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❀ - headcanon; ✰ - drabble; ☾ - scenario


comforting an s/o who’s insecure about their hands []

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❀ - headcanon; ✰ - drabble; ☾ - scenario

nishinoya yuu

comforting an s/o who’s insecure about their hands []

hinata shoyo 

they react to you randomly dancing to kpop []

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feat. hinata, bokuto, atsumu, tendou 

a/n : this was actually suggested to me by @mystic-helena like i seriously hope i didn’t mess this up lol 


HINATA 🍑 hinata would come home from practice to see you vacuuming the house. but what amused him was that you were bobbing your head to the kpop music coming from your speakers. he stood by the door watching you amusedly try to do the choreography before deciding to join you. he opens the door and yells a “i’m home!” before jumping in and jamming out with you. you two practically nail the russian roulette chorus. will not hesitate to start singing the lyrics (if he knows them). “majimak nameun sungankkaji naege matgige doel kkeoya neon, dalkomhan neoye russian roulette,” hinata sings out loud at the top of his lungs. but it’s not like you’re complaining:).

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atsumu x shy!reader, 18+

this is unedited :”), im writing late at nite, enjoy <3


you strictly came over to tell him you didn’t just want to be his fucktoy anymore. you didn’t want to settle for being that simply for his attention—especially after osamu informed you that he always brings different girls over. that’s all you could think about as you currently straddle atsumu’s lap, tiny hands playing with a string attached to the front of his shirt.

“what’s wrong?” atsumu speaks up, and you flinch, earning a laugh from the blonde. “you’re being extra quiet on me.”

oh nothing, just the fact that i’ve caught feelings for you and i mean absolutely nothing to you. except you didn’t have the courage to tell him that. instead, you shake the taunting thoughts to the back of your mind.

“nothing, tsumu.” you shoot him a faltering smile. the grin that spreads across his face tells you he doesn’t believe you.

“what do you want, pretty girl?” a spark runs up your spine at the pet name. you shyly press your face into his neck and finally mumble, “w-want ‘tsumu to be mine only.”

you feel his chest reverberate with a chuckle, “who told you i wasn’t, hm?” you suddenly feel the pressure of something hard under your clothed cunt. you shudder at the feeling and let out a whimper. “was it stupid ‘samu? he getting in your little head?”

you now press your face into his chest, clutching onto it as you hum an uncertain no.

“‘samu’s just jealous you don’t spread your legs for him. he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” he cooes into your ear, and you press your face harder against him, whimpering at his choice of words. he chuckles at your shyness.

“want daddy to make you feel better?” he trails a finger up and down the cheek visible to him. you stay silent and choose to drown in his distinct scent to calm your nerves until atsumu purposely rubs his hard on against you, causing soft moans to emit from your throat at the sudden contact.

he leans back, catching you offguard when he disconnects your face from his chest to study it. you softly whine and shift uncomfortably under his quizzical gaze. he smirks at the yearning in your eyes as he brushes a strand of hair behind your ear.

“daddy will make you feel better cause only he knows what’s best for you. isn’t that right, princess?” your body shudders at his tone, and you can feel your wetness soak your panties.

“p-please,” you silently beg, ignoring the heat inside you from his intense gaze into your eyes, “‘please, ts-sumu.” your soft begs coax his hips closer to yours.

“please what, princess?” he groans lightly, twirling your hair around his finger, waiting expectantly at you to verbalize exactly what you wanted. you bite at your bottom lip, wanting him to quit taunting you with his erection even though you love feeling. you wanted it inside you but atsumu wouldn’t give it to you until you told him so.

you feel yourself losing your resolve as he picks up his pace, making your breath hitch. you clutch firmer onto his shirt. “you know i hate waiting,” he mutters and something inside you crumbles at the thought of disappointing atsumu. you didn’t want to. wanted to be good for him.

“i…i w-want your…” you trail off, humiliation engulfing you as you softly exhale, “w-want daddy’s big c-cock.”

atsumu now has the most shit eating grin on his face as he teases you further, “where? i won’t know unless you tell me.”

you bite your bottom lip harder in shame. you hated that the way he always wanted you to express what exactly you wanted. so, you gulp hard, swallowing your intentions from before, along with your dignity as you declare that you, “w-want your big cock inside me, daddy.”

you shortly gasp and instinctively lock your hands tightly around atsumu’s neck when you feel him abruptly rise from his bed, wrapping your legs around his waist.

“was that so hard?” atsumu mumbles against your lips, a smirk playing onto his lips, “my good girl.”

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Meet Me in the Woods - bubble_tea_and_bonzai - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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this atsumu miya sequence will always be my favorite

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to any writers looking for some AU’s , check out @auideas-randomizer and @auideas [main blog] ♡

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In the Haikyuu AU I really need Hori and Sugawara to be college roommates because imagine the absolute chaos.

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“I’m sorry.”

⚠️Yelling, angst to fluff


You sighed, rubbing the crease between your eyebrows. “Tooru, you need to go home. It’s not safe to practice for this long.”

He turned around, eyes brimming with an emotion you didn’t quite recognize. “I don’t need you to tell me what’s safe, Y/N. I’m not some child you need to take care of.”

“I know that, but we’re getting worried about you, baby. It was Makki, Mattsun, and Iwa that asked me to come pick you up.”

“They don’t get it,” he spat, “none of you get it!”

“Get wha-”

“Get that I’m not talented like everyone else! You guys can’t understand that I NEED to work this hard. I’ll be leagues behind everyone else if I don’t!” He was shouting now, his volleyball discarded.

“Tooru, please calm down.” You said, reaching for his arm.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” He snarled, slapping your hand away.

You were starting to get annoyed now, your patience wearing thin.

“We’re just trying to help. There’s no reason for you to be so pissy.”

He scoffed. “If this is your version of help, I sure as hell don’t need it. Now leave me alone, I need to practice my serves.”

That stung. You knew he probably didn’t mean it, but your eyes were starting to water and your hands clenched at your sides.

“Fine. If you don’t need my help, then I’m leaving. Find one of your fangirls to encourage your unhealthy habits, because I’m not going to.” You hissed as you exited the gym.

You regretted your words as soon as your face hit the crisp night air. Even though he had said some hurtful things, you shouldn’t have said them back. On the way home, you pulled out your phone to send him a quick text.



-Go home soon, ok? Stay safe <3


Arriving at your house, you unlocked the door and jumped onto your bed, falling asleep with your clothes still on.

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Group Project

Oikawa Tooru x reader

one shot, fluff

Hope you guys enjoy this, I appreciate any feedback!! Dm for requests xx


You part ways with your friends in the corridor, since you have Social studies and they have History first. So unlucky that you got separated! Especially for a class where there’s always group projects. You miss working with your best friend Amy so much! You guys always had so much fun and got good grades.

You sit down at the back of the class, so you can look out the window if it gets too boring. Just as you were thinking about how it’s unfair that all your friends are together for your last year except you, the teacher announces a group project… with imposed teammates.

You wait for her to name you and reveal your partner, hoping it’s not that dumb boy Yuki or Mina, that girl is so mean!

“Y/k and Oikawa Tooru, Sakura and…”, says the teacher. You turn your head to see Oikawa smirking at you. This is definitely worse than Yuki or Mina.

Oikawa is mostly known for being an amazing volleyball player (he’s not the captain for nothing), and apparently does amazing services. But he also has a ton of fangirls because of his good looks, making him the biggest fuckboy in the whole school, maybe even the whole prefecture.

He’s definitely not going to work on this project, busy flirting and hooking up with a different shallow girl each night. Guess you’ll have to do it alone. You just hope he won’t bother you too much…

Once the teacher is done calling the teams, everyone sits down besides their partner.

“Oi, y/k!!!”, says an overly excited voice beside you. Oikawa is smiling at you at the desk on your right, even waving.

“hey, Oikawa. Let’s start the project, yeah?”, you reply, unenthusiastic. You’re not about to become one of his fans or anything. How is that guy always so enthusiastic anyways?

To your surprise, he’s actually quite smart and works pretty well throughout the whole period.

“How about we go to my place after school to continue?”, asks Oikawa. This sounds like a bad idea, but refusing you have no excuse to refuse.

“Sure”, you reply, uncertain. Let’s hope you won’t regret this.

He gets out of the classroom, waving frantically and winking at you. Weird guy. You understand why he’s popular though. Hot, smart, talented, extroverted, surprisingly nice. But fangirls? That’s a bit overboard, right?

At lunch, you tell your friends about this weird encounter. They of course get soooo excited, since they think Oikawa is attractive, like most girls at school. If you’re being completely honest, you found him attractive too. But you wouldn’t admit it for a 1000$.

That afternoon, you wait anxiously for the bell to ring, staring at Oikawa across the class. “Dear God, i’m i turning into one of those boot-licking fangirls?”, you think. You sigh and look away. You need to focus on this.

When the bell finally rings, you go to your locker and go wait at the school’s gate. A few minutes you hear “y/k-chann~! you waited! sorry i took so long”, says Oikawa, running up to you. He looks so adorable when he does that closed eyes smile and scratches his neck…

You snap back to reality, since this is stupid anyways. Oikawa is a fuck boy. A serious relationship with him would be impossible, with all those fangirls. Not that you’d be interested.

“it’s fine. But hurry up next time.”, you say, trying to stay annoyed.

“What, you plan on waiting for me often, y/k?”, he says with a smirk. “I wouldnt mind that”, he adds in a flirty tone, leaning close to you.

You blush a bit, but Oikawa doesn’t notice. You just sigh and roll your eyes whispering “idiot”.

Oikawa is quite chatty and keeps the conversation alive for the whole time you’re walking. It’s strangely not so annoying. You normally can’t stand too bubbly people but it’s not the same with him. Realizing what you’re thinking, you shake your head.

Oikawa notices and stops talking, looking at you with concern.

“Everything okay?”, he asks.

“myeah! it’s nothing”, you say with an embarrassed smile.

It’s not like you could’ve told him “I think i’m falling in love with you, but i know you’re just a fuck boy so i’m disappointed with myself”, right?

You arrive a few minutes later, and you sit down on the living room couch besides him but on opposite ends.

“Hey y/k i won’t bite you, you know that?”, he says, brows furrowed. “unless you want me to…”, he adds seductively, raising an eyebrow.

“You really are an idiot”, you say.

You then both worked pretty hard on the project. After two hours, Oikawa brought some snacks and you took a break. You started chitchatting casually.

“You know, you’re smarter than I thought. Here I was thinking that you were one of those boys who’s only strong point is their looks”, you say. You were surprised that Oikawa worked so hard on the project, but for nothing in the world would you compliment him openly.

“Hey! that’s mean, i didn’t assume you were dumb just because you’re pretty!”, he replies, pretending to be offended.

Your cheeks turn pink, and you look away. He thinks you’re… pretty? You change the subject quickly: you start talking about volleyball and such, and the subject of his fangirls eventually comes up.

“How does it feel to be so adored by so many girls? How come you’re still single?”, you ask.

“You just won’t stop roasting me huh!”, he says with a huff. “The truth is I don’t care that much about these girls”, he finishes.

“Then isn’t kinda mean to lead them on? I mean you always hang around them, take their offerings-”

Oikawa cuts you off. “It’s not like that y/k” he says. “They’ll do this no matter how i react, so it’s better if I just accept it”, he explains.

“Wow fame sounds hard”, you reply mockingly. “But seriously… how are you still single? So many girls have a crush on you, and not just at our school.”, you add.

“Well you see, there’s only one girl I want. I won’t settle for anyone else then her.”, he says. His eyes look deeply into yours and you’re forced to look away as you start to feel your cheeks heating up.

“Who? I have to know now!”, you say, as if none of this bothers you.

Oikawa gets closer to you, then leans in to whisper in your ear. His warm breath tickles against your nape.

“It’s you, y/k.”, he says simply.

You blush like mad and you’re about to ask questions but he softly drags a finger along your jawline, to finally lift your chin so you’re looking up into his eyes.

Your mind goes blank as you feel his soft lips crashing onto yours. You kiss back with everything you’ve got and it goes on for what seems like hours yet just a few seconds.

When you pull away from him, you both just stare at each other, at loss for words. Does he really mean this, or are you just another girl he can toy with?

As if he could read your thoughts, Oikawa finally talks. “You know, I’ve only had one serious girlfriend. And serious is a big word… It was in second year and she just wanted to use me to become popular” he sighs. “No girl ever wants to truly want to get to know me. I’m pretty and that’s enough for them.”

“you’re so cocky…”, you huff.

He smirks, while his right hand reaches to stroke the back of your neck. You shiver at the touch, realizing the awful truth. You love him, even if he’s cocky and full of himself. There’s just something irresistible about that smirk and his silk-like voice.

“You know… we didn’t get matched at random. I asked to be with you. Ms. Taikeda couldn’t really refuse, especially when I told her why. She says we’d be cute together you know…”

So this was his plan all along? This boy just keeps getting more interesting. He takes both your hands in his left one, and you get a shiver at how long and precise his fingers are. No wonder he’s the best setter.

“So what do you say? You, me, boyfriend & girlfriend?”, he says, cheeks becoming a pale rosy shade.

“How could I say no…”, you reply.

His face lightens up, like a little kid on his birthday. He’s so cute, you can’t resist but to place another kiss on his lips, who are still hot from the previous kiss.

[time skip]

Oikawa walked you home about 30 minutes later, after an intense making out session. He gave you one last kiss on the forehead and held you in his arms several minutes.

You’re still thinking about all of this, wide awake even if it’s way past midnight. You stare at the ceiling, reliving every second of this wonderful, almost surreal afternoon. Your only fear is that he’ll act as if nothing happened tomorrow. But could someone really be that much of a player? Sounds like a stretch.

The next morning, you take much more time than usual to get ready. Maybe it’s because you have Social Studies today… You apply a one last layer of lip gloss on your lips, grab a jacket, slip your shoes on and leave.

You cross the school’s gate with a big knot in your stomach, walking quickly towards the locker room. But someone wraps their arms around your waist from behind.

You gasp and turn around to see a smiling Oikawa, who quickly pecks your lips.

“Oi- Oikawa wha- what are you doing..?”, you ask, looking around nervously.

He grabs your face so you can only look at him. You stare into his hazel eyes which are sparkling in the morning sun. He smells like Axe deodorant, which is strangely sexy.

“Shhh, others don’t matter honey”, he whispers in your ear, his warm breath tickling your ear.

You try to protest, but he places a finger on your lips. It’s enough to shut you up.

He takes your hand in his and you walk together to the lockers. A small crowd of students points and whispers as you pass by, but Oikawa doesn’t care so you don’t either. You then part ways, but not before a soft, tender kiss.

You go to your morning classes, blushing like mad. Some people whisper around you in the hallways, but it’s not as bad as you expected at all. Maybe people don’t really care, in fact.

At lunch break, you’re about to go sit down with your friends (Oikawa had a volley thing), but a group of fangirl approaches you. You feel extremely nervous, wondering if they’re going to be mad…

“Hi! I’m Emma”, says the first one.

“I’m Yumi, we just came to ask you if you’re dating Oikawa haha”, says another one. They seem pretty… friendly?

“well not exactly…”, you start. You explain what happened yesterday, and the girls look so happy as you go into details.

“Wow that’s amazing!! I totally ship you guys!!”, says another one.

You chat a bit more with them, and they then leave to eat. The fangirls are less dumb and superficial than you thought, which is great.

Your friends go crazy when you tell them everything. Especially Amy, who lightly hits you for not telling her earlier. They all ask so much questions, which you don’t really have answers for. Are you guys really dating?? You, dating Oikawa?

[time skip]

You’re staring out the window. Social Studies was never your cup of tea, to be fair. You kept your grades high, but without so much interest.

You snap out of your daydream when a balled-up paper lands on your desk with a slight thud.

“date with me tonight, coffee shop, 4pm, meet me at school gate”

You turn around to see Oikawa sneakily smirking at you. You smile at him and nod.

The rest of the day seems to go on forever, but it’s all worth it to feel Oikawa embrace you again after the bell. You walk to the coffee shop, teasing each other a bit and holding hands.

You order milkshakes, eat lots of sweets, talk for hours… A perfect evening. You end up holding both his hands, staring endlessly at his sharp jaw, his fluffy hair, his cute nose, his small rosy lips…

“Y/k”, he suddenly says. He looks serious, or at least less in a silly mood than usual.

Your eyes meet, and it feels like gazing into a clearing, with a thousand fireflies. He squeezes your hands, take a breath, and finally says it:

“Will you officially be my girlfriend?”,m

“Ye- yes!!”, you reply, blushing.

He comes sit beside you so he can kiss you with all the passion he’d been saving up until now, a hand on your tigh, the other on your waist. You cup his face, amazed at how soft his pale skin is.

[time skip]

You walk home side by side, both smiling. Is this what love feels like? His hands feels so big around yours, and just hearing his steady footsteps calm you.

He hugs you goodbye, but as he’s about to become out of reach, you grab his wrist. He turns around to face you once more, the moon reflecting in his widened pupils like on a dark lake.

Unsure what you truly wanted to say, you just take a step closer, putting your hands on his chest. You stay like this for what seems like an eternity, yet it’s still too short.

He smirks, and after kissing your forehead, he finally says it:

“I love you, y/k”

~ the end ~

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Kyoutani probably procrastinates a lot and hates it. But only on major projects, he can finish homework just fine. He probably stays up super late trying to finish a project

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