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scampthecorgi · 17 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Scamp turned 11 years old today!! He celebrated with his siblings, new toys and frosty paws!
Happy birthday, little guy!!
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ofpixelsandscribbles · 15 hours ago
The Magic of Christmas Time
Tumblr media
Book: The Royal Romance/Heir/Finale
Pairing: King Liam x Queen Erin
Setting: The Cordonian Diaries AU
Song Inspiration: The Magic of Christmas Time by Taeyeon
For more TRR/TRH Contents: Choices Fanfiction Main Masterlist Page
Previous Choices 12 Days of Ficmas Entries (not related to this fic, but thought I'd put it in here in case you wanna relive the past holiday fics too): Underneath The Tree (2019) | Simple Little Christmas (2020)
Summary: Liam prepares a little magic treat for Erin and Libby. This is sort of a follow-up fic to Sip The Day! and The Tale Of Cordonia's Little Blossom.
Genre: Super Fluff, Romance
Rating: G
Word Count: +/- 900
Author’s Notes:
Hi all! Happy December 1st! Which means...The Choices 12 Days of Ficmas finally starts!! WHOOPEE!! Thank you @leelee10898 and @emichelle for hosting! <3 It's my 3rd time participating as a creator and I hope my entry helps give off that holiday vibe somehow. My theme is Christmas village and I've prepared this short fic and tried my best to highlight that; it will be in bold. I know I have not written for a very looooong time and I always feel like I have lost touch. I'm not saying this to seek attention or fish for comments, but I just feel like this is kind of different from the previous holiday fics I have written before. It lacks excitement T^T I'm slowly dipping back myself to writing here again, and despite my reservations, this has been so much fun to do! <3
This has not been pre-read nor beta'd by anyone. I apologize for any errors in advance.
DISCLAIMER: Liam Rys belong to Pixelberry Studios. Erin Collins - Rys and Libby Rys are my TRR/TRH MC and baby, respectively, and I’d like to think they’re partly mine and partly PB’s. Photos and gif do not belong to me. Mood board was made by me.
Ficmas Writers: @katedrakeohd @sirbeepsalot @alj4890 @queenrileyrose @burnsoslow @darley1101 @blackcatkita @debramcg1106 @cordoniansgonewild @leelee10898 @kat-tia801 @emichelle @twinkleallnight @arosentinel @bebepac @nestledonthaveone @txemrn @thegreentwin @karahalloway @annekebbphotography @cordoniantrash @sincerelyella @aussiegurl1234 @boneandfur @thehonorarybeaumont @chemist-ana @lucy-268 @jerzwriter @sillydg @mynotsohealthyobsession @camillemontespan @texaskitten30 @axwalker @argylemnwrites @twinkle-320
Ficmas Readers: @iaminlovewithtrr @tessa-liam @tinkie1973 @lovingchoices14
Remainder from Personal Tags: @fictionloveevie @gardeningourmet @gkittylove99 @mom2000aggie @neotericthemis @the-soot-sprite @uncorkedlakegirl @zaffrenotes @aestheticartsx @amandablink @anjanettexcordonia @ao719 @choicesfandkriti @choiceskatie @cordonia-gothqueen @custaroonie @dcbbw @emersynwrites @jared2612 @marshmallowsaremyfavorite @princessleac1 @queenjilian @cordonianprincess @yourmajesty09
Tumblr media
It had been the 2nd year in a row for King Liam, Queen Erin, and Princess Liberty to celebrate the Christmas season in Cordonia. As the queen was already in her 36th week of pregnancy, they had decided to postpone traveling to New York for their supposed traditional Christmas holiday they had begun two years ago. While Cordonia had already lifted international travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Liam, Erin, and as well as their advisers had agreed that it would also be safer for them to stay in the country.
The festive season could already be felt even more within the Valtoria Estate as the staff had finished putting the final touches of Christmas decorations. Liam and Erin were walking side by side, holding the hand of their two-year-old daughter, Libby, in between them.
“And just like that, it’s December! Looks like an entire Christmas village will be waiting for your arrival, Little Bean!” Erin said gleefully, resting one hand and looking over her protruding belly. She watched her entire estate’s interior covered in the festive colors of Christmas ornaments, including the greenest of garlands, and the silkiest of gold ribbons.
Liam smiled at his wife with adoring eyes as he watched her marvel over their surroundings. Just as Erin turned to look at him, the glint of excitement not amiss in his eyes as his lips turned to wide grin. “I have something else to show you.”
“Ooh! Color me intrigued!” Erin beamed excitedly.
Liam led the way that was headed towards the study room; he carried Libby in one arm, while his free hand held Erin’s.
As soon as they stepped inside, Liam guided his wife and daughter to a newly installed table at the center.
“Liam,” Erin’s eyes lit up with excitement as she eyed the lined-up tiny ceramic houses on the table. “Is this what I think this is?”
Knowing his wife’s penchant for miniature things, Liam smiled proudly as he set Libby back down on the ground. Erin instinctively grabbed her daughter’s tiny hand and held it while Liam tended to setting up his little treat for his family.
“Do you want to see some magic, Libby?” Erin said as she looked down on her daughter who was watching Liam in anticipation.
“Yea!” Libby said as she looked up at her mother and flashed a toothy grin.
“Liam, Little Bear is ready for a little magic show and I think she wants to be blown away. Are you feeling pressured yet?” Erin teased with a grin of her own.
“Now that you’ve mentioned it, now I do,” Liam feigned wiping away an invisible sweat as he picked up one of the cords he was looking for. He squatted down to reach Libby’s level and showed her the plug, flashing her an excited grin of his own. “Prepare to be blown away, Your Royal Highness.”
“Where magic?” Libby asked, her doe-shaped eyes becoming rounder.
Liam and Erin shared a hearty laugh, and it didn’t take long before Liam plugged the cord into the outlet. Soon, the table lit up with bright lights as a melodious Christmas ballad played in the air.
Tumblr media
“Libby, the magic is finally here,” Liam said excitedly as he swooped up Libby in his arms.
Erin turned her head towards the table and was in awe at the sight of a tiny Christmas village that her husband had finished assembling. It was a project they had been working on since the -BER months arrived. Every night after their day activities end, she and Liam would squeeze in some time to finish their tiny village. In the last few weeks however, Erin had been feeling sleepier than usual in the evenings, leaving Liam to do the remaining work. “Liam, it’s beautiful! I wish I could have finished this with you!”
Liam planted a soft kiss on Erin’s forehead. “Yea, that would have been amazing but I think it’s more priceless for me to see the smile and look on your face.”
“Daddy magic.” Libby said as she pointed towards the display.
“Yes baby girl. Every day is a magical day with daddy.” Erin said with a grin as she turned to enclose Liam and Libby in a hug.
“And I was just thinking the same thing with you two,” Liam said as he looked at his wife and daughter longingly and then he looked down over Erin’s tummy and placed a free hand over it. “And you too, Little Bean. We cannot wait to meet you.”
Liam and Erin’s eyes suddenly widened at the same time as they felt a strong kick from within. “Looks like someone wants to come out and play already.” Erin said with a hearty giggle.
“Did you feel that, Libby?” Out of joy, Liam carried Libby with two hands and threw her up in the air.
A melodious giggle escaped Libby’s lips as she flew up the air for a brief moment before her father pulled her closer to him in the comfort of his arms. “You’re going to be a big sister really soon.”
Erin couldn’t help but smile at the heart fluttering father-daughter moment, thinking that each waking day is a magical time with them; and with another baby on the way during this most wonderful time of the year, she knew without a doubt that it was bound to become even more magical.
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twitblr · 17 hours ago
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Relatable af (x)
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twitblr · 4 hours ago
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Oh yea honey, we don’t have a son 🤔 (x)
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twitblr · 2 hours ago
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Being the butt of all jokes at the family gathering be like (x)
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