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#haha i drew that
yeet-the-beans · 2 hours ago
heads up homies if you want a tattoo but your pain tolerance is a joke or you’re not sure:
1. take your mom’s eyeliner. I prefer pencil to liquid
2. draw
3. smudge because you made a mistake
4. draw again
5. temporary tattoo with zero pain thank me later
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danikatze · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A screencap redraw for Mushishi week day four! (Original below the cut)
When I started working on my fan comic I collected a bunch of screenshots of this room (because they spend a lot of time in it in my comic) and I'm just really fond of this interaction.
Tumblr media
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kindaorangey · 2 days ago
i cannot WAIT to post the andreil art i drew later today
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starcider · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Modern Fischl and Bennett hanging out over some colorful bubble tea! I like to put them in my team :)
Here’s the colored line version as well cuz i like both but didn’t know which one to upload:
Tumblr media
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curioscurio · 7 days ago
"drewcore" and "yes drew as in the drew reading this core" were odd tags to read considering that my name is in fact drew. how
Ahaha they were for my friend Drew because they've been seeing my posts and the cat accept one reminded me of them! But if you vibe with the post then I see no reason why it can't also apply to you! ♡♡♡
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bird-likes-to-fandom · 9 days ago
Cabin 10 Shenanigans - Hidden Surprises (Part One)
Titles are messes. I hate them. Anyways, the whole Cabin 10 Shenanigans will probably be a series, but there’s also a chance it might not. Haven’t decided fully yet.
Summary: Cabin 10 at Camp Half-Blood, the Aphrodite Cabin, find a surprise behind the actual cabin, rummaging through their trash. A few days later, they find more surprises. Hilarities ensue.
This is set a little bit before TLO.
All reblogs are greatly appreciated, also please don’t repost this!
(Actually this got to be too long so there will be a part two!) 
“Did you hear that?” Asked the new camper that had settled with the Aphrodite Cabin. Drew couldn’t think of her name, but the girl had just poked her awake and she was kind of pissed about that. “No.” She answered. “Go back to sleep. Us Aphrodites don’t take too nicely to being woken up, Ariadne.” “It’s Ariana, actually.” The new camper replied. “Don’t care and didn’t ask.” Drew replied. The new girl, Ariana, sighed and flipped over. A few seconds later, Drew heard a scuffling sound from behind the cabin. “Did you -” “Yes. Shut up.” She said. “Someone might be trying to spy on us!” “Shh, you’ll wake Silena! And trust me,” Drew lowered her voice even more, maybe adding a little charmspeak, “you do not want to do that.” She sighed. “I’ll go out and check behind the cabin.” 
Drew threw on a jacket and picked up the dagger she kept under her mattress at all times. It was a celestial bronze blade in a rose gold hilt. Beautiful and dangerous, just like her. She made her way to the back of the cabin, trying to shield her eyes from the glowing silver of Artemis’ cabin. Something small and black scampered away from the dumpster behind the Aphrodite Cabin. “Di Angelo? If that’s you rooting through our trash I swear to the gods - I know you’ve been meeting Jackson in the woods at night. If you need food or clothes just come to camp.” Drew scowled. 
She went to investigate the dumpster, holding her nose and lifting her blade for light. There seemed to be a nest of old, thrown out clothes behind it. Something was definitely living there, but it wasn’t Nico di Angelo. It must have been something smaller, like a cat or small dog. Maybe a baby monster from the woods. She was to tired right now, but she’d tell Silena in the morning and they’d figure it out then.
When she went back inside the cabin, the new girl was asleep. Drew sighed in defeat and went back to bed herself. Until morning, then, she thought.
In the morning, Silena did not take well to the prospect of a tiny intruder. “What do you mean?” She asked. “Pets aren’t allowed in camp! Chiron will have our heads!” “But Percy has Mrs. O’Leary!’ Piped up Lacy. “And who says we’re keeping whatever’s back there, anyway? It’s probably feral. We might have to kill it or chase it away or something.” Mitchell said. Silena looked disgusted at that idea, too. “It’s your call, Silena, you’re the counselor. What do you wanna do?” Drew asked. Silena sighed. “I’ll feel better once I actually see the thing. Come on, Drew, let’s go.” Silena grabbed Drew’s arm and together they left.
“So, whe-” “Quiet!” Drew shushed her sister. “It’ll hear you.” They crept forward to the dumpster. It was still pushed a little back from last night, and Silena gripped Drew’s arm even harder. Drew looked toward a long-haired black cat hiding behind the dumpster. It looked to be asleep, but when Silena took a step back, its eyes flew open and it scampered away, revealing a low-hanging belly. It moved slower than it should have. 
“Oh, gods - it’s going to get eaten in the woods!” Silena let go of Drew’s arm to pull at her own hair. After a few minutes, she said quietly, “I’m going to have to run after it.” Drew shook her head in response.. “The cat is from gods know where and it doesn’t trust us. It’s scared. Even if it comes back, how are we going to get it inside?” “She.” “What?” “That cat was clearly pregnant. We need to help her even more because of that.” Silena said. Drew nodded slowly. “We should tell the others.” She said. Silena agreed.
“A kitty?!” Lacy gasped, eyes wide and watery. “A very pregnant kitty.” Drew muttered. “We have to save it!” Lacy exclaimed. “Whoa, Lace, we have no idea if that’ll even be possible. Like they said, the cat ran off into the woods. The problem might already be taken care of.” Mitchell shrugged. Jordan, another recent camper, hit Mitchell in the arm. “Don’t say that!” He said. The cabin turned to chaos. Silena had to jump on top of the chest at the foot of her bed and yell out “QUIET!” to calm them. 
“We’ll get the cat,” She announced. “it just might take a while.”
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x-monochrome-x · 10 days ago
oops i forgot to post my idea haha
Tumblr media
hi this is my idea for @ibis-gt's giant wrestler au 👀 um so uh --------------------------------------------------------- Stage Name: The Kraken Real Name: Kendall Lorenji Archetype: Heel (wow there are a lot of heels in this au) Looks: 67 feet tall, and definitely wears platforms in the ring. He has an olive-pale complexion, and his makeup and theme revolves around Ursula. His eyes are naturally green, but he wears grey contacts that act as contact lenses because he doesn’t have great vision. They’re colored because— honestly why not? He has a primarily teal and black color palette, but he has a tulle skirt in the back with a teal-purple gradient. He has fishnet gloves to accent the “under the sea” vibe. Lots of glitter around the costume. He also wears a fun little gelled up teal wig as part of his costume! Gimmick: The Kraken! The feared beast of the seas themselves! He is a slippery opponent and has been known to dodge some of the most difficult attacks! Does he even have bones? Who knows! OOC: Kendall is a very outgoing man, and often shares a bit of his wrestler persona with everyday life. He is however, a very chill dude; he will help you with your homework and watch a movie on short notice with you when you’re lonely. ------------------------------------------------------- um yeah that's it
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lilacoraa · 12 days ago
I forgot to write earlier:
Big congratulations 200 🥳🥳🥳I wish you had more and more followers. You are making beautiful art❤
Would draw "I'm not Alone (yet) Silver"?
Soda Amy looks sooo cool XD
Aww, no worries! Thank you very much 😆 Here you go!! 🌺
Tumblr media
A tough-looking Silver for a cool palette 😁
(And I'm so happy to hear that you find Soda Amy cool!! Figuring out where to put the colours was really hard 😂)
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