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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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Something almost rebellious about colouring in a butt you’ve drawn. XD

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Is poro! Is snuggly! Is adorable ram creature! Does not think things should be burned. Is bad! Not like poros, which are good. Perhaps snuggles should be done, since snuggles are always good.

CUE A PERPLEXED EXPRESSION FROM THE ASCENDANT . he looks down at the small creature at his feet . he had not seen a poro before ; where had it come from ? ❝ are you lost little one ? ❞ he kneels down slowly to the creature as not to try to frighten it .

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Meh…why did this specific form of eczema have to flare up again. Bumps, blisters and itchiness on the palm of you hand is annoying. Cross your fingers that it does not get as bad as last time because that got so painful I couldn’t use my hand at all. Thankful that it’s not my dominant hand. 

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I hatee the fact that “unhinged women” is a thing and a joke that everyone is ok with stop calling women crazy what about all of the unhinged men in the world? I saw this thing someone posted on snap and it was a tweet saying something around the lines of “is it okay to date mentally ill people” and someone said “bro just asked is it okay to date women” and i told the guy who posted it “fuck you and fuck this post” and he said idk what ur talking about and jokes like this just support that kind of bs i need to gts

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