#haha i made myself sad :)
amiyade · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Build me up or tear me down, I will never make a sound
lyrics from Bad Omens - If I'm There
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dreamwraith · 9 months ago
Combining the trans Danny headcanon with pitch pearl is soooooo dang painful
Like, the idea here is that Phantom is a ghost bonded to Danny, they have no idea they are not actually one person, Danny thought it was all him. His ghost form was his escape, his confirmation that his soul reflects who he truly is, and then it's just fricken snatched by 1) losing access to that ghost form, and 2) discovering Phantom is his own person and not a manifestation of Danny's true self.
Like fffffffffffffffffffffff ouch
And I specify the romantic version over the platonic because if it's platonic, they can still go back. It'll be a little shaky, a little not-the-same, but the door is still open. Romantic love would slam that door shut because you can't be in love with yourself, you can't go back without surrendering your love for this person.
Unless you do want to go for a tragic love story, that is always an option...
Anyway, stealing this boy's whole heart and then giving it back to him in the form of someone who understands his every fault and feeling, entangled in a romantic relationship that heals as Phantom helps Danny love himself no matter who or what he is when he doesn't have the ghost outlet, is something that can be both very painful and very beautiful
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goddamnalientourists · a year ago
Thinking about how the fears are gone and how that means there's the possibility the real Sasha could be remembered now except it doesn't matter because all the people who really knew her are gone
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iamtheprotagoneil · a year ago
How long do you think The Protag and Neil have known each other?
hi, friend. i think it’s somewhere between 3 to 5 years. I know it’s a bit short but we have to take into account the time it took the protagonist to find neil (”years from now. years ago for me.”), and the time neil would have to spend in inversion for the sator mission. so, the longer they’d have in the future, the longer neil would have to spend in inversion away from his protagonist, or being with many versions of the protagonist that knew less and less about him the further back he went, up until the point where the protagonist would see neil as nothing more than a complete stranger.
so, yeah, if it was up to me, i wouldn’t give them too much time, not because i don’t think they very much deserve it, but just to spare neil the utter loneliness and longing he’d have to bear in inversion (re: that hurt no comofort fic of mine 😭).
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dreadwulf · 2 years ago
I know you just answered my other “review” and just posted part 3 but I have to tell you, like HAVE TO, the line “I will take you to my home at casterly rock and make a place for you and a place for me.” Has shaken me to my very core. I can’t do my feelings justice but my GOD what a line. I’m gonna be thinking about that for the rest of the night thanks!
Tumblr media
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realitybleeds-a · a year ago
from @calciifiied​:    ‘ i can’t ask for help because if i ask for help it hurts people. i can bear this weight on my own. i have to. ’
Tumblr media
             he feels his heart twist at the words,  the echo of his own thoughts in her voice.   concern wants him to reach out and give physical comfort but fear grounds him instead.   it’s not fair.   it fucking isn’t.   out of all of them zoe is the least deserving of this path.   ethan and mia were caught up in the ensuing tidal wave of the bakers but this was her family.   her whole life.   expression steels as ethan places a hand over hers,  thumb brushing across the skin.   ❝   no you don’t.   ❞   it’s quieter than he expected to sound,  laced with a veiled fury.   ❝   i’m going to try and help you even if you don’t want it, okay? i promise you that, zoe.   ❞     they had all suffered but he could not fathom abandoning her after all she had done to help him.   never.
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unboundbydeath · 3 years ago
when héctor says stupid musical fantasy to miguel lol
how much you wanna bet imelda’s told that to héctor
how much you wanna bet the reason why héctor stopped playing music is because imelda hated it so much
how much you wanna fuckin bet héctor’s gone back to imelda countless times being ‘ no no i gave it up please take me back i hate music i love you . ’
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chocolatecakecas · 9 months ago
thinking about dean not even realizing cas left a handprint on his jacket until later. maybe he went into the bathroom of that abandoned bar to compose himself for a second, saw it in the mirror and he broke down all over again, curled up against the tile wall, not even caring about how gross the floor was. And he eventually pulled it together and stood to splash some water on his face, eyes not leaving the handprint in his reflection. And maybe before he left, he hestiantly ghosted his hand own hand over the one on his shoulder. But he soon found himself tightly squeezing the stained fabric, unable to resist before forcing himself to face Sam and Jack again, with bloody, busted knuckles, leaving a broken mirror behind.
Or maybe he didn't even realize until they all went back to the bunker, and he caught his reflection out of the corner of his eye when he walked into his room. And he ripped the jacket off and tossed it to the floor as far away from him as possible, but the handprint was still visible. And slowly his feet dragged him over to it and he sunk down to his knees, picked it up with shaking hands and shoved his face into the fabric. And he stayed there until he had no more tears to cry, so he went to find a drink, but not before he carefully folded his jacket and placed it on his desk, handprint visible.
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asofternhl · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
588. and you will always be someone who was beautiful once.
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batshit-birds · 2 months ago
youtuber bernard has two channels: one from early high school days with darla and tim usually the subjects of the video, and one on his own where he does his own thing
the one with tim and darla is them messing around. like home videos except not? it’s hilarious, and it’s a small goldmine a small group of dedicated bernard fans found
the other one is very big, and does anything from conspiracies to cooking to video games to- etc. etc.
duke finds the larger channel first, and after a lot of searching and deep dives, he finds the other channel. and that’s the one he shows the batfamily first
the thought of the fam clustered around whatever screen Duke is showing them on, watching video after video searching for crumbs of Tim before everything went to utter hell...I think i need to go lay down
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queerpanikkar · 5 months ago
Ok, originally, I said that 5x09 was like a Jinx 2.0 — but that comparison ended up being more apt than I realized. Notably Bobby giving advice, the rhyming metaphor, Hen casting doubts on Eddie and Buck’s relationships with their girlfriends. I’ve compiled a list below, but first let’s talk about “Past is prologue” vs. “The universe is screaming at you and you refuse to listen”.
Buck has been masquerading as different people all season. He has “been Ana”, “we move forward” was basically S3 Eddie word for word, (edit: he was Ali worrying abt Taylor’s safety), and now he’s the Abby of his relationship. Past is prologue — really, we’ve seen it all season.
What’s different now is that this time Eddie calls him out on it. I thought “who does that?” was Eddie’s way of saying “stop being so Buck about everything” like Hen. The more I think about it though, it seems like a condemnation. Eddie saying “who does that?” meant the opposite: “Not you.”
This is Eddie’s way of screaming at Buck to break up with Taylor. At first I thought the Jinx comparison was proof that the BT breakup would only happen later — perhaps around mid-5b. But, my other half @adamsparirsh reminded me that the term “Past is Prologue” — words that Buck said, let me remind you — is about utilizing past experience, past mistakes to influence decisions you make about the future. Eddie is calling out Buck just like Buck did in 5x03, and we all know where that lead.
tldr: “Past is prologue” is the missing piece to “The universe is screaming at you.” “Whereof what's past is prologue; what to come, in yours and my discharge.” — yours and my. Yours and my.
Jinx (4x06)
Bobby gives Eddie dating advice
Rhyming metaphor
Stolen ambulance
Hen casting doubts ‘the teacher you yelled at?’
Eddieana date
Firetruck scene ‘The universe is screaming at you but you refuse to listen’
Past is Prologue (5x09)
Bobby gives Buck dating advice
Rhyming metaphor
Heist where things got stolen
Hen casting doubts — coffee scene
Bucktaylor ‘I love you’
Firetruck scene ‘Past is prologue’
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hawks-lightbulb · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So was anyone gonna tell me that shoko is not only the first one to meet up with geto after he goes off the rails but she also acts like home boy is just getting back from a gas station run, or was I just supposed to read that myself
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lhaewiel · 7 months ago
Look, listen ere buds, I have just
Tumblr media
So, apparently Nie Huaisang is the son of a concubine and Sect Leader Nie Senior.
Tumblr media
Which means that BASICALLY Nie Huaisang and MengYao/Jin Guangyao had pretty much the same background.
With the obvious difference that Jin Guangshan is clearly a shitty burning trashcan of someone who does not even deserve to be called man.
So listen. I am now wondering if Nie Mingjue, who loves Nie Huaisang so dearly regardless of the situation, has raised Meng Yao in his ranks also because Meng Yao's situation was so much like Nie Huaisang's?
Tumblr media
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thiscatdraws · 9 months ago
Due to the lifespans being different, which character do you think will take their partner dying the hardest when that time unfortunately comes?
Hmmm…I think I’d have to say probably Shooting Star (with Crimson Rain) and Chestnut (with Lucky Break) are tied for how badly they’d take the death of their partners.
Shooting Star leaves the planet entirely for years on end, soaring through the stratosphere without purpose despite his children still in Equestria. After seeing a red star in the night sky that shines the exact color of Crimson Rain’s eyes, he realizes she would be ashamed of how he abandoned his duties at home. He returns immediately, swearing to his children that he’ll never leave like that again.
Chestnut falls into despair without Lucky Break, his coat and mane slowly turning black and he doesn’t care to try to cut it back as he used to. He hides away in a tower by the shore in Jabberwock and spends his days staring blankly out at the sea. When he finds himself growing furious at the loss, he seals himself away there—he doesn’t want to become World Destroyer again. Perhaps many, many years later someone will find him…?
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abrilstevens · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tipnaree · 11 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“I'm not what anyone thinks I am. I never was. I didn't have the mouth to put it into words, to say what was wrong, to change the things I felt I needed to change. And every day it was difficult, walking around and knowing that people saw me one way, knowing that they were wrong, so completely wrong, that the real me was invisible to them. It didn't even exist to them. So: If nobody sees you, are you still there?”
(Akwaeke Emezi, The Death of Vivek Oji)
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barbabetos · 4 days ago
who else listens to loud music while cleaning and/or getting ready for the day? getting myself out of this funk thinking abt the brothers cute reactions to walking in on an mc singing and dancing while not noticing someone else has walked in hehe
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artevalentinapaz · a year ago
Tumblr media
It's been many years and a cure remains undiscovered.
Something for a change. After using Blender a lot to set up simple lighting scenes I got curious about Unreal Engine as it has a better default sun and fog. Followed a tutorial and BAM, feelings.
Set up in Unreal Engine 4, used Quixel Megascans, Unreal Market free assets and Dragon Age: Inquisition models (hence the low res texture on the halla). I built no assets and have no ownership of any model here.
I had planned to turn this into a painted illustration and still plan to do but I have so many other projects in my plate that it'll take a while. Also I can't seem to decide on a fitting color palette.
As an aside, I actually thought I made this months ago, I set up a base scene in Blender in January and it feels like forever ago that I opened Unreal Engine for the first time, but according to my discord server I did this between February 7th-8th ????
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luckylemonnerd · 4 months ago
just made this, hold on while I suffocate from the amount of tears and lack of breath I am having because of it
Tumblr media
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lotrmusical · a year ago
i would love to be able to have fun but instead all i'm able to do is to think about how that stupid umbrella was made the object of derision for the ridiculous quality of... still wanting to help and protect people, in a world so ruined that the very idea of any protection it could offer is so impossible and meaningless as to be laughable
and how martin's consistently been wanting to help people even though the world is so broken that it's unclear whether they're even able to any more, and how he ends the episode STILL hoping and wanting to help people
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