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The reason grandmas are awesome is because you’re not their child and they’ll be dead by the time you’re grown so they can spoil you how ever much they like. they wont see you become a spoilt brat!

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World’s Gone Mad

So this is where we are
It’s not where we had wanted to be 


Do you see it clearer, or are you deceived
In what you believe? 

‘Cause I’m no prophet or Messiah
You should go looking somewhere higher

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So there was this post that said even though we spend most of our time using our phones, we don’t come across them in our dreams. I ended up thinking a lot about it. Eventually I had dreams where I texted my friends and it is quite a recurring dream. The person changes or the content texted changes. In the end I have a hard time differentiating “dream texts” and real texts.

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I WENT ON A DATE WITH SIREN HEAD AND IT WAS AMAZING 💖💖💖💖😍😍😍😍 CHECK OUT HOW IT WENT💖💖 Honestly though, If you could swing by my channel and check it out, that would be amazing💖 Any and all support means everything to me, even if you just watch 12 seconds. If you enjoy what you see please subscribe and I’ll do anything and everything I can to make sure you don’t regret it💖

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the way i think sounds like a one man podcast. sometimes there’s special guests that could be anything or anyone. there’s this one person who just comes in and screams for no reason and for some reason that made the final cut, as does everything else, apparently. stories and music are featured. there is a video recording. i really can’t tolerate this podcast sometimes but my god can it be interesting.

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I like making my tea so that there’s enough sugar in it to pile at the bottom and enough cream to make it look like thicc milk

I have too much of a sweet tooth-

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That moment when you realize that almost non of your art made it into tags and so you have to reupload some of it so people actually see the work you did and maybe just maybe reblog it so other people can see so you actually feel accomplished when you upload art ✌️

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