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#haechan scenarios
angelicmark · a year ago
salt and ice (m)
Tumblr media
pairing: haechan x reader
genre: angst, smut, fluff, f2l (kinda)
warning: unprotected sex, sixty-nining, dirty talk, oral, fingering, semi-public fingering, orgasm denial, overstimulation
wc: 14.6k
summary: lee donghyuck was your best friend, but you hated him. well, at least you think you do. you hate everything that he is, and everything he had become. despite this, you find your friendship actually quite simple with him, never crossing the line of being too complicated. as time starts to grow, and as donghyuck starts to realize he wants to become closer to you, things start to change. and soon enough, you’re stuck on the ‘complicated’ line with him. your dynamic soon becomes like salt and ice.
Tumblr media
your blood was running. you could feel your head turning hot and your hands becoming restless. you huff out a breath of air, your eyes scanning across the door in front of you. what the hell were you doing here? this was the last place you should have been at this hour. but you were here anyway, your body moving against you and knocking against the door with haste.
you hear a loud curse from the other side of door before it swings open to a very displeased donghyuck. his hair was sticking in different directions, his eyes narrowing in your direction, shirt barely over his head and pants hanging lowly on his hips. when he realizes it’s you who disturbed him at such an ungodly hour, his eyebrow raises and he has a smirk tracing his pretty features.
“y/n? nice seeing you here,” he leans against the frame, arms crossed. and you snort at the action, your eyes rolling.
quite frankly, you hated him. you hated donghyuck and everything that he was. but he was your friend, believe it or not. lee donghyuck was your childhood friend, and everyone knew that. no one made sense of it, and to be honest, neither did you. you weren’t a ‘good girl’, but you did care about your future just a bit. donghyuck, however, could care less. deciding that fucking around and causing trouble was his way to go. and you hated him. you hated your friend since childhood. but you were still his friend.
“never mind,” your voice was monotone, and he looks at you with furrowed eyebrows, “i see you’re busy.”
he rolls his own eyes at that, “not even. i was sleeping, idiot. you think i have a girl over at this fucking hour? fuck that.”
you nod your head, a smile creeping up on you. that’s right. donghyuck hated having girls over at night, he knew that was when you normally decided it was time to go see him. sometimes it hurt you for how thoughtful he could be.
“i see,” you shift on your feet, almost feeling awkward. you didn’t really know why you were there, in all honesty. and he seemed to know that, because next thing you know, you’re being dragged into his apartment. you let out a little noise of surprise, and he chuckles.
he shuts his door, “what’s wrong?” he questions, hand still in yours as he takes you with him to his room. you didn’t exactly realize just how tired you were until you made it into the confines of his surprisingly clean room. he was tidy, beyond most belief.
you sigh, letting your hand fall loose from his as you climb into his king size bed, “tired.”
he’s quick to join you, raising an eyebrow at you, “i know that’s not all, y/n.” and you hated how much he knew you. you hated how close he clung to you, knowing you like how he felt when he held you.
your body falls limp into his grip, and he tugs you closer, “i got broken up with again.”
at this, he tenses and his mind starts flooding, his stare turning intense the longer he looks at you. he could hear his heart in his head, blood starting to rush there. he almost felt light headed. he swallows, nerves starting to surface. in some ways, donghyuck loved you. he loved how driven you were, how you were respectful of others, and secretly loving. but he knew times a million that he wasn’t your type. you always went after the high scholar boys, even as kids. so, for the rest of his life, he will lay awake and imagine that you are his. he wanted you happy, and if it wasn’t with him? he had no choice but to accept his fate.
he eases as he holds you, “men suck.”
you chuckle at his statement, somehow finding his presence comforting. “they do.” but, maybe, he doesn’t. maybe donghyuck isn’t the person everyone else sees. you know he isn’t. he places a façade up, and you would be lying if you said it didn’t bother you. you wished he would just let his guard down. maybe then you would stop holding such a grudge against him.
“can we sleep?” hyuck yawns as he snuggles into you, breathing in your scent that makes you somehow at ease. “it’s late.”
you look over at him, and notice how his eyes were barely open at this point. he sluggishly smiles at you, making you want to smile back. “yeah, of course.” you did wake him up pretty late, and you felt quite sorry for him. he hums a soft ‘goodnight’ and easily falls asleep. but his hold on you burns your skin, and you feel like you’re going against your morals by simply laying in bed with him. but he was your friend. so, why did your heart pick up when you looked at the way his eyelashes rested beautiful upon his cheeks? donghyuck was in no way your type. he wasn’t someone you could see yourself with in the long run. you were even surprised you were still friends with him after all this time, especially since you had such a bitter feeling towards him. but maybe that’s why you felt so bitter towards him. he became apart of your life so easily, for so long. and it scared you. lee donghyuck was all that you truly knew.
you stare at him one last time, before placing a soft kiss on his forehead, “goodnight, donghyuck.”
maybe you didn’t hate him as much as you thought.
Tumblr media
“hey there, pretty girl,” you hear a voice behind you. your eyes come in contact with honey brown ones, making warmth spread through your body. you weren’t sure if it was in annoyance or fondness. but there was no denying the way hyuck’s small smile made you stare at him for just a second longer.
“hey,” you’re short in your response, turning to pay attention to the book you hold. you can practically feel his pout burning holes into the back of your head. donghyuck constantly demanded attention, needing some type of affection or else he’d probably combust.
he plops in the seat next to you, “what’s up?” he rests his head in his hand, sipping the drink he had in the other. your eyes travel down to his lips, watching as he sips the drink. you unknowingly lick your own, but it doesn’t seem to go unnoticed by him because next thing you know, he’s smiling at you like he won the lottery. “wanna kiss?”
you scoff, rolling your eyes as you turn back to the book once again, “in your dreams.”
“always in my dreams,” he sighs dramatically, making you side eye him. he was still smiling, the small moment obviously boosting his already large ego. donghyuck can’t help himself from admiring you for a few seconds. you had your lips slightly pursed, indicating you were in deep thought. or you were annoyed, but either way he found it endearing. your eyes were scanning over the pages like you belonged there right in that moment. he admires you like you’re his, like he’s allowed to and this is a normal occurrence. and maybe you can feel his gaze, and maybe you ignore it. because maybe you liked his eyes on you.
“is there something you needed?” you ask him, bringing him out of the trance he was once in.
he eyes you for a minute before finally responding, “no, not really. i just wanted to be around you, i guess.” he shrugs his shoulders as he takes another sip of his drink, the condensation starting to drip onto the table.
you nod, “okay.”
hyuck never understood you. he could never predict what you were thinking and it frustrated him, in a way. you were quite cold towards him, never once opening your heart to him. you barely even opened your mind to him. you were a mystery. maybe that’s why he stayed for so long. and hyuck never asked questions, and maybe that’s why you stayed for so long too. your friendship with hyuck was simple, you assumed. but there was a fine line between being simple and complicated, and you were sure you were right on the edge of it. donghyuck knew you practically dreaded being around him, and he always wondered why you never rejected him or shoved him out of your life.
“how are you?” the words seemed to come out of his mouth before he could think. it wasn’t like hyuck to ask random questions without a reason. this makes you raise an eyebrow in his direction, eyes finally off the book completely.
“fine, you?” it felt almost awkward to talk to him like this. you definitely weren’t used to it. most of the time, conversations with him were short and came naturally. but it seemed as if he was forcing it this time.
“fine..” he pauses, clearing his throat as he looks around the room. you were in the college café, the sun shining in on the both of you. he can see the way it lights up your hair and brightens your eyes. he swallows, seeing the few people who came in and out.
“donghyuck,” the way you say his name makes his spine shiver, “are you okay?” you look curious, an eyebrow raised in accusation.
in all honesty, he wasn’t sure. because from the way he started to notice your small habits all over again, he wasn’t sure at all. he could see you starting to pick at the corners of the pages, your eyes switching from one of his eyes to the other, your face relaxing as you waited for a response out of him.
he nods his head, regardless of being unsure, “yeah, i’m fine. i think i’m just tired. i mean, come on, nine in the morning?” he makes a disgusted face, twisting in displeasure as he glances up at the clock for a brief second.
you scoff, eyes going back to the book, “don’t tell me then.”
at this, donghyuck can’t help the surprise from etching itself onto his face. his eyebrows shot up, eyes widening and mouth twitching. he watches as you look boringly at the thick pages in front of you. you were undoubtedly genuinely reading it, judging from the way your eyes were scanning just like before he interrupted. hyuck can’t help from his brain starting to wander. were you upset? he had no clue, because if you were then you were being quite passive aggressive about it. which he guessed would be about right with you. but it didn’t change the fact that he felt... guilty?
you break the silence first before he can catch up to his thoughts, “you’re distracting, i’m trying to read.”
“am i that attractive?” hyuck puts up his front again.
you stare for a second too long, which makes him nervous. you end up not saying anything as you close your book, and he finally notices the cup of coffee on the table. you take a big gulp, scrunching up your nose at the slightly bitter taste. he takes a sip of his own drink, the cold liquid running down his throat.
“i’ll see you later, donghyuck,” you state, and he’s quick to react.
“where are you going?” he furrows his eyebrows.
you slightly raise your own eyebrow, “class?” you say it like it’s obvious.
hyuck shifts in his seat, “oh, right, sorry.” he clears his throat, “see you later, y/n.”
you stare at him curiously, before finally starting to walk away after a soft nod of your head. he sighs, letting out a deep breath. it was truly getting harder and harder being around you. it was never like that with you. he found your friendship quite simple as well, so what would happen if he starts to complicate it by changing things? he didn’t mean to draw closer to the ‘complicated’ line of your friendship, he truly didn’t. but as he watched you walk away, he couldn’t help himself from wondering if you would have let him walk you there. why did he want to be closer to you?
he’ll never be closer than this. he’ll forever be stuck in this loop of uncertainty, and it almost pained him.
the thought of you pained him, just a bit.
Tumblr media
hyuck’s sleepy eyes were barely adjusting to the bright contrast on his phone as it loudly rings. he let’s out a groan, his slumber being interrupted. when he looked at the caller, his eyes go wide and suddenly he feels wide awake. it was you. you were calling him. he checks the time on his digital clock, furrowing his eyebrows as he sees it’s one in the morning. it wasn’t super late, but it was for you. hyuck adjusts himself in his bed, sitting upright.
pressing accept, he sighs, “y/n?” there’s silence on the other line, and he assumes maybe you miscalled him and he’s about to say something more, but you speak up.
“hyuck?” his heart skips a beat as he hears you call him by his nickname. you’ve never addressed him by that, always being formal in the way you speak. so when he hears you start to break down that piece of you, his body becomes on full alert. just for you.
“yeah? i’m here.” hyuck’s voice is soft and almost giving out on him as he sits out of breath just from hearing you call him ‘hyuck’. maybe he was being a bit dramatic, but he swears you were an angel reincarnated.
“sorry, did i wake you?” your voice on the other end is so, so soft. it’s not as firm as normal and it feels like you’re genuinely giving him a part of you that you haven’t to others.
“kinda,” he clears his throat, and you hear shuffling coming from his end of the line, “but don’t worry about it. did you need something?”
your eyes scan the room of your bedroom. why did you call him? you were completely unsure. but maybe you needed to stop trying to be so ‘sure’ of everything. exhaustion was starting to get to you and for some reason, hyuck was the cure to a long day each and every time. before calling him, you were unable to sleep. tossing and turning most of the night, and your hands and mind subconciously ended up calling hyuck, leading to now.
“no, not really.” you were being honest. you didn’t need anything. “i couldn’t sleep.”
hyuck hums, and he nods his head as if you can see, “that sucks. is something stressing you out or..?”
you shake your head, thinking he can see you this time. you’re quick to answer, though, “no, not in particular. i just wanted to call you, i guess.” you shift uncomfortably in your spot, eyes nervously shifting around the room again. you were starting to grip the phone a little tighter and your lips were beginning to become swollen from biting them.
hyuck smiles, and he’s grateful you can’t see it because then you might have closed yourself off again. he couldn’t have that. “you can always call me.” it’s so genuine that it makes your head spin a bit. you weren’t quite used to this side of him, and you were sure he wasn’t used to this side of you either.
“thanks,” you pause for a bit, debating on your next words, “you, too. you can call me, too.”
hyuck chuckles a bit, making the air just a bit lighter, “thanks, baby.”
your eyes go wide at the nickname. it wasn’t uncommon for hyuck to just outright say those things, but it still shocked you when he did. your heart started to pick up speed a bit as silence was once again created on the call. hyuck almost started to panic, but he decided to be patient because at least you haven’t hung up on him. hyuck’s flirty attitude normally annoyed you. but, this time, it did the opposite. you quite liked it.
“yeah..” you sigh, pouting as your response comes out shaky and he starts to bubble up a laugh again.
“yeah?” hyuck mocks you, raising an eyebrow as he stares at his bedsheets, imaging just how you look right now. he was sure you were just gorgeous.
“shut up,” you grumble, tone slightly playful.
hyuck grins from ear to ear at this, enjoying this side of you very much, “i would love to see you make me.”
you scoff, but you can’t help the heat you start to feel creeping up the back of your neck, “i hate you.”
“you wish you did,” you can hear the smile on his face as he speaks.
you stay quiet for a few seconds, thoughtfully wondering if you were starting to ease up on him more and more. you were. but you were unsure if you liked it or not. maybe you wanted that certain closeness with him. the thought of being closer to hyuck made your stomach turn, making you shuffle around on the bed again.
“you okay?” hyuck asks after too long of a silence.
you nod, before realizing once again he can’t see you, “yeah, sorry. i just lost train of thought.”
he hums, “i do that a lot.”
“i’m aware.”
hyuck scoffs this time, rolling his eyes playfully even if you couldn’t see, “do you think i don’t think?”
“i know you don’t,” you smile, enjoying the conversations he sparks up. “hyuck, you never think before speaking.”
there was the nickname again. he tried to compose himself, “i never what before i what, now?”
you laugh, and it’s such a heavenly sound that he wants to lock up in his head forever. he wants this memory for the rest of his life. he can only really imagine the way your teeth show and your cheeks raise in a gleeful smile as your mouth produces such a happy and bright sound. his body starts to tingle just at the thought.
your eyes glance at your clock, noticing it was edging right near two in the morning, “we should sleep, it’s late.”
hyuck checks his own clock, before agreeing with you, “we should. pretty girls like you need their beauty sleep.”
you want to scoff and roll your eyes, come up with a comeback, but all you can seem to manage is a small smile on your face. “you’re so cheesy.”
“and you like it,” hyuck had a bright grin on his face.
you nod, knowing he can’t see this time. maybe you did like it. “goodnight, hyuck.”
his heart thumps in his chest as he licks his lips out of nervousness, “goodnight, baby.”
when you hang up, your body feels hot and tingly. you weren’t used to focusing so much of your time onto him, or anyone really. it was starting to make your head feel light. there was no describing the feelings hyuck gave you. and you were so unsure of where the line stood between you and him, but you were starting to not mind being unsure. because at least you had him, and you were too scared to lose that.
hyuck was growing onto you more and more.
Tumblr media
this was ridiculous. absolutely fucking ridiculous. you let out a large breath of air, determined to start banging on the door of your ‘best friend’. just as your knuckles almost reach the door, it swings open. and you narrow your eyes at the sight of the pretty lady in front of you. you weren’t sure if the sting in your chest was because of jealousy, or if it was simply because he bailed on you for her. but to say you weren’t surprised is true. this was how it normally was with donghyuck, and that’s what created such a high tension between the two of you. you hated it. you were starting to remember why exactly you hated him in the first place. no matter how generous and thoughtful he could be, he would always be the same person he was a month ago.
“oh, hello!” she chirps with a light smile, unsure where to go with the conversation. you catch the sight of her slightly smudged lipstick and messy hair, failing to keep her composure the longer she stood there.
“hi,” you spoke firmly, like usual. you were starting to fall back into old habits between yourself and others, including donghyuck.
“are you alright-” you hear the voice of the male who bailed on you once again for a piece of ass. his face drains of color as he sees you at the door, suddenly realizing his huge mistake. but it doesn’t even phase you anymore, too used to the feeling of being disappointed by him.
“i’ll be going,” the lady speaks softly, aware of the tension in the room. you don’t watch as she leaves, stuck on glaring at donghyuck in front of you.
“this is a classic,” you scoff, your voice spilling with a vile tone.
he winces, “look, i’m sorry.”
you laugh bitterly, not once breaking eye contact, “that’s a bigger fucking classic. what kind of ‘friend’ bails each and every fucking time on them for a fuck from a girl? was it worth it? was she good?” you step closer as you reach inside his apartment, “i’ve been patient with you, donghyuck. so fucking patient. you don’t text, you don’t even call. not a single fucking notice from you, and i have to come here personally each time just to see you’re fucking yet another girl. i could give two shits who you’re fucking, but it matters when you cancel on me each time for someone else.”
donghyuck freezes in his spot. you’ve never spoken that much before, normally opting to a ‘i see’ and then leaving. the guilt sitting in the pit of his stomach is large this time. he wants to speak and tell you he’s sorry, but he realizes now that it won’t make much of a difference this time. maybe it never has made a difference, maybe you always felt this way. he was sure you did.
you huff, finally looking away from him as you turn your back to him and walk out the door that still remained open. you didn’t have much else to say to him. you hated him, and this made it final. you kept him around each and every time because he stayed by your side too. but this time was different, so different. you wondered how you could go from opening up to him to hating him again so quickly.
“y/n,” his voice sounded almost fragile. “i’m sorry, and i realize it might not make a difference this time. or any other time. but i just don’t think i’m sure of where my heart lies when it comes to you.”
you stand still, and it feels like the world did too. you weren’t sure how to react. what did that even mean? you huff, the air suddenly feeling suffocating. friendships were in no way supposed to be like this, feel like this. it was hell on both parts. why were you so afraid of letting him go? when you turn again and look at him, you see he’s avoiding eye contact with you. it was tense, neither of you choosing to speak first after his statement. you desperately wanted to leave, turn around and walk out. your heart was hammering in your chest and the blood was rushing to your head. you could even hear your heart at this point.
“i think i have feelings for you,” he gulps, eyes wandering around the room.
you scoff, “you have a sick way of showing it.” it seems that you completely skip over the meaning behind his words. you only really realize what he’s said after you spit out your comeback.
“yeah.” he’s quiet, and you’re not used to that side of him.
you believed communication was a crucial part of a friendship, but you were at a loss of words this time. where did your friendship go completely wrong? when did it suddenly become so complicated? was it secretly always this way? your mind was flooding with questions, but you couldn’t bring yourself to ask anything.
your face turns into a deep frown, eyebrows furrowing as you try to complete the thoughts in your head. nothing felt right, not a single thing. maybe that’s why you leave that night with a simple nod of your head. you were unsure, once again. and you didn’t find comfort in it. you leave that night, a million questions unanswered and so many words unsaid. and donghyuck doesn’t stop you, and you don’t turn around. you can feel yourself just itching to turn around, but you don’t. you listen to your head over your heart, once again.
you end up going days without speaking to him, avoiding him perfectly. donghyuck makes no effort into communicating with you either, making it a lot easier to avoid him. as days pass, and as those days turn into well over a week, you can feel a hole starting to create itself in your heart. you were slowly starting to tear yourself apart each and everyday. was donghyuck truly that important to you? you tried filling the empty spots with studying and lots of sleep but no matter what you do, nothing ever felt right. nothing could fill that certain type of void that you knew, in a way, belonged to donghyuck. he was the comfort after a long day, no matter how many times he had disappointed you. you hated how much a part of you knew you needed him in your life. you hated that donghyuck had that kind of power over you.
you sigh, tears starting to prickle in your eyes. you scan across your desk in front of you, seeing the endless papers and pens and pencils laying there. you were slowly starting to understand what donghyuck meant when he said he didn’t exactly know where his heart laid when it came to you. because you were starting to become unsure of where your own heart was when it came to him. you desperately wanted to hate him. you shoved that certain idea in your head for so long just to avoid these kinds of feelings. maybe a part of you knew you couldn’t keep that up forever.
you jump when you hear your phone starting to ring, the annoying sound filling the once silent room. you search under the piles of papers, finally coming in sight with the device. when you see the caller, your stomach drops and your heart picks up. of course it was donghyuck. you stare at the screen for what seems like hours, before watching as the call automatically declines. you wanted to answer, but your fingers wouldn’t let you hit accept. your body froze, and your muscles seemed to stop working just for that small moment.
you let out a strong breath of air, wiping away the excess tears. you were starting to run out of energy. you quickly became exhausted, eyes drooping as you lightly place your phone back down. simply thinking about donghyuck was becoming draining, and you just wished you could turn that part of you off. the part that secretly cared so deeply for him. the part that wanted to keep trying for him. the part that kept bringing him back in, each and every time. but maybe you knew there was no turning that off.
there was no turning back from caring for donghyuck.
Tumblr media
two whole weeks of not talking to donghyuck, and you were starting to fall into this sickly slow routine. it felt like days were dreadfully passing one by one. as you were studying, you hear a knock on your door. and you already assumed who it was, your brain starting to come back to its senses. and you don’t seem to hesitate this time as you make way to the door, swinging it open just to come in contact with honey brown eyes. you hated how significantly beautiful he looked, even with bags under his eyes and messy hair.
“i hate you,” you breathe out, your chest tightening the longer you look at him.
“i know,” he says, and you almost want to cry from hearing his voice after so long. “i know you do.”
“you’re such a fucking jerk, donghyuck.” and you fall into him. your body slugs its way into his arms, and he accepts you like you belong there and nowhere else. and maybe you did, but you weren’t admitting that anytime soon. your arms wrap around his torso, holding him so tightly you were almost worried for his lungs and ribs. but he didn’t seem to care. he just held you, his own arms wrapping around your shoulders and tugging you closer.
you can make out the scent that’s so distinctively him, your hands starting to fist into his shirt and causing it to wrinkle. you hold onto him and this moment so tightly. you were almost afraid he would disappear. why did you need him so bad?
when you start to pull away, he lets out a sigh. you can see just how exhausted and tired he was. “i’m sorry.” his voice is hoarse, and his eyes are barely awake.
“fuck you.”
you press your lips to his. and there’s no describing the feeling you get when he kisses you like you are all he needs in that very moment. his hands are on your body quicker than you can imagine, and your own are in his hair, tugging and pulling to bring him closer. he lets out a noise of approval, his hands traveling up your shirt to feel your bare skin. you shiver, the action not going unnoticed by the boy you’re kissing. you don’t feel sparks, but you do feel butterflies starting to form in the pit of your stomach. donghyuck was not the person you needed, but he was desperately what you wanted.
he makes his way into your small complex finally, shutting the door behind him as he kisses you for all he’s worth. and you feel that hole in your heart beginning to be filled the longer you kiss him. his tongue swipes along your lower lip, asking for access to which you grant him. the world seems to be falling into place for that small moment.
“bed,” you huff, pulling apart from him. he nods his head, eagerly leading you towards your bedroom.
he’s quick to push you down, and you’re quick to place your lips back on his, your fingers already pulling at the strands of his hair. you noticed it grew just a bit longer than usual, but you weren’t complaining in the slightest. donghyuck hums against your lips, exploring your mouth with his tongue and making you let out a sweet sound that goes straight to his ears. he can’t help himself from pressing into you, his hips rolling against yours. he needed to hear more of you, he was already addicted to the noises you made.
this prompted him in pulling away, earning the cutest whine from you. he chuckled at you expense, “i’m not going anywhere.” he licks his lips, “can i remove these?” he tugs at the hem of your sweatpants, looking at you for approval. when you quickly nod, he smiles angelically and makes quick work of removing them. he takes notice of the shirt you’re wearing, realizing that it belongs to him. “miss me that much?” his hands feel along your thighs, the skin soft under his fingertips.
“yes,” your response surprises him, his eyebrows shooting up. “it smelled like you.” he takes in the sight of your innocent eyes scanning him, the teary look making his heart beat wildly in his chest.
“fuck,” he lets out. he licks his lips again, “i want to eat you out.”
you laugh softly, “do you?” he nods. “i want to suck you off, though.” you pout, your hands starting to trail down to his own pair of sweatpants. he looks at you for a moment, before something clicks in his head. you’re about to ask what he’s thinking of, before he abruptly flips the two of you over. you let out a soft yelp, “donghyuck-”
“sixty-nine,” he says simply, taking sight of you straddling him. “ride my face and suck my cock.” you wiggle on top of him, feeling his hard on. he groans a bit, “please? i really want to taste you.”
you take a moment to think it over, before finally nodding your head, “okay.” he smiles at you as he makes quick work of his own shirt, making you follow right after. when his eyes come back to you, you’re shirtless and your breasts are right in front of him. he lowly curses under his breath, admiring just how beautiful you really are.
“holy shit,” he mentally devours you, his hands making way along your sides and going to cup you. you sigh into his hold, his fingers starting to pinch and pull at your nipples. the sweet mewl you let out makes his cock twitch in his pants. you grind against him, eyes starting to close out of bliss. “fuck, baby. so pretty.”
you whine, “please, donghyuck.” you open your eyes again to look at him, “let me suck you off.”
he groans, “fuck, yeah, okay.” he lets go of your breasts, trailing his hands to your panties. “take these off.” you nod your head, making quick word in slipping them off, leaving you completely bare for him. he takes in the sight of you once again, you were truly too beautiful for this world. so perfect in his eyes.
your hands tug at his sweatpants, “take these off now.” you smile sweetly at him, something he’s not quite used to. he’s not sure he ever would be. he follows your command, and you watch as his cock springs free from his underwear and sweatpants. you can’t help from licking your lips at the sight, wanting nothing more than to have him in your mouth. he was so pretty.
“turn around and sit on my face.” his words were so vulgar, but he says them like they’re the most casual thing in the world. you can feel your body starting to heat up, following what he said. when you start to inch closer to his face, you become more aware of how close he is to your pussy. “don’t be nervous. fuck, please don’t be nervous. you’re so damn pretty like this, so wet.”
you feel his hands make way to your thighs, his fingers digging into the skin there, “donghyuck..” you want to say more, but he’s already working on your core before you can get anything else out. you gasp, a sound of surprise leaving you and turning into a soft whine. he revels in it, wanting more and more out of you.
“so sweet, too,” he hums against you. the vibrations make you curl forward, suddenly aware of his cock that sat there painfully hard in front of you. two could play, you thought. when your hand shakily wraps around him, slowly going up and down, he groans against you and pulls away for a second. “fuck, okay.”
he quickly dives right back into your pussy when he feels you spit on his cock before licking up the base. he sighs, his tongue running along your folds before pressing into your clit. you moan as you suck on his tip, one of your hands gripping tightly onto his thigh while the other is wrapped around his dick. he’s heavy and hot on your tongue, but it’s so hard to focus when hyuck begins to moan against you and dip his tongue inside of you, curling it to reach a certain spot.
“hyuck,” you call out his name, and his ears perk up at the sweet sound. he works his tongue against you faster and your hips buck against him, wanting more.
“such a sweet, pretty cunt.” his words make you take him back into your mouth as far as you can go, slightly gagging around him. he lets out a choked groan, the sound going straight through you as his tongue continuously curls inside of you. it feels so fucking good, your mind turning hazy as you try your best to bob your head and stay focused on him. when you pull back from his cock, a string of saliva attaches there between your lips and you let out a loud moan of his name when you feel him press his fingers against your clit. you lazily jerk him off, your head resting against his thigh.
“fuck, fuck. hyuck, you’re so good, feels so good.” he hums, speeding up again and making you start to grind down against his tongue and fingers. you swirl your tongue around the head of his cock and moan, the vibrations making him buck his own hips into your mouth.
“shit,” he curses, “just like that, baby.” he feels as you start to speed up your own ministrations, bobbing your head quicker and wrapping your hand around what you can’t reach. “my pretty girl, fuck.” his voice was trailing away from him, making him go right back to tongue fucking you. you were so, so close. you could almost taste it.
“hyuck i..” you pull away from his cock, but your hand doesn’t stop its fast pace on him, “i’m gonna cum, shit, you’re gonna make me cum.” the hand that wasn’t rapidly jerking him off was still clutching desperately onto his thigh, and you were sure you left some kind of bruise there and some scratches. but he didn’t seem to mind as he hummed against you, encouraging you to cum.
“cum for me,” he licks you and his fingers pick up pace on your clit, making you wail out a cry, “cum on my tongue, let me taste my sweet girl.”
your hand tightens around his cock, making him hiss as you let out a string of moans and cries, your orgasm washing over you. he can’t help himself from cumming with you, the sounds you make being enough to set him off. you feel as some of his cum spurts onto your hand and even a little on your shoulder. and he licks you clean while groaning against you, helping you ride it out as you wildly buck your hips against his face. he thinks it’s the prettiest sight he has ever had the pleasure of seeing. he continues to lick you clean, and you have to swat his head away for him to stop after slowing your hand down on his dick. you roll off of him, your legs giving out on you as you lay next to him.
“you’re so pretty fucked out,” he comments, looking at you like you carry heaven in your eyes.
you laugh breathlessly, “thanks.” you lick your lips, tasting the small sheen of sweat, “you too.”
a light dust of pink spread on his cheeks, “you’re covered in my cum.”
“you’re covered in mine.” you spit back, and he laughs.
“we should clean up.” his voice is soft, and so are his eyes. his hooded lids trail across your body, admiring you once again. even when you look like a mess, he still thinks you’re the most beautiful girl to exist.
“yeah,” you agree, “shower?”
“please?” he whines, making you chuckle and nod your head.
the shower is mostly quiet, no words exchanged as the both of you clean one another off. there’s no hidden meaning this time, and it’s not rushed. you want this moment to last forever. there was no fighting, no heavy tension, and the moment wasn’t complicating like the rest. it was silent, but it wasn’t suffocating. and you could only wish for more moments like these.
the two of you wrap up in one another’s arms for the night, letting tomorrow worry for itself for the night.
Tumblr media
you felt like you were on fire, your body burning as you catch sight of donghyuck. he was on campus on time for the first time in awhile, and it made you swim with curiosity as you start to approach him. he didn’t seem to notice you yet, eyes trained on his phone with a bored expression. when you reach him, he looks up with wide eyes, like he wasn’t expecting you. you hadn’t seen him in almost a whole entire week. you weren’t avoiding him, you just simply didn’t have the time to talk to him.
“what are you doing here? we don’t have classes together,” you pointedly ask him, eyes almost narrowing in his direction.
“come with me,” he cheekily smiles at you, like you’re really about to follow after him.
“no.” your answer is so simple, and he pouts at you.
“why? i promise it’s good.” he tries to persuade you, looking at you with a certain look in his eyes. and you hate that look, because you normally always fall for it. he was going to tear you down one day.
you feel irritation looking at him, “i have to study.” your tone was quite cold, and he seemed to catch on.
his eyes scatter around the building, “just this once.”
you roll your eyes, “no. if you want to head to the library with me, you can. but i’m not going anywhere with you.”
donghyuck stands for a minute, considering your words before finally shrugging his shoulders, “alright then. let’s go.” he smiles as you look at him blankly before finally starting to walk towards the library. you weren’t sure what he had up his sleeve, but he seemed too content for your comfort. he noticed your slightly tense shoulders, but said nothing. he just softly hums to himself, hands in his pockets as the both of you walk.
when you enter the library, you send him a look of warning to keep quiet. he just smiles like usual, making you even more uneasy. donghyuck was in no way innocent, and you knew this. maybe you shouldn’t have invited him knowing this, but a small shameful part of you was curious what he had in store for you. donghyuck would never go to the library voluntarily without having something else planned.
you walk to the back, somewhere quiet without many people. you preferred this spot over anywhere else, and suddenly you’re aware of how intimiate this all seems. you place yourself in the seat, and he makes sure to sit as close to you as possible. you huff, bringing out your books quietly and trying to ignore his presence. you had no plans of giving him the satisfaction of your attention. your mind plays several past events with donghyuck, unable to pay attention to your studies as you’re well aware of his cologne scenting up the air. you want to hate him for how much he has consumed your brain, but you can’t seem to focus on that as he lightly places a hand on your knee.
now you know what he wants.
your eyes shoot him a glare, silently telling him to knock it off. he doesn’t seem to listen as he smirks to himself, looking at your lips. you can’t seem to deny the intriguing feeling you get as he runs his hand up higher to your thigh. you can feel his thumb rubbing in circles, practically burning holes in your clothes. you break eye contact, hands hastily clutching onto the book in front of you. but you never once tell him directly to stop, and he takes it as a sign to continue. it fills his pride, and you know it does. you curse to yourself in your head. you shouldn’t be giving him what he wants so quickly. but you can’t help yourself from slightly spreading your legs when his hand inches higher and higher before finally hovering over the button on your jeans. he watches your face, licking his lips as he imagines kissing them to distract you. his hand is hot against you, making you slightly squirm.
he lowers his face to your ear, “can you be quiet?” his tone is teasing, and you immediately want to slap him. but you also desperately want him to finger you.
you’re suddenly aware of where you are, looking around with panic, “here?” you ask back in a hushed whisper before looking at him. he was really close to you, you could practically taste the mint of the gum in his mouth.
his lips quick up, “i asked you to go somewhere else earlier, but you refused.” he lightly kisses your cheek, his fingers starting to move again and make work on your button and zipper, “so i’ll just have to finger fuck you here, hm?”
you look at him with soft eyes, and he admires you for a minute. you weren’t normally obedient towards him, always having to argue against him. but you couldn’t seem to stop the soft nod of your head as you spread your legs wider for him. he’s almost just as surprised as you, but neither of you say anything. his hand makes its way inside your jeans, cupping your heat over your panties. he watches as your tense shoulders start to sag and you ease into his touch, it fuels his ego. he hears the soft sigh you let out when he presses his fingers against your clit, rubbing in agonizingly slow circles. you direct your gaze back to the book in front of you, trying not to look too obvious. your hands are tightly clutching onto the ends, your fingers turning cold from the lack of blood. hyuck softly chuckles, watching you closely.
“you’re so cute,” he presses his fingers harder and starts moving quicker, “and you’re getting so wet, soaking your panties.”
your walls flutter against your own judgement, and you don’t say anything as he whispers soft dirty words in your ear. you gasp when he finally moves his hand inside your panties, fingers making direct contact with your wet pussy. he swirls his fingers around your hole, spreading the wetness along his fingers. he watches as your breathing becomes heavier, but he really wants to watch you try to keep your composure. he slowly inserts one of his fingers inside of you, and he watches as your eyes start to flutter shut.
“dripping cunt,” he leans closer to you, nipping at your ear softly, “so snug around my fingers. i wonder how tight you’ll be around my cock.”
you bite at your lower lip to prevent any noise coming from you as he inserts another finger inside you, pumping too slowly for your liking. donghyuck licks his lips again, enjoying the sight of you and feeling your body starting to heat up. his cock was becoming hard just watching you.
“faster,” you huff out, sounded quite breathless. you didn’t want to sound so effected by him, but it was getting harder and harder. “please..” you plead him so quietly, he was almost unsure if he heard you right. but when you look at him with hooded eyes, he knows he heard right.
he can’t seem to deny you, moving his fingers at a faster pace. the slight constriction of your jeans makes his palm rut against your clit, causing extra stimulation and making you shudder. he watches as your body reacts so perfectly to him. how could someone look so pretty? he was truly lucky that no one was around, because they’d definitely know what was happening from the way hyuck was staring at you right now. when hyuck curls his fingers upward with each harsh thrust, you let out a soft sound and immediately cover your mouth with your hand.
“feel good, baby?” he asks, looking at you with sickeningly sweet eyes. “you like my fingers inside you? inside your pretty pussy? i can feel just how wet and tight you are.”
you sigh, closing your eyes as your mind turns hazy from pleasure, “hyuck.” his name sounds so pretty and beautiful coming from you, even in a soft whisper. he finds himself completely whipped for you in that moment. he wants nothing than to please you.
“yes, angel? what does my baby need?” his voice is low and raspy in your ear, making you clench around his fingers.
“wanna cum,” you open your eyes and look at him while removing the hand from your mouth, your lips almost touching his. he swallows at the sight of you so fucked out from just his fingers. “let me cum, make me cum. please.”
he nods his head quickly, “anything for my pretty girl, anything.” he kisses your temple as you face the direction of your book again, nowhere near focused on it. he hears the soft whimper you make when he picks up his pace more, curling his fingers and making sure to rut his palm against your throbbing clit. it feels so good, he knows exactly what to do. and you find yourself becoming achingly close to your release, one of your hands reaching down to grab onto his thigh. your nails dig into his skin, and he watches with awe, admiring you like you’re the most beautiful creature to exist on earth. and he thinks you are. he imagines your nails digging into his arms and back as he makes you cum on his cock, but that’ll be for another time.
“i’m so.. close,” you whisper, your eyes squinting shut as your hips twitch.
“cum for me,” he urges you, “cum around my fingers, princess. right in this library where anyone can see.”
you shudder, your body seeming to comply to his words. your nails press into his skin so harshly, he’s almost afraid you’ll draw blood from his thigh. but he doesn’t care as he hears you utter out a soft whimper of his name, cumming right around his fingers and completely falling apart. he sees as you struggle to keep quiet, opting to rest your head on his shoulder while you nuzzle your face into his neck. he can hear your little whines so clearly and feel your breath there. it makes him swell with pride that you’re in this state all because of him. he works you through your pleasant high until your tugging at his hand and pulling it out of your pants.
“fuck,” you sigh, buttoning and zipping up your pants as quick as you can. “i hate that you just did that.” your tone is so harsh but it doesn’t effect him in the slightly. he just pops his fingers in his mouth, tasting your sweetness.
he hums as he releases his fingers, “you taste so good.”
you hush him, hitting him lightly on the shoulder and looking away from him. you look at your abandoned book that you dropped on the table while in the middle of getting absolutely finger fucked by your ‘best friend’. you huff, still unsure if you even considered him as a friend after everything. you hated him, but you didn’t. it made you almost uneasy, but you try your best to hide it as you look back at the boy next to you. he runs a hand through his hair, looking at you curiously.
“i have classes,” you state simply, gathering your books and placing everything in your bag. he watches you with a raised eyebrow.
“that’s it?” he asks.
you furrow your eyebrows, “i have classes. i’m not skipping them.”
“i’m so hard right now, though.” he whines a little too loudly.
your eyes go wide, placing a hand over his mouth, “god, shut up!” you hurriedly whisper, “take care of it yourself, i didn’t ask you to finger me.”
“you loved it, though.” he smiles cheekily again as you remove your hand from his face.
you roll your eyes, “bye, donghyuck.”
he watches as you walk out, his cock hard and his heart suddenly feeling empty. a part of him wanted more than that. not just sex-wise, but he wanted you completely and wholly. he sits back in his seat, sighing to himself. he really wasn’t sure how else to exert his feelings towards you other than this.
he really fucked himself this time.
Tumblr media
your eyelids were heavy, and your head was pounding. you were inevitably tired, completely exhausted. walking out of your last class of the day, you’re greeted with a bright smile and gleaming eyes from the man himself, lee donghyuck. over the course of the month, the two of you starting hanging around each other more and more. but it was never casual, always leading to something ‘more’. you assumed this was what others called friends with benefits, but you were still on the fence of calling him your friend. you really shouldn’t feel that way, but you couldn’t help it. you guessed for now, donghyuck was just someone you were fucking around with. you haven’t had actual sex yet, but you assumed it would come sooner or later. the thought crossed your mind several times, but it never came up with him. you weren’t complaining too much, though. he could eat pussy like a god and finger you well enough, and you didn’t mind sucking him off and giving him handjobs.
donghyuck, on other hand, was internally struggling and you had no idea. he was slowly dying on the inside. donghyuck wanted more out of you, but he had no way of asking properly. he had no way of addressing anything to you. he always had a hard time putting his feelings on the line, especially when it came to you. the both of you were never really like that. it was always a simple exchange, never being too intense or filled with too much emotion. he saw you as distant, or simply in another world in your own head. he wanted to be apart of your world. he wanted to be your world. but he had no idea how to be. and you’ll probably never know that.
“how was class?” donghyuck nods at you, greeting you easily like he wasn’t freaking out inside. you don’t notice any different.
“fine.” you sigh out, eyes tiredly gazing at him. he seems the way you barely keep them open, pouting at you.
“you didn’t get enough sleep, did you?” he sounds concerned, but you brush it off.
“no,” you pause for a second, adjusting the strap of your bag so it’s over your shoulder with more ease, “i was up studying most the night. time got away from me so easily.” you sounded so exhausted, he was almost worried. oh hell, he was worried. he knew he was worried for you.
“wanna cuddle and sleep?” he raises an eyebrow at you, the question sound too inviting to you.
you look at him curiously, before slowly nodding your head, “i’m so tired.”
hyuck grins from ear to ear at you agreeing, “my place or yours?”
“yours,” you answer quickly, “my neighbors suck, i barely sleep there.” you grumbled with a sour expression, and he chuckles at your cute tone.
“that sucks,” he says, walking along your side as you both make it to his car. he opens the door for you, just like he did this morning. donghyuck was now giving you rides to and from college, being way too doting but you don’t complain or make objections. he was grateful for it, and so were you.
as he situates himself in the car after helping you in, he drives away with ease. you watch as he becomes focused on the road, his occasional furrowed eyebrows as he silently becomes angered by the drivers around him. it was actually quite endearing, and you liked watching him so closely. you assumed he didn’t notice or mind, but in reality he was way too aware of your eyes. they were burning into his skin and a part of him loved it way too much, and the other part wished you would look away from him. he could feel his neck and ears starting to get hot, but he tries to brush off the feeling of your eyes on him. he sighs when he finally reaches his apartment complex, looking over at you as he parks the car.
“let’s get you rested,” hyuck smiles brightly at you, and you notice a soft dust of pink across his cheeks but you don’t say anything.
“can’t wait,” you yawn, stretching out your arms as donghyuck makes his way out the car and to your door. he holds his hand out for you to take, and you look at him gratefully. his palm feels so warm in your own as you take it in your own, feeling just how soft it really was. his slender fingers wrap around your hand, and you feel almost flustered. when he lets go of your hand, you almost want him to keep holding onto you. you shake off the feeling immediately.
walking to his apartment was quiet, but for once it was comfortable. it wasn’t a suffocating silence like most times between the two of you nowadays. it felt nice being able to be around him like this for the first time in awhile. when you make it to his door, he opens it for you and waits for you to walk in first, holding his arms out in gesture for you to walk in. he has a bright smile on his face, like usual. you start to find it more and more charming as the days go by, and that develops a fear inside you. you wouldn’t be able to handle loving him. the thought alone made you more cautious and more anxious.
“do you want some of my clothes?” donghyuck closes his front door, taking off his shoes with you as the two of you make it to his bedroom. you place your bag next to the bedroom door, another yawn escaping you.
you nod your head, “please?” you ask cutely, and he lowly chuckles.
“anything for you,” he smiles, handing you some of his clothes. you take them with a warm smile of your own, and he feels his heart start to flutter. when you start to strip in front of him, he raises an eyebrow as he watches you with a close eye. “right here?”
you roll your eyes, “it’s not something new for you to see, donghyuck.”
hyuck simply smirks to himself, watching you as you change. when you slip his shirt over your head, he finds it quite endearing. you look pretty in his clothes, and he decides he’ll offer you his clothes more often just to see you wear them. you don’t wear pants, simply slipping your own off and leaving you in panties and his shirt. he admires you like you’re a work of art, and he believes that you are. he moves closer to you, wrapping his arms around your body. you jump slightly, feeling his chest pressing into your back. when he starts to press soft kisses along your neck and up your jaw, you ease into his hold. he feels you slump into his chest, and watches as your eyes flutter close.
“too tired,” you groggily answer, and he laughs against your skin, making a shiver run down your spine.
“i’m not expecting anything,” he mutters, the vibrations traveling through your body, “i just wanted to kiss you.”
you hum, resting your head against his shoulder as you look over at him. he was incredibly close, you could feel his breath fanning your face. he looks at your lips, making you unconciously lick them. his own quirk into a small smile, before leaning over to press a soft kiss to your lips. this kiss feels so different, and it sends your mind swirling. there wasn’t a hidden intention, and his hands were soothingly rubbing your sides. his lips were so soft against your own, slowly kissing one another. it feels unfamiliar coming from him, but you were too tired to really do anything or think too much about it. it feels... good. you discover that you like kissing him like this. your mind feels floaty by the time the two of you part, looking into one another’s eyes as he rests his forehead against your own. he looks so pretty up close like that, and he can say the exact same for you.
“let’s get some rest,” he whispers, slowly pulling apart from you. you subconciously follow after him, your body suddenly drawn to him like a magnet and needing to be near him. when he lays down, he opens the covers for you to slot yourself next to him. you ease into him so easily, and it feels more comfortable than normal. it feels less out of the ordinary, and more like...home. resting in his arms, felt like a certain different type of home. the kind you never wanted to leave. but you don’t struggle against him, and you don’t try to escape that feeling for the time being.
donghyuck may have always been home to you.
Tumblr media
“i don’t get it,” you huff, eyebrows furrowing in the direction of the boy in front of you. he looks at you with nervous eyes, scanning your face and trying to read the room. he had no idea what you were thinking right now, and that terrified him. “i really just don’t get you. at all, donghyuck.”
hyuck lets out a breath of air, and he’s starting to feel the same way that you do. he didn’t exactly understand himself either. he was never sure where his feelings sparked up, or how they developed. the two of you sat together on his couch, in the middle of kissing before donghyuck abruptly pulled apart from you with wavering eyes. you tried to ask him what was wrong, but he just shook his head. you wanted to know what was wrong, but you knew he most likely wouldn’t say. you never opened up, so you didn’t expect him to either. the two of you were stuck in that cycle.
“sorry,” he mumbles, slowly shuffling away from you.
there’s a strong silence being created in the air as the minutes go by. you weren’t sure how to go from there. your mind was starting to flood with possibilities of the way your current relationship with donghyuck would go. you stare at his features, watching as his jaw starts to tighten under your gaze. his eyes fall onto his hands that are fiddling with the ends of his shorts, and he only lightly licks his lips. he can taste the excess of your chapstick, making him frown. it truly pained him, because he wished your kisses were out of love, and not out of lust.
“don’t be,” you say quietly, still inspecting him from your seat. he looks at you briefly with a small smile before looking away again. his eyes were almost empty, and it made you start to worry. “tell me what’s wrong.”
“nothing,” he tries to assure you with a smile again, looking you in the eyes again, but maintaining eye contact this time. you frown at him this time, knowing that’s not true. you didn’t want to force him into talking, but it bothered you that he was struggling and not saying anything to you.
you were completely unaware it was about you.
you didn’t know what to do. you felt like you were stuck, frozen in place. you ease into your spot on his couch, sitting criss cross next to him. donghyuck returns to his gaze on his lap, his fingers now intertwined with one another. he screwed up, he really screwed this up. if only he wasn’t so hesitant about everything that involved you, maybe he could ease up again. but he realized that would never be the case. for as long as you were around, he wasn’t going to be able to escape this feeling. everything about you seemed to drive him crazy. the way you would laugh, the way your chapstick stained his lips after kissing, the way you smelled like his own version of home. no matter what, he was convinced you would have always been a big part of his life. a huge part of him was grateful to have met you. he would never feel like he deserved you after everything, and a strong part of him felt sorry. he will never understand why you stayed for so long, but he truly wouldn’t be able to thank you enough.
donghyuck looks at you again, seeing how you sit patiently next to him. he then realizes that’s how it had always been. you waiting patiently for him while he figures his shit out. every single time, it had been you. his eyes well up suddenly while you sit, unaware of his current debate in his head. your eyes were scanning over your phone, scrolling through whatever app you were on. he admire the way the screen lights of your face, created a gleam in your eyes under the dim lighting of the room. you were beautiful like that, and he noticed the way you would scrunch your nose when you saw something you didn’t quite enjoy. he noticed the small twitch in your thumb as you pause to read something. he was noticing small details that you were probably unaware of. he found them endearing, all because they were you.
suddenly, hyuck slowly takes the phone out of your hand. you look at him with curious eyes as he turns it off, placing it on the coffee table and looking you deeply in the eyes. you feel your heart starting to pick up speed again. his stare was turning intense, making you want to scoot away from him almost, but you don’t. you stay put as he tries to figure out just what he wants to do. and donghyuck feels his own heart thumping against his chest. you would always be patient with him, he realizes.
“you mean the world to me.” it’s so abrupt, and you open your mouth slightly in shock as your eyes go wide. “i’ve discovered so much these past few months. and it’s not just because we created some kind of friends with benefits thing here, but i realized this was coming for a long time now.” his eyes never leave yours. “you’re always there. you’re always in the back of my mind no matter what. you’re the only person who has stuck by me through everything. you’re the only one who makes me feel this way, the only one who makes me question everything. you’ve made such a huge impact on my life, believe it or not. and i believe you will always be a huge part of me.” hyuck lightly grasps your hands in his, and you feel your body freeze in place, “i will never be able to get you out of my mind, because you are my home, i’ve discovered. you will always be home.”
time stands still. everything stands still. not much else mattered in that moment other than hyuck. he was staring you down, and you realize he was probably waiting on a reply. but you had no idea what to say after that. what were you supposed to say? you look him in the eyes, seeing the world in his honey brown eyes. donghyuck was in no way always good to you, you know this. your dynamic was actually quite toxic at some point. neither of you knew how to outwardly put your emotions on the line. but as you look at him in that very moment, you realize maybe hyuck was all you needed. you realized you would always end up caring for him, no matter what phases he goes through. and he knows this. he knows you will always be there, and he promises in his head that he will do the same for you now. you deserved that, at the very least.
you don’t say anything as you slowly lean forward to press a sweet kiss to his lips. he accepts you completely, the taste of your chapstick putting him under a spell. your hands leave his to trail along the nape of his neck, fingers lightly massaging his scalp in reassurance. he knows there probably wasn’t much you could have said in that moment, so he just kisses you back. he kisses you like he truly means it, and you can feel his emotions pouring out of him. his own hands grasp onto your hips, urging you to come forward onto his lap. the kiss remains slow and sweet, sending you into a frenzy. you weren’t used to kissing him like this, but you definitely weren’t complaining. it felt right. you knew this was right where you were supposed to be.
hyuck’s thumbs trace soothing circles into your hips as his hands lightly travel up under your shirt, but they don’t go anywhere. his hands are glued to the skin of your hips, sending a shiver down your spine when he lightly nips at your bottom lip. he smiles, before letting his tongue slip in your mouth. you let out a soft noise of approval, and he can’t seem to adore you any more than right now. he wishes he could stay like this forever.
when he pulls back, he sees the way your lips shine and your eyes glitter for him. he rests his forehead against yours after placing a soft kiss to your cheek, “i only need you.”
you softly smile, and he feels his stomach flip at the sight, “me too.”
he would not trade this, or you, for anything or anyone else.
Tumblr media
you gasp for air, your back arching up as donghyuck works his fingers inside of you at a fast pace, his kisses marking along your neck, “feel good, baby? you’re so wet.” he hums in your ear.
you let out a strangled sound, “fuck, feels good. so good.”
he adores seeing you fall apart for him like this. you’re displayed so deliciously for him on his bed, and he wants to devour you. he curls his fingers up as your hands start to claw up his arms, indicating you were becoming close. you weren’t entirely sure how you ended up like this with him, but you felt too good to really care. your relationship with donghyuck was still undefined, but the two of you still haven’t stopped whatever the hell this was. you didn’t exactly mind, the air was less tense between the two of you at least.
hyuck bites your neck softly, teasing you, “gonna cum, princess? all over my fingers?” the moan you let out sounds like heaven to his ears, but for some reason, he wants to watch you suffer. maybe he was a bit cruel, because next thing you know, he’s withdrawing his fingers from your sopping core. you squirm below him and try closing your thighs together, only to be stopped by his body hovering over you. you whine, eyes shimmering under the light.
“what the fuck?” you ask, out of breath and clearly annoyed, “let me cum, hyuck, please.” he adored your begging, almost as much as he adored the way you said his name.
“you want to cum?” he tilts his head as he licks his fingers clean, your arousal covering them. you huff, throwing a small fit in front of him. he chuckles lowly in his throat, enjoying this side of you. “how about cumming on my dick then, hm?”
you lick your lips before nodding your head, “please?”
the way you beg for him makes his ego sky-rocket, his head feeling like it’s floating. the two of you haven’t fucked before, but the idea of his cock inside of you made you eager. you wanted all of him, and you could tell by the way hyuck quickly takes off his underwear that he wanted you too. you smile to yourself as he reaches for a condom, but you catch his hand before he can start looking. he looks at you with curious eyes.
“i’m on the pill, and you’re clean, right?” you ask, and he licks his lips before nodding at you.
“yeah, of course.”
“then you can cum inside me,” you bite your lower lip, staring at him with bright eyes.
he curses under his breath, “fuck.” he returns back to completely hovering over you, “are you sure?” he softly kisses you, trailing his sweet kisses down your cheek and jaw to your neck.
you smile in thought, “always.” your arms circle around his neck, softly tugging at his slightly long hair. he looks at you with adoration, before reaching down and slowly pushing his cock inside you. he stretches you out, making you gasp as you feel every single inch of him. “oh, fuck.” you sound strained, making him stop with worried eyes. you laugh a bit, “keep going, hyuck. please.” you sounded so out of breath.
he kisses your neck again, hissing at just how wet and hot and tight you were around his cock, “shit.” one of his hands grip onto your hip tightly, the other beside your head and clutching onto the sheets. your own hands were in his hair, tugging at his strands. “so tight, baby. you’re so fucking tight and warm, so snug around my cock. you were made for me.” he huffs, licking along your jaw before sucking there.
you let out a pleased sound, wiggling your hips as he bottoms out, “move, please. wanna feel you, want you to fuck me.” one of your hands travel down to his back, lightly pressing your nails into his skin as he immediately follows your request. you can feel the drag of his cock inside you, and you can’t deny just how good he feels. “oh god, hyuck.” your nails press just a bit harder, not enough to cause alarm.
“so good, baby.” he praises you, his own breath is being swept right out of his lungs as he feels you clench around him, “you’re doing so good, feels so fucking good.” he lets out a groan, his hips moving at such a steady rhythm. and while you love it, you want more. you need more.
“more, faster.” you kiss his shoulder as he nuzzles his nose against your cheek, “please, go faster, hyuck.”
and he can’t seem to deny you, speeding up the thrust of his hips. you can feel his cock hitting right against your sweet spot, making you arch your back up and press your chest to his. you let out a whine of his name, telling him to keep right there. he quickens his pace again, this time with his cock pushing right against where you need him most. and it feels so fucking good, making you throw your head back against the pillow with your eyes shut. he admires you, seeing just how pretty you look losing yourself on his cock.
“such a good girl,” he hushes, hearing the small mewl you let out at the praise. he chuckles, sweat starting to form on his body as he keeps up the fast pace of his hips. you were so tight around him, he was going to start losing his mind soon. you were clenching around his dick so much, and he knows you don’t mean to but, fuck, it was driving him insane. “baby..”
your nails press into him harder as a response, “wh- what?”
hyuck licks his lips, “look at me.” he kisses you on the lips, “please?” when you slowly start to open your eyes, you immediately want to roll them back in your head out of pleasure. “there’s my pretty girl. always my good girl.”
you let out a strangled moan, “please, wanna cum.”
“already?” he starts to thrust harder into you, your heat tightening around his cock again. “fuck, so fucking greedy for my cock. you wanna cum all over me, hm? all over my cock? make a mess?”
you whine out, “please! oh god, please, hyuck. wanna cum on your cock.”
his dick twitches, but he’s not quite there yet, “can you wait? just a bit longer?”
you shake your head, “no, please..”
hyuck licks his lips as you squint your eyes shut again, tears starting to brim there. he takes sight of you, admiring what he sees. “just a bit.. longer, baby.”
you try as hard as you can to hold it, but you gasp out as hyuck presses his thumb against your clit, rubbing fast circles against the bud, “hyuck! fuck, i’m cumming, i’m gonna cum, oh fuck fuck fuck.” you thrash underneath him, feeling as your high takes over your body and you clench sporadically around him, making him slow his thrusts down just a bit.
you don’t seem to register he’s still thrusting into you before you his from being overstimulated, “you just couldn’t hold it, could you, baby?”
you shake your head, one of your hands clawing up his back as the other tugs desperately onto his hair. he loves seeing you like this, watching as your eyes open back up again with small tears in them. he licks his lips, leaning down to kiss you quickly before thrusting into you at his previous pace again as his thumb continues to rub your clit. you cry out, nails digging into him.
“o- oh fuck! hyuck please, please..” you weren’t sure what you were begging for, but you’ve never felt so damn good before.
“can you cum again then, princess? can my baby cum on my cock for the second time?” his words feel so dirty, but sound so good coming from him. “hm?” he waits for a response while he fucks you like he won’t get to for a long time.
“yes, fuck, yes. i can.” your mouth releases the prettiest sounds, going straight to his cock as it twitches inside of you. you can tell he’s close from the way his hips stutter against you, and his thumb presses harder into your clit. his thrusts were becoming desperate, making you whine. “wanna cum on your cock again, hyuck. wanna feel you cum inside me, fill me up.” you’re so sensitive, but you want nothing more than to make him cum.
“fuck,” he lets out a loud groan, “cum for me, then, pretty girl. let me fill this pretty pussy up with my cum. make you mine.”
one last thrust, and you’re coming undone around him for the second time. the way you claw at his back and practically shout his name out sets him off, feeling your tight walls grasp onto his cock. and it feels so good, so fucking good. his cum shoots inside of you, warm and full. you gasp out as hyuck bites down onto your shoulder with a groan, riding out both of your highs.
“my baby,” he kisses the spot he bit, soothing it with his tongue after. you smile at the gesture, kissing the spot behind his ear.
hyuck only pulls back after a few minutes of staying like that, watching as some of his cum falls out of you. he grins at you, making you playfully roll your eyes. he hurriedly gets a rag, making sure to clean you up well before tossing you one of his shirts while he places his underwear back on. he offers you a pair of panties with a raise of his eyebrows, and you gracefully accept it. you always kept some of your clothes here just in case, and you’re suddenly aware of how close that makes you and him.
he climbs in with you, placing a blanket over the two of you, “i really can’t get enough of you, i hope you know that.”
you smile at him, “i can’t get enough of you either.”
and you knew the both of you were telling the truth.
Tumblr media
the air was crisp, you could feel it in your lungs. your eyes travel towards the male beside you and see the small smile on his face as he feels your gaze. your hands stay intertwined together, like you were a sweet couple who couldn’t take being apart. the two of you walk hand in hand, and there’s nothing to fear in that moment. because you had him, and he had you. you lick your lips after some time, and hyuck turns his head to look at you.
“good?” he asks with a soft tilt to his head.
you nod back, “yeah, i’m good. you?”
he smiles at you, “with you? always.”
he turns his head to the path in front of him, still continuing to walk with your hand tightly in his. the two of you were walking back to his place from a local coffee shop. it feels surreal being around him like this, and not feeling a pang of hurt lingering there or a tinge of annoyance. it feels good, though. and you really could get used to this side of your relationship. you assumed he thought the same way from the small smile that wouldn’t leave his face ever since he first saw you this morning. you smile to yourself at the thought, and you feel hyuck start to swing your hands in the air. you giggle a bit, and he’s quick to place a kiss on the back of your hand with an endearing smile.
when you finally make it to his apartment building, the both of you walk in and head towards the elevator. you could feel the both of your palms starting to slightly sweat, but neither of you make a move to let go. as the two of you hear the ping to his floor, you make way to his door. he reluctantly pulls his hand away with a shy look, scuffling around to find his keys in his pockets. he unlocks the door, before pressing his back against it and making way for you to enter. you smile at him and place a kiss on his cheek as you walk in, the familiar scent and feeling of his apartment enveloping you in a warm hug. you welcome it, looking around.
“it always smells nice in here,” you state as he closes the door and locks it. he nods as he takes his shoes off, and you follow right after him to take your own off. “it smells like you.”
hyuck walks towards you with a pretty grin, “yeah?” his arms wrap around your waist, tugging you against him. your body fits perfectly against him, you decide.
“yeah,” you breathe, looking into his honey brown eyes. he was dreams and honey. you smile in thought, and he raises an eyebrow.
“what’re you think about?” he can’t help himself from kissing your own cheek, returning your earlier gesture when you walked in.
you accept him with open arms, your hands tangling in his long hair, “we really grew.” you pause as he waits for you to continue. you frown slightly, “i used to actually hate you.”
he nods, “i know.”
you figured he knew. you stand silently as you look into his eyes. you feel as if you can see the entire universe in them, and you decide then that maybe you didn’t hate him back then.
“no,” you start, and he looks at you with a curious look, “i think i just wanted to believe i hated you. it was easier than admitting that you hurt me back then.” you lean into him further, and you can feel his thumbs rubbing your back in soothing circles. “we both had a lot of faults.”
“i had the most,” he snorts.
you shake your head, “quit that. it doesn’t matter right now, does it?”
he stares at you and shakes his head back, “definitely not.”
“if i’m honest,” you talk in almost a hushed whisper, “i believe you’re all i want, all i need. always have been.”
he rests his forehead against yours and glances slowly across your features, capturing you in his mind forever, “i only need you and only want you, too.”
you smile to yourself, before leaning in and finally kissing him on the lips. you can still taste the soft tinge of coffee on his lips, and you find comfort in it as he kisses you softly, slowly. there’s no rush in the way he kisses you. his hands burn into your skin as they travel beneath your shirt, needing to feel your skin on his. you realize then that you would do anything for the man in front of you. you would travel the ends of the earth, if it meant having him like this for the rest of your life. he was your solace at the end of it all, and you knew that now. there was no more denying him, no more denying how you felt or where the both of you stood. there were no more lines in your relationship, there were no more barriers. i was just...this. it was just you, and him. and you were more than okay with that.
when he pulls away from the kiss with biting your lip, you huff out a breath of air. donghyuck decides that you are the most beautiful human to grace the earth. he felt like he was floating in heaven right now, his head swimming and his heart soaring. he watches as your eyes flutter open, and he can feel the heat in your skin as he trails his hands along your back in a comforting manner. it was his way of showing he cared, and you knew this. you could feel the soft drag of his nails in your back, making you smile a bit from the ticklish feeling. he smiles back, adoring the way you look right now.
there were so many ways you could have left him. so many opportunities. but as you stare him in the eyes, you know you made the right choice this time. there was no more being unsure, this was right. you knew this was right. you don’t regret this one bit.
donghyuck looks at you for a bit longer, before uttering out his nexts words, “i love you.” you can see the stars in his eyes, and if you’re honest, it felt like love. it was you and him, against the world.
“i love you, too.”
he grins before pulling you back in for another long kiss. the words were music to his ears, and he wished to repeat them to you for as long as he could live. the world went quiet for the time being, not a single thing distracting either of you from one another. it was like everything was falling into place, the beats starting to make sense again. you sigh into the kiss, feeling at ease in the arms of the honey eyed boy in front of you.
he pulls back slowly, “don’t worry,” his eyes sparkle a bit, “i’m right here.”
and you were convinced that was all you needed for now.
so may you find in each other what you came here for. and trust that this is love because it is (love is trust). and tangled lives you may lead but into each other, never apart, till you can’t distinguish between being and being together.
Tumblr media
a/n: please give this a lot of love! i worked really hard on this one, and it’s my longest fic i’ve written so far. i hope you all enjoy it! thank you so much for reading :)
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luvdsc · a year ago
not clickbait.
Tumblr media
one new notification: chenle’s video has been uploaded on nov. 23, 2020! 
do it for the views. do it for your fans. but most importantly, do it for the gigantic, secret crush you’ve been harboring on your best friend. which boy will you complete tiktok’s “today I tried to kiss my best friend” challenge with? oh, and make sure to like, comment, and subscribe, honey bees!
↳ a best friend & social influencer series featuring nct dream x reader oneshots.
Tumblr media
tap the heart if you have a big, fat, embarrassing crush on your best friend!
users :: lee mark x tiktoker!reader channel :: tiktoker au uploaded on :: july 23, 2020 at 6:00 p.m. pst description :: it’s funny how you’re one of the most popular tiktokers on the platform and yet, your best friend can barely navigate the internet (let’s not talk about how he accidentally ordered ten boxes of shin ramyun, instead of a single 10-pack on amazon). so when he asks you about tiktok challenges, what better way to explain it than to show him one firsthand?
Tumblr media
hey there, feelings, it’s me, ya boi. (wheeze)
users :: huang renjun x reader channel :: buzzfeed unsolved au uploading on :: tba. description :: your company wants to boost the views for dream unsolved. by some stroke of dumb luck, your stupid cameraman a.k.a. donghyuck’s idea of doing tiktok challenges at haunted places gets approved. you and renjun have to alternate in picking a random challenge out of the bag for each video. guess which challenge renjun pulls out (donghyuck swears it isn’t rigged).
Tumblr media
you’d give up marshal and raymond for him.
users :: youtuber!lee jeno x youtuber!reader channel :: youtuber au uploading on :: tba. description :: your best friend comes over to help you set up a twitch stream for animal crossing and ends up joining in. lounging in front of the screen, the two of you visit each other’s islands and answer incoming questions from both of your fans. however, one comment in particular catches your eye. it may have to do with a certain popular challenge, and well, you were never one to back down from a challenge.
Tumblr media
subscribe to see more content about two lovestruck idiots!
users :: lee donghyuck x youtuber!reader channel :: youtuber au uploaded on :: june 5, 2020 at 6:06 p.m. pst description :: after finally caving in and downloading the tiktok app, you go on a downward spiral of watching videos for four hours. from your incredibly productive use of time, you discover two very important things. one: you think donghyuck would look really hot as an e-boy. and two: there’s an interesting challenge that may or may not involve kissing and your best friend. 
Tumblr media
hey, siri, does bf stand for best friend or boyfriend? (or both?)
users :: youtuber!na jaemin x youtuber!reader channel :: youtuber au uploaded on :: august 12, 2020 at 9:38 p.m. pst description :: your subscribers have been wanting for you to do the boyfriend tag, but there’s only one problem. you’re single as heck. so cue your fellow youtuber and best friend. and as long as he’s already here, you might as well complete the number one most requested challenge from your fans, right? but wait, how is he getting every single one of these questions correct faster than you are? the questions are literally about yourself! the “stop falling for na jaemin” challenge? yeah, it’s a complete fail.
Tumblr media
fact! you’re secretly in love with your best friend, and so is he!
users :: zhong chenle x reader channel :: buzzfeed worth it au uploaded on :: november 23, 2020 at 2:22 p.m. pst description :: you and chenle are all about the gold flakes and truffles life, not that creepy, paranormal stuff renjun is always spewing conspiracy theories about. you’re looking to bring home high quality food, not a hitchhiking ghost.  now if only your cameraman, jisung, can actually do his job and record the video properly, instead of forcing you two to participate in another one of his tiktok videos.
Tumblr media
dancing is not on your list of interests, but park jisung definitely is.
users :: tiktoker!park jisung x reader channel :: tiktoker au uploading on :: tba. description :: as jisung’s best friend, you happily support his dancing from the sidelines or behind the camera. you definitely did not sign up to be in front of the lens, flailing around for some dance called the renegade (the first time you heard about it, you thought jisung was referencing that all time low song). unfortunately, this is what happens when you’re absolutely whipped for your best friend.
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waithyuck · 11 months ago
double dog dare
Tumblr media
pairing: lee donghyuck/haechan x reader (f)
genre: smut
word count: 12.1k
warnings: explicit sexual content, unprotected sex/cumming inside, fingering, mentions of alcohol consumption, mentions of past relations with na jaemin himself, kinda like a college au, explicit language, bff! renjun and bff! jeno, mark is also here, friends to lovers, some feelings and ig some angst idk
a/n: i wrote this bc I really just wanna,,,,,sit on hyuck’s’s been a long ass ride fellas and idk if I really like it that much but I hope you enjoy reading this fiasco
parties really weren’t your thing. renjun knew that, you obviously knew that...but here you were, situated in the kitchen of an obnoxiously large frat house, surrounded by people downing incredibly stupid amounts of alcohol and throwing themselves at each other. 
you weren’t a fan of alcohol either. sure, renjun had taken the liberty of pouring you a cup of something, and you trusted him enough to do so considering you’ve been friends since diapers, but you really didn’t want it. you took about two sips before deciding that yeah, you hated it and never wanted to taste whatever it was ever again, but ultimately decided to keep it in your grasp in case anyone tried to force another drink on you. 
you were in your own world, eyes flitting around the room of the kitchen, and eventually out to the living room through the doorway. your eyes settled on one person and one person only, your chest aching at the sight of him.
“yo y/n, I double dog dare you to go sit on hyuck’s lap,” renjun blurted, a red solo cup in his hand as he leaned toward you over the island counter. you turned your head toward him shot him an incredulous look, setting your own drink down as you faced him. 
“uhh, how old are we?” you questioned, baffled. “and also, i feel like I’d hurt him if I did that, so no.” 
renjun rolled his eyes, gesturing to hyuck who was seated on the couch in the other room, still visible to your wandering eyes as he chatted with mark about something probably useless. “I don’t care how old we are, you like him don’t you?” 
you felt your body grow hot in embarrassment and you picked up your drink to sip on it shyly, almost trying to hide yourself. you nodded slightly, barely even tipping your head as you silently replied to the boy in front of you. 
yeah sure, you’ve had a crush on donghyuck since high school, and it only grew when you realized you were both going to be attending the same university. a few of your mutual friends—like renjun and jeno, and also mark (who was a year older)—also were students at your university, making you all grow closer as the academic year progressed. admittedly, renjun and jeno were closer to you than they were to hyuck, but you existed in the same circles and that’s all that really mattered. 
you couldn’t blame yourself for liking donghyuck. he was the complete package; he had the dashing looks of a fuckboy, but the personality of a golden child. he was sweet and respectful, but also could be teasing and loud, giving him an appealing dynamic. you talked to him in high school a bit, since you were both friends with renjun at that point, but you never became close enough friends to hang out on your own time. he was sweet to you though, always cordial and making sure you felt involved no matter where your friend group found themselves. 
you yearned for him from afar, as always. 
speaking of having the looks of a fuckboy, donghyuck never truly acted like one. in all the time you’ve known him, you’ve seen him only in about two relationships. he was never one to sleep around with random girls and break their hearts, so that was another factor into why you liked him so much. 
“so?” renjun’s voice ripped you from your thoughts, causing you to jump a bit where you stood. “there’s no reason not to. plus, I bet he won’t even remember tomorrow if you did.” 
that didn’t ease your nerves. you didn’t want to take advantage of a boy who was under the influence of alcohol, even if it was as innocent as just sitting on his lap. you looked at renjun and then back at hyuck, the neon pink lighting reflecting off of his skin beautifully, painting him in the fluorescent color and making him look even more ethereal than he already was. his long, light brown hair framed his face well, a full grin blessing his features as he laughed at something mark said, his body bending forward on the couch as he curled into himself. your heart fluttered at the sound of his laughter, loud and boisterous, causing you to almost laugh along with him. 
you sighed.
“give me fifty bucks and i’ll do it.” you blurted out, not exactly thinking it through. you tore your eyes from hyuck to look renjun dead in the eye, holding your hand out in front of you with an open palm. he could probably see through your fake confidence, most likely catching how you bit your lip nervously and shook your leg as you stood across from him. 
renjun almost choked on his drink, sputtering a few times before collecting himself. 
“fifty bucks and you’ll do it? fucking deal, dude.” he exclaimed, pulling his wallet out from his pants pocket. “jeno! she’s gonna do it!” he shouted across the kitchen to the other boy, who turned around almost immediately, rushing over to the two of you. your eyes widened at the situation that just occurred, your mouth dropping open in shock.
“wait, you were in on i--” 
“how did you manage to convince her?” jeno cut you off, ignoring you while throwing an arm over your shoulders and pulling you to his side. you gave them both a dirty look, but they still didn’t pay you any mind.
“she said she’d do it for fifty dollars,” renjun replied, sliding the money across the counter toward you. you didn’t hesitate to grab it, quickly pocketing the cash before he could even attempt to take it back. jeno laughed, squeezing you even closer to him, if that was even possible.
“oooh, good girl, getting some money for it,” jeno commented, reaching up to squeeze your cheeks. you fought the feelings that crept up on you when you heard the pet name fall from his lips, seizing his hand and shoving it away from your face.
“I can’t believe you two,” you scoffed, rolling your eyes and stepping away from the counter. “you know what, I want fifty from jeno after I do this, just for collateral.” you slipped jeno’s arm off your shoulders, giving him a pointed look. 
“I’ll give you the money now, y/n’” he replied, pulling out his own wallet just to show you the cash. “but I want it back if hyuck ends up fucking you tonight.” he laughed as he watched your jaw drop at his words, your body feeling like it was submerged in molten lava. you punched his chest, murmuring out a small “asshole” before turning to nervously peer out at donghyuck for the millionth time that night. 
“how do you think he’s gonna react?” you mumbled, biting your already chipped nails. hyuck was still just minding his own business, his legs spread wide as he sat across from mark, almost like an open invitation for you to just go up to him and sit.
“well,” renjun started, leaning his elbows onto the countertop, sharing a quick look with jeno before his eyes returned to you, your own still entirely focused on the boy in the living room. “you’re a pretty girl and you’re gonna sit on his lap, so I think there's a good chance he’ll react pretty positively.” he paused for a moment, then continued, “plus, he knows you.”
jeno nodded along with him, patting your shoulder in reassurance. “yeah, and if things do happen to go south, we’ll swoop in and save your ass.” 
you turned around to face them both, your eyes overflowing with your very prominent hesitance. 
“can you save me from the crippling embarrassment though?” you questioned, your voice coming out sharp. “I mean, what if he just straight up shoves me to the floor?” 
they both smirked at this, obviously comprehending your words in a raunchier way. 
“I think I would consider that a win, if he wanted you on your knees so bad--”
you didn’t let jeno finish his sentence, winding up to start punching the ever-living shit out of him once again. 
“you know what I meant, dumbass!” you shouted, showing his chest and getting a few smacks in. he put his hands up in surrender, all while renjun was giggling in the background at his expense. 
“alright, alright, I’m sorry! jeez,” jeno backed up and fixed his shirt, shooting you a glare. 
“I think you’re overthinking it, y/n.” renjun butted in, drawing your attention away from the cowering boy in front of you. “just fucking do it.”
you let out the breath that you were acutely aware you were holding, wiping your sweaty palms along the fabric of your shirt as you straightened your posture.
“give me the damn money, jeno.” you blurted, fixing your clothes in the process. jeno pulled a fresh $50 bill from his wallet (most likely part of his latest allowance from his loaded parents) and held it close to his chest, not handing it over just yet.
“can I get a kiss first, princess?” he smirked, teasing and testing you once again. sometimes you wondered if this kid had a death wish. before you could speak, renjun let out a loud retching sound, pretending to barf as he bent forward at the waist.
“jesus jeno, knock it off,” he shuddered, looking at jeno in disgust. “kissing y/n is reserved for hyuck only, anyway.” 
jeno merely rolled his eyes, holding out the money between two fingers. you snatched it from him, glaring at him once again before stuffing the bill in your pocket along with the others. you chose to ignore renjun’s comment, willing yourself not to think about donghyuck’s lips on yours, soft and plush…
you shook your head, snapping yourself out of the lustful stupor before it could actually develop. you placed your hand over your chest, your racing heart ready to run right out of your body as you started walking toward the living room where donghyuck was seated. hearing the two boys behind you yell out a ‘good luck!’, you slowly strided through the doorway of the kitchen and into the room full of bustling young college students, none paying any mind to you.
time seemed to slow as you approached him; the way his body glowed in the pink light struck you in the gut once again, your heart fluttering on its own accord at the sight of him. he wore a red jacket over a white t-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans gracing his long legs as he lounged lazily. the fit was probably worth more than your entire life, but nonetheless you mustered up all the courage you could manage as you finally reached him. 
he didn’t see you at first; completely emerged in his conversation with mark. when your body finally cast a shadow over him, he finally looked up, his eyes sparkling as he recognized it was you. 
“y/n, hey!--oh,” donghyuck seemed happy to see you, but let out a small noise of surprise as you planted yourself on one of his thighs, swinging your legs around to lay over his lap comfortably. as you swung one of your arms around his shoulders, you felt his hands instinctively move to hold your hips, helping you steady yourself as you sat on him. 
“uh, are you alright?” he asked, not making any moves to remove you. he didn’t even seem uncomfortable with the prospect of you sitting in his lap, which eased your nerves just a bit.
you turned on your charm and confidence, ever the actress as you smiled at him sweetly. 
“yeah, i’m perfectly fine,” you said, looking him in the eyes, which proved to be difficult due to your giddy heart jumping in your chest. remembering that mark was present, you turned to face him, seated across from you and hyuck. you shot him a smile, “hey mark.” the boy in question in return gave you a small wave, a flirty smile gracing his own lips.
“damn y/n, you’re looking good tonight,” mark commented, licking his lips as he took in your figure seated on donghyuck’s lap, his eyes flitting down your body. “why don’t you come sit on my lap instead?” 
you were nervous at the way the older boy was looking at you, but ultimately knew it was just mark teasing you to get a reaction. even though you weren’t that close with mark, you knew how he liked to play. 
before you could shoot back a witty reply, you felt hyuck’s right hand leave your hip, his arm wrapping around your middle and pulling you closer to his body tightly. your eyes widened in shock, not expecting the action from him. 
“I think she’s fine where she is, right y/n?” hyuck glanced at mark and then at you, expecting an answer as your mind reeled at what he just  said. your hand went down to pat his own and you almost got caught up in the way his warm skin felt against your palm. 
“yeah…” you retorted dumbly, before snapping yourself out of your stupor. “uh, yeah! yeah, I’m fine where I am, sorry markie.” you tried to keep your confident composure, clearing your throat and tearing your eyes away from donghyuck’s entrancing chocolate ones. he smiled triumphantly, his left hand that still laid on your hip squeezing you in a gesture of subtle praise. 
mark hummed in response, taking a swig of whatever was in his cup before speaking once again. 
“talking like she’s yours, aren’t you hyuck?” he tested, quirking an eyebrow at the boy you were currently sat on. your heart felt like it was doing jumping jacks in your chest, and you could feel your fingers trembling as you softly gripped the jacket donghyuck was wearing. 
unfazed by mark’s teasing, hyuck only smiled. his confident demeanor remaining steady as he leaned forward to rest his head directly next to your own, his chin on your shoulder. 
“I think she’s made it pretty clear on who she belongs to tonight,” hyuck retorted evenly, smirking at the way you body froze in his hold. “she’s in my lap, is she not?” 
your body felt too hot, a claustrophobic air surrounding you as you felt your throat constrict, your tongue dry and heavy in your mouth. you looked toward the kitchen quickly, noticing that renjun and jeno had both disappeared from your view. 
assholes, you thought. they weren’t even there to actually save you if you needed them to. 
regaining your composure, you cleared your throat, gaining the attention of the two boys. turning on your attitude, you gave a playful glare to the both of them. 
“‘she’ is sitting right here and definitely does not appreciate all of this possessive talk,” you were lying through your teeth of course; the thought of hyuck calling you his own, even if just for tonight, was making your body heat up in ways that made you squirm. you looked at hyuck once more, taking in (and struggling to effectively ignore) how he smirked at you before his eyes trailed down to your lips. “if this keeps up I’m gonna get up and leave.” 
another lie. you were having fun teasing them amidst dying on the inside. maybe you should take up those acting classes renjun was suggesting…you were a damn natural. 
hyuck’s other hand left your hip in a split second, both of his arms now wrapping around your middle and hugging your body even closer to him, if that was even possible. his smirk changed into a pout, his lips pushing out in the cutest way. 
“nooo, y/n I was kiddingggg,” he whined, his personality changing in mere seconds. “you feel so nice sitting on me, I want you to stayyy,” 
you felt breathless; how could you resist this boy, your crush of three years, begging you to remain seated on his lap? you considered teasing him further, but definitely couldn’t fight the urge inside you to just give in and give him what he wanted. 
you lifted a hand to pinch his cheek, his sudden scowl from your action causing a small giggle to arise from your chest. again, forgetting mark’s presence, you focused solely on the boy who’s chin still rested upon your shoulder, his face extremely close to your own.
“how could I say no when you’re acting so cute?” you cooed, surprising yourself at the flirty tone in your voice. this was definitely a side of yourself that you’ve never even thought to weaponize, especially not at donghyuck. you wondered if he was as equally surprised at your flirtatious confidence as you were. 
“I gotta say, I’ve never seen you act like this, y/n,” mark chimed in, his presence still being around irritating you slightly. “did someone slip something in your drink?”
he was joking of course, lightening the mood but also implying that you came off as shy most of the time. 
you gawked at him, shimmying your hips in donghyuck’s lap to get more comfortable. you pretended not to hear the soft groan that he let out in your ear, instead focusing solely on mark in front of you.
“first of all, not funny,” you quipped, “people can actually get seriously hurt when they’re drugged,” you didn’t want to dampen the fun atmosphere, so you quickly added, “and second, am I not allowed to hang out with my friend at a party?”
mark just shook his head in reply, laughing and downing the rest of the contents in his cup. you once again shifted your hips, but didn’t get very far as hyuck’s hands suddenly moved to your hips again, his fingers digging into you roughly as he stilled your movements.
oh, you thought, your eyes widening a little at the feeling of his hands gripping you so tightly. he has a little issue forming…
you could feel it, but didnt let him know, afraid he was going to be embarrassed and push you away. instead, you wiggled once more despite his tight hold, squeezing an almost inaudible sound from within him. his nails dug into you through the material of your pants, making you internally squeal.
“yeah, you know what, y/n?” hyuck suddenly said, his voice strained slightly as he spoke. “why don’t we go somewhere else to catch up? I can barely hear you in here.”
you didn’t know how to react; was your crush really asking you to go somewhere alone with him? did he actually have a growing hard-on because of you? if things went the way you were hoping they were going to go, you would kiss renjun right on the mouth in thanks.
for sure, you knew he was making up a lie just to get the two of you away from mark, and of course you were going to go along with it.
“I’m kinda tired,” you managed to yawn on command, stretching your arms up to further the effect of your words. “I think I should just go home.” 
“I’ll take you.” hyuck didn’t hesitate to offer, shifting to stand up with you still placed on his lap. his movements startled you for a second, but you managed to stand and steady yourself with a little help from his hands on your waist.
“wait, haven’t you been drinking?” you asked, pointing to the cup he had discarded on the coffee table. he smiled but shook his head no, picking up the cup and showing you the contents. 
“it’s just water, baby,” he replied, even encouraging you to smell the liquid just to further prove it wasn’t alcohol. you nodded, silently screaming at the way he so nonchalantly called you ‘baby’. 
“what about renjun and jeno?” you whispered to him, eyes darting around to see if you could find them. hyuck simply shrugged, telling you to just send them a text to let them know you’re okay and heading home. 
your eyes flitted to mark, and you gave him a small wave before donghyuck took your hand in his own, effectively dragging you away and out the front door. It didn’t take the both of you very long to get to his car, and you didn’t speak a word as you climbed in the passenger seat.
after shooting renjun a quick text, you put your phone on do not disturb and squeezed it into the back pocket of your pants, turning your attention to the boy who occupied the driver's seat beside you. you purposely left out that you were leaving with donghyuck in the message, but you figured that renjun would probably notice the two of you both absent from the house soon enough. 
hyuck started the engine and quickly put on music from his own playlist, the soft sound of rendezvous at two’s music playing through the speakers. you let out a small snort.
“rendezvous at two, huh?” you questioned, finally realizing you needed to put your seatbelt on and quickly moving to do so. “interesting.”
“what’s so interesting about it?” he shot back, smiling as he began driving down the road, his eyes flicking to you for a second before focusing back in front of him. 
you shrugged your shoulders in response, not really sure what to say. you didn’t want to flat out say it was ‘horny music’ but, to be was. you decided on keeping your mouth shut.
he quickly asked you for your address and you told him, but after that silence befell on the both of you, the music and the purr of the car engine the only sounds to be heard.
the drive wasn’t a long one, only about ten minutes down the road from the frat house. it was mostly silent; the only thing keeping you from staring at him was the beautiful view of the lake outside your window, the stars making the water sparkle along with the light of the full moon. 
when he pulled into the parking lot of your apartment complex, he parked in the very back, the shadows of the trees hiding his car from view. he didn’t shut the car off, but you both still sat there letting the soft music keep you entranced. 
“it was really nice seeing you tonight, y/n.” he finally spoke, turning to look at you across the small space of the car. your cheeks felt hot, but you smiled at him nonetheless. 
“yeah, I’m glad I got to see you, too,” you were shy now; a completely contrast to the way you were acting back at the party. you almost forgot about how you gave him a boner...the thought never really slipping your mind completely. 
no other words were spoken after that; the two of you just breathing softly and staring at each other in the darkness of the car. he slowly leaned forward over the center console, and you heart began palpitating as he grew closer, his lips finally touching yours as your eyes fluttered closed. 
it started off slow, innocent. his lips were as soft as you imagined, encasing your own as you both felt each other like this the first time. 
it quickly grew desperate, his tongue making its way into your mouth and battling with your own playfully, earning a squeak from you in response. 
“get over here,” he demanded, pulling back from your lips to help you over the console and into his lap for the second time that night. you whined at the loss of his mouth on yours, but weren’t complaining at the feeling of his crotch against your own. 
once seated in his lap you attached your lips once again, hungrily and greedily kissing him until you both were breathless. his hands traveled down to you ass, smoothing over each cheek as he trailed down to feel up your thighs. 
your back was scarily close to the steering wheel; one abrupt movement would cause the horn to sound off and draw attention to the two of you in the shadows of the quiet parking lot. he must have read your thoughts, because without even having to stop kissing you he reached down and pulled a lever, effectively moving the seat back to give you more room to wiggle about. 
you made out for a few minutes more, your hands running through his hair and occasionally tugging on it. your hips were grinding into his, small moans leaving the both of you at the feeling of the friction.
he abruptly pulled back, his hands moving to your waist and gripping you tightly. his eyes were dark and glossed over in the dull light, and you could just barely make out the redness of his swollen lips as he stared at you.
“turn around.” he said, no room for questions as he was already trying to move your body. you were confused at first, but once you turned around (you struggled for a good minute before actually achieving it), you knew almost immediately what he wanted to do. 
your back laid against his chest and your head was on his shoulder, your face in his neck as he quickly unbuttoned your pants and slid them down to your knees. you heard your phone clatter to the floor, but paid it no mind as he smoothed a hand up your shirt and back down over your stomach almost in a comforting way before his hand dove into your underwear. 
his fingers immediately found your clit, which not only astonished you, but also made you jolt at the sudden pleasure you were feeling. you tried to bite back a whimper but ultimately couldn’t fight it as it escaped your throat embarrassingly. 
the streetlight flickered off in the distance, almost to the same tempo as your frantically beating heart. you tried to use it as a distraction, to keep yourself grounded as he ran his fingers through your wetness lewdly. 
rendezvous at two played through the speakers, loud enough for you to recognize that the song being played was ‘play with me’. the song only heightened your pleasure, the melody entrancing your mind as you felt the first prod of his fingers at your entrance. 
you breathy moans didn’t cease as he eased them inside of you, immediately curling to spark a reaction from you. you squeaked and gripped his arm for support, you lips brushing against the skin of his neck every time you let out a broken moan. 
“you sound so fucking pretty, baby,” he groaned, building a rhythm as he fucked his fingers inside you faster, his other hand finding it’s way into your underwear to punish your clit. 
you practically screamed at the added pleasure, your legs squirming as best they could in the small space in front of you. your knee hit the bottom of the steering wheel, but you didn’t care; all you were focused on was the building climax forming in the pit of your stomach. 
all of your muscles were pulled tight, and at any moment the chord would snap inside of you and you would cum. any minute now…
“are you gonna cum, sweetheart?” he asked, his voice breathless as he relentlessly worked you with his long  fingers. 
all you could do was nod desperately in response, your breath seizing as your toes curled in your shoes, a telltale sign that you were on the very edge. 
all it took was a small kiss on your forehead, mixed with the sensations on your lower half, for you to let go. you tried to muffle the sounds of your pleasure in the crook of his neck, but ultimately failed as your mind went blank and let out the noises against your will. 
he held you as you came, his fingers still slowly pumping into you to help you ride out the high. he stopped his assault on your clit, using his now free hand to soothe your shaking body. 
you had never cum like that. the earth shattering pleasure was a new feeling for you, and your body had a difficult time processing it all. 
you saw the hand he was using to please you reach up to meet his mouth, and you heard the telltale signs of him sucking your juices clean off his fingers. you couldn't really see it through your hazy eyes, but you shuddered pleasantly at the thought of it. 
after a minute of resting, you were able to pick your head up from his neck. you struggled to pull your pants back up to cover yourself, and donghyuck helped the best he could to situate you back in the passenger seat, chuckling softly at the sight of your visibly trembling thighs. 
he reached down to pick up your phone from the floor, handing it to you. you took it gently and breathed for a second before your eyes trailed to his own crotch. even in the dim light you could see the outline of his hard cock straining against his jeans. 
“let me…” you tentatively started, leaning over the middle console. “let me make you feel good too,” you peered up at him, his eyes finding yours for a split second before he got to work undoing his belt. 
his hands worked quickly to unbutton and pull the zipper down on his jeans, and he pulled the fabric down to his knees to the best of his ability in the cramped space. he pulled his boxers down with his pants, exposing his very hard cock to your prying eyes.
you leaned forward further over the console, resting your ribs down as you faced his dick straight on, your mouth already hovering over the tip. you felt the console press into your rib cage, resulting in a small aching sensation, but you paid it little mind as you wrapped one hand around the base of him. 
you held yourself up with one hand pressed against the bottom of his seat, propping your body up just enough so that you could tease his head with your tongue. 
you knew what you were doing in this case. just because you didn’t get much action didn’t mean that you were completely clueless.
long story short, you’ve given a few blowjobs in your day.
your hand moved up and down the shaft, the combined sensation of your tongue and grip causing a deep moan to escape from the depths of his chest, causing your legs to squeeze together despite your recent orgasm. 
you finally took him completely into you mouth, forcing yourself down as far as you could go. you felt his tip in your throat and you reflexively swallowed, causing him to almost outright scream at the sensation. 
his hand went to hold the back of your head, caressing it gently as he started guiding you up and down, his vocality spurring you on even further. you picked up the pace, your head moving quickly now as you ran your tongue along the underside of his shaft. 
your ribs were aching being pressed against the hard material of the console, but you tried your best to ignore it, only paying attention to the pretty sounds falling from donghyuck’s lips. in one swift movement, you took him all the way down to the base, your nose brushing against his skin as his cock filled up your flexing throat. 
he didn’t hold back then.
he started fucking into your mouth, both hands on your head as he quickly jutted his hips in and out of your throat. you didn’t complain, the tears and spit adorning your face only adding to the mess that was already present. you gagged around him, making unattractive noises, but in the end didn’t care as you could tell he was extremely close to his end. 
you did your best to breathe through your nose, and with one last move you went to play with his neglected balls, earning a strained grunt from him as he finally came. 
his hot cum immediately shot down your throat, and you welcomed it, knowing that this was the only way to avoid messing up his car. you swallowed it all, proud of yourself for being able to achieve that. 
you pulled your mouth off of him and sat back into your own seat, tenderly rubbing your ribs to rid yourself of the ache. 
he looked so beautiful now; his hair was a mess in his face and his breathing was ragged as he sat there, his lips parted ethereally as he panted. 
he didn’t have long to rest in the bliss of the afterglow, his phone blaring as he started receiving several text messages in a row. he grabbed his phone with one hand while he tucked himself back into his boxers with the other, unlocking his phone to read the messages on the screen. 
you wiped your mouth with the back of your hand, wiping away any spit or cum that may have gotten on your face in the heat of the ordeal. you checked to make sure your pants were buttoned while he was preoccupied with whoever he was texting. 
“is everything alright?” you asked, noticing how his brow was furrowed in the dim glow of the phone screen. he nodded, typing out a short reply before locking his phone again. 
he shimmed his pants back up over his hips the best he could in the small space, re-buckling his belt and making sure his button and zipper were all closed before turning to look at you once more. 
“it’s just jaemin. he’s shitfaced right now,” he said, running a hand through his hair. “I gotta go pick him up.” 
your eyes widened at the name, your heartbeat picking up a little as your brain worked to figure out exactly which jaemin he was referring to. 
“n-na jaemin..?” you hesitantly inquired, looking down at your lap and picking at your nails. when you didn’t get a response right away you looked up at him, a smirk on his lips as he watched you. 
“yeah,” he replied, relaxed in the driver's seat. “why?”
truth be told, na jaemin was the boy that took your virginity a couple months back. at the time, you weren’t aware that he was in the same frat as hyuck, nor did you know that they were friends. 
jaemin was a sweet and charming boy that you met at the start of your college career. he was a sweet talker, and eventually you ended up trusting him enough to sleep with him. he was very considerate and didn’t even act like he was a fratboy; taking care of you first and himself after. even though he was a sweet and giving lover, you couldn’t deny the fact that you weren’t interested in him romantically. 
you and jaemin weren’t on bad terms per say, but you avoided him at all costs the first couple weeks after having sex with him. it was a shitty thing to do on your part and you admit that but jaemin didn’t seemed fazed, but eventually told you that there was no reason to be embarrassed or to avoid him. after explaining how you felt about it all, he reassured you that he didn’t expect anything out of you and you were grateful for that. 
however, you weren’t prepared to tell hyuck that you had sex with jaemin after everything that just happened between the two of you tonight. 
“oh, uh, no reason,” you quickly stuttered, averting his gaze. “I think I had a class with him or something.” 
that wasn’t a total lie; you did have stat with jaemin in the first semester, so you used that to cover your tracks. 
hyuck hummed in response and you could still feel his eyes on you still, but you ignored it. clearing your throat, you placed your hand on the door handle and moved your body to get out. 
“uhm,” you breathed, hesitating for a second. “thanks, I guess. I’ll see you around, hyuck.” 
“see you,” he mumbled back, a small smile on his lips. “goodnight, y/n.” 
you nodded and bid him the same before crawling out of his car, making your way up to your apartment.  you immediately collapsed on your bed, face buried in your pillow as you screamed, your brain still trying to process what the actual fuck just happened.
“you WHAT?” jeno yelled, grabbing your face in his hands while looking at you like a proud mother. “I can’t believe this, you actually sucked that man’s dick!” 
you shushed him aggressively, throwing his hands off of you and punching his shoulder. 
“will you shut the fuck up?” you said lowly, glaring at him. “I don’t want the whole goddamn campus knowing what I did this weekend, thanks.” 
okay yeah, you ignored both jeno and renjun’s attempts at asking you what happened at the party all weekend. to be fair, you were still trying to recover from the events and really didn’t feel like speaking to anyone about it, but the inevitable always prevails and here you were having to explain everything in the early hours of the morning. 
“but I’m so proud of you! renjun, help me out here,” jeno turned to renjun, who was sitting across from you both at the other side of the picnic table. 
he was fully immersed in a book he was reading, humming in response to jeno before picking his head up and actually speaking. 
“yeah we’re proud of you y/n, getting some or whatever,” he mumbled, fixing his glasses on his face. renjun blinked at the two of you as you watched him in silence, sniffling before returning to his book. 
jeno turned back to you, placing a hand on your head and letting you like a dog, much to your dismay. 
“now you just have to fuck him.” 
you grumbled at his statement, rolling your eyes. you didn’t want to just fuck him; you wanted to love him and care for him. you weren’t the type to just fuck around, especially not when it came to donghyuck. 
okay yeah, jaemin may have been the ONE exception, but even then it wasn’t like you were just fucking a random person. at least you knew jaemin. 
“I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” you retorted, pulling out your phone to check for any notifications. “I haven’t heard from him since Friday night.” 
it was now tuesday morning, and you had to drag your ass to an 8 a.m. lecture after the long weekend. honestly speaking, you were kinda expecting hyuck to actually reach out to you. it was a silly thing to think, looking back. he had his own priorities to worry about, and you were definitely not one of them. 
“I mean,” you continued, biting your lip. “I kinda feel guilty. everything happened because of that dumb dare.” you furrowed your brow, getting upset at the idea of hyuck finding out and being angry with you about the whole ordeal. 
you saw renjun’s head pop up once again in your peripheral vision, causing your attention to fall onto him. 
“there was free-will involved, y/n,” he stated, closing his book after placing a bookmark to keep his spot. “no one forced you to do it. sure, we gave you money, but at the end of the day it was your choice,” renjun looked you in the eyes as he spoke, his glasses falling down his nose. “don’t feel guilty. I don’t think hyuck will even care if he finds out that it was a dare to get you to sit on his lap.”
“he seemed to enjoy himself anyway, from what you’ve told us,” jeno butted in, snickering softly. 
mulling it over, you nodded. they did have a point; you didn’t solely do it just because it was a dare, you did it because deep inside yourself you knew you wanted to. you wanted his attention, and you definitely got more of it then you bargained for. 
“I guess you’re right…” you trailed off, biting your lip as you looked around the green field of your university's campus, taking in how crowded it was so early in the morning. one thought still nagged at your mind, however, cashing your anxiety to spike once again. 
“ you guys think I should tell him about jaemin…?”
silence befell the table and you felt their eyes staring at you, making your skin crawl at the attention. 
“why would you need to tell him about that?” renjun inquired, his voice sounding soft in your ears. 
“well uh,” you licked your lips to wet them, suddenly feeling like you needed a whole tube of chapstick. “they’re friends, hyuck left to go pick him up that night.” 
the two boys both let out a small set of soft “oh”’s before going silent once again. 
“I think,” renjun spoke up, pausing for a second to think over the words he wanted to say. “I think that you should do whatever you feel is right.” 
you groaned at this, the vague statement not helping you in the slightest. renjun was quick to defend himself, making his voice heard immediately after hearing your grumbles. 
“I honestly think you should just confess to him, seriously!” he shouted, grabbing your attention easily. “and in the confession, you should just put everything out there. I don’t think he’ll be mad about anything, truly.” he licked his lips, blinking once before continuing. “hyuck really isn’t the type of guy to get angry about things like that, you of all people should know...considering you’ve been watching his every move for years.”
your eyes widened at the last statement, and jeno had to hold you back before you launched yourself across the table to beat the shit out of renjun. 
“don’t make me sound like such a creep, junnie!” you whined, wrestling yourself out of jeno’s hold before fixing your wrinkled clothes. 
renjun sighed before picking up the book in front of him, looking into your eyes sincerely as he stood up from the bench he was seated on. 
“just think about what I said, alright?” was the only thing he said before walking off, leaving you alone with jeno to think about your course of action. you nodded to yourself, trying to get your thoughts in order so you could figure out exactly what the fuck you were going to do.
two days later, you and jeno walked into the library, the weather outside breezy as you threw open the doors and ran inside. you giggled loudly to each other, stumbling and not even caring that other students were glaring in your direction. 
you came to study, but knowing how jeno liked to work, you most likely would end up goofing off the entire time, which was seriously counterproductive. 
the two of you made your way up the second level, hoping that there were less people so that you wouldn’t disturb them while they studied. jeno was a clown and there was no controlling him once he started messing about. 
“so,” he began, walking side by side with you up the stairs. “have you thought any further about what you’re gonna do regarding the hyuck situation?”
your eyes widened at the question, your steps faltering slightly as you reached the second floor. 
“what do you mean?” you shot back, trying to keep your voice down as you made your way to a table. jeno scoffed and rolled his eyes at you.
“don’t play dumb. are you gonna tell him that you slept with jaemin?” jeno’s voice was incredibly way too loud for the library setting, and your eyes practically bulged out of your head when his words registered in your brain. 
your first instinct was to hit him, but you stopped short when you noticed another person was currently sharing the small space with you. 
oh god. 
it was donghyuck. 
“you slept with jaemin?” hyuck questioned, the sound his voice after two weeks of not talking to you making you jump in surprise. 
you hadn’t know he was there; hiding in the corner of the room with a textbook in hand, his hair fluffy and slightly messy as he looked at you inquisitively. jeno stood silently at your side, not making any moves to save you from hyuck’s gaze or question. 
“uhm,” you breathed, a soft sound escaping your nose. “y-yeah in,” you coughed, rubbing your eyes as if trying to rid yourself of the stress you felt underneath them. “a long time ago.” 
it was may now, the end of the semester quickly approaching in the next week. finals consumed everyone, and hyuck wasn’t an exception. 
“oh,” he commented back, tearing his eyes from you to look back at the book in his hands. “he never mentioned it.” 
you hummed in response, wanting to actually turn to dust and escape this horribly awkward moment. you didn’t know what came over you, but suddenly a surge of confidence ran through you, albeit a little weak, but still there nonetheless. 
“are you…” you started, shocking yourself and jeno beside you, his facial expression visible in your periphery. “are you mad about it?” 
donghyuck looked at you once again, making your confidence completely disappear to be replaced with embarrassment yet again. his eyes were dark as they bore into yours, almost like he was looking through you and into your very soul. you felt as if you were in a trance; like he was hypnotizing you with his stare. 
“honestly?” he broke the silence, “I’m not mad, a little jealous though, maybe.” he said it so nonchalantly that it took you aback, your knees trembling a bit causing you to step into jeno. a small smirk crept into his face for a mere second, before it disappeared. “I know you’re not doing anything with him now, considering he has an...arrangement with someone else.” 
“o-oh,” you squeaked, your mouth slightly agape as he continued to speak. “yeah, we d-don’t uh, we don’t talk really anymore.” 
hyuck smiled at your stuttering, his hands moving to close the textbook in his hold. he placed it under his arm as he stood, coming closer to you and jeno. 
“good.” he murmured, before walking down the steps and out the front door, leaving you in awe as you processed the word that fell from his lips. 
jeno didn’t give you time to breath before he gripped your shoulders, turning your body to face him. 
“dude, he was fucking jealous!!” jeno screeched, earning a chorus of various angry shushes from other students in the library. your body felt hot as you tried to make sense of what just happened, your eyes widening as it finally hit you. 
“ you think he likes me too?” you ask, not really expecting an answer. you wanted so desperately for donghyuck to like you back, and not just be jealous that jaemin fucked you and he didn’t. 
“here’s hoping,” jeno replied, his hand patting your head. “there’s a really good chance. you guys seriously need to talk it out and stop avoiding each other.” 
you nodded along with his words, still awestruck and struggling to process what the hell was going on. it felt childish to have these feelings, considering you were a grown woman in college, but you couldn’t help it. you wanted to know if he liked you too, and you were almost at the point of just breaking down and confessing to donghyuck how you felt. 
“maybe talk to him,” you suggested, now picking at your nails, a habit you’ve seemed to picked up recently due to your constant nervous energy. “see if you can get him to come to me first.” 
it sounded weird, but you were sure you wouldn’t have the willpower or self assurance to confront hyuck yourself. you needed him to come to you. 
“alright, I’ll see what I can do.” jeno beamed, giving you a small hug despite your grumbling. “text me later, okay?” 
you nodded offhandedly and he let you go, smiling once more before bounding out the same doors hyuck disappeared out of just minutes ago. 
you sighed to yourself, sliding down into one of the wooden chairs provided in the library. you slung you’re bag down and it hit the floor with a thump, your books heavy enough to probably bench. 
taking out your psych book, you threw it on the table before slamming your forehead against the wood.
you were fucked, most definitely fucked.
the fiasco in the library happened a long five days ago, and you were practically dying with the amount of stress you felt. 
your finals quickly passed and you were incredibly happy that they were over, even though you didn’t feel as confident as you probably should have taking them. 
now you were busy just anxiously cleaning your apartment, not really having anything better to do with yourself now that classes were over for the semester. 
you hadn’t heard anything from jeno about what he said in the library regarding talking to donghyuck, and just as you were pondering if he actually would do something like that for you, your phone buzzed. 
from jeno 04:15:32 p.m.
I finally talked to hyuck for you, btw
from jeno 04:15:49 p.m.
he’s on his way to your place, make sure to let him in ;)
your heart dropped into your ass as you read the message, your pulse jumping and fastening with each word you processed in your head. you were quick to type a reply with your cold and shaking fingers, not giving a shit about typos. 
to jeno 04:16:27 p.m. 
the line went dead for a few minutes, your mind reeling at the possibilities of what jeno could have possibly told hyuck. to make matters even worse for you, hyuck was on his way to your apartment, and you were even more anxious awaiting his arrival. was he going to let you down gently? was he going to scold you about the dare? you picked at your nails and felt like you were going to faint on the spot. 
from jeno 04:19:59 p.m.
I didn’t tell him ab the dare. have fun princess ;)
to jeno 04:20:15 p.m. 
I hate you
you quickly turned your phone off after that, not wanting to read any more messages from that cursed man. you weren’t sure how much time you had to make yourself seem presentable; you figured you should at least fix yourself a little bit, considering you would be facing hyuck. the sweatpants and old t-shirt you worse screamed at you to be changed, but just as you were about to head to your room to look for something better to wear, a soft knock came from your front door. 
oh god. it's definitely him, you thought to yourself, lightly slapping yourself on your cheek before shakily making your way to the door. you let out a heavy breath before grabbing the doorknob and twisting it, opening the door toward yourself and revealing the man you had been anticipating directly before you. 
you cursed internally at how amazing he looked; light wash ripped jeans (the holes were VERY distracting) paired with white sneakers and a white adidas t-shirt. to top it all off, he had the audacity to wear a black leather jacket on top, making you weak in the knees. it was simple, really, but even the most basic clothes could shine on donghyuck, making him look like a model no matter what. 
his hair was messy, most like from the wind outside, but it didn’t look bad at all. it gave him a ruggedly handsome look, and you had to keep yourself from staring at him for too long. 
he smiled at you softly, bowing his head as a greeting before you stepped aside and let him in. he walked inside slowly, moving around your body to make his way into the foyer. he removed his shoes and placed them by the door neatly, not speaking as he did so. hyuck didn’t sit and neither did you; the both of you just staring at each other in vast silence. he opened his mouth but you beat him to it, speaking up before he could even utter a single syllable. 
“before you say anything, I have to tell you the truth about what happened at that party.” you said confidently, trying to hold onto that facade for just a little bit longer as you subtly examined his exquisite features. he closed his mouth, nodding at you as a way to urge you to continue. his eyes flashed with slight confusion, but he complied nonetheless. 
“it was….” you began, playing with the sleeves of your long sleeved sleep shirt. “it started with a dare, hyuck.” 
his eyebrows raised, his eyes boring into yours as you both stood in the middle of your apartment. 
“a dare.” he stated flat out, his voice monotonous as he took in your slightly quivering figure. 
“it was a double dog dare, okay? b-but,” you began to stutter, losing your composure as he watched you in front of him, his face stoic. “it started that way but I swear to you hyuck I wanted every single minute of what happened that night.” 
he stayed silent for a second, his eyes never leaving yours as he played with the hem of his t-shirt. hyuck looked away for a split second, his gaze trailing out the window as he sighed. 
“I’m not mad, y/n.” he finally said, his attention now back to you. “I’m glad you told me...but, I mean, I could tell that you liked what was happening that night, if I’m being completely honest.” his signature smirk creeped up on his lips ever so slightly, and that, combined with his response, had you baffled. 
“if anything,” he started again, coming closer to where you stood. “that dare pushed us in the right direction, so how could I be mad?” 
you tore your eyes away from him, looking down at the carpet once again, shyly rocking back and forth on your heels. you didn’t want to assume what he was insinuating, pondering over what he meant by it pushing the two of you in ‘the right direction.’ you sucked in a deep breath before taking a leap of faith, preparing to blurt out your attraction toward him. 
“look dude...I-I like you, alright?” you muttered, moving your hand up so you could rub your eyes, your shyness evident in your body language and tone. 
donghyuck stood in front of you, an amused look on his face as he watched you confess. 
“I kinda gathered that, y/n.” he replied, biting his lip to keep himself from smiling. “I mean, I figured you had to at least be attracted to me a little bit, you let me fingerfuck you in my car, so like—“ 
you screeched and jumped at him to cover his mouth, failing as he dodged you with ease. he full out laughed then, catching you by your arms and pulling you close. donghyuck forced you to his chest, hugging you tightly as you wriggled in his grasp. 
“stop squirming idiot,” he scolded, resting his head against your own. “I like you too. that’s what I came here to tell you.” 
you couldn’t believe your ears. in reality, you assumed he felt some sort of attraction to you; with the way he spoke to you in his car that night and the way he watched you come undone around his fingers should have been some sort of clear indication...but you were pretty oblivious to begin with so it was no surprise that you completely missed the signs. 
“jeno kinda gave me stern talking to.” he added, smiling. 
“so we’re both stupid, then,” you pulled back to look at him, a small smile on his lips and a similar one on yours. “did we really both think it was just a one time thing?” you commented offhandedly, not entirely realizing what you were implying. 
his eyes glinted with a hint of mischief, changing suddenly from the way they sparkled two seconds ago. 
“so it wasn’t a one time thing?” he asked teasingly, running his hands down your arms to then rest on your waist. “I get to see you come undone again, right? you looked so pretty.”
you wanted to push him away and scold him for only thinking about sex, but you couldn’t help but grow hot at the indication of him making you feel good...with other parts of his body that weren’t his fingers…
when you audibly whimpered you saw a smirk grow on his lips, his eyes dark as he took in the look of your innocent eyes staring back at him. 
“is that a yes, sweetheart?” 
you practically melted at the sultry tone of his voice, your knees weakening and your eyes fighting to not roll back into your head at the thought of what he wanted to do to you. you shakily nodded, ripping your eyes from his own as you bit your lip in anticipation as you found something in your room to stare at that wasn’t his gorgeous face. you heard him hum in response, the deep noise immediately causing your stomach to do back flips. 
“my pretty little girl can’t talk now, can she?” his teasing questions had your heart fluttering, and when his hand found itself on your throat, you eyes widened as you returned your gaze to him. “I wanna hear you say it.” 
he was applying absolutely no pressure on your throat, but the act of dominance still hit you full force regardless. it was almost a threat, as little as it was, and it turned you on to no end. 
you couldn’t find your voice, everything feeling like it was jammed up in the very back of your throat. you wanted to say so many things, but then again didn’t want to feel the embarrassment that came with them. you could see his patience was thinning, his smirk dropping and his eyes darkening even more, of that was even possible. 
his straight and stoic face was probably the scariest thing you have ever seen. 
“I’m waiting, y/n.” his voice came out strong, demanding, and oozing authority. you brain short circuited, your lips parting and closing as you tried to form the right words to please him. 
“y-you..” you started, struggling to formulate the correct sounds to speak, “y-you get to see me c-cum again,” you were trying so hard to maintain eye contact with him, and you added, “I w-want you to make m-me cum a-again…” 
he hummed in response, smiling at you and taking in your figure with his dark eyes. 
“mm, good.” his hand moved from your throat to the back of your head, bringing your face to meet his own as hips lips crashed against yours tightly. 
you squeaked in surprise but immediately allows your hands to meet his hair, threading through his soft locks without a care in the world. it felt amazing to be kissing him again, the feeling of his lips on your own a feeling that was indescribable. 
his hands were all over you; his right moving from your head down your back down to your ass where he squeezed playfully, earning a small gasp from you. he took the opportunity to slide his tongue in your mouth, the both of you sighing contently as you continued to make out. 
his left hand rested on your waist, gliding up and down your side in slow swipes. you began to trudge backward, blinding leading him the hallway to your bedroom. 
his lips never disconnected from yours; the sheer desperate need you both felt was too overwhelming to part with each other. your grip in his hair turned tight as you finally stepped foot in your small room, and as soon as the door slammed shut behind the two of you, he had you pressed against the nearest wall. 
he didn’t waste any time removing your shirt from your body, throwing it across the room not caring where it landed. his shirt quickly followed, and after throwing it to land with your own he didn’t hesitate to rip your sweatpants down your legs and off of you. 
his eyes widened at your bare form; going both braless and pantieless in the safety of your own home was common for you. normally you would have shied away from his gaze, but something inside his eyes made you feel confident as he drank in the sight of you. 
you snapped him out of it when you reached for his belt, effectively undoing it along with the button and zipper of his jeans, tearing them off his legs (taking his socks with them) like he had just done with your pants. 
standing completely naked before each other, you had about a second to breathe before he was on you again, his lips attacking your neck as he trailed his right hand down your stomach slowly to the apex between your legs. 
you moaned at the feeling of his teeth nibbling the skin of your throat, but out right squealed when you felt his fingers brush against your embarrassingly sensitive clit. you cursed him for being able to get you so worked up without doing anything. 
he continued to play with your clit, occasionally dipping down your folds to meet your impressively wet center. he hummed in satisfaction when he felt the wetness of you, circling his fingers around your clenching hole. 
“remember these, princess?” he questioned darkly, teasing you with two fingers before shoving them completely inside your dripping core. hyuck stretched you out just like that; scissoring his pointer and middle fingers inside you to open you up nice for him. 
you gripped his arms tightly, throwing your head back against the wall in pleasure with a loud thump. in any other circumstance you probably would have complained about the pain that was now throbbing slightly on the back of your head, but right now you absolutely did not care. hyuck didn’t comment on it either, continuing his assault on your pussy like his life depended on it. 
the squelching of his fingers thrusting up into you was a little embarrassing but you tried to ignore it; you only wanted to focus on how deep he was able to shove his long fingers into you. 
without warning he ripped his fingers from your heat, sucking on them just like he did in the car the last time you two were together. you had no time to revel in the way his lips surrounded his fingers before you were swiftly turned around, your face pressing into the coolness of the wall in front of you. 
you allowed him to move you, basking in the delightfulness of being manhandled the way that you were. a small smile graced your lips for a second, but quickly fell as you gasped at the feeling of his incredibly hard cock between your legs. 
having that part of him be so close but not close enough had your eyes stinging, your mouth ready to open and begin begging for him to bury himself inside you with no room to move. 
“oh god,” you sniffled, holding back tears as he ran his length up and down your wet heat. “‘m gonna cry..” 
“then cry,” he laughed, pushing inside you without any warning, causing your breath to hitch. “I’m not stopping you.”
you let your tears spill freely, the feeling of his cock filling you up not allowing you to hold them in any longer. he pressed deep into you, your body completely trapped between his and the wall, the strength of his hips effectively holding you there as he slowly grinded his cock into you. 
“dear god, your pussy is so tight,” he growled, his mouth nipping at the tip of your ear, his hot breath sending shivers down your spine as you walls involuntarily clenched at his dirty words. “fuck, stop clenching, baby,” 
“i c-can’t,” you whined, hot tears still falling from your eyes as you turned your head the farthest it could go to try to see him. “it f-feels t-too good,” 
“did jaemin make you feel this good?” he growled out the question, his grip on your hips tightening as he finally began thrusting. 
the sudden bringing up of jaemin had your mind shocked for a second, but at this point you knew better to ignore hyuck when he was talking to you, so you  scrambled to answer. 
“n-no!” you squeaked, the force of his thrusts causing your brain to go numb. “only you, h-hyuck—oh god— only you.” 
he grunted contently in response, picking up the pace of his hips. he was hitting hard and deep inside you, his nails digging into the skin of your hips as he continued to annihilate you. 
your own nails were scratching at the wall, trying desperately to latch onto anything that would keep you upright and save you from crumbling to the ground. one of his hands left your hip to slide down to your clit, making you jolt as he suddenly grabbed the nub and rolled it between his fingers. 
you practically screamed at the pleasure, your hips moving back against his on their own accord. he moaned along with you, your sounds creating a symphony that you hoped your neighbors didn’t hear. 
hyuck gave you a few more bone shattering thrusts before pulling out of you completely. you didn’t have time to be confused before he turned you around to face him, his eyes dark as he guided you to lay down on your bed. 
“I want to see your face, beautiful.” he simply said, lightly pushing you down onto your back before climbing on top of you to enter you once again. 
he didn’t waste a single second, lining up his angry red cock with your dripping and throbbing pussy, pushing in easily and fucking you like an animal. 
you looked into his eyes, a small intimate moment you latched onto as your hands gripped his shoulders. he looked so beautiful; well, as beautiful as he could while he was pile-driving you into your creaky mattress. 
his lips parted with small grunts, his hands moving up and down your waist. he snuck a hand down your tummy once again, meeting your over-sensitive nub with his fingers and completely ruining you with just a few small flicks. 
“a-ah!” you squeaked helplessly, trying to move your hands to stop his sudden assault on your clit. “d-don’t do that! it’ll make me cum,” 
hyuck smiled down at you, his eyes dark as he watched your face change and scrunch up with every circle of his fingers. “that’s the goal, isn’t it?” 
you whined at the pressure, your eyes squeezing shit as your felt your high very quickly approaching. your walls clenched around him tightly and his hips stuttered, giving you the indication that he was right there with you. 
“fuck baby,” he groaned, his hips pistoning in and out of you, losing their rhythm as he climbed higher and higher in his pleasure. “let me cum inside, please,”
he was begging now, something you never thought you would hear him do in all the years you’ve known him. you whined at the thought of his hot cum filling you up, and with a small nod and a quiet “yes, please”, he was cumming inside you. 
you came not too long after, the feeling of his powerful thrusts as he came mixed with the friction on you clit too much. your walls clamped down on his cock like a vice, causing him to whimper as he continued to pump you full. 
after a few minutes and a few lazy kisses, he pulled out of you and watched the mess of cum slowly drip out before laying down, completely exhausted. 
you laid together side by side, the only sounds heard were those of your heavy breaths panting in the small bedroom. you let your eyes fall to the side, eyeing him up as he bathed in the afterglow of his orgasm.
“so you really were jealous of jaemin, huh?” you teased lightly, your voice weak from overuse as you brought up his comment from earlier. 
he opened one eye to glance back at you, a small rumble sounding through his chest as he chuckled in response. 
“yeah, I don’t lie, y/n.” he simply stated before closing his eye again and resuming his relaxation. you smiled to yourself, moving to cuddle into his side. his arms moved to wrap around you, pulling your sweaty bodies closer together. 
you most likely would have complained at the stickiness of your skin pressing together, but with hyuck, everything just felt so right. 
you could endure it a little while longer, as long as you got to be by his side.
it has been half a year since you and donghyuck had gotten together officially, and it had to have been the greatest six months of your existence by far. being with hyuck felt like a dream, and sometimes you had to pinch yourself just to make sure you weren’t asleep, conjuring this all up in your head. 
he was a frequent visitor at your apartment; sometimes (almost always) he’d stay the night and you were able to have the satisfaction of waking up next to him in the morning. it was almost unfair how good he seemed to look no matter what time of day it was. 
like now, he was set at the kitchen stove, cooking you both dinner as you sat yourself down at the kitchen table. you rested your chin on your hand as you watched him, the golden sunlight coming in through the window and gracing his perfect skin. even though it was getting into the chilly weather of november, the sun still liked to make its appearance known every now and again, almost like it was called to shine on hyuck whenever it could. 
you couldn’t help but smile as you heard a small tune being hummed by your boyfriend, his head bobbing as he walked to the fridge to grab an ingredient he forgot about. he caught your eye, smiling back at you while cocking his head inquisitively.
“you okay, baby?” he asked, closing the door of the fridge and looking at you completely. there was a teasing vibe in his tone, making you feel slightly warm as he stared at you.
you only merely nodded, getting up from where you were seated to make your way to him in the middle of the kitchen. 
“hey hyuck?” you murmured lowly, your voice light and sweet as you finally reached him. he looked at you, placing the forgotten ingredient down on the counter to wrap both of his arms around your waist as you got closer to him. you reciprocated that action, throwing your arms haphazardly around the back of his neck while staring into his honey-filled eyes. 
he waited for you to continue, nodding his head in acknowledgement as he listened. 
you were quiet for a moment before humming to yourself, finally gathering the courage to speak. 
“I double dog dare you to tell me you love me.” you whispered, your face moving closer to his as you brushed your lips together softly. it was a cheesy thing to say, but you owned it and felt a slight flutter in your heart as he smiled and laughed against your lips. 
hyuck kisses you fully then, capturing your lips in your own in a kiss full of love and devotion. it felt different than before...but it was a good different. a different that was difficult to describe with just words alone. 
he pulled back to look at you, fondness evident on his features and you were sure your own face mirrored his. 
“I love you, y/n.” he said, his voice not wavering in the slightest as he confessed it to you.
when you shyly spoke the same words back to him he wrapped you up even tighter in his arms and kissed you again, the happy feeling never fading even as you smelled the food burning on the stove. 
it couldn’t get any better than this...and it was crazy to think that it all started with a dare.
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nctsworld · 4 months ago
love on ice: nct u series
Tumblr media
the game of hockey may come easy for these seven students of nct university, but what about the game of love?
DISCLAIMER: all of these stories will focus more on the plot of the story, rather than hockey. mentions of hockey will likely not be a reliable description of the actual game, its rules, etc. i ask those who are knowledgeable of the game to overlook any inaccurate depictions of hockey i may write – thank you! 
NOTES: all of these take place within the same setting, but can be read separately! details may be subject to change. the taglist is CLOSED. 
LAST UPDATED: march 22, 2021 - do NOT ask me when i will update // i will update this series when i have the time and motivation - i have a life outside tumblr and writing is merely a hobby of mine.
Tumblr media
⇨ STATS: smut, fluff | friends with benefits to lovers, dancer!reader
⇨ DESCRIPTION: during a team bonding retreat, mark meets you and, unlike his hopeless romantic self, has sex with no attachments for once. the incredible night snowballs into many, on your condition that you and mark stay strictly as friends with benefits. mark desires more, but is it possible to change your mind? one thing’s for sure—he doesn’t want to end this anytime soon.
⇨ STATUS: benched
Tumblr media
⇨ STATS: smut, fluff, angst | roommates au, friends with benefits to lovers
⇨ DESCRIPTION: out of luck on his failed search for a new roommate, yangyang’s about to move out of his on-campus apartment until you answer his prayers. living with him becomes wild after an accidental kiss, which blooms into tons of casual fun. neither of you can complain, but as the lines blur, can you two really live together in peace for long, or will something have to give? 
⇨ STATUS: benched
Tumblr media
⇨ STATS: fluff, smut | enemies to lovers, fuckboy!hyuck, ex-best friend!reader
⇨ DESCRIPTION: donghyuck is the ultimate player on the ice, and equally off the ice. girls across campus flock to him and get on their knees (literally) for him whenever he wants, except you—his former best friend from high school. when he’s assigned as your partner for a project, the deep cracks in the ice between you two slowly dissolve, but does it mean you’re willing to give him a second chance to skate back into your life?
⇨ STATUS: benched
Tumblr media
⇨ STATS: fluff, smut | fake dating, figure skater!reader
⇨ DESCRIPTION: although you barely know jeno, he comes to you for one small favour—to be his date for the annual hockey collegiate league dinner. a few weeks later, you ask the same of him. soon enough, you two become each other’s default fake dates for further upcoming events... but at what point is it not fake dating anymore, especially when you begin to entangle out of your own accord? 
⇨ STATUS: benched
Tumblr media
⇨ STATS: fluff, suggestive, angst | friends to lovers
⇨ DESCRIPTION: sungchan’s the newcomer to the team, so donghyuck decides to take him under his wing to meet girls every week. but when you, a former high school friend (and his long-time secret crush), fall back into his life, what’s a freshman to do? will sungchan swim in the ocean filled with many fish, or pick the one he’s always longed for?
⇨ STATUS: benched
Tumblr media
⇨ STATS: fluff, smut | forbidden(ish) romance, secret dating
⇨ DESCRIPTION: dating’s never been much on sicheng’s mind—he’s always been about his friends, his grades, and hockey... until he meets you. when he learns that you’re the sister of a player on a rival hockey team, sicheng’s outlook on dating is turned upside-down. cue the secret late-night meet-ups, hidden kisses, and change room antics. he’s not sure how long he can do this for, but he wouldn’t have it any other way—as long as it’s with you.
⇨ STATUS: benched
Tumblr media
⇨ STATS: smut, fluff | friends with benefits to lovers, fuckboy!ten
⇨ DESCRIPTION: in all his years at nct u, ten’s never had any problems getting a girl successfully off. after a night gone sour, ten makes a determined effort to fix things with you. the more he gets to know your body (and you with his), the more he re-evaluates everything. and eventually, it ends up smacking him as hard as a flying puck to the face.
⇨ STATUS: benched
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luvdsc · a year ago
i turned my best friend into an e-boy (and kissed him!!!)
Tumblr media
subscribe to see more content about two lovestruck idiots!
pairing :: lee donghyuck x reader genre :: fluff / best friend + youtuber au word count :: 5,163 words warnings :: none playlist :: make you mine (public) ⋆ starlight (taeyeon feat. dean) ⋆ magic (gabrielle aplin) ⋆ beautiful feeling (day6) ⋆ feelings (lauv) author’s note :: happy birthday to the sun himself! this wasn’t supposed to be a series, but i got inspired to write one for each of the other dreamies after writing his, so thank you, king!!!! ily sunshine ♡ ↳ part of the not clickbait series.
Tumblr media
Being a YouTuber was never in your career plans. However, during your first year of college, after four consecutive vodka shots with your suitemates enthusiastically encouraging you in the background, you had drunkenly recorded yourself on your cracked iPhone, painting a rendition of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam on the back of your ripped jean jacket. It was a close up of the famous almost finger touch, and obviously, it couldn’t fully compete against the fresco on the Sistine Chapel, but it came out good. Or at least, that’s what you assumed people thought from the 60,000 likes you received on the video that you had no recollection of uploading the night before.
Out of curiosity, you decided to record a second video with you tipsily painting Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the back pockets of your mom jeans. And then you did a third video, then a fourth, then fifth, and so on and so on until your channel exponentially grew, amassing a whopping 1.6 million subscribers on ShowMeTheMonet. Not bad for a girl who almost face planted the other day because she tripped on her own shoelace while running to her Ethics in Finance class (Or as you like to call it, How to Get Away with Fraud on Wall Street).
Your channel expanded out from only drunk painting videos to fashion lookbooks, thrift shopping hauls, casual tours of your apartment, and even a few daily vlogs that more often than not ended with you ranting about the latest Criminal Minds cliffhanger. You also indulged in the occasional Q&A video where you answered inquiries left in the comments or tweeted at you. And every time you announced a new Q&A, it never failed to bring in the same, glaring question from hundreds of viewers everyday.
Are you and Donghyuck dating?
Lee Donghyuck: your best friend, partner in crime, and number one source for free hoodies, even though that comes with a side of dramatic complaints from the devil himself. He could also be (sometimes affectionately) referred to as “pain in the ass” and “demon spawn.” He casually made an appearance in one of your vlogs one time and ever since then, the cursed question frequently popped up every hundred or so comments.
When one of the most liked comments on your videos suggested the “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” challenge—which not only served as a big reminder of how single you are—you bribed Donghyuck with three boxes of Girl Scouts’ thin mints to do the challenge with you instead (That’s also how you discovered he is surprisingly very good at makeup until he decided to smear blue eyeshadow everywhere to make you into an avatar). In hindsight, maybe you shouldn’t have done that because that apparently only fueled the speculations that you and your best friend are harboring a secret relationship where the two of you are passionately in love with each other, like some ridiculous pair of star-crossed lovers.
One time, Jaemin started reading aloud a fan fiction story he had found written about the two of you, and that was probably the only time you’d ever seen Donghyuck willingly shut up and turn so red that he nearly rivaled Mars. You’re just eternally grateful that Jaemin never discovered the smut side of fan fictions on that fateful day. You would never be able to live that down.
“I can’t believe I’m forced to help you out again,” moans Donghyuck, pulling out the lighting set from your closet and dragging it out towards the setup.
You’re about to film your next video, finally finding inspiration from TikTok of all things. Your subscribers had mentioned the video platform multiple times in their comments, often asking whether you’ll create an account or complete some of the various spreading challenges. You’ll never admit it to anyone, but after googling what the renegade was, you spent two hours trying to record the dance in your bathroom and ended up banging your arm against the counter (You told Donghyuck you got the bruise from falling out of bed, which you decided was a much less embarrassing reason than the truth).
Downloading that phone application was probably simultaneously the best and worst decision of your life. It led to a downward spiral of watching videos in the same position on your bed for the next four hours. And from that extremely productive use of time, you discovered two very important things: one, you think Donghyuck would look really hot as an e-boy and two, there’s an interesting challenge going around that involves kissing and your best friend.
“For reasons I don’t understand, my subscribers like you. And you like getting attention, so it’s a win-win situation. I don’t see the issue.” You fiddle with the tripod, angling the camera towards the bed where Donghyuck will sit as you apply his makeup.
“What can I say? I’m in popular demand,” he says, completely ignoring the little jab you made about him. You motion for him to sit on the edge of the bed in order to make sure you properly have him in frame later. “Wow, it’s like you’re pimping me out to your viewers.”
“Please, Hyuck, have some self awareness. No one would pay for your services,” you retort, raising up the tripod before securing it and double checking twice. Last time you filmed a video, you failed to properly lock the device and experienced a very unpleasant mini heart attack when your camera came crashing down.
“Tell that to BigMatt85 who dm’ed me about a very lucrative sugar baby offer the other night. What’s your counter offer for my appearance in your video?” He wriggles his eyebrows at you, and you roll your eyes. You make your way to the bathroom, quickly emerging with your makeup bag and setting it aside for the video next to the shopping bag holding the e-boy-esque outfit the two of you bought earlier.
“The attention you’re always craving.”
“That’s a terrible offer. As my appointed best friend, you’re obligated to pay attention to me,” he says, and you scoff, hiding a smile that threatens to appear when Donghyuck pouts at you. You reach out and poke his cheek, which makes him jut out his bottom lip even further.
“Cute,” you mutter absentmindedly, preoccupied with the camera functions and failing to notice the way your best friend perks up immediately at your offhand compliment. He positively glows at that single word with the darkest hue of pink dusting his cheeks and quickly looks the other way to hide his flustered expression, unable to reply with any witty quip for once.
“Okay, we’re ready to go,” you announce, fiddling with the record button. “I’m gonna start the recording right… now.”
Immediately after clicking the red button, you nimbly slip in front of the camera, seating yourself next to Donghyuck on the bed comfortably. You start with your usual introduction, your best friend chiming in to introduce himself as well, before you explain the premise of today’s video.
“So today, I’ll be turning Hyuck into an e-boy!” you finish off, followed by your best friend giving a half hearted hurray. You give him the side eye, and he puts in an extra 20% of effort into the second attempt. Internally judging him still, you plaster on a smile nonetheless. It’ll have to do for now.
You keep the other half of the video’s purpose a secret. That’s a main part of the challenge anyway: the element of surprise. You’re supposed to catch your best friend off guard with a quick peck on the lips. And okay, so maybe this entire video is pretty self-indulgent, but Donghyuck would never agree to let you dress him as an e-boy for fun nor would you ever have the guts to confess to him in a normal setting. The challenge provides you a safety net. If he rejects you, you can laugh it off and say it was for the video before drowning your sorrows in the two pints of Ben and Jerry’s Everything But The… you have in your freezer after he leaves.
“Okay, we’re starting with these stick-on nail polish strips,” you announce to the camera, holding up the packet of simple black nail polish. “I bought them off of Amazon for around $15, and I’ll be linking them in the description below.”
Nail polish strips are much quicker than regular nail polish, which is great because you highly doubt your best friend would be down for sitting there for forty minutes as you paint each one again. The last time you tried that, he proceeded to smear hot pink onto your comforter when he begrudgingly agreed to be your test subject as you tried out various shades. You still haven’t been able to wash that out and highly suspect he did that on purpose (He still swears on his innocence).
“So you’re telling me, you could’ve used these on me last time, instead of forcing me to sit around for an hour and wait for them to dry?” He watches you warily as you apply the first one onto his thumb. You hold down on it for thirty seconds before moving onto his index finger.
“Then why the f—heck did you use the polish instead?” His eyes burn holes into the top of your head, and you pretend not to notice, continuing to position the next strip onto his finger.
“So that you’d sit still and not steal all my hot Cheetos when we were watching Tangled,” you casually answer, and he lets out a scandalized gasp, glowering at you.
“I’m glad I wiped my hand on your comforter.”
Your head immediately whips up at his careless confession. You shoot him a steely glare, abandoning the half applied strip, and the flimsy piece is left to dangle sadly. “I knew it! I knew you did that on purpose!”
“No, it was really an accident, but I don’t regret it anymore.” He wiggles his fingers at you with a smirk, and you grab them, squeezing a lot harder than you should and fixing the strip you were working on previously. He whines, shaking your hand off, and you begrudgingly loosen your grip.
“You’re the devil incarnate,” you mutter, and he merely throws a shit-eating grin in your direction before sticking his tongue out. Closing your eyes momentarily, you silently remind yourself that you’re on camera and therefore, there is going to be video evidence if you strangle your best friend.
“Maybe Renjun will let me star in one of his videos then,” he says, and you have to hold back an ugly guffaw. Renjun would rather move into the Sallie House and get possessed by the demonic goatman than let Donghyuck actually be in his Dream Unsolved videos. It’s a miracle that he even tolerates your best friend as his cameraman, but perhaps that’s mostly because no one else is willing (read: stupid enough) to travel to haunted places for the fun of it.
You soon get the hang of it, applying the following strips in a quicker fashion, as Donghyuck talks about the latest video he helped film for Dream Unsolved. Renjun and his partner had actually gone to meet with a priest who counseled them on approaching entities. Apparently, Father Kun said specifically not to interact with demons and gave them some holy water to take to the Bellaire House. Donghyuck even pulls up a picture he secretly snapped of a cranky Renjun with his holy water gun and holster outside of the haunted location (You’re ultimately forced to take five as you laugh so hard until you have tears in your eyes).
“Alright, these are done,” you say, applying the last strip onto his pinky, and he examines them, waving his fingers around before pulling several dramatic poses with them towards the camera.
“So how do I look?” he asks, batting his eyelashes at you as he strikes another pose, but this time directed at you. You chuckle, leaning over and flicking his forehead. “Like a pain in the ass.”
He whines, rubbing the reddening spot on his forehead before nudging your leg. “But I’m your pain in the ass.”
You hide a smile. “Unfortunately.”
The next step is changing his hair, so you turn to grab the canister of purple hair chalk spray and disposable gloves off your desk along with the folded towel next to it.  Showing it to the camera, you do a close-up of the bottle, making sure to capture the label of it properly. You also promise to link it in the description below.
“This isn’t permanent, right?” He stares at the hairspray in your hand before he throws the towel around his shoulders and closes his eyes.
“Nah, you’ll only look like a shriveled grape until you take a shower,” you say, taking a seat next to him, and he blindly reaches out and pinches you in retaliation. You quickly swat his hand away with a yelp. He laughs, lips curled into a pretty smile that you admire for a few seconds before snapping out of it. You start to spray it onto each strand, making sure to cover parts of his face with your hand to avoid any spray from getting into his eyes.
It doesn’t take long to dry, and soon, you’re finished. You stand up to put away the spray and peel off the gloves, tossing them in the trashcan before admiring his new hair. “Okay, I’m done.”
He opens his eyes, reaching up to pat his hair lightly before pulling and twisting at the strands to see its new color. You reach out and grab his hand, tugging it away. “You’re gonna remove the color if you keep doing that!”
You drop his hand before going to stand between his legs. You carefully arrange the strands again as they curl and tangle a bit at the ends. Your shirt rides up an inch as you reach over to fix his hair, showing a sliver of your skin, and Donghyuck averts his eyes, cheeks turning a rosy shade of pink. He briefly wonders if you’re doing this on purpose to torture him and thanks the heavens when you finally pull back and give him a bright smile with a thumbs up. Any second longer, he would’ve combusted on the spot.
He has spoken too soon. Sitting down next to him once more, you have your makeup bag in your lap, thigh pressed against his, and he freezes for a moment, all too aware of the close proximity between you two. Pulling out your black pencil eyeliner, you uncap it before turning to the camera with a smile.
“Next, I’m gonna be putting some of my eyeliner and blush on Hyuck, and I’ll link the products I use in the description below!”
You lean forward, gently grasping your best friend’s chin and turning the right side of his face towards you. He inaudibly gulps, hyper fixated on the fact that you’re touching his face. Your face is mere millimeters away from his, he can feel the warmth emanating from you, and he‘s pretty sure his cheeks are on fire now.
“So uh, how long is this gonna take? How much longer?” he asks, desperately hoping that you don’t notice his nervousness and plastering a bored expression on his face. He really doesn’t know how long he can sit this close to you before his heart explodes.
You wrinkle your nose at him. “We literally just started. You’re lucky I’m not trying an e-girl look on you because that makeup would take longer.”
Carefully lining his eyes with the pencil and smudging it slightly, you lean back to examine the makeup’s evenness on both eyes. Noting that one eye needs more around the outer edge, you lean forward again before noticing the way his leg bounces up and down. You press your hand down on his thigh lightly, and his breath hitches in his throat. He doesn’t remember how to breathe anymore. This is it. He’s going to pass out because you touched his leg. This is literally so embarrassing, get a grip, he scolds himself. He feels like he reverted to his prepubescent 11-year-old self when he was paired with his crush for mandatory square dancing and he finally got to hold her hand.
“Hey, stop shaking your leg or I might accidentally poke your eye out.” You frown at him, and he stiffly nods. You remove your hand, and he lets out the biggest exhale until you’re moving closer again. Like you’re practically in his lap type of close. Once again, he has to force himself to breathe.
“Okay, done, next is blush.”
You examine his face before tilting your head to the side and furrowing your eyebrows. Holding the blush palette and brush in one hand, you carefully pull his face closer to you again until he can count every single long eyelash framing your pretty eyes and see the tip of your tongue sticking out in concentration. His eyes flicker down to your mouth for a split second before he looks away. He wants to tuck the stray strand of your hair behind your ear so badly, but then he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from reaching out and tugging you closer to kiss you. Cheeks darkening at that thought, he shoves his hands under his thighs, sitting on them and effectively stopping himself from acting upon his fantasies.
“Actually, you’re already really red already, Hyuck.”
“Perfect, then I’ll just change into the outfit we bought earlier,” he says hastily, standing up and grabbing the shopping bag next to the bed. He makes a beeline for the bathroom, shutting the door with a quiet slam.
“Wait, I didn’t show our haul to— ah, forget it, I’ll record it later.” You scooch back onto the bed, crossing your legs and leaning back to press the palms of your hands into the comforter. Your mind wanders back to the moment before, replaying the way Donghyuck looked at you mere seconds ago. Your cheeks grow warm, as do the tips of your ears, when you remember the way he gazed so intensely at you and how his eyes darted down to your lips for a fraction of a second. And of course, it’s a known fact that wearing eyeliner makes any person ten times more attractive, especially your best friend when he was looking at you like that. You let out a strangled noise, flopping back and grabbing a pillow to cover your face, smothering the tiny scream you let out (You make a mental note to edit out your tiny meltdown some other day).
“Okay, prepare to be blown away,” Donghyuck calls out loudly from behind the bathroom door. As you desperately try to calm your escalating heart rate, you spring up from the bed, settling on the edge of it once more, and hear your best friend whistle at himself. “Damn, I could be on the cover of Vogue.”
“Oh my god, shut up, Hyuck,” you groan, crossing your arms over your chest and silently praying for the blush on your cheeks to disappear. When you hear another catcall from the bathroom, you manage to muster up the most deadpan expression at the camera like you’re Dwight Schrute. It’s times like this when you wonder why you’re in love with this cocky dumbass.
“Cover your eyes!” He screams from behind the door. You roll your eyes even though he can’t see you before complying to his demand. “Are they covered?”
“Yes, so come out!” You yell back, hands placed over your eyes that are already squeezed shut. Your ears faintly register the sounds of the door opening and feet lightly padding across the wooden floorboards before it’s quiet.
Donghyuck stares at you, your eyes still closed and covered. He wonders when he started feeling nervous about what you thought of him. Of course, he always valued your opinion before, but this feels different. His stomach flip flops as his mind runs in overdrive, emerging with hundreds of doubting thoughts. Suddenly, he regrets the false bravado he made a show of putting on earlier. What if you don’t like it? Heart racing, he chews on his lower lip, contemplating for another few seconds before gathering the courage to call for your attention.
“Okay, open your eyes.”
You quickly pull your hands away from your face, eyes immediately darting to his figure and widening in surprise. Dressed in tastefully ripped black jeans that accent his long legs perfectly along with a black and white striped shirt layered underneath one of those popular Thrasher shirts, he also put on a few silver necklaces, rings, fake ear piercings, and Doc Marten boots. His hair is slightly mussed, a few violet strands curling here and there.
You were completely right.
He absolutely kills the e-boy look.
Your best friend is fucking attractive as hell.
Gaping in shock, you honestly don't know what to do with yourself. Your breath hitches in your throat, and you can only gawk at him in complete awe, incapable of saying anything. In that moment, you recall that part in Tangled when Flynn Ryder stares at Rapunzel in the boat when she’s surrounded by all the lanterns. First of all, you have definitely seen the light, and his name is Lee Donghyuck in e-boy fashion. And secondly, if your best friend is Rapunzel, then you’re the perfect reenactment of Flynn right now, except you’re pretty sure you more closely resemble a fish with your mouth hanging like this.
“Holy shit,” you whisper, and he laughs nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. He looks uncharacteristically shy, a small smile on his face with his front teeth barely peeking out. It’s endearing and you’re a little perplexed at his reaction, but are still too preoccupied at ogling his new look.
“Is that a good ‘holy shit’?” He tilts his head in your direction, and you furiously nod, cheeks growing warm as the words leave your mouth before you can stop them.
“Yeah, you look stunning.”
Almost immediately, that all too familiar cocky expression spreads across his face. He leans back slightly and slips one hand into his jean pocket, smirking and poking his tongue against the inside of his cheek. You feel your heart speed up a little in your chest.
“Hell yeah, I look stunning.” He grows smug, and your cheeks burn even more when your words are repeated back to you by your best friend. Averting your eyes, you turn towards the camera in front of you and angle it at Donghyuck, still absolutely flustered and stumbling over your words.
“Uh, I—um, I need some shots of you in the full outfit.”
Eyes sparkling, your best friend easily complies to your request, posing for a few shots naturally before slowly turning around full circle. Your heart entirely wrenches and your breath catches in your throat because he really is so pretty. Donghyuck truly is the whole package, you realize with a start as you quietly admire him behind the lens. He keeps up with your bantering and jokes, stays up with you to binge watch Scooby-Doo on Netflix, and even makes you pancakes in the morning if he’s feeling particularly generous after a sleepover the night before. He’s smart, funny, talented, and kind, plus he’s willing to eat all the discarded pretzels in your bag of Chex Mix. Seriously, where else can you find someone like this? The Big Man Upstairs really didn’t skimp out on anything when he made your best friend.
With a jolt in your heart, you realize that this is it. It’s time. It’s the perfect moment to initiate the second challenge, and butterflies erupt in your stomach while your hands grow sweaty at the mere thought of kissing your best friend. With the blood rushing to your cheeks, you wipe your palms on your pants and straighten up from your position behind the camera before nervously making your way over to your best friend in a few steps.
Your best friend raises an eyebrow at you, the confusion clear in his eyes, and you clear your throat before outstretching your hand and pretending to fix his hair. “This part was sticking out a bit.”
You count to five in your mind as your heart ricochets in your chest before you allow your fingers to trail down to his cheek, lingering there for a few moments before. Hesitating at first, you finally pluck up the courage to meet his eyes with yours. With a sharp inhale, you see that your best friend is already staring back at you with the softest expression on his face, lips parted slightly and eyes glimmering, almost as if he’s waiting for you, beckoning for you to take the leap.
And you do.
Eyes fluttering shut, you tentatively press your lips against his. Donghyuck stiffens for a moment before relaxing, kissing you back eagerly and wrapping his arms around your waist. He pulls you impossibly closer, and your other hand lands on his chest and curls around the fabric of his shirt. It feels like fireworks are exploding as your heart nearly sings in joy because your best friend kissed you back. His mouth presses against yours, mapping out every curve, and you sigh into the kiss, causing him to smile.
When you break away with warm cheeks and all the oxygen knocked out of your lungs, he laughs breathlessly, lips red and slightly swollen. He lightly squeezes your hip before asking with a husky voice, “So what was that for?”
“I, uh, it was a Tiktok challenge,” you answer dazedly, and your best friend secretly smirks when he notices the pretty stars in your eyes. You start to take a step back, mumbling another excuse. His eyes twinkle mischievously, and his fingers nimbly wrap around the belt loops of your jeans and tug you back towards him.
His lips crash onto yours once more, and you let out a muffled noise of surprise, the telltale blush rising to your cheeks again. He presses his lips against yours more firmly, and you finally respond, molding your mouth against his as you slip your arms around his neck, chest pressed against his. You can feel the way his heart speeds up, thumping against his ribcage, and you can already imagine that yours is the same, pounding faster than ever because of one certain Lee Donghyuck.
After a few moments, he reluctantly pulls away, placing a tender kiss on the corner of your lips. “Well, that probably wasn’t appropriate for your channel.”
Your eyes flutter open, and you gingerly touch your lips, wonderstruck. “Forget the video, what was that kiss for?”
Donghyuck beams at you, eyes curving into lovely moon crescents and crinkling in the corners, as he boops his nose against yours affectionately. “I wanted to do the challenge, too.”
You completely fail to hide the ever growing smile on your face. You reach out to carefully rub away some of the purple hair chalk that somehow landed on his cheek, and his smile widens. “But, do you even know what the challenge is?”
“No, but I got to kiss you, so does it really matter?” He shrugs, and you hide your face in the crook of his neck, cheeks growing impossibly warmer. If this continues, your face might erupt in flames. He shamelessly grins at your reaction, laughing loudly and squeezing you tightly. “What was the challenge anyway?”
“It’s called ‘today I tried to kiss my best friend.’ So I, you know… kissed my best friend,” you mutter. When he doesn’t respond, you slowly peek up at him. He seems to be concentrating on something in particular before his eyes light up, an idea already forming in his mind. You’re half intrigued and half terrified, wondering what he’s going to say next.
“Well, I think we both failed the challenge,” he announces, and your eyebrows nearly shoot off your face. He gives you a cheeky grin. “We should probably try again.”
You let out a snort, loosely wrapping your arms around his neck again. “Oh, really? And what happens if we fail again? Do we keep trying?”
His eyes sparkle as he starts to lean in. “That’s the spirit. Wow, I really should’ve dressed like this years ago, huh.”
“I don’t know,” you tease, nudging your nose against his. “I mean, that one phase where you had that short, bright red helmet haircut really got my panties in a twist.”
Donghyuck immediately recoils, face burning as he unfortunately recalls the repressed memory of that horrid haircut that he managed to keep buried all these years. His face twists into an unpleasant grimace, and you barely manage to stifle a laugh before he starts to sulk, whining as he clings onto you.
“Shut up, my mom said I looked handsome!”
Tumblr media
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sleepy ↠ l.dh
Tumblr media
↠ slytherin!haechan x slytherin!reader
↠ summary: in which your messed up sleeping schedule brings you into several run-ins with haechan.
↠ words: 1.3k
↠ a/n: i really enjoyed writing this uwu
january 25, 2019; 2.29 am
The cold nipped at your bare skin, making you whine in agitation as you shoved your blanket to the side and slipped out of the warmth of your bed.
Why couldn’t you sleep?
You rubbed your sore eyes before opening the door to slip down to the Slytherin common room, only clad in a large shirt and shorts.
Maybe you needed water. Yeah, that was it. All you needed was water and you could go back to sleep.
You sway on your feet unsteadily, filling up a glass of water and guzzling down the contents. You turn, somewhat satisfied, only to be met with a shirt-clad chest blocking your field of view.
You tilted your head slightly upwards, locking eyes with Haechan - Slytherin’s infamous bad boy’s smirking face.
He has eyebags under his eyes, you noted with a tilt of your head, I wonder if mine look as bad.
“Couldn’t sleep?”
You shook your head, heat rushing to your cheeks at his scratchy voice.
A small chuckle escaped his mouth, “Good for you. Sleep is for losers, anyway.”
Opening your mouth to protest, the words clogged in your throat and all that came out was a small squeak. In absolute trepidation, you shuffled backward to put some distance between you and the unfairly handsome boy, your back hitting the table ledge.
“Y/N, right? You sit in front of me in Potions.”
He said that as if you didn’t know that he sat behind you in Potions. You damn well knew that he sat behind you. 
He had accidentally spilled amortentia on you once. It had given off the strong scent of minty toothpaste and, to your horror, Haechan’s hair.
“You’re quite quiet for a Slytherin.” 
Before you could answer, he turned on his heel and marched up the stairs, leaving you with a pounding heartbeat you hadn’t noticed when he was there.
Tumblr media
january 26, 2019; 1.37 am
The lack of sleep was starting to take a toll on you.
You could barely stay awake during Defense Against the Dark Arts while watching a video about the dangers of goblins, and your head had hit the table during Charms (something that all your friends would not let you down for).
Muffling a yawn, you stumbled down the stairs and back into the Slytherin common room after tossing and turning in your bed.
To your surprise, there Haechan sat, in front of the crackling fire, his knees pulled up to his chest and his glasses perched on his nose as his eyes scanned the pages of an old book. The fire made his skin glow golden and beautiful shadows cast down the expanse of his cheeks. 
The stairs creaked, and Haechan’s gaze snapped from his book to you, a smirk immediately creeping onto his handsome face.
“Well, hello. I didn’t expect you here today, as well. And here I was, thinking that yesterday was a one-time thing.” He shut the book, facing you as you glided down the rest of the steps.
“What brings you here so late at night?”
“I-I could ask you the same question.” You cursed your self for stuttering inwardly, a blush rapidly snaking up your neck. You were grateful that it was dark.
“So she talks,” A laugh bubbled in his throat, and you found yourself craving for more, “But I asked you first.”
He stood up, abandoning his book and crossing his arms in front of his chest.
“Do you not want me here? Because I can go back up-”
“I never said that,” Mock-offense blanketed his features, “I just wanted to know what the princess of Slytherin is doing up so late at night.”
You rubbed your arm bashfully, huffing at the nickname he had graced you with.
“I saw you fall asleep during Charms today. You should really get some sleep.”
“What happened to ‘sleep is for losers’?” 
A nervous laugh escaped Haechan as he rubbed the back of his neck, “That only applies to people who don’t need sleep. I, for one, don’t think you’re a loser.”
A small smile made its way onto your face amidst your hot blush, and Haechan found his pulse skip a beat.
“You know what,” he strode up to you, making you flinch as he crossed the room and to you in less than two strides, “Go to sleep.”
His hands rested on your shoulders, turning you 180 degrees, and gently pushed you back up the stairs.
“Have a good night, princess.”
Tumblr media
january 27, 2019; 1.52 am
Tonight was slightly different.
When you had slid down the stairs, you found that Haechan was nowhere to be seen.
You quietly looked around the common room for him, and you felt your hopes deflate a bit. 
Why were you looking forward to seeing him, anyway?
Maybe you really did just need sleep.
You turn around, only for his voice to echo out into the expanse of the common room, making you flinch and muffle a minuscule yelp.
“Looking for me?” He had a teasing lilt to his tone, and you had the urge to run up to him and smack him silly.
He inspected his fingernails as he drawled on, “I noticed that you didn’t get enough sleep, as I had told you to. You fell asleep during Herbology.”
You grimaced at the memory, remembering the way you had unpleasantly jolted awake when the plant in front of you started tangling it’s tendrils into your hair.
Haechan snickered, “Is your hair okay?” He walked closer to you, and all you could think about were his warm hands on your shoulders the day before.
You unconsciously toyed with the ends of your hair, “It’s fine. I’m fine.”
Silence filled in the empty void between the two of you, and you gulped when he leaned down closer. You could smell the mint in his breath, the smell of his hair.
Where had you smelled this before?
“You know, when I had spilled that amortentia on you...”
You tilted your head to look up at him, curious.
“It wasn’t an accident.”
Tumblr media
january 28, 2019; 2.48 am
You blushed just at the thought of what had happened last night.
“You want to know what I smelled?” He took another step closer to you, “I smelled strawberry and vanilla shampoo. Which, strangely, smells exactly like your hair. Funny enough, I think I also dected the faint trace of that watermelon lip balm you like so much.”
Your entire form flushed in a wave of heat when his eyes landed on your lips.
“Tell me, princess, what did you smell?”
Suddenly losing your ability to speak, you bit on your lip, tasting a hint of your watermelon lip balm.
“Don’t do that,” His eyes darkened, hand snapping out to tilt your chin upwards, “It drives me fucking crazy.”
For a bit, it had seemed like he was about to kiss you, but he pulled away, a bit of red blush glazing his tanned skin. 
“Make sure to get some sleep, princess.”
Haechan had smelled you when he had spilled amortentia all over you. It was almost unbelievable.
Should you tell him?
You gulped unsteadily, throwing your legs over the side of your bed and sliding out of your room. 
“There you are. I was starting to think that you weren’t gonna show.”
Should you tell him?
“What are you doing?”
Should you tell him?
Whatever Haechan was about to say was smothered as you pulled him down by the collar of his shirt, pressing your lips against his. 
“Mm- Wow, you really do taste like watermelon-”
Your hands tangled into his locks and he snaked his arms around you, pulling you close, “I smelled you. Your stupid mint toothpaste and your stupid hair. That’s what I smelled.”
He peppered kisses all over your heated face, a grin replacing his usual smirk.
“Be my girlfriend?”
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mnhynq · 3 years ago
NCT Soft Boys Club
Official members:
Haechan: Club president, loves cuddles, is always down for platonic kisses, there’s no such thing as personal space, is comfortable around everyone, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, the clingiest of them all, he’s down for anything, lay your head on my lap and tell me all your problems, I’m gonna rest my head on your shoulders and you’re not allowed to complain, pouty baby, but also a smiley baby.
Jaemin: Almost got kicked out for making a d*ck joke, Hyuck forgave him because he’s too soft, award winning smile, he’s such a pure hearted person, always has good intentions, well usually has good intentions, reminds everyone to stay warm and don’t get sick, you feel warm just looking at him, he’s just as soft as his hair, such a calming voice that it makes you forget all your problems, always encouraging others, is really grateful for everything.
Renjun: Self-proclaimed pure boy, kinda questionable, he’s tried to fight the others a couple of times, scared everyone when he said all the dreamies would fight to the death on Jisung’s b-day, will actually threaten you and smile, such a gentle smile that you forget what he said, looks great in pastel, looks like he smells like flowers?, probably does, has days where he’s softer than usual, it’s like he’s drunk on love, talks about how he wants them all to grow old together and be friends forever, gives the best gifts because they’re irreplaceable.  
Jungwoo: Is convinced he’s still a baby, is flirty but in a cute way, loves to play coy, has no regret when acting cute, doesn’t seem like the type but is actually a really jealous person, he would also be part of the goofy club if it was a thing, does weird things but still manages to look cute while doing it, if there’s anyone who can rock a flower crown it’s him, is a little sneaky though, uses his softness to manipulate others, no one ever calls him out on it though.
Kun: Hyung line’s pure boy, wants to protect everyone, and everyone wants to protect him, kinda quiet, “Where’s Kun?” “Here”, is he ever not smiling?, we don’t deserve him, have you eaten? are you tired? how are you feeling?, so caring, if you’re with him then it’s his treat, so wholesome there’s not a evil bone in his body, king of compliments, always shows everyone pictures of his dogs, again we don’t deserve him.
Pending members:
Mark: Is basically already a member, he’s a badass rapper on stage, but he’s soft at heart, is always so impressed with little things, everyone thinks it’s precious, he gets flustered when they point it out, which makes everyone think he’s even cuter, Hyuck is always trying to convince him how great cuddling is, only averts his eyes and scratches the back of his head, he’s a pushover though, so Hyuck is sure he can convince Mark.
Jisung: Wants to convince everyone he’s not a baby, acts like a badass,  but is absentmindedly cute, says the softness doesn’t go well with his dance, his face and cute smile don’t convince anyone though, he’s said he didn’t want to join so many times it’s too late to change his mind now, he doesn’t want the others to think they were right all along.
Chenle: A total cutie, his smile? his laugh? his voice? magical, he’s like a care bear, Hyuck told him he can join the club whenever, but wants to follow Jisung, “Swag”, the club is a plan B, in case the swag thing doesn’t work out, he doesn’t really mind if he’s in the club or not.
Jeno: Claims to be to old for the club, even though he’s the same age as 3 of the members, insists he’s not cute enough to be part of the club, but his eye smile makes everyone swoon, panics when someone gets too close, awkward laughs, awkward hugs, awkward eye contact, why are you so nervous Jeno, he just needs some time.
Taeyong: risky choice, some days he’s soft and others not so much, king of duality Lee Taeyong, says he cringes when he acts cute but actually loves it, Hyuck still has to decide if he’s allowed to join, says it doesn’t matter, everyone knows he wants to though.
Denied access:
Yukhei: Too loud for others to handle, tends to speak without thinking, “sexy lips”, seemed very excited on joining, he means well but things he says can be taken out of context, he’s so persistent on joining that they couldn’t tell him no in his face, the took a vote and everyone voted no, Jungwoo voted yes, he was kinda upset, but went back to his old self real quick, is still trying to join though.
Yuta: Scorpio, enough said, he wasn’t really interested in joining, but thought Winwin was going to join so he applied, Winwin didn’t join, Yuta figured he might as well try, some extra attention is always nice, Hyuck didn’t even look at his application, he saw the name and threw it out, Yuta isn’t bothered though.
Ten: Was almost accepted because of his beautiful smile, but was too much of a pervert, doesn’t feel even the slightest bit of guilt when he says something inappropriate, originally wanted to join to use the club as an advantage, if everyone thought he was a softie they would trust him more, and he could use that to his advantage ; ), like getting Kun to buy him food, someone snitched and Hyuck terminated his membership before it even started.  
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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: calling your boyfriend by his first name.
Tumblr media
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users :: nct dream x reader channel :: not clickbait universe uploaded on :: may 10, 2021 at 2:22 p.m. pst description :: what happens when you decide to call your boyfriend by his first name instead of your nickname for him? click to find out! don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe, honey bees!
author’s note :: in celebration of hot sauce, here’s a lil update on the not clickbait universe !!! ♡ i’m currently trying to get out of my writer’s block, so i’ll be writing little blurbs of the boys reacting to various tiktok challenges. these all take place after the not clickbait series, aka they’re already dating here (and yes, i intend on finishing the remaining fics for the other boys) ♡ (insp.)
Tumblr media
❥ MARK —
“Hey, can you pass me the whisk, Mark?”
You extend your hand out towards your boyfriend. He grabs the kitchen tool and starts to pass it to you before pausing. Something doesn’t feel right.
“Mark? Can I have the whisk, please?”
Suddenly, his eyes grow round in realization, and he turns to you, a questioning look overtaking his face. “You called me Mark.”
“Yeah, that’s your name, isn’t it?” You pluck the whisk from his grasp, returning your attention to the bowl of chocolate cake batter in front of you. He furrows his eyebrows, pouting slightly.
“But you don’t call me that.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m...” His cheeks grow red as he stumbles over his words. He scratches the back of his neck sheepishly. “You always call me...” He whispers the last word as the tips of his ears turn scarlet. “... Marky.”
You can’t hide the smile on your face anymore, and when you turn to face him, he grows even more flustered, noticing the Cheshire grin on your face.
“You did that on purpose!” he accuses you, flapping his hands around in embarrassment. “Is this another TikTok challenge?!”
You laugh, and he sighs in defeat. Leaning over, you press a soft kiss against his cheek. “Sorry, Marky, you’re just too cute.”
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goofys.chuckle commented:
whipped twerking
morklyrawr replied: ???? what does that even mean ????
yoitslucas commented:
junguwu commented:
nanaislove commented:
my therapist: y/n calling mark marky cannot hurt you y/n calling mark marky:
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Renjun, what should we Postmates?” You scroll through the app, assessing all your options. You hear no response from your boyfriend, so you look over at him.
He pointedly looks down at his phone, double tapping the pictures that show up on his Instagram feed (He scrolls past one unflattering image of him on Haechan’s finsta). You reach out and poke him. “Renjun?”
Radio silence. Your boyfriend even has the audacity to turn away from you and reach for his AirPods.
“... Junbug?”
“I’m up for ordering some fried chicken.”
“Wow, really? I thought you hated that nickname,” you snort, shaking your head slightly, but you click on your boyfriend’s favorite chicken restaurant. Fried chicken, it is then (You make sure to add a note to your order to have the deliverer ask for Junbug when he goes down to pick it up).
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moominjun commented:
appletater replied: oh so we’re going on a first name basis now, renjun?
moominjun replied: DELETE THIS NOW DEMON*
appletater replied: no ❤️
sheepsh commented:
hey junbug are you free on thurs to hang out
moominjun replied: stfu ten already confirmed that you like to be called baby (yes i’m free)
sheepsh replied: DON’T CALL ME BABY I’M 20 YEARS OLD (cool let’s meet up at 5)
10vely replied: why are you lying baby i taught you better than this smh still a young boy
goofys.chuckle commented:
you’re so cute here junbug 🥺🥺
moominjun replied: go step on a lego hyuck baby
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
❥ JENO —
“Are you gonna do a livestream today, Jeno?”
Your boyfriend freezes in his chair, fingers paused over the keyboard. You can hear Donghyuck and Jisung yelling at him over his headphones as their players die on screen, and you hide a smile, lounging against the backboard of his bed as you pretend to tap away at your phone, secretly filming him instead.
“Jeno?” You try again, and he lets out a noise of confusion, cocking his head slightly. He turns to you hesitantly, pulling his headphones down to rest around his neck. “... Am I in trouble?”
“No? Why would you be, Jeno?”
He rolls back in his chair a few inches. “You’re doing it again though. Just tell me what’s wrong. Is it because I ate all the leftover Chinese?”
“Nothing’s wrong.” You tilt your head, widening your eyes innocently. “And I’m doing what?”
“Why are you calling me by my first name?” He wrinkles his forehead, frowning. “You always call me babe.”
“Oh, sorry, babe.” You shrug, and he shakes his head. Your boyfriend turns back to his game, the both of you forgetting your original question. Suddenly, you shoot up in belated realization, back straightening up as you give him an incredulous expression.
“Wait, you ate all the leftover chow mein?! Jeno, I was saving that!”
“... So I am in trouble.”
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bigheadking commented:
wig? snatched hotel? trivago jeno? in trouble
moominjun commented:
it’s ok y/n he ate my leftovers too......
peachyangel commented:
there is something so jeno about this i can’t explain
goofys.chuckle replied: you mean the boring reaction? yeah he didn’t even flinch
itsmebetch replied: leave my man alone he did his best 🤬
dobunny commented:
jeno... 🤐🤐
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Donghyuck!” You call out from the doorway, and immediately, your boyfriend snaps his head towards you with a growing frown.
“Donghyuck, can you—”
“My name is not Donghyuck!” he cuts you off, crossing his arms over his chest and abandoning his phone entirely on the cushion next to him. You stifle a laugh, but continue on with your little challenge.
“Yes, it is,” you insist, “Your name is Donghyuck!”
“No, it’s not, it’s baby!” he huffs out, his lips jutting out in a pout as he glares at you from his seat on the couch. You hold back a snort, curling your lips inward.
He narrows his eyes at you. “Baby.”
You quirk up an eyebrow, leaning against the doorframe. “Donghyuck.”
He pouts even harder. “Baby.”
“... Hyuck.”
“... Baby,” you finally concede, throwing your hands up in exasperation as you walk over, and he beams at you, pulling you down to sit on his lap.
“Yes, angel?”
“... You’re so annoying,” you mutter, leaning against his chest and resting your head in the crook of his neck.
Your boyfriend laughs, grinning mischievously before placing a kiss on your forehead and leaning his head against yours. “The feeling’s mutual.”
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bigheadking commented:
y/n: donghyu- hyuck: my name is NOT donghyuck, it’s sweet angel baby honey!!!! 😡😫🥺
jisungpwark replied: LMAOOOOOOO
goofys.chuckle replied: look who’s talking sweetheart
bigheadking replied: is your name y/n 🤨
goofys.chuckle replied: no?
bigheadking replied: then don’t call me that 🙂
moominjun commented:
bab— b— 🤢🤢
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Jaemin, can you add cereal to the grocery list please?”
You dig through the shelves, searching for your favorite brand, but come up empty handed. You shut the pantry door behind you, opting to get some yogurt from the fridge instead for breakfast.
“What happened to honey?” Jaemin appears next to you, sulking slightly, and you turn to him. “Oh! Do we need to add that to the list, too?”
“No,” He pouts, the corners of his lips tilting downwards as his bottom lip sticks out. “You always call me honey, darling, angel, Jaems, Nana, but not Jaemin.”
“But... it’s your name?” You say over your shoulder, plucking a carton of yogurt from the top shelf before swinging the fridge door closed. “Can you get me a spoon please, Jaemin?”
His shoulders droop slightly, and you start to feel bad, before he lets out a huff and grabs a spoon, passing it over to you. “Fine, here, Y/N.”
You flinch slightly. The sound of your first name coming from him feels unnatural to you, and he notices your reaction, smiling smugly before turning his nose up. “Huh, I guess you don’t like it either, do you, Y/N?”
“... Is this a bad time to ask you to get me some water, too?”
Jaemin pauses, pressing his lips tightly together before reaching out and grabbing a glass from the cabinet. He goes over to the freezer and fills it with ice cubes before handing it to you. “Here.”
You’re confused. “This is ice.”
“Wait for it to melt.”
Your boyfriend is truly the king of pettiness.
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showmethemonet commented:
so ig all the boys legally changed their name to honey or baby
itsmebetch commented:
the glass of ice tho 😭😭
nanaislove replied: i got her water afterwards!!!! she just didn’t show it ):
peachyangel replied: yes you did honey thank you ily 🥺💗
nanaislove replied: ily more 🥺💗💕💖💞💘✨🌷
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, I found the perfect restaurant for our next video, Chenle!”
You excitedly scroll through the restaurant’s website, the tip of your tongue sticking out before you realize your boyfriend hasn’t answered you. You spin around in your office chair to face him. “Chenle?”
Sitting on his bed, he barely glances up from his laptop. “Who’s Chenle?”
You furrow your eyebrows. “You?”
He gives you a deadpan look. You push yourself over to him, still sitting in the rolling chair. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing,” he shrugs. “I just don’t know who this Chenle dude is that you’re referring to.”
“Wha—” you cut yourself off mid-word, giggles bubbling up in your throat. “Are you serious right now, Chenle?”
Your boyfriend looks extremely unimpressed, and you only laugh even harder. He frowns. “I only know a Lele or sweetheart. I don’t know any Chenle’s.”
You let out a noise of amusement, a smile appearing on your face. “Okay, fine, Lele, you absolute dork.”
He finally grins at you. “That works, too.”
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sungchannel commented:
haha cute chenle~! ☺️
honeyfairy commented:
couple goals 💓💓
notanimpasta replied: omg you have to do this with jisung !!!
appletater replied: i’m listening......
itsmebetch replied: oh? 👀
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
Your boyfriend flinches, nearly dropping his popsicle. He turns to look at you, and you smile at him. “Can you get me one too, please?”
“Sure.” He reaches down to fish out a second popsicle from the freezer drawer before halting. Something feels off. He slowly stands back up, shutting the freezer and trying to figure out what’s throwing him off. Shaking his head, he makes his way over to you and hands you yours.
“Thanks, Jisung!” you exclaim brightly with a smile, and he’s hit with the same feeling again. It’s like when someone (read: Chenle and Donghyuck) moved all the furniture two inches to the left, and he was left stubbing his toe against the coffee table every time he got up from the couch.
“Um...” He fidgets a little in his place, still standing there. Finally, the light bulb goes off in his mind, and he may or may not be the tiniest bit embarrassed at how much this change is truly affecting him. You look up at him, patting the seat next to you. “Aren’t you gonna sit, Jisung? We still have the rest of the episode to watch.”
Hearing you say his full name again, Jisung decides he definitely doesn’t like it.
“Why... why aren’t you calling me Sungie?” he says at last, cerise blossoming on his cheeks when he makes eye contact with you. He looks away, biting his bottom lip, as the blush spreads to his ears and neck. “You always call me that. Or... or... cutie.”
You can no longer suppress the smile on your face, and you beam at him, reaching out to slip your hand in his and tug him down next to you. “Sungie, you are so cute, oh my god!”
The splotches of red on his cheeks grow brighter, and he buries his face in your shoulder, muttering, “You’re such a brat. You did that on purpose.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, cutie,” you coo at him, and he grumbles, settling back in his seat as he eats his popsicle, the bright color of his treat a perfect matching shade to his face.
“You’ve been hanging out with Chenle too much.”
“Why? Does he call you cutie, too, cutie?”
“Shut up!”
“But I thought you liked me calling you that?”
“I... I do, but I just— argh!”
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peachyangel commented:
bigheadking commented:
you don’t let me call you cutie ☹️
jisungpwark replied: oh my god go away
notanimpasta commented:
queen delivered 🤩🤩 the absolute cutest !!!! 
apado_god commented:
nice 😎👍🏻
Tumblr media
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i dare you.
Tumblr media
truth: do you like me? dare: prove it.
pairing :: lee donghyuck x reader genre :: angst, fluff / best friend + college au word count :: 3,176 words warnings :: none playlist :: cover up (taeyeon) ⋆ wish you were sober (conan gray) ⋆ fever dream (mxmtoon) ⋆ candy so good (the rose) ⋆ bubble gum (clairo) ⋆ can i call you tonight (dayglow) author’s note :: this is a bff2lovers support blog
Tumblr media
The game of truth or dare has been going on for several rounds already, and Donghyuck comfortably lounges on the couch tucked in the corner, leaning against an armrest. He lightly shakes the cup in his hand, swirling the last remnants of jungle juice around, before nimbly tossing back the rest of it. It’s a circle of sixteen or so people, and as he looks around, he can somewhat make out the faces of his closest friends. Except he’s missing one: you, his best friend ever since you handed him your red crayon after he broke his in preschool.
But now, for a little over a year, he’s been wishing that being your BF stands for more than just your designated Best Friend. Maybe, it can also include BoyFriend. But that’s just wishful thinking.
Hazy eyes flitting around the entire expanse, Donghyuck looks for the reason of his heartache and finally finds you standing on the other side of the room, leaning against the wall and accepting a red cup from Hyunjin with a pretty smile. Who invited him? He definitely wasn’t a part of Nu Chi Theta.
The familiar green eyed monster rears its ugly head again when he notices how the distance between you and that pretty boy decreases. Grimacing slightly, he reaches forward and grabs a shot from the table, quickly swallowing all its contents.
Renjun lazily spins the bottle in the center after answering his truth from Tzuyu, and it lands on the unsuspecting Donghyuck. He notices the distracted look in his friend’s eyes, following his gaze until he sees you, and a mischievous glint appears in his eyes.
“Hyuck, it’s your turn,” Renjun announces, and Donghyuck is startled, turning to face his grinning friend. “Truth or dare?”
“Dare,” he replies confidently, and Renjun’s grin only widens. His friend’s gaze darts towards you and then back at him knowingly, and Donghyuck starts to feel his hands growing clammy. It seems that he was a little too obvious.
“I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room.”
The dare that comes out of Renjun’s mouth has Donghyuck tensing up in his spot, sobering him up for a split second. His friend merely raises his eyebrows, challenging him, and he swallows hard before putting on an air of nonchalance. He wipes the sweat on his palms against the fabric of his jeans and grabs another one of the shots from the center of the circle, downing it before standing up. He’s not one to be nervous, especially with the amount of confidence he possesses and the amount of alcohol currently swimming through his veins, yet he is.
Jaemin and Jeno lift their heads up in interest as they watch him make his way towards you: you, who is unsuspecting and laughing at something that Hyunjin just said.
Have you always looked this gorgeous?
You are so damn stunning, throwing your head back and letting the prettiest sound Donghyuck ever heard escape from between your lips. The bright strobe lights don’t do enough justice for you, but he can see the way your eyes glimmer and the flashing of your teeth as your lips upturn into the loveliest of smiles. Yet, the blood in his veins boils because he should be the only one who makes you laugh like that, and not some other pretty boy.
He marches his way over there, swaying slightly from the beers he downed earlier, before looping his arm around your waist and pulling you towards him, placing the most delicate, softest kiss onto your lips.
Startled, you nearly drop your red cup and take a step back as you stare your best friend with wide eyes, your heart now beating faster than ever. And perhaps, it was more because of the boy in question, rather than the unexpected show of affection. “What the heck, Hyuck?”
He tugs you close again and merely nuzzles his face in your neck, wrapping himself around you even more. You turn to face him, and he lifts his head up, clouded eyes and flushed skin in full view now. His face is close, too close, and his lips are painted in the prettiest shade of rosy pink. If you move just a few millimeters forward, your lips would brush his again. Hurriedly, you toss away that silly idea as your cheeks warm up at that thought.
When did these feelings start to show up and skirt around your heart? Was it when you noticed he always added a pack of Haribo sour gummy bears for you to the shopping basket during those late night convenience store runs without you asking? Or was it when you texted him at 3 a.m. about a Pokémon you don’t have that’s nearby outside and he tells you to go to bed, but five minutes later, he’s standing outside of your dorm, knocking on your door with mussed hair and a haphazardly thrown on sweater, telling you to hurry up, so he can go back to sleep? Or maybe it’s when you realized just how happy he makes you when he laughs at your lame jokes that he would’ve made fun of Jeno for saying?
Or perhaps, it’s a culmination of all those things plus all the other tiny moments and endearing, although sometimes infuriating, attributes of his that made you fall in love with your best friend.
“You’re really pretty, y’know?” He mumbles, and your cheeks burn even more before you shake your head, noting bitterly to yourself that your best friend is completely intoxicated. Of course. He doesn’t like you in that way at all, so there’s no use in getting your hopes up. Drunken kisses are sober mistakes.
“Hyuck, you’re drunk.” You let out a sigh before wrapping an arm around his waist and throwing an apologetic glance towards Hyunjin. “Let’s get you home.”
“Let me help you,” Hyunjin offers, reaching out to take some of Donghyuck’s weight off of you. Your best friend swats his hand away from you. “Get your own Y/N. This one is taken.”
“He’s just trying to help,” you scold him, blood rushing to your cheeks at the sound of Donghyuck calling you his. He simply ignores the other boy, clinging onto you even tighter. You say good bye to Hyunjin, who kindly takes your empty cup, before tugging your best friend towards the stairs and to his bedroom upstairs.
On your way there, you catch Renjun’s attention. He smirks at you, eyes twinkling, as he glances towards Donghyuck and then back at you. Face burning, you roll your eyes before giving him the universal middle finger salute, his laughter subsequently echoing behind you.
You’re just best friends. Friends take care of each other. And so what if he kissed you? He’s naturally affectionate. And add on the fact that he’s drunk, so his affection just came out tenfold. It meant nothing.
Tumblr media
Something’s been bothering you for the past few days, and Donghyuck can tell as he sits across from you for lunch. You’re doing that thing where you fiddle with the small Winnie the Pooh charm on your iPhone, wrapping the string part around your finger before letting go and repeating your earlier actions. He reaches over and untangles the charm from your hand before putting your phone in front of you, his hand grazing yours for a millisecond, and your heart nearly stops at the sudden contact.
“Something’s been on your mind. Spill it.” He studies your reaction, and you know you can’t lie to your best friend. He’ll know even before the words are out of your mouth.
“Do you remember the Theta party last Friday?”
“Yeah, I kinda have to,” he snorts, resting his chin on his hand. “I had to help clean up the next day with a raging hangover.”
“Why’d you kiss me?” you ask abruptly, twisting the hair tie around your wrist a bit nervously. It’s better to just rip off the bandaid and let it out in the open after all.
Donghyuck freezes, brain short circuiting. He had hoped that you’d just chalk it up to his drunken state that night, and he could continue to ignore his feelings like he’s done for the past thirteen months, six hours, and twenty seven minutes. But he can’t. He shouldn’t. So maybe he should just say it. Tell you the reason why. After all, drunken actions are sober thoughts.
Yet, although he prides himself for being brave, for being outspoken, when it comes to his feelings, when it comes to you, he feels like a coward. At the thought of rejection, the fickle feelings of love, and all the what if’s, he thinks it’s better to remain your best friend than lose you altogether. So he racks his brain for an excuse, but all he can come up with is the half truth. 
“It was a dare.”
Your face falls before you can hide the disappointment, and it yanks at his heartstrings, leaving him to stammer out a poorly executed follow up, back tracking as fast as he can. “It wasn’t a bad dare! Renjun made me do it, and I just...”
“A dare?” you say softly before giving him a half hearted, teasing smile, desperately trying to conceal your true feelings. “Like what? To kiss your best friend? So I beat out Mark, huh?”
Your response has him pausing from blurting out the rest of the truth. You seem so calm and nonchalant about it, like the kiss has no effect on you whatsoever, an unspoken rejection. The mere thought of that almost cracks his heart in two, and he crumples the napkin in front of him, lowering his eyes.
“Uh, well... something like that.”
The two of you lapse into silence after that, a stifled awkwardness plaguing the table, before it becomes unbearable for you, and you stand up, picking up your empty plate to drop off at the cleaning station.
“I gotta go. I have class soon.”
Donghyuck murmurs a quiet good bye to you and helplessly watches as you walk away. He knows you’re lying. He memorized your schedule by heart the second you sent it to him at the beginning of the semester, and you finished all your classes for the day in the morning already.
He flattens out the balled up napkin, staring at the confession he had carefully penned down earlier before you sat down. The black scribbles stare back at him, almost as if they’re mocking him. He rips up the paper into shreds.
He wishes he was braver earlier.
Tumblr media
Friday night brings you back into the all too familiar atmosphere of the Nu Chi Theta house. You entered the scene later than usual, caught up earlier with a paper on sustainable technology due at midnight. You were more than content with staying in your dorm for the night, curling up in a blanket for a Brooklyn 99 marathon, but your roommate, Lia, insisted you go out with her.
When you had told her about the conflicting matter regarding a certain dark haired boy swirling around in your mind, she had frowned, calling Donghyuck a complete idiot, and her next words still echo in your head.
“That’s what the idiot said? That wasn’t the dare. Renjun dared him to kiss the prettiest girl in the room.”
So why did he lie?
The butterflies in your stomach refuse to settle, whether it was from knowing you’ll see him tonight or the implications behind that kiss or possibly a combination of both. Renjun easily spots you in the crowd, and refusing to take no for an answer, he pulls you over to sit next to him and to partake in the game that started this all. Lia had simply laughed and waved you good bye before nimbly making her way into the dancing crowd.
Your eyes easily finds Donghyuck’s across from you, and his eyes widen in surprise. You haven’t seen him since the lunch incident, and you should’ve known that you’d see him tonight. He’s a member of this fraternity after all. You give him a small smile, and maybe it’s the alcohol running through his veins, but you could have sworn his cheeks turned a darker shade of red under the harsh neon lights. He looks away, and it stings a lot more than it should. Biting your bottom lip, you focus your gaze on the bottle in the center.
Jaemin reaches for the glass and gives it a twirl. The bottle neck ends up pointing just left of Donghyuck towards Yerim, and you notice Jeno not so subtly kick the table. The bottle rolls slightly before facing your best friend.
“Oh, would you look at that! Hyuck, truth or dare?” Jaemin exclaims, grinning a little too brightly.
“Jeno did that on purpose,” Donghyuck grumbles, throwing a stink eye at the aforementioned boy who merely offers him an innocent smile. “Dare.”
Renjun leans over towards Jaemin, whispering something to him, and he only brightens up even more. There’s that sinking feeling in your stomach, and you know they’re up to no good. Looking around the room, you catch the eyes of Hyunjin, who waves at you happily with a broad smile. Maybe you’ll feel better if you hang out with someone else for a change and take your mind and heart off of the boy in front of you.
Donghyuck’s eyes darken when he notices your attention directed at Hyunjin. He almost scoffs. Again, who invited him? And what’s Hyunjin got that he doesn’t? Okay, so maybe that pretty boy is a few centimeters taller than him, but Donghyuck is still prettier, wittier, funnier, and smarter, right?
Does Hyunjin know the exact number of miniature marshmallows that you like in your hot chocolate? Does he know that you have a tiny star shaped scar on your knee because you fell off your bike in first grade, and Donghyuck was the one who put a dinosaur patterned bandage on it? Does he know that when you’re happy, you like to play Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi on blast and belt out the lyrics? Does he know when you think a joke is really funny, you let out the smallest snort at the end of your laugh which you try to cover up, but Donghyuck thinks it’s the cutest noise ever?
Does Hyunjin know how much he loves you?
“Hyuck,” Jaemin pokes him. “Are you listening?”
“No,” he deadpans, and Jaemin sighs. Your attention is on Donghyuck now, head tilted slightly as you softly smile at him, raising your eyebrow. Your expression is guarded, and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t know why. But Jaemin nudges him again, and he lets out a huff before turning toward his friend, who smiles impishly before saying:
“I dare you to call your crush and confess.”
You and Donghyuck both inhale sharply at that.
Thousands of thoughts rush into your mind, yet the most prominent one is: your best friend has a crush, and he never told you. The two of you have shared your previous crushes in the past, yet he’s never mentioned this one? A shock of betrayal runs through your body as you wrack your brain to think back to any previous hints or mentioning that he liked someone. Never mind the fact that you didn’t tell him about your current crush because that would mean confessing, but if you were in love with someone else, he would definitely be the first to know.
But maybe it’s for the better, you think bitterly to yourself. It would be near impossible for you to hide your feelings any longer. Perhaps, this is the reason why he didn’t tell you about the dare. It would make everything so much more complicated.
But your stomach twists and turns at the thought of him asking someone out, kissing someone else, loving someone who isn’t you, and suddenly, you don’t want to play anymore. You mumble something about getting a drink from the kitchen to Renjun before standing up, easily brushing away his hand when he protests.
Donghyuck watches as you begin to get up, panic rising in his chest, and before he knows it, he’s scrambling to pull out his phone. All it takes is five seconds. Five seconds for you to walk away. Five seconds to lose you. Five seconds to type in that familiar string of numbers and hit send. Five seconds of courage. Five seconds to take that leap from friendship to something more.
It’s now or never, and he’s never been so sure of one thing in his life until this very moment. Heart thudding erratically in his chest, he hurriedly types in the number he’s memorized by heart—the one he secretly saved as My Sunflower 🌻—and finally presses the green button.
You pause when you hear the familiar blaring ringtone and feel the vibration in your back pocket. Immediately, your eyes land on Donghyuck, and he’s already looking at you with the softest, most endearing, most vulnerable expression on his features that wrenches your heart. Eyes glimmering, he smiles at you a little bit uncertainly before speaking up, voice wavering at the end.
“Someone’s calling you, and I think he has something really important to say, so will you please pick it up?”
With shaky hands, you take out your phone, heart nearly leaping out of your chest, as you stare at the screen, lips curving into a delighted smile that you cannot suppress.
Full Sun ☀️💘 is calling.
Phone pressed to your ear, you slightly tilt your head to the side, shyly smiling, and relief is written all over his face for a split second before Donghyuck positively beams. He continues to gaze at you, pretty little stars dancing in his eyes that crinkle in the corners and the rosiest hue of red blooming on his cheeks.
“Hi. I was wondering if you’d like to go on a date with me. Because I kinda, sorta, maybe am completely in love with you.”
This is the boy who made fun of you for wearing glittery Mary Janes on the first day of kindergarten, but also threw sand at the other boys who decided to poke fun at you. This is the boy who saved all the blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers he got on Halloween to give to you. This is the boy who brought you tubs of New York Super Fudge Chunk when you experienced your first heartbreak and refrained from saying “I told you so” until after you finally got over that douchebag. This is the boy who made you stay up all night before a final to help him put rainbow streaks in his hair, but also helped you ace the exam. This is the boy who has the biggest heart out of everyone you know, and he’s wearing it on his sleeve for you.
This is the boy whom you love.
And he loves you back.
“I’d love that. Because I kinda, sorta, maybe am completely in love with you, too.”
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whoismynctbias · 3 years ago
I have a thing for Haechans jawline, neck, tan skin, brown hair, eyes, heart shaped lips, little scar on his eyelid, smile, voice, the way he walks, the way he smiles and him.
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nctream · a year ago
if i can’t have you. ldh
Tumblr media
10.4k words | lee donghyuck one shot [if i can’t have you]
» genre: romance, angst, slow burn, donghyuck model! au, college! au, song-fic (shawn mendes’ if i can’t have you & lost in japan) . 
synopsis. college years, how exciting. In the middle of writing the novel of your life, Donghyuck decided to pop in - and suddenly you weren’t the protagonist anymore, but just the weak writer, who had no power over the feelings Donghyuck managed to spring in you. How. Fucking. Exciting.
— disclaimer ➛ This is a work of fiction. I do not own famous character(s) such as idols and my writings are in no way meant to show these people’s real nature and/or offend them in any way. You can not copy or translate my writings without my permission.
Tumblr media
There was something about growing up that both scared and excited you. Coming of age was a true rollercoaster, you were now old enough to go to jail and drink alcohol, yet you weren’t old enough to fully keep yourself together; especially if you counted that you couldn’t divide yourself between two part time jobs and college classes as well as you had imagined, hoped even. 
Your eighteenth year of living went by so fast, between the last high school year and the start of your first college year, far from your parents and all the people you had been growing up with. And if you were being honest, you didn’t like roommating as much as you had hoped you would. 
Not to get you wrong, there was no one you adored more in your college campus than Jennie, she was truly a gift sent from above to keep you from further ruining your mental health, but at the same time, you were incredibly homesick. You had never noticed before how you cherished things as simple as your mother doing the laundry before you moved in with Jennie and she clearly told you that there was no way in hell she was washing your underwear for you. 
Your nineteenth birthday rolled in and you didn’t celebrate much. Your parents called you, and even managed to Skype you — thanks to your brother’s help — and wished you a happy birthday, telling you that they had sent a couple of gifts to you, but with the long way between you guys, the packages would have taken more time than needed. Jennie also bought you one-too-many gifts, bought you a cake (an ice-cream, fruity one, because she remembered it was your favourite) and even forced Lisa and Chaeyoung to join you for dinner. 
Nothing fancy, you ate around the peninsula table in your small kitchen, munching on fried chicken and fries. For some reason, about that night, you remember quite distinctly Chaeyoung.
You had never seen her before, especially around Jennie’s group of friends. Sure, there was another Chaeyoung, but everyone called her Rosé and she was out of town that week, so she sent you a couple of texts during the day, sending her usual messages who were too long and too filled of emojis. 
This Chaeyoung girl who accompanied Lisa was skinny, rather small and had short, blonde hair, with the cutest mole under her lips. She was one year older than you, but younger than Jennie and she was Lisa’s new flame, as she wanted you to call her girls. 
As for the rest of the day of your nineteenth birthday, nothing happened. You studied all day for an upcoming chemistry exam that you didn’t want to take, but your father was basically begging you to. You weren’t happy. You weren’t happy at all on your nineteenth birthday. 
Tumblr media
Lee Donghyuck was Chaeyoung’s stepbrother and he was your age. 
You didn’t know much about him; you knew he was a model and didn’t go to college because Chaeyoung’s stepmother thought that if he already had a job, he didn’t need to also study — meanwhile, Chaeyoung had no expectations whatsoever, so she had to go to college and become a lawyer. 
❛A lawyer so that every time his son does his usual bullshits I can take him out of jail❜ she huffed one afternoon while sitting in the campus fast-food, where students could pay less and eat more. You still weren’t sure about it. 
Jennie’s eyes widened and she threw her arm behind you and around your shoulders in the booth, raising a perfectly drawn eyebrow. ❛Jail, even. What does he do that’s so extreme?❜
❛I don’t know, ❜ she mumbled as if she wasn’t the only law student between you three, ❛He always does the contrary of what his managers say, drinks, clubs — smokes weed sometimes❜
❛You don’t go to jail for smoking weed, babe — it’s 2019, now you go to jail because you take a knee❜ Jennie scoffed stealing one of your fries. 
You looked around in concern, knowing that many teachers lounged around the place at that hour and many of them didn’t like that topic at all. ❛Let’s just cut it here❜ you sighed and watched as your roommate shrugged her shoulders. 
You turned toward Chaeyoung, ❛It’s so messed up that your parents force you to follow a path that you don’t like❜ you pouted slightly, the burger in front of you looking more disgusting every three minutes that passed by. Again, you didn’t feel too safe in that diner — one day you had to talk with Sooyoung, the girl who worked for a month behind the kitchen and then left crying; God only knows what happens behind closed curtains. 
❛It’s fine❜ Chaeyoung shrugged nonchalantly, ❛I wasn’t going to come to college if they didn’t force me, so I’m partially grateful. I have opportunities now, I guess❜
Opportunities, that was mostly what college was about. Get kids ready to turn into adults, so that they could then jump into the world of affairs and make their own money. But hey, the world was too small anyways — someone would have ended up engaging in a job they didn’t like, no matter the years of college. 
Jennie by your side groaned, her head hiding between the booth and your back. As you took a sip from your overly sweet melon and mango milkshake, your eyes searched around the diner to find the one and only face you knew you would have found. 
❛What’s up with her?❜ Chaeyoung asked sipping her peach flavored iced tea, her wide eyes trying to follow your bored gaze. 
You shrugged dismissively, your hand briefly coming up to whack the air. ❛Her ex just came in❜
Ah, Jennie’s ex boyfriend(s). You knew and loved each and every one of them, always such sweet guys that liked her bad girl, cold air and then ended up getting hurt and heartbroken. She liked those fragile boys and they liked her, so you couldn’t blame anyone else but her high sex drive and easy boredom. You were still shocked she didn’t kick you out of your shared apartment after one year together, knowing how easy she got bored of people. 
Chaeyoung raised an eyebrow, stuffing her cheeks with food and looking around, then her eyes met him. ❛You mean Brian?❜
Brian, Young K, what was his real name? Whatever, you didn’t really care, whenever he came in your apartment he said hi and disappeared in Jennie’s bedroom, so you never had any deep connection or relationship with him. 
You nodded, clearly bored and leaning back, squishing Jennie’s face against your back. Chaeyoung was completely shocked, her lips parted. 
❛Damn, ❜ she hissed, ❛he’s in my Stats. classes. He’s hella hot❜ she whispered-screamed, pointing her long, pointy, green nail toward him. 
❛Fun❜ you deadpanned. 
Jennie then came out of her hiding to look at the girl with wide eyes. ❛He’s so good at fucking, go for it, girl — trust me❜
❛Y’all are disgusting❜ you raised both eyebrows leaving back down on your plate the burger you just then had the soul to pick up, ❛what am I supposed to do with that information?❜
Tumblr media
They said that pretty boys were most likely to fall for pretty girls, meanwhile pretty girls were most likely to fall for handsome boys. You couldn’t really tell what was the truth, you never stopped for enough time to look around yourself and wonder why that pretty girl was dating that guy and not the other. You never were interested in relationships. 
That wasn’t entirely a lie, but it wasn’t the truth either. 
Relationships — you thought as you took a seat in the college café — were the most exciting thing a romantic novel could give you, a good read, a shiver out of the ordinary. 
The UN Village café was such a pretty place, it was calming and even something as loud as Seungmin’s laughter — he was one of the waiters — turned into soft background music. The colours making the place so lovable were mostly beige and white, which was such a soft look that contrasted with your usual black sweatshirts and jeans. The café was always full of college students and professors grabbing their espressos, most of them running not to miss a class. 
Just like the one person in front of the cash desk in that moment, jumping nervously on his long legs — Mark Tuan, science professor and clearly late for his class. Or the girl behind him, Kim Yerim, with the pink Airpods in her ears, staring lovestruck at the main barista, Qian Kun. 
You smiled hiding your face behind your phone, as you read one of Rosé’s texts from that very morning. 
[8:15 AM] Rosé 🌹: Rise and shine, sunshine! I’m flying back from Australia in a couple of hours and I can’t wait to see you again my sunflower! 😍 I bought you so many beautiful gifts, I can’t wait to show them to you!! I love you and good morning!
[8:49 AM] You: good morning to you as well, can’t wait to have u back around, i missed u
You could hear Rosé huff from wherever she was now in the airplane, your answer so cold and plain that she would have found a way to make you feel bad, with her sweet puppy eyes. Yet, that was you, and she knew it — it was still nine in the morning, anyways, you needed some sugar in your bloodstream first. 
After leaving your bag at the small table and putting your phone in the back pocket of your jeans, you stood up and made your way to the counter, to order your usual, plain, lemon tea. Professor Tuan wasn’t in line anymore, you looked to the side as he was leaving, by his side another professor (yours, if you were honest, Mr. Im Jaebum, teacher of English literature). Yerim was in front of you and you gave her some more space to shoot her flirtatious lines to the cute Kun. 
You sighed. 
❛Is this what usually happens in college’s coffee shops?❜ someone behind you chuckled, making you turn in confusion. 
Indeed, the cute looking boy behind you in line was talking to you, sending the cutest smile your way. You looked at him for a second more, in silence, probably looking dumbfounded. He wasn’t much taller than you, but his style was different. And his skin the most delicious caramel shade. 
You eyed Yerim with a soft smile and then turned back to him. ❛It’s teenage years, am I right?❜
The boy behind you chuckled, hiding his smile behind a couple of slim fingers. You quickly noticed the many moles that kissed the skin of his face, up to his very, very light brown hair (they almost looked orange). 
❛She’s totally flirting❜ he whispered your way, lowering just enough for his lips to graze your hair. 
Your eyes went back to the couple in front of you, Kun smiling his usual polite waiter-smile and Yerim blushing pink under his gaze. You shrugged. 
❛I’m proud of her. Everyone in campus knows how much she likes him❜ you turned back to look at the boy, eyes smiling and voice low enough to make sure neither of them could hear you. 
The guy looked down at you with thinned eyes, scrutinising you for a moment more. You were shorter, wearing a dark red sweatshirt that he was sure was at least three sizes bigger than you and the phone in your back pocket vibrated a couple of times, catching his attention. 
He raised both eyebrows and pointed at it, making you frown in confusion. 
❛I think someone is calling you❜ he chuckled still pointing at the lit device in your jeans. 
Your eyes widened and the softest gasp left your lips as you reached in the back of your pants to grab your phone, praying to the gods above that it wasn’t your father calling you. He always said that you never answered his phone calls (which was true, but you had reasons) and whenever you called back, he always got mad at you. 
Turned out it wasn’t your father calling, or anyone else really, but rather sudden texts from your group chat. 
[8:58 AM] Lisa 🦇: MAYDAY, MAYDAY! I just saw Y/N talking to a boy in UNV
[8:58 AM] Jennie 🍨: pic or it didn’t happen
[8:58 AM] Lisa 🦇: Honestly? Shut up, I know what I just saw
[8:59 AM] Chaeyoung 🎠: nobody cares
[8:59 AM] Lisa 🦇: I!! Care!! He was hot and omg Y/N talking?? to?? a?? boy??
[8:59 AM] Jennie 🍨: pic or it didn’t happen
[8:59 AM] Lisa 🦇: How am I supposed to take a picture of them I’m running late for class
[8:59 AM] Chaeyoung 🎠: professor Tuan just entered the classroom
[9:00 AM] Lisa 🦇: Fuuuuck! Distract him from starting Chae!
[9:00 AM] Chaeyoung 🎠: wth how
[9:00 AM] Lisa 🦇: Your tits!!!
❛Hi! What would you like to order?❜ as Kun greeted you with a gentle smile, you looked up from your phone bewildered, noticing that Yerim was now grabbing her cup from Jeongin (another waiter) with a soft smile on her lips. 
❛Uh, hi❜ you muttered, locking your phone and throwing it back in your pockets, ❛Can I have a lemon tea, please?❜
Kun smiled and nodded, typing the order in the computer and then sending it to Jeongin, who quickly turned and started preparing your drink. Kun didn’t even have to ask you how much sugar or if you wanted anything else; you two weren’t friends or anything, but you went to the café so often that he didn’t even have to ask you what you wanted to order, really. 
As you walked over to the blonde kid, your looked to your left, where now the boy that previously was behind you in line was ordering. His eyes met yours and he sent a smile your way, almost a smirk, that made your heart jump in your chest. 
He was incredibly charming and his chocolate eyes made you feel some kind of way — like the extraordinary shivers that books gave you. 
❛Here you go, have a nice day!❜ Jeongin smiled as he handed you the hot cup of tea and you snapped your head toward his cute smile. 
❛Thank you, have one yourself❜ you slightly bowed and smiled awkwardly. 
You hated social interactions, thanks God that was college — and everyone in college was bad at interactions. You walked back to your table with the hot cup in hand, hissing under your breath as the paper slowly boiled your fingers. Your eyes tried hard not to look back at the boy, but it was harder than you. Thankfully, he wasn’t looking at you, too immersed in his phone screen as Jeongin prepared his coffee. 
God, he was so cute, a part of you was glad you weren’t going to see him around college anymore, especially because with your university being so big, it was almost impossible to see someone two times by accident. You sat down and grabbed your laptop, ready to drown yourself in the new project professor Im — the one who was walking around campus doing nothing — had given your literature class. 
❛Can I sit here?❜
Your eyes shot up from your Docs page, just opened, on your laptop and you watched as the same boy in line behind you minutes before put his coffee cup and piece of cake on the table, searching for his phone and wallet in his pockets before dropping them on the table as well. You widened your eyes. 
❛Oh❜ you muttered, ❛sure thing❜ even because you basically already sat, I can’t really tell you not to — you bit your tongue because: shut up, you weren’t going to tell him not to sit before you anytime soon. 
The boy looked at your eyes and smiled, sitting behind your laptop. 
❛I’m Donghyuck, by the way❜ he raised a hand over the screen of your computer, making you chuckle. He looked so… cool. His vibe was happy and he had that cute and smug smile always printed on his plump lips. 
You grabbed his hand and shook it, ❛Y/N❜
For a moment you looked down at the white page on your screen and tried to get yourself together. Your first class was at half past nine, it was eight past nine and you were sitting with the cutest stranger in the college café. You had to start the project. 
❛So you study here, ❜ he sighed. You looked up and into his chocolate eyes, ❛that’s so cool❜
You hummed, ❛Yeah, um… don’t you?❜
❛Nah, ❜ he shrugged, ❛my sister studies here, I’m just back in town for a while so I came here to stay with her some days❜
❛That’s sweet❜ you looked back down. You were starting to get hot, you weren’t sure why and you hated the idea of him noticing it in any way. 
Donghyuck clearly wasn’t having it. He wanted to have a conversation with you, keep the mood going. It was boring if you started typing at your laptop, not giving him any attention. 
Wasn’t it obvious that he wanted to talk with you? There were other five tables free of any person, yet he decided to join you. Wasn’t he being even too obvious?
❛What do you study here?❜ he asked slamming your laptop shut. The movement wasn’t abrupt or rude, but your eyes still widened and you gasped.
What the hell, you thought. You stared up at him. Donghyuck’s eyes were void of any regret, he wanted all of your attention on him. He was smiling and sipping his coffee.
❛Um, I’m majoring in literature❜ you also grabbed your cup and took a sip of the tasty lemon tea, ❛What about you? What do you do?❜
Donghyuck’s breath stopped for a second, that was mostly what you noticed right after your question. His eyes widened for the slightest moment and suddenly, outside, the sun wasn’t shining as bright as it looked when you first entered. 
He leaned back in the chair, hand on the cup and he shrugged, regaining the little lift of his lips. ❛Work, nothing interesting really❜ he sighed, ❛My parents didn’t want me to go to college❜
You hummed and cocked your head a little. Clearly, he didn’t want to tell you what he worked as, otherwise he would have told you right away and he also didn’t look too happy about not being able to study. Maybe, he was mad at his parents for blocking him from going to college. 
You bit your bottom lip, hiding a smile. ❛Then what would have you picked if you could have went to college?❜
Smooth — you thought to yourself. That was how you kept the conversation far from your personal life, you go!
Donghyuck clicked his tongue on the back of his teeth, his eyes suddenly shining. He chuckled, that was the first time someone asked him that question and he loved every bit of it. The way it rolled off your tongue just sounded so right. 
What would you — aah, the sound of having power over personal decisions. Something he never knew the taste of, which led him to break the rules. 
❛How about psychology?❜ he smirked, leaning on the small, white table between the two of you. 
Your breath hitched. You raised an eyebrow, suddenly more invested than ever in someone’s dreams. 
Donghyuck raised an eyebrow, almost saying “oh, don’t you know?”. But how could you know a total stranger’s dreams and passions? God forbid if you knew what was going on in the little, interesting, head that Lee Donghyuck owned. You didn’t know what was going on his mind that soon and neither you would have known later in your story with him. 
He sighed and smiled victoriously, his back hitting again the backrest of the chair. ❛I want to become a Crime Scene Investigator. A profiler❜
The stars shining in his eyes made your throat twist and your heart jump. That was absolutely genius. The passion and the strength that he put into his words seemed to spark a new flame into your student-soul. You gaped at him for a good minute. 
❛And you? What are you going to become with your literature major?❜ he asked, long fingers finding the small, plastic fork and sinking in the soft, velvet cake. 
The lights pointed on him seemed to shut down with a deaf sound and everything turned toward you. Lights. Camera. Action, Y/N. 
You swallowed and awkwardly smiled, ❛I’m still not sure❜ you shrugged and Donghyuck couldn’t stop the soft smile from spreading on his face. This time there were no traces of amusement or mockery. Your eyes settled on the laptop in front of you. 
The air wasn’t thick or uncomfortable, which was a relief, but then again: that was UN Village café, there was no way people could feel uncomfortable in there. Donghyuck took another bite from his cake, before sipping the coffee in the cup to swallow the spongy cake better. You observed his throat bob with shy eyes. 
❛Donghyuck❜ someone suddenly called from the entrance of the café, making both you and a couple of waiters turn around, confusedly. You watched as the blonde haired boy cocked his head, confused at his friend. 
❛Oh shit, Jeno❜ Donghyuck cursed with a mouthful of sweet in his mouth. His wide eyes found yours before smiling awkwardly. ❛I gotta go, now. I’m sorry❜
You looked dumbfounded as the scene unwrapped before your eyes. The boy in front of you threw both his phone and his wallet in the back pockets of his pants and wrapped his fingers around the cup of coffee, slipping the small white plate with some bites of cake toward you with the butt of it. He stared at you with playful eyes, before winking, offering you the sweet treat. 
❛See you around, ‘literature major’ Y/N❜ he tipped his head and then he was off and out of the café. 
That was the very first time you had met Lee Donghyuck and your heart was absolutely ecstatic about it; about him. 
Tumblr media
The second time you saw Donghyuck — God, he looked as if the Devil took his long, sweet time carving him. 
The week before, when you first met, you didn’t notice how sharp his lines were, like his high cheekbones, or the blade that his jaw was. 
You were sitting in Chaeyoung’s living room. Out of your group of friends she was the only one who actually owned an apartment and didn’t have to share it with anyone, mercy of her parents that had the heart to actually give her something. 
The place was absolutely gorgeous, rich of blacks and whites all over the modern surfaces. The very first time she had invited you and Jennie, you fell quickly in love with the feeling her apartment gave off. It was her, it was Chaeyoung — she made sure to let everything fall into place. 
❛Hey, so❜ Chaeyoung appeared in the living room breaking yours and Lisa’s concentration, even though the blonde girl was literally trying her best to keep you from doing your job, ❛this is Donghyuck❜
Your head snapped to the side, eyes searching for whoever was by her side. Chaeyoung’s sockless feet thudded against the ground soundlessly, a contrast against the tick-tocking sounds of her stepbrother’s leather shoes. Your breath completely caught into your throat as you eyed the boyish smile on Chaeyoung’s brother face. 
Of course, how didn’t you connect the dots before? Donghyuck was that Donghyuck; one of your best friend’s stepbrother. 
You felt your throat dry and your face heat up when Donghyuck didn’t miss a moment to lay his eyes on you. It seemed like he didn’t even care about Lisa sitting right by your side (not that she cared anyways), like he wanted to carve in his memory every bit of your flushed and flustered face. 
You also looked different, now that he had a better sight of you. Your hair was up in the usual “student’s hairstyle”, bags under your eyes that you didn’t even try to cover with makeup and bitten lips that seemed to call his name. 
Now that you looked back at yours and Donghyuck’s story, no it wasn’t love at first sight. It was love at sights, which probably was even more romantic that the first; because no matter how many time passed between one look and the other, you and him seemed to find new features that you thought it was worth to explore. And on that second encounter, yours became love at second-sight, now you were sure. 
❛What’s up❜ Lisa murmured as a greeting, bringing her eyes back to her laptop screen. 
You swallowed the saliva pooling in your mouth and found your voice again. You had to say something, otherwise he would have thought you were rude and Chaeyoung would have understood that something was up. 
❛Hey❜ your voice cracked slightly at the end, making you feel like an idiot under Donghyuck’s unwavering gaze. Oh, he wasn’t letting go of your figure at any moment. 
The boy smiled and raised an hand as to greet you (only, since Lisa wasn’t even looking at him) and let it slap back against his thigh. 
You turned to look at Chaeyoung that had stopped walking minutes before, staring at you and her brother with parted lips and a raised eyebrow. When your eyes met she let out a slight chuckle, crossing her legs and plopping on her butt. 
❛Okay… ❜ she murmured awkwardly before looking back at her brother, ❛if you need anything, we’ll probably stay here all evening❜
Donghyuck hummed, taking a couple of steps in the living room, coming way too close to you that was sitting on the couch. ❛I’ll just stay in the kitchen❜
You attentively observed as he bent down to pick his mobile phone sitting on the glass table between you and Chaeyoung. The boy then turned his head toward you, smiling the smug smile you had been shying away under in your first meeting. You swallowed and your eyes smiled slightly back at him. You felt your heart jump in your chest as he once again winked at you before turning toward his sister and shrugging. 
In a heartbeat he was out of the living room and Chaeyoung’s eyes were playfully watching you. There was no way in hell you were so abashed and awkward without something happening before between you and Donghyuck. Chaeyoung knew you too well now, after almost five months hanging out together; boys never had such an effect on you, she had seen you go completely blank in front of dudes like Kim Wonpil, Lee Taeyong and even Professor Jinyoung, who were incredibly breathtaking men. 
Yet she let the questions bubbling in her head drop as soon as Lisa opened her mouth and let out one of her usual, witty comments. 
❛If I was younger and I wasn’t a lesbian, I would totally bang your brother❜
And just like that, the evening flew between snacks and projects. The three of you barely talked to each other, but it was still alright, because the most important thing was that you weren’t alone. College somehow managed to turn all the kids in solitary, wandering cats — and you hated every bit of it. Sure, there were times you needed to stay alone as well, but since college started, you had been staying alone way too much. You were tired of the library or of your room, especially when Jennie wasn’t around dancing in her bathrobe to 80s songs. 
Around seven in the evening you stood up from your spot and kissed your friends goodbye, deciding that it was just right for you to leave Chaeyoung and Lisa to themselves. Jennie had told you that the couple had fought and apparently they weren’t a couple anymore, as much as they liked to pretend otherwise. 
It was something Lisa was good at doing, pretending to be totally fine in front of her friends and collapsing once she was left alone; you were giving her the freedom to break down in front of her problem, which in that moment was Chaeyoung — you were giving Chaeyoung the freedom to heal Lisa. 
❛I’ll be going❜ you smiled and put your laptop and books back in your bag, walking calm steps to the door. 
Donghyuck stepped from the kitchen, hands in the pockets of his jeans. You stopped the gasp from leaving your throat, you were so tired that for a moment you had forgotten about the boy living in the house. 
❛Let me drive you❜ he chewed on his bottom lip once you were in the entrance. His eyes followed your legs, as you put on your shoes and looked at him with innocent eyes. 
You didn’t want to reject him, a straight “no” would have meant not seeing him for God knew how long. You hated to confirm that you had been thinking about him every once in a while, for the whole week, becoming all giddy every time the boy’s smile reappeared in your memories. 
❛I- ❜ you muttered looking toward the living room. Chaeyoung wasn’t paying any attention to you, but rather she was sitting next to Lisa on the couch, trying to get her to stop working on her project for a moment. 
Donghyuck also looked at his stepsister for a second, smiling under his breath. He couldn’t tell why you seemed to care so much about getting noticed, it wasn’t like you were doing anything wrong. He stepped toward you and picked the keys of his car that were laying on the cabinet next to the door. He didn’t even bring his mobile around, he knew that Jeno and his manager would have been there in five minutes to talk about that Seoul’s fashion show he had to be part of, but suddenly he had something more important to do. 
He chuckled, ❛Let me be your chauffeur❜
❛I can take the bus, it’s no pro-❜
❛The bus, ❜ he groaned, already walking past you and opening the door, ❛my R8 is just as pretty as a bus, I promise you❜ he winked your way and just like that, he was out of the apartment. 
You quickened your steps, grabbing your bag and making sure you both had keys and phone in your pockets, before slamming the door behind your back and running down the stairs, catching up with the caramel-haired boy. You were glad you knew nothing about cars, because when he said R8, you probably were expecting some cheap (or normal, at least) car, yet when the black Audi blinked white in your eyes, you had to stop in your tracks. 
Lee Donghyuck, Chaeyoung’s brother… — God, how could you forget? 
As you sat in the car, staring in awe at the soft leather that covered the seats and breathing in the mint and coffee perfume inside, you turned slightly toward the boy. ❛So you are… that Lee Donghyuck❜ you barely whispered, still in complete awe. 
Donghyuck laughed, putting his belt on and turning on the car. 
❛Depends. How many Lee Donghyuck do you know?❜
❛I know a couple of Donghyucks❜ you smiled abashedly, copying his movements, ❛but you are a model, wow❜
You watched as the garage door opened slowly, and the boy sitting next to you cocked his head to your side. ❛Did Chae tell you?❜
You nodded, ❛She told me a couple of months ago. She said she had a stepbrother and he was a model, which was why he didn’t go to… college❜ suddenly realisation washed over you and you remembered the first conversation you had with him. 
❛Oh!❜ you perked up, ❛so that was the “nothing interesting work” you were talking about at the coffee shop?❜
Donghyuck chuckled, picking up in speed as he drove out of the apartment complex and into the busy streets of Japan. He shrugged. 
❛Imagine if I answered at your “what do you do” with “I model”❜ he looked at you for the briefest of moments, giving you his usual smile. 
And you couldn’t help but smile back. He was right, you would have probably laughed at him or packed your things and left. Then why weren’t you laughing or leaving his car now? Well, maybe a part of you was trying to let you know that it was time you left those romance books to the side and started writing your own novel. 
One about your life, nothing too romantic, nothing too adventurous. 
❛Hey, ❜ he called after a couple of minutes, turning on the radio and licking his lips. He smiled at you, ❛you’re cute, by the way. Like… as in — I would steal you a date — cute❜
And to this day you were grateful to Donghyuck, because that novel you had printed in your head, in your heart, on paper, about your life, was there just because he was there. The big protagonist of your life, where you suddenly weren’t the protagonist no more, but the director — the writer. 
Learning to know Donghyuck was probably the best part of the two weeks that followed your drive home. He was the funniest person you had ever hung out with, which was a lot because you were friends with people like Jae and Lucas, and they were incredibly funny. Yet, they didn’t have the same personality as Donghyuck, because he was funny in the slightest ways possible. He was easy to talk to and enjoyed whenever you buried your face in the side of his arm, laughing at a witty comment he had about the couple eating their faces out in the booth in front of yours. 
He brought you out — well, he brought you and Chaeyoung (and many times also Jennie and Rosé) out, since the girls never seemed to want to let you and the cute boy have a date alone. 
He liked you. You liked him. Chaeyoung said he liked you. Jennie said you liked him. Rosé said he wasn’t good for you. 
❛Baby, Y/N, I love you, but he’s a model — and no, God forbid if I’m saying you don’t deserve to date a model, but he will be off in some time and you won’t see him for who knows how long❜
You scoffed, ❛It’s not like that❜
❛Like that what?❜ she innocently cocked her head to the side. 
❛I don’t like hi-❜
❛Oh, sure — is that why you were cuddling after dinner the other night?❜
Aah, Rosé, Rosé — sweet and beautiful Rosé, if she only knew the truth. So you sighed, looked down and nodded. You bit your lip, where the taste of Donghyuck was still lingering and then turned around, covering your flushed face from her eyes. He wasn’t yours anyways, he was gone.
Tumblr media
I guess the first time you understood that you were growing feelings for Donghyuck wasn’t a first time at all. You had been hanging out together for a little more than a week now, he even managed to pop in one of your shared group chats and he had become a friend you cared about. The two of you had grew quite attached and everyone in your group of friends noticed it. 
There wasn’t much you could do really, Donghyuck was just too nice. He was funny, and you were weak for funny guys. He was handsome, even though you couldn’t care less. He was caring. He was so damn caring. It seemed like he read all the emotions going on in your body with just a look. 
That evening, the clock on your phone stricked half past eight and you had just finished your date with Na Jaemin. Yeah, a date, who would have told. It was cute, he was cute, but he wasn’t for you. 
Sure he was caring, sure he was charming — but he wasn’t Don… 
You furrowed your eyebrows at your thoughts and looked down at your phone, quickly typing the message you knew was going to start a whole hell.
[8:03 PM] You: can someone of you come pick me up?
[8:03 PM] Jennie 🍨: Omg where are you? 
[8:03 PM] Jennie 🍨: did your date finish already?
[8:04 PM] Sungjin 🥺: Wait.. date?
[8:04 PM] Lucas 🤠: a DATE????
[8:04 PM] Lisa 🦇: Y/N where are you I’m driving from St. Garden
[8:05 PM] Chan 🐺: Can you guys stop acting like Y/N’s thirteen and grow tf up
[8:05 PM] Sungjin 🥺: I’m just, as twitter users would say, sh00k
[8:05 PM] You: yall shut the fuck up. also lisa i’m in front of the cinema
[8:06 PM] Lisa 🦇: I’m on the other side fuck.
[8:06 PM] Donghyuck 👯‍♂️: be there in five, look out for my car
That was the first time you smiled in front of your phone screen for so long. You were definitely waiting for him to answer, no matter how much you loved Lisa or how much you knew that Jennie was already getting ready to drive to wherever you were; so you let Lucas and Sungjin on read, without answering any of their questions, waiting for Donghyuck’s Audi to appear in the light rain. 
The sky was clouded and the rain was so light that you could have mistaken it for humidity dropping on your skin. Cliché, I know, I know, but hey, that was your novel and something had to be cliché. You smiled to yourself and looked toward the street. 
❛Hey, Miss Daydream, ❜ a voice called not too far from you, making you look to the right, ❛I heard you needed a ride❜. Donghyuck brightly smiled at you and you couldn’t help but laugh aloud, running toward his car. 
You opened the door and sat inside with a deep sigh, smelling the mint perfume and enjoying the warmth. 
❛More like “you read”❜ you chuckled. 
Donghyuck clicked his tongue on the back of his teeth, ❛Don’t remind me what I just read❜
❛Why?❜ you couldn’t seem to stop the amusement latching on your tone. 
Donghyuck stayed silent for a second, continuing to drive — and you mistook his silence for concentration, thinking the rain made it a little more difficult to drive. The air seemed so natural, you would have never guessed what was really going on. 
❛Did you have fun with your date?❜ he asked sticking his tongue against the side of his mouth, his cheek popping out. 
You sighed and hit your head against the headrest of the seat. ❛He was nice❜ — Jaemin really was nice, but you didn’t want to think about him in that moment — ❛Jaemin is seriously so handsome, but we just… ❜ you stopped to find the right words.
❛Didn’t click?❜ Donghyuck helped you in a hopeful tone. You sighed and nodded.
❛I guess you could say that❜
Yeah, you and Jaemin didn’t click. He wasn’t the right guy for you, no matter how sweet and good and nice and beautiful he was. You smiled at your thoughts and for a second you wanted to mentally fight yourself. You were letting go of Jaemin because you had a crush on the same boy who was driving you home in that moment; the same boy who was a fucking model, full of other models around him.
Suddenly Donghyuck ripped you out of your thoughts. 
❛Why didn’t you tell me you were going on a date?❜ he murmured and then bit down on his bottom lip, never looking at you. 
Took by surprise you just ended up shrugging, ❛Didn’t think you could care❜
Of course, Donghyuck bit his nail for a second, of course — why would a friend of his tell him she was going on a date? Damn it. 
❛Yeah, you know❜ he shrugged, his voice sounded so fake for a moment, then you turned to look at him, a smile on your lips. 
❛Are you jealous?❜, you would be lying saying that there wasn’t any hope in that question. 
The scoff coming out of Donghyuck’s mouth made you laugh even harder, gripping on his forearm to keep yourself from toppling over. 
❛Me? Jealous?❜ he asked stopping at a red light. He scoffed once more, then turned to look at your laughing figure by his side. 
Maybe that was the only time he could pour his heart out, you looked so gorgeous, your eyes slit in two half moons and lips pulled in such a delicious smile. That smile that was hiding the slight hurt from his evident rejection. 
Then Donghyuck did — or said — something that you weren’t expecting, something that even stopped the lo-fi music playing on the radio from his phone. 
❛I sure am❜ he whispered, smiling like a lovestruck while looking at you. 
Your heart lost a beat and you felt it in your whole rib cage. Your mouth dried all of a sudden and Donghyuck started driving again.
❛What the fuck does that mean?❜ you scoffed, ❛Are you playing with me?❜
Donghyuck smiled the most bittersweet smile you had even seen in your whole life and you felt your heart losing other beats. It wasn’t healthy. What if you were going to have a panic attack in his car? 
A couple of minutes of him driving passed, your eyes still wide and mind running around for an explanation; then you saw your campus getting closer and closer. 
You bit your tongue. ❛Don’t play me❜
❛Fuck❜ Donghyuck cursed under his breath and you watched as he slightly hit the steering wheel, looking outside the window, ❛Why the fuck would I play you?❜
You looked back at him and your eyes were almost popping out of your face. You didn’t know what to answer him; Jaemin long forgotten. 
You heard him sigh hard, almost as if he was trying to get his emotions together. ❛I’ve been crushing on you since the first day we met at that stupid café, damn it❜ he showed you his forefinger and you stared intently at it, ❛and now I find out you were hanging around with some random dude. Like, shit❜
❛Why didn’t you tell me before then?❜ you asked shocked, your voice slightly raising with the surprise. 
You couldn’t deny how happy that made you feel, but also there was something bitter sitting on your tongue. 
❛Because!❜ he looked at you with wide eyes when he entered your apartment complex in the campus. You looked at him with eyes just as wide, noticing that Lisa’s car was there as well. 
❛That’s not a fucking answer, Donghyuck❜
❛Because I’m fucking leaving in five days, what the fuck❜
Once again your heartbeat stopped and that time, you felt like it went on for forever. Like taking a drug, when your lungs and heart stopped and your brain turned off and Donghyuck was your drug. He turned off your lungs with laughter, stopped your brain with gazes, broke your heart with words. And now he was leaving and like a drug addict, who enjoyed not feeling anything, the idea of breathing, thinking and loving against was absolutely sickening. 
❛You’re leaving?❜ you whispered with the last string of voice your throat let go of. 
Donghyuck parked and hit his head on the headrest, closing his eyes and turning off the car. Your eyes focused on him and how stressed he looked. 
❛I am-❜ he swallowed, ❛I’ve been trying to stay as far from catching feelings for you as possible❜ he humorlessly chuckled, ❛but then you turn this date shit on me and I get jealous and fuck, I’m so fucked and I like you so much, but I don’t want to break your heart — break our hearts❜
And you wanted to shout at him that he already did, but ended up looking down and shrugging. 
❛Why are you leaving?❜
Donghyuck sighed again and passed a hand on his face. ❛My break finishes and I have a runway in China next week❜
❛In China❜ you whispered pressing your hands to your face. 
Now that you knew your feelings weren’t one sided, he was flying away. You groaned. Donghyuck silently chuckled.
❛I’d kiss you right now, but you seem pretty mad❜
❛I’d kiss you too, but I’m not mad, I’m sad❜ you bit your bottom lip, stopping the tears from pooling in your eyes. 
Donghyuck leaned closer to you, making the warmth in your chest spread wider. He wanted to give you the best kiss of you life, your first kiss, especially because you basically told him you liked him back, yet he pressed his lips to yours in a quick and chaste smooch. He tasted your salty lips and you didn’t manage to kiss him back. You wanted more. He wanted more. But he leaned back, licking his lips. 
You sniffed and looked up, to prevent other tears from falling. 
❛I’m sorry if I’m hurting you❜ Donghyuck whispered, his hand coming up to wrap sweetly around your nape. 
You shook your head no. ❛I’m going home, now❜ your voice broke and tears fell down. 
You couldn’t believe he was leaving you. He was flying away after those days you spent together, having fun and whispering words to each other. You fell for him, for your friend. You fell in love. 
You stepped out of the car and into Jennie’s arms. You weren’t going to see him again.
Tumblr media
College was exactly how you expected it to be. Minus Donghyuck, that is. Just like every college movie ever, you had spent the five days that followed your car ride with Donghyuck in your shared room, crying your eyes out and eating ramen. Jennie had tried to get you out of bed, but there was no way in hell you were letting people see your face in that conditions. You had to wait another couple of days. 
Chaeyoung knocked at your door, Sungjin knocked at your door, even Chan knocked at your door. Jennie had been kind enough to kick them out and let them know that your period was having the best of you. They believed her, kind of. Donghyuck didn’t. 
He came around at least once a day, asking if he could see you, texting you that he missed you and wanted to see you before leaving. He even sent you a message before taking off. 
[5:43 AM] Donghyuck 👯‍♂️: i’m going on the airplane now. please, text me back when you can. i miss you and i wish i could have kissed you one last time.
There was a reason why you didn’t see him one last time before he left. The reason was as simple as his. You didn’t want to break his heart — your hearts. You fell too deep for him and that wasn’t helpful, your heart was already broken, but if he thought that you didn’t catch feelings, maybe he wasn’t going to be heartbroken at the end. Bullshits and you knew it quite well. You both caught feelings. 
When Donghyuck finally left for Beijing, taking a piece of your heart with it, you finally managed to leave your room, just to end up between Rosé’s and Chaeyoung’s arms, crying the last tears you had in your eyes.
❛Why didn’t you tell me before?❜ Chaeyoung had her cheek pressed to the side of your head, while she petted you hair on the other side. 
You sniffed and took the cup of tea from Rosé’s hands. ❛I don’t know, me having a crush on Donghyuck just seemed so dumb❜
Rosé sighed, ❛This is not even a crush anymore, babygirl, you are in love❜
❛Now I understand why you guys were always trying to stay alone together❜ Chaeyoung muttered pressing her lips to your head and sweetly kissing you. If it was any other moment, you would have “ew-ed” and asked her to stop, but you were far too sad. 
❛I honestly was so confused when she came home crying❜ Jennie patted your head slightly before walking to Chaeyoung’s fridge, ❛then she told me about Donghyuck and how he confessed to her and they kisse- ❜
❛Donghyuck kissed you?❜ Chaeyoung gasped and you found yourself crying again. That was the reason why you should have stuck to books. 
❛He literally always talked about it, that’s crazy how he actually found the courage to do it…❜
Tumblr media
Two weeks had passed and you thought that maybe it was time for you to close the chapter and start writing another one. College was going alright, your parents were bothering you to come back home for a while and Donghyuck didn’t send you any more texts; you thought maybe he was over you already. You missed him. You missed him with every fiber of your being. Chaeyoung didn’t seem to want you to forget him and she kept sending you pics about his works and runways.
But if on one side you wanted to close the chapter and start another one, oh he wasn’t thinking the same as you at all. 
You spent that Saturday morning listening to a man talking about Sylvia Plath, professor Im Jaebum by your side. He seemed absolutely enamoured with everything he was hearing. You were bored and had other things to think about. Around two in the afternoon Chaeyoung sent you a message that made you smile. 
[2:02 PM] Chaeyoung 🎠: Donghyuck has a catwalk at six in Seoul tonight ;))
[2:05 PM] You: that’s cool, i hope everything goes well
Seoul was two hours flight from where you were. You sighed and spent the afternoon deciding what to do and where to go with Jennie. She seemed to really want to go to the St. Garden, but Lisa was thinking about the clubs street, she said that she (quote) wanted to party like a fucking animal and get wasted, yeah man (end quote). You really didn’t care where they were bringing you, really — Saturdays were their days. 
Around five in the evening a message caught your attention. 
[4:56 PM] Donghyuck 👯‍♂️: hey, gorgeous!
[4:56 PM] Donghyuck 👯‍♂️: idk when you’re gonna read this, but i’m in south korea, which is not so far from japan.
[4:57 PM] Donghyuck 👯‍♂️: i have a plane ticket here with me. for osaka. for you. because i miss you and i regret not kissing you right and i’ve been thinking about you. about us. and i want to break your heart, i think i decided. i want you to break mine. as in, let’s live each other’s what the fuck. lmao
[4:58 PM] Donghyuck 👯‍♂️: what i mean is. i don’t care if i’m gonna fly around the world, i will always come back to you. let’s try and date. let me give you everything i have, even if that may be just a broken heart.
[4:58 PM] Donghyuck 👯‍♂️: tell me you’ll meet me and i’m on the plane.
Answering his texts took somehow such a little effort. You had been waiting for a text from Donghyuck for so much time now, that when you read his name again on your phone screen, it felt like being revived. You loved Donghyuck and you had cried for him every bit of water in your body. 
You were his, there was no reason in denying it. He was yours and he didn’t want to be anybody else’s — and if he took with himself a piece of your broken heart, then damn it: you were holding hostage his whole heart. 
Donghyuck stared at his phone for the whole time, as Jeno drove him to the fashion show and as the stylists prepared him. He was on the edge of nerves, he wanted to tell all those words in front of you and not through texts. He wanted to fucking kiss you, God!
And then, at ten to six, finally your text lit his screen. 
❛Number 2, Lee Donghyuck it’s your turn with your first fit!❜ a crew member shouted and the boy barely opened the chat, hands shaky and fingers sweaty. He had never been so nervous in his life. 
❛Donghyuck, quick!❜ Jeno called him gripping his arm. Donghyuck swallowed.
[5:51 PM] You: you can always 
[5:51 PM] You: break my heart
[5:51 PM] You: if i can break yours in return
And just like that, at half past six that evening, Donghyuck was on the plane for Osaka. 
There were no clouds that night and Lisa drove you and Jennie to the St. Garden in the centre of Osaka. It might not have been as full as younger kids as the clubs street was, but there still were so many couples and families and friends walking. You were shaking and Jennie knew why, she read the messages you and Donghyuck exchanged. 
❛I told you, don’t kiss right away or you’ll lose the magic❜ Chaeyoung chewed on the jelly that she bought from the little funfair stand. You sighed. 
❛I can’t believe you guys are following me❜ you swallowed the thickness in your throat. 
You had no idea what you were supposed to do. Donghyuck said he was going to meet you at St. Garden at ten that night, he just had to drop a couple of things at the hotel and then catch a taxi. So you then were at the St. Garden at ten on the clock, but there were so many people that you just couldn’t think of a way to find him in the crowd. 
❛We’re gonna walk around, stay safe❜ Jennie wrapped her arm around your shoulders briefly before snatching Chaeyoung from Lisa’s hold and bicker slightly with her friend about how she never got the youngest for herself. 
You sighed at your friends antics and watched as they disappeared in the crowd. You knew damn well how they were going to keep an eye on you anyways. God forbid if Lisa was going to leave you alone with a man, God no! You were Y/N… her little Y/N, she still was absolutely dumbstruck at the idea that you and Donghyuck… kissed… oh my god!
❛Literature major Y/N, did your friends leave you behind❜
There really isn’t a way to describe the emotions you felt hearing that voice after almost half a month. It was as if all the laughters and all the days spent walking around campus hand in hand, or all the hours spent in his car to have a couple of minutes alone, came back to the surface. You swallowed the way-too-big smile and turned around, meeting Donghyuck’s eyes. Your tongue twisted on itself and just like the good memories, the tears and nights thinking about him came back as well. 
❛They did just so that a stranger could see me and come to my rescue❜
Donghyuck was every type of breathtaking. He was tall and lean, his jaw could make you bleed and his eyes were the sweetest shade of chocolate; and you adored his caramel skin, you wanted to kiss every bit of it, down to the v line cut of his shirt, kiss his sweet chest. 
Donghyuck dramatically clutched his chest. ❛A stranger! Ouch! My heart is being torn apart❜
You chuckled in front of his antics. If he only knew how hard he tore your heart apart. 
❛You can’t call me a stranger, after I ran from the middle of the catwalk and flew two hours for you❜
❛You left the runway?❜ you widened your eyes and almost shouted. There was no way in hell that Donghyuck was doing that for you. 
The you remembered the very first time Chaeyoung had talked about Donghyuck to you; how he had done so many wild things against his agency and the whole modeling world. You zoomed out of your thoughts when Donghyuck wrapped his arms around your waist, looking up at the sky and hissing in thought. 
❛I did❜ he smiled down at you, ❛I said I had an emergency and took the first plane to come here❜
His breath was hitting your forehead and your arms automatically wrapped around his neck; you didn’t seem to think too much, nor care. He was there for you only, anyways. 
You hummed in bliss. ❛And what was the big emergency?❜
Donghyuck breathed in, trying to keep your perfume in his lungs. He lowered down slightly, his nose touching yours. His eyes got lost in yours and you got lost in him. There was no other place you wanted to be but in his arms. You had cried nights to be there and daydreamed about it so much, that it now seemed almost a fucking paranormal occurrence. 
❛You❜ he whispered, ❛you are my emergency. You were my emergency since the very first second I lined up behind you and -❜ his lips brushed against yours, ❛before I kissed you let me tell you this. The second I left this place and went back to my “model life” I had never stopped thinking about you. I’m gonna be real and say that if I can’t have you, I want nobody else. Ever❜
Time seemed to stop as Donghyuck finally ducked down and pressed his lips to yours. Your mouths opened to accommodate the other and your heads cocked to the sides, noses dipping in each other’s cheeks. You had been waiting for a whole month to taste what the other was about and you had tasted your tears before being able to savour the sweetness of your blooming love. 
Donghyuck chuckled in the kiss, making you smile. That was your relationship about, no tears, no wild actions — just laughters and fingers dipping in each other’s hair. You pulled at his hair and let him hold you closer, your bodies moulding. 
Donghyuck turned his head to the other side, humming as he broke the kiss for the briefest moment. When you lips connected again, your tongues met and drops of your shared saliva ran down your chin, making everything seem like one of your wildest daydreams. When he parted once more, he did it with a soundless pop that made your head spin.
❛That was… ❜ you swallowed the excess of saliva and opened your eyes, laughing. Donghyuck laughed back, nodding and murmuring “yeah”. 
It took you a couple of seconds to take your breath in and for a moment it seemed that everybody was looking at you and Donghyuck, like a scene from a cheap novel. 
❛Hey, ❜ Donghyuck leaned down once more to press a loud smooch to your lips, ❛we should have done it the first time and maybe this wouldn’t have happened❜
You petted his hair down and little and took a step back. ❛But this is way more romantic❜ for the first time, you sent him a wink. 
❛Aw, my baby is learning from me! Fuck, that’s hot❜
Tumblr media
It was useless to say that Donghyuck name had been on people’s mouths for way too long after that night. People that you knew nothing about and if it wasn’t for his phone shuddering with texts every two minutes in the hotel room where you hid yourself, you would have stayed in that peace of mind that his arms brought you for the whole week, if not month. 
❛SM’s best model runs away in the middle of the show, just to be photographed three hours after in Japan❜ Chaeyoung laughed when Donghyuck and you took a taxi to her apartment. His Audi still hidden in her garage. 
Your flushed cheeks and Donghyuck’s glowing skin left nothing to the imagination. Lisa walked half naked out of Chaeyoung’s bedroom and into the kitchen, grabbing a pastry that Chae had bought for you and Donghyuck’s breakfast. 
❛How are you guys going to work through it?❜ Lisa asked with her mouth still full. 
Donghyuck hummed, pressing his chest against you back as you sat at the island in the kitchen and propping his chin on your head. ❛I have no idea, but we’ll find a way❜
And you definitely did, counting that you now were almost two years deep in your relationship. Christmas was spent together, flying to meet your family and the End of the Year was his family turn. Summer holidays were spent just you and him, in a couple of secluded resorts that had you swooning. During the year, at least once every two week the both of you found a way to meet, somewhere. There were times in which he had shows in America or Europe and you had to wait a whole month to see him in person, but thanks to your flexible classes whenever he was around Japan or Korea, you joined him for the week. 
And so college for you was… just college, the same, old, boring trash. 
And work for Donghyuck was… just work, the same, nothing-much work. 
But you loved each other and that was enough, especially for your novel, am I right?
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shamrocklore · 3 years ago
Fun, Fun, Fun | Haechan
summary: you can come along with me cause we've got a lot of things to do now, and we'll have fun, fun, fun. words: 1.8k category: swimmer!hyuck, fluff!!!!!!! a/n: highkey this was all inspired by that scene in everything sucks! where sherry and ken swim in the pool 
Tumblr media
Donghyuck sighs and drops his keys in the dumb manta ray shaped ashtray you had placed in the middle of the kitchen table. "I'm home!"
"I'm studying!"
Donghyuck toes off his sneakers in the middle of the kitchen floor, knowing you'll chide him for it later. Truthfully, he thinks it's funny when you try to intimidate him. You can be quite scary sometimes, but usually, to him, you just seem cute.
He walks to your bedroom and flings the door open without knocking, as per usual. And — also as per usual — you are hunched over your desk, glasses slipping off your nose as you struggle to highlight facts in your biology textbook.
Just the thought bores Donghyuck to death. "I feel like cooking tonight. Do you want anything?"
You let out a small gasp and spin your chair around to stare at him. "Pizza?"
"You know I can order pizza, right?"
You stretch your arms out and pout, "But I like it when you make pizza."
Walking to the kitchen and leaving you to your studying, Donghyuck can feel his face heating up. He'd never admit it — not to you, anyway — but your small compliments make him feel jittery inside.
After being your roommate for nearly a year, Donghyuck still finds himself surprised at how much he truly adores you. He blames Jaehyun for his dumb feelings. If his friend hadn't had to move to another university at the last minute, then Donghyuck would've never had to apply for a new roommate to help pay for his two-bedroom flat.
And if you hadn't had said that you had a cat, Donghyuck wouldn't have given your application a second glance. Especially since you were a boring "biology major who would like to live near the coast for academic purposes."
Who goes to the beach to study? You study coral of all things, while the thought of staring at any plant for more than five seconds makes Donghyuck want to fall asleep.
He quirks a smile as he stirs his homemade tomato sauce. While thinking about coral reefs bored him, he never gets tired of hearing you talk about your dreams to help the them.
Never in his life would he have imagined that he'd sit through an entire documentary on The Great Barrier Reef. Truthfully, the only thing that had kept him awake was your small pokes in his side and excited whispers.
"Why did you leave your shoes in the middle of the floor— What're you smiling about?" You shuffle into the kitchen and lean into Donghyuck's side to stare at the sauce as it boils. Then you glance up at him and poke his dimple. "Seriously, what's going on?"
"Nothing," Donghyuck sings, avoiding eye contact with you. "Now leave me alone while I'm cooking."
"No. I'm finally done with all of my assignments for the weekend so let me hang out with you." Instead of waiting for his approval, you swing yourself onto the laminated countertop.
Despite how boring you could be, you were also incredibly exciting to Donghyuck. Every day is a new challenge with you, disguised by small bouts of banter and feigned frustration. Even now, you tease him for how messy his cooking station is, ignoring him when he brings up the disaster you called your desktop.
You swing your sock-clad feet back and forth and tuck a large chunk of stray hair behind your ear. You are an absolute mess, but Donghyuck likes to think it's part of your charm.
He feels your toe nudge his arm. "Tell me what you're happy about! Did something happen today?"
Donghyuck shakes his head and turns his back to you as he spreads the sauce evenly onto the pre-rolled dough. "I'm just glad it's the weekend. I'm ready to hang out with my friends."
"And I want to start on an essay," you mention as he pushes the pizza into the oven.
Donghyuck scoffs and shakes his head. He places a hand on his hip and gives you a pointed look. "You just said you were done with your assignments."
"For this week," you shrug, "but there's an essay on toxic algae due next week and I'd like to get a head start on it."
Donghyuck takes back everything he thought about you. You aren't exciting at all. You're the most boring and responsible person he's ever met in his life and he can't believe you would get excited over algae. "I can't believe we're friends."
You roll your eyes and jump off the counter. Wrapping your arms around Donghyuck's lean torso, you giggle softly, "You love me."
"Isn't that sad?" he bemoans jokingly, just so you'll pinch his sides like you always do when he teases you. "C'mon," he coaxes, taking a hold of your hands, "Come to the pool with me, tonight."
"That's against university rules," you say.
But Donghyuck likes the way your eyes shimmer with what looks like hope. He likes how he knows you really want to go swimming at midnight, you just need to be assured that nothing will go wrong.
Donghyuck's always been there to encourage you. He likes that, too. "I know the security guard's schedule, and there's a side door that he always forgets to lock. We're golden."
The timer dings, and for a moment the two of you forget your current conversation in lieu of the much-wanted dinner.
Soon, all that's left on the table are pizza crusts. Donghyuck smiles in victory when you take a long sip of your soda before glancing his way, "So, when are we leaving?"
Donghyuck forgets to grab his swimsuit. Well, he doesn't forget, but he could've sworn that his suit was still at the university, in his sports locker.
He realizes now, staring at his empty locker, that he took his suit home for cleaning. "Well, this sucks."
You laugh, "I can't believe you misplaced your suit."
Donghyuck rolls his eyes. "I'll just swim in my clothes. What about you? Where's your suit?"
"I didn't bring one," you say.
"Why not?"
"I dunno," you shrug, "I assumed you were going to swim and I was going to watch you."
"You're hopeless," Donghyuck exclaims, a disbelieving chuckle escaping his heart-shaped lips.
He wants to enjoy things with you, but he doesn't know how to tell you that.
"I am going to make you have a good time and there's nothing you can do to stop me." Donghyuck grabs your hand and pulls you out of the locker room, into the pool room.
He stops and inhales deeply. This is his safe place. This room, tinted blue from the pool lights, loud with the rush of the water filter, is where he feels the most like himself.
This is the place he's always wanted to share with you.
He pulls you along until you're both standing on the edge of the pool. "Let's go swimming in our clothes."
Just when he thinks you're going to object and make up some kind of excuse, you nod your head and squeeze his hand. "Okay."
When you jump, Donghyuck jumps with you, and when the cold water folds over his body, fully submerging him, he smiles. His sweater and jeans feel heavy, but his heart feels light as he propels himself toward the surface.
You smile and paddle over towards him. "It's so cold in here." Your voice echoes through the room.
"I barely notice it anymore," Donghyuck breathes. He's keeping himself afloat, feet kicking gently against the still, chlorine-filled water.
When he reaches over to brush your hair out of you face, you blink in such a curious way that Donghyuck once again finds his heart stuttering and his will bending.
He kind of wants to kiss you right now.
You swim forward and do the same for him: you run your fingers through his faded brown tresses, giggling at the way Donghyuck scrunches his nose.
He really wants to kiss you right now.
Donghyuck's palms are flat against the small of your back and between your shoulder blades. He stares down at your face, peaceful and serene, and catches himself falling even harder than before.
Water droplets still on your face as you struggle to stay afloat, arms spread and legs straight.
Donghyuck holds you up while he can, helping you find your balance on the surface of the seven-foot high waters. "Harder than it looks?"
You break concentration and fall back into a wading position. "I keep panicking."
"Don't worry about falling while I'm here," Donghyuck says. And when you nod happily, he feels like your protector. Your superhero, maybe.
In the midst of his thoughts, you hop on his back and giggle when he lets out a soft "oof".
He swims through the water and lets you hug him tightly as he does, less because it's comfortable and more because it's you.
Your phone beeps from the side of the pool. You let go of Donghyuck and swim towards the edge to check it. "It's my sleep alarm," you say, "we've been here for hours."
"And hasn't it been fun and stress-relieving?"
"It's been chilly, mostly, but yeah."
The two of you climb out of the pool. Donghyuck grabs a towel and drapes it around your shoulders, pulling you towards him. His forehead bumps against yours, and the warmth of your skin makes him let out a sigh, "Yeah, I can't say I would decline a warm shower right now."
He likes being this close to you. He likes feeling your breath on his lips and your skin on his. He likes knowing that he could be kissing you if he only moved a few centimeters towards you.
You must be thinking the same, because it only takes five seconds before Donghyuck feels your soft lips against his.
He feels his breath hitch, and he'd be embarrassed if it wasn't for the way your hands press against the chilly skin under his sweater. His heartbeat thrums in his ear and his fingertips tingle when they thread through your wet hair.
He wants to keep kissing you. He wants to feel your teeth graze his lip and your sighs harmonize with his, but you're suddenly shivering, and Donghyuck takes that as a sign to get you home.
After your showers, you grab your favorite blanket and snuggle up to Donghyuck on the couch.
It's something you always do when you have free nights. Donghyuck knows this, but tonight it feels different. Tonight it feels like you both know exactly how you feel about each other.
Donghyuck always has fun with you. There's never been a moment with you that he's regretted. He hopes he's guessing right when he thinks you're feeling the same.
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hyucks-archive · 2 years ago
you looked around as you waited for haechan to arrive back to the dormitory. he wasn’t back yet, which meant that you had some spare time to look around and make yourself feel comfortable before he arrived. the first thing you noticed was the contrast between haechan’s side of the room, and jaehyun’s. compared to jaehyun, haechan was a tad bit messier.
you noticed a box peeking out from under the bed. curious, you bend over and reached down to pick up the unfamiliar looking box. it was plain black. you open the lid of the box to be greeted with a bunch of post-its.
grabbing a handful, you placed the box on the bed beside you, opening the post-its in hand to read out the contents.
‘6 april - we held hands for the first time’
‘19 april - y/n said she detests coffee and the smell of coffee’
‘21 april - y/n doesn’t like to wear heels, she says they make her calves look ugly’
‘3 may - we almost kissed... but we didn’t’
‘10 may - y/n said she hates grand gestures’
you continued to go through the post-its, each one revealing a new memory or something that you had said in the passing. you had no idea haechan was noting down every little detail about the things you talked about, because he always appeared so nonchalant and never seemed to actually listen when you talked.
you hear someone keying in the pin at the main door, which meant the boys were home. you quickly dumped the post-its back into the box and placed the lid back atop the box, shoving it back under haechan’s bed. you walk out to the living area to greet the members and haechan, all of them looking more exhausted than usual. you greet them with a bright smile.
“i’ll sleep in taeyong’s room tonight,” jaehyun announces, closing the door to his shared bedroom with haechan behind him. you smile, haechan placing his bag down at the corner of the room, before laying down in his bed with a big sigh of relief.
“did you wait long?” he asks. you shake your head, “no. i got here moments before.” haechan extends his arms out, gesturing for you to join him. instead, you reach for the post-its he had out on his table, and the black pen that was placed beside it. haechan looks at you questioningly, sitting up to get a better view of what you were doing.
you place the post-its in front of him, shoving the pen into his hand. he raises both brows in question. “what is it?” he asks.
“write this,” you say. he looks at you, waiting for you to continue.
“11 february,” you start, “y/n told me this for the first time.”
haechan frowns, failing to understand the situation. “told me what?”
“i love you,” you finish. you watched as haechan’s body tensed up at the sudden confession, his cheeks painted pink.
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