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What is found in SG’s bag

1. Reusable water bottle


Unfortunately the picture of him is not flattering, so he keeps it tucked very safely in his wallet

3. Bus/train card

SG: omg i collected so many over the years, i even have some from taiwan’s convenience stores when i visited the last time

4. Phone

5. Slippers/flip flops/whatever they’re called

SG: because formal shoes are pretty useless anyway

6. Matches

SG: Yeah, i keep some out of habit. Hong Kong would come over often before my independence and with a lot of firecrackers and we’d explode them around… mostly around England’s house

HK: :)

7. Tissue packet(s)

to chope seat, like, duh

8. A card holder thingy

SG: I keep pictures inside!

9. microchip

Malaysia: Ok, i think i should explain this one because Singapura doesnt know this yet. Basically whenever he gets lost while doing stupid stuff I’ll be able to pick him up afterwards. Trust me, it comes in handy too many times a month. I mean, he always carries around that bag anyway. If you haven’t noticed yet, he carries a red and white bag which he insists is the Singapore flag but there’s like, 10 countries with red and white as their flag colours.

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Noam: From now on, we will be using code names

You can address me as Eagle One

Ames’ code name is Been There, Done That

Dara is Currently Doing That

Leo is It Happened Once In A Dream

Taye’s code name is If I Had To Pick A Dude

Bethany is Eagle Two

Bethany: Oh, thank God

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