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Hello Tumblr peoples, I hope the week is treating you nicely where ever this post may find you in the world. Now, I don’t know how the start of 2021 has been for everyone else, but I have a feeling it isn’t as easy or as fun as you might have imagined it to be. But this year is going to take some work, on all of our parts to get things moving forward again and back on track in our own ways. It’s felt mostly just like keeping your head above water, before the next fucking thing hits.

Personally, I’ve take my own hits and had to pick my shit up and keep going the only way I know how, and that’s by learning from it and moving forward and trying to do better until I get it right. I’m responsible for all of it. My actions, words and follow through, it’s all on me. And I have no excuses, because I know the things I haven’t done and the things I could of done, so much better.

So this year, I’m making that push more than I ever have, keeping myself accountable for my actions and driving myself to give this year everything I have, and get it all.

I say all this as a way to get it out and also on page. I know some of you have followed me right from the first day I started this s/r blog, some of you only a few days old, and others well in one way or another have followed me here for 7 or 8 years and stuck through it all. Truth be told still no real idea how you’ve managed it, but I’m grateful and thankful for those that have been here for the whole ride. Ya crazy sweet fuckers.

And today I find myself with a little breathing room, and I’m about to prepare for a big push and drive and I may have to take some time away from here again in a few weeks to focus on what I need to do.

So over this time, I’m going to clean out the draft folder, go back and finish out ask games, anons and random asks and answer tags and whatever other shit I’ve missed or haven’t finished.  I might add in a couple music interactions and a few things for mutals, for shit and giggles along the way.

Oh and there will be quite a good deal of shit posting, ramblings and writings and a whole bunch of random shit buried in the pile that my drafts.

So, I suggest, put on your favorite music, grab a drink or smoke and sit back and scroll and enjoy the show. 


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hi this is lonenly adn its 9 pm my brian is fried and HOW TH EFUCK DO YOU DRAW QUADRUPEDS, CATS SPECIFICALLY

like i’m trying to draw chaney’s bitchy cat brother helioge bcuz he’s basically her jiminy cricket except more of like,, the neutral good to contorl her chaotic neutral and i love ihm so much because he scolds her Like Hell but seh cant take him seriously because he’s just a fluffy little kitty with bright blue eyes and so he’s like ‘ROTSABEL LIVE OUT A NORMAL MORTAL LIF E OR I SWEAR TO YOBA I WILL SMITE YOU LIKE A BITCH’ but like,,, then he fuckin does a little cat yawn and like

i am ATTEMPTIng to make him somewhat more personified compared to an ordinary cat but like?????? its HARD to do that shit bcuz i cant get the proportions to look right??? i’m trying to get him to look kind of dignified and kinda smug, but also a little casual and languid??? so i’m trying to give him these sharp but tired-ish eyes but i can’t get it to look right iwth his cat nose i have looked at COUNTLESs cat skeletons and warriors fan art and i know i need to practice to improve but i am still pissed at myself for not startign art at an earlier age

anyway rant over, im probably gonna sleep it off before falling into another pit babes <33333

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Since you don’t have to read the Bridgerton books in order, what are the favorites? 

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tfw   you   happen   to   come   across   a   crackship   vid   and   it   takes   over   your   life,   becomes   your   otp   and   you   will   die   for   that   ship   even   though   you’re   literally   the   only   one   on   the   planet   who   even   entertains   the   concept   and   everyone   else   either   ignores   you   or   wonders   wtf   is   wrong   with   you   because   it   radically   negates   what’s   been   established   &   accepted   as   fanon

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that’s the goal 😂😂😂

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All these people are Harry Styles

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“Zhongli…is being uncessarily mean! You need to learn how to properly treat a lady. Luckily I have more than enough experience to help”

Unfortunately Zhongli’s archon powers are nothing against a motivated woman as she drags him off into the distance to do unthinkable horrors.


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omg that’s a bop of a song HAHA so dumb tho

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Não precisa mudar, para me agradar… eu te odeio do jeito que você é. 🙌🏻

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omg well!!!! good for you hehe ☺️ uhhh be safe don’t get pregnant if anything happens tell me and i’ll beat someone up if need be. love u very much and i hope y'all have a good time tmr <3

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I was tagged by my sunshine Kam, @returnofahsoka 🌻 thank you, love!

honey and lemon or milk and sugar // musicals or plays // lemonade or unsweetened iced tea // strawberries or raspberries // winter or summer // beaches or forests // diners or cafés // unicorns or dragons // gemstones or crystals // hummingbirds or owls // fireworks or sparklers // brunch or happy hour // sweet or sour // rome or amsterdam // classic or modern art // sushi or ramen // sun or moon // polka dots or stripes // macarons or croissants // glitter or matte // degas or seurat // aquariums or planetariums // road trip or camping trip // colouring books or water colour // fairy lights or candles

I love these! And if you want to do this, please do so and tag me, i’d love to see your versions 🌻⭐

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Me waiting for Cyberpunk Moders to make mod extension that will allow them to add different hairstyles like 

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