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baby excited hinata <333

my first sketch on photoshop?? i kinda like it but i have no idea what im doing yet

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INARIZAKI IDVENTURES : Chapter 3;— Salmon Skin Roll


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[Name] and Atsumu were walking down the Inarizaki halls beside one another, chatting animatedly, seemingly having no worry in the world. Suddenly out of the blue, Suna pops out from his hiding spot, exclaiming “Danger! Danger!”, the duo jump frightened and let out a high pitched cry.

“Suna!”, yelled out Atsumu trying to regain his composure. “What the hell was that?!” [Name] questioned aloud, trying to calm her beating heart, as well. “A lesson in the importance of unagi.” Suna positioned his hand next to his face, forming a gun. “Yer a freak!”.

“Perhaps.”, Suna shrugged nonchalantly. “Now I’m curious— at what point during those girlish screams would you have begun to ‘kick my ass’?”, he raised a brow in mockery.

[Name] and Atsumu shared glances, debating whether or not to beat his ass now. Interrupting their train of thoughts, Kita exits the gym doors holding a garbage bag. Suna, startled, gets in an attacking position shouting “Danger!”. Kita continues walking past him, not fazed in the slightest. “Uh…huh. See, unagi!”

*Later that day*

The gym was unusually quiet, causing Suna suspicion about his surrounding. Nonetheless, he packs the remaining of his equipment and gets ready to lock up.

“Danger!”, the simultaneous yelling belonging to [Name] and Atsumu causes Suna to let out a defeaning shriek, as he jumps up what feels to be ten feet above ground. “Ahh… salmon skin roll”, [Name] mocks by forming her hand as a fake gun against her head.

Author’s note : HII again, I wanted to put something out so this is kinda filler, I suddenly remember that one friends episode and I rewatched it and was like omg I should make a part based on this episode JSBDKEJD and I meant attack** not attach😭😭
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Ranking (kind of) of the Seijoh 4.

  • Hot: Iwaizumi, Mattsun
  • Pretty: Oikawa
  • Makki: Makki.

*the arms make Iwaizumi just a little bit hotter. Sorry, Mattsun.

No, I am not taking criticism. Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk.

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i am having ushijima brainrot … heLp

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Characters: Miya Atsumu x Reader

Warnings & ratings: The usual, mature contents, insecurities… 

Notes: My sincere apologies, I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last posted. I had many back and forth with this chapter- somethings just didn’t seem right and then I lost motivation on what I was really aiming for… like it’s all there it’s just a matter of WRITING it. This chapter may be blehhhh… 


“You’re glowing.”

Your coffee mug froze at your lips and you peek at you friend, “am not.”

“You are so fuckin’ glowing.” Your friend laughs, as if it’s that funny. She sips coffee before pointing a finger at me, “I like it. Atsumu has been keeping you busy.”

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male reader

characters: kuroo tetsurō

warnings: fluff, takes place during the timeskip

a/n: hi anon! i don’t write for specific ethnicities or nationalities, so i changed s/o to be an international vb player, meaning they’re not from japan. hope you still like it!

  • when you first met, tensions were high
  • kuroo was obviously supporting japan at an international game, and you were supporting your country
  • you didn’t really pay attention to each other until you were doing more promotional stuff in japan
  • you became acquaintances, then friends, then partners
  • you got along quite well but there was always that language barrier
  • luckily, you learned a bit of japanese and kuroo learned the language you spoke as well
  • things were going really good until you had to travel again :((
  • you called and video chatted almost every day but sometimes it was hard with the timezones in the way
  • plus, your home wasn’t in japan unfortuneately, and moving was a big committment
  • when you have a game, he’ll watch it online and cheer for you through the screen
  • one time he flew out to see you in person and when you saw him in the stands you almost cried
  • you love playing volleyball, so balancing your relationship with always be a struggle
  • but you make it work, even if you’re thousands of miles away

tags: @elianetsantana @crapimahuman @zumekuto @libby-do @lilshortcakess 

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CHAPTER 2 ➸ Music to my ears



Today was a decent day, I decided to bring my guitar to school cause I realized I wasn’t in any school clubs, so I’m gonna go check out the music club to see if I could join. The music club isn’t all that popular compared to other clubs like the volleyball club. In fact, I didn’t even know our school had a music club until last week when the teacher told the people who weren’t in clubs yet (aka me) the club options. When I heard about the music club, I immediately knew that that was the one for me. Singing and playing my guitar is something I really enjoy, so today I made it my goal to join the music club.

It was now lunchtime. Before, I would have been eating in the cafeteria with Akaashi and his team. But the last two weeks I have been eating in the classroom all alone. I decided to change things up and head to the roof to eat. Not many people go up there for lunch cause most of them are in the cafeteria eating with their friends. I got up to the rooftop to see someone sitting there reading a book.

“HARUUUU~” I yelled and he flinched at how loud I was. He deadpanned at me as I sat beside him. I noticed that he had his earbuds in while he was reading. “Whatcha listening to?” I asked him curiously. He sighed and handed me one of the earbuds. “Listen for yourself.” I took the earbuds from his hand and put it in my ear. I recognized the song he was listening to immediately since it was one of my favourites. As I sat there listening, it was the song “Life Goes On” by BTS, one of my favourite k-pop bands. (Okay sorry if you don’t know this song, and I’m also aware that this song wasn’t around when this story is taking place aka 2012 but for this story it does so yeah) I was listening to the lyrics and how they were talking about how even if life is hard, life goes on. I just sat beside him enjoying the music, totally ignoring the fact that he listens to BTS (nothing wrong with that tho)

As I was listening, I brought out my lunch which consisted of brown rice, tofu, eggs and some avocado. (sorry if you don’t like these food options, I googled what food is best for people with pancreatic cancer) I was about to put some egg into my mouth, Haru spoke up. “Don’t you have dietary restrictions because of your cancer?” I didn’t answer at first cause I didn’t really expect the question but I eventually told him. “Well I mean yeah, there are some restrictions but they really don’t cause me too much trouble” That was a lie. I was told to eat more protein by the doctors and my parents have been keeping an eye on what I eat on a daily basis, even though I understand why, it still gets a bit annoying since I can’t eat whatever I want.


Class was about to start in a couple minutes and I was gonna walk with Haru but I had to go to the bathroom. I was now standing in the bathroom looking at my reflection, I felt a little itch near the back of my neck. As I go to itch, I feel a clump of hair there. I grab it and bring it into my view, looking down at the clump of hair in my hands. I couldn’t help but feel a bit upset, but I knew that if I wanted to feel better I would have to go through this. I used my other hand to wipe the small tears coming out of my eyes, so if I walk out of the bathroom no one will notice I was crying.

As I get to the classroom door, I notice Akaashi coming from the other direction. I was staring in his gunmetal blue eyes until I heard one of my classmates call out my name. I immediately snapped out of it and headed into the classroom to talk to my classmate who was having trouble with the homework Takahashi-sensei assigned.


As I was walking to class, I saw her walking from the other direction. As I looked at her, I noticed that her eyes had been a bit puffy and red which most likely meant she was crying. I also noticed something in her hair which looked like a small clump of hair.

If I was gonna be honest, Y/n never seemed the same ever since she got sick and wasn’t at school for almost a month. When I heard she was sick, I simply thought she came down with the flu but as two weeks went by, she still didn’t come to school so I decided to give her a visit and drop of homework from previous weeks so she could catch up. I would actually go visit her every Friday to drop off work, expecting her to answer the door but it was always one of her parents, the first time I went over to drop stuff off, I asked about what she came down with and if I could see her, but her mom only said “Well, it’s a bit complicated and the disease itself is quite contagious.” I never knew what Mrs.Takumi meant by “complicated”.


I was walking out of my house when I heard a familiar voice call out my name “KEIJIIIII!!!” I recognized the voice as Y/n’s, which meant that she was finally coming back to school. I turned around towards her direction as she stood in front of me, hands on her hips with a big smile on her face. But something seemed off, her hair was shorter and looked thinner, she was a lot skinnier, her skin was paler and the enthusiasm in her voice and smile seemed more forced. “Hey Y/n, how are you feeling now?” “Oh I’m feeling better then ever!” Again, the enthusiasm sounded forced. “Oh, that’s great, but if you don’t mind me asking, what disease did you exactly come down with to be gone a whole month?” Her smile dropped a bit when I asked but it turned into a soft smile. “Nothing that you need to worry about.”

How could I not worry? She was gone for an entire month with the only context being that she was “sick”. Not even her parents would let me see her, and I’m one of her closest friends. She didn’t even reply to my emails! I decided to shake it off and we walked side by side to school. I told her about

everything she missed, she asked me about my progress with Fujimoto-san (his current girlfriend) and we just caught up.


Little did I know that a couple months later she would end our friendship. Even though I’m quite observant, I just couldn’t tell Y/n liked me. She would act the same around me as she would around others, and she always supported me and Yua-san’s relationship but if I was gonna be honest, the past two weeks have been a bit dull without Y/n, especially seeing her get close to Nakamura-san makes everything more complicated.

Class went by quite quickly and now I was walking to practice, until I heard two voices singing and it sounded like it was coming from the music room. The voices were in perfect harmony, and I could see that I wasn’t the only one lulled by the sound since there was a small crowd in front of the music room door. I went to check it out since there was still a good 15 minutes till practice started. I go to the door to see Y/n and Nakamura-san singing?! I closely observed the two. I couldn’t see the expression on Nakamura-san’s face but by the sound of his voice, he was having a good time. Y/n on the other hand also looked like she was enjoying singing. This was the first time I heard Y/n sing and her voice…

It was so graceful, the way that she was able to see the song so effortlessly. It was mesmerizing. Their singing came to an end and people within the small crowd clapped.


As soon as I stopped singing, I heard some clapping so I looked to the door of the music room to see a small crowd looking at us which most likely meant they heard us sing. I was looking amongst the crowd when I saw.. Akaashi?! I immediately turned away from the door flustered. Did he hear me sing? I was still stressing over the situation but was snapped back into reality when we heard two voices calling out our names. “Wow, just wow” “You two that was amazing!” Me and Haru both looked over to see three unfamiliar faces.


A/n: Sorry if this chapter was a bit boring or cliche, I have been busy grinding in Genshin Impact so I can get Hu Tao. Also, I’m aware that the meaning of the song “Life goes on” by BTS was a message of hope for everyone during this though time but obviously when this story took place, COVID wasn’t a thing so let’s just pretend it means what I wrote it as. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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I’ve been having a really hard time lately with my mental and physical health and I’ve been trying to distract myself in every way possible. Today’s distraction was some art practice. And who better than nishinoya yuu to be my first subject. I’m quite happy with how he turned out.

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i know a bunch shit doodles and I know I’m supposed to be in class butttt-


suga ✨

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So, since I seem to keep getting followers and not losing any, I’m assuming you people don’t hate seeing what I reblog/post. Cool! That warms the cockles of my otherwise black heart. But in case you’re curious what this place is all about, let me talk about what you’ll find here.

I write a lot, I make gifs sometimes (I spend more time getting frustrated that I can’t find good clips on YT because the world seems to be against me on that front)–but I mostly reblog stuff I like. So, what will you see here?

  • The Untamed/CQL/MDZS (my current obsession). I am writing and reblogging a lot of wangxian because they’re my new babies.
  • Attack on Titan (jeankasa)
  • Chihayafuru (taichihaya)
  • Big Windup!/Oofuri (abemiha)
  • My Hero Academia (kacchako)
  • FFXV (promptis/gladnis)
  • Haikyu!! (kagehina/daisuga/asanoya)
  • Run with the Wind/Kazetsuyo (kakehai/yukishin)
  • Plus a lot of other anime

Anyway, happy to have you here. Feel free to send me asks or whatever, because I like to talk to people (especially if you share my ships!!!! Like, if you ship Yuki/Shindo from RWTW, we need to talk RIGHT NOW. I cannot be the only one–can I?

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Round one continues with four match-ups today, one from each our “regions.”

You can vote on the match-ups below, but we also encourage you to subscribe to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. The fun there is in participating in the communal aspect of the games, as our subscribers cheer for their favorites and express disdain for others. The social media aspect has also been a way that we can provide voting throughout the week, though we’re going to take that option to the blog as well. Voting on the blog closes at 9:00 a.m. ET tomorrow.

Here are today’s matches:

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𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐌𝐞 𝐊𝐧𝐨𝐭 | 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 | 𝟑


𝐏𝐫𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐨𝐮𝐬 | 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 | 𝐍𝐞𝐱𝐭

𝐅𝐮𝐧 𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐬:

  • Atsumu knows of Akira 
  • They’ve never met
  • He’s the first guy Y/N has ever seriously dated

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Hi, first actual post! Hope you enjoy :))

Headcanons - 

  • You met because Kuroo introduced you
  • That’s how Kenma meets most people actually
  • Kenma did not like you at first
  • To be fair, he doesn’t like anyone at first
  • But it didn’t take long for him to realize that you were actually super chill
  • Hanging out with him almost always means vibing at his place playing video games
  • Just accept that you will never beat this dude at any video game ever
  • You come close with mariokart though
  • But you call him up whenever you need help with a game
  • Stuck on a boss? He’ll tell you everything he knows about its attack patterns, which is a lot
  • Can’t solve a puzzle? He just straight up gives you the solution, no questions asked
  • He’s your own personal walk-through
  • But gaming with him quickly fucks up your sleep schedule
  • We all know that Kenma Can and Will stay up the entire night just gaming
  • And that’s no different with you around
  • Sometimes Kuroo comes along too, and those are the only times the two of you will go to sleep before three am when you stay over
  • When you do go places with him, its generally something pretty tame
  • He does his best to avoid parties and only goes if he gets dragged there by Kuroo
  • Sometimes he’ll invite you to team hang outs
  • But most times when you go out it’s just to the movies or something like that
  • And of course the late night coffee runs
  • Those normally happen when you stay over at each others houses
  • But occasionally, he’ll just call you up randomly at like 2am and ask if you wanna go to the local 24 hour cafe
  • Unsuprisingly, Kenma lives off of caffeine, so these runs happen quite a lot
  • So much actually, that you’ve memorized each other’s orders

I might post a drabble based on this soon, but I’m going to do some requests first!

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Pairing:  Atsumu Miya x gn!reader, Tobio Kageyama x gn!reader, Kenma Kozume x gn!reader, and Hajime Iwaizumi x gn!reader.

Synopsis: more favorite memories from the haikyuu boys!

Word Count: 950 words

Warnings: none, pure fluff <3.

link to part one <3 | please reblog if you enjoyed it!


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