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Back at it again with my art😂.

Okay…so I did these a while back because I found this adorable and fun fanfic called A Tale of Levihan Cats by FC200 on archive of our own! And it was so cute just imagining a hardened stray, Levi meet a playful and fluffy, Hange who just wants to be adopted but ends up chasing Levi and joining him on their journey to bringing her back to the animal center.


Of course in the end they do have their happy ending and seeing the 104th as their kittens and Levi being the doting father he is was just tickling to me.

Highly suggest reading this if you want a new perspective of Levihan (therefore CATS) and..yeah HAHAHA.

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Awwwww, that’s so cute anon!!!

It’s very dark and foggy out, “It looks like a bloody soup…” John muses. He comes up from behind and wraps you in his woolen blanket.

You lean into him. He feels so warm, despite the chilly air. 

As you both settle onto the couch, you scuffle your feet on his and he gasps.

“Ah! You’re cold as ice, Y/N!” he cries.

Both of you begin tickling each other and laughing before wrapping up in his blanket.

“Mmmph, I have some things to do…” you mumble.

He looks up, propping his scruffy head on his hand. 

“What things?” he asks.

You begin listing things, using your fingers to count.

“Is anything due tomorrow? Or today? This minute?” he questioned.

You settled yourself onto his chest. His sweater smells entirely of his soap.

“No…I don’t think so…” you answer.

“Well, you don’t work today- let’s relax!”

“John I…” you stop yourself. John was a damn Beatle. And here was the perfect day to be lazy. You would have work to do later this week. And the one day you both were free and together you didn’t want to relax.

“Alright, but I pick the movie…” you tease, tapping his nose.

“Alright, not too scary love…” he adds.

You reach for the black remote and flip on a film you enjoy. You look up at him and kiss his cheek.

“Oo, a kiss. This means it’s scary, innit?” he asked, half-nervously.

“I’ll hold onto you if you get scared, John. I’ll be right here to protect you…” you tease, settling into his arms and enjoying the hours together.


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Taglist: @queenlover05 @violaslloyds @seraphicmercury

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xxx alternate prompt: shot

Brooklyn, NY

Bobbi is in the middle of choking out one of the three would-be assassins when she hears it–a gunshot and subsequent “Shit!” from Hunter.

“Damn it Hunter!” she mutters, squeezing her arms tighter around the man’s neck until he goes limp. She quickly grabs his gun and scrambles to her feet. The taller of the two remaining men  has a gun pointed at Hunter’s head. Bobbi shoots him in both of his knees and he falls with a cry. The third man turns toward her, weapon raised, but goes down with a tranq dart in his neck before he can pull the trigger.

Hunter looks at Bobbi with a triumphant expression that quickly turns to one of pain as he remembers that he’s just been shot. The gun clatters from his hand. 

“Where are you hit?” she asks, avoiding the urge to rush to him as she gathers the bad guys’ weapons. 

“Just my shoulder,” he says, getting to his feet with a grunt. “I’ll be fine.”

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