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#haikyu x reader

Waiting for baby daddy Suna to come back with child support smh

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Vintage Aesthetic

Synopsis: Growing up on the countryside of Japan you were never exposed to much electronics and modernized things much to your dismay. And now as you moved to Tokyo, things are a little… confusing to understand.

Pairing: (Platonic) Nekoma x (Female) Reader ; (Slight) Fukunaga Shōhei x (Female) Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I decided to make this a female reader because it might be easier to write about, and when I searched up 1980’s clothing this is what showed up. I hope it fits your idea anon! Requests are open!



Growing up on the countryside of Japan you were never exposed to the electronics and modernized things much to your liking. However, that quickly changed when your family decided to move to Nerima Ward of Tokyo. And honestly, you had no idea what to expect even in the slightest.

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A/n: Hello:), I'm back. Have my fav boi Kindaichi that gives off Kageyama’s sweet ex vibes that’s really happy to see him grow. Anyways I hope you enjoy and sorry for any mistakes beforehand (I try to re check but sometimes they slip my mind :) Also I’ve been moping around sorry for not updating.

List of people left from the dating headcanons series.

Akira Kunimi #13
Kentarō Kyōtani #16

Words: 1200+

Tags: @imthatchishiyasimp, @kekozume

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Not Again…


Kyotani × Fem!reader

  • A/n this is my first time writing for him I hope I did okay

“Not again” you mumble

You opened the door at 2 am to find your bestfriend from middle school standing in front of you, soaked from the rain and beaten up.

“Can I come in?” He asked his voice rough

“Of course, wait here I’ll get you a towel and some dry clothes” you said to him stepping away from the door letting him in.

You leave him by the door and come back a few moments later with a towel and a pair of grey sweatpants and a tshirt both of which had been his that you had stolen from him.

“Dry off and change I’ll get the first aid kit” you said after handing him the towel and clothes.

He dries off and changes taking the wet clothes and towel with him to the living room to wait for you. As you bring the first aid kit out you walk over and sit beside him on the couch facing him with your legs crossed turning his face to you so you can start cleaning his cuts and scrapes.

“This may sting” you said as you brought a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol on it over the cut on his cheek, causing him to wince

“Ow” he said pulling back

“Do I even want to know what happened this time?” You ask as you tend to his other cuts and bruises

“Same as always” he mumbled “person pissed me off and they hit first, I ended it”

“God Kyo” you sigh looking at him

You grab a face cleansing wipe and remove the excess dirt and smudged running eyeliner off of his face. As he watched your worried eyes he took your hands in his.

“I’m okay” he said “you don’t need to worry about me Sweetheart”

“You’re not okay, you’re beaten up again you’re going to have another black eye” you said voice thick as your eyes start to shine “and I do worry about you Kyo”

Keeping one of his hands on yours his other hand moved to your cheek gently rubbing his thumb over your skin

“I know you worry, Sweetheart” he said “you always have worried about me”

“And I always will” you said “because I…”

“You what?” He asked

In your head you’re screaming at yourself to brush it off to not answer him honestly, but the only secret you’ve ever kept from him is eating you alive it has since you realized it.

“Sweetheart where did you just go?” He asked stroking your cheek

“Kyo, this is probably bad timing but I can’t keep this from you any more” you said as the tears you were holding back fell.

“Keep what from me?” He asked his voice soft as he wiped away your tears with his rough thumb

“I-I love you” you said “I have since our first year of high school”

His eyes widened as he looked at you, his normal scowl was replaced by utter shock and disbelief as he tried to process what you just confessed to him.

“You, l-love me?” He asked softly

“Yes” you whisper

He closed his eyes and rests his forehead against yours.

“I’ve feel like I’ve been waiting a lifetime to hear you say that” he whispered as he pressed his lips to yours.

His lips were surprisingly soft as they touched your. Your hands moved to his cheeks gently cupping and caressing them as he pulled you into his lap his hands landing on your hips as he deepened the kiss. A soft moan escapes from your lips. He slowly pulls away from your lips

“Come on Sweetheart let’s get you back to bed” he said standing up his hands moving from your hips to your ass

“Kyo why are your hands on my ass” you scold

“Do you want me to drop you?” He asked

“No of course not” you said

“Then hush” he said kissing your cheek

Still holding you he takes you up to your room and lays you down on the bed, before he can leave you grab his wrist.

“Stay, sleep with me” you said

“Of course” he said

He climbed in bed beside you after you moved over. He was big spoon his face buried in the crook of your neck while his hands were under your shirt touching your bare stomach

“I love you Sweetheart” he whispered before falling asleep.

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When they realize they have a crush - suna, kageyama, & sugawara (½)

suna rintarou, kageyama tobio, & sugawara kōshi x gn reader


genre: fluff

warnings: suna & kageyama’s are post time-skip

word count: 879

(2/2) when they realize they are in love

I finished banana fish a few days ago and all I feel is pain so I am very sorry if it’s not as fluffy as usual. eiji’s song by redeemedzed is a fcking tearjerker


Suna :

He was not looking for a partner.

That is what he told himself every time he stood in the same elevator as you, passed you in the hallway, or held the apartment building’s door open for you.

But keeping you out of his thoughts was only growing more and more impossible. Your social media tag filled his search bar, your eyes stayed with him even after he shut his door, your name danced mockingly on the tip of his tongue until the elevator slid shut and left him alone again.

He was not looking for a partner.

His only relief from you was volleyball; he even started showing up early to practice to the surprise of his teammates.

Or it had been.

One day the trivial interactions and awkward smiles followed him from the street to the court, and your face was every face in the stands.

He was not looking for a partner.

He stared at the ceiling, sleep the farthest thing from his mind.

What if he asked you and you were not interested? He would rather die of embarrassment on the spot than face you in the elevator again. And what if things did not work out down the road? Was it too crazy to move apartments tomorrow? Probably, but it would save him from a broken heart down the road.

Suna groaned, rolling over to glare at the wall instead. Because he knew. He knew he was not looking for a partner.

He was looking for you.

Kageyama :

The gymnasium doors slammed shut behind the last of his teammates, but he stayed behind, setting up a solo drill for himself on one side of the net. The way his sets had been off all practice, there was no way he was leaving so soon. The sun had not yet set so he would not be going home until his aim was accurate again.

Every sound he made on the court seemed to echo for minutes in the massive, vacant space around him. If he thought about it, he had never been alone on the stadium floor before. And as the time ticked by, as he moved from drill to drill, the arena felt more and more empty. Each noise disrupted his thoughts and focus; the echoes reverberating through his mind after they ceased to exist. His frustration mounted with each movement of the hands on the clock.

Just as a mental breakdown felt eminent, the doors opened again. A figure dressed in the stadium’s uniform walked towards him, each step emphasized by the dribble of the volleyball he had just set. He turned his attention away as you stopped at the out-of-bounds line. He kept his focus on his movement his resolve solidified – he could not go home yet.

“I can’t leave yet,” He said, sighing crossly as his set missed again.

“I know, but I couldn’t leave you here on your own,” You said. A volleyball rolled across the floor next to you and you picked it up. You gazed at him curiously, “I’ll help if you’ll let me.”

Kageyama opened his mouth to turn down your offer, but you raised a hand. “Before you say anything, know I’m not allowed to leave you here alone, so I’m stuck here anyways.”

His mouth snapped shut. After a minute, he finally nodded his head in agreement – it was too empty with just him.

Tossing the ball to him, you stepped onto the court. “Just tell me what you want me to do.”

Sugawara :

Sugawara Kōshi had promised himself he would never fawn over someone as the second-years, Nishinoya and Tanaka, worshipped Kiyoko’s every move. But it did not matter how many times he crossed his heart because the plan fell apart the moment he saw you.

You were not doing anything to draw attention to yourself. In fact, if he had not glanced over to the gym’s entrance at the exact moment he did, he probably would have missed you.

Kiyoko stood casually next to you, the two of you conversing rapidly about a topic he could not hear. Regardless, he was mesmerized, and his thoughts drifted to what your name could be.

He would definitely have to ask Kiyoko for your name.


Hinata’s yell broke through his trance, ripping his gaze away from you and back to the court. Only his reaction was a split-second too late, giving Sugawara barely enough time to blink before a hurtling volleyball collided with his stomach. His arms curled around his abdomen instinctively, a groan slipping from his mouth as his body bent into the fetal position on the gym floor.

The room went quiet, the bounce of the ball the only sound within a mile radius. Then the whole Karasuno team rushed him at once. They began to shout – at both him and each other – and pushed and shoved themselves into a makeshift ring around their third-year setter. All of their voices only added to the chaos, building and building into a loud cacophony.

But a voice he did not recognize broke through the circle. “Hey, are you okay? I can go find someone?”

The voice – it was you. It was you staring at him in concern.

Maybe he would not have to ask Kiyoko for your name.


(2/2) here

other hq characters have already been written for this series :)


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❥BONUS-makki’s birthday!


❥warnings: suggestive themes, sexual jokes, cursing

❥a/n: i got this idea literally 2 hours before midnight, bare with me pls i had to write something for him.

You’re in the kitchen as you prepare a birthday meal for Makki. You even woke up early to surprise him. As you place the bowls on the wooden platter, Mattsun walks up behind you reaching for a mug that says, ‘Big Dick Energy’.

“Gooood morning,” You cheerfully say. Mattsun grunts in response, turning on the coffee maker. He turns around with a confused look on his face, “What is that?” You weren’t one to make a huge breakfast, unless it was a special occasion.

You grab the orange juice out of the fridge, pouring it into a glass. “A birthday breakfast for Makki.” You close the orange juice, placing it back into the fridge.

“Can I have some?” He asks, leaning his palms against the counter. 

You laugh, “Hah! No.” You brush past him, crouching down to get a tiny vase under the sink.

“Why not?” He scrunches his face and turns, checking out your ass.

Iwa comes from behind and yawns, slapping Mattsun in the back of his head. “Good morning..”

“OW!” Mattsun rubs his head as you get up from the floor smiling, “good morning Iwa! Sorry for not waking you up!” 

Mattsun chuckles, walking over to the coffee machine taking the pot and pouring the hot liquid into the ‘BDE’ mug. 

“You see that Iwa, she was too busy making Makki breakfast to pay attention to you.” Mattsun walks to the fridge and takes the milk out, walking back over to his drink. As he’s about to pour the milk Iwa snatches the cup, having milk spill over the counter. 

You turn to see the mess, “Mattsun!” You look at him in annoyance. “Clean that up!”

Mattsun gives Iwa a glare as he snickers, sipping the stolen coffee while sitting on the counter stool. 

“Why are you making breakfast for Makki?” He asks, hiding his jealousy. You place different colored daisies into the small circular vase.

“Because it’s his birthday!” 

Iwa gives you a confused look, “Okay.. and?” 

“And he deserves it!” You adjust the flowers in the vase.

The boys start howling with laughter. You look at them and pout, “Why are you guys laughing?” 

Mattsun holds his stomach, holding a mug that says, ‘Fuck Bitche$ Get Money.’ 

“Because it’s Makki!” Mattsun exclaims.

You glare at him, “You’re just mad you’re not getting a special breakfast.” Mattsun abruptly stops laughing. Iwa laughs harder, you then glare at him too. “You too dumbass.”

He gives you an offended look. You walk away with the wooden tray giving them a mocking smile.

When you open Makki’s door, you are embraced with an overwhelming darkness. “Man this is depressing,” You mumble to yourself, maneuvering yourself across empty diet coke cans, placing the tray on his nightstand. After removing his porn magazines of course. You look at him peacefully sleeping, holding his pillow close to him.

You think for a second and nod to yourself. You step back to the entrance of the door, kicking the cans away, and run towards Makki, launching yourself on top of him, “MAKKI WAKE UP IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!”

He opens his eyes right away, “wait what the fuck, am i still dreaming?” 

“NO!” You scream hugging him tight, your chest up against his. 

He gives a wide smile, staring at your boobs. “OH MY GOD BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!” He hugs you back. 

All of the guys run into Makki’s room, even Oikawa who just came home from another night spent with one of his ‘friends’.

“WHAT THE FUCK?” Mattsun yells. He furrows his eyebrows towards the two of you, “FIRST IWA AND NOW MAKKI?”

“Don’t forget that I’ve seen her in her bra.” Oikawa says, smirking, leaning against the door frame.

Iwa punches him in the arm, “Because you go bra shopping with her dumbass!” 

Oikawa pouts rubbing his arm, “No need to get all aggressive because you’re not getting y/n’s attention this morning!”

Iwa glares at him, crossing his arms. Mattsun laughs from behind.

You try to get off of Makki but he pulls you back down, “Makki.. What are you doing?” 

He has his eyes closed with a smile on his face, “I knew getting you as a roommate was a good idea!”

“You didn’t even want her as a roommate.” Iwa mumbles. 

Makki puts his finger out, shushing Iwa. “Shhh..”

You put your hands on the back of his head as he mumbles, “…boobs”

❥fun facts:

-Iwa was jealous he didn’t get jumped on top of this morning

-Mattsun wishes he could get some action

-Those mugs are actually y/n’s…

-Y/n makes Makki a huge cake later and doesn’t let anybody eat it except for him and her

-Makki really appreciates the love from y/n :D

❥taglist: @pockyxx @cece-lives-here @psychedelicwh0r3 @elianetsantana @elephantloser @reina-de-tay @agaashesmilktea @navymacaroons @victor-criss-bish @langalvr @bakugouswh0r3 @killlerqween @tsukkiswifeey @ish-scribbles @its-the-aerieljeane @calumsfringe@boba-ashea@ptv-hades@anngelllla@michaki @seijqhigh@fangirlingonrhys @stel9 @elysianslove@loser-keiji @ermahgerd-larry-and-ziam @ridoriibokkuntofu @toaster-stick@shoyotimegojoismyhusband @hyeongjjuncatwithangerissues manamiii @oopsliales@laninasinnombre @murdereddaydreams@kawaiibokuro​(to be added to the taglist, send me an ask!)

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Originally posted by nettaigyo-s

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know, in case you didn’t see, that my requests/ask box is open! You can request anything from the fandoms that I write for (haikyuu!, My Hero Academia, Attack On Titan, and Criminal minds) but here are a few ground rules:

1. I do not write anything nsfw

2. I might choose not to write if I am uncomfortable with the subject matter you request, for example, hangovers or the intake of alcohol since I am underage and don’t want to assume anything about that experience! I will definitely message you, letting you know if I can’t fulfill your request <3

3. I try my best to make my ‘x reader’ fics gender neutral, but sometimes they might stray towards a more feminine side since I am a girl. If you want the fic to be a specific gender (male, female, non-binary, gender neutral, etc.) just let me know!

4. Please specify which character(s) you want me to write for!

5. And last, but not least, specify whether you want a headcanon, scenario, or one-shot!

There is no limit to how many requests you can send in, so ask away! Also, if you just want to talk or gush about characters, new episodes of anime, or life in general, feel free to chat! I’ll always be someone you can talk to if you want me to be!

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i got u shkdfj

bokuto knew his rut was coming up but god, he wasn’t expecting it so soon. the flashes of heat through his body, the burning sensation in his belly, the urge to fuck you, his mate, nonstop - they were all consuming. but you were away, and bokuto couldn’t fucking wait. so while he kept you and only you in his mind, he reached for your pillow. bokuto slung one of his legs over the plush fabric between his legs, and looked down at the dark patch in his underwear. he leaked like crazy during his ruts, but this was different. this was all for /you/. only you. and only you were what he thought about as he feverishly rolled his hips back and forth onto the pillow that smelled like you.

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I know I don’t really post on here apart from my little hcs and other things. However I want to be more active and get to know everyone a bit better along with have you know me a bit better.

So that being said a friend of mine knows that I also make playlists for characters and stuff like that on Spotify. So they suggested I ahould post the links to those on tumblr for other people to listen to them. So would anyone be interested In me doing that?

I don’t have a whole lot made right now, like three I’m willing to share with people. But I’ve found them to be super fun to make so maybe I’ll make some more cause why not?

Anyways I’d love to know if anyone would be interested in that.


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ofc angel <3

kuroo -

it genuinely breaks his heart to hear that you dislike any part of your body. it’s what makes up the person who he loves dearly, so he wants you to love yourself too. he asks you if he can kiss your chest before he does because doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable, and when you say cover your face in embarrassment and say yes, he makes you feel like the most loved person in the world. he kisses all over your breasts, humming while his lips are on your skin and telling you how beautiful you are between every kiss.

kenma -

kenma isn’t oblivious. he notices how you cover yourself up when you take your shirt off in front of him. he notices how you choose clothes to draw attention away from your chest. so when he’s laying next to you in bed with his hands resting under your shirt, he scans your face for any signs of discomfort. “hey.. you okay? i won’t touch you here if you don’t want me to,” he says. “but i want you to know you have nothing to worry about. you’re really.. you’re really pretty. i love every part of you.”

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In the 4 years you’ve known Tobio, you’ve picked up a thing or two. Like the fact that he is lactose intolerant but still enjoys milk, and that he had been hyper-fixated with volleyball ever since his grandpa introduced him to it, and especially that he had no sense of how to gently tell people things.  When you began dating you half expected him to be a softer, kinder person to you. Sure, while he did do his best to be as sweet as possible, his old habits always got the best of him. Sometimes small hangouts ended in screaming matches when he would insult you without thinking. You loved him of course, he was your everything; but that didn’t make his words hurt any less.

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never in my existence have i ever thought i would be attracted to WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA???? yet here i am. looking him up by name.

call it what you will but i fully blame my size kink.

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𝓡𝓮𝓺𝓾𝓮𝓼𝓽 : Akaashi decides to have some fun with you while Bokuto is away

𝓟𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 : Akaashi x Reader

𝓦𝓪𝓻𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓰𝓼 : Cheating - Noncon - Dubcon - NSFW - Impact Play - Tied the fuck up - Lil Bit of Angst

𝓐𝓾𝓽𝓱𝓸𝓻𝓼 𝓝𝓸𝓽𝓮 : Happy Birthday to my lovely friend @izzachi  !!! I hope you like this and don’t think its trash LOL!!! Love you babes and i’m sorry i finished this a bit late!!! 


Akaashi tossed another small coil of rope down on the bed so he could strap your other ankle to the bedpost… Pulling your legs apart with the rope he watches as you instinctively scrunch your face in your sleep. “Shhh,” he said. “It’ll be okay. Almost there.” With a tight tug he pulled the rope taut and tied it firmly to the post. With a slender finger, Akaashi bent and checked the knots. “Doesn’t hurt? Not too tight?” He checked the knots, and seemed pleased with them… The drugs he slipped in your wine earlier while chatting made you look so at ease in your sleep, “You’re so beautiful my darling.” Caressing your face, Akaashi sweeps a finger to push back a few loose strands of your hair hiding your features…

He’s not sure when he became so obsessed with you, maybe it really did start in high school and he just pushed those feelings aside since Bokuto had already asked you out… But now as adults you’d think he’d have even more will power to hold back his feelings, yet here he was tying you to yours and Bokuto’s bed. His best friend’s bed… With his best friend’s fiance tied to it… Akaashi’s face hardens, an unseeable bee sting attacking his heart. How could he let things go this far… Again.

Sitting down next to you on the bed, Akaashi rolls his sleeve up to check the time on his watch, “10 more minutes, and you’ll be awake.”

You know the moment when you open your eyes that something is wrong. Your head is throbbing, body aches as if you’ve been pulled limb from limb and your vision is hazy. The dim glow of light spilling down from your ceiling is only further impairing your sight. Heavy lashes blink several times to try to pull your vision together, to help see the room clear. There’s a lump in your throat and as your eyesight returns to normal your body tightens at the sight of Akaashi. He looks so comfortable, leaning against the wall on the other side of the bed staring at you with the smallest smile… 

“Looks like you’re in a bit of trouble my dear.“ His voice took you by surprise as you frantically groaned against the gag. Kicking himself from the wall he makes his way over to you, rolling up the sleeves to his black dress shirt in the process. His hand finds your neck and holds it down, a sign for you not to struggle. His grip was firm but rather gentle- he had strong hands but they were very soft… You could feel that your nipples were hardening and that your skin was buzzing with gooseflesh. “I think you’ll find that i’m the one in control of this situation, my dear (y/n).”

You struggled against his grip and the bonds that hold you down, but each time you attempt to release yourself the rope bites into your skin. You were trapped in the jaws of Akaashi Keiji. 

You tried to scream but couldn’t force enough noise past the gag… You tried to kick but were forced to sit still the moment his grip tightened around your fragile neck. A dark chuckled emitted from those pretty lips of his while he watched your feeble efforts and spoke more sternly. “You don’t belong to anyone but me right now, it’s best if you don’t struggle anymore darling. I don’t want to mark you up." 

You froze for a moment attempting to figure out a way to escape. You knew it was unlikely, but maybe somebody would come, maybe your precious puppy Bokuto would show up at any moment and rescue you… The thought of him finding you beneath his best friend set your core ablaze… You could feel your nether regions throb at such a lewd thought, how could you be this disgusting? Getting off on the mere thought of your puppy catching you with his best friends cum dribbling out of your pussy… Again… 

Pressing your thighs together so Akaashi couldn’t witness the mess you were making under your skirt you stop struggling against his hand and binds. "You have far too many clothes on, which should I take off first? Nod up for tank top, nod down for skirt.”

Still frozen, your (e/c) eyes widen with panic. You weren’t wearing any panties, it was only you in the house since Bo was away for a game, and you didn’t expect Akaashi to just show up earlier and join you for a glass of wine. Glass of wine? It made sense now how you ended up here in this position… You made a high-pitched whimpering noise, he drugged you earlier…  

A subtle tear rolled down your cheek not knowing what he’d do if he saw you weren’t wearing any panties so you nod up. A small smile appeared on that pretty face of his in appreciation, “That’s my girl.” Turning away from you for only a moment, Akaashi walks towards your dresser. Squinting your eyes you try to see what he grasps but his frame conceals the object. Coming back towards you- your subtle tear turned several more the moment you see the sharp blade nestled soundly in his hand. You immediately began to struggle and groan, your wrists ached from you thrashing around.  

You heard him sigh and watched as he sheathed the knife in his belt, “(y/n), i don’t want to bruise that remarkable face of yours, please don’t make me do it.” Glaring at him with detest in your eyes you pull at your binds that hold your arms captive, wincing the moment you feel them cut into your soft flesh once more.

With a deep dejected sigh, Akaashi yanks his arm back and drives his hand across your face, slapping you with such a force that has you halting all movements. Your tears even too frightened to spill down anymore… He watches your throat vibrate as you wail against the gag, watches how your face squeezes up from the pain. Placing his hand atop your collarbone, he presses your back on the bed, and pulls back out the knife from his belt. Flicking it open he slits up the top between your breasts, “Keep acting up and i won’t be so nice to you. Maybe the knife accidently slips and cuts your skin since you don’t want to be a good little princess.” Your heart sunk the moment he used Bokuto’s name he’d call you, little princess…

“Do you give him this much trouble when he tries to fuck you? Do you put up a fight for my best friend when he tries to undress you?” Ripping the rest of your tank top off you, a small groan escaping him. Your nipples are hard, and by the looks of it he can only assume your pussy is leaking since you refuse to un-part your legs. Akaashi can see how your thighs are shaking from how hard you’re pressing them together… “Does the thought of me taking you for myself have you dripping with anticipation? Or is it the thought of Koutarou finding you screaming my name that’s making you unravel?” The hand that was holding you down by your collarbone now was gliding towards one of your breasts. Caressing it softly, carefully stroking around your nipple and up to the neck, and down to your stomach. His fingers danced across your skin with ease, trailing them up and down until you started to moan. Your eyes closing so you could focus on his fingertips.

“Don’t get too comfortable, princess.” Pinching your nipples in his fingers, Akaashi tweaks them roughly and yanks them upward causing you to arch your back. A mangled scream was all you could manage at the pain of your nipples but was stopped by a slap to your face.

Bending his face down he takes one of your hardened nipples in his mouth, his teeth teasing the hard bud before biting down hard. You winced from the pain yet pushed your chest upwards so he could claim more of you. Honestly you were surprised you lasted this long, you were losing yourself. Groaning and moaning you ground your hips into the air needing to feel more of him. Who were you to deny him? It’s not like you could… 

Swirling his tongue around your nipple he started to move his hand gently toward your thigh. He could feel your legs were straining against the bonds in excitement but could feel your relax a little at the gentleness of his touch. Akaashi’s hand lifted your skirt and tapped your thighs. You could feel him smirk against your nipple when you part your legs for him. His forefinger traced very lightly over the slick, swollen lips of your pussy. You gasped into your gag with pleasure and threw your head back against the pillow. 

He slid his finger teasingly up and down your wet slit, peeping up Akaashi watched you with content. You were a moaning mess and he hasn’t even gotten to the good stuff yet. Detaching his lips from your raw nipple, Akaashi removes his hand from your pussy so he can take the gag from your mouth.

"P-Please.” -You were breathing hard. “I- Put your finger in me please! I can’t do this anymore! I thought i could but i-” -Your eyes were filled with tears as you locked eyes with him- “…I need you Keiji…”

God, just looking at him made you weak. His face was so soft, his lips curled up, and his fingers… Oh fuck those pretty long fingers of his were tracing circles on your bound arm. "This is what you wanted thou-”

“~Keiji.. Please.” You were practically whispering. Yes, you are the one who asked him to drug you and bind you, to tease you till you were broken but you couldn’t do it anymore. You just really needed him, maybe it was from all the hormones…

“Alright. Anything for you, darling.” Kissing your temple, Akaashi does as you beg.

You cried out in pleasure and threw your head back when he inserted his finger slowly into your wet core. Thrusting your hips forward you shudder as your breathing hitches. Your walls clenching, contracting in an attempt to draw the invading digit in further. He pulled his finger out slowly before pushing it back in, the process repeating itself before he added a second digit to the first.

Another moan escaped your throat as his fingers went to work stretching you,  opening you, preparing you for what you knew at this point to be self-evident. 

You could feel yourself getting wetter at his touch. Could hear the squelching sounds of his fingers pumping furiously in an out of your quivering channel. It was bad enough that your body was responding to this every time Akaashi fingered you, even now, your hips moved with the intent of drawing his fingers in deeper.

It all happened at once, his thumb stroked at the bundle of nerves just as your hips lifted off the bed, drawing his fingers into your pussy, deep enough to hit some unknown trigger inside you.

You screamed out your orgasm, your body trembling in his arms as you crested over the edge. The intensity of it borderline on pain, and he didn’t stop. You were writhing underneath him, your hands gripping the rope that held you bound. The squelching became obscenely loud to your ears as he continued, his pace increasing, as the assault on that spot inside of you became near constant. Akaashi’s incessant strumming on your clit was almost unbearable, 

Near the end of the night the two of you both cried out as he slid his cock into your silky wet pussy. He supported himself over you with his arms so he could look into your eyes while he thrust rhythmically into you, slowly at first. You wish you could wrap your arms around him, the passion that came off him was so heavy, he loved you so damn much and the way he fucked into you was incomparable to the way Bokuto would… Akaashi knew what you liked, knew what triggered orgasm after orgasm and the way he kissed your neck so tenderly always made you feel so damn loved. 

The pressure and heat was building inside you and you strained at your bonds. "Please! please! I- faster Keiji!” your mewled.

Akaashi sped up until he was pounding into you, driving into you with all his lust, breathlessly, and the heat and pressure ballooned up uncontrollably through you until you had another orgasm. Your mouth slack and your head thrown back. He didn’t stop, just rode you long and hard, making you scream over and over again until you were sweating and spent. His thrusts were more wild, no longer fucking you for your pleasure but for his own. Akaashi grunted and went even faster, wringing one more orgasm out of you before he bit down on your neck groaning as he exploded inside of you. Spurting jet after jet of hot cum into your womb… 

Slowly, he dismounted you and cut the ropes securing your wrists and ankles. Laying next to you once you were unbound, Akaashi wrapped his arms around you pulling you close to his chest. You gladly cuddled against him, closing your eyes as you tried to catch your breath.

“H-How are you able to keep your glasses on every single time this happens, Keiji?”

He let out a tiny laugh, “Just lucky I guess.”

It was quiet, dead quiet… This was the eighth time you and Akaashi slept with one another while Bokuto was gone… It was evident that it’s what was on both yours and his mind at this very moment… No, you know Akaashi saw what was sitting in the metal trash can in the bathroom… You know he saw the pregnancy test… That’s what was really on both your minds… 



His hand glided through your disheveled hair, his fingers combing through the knots… “Who’s is it?”

~ 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓚𝓲𝔀𝓲 𝔁𝓸𝔁𝓸

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One of Those Days:


Genre: Comfort

Ft. Insert your comfort character ❤️

A/N: this one is dedicated to all y’ll with comfort characters ❤️ they truly be out here working overtime

Warning: negative thinking


“No, no, no!”

You couldn’t breathe, panic jolting through your body. Running fingers through your hair, holding your head in your hands. Tears spilling down your cheeks, the salty taste lingering on your burning lips. Voice cracking, vision blurred, head pounding.

How long has it been since you’ve showered? Who cares, you’d feel disgusting either way so just stop crying already. Why are you crying? You’re being so sensitive. There’s nothing to cry over. People have it much worse than you, you think you have it bad? No, you should be lucky for what you have. So just stop already!

Maybe you should talk to someone. No they don’t understand. Nor do they care! You’d just bother them and you’d warrant unnecessary attention. Maybe look at something you like? Please don’t, for no reason at all that makes you feel worse. Nothing could make you happy, everything just continues to drown you.

Except him.

“Just breathe. Deep breaths, in and out. There you go.”

He was the only thing you wanted. The only thing you craved. The only thing to bring you any sort of relief. His strong arms, his soft voice, his soothing smell, his calloused hands, his whispers to breathe. He’s right here. He’s not going anywhere. He loves you, no matter what your mind tells you. His eyebrows are knitted together in worry, the look of pain in his eyes at seeing you so upset brings you back to reality.

His hugs are like a breath of fresh air, like a salty breeze from the ocean, like a warm cinnamon roll straight out of the oven, like your favorite pair of pajamas.

He is relief, comfort, love, courage, strength.

“Hey…” You croak.

“Hey…” He kisses your tears away. “Come back to me.”

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Warnings: ass grabbing, dump trucks 🥵




  • red. mans is tomato red.
  • but how could you resist???
  • boy’s got a phatty PHATTY
  • probably let’s out girlish, high pitched yelp too
  • you’re laughing at his flustered state
  • …..makes sure to get you back later…..👀


  • this kid wouldn’t make a sound
  • but he would combust
  • goes completely stiff and freezes
  • soooooo nervous, sweating and all


  • wouldn’t necessarily go red but does scream
  • like a wtf kind of scream
  • catches the attention of everyone
  • but would get flustered like “hey, hey not in front of the guys 😠”



  • he goes ballistic, absolutely fucking crazy
  • he’s yelling in ur face while ur just dying
  • then he yells at you some more for laughing
  • “No butt stuff.” -Kags


  • doesn’t outwardly react
  • but his heart drops to his stomach
  • not a single soul knows bc of this kids rbf
  • probably just peers ominously over his shoulder as your warning



  • he’s a mature man, ok.
  • isn’t phased by it at all but does swat ur hand away gently
  • why?……because you grab his ass 24/7
  • laughs it off, “really, babe?”


  • definitely smirks and jokes about it
  • looking at you all cheeky n shiiii
  • “You like my new implants?”
  • dares you to do it again 😈



  • two words…..
  • run. bitch.
  • it’s his life mission to make sure he gets you back
  • will send you flyinggggg
  • you two end up chasing each other around and looking like weirdos


  • doesn’t say a word
  • just turns to you with this look in his eye and a twitch in his smile
  • tackles you
  • “Noya! No! Down boy!”
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Summary: During the two months that the boys have before the Spring Nationals, Kageyama does recon and your schedule starts to look more hectic. Then during one of your trips to Tokyo for another training camp, Bokuto decides to have his talk with Kageyama and it makes him realize some things about himself. 

Pairing: Kageyama Tobio x Fem!Reader

Genre: Rom-Com, Slice of Life, Sports, Fluff

Warnings: None, I think?

Word Count: ~4.2k

Taglist:  @misnmatchedsox@monviemoo@love-beyond-words@bbecc-a@live-2-fangirl@2busyfangirling@ifeelblueming@tobiosbbyghorl@vanillakylee@neokawa@kooks3uphoria

Author’s Notes: Hello you beautiful souls, here is the next part of the series! Kind of a filler, kind of not in a sense LMAO Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy this update! Friendly reminder to drink some water and take care of yourselves :) I know where I live it’s been raining on and off with the weather being pretty chilly. We can’t get sick now, can we? Then lastly like always, this will be cross posted on AO3 as well! Taglist is still open <3

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cuddles with terushima, lev, & akaashi

— genre : fluff

— warnings : none


terushima ,,

he would love to sit in between your thighs

and he also loves your backhugs

people think he cares about appearances ,, but honestly he doesn’t

especially big legs, he loves them

would legit just sit between your legs while he’s working on homework or watching his opponents games before he went against them

would also kiss your thighs so so much ,, doesn’t go a minute without placing a soft little kiss on your leg

if ya’ll were in bed together ,, a pg thing don’t take this out of context ,, you would be the little spoon

he cuddles you from behind, placing soft kisses to your head <3

he wouldn’t hesitate to tell you everything he likes about you ,, even if it comes off in the wrong way of it being seggsual

it’s led to a few miscommunications but he tried his best

he also doesn’t care about hugging you in front of the team ,, teru doesn’t care about showing how much of a simp he is for you


lev ,,

side !! hugs !! if you’re in public he would just wrap his giant arms around you and hold you close to his side

he prefers to be the ‘dominate’ one ,, you’re nearly always the little spoon or the one being cuddled

this mainly was because yaku caught the both of you cuddling when lev was the little spoon and he always teases lev for it

plus it was a little awkward seeing how much taller he is compared to you ,, we all know he’s a titan

BUT the height difference also makes it better

since he can just fully encase you ,, nothing is getting to you with him around

he doesn’t what quiet in tho - so when your speaking when cuddling you always have to remind him to quiet down a little or else he’s gonna hurt your ears

alisa has also caught you two ,, but she mainly found it adorable and was just gushing over your relationship

note to self , make sure the door is locked before lev gets clingy. he always forgets to do it


akaashi ,,

you two swap smsm

but on hard days at practice or school he loves to be the little spoon

and also loves it when you play with his hair ,, it helps him calm and makes him feel closer to you <3

is always so respectful with you tho

♔ he always makes sure you’re comfortable, that you’re feeling okay, and that he wasn’t overstepping any of your boundaries

akaashi is such a good boyfie ,, you can’t convince me otherwise

somedays he would come and just flop on you and cuddle you before falling asleep

those are such wholesome experiences i can’t even

akaashi also loves hair/forehead kisses

and because of that you always give them to him while ya’ll are together

or you just smother him somedays and he takes it all ,, honestly he probably finds it cute and somewhat funny

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