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sailortaro · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“AKAAAASHIIIIII! You ready to kick some kaiju ass?!?” “Of course, Bokuto-san”.
inspired by but for me there is a storm (fic, 18+)
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benaina · 2 days ago
Iwaizumi Hajime x f!reader
genre: fluff, smut, forbidden relationship
warnings: nsfw, inexperienced f!reader, dry humping, praise, handjob, soft iwaizumi
Tumblr media
Going out and partying with friends, sleeping over at your boyfriend’s, or even having a boyfriend at all. You always thought you simply weren’t destined to experience all these kind of things in your life. You wanted to. But being raised in a strict household, your overprotective parents always watching over you and keeping you away from any possible “harm”, you never had the normal, exciting life all your friends had. Not even now as a first year university student.
But no matter how restricted your freedom was, your heart could not be restrained, especially not after you’ve met Iwaizumi Hajime; second year sports science student. Brown hair, strong, defined arms, and olive green eyes which would always bore into yours when you two had seminars together. And after many exchanged innocent smiles and shy “hellos”, Iwaizumi eventually one day asked if the seat next to you was free. It was also the day you offered him to fill the free place in your heart.
You took it slow; your first dates being simple study dates at the library or some random cafe. After a few weeks he started taking you out to restaurants, the cinema, or late night drives. And every time you spend time with your boyfriend, your parents were convinced that you’d be with your bestfriend, because their innocent, truthful and honest daughter would never lie to them, wouldn’t she? 
But all these secret dates were a burden to you, as you were plagued by constant guilty conscience and fear that your parents would some day, somehow find out. Finding excuses for your parents was not that hard, but finding excuses for someone as attentive as Iwaizumi was much more difficult. So when he’d noticed you always looking around as if you were scared of someone seeing you with him, or nervously fidgeting with your fingers, you had to explain everything to him. 
You were grateful that he was understanding and patient, because you knew that most men would not wait for you. They would maybe even make fun of you for having to act like a fifteen year old, having to keep everything a secret. However, you hated the fact that nobody, except some close friends, knew about your relationship. It was painful seeing how random girls would cling onto Iwaizumi, flirt with him, even try to ask him out on dates, while you quietly just stood next to them and tried to keep your composure.
But one evening when he had invited you to one of his close friends' party, your composure crumbled. Even though you could clearly see that Iwaizumi was trying to shake her off, that one girl from his year just couldn’t keep her hands to herself, constantly hugging him and holding onto his arm. And when she even tried to lean over and kiss him, you stormed off, not being able to hold back your tears anymore.
“Bab- Y/n? Wait!” Iwaizumi called after you, quickly correcting his little slip, but you had already left through the frontdoor.
It was already past 1a.m. when you walked over to Iwaizumi’s car and checked your phone for any possible calls or messages from your mom. Even though, your tears kept flowing, you laughed pathetically at the fact that your parents thought that you were sound asleep at your bestfriend’s house, while you were actually here in the cold; crying because no matter how close your relationship with Iwaizumi was, you still felt as if he was miles away from you. 
“I’m so sorry.” Iwaizumi’s gentle voice suddenly pulled you out of your thoughts, “I really tried getting rid of her bu-”
“It’s okay. I know, Haji.” you reassured him, leaning against his car as you wiped your tears away. He took another step towards you, cupping your cheek with his hand while the other found it’s way to your waist, pulling you closer to him. 
“Then why are you crying?” He wrapped his arms around you, trying to shield your shivering body from the cold breeze.
“Aren’t you getting tired?” you asked with a shaky voice, as you slightly pulled away from him to look into his eyes, which turned into small slits, not understanding what you were talking about.
“What do you mean? Tired of what?”
“Tired of me! Of me, Hajime! Why are you doing this to yourself?” you cried, your voice filled with despair. You wriggled yourself out of his embrace, as you started pacing back and forth in front of him. “Don’t you wish yourself a normal relationship with a normal s/o? God, Hajime, how long have we been together? We aren’t even able to sleep together like a normal couple! How long will you be able to play with me this hide and seek game?! Because, I’m not sure if I can keep doing this...”
You gasped when he suddenly grabbed you by your arms, pulling you flush against him. “Hey, hey calm down. What are you talking about? What do you mean you can’t keep doing this? You want to... break up?” he asked hesitantly, the hurt in his eyes evident.
“Of course not! But, I’m scared that you will be the one to break up. I guess, that’s what every normal guy would-”
Iwaizumi roughly pressed his lips against yours. His warm and erratic breathing and strong grip on your waist clearly telling that he was upset. It was quiet for a few seconds when he pulled back, only the howling wind and your pants audible as you tried to catch your breaths. 
“Normal, normal, normal... I don’t care if what we have is normal. I don’t care about how long I’ll have to wait. I love you, idiot.” his hands moved up, cupping your cheeks and his warm thumbs caressing your cold apple cheeks. “Besides, I love playing hide and seek. Especially because I can have you all to myself.” 
A grin adorned his features when your pout changed into a small smile.
“Did you really mean what you said earlier?” he asked, his expression getting more serious again as he averted his gaze to the side, almost as if he was a bit... flustered?
“When you said that we can’t.. sleep together?”
Your eyes widened a bit, feeling heat creep up in your face. “No? I-I don’t know, I just said it out of frustration. I mean, if you don’t want to- you know I never really..” 
Your awkward stuttering was cut off by Iwaizumi’s quiet, lighthearted laugh, making you look up at him, and your flustered state quickly turned into an annoyed one. “Well, thanks for laughing at me, Hajime.” you mumbled, crossing your arms in front of your chest. 
“Okay, okay, I‘m sorry. You’re just too cute.” he chuckled, “You know, we don’t have to rush anything. But right now-” he paused, taking his keys out of his pockets to unlock the car, “-I really need to show you how much I meant what I said and how serious I am.”
You gulped nervously when he dragged you behind him, opening the door to the backseats and helping you get inside. He let out a breathy laugh when he saw you shyly sitting next to him, fiddling with the hem of your shirt, as if you were sitting next to a stranger and not your boyfriend of almost five months. 
“Come here.” 
He took your hand in his, guiding your over to sit on his lap. His hands gently caressed your thighs up and down as he leaned up to place soft, fluttering kisses over your jaw. 
“Don’t worry, baby. I won’t do anything you don’t like. You trust me, don’t you?” he asked, his lips lightly brushing over yours. You nodded, still a bit unsure and nervous, but when he finally kissed you, all your anxious thoughts vanished, not being able to think straight anymore, but instead just feeling his body and lips against you.
The kiss was slow and passionate as he held you by your hips, and soon his hands moved under your shirt, his thumbs rubbing soothing circles over your sides. 
You parted, both quickly getting rid of your jackets, before he moved over to your neck, sucking and nibbling on your skin as your hands moved up to his hair, brushing through his brown locks. 
Feeling unfamiliar heat and fluttering in your lower part, you instinctively started grinding against him, making Iwaizumi even suck harder on your skin. 
“Fuck baby, you’re so beautiful.” he moaned, peppering your collarbone with kisses. 
“Ngh.. Babe, please.” you whimpered, feeling him grow hard underneath you but no matter how hard you grinded against him, it didn’t help to get rid of the growing coil inside you. 
He started unbuttoning your pants and lowered them as far as he could, finally having access to your underwear. A small wet patch had already formed on them and Iwaizumi really gave his all to not just rip them off and start pounding into you.
Cautiously, his hand travelled over your stomach, and down to the hem of your panties but you immediately grabbed his wrist when you felt his fingers slide underneath them. “C-Could I...keep them on?” you shyly asked, stilling your movements.
“’S okay, doll. Let me take care of you.” he whispered against your ear, moving his hand over your clothed cunt. His thumb slid over your slick, covered folds, before he started to rub your nerve bundle, the fabric of your panties adding even more friction to it. “So wet for me.”
He couldn’t keep his eyes away from your face, your eyebrows furrowed in concentration, chasing your release with your hips rolling over him, pressing further against his hand, and soft lips slightly agape, letting out quiet moans and whimpers.
“Haji, feels w-weird...” 
“Good or bad weird?” he asked breathless, his circles over your clit getting faster, while his other hand palmed your breast. You buried your head in the crook of his neck, too embarrassed of how he managed to make a complete mess out of you. 
“G-Good, aah, so good.”
Your grip on him tightened when you felt like you were about to fall apart, your whole body trembling and convulsing. “That‘s it, baby. Cum for me, I‘ve got you..”
You cried out at your first ever orgasm, which Iwaizumi tried to keep as long as possible, continuing to tease your clit with slow and gentle rubs. Your head rested on his shoulders, trying to catch your breath, your body still shuddering lightly, and walls clenching around nothing.
When you lifted your head, you just looked at each other, a gentle smile creeping up on your face as he smirked proudly at you. “Was it good?” he asked, his clean hand tucking your hair behind your ear.
“Oh yes, but..” you trailed off, lifting his shirt a bit up as you started unbuckling his belt, “Wanna make you feel good too, Haji.”
Of course the sight of your moaning and orgasming state made Iwaizumi hard, but he had figured that he would take care of it himself later at home, since he didn’t want to overwhelm you or scare you off. But the way you looked at him with your eyes, glossy from the immense pleasure you had experienced just now, and slightly pouting as you waited for his consent; how was he supposed to say no?
He helped you to take of his pants, rolling them down to his thighs so that his underpants and erection were free to your display. You gulped, only now realising what you were about to do, and again you got a bit nervous and scared that you’d make something wrong. 
Iwaizumi immediately noticed how your body got tense, and cupped your cheeks in his palms, smiling reassuringly at you. “Hey, it’s okay. You don’t have to force yourself. Just watching you was already enough fun for me..”
But you ignored him and let your hand glide over his underwear, slowly pulling it to the side to let his cock spring free. Hesitantly you wrapped your hands around it and clumsily started stroking him. Iwaizumi wrapped his hand around yours, slowly guiding you up and down his length, while you kept staring at each other. Your heart fluttered at this intimate moment; his eyes never leaving your gaze, quiet praises leavings his mouth as you both just kept stroking him
His breathing got deeper, jaw clenching, as he moved his hand away and gripped your hips tightly. Your touch felt heavenly to him and you were fascinated about the fact that pleasuring someone else could be so satisfying.
“You’re doing so good, doll. J-Just, squeeze it here a bit mor- Shit.” he let his head slump against your chest, his fingers digging into your soft flesh. 
“Like t-this?” you asked timidly, taking his instructions and thumbing his tip to spread the precum. He nodded, groaning “faster” under his breath and feeling his release get closer.
“Fuck, doll. Gonna make me cum.” His breath got more and more erratic as you kept pumping him with the same fast pace, until you felt warm liquid pour down your fingers. One hand caressed his cheek, which he took in his to place a peck on your palm, while the other kept stroking him, his groans and moans muffled by your shirt.  
But then he hissed suddenly through gritted teeth and lifted his head up, quickly pulling your wrist away from his messy crotch. “Shit, not too much, baby. Sensitive.” he laughed breathily, and placed his hand on your neck to pull you closer. Before you could even apologise for the accidental overstimulation, he had already pressed his lips against yours. 
“Damn baby, that was good.” Iwaizumi chuckled after you parted, and leaned his forehead against yours. You both didn’t saying anything for a while, keeping your eyes closed and dwelling in each others touch and the after orgasm bliss.
“Look at me.” Iwaizumi suddenly broke the comfortable silence, his green eyes staring right into yours. You both held each others faces so delicately in your hands as if too scared to even let go for a single second. “I don’t know how often I’ll have to say it, but I won’t give up on you just because of your parents. If it’s for you, I can wait as long as you want me to. And some day, when you feel ready, you’ll introduce me to them, ‘kay?”  
Tears pooled up in your eyes at his loving words and you couldn’t help yourself but jump further into his embrace, wrapping your arms tightly around him.
Iwaizumi placed tender kisses over your neck, inhaling your sweet and addicting scent. For you, your relationship was not normal, but for him, it was something he cherished. The simple fact of not being able to be constantly with you, made his yearning for you grow even more.
You both knew that he meant every single word, and that he will be there with you, no matter if there would be any more hide and seek games or not. Because he was ready to accept them, if it meant that he could be with you, hold you in his arms and feel your warmth.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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i4nanami · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— minors don’t interact.
— wc: 0,7K.
content + warnings: 18+, including: switch!kōtarō bokuto, mention of dry humping, creampie, pet names, marking, hickeys, mommy kink, mating press, kinda of rough sex, breeding kink, knotting.
pairings: hybrid!kōtarō bokuto x fem!reader.
my kinktober list!
Tumblr media
Bokuto's eyes traveled down your sweaty, tired body and his mouth salivated as he watched your breasts rise and fall rapidly. You looked so beautiful with several bite marks running down your body, from your collarbones to your groin bones, of course to your breasts and belly. On some of these marks there were even a few isolated drops of blood coming out, especially the largest one on the right curve of your neck that Bokuto had used as a way to mark you by appointment forever to him and he couldn't be prouder of the work done on you.
You were his everything, no matter how many times Bokuto Kotaro looked into his own future, there was no way to imagine one without you, without your touch, without your presence, without the smell of your purely intoxicating essence. He belonged to you in every sense, be it sexual, physical, mental, psychological. He was yours, literally. In fact, he was not only "yours", you have to add: "puppy in heat", because that is exactly what Bokuto looked like before and now.
Before because he was desperately rubbing himself against your thigh and ass when it was time for you both to go to sleep without wanting to actually verbalize that he desperately needed your touch because he preferred not to bother his mommy with trivial things. And now because he was uncontrollably trying to pull back the reins of his own lack of control to enter your wet interior with his cock leaking pre-cum and making a mess.
— Mommy, can I... — Bokuto groaned as he felt yours walls squeezing him and pulling him closer and closer to the overwhelming orgasm that always proceeded a night when neither of you could sleep because your little puppy's heightened sex drive wouldn't allow it and he desperately needed to thrust himself over and over again into your warm, tight pussy to cum again and again until he ended up collapsing from exhaustion on your sweat-soaked body. — Can I move?
— Of course, my puppy, you can. — You replied stroking his gray and black strands of hair which, previously always brushed upwards, now lay messily downwards with a few strands sticking to his forehead from sweat.
As soon as Bokuto's hips started bumping against yours in a hallucinatory, primitive, bestial rhythm while he had you in a mating press position, your body started to move up and down against the bed sheets and it was impossible to control the loud moans in the form of your puppy's name from coming out of yours lips. He looked so beautiful like that, lost in his own pleasure, stretching yours walls without caring if it was hurting for you and if the next day when you woke up your hips were hurting to the point that you could hardly walk. He just wanted to cum and unload absurd amounts of thick white cum inside you, filling you to the brim of your womb, until your insides were unable to contain any more drops of his seed and ended up trying to leak a little at your entrance.
Eventually the headboard started banging against the bedroom wall and it was obvious that the neighbors would come to complain the next day, but who could blame your sex-hungry hybrid? Not you, not them. If Bokuto wanted to bury himself wantonly inside your pussy, you would let him, even if the next day the room dawned upside down.
Several "Mommy's" escaped from your puppy's salivating mouth and your hand went to grab the chain attached to the collar he usually always wore the week he went into heat to make it easier for you to control him, pulling him forward until you were staring directly into his half-closed eyes.
— Aww~, puppyboy, if you wanted Mommy's pussy that bad, y-you could have just asked for it from the beginning. — You said breathlessly, trying not to divert his attention from his end goal.
And the mischievous smile you cracked soon after was simply enough to make him moan loudly in a primitively lewd sound, buck his hips forcefully against yours in one deep thrust and pour his white, hot cum inside you. Of course he was knotting you, that was the purpose all along, the purpose of impregnating you until a low budge formed in the bottom of your belly because of how much liquid he gushed into yours walls.
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tarousprettybaby · 2 days ago
A Late Night Run (Day 5)
Day 5 of Kinktober: Bokuto Kōtarō
Kink: Breeding Kink
Word Count: 1.3k
Warning(s): MINORS DNI, smut, afab reader, some fingering, creampie (don’t be silly, protect your willy people), use nicknames’ baby’ and ‘babe,’ let me know if there’s anything else.
Notes from the Author: Heyyy~ how y’all doing? I honestly forgot that this was supposed to go up yesterday cause I ended up going to a party, lol. But now I’ve made it a little longer as an apology, and I hope you enjoy! :)
Bo was very… different today.
And not in the way he usually is, where he’s just so excitable and bouncy and basically the opposite of everyone around him.
It also wasn’t in his emo mode way, where no one can possibly console him unless it’s you and involves kisses.
Today, he was agitated. As you watch the man in question get dressed for a late-night run with his pack, your suspicions of something being wrong is only heightened.
What could have happened…
You’re not a wolf, so you don’t have an innate intuition when it comes to your mate about what could be wrong. No, all you have are your eyes and ears to observe his movements and determine what could make him feel better.
As your brain continues working in an attempt to make sense of Bo’s mood, he announces that he’s about to leave. With a rush of enthusiasm, a resounding “Ok!” leaves your lips, and you speedwalk over to him at the front door.
You lightly tug him down to your height to give him a kiss on the lips and nuzzle to the nose before smiling up at him. Although your actions were meant to be a cute ‘I love you, be safe,’ Bo freezes up for a millisecond before a light shake of his head, a terse smile, and walking out the door, all in the span of maybe 5 seconds.
At the door’s closure, your smile immediately drops. The same thing had happened when Kōtarō originally came home from practice; you had given a customary welcome home kiss, and he had seemed shocked almost by the action. Could I have done something you think…but no, Bo is too good not to tell you. It’s basically in his blood.
You spend the hours he’s away doing various things, primarily ones related to your job. Yet you can only stare at a computer screen for so long before you decide to get ready for bed.
A warm shower, washing your face, and a little extra pampering with your more expensive products later, and you’re picking out your sleep clothes. You look for the usual shorts and t-shirt before your eyes catch a pink and black box shoved to the corner of your drawer.
Oh yeah… that’s the lingerie set I got last.
You had forgotten entirely about purchasing it; after all, Bo had been the one to really push you to buy it. Saying something along the lines of ‘But baby, your so perfect it’d be a shame to the store not to grace them with your buying it…’ cue the cute pout and your sigh of defeat as you walked to the counter to purchase the thing.
As you shrugged your shoulders, thinking, ‘what’s the harm?’ you dropped your towel and began sliding the delicate material on. It was a cute baby doll get up in a light purple. With extremely lacey cups that barely kept your nipple hidden and cute little bows and ribbons doting every which way, you had to admit it looked charming.
It’s also comfortable…you could sleep in it.
The thought even crosses your mind that maybe it’ll cheer up Bo too. Although you decide in the end that you’d much rather just talk to him straight up about what’s wrong, that’s better than just going directly to fucking. You’re about to start taking it off when your phone rings. The ringtone tells you that it’s one of your best friends, so you answer and quickly get dragged through a story about her latest romantic escapades.
The clock had just reached 12:24am when you and your friend finally hung up, deciding to meet up sometime soon and get drinks. The convo was an energized one and had taken most of your remaining energy out of you. So in a moment of pure laziness, you decided against changing and simply curled into the sheets and drifted off to sleep.
You’re awoken to a loud growl.
Now you’re not not used to waking up to things like growling or yelling, especially when Bo has just gotten back from a run. Until…
Desperate hands are clawing at you, rubbing your sides and legs, and a pelvis harshly grinds into yours. “Umphh~ Bo, slow down- ah!” you try to get out between harsh, bruising kisses. But he pays you no mind.
“Put on this pretty little set all~ for me, didn’t you, baby? Ah, fuck- you look so good.” A short laugh leaves his lips, body traveling in between your legs, “Need to have you need to have this pussy.”
He’s absolutely insatiable; your panties? Ripped off in seconds, and your cute lingerie? Hanging on by a thin thread. He’s so quick with all his movements, one moment he’s kissing your thighs, the next your clit, and suddenly you have two fingers slinking into your wet heat. The sudden intrusion making you call out and shudder, a reaction that Bo must have deeply enjoyed.
“Fuck baby, you’re always so welcoming to me and to my fat cock. Need to breed this cute little pussy, don’t I?” his words crawl up your skin and wrench a wanton moan from your lips, your head nodding aggressively up and down.
“Please! Please, Bo, need you so bad. Need you nowww.” Your words cut his actions short. His shorts are pulled down under his balls, and your legs pushed over his shoulder are the only actions needed before he slips into your soaking cunt, the both of you letting out loud moans.
But he doesn’t stop, no, not even for one second. As soon as he slides into your pussy he’s immediately pulling out and slamming his cock into you again. A quick pace is started, your legs being pushed back further and further as you clutch him by the shoulders closer, nails digging into his skin.
The pain only causes him to growl out, voice deep and gravelly, “Baby likes it right, likes it when her alpha treats her so good. When her alpha fucks her little cunt silly, yeah?” It all proves to be too much for you, the sound of skin slapping skin and the bed squeaking and hitting the wall, all while Kotaoro’s cock reaches places no one else ever could inside you, you begin to crumble.
Your orgasm rocks you so hard, a warning can barely leave your lips. It’s easily overtaken by high-pitched moans of Kotaros name and curse words. Not that a warning would’ve been helpful as Kotaro only drills you harder through your release, his own being sought now. Desperately he ruts into you, his high just within his reach, and he finally catches it when you beg him for his cum.
“Oh, fuck fuck fuck, baby~ need to fill you up. Need you to give me pretty pups, need to- AGH!”
He stills entirely, and you feel hot rope after rope of cum slowly begin to fill you up. Panting is the only sound in the room now.
He doesn’t roll off you or pull out either; instead, he looks at you before questioning you softly, almost embarrassed. “So…who told you?”
A raised eyebrow and tilted head signal him to add more context, and he adds, “About my rut, was it Kaashi? No! I bet it was Kuroo, wasn’t it?”
“Babe, no one told me anything about… that. I just saw that you were not yourself today and thought this might help…” you said, now understanding his off mood and slight avoidance of affection towards you.
“Oh.” Is his resounding reply, one that has you bursting into giggles and kissing his nose adoringly. “Well, lucky for you, it worked!”
But his sentence lingers in the ear as he now pulls out, a small stream of his cum beginning to flow from your pussy, before he starts flipping you over to your hands and knees.
“Unlucky for you, baby…you made my rut start early, so now we’re not stopping any time soon~.”
©Tarousprettybaby 2021-2022. please don’t repost work.
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tetsuukuroo · 2 days ago
When you become their hype woman
In which: Nekoma’s team manager shows their rivals some good ol‘ Nekoma team spirit
Warning: you acting as if you’re on crack?? But like, it’s for your bois so it’s good
Features: Nekoma x manager!reader, some small Kuroo x reader
Tag list: open
Requests: open
Navi | Hq m.list
Tumblr media
It was the inter-highs once again and Nekoma was determined to win
They were in it to win it against these ‘shitty boys’, as Tanaka puts it, after telling Karasuno they’d definitely be waiting for them at Nationals
And of course, you believed in your boys
No matter how much they drive you to insanity
It was your first inter-high with the team as your first year as manager and Nekoma student
Yamamoto was praising the universe for bestowing you to their team when you showed up after the practice match against Karasuno
So, let’s just say these boys drive you to the brink of insanity but will F I G H T anyone that dares to even look at you wrong
Especially at these officials matches where they know numerous guys would approach you
So, there you were, hidden in the cluster of Nekoma’s VBC as they surrounded you on all fronts while they proudly walked towards their area of the building
Coach Nekomata was just vibing ahead of you guys with Coach Naoi
They figured you could handle the boys after the past few months you’ve had of practice
You had forgotten the warnings that the team gave you (which you ignored as you continued to play a game of Mario kart with kenma on your switch) about running into their rivals
No. Not Karasuno
This was the rival they absolutely hated
“This is ridiculous! I can’t see a thing and I’m trying to haul these water bottles and the first aid kit but your guys’ abnormally long legs keep hitting into them,” you whine as you huff out a breath of annoyance.
Kuroo chuckles as he turns to you and gives you a pout from in front of you which only makes you glare at him.
“You need help with those, manager-chan?”he teases and you swing back the first aid kit before bashing it onto his leg.
“Move,” you tell him as you shove him along to keep walking towards the destination your coaches already arrived in minutes ago.
“We can help you carry those, (F/n)-senpai,” Lev speaks up from behind you and you send him a smile.
“Thanks, Lev but you’ve got your bag. I can handle these, I just need you guys to make a bit of space,” you tell him as you lift up the strap of the bag falling off your shoulders.
“Nu-uh, no can do, (F/n)-chan,” Yamamoto tells you from you left as he shakes his head, his eyes narrowed into a glare wherever he looked before they softened when they turned their focus to you. “We gotta make sure none of these losers even see you. Once they do, they’ll pounce.”
You sweatdrop at his words before sighing.
It was worth a shot.
You figured you guys were almost at the court you were designated to when Kuroo suddenly stops in front of you causing you to crash into him.
Although, it doesn’t seem like he even felt you crash into him from the lack of a glance in your direction.
He was much too busy glaring at someone in front of him.
You popped your head out from Kuroo’s back as you heard him trash talking with the person he saw.
That was when you understood what was going on.
You recognised him and remembered the warnings the boys gave you about their rivals in Tokyo now.
Because standing in front of you and your team was Daishou, the captain of Nohebi, that Kuroo strongly disliked.
You figured it was a classic competitive tension they had but the moment you heard Daishou’s words, you deemed him as someone you will scold for your boys’ sake.
“Your usual...high level of defence and teamwork. But you kitties lack decisiveness,” Daishou announces and instantly Yamamoto is on the offence.
Kuroo crosses his arms as he nonchalantly tells Yamamoto to calm down but it wasn’t long until Daishou starts to poke fun at the captain personally.
“We’re gonna have so much fun winning against you kitties. You can’t even beat Fukurodani in a practice match when you’ve been practicing with them for years. You’ll barely even make it in Nationals if you can’t even make it pass them.”
You felt yourself scrunch your nose in anger as your lips pursed in annoyance before you pounced.
“You think we’re so indecisive, huh? Well, let me tell you it didn’t take long for me to know I’m gonna kick your ass,” you exclaim as you drop the first aid kit and rack of bottles.
Kenma’s eyes widen as he watches you in shock as Yaku, Kai and Inuoka grab onto you as you tried to lunge at the smirking rival.
Meanwhile, Lev and Yamamoto were no help as they cheered you on.
“Sic ‘em, (F/n)! Kick his ass!”
Daishou stood watching as you all became a mess as the majority tried to calm you down.
“Isn’t she cute,” he says condescendingly as he pats your head.
This riles you up as you manage to get out of your teammates arms.
Daishou’s eyes widened as he watched you about to jump at him when Kuroo grabs ahold of your waist with both of his arms.
“Let me at him! Let me at him!” You yell out loud as you claw your way towards the opponent.
“What the hell was your team name again? I can’t seem to remember any of Tokyo’s past reps being led by an asshole!” you continue to yell at him as Daishou scoffs. “Did you ever get over your girlfriend breaking up with you? Bet she broke it off ’cause of how much of an asshole you are!”
“As if you even have a boyfriend. You’re so feral, you’re probably scaring them off,” Daishou retorts as he purses his lips in annoyance, “how’d you even know of that?”
Kuroo told you.
“My boys can do spikes around you for days. You won’t even be able to land on ’cause of Yaku receiving them every single time!” you trash talk as you hype up your team.
“Might wanna look on last years scoreboard, babe, ‘cause we spiked more than he received.”
“You need to calm down, (F/n),” Kuroo tells you as he tries to soothe you by combing his fingers through your hair.
You glare at Daishou who chuckled at you before you let out the quietest voice, but a threat no less, “you’re so gonna lose.”
That line did make Daishou falter for just a moment before he recollects himself.
“You kitties better live up to those words, wouldn’t wanna disappoint your precious manager,” Daishou says dismissively as he waved goodbye while his teammates followed, a condescending smile coming from each of them.
“And for your information, Tetsu’s hair doesn’t mess with his height. The only thing it does is make him look so much hotter than a greasy assed head like yours,” you yelled out as you watched them walk away, finally calming down enough that Kuroo put you down.
“It’s not greasy!” Daishou comments loud enough for you to hear.
“Glad to know you think I’m hot, manager-chan,” Kuroo says causing you to snap your attention to your team. “And here I thought you would never admit how much you love me. What’s next? You ask for my hand in marriage?”
You narrow your eyes at him as you cross your arms, “not yet, but if you guys beat their asses maybe you can take me out on a date.”
Kuroo’s eyes widens in surprise before he grins at you, patting your head affectionately.
“Count on us to do exactly that.”
“Damn right I will.”
Tumblr media
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ackermelon · 14 hours ago
POV: I'm the midwife watching you interact with your Haikyuu hubby while you push a baby out of your body
Daichi: I watch him hold your hand, guiding you through with sweet whispers of encouragement, compliments and praises rolling off his tongue without a second in between. His fingers, gentle against your scalp, quivered each time you screamed in pain. Pools formed in his eyes when crying filled the room, hurrying to cradle the new life you two have made close to his chest.
Akaashi: He is unbelievably calm during the whole thing, even as you bit and scratched him whenever the contractions were almost too painful to handle. "You're almost there," "you're so beautiful," he repeated in the softest voice I have ever heard (even my heart fluttered and I considered becoming a homewrecker for one night. Only one). However, his calm demeanour crumbled when he laid eyes on your baby, holding you closer than ever, crying into your chest.
Bokuto: He's one of them, I thought, watching him flinch when you squeezed his hand, each contraction more painful than the last. "Ouch!" A himbo. Of course. He looked mortified as the glare you sent his way burned into his very soul, kneeling by the hospital bed and profusely apologising, as if his life depended on it (maybe it did, who knows?). I assured you that you were almost done, secretly thankful because Bokuto looked as if he were on the verge of a panic attack when he saw the head peeking out. He was dumbstruck, holding your newborn for the first time, looking at it as if it were a foreign object. Until he looked at you and whispered, "I'm a dad," tears streaming down his face.
Kuroo: "I can't do this," you cried, hands clutching whatever was in reach, Kuroo's hand. "Yes, you can," he whispered into your hair, voice trembling ever so slightly. I watched as he held you closer with each tear that slipped from your eyes, eyebrows knitting as he tried to be there for you. "You're so strong," he murmured, only for you to hear. The room went silent not too long after, only the echo of their little cries between the four walls. A gentle laugh escaped him as he held the miniature version of you for the first time, eyes glassy with unshed tears as his mind tried to comprehend that he was a father.
Iwaizumi: His voice shook as he willed you to push once more, tears streaming down his face, his pained expression mirroring yours. "Only a little bit left," he tried saying, but his lips were stuck on your temple, wishing the phrase 'kiss it better' was medically accurate. Despite his panic, Iwaizumi's sweet praises never stopped, supporting you all the way through. Even when he looked over the life you have created, breathing slowly where they slept on your chest, his tears never ceased (the smile on his face setting the bar way too high for my future hubby).
I promise you guys I was focused on delivering your baby, but dare to look away for one second and I will (and that's a certainty) steal your man.
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bumbl3-bee · a day ago
Tumblr media
Primum Tempus
kinktober day 16: corruption/virginity
CW/TW: slight size kink, oral m receiving
word count: 0.8k
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
Your best friend was right; her boyfriend's brother was a total dumbass. How did Atsumu make it into his last year of college when he didn't know how to study? He kept stealing glances as he worked through the problems of his assignment; the few times you looked at him, he would turn back to his papers, scratching the nape of his neck. Honestly, it was kinda cute, seeing him all flustered; it was a nice contrast to his usual attitude.
"I think it's time we took a break."
He let out a sigh, his pencil slapping against the table as he sat back in his chair, "thank god! my brain felt like it was melting."
"Don't you do calculations when you're in a game?"
His eyes lit up at the mention of his sport. "That's different though. I don't actually have to think, it's just...."
You nodded, resting your chin in your hand. He looked like a little kid on Christmas, going into detail about how volleyball made him feel. It really did shine a new light on him; no longer was he the arrogant jock in your lectures, but instead an adorable little dork that wanted nothing more than to tell someone about something he loves.
"I went to nationals, my third year of high school, and played against this one kid. He was a first-year, and had bright orange hair, super short too." He explained, comparing the height to himself.
A small clink of plastic colliding with hardwood flooring reached your ears, your pencil having rolled off and under the table. Quickly, you crawled to the floor, gaze settling on how your counterpart comfortably took up more than enough room in the space provided. Even sitting down, it was obvious just how much larger he was compared to you.
"That whole team was scary good, I mean obviously, they did beat us. But Hinata had this- what are you doing?" He asked, looking down at you. His eyes shifted to your hands on his knees, a small hint of a blush dusting his face.
"I like hearing you talk about your interests. Keep going." Your hands trailed up his thighs, deepening his blush. But he nodded, clearing his throat as he got comfortable in his chair; his legs spread wider, whether intentionally or not, you weren't sure.
"I wanna set for the little guy one day. I just know it's gonna be amazing, we'll make an awesome duo!"
Carefully, you unbuttoned his pants, tugging the zipper down quickly. His voice stuttered as your fingers grazed over his skin, playing with the hem of his boxers.
The girls in your dorm would always speculate about how 'hung' Miya was, they'd always drag you into conversation despite knowing of your lack of interest in the matter. However, after months of dealing with the concerns from others, you had begun to wonder as well, without making it a mission to find the truth. Your current situation was just... coincidence.
And to answer the question: he was larger than expected; your fingertips barely connected as you released his manhood into the open. Long too; not the longest you've seen, but he was definitely a contender.
"(Y/n)..." he gasped, grabbing your wrist. His lip was caught between his teeth, eyes half-lidded as he looked at you. "I-i've never..."
"Want me to stop?"
He shook his head, letting you go in favor of running his hands through his hair.
"I'll take it slow, and we can stop whenever you want, okay?"
He nodded, eyes fluttering close, "o-okay."
A smile graced your features as you pressed a kiss to the angry, red tip, tongue darting out to lick up the bead of precum. "Keep telling me about volleyball, I don't know anything."
Atsumu took a shaky breath, "There's a setter, wing spikers..." God, how was he supposed to focus when your lips felt so good; the way your tongue traced a vein on the underside of his cock was mind-boggling. "Uh, blockers and a li-libero!" His voice rose an octave as you brought the tip into your mouth, his back arching slightly. His hand awkwardly rested on the side of his thigh, gripping the fabric tightly.
Hearing each breathy pant between sentences sent a rush of adrenaline through your bloodstream. Oh, how amazing it was to reduce the most popular guy in your classes to an absolute mess. With each bob of your head, taking another inch each time, his breathy pants turned to breathless moans.
His hand left his thigh, finding purchase in your hair. You prepared for his next move, only to be shocked when you were pulled away instead of pushed further. A string of saliva hung between your bottom lip and the tip of his cock; his hand loosened its grip on your hair. "Do-don't wanna cum yet."
Scooting his chair back, Atsumu leaned forward, cupping your cheek as he crashed his lips against yours. Gently, he pulled you into his lap, forehead resting against yours as he took a breath. "You have something else in mind, Atsumu?"
"Not really," he chuckled. "I told you earlier, I've never done this stuff before."
"Guess I'll have to be your tutor."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ɪɴᴄʟᴜᴅᴇs: sᴜɴᴀ ʀɪɴᴛᴀʀᴏ̄
ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢs: sᴜɴᴀ x ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ
ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢs: ʟᴀɴɢᴜᴀɢᴇ | sᴍᴏᴋɪɴɢ | ɪʟʟᴇɢᴀʟ sᴛʀᴇᴇᴛ ʀᴀᴄɪɴɢ | sᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ: ʀɪᴅɪɴɢ, ᴅᴇɢʀᴀᴅɪɴɢ, sᴘᴀɴᴋɪɴɢ, ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀ ᴋɪɴᴋ, ᴄᴀʀ sᴇx, ᴏʀᴀʟ, ᴅᴀᴄʀʏᴘʜɪʟʟɪᴀ
Tumblr media
The roaring of engines deafened y/n, the smoke blinded her as she made her way through the cars. This was her race and she was going to win.
“Hey dollface~”, a deep sultry voice slurred behind her.
Their warm breath tickled her neck, sending shivers down her spine. Composing herself she gulped then turned around to meet the man’s face.
“Can’t wait to race you”, he smirked.
Oh that smirk~ That smirk that could make all the girls swoon for him. That devilish smirk.
Y/n remained silent and leaned on one foot, folded her arms.
“Quiet I see”, he pursed his lips.
Y/n examined all his fine features from his fluffy dark brown hair half covering his penetrating green eyes, all the way to his abs his unbuttoned white shirt exposed. He clicked his neck, flexing his defined sharp jawline, letting her see a glint of his silver chain. Looking down, she noticed him crack his red knuckles, fingers decorated with silver rings. His shirt was rolled up, exposing his snake tattoo that ran and slithered across his right arm. He was truly a magnificent creation. Eye-catching. God-like features. This man.
This man was the infamous Suna Rintarō.
He opened his mouth to speak again but y/n interrupted him. ‘I’m gonna beat your ass”, she said simply.
Chuckling, he shook his head then stuffed his big and calloused hands into his pockets.
Chuckling, he shook his head then stuffed his big and calloused hands into his pockets.
He leaned towards her ear, then slurred, “Oh? Since you’re so confident, why don’t we make a deal?”
Gulping, y/n shook her nervousness away and nodded.
“Good”, he said, his deep voice sending vibrations through her. “If you win, I’ll let you join my gang and be a part of us.”
Y/n’s breath hitched and her eyes widened. Join his team? Oh gosh. She’d join the Suna Rintarō and drive alongside him?
She cleared her throat and maintained her composure. “And if I lose?…”
“And if you lose, you can be my little fuckdoll. Toy. Understood, princess?”
Fuckdoll? Toy?
He stood up straight and smirked devilishly, the red lights from the cars reflecting onto his face, intensifying the glare.
Nodding, y/n gulped, feeling a large lump in her throat.
“Oh of course. My bad~”, he chuckled, looking at the ground then his penetrating eyes stared into y/n’s eyes deeply. He held a hand out, adorned with silver rings and his knuckles red. “Suna Rintarō, m’lady.”
“I know”, she said coldly.
“Of course you do. By the end of tonight, you’ll have quite the reputation too if you win or not.”
Smirking, y/n shook his hand. “L/n F/n. Nice to meet you Suna.”
“Oh, you don’t need to call me by my last name”, he laughed darkly, then leaned forward to her ear once more, licking the back of it. “We’ll be much more than just acquaintances by the end of tonight”, he slurred.
He stood up straight and winked. Before y/n could speak, he turned and walked the opposite direction, joining his team consisting of other very famous street racers. Two men stared her way, one with blonde hair and the other with grey. They looked identical apart from their hair, clearly.
Ignoring their gaze, y/n turned on her heels and walked towards her black Chevrolet Corvette C6, that glinted when light reflected onto it. Climbing in, she sat into it then turned the engine on. Pressing on the acceleration, it roared loudly and smoke came from behind it, making people behind her cough. Eyes were on her. As they rightfully should be.
She slowly made her way to the starting line and was in line with a red McLaren 756 C and in it, was Suna Rintarō. He rolled down his window, revealing the smug look plastered on his face. Winking, he tilted his head. He had a cigarette in his mouth. Taking it out, he blew a puff of smoke towards y/n’s direction.
“Good luck dollface. Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you but I’ll still win.”
Y/n gritted her teeth.
Oh what a fucking tease. A hot man who can tease.
She pressed her heel against the acceleration, making her engine growl.
“I don’t expect you to, darling”, she winked back then rolled her own window back up.
Intensely looking ahead, y/n kept her eyes on the road then when the red light switched to green, she pressed forward, full acceleration.
You really didn’t think she’d win though did you? How foolish did she have to be to think she’d win against the Suna Rintarō?
It all ended with y/n passing the finish line with behind Suna, his smoke from his car puffing into her vision and she squinted.
Stopping at a vacant space to park, she kept her hands wrapped around the wheel tightly, her knuckles turning white. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Who the fuck did she think she was messing with? Did she really think she had a cha-
Tap tap.
Faint knocks came from her window beside her and she looked to her right and saw Suna’s smug grin and his eyes amusingly looking at her. Huffing, she stepped out of her car and slammed the door shut.
“Now now dollface, don’t get so worked up over this little race. I was bound to win anyway”, he teased, cooing. “Is the little girl angry?”
Clenching her fists, y/n gritted her teeth.
“Is the little boy’s ego a bit too high?”, she snapped back, raising a brow.
“Oh?”, he looked taken aback.
Then he stepped forward to her and y/n took a step back, her back making contact with her car door, stopping her from moving further.
“I suggest you shut up and fulfil our deal”, he said in a raspy voice into her ear, sending shivers down her spine. “Let’s go back to my car, yeah? You got a little something to do for me~”
He tilted her chin up with his finger to make her look at him and y/n flushed.
“Gone shy on me?”
Puffing her cheeks, she shook her head and followed him back to his flashy red car which stood in a small little alleyway, where it couldn’t be crowded. He slipped into the drivers seat, then tapped on his lap for y/n to come on. Hesitating, she pursed her lips. Made a deal with a hot guy, lost it and now hot guy wants you to ride him. Huh? Sounds awesome.
Entering the car, she sat on his lap, straddling him but refusing to place her full weight onto him due to the fact she got insecure but Suna instantly noticed this and pulled her down fully, making her press down against his clothed cock.
“Feel that? All just for you, dollface~”, he slurred into her ear.
Y/n shivered and felt tingles down her spine.
“What’re you waiting for. Rode your little car, fucked up so hey, second chance to redeem yourself”, he slapped her ass, making her jerk forward. “Ride this dick for your master.”
Whining as he placed soft neck kisses, she tugged on his buttoned shirt and then put her hands up, riling it up. She felt his warm body come into contact with her cold hands. Then her hands trailed down and pulled his pants along with his boxers down, letting his thick length spring free. Suna pulled her skimpy shorts down and pursed his lip when he felt her wet panties.
“Oh? What’s this? Wet for me?”
“Mmm”, she hummed, not wanting to make eye contact, clearly ashamed.
Taking it down he watched her cunt line up with his length.
“Ready?”, he said softly, in a tone she didn’t hear before.
Gazing into his eyes, she nodded, a soft smile forming.
“Good”, he said in a low voice.
Y/n bit her bottom lip, wondering how to take it in. It was thick so it’d stretch her out like fuck. No complaints though.
Sinking into his length, she whimpered and he grunted, feeling her wrap around his cock. Stopping halfway through, she whined.
“It’s master to you now”, he smirked, throwing this head back and eyeing her.
His jawline came into perfect view and y/n admired the angle and how his chain glinted in the small source of light from outside peeking into the window.
“Master, please… help… Too much”, she moaned softly.
“Little slut can’t take my dick”, he tutted.
His big, calloused hands took hold of her hip, guiding her down as his cold rings made contact with her skin, sending shivers down her spine. His shirt was unbuttoned and y/n admired the tattoo of a snake wrapped around a fox on his chest. He pulled her down, letting her sink into his length and she moaned softly. Groaning, he felt her walls clench around his cock and he felt an overwhelming sense of pleasure.
“There you go, dollface”, he whispered into her ear. “Now ride this cock baby~”
His deep raspy voice sent vibrations and y/n sheepishly nodded, moving and adjusting to his thick length. Soon, she began bouncing up and down, small whimpers and moans escaping her mouth while Suna took hold of the back of her neck and brought it close to him, kissing and sucking it. Leaving marks all over, he smirked in triumphant.
She was his now. His little toy. Fuckdoll.
Y/n threw her head back when he bucked up into her and took lead of the speed. She wasn’t up to his speed. He needed it faster. More rough.
“No wonder you lost the race, dollface. You’re too slow”, he lowly chuckled. “Little slut wanted master’s cock up cute cunt huh?”
He slapped her ass, making her jerk forward.
Y/n clenched and she whimpered.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
She threw her arms around his neck and intertwined her fingers in his dark hair. He made her hips roll towards him and he felt his cock twitch, reaching his high. His hands moved over to her plush and squeezed it, making y/n moan softly into his ear.
“Get under”, he simply said.
It took a while for y/n to process this but when she did she knew. Her doe eyes stared into his penetrating green eyes innocently but then her ass was met with a slap and she cried out.
“Do I need to repeat myself?”, he snapped.
Shaking her head, she got down and fit under the small space.
“Suck”, he plainly said, a smug expression plastered on his face.
He slumped back and stretched, putting his hands behind his head and put his head back. Relaxed, he enjoyed what was to come from his little cumslut.
Y/n began to kitten lick his tip and Suna’s breath hitched. Wrapping her hand around his length, she began taking it in slowly and running her tongue along the bottom, working it around it.
Grunting, he felt himself lose control of how pretty she looked under him. Eyes widened, pricked with tears, waiting to roll down.
“You look good when you cry”, he smirked, eyes half lidded.
Taking more of his length in, she felt his tip hit the back of her throat and she gagged. Tears rolled down her cheek and he pursed his lips watching her fall apart in front of him. Under him. Hollowing her cheeks, she began to suck, earning loud groans from Suna filling the car.
“Fuck y/n!”
Humming, she continued and she bobbed her head up and down.
“M gonna come in that pretty mouth, yeah?”
Nodding, she agreed. Eyes widening, y/n felt hot cum run down the back of her throat.
Groaning, Suna felt intense pleasure from this and saw how it ran down along the sides of her mouth. He pulled out and watched it drip down on her face.
His cumslut.
“Such a pretty mess for master”, he chuckled, leaning forward to look into her eyes.
She opened her mouth, indicating that she swallowed as much as she could and he nodded.
“Good girl”, he praised.
Then, she saw him take something out of his pockets and then he wrapped the cold piece of metal around her neck.
“Just to show others you belong to me, yeah?”
She belonged to Suna Rintarō. His slut. Maybe it wasn’t so bad to lose some races after all.
Tumblr media
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heichoe · 3 days ago
do i wanna know?
bokuto koutaro x reader
wc: uh about 700ish? heh
you think bokuto probably knows.
after all, every time you seem to huddle towards him, he smiles to himself and chuckles, letting you press yourself a little closer to his side.
it’s not really you’re fault that the weather is freezing cold, right? and it’s not you’re fault either that bokuto just happens to be a human heater.. right?
actually, you’d learned the trick from akaashi.
from his spot behind you and bokuto, as you all made your way to a convenience store late one chilly night, he’d noticed you shivering, your breath clouding a little more than his or bokuto’s. he’d discreetly called out your name, and just as you had stoped so that he could catch up with your pace, he’d leaned in to whisper, “bokuto-san regularly runs warm, y’know”
he had given you a pointed look, as if you could make do with just this tid-bit of information, but really you only just knitted your brows.
akaashi sighed and chuckled to himself— maybe you and bokuto were meant for each other: clueless complements. it was kind of cute.
“he usually doesn’t mind if you walk a little closer to him, for warmth.” he explains, adding the warmth part as an after thought. bokuto wouldn’t mind it at all if you did happen to walk a little closer to him.
your mouth opens in a small o, understanding in your eyes. “so.. free real estate?”
akaashi actually snort at that. “yes, free real estate.”
that night, you didn’t leave bokutos side.
it’s been a couple of years since then, and being close to bokuto is second nature by now. you’ve learned to seek out his warm skin, tugging at his sweater sleeves until he laces his heated palm with your freezing one. meanwhile, bokuto’s learned to subconsciously embrace the cool of your skin. he has your tells memorized by now: the way you’ll start shifting in your spot, hoping the movement heats you up, or how you’ll stand by a wall, blocking the cold wind, if maybe, from just one side of your body.
it’d be then that bokuto would step in front of you, taking your hands, previously in your pockets, and enclosing them in both of his. he’ll then, and this is the part that always makes your heart race, bring them close to his lips, puffing gentle breaths of air into them, warming them up.
bokuto’s convinced he only lives to see the smile on your face every time he does that, your cheeks warming along with his heart.
it’s no different this time, as you both wait for the bus. he’d insisted on waiting for it with you, after a late dinner you’d both shared at your favorite restaurant. he’d smiled at you from across the table, and you’d scooted your chair close to him, if only get a better feel of the heat radiating off of him. you guess you could call it a date, but not out loud. never out loud.
it’s with this thought that bokuto catches the sour look on your face, lifting one of his brows at you, “you good?”
you blink, snapping yourself out of it. whatever kind of relationship you and bokuto have has always been left unspecified, and there’s no point in questioning it now, anyway— you’re too far in it to get out. you’re just friends that cuddle, friends who’re just a bit more physically close than others,
friends that kiss when they’re drunk-
“‘m just cold,” you play it off.
bokuto’s golden eyes are cloudy, but he doesn’t question it. instead, he brings you closer to him, pressing you to his warm chest, his thumb sneaking under your shirt just slightly to rub circles on the skin of your lower back.
you can’t help but nuzzle yourself deeper into him, to want to burrow into his heart, and stay there, making a home out of it.
it’s dangerous to have these kinds of thoughts. you can’t. not when there’s years of friendship on the line.
your icy fingertips mindlessly pad along his sides, slipping under his shirt, and making him yelp as you settle them over the hot skin of his hips. it’s slight payback, you think, for the fever he makes your heart run.
and still, he doesn’t complain about the cold, about your icy hands on his skin, about your silence.
he kisses the top of your head as the first snowflakes begin to fall at the same time the bus’s headlights become clearer as it approaches.
“i’ll see you tomorrow, bub,” he whispers, holding you closer when the bus comes to a stop in front of you, “text me when you’re home, yeah?”
you wordlessly nod into his chest, planting a kiss to his sternum. neither of you acknowledge it, but you both know you felt his heart skip a beat or two at the press of your lips.
it’s soft, subtle, but he brings a hand to cup your cheek. it’s not a kiss, not really, but your heart still hammers at the feel of his breath gently brushing over your cheeks— barely a touch of your lips.
bokuto already knows, already decided it’s you he wants in his life, forever.
he’s just waiting for you to accept him and his warmth, fully.
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hunniepawp · 2 days ago
Haikyuu Headcanons: The boys as a child (Pt. 2)
Just the Haikyuu boys and them as a child.
❀ Warnings: Some spoilers, Grammatical errors
❀ Part 1
Tumblr media
Really good at playing shogi.
I bet he has those toy cellphones that have the iconic ringtone, and he blares it at night to lmaoo (He gave Iwaizumi a spare just to call him).
“Iwa-chan~ call me if you need anything...okay?”
“Oi this doesn’t even have batteries!”
He’s good with crafting, 
but his decorating skill is HORRENDOUS. Like the amount of glitter and stickers in that photo album he made for school? Priceless.
Watches José Blanco’s interview and imitates the way he talks to his friends.
The reason why he likes milk bread than normal bread? To show everyone who’s elite.
He might be that one kid who watches “Top 5 alien sightings ever recorded”. And FIGHTS with anyone who thinks it’s not true.
For Halloween, he dressed up as an alien once....with sequins of course.
Likes collecting bugs with Iwaizumi from time to time.
Has fell down the river in the process, it haunts him ‘til this day.
He definitely wears those fashion trends from the 2005s and 2009s (some of them were tacky though).
Might have also tried other sports such as track and field, also soccer.
Hates horror movies, but is fine with those disgusting alien scenes.
Also knows a lot of weird conspiracy theories too, and tells Iwa-chan about it.
Is pretty chill with playing with his older sister. Like tea parties? Yep.
The amount of lumps and bruises he got on his head as a child, cuz he can’t receive the ball properly (Also Iwaizumi hitting his head).
Is honestly so good with dancing games, like...really, really good.
Might have participated in ballet classes before.
Hates the sounds of fireworks as a kid.
Also the sounds of a cicada at night, he thinks it sounds so creepy.
Oikawa always leave the window open incase some aliens come vistin’ around his house, he even made some onigiri and a letter.
“Greetings aliens, my name is Oikawa Tooru from planet earth. I’m such a big fan! I even learned your language from google AwUeee UWEE GAA. Did I got it right? I hope you like it~🥺.”
The type to BEG to his mom, and if she refused? Cue puppy dog eyes.
Honestly a local resident of ‘lil tykes volleyball. He might have met Kageyama there.
Tumblr media
Boi is good with farming, that’s already given.
He might be ambidextrous, since he has to use his right hand in front of his family.
He might be the type of kid that always pose like🕴️this in all of his pictures.
He also has a lot of picture of his pets too (aww).
Ushijima’s petty as a child. Man throws a quiet tantrum unless he gets what he wants.
Might have learned the guitar because he was bored.
He loves those puzzle games in every newspaper, for him, ✨Sudoku is life✨.
Loves collecting record players at his local thrift shop.
Is very grateful for the things he has, even if his family does not accept him being a leftie : (
You know those free computer games back in the days? Like purble place? He loves it.
He honestly likes watching drama shows on t.v. surprisingly.
Likes the smell of fresh laundry.
He’s also the type of boy who is big enough to buy groceries.
“Is this for sale?”
“Hmm, why is it 50% off then? Remove it.”
Ushijima played as the tree behind every stage play like, not only can he stand still, boys' tall as heck too.
He finds the sound of the broom cleaning the leaves off the pavement so satisfying.
Boi makes the best tea in his home.
Enjoys his quality time with his dad by playing volleyball (He really enjoys it ).
I think Ushijima is afraid of spiders. 
No context, just Ushijima saying: “This is nonsense, Waka-chan out.”
Sometimes children were frustrated when playing with him like,
“So I have to...count?”
“Yeah! And while you count we’ll hide!”
“Why do I have to count from ten? When I can just wait until you hide?”
“We give up.”
He’s also the type of kid that reminds every students to follow the rules.
Like you running across the halls? No. Not cleaning after class? As if you could get away. NOT WASHING YOUR HANDS?? Not in his watch.
Really likes laying on the grass at nighttime, watching the fireflies emerge from above him.
He doesn’t like collecting bugs too, he thinks their lives are too precious.
He likes staring at the mountains and rivers, it gives him peace.
Likes questioning things because he is just genuinely interested. But the tone of his voice doesn’t come across that way.
Tumblr media
Tendou was bullied in his earlier years : <
He likes freaking people out by any weird things he knows.
“You know that actress who played Samara? Isn’t she so cute?”
“? ? ? what the heck Tendou.”
The child that everyone is genuinely concerned about ALL OF THE TIME.
He might have hypermobility too.
Tendou has short attention span.
“Oh, okay ooo~ look are those children fighting?”
“No wait is that caramel apple?!”
Likes watching children fight for no reason, like he be the referee or somethin’.
He likes watching documentary shows too, especially the crime related ones.
Like Oikawa, he knows a lot of weird conspiracy theories on the internet, he just shows plain interest in it.
Surprisingly good with science.
Even if children were teasing him, Tendou’s gotta reputation for being the class clown as well.
He’s soft for cats on the alleyway, even puppies to : D
His dream career kept changing (like it amounts to 50 interests too).
Most favorite chocolate? Hazelnut chocolate.
He likes those surprise toys inside of treats too. He thinks its fun to collect.
Bet he likes watching Sesame street as a kid. 
Since he loves manga, this boi is so excited to tune in every week for an anime adaptation he reads.
Watches omegle pranks on youtube. 
Likes making kid screams whenever he says “Boo!”
Owned a Nintendo ds as a gift from his birthday.
Likes race cars and dreams to have one someday.
He thinks that rainy days are the best days! Bonus, if there’s a storm : )
Tumblr media
The KING of hunting bugs. Boi isn’t afraid of anything.
Like Oikawa he also has those noisy-ass toys, you know the gun that has sound effects in it? (It even lights on too lmaoo)
“Oi Stupidkawa, eat this.” *FIRE, FIRE, RATATATATATA*
Oikawa retaliates by pretending to call on his fake phone.
“Help~ there’s a murderer on the loose! Quite ugly too.”
Has tried mix and matching sports, like ever heard of volleyball rugby? Yeah its a thing now.
Boi thinks that Godzilla is top tier and will beat anything in this world.
He would always be the one that is forced in assisting Oikawa, reaching for whatever is on the tallest shelves. And keep in mind, Oikawa is taller than him too.
He’s good at baking and doing chores.
He has no problem rewatching Godzilla, again, and again, and again, and again.
He once fought with Oikawa on movie night.
“No we watch Aliens today Iwa-chan~ it’s my turn!”
“Oi you did that last week, we watch Godzilla!”
“No, its boring~ let go!”
Likes watching those videos of “Get into the Fitness Mindset” or “Gain abs faster by doing this!” 
Iwaizumi checks in the mirror if he DID gain some.
Oikawa saw him once, he laughed in front of him.
He’s not afraid to get dirty in the mud (its no wonder why Oikawa always ask from him ).
Rolls his sleeves to show off his “strong” biceps to the bois.
Naturally a fast runner, kids call him a cheetah.
Iwaizumi is crazy competitive in PE, especially running, my goodness his legs are made of steel.
He’s actually one of the most generous kids in his class :”)
Once almost became blind because of Oikawa’s letter filled with glitters.
Oikawa always calls him a lot on the telephone, even the smallest things too.
“No Stupidkawa, can’t you see I’m doing my homework?”
“Pleaaase just this once, help me improve my receives~?”
“Ugh, fine.”
But Iwaizumi is the most reliable friend out there, he’s not just vocal about it.
Like if you were to tease Oikawa? You better run boi : ) 
No nevermind he can catch up to you anyways.
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xheartoffantasyx · a day ago
Breakfast - Iwaizumi Fluff/Smut
Trust me, you want waffles after reading that.
Warnings: Oral GN!receiving
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Mhhmm... Waffles...", you babbled in your sleep.
The last workdays were tiring and now you finally had the weekend off with your man.
You dreamt about waffles all night. Maybe you were pregnant or just craving some sweets.
As the sunlight slowly shook you awake, a tall figure made his way to your shared bed.
"Good morning, babe."
"Mh? Morning Hajime.", you rubbed your eyes.
"I let you sleep. I guess you really needed it Y/N."
"You can't even image how much I needed it..."
He leaned down to kiss the top of your head.
"I made you breakfast, since you've been sleep talking about waffles all night..."
This made you sit up in bed. Of course after sleeping all night and half of the day, you were pretty hungry.
Waffles made by the most handsome husband ever just seemed to good to be true.
As you sat up, Iwaizumi gave you a soft kiss, before handing you the plate with the still hot waffles, whipped cream and some strawberries.
When you took your first bite, you realized that your husband was just wearing his boxers.
"And what do you want for breakfast, Haji?"
"Oh sweetie...", he chuckled, unable to keep his eyes off of you.
"It's noon. Of course I already ate. But you see..."
He leaned closer. Slowly he wiped away some of the whipped cream that was on your lip with his thumb.
As he licked it of his strong hand, you began to feel a little hotter.
"I'm always in for a little treat, if you don't mind Y/N."
His hungry eyes were waiting for you to give him permission and with a small nodd of yours, he disappeared right underneath your blanket.
With the first wide lick of his tounge, drawing a soft moan from your pretty lips, you grabbed his hair.
"Bon appetit, Baby."
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kagsbyjane · a day ago
two large pizzas are all set on table with bbq chicken wings and mozarella sticks waiting to be dig in. you and kageyama decided..well have to stay at home tonight instead of going to the neighbors birthday party. the neighbor asked kageyama if he and his wife would come but being a massive cute oddball he is, he hastily came with a poor excuse “ sorry we are out of town that day “, and now you need to stay in your house for three days! sneaking out to go to work and ordering food delivery three hours prior before dinner, since your neighbor would start their party that night.
“ this is your fault tobio. what if i feel hungry before bed? our fridge is empty, its not groceries day yet. “ you glare at him while stuffing your mouth with pizza. you’re not actually mad at him, you just like to tease him.
“ just go to bed early then? ” he replies, oh so innocently. eyes glued to tv screen and hands busy pulling the string of cheese trying to get a slice of pizza.
now, remember you said you werent really mad? things might change right this second. something about his response ticked you off. true its not a big deal, but can he just be a little considerate now? after all, this whole ordeal is caused by him. “ hey! its easy for you to say that! you’re not the one that needs to sneak out of their own house like you’ve just done robbing it just to go to work and purposely coming back home late when you can already resting just to avoid bumping into our neighbour. tch— you are lucky the v.league season is over so you can relax at home now. “ and you continue rambling on and on, hands flailing around to express your frustration. and kageyama just watch you with amusement in his eyes. “ whatchu lookin at?? “
suddenly he pulls you closer to him, hand at the back of your head and the other hand caressing your jawline as he kiss you on your lips.
he pulls back, grinning from ear to ear. “wh- wait what? what are you—umph—“, he kiss you again and then pulls back. “ hey-“ and again. and again. and again. you quickly cover his mouth with your palm before he gets to kiss you again. “ what was that? how dare you kiss me with your greasy lips? “ you tried your best to look intimidating but you really cant hide the smile on your face.
he pushes your palm away, “ you still mad baby?” lips curl into a smirk. you blushes, sheeshh he’s smooth. seeing the tint roses on your cheeks, he lean down to kiss you again but you’re quick to cover his mouth back. “ nopeeee," popping the P, " i dont like kissing someone that tastes like cheese “ you say. but your body suddenly freeze up when you feel an unfamiliar but somewhat familiar feelings…and then you realise that kageyama just licks your palm. his tongue flat and licking up and down like how he always do when he is eating you out. his eyes are full of mischief and wiggling his eyebrows as if he’s trying to challenge you.
you immediately snap and pulls back your hand, rubbing your wet palm on his shirt furiously. “ ewww disgusting!! kageyama tobio!! say your prayers now because you are so dead! “
and days later when you're supposedly be back home from your 'vacation', your neighbor complained to kageyama about the noises in your house for the past few days, seemingly worried that there might be a robbery or paranormal activity.
he stares at them blankly, " oh wow, my house must be haunted i guess " and then he smirk. " interesting, " he adds.
the neighbor: wtf? (ㆆ_ㆆ)
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korathefairy · 20 hours ago
It's hurt my own feelings hours again.This scenario idea: Kuroo and Kageyama becoming friends.
It's canon that Tetsūro was raised by his grandparents. Hence why he talks like he's much older, using phrases such as "Ah youth" & "kids these days.." etc..
It's also Canon that Tobio was BASICALLY raised by his grandpa, since his grandad was in his words, his best friend. And it was really hard for him when his grandpa died in a car wreck.
It's canon that Tobio's grandfather would watch vb with him over lunch & dinner, hence why Tobio got into vb as a professional career.
So Tetsūro and Tobio are left alone together one day, whilst Shōyō and Kenma play video games or Kenma sets for Hinata.
And so this leads to Tetsūro and Kageyama bonding over their grandparents.
Cause of this, they end up becoming really good friends, and Tetsūro practices with Kags, whilst Kenma and Hinata are off together.
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tetsuukuroo · 4 hours ago
I’m quitting the volleyball team prank
In which: you decide to pull a prank on your poor boys but they don't seem to catch on that it's a joke
Warning: Seijoh boys being seijoh boys, longer than I expected it to be...oops
Features: Aoba Johsai x manager!reader
Tag list: open
Requests: open
Navi | Hq m.list
Tumblr media
just realised they're running in order of their jersey number
Seijoh adores you
Because it took them FOREVER to finally get a capable manager who didn't join the team just to flirt with Oikawa Tooru
So, obviously they would cherish you
But that didn't mean they didn't love messing with you
In fact, it was their favourite hobby to do other than volleyball
So, when you saw that you had the perfect chance to return the favour, you gladly took it
Unfortunately, for your part, it didn't turn out as expected
Fortunately, you enjoyed the outcome even more
"(F/n)-chan!" Oikawa exclaimed as the team took a water break.
You smiled at him as you waited expectantly for his hug, arms wrapping around you as he swung you around.
"You're so sweaty, Oikawa," you squealed before spraying him in the face with water from the bottle you were holding.
He lets out a screech as the other members of the team sighed in exasperation, not believing this was their captain when they weren't on the court.
"Watch out, (F/n), you might trip over the water again," Matsukawa teased causing you to huff at him, crossing your arms.
Hanamaki patted your back, "there there, dear manager," he says and you narrowed your eyes at him.
"Don't worry, you won't trip over don't need anything for you to trip anyway," he finishes off and you scoff as you throw a towel at his face as he and a few others laughed.
"Iwa! They're being mean again," you pouted to the ace who sighs as he places his water bottle down.
"Don't worry," he says encouragingly, "you do trip over your own feet so technically he's wrong."
You let out an over-exaggerated gasp of offence as you pointed an accusing finger at him. "You're such a traitor, Iwaizumi!"
"It's true though, (F/n)-chan!" Oikawa says as he slings an arm around your shoulders. "But don't mind. We love you just the way you are, (F/n)-chan."
"Clumsy or not, we do," Kindaichi adds in with a small smile he hid behind his hand.
"Give her a break, guys," Watari speaks up and you just about cried as you hugged him for 'saving you' from these vultures you're a slave to. He almost felt too bad for the next teasing line he added in but not enough to hold himself back, knowing it was going to be taken light-heartedly. "Her clumsiness is cute."
"I'm not clumsy!" you whined as you turned to Kyotani hopefully.
Surely, he would back you up, right? Right?!
He looks at you as you blinked to him, a faint blush making its way onto his face as he noticed how adorable you looked when you pouted for help from all the teasing.
He avoided eye contact with you to try and avoid the blush from growing, placing a hand over his mouth causing a noise of surprise to escape from your lips at the absolute betrayal.
"No comment," you heard him mutter before walking away from you, leaving you with your jaw to the ground from pure shock.
You let out comical tears, dramatically feigning a faint from the 'hurt' you're experiencing.
"No one here appreciates me enough," you sigh, eyes closing as you placed your hand on your forehead.
From the silence you opened one eye only to see your boys smiling at you for your dramatics causing you to scoff before grabbing the towel from Kunimi and swinging it over your shoulder.
"Just get back to hitting those damn volleyballs you're obsessed with," they heard you grumble but could see the smile on your face as you walked towards the bench.
Practice continued on for another hour and when it was finally over, you did your usual job as manager, beginning to clean up everything as the boys took the time to cool off before making their way to the team club room.
While you were cleaning and all the boys had already made their way to the club room to get changed, your childhood friend, Ushijima Wakatoshi, arrived in the gym.
You almost dropped the pole for the net out of surprise when he suddenly appeared behind you but he quickly took hold of the top of it before it could hit you.
"Toshi? What're you doing here so early? You know how Oikawa would react when he sees you here," you say as he helped you gather your things.
He shrugs as he followed you, your bags in his hands as you placed the net and its poles into the storage room.
"I finished practice early and decided to walk you to my house. My mother is waiting for us and has already made dinner for tonight," he tells you, holding out your bag once you finish locking the storage room. "Besides, this allows me to tell Oikawa Tooru to move to Shiratorizawa and join our team instead."
You smiled at his usual antics but Ushijima genuinely did not understand what you found funny about the situation.
Although, before you could explain, both of you turned your attention towards the very person you were talking about, the Oikawa Tooru standing at the entrance of the gym, letting out a horrified screech beside Iwaizumi, Hanamaki and Matsukawa.
Iwaizumi narrowed his eyes as he crossed his arms, Hanamaki and Matsukawa quirked a brow while Oikawa glared menacingly. All of their stares directed at Ushijima standing with you.
You furrowed your brows, noticing the other three's reactions, surprised. You did expect Oikawa to react the way he did though, so that's cool.
But what you didn't know was that the group only heard the last bit of that sentence before they entered the gym.
"-to move to Shiratorizawa and join our team instead."
Oh, boy.
"That's low, Ushiwaka! That's real low!" Oikawa huffed as he marched towards you two.
"What?" both you and Ushijima asked in confusion, one being more obvious than the other.
The fact that Ushijima didn't seem to feel an ounce of shame from coming to their turf and trying to steal their manager, just pissed Oikawa off even more.
The others couldn't help but to also feel the same way.
"I get that I'm amazing and everything but just because I rejected your so-called offer, does not mean you can come here and steal our manager," Oikawa says as he pouts, his nose scrunching up in disgust. "Too bad you have to face another rejection but this time from our amazing (F/n)-chan."
"But (F/n) did not reject anything?" Ushijima states, "In fact, I'm here to collect her."
At those words, all four boys' eyes widen, Oikawa's smug smile wiping off his face as they all turn to you.
You nervously laugh and that causes them to panic.
"Yeah, he'll be walking me home since I'm staying over at his house tonight. But thanks for waiting up for me though," you say, holding back a laugh as you mess with them.
This is what they get for endlessly ganging up on the teasing for you.
"B-but (F/n)-chan!" Oikawa screeches as he clings onto your waist, comically sobbing.
"Are you being serious, (F/n)?" Iwaizumi asks you and you nod as you turn towards them.
"Yeah, my mom is best friends with Toshi's so we've basically known each other our whole lives," you explain brirefly, "My mom's actually thinking of getting the house right beside his since she wants to actually invest in our own home instead of renting one."
Okay, you had to admit you were pushing it at that point but what you did say was all true.
Plus, you never stated that you were moving schools or even quitting the team at all.
The moment you said those words, Oikawa's world just about imploded.
He was losing a teammate of his, his precious manager, you, to Ushijima Wakatoshi!
You watched their reactions and held back a laugh.
"Relax, 'Kawa," you tell them as you pat his back.
He looked to you hopefully, "so you're not going home with Ushiwaka," he spat his name with so much disdain.
"Oh no, I do have to go to his house, my mom's probably going to wonder why I kept him so late too," you say and Oikawa returns to glaring at your friend. "But don't worry, it's nothing."
"Anyway, we're gonna head out now, guys. See ya tomorrow!" you waved to them as you and Ushijima left together, the four boys watching with absolute horror on their faces.
You know, you really should have specified it was all a joke instead of being so vague.
It was a solid thirty seconds before anyone spoke.
"She's really leaving us?" Hanamaki asked out loud.
"Was it because of all the teasing? Is that why she's fine with moving?" Matsukawa pouted.
Iwaizumi furrowed his brows as he clenched his hands.
"No!" Oikawa announced confidently, rising to his feet with a determined look in his eyes. "We will not lose to Shiratorizawa! Not this time!"
The three rose a brow, waiting expectantly for his next words but Oikawa seemed to think that was enough to say.
He waited for them to agree with him but he was simply left with silence causing him to cry out from them not agreeing and just judging him.
"I thought we were all on the same page," he bawled out as Iwaizumi pinched the bridge of his nose.
"We were waiting to hear your plan, Shittykawa," he mutters and instantly Oikawa sprung back up.
"We need to convince (F/n)-chan to stay as our manager! And once she's convinced, we can help her convince her mom to let her stay here and not Shiratorizawa," Oikawa spat out the opposing school name begrudgingly.
"And how do you plan to do all that?" Hanamaki asks him.
"With everyone from the team helping out," he simply replies before immediately texting in a separate group chat the team made when they planned a surprise party for you, calling a last minute team meeting at the ramen place close by.
Luckily for him, everyone was close by or still waiting for one another to finish up before they saw the text.
Within fifteen minutes the team had a late dinner in front of them as they waited expectantly for Oikawa to get on with the 'emergency family meeting' he called on the last minute on Friday night.
"Why'd you call an 'emergency family meeting'?" Kindaichi asked, using air quotes.
"And why's (F/n) not here? How come she gets to miss out on this?" Kyotani asks grumpily, obviously just wanting to get home and sleep away the school week he just went through.
"This is about (F/n)," Oikawa starts off, a serious tone exuding his words.
The rest of the team actually pays attention from how their captain was acting. He's only been like this on the court or on the rarest occasions. Not to mention, he was genuinely concerned about a situation you were in.
"What's wrong? Did something go wrong when she was putting the nets away?" Watari asks worriedly as he sits up.
"No, she's safe," Iwaizumi says from beside Oikawa and everyone collectively let out relieved sighs.
"Then what's wrong with (F/n)-senpai?" Kunimi asks.
"Ushiwaka," Oikawa says with a glare. "He came by the gym earlier. We heard him asking her to move to Shiratorizawa and to become their manager instead. Then she told us about how close their families are and how her mom wants her to move closer to Ushiwaka and to Shiratorizawa. He walked her home afterwards."
"What?!" the others exclaimed.
"Technically, he walked her to his home," Matsukawa corrected only causing another uproar.
Everyone was panicking at the thought of you moving until Yahaba asked another question.
"Did (F/n)-san really say she's moving?"
Oikawa and the other three exchanged glances, "she didn't deny what Ushiwaka said. We even asked her and she still didn't."
"It's 'cause of how we keep teasing her isn't it? Otherwise, she would've fought harder to stay with us. Or at least tell us so we could help out right?"
"We messed up," Kindaichi groaned as he banged his head on the table.
"That's why we need to work hard now," Iwaizumi says calmly and confidently. "We need to convince her that Aoba Johsai is where she should stay. And that Shiratorizawa isn't better than us when it comes to being a team."
"So, starting Monday, we help her out even more. We tease her less. We do everything we can to let her have the best time at Aoba Johsai," Oikawa instructs and everyone unanimously nods their heads in agreement, not a single person opposed to the idea.
"Let's do this, Seijoh!"
Monday morning was, unknowingly to you, the start of the boys doubling your confusion every time they do anything
At first, you were gladly enjoying them help you out with everything
You honestly didn't know where their sudden helpfulness came from but you weren't going to complain
You did, however, miss the banter you would have with them
Whenever one of them would begin to tease you, another person would scold them before they suddenly remember something before they apologise
It wasn't until Thursday that you decided enough was enough when they did all your manager work leaving you with nothing to do for the full two hours of practice
You slid open the door to the gym, taking out the keys for the storage room in your bag only to see the entire gym ready to go with the equipment for practice today.
All the nets were set up, the volleyball trolleys were placed where they should be, towels and bottles were also already prepared.
"Hey, (F/n)-chan!" Oikawa waves at you as the team were gathered by the benches waiting for you to arrive alongside the coaches.
"Uh, hey guys," you greet in confusion, slowly walking towards the group.
"Wow, (F/n), well done on setting up so quickly," Coach Irihata says approvingly.
"That our (F/n)-chan, the best manager we could ask for," Oikawa butts in and you turn to him in pure confusion before noticing the other boys agreeing too.
"She even had our bottles filled and the towels prepped," Hanamaki adds in and you stare at him, blinking once, twice.
The two coaches nod their head proudly before turning to you once more, "do you happen to have the notes we asked you about from the previous match?"
You quickly focus back to your coaches, ignoring your teammates odd behaviours, "uh, yes, they're up in the club room. I'll go-"
"We can go get them for you, (F/n)-senpai," Yahaba speaks up as he nudges Kyotani beside him who lets out a gruff while nodding his head.
"But-" you couldn't even interject since they already ran off.
You glance at the coaches who also seem to have a bit of confusion from the whole scene.
"I'm not the only one tripping right?" you whisper to the two coaches.
They turn to face you and briefly look at the team, a smile growing on their faces as they shook their head in amusement.
"Just a regular day at practice," Coach Mizoguchi dismisses amusingly as he and Coach Irihata exchange knowing smiles.
You watch after the two coaches in pure bewilderment.
"What?" you ask yourself out loud before turning towards Oikawa and the others.
They held back laughs from your reaction, knowing that they shouldn't tease you right now.
"Oikawa Tooru," you call out and he jumps at the sound of his full name. "Care to explain what the hell is going on?"
He shrugs, glancing to his friends for a moment, "we just thought, we'd help you around."
That didn't help your scepticism, not one bit. In fact, this whole week you thought they're nice deeds would come with a catch and so far not a single one has been brought up.
"What?!" you ask again.
"(F/n)-senpai, we have your notes," Yahaba calls out as he waves the book in the air, Kyotani by his side.
You thank them as you take the book and glance at everyone suspiciously.
"Why're you all acting so weird?" you ask them with narrowed eyes.
You could see some of them tense while others' eyes widened.
Iwaizumi cleared his throat, "what do you mean by that?"
You roll your eyes, "yeah, yeah, whatever. But I've got my eyes on you all."
They could hear you mutter to yourself as you walked towards the coaches with your notes on hand.
Practice continued on as normal after that.
The boys doing mini practice matches against one another as you took more notes on their progress seeing as all your work was done.
They even washed and dried the bibs!
You also noticed how they'd work even harder to make sure the ball was going in the opposite direction from you at all times.
Which you did appreciate very much but come on! Just a few weeks ago, Hanamaki and Matsukawa were playing a game of flinch with you.
When it came time to go home was when you had enough.
The boys were exhausted and they also were excited to just go home and rest.
So, you decided to hurry up with the cleaning thinking that they'll finally let you do your job.
The moment they saw you reach for their towels to put into the basket, they all snapped. They started rushing around to work together and put everything away.
Watari smiled at you, "thanks, (Y/n)-senpai!"
You blinked after you saw him quickly rush away, only realising he took the basket from you and started to grab all the towels to put them in.
You were left standing in the middle of the gym as they worked together.
Oikawa was helping direct Kunimi and Kindaichi as they put the nets away. Iwaizumi, Hanamaki and Matsukawa were busy gathering the bibs, Watari and Yahaba went off to put the towels into the washing machine while Kyotani brought the rack of empty water bottles where they belong.
"Alright! Stop, all of you just stop," you call out and everyone froze on the spot.
"What the hell is going on?" you ask once more. "And don't say this is normal."
Oikawa was, of course, the first to break the silence as he clung onto your waist all of a sudden as he cried, "don't leave us, (F/n)-chan!"
"What?" you ask even more confused.
"We heard that you might be moving to Shiratorizawa," Kindaichi speaks up and you look around to see everyone avoiding eye contact with you.
"Wait, what? I thought I already told you-"
"(F/n)?" Oikawa's grip on you tightens as he glares at Ushijima knocking on the gym doors.
"Back off, Ushiwaka! She's our manager, not yours," Oikawa yells and everyone else on the team takes a step towards Ushijima, staring at him coldly.
Ushijima blinks, once, twice, then speaks up, "I know that."
Oikawa lets out an offended scoff but turns to you as you giggle at his reaction.
"(F/n)-chan," he whines.
"Oikawa," you retort, patting his shoulder to tell him to stand up which he does reluctantly.
"I thought I told you it was just a joke and to relax about it," you say to him.
Everyone looks at you before letting out a simultaneous exclamation.
"You told us she said she was serious!"
"What the hell!"
"B-but, you said you were moving, and that you were going home with him," Hanamaki says and you roll your eyes with a smile.
"Yeah, I'm moving house and I had a sleepover at the Ushijima's place. But you do realise that I can still go to school here right?" you ask them amusingly.
"Why'd you joke around like that," Oikawa asks with comical tears.
"I thought it was a good way to tease you guys after you kept calling me clumsy," you shrug.
"But you are," they all say together.
You deadpan at them before turning around to grab Ushijima's arm, "come on, Toshi. Maybe I will go to Shiratorizawa."
"No wait!"
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