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ikr if you dont wanna see that stuff block the tag cie’s skz anons <3

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no hear me out! they’re just like a family!

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Happy Lantern Rite from me in the Genshin world

And Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate~

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maxthieriot: haha classic from catch that kid. #TBT #babyfaces #catchthatkid @xxkikistewsxx

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I just cannot believe that the one person who made a blood pact with me and renewed it monthly for a year is the one to abandon me.

I tried so hard to be there for you in every way, and I loved you no matter what, just being content with being by your side. How could you do this to me..?

How could you leave me alone, you wretched human being? I cannot contain my hate. I cannot contain my anger. I cannot believe it. I cannot…

Oh, my God, it is bubbling up inside of me and I can’t let it out. I don’t want to become a hateful person, I think I’ll cry.

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i love fucking thigds up with my boyfriend i feel like hes going ot break up with me any day now :::))) yummy thots so full yo f nutrients im going to fucking die hes iogoing to break up with me becasue im sotooo too much work not low matenence enough and hes got feelings too and i cant help him and he wont let me in,, better ot just drop meeeee :::))))

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“Just a Simple Day Out.”


Oh yeah this account exists :,D

Take this drawing of CS! And DS! Nightmare :)


Codeswitch: @zooliwrites24

Dreamswap: @onebizarrekai

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ok im ready to make my bullet journal setup for 2021 because i’ve watched amandarachlee’s video already

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i have been blessed by the irda anon again 💃 AHAHAHA HELLO i am currently contemplating abt my life,, JK i was just thinking of who in hq would likely be my brother or smth.. you know that game from a while back 😼 but im thinking of taking nap too bc my head hurts from my allergies 🤕 HOW ARE U THOOO

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idk aahshdjksks lemme go through my camera roll lmao 👀

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YES GIRL POWER !!!! kakasubmit ko lang ng final reqs ko (na medj ko lang pinroofread ahhahahaa) PERO YAYYY HAPPY FOR U PO!! nasa lecture hall kasi siya madalas kaya madaming tao so minsan di napapansin ng prof. waaaahhhh masaya naman na may bibong prof pero minsan parang,,, ma’am hayaan mo nalang kaming magchill. HOY WEH TALAGA KAINGGIT DJGALKGJLA GUSTO KO RIN NG CONCERT 

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