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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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I don’t follow Jake on twt and I don’t really watch his ig stories because my algorithm favours certain people lol (aka alex landi) but whaaaaAA

Sibel said wbk tho so it’s not news, I guess? That’s okay. He plays Levi and that’s genuinely what Levi thinks SADLY (and the rest of the world, apparently ugh). I’m not too pressed about him thinking that because he would also be liking tweets like that because he can’t suggest otherwise due to his contract and the way information about the story on grey’s has to be kept quiet.

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Only Tristan’s this crazy to put a collar on an acid space worm and hop on it, earning eyerolls from OJ and adding bamboozle points to Aiden’s “how’s he still alive” list

I had so much fun with this classical painting redraw challenge! I took Jaques-Louis David’s painting on the table, it’s looking cool

More of Tristan and War Machines universum at @blacksmiley-c >3

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I’ve been thinking about these last night so have some Dave HCs;


This has been a headcanon of mine for at least a month. I feel like Jade at some point would’ve taught him guitar due to her feelings towards him. He might’ve started as doing it for irony, but playing guitar started becoming something he enjoyed.

NUMBER TWO; Flannel Obsession

Now I sort of base Dave off of how I am and base some of these headcanons off of his personality, and how I feel like these would fit him if that makes sense. Now because of how I interperate his personality I feel like he would have some flannels in his wardrobe. Dave in HS2 does own Flannel pants in one of the storylines of HS2 so I feel like he might like flannel or plaid clothing. This may be dumb, but it makes sense to me in ways.

NUMBER THREE; Oversized clothes

⚠️ Now first of all this HC will include the mention of bro strider. If you are uncomfortable with him feel free to go to the next one. ⚠️

HC v


Now I feel as if Bro wouldn’t really buy Dave that many pieces of clothing besides a few pants and shirts. Because of this I feel like Dave would wear some of Bro’s clothes when his clothes weren’t washed. This is a dumb HC yet I guess it makes a bit of sense?

Now I don’t think I have anymore, but if I have any other HCs I will reblog this and add onto it. I hope you enjoyed this!

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