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— hello and welcome to my blog! all the links, tags, and important information hopefully should be covered in this post below: 


♕ alias: kiona

♕ pronouns: she/her

♕ age: 20, born in 2000

♕ virgo ☼, leo ☽, capricorn ↑

♕ discord: calzone#5636

♕ i write for:

  • kpop group, seventeen
  • selected characters from haikyū!!

♕ networks: 

♕ favs: vernon, jihoon, seokmin, jun / kuroo, bokuto, iwaizumi 


→ only interact if 18 years or older!

  • i’m not gonna stop anyone from reading my content lol i’ll admit myself that i was also exposed at a young age. just don’t let me know and/or find out that you’re consuming my stuff if you are indeed a youngster 

→ nsfw asks/thoughts

  • my ask box is ALWAYS open for horny thoughts for 2D and 3D persons alike !!! you can send kinky talks, spicy/dirty thoughts, anything occupying your mind - even if it’s something like “wonwoo big dick”, i will gladly receive and respond to any and all ♡

→ requests

  • i’m relatively new in writing adult content so for right now, i’m not explicitly accepting requests so anything i put out will go at my own pace 
  • however this does not mean i won’t be inspired by asks that are sent in!
  • yes, i do talk about ships but i do not write for them 

→ here is a list of kinks/topics that i’m comfortable talking about with you guys + some no-gos! this also crosses over to what i write 

→ my ask box and dms are always open for anyone and everything about anything (including non-nsfw topics!) but i do not tolerate any negativity on this blog >:(


 s e v e n t e e n

 h a i k y ū ! ! (includes the characters i write for)


 general tags: mostly for reblogs and talks 

  • #s: svt / #s: hq 
  • #m: [svt member] (e.g. #m: seungcheol)
  • #c: [hq character] (e.g. #c: kuroo) 
  • #sweet forever 🍒 (for anything i wanna save forever)

 spicy tags

  • for nsfw talks: #kiona’s cherry chapstick 🍒
  • specific person and kinks: #🍒.[person] / [kink] (e.g. #🍒.chan #🍒.mutual masturbation) 
  • potential trigger warnings and dark content: #[trigger] tw (e.g. bl**d tw)


  • #kiona’s asks 🍒
  • #kiona’s sweets 🍒 (for moots)
  • #🍒 for [user / anon] (e.g. 🍒 for risquewonu) 
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♕ back to: n a v  i g a t i o n 

(note: the characters of whom i decide to write for are subject to change at any given time. all characters are aged up unless stated otherwise!)


↳ includes: sawamura daichi, sugawara koshi, azumane asahi, nishinoya yu, tanaka ryunosuke, kageyama tobio, hinata shoyo, tsukishima kei, yamaguchi tadashi, tsukishima akiteru, ukai keishin 


↳ includes: kuroo tetsuro, kozume kenma, yaku marisuke, yamamoto taketora 

aoba johsai

↳ includes: oikawa toru, matsukawa issei, iwaizumi hajime, hanamaki takahiro


↳ includes: bokuto kotaro, akaashi keiji, konoha akinori


↳ includes: ushijima wakatoshi, tendo satori, eita semi, shirabu kenjiro, kawanishi taichi

inarizaki + others 

↳ includes: kita shinsuke, miya atsumu, miya osamu, suna rintaro, ojiro aran, akagi michinari, futakuchi kenji, sakusa kiyoomi, terushima yuji

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characters: akaashi, hinata, kenma, semi

a/n: i’m finished with all my school work for the week wooo!! enjoy <3

warnings: none!


Hinata Shoyo

when he knew: the two of you had been dating for a month or two. one of the things you made sure to do was to always be at his volleyball games to support and cheer for him. when you couldn’t make it you’d call him before and after, wishing him good luck and then hearing him talk about the game. he just won a game and he’s searching for you. you spot him in the crowd of people and scream “SHOYO” and then just run towards him. he hears you and before he knew it you’re jumping into his arms for a hug. as the two of you fall to the ground you put your hand behind his head to keep him from getting hurt and he notices, and when the two of you fall to the ground. you lift your weight off of him and smile down at him “congrats cutie” and in that moment, the rush of adrenaline and emotions tells him he loves you.

  • he’s such a nervous boy to tell you!!
  • when he realizes it he almost says it on the spot but something stops him
  • but when he says it, it’s very spontaneous
  • it’s before a game and you give him a kiss on the cheek before heading up to the stands to cheer for him
  • as you walk away hinata stands there trying to work up the courage to say it
  • it takes him a little bit of time to do so
  • and when he does, it stops you in your tracks

“you’re gonna do great” you say resting your hand on his shoulder. you’re wearing hinata’s jersey, number 10 like you do at all his games. you give him a quick kiss on the cheek, “good luck shoyo!!” you begin to walk off to get to the bleachers smiling happily, knowing that your boyfriend was going to win today’s game.


you freeze and turn around to look at hinata’s burning red face. “i love you” he says again a little quieter.

you give him a big smile, “i love you too! now go win today’s game!”

his eyes were as wide as saucers and he yells back “okay!! I love you!!” before running back to the gym. you laugh to yourself as you continue your path to the bleachers.

hinata scored lots of points for the team and they won straight sets. every time he scored hinata would look towards you to see your beautiful smiling face and give you a thumbs up. when the game finished you ran into tsukishima before you could find shoyo.

“hi tsukishima!” you say

“what did you tell hinata?” he asks.

“what do you mean?”

“he was extra annoying today. he could not stop saying ‘y/n loves me! y/n loves me! can you believe it? they said they loved me!!’”

you laugh “yeah i did tell him that” and tsukishima walks away as you go back on your search to find hinata.

  • true to what tsukki says, hinata was like that all game and it put a little more energy into him
  • from then on he’d always remind you that he loves you, not only just by saying it but through other small things
  • he’d always compliment you on how your hair was or how great you looked in your outfit
  • he’d also do small things like offer to carry your bag or buy you juice or meat buns
  • he’ll also send you good morning and good night texts saying that he loves you and hopes you have a great day or sleep well
  • and he’ll always send those, even if it’s late at night or he was super busy with practice, he never forgets
  • his love language is words of affirmation and he really lives up to it
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Part 1 


Summary: You move to Paris for your career and stumble upon a sweets shop near your work that leaves you wanting more than just a few truffles. 

Word count: ~2k

Warnings: Time skip career spoilers

A/N: This is going to be a multi-part short series. I will edit this as I go to add more parts! I think it will be around 3 parts, but possibly more. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 

Your hand subtly ached from taking down so many notes from your boss this morning, her instructions were always extremely detailed. While sometimes frustrating to keep up, you admired her for her attention to detail and the way she always stayed on top of her work. Miranda was an enigma with this company, and you knew it going in. Only, she did not appreciate your Devil Wears Prada joke when you first started working there. 

“I find it funny that women and men alike still focus on Miranda being the villain in that movie, also her assistant Andy. All they did was their job, and they did it well. What is so wrong with that?” 

Those words stuck with you, and ever since then, you’d had a new appreciation for your boss. She was harsh to you, like the infamous Miranda Priestly, but she was hard on you. Keeping up with the dozens of insurance claims that came through AXA Group daily, and still having time to drag you to different benefits every other week for charity organizations she insisted the company work with.

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strawberry milk (series):

- smile → kita.s

- just teammates → haikyuu!!

- rainbow → haikyuu!!

chocolate milk (1 K +):

- not just you → miya.a

banana milk (500 +):

- onigiris + boba → miya.o

- stargazing → oikawa.t

original milk (drabbles):

none at the moment


strawberry milk (series):

none at the moment

chocolate milk (1 K +):

none at the moment

banana milk (500 +):

- out in the rain → hawks

original milk (drabbles):

none at the moment

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