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#haikyu x reader
meiansmistress · a day ago
day 6: bodyguard | bokuto koutarou
Tumblr media
bokuto koutarou x fem!reader, nsfw, 1.8k (18+, mdni) requested by 🤠 warnings: semi-public fingering (f!receiving), bokuto calls you pet names
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Tumblr media
Your father’s parties are always so boring. You know that it’s part of your “job” as heiress to schmooze with the elites, get them on your father’s good side so you can drum up more business for his business, but it’s all so fake. These people don’t give a shit about you as a person; they only want to get on your good side for their own benefit so they can be invited to more parties and drink more free booze.
And well, if they can, why can’t you?
You did your rounds around the room already, met all the people you needed to, and after that you settled by the door to the balcony, a third glass of champagne in your hand. It’s enough to make your head start to feel fuzzy, your body warm as you finish the flute and set it aside. It’s only been an hour and you’re ready to be back in your room, flipping through fashion Instagrams to find the latest trends.
Except you can’t, because you’re not truly alone.
There’s nowhere to slip out with him watching. The bodyguard was assigned to you a few months ago after you snuck out of your house one too many times to go meet your friends. Your father was livid, threatening to cut you off for good, only to relent when your mother came up with the idea of a bodyguard. You had scoffed at the concept of a glorified babysitter, ready to run whoever it was off for good with your antics, but then Bokuto Koutarou walked into the room and your mind changed immediately.
You certainly don’t mind someone watching you all the time if he’s the one watching you.
Even now, he sits at one of the tables a quick walk away from you, sharp yellow eyes on your every move. Sometimes he reminds you of a puppy: playful, excitable, easy to get along with and talk to. Other times he reminds you of a wolf: eyes focused on you, hooded with a look you can’t place, thick lips wet and parted.
Tonight is one of those second instances.
Your stomach spikes with heat at the look he’s giving you, fingers tapping against the table as you turn away from his scrutinizing gaze. You won’t pretend you haven’t thought about those eyes staring at you from above you, that thick body over yours as he plunges his cock into you and makes you stay in your room all night. And you definitely won’t pretend you haven’t touched yourself to the thought of it, moans breathy and high-pitched, the whisper of his name on his lips while he was on the other side of the door.
A sick part of you wants to know if he’s ever heard you, but the other part is nervous he’ll tell your father what a degenerate you are for thinking of your bodyguard that way. So you stay silent, pretending he’s not boring holes into the side of your face as you take another flute of champagne from a waiter and make small talk with the son of some businessman you know is trying to get up your father’s ass.
You’re about halfway through the glass of champagne when it’s gently taken from your hands and set aside.
“I think that’s enough, lady.”
Bokuto Koutarou smiles down at you innocently, placing a hand on your upper arm and pulling you away from the boy. When had you gotten so close to him? You didn’t realize you had leaned into him with a flirty little giggle until you’re against another man’s chest, Bokuto’s smile unwavering as he stares down at the kid.
“She needs a little air. Excuse us.”
The late night air feels good on your flushed skin when Bokuto takes you to the balcony, the door clicking shut behind him. You tear yourself away from him, a small frown on your face as you go over to the iron railing, leaning against it.
“What, am I not allowed to have any fun?”
“Of course you are,” he answers with a laugh. “As long as it’s not at another person’s expense.”
“He was flirting with me, too,” you pout, looking back at him for a second before sighing and looking over the railing. “At least let me get drunk or something so everyone’s not so stiff.”
“That’s a bad idea. Remember last time you were drunk? You ended up your skirt over your head and—”
“Bokuto-san, please,” you whine. “I don’t want to remember that.”
“If you want to flirt with someone, flirt with me!”
You turn to look back at him incredulously, cheeks heating up at his proposition. Had he really just said that?
“Stop joking around, Bokuto-san,” you sigh before swatting your hand at him and rolling your eyes. “I’ll be back inside soon so you can leave.”
You don’t hear him come up behind you but you can feel him. His body is firm as it presses up against you, his hands warm on your bare arms as he moves them down your skin. You gasp, trying to turn back to see him, but he keeps you trapped against the railing by caging you in with his arms. You can feel his breath by your ear, your throat thick as he chuckles low and deep, sending a shiver down your spine.
“I don’t think you want me to go. Do you?”
“I… Bokuto-san.”
“I mean, I’ll gladly leave if you tell me to!” He chirps, but his hands are already sliding down your sides, running over the fabric of your long dress until he’s groping at your thighs. “But I don’t think you want me to because you’re not very quiet.”
Heat floods your stomach worse than the flush from the champagne, your breath hitching when he grabs the skirt of your dress and starts to pull it up in the front. Your eyes flit to the first floor garden below you. There’s no one there, but what if someone comes outside and sees?
“What…” You almost lose your voice when you feel his fingers on your inner thighs, but you manage to somehow press on. “What are you talking about?”
“I can hear you,” he states plainly, like he’s talking about the weather and not the fact that you’ve masturbated to the thought of him multiple times. “Outside, whining so pretty.” His hands slide up higher, ghosting over the junction between your thighs and your core, nails lightly digging into your flesh as he moves. “You flirted with him to make me angry, didn’t you?”
You shake your head no, but he laughs as if he doesn’t believe you, nuzzling his nose into your ear. “It worked, so I’m going to give us what we both want.”
“Bokuto-san,” you gasp when his fingers run over your panties, up and down over your slit until you’re squirming under his touch. “What if—ah, what if someone sees?”
“I’m only helping you because you feel sick. You need my help, don’t you?”
It takes everything in you not to moan loudly when his fingers move your panties aside, two fingers dragging up and down your bare pussy instead.
“Yes.” You play along as your hips move against his wandering hand. “Yes, please help me. I’m so hot.”
“I’m happy to provide,” he chuckles before pushing his middle finger into your cunt.
This time you do moan, biting your lip to keep quiet. It’s so hard when he starts moving, rocking his middle finger into you slow enough that you follow his finger for more friction. His lips are warm as they kiss all over your neck, and you can feel the press of his cock against your back, hard and grinding against your ass.
It doesn’t take long before you’re wet enough for a second finger, a whine ripped from your throat when his thumb brushes your clit. That one feather-light touch leaves you begging for more, Bokuto’s name a whisper on your lips as he keeps thrusting his fingers.
“Turn your head a little,” he commands, and as soon as you do, his lips cover yours.
It’s an awkward angle but that doesn’t matter when his tongue pushes into your mouth, licking all over as he starts to speed up. You aren’t complaining because his fingers feel so good dragging over your walls, but somehow it feels like he’s the impatient one, that he’s the one begging for you and not the other way around.
Your hips jolt when he finds your clit again and this time he doesn’t move away. His tongue circles yours as his thumb circles your clit, both fast, both needy, and both making you moan into his mouth. Your fingers tighten on the iron railing as you grind back into him, heat surging and walls spasming when his fingers curl just right.
“I wanna see you cum for me,” he pants as he licks all around your jaw, presses kisses against your heated flesh. “I heard it but I wanna see it.”
Oh God. Those words alone make your cunt throb. Not that you were trying to be secretive or quiet when you touched yourself with him outside your door, but knowing is a different story. It makes your entire body flush with heat, head tipping back against his shoulder as your orgasm starts to rise.
“B…Bokuto-san, ah—“
“That’s it, that’s it,” he praises, thumb working so fast that you’re light-headed. “Come on, show me. Give it to me.”
You don’t recognize the high-pitched sound you let out as your orgasm crests, your entire body tipping forward with your pleasure. The rail shakes with how hard you grip it, shuddering into yourself as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you. You don’t realize you’re both grinding into each other, his cock hard against your ass, until he’s panting against the back of your neck with a small whine.
“So pretty,” he compliments breathlessly as he keeps you against his chest. “I need to see more.”
You’re still not completely put together when Bokuto takes you to your father, so it’s easy to pass off your flushed complexion as a sickness. Your father lets you go, urging Bokuto to take you home and look after you, and you’re practically stuffed into the chauffeured car the minute you’re outside.
“You heard him,” Bokuto whispers as he rolls up the partition until you’re in your own little world in the backseat. You’re tugged into his lap in no time, a gasp on your lips when you realize he’s still half-hard from earlier. “I have to take care of you, so be a good girl, won’t you?”
Tumblr media
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babysbreath · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
➶ sakusa kiyoomi x reader
➶ fluff
Tumblr media
You get a text from Sakusa. Wait, you got a text from Sakusa?
Usually, he insists on calling, with an excuse about how he overthinks when he texts. You had told him that he still overthinks when he’s talking and you were met with a defiant scowl.
So, yes, this is a rare occurrence.
Sakusa, 8:48 pm: Hey, do you want to go out to eat?
Sakusa, 8:48 pm: I’m near your place. I can pick you up in 15 minutes.
You, 8:49 pm: when have i ever taken just 15 mins to get ready?
Sakusa, 8:50 pm: Is that a no or a yes?
You, 8:51 pm: kidding!!! i’ll get dressed
You’re done with washing your face, slapping on some moisturiser and lip balm, and putting together a quick cosy outfit, in record-breaking time (for yourself). Your phone displays the time as 9:07 pm, above a text notification from Sakusa informing you that he’s arrived.
On reaching the ground floor, you find a sleek black car, with a fancy name that you probably can’t remember. The first time he had picked you up in a sports car, you had run your hands like a child, across the leather seats and the luxury interiors. He still laughs at that memory.
The door to the passenger’s side opens and Sakusa returns to a forward-facing position after presumably stretching across the seat to unlock your door.
“Hi, hi. When did you get back to Osaka?” You give him a once-over after you get into the car.
“Around last week.” He looks tired and yet, just as attractive as you remember. Maybe even more attractive. His mask is tucked neatly in his breast pocket, leaving a small smile on display.
You hum in response. You know he's busy, even during the off-season, since he's on the national team now.
Additionally, your relationship with him isn't… a relationship. You're both young and busy, so you simply enjoy each other's company when you have the time.
"You look tired, Sakusa. Are they not feeding you properly after training?"
He laughs, eyes crinkling at the corners as he steals a look at you.
"Will you have a word with our coach for me? I have a feeling that Atsumu eats my share of the food."
You whack his arm lightly. "Are you and Miya-san still bickering like schoolkids?"
"You know, he said that he'd like to meet you until I told him that you'd scold him too."
"Aw, do you talk to the team about me?"
You smile in an all-knowing way, lightly ruffling his perfectly coiffed hair. Sakusa's face turns a light red and he's probably wishing that he had his mask on.
Even in good humour, it doesn’t seem like it’s a topic he wishes to continue.
So, you wave it off. "I’ve talked about you too but no one believes that I'm friends with a player on the national team."
You laugh at the absurdity of the situation, remembering the faces of your coworkers when you mentioned that Sakusa Kiyoomi, the professional volleyball player, had accidentally knocked you down in college and thus, accidentally started a friendship. All's well that starts accidentally and ends well, right?
“By the way, where are we going to eat?,” you ask, glancing at the passing shop signs.
“Ah, there’s a small place that I’ve started liking recently. It’s nice and the food is great.”
Seeing the traffic, you wonder out loud, “Do you think we’ll get parking? A few weeks ago when my colleagues and I went for drinks, we almost spent an hour trying to find a parking space.”
Sakusa makes a right turn before looking over at you. “Going out with your colleagues? So you’re settling in well with the new job?”
You nod, nestling into the comfort of your jacket. It’s not really a new job anymore since you started working there 6 months ago, but that’s around the last time you both met so it’s understandable.
He continues. “And yeah, there’s a parking lot near the restaurant. I found it the last time I went there.”
A few minutes later, he drives into the very parking lot that he mentioned, finding an empty spot after passing a few rows of cars. You breathe out a sigh of relief. He hesitates on hearing that but continues to unlock the door, ready to leave the vehicle when you stop him.
“Can we stay in here for a few minutes? I wanna enjoy the warmth before we go out into the cold.”
“Sure, sure.” A smile plays on his lips. “At least, you brought a jacket. You would never dress correctly for the cold weather when we were in college.”
“I’ve learnt my lesson now. I grew tired of shivering everywhere we went.” Your lips tug downwards, playfully impressed with your own newfound maturity.
He responds with a murmur of agreement. It was Sakusa who would scold you back then, marveling at your stubbornness in refusing to layer up.
You both sit in comfortable silence, tucked away from the evening rush hour. When he pulls out his phone for a minute, you allow yourself to get a good look at him. You can’t put your finger on it, but he’s not being himself. His skin looks a bit paler than usual and his eyes are slightly puffy, which may be signs of fatigue that all players exhibit but this short period of rest usually helps him bounce back.
You start, “You know, you’ve-”
He also begins, “Just wondering-”
There’s a shared laugh at the accidental confusion, before you tell him to continue. He fixes his gaze on the steering wheel, brushing away some dust that’s invisible to your eye.
“I wanted to, uh, ask if you were seeing anyone?”
You frown, smile lingering at the unexpected question. “No? To be honest, I- Actually nevermind. Why’re you asking, hmm?”
“No, what were you going to say?”
You raise your eyebrows. He’s not the type to insist on someone continuing their sentence if they say ‘nevermind’.
“Well, I’m not sure about what this is,” you confess, pointing between the two of you. “That’s why it didn’t feel right to get back into the dating scene. It’s also been difficult to meet new people, so it’s not a priority at the moment.”
Sakusa finally looks at you, lips parted in apparent surprise at your answer. His voice comes out thick, so unlike the calm, composed and calculative boy you know.
“I missed you.”
You freeze before saying, “You must be really tired if you’re saying that.”
He responds with a humourless laugh. “I’m not. I really missed you.”
“You sound delirious.”
Leaning on the armrest, he shakes his head, curls bouncing furiously. “I’m really not.”
He adds, “When you brought up the team, it reminded me of something Hinata mentioned last month. He was seeing a girl who lives in Tokyo, and apparently, he used to call her up every time we were there. A few months later, she started dating someone else.”
You wait for him to continue, unsure about where this is going.
He does. “I’m always calling you, not the other way around. So now I think that I’m reading too much into our 'friendship'.”
Well, this is confusing.
“Sakusa, you’re the one who’s travelling or training for most of the year. In comparison to you, I have a lot more free time.”
You catch your breath. “So I assume that if you call, that means you’re free. I didn’t realize that you thought of it as me not wanting to spend time with you.”
He lets out a deep breath. “So you do?”
An exasperated sigh leaves your lips. “Of course I love spending time with you. Of course I miss you. Of course I think you’re the biggest idiot for not telling me this earlier.”
“And I want to be more than friends. We’ll make it work. I don’t want to spend another minute in Osaka without you.”
Another sigh. “You don’t spend that many minutes in Osaka anyway.”
“We’ll make it work,” he repeats, lips pursed in obstinance.
“Okay. I’d like that.”
He slips his arm behind you, pushing your lower back to bring you closer. “So we’re not just friends?”
You roll your eyes and whisper a ‘no’. You run your hands up the side of his sturdy shoulders before clasping them behind his neck.
He opens his mouth to say something and you quickly put a finger to his lips.
“I’m going to kiss you now. Then we’ll get some food because I’m-”
He cups your face and closes the gap before you can finish the sentence, swallowing your laughter at his impatience.
So it’s true, all’s well that starts accidentally and ends well.
Tumblr media
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serenecelene · a day ago
Hey hey hey! I am the anon that asked for the Atsumu fic and it was so beautiful I cried. I cannot wait to read the second part, thank you so much.
Omg hey anon!! I’m so glad you liked the story! (Was gonna say I’m glad you cried but… lmao jk) I decided to just use your ask to post part 2 bc that felt like the best thing to do! I hope you enjoy lovely 🥰
Tumblr media
Daffodils and Hyacinths (2)
Pairing: Atsumu x reader
Summary: One for something unrequited, another for regret of something lost.
Warnings: angst, swearing, mentions of divorce, unrequited love… and unedited (🙈)
Part One
A/N: ahhh I said I preferred this part but now I am not so sure, it is kinda meant to be just an epilogue kinda thing really. I hope you all enjoy anyway.
Tumblr media
He sits and drowns in the world that grew the flowers before him. He blurrily looked upon the purple hyacinths and white lilies with sorrow on his face, for he didn’t know their meaning but he felt it in his heart all the same. He sits in a secluded corner away from all the normal noise, and despite the strong smell of coffee that warms the September air, he still feels bitterly cold. It had been a while since he had seen you last; one year, five months, 26 days, 12 hours and too many fucking minutes to be exact.
He thought of you often, constantly in fact. Such as when the wind tickled his rosy cheeks as he went on his early morning run. Then, of course, only to be haunted by the taste of your name on his tongue when he smelt the freshly brewed coffee he drank with his breakfast after. God, and naturally there were instances of how he even thought of you when he looked up from his phone, that was maybe once again on your instagram or again maybe not, as he stood in line at the gym’s local cafe to see someone consumed within the pages of a book. Shit, even when he saw something so insignificant such as fresh flowers, like the ones in front of him, you somehow managed to make up all the colours their petals bloomed. Yes, you occupied his mind, always, and his heart held you dearly and longingly in its grip, always.
To which if it didn’t hurt so much, his suffering, the irony of it all would be almost amusing. Didn’t you want this? He often scoffed to himself in the deep confines of his mind when his eyes stung a little too much and when he always felt a little too cold. Though his response was always the same; broken howls of regret that echoed off the four walls of an apartment that grew uncomfortable now that you never came to visit.
Fuck, he missed you.
He missed how you smelt, he missed how you laughed, he missed how you spoke, and he missed how you cared. He missed all of you, even the smallest of things that were never worth a second thought before; like the way you poked your tongue out when you concentrated or the way you tapped on tables when you were bored. He misses you and now all he can do is spend his time trying to fill his life with the painful void you left behind; like visit the places that remind him of you and watch all your favourite shows on repeat like a desperate, lovesick fool.
And as he reads his book in a cafe you once both frequented, he can’t help but shudder in knowing you would laugh at the sight. The book was Shakespeare funnily enough and whilst he still doesn’t quite understand the words and all they could mean, not like you could anyway, he has a new appreciation for the man, the old dead fuck, all the same.
Sonnet 87. It’s one he has read and re-read many times, the words sewn together so intricately called to him like a siren did to a sailor out at sea. The page of which it resided was marked up and highlighted with small little notes and all his thoughts; messily written down was all his feelings and the occasional crossed out scribble of your name with his. Sonnet 87: Farewell! Thou art too dear for my possessing.
His eyes tear up as he begins to re-read the page because somewhere his merciless mind taunts him with the sounds of your voice, as if it was you that read the words instead of him. He pauses briefly to rub the soreness from his eyes that obstructs his view of the words but the tears don’t stop as thoughts of you once again start to crowd his mind. Shit, and to think he had once held your love, something so dear, only to lose it in a fever dream of his own fire. Atsumu had never been good with words and even worse at feelings. He just never thought he would be able to fuck something up this bad, he never thought he would ever lose you.
You see, it took him only a week for him to realise just what he had given up. The realization had hit like a freight train when he had picked up his phone, ready to call you and tell you all about something that happened at practice whilst asking if you wanted to get ice cream. He stared at your contact then, thumb hovering over the call button with only thoughts of your last conversation together blaring through his ears. He knew no apology could ever make up for the vile words he threw at you, he knew that most likely he had ruthlessly discarded your years of friendship and would never ever be able to get them back.
He knew it when that evening he lay in bed surrounded by used tissues, his camera roll open and pictures of you both lit up the screen. He always held regret and guilt so tightly in his chest whenever the two of you fought, but that night, and every night after, it had plagued him like a curse. It was a curse that left him empty, as if he had lost a part of himself that he craved to have back.
He was pathetic. He wetly scoffs to himself as he tries to wash the bitter taste from his tongue down with the smoothie he had bought perhaps an hour ago.
Atsumu thoughts somehow trail to how his mother’s words; how she always said how special the bond the two of you shared was, fuck, she hardly ever shut up about it. “‘Tsumu, you both are so precious,” “‘Tsumu, I can’t wait to see you both get married,” “Tsumu, you both are so cute.” It never seemed to stop and Atsumu in his young and stupid brain always complained about it then, but what boy wouldn’t? It was cheesy, annoying, and gross and he simply did not have time for something unimportant like love. Love that had hurt people and gotten in the way of dreams and aspirations alike.
Fuck yeah, it was most definitely a personal vendetta he had against the sentiment because too much heartbreak media and his parents own failed marriage had ruined it all for him. He remembered the sounds of scratchy voices that had been yelling painful words for too long. He remembered him and ‘Samu covering each other's ears in fright at the hatred being spilled. He remembered the sounds of his mother’s cries late at night when his father left with a loud slam of the door. He remembered the tired look in his father’s eyes that quickly replaced the once familiar joy he always used to see. He remembered becoming a witness and a victim to the destruction love caused; two people who used to be so full of life, went from loving each other to being nothing but strangers with history within the span of months. If love was real, then why did his family fall apart?
Yes, Atsumu thought he had a valid reason to be so opposed to something dangerous like love, especially with you... because he would never want to lose you the way his parents lost each other. Yet, of course, in life’s cruel, twisted game, he still had lost you anyway, in a way that hurt far more and cut far deeper than the separation of his parents.
Oh yes, he was really a fool to assume that you and him were something that would never work, despite how he was now sure you both were always meant to be.
“You know, I never thought I would ever see you read something, if it wasn’t for the yellow hair I would’ve convinced myself that you were someone else.”
He chokes as his eyes race away from the pages so fast his vision starts to slightly spin.
He was sure he had gone insane now because before him stood a ghost, an angel, a familiar face; one that haunted his every thought and one that he so very dearly missed. He was sure it was another trick of the mind caused by another day of poor sleep, but… it seemed so real.
Pathetically he doesn't know whether to laugh or cry and instead settles for disbelief as he distractedly stutters, “I- I- wow um, I read now, yes, I read.”
Warm eyes slowly look down at him as he sits and for the first time in a while he doesn’t feel  cold. He just lets those eyes, those gorgeous fucking eyes, continue to silently study him as the background noise of the room is slowly drowned out by his heart that thunders in his ears. He ignores how they appear more guarded this time, ignores the slight twinge in his chest that the sight brings. No, he ignores all the hesitance and discomfort in your face because he was too caught up in the fact that he couldn’t believe you were really here in front of him, after so long.
Atsumu was never a poet but fuck does he wish he was, maybe that way he could describe how he felt at this moment. How his heart stuttered and leapt in his chest, how his breath hitched and how his fingers restlessly tingled. He wished he could just write down into beautiful sentences how beautiful you were and how beautiful you made him feel.
He subtly pinches himself on the exposed skin of his arm to make sure this is all real and not another dream sent to torture him.
But then, through a ghost of a smile, you utter out a timid question, “ yeah, I can see that, wait, is that my book?”
Yes, this was real, you were real. Suddenly, it was as if all was right again, he could hear the birds encompassed in their serenade, he could smell the sweet pastries and the faint, addicting hint of your cologne. This was real, and as he dreamily smiles up at you he finally processes what you had just asked.
Yes. it was in fact your book, the one you had left behind one year, five months, twenty-six days, thirteen hours, and too many fucking minutes ago. It was now his most prized possession, one that still held your neat handwriting and printed name on the first page. And he would never be too shy to admit to you, and only you, that sometimes he ran the rough pads of his fingers over said name, just to try and feel a little closer to you.
“Uh, yeah, it is. Sorry, ya left it behind and I uh… I didn’t want to bother ya anymore after what happened.”
It was silent for a little while after that. The memories of that day still a wound that hadn’t quite yet healed and he curses himself for the slight halt of the happiness you beautifully wore on your face.
He is hesitant when he winces out, “I don’t suppose a cookie will make you forgive me this time?”
Yet, you once again smile at him with a tilted head.
“I forgave you a long time ago, don’t worry, though if you’re offering one of your mom’s I will still take it.” You giggle slightly through squinted eyes, as if you had seen each other only yesterday instead of nearly two years ago, and when your laughter slows but doesn’t completely fade, you continue to smile.
“Anyway, I thought poems were a load of bullshit, Atsumu?”
A small huff of repressed laughter escapes from him at the familiar teasing in your voice and he can’t help but close his eyes and bask in the relief that loosens his tense shoulders. You forgave him. That had to be a good sign, right? He smiles back up at you - because your joy was always just so contagious - as he chimes, “suppose ya had a point with a few of ‘em. Maybe. I don’t know, maybe I just grew up and became a refined gentleman.”
That draws another small chuckle from you and the sound rings through his ears like a concierto. Your eyes crinkle and he thanks the universe for that twinkle that shines within them for it and your smile lights up the room with life. “No offense but I have never heard such bullshit come from you in all my life. Though I will say I am glad you have seen the light, young padawan.”
And God he thinks you are still such a nerd, such a stupid, beautiful nerd who loves poetry and says hello to every stray cat that you see. He stares at you with hearts in his eyes and stays true to his ways when he blurts without a second thought a breathless, adoring, “I love you.”
Yet, when your smile drops, he chooses to ignore the alarm bells that sound off in his mind when you utter a shaky, “what?” in response.
No, he sits straight with confidence because for once in his life he had never been more sure of anything he has ever said. He looks at you, straight into your beautiful, warm eyes and tells you all he had held in for so, so long. “You heard me. I love you, I’m sure I always have loved ya.... but you were right, I was a child. I didn’t deserve yer love back then but I have been working on myself everyday since and I am ready now. I am ready to love you like ya deserve to be loved.”
He breathes in harshly, desperately, as tears start to line his eyes, “please. Just give me a chance to prove that I can be all you need. I love you. Please.” He needed you to understand, he needed you to love him back.
But the look of pity and sorrow on your face, crushes the hopes his heart had built up as if they were made of glass and foam, “Atsumu, I- I am so sorry but it is too late.”
His fingers grip tightly at the table ledge until they become numb and white as nausea prods at his stomach. Brown eyes are blown wide as he gasps in panic, “no. No it isn’t, I promise. We can go back to how we were and take everything slowly. I love ya, I can wait. Fuck, I don’t mind waiting, I’ll wait forever if I have to, but it isn’t too late, ok?”
This was not how this moment was supposed to go, an instance he had dreamt of and meticulously planned for months. Why wasn’t it going to plan when his brain had been in preparation for this moment for so long? Because in his dreams you were supposed to smile at him, bring him into the comfort of your loving arms and place gentle pecks on his forehead. In his fantasies he was supposed to grovel for your forgiveness, dote on your every need and whisper sweet nothings into the shell of your ear.
Yet, none of that happens as your voice takes on a stern tone when you state, “Atsumu, no. I meant it when I said I was going to move on. It’s too late, I’m with someone else now and they make me happy.”
White noise takes over his senses as you utter your words and he feels himself become encompassed in a thick fragility that makes it hard to breathe. His head shakes back and forth in shock, as if the notion could help rid him of what he just heard, because what did you mean, you are with someone now? Why? Didn’t you know that he would always be the best option for you? No, you had to be lying, right? You were his soulmate, you were his. You had always been his since you both shyly met at the age of six years old. So, why would you ever say such a thing when he was meant to be with you?
“But, but I love you?” He whispers, voice brittle and weak, as if repeating the sentiment will change your mind. It doesn’t.
Devastation is what consumes him as you heartbreakingly reach out to place your tender palm on his own. He can barely register how you gently squeeze his rough fist with tears in your eyes as you whisper to him. A tragically silent farewell hidden in the words of, “I’m sorry, ‘Tsumu, but you loved me too late.”
And it burns. It burns when your hand leaves his and the ice returns to his chest. Don’t go, it's so cold when you go, is what he wants to say but the words die on his tongue. It burns as you force a smile at him one last time and nod your head. It burns as you whisper a final, “goodbye Atsumu, I hope I’ll see you around.” And it fucking burns as you turn around and he can no longer see your face.
Once more he watches you leave but this time there is no malice thrown at you from over his shoulder. He watches you leave, but this time it is him left with wet cheeks and the bitter sting of heartbreak that crushes his windpipe. To himself he sobs the thought, is this what you felt like that day? If it was, fuck, he wants to throw himself at your feet and apologize over and over again. This was agony, pure, raw, agony.
Yet, life continues to punish him for his mistakes and when his fragile mind assumes it couldn’t get any worse, he sees you embrace a man with a familiar face, a friend of a friend, and he crumbles at the sight of it all. He hates himself as he watches you bury yourself into his chest and fuck he envies the man with messy black hair and blue eyes that places a sweet, loving kiss on the top of your head. That should be him you find comfort in, that could’ve been him had he not been so stupid, so mean, so cruel.
Atsumu curses the world as he watches you both smile at each other like two perfect lovers before you collect your coffees and leave. Hand in hand. That should be him.
He stares at the back of your head in hopes of a second glance, to meet your beautiful eyes once more. Yet, you don’t look back at him as you skip out the cafe door, hand in hand with the man with messy black hair and rich blue eyes, and he finally realizes that you were right; he is in fact way too late.
Before him are the flowers that watch him silently weep and as he looks to them, unsure of what they mean, he somehow still feels it in his shattered heart all the same. He looks between them and your book, that you once again left with him, and as he once again reads the broken words he is sure Sonnet 87 was written by him.
The flowers watch a broken man grieve for a love he never got the chance to embrace, and the flowers even though they were beautiful, are full of hurt far more than they are grace.
Miya Atsumu would mourn you and the remains of bitter what-ifs there, in that cafe you both used to happily frequent together but now did so without, and the flowers would offer him their condolences as they watched him fall apart. And when he receives a beautiful invitation in the mail a couple years later, to a wedding that could’ve been his, the hyacinths and lilies are still there to watch a poor man scream brokenly into an empty apartment that should’ve been a home for you. Purple Hyacinths and white lilies; a sign of regret for something precious that is lost and the other a dreadful sympathy for a poor broken heart.
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laila-s-world · a day ago
Haikyuu - Where they love to kiss you (body parts)
I don’t know if this title is correct, but I didn’t know how to call it. I wrote my headcanon and then I get to the title and I’m like "🧍🏽‍♂️", I hope you understand the content of this.
As always, I remember that the requests are open and I am ready to make other parts of all these headcanon. Feel free to ask!
Have fun!
Daily reminder: I apologize for the mistakes, feel free to report them to me, so I can correct them.
- Hinata Shoyo;
- Suna Rintarou;
- Sakusa Kiyoomi;
- Tsukishima Kei;
- Bokuto Koutarou;
Hinata Shoyo
Tumblr media
Oh this guy LOVES to kiss your cheeks, especially if you have freckles or dimples;
He loves to press his little face on your skin and be able to observe you so closely;
Also, when he lowers to kiss you on the cheeks, he can see more closely your beautiful eyes and fall in love with them even more;
When you cuddle he likes to touch your cheeks, make a drawing with his fingers and then kiss it. He finds it extremely funny and affectionate;
He loves to kiss you on the lips as in all love relationships, but I assure you that with him you will receive many more kisses on the cheeks, not because he loves you less, but because, according to him, he shows you more love doing it;
(If he’s taller than you) He likes to lower himself to your height and kiss your cheeks, putting his hands on your shoulders and offering you his sweetest smile;
(If he’s shorter than you) He loves to hop on his little feet, get you down and finally reach your cheeks to give you the sweetest kiss you’ve ever have;
Extra: If you have freckles on your cheeks, he will draw small lines of kisses from one freckle to another.
Suna Rintarou
Tumblr media
Don’t ask me why I think it or how I got this idea, but Suna LOVES to kiss your back;
Whole back, doesn’t have a favorite point;
He likes to caress it, while you’re lying next to him, lift your shirt up to your shoulders and pass his hand all over your back;
Then move on to kissing various points;
Sometimes it will track your spine with kisses, from the neck to the end of your back, and then the other way around;
Other times he will choose to kiss you near the moles you have;
Other times again, he’ll kiss it completely at random, when he’s quieter and he just does it to pass the time;
He doesn’t admit it, because, really, he doesn’t have favorite spots, but he loves to kiss you at the end, the lumbar curve, the lower part, to better sink his face into your skin.
Sakusa Kiyoomi
Tumblr media
This guy doesn't like physical contact and this also applies to kisses. He may love you more than his life, but he’s always a little hostile when it comes to touching you;
But that does not mean that he will never kiss you, far from it;
Sakusa loves to kiss your hand, fingers, wrist. He finds it extremely elegant and charming;
He likes to bring your hand close to his mouth and start from your little finger, then to kiss all your fingers, palm and, finally, wrist, always looking at you with attention and love;
Also, when you go out together, maybe in a restaurant, he likes to hold your hand until you sit down, and then keep shaking it and kissing it like a real gentleman;
He can’t help it, despite the hands we often have many bacteria, he is simply fascinated and in love with yours.
Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Oh, this great boy has a weakness for your forehead;
Usually the people he has a relationship with are always lower than him (this man is 190.1 cm (6' 2.8") tall, I mean), so it’s a habit for him to lower and kiss your forehead. Find this very sweet;
He knows that it is a gesture that, usually, is made between parents or, in any case, between people who have a relationship other than that of love;
Do you really think he cares?
His favorite moment to kiss your forehead is when you are falling asleep or it’s been a long time that you are cuddling: he caresses your face, looks you in the eyes, moves your hair (if you have any) from your forehead and then kisses its tenderly for a few seconds;
If you have been in a relationship for some time, it is likely that he will also tell you that he loves you very much;
It’s also a "secret" code of his way of telling you that he is always there to support and protect you, he feels that kissing you at that point is a very mature and quiet gesture, which does not create agitation but, on the contrary, relaxes;
If he is in a happy mood, you may have the whole package: kiss on the forehead, kiss on the cheeks and then kiss on the lips. It’s rare, but it’s so nice to get these kisses from Kei.
Bokuto Koutarou
Tumblr media
Oh this little bastard owl has no favorite place;
He will literally kiss you WHEREVER his lips may reach;
On the face, on the neck, on the arms, on the hands, on the belly... On the ass;
I think, however, that if he had to choose, he loves to kiss your neck;
He likes, in general, when you hug him and can hold his head in the recess of your neck and from there can kiss you comfortably;
Bokuto LIVES in your arms when you cuddle, so that became, automatically, his favorite place;
He loves it anyway, but if you have long hair, he likes to move them aside and create space to kiss you;
He likes to make a path of kisses between the shoulders and the ear, including the whole neck, and then get to your lips and laugh like a little child, amused for these "games";
Finally, if you’re ticklish, he’ll love the sound of your laugh and enjoy continuing to kiss you, just so he can hear you laugh more, and then stop and look at you in love, because you’re the most beautiful thing in his life.
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suckerforsugawara · a day ago
haikyu boys reacting to hearing you say you want a boyfriend
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring: Nishinoya, Kageyama, Tsukishima, and Sugawara
content: friends to lovers (my fav troupe), fluff
Tumblr media
You have been single literally forever. It never bothered you before but it is now. You finally feel ready to date someone yet the opportunity is not presenting itself. You have a crush on Noya but he’s your friend and you don’t want to ruin that at all. You two do everything together and the thought of that going away hurts too much to even think about. You were talking about this confidentially with Kiyoko and Yachi but the boys were eavesdropping on you right when you said “I just want a boyfriend so bad. I think i’m losing my mind”. Noya Immediately whispers to Suga and Tanaka beside him, “Did I just hear that correctly?!”
He reveals himself and scares you a bit. “Well, I’m right here!” he practically yells at you. You just give him a small laugh and tilt your head at him “What?”.
“Don’t play dumb. You know I’d date you in an instant.
“Then why don’t you ask?”. He gets a little flustered and then pulls you aside telling you how much you mean to him as a friend but also how much he wants to be more than that.
You are daydreaming in the passenger seat of Kageyama’s car, just sitting in a parking lot waiting for Hinata. You are listening to what feels like the 5th love song in a row. You mumble “wish I could relate”.
“I could help you with that” he says and then wishes he could eat his words because now his palms are sweating and heart is racing. Your cheeks instantly are red and you are debating whether to acknowledge what he said or pretend you didn’t hear it.
“All they play is love songs on this station” you change it and every station is playing something romantic and it’s infuriating you. He grabs your hand and stops you from your useless search. He keeps hold of your hand and rubs it gently as he speaks to you “Hey, calm down” he stops and listens to the radio for a moment “ya know, you make me relate to this song actually”. You listen to the lyrics and get butterflies in your stomach. You were hyper focused on listening and dying inside because Kags was still holding your hand that you didn’t notice Hinata walk up to the car. He gets in the backseat and you both move away from each other and turn to face the front looking out the window. “Uh what happened while I was gone?” Hinata asks and you both instantly respond “Nothing!”
You and Tsukki loved to make fun of cutesy couples when you saw them because you both thought they were so gross. You genuinely found them to be obnoxious but something about the cold weather settling in and holidays right around the corner made the love the couples had almost desirable.
“Check them out. So stereotypical looking at the puppies. They’ll just bring it to the pound once they realize that dog needs more care then they’re willing to give”
“Well, you never know. They look happy”. He brushes it off as okay don’t talk about puppies going to the pound, fair enough.
“Ok ok. Them.” is all he says as he moves his head pointing to a couple who can’t keep their hands off each other and are giggling and smiling so much.
“Is it bad I want what they have?”
“You are not y/n. Who are you?!”.
“Sorry i’m not in the bullying mood”. He rolls his eyes. “I’m no bully and you are clearly not yourself today. A couple like that would normally have you gagging”.
“Yeah, well things change okay.” Tsukki just sits in silence, frazzled about this change. “Look, I’m not big into PDA but…I want to be the one who makes you happy like that.” He grabs your hand and kisses it.
You and Suga were stargazing on a rooftop of a restaurant he took you to. They let you two go up on the roof cuz he is friends with the owner. While staring at the beautiful night sky, you let the first thought in your mind slip out.
“I want a boyfriend to snuggle up with me right now”
“Wh-What? You have me though” he says as he moves in closer and wraps an arm around your waist.
“Well yeah, but boyfriends do more than that too like take me on nice dates, hold my hand, let me play with their hair, and I don’t know other things couples do that I wouldn’t know about since i’m so single”
He laughs “y/n, we basically do all those things already”
“Oh, I guess you’re right but we are frien-never mind”. There’s a small moment of silence.
“Let me be your boyfriend…please” he says as he plants a kiss on your cheek and holds you tighter. “It wouldn’t be much different than the way we are now. We can take it slow”
“I like the sound of that” you tell Suga as you nestle your head into his chest, relaxing and enjoying the view.
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duino · 18 hours ago
"A LITTLE COMPANY" Pairing: Sakusa x Fem!Reader
Rating/Warnings: T for Teen
Word Count: 2.3k
Summary: You don't know why Sakusa asked to walk you home. Until you do, of course.
Note: Awkwardness, fluff. I literally have no idea what this is. This is NOT the fake-dating fic I was writing (someday I'll post that). Please don't ask me what the plot or point is, I don't know. Maybe I'll know after my finals, xoxo.
Tumblr media
Somehow, Sakusa Kiyoomi is in your living room. You’re in your kitchen, putting a kettle on for tea, trying not to watch him. Sakusa makes your tiny, Tokyo living room look even smaller. He’s an impossible presence; he towers, he looms. In the dimmed lighting, in his black shirt and black pants, he’s like a shadow from another world. Tall, stately, sharp with beauty. He could almost be intimidating save for the fact that he seems positively enchanted by every little thing in the room.
The magazines on your coffee table are picked up, flipped through, placed back down in a neat pile. He walks over to your bookshelf and tilts his head to read the spines —he smiles (just barely) like every title and author name tells him a little secret about you. He moves to the picture frames you’ve hung on your wall of family, of friends. There’s one from when you were seven, at the beach. He straightens the edge of that one and turns to you with a softened expression.
That softness is as disarming as the shape of him in your home. You’ve only ever known him with serious eyes, those dark eyes that never let anything on. Usually, his mouth is covered with a disposable mask. Tonight, the mask is tucked into his pocket as he examines all the details of your décor. He keeps sending small, hesitant smiles your way. You keep busying yourself with pushing your mug back and forth on the counter, waiting for the water to boil.
The thing is, you aren’t exactly sure why he’s here. You’ve never been terribly close to Sakusa, unlike the rest of the MSBY Jackal team; Hinata, whom you share classes with, Atsumu, who had quickly roped you into being his wing-woman/drinking buddy, Bokuto, whom you shared so many hours of laughter with…Sakusa had always been polite (almost to a fault) and you had always been kind in return, but it had never extended past that. Until tonight, when he had offered to walk you home after a celebratory, post-match dinner.
You had gone to the dinner on a whim, and you had agreed to let him walk you home on a whim, and you had invited him up, thoughtlessly, on a whim. Why? You don’t know. He had been standing under a streetlight, curls over his forehead, a look in his eyes and the words had tumbled out. Do you want to come up? The fact that half his face had been masked only made the surprise in his eyes that much more evident.
And now he’s here, lifting up your throw blanket and folding it into a neat square before settling it back down onto the couch. He looks up and catches you watching him.
“Sorry,” he says.
You shake your head. “I’m the one that’s sorry. My place is a mess.”
“A little pigsty,” he agrees. You don’t have a chance to be offended before his impassive expression transforms into a secret, sly smile. And then you grow flushed. He’s teasing you, you realize. That’s new. You let out a huff of a laugh and shake your head.
“Earl grey? Mint? Chamomile?” you ask, turning to rifle through your cabinet. You hear a couple steps and when you close the cabinet, he’s in the kitchen with you, just a couple feet away. Suddenly your kitchen feels half its size. He fills up every square footage with his subtle energy. What it is exactly, you can’t place. There’s thin line of thrill, threading its way through you. It’s almost nerves, almost awkwardness. Almost excitement. It’s almost definitely the three glasses of sake you had over dinner. When was the last time a man —basically a stranger— was in your apartment? You try not to think too hard about it.
“Chamomile,” he says.
“The tea. You asked what I wanted. Chamomile.” His smile is gone, but you can still sense a playfulness to his words. It’s so unlike the Sakusa you know (or barely know). Your mind is still trying to catch up with the image of him smiling at your framed photos.
“Chamomile,” you say. “Great.” You fumble over the tea bag package for a shamefully long time before dropping it into a mug for him. When you pour, the water sloshes onto your counter. Sakusa’s there with a rag, wiping, before you can even move.
You’re amused. “I’m a terrible hostess, inviting someone over just to have them wipe my tables and stack my magazines.”
Sakusa places the rag by your sink and doesn’t say anything. Awkwardly, you take a sip from your tea. It’s far too hot, but you furiously blink away the sting of tears.
“Uhm, do you want to sit, or—”
“Is that you in that picture?”
You stare at him. “Sorry?”
He nods vaguely at one of your living room walls. “The little girl at the beach. It’s you, right?”
You’re embarrassed for no reason. “No. Well, yeah. It is,” you let out a little laugh. “I don’t know why I said that. Yes, that’s me.”
“It’s a cute picture.”
The word cute clangs through you, through the room. Somehow you spill another slosh of tea onto your counter. “I’m a fucking mess tonight,” you mumble. You reach for the cloth again. “Sorry, I don’t know why I’m so nervous.”
Sakusa’s long arm snatches the cloth before you can, wiping away the spill. “You’re fine. I’m nervous too,” he says.
“You are?” you blurt out before you can stop yourself. His gaze flickers away and back.
“Thanks for the tea,” he says instead of replying. He’s so perfectly polite you suddenly remember your manners.
“Well,” you say. “Do you want to sit? On the couch?”
And so, somehow, Sakusa Kiyoomi is on your couch. He takes one opposite end, pressed right against the arm rest, and you take the other. You both take small sips from your tea, in silence.
“Congats on the win, by the way,” you say, just to speak.
“Thank you.” A pause. “I didn’t see you in the crowd.”
“Were you looking for me?” you fire back, quick, like you might with the other boys. Sakusa stiffens in his seat and you immediately regret it. You have no idea how to talk to this man. You wince, sheepish. “I was working,” you say. “Shōyō gave me the full play-by-play after, though.”
Sakusa nods. You take another long sip from your tea. He says, “you should come to the next one.” He chews his lip. “And yes.”
You tilt you head. “Yes?”
There are two splotches of red on the height of his cheekbones. I’m nervous too, he had said. In wonderment, you see it now. It makes the strangeness of his presence in your home even stranger. Your awkwardness, his nerves. You don’t understand why he offered to walk you home, but you’re beginning to. You’re beginning to understand why you asked him up.
“Yes,” he says again, softly, “I was looking for you.”
“Oh.” You aren’t sure what to do with that. You aren’t sure what to do with your hands, suddenly, or with your eyes. You put your mug down on the coffee table and then pick it up when your hands feel too empty. But then your hold your mug and your hands feel too full, and the way Sakusa is not looking at you makes you think that you’ll need your hands for something. You’ll need to be ready with waiting hands. You put your mug down again. “Are you —ah, never mind.”
Sakusa puts his mug down too. “What?” The way he says the word is almost eager.
You shake your head. “Do you want to watch a movie? Or maybe order food, or…?”
He leans back into your cushions. “We just ate.”
Your waiting hands are restless in your lap. “So…a movie? Or do you have to get going?”
“No,” Sakusa says.
“To the movie or to you leaving?”
He’s having trouble keeping his eyes on your eyes. “To both.”
“Oh,” you say. You crack a wry smile. “Then I’m all out of good ideas.”
“No you’re not.”
You furrow your brows. Sakusa looks at you. “Sakusa-san—”
“Kiyoomi. Please, just call me Kiyoomi.”
You hesitate. “Kiyoomi,” you say, after a moment. You say his name slow, feeling the syllables out. His face softens, goes shy.
“Yes?” And then he says your name in return, just as feeling. You feel your whole face go hot.
“Are you—” you break off, stuttering a laugh. “Are you flirting with me? Because I really can’t tell.” You can’t believe how bold you’re being with him. But then maybe it’s not so bold. He had asked to walk you home. You had asked for him to come up.
He looks at you again and you know, now, the look in his eyes. It’s the same look he had under the streetlight. It’s the same look, you realize with a jolt, that he’s had for a long, long time, looking at you. Only as you say his name, and he says yours, can you place the name for this moment in time.
“Yes,” he says again. The word is so firm you barely catch the trembling edge of it. “I’m flirting with you.”
“Why,” you breathe out, carelessly. You ought to write a book on courtship.
His mouth quirks, his ears go pink. He tries to look at you like he’s a teacher and he expected better of you, but he’s too nervous to pull it off. “Why did you invite me up?”
“I think I want to,” you fumble. “I think I want to know who you are, I guess.”
You notice you’ve moved away from the edge of the couch. He has, too. Sakusa swallows. “Then we want the same thing.”
You know what this means. It’s been a while, but you haven’t forgotten all the cues. You lean in, on a whim. Your waiting hands move to clasp his, and it turns out his hands have been waiting, too. They’re warm, long fingers encircling yours. He tilts his chin down and you tilt your chin up, to make it easy. You can feel him exhale through his nose. You’re so close. “Do we?” you ask, trying on something low and sultry. You place a hand on his thigh, perilously high. As close as you are, you can’t see Sakusa smile, but you watch the corner of his left eye crinkle.
“Cute,” he whispers, almost to himself. You close your eyes and wait. Then, your eyes are startled back open. Sakusa presses his lips on the tip of your nose, lingering for only a second before pulling back. With his index finger, he taps where he kissed.
You’re blinking at the chasteness of his kiss, at his quick retreat. He stands, abrupt, and you blink at that too, stunned. What? you mouth to yourself. You can’t pin this man down for the life of you.
“Not tonight,” he says, seeing the confusion on your face. Sakusa looks smug, or content, considerably less nervous. Somehow, this entire exchange has pleased him. You shake your head slowly.
“So…we don’t want the same thing?” You’re embarrassed at how shamelessly disappointed you sound. You hadn’t even known that you had wanted it, and now you can’t believe you can’t have it.
“Trust me,” he sighs, “we do. I hope. Just not tonight.”
You don’t know if it would be better to stand or stay sitting. “I’m…okay, then. Uh, sorry, I’m just a little confused.”
Sakusa grabs his mask from his pants pocket and loops it around his ears. He leaves it pulled down around his chin so that you can see his smiling mouth. “I’m not someone who rushes anything,” he says. “This isn’t…something I want to rush. Like that.”
“Oh,” you say, for the third time that night. You’re really on a roll. You wonder how long he’s been looking for you in crowds. You wonder how long he’s been waiting to walk you home. Sakusa must see the line of thought in your eyes because he presses his mouth together into a tight line. “Oh,” you say, something unfolding within you. “Oh, you like me.” You’re impossible.
Sakusa turns his face from you, but not before you catch his expression. You think you’ll remember that look on his face for a long, long time. “You’re so…” he trails, half amused, half annoyed.
You don’t realize how wide you’re grinning until you feel your cheeks hurt. “What? I’m so what?” There are stars spinning in your chest.
“Thanks for the tea,” he says, firm. He’s moving towards your door. You stand, you follow, giddy with something new.
“Thanks for walking me home.” You trail him right to the entrance. Sakusa holds the doorknob and then pauses. He places a hand on the frame and then stops. You watch the back of him, the slight turn of his head as he tries to peer over his shoulder at you. You’re practically buzzing out of your skin at your newfound revelation.
He turns, unexpectedly. He presses his back against the door. “Tomorrow,” he says.
“Tomorrow?” you ask. But you know. You know.
Sakusa huffs, starting to pull his mask up over his face.
“Kiyoomi,” you say, which has the desired effect. He stops. “Wait.” You take the long step towards his and before you can psych yourself out with your own brazenness, you tiptoe to peck the tip of his nose. You hear his sharp inhale. “Now we’re even,” you say, bright.
“Sure,” he manages. “Okay.”
“I’ll see you tomorrow,” you say. Then you reach around and open the door for him.
Sakusa pulls his mask up, but it doesn’t matter. You can still see his smile.
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sugawarassoulmate · a day ago
OKAY HEAR ME OUT,, makki x 🍑 and bad boy
ahahaha i got you, babes
Tumblr media
words: 695
cw: fem!reader, timeskip, forbidden relationship, loser!makki, fingering, massages, minors dni
Tumblr media
your parents hated hanamaki. they hated how much of a mooch he was—living off of you paying for him because he was “in between jobs”. in their eyes, he was a loser riding on the coattails of his more successful friends. and you of course. his sweet girlfriend who’s well-educated and has a high-paying job.
why couldn’t you date iwaizumi? he’s got a strong head on his shoulders and is always so polite when he talks to your mother.
but your father likes oikawa best. that boy has always been so sweet on you and would be able to treat you the way you deserve.
hell, even matsukawa would be better. at least he has a job.
they forbade you from seeing him and would question you every time you went out to the point that you had to start lying about it. they thought you could do better and a part of you thought you could too.
but he had an amazing way of stopping those thoughts. he’ll treat you with a massage after a long day of work, getting out all of the kinks in your joints.
“my smart girl works so hard,” he breathes into your skin. he’s sitting behind you, your back to his chest as he rubs your shoulders. he listens to you talk about your day, complain about your boss and the newest project you’re working on. “don’t worry, pretty, you don’t have to think about any of that right now. lemme take care of you.”
his hands feel so good that you don’t notice them roaming until one of them reaches under your skirt. “hiro…”
“shhh, don’t think, okay?” he says, pushing your panties aside to run his fingers along your slit. his mouth busies itself on your neck, kissing and nipping at the sensitive skin while his free hand massages your lower back.
but the hand you’re most interested in teases your clit, making your legs twitch in anticipation. you can hear him laughing behind you, cooing over how receptive you are to his touch. “spread your legs for me, pretty, wanna feel more of you.”
your massage is completely forgotten when he slips a finger inside. “why so wet? were you thinking about me during work? did ya rub your thighs together at your desk thinking about my hands on you?” hanamaki quickly adds another finger and you’re grabbing onto anything when you start whining.
his other hand that was so innocently massaging your sore muscles is now unbuttoning your blouse for access to your tits, rolling the buds between his fingers and tugging every so often. “think you can cum just from me touching you like this? maybe i’ll treat you with my cock afterward.”
when hanamaki gets like this, all he wants to do is make your brain foggy. maybe he wants to cloud your judgment so you don’t realize how much of a loser he is, so you’ll stay with him just a little bit longer. it’s hard to think about his lack of prospects when his fingers are stretching your walls, reaching that special spot that makes the coil in your tummy grow tighter.
“ahhh, there it is,” he says, abusing that spot like a shark who smells blood in the water. he’s sucking dark marks in your neck that’ll be hard to find an excuse for. he truly does love being a menace. “cum for me, baby, wanna feel you make a mess.”
hanamaki ramps up his movements, adding a third finger to pump into you until he reaches his goal. you can’t think of anything as that pressure starts to build inside you. only thing rattling in that pretty brain of yours is makki’s name, “hiro, hiro…” over and over until your body feels tingly all over and you’ve creamed around his hand.
“my pretty, pretty girl. such a good job,” he smirks, pulling his hand out to stare in awe of your juices around him. he eventually lays you on your back, tugging your skirt and ruined panties off before pulling his cock out. “my brainless girl has another one in her, yeah?”
maybe everyone is wrong about him.
Tumblr media
sugawarassoulmate 3k follower event
Tumblr media
©sugawarassoulmate 2021 all rights reserved - please do not repost/translate my work on other platforms!
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mindblnk7 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Kenma loves his pregnant wife. Type: Fluff Warnings: Husband!Kenma, Pregnant!Reader, Married! (a/n): Hope this is up to your standards and you like it. Rquests, asks open.
Your parents had invited you and Kenma to a small ceremony. Your dad wanted to celebrate your pregnancy, it was a little delayed, you were 7 months pregnant and very tired from carrying around two very healthy kids, but you couldn't refuse.
So you packed up your bags and took the next train to the countryside.
Kenma had no trouble in asking for a break from work. He actually loved going to the countryside, your parents loved how he handled hate comments and managed to keep everything personal. They also had no problem with him revealing that he was married, but it depended on him. He was the one who wanted to keep everything personal, and is still keeping it that way.
The ceremony finished in a span of 2-3 days. However your body couldn't handle the climate change and you caught a cold.
Your father being very protective of you, insisted that you stay for a few more days and leave when everything became fine. Your mom kept brewing you homemade stuff. It was like you were patient who wasn't even allowed to walk without supervision.
Kenma's official break was over. His assistant, had arranged a stream for him that day, but couldn't cancel it since a lot of people were waiting for it.
So he decided to use laptop for streaming. He will apologize later for the bad quality.
As he set up his stand, which was just placing the laptop on a cushion on the table, and then sitting cross legged, you came waddling into the room.
"Kenmaaaaa," you whined, "Oka-san is making me drink sour stuff againnnn"
He smiled, this is something he'll never get tired of. You whining like a child, he always found it adorable, the way you pout your lips, puff out your cheeks, then make those eyes.
"Sorry, but you have to drink it" he said in a not-so sorry voice.
You heard your mother call out your name.
"At least hide me..." you pouted.
Kenma could do only one thing, that was open up his arms for you to rest your head on his lap. The rest of your body covered by the extended blanket of the Kotatsu table.
He ran his fingers through your hair. Humming contently, you kissed the inside of his palm.
"Love you Kenma~~~" you literally purred.
"I love you too..." he whispered, it was only for you. Smiling you closed your eyes.
Yes, the main idea was to hide, but Kenma was so cuddly and you were tired and pregnant, so you fell asleep. His fingers sometimes detangling from your hair to press some keys, but otherwise he made it as comfortable as possible for you.
"Hello there, I apologize for the bad quality of the camera...can you see..oh, you can...thanks.." Kenma's eyes scanned through the comments, he talked softly to not wake you up. (you get very cranky and grumpy if you didn't get enough sleep, he had to learn it the hard way).
"I'm not at home, so..the only gadgets I packed with me was my laptop and headphones...anyways let's start.
He continued the stream as usual and sometimes glanced down to make sure you were sleeping or just to look if you were comfortable or not.
You got this random itch on your scalp, so you wriggled a little. Kenma paused and he let you adjust, after squirming and sighing a little, you wrapped one arm around his stomach and made a kissy face.
You were so used to cuddling to sleep with Kenma. Every time you're sleeping or just lounging in general, you always kept his hand or even just the pinky finger close to you, when you wake up slightly you would just kiss any part of him which is near to your mouth and then let sleep take you back.
Kenma smiled fondly and let you kiss his palm again.
The entire population who were watching the stream went mad on the live chat.
They could just see Kenma smiling and moving his hand, they also could see a faint outline of your body.
Kenma focused back on the game when you drifted to sleep again.
'OMG ! Is Kodzuken letting someone sleep on his lap?'
'IS IT A GIRL????'
A lot of comments were just out of simple curiosity.
He's going to be doing this stuff forever, maybe it's time to let his followers know that he is married and is a father of two unborn kids. He was not ready to show your face yet, but just a small information for his faithful followers.
"If you guys would stop spamming the chat and hear me out for a moment..." he waited a second for the chat to die down.
"thank I keep a lot of stuff personal for obvious reasons and I think it's time to tell you guys.....the person who's in my lap is my wife. .we came to her house and she fell sick.."
The chat box exploded again. This time there were lot of people sending points and coins.
"She is not that's just a cold..don't go donating large amount of money....she's been expecting and she waned to rest so she ended up sleeping here...." Kenma let his fingers glide through your hair again.
The stream was eventful to say the least. There was a lot of commotion to figure out the mysterious wife. But Kenma didn't mind. As long as you were with him, nothing can go wrong.
He himself crawled into the Kotatsu and held you close to his chest. You were much more important than anything.
Your mother now has a photo of you two sleeping and especially a photo in which you were making kissy faces. (she's gonna frame it)
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honeystwiggypeach · a day ago
Baby’s first snow!
Kenma x reader!
Tumblr media
Kenma and reader have been together for eight years and are married and have a two year old daughter!
Also this is like the second winter/Christmas themed writing I’ve posted this week…there will probably be more Christmas/winter themed writings before the year finishes(not guaranteed I just really love winter and fall)
Tumblr media
You and Kenma had been together for around eight years which sounds like a long time because the two of you counted your years of high school dating as a couple.
Anyways the two of you have a two year old daughter named Yuna. The past two years you had both spent with your parents who lived in warmer climates meaning they rarely got snow for Christmas, and by the time you would get back home all the snow would have been melted.
With this being said, Yuna has never seen snow before blissfully unaware of the icy crystals that come with the colder season.
Both you and Kenma had agreed that this year you would just celebrate at home, since the snow was scheduled to start the day the two of you would usually head out, and neither of you were really experienced drivers in snow.
So it’s a couple of days before Christmas and you’ve gotten a call to go in to your office, at first you hesitated and they offered to have a co worker pick you up so there was no way around it, and you reluctantly agreed leaving Yuna with Kenma.
After an hour or so the snow had really began to stick, and it began to build up and the once yellowish grass was quickly coated in the cold white powdery substance.
“PAPA!” Kenma hears his daughter squeal as she presses her chubby cheeks to the cold glass window.
“Hmm?” He hums quietly walking to stand behind her.
“Do you want to see the snow?” He asks and she nods quickly going to grab her coat like she has been doing for the past weeks that had been cold.
He slips in a hoodie and slides slippers onto his thick socks while grabbing his daughter’s tiny snow boots that you had bought on impulse.
“Ok sit alone you can put shoes.” He says as she sticks her tiny feet out for him to slip the shoes on.
He opens the door to the back porch and both of them are hit with the blistering cold air.
Quickly he pulls her hood onto her head so she won’t get an earache as she cautiously steps onto the slippery porch.
He takes his phone out of his pocket and films her as she crawls down the steps as to not fall, catching the confused look on her face, when her hand touches the white snow that has replaced the grass.
She knew grass changed color so she had figured the snow was just like white grass and it would be the same temperature.
She softly pats the ground and her hand sinks through leaving a mark and she looks up to her dad with wide eyes, he laughs softly as she furrows her eye brows silently urging him to explain to her why the grass was now white and cold.
“It’s like ice baby.” He says crouching to her level as he stands on the porch.
“Ice?” She repeats.
“Yeah what we put in our drinks.” He explains as she nods.
“Eat?” She asks pointing to her hand mark, he shakes his head softly.
When she had been teething the two of you were at a restaurant and the only option was keys or an ice cube and logically the two of you chose ice and ever since then she reached for cups and sticks her hands into the cups looking for ice.
“Similar but you shouldn’t eat it…” she looks up with sad and confused eyes.
“The neighbors have dogs baby…” he says sadly, “they might have used it in our yard and that’s yucky.” She nods quickly scrunching her face as she makes an eww noise.
He watches from the porch as she runs around playing in the snow. You had been excused after a measly two hours of work that could have easily been done by co workers.
You walked through the empty house and onto the porch to see Kenma smiling softly at your daughter as she trudged through the snow leaving a tiny trail behind her.
“Having fun!” You ask hugging him from behind.
He nods softly turning so you can see his pink face, “I’ll go and make hot chocolate…” you mumble smiling at him before going to the kitchen so he can wrestle her into the house before she catches a cold.
Tumblr media
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nixcwen · a day ago
sweet things kuroo’d do for you (2)...
Tumblr media
request by 💛 anon: 103 followers | a little present for y/n's presence ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You were back in the world again as you felt feather kisses being dropped to your face. Three to your jaw, two to your cheeks, to each of your eyelids, and the final one to your lips.
"Wake up now, Kitten. We have a schedule to your psychologist today." He held your hand, rubbing his thumb in it to soothe your interrupted sleep.
"I've already made breakfast for the both of us, let's go? Hm?" He moved to lightly tap your thighs.
When you hummed as an approval, Kuroo held your hands to pull you up the bed. "Ugh-" with enough force, you landed to his chest, arms on top of his shoulders- "and there goes my Kitten."
"Good morning, Tetsu," you greeted, chin on his chest, a smile on your lips.
"A good morning to you, too, pretty." He removed some of your hair away from your face to appreciate your beauty, and to kiss your forehead. "Shall we go have breakfast now?"
"Yes, please." Adhering to your answer, Kuroo slid his hands from your waist down to the back of your thighs, encircling it in his waist to carry you easily.
On the way to the dining area, Kuroo kept his hand on your bum to secure you, the other scratching at your scalp. "Did you have a good sleep?"
"Of course, I did. That's thanks to my lovely husband for always being by my side."
"Come on, Kitten. You're making me blush so early in the morning," he replied, followed by his deep melodious chuckle.
When you already reached the dining area, he tapped you gently, and so you came down right after. Kuroo pulled your seat first before settling on his own.
"Thank you for the food!" And you enjoyed the meal he prepared for you both.
"Kitten, are you sure it's okay to meet them right after the appointment? It's fine if you don't want to-" you cut Kuroo as he washes the dishes, while you wipe them subsequently.
"I do want to, Tetsu. I've already said yes anyway."
He faced you, dishes still in hand. "Those guys are nice... but their energy might drain you."
"I've kept up with you though, haven't I? I'm sure I can handle them too," you responded with a teasing smile on your face.
"Now you're being mean-" Kuroo's lips jutted into a pout- "they were a handful back then, however, as their kind, responsible Captain, I was able to handle them."
"Oh, sure, my kind and responsible Captain."
"Ugh, Kitten~ I'm truly not as handful as them. Come on..."
You continued to banter as you prepare for your psychologist appointment. After doing so, Kuroo drove to your destination.
When you finally arrived, he opened the door for you and reached for your hand just to intertwine it with his.
"I'll be beside you every time, yeah?"
"Yeah," you replied with a smile as sweet as his.
"Alright! The first schedule for the day before we meet the boys-" Kuroo tilted his head and squinted his eyes at you- "who I am so not as handful as!"
"You're not really letting that go, Love?"
"No, I am not, Kitten."
Tumblr media
headcanons [a little surprise for you!]
• the two of you definitely met at school! he was the one to approach you first, he'd talk to you (if you're more closed off, he'd always invite you, from lunch to school fair, to any activities, really), i can see him contracting you as his permanent project partner- that's just the way he is, and so you gradually get close over time. 
• from friends until you are lovers, he would always reciprocate whatever you give him. in terms of physical affection, at the start of your relationship, he won't initiate anything until you do, since your comfort is always his number one concern. 💘 
• also! please do take note that you won't ever feel insecure when you're with Kuroo. praises? he'd give you that every time. every. single. time. the sincerity of his compliments will melt your heart, trust me. even when it's something you think is so simple, he'd go wow over it because it's you. and you're simply wonderful to him. 
• you guys are each other's blessing, that's all i can say. cheers to you both! 🥂
Tumblr media
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tobioflyy · a day ago
Tumblr media
# captain’s edition,  pt.1
(reblogs are highly appreciated! no pressure though! only if you liked it!)
# a/n: oikawa and bokuto’s are my favourite, i went kinda overboard with them excuse me :’)  (kuroo i’m sorry ) this is pretty long so get comfy <3
# includes! : oikawa tooru, bokuto koutaro, kuroo tetsuro
# tw: mentions of kissing, maybe 2 swear words? pretty much all fluff with a bit of crack
Tumblr media
Tooru always seems to be away, being a professional volleyball player, and he hates it. 
He feels like he isn't there for you when you need him the most. You always reassure him that his work should come first, but he can see your soft encouraging smile falter a little every time you wave him goodbye.  He knew this year he had to make up for all the lost time somehow. Seeing you sad made him feel the same way. You'd always had a way of making him give in (and sometimes not even purposefully).
This year he decided to go all out and impress you...
Tooru decided it was a great idea to buy a 10ft tall Christmas tree to put in your tiny ass living room. This absolute idiot attempted poorly,  may I add, to fit the tree into his car. 
It was barely big enough for him to get in without whacking his head every time he went through the door. You had nursed his poor head enough times whilst scolding him that you would think he would take your advice. So when he called you to come to pick him up, you couldn't help but giggle at the man struggling to shove the tree into your back seat.
When he finally collapsed into the passenger seat next to you, his cheeks red from exhaustion (and the cold), you looked at each other and dissolved into a fit of laughs. 
When you invited your families around for dinner, they all gasped in ardour at the impressive tree. You and Oikawa just exchanged knowing glances and grinned at the previous events that had occurred for the tree to get there.
It was worth it though, he loved moments like this.  Just the sheer happiness shared between the two of you, nothing else seemed to matter.
Bokuto is, by all means, a family man! He loves spending holidays with the people he holds closest to his heart!
You are right at the top of that list. Ko has never ever missed a single family gathering. It doesn't matter how busy he was. You are and always will be his top priority. He loves seeing you smile. It could just be a soft grin that you give him before he heads to work or the way you gently smile as you kiss him.
You two usually have a loud celebration with your combined families. Everyone would be sat around the fireplace cracking jokes and sharing gossip. There was the dusty karaoke machine sitting in the corner of the living room... It would be a place for utter content and an event everyone looked forward to every year.
Every year there was a big dinner that Bo's mother made lovingly. Your face heated up every time the older lady called you her favourite., much to the dismay of Bokuto's older sisters. Bokuto had such a fun time boasting about you to his sisters, about how perfect you were. It was so awfully adorable.
It had been a tradition for him to bring you home every year for Christmas from the first year you'd started dating. Your parents loved Bokuto, and he loved them. But he couldn't help but flush hopelessly when both of your families ask when they're going to get a grandchild every year.  
Bokuto's family would be equally as loud as he is, every person as happy as the last. They would radiate a sense of homeliness and love... You could clearly see where he got it from!
Kuroo is the king of romance. He's always so suave (he wasn't always like that, mind you). He loves to see a smile on your face.
He will and does go all out every year. Goes out of his way to buy festive couple onesies. Digs out the ugly fairy lights that haven't seen the light of day in over a decade and the crappy jumpers that have stupidly sweet slogans on them... you name it!  
He's the type to put mistletoe everywhere just so he has an excuse to make out with you in the laundry room (because he wants to, is his excuse). Kuroo tries.. he really does. He pouts and everything when he doesn't get his kiss. You weren't going to let him shove his tongue in your mouth while you were doing the dishes.
This year, he decided that he would make Christmas dinner himself. 
Kuroo whips out his "no.1 cook" apron and his lucky spatula and gets to work. All you could hear for the next few hours was loud music blasting through the closed door of the kitchen (he insisted it was a surprise). Everyone exchanged looks of concern every time they heard a clatter behind the door.
Eventually, he threw the door open with a  grin playing on his face, and he had done it. The kitchen was a mess, but he had made dinner. Expect him to boast about this for the next 6 months.
Tumblr media
this work belongs to @tobioflyy​, steal my work and i’ll steal your kneecaps (affectionate) <3
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meiansmistress · 2 days ago
day 5: hard dom | akaashi keiji
Tumblr media
akaashi keiji x fem!reader, nsfw, 2.8k (18+, mdni) requested by 🦉 warnings: hard(?) dom, degradation (but akaashi checks for reader comfort), sir kink, spanking, fingering, aftercare, soft ending (because i love him)
happy birthday akaashi <3
Asellus’ 2022 Follower’s Event Masterpost
Tumblr media
You knew you fucked up as soon as you catch Akaashi’s eye across the banquet hall.
Tonight was such an important night for you: it was the first award you’ve ever won at your job, and you had been working for years to gain recognition in the male-dominated field you went into. It all accumulated into one night where you put on your nicest outfit, went with your boyfriend Akaashi Keiji to celebrate, and mingled with the higher-ups in your company, getting your name out there thanks to the small bit of recognition.
Only Akaashi wasn’t the only thing you took with you that night.
The small vibrator had been snuggled into your cunt and pressed against your clit the entire evening, placed there by a stoic Akaashi who told you to be a good girl and keep it there for me. It had been okay at first, manageable when you were sitting down and could squirm away from the vibrations that sent your cunt spasming and juices gushing. But then your manager pulled you over to greet some of the higher bosses who were interested in meeting you, and as soon as you grabbed one man’s hand, the vibrations went off hard.
It was nearly impossible to keep your whimper down, and you squeezed a little too hard on the man’s hand before letting go. Pleasure rippled up your spine, the small bit of vibration making you bite your lip and shift in your spot. You were too focused on not losing your mind right in the middle of the hall to notice your manager calling for you.
“Ah, yes?” You exhaled the question, your smile stretched. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.”
“Are you alright?” The man whose hand you shook asked in concern. “Your cheeks are a bit flushed.”
“I’m fine. I just need to go to the bathroom,” you answered politely before grabbing your purse from your table and hurrying to the hallway.
You sat down on one of the toilets, the press of the vibrator too heavy to ignore. You couldn’t do it. Despite the consequences, despite how you knew Akaashi would be mad at you—you couldn’t. You needed to make a good impression, needed to get up on stage, take pictures, and even give a little speech thanking the company for the opportunity. If Akaashi turned on the vibrator in the middle of your speech and you accidentally moaned or fell forward like earlier, you wouldn’t be able to face the office on Monday.
So, against your better judgment, you took the vibrator out, wrapped it in toilet paper, and stuffed it back in your bag.
It was about halfway through your speech when you locked eyes with Akaashi, and immediately knew that he knew. His face was neutral the entire time, even when he was clapping politely after you finished, and the icy calm demeanor through the rest of the event left you breathless.
“Keiji—” You tried during the taxi ride home, but Akaashi only shook his head and glanced at you from the corner of his glasses.
“We’ll talk about it when we get home.”
Now that you stand in front of your shared apartment door, you don’t know how to feel. Akaashi hasn’t said a word since he helped you out of the car, and though your apartment is chilly, your body is even colder. When you started dating, you learned very quickly that Akaashi likes being in control, that he enjoys being dominant in the bedroom. You don’t mind either, not after his promises of making you cum until you see stars come to fruition almost every time. But these are the times it makes you the most nervous—when he’s quiet, stoic, no doubt contemplating your punishment for not obeying him like he requested.
“Keiji,” you scramble to say, nervously clasping your hands in front of your chest. “I’m… I’m sorry, I should have asked, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my bosses, so… so I…”
Akaashi doesn’t answer. He carefully unbuttons his jacket, hanging it up on your coat rack before turning to you.
“I’m not punishing you for your boundaries,” he explains slowly. Much too slowly. “You can come to me any time if it’s too much for you. You know that, correct?”
“Yes, yes, I do,” you breathe. It’s always in your rules that you ultimately hold the power: one slip of your safe word ‘volleyball’ and everything immediately stops.
“Good girl,” Akaashi compliments, but his mask hasn’t slipped once. “Then why am I punishing you, love?”
“I—” You swallow, shifting on your feet. “I disobeyed your orders. You told me to keep it inside me and I didn’t.”
“Right.” Akaashi hums, his glasses glinting in the light when he turns to look down the hallway toward your bedroom. “Now go wait for me on the bed. If you’re not naked by the time I come, your punishment will be worse.”
“Yes, sir,” you mumble, shuffling out of the room before you can catch sight of his cobalt-blue gaze.
You know better than to disobey him twice. You’re naked before you even sit on the bed, your clothes neatly folded and thrown over the back of your chair. This is mostly uncharted territory. You’d disobeyed him once before, getting too drunk on a weekend he told you that you had to go visit his parents. He had at least smiled at you then before edging you so badly that you cried when you finally got sweet relief. But he isn’t even smiling at you this time, expression unreadable as he comes back into the bedroom, fiddling with his cufflinks.
Your cunt pulses as you watch him roll up his dress shirt sleeves, breath catching as more and more of his milky skin is exposed to your gaze. Akaashi truly is the definition of beautiful, even as he leans against your vanity with a clearly unamused expression. He lifts his hand, the same vibrator that was once on your clit and wrapped up in your purse now clean and ready for use again.
“I’m going to give you one more chance to prove you can behave,” he explains slowly, fiddling with the vibrator between his fingers. “Don’t move. Stay quiet. Stay still until I’m satisfied. Can you do that?”
“Yes, sir,” you answer immediately, gulping when he pushes up from the vanity.
“Then get on your back and spread your legs.”
You can already feel the wetness in your cunt when you do what he says, hours of the vibrator in your pussy before you took it out leaving you soaked and sticky. Akaashi turns the bullet vibrator on with the remote and drags it over your tits, circling your nipples until they’re hard. You even out your breath, pressing your lips together to keep from making a sound.
“You look like you want to say something,” Akaashi murmurs, gliding the vibrator down your stomach, keeping it pressed against your skin so you can feel it all the way in your toes. “Go on, say whatever you’d like.”
He’s goading you. Trying to get you to disobey him one more time, but you won’t. You keep quiet, biting down on your lower lip as he moves the vibrator to your folds and presses it against them. It’s hard not to press up into the feeling but you somehow manage to keep your hips still, even when he starts dragging the vibrating toy up and down along your slit.
“Not going to beg for me like you always do?” There’s a hint of condescension in his tone that makes you shiver. You shake your head, forcing your body still even as he pushes the vibrator into your cunt and keeps it there. “You know you want to. Beg for it like the little slut you are.”
When you gasp sharply, Akaashi’s expression drops and he turns off the vibrator. “Color?”
“Green,” you answer breathlessly, the only sign you’ll give him that his ministrations are working on you so far. He’s never called you a name before, but your cunt throbs at the thought of him being so angry that he’ll push a bit further with you, just like you want.
He makes a sound of acknowledgement before turning the vibrator on again and making you inhale a breath. When he moves it and presses it directly against your clit, you swallow your whine, fingers clutching the sheets to keep from moaning.
“You’re so wet.” How is his voice so calm when he’s already sweating, flush high on his cheeks as he watches your expression grow even more debauched the harder he presses with the vibrator? You inhale a few times to keep from answering him. “Was it because of those men you met tonight?”
‘No’ almost slips from your lips but you clench even harder on the sheets, keeping yourself still. You can do this. Even though you can feel wetness pooling in your pussy, even though your thighs clench and shake with the heat pooling in your stomach, you won’t break his rules. Not again.
“I bet you want to fuck them, don’t you? A slut like you would. Spread your legs for them the minute you’re offered a promotion.”
Your little head shake doesn’t go unnoticed by him. Akaashi presses even harder, trying to make you break. His gunmetal eyes watch you like a hawk to see if you move again, but you don’t, even when you can feel your orgasm beginning to rise.
“Do you want me to invite them? Watch you fall apart at the slightest bit of attention?”
It’s so hard to concentrate on not moving. You dig into the sheets, huffing for quiet breaths as electricity jolts from your toes to your head. Your entire body is on fire, Akaashi circling the vibrator along your wet clit, pressing until you can’t take it anymore. You have to bite your lip to swallow your sounds, eyes rolling back as you orgasm, mouth open in a silent moan. Flexing your body, you keep as still as you can, though you tremble with the shocks.
Your wet pussy clenches around nothing, begging to be filled, and a sense of pride streaks through you. You did it. You followed his orders, keeping still and quiet the entire time, even when your body was practically singing for him. But then you open your eyes and see his expression hasn’t changed, and one shift of his wrist makes it all come tumbling down.
Akaashi presses the vibrator against your nub again, and you inhale sharply, tugging on the sheets. It’s too much, too soon.
“Sluts like you want more, don’t they?” Akaashi asks quietly, but you can’t hear him. You’re drowning in the pulsing of your body, of the throbbing of your clit at the overstimulation. “I’m just giving it to you.”
“Keiji—” You croak without meaning to, and though you bite your lip to keep from saying anything else, it’s too late.
The vibrator clicks off and Akaashi sits back on his haunches.
“On your knees.”
Though your heart is going wild, though your body is still singing with heat and intensity, you listen. As soon as you’re on your knees, he maneuvers you so you’re bent over his lap, your ass on perfect display while your head is buried in the mattress.
“You’re going to apologize to me for every strike I give you.” There’s a grit to his tone that shows you're not the only one enjoying this, but you don’t dare look up. “Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir.”
His response is a swift slap to your ass. The sting bites immediately, and you squeak ‘I’m sorry, sir!’ just like he wanted. He does it again and again, smoothing his hand against your flesh and waiting for your apology before sending another.
Smack. “I’m sorry, sir!” Smack. “I-I’m sorry, sir!” Smack. “Please… please. I’m sorry!”
You don’t know many times he slaps your ass, lost in a fog of touches, apologies, and juices dripping down your folds. You can feel him hard in his jeans beneath you, cock grinding into your stomach every time he sends his hand to your flesh. It stings, pain radiating through your flesh, but there’s pleasure beneath it, your cunt spasming when his fingers move further down and swipe along your pulsing clit.
It makes you moan, shifting on his lap, his cock brushing against your bare midriff. Akaashi makes a small sound in his throat before smacking your ass again, but he doesn’t even wait for your apology before touching you again, swift fingers rubbing circles on your clit to quickly bring your second orgasm.
“Sir—” Your whine is cut off with another smack, tears streaming down your face and lacing into your voice as you gasp for breath. “Please, I’m sorry, I’ll be good. Please, please, I can’t take it anymore.”
Akaashi lets out another choked sound, sending his palm into your already blazing flesh, and you whimper while you grind down on him. He rewards you with two fingers deep in your soaked cunt, thrusting over and over while he rubs your clit with the pad of his thumb. It doesn’t take long before you’re begging him, clutching onto his dress pants to keep yourself from moving.
“Sir, I promise, I’ll be good from now on, I’m sorry, I promise,” you sob.
Your orgasm is right there on the brink, the coil tightening so hard in your belly that you’re almost afraid how far you’ll fall when it snaps. But Akaashi is also right there, free hand soothing over your sore cheeks while his other hand makes a mess of your cunt, his hips practically humping into your stomach as he finger fucks you without mercy.
“I don’t think you deserve it.”
His tone is so strained that you dare to turn your head and look up at him. His eyes are like lasers as they stare at your ass and his fingers that disappear into your cunt over and over. His mouth hangs open with his gulps of air, and the flush on his cheeks is so pretty that it makes your pussy clench around his fingers.
“You were so bad tonight, weren’t you?” Even as he chastises you, his fingers work you until you’re teetering on the edge. “But go on, since you’re so desperate.”
It’s like his permission lets your body relax and when he drags his fingers over your walls, you plunge head first into pleasure. Your vision goes white when you clench your eyes shut so hard that you see spots; Akaashi has to hold your body still when you start shaking and grinding so badly as wave after wave of pleasure ripples down your spine and swallows you. You think you hear him cry out but it’s lost between your own sounds and the squelching of your wet pussy.
You’re still trembling when he carefully moves you from his lap and exits the room. Not even a minute later, there’s a warm towel placed on your stinging ass, and you open your wet and bleary eyes to see your boyfriend looking down at you in concern.
“Are you alright, love? I wasn’t too hard?”
“No, Keiji,” you murmur tiredly, reaching out for him. He grabs your hand, binding your fingers together as he presses on your ass to make you feel better. “I liked it. But what about you, should I—?”
The second you start to move, Akaashi gently pushes you back to the bed, shaking his head.
“I’m fine, there’s no need.”
The dark spot on his trousers tell you that clearly, as does the slight pinkness in his cheeks. You can’t help but giggle. “You liked it too, then?”
Akaashi lifts your head, using the warm towel to wipe the tear stain from your cheeks and eyes before leaning down to kiss your forehead. “Seeing you trust me so much made me really excited.”
“Because I do trust you, Keiji. Always.” You smile. Not once did you think of using the safe word, knowing that Akaashi would take care of you, just like he always does. “Love you.”
“I love you, too, and I’m very proud of you. I didn’t get to tell you earlier, but you worked hard for your award and you should be proud of yourself, too.”
There are many things you love about Akaashi Keiji. The way he always tastes like hazelnut thanks to the copious amount of flavored coffee he drinks. The way he hugs you from behind as you cook, resting his tired eyes just so he can feel you for a moment. The way he makes you laugh with his dry answers to your joking questions.
But you especially love the way his eyes disappear when he smiles—really smiles—before he kisses you, soft and sweet, pouring his love for you into one simple action.
Tumblr media
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Girl, You're Toxic [2]
Tumblr media
Relationship: Oikawa Tooru x f!Reader
Warnings: fluff, angst, toxic character, little suggestive??, hurt->comfort
Word count: 3.5k
A/n: wee bit of a trainwreck but we move
Tumblr media
Series masterlist | part [1] | [3] | [4] | [5] | [6]
Tumblr media
Hands wringing together, you desperately tried to gather your thoughts to clearly and concisely explain to your dear boyfriend what the problem was.
“Tooru, I’m so happy that you’re close with her and I’m glad that you can rely on each other…but I…I just wish you would set some boundaries.”
He looked up at you from his place on the couch, setting down the magazine he was invested in to give you his undivided attention.
“I understand what you mean,” he sighed, patting the space next to him. You happily obliged, sinking into the warm space as his arm rested on your shoulder, “I’ve been trying to, I just don’t know how to approach it.”
“I just feel like I’m sharing you,” you admitted, staring at the colourful pages splayed on the table.
“I’m all yours,” he said, forcing you to look at him. The sincerity of his eyes made you feel fuzzy, the previous nagging feeling washed away, “I’ll say something the next time we hang out.”
Leaning into his touch, you sighed in relief, “Thank you baby.”
With a soft kiss on your forehead, he picked up his magazine absorbing the pages as you rest on him, content with your lazy Saturday afternoon.
Shopping sprees were always fun, especially for a particular occasion. A dear friend – Iwaizumi had invited everyone to a formal dinner in celebration of his new house. You hadn’t seen it yet but you were excited and happy for your friend who was becoming a successful adult.
After purchasing a beautiful teal dress that you knew Oikawa would lose his mind over – you’d say today had been a success.
Arriving home, shouts were prevalent from outside your apartment. Standing stiffly outside the door, the last thing you wanted was to interrupt the loud argument and create an awkward atmosphere – but in retrospect it was unavoidable.
“And you’re just going to listen to her?” Oikawa’s friend spluttered, bewilderment evident in her tone. You winced harshly through the door.
“I love her,” You heard his voice clearly among the chaos.
“She’s controlling you.”
“I came to this decision before she mentioned it, it’s not fair to her.”
“This is manipulation! Can’t you see? She’s trying to tear our friendship apart.”
“Ichika, boundaries are healthy and normal.”
“This isn’t fair,” she wailed, voice rising like dough in the oven.
“You’re going to have to accept and respect these conditions, or I’m afraid we can’t hang out anymore,” Oikawa finalised, delivering the final blow.
It was silent for a few minutes, you held your breath waiting for her answer – if she walked out, it would hurt Tooru.
“Fine,” she decided, “I’ll be more considerate.”
Upon hearing his sigh of relief, you jingled the keys in your hand, opening the door loudly to announce your presence. Walking in with your multitude of shopping bags you smiled at Oikawa and Ichika who were sitting rigidly apart from their encounter.
“Hi Ichika, nice to see you,” You tried to be friendly.
“Hi Y/n” she muttered, her sharp eyes narrowed in on you, trying to pick you apart.
“Tooru love, I’ll just be in the bedroom, feel free to stay here as long as you want Ichika.” With that you retired to your room.
When the small talk diminished and the extra pair of footsteps in the apartment departed, your favourite mop of brown hair moped into the room, you opened your arms, cordially inviting him in.
“Thank you Tooru for respecting me,” you kissed the crown of his head, fingers combing gently through his hair as he closed his eyes and melted into the bed.
“I think it went well,” he murmured trying to convince himself.
“You were very assertive, you should be like that more often,” you teased lightly.
His head peeked up, eyes narrowing, “I can be, I am!”
“Whatever you say baby.”
Suddenly he pounced trapping you beneath him, bringing you in for a scorching kiss. The mood shifted in a split second, hardly enough time for your brain to register the glint in his eyes.
“I’ll show you assertive,” were the last words spoken, drowned out by your shouts of glee and his tender words.
The next week passed in a blur, work drained through as Oikawa grew busier with volleyball. Missing him dearly, you decided to plan a date for the coming Saturday, a cute little outing to his favourite food place with the most delicious milk bread.
“Keep your Saturday afternoon free,” you announced entering the kitchen and setting your work bag down. You watched your boyfriends muscles constrict and relax deliciously as he cooked, trying to stop yourself from drooling.
“Oh? What’s happening then?” He smiled, gracing your lips with a chaste kiss as he returned to the pan, concentrating hard not to burn anything.
“I’m treating you,” you said, eyebrows wiggling as you leaned against the door frame. The heavenly aroma of the warm food teased your nose.
“You spoil me.”
“You deserve it, you know for being the most handsome and caring person in the world.”
He blushed into his arm as he murmured quietly, “That’s quite the compliment.”
Rubbing his back as a thank you for making dinner, you savoured in the little mundane moments that brought so much happiness. The overwhelming feeling was so strong you couldn’t help but bring your phone out to quickly snap a photo.
Oikawa, hearing the noise, jerked his head up as he whined, “Baby, you gotta warn me.”
He angled his head up smiling at the camera waiting for the shutter to go, then posed behind you, and for the finale opted to kiss your cheek. A bitter smell wafted to your noses as he immediately took action.
“Shit, my onions!”
“Have fun with that, I’m going to change while you deal with it.”
His muttered curses drowned out as you left him to adorn your comfy pyjamas. Once ready to eat dinner, you were about to leave when your phone rang, the distinct ring-tone causing you to glance at the screen and your eyebrows shot up in surprise.
Answering the call, you spoke, “Hello, Ichika?”
“Y/n, hi!” Her unusually chirpy voice greeted you.
“What can I do for you?” You asked in shock, this was the first time she had called you directly, choosing to rather begrudgingly talk to you for brief intervals via Oikawa’s phone instead.
“I want to do something for Oikawa, but it’s a surprise,” she divulged, “Could you tell me when he’s free this week?”
You gripped the phone a little tighter as you replied in your false cheerful tone, “Sure, he’s free on Sunday, but that’s really it this week.”
“Oh? Isn’t he usually free on Saturdays?”
“Yeah but I’m taking him out on a date.” Repeating the sentence in your mind provided you with comfort as you continued your conversation.
“Isn’t that sweet! You going to that pizzeria?”
“I think I’ll take him to that milk bread place he really likes.”
It was silent for a few short moments, you prepared yourself to deliver a pleasant goodbye, finger hovering over the hang up button when Ichika spoke once more.
“Well when are you going, in case there’s time for me to see him later or something.”
“I don’t think there’ll be time, We’re going at about three.”
“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll just have to do it on Sunday then. Well, thank you anyway.”
And without waiting for your reply, she cut the call, leaving you in a cloud of confusion. The jealousy that was usually absent sprung forth, dotting your mind in a green haze of worry.
The long awaited afternoon approached quickly, rendering you excited to finally spend some much needed quality time together. Dressed in your best flirty dress that he liked, you were sure nothing could go wrong. Before leaving you sent him a quick text, hoping he’d at least be on his way by now after his extra practice.
‘Don’t forget our date cutie’
Slipping the device away, you managed to get to the café early in the hopes that you could order in advance so that when Oikawa walked in he’d be greeted by all of his favourites, warm and fresh out of the oven. Approaching the counter, you ordered his milk bread along with two cups of hot chocolate, picking other assortments from the glass counter according to how tasty they looked.
The internal dilemma of choosing between the double chocolate or cranberry cookies was disrupted when you felt a heavy arm lay on your shoulders – a particularly familiar cologne enveloped you. Unable to keep the smile off your face, you continued to survey the sweets.
“You’re here early,” you pouted comically, as you leaned into him slightly, “Wanted everything to be ready for when you came.”
Curious at his lack of response, you glanced behind to make sure he was okay when shock coursed through you in strong currents. Jumping a few feet back, your eyes bulged as you spluttered, “I’m sorry do I know you?”
The man crowded closer to you, hand on your waist. As you raised your hand to push him away he gripped it tightly, preventing you from moving. The decency of said man was nowhere to be found as he restrained you in the middle of the café, bringing his unwanted lips near your own. You waited for the dreaded moment of contact, heart pounding in a fear restricted way, but they never met. He lingered unbearably close to you for what felt like a year on Pluto before suddenly pulling away.
When he let go, you looked around wildly to spot Oikawa’s crestfallen face, his eyebrows pulling down in anger as he turned on his heel to march out of the store. Giving the man the nastiest glare you could muster you ran after your love.
“Wait, Tooru!”
His strides remained constant, increasing the distance between you both as you panted like a dog, Trying not to break your ankles in your heels, you yanked them off, bunching them in one hand as you chased him. Your bare feet hit against the stony ground with no mercy. Suddenly he stopped, turning to face you, his towering frame making you want to shrivel up.
“It isn’t what it looked like okay! I –”
He pointed an accusing finger towards you, his once playful face set in stone as he stared you down like you were a repulsive bug on the bottom of his shoe. His eyes that were usually filled with a sparkling mirth around you were dull as they bored into your soul.
“What was it then? I’m out here like a fool while you’re making house with another man.”
“Are you even listening to yourself? Look at the series of events logically –” You tried to explain again before he cut you off.
“I should have listened to her.”
It was like you had been slapped across the face, you flinched as you froze in the middle of the street.
“Listened to who?” You asked deadly calm, praying it wasn’t who you thought it was. Fists clenching as you waited for his response.
“Ichika told me I shouldn’t trust you, that you’d pull something like this.”
“Seems like you’re listening to her over me right now.”
“Yeah, it seems like I am. Should’ve listened to her in the beginning.”
Your hands loosened, the pretty white shoes fell to the ground sullying them. Tears welled in your eyes as you fought them back, “Go date her then, cause I’m done.”
“Fine, I will,” he barked as he strode off, leaving you alone in the cold street, the loose stones pinched your feet painfully as you called a friend. Water drizzled from the sky then flooded down, drenching you as you tried to make sense of the dreadful events of the evening.
Tear filled days had passed with no communication from either end. You moped on the couch of your gracious friend that vehemently agreed to let you stay with her until you got back on your feet. And although you were waiting for a call, a text, something from him, you couldn’t help but wonder if this really was the end, after all he left so easily – without a fight.
Your mind wandered to the possibilities of Oikawa running to Ichika, if he was with her while you were alone, hugging yourself to sleep at night. And then came the self-blame, you should have been stronger, been more persistent and reached out to him in any and all ways possible, to tell him what really happened; but his words played on loop, keeping you awake at night and when you finally managed to fall asleep, they gave you nightmares.
The constant battle between reaching out and being stubborn was trifling, but you didn’t know if you could handle the influx of emotion you had buried away if you did call and Ichika picked up.
“Iwaizumi’s housewarming dinner is tonight,” your friend reminded you as she hugged you from behind, her support was like glue – the only thing that held you together these days. You didn’t know if you would be able to manage seeing him so soon after the raw wound of the breakup - You briefly wondered if he’d bring her.
“I should go,” you sighed, holding onto her arms like a lifeline.
“I’m sure he’ll understand if you don’t,” your friend said, gently providing you with options.
“I want to support him, he’s been good to me,” you admitted as your friend gave you one last squeeze.
“Okay, let’s get you ready.”
Hours later and with the magic touch of your friend, you felt a bit better, more confident and ready to forget your troubles for just one night – you hoped like hell Oikawa had declined but that hope was futile when considering that they were very close friends, but Iwaizumi had been your friend too, way before you had met Oikawa.
“You look beautiful, the dress suits you so well,” your friend cheered from the side as you swished in the mirror. Thanking her for everything you departed, blowing her a big kiss before impending on your journey. And when you stepped out into the brisque air – you almost immediately regretted your decision to go.
It took ten whole minutes to walk up to the front porch of the house and then another five to pluck up the courage to knock on the door.
“Y/n! Glad you could make it!” Iwaizumi hadn’t changed, his characteristically stern face and spiky hair brought you back to the old days of wreaking mischief. He pulled you into a bear hug that you gratefully accepted before he opened the door allowing you to enter, you gasped at the beautiful interior.
“Wow Iwaizumi, your house is so lovely.”
He rubbed his neck sheepishly, “Hired someone to do it.”
“Course you did,” you smirked, remembering his fashion taste in his teen years.
“Everyone’s through there,” he pointed down the hall, “I’m just going to finish up the dinner.”
Entering the main area you were instantly greeted by the other boys and…Oikawa who had turned to face you in a subtle way to catch your attention but you avoided the bait. It didn’t escape your notice that Ichika was absent and relief swept through you.
“Nice to see you Y/n,” Hanamaki, the strawberry blonde smiled, giving you a friendly hug.
“Y/n! Looking as hot as ever,” Matsukawa smirked, tugging you into him. You gave him a teasing smack on the arm as you replied, “Not bad yourself Mattsun.”
“Does that mean you’ll finally go out on that date with me?”
“Hmm,” you pretended to consider, “I don’t think so.”
“You cruel woman,” he said dramatically, raising a hand to his heart. You laughed heartily as you avoided the intense eyes of Oikawa from the corner of the room, giving a nod in his general vicinity in a greeting of acknowledgment.
The tension didn’t go unnoticed by the other two in the room and so when dinner was announced Matsukawa helped you out by sitting next to you.
“I hope you don’t mind, I’ll be stealing Y/n,” he smirked, tucking your chair into the table before settling next to you. What dear Mattsun, however, hadn’t encountered was Oikawa taking the seat opposite you with Hanamaki by his side. Iwaizumi sat at the head of the table, leaving one empty seat across the table.
“Still can’t believe you got an interior designer,” Hanamaki scoffed from across the table, food happily in his mouth and on display for everyone to see.
“That shit must’ve been expensive,” Matsukawa continued, laughing.
“Bet it was worth it,” Oikawa smirked and your eyes automatically snapped to his, he gave you a tentative smile as you turned back to face Iwaizumi, judging by the red tips of his ears he was embarrassed.
“Shut up shitty-Kawa,” he grumbled, attempting to hide his face by taking another bite of food.
“You’re so cute Iwaizumi, did you at least get their number?” You asked, catching on to the flow of the topic.
“Hey!” Matsukawa complained as he teasingly leaned in closer, “Don’t call other men cute in front of me.”
From the corner of your eye, you could see Oikawa’s grip tighten on his fork.
“This isn’t about you,” you shushed him returning your full focus on Iwaizumi, his face was fully flushed now.
“Yeah, I got her number.”
“Whoop,” you cheered, as Hanamaki raised his glass, “To Iwaizumi and his new attempt at romance.”
Giggling, you raised your glass, clinking it against everyone’s and then finally reached Oikawa’s glass, his gaze was so intense you felt you were going to be burned alive. For the rest of the dinner you avoided him at all costs.
After dinner, you were all lounging on the plush couches chatting and catching up, all conversation halted when Iwaizumi opened his mouth.
“Mattsun, Maki, need your help for a second,” he gruffly said taking the two men out of the room, leaving you alone with him.
The deafening silence was loud enough to make you cringe. Abruptly standing up, you dusted off the imaginary dust from your dress as you announced your departure.
“Well, It’s been lovely but I think I should –”
His voice came out quiet and unrefined, it was enough to make you stop in your tracts.
“And why should I?” You demanded, heart beating rapidly as you waited for his response. The anger of him leaving without even listening to you, seeped out in potent bursts.
“I’m so stupid,” he ground out, clenching his teeth as he tried to express everything he was feeling in a way you could understand. Your eyebrows rose as you prompted him to continue.
“I know it’s no excuse, I was blinded with jealousy. When I saw you with that guy, leaning into him – laughing with him I –” His voice cracked slightly as you regarded him with prying eyes.
“At first I thought it was you,” you murmured, nervously playing with your fingers in attempt to distract yourself from the lingering sadness in your head.
“I know that now,” he sighed quietly, “I realised when I got home it didn’t make sense – why hang out with your side piece just before we were going to meet?”
“Well, I’m glad you’ve come to your senses.”
“I’m sorry Y/n,” he said solemnly, “And I know I don’t deserve it, but I’m asking you to give me another chance.”
You scoffed, “What about Ichika, thought you were gonna date her?”
“I just said that to get a reaction, there’s nothing for me without you,” he promised, making his way over to you but still maintaining a few feet of distance.
“Oikawa, you really hurt me. You chose her over me.”
“I’m sorry Y/n,” he pleaded, a singular tear slipping down the expanse of his beautifully sorrowful face, “I realised too late – she was trying to break us up.”
“So it was her that set me up?”
“When I went to see her I saw your side piece come to her place asking for his payment.”
All the pieces fit into place, the random phone call and the bizarre man with the very cologne that Oikawa wore – only she would know something like that, you berated yourself for not being able to fit the pieces together completely.
“Stop calling him my side piece!” You exclaimed, a tint of humour colouring your tone – a sign that you weren’t overly mad.
“You’re right, you wouldn’t have anyone on the side cause you’re not smart enough to maintain it,” he teased, his drying tears leaving a shimmering light on his smooth cheek.
You jabbed your finger into his chest roughly “Listen here -”
He sighed, “Ahh I’ve missed this.”
His declaration caught you by surprise as the scold died on your lips. Slinking into his arms, you buried your face into his chest revelling in the warmth of your home before quietly murmuring, “And I’ve missed you.”
Tumblr media
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merivy · a day ago
All I wanted was to dream another sunset with you | Tsukishima Kei
Tumblr media
Rays of dying sun shone across his face, glasses reflecting warm colors of the sunset. Tsukishima held in a breath. He felt like the colors were coming out straight from his heart and painting the sky in mesmerizing shades.
“I wish I could keep this moment forever” – you said.
“Have you ever heard of this phenomenon called “taking pictures?”” – Tsukishima adjusted his glasses.
Corners of your mouth turned upwards. “No” – your gaze went back to the scenery – “I wish I could keep this moment so that I can come here, in this exact minute whenever I want… kind of like when you read a really good chapter and you reread it time to time, you know? It’s there and you can escape from- “
“Depressing reality that will swallow us whole?”
“Yeah, kind of.”
As you memorized the surroundings, Tsukishima stared at you. He was probably never going to admit how his heart skipped a beat and how his breath hitched. He also wouldn’t admit clenching his cold hands to keep himself from holding your warm ones. Maybe the thing that he was feeling was creating all this colors? Maybe this was the reason, that, for the first time in his life, he didn’t feel the need to protect himself from the unknow danger.
“Have you ever noticed how the most captivating sunsets are the ones in winter?” – Tsukishima snapped back into reality, slowly shaking his head.
“The most captivating sunsets,” – he said as he inched closer. – “are the ones shared with you.”
You looked up to catch his gaze. He wasn’t looking at you, he was trying not to, at least, or else, he probably wouldn’t have found the courage to say those words out loud. You got closer to him as his figure stiffened and slowly wrapped your arms around him, head on his chest, hearing every beat of his heart. The beats, which he was trying so hard to hide from you. He somehow managed to move and placed one hand on your waist, another going to the back of your head.
The smell of cologne almost fogged your mind as you leaned into his touch. You felt his head move, lips touching your temple softly. “I love you” – he whispered – “and I’ll love you for thousands of dying sunsets more”.
Hello lovely people! This is my first ever post here (I’ve been using tumblr for a pretty long time, but never really posted for some reason). Hope this will be a start to an amazing journey! 💫
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thelittlewriter · 15 hours ago
Pairing : Suna x Reader
Previous Part
Tumblr media
You still had the same smile when you asked him if he wanted to order food and watch a movie. He stayed silent so you kept on talking about random things.
- What happened with Hiromi ? he asked.
Didn't you hate him now ?
- Nothing, you simply answered. I just asked her to leave for now. So.... pizza ?
You ended up ordering pizzas. You asked him if he wanted to watch a movie. He honestly didn't want to do anything but stay in bed and cry but you obviously were trying to keep him from doing this, so he went along. He remembered the last time you were sitting in a couch, watching a movie. You confessed that day. He reached selfishly that day. He did today too.
- I'm sorry, Y/N.
You hummed, confused.
- I said awful things to you today. You didn't deserve it.
He could feel your head on his shoulder.
- But you were right. I should've been honest that day. I should have told you I wasn't ready to talk to you again. Lying didn't do anything good to us.
He sighed. He was exhausted. He didn't even know he had these feelings inside of him until now.
- Still. I'm sorry, Y/N. You're just trying to help.
You smiled at him. His eyes were closed. You wondered if he wanted to sleep now. You shifted in the couch to pause the movie. He didn't react at all. He was probably already asleep. You sat up.
- What should I do now, Y/N ? Should I break up with her ?
- Do you wanna break up with her ?
He didn't answer right away.
- I don't know... we were friends before we started dating. But what if it doesn't work anymore ? Do you think I should break up ?
- I don't think that matters the most.
You sat back next to him. He carefully looked at you. There was a small light in his eyes while he waited for your answer.
- Sometimes you do things that you end up regretting in the future...
- So you're telling me I shouldn't break up ?
You shook your head.
- Just to make choices you won't regret in the future, no matter what they are.
He sighed. His mind was getting confused again, he couldn't stop thinking.
- I should go and let you rest, you suddenly said.
He didn't want you to go. He looked at you in the eyes. He couldn't bring himself to ask you to stay. Even though you two never explicitly said anything, you had agreed to put some boundaries on your relationship. He couldn't just ask you to stay, not anymore. He walked you by the door and watched you leave. He fell asleep shortly after.
Tumblr media
- No, I don't wanna hear it ! Nozomi screamed through the phone. And you better stop crying !
You didn't know why you were crying. Maybe it was guilt. You felt so guilty. You never wondered how Suna really was, not once in the years you were apart. Sure, you wondered what he was up to, but you thought he was texting you everything. It appears that you were just seeing an Instagram page. He only showed what he wanted you to see, he was keeping secrets. It was normal and expected. People always had secrets. But you two really didn't. You were the one who started to hide things from him. You were the one who started to lie to him. And you hurt him.
- You didn't do anything wrong, Y/N.
- But I did. We both did things we shouldn't have.
You knew that. You reacted badly and so did he. But you couldn't point out what exactly hurt him. You needed to talk to him about it another day.
- Maybe you did, but he shouldn't have brought it up now, even if he's hurt.
You hummed. You talked to Nozomi about a few other things but your mind was stuck on the conversation you had with Hiromi even after your call ended. When you got her out of Suna's apartment, you tried to talk to her into leaving.
- You can't stop yourself from hurting him, don't you ? she scoffed.
You felt your shoulder get tense. You had trouble staying calm.
- I can't believe you have the nerve to say this. You just cheated on him !
- And he cheated on me with you first.
- Do not put the blame of what you did on me. You're jealous and insecure and you need to work on it.
- How come I'm the insecure one ? she retorted. You're the one who toyed with him before leaving him just for your self-esteem.
Toy with him ?
- He told me everything. You knew how much he relied to you and you lied to him. You left him alone.
- He rejected me, you protested with a trembling voice.
- Was that a reason to lie to him ? To betray his trust ?
You lowered your head. You had lied and you had betrayed his trust. Not telling him how you felt all this time was just like lying to him. He was your friend before anything else. You should have been honest to him all this time.
You took a deep breath. You tried to calm down. It all belonged to the past. You needed to keep your hands off what you couldn't control... and start to think about what you could change.
You put a hand on Hiromi's shoulder.
- Look, I've hurt him too. But it doesn't mean you should be here.
She pushed your hand off her.
- If you get into this room and impose yourself when he needs space, you will lose him forever. If you want a chance, you have to respect his choice.
You wondered... what if that was what didn't work. After the confession, you stopped listening to each other.
She scoffed and walked away.
- He's still my boyfriend until he tells me he's not anymore, so you better keep your hands to yourself.
It was not like you were going to try anything but you wondered if he didn't need space from you too. You decided it was for the best to keep my hands and mind from meddling into Suna's life. At least for a little while.
Suna didn't text you the next day. You texted him the day after to see how he was going byt he didn't reply You started to get worried so you called after five days.
- Hello ? you heard.
You recognized that voice.
- H... Hiromi ?
- Oh, Y/N, hi ! Rin is right there, hang on.
She seemed happy.
- Y/N ?
- Hey ! I... just... called to see how you were doing...
- Oh, I'm good !
He sounded good. Almost as if nothing had happened. Was he pretending nothing happened ?
- I took your advice... I'm trying with Hiromi...
- Oh. That's great ! I'm happy for you...
- Yeah...
You two stayed silent for a while.
- I gotta go... Bye, Y/N.
You had barely answered when he hung up.
Tumblr media
Tags : @ys2800 @jiminslajibolala @rat-p1ss @qualitygiantshoepsychic @lovelytaes-blog @bananasquash @backoftheletter @wakasa-wifey @jojowantstocry  @amarinthe @wolffmaiden @sunas-type @your-girl-mj @crapimahuman @shiratori-no-hikari  @thegracerammy @wumboho ​ @whitebread-wasian​​ @nctseventeensworld​
Tumblr media
Hey ! I'm posting this so late but I hope you enjoyed this chapter... Unfortunately, I'm gonna be very busy for the next 10 days but I hope I'm still gonna be able to update it this weekend... Anyway, have a good day !
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suckerforsugawara · 2 days ago
hq boys taking care of you when you’re sick/not feeling well
Tumblr media
featuring: Tsukki, Suga, Hinata, Yamaguchi, and Tanaka
content: female reader. most imply you are dating the boys. full of fluff!
At first thinks you’re just making it up so you two can cuddle and be lazy in bed all day (which he totally loves)
“My stomach is bothering me. Tsukki could you please make me some tea?”
Your puppy dog eyes melt his heart
He immediately goes and brings you tea and crackers
Will lay next to you and play with your hair and give you little kisses randomly
“How’s my girl feeling now?”
You smile up at him and tell him you’re already feeling a lot better and he couldn’t be happier
He mumbles about you being a cute little faker who just needed some attention
He becomes your nurse essentially
Constantly checking up on you and will get anything you need the second you ask for it
He will get your medicine when it’s time to take it, he’s the one keeping track of how many hours you have until your next dose
He will make you fresh homemade soup that tastes like heaven
He will pat your head and give you forehead kisses
Will cuddle you to sleep and stay up with you if you’re having trouble sleeping
You’re out of energy, but no worries Hinata has enough for both of you
He desperately tries to keep you happy and smiling even if you’re not feeling too well
He’ll put on your favorite tv show and cuddle with you on the couch
Will give you the cutest sad face when you say you aren’t feeling well 🥺 He’s so concerned and doesn’t really know what to do to make you better
“How can I help sweetheart?” 😥 like it makes him so upset but he’s also so confident you’ll feel better soon and is already planning fun things to do together the second you say you are better
Will draw you a bath with lavender bubble bath
Picks out a nice face mask to have ready for you to put on in the bath
Will make your favorite hot tea
He knows, that like him, you let stress and anxiety get to you so bad that it makes you feel physically sick
He will totally join you in this little self care moment if you want him to or will wait for you either on the couch with snacks and a movie or at the table with a warm meal ready for you
But nothing beats the moments of you and him in your swimsuits in the bath covered in bubbles with sheet face masks on. You two look ridiculous and it makes you both instantly feel better
You told him you’re sick, probably just allergies, since you’ve been sneezing all day but he’s ready to fight someone
“Who got you sick?! It’s okay you can tell me. I just want to talk to them”
Seeing you feeling under the weather makes him so emotional
“I don’t care if you may get me sick I still want to give you all my love” like he’s so dramatic but you find it so adorable
Will cuddle and kiss you all day long and then wake up sick the next day
You feel bad for getting him sick but he doesn’t mind, it’s just another day or two close to you.
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i2tomie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦁 _ & 우리는 우리의 낙상과 _ ꒰ 🍂 ꒱우리가 살았던 것들과 우리가 사랑했던 거짓말을 세고
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ivoryseia · 15 hours ago
Suna loves watching apocalyptic horror moves, specifically where its only a social apocalypse. Zombie movies, infections, or even alien invasions. He loves them because he likes to ridicule characters decisions. He will usually make comments such as,
"No you dumbass of course the dark tunnel would be riddled with zombies." or "No shit Sherlock people are eating other people like its a 3 star buffet of course there is something wrong."
But he mostly does it just to see you smile or giggle, he thinks he is the best person to watch horror movies with.
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shujiswife · 21 hours ago
Oikawa x reader
Broken mask
Tumblr media
Summary: oikawa is pretty and has girls swooning behind him he has the best smile and perfect life. If only they knew what he actually goes through.
Warnings: angst with fluff ending, cursing igz let me know if there's anything I forgot!!
Tumblr media
He always seemed like the perfect guy, but with the attention he also got glares from few guys and flirty looks from almost every girl. You would think that he's living his best life out there.
The way he would smile at everyone or act like a whiny child to his best friend, everyone saw it as part of his personality he was annoying but that's what made him.....well, him.
But....what if most of it was just a mask? Well...that's what it was, unfortunately. Because in reality, it wasn't all this good for him.
Oikawa tooru. The volleyball caption of Ahoba johsai. The perfect guy as every girl in the school called him. He would get letters and other gifts from them which he would receive wholeheartedly.
But his days weren't always like that. "Hey, shitface!! Steal another girl today? Why don't you get your own girl instead of stealing someone else" ahh yes, the regular bullies.
You see, Oikawa along with his amazing volleyball skills and good looks came the fangirls. Not that he hated them, he actually loved the support but he would never date anyone cause he knew they loved him only for his looks and he didn't want that. He wanted someone who would love him for him. But as time passed people eventually labeled him as a playboy even tho he never dated any of the fangirls and even rejected them kindly they would be heartbroken.
But the worst was girls who already had boyfriends would confess to him. There were a few that supported him as a friend but most would leave their boyfriends for him. Which led to bullying it went from hate letters to disturbing comments while no one was around to getting beaten up.
Iwazumi would ask him what happened but he would shake it off saying he fell down or slept the wrong way. He never told anyone and neither did anyone know. Which brings him to where he is right now.
Sitting behind the school uniform dirty, a bleeding lip and a dark purple bruise near his jaw and cheek which wouldn't be going anytime soon. Finally, he broke down tears streaming down his face. "Why....what did I do?" He asked in a shaky voice to no one in particular.
Clutching his hands tight resting his forehead on his knees he sat there hoping that he could talk to someone. "Hey, are you alright?" A small voice asked.
Slowly looking up through teary eyes Oikawa saw a girl please no not another fangirl he thought since she looked to be kinda shy like someone who would confess. But then again none of his fangirls asked how he was doing and she seemed genuine about it, not just for conversation.
"Are you another fangirl here to confess?" He asked letting out a bitter chuckle but stopped when he felt pain near his ribs. He had never seen her before with his fangirls which made him curious too.
"Oh...umm no, I was passing by when I heard you that's why I came," the girl said not yet noticing the bruce since he didn't show his full face yet.
"Must be pathetic huh? To see the captain of the volleyball team like this" he said "not really it just seems like another side of you is all" this had taken Oikawa by surprise he looked up at her as the girl's eyes went wide.
Immediately she ran kneeling near him and took out her kerchief she wet the cloth with water from her bottle and without a second thought wiped the blood off his lip ever so softly so that she didn't hurt him.
A blush made its way to Oikawa's face as he felt her warm touch it felt...comforting. After cleaning his lip they both went to the infirmary to clean himself up.
After that, the two were now sitting on a bench in the nearby park as Oikawa told her everything. The girl listened carefully and felt bad that he had to go through all that when he didn't have any fault in it.
"So umm I didn't get your name. I've been ranting to you about something no one knows without knowing your name" he said with a chuckle in the end to lighten the mood. "It's (y/n) (l/n) but you can just call me (y/n)" she said with a small smile which seemed to make Oikawa get butterflies inside.
"Hey, (y/n) you know who I am don't you?" He asked to which she hummed in response "then why did you help me? Everton calls me a playboy, a flirt. so why are you with me even after helping me?" He asked looking down even though his bruce made it hard.
This took (y/n) by surprise, "well isn't it obvious that you aren't?" This made Oikawa turn to the girl in surprise. Taking two milk bread that she had in her bag handing one to Oikawa and the other for her she spoke.
"They only call you that because girls fawn over you. And since you reject them they talk about it from the wrong perspective and don't even think about your feelings but only theirs. But I don't see you as a player tho" this answer seemed to take the brown-haired boy by surprise.
Curious about it he asked her "well, then how do you see me (y/n)?" He asked. "Hmm well, I would say.... You're a sweet guy who cares for your team and close people you love to have fun and act like a kid sometimes. OH! and act like a whiny drama queen whenever your with that spiky setter. What was his name?? Oh yeah, iwa-chan? Is what you always cry?" She said mind in thought thinking of the many times she saw Oikawa act like a drama queen to iwazumi.
Oikawa chuckled at the girl's behavior finding it cute. But what made him even happier was someone who saw him for him and not just his looks or skills. A big smile made its way to his face as he felt comfort towards the girl. "Thank you..." He said looking at the girl "huh?" "Thank you for seeing me for the real me and not just for my looks. I appreciate it" he said. (Y/n) blushed at this and waved her hands in front of her and spoke in a stuttering mess " uhh well it's alright I just dont believe until I see it y'know? That's all" she said chuckling nervously.
After a while of ranting to each other like they know each other for a long time time. (Y/n) was the first to notice how long they've been talking to each other and acting like drama queens from an opera show. God bless iwazumi for what he has to deal with now.
"Well it's getting late I better get going," she said "yeah, so do I let's walk together since we go the same way," he said as the two of you walked reaching your house first as Oikawa had to walk down three more houses.
Handing out his phone the both of you exchanged numbers "okay see you tomorrow at school and take care of your bruce" she said with a smile "I will don't worry" Oikawa said smiling back. Just as (y/n) was about to walk away she was pulled into a hug by Oikawa himself. "Thank you (y/n)...." He said after he broke the hug he covered his mouth trying not to go into a laughing fit at the sight in front of him.
(Y/n) was beet red that even tomatoes would've been jealous of. Smacking his arm she said "hey! Give me a warning next time would ya? " to which the boy whined back at her for 'breaking his hand. Finally, he was happy really happy. That, someone, saw past his looks and acknowledged him for him.
"Nooo, im telling you~~ milk bread is way better than anything!!" Oikawa whined to (y/n)
"That's what I said!! And she said no!!" (Y/n) dramatically told Oikawa to which he agreed and they continued to talk while the team just looked at them.
"It's like there's two of him....just that the other is a female," Matsukawa said as everyone nodded in agreement at the sight before them. It was certainly two Oikawas' now. A chill went down their spine as they thought about what awaited them in the future.
"Yeah but...isn't the one who is going to suffer most iwazumi?" Kumini asked as everyone looked at the said boy who had a look of horror on his face just then two voices shouted at the same time "IWA-CHANNN~~~"
Iwazumi sighed as he knew he was now going to have to look after more like taking care of this new duo that God seemed to have made. The team patted his back wishing him luck cause he would need it. Ahh God bless him indeed.
Tumblr media
Hope y'all enjoyed this!! Also I do take requests just make sure you read the rules before you drop them!! Have a great day/night!!!
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honeystwiggypeach · 2 days ago
Kids are ruthless!
Sugawara Koshi x Single mother Reader
Tumblr media
Wait because like uhm… I know Sugawara teaches like prechool(I think) I can’t stop thinking about how funny it would be for him to teach middle schoolers, like he’s trying his hardest to not conform to there weird pranks because damn was that a funny idea but where is there teacher oh…
Tumblr media
When I was in elementary school we had lunch in the gym and our parents would come only for like thanksgiving and Christmas though(I went to a very small school with like less than 150 kids in the whole school so we could do stuff like that.)
Those little kids most definitely told Aiko, Suga was her father because that what there parents said(as in a mother’s boyfriend is your father type thing)
(Also this is like the second or third time I’ve written for Sugawara and like the only way for me to actually improve on writing for him is to actually write…and like kinda a waste to just have all these stories and not do anything with them so, it isn’t the greatest but it’s uhm definitely here🤩)
Tumblr media
Sugawara doesn’t necessarily teach middle school, he teaches that last year if elementary school, I think it’s like fourth or fifth grade? Well anyways those kids cannot keep secrets.
It was like the last day before Christmas break and Suga had decided to buy a chocolate for no one in particular considering the amounts of chocolates and sweets he got being a teacher.
His lesson plans for today was to let the kids do a color by number, well that derailed when they all finished it and began to bombard him with playing 20 questions about his love life.
“Do you have a wife Mr.Suga?”
“Nope.” He says as he switches between the computer and his paper.
“What a bout a husband?” Another asks and he again tells them no.
“No girlfriend or boyfriend?” A smaller high pitched voice asks.
He shakes his head looking at his relatively small class of like 13 kids.
“We’ll do you have a crush?” Suga pauses and taps his finger on his chin pretending to think before shrugging.
All of his students gasp.
“Who is it?” They all chapter speculating diffrent people one even going so far as to suggest Kiyoko who they had ran right into when they saw their teacher in the supermarket, though Suga was quick to shut that down.
“She’s married to one of my friends guys, I’m their son’s uncle.” He explains as they all nod before switching to maybe it’s somebodies mom, and boy are they getting close he’s just hopping they don’t guess it before they go to have their little Christmas dinner in the gym.
“We’ll all of our moms are with our dads…” one of the girls, Aiko, states, and he sighs in relief for a second.
“….Aiko,” they pause
“Oh.” She mumbles.
“It’s Aiko’s mom isn’t it!” They shout causing Suga to turn pink.
“Uhm…” he mumbles
“Is it really?” Aiko asks sounding a bit to excited to learn that her teacher who is confidently close to her mother had feelings for said mother.
Suga just sets his head in his desk as he ignores there questions and giggles.
He sighs realizing the time and lines his kids up to go to the gym where you were inevitably waiting to hear from the chatterbox children that ‘Mr. Suga has a big crush on you!’
He stops with his back pressed against the double doors of the small gymnasium, he puts a finger up to his lips and shushes the chatty children and they all nod.
He’s got a feeling the whole time they were planning to do exactly what they were doing now, running straight towards you , Aiko’s mother.
Quickly Aiko hides behind your leg as you place a hand on her back and the children bombard you practically vibrating we’re they stand at the idea of pay back on there teacher who would poke fun at their silly crushes on celebrities twice there age.
Oh it was all coming back to bite him in the ass… Not that it really mattered anyways when his third date with you was sometime in this week.
After awhile the kids find there way to their parents and you guide Aiko to Suga following not far behind her as you jokingly as if he really does like you.
“I would hope.” He sighs.
“That would be best.” You say smiling up as you entertained your fingers with his before Aiko is off dragging you two to the tables.
Tumblr media
Bonus! Suga’s a teacher so he’s just supposed to stand around and kind of chaperone,(when I had the lunches if your parent was a teacher they could sit)
but Aiko forces him to sit with the two of you. He’s trying to explain to her that he can’t be sitting here and she’s just like…but your my dad because that’s what a…and it just confuses the poor girl, because she does truly look up to him as a father and her classmates told her he was and he’s also with her mom and both you and Suga are like….you know what no you’re right(don’t over work yourself thinking about it we can see the wheels turning in your head) call him what you want it doesn’t change much, and she just drops it and eats lunch and the three of you go home and she probably never questions it again…she probably doesn’t even recognize the weight of her thinking of Sugawara as a father.
Tumblr media
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