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My bebelove looking so pogi on his picture huhu di ko pwede I upload yung picture tho. Saka ang pogi nya habang nag papiano. Pogi nya forevs. Lol.

Buti di nya alam tumblr ko at buti di nya alam na tinatawag ko syang bebelab. 🤣 Hanggang ganto lang naman ako, so ayon. Di naman ako bet non. Hahahahaha. Kaso bat bet ko pa din sya. Nakakainis.

Ew self. Pls mag cringe ka sa sinasabi mo. Huhu gusto kong mag cringe sa sinasabi ko pero i kenat atm. Ano ba!

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Tag Game!! :)

I was tagged by @mama-yoda <3 I request that you that you should follow her! An absolute fav of mine.

let’s goooo (.


Emily (I prefer going by Zanne though)



Star Sign

Aquarius ♒︎


165.1 cm / 5’5”


Bisexual 💗💜💙

Favourite Book

Memoirs of a Geisha AND Indian Horse

Current Time

7:00 pm (19:00)

Average Amount of Sleep

I’m in uni. Does that answer that? Yes? Good.

Dogs or Cats

I have both…but DOGS. They’re so squishy and THE ROLLS. t he ROLLS

# of Blankets You Sleep With

Sometimes 1. Sometimes 2.

If I’m not freezing, I ain’t sleeping.

Dream Job

I’m hoping somewhere in the social sector. My original plan was to become a Probation Officer or Corrections Officer depending on where life leads me.

Favourite Animal


Blog Established

It’s been A WHILE. I started my blog quite a few years ago but never started really using it until last month?? I got rid of my old stuff and flipped the switch. I’m complete Star Wars trash. Now and forever.

# of Followers

I believe I currently have 16! A small group but I love it :) I’m a mess so idk why I have more than 1 HAHA ily all

Reason for URL

It was originally my Xbox tag and now I use it anywhere I can…but that originated from Harry Potter because I love the series.

Something I’m Grateful For

The relations I’m able to build on the internet. I’m not a very social person and I’m not huge into conversations, but I will literally combust over each new interaction I have. I mean. How can I not??? Someone actually likes me enough to want to talk to me??! *time to casually combust into a flame ball*


Wolffe (.

Followers I’m Tagging

@vaultbug @pin3apple-pinata @lokicat21 @vivalajuwa @jinxingdeath (won’t let me tag you and I’m not tech savvy so I’m not going to bother figuring out why)

***you do not under any circumstances have to do this as well ! I just think this a fun little way for us to crawl out of our shells and get to know each other***

****also, feel free to omit any questions that make you uncomfortable or add any that you think might be fun as well!****

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