”
Haechan withdrew both of his hands from your flesh, leaving your wrist and chin feeling cold after losing his golden touch. “You’re almost there, princess…almost there.”
He twists his head back, eyes flicking between each of his friends then back to you. It comes as a complete surprise when he connects your lips together, seemingly out of nowhere. He snakes a hand to the back of your neck, pulling you flush against his chest, then weaves it up into your hair a few seconds later. The other hand is assigned to the clasps of your bra, which he unhooks masterfully. He shimmies the straps down your shoulders before pulling it off roughly and throwing it away from you.
Renjun catches the undergarment carelessly tossed through the air but his attention immediately returns back to your body. Your breasts are fully exposed by Haechan. Renjun’s mouth waters as he imagines twirling his tongue around your perky nipples, while Jaemin pictures himself flicking them repeatedly, and Jeno thinks of suckling and biting your sensitive buds until they sting.
Haechan wiggles in your lap until he’s even higher on his knees, looking down on you. He yanks the hair at the base of your neck down, harshly. You pout and flutter your eyelashes innocently as your head is tilted up 180 degrees.
“I wanted to join.”
“If you were going to fuck any of my friends, no matter how many at once, I wanted to be there,” he reveals, raising his voice in a dark tone. “You forgot. And you even started without me.”
Biting your puffy bottom lip, you use all your might against Haechan’s harsh grip to roll your neck's position and, therefore, line of sight. You scan the room, individually making eye contact with Jaemin, Jeno, and Renjun, preemptively feeling sore. Arousal leaks from your aching core, most likely staining the comforter underneath you. Sometime later, one of them will notice the embarrassing puddle you created in this sitting position.
“Now, if it was just you and me, I’d be punishing you for completely forgetting something so important and for that fucking mouth of yours… but since we have company, I think it would be rude of me not to sharrree.” He reaches out to fiddle with your hair gently, craning his neck around to address the eager three behind him. “What do you think, guys? To punish or not to punish… that is the question.”
Amongst Haechan’s friends, you’d peg the flirty, smooth talker Jaemin as the type to be bold and give strict punishments, but seeing as he’s in the corner, keeping his distance from the soon to be dirty deed, you’re skeptical. He was handsy before, why would he be shy now?
Then there’s Renjun. You always thought of Renjun as feisty and short tempered, not that he’s a serious threat or anything… right? You could see him possibly dishing out a hard treatment but you doubt he would make you cry. Plus, the way he gave you orders and clenched down your neck earlier gave away a strength you didn’t expect from him. You hope that his touch is as heavenly as his angelic voice sounds.
And finally, there’s Jeno. The person you know will give it to you rough and dirty, making you feel things that you’re positive will leave you feeling weak tomorrow. His strong hands would fit beautifully wrapped around your neck. You told Haechan you weren’t a mind reader but something tells you Jeno is thinking the same thing at this very moment. He probably had incredible stamina too.
Haechan’s dark gaze returns to yours, parting his lips to demonstrate what he wants. “Open up, princess.”
You respond by snapping your mouth shut with half lidded eyes.
“Really? That's how you want to play it, huh?” Haechan sucks his teeth. The devilish glint in his irises sparks a shred of fear and excitement within you, forcing you to swallow thickly. “Safe word is hot sauce, okay?”
You’ve realllly done it this time.
Clamping down on your ankles, he suddenly lurches back to the edge of the bed. The high pitch squeak that slips from your lips makes him smirk. He tugs your frame one last time, placing your ass on the bottom edge of the mattress. Haechan spreads your legs wide open for the audience.
He flicks his chin to Renjun. “Pin her arms down.”
He scrambles on the bed to hold your wrists. You don't even attempt to remove your arms from above your head prior to his secure grasp. You look up at his face, shooting him a wink. Renjun licks his lips and leans close to your ear, close enough to make you the sole recipient of his sinful words. “Your mouth is so pretty, y/n. I can’t fucking wait until it's my turn to use you.” He nips your earlobe, then sits up on his knees again, eyes fixating on those hardened nipples he loves so much.
Renjun temporarily captured your attention, but upon hearing Jeno’s name, you immediately redirect your focus.
“Can you spread her legs further, Jeno?” Haechan asks. It’s a rhetorical question, obviously.
Jeno wouldn’t be listening or following the younger male’s lead if it didn’t play to his favor. At the moment though, he was on his way to getting exactly where he wanted, winning the grand prize of your aching entrance. Jeno’s palms push against your heels, curling your knees until they hover above your chest and peel open next to your breasts. Jaemin relocates to the swivel chair previously owned by Renjun. Four pairs of eyes feast upon your glorious pussy lips parting naturally, taking a pause to gawk at your glistening slick accentuated your folds underneath the dim overhead light. Haechan hops next to you gleefully, a power hungry twinkle shining through his eyes.
“I said open up, slut.” He flicks his chin to Jeno when you refuse for the umpteenth time. “Shove your fingers in her hole.”
Jeno’s middle finger dips into your opening, ripping a sob from your lips, all according to plan. Haechan's hand slinks below your chin, squeezing your cheeks together to keep your mouth wide open. He slowly leans closer to you and finally spits in your mouth triumphantly. “See? Now, that wasn’t so hard.”
He releases you from his grip and you childishly stick your tongue out at him. He rolls his eyes, leaning down to bite your right nipple. You squirm underneath him, the stimulation from Haechan’s stinging bites and Jeno’s magical fingers already pushing you closer to climax. Jeno curls his middle and ring fingers into you, petting your walls and locating your weakness. Renjun gets in on the action, securing his mouth to your neck and painting violet splotches on your soft canvas. Your body was already doted on by Jeno, Jaemin, and, at the tail end, Renjun, for quite a while. You know you are not going to hold out for much longer. Haechan pops his mouth off your bud, raising an eyebrow at the neon sign on your forehead reading “I’m close to coming"
“Princess, you’re almost there, huh? Such a shame sluts don’t come so easily.”
You whine as they edge you further, knots tightening and threatening to snap any moment. Jeno dips down to suck on your clit, fingers still plunging into your core, before giving his cramped fingers a break and differing the job to his tongue. Renjun nips at your bottom lip, sliding a hand down to pinch one of your nipples and cup your breasts harshly. Haechan takes over Renjun’s previous job, marking your collarbones a vibrant purple. Your muscles tense up on the verge of a climax that sadly never comes.
You pinch your eyes closed in anticipation when suddenly, all contact with your body is withdrawn, similar to when Haechan first came down the stairs. “How was that? Did you have fun?” He chuckles at your frustrated, plastered expression.
“I’d have a lot more fun if one of you would just fuck me already,” you hiss. You throw an arm over your eyes as you catch your breath, letting your legs relax and dangle over the bed.
You hear muffled conversation, and of course, a subsequent, habitual, rock paper scissors game. Their game huddle concludes as you hear the ruffling of material being shed.
“I agree.” Jeno grips under your arms, whisking you from laying down and placing you on his knee. You don’t hesitate to hump his bare thigh, looking for whatever ounce of friction you can find. “Fucking you would be a lot more fun.”
“God, Haechan, she’s so needy. Do you even touch her?”
“Don’t fucking push it Renjun.”
You notice Renjun and Haechan have stripped their clothes to their boxers. The only effort Jaemin has made is stepping closer than before.
“C'mere, baby. Do you want me to fill you up real good?” Jeno rakes a hand through his black, disheveled hair and FUCK no one has ever looked so tempting.
You eagerly nod your head. “Yes, please.”
He stands you upright with his hands on your hips from behind. “Jaemin, can you film her? Before we play tomorrow, I want to watch all the beautiful faces she makes when I’m fucking her brains out.”
Jaemin bites his bottom lip, mid-smile. He angles his camera in front of you, kneeling to catch the ideal filming point. Jeno spins you around, bending you over to softly slide your skirt to the ground. The camera eats up your wet slit on display. Fortunately for them, Jaemin zooms in at just the right time, capturing some of your juices dripping to the floor on film. The drops of arousal catch Haechan’s interest as well.
“Princess, you’re making such a mess!” You swivel your head in his direction of the patronizing individual. He crouches, studying your heat in admiration. “Did you know your cunt was leaking all over the floor? What a naughty whore, so desperate to be touched.”
Your cheeks boil in embarrassment. You're really that wet to trickle on the floor? You feel some of your wetness seeping down the inside of your thighs, too. Just wait until they see the stain on the bed from earlier.
Jeno feels your entire body stiffen and grows tired of the humiliation. He hooks a finger under your chin and draws your mouth to smash against his hungry ones. His tongue explores your mouth with haste. Retracting his lips, he repositions you again, having you face Jaemin and away from him. Jeno jerks his large length before rolling on a condom Jaemin tosses to him. “Ready?” Jeno prods your wet hole.
“Ye-” Jeno pulls you into his lap and down his cock. You whimper as every inch thrusts further and deeper inside you. You throw your head back, nearly hanging it off his shoulder.
“How’s that princess? Do you like being filled up like that? In front of all of us?” You nod your head nonsensically at Haechan.
Renjun and Haechan watch from behind the cameraman, prominent bulges easily noticed from a far.
Jeno bottoms out but keeps his thrusts at bay. Haechan's cock is thicker but Jeno is bigger in every sense of the word. It takes a dozen seconds for your walls to adjust to his size. There is something so sanctimonious about the moment the first cock stuffs your hole. You bounce on his cock quicker than he thought, fucking yourself on him. “F-fuck, y/n, you’re tight.” Jeno digs his fingers into your waist and pounds up into you.
“Do you like being on camera, y/n? Like being on camera like a dirty slut?” Haechan enjoys tormenting you but it doesn’t feel like tormentation when every word makes you clench around Jeno’s dick tighter than the previous second. "I should've filmed you before. It looks like you love being in front of the camera, y/n."
You have an iron grip on Jeno's strong thighs, jaw dropped in astonishment. Your eyes are closed as the naked stranger approaches you, slithering a hand up your chest and around your neck.
“Can I fuck your mouth, y/n?” Renjun requests, paradoxically polite for how tight he is applying pressure to the sides of your neck. You respond to him by sticking your tongue out. He gives your neck one last tight squeeze before letting go and petting your hair sweetly. “Say ahhh...” Tapping his tip on your flat tongue, he snakes a hand down your scalp to the back of your head. Your chest tilts down to take his throbbing cock down your throat. He thrusts into your mouth, finding the same rhythm as Jeno’s hips. When Jeno bucks his hips up, your mouth is sent further down Renjun’s length at the same time he rocks his hips closer to you. Tears start to well in the corners of your eyes. If you voice wasn’t muffled by Renjun fucking you your throat, you would be loudly wailing and sobbing, swallowed by a mind blowing exhilaration.
“Look at me,” Renjun demands. You peer up his thin frame until you meet his sharp gaze. His pretty features are twisted and dark, pupils dilated and demeanor intimidating. “Hey, come over here and look at her face.”
Haechan and Jaemin come around Renjun’s body to see the dam of tears crack and flood down your cheeks. Haechan takes Jaemin’s camera and holds it close to your face. Haechan coos, “Aww is the baby crying?”
You hum at Haechan and flutter your eyes closed, focusing on breathing through your nose for oxygen. Renjun shifts his body to the side of Jeno and slides himself out from the warmth of your mouth. You are just about to ask him what’s wrong when another hand sneaks down your scalp. The hand whips your head in it’s direction, a hand you’re all far too familiar with. Haechan looks down at you, stroking his shaft and inching his cock closer to your mouth. “Will you open up for me this time?”
Your eyes flick everywhere but him. They land on Jaemin for a moment, silently beckoning him to touch you again. There’s an unreadable expression adorning his gorgeous features. Ultimately, you part your lips for your regularly tardy partner. You blink up at him, innocently. He loves your doe eyes and he takes this as his cue to rock into your mouth, bumping the back of your throat instantly.
Haechan and Renjun share your mouth, going back and forth with who gets to fuck your throat. When they switch, they tug your mouth off of their length and the recipient either takes a fist full of you hair or firmly grips the back of your neck to switch which cock fills your mouth. You tried hollowing out your cheeks but to no avail. They were using you too quickly for your mouth to do any work of its own.
"No one's ever felt so fucking good."
"Shit, Haechan, I'm j-jealous you've been getting this for years."
"Tighhtt. y/n, how are you this tight?"
"God, infinitely better than what I imagined your mouth would feel like, fuck."
“Hmm, you take us so well. I’m proud of you,” Haechan praises, his genuine sincerity out of character for a moment like this one. Receiving praise in between the degrading comments, especially praise from Haechan, brings you satisfaction, like YOU make them feel good, YOU are the reason they are compulsively grunting and groaning and cursing. "How does Jeno feel, princess? You like it when Jeno fucks your sweet cunt like a whore?"
Renjun's cock is buried in your mouth and all you can manage is a hum of affirmation. Like Renjun just confessed seconds ago, you, too, have imagined how this would feel, but you never could’ve predicted how much you loved the feeling of Haechan and his friends’ stuffing you full. The bouncing motion on the bed plunging Jeno’s dick deep, deep inside you, farther inside your hole than it has ever been reached has you on the verge of your first orgasm. Your throat tickles while a fluttering tickle disperses through your core, seconds away from-
“Argh, I’m gonna c-come,” Renjun croaks, taking another few harsh thrusts down your throat. His tip bashes the back of your throat one last time before you feel his milky cum shoot down your throat. He rocks back on his heels, removing the obstruction to your vocal capablity. “Did you swallow like a good cumslut?” Renjun raises your chin, stroking your cheek affectionately. You open your mouth to show him proof of your good behavior. “Aw, y/n, that mouth of yours… you’re just too good to me.”
“Baby, you should feel honored, the hardest thing in the world is receiving praise from Renjun,” Haechan pants, wiggling his eyebrows at the short-breathed boy on his side. You are about to thank Renjun for such kind, rare words, though the next thing you know, Haechan shoves his cock back into your mouth with force. Jeno delivers two particularly fierce thrusts, triggering your climax to strike seconds. His strong hands hang onto your trembling body sternly. Your eyes roll into the back of your head chin dropping to your chest in exhaustion. Coming down from your high, you raise your head higher and Haechan prods his tip at your half parted lips, waiting for you to take him down your throat again. You slowly suck his tip, licking the slit and swirling your tongue around his cock when he snaps his hips into your mouth in sync with Jeno’s powerful thrust. You challenge yourself to keep your nose to his pelvis swallowing his length until he comes down your throat just like Renjun. Success finds you in a mere two moments. Haechan’s cum joins Renjun’s, sliding down your throat.
You finally get to emit the pleasured noises hushed by having your mouth full. Pent up whimpers, shrieks and cries are extracted from within you as Jeno spares another few minutes of this half tilted forward position for a deeper angle to fuck your hole. Your ass receives some swift slaps that make you yelp at the slight sting of his spanking. He twists you around so you face him the rest of the ride. “Everyone wants their hands on you, baby,” Jeno grunts. “I’ve gotta admit, I wanted that too. And wanted my hands on your throat.” He lays back flat on the bed and does just that. One hand cups your neck, squeezing the sides sternly. The other finds purchase on your hip for his final stretch of the chase for orgasm.
Haechan appears by your side once more, the camera he apprehended from Jaemin in his hand to badger you further. “We have this all recorded. And we can watch you getting fucked like a little cockwhore whenever we want now.”
You and Jeno tune out every other soul in the universe, immersed in the bliss of his hitting your gspot every bounce or thrust. He’s never seen breasts as mouth watering as yours as your breasts bounce perfectly from his point of view.
You hold on with every fiber in your body to your second climax, praying you two would come and ride out the waves of heaven together. When he grunts he’s close, you let euphoria rush through your body, spasming around his length erratically as he pounded into your tense core. He topples over the line, spilling into the rubber protection he’s wearing a minute later.
He lifts you off his softened dick, delicately laying your lethargic body on the bed for some much needed rest. You’re not positive how many minutes but some might consider your break short lived. Jaemin rids himself of clothing, snuggling up to your own naked figure in the middle of the bed. You feel his stiff cock brush over your slit then two fingers curl up through your wet folds. You mewl and turn over to face him.
“I don’t want to pressure you or anything, sweetie, because you’re probably sore, but if you could-”
You pounce on Jaemin’s chest, stamina miraculously renewed. The stamina of the others is also renewed like magic. “Where do you want me?” You lick up his lips like you did before, flicking your tongue up from his bottom lip to his top, intrigued by one last session of filling, especially because Jaemin was out of reach before.
You end up bent over the back of the ultra cushioned, upholstered chair Jaemin originally sat in. Jaemin takes you from behind while Jeno stands on top of the seat to defile your mouth, kneeling against the back cushions at the right height for your mouth to suck him off. Haechan and Renjun stand on either side of you. They hold your hands over their surprisingly erect cocks, stroking their lengths with your hand clasped under theirs. They roll their thumbs over your nipples in tiny circles, tweaking them every so often and kneading you breasts like their lives depend on it.
Jaemin rims your pulsating hole, then sinks his cock inside you. He gulps, memorizing every detail of this moment, watching your hot, walls swallow his length. “Sweetie, there’s nothing like filling you up.” He’s gentler than any of the other guys and you wonder if it’s simply because he saw how hard Jeno gave it to you and felt bad.
Maybe it’s a strange thing to be proud of but, like Renjun commented, your mouth is amazing. Your skillful head compels a quick orgasm from Jeno. It’s the way you alternate between curling your lips over your teeth to apply a moderate pressure along his length, hollowing out your cheeks to give a sense of suction, and controlling your breathing, focusing on the steady intake of oxygen through your nostrils as you swallow his length down your throat or they are repeatedly bumping the back of your throat. If you have a hypersensitive gag reflex, some might consider that a good starting point.
Renjun and then Haechan bring themselves to climax using your hands and leave the room, presumably to shower. Jaemin is the last to come. Jaemin loops an arm around to your front, relentlessly rubbing your clit with vigor until your third astronomical orgasm crashes into you, so powerful it shoots you into the stars. He snaps his hips into your core for several more minutes, pumping his generous lenth inside you, then pulls your back flush against his chest. His sloppy thrusts carry on through his climax, riding out his high sheathed inside you.
Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin decide to sleepover tonight. That’s not something you or Haechan suggested, they just made up their minds to stay here no matter what you guys said. Haechan could disagree with you all he wants but you would never send them away, knowing how they treat you after tonight.
Jaemin gently scoops you up into his arms and makes his way to the bathroom with the biggest shower. Jeno is still in the shower when you step in but there’s nothing awkward about the situation. They help scrub your body with cherry blossom scented soap and wash away any sign of the dirty act, save for the purple marks speckled across your neck and chest. It is so intimate yet comforting.
Your house has many beds to choose from; Haechan and Renjun sleep in a bed together upstairs and you, Jaemin and Jeno sleep in the ridiculously wide bed downstairs. It feels comfortable sharing a bed with them now. You feel comfortable now.
You turn over in bed to face Jaemin, envious that somehow his skin is still radiant in post orgasm glow. You’re not surprised in the slightest that he’s awake. You know he’s a night person and he’s likely only in bed because everyone else is in bed.
“I have a question,” you whisper, peaking over to make sure Jeno was asleep.
“Go ahead, sweetie, I’m an open book.” He winks at you.
“No, you’re not, but that’s for another time. Why didn’t you touch me before? You just stood there.”
He lets out a heavy sigh, pulling you into his arms, tenderly. “I didn’t want to punish you. I didn’t want to participate in Haechan’s little game.”
How are you supposed to react to that?
He continues speaking when you remain quiet.
“I know you were into it and you like it rough but I thought you deserved a dozen of orgasms. I wanted you to feel good, pampered…cared for like a real princess.
Silence ensues in his second pause for any response. He doesn't know what he wants to hear but maybe nothing is better than something that might ruin it all.
"We can talk about this some other time. Right now, get some sleep," he says, kissing your forehead.
"Okay, some other time, I guess,” you yawn and lethargically roll over in his arms, turning into his little spoon. “Sweet dreams, Jaemin.” You kiss the arm wrapped around you.
“You too, sweetie.” It takes him quite a while to lull himself to sleep whereas you fall into a deep slumber instantly. But that was okay with him because the more time he remains awake, the longer he has to cherish the feeling of you engulfed in his arms.
With him, you feel like you are blurring the lines between a rapidly blossoming, close friendship, and a red hot, flaming infatuation. But who’s to say you can’t have both? You’re open to all kinds of new opportunities. And you can say, with certainty, that you would never turn down an opportunity to be with all of them again.
“How many hours away is it?”
You let out a heavy sign when there is no response from the four travelers you believe to be getting into the car outside. Sliding into a pair of Haechan’s fuzzy slippers (that you know he’ll complain to you about for getting them dusty) you step out the front door to investigate.
“Wow, so ticklish,” Jeno says from behind you. He sidesteps around your frame, bag in one hand (the overnight bag he coincidentally had in his own car when he, Jaemin and Renjun arrived unannounced yesterday). The other hand reaches around your defensive arms to tickle you again. He puts you out of your misery, pulling you into a quick hug instead. “Wish us luck!” he calls over his shoulder trotting off to Haechan’s car like an excited puppy. Part of that excitement derived from his ability to sleep on the way there while Haechan drives.
“Good luck!” Three seconds pass before you remember why you are wearing Monsters Inc. slippers. Lucky for you, Renjun joins your side in the fifth second.
“Three hours,” he answers helpfully.
You look at him then back to the car. “Fuck that’s too long for me to go with you. I finally have to study.” A moment passes before you turn your head back to face him. Your lips are parted to inquire further about the gamers itinerary for the when he plants a kiss on your lips. He
He jumps back from you with a panicked expression. “I’m so sorry, y/n, I didn’t mean to do that, I was aiming for your cheek.”
You giggle at his cute reaction, tugging his wrist and kissing his cheek this time. “Your lips were all over me last night, Renjun, it’s okay!”
“No, well, this is different than last night.”
“How’s it different?” a cheeky voice sounds behind you. Jaemin spins you around and laces his arms around you, low on your hips. He kisses your lips passionately and unashamedly in front of Renjun. “You weren't next to me when I woke up, y/n.” He dawns that trademark pout of his with a furrowed brow.
“Was I supposed to be?” Your eyebrows mimic his in confusion.
“Jaemin, come on, Haechan’s gonna throw a fucking fit,” Renjun sighs in annoyance over both Haechan and Jaemin.
Pecking Jaemin’s lips, you lightly direct his body to the front door. “Go… we’ll talk about this ‘some other time,’ right?” You smirk, quoting his words back to him. “Soon though. Like tomorrow soon, is that okay?”
Jaemin steals one last kiss then follows Renjun out the door. “You’ve got a deal, Sweetie.”
He stops on the edge of the porch to send a flirty wink your way, accompanied by a dazzling flash of perfect teeth, his warm smile brighter than the sun. Warm enough to bring heat to your cheeks. And two other places.
But let’s not talk about that until… some other time.
Tumblr media
wc edits: 8.1k ➾ 9.2k ➾ 9.5k ➾ 9.8k ➾ +10.3k
this was supposed to be Haechan centric but i've been in a huge Jaemin mood lately so this is how it ended up...
sorry for another bikini scene, I just really liked 7llin' in the dream 's lil pool
i know it sounds like there will be another part but i'm 95% sure I will not write a part 2. sorry!
***also, please stop asking if you can write a pt 2 of your own. my answer is still no. I do not approve of another writer making their own sequel to any of my fics. by doing so, you are committing copyright infringement*** (i'm sorry if this comes off as stern and mean, I just want to make it clear)
I put a lot of time into this one so please give me feedback! i'd love to hear your favorite part/quote!
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❥ キャラクター ( ◜‿◝ ) ♥︎ ☹️//🌚 ~ 𝖲𝖫𝟎𝖶 𝖬𝖮𝖳𝟏𝖮𝖭 🧷ִֶָ オタクアンドゴシック♯ 𝖱𝖤𝖲𝖮𝗡𝗔𝗧𝗘 ★/☆ 。。 ▒⃨ ◾◽
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zoom shenanigans - l.dh
Tumblr media
✩‌ haechan ‌x‌ ‌fem!reader‌ ‌|‌ boyfriend!haechan | smut | ‌1.6k+ words ✩
SUMMARY‌ ‌⇾‌ you don’t quite know how hyuck convinced you to sit on him while in a class zoom call
WARNINGS‌ ‌⇾‌ exhibitionism, unprotected sex, dom!sub themes, asphyxiation, edging/overstimulation, spitting, slight humiliation, degradation (use of words such as whore, slut etc.), dumbification, slight dacryphylia, salirophilia, dirty talk - basically pure and absolute filth!
AUTHOR’S NOTES ⇾ i couldn’t stop thinking about this throughout the entirety of my online classes today, so i just had to write about it to get it off my chest. i am an absolute slut when it comes to dom!hyuck, so this is just self-indulgence really. enjoy! not proofread so please message if there’s any errors, or anything missing from the warning list! - lex
You don’t quite know how Hyuck convinced you to sit on him while in a class zoom call. 
He’d driven you insane. You’d been sat on his cock since the start of your lesson, for which your teacher, thank God, had decided that cameras did not need to be on. The class only lasted an hour, with you sitting on his lap in his gaming chair because ‘your desk chair just isn’t comfy enough, Y/N’, according to him anyway. You thought your desk chair was perfectly comfy, but he insisted. 60 minutes doesn’t seem all that long in the grand scheme of things, but with a boyfriend as evil as Donghyuck, of course he knew just how to make that hour feel like an eternity, teasing you relentlessly throughout. His lips brushing against your ear as you tried your hardest to complete the set work, whispering unspeakable promises into your ear and sending dark shivers down your spine. Though you couldn’t see his face, you knew the exact expression that was plastered on his face as his wandering hands roamed your body, squeezing and pinching all the spots that he knew would have you squirming in his hold. By far, the most infuriating thing he would do, though, was to snake his hand around your body whenever you had to turn your microphone on, fingers rubbing your clit in circles that had you biting back loud and sensual moans, managing to suppress the noises down to sighs which, as a University student, were not all that uncommon to hear. 
It’s when the time hits 11:50am, exactly 10 minutes before the end of the lesson (you know because you began checking it, what seemed like, every few seconds, sensing his growing impatience), that his self-control evaporates. With a raspy grunt, his hand wraps around your neck and he thrusts up into you, hard, fast and rough. You gasp, face contorting in pleasure at the sudden movements which have you crying out and grasping at the desk in front of you in order to stay upright. You whine as his grip on your neck tightens, pulling you back towards his chest in one, swift movement. A yelp escapes your lips, now blindly grabbing at the armrests on either side of the chair in order to stop your legs from giving out. Not that you’d go anywhere, Hyuck’s rigid grip on you made sure of that. His hot breath against the back of your neck caused goosebumps to form on your exposed skin, a shudder going through your body at the overwhelming amount of pleasure. His hand on your neck pushes your jaw backwards, the back of your head resting on his shoulder as he looks down at your flushed face, tears of pleasure collecting at the corners of your wide and innocent eyes, perfect pink lips parted so beautifully, not to mention the dream-worthy sounds escaping them. How could he have ended up with such a perfect little girl? His hand moves for only a split second from your neck, squeezing your cheeks together in order to open your mouth. He spits harshly into your now open mouth, pressing your cheeks shut again afterwards. You let out a sudden and uncontrollable moan at the sound of him doing such a filthy thing, feeling his spit hit your tongue forcefully. You know what he wants. You close your mouth and swallow, his hand creeping back down towards your neck as you show him your empty mouth.
“That’s my good girl.” He rasps, giving a tight squeeze to your neck once more.
With your eyes squeezed so tightly shut, you almost forget that you’re supposed to be listening to your Biomedical Sciences lecturer drone on about Haematology and Transfusion. Almost.
“Right, now that’s done, everyone turn your cameras on for this last task. We’re going to be going through the homework assignment that I set for you all last week, don’t think you can get away without speaking either! I’m gonna be asking you all questions about the task.” His words barely register in your mind, your head fuzzy and body shaking at the feeling of your boyfriend rearranging your insides so delectably. After a few moments, his words seem to sink in and your eyes shoot open, urgently whispering Hyuck’s name. There was no way you could turn on your camera, you’d have to lie. I dropped my laptop; my WiFi is lagging; my room is a mess. A thousand ways to excuse yourself ran through your mind, albeit at a much slower pace than usual. You could only focus so much through the feeling of Haechan fucking into you so hard and fast. Your desperate whines of his name are interrupted as he hums into your ear, not slowing his hips or showing any sign of stopping. If anything, it becomes even harder to think at his words.
“We both know that’s not what you call me when I’m fucking you, baby.” He growls into your ear, pounding into you with even more force, rendering you barely capable of thinking, let alone talking. Your walls clench tightly around his hard cock, a string of curses escaping your boyfriend’s pink lips as he grunts loudly at the feeling.
“M-my professor s-said-” You start, barely able to string a sentence together.
“I heard what your professor said, baby. Turn on your camera. Show your entire class how much of a filthy little slut you are for me. Show them how this perfect A* student cums all over my dick, huh? You’d like that wouldn’t you? Everyone seeing the perfect little teachers pet coming all over her boyfriends cock during her class? Everyone seeing how fucking dumb you get for my dick?” You bite your lip, holding back a scream. You can’t, however, stop a broken whimper from escaping you.
“Fuck! Yes, yes, yes, yes! Please, oh my God!” The hand that isn’t clutching your neck so tightly moves downwards, fingers brushing your clit so delicately.
“Please... Please what, slut?” He spits, tears now leaking down your face, chest shaking as you hold in overwhelmed sobs.
“Please Daddy!” You cry out, mascara beginning to smudge as you clench your eyes shut so tightly. You no longer care about your waiting professor, you no longer care about the entire class, it’s only Haechan. He is all you can feel and think.
“Y/N, we’re waiting on you to turn your camera on...” Your professor presses, but you don’t even hear him. It’s only when your boyfriend stops all of his movement, hand slipping away from your throat, reaching down and reclining his gaming chair into a laying position, that you realise what he wants.
“No, no, no. Please, Hyuckie!” You whine, head spinning at the loss of movement. He’s laying practically flat now, out of view of the camera. You try to move, rolling your hips atop his dick but his fingers dig into your hips hard, almost painfully, as he holds you in place, smirking up at your shaking figure with mirth.
“Go on, baby. Turn on your camera.” He warns, fingers digging even harder into your hips. You send him an exasperated look, to which he gives you the look. You know what that means. ‘Do as I fucking say, or you’ll regret it’. 
Your shaky hands reach over to the laptop, clicking the camera button as you let out an uneven breath. After a few seconds, your face appears on the screen. Your eyes widen. What your boyfriend had failed to inform you, was that your face was flushed and sweaty, mascara smudging your cheeks in obvious tear streaks, a drop of his spit glittering as it sat upon your chin. You wiped your face on your sleeve as soon as you catch sight of yourself, moving forward to pretend to be sorting a non-existing wire behind your screen as you try to make yourself look more presentable. As you do so, you hear his voice whisper.
“Don’t think I’ve forgotten what you called me just then and don’t think you’re getting away with it. ‘Hyuckie’ doesn’t fuck you the way Daddy does.” His low tone causes you to clench around him, taking a deep breath at his teasing words. He scoffs at your silence, squeezing your ass, hard, so that you let out a small whimper. He hums in satisfaction as you plaster an obviously fake smile onto your face before leaning back, clicking on the unmute button for only a moment before abruptly turning it off again, barely having finished your sentence, as Haechan’s rock hard dick twitches inside your sensitive pussy.
“Sorry, Professor. I had tech issues.” 
✩  ✩   ✩
Those last 8 minutes of class felt like an eternity, and your boyfriend made sure of that. You thought you’d done a pretty good job at hiding it, though. Not one person gave you a funny or disgusted look as you answered the Professor’s questions and kept a small, albeit forced, smile on your face. You couldn’t help but feel a twisted form of pride at your ability to pretend as though nothing was happening as you sat atop of Hyuck’s dick, enduring his endless verbal and physical teasing throughout.
It wasn’t until after the two of you were finished, long after the class had done so, that your boyfriend checked his phone
“Y/N...” You heard him call from the bathroom. You couldn’t find the energy to move, simply humming in acknowledgement at his hesitant-sounding call. He enters the bedroom in all his naked glory, carrying a small, wet cloth in order to clean you up in one hand, his phone in the other. Your eyes trace his naked body, focusing on the smooth, tanned skin. He really was a sight for sore eyes, somebody that you could never get tired of looking at. You’re disrupted from staring at his body when he holds his phone out in front of your face. You reluctantly tear your eyes from his torso, focusing in on the brightly lit screen, squinting slightly to read the text upon it.
fucking your gf during her zoom class, nice one bro. though, you might wanna make sure that you actually hang up next time. the whole class was still there, apart from the prof. not that they’re complaining, i saw their faces. they’re gonna be getting off to that for the entirety of lockdown, i swear! 
Needless to say, nobody in class called you the Teacher’s Pet anymore.
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nct dream ♡ hot sauce choreography
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