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#haikyu x reader
sukunababy · 17 days ago
Hi Mars i know you don't typically write for Haikyu but I wanted to ask you if you could do a nsfw visual with just your favourite characters. If you don't want to it doesn't matter thank you anyway
Tumblr media
Haikyū!! NSFW Visual its porn
a/n: I challenge you to find my top 3 lol
Part 2
Tumblr media
DAICHI SAWAMURA: link link link link link link
ASAHI AZUMANE: link link link link
SHŌYŌ HINATA: link link
TOBIO KAGEYAMA: link link link link link
KEISHIN UKAI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
TETSURŌ KUROO: link link link link link link link link
KENMA KOZUME: link link link link link
ALISA HAIBA kinda hot so I add her in too: link link link
Tumblr media
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI: link link link link link link
Tumblr media
KŌTARŌ BOKUTO: link link link link link link
KEIJI AKAASHI: link link link link
Tumblr media
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link link link link
EITA SEMI: link link
Tumblr media
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
OSAMU MIYA: link link link
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ohajime · 11 days ago
When you sleep on the couch after an argument (Atsumu, Suna)
Tumblr media
part two part three
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 2.8K
request: Hiii!! I love your works can you do that prompt when you sleep on the couch after an argument? With any characters you would like please.
Tumblr media
You and Atsumu have always had problems communicating when it comes to serious discussions. He was lighthearted and playful by nature, which was something you liked in him, as his upbeat personality balanced out yours, always being helpful when it comes to mellowing you out when you were stressed. 
However, when it came to moments like these when you were nearly in tears over Atsumu’s nonchalant mannerisms, there was always a part of you that wondered if being with Atsumu was the right choice for both of you.
“Stop being so wound up Y/N,” he groaned, sauntering over to the couch with you hot on his heels practically steaming with annoyance.
“But i’m not being wound up,” you fired back “you aren’t listening to me.”
“Baby I don’t know why this is such a big issue,” he says with a chuckle, shaking his head at you as you stand in front of you with your arms folded.
“It’s an issue because I can’t keep picking up after you Atsumu,” you complained, joining him on the couch, “you’re lazy when it comes to house chores and you’re barely even here and when you are here you don’t do anything...I hate feeling like i’m doing all of this on my own.”
“Well if you want me to start putting the toilet seat down, I guess I can start doing that,” he joked with a laugh and you didn’t even need to look at his face to know he was smirking, which made you scoff.
You didn’t respond to his poorly timed joke, frustrated how Atsumu wasn’t listening to you. It was a common occurrence that Atsumu didn’t take the problems that you had in your relationship seriously, whether it was a minor issue or a big one. He had a tendency to brush it off and make a joke as if it wasn’t important.
The silence was deafening, and you could feel Atsumu wince, silently berating himself at the awkward atmosphere that he knew he caused. You had no urge to speak to Atsumu anymore, his constant unconcern for your troubles made you think that your relationship was a lost cause.
“Y/N,” he said, his voice timid just above a whisper as he tapped you on the shoulder feeling apprehensive since he now could tell you were annoyed by him, “why do I feel like this isn’t really about my bad house habits?”
“Wow I’m surprised you noticed,” you muttered sarcastically feeling fed up by his slow revelation. 
“What’s wrong Y/N?” he asked sincerely, inching closer to you.
“It’s just..” you started with a sigh, “what are we even doing with each other?”
“What do you mean by that? Do you want to break up? What why?” he said with a frown, his voice raising becoming panicked at your ‘random,’ suggestion to end the relationship not fully understanding your words.
“Atsumu,” you said softly, finally turning your body so you were looking straight at him and he could see the tears already started to form in your eyes, “You don’t listen to me. At all. And I feel like you take our relationship as a big joke, and you don’t care about me or about us.” His lips parted slightly in confusion, and before he could respond he thought about what you had and said and he felt terrible knowing in what you were in reference too. 
“Y/N I-” 
“I don’t have time for your excuses ‘Tsumu,” you say a bit harshly “Whenever I talk to you, it goes in one ear and out the other you never pay attention anymore, like I don’t even know if you’re listening to me now.” The tears in your eyes sparked and started to run, and Atsumu instinctively pulled you into a hug, a response wanting to immediately comfort you although he was angry at himself that he was the cause of your tears.
When your crying relaxes, you hear Atsumu take an intake of breath before speaking “I hear what you’re saying Y/N, I do and I'm so sorry that I’ve made you feel this way. I do listen to you and i get -”
“Atsumu I can’t do this with you right now,” you stood up abruptly going straight to your bedroom with a sigh with him following in pursuit rolling his eyes. “It’s late right now and I think we should go to bed and I guess we can discuss this tomorrow.”
He nodded, unfolding his arms going into your bathroom to brush his teeth getting ready to sleep, meanwhile you were collecting spare blankets and cushions out of the closet to set your bed on the couch tonight. As much as you wanted too, you were too agitated with Atsumu to sleep next to him and even though you ended the conversation there were still more things you wanted to say but you knew they’d fall on deaf ears anyways.
When he came out of the bathroom he went straight in the bed barely thinking about you as his mind just thought of how this problem escalated and how he didn’t mean anything that he said or how he acted. You both spent the beginning of your sleep staring at the ceiling, not being able to sleep feeling bad about how sad you made each other feel.
Atsumu was about to try and properly rest and he turned on his side to give you his usual night time kiss but he froze when he realised you weren’t beside him. He got up in a quick panic, confused about where you could be. But when he exited your bedroom, walking into the living room and saw you bundled up in blankets he felt even worse.
“Y/N,” he called out behind you but you shut your eyes abruptly, pretending to be asleep. You heard his footsteps approach you and he sat gently on the arm of the couch taking in mind not to touch you in case you ‘woke up.’ “I’m an idiot,” he said more to the air then to you, “I keep on fucking up over and over and I feel terrible I love you really bad and I do listen to you I just joke around too much to distract you, because I feel that if we had a real serious talk then you’d notice how I don’t deserve you.”
He stood up off the couch and went closer towards you, pressing a soft kiss against your forehead and you felt him move the blanket onto you more so you could have a more comfortable sleep, “I promise i’ll try better in this relationship, since I don’t want to lose you baby. Goodnight Y/N,” he padded away back to the bedroom and you were trying your best not to jump up and run into his arms, your heart melting at his indirect apology.
You couldn’t sleep, after hearing Atsumu’s words you really did start to forgive him. Of course you needed to talk to him, but just by him going out of his way to say all this to you when he thought you were asleep really made you have hope in your boyfriend that although he didn’t seem like he was listening to you all the time, he was and he wanted your relationship to thrive just as much as you did.
In the middle of the night, you realised that falling asleep on your own was something you weren’t used to, so you got out of your poorly made couch bed, and crept back into your bedroom sliding into your bed, trying not to wake Atsumu. 
His eyes blinked open and he looked down to see you next to him and a sleepy smile came on his face and he pulled you into his arms as usual and you snuggled up into his chest as you both finally felt like you could sleep as the comfortability and safeness you lacked being without each other was back now that you’re back in each others hold.
“Baby,” you heard him ask, dazed not really knowing if he was dreaming or not, “are we going to be okay?”
“Yes ‘Tsumu, I think we will,” you responded, closing your eyes in content as you truly believed that you would be.
You were having a terrible week, nothing was going right, you were stressed, tired and in need of a hug. Your boyfriend, Suna Rintarou, was usually the best remedy for times like these always there to ease your mind with a lame joke or one of the numerous tik toks and memes he’d send you throughout the day or when he comes home and wraps his limbs around you in a bear hug spreading his warmth and comfort to you.
However, Suna seemed busy as well, not spending much time in the house as he was preparing for a big game coming up. You understood that being a professional volleyball player can be demanding at times and you were very supportive of your boyfriend’s work. But sometimes, especially times like these, when you were stressed feeling lonely you just wanted to see your boyfriend not hear him leave bright and early in the morning when you were still in bed or when you were in bed at 4 am at night.
It was past midnight, but you were up late going through mountains of schoolwork that was due the next morning so you had to cram to get it done. Suna was of course not home yet, but you weren’t that fazed on that now as you only thought of getting this work done.
You were more than halfway through and on your 4th cup of coffee trying to stay awake when you heard the door handle jiggle a bit, a key going through, before you heard the front door open. Suna’s footsteps trudged into the house and you heard him yawn, obviously tired from gallivanting about doing who knows what at 2 am. 
He didn’t notice you hunched up on the couch at first as he walked past the living room to go to your bedroom, but the furiocious typing of your keys alerted him and he had to do a double take not believing that you could be up at this time. 
“Y/N, what are you doing up at this time?” he asked 
“I could ask you the same thing,” you responded with, saying it a little more harsher than you would like to but you couldn’t help the involuntary annoyance you had with him.
“Woah what’s that s’pposed to mean,” he said with an attitude of his own, starting to form, as he dropped his duffle bag, approaching you closer so that he was in your line of sight.
“Oh don’t act so coy,” you said, shutting your laptop lid, looking up at him “you’re barely around anymore, I don’t know whether you’re my boyfriend or just a roommate I see from time to time.”
“You’re so dramatic Y/N,” he scoffs “I see you all the time, I'm seeing you right now. It's not my fault that you want to be underneath me all the time.”
“That’s not what I want at all, I just want to be able to see you and not hear your footsteps leave your house at the crack of dawn,” you complained “I know that you have a big game coming up and i’m so excited for you since I know you don’t want to lose, but I just don’t want to lose what we have with the amount of time you’re away. It’s crazy how we live together but I miss you so much.”
Suna frowned hearing what you said, and you could tell he was deeply thinking about it. You looked at the clock and saw you only had a few hours left before your deadline was done, and you didn’t have the time to have a heart to heart with Suna after spending all the days alone.
“Y/N I-”
“Look as much as I’d want to talk about how neglectful you’ve been for the past week, I’ve only got a few more hours till my school work is due,” you said “and don’t you have to be up really early anyways, you should get some sleep.” Your tone of voice was bored and dry, with Suna recoiling slightly realising that one of the reasons for this was him and his actions.
He nodded and just silently slipped away to your bedroom, cursing himself along the way thinking of ways he could fix the awkward position he’s put your relationship in. You stayed on the couch tapping away nearly finished your homework feeling sleepier and sleepier. When you were done, you got ready for bed and stared at your boyfriend sleeping peacefully and as much as you loved the sight of him, you didn’t want to sleep next to him to just continue the cycle of him waking up super early not saying good morning to you and leaving.
So you went back to the living room and laid in the burrow of blankets you had set up earlier when you were studying and decided to sleep there for the night, thinking of how you and Suna could possibly solve this.
Suna’s alarm went off, as usual, at 5 am again and he groaned, being more tired than usual. He slowly got up and wiped his eyes, before he noticed you weren’t there and in his confused haze checked the time again, to make sure he didn’t oversleep. He walked out to the living room and saw you sleeping there buried in your blankets and he felt immediately bad, having to practically sneak out past you trying not to wake you up made him feel more guilty then he thought he would.
So, he went over to you and scooped you up in his arms, chuckling at the sight of your half-drooled-sleep state and put you in your bed knowing that your back is going to ache from being on your couch all night. When he left your bedroom, instead of leaving straight out the door to go to an early practice he sent a quick text to his captain and went to the kitchen instead.
You woke up around 12pm, feeling well rested and accomplished that you finished all your schoolwork. But you were confused as you were sure that you fell asleep on the couch. You heard movement from outside and froze, thinking that an intruder was in the house but when you heard the familiar “for fuck sake,” come from a voice which you could easily pinpoint as your boyfriend your worries left as quickly as they came. 
You trodden out of your bedroom and were shocked to see your boyfriend, Suna Rintarou, in a “kiss the cook,” apron frantically moving from mixing bowls in your kitchen. “Um babe?” you said your voice was a bit quiet from just waking up.
Suna looked at you, with a shocked look on his face “you weren’t supposed to be awake right now,” he blurted down his eyes averting to the pan on the stove that was most definitely burning.
“But it’s 12pm,” you said, stepping closer to him in an attempt to help, “what are you doing here?”
“Sorry!” he said again abruptly, “I wanted to say sorry, I know this isn’t probably the best sorry but I wanted to start somewhere…”  he was obviously nervous and you actually thought that was endearing how his usual nonchalance was crumbling in front of you.
You pulled him out of the kitchen and into the living room, ignoring his humorous flour covered appearance. “Rin, this isn’t what I wanted” you said, and he slightly frowned not wanting to hear this.
“Well what do you want babe?” he said sadly, “last night I realised how much I messed up and I want to really make this up to you.”
“I just want you to be here” was all you said, and you could see Suna start to relax a bit as he noticed that you wanted to fix this mess as much as he did.
 “You want me to be here,” he repeated slowly to himself before looking at you with a smile that you quickly returned I’ll be here”
He pulled you into a hug getting flour over you, but you didn’t care you were just happy you were taking a step into the right direction. You knew that it would take more than Suna agreeing with you for things to actually go okay, but you knew that he would actually try. “You suck at making food by the way,” you mumbled into his chest with a laugh.
“Well I guess you’ll have to teach me,” he responded with a smirk standing up pulling you into the kitchen as you spent the rest of the day cooking.
Tumblr media
General taglist [1] [bold can’t be tagged]: @saxuui, @iimoonii​ @hamdehlesmis​ @Shoyosupremacy, @iambashfulperson​ @kayleighbeccaa​ @bakugouswh0r3​ @xedspirits​ @borpcorp​ soft-angle-clouds @foxxtrot-116​ @Xogiaaa, @jesssobs​ @apple-poptarts​ @galagcica​ @letssssus​ @random-734​ @rinyx​ @rybunie​ @cant-think-of-a-username​ @kuroohoeee​ @kellesvt​ @jojowantstocry​ @shinsouscatpisssmell​ @succulentmom​ @jihyunieeee​ @mysterystarz​ @astroqphillic​ @tetsunarin @joyaphoria​ @elektrosonix​ @maizumis​ @fandomsgotmefucked​ @drageonix22​ @uwu-queen-420​ @crapimahuman​ @tesoromia​ @pelicanpizza​ @conchetucona​ @akaashis-wife​ @crystal-lilac​ @bokutoslittledoll​ @taro-im​ @asaitashi​ @arrogantsonofabiscuit​ @nouser @mariyeahh​ @milktyama​ @pansexualproblemchild​ @koushisbutterfly​ @erensnubs​ @danasaan​ @menheraryn​ @bucinhajime​ @primsonnn​ [join the taglist]
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215-luv · 17 days ago
OIKAWA: “hm? does my princess need my attention?” he grins as you straddle his lap while hiding your face on the crook if his neck, letting out a small whine. while you’re so focused in feeling comfortable on your boyfriends’ lap, he couldn’t help but find you extremely adorable being so clingy only for him. he lets out a giggle as his arms circle around your body, squishing you against his chest until there’s no space between your bodies, “i’ll give you everything you need, mi amor.”
KUROO: he was working on his assignment when you felt the need of feeling his touch. without a word, you sat down beside him with a pout. he took notice of your actions and gives you a side glance, “something wrong?”. and with that, you leaned your body on him while entangling your arm with his. the way your head nuzzles his shoulder made him smirk and he exactly knew what you needed. “adorable.” he whispers under his breath before hooking an arm around your waist to guide you on his lap, letting yourself adjust before he pats your back comfortingly, “much better kitten? i’ll get back to you when i finish my homework ‘kay?”
SUNA: raises an eyebrow when you plopped yourself on top of him in bed. while his arms automatically wrapped themselves around your body, he felt you nuzzling deeper on the crook of his neck. “you good?” he asks as if to make sure you aren’t feeling bad or anything. you shake your head, “just want to feel you rin.” as soon as those words came out of your mouth, something clicks inside him as he smiles in pride, tightening his hold around you while giving you small butt pats, “is that so? then i’m all yours pretty.”
BOKUTO: doesn’t waste a single second when you sat beside him pouting and he’s immediately got you in his arms. “what’s wrong baby? did something bad happen? do i have to kiss the pain away? should i fight someone? what do you want me to do babyyy?” he throws in questions while mushing his cheek against yours, making you giggle ‘cause you feel so loved. your hand moves to cups his cheek and he instantly wraps his hand around your wrist softly. “i just want to feel your warmth, kotaro~” and with that reply you swore you saw his cheeks turning pink while offering you a wiggly smile, laughing out loud before pulling your body closer to his and smacking kisses around your face, “i love you so, so much!”
ATSUMU: “baby? are ya ok?” his voices laces in concern the moment you claimed your spot on his lap without a word. an arm immediately wraps around your waist as he tries to consult you. “nothing’s wrong tsumu, i just miss you.” you reply while hooking your chin over his shoulder. and with his heart beating rapidly, he couldn’t help but tilt his head up to the ceiling, biting his lip to hide his excitement, letting out a huge breath before clearing his throat and moving his head down to nuzzle his nose against your hair, his grip on you tightening. “i’m always here babe. ‘m not going anywhere, don’t ya worry.”
TSUKISHIMA: he was studying for a test when you decided to disturb his alone time by bending down under his arm to straddle his lap. the action itself gave your boyfriend a surprise and he let out a tsk to hide the blush on his cheeks, “y/n, what the hell are you do-” he stops mid sentence when your arms wraps around his neck, finding himself astonished because how good this all feels. it feels so right. you felt like a perfect piece to his puzzle. he’s stopped breathing for a moment and you reassured him, “m sorry kei, i just wanna feel your touch, that’s all.” you smile when you heard him grunt, wrapping an arm around your waist while the other assists with his books. “you surprised me, if you wanted to cuddle with me you could’ve just said so, idiot.”
KONOHA: he was preparing hot cocoa for the both of you when he almost lets out a scream the moment you wrap your arms around his waist from behind. “you scared me!” he slightly turns his body, circling an arm around your shoulder while the other stirs the cup at the same time. a short silence passes by before you whispered against his sweater, “aki, i’m touch starved…”, you felt your boyfriend halting from his actions the moment those words came out from your mouth, his face turned into a surprised one, now covered with a smirk as he looks down at you with a look. “so?” he teases, making you groan as your grip on him tightens and he couldn’t help but let out a laugh cause you’re so, so cute. “don’t you worry babe, i’m not going anywhere. i’ll hold you however you like.”
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kageyuji · a month ago
he accidentally texts his date
Tumblr media
iwaizumi, bokuto, oikawa, tsukishima, atsumu, akaashi ; gn!reader
warnings/genre: swearing, fluff
notes: i’ve been having trouble with tags lately, so reblogs are greatly appreciated!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ohajime · 18 days ago
What they message you after an argument (Atsumu, Bokuto, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Sakusa, Suna)
Tumblr media
AN: two post in a day call me mega mind but I’m tired HWOEVER this request spurred some ideas in me so thanks to the anon that requested it.
Read part two here
Reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sunatooru · 3 months ago
Head full, only Sugawara, Kuroo, Osamu, and Akaashi breeding their gf senseless after seeing how domestic and sweet she is to them. Ranging from making meals, helping around the house, and seeing how good she is with kids.
Thank you for requesting xx
warnings: minors dni, 18+ content, time-skip spoilers, time-skip!characters  x female!reader, raw sex, breeding kink, creampie, mentions ‘kitten’, mentions ‘daddy’, mentions ‘bunny’- that’s it I think
* He needed an extra hand at a school event and was so glad when you offered to help
* It was a get to know the community thing, where the school he worked at were hoping to connect with the community more
* And with that came an influx of families and many, many young children
* He was used to dealing with kids, greeting parents politely and making sure that the kids were well behaved
* But what he wasn’t expecting was the way his heart clenched at the scene of you playing with some 5 year olds
* You looked so cheerful and fun and the kids seemed to love you
* He couldn’t help but think about you having his kids and that’s why he has you pinned against the bed as he slips himself into your cunt
* “You did so well today..” he kisses down your neck, his tongue running over your vein as he thrust forward
* He groans at the way your walls clamp around him, your lips parted when his mouth finds your bare tits
* “So good with kids....looked so motherly...” he hums, bending one of your knees higher
* “Will be so good with our kids...” he feels your pussy flutter at his words, a cheeky grin on his face as he looks up and raises an eyebrow
* “Oh yeah? You want that? Want me to fill your sweet pussy up and get you pregnant?” The way you shakily say yes has him picking up his speed
* He groans when you pull him into a hard kiss, hips connecting with yours before he shivers
* “Fuck..” he moans before pulling out after a few seconds, using his tip to catch any falling drop of his load
* He smirks seeing his thick cum filling your hole, pushing his cock back inside softly
* “Need to make sure it stays there.”
* He’s such a busy man
* His life consists of business meetings, business calls, business papers and non-business you
* He knew he would neglect you sometimes, his work load was huge and even though you told him it was okay and that you understood, he still felt guilty
* Today was another late night at the office
* He was so tired and just ready to have you cuddle him to sleep
* When he finally makes it home, he’s ready to be smothered by you but instead he’s met with silence
* It’s only when he reaches his office that he sees you carefully tidying his mess
* He watches you hum to yourself as you straighten out his paper pile and for some reason his cock twitches at your domestic side
* He strides towards you, dropping his bag on the floor startling you
* “Ah! You scared me. Welcome ho-“ cups your jaw and silences you with his lips
* He picks you up and presses your hips against his, walking towards his desk and making a clean spot for you to sit
* He grinds against you, his cock straining as he fiddles with your clothes
* He looks down at your half naked body, biting your lip as he teases your hole
* He pushes through your folds, hissing when you clench around him
* He moves his hips, mouth on your neck as he speeds up
* “Gonna fill you up with my cum, you want that, kitten? Fill you up and give you a baby? tight...mmm okay kitten, let daddy give you that.”
* Smirks at your open mouth, sticking his tongue in and chuckling when you whine
* Pins your wrists against the desk and snaps his hip hard, groaning as his hot load shoots into you
* He practically lives in the kitchen
* Always trying new recipes, cooking for the two of you and just finding so much comfort there
* He doesn’t think he can love it anymore until one day he comes back from grocery shopping to see you, in his shirt, cooking something on the stove
* The way you look, so calm and natural, has his balls twitch
* He quickly puts the bags on the table and wraps his arms around you from behind
* “What ya making, sugar?” His voice is husky, nose rubbing against your neck as he draws your ass to press against him
* He takes in your scent and growls, pulling you away from the stove, turning it off and bending you over the counter
* “Fuck, cookie, do you know how sexy you look right now?”
* Lifts the shirt up and grabs your ass, spreading it and dragging a finger over your underwear
* Strokes himself and grunts when he pushes into you
* Slaps your ass, smirking at your whines and kisses your nape
* He watches the way your wetness coats his cock, glistening as he stretches that little hole
* “Mmh bunny... sucking me in so tight...”
* gives you hard deep strokes, both hands on your hips as he snaps against you, rolling his eyes back when you clamp around him, the throbbing of your walls has him filling you up with his cum
* “Gonna fuck you after we eat...wanna see the stomach swollen soon, pretty.”
* It was such a small and simple thing that you did
* You were up in his study and decided to do a little tidying as he grabs his second coffee
* So focused on cleaning, you didn’t realise him standing there with his heart beating erratically
* He watches you carefully clean the lens of his glasses, wiping them down gently and then placing them carefully
* Such a small thing, but his cock found it most arousing
* You smile at him and suddenly he places his coffee down and drags you to the bedroom
* Stripes you naked and sucks on your nipples, tugging and circling his tongue around it before letting go with a pop
* Runs a hand through his hair when he spreads you legs open and sees how aroused you are, dragging a finger over your slit and taking a quick taste shyly
* Slides his cock in slowly, closing his eyes when he finally bottoms out, kissing your lips hard, slowly thrusting until you beg for more
* “Princess, you feel so good. Such a good girl. You feel good?” He whispers in your ear, your knees bent as he stuffs his cock into your cunt
* “That’s it baby, you’re doing so well. Hmph...can’t wait for a mini you- fuck- yeah?” He kisses your jaw when he feels you tightening around him
* “Want me to fill you with my cum? We could start a family...and fuck, mini you and I running around.” He moans loudly when your tug at his hair
* He caresses your cheek as he shoots his warm sticky cum into you, slowly riding out his wave and grinning at you
* “You’re so pretty, princess, our babies will be so beautiful.”
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kageyuji · 2 months ago
his friend accidentally confesses for him
Tumblr media
⤷ iwaizumi, suna, bokuto, atsumu ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff + vague jealousy in iwa’s, mention of osuna at the end of atsumu’s
notes: had a dream that iwa accidentally told me oikawa has feelings for me so here we are </3 rbs are appreciated :3
Tumblr media
━━ iwaizumi;
ngl you probably would think he dislikes you bc his brain Shuts Down™ around you (he won’t admit that)
so that’s probably how the topic came up
but if you mention it to oikawa once (1) he’s bound to say something about iwa’s feelings for you eventually
Tumblr media
you pouted at the way oikawa laughed. it seemed almost mocking, as though you weren’t already upset about the situation.
“it’s not funny!” you whined, then groaned as you bury your face in your hands. “him hating me is the opposite of what i want.”
oikawa attempted to talk, but the moment me tried he started laughing again. while you wanted to laugh with him, you were having an increasingly hard time finding a bright side to your current predicament.
“alright, listen,” oikawa tried again, though not without a few more giggles in between sentences. “he’s emotionally constipated. don’t think he’s ever flirted with someone in his life actually. so, he’s just having a hard time figuring out his feelings, cut him some slack.”
you were about to respond when you thought through his words again. what had he meant by iwaizumi’s feelings?
“his... what’s he figuring out?”
oikawa’s face paled as yours heated up. “i don’t think i was supposed to say that.”
meanwhile, iwaizumi was across the room getting more and more bothered. he trusted oikawa not to flirt with you, and even then the two of you weren’t in a relationship.
so why the hell did he have this sick feeling in his stomach?
the way oikawa laughed, the way you’d seemingly got flustered and then began to smile... don’t get him wrong, there’s nothing he loves more than your smile, but it’s different whenever it’s because of oikawa.
“hi.” iwaizumi spoke, somehow sounding annoyed with one word.
“oh, haha, i think i should go.” oikawa smiled innocently, getting up and patting iwaizumi on the back. “make sure to take y/n out sometime though, i think they figured out your little puppy crush.”
it was another few moments before iwaizumi unfroze and his mind processed everything. was that really what you got all flustered about?
“you- uhm. he wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”
“he also said you were ‘emotionally constipated’, was he not supposed to tell me that either?”
━━ suna;
suna knew that in some way, shape, or form, atsumu miya would be the death of him
didn’t really think it’d be like this though
swears he feels his heart stop whenever atsumu just,, says it so casually,,
everyone just kinda pauses to processes it (including atsumu lmao)
Tumblr media
if atsumu smiled over at suna one more time, the latter swears he’s going to snap.
it was bad enough that atsumu had found out, but now he was acting so obvious about it. you kept knitting your eyebrows at the two of them, asking why atsumu is looking over to suna with a cheeky grin.
atsumu didn’t say anything, of course, just brushed off your question. however, it was always after receiving a kick from suna under the table.
“kick me again and i’ll tell them.” atsumu teased, knowing full well that he wouldn’t. he also seemed to forget that you were quite literally beside him.
“tell me what?”
“say anything and i’ll make osamu an only child.”
“can someone please tell me what you’re talking about?” you asked again. at this point you were growing a little insecure; what could they possibly want to hide from you so badly?
suna looked over to you to brush your question off again, but noticed the nervous, awkward look on your face. his eyes softened as he realized how you could easily see their exchange as a bad thing.
“uhm...” suna’s eyebrows pinned, trying to figure out a believable lie.
“suna turns soft whenever he talks about you, gets this really faint smile on his face? almost kinda creepy. anyways, he’s got feelings for you.”
suna’s gaze snapped to atsumu, whos expression dropped as he realized what he’d just said. it was quiet for another few moments before atsumu finally spoke.
“dude, what did you want me to do? they looked like they were gonna cry.”
“suna, is that true?”
atsumu smiled, pointing at the blush creeping its way to suna’s face. said boy wouldn’t look you in the eyes now, focused more on the table in front of him now. “look at him, like a little school boy with a crush.”
“if that’s all you were hiding, you don’t have to worry. but if atsumu really wants to make up for it, he can pay for us to go out sometime.”
suna looked up at you then, smiling. “deal.”
━━ bokuto;
ok honestly,, just give him a minute LMAO
he hears akaashi say it and a part of him knows that something is off about the statement
but he can’t think straight around you so he needs a second to process it </3
Tumblr media
“akaashi, i don’t see the point in-” bokuto started and was cut off.
“there is a point,” akaashi said, smile making its way to his lips.
truth be told, akaashi was caught between the two of you. as much as he wanted to tell you that bokuto had feelings for you and vice versa, he’d promised both of you to keep his mouth shut about it. so, of course he’d stay quiet.
that didn’t change this fact that the whole situation was becoming increasingly more difficult to handle — bokuto had gotten to the point where he was accepting what he thought was bad news.
“hey,” you smiled as you walked over to the two of them, then took a seat across the table. “what are you two talking about?”
“nothing.” bokuto said quickly.
akaashi just smiled, you giving them both a quizzical look.
“it’s not nothing, just having a small disagreement about something.”
“yeah, it’s nothing important.” bokuto looked down and started tracing invisible lines on the table.
“since when was y/n ‘nothing important’?” akaashi teased, seemingly forgetting that you were beside him. “just a few seconds ago you were talking about how much you adore them, where... oh.”
the table was silent for a moment, with a very sleep-deprived akaashi wondering why he’d just said that. on the other hand, you and bokuto weren’t done letting his words sink in.
“i am... not really sorry,” akaashi spoke quickly, then stood and began to walk away. “have fun with that.”
it was quiet for another few moments before anyone spoke. bokuto had turned red to the tips of his ears and your heart felt like it was still stopped in your chest.
“bokuto...” you were hesitant to speak. “did he mean ‘adore’ like...”
“in that way, yeah. but that doesn’t have to change anything! we can stay friends if you want, i don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”
a smile worked at the corner of your lips. “and if i said i ‘adore’ you too?”
his eyes seemed to have dulled earlier, but when he looked over to you now you could see them brighten. they matched the smile that had appeared on his face.
“then i’d ask if you want to go someplace with me this weekend? just us?”
━━ atsumu;
ngl suna would do it on purpose 💀
suna teased the two of you about it, sometimes it happened to be in front of each other
but it was always vague and never straightforward, so suna didn’t think much of it whenever he said it
but whenever the words left his mouth and he sees the “i’ll kill you” seemingly written on atsumu’s face, he thinks he might have messed up
Tumblr media
“move.” you pouted, swatting your hand at suna.
he just smiled and shook his head. it was supposed to be just he, you, and the two miyas hanging out together, but suna had decided to stretch himself across the couch.
“suna rintarou-”
“don’t call me that, you sound like my parent.”
“then move.” you said.
this time you reached out to grab his arm, making an attempt at pulling him up off the couch. he made himself dead weight though and refused to get up.
“if you wanna sit down so badly, go sit with your boyfriend.”
“he’s not my boyfriend.” you huffed and rolled your eyes, but could feel your face heat up.
“i think he’d like to be.”
it wasn’t until suna looked over to atsumu, then back up at you, that he realized he may have said something off. you let go of his arm and cast a look over your shoulder.
“would you?”
atsumu gave you a cocky smile, trying to act calm. and yet, his face was burning and his heart felt like it was gonna beat out of his chest.
you smiled at that, giving up your fight against suna and opting to go sit down beside atsumu. “do it then, coward.”
“in a sec,” atsumu said, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead. he then leaned forward to yell down the hallway at his brother. “samu, your future boyfriend is in here.”
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ohajime · 19 days ago
Accidental confessions with the haikyu boys (Atsumu, Kuroo, Oikawa, Osamu, Suna, Tsukishima)
Tumblr media
AN: I actually enjoyed writing these and the Kuroo one was 100% self indulgent but yes I hope you enjoy them too lmk what you think about them
read part two here
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bunniewon · 3 months ago
# the list. series m!list
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary: after starting your freshman year in university you’re introduced to something called “the list.” the list consists of the top 10 most wanted girls and is constantly updated throughout the semester. sadly you’ve somehow found your way to the top of this fucked up list, but it can’t be that bad? right?
pairing: various hq x fem reader
genre: university!au, drama, angst? fluff? suggestive themes, multi x reader
warnings: toxic friendships, sexual content but no smut
status: on hold
taglist: closed
Tumblr media
# cast:
y/n and besties
the boys
Tumblr media
# chapter index:
# bonus chapters
Tumblr media
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ak1loids · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
INCLUDES: swearing, pregnancy talk for bokuto, just fluff <3
Tumblr media
"WHY'RE YOU CRYING?" kenma softly asks, wiping away tears with his sleeve. the light glow of the T.V illuminating both of your faces, his concerned one and your watery smile plastered on your lips. you sniffle and shrug, averting your eyes sheepishly. "i were just really sweet just now." kenma gave you a blank look, blinking for what seems like eternity. was this how low the bar has gotten? "all i did was ask if you wanted the sims." "'n i do! you read my mind!" kenma stumbles back against the couch, your arms laced around him while sitting in his lap. his cheeks warm and he rubs circles in your back like always, the feeling familiar yet foreign to him. how you loved him so much to shed tears over him would never fail to make his heart pound. "love you, ken." "i love you too. i'll buy you anything you want."
"OH, SUNA, Y/N HAS TOLD ME SO MUCH ABOUT YOU!" surprisingly relaxed, suna grips your hand while eating a slice of pie, a lazy handsome smile adorning his face. you freeze, sending pleading looks to your mom who only grinned back mischievously. "really? what about?" he asks, but only looking at your cute embarrassed expression. he wished he could take a picture of it in his mind, save the memory forever. "oh, just the usual! 'mom, i'm in loveee~' or 'mom i'm gonna have his kidsss~" "MOTHER!" you yelp, releasing your boyfriends hand and covering your face. suna's quiet laughter followed. "or my favorite, 'mom, i don't ever wanna see him with anyone else, i've been in love with him since 5th grade: now he's all mine.'" had this woman kept transcripts of your conversations with her?! you spared a glance at your boyfriend with hands still covering your face. his chin rested in his hand as his eyes filled with love, laughing lightly. your mom only smiled, feeling satisfied.
"AH, HINATA, 'M SO PROUD!" the orange middle blocker hugged you tightly and smiled in your neck. he had just won another game, finally returning home. though his muscles and feet killed him, you both seemed to run on the adrenaline that was his latest victory. you pull away from his grasp, grabbing his cheeks, describing how well he played. "and then he tried to block you, but nope! my baby got through and-" stopping your rant mid sentence he kisses you, panting breaths and all. smiling gleefully he gripped your waist tighter as if you were going to float away. you pulled away after a few seconds, peppering his face in kisses. "c'mon, you don't wanna keep the food waiting!" "aw, sunshine, you shouldn't have! thanks!"
ATSUMU blinks, the mess of the kitchen making him snort and then immediately stops once he notices your small pout while seated on the ground. he drops his duffel bag at the door and sits next to you, a deformed red cake in front of you. putting his arm around you he stifles laughter and you pout more, leaning on his shoulder. "ya wanna talk about it or do ya just wanna sit here with flour on our asses." sighing, you rubbed your eyes. "i was trying to make you a was gonna be a heart with our initials... but then the fuckin' cake cutter broke, put too much frosting and-" atsumu's blood runs cold. shit. was it a special occasion? anniversary? holiday? "sorry to cut ya off, angel, but... what for? what's today?" he asks quietly, afraid of the backlash. you look up at him, a confused tilt of your head. "huh? no, todays nothing special. just wanted to do something for you. but it failed!" you wail, looking at the sad lump of cake. atsumu's infamous contagious smile graces his lips as he pulls you in a bone crushing hug. "yer gonna make my heart explode, y'know that? stop being so fuckin' cute, angel."
"BO, HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU WANT? WAIT, DO YOU EVEN WANT KIDS?" you ask, playing with his fingers while he laid your head in your lap. "of course i want kids! your kids, of course!" his pretty smile in the golden hour glow made your heart throb out of your chest. "mm... i've always dreamed about having four. maybe even fi-" "okay, i'm gonna be stretched out and butt-fuck ugly by the time we get two." bokuto shoots up from your lap, a frown on his usually enthusiatic face. "not true! take it back!" your smile only widens. "it is true." "is not." "is too!" "is not!" you laugh at his determination, his frown melting away at the sound. "you're too cute, kou. love you so much," suddenly feeling soft, you crawl into his lap instead, not letting go of him for the world. the worlds strongest people couldn't pull you away from him, not when the warm fuzzy feeling you get around koutarou, your koutarou, was much stronger. bokuto, confusingly looks down at your blissful face. "thought we were arguing..."
SLUMPING FURTHER INTO HIS FRAME, sakusa thinks his day can't get any worse. "spoke too soon," he gruffly mutters, coming home to an empty house. he knows it empty because none of the T.V's are on, nor is your sweet perfume gracing his nose while you call out 'omi!'. that was all he wanted. all he wanted, universe! why couldn't it grant him one simple thing for his shit day- "omi? sorry, i was pickin' up something to surprise you!" you happily say from behind him, his thoughts deafening him from the apparent door opening and you slipping inside. in one smooth motion, he drops his things and wraps his arms around you, breathing out against your shoulder. kiyoomi didn't even care if you hugged back or not, just finding your presence comforting. "hi, love." "hi, baby. but look, look at what i got!" pulling out of his grasp, you slide out a black MSBY jersey. it was an exact copy of his, though in your size. "we're gonna match at your next game! oh and," your smile dropped into a pleading look, looking in his eyes like he hung the moon, stars and sun himself. "i'm sorry i couldn't go to your last ones, felt guilty about it all day." stroking his cheek with your thumb, sakusa sighs and nods wordlessly. who knew his shit day could be fixed in the span of five minutes.
Tumblr media
taking requests ! ! :P
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kageyuji · 3 months ago
realizing he loves you
Tumblr media
⤷ iwaizumi, oikawa, kyotani, kenma, atsumu ; [gn!reader]
WARNINGS/GENRE: fluff, mild swearing, food mention (iwa)
NOTES: aha reblogs are so cute :lipbite: please and thank you ;-;
Tumblr media
━━ iwaizumi;
he doesn’t realize he’s falling in love until someone points it out to him — which surprisingly doesn’t take long. iwaizumi, who generally didn’t take time to learn random facts about people, knowing every little detail about you? strange.
“do you think y/n would appreciate it if I got these?” iwaizumi asked, squatting down to pick up a bag of your favorite candies. “they usually like these, but not really this brand.”
oikawa raised an eyebrow at his friend. he knew the two of you were dating, but he hadn’t realized iwaizumi had noted something like that. a smile worked at the corner of oikawa’s lips.
at the lack of his friend’s answer, iwaizumi turned to look at him. “why are you smiling? if you’d like me to buy you somethin’ too, go pick somethin’ out, damn.”
“hey, iwaizumi,” oikawa smiled again. “what is y/n’s favorite flower?”
“well, I got them- wait, why do you care?”
“you love them, don’t you?”
“n- uhm,” iwaizumi cleared his throat, setting the candies next to the register. “just let me buy my damn candy in peace.”
━━ oikawa;
oikawa thinks he’s been in love before. and he has, sure, but it’s never been like this. it’s almost painful; he just wants to tell you all the time, to climb to the highest point and yell it to every person in the world.
he was staring. he knew that, but he didn’t really care.
feeling eyes on you, you turned and flashed him a smile, asking him what was wrong. but he shook his head and smiled back. and he really was fine for the most part. just a little distracted.
“really?” you pressed. “something is on your mind, just tell me.”
oikawa shook his head once more. “can’t tell you yet. it’s top secret, shh.”
you narrowed your eyes at him playfully, but turned back around in your seat at the order of your teacher. his eyes never really left you though. it wasn’t in a creepy way — at least he hoped it wasn’t. he just likes to admire you.
he liked to imprint you into his mind, keeping you there long enough that he could imagine how you’d react when he finally felt bold enough to tell you the truth.
because he does love you, but he doesn’t know how to tell you that.
━━ kyotani;
he knows that he loves you when he starts to value your opinion. he wouldn’t give anyone else the time of day, so why does he always find himself thinking that your every word is like gospel?
“you love them.” oikawa stated simply, staring at him from across the table.
normally kyotani wouldn’t participate in the team’s adventures to restaurants after games, but you had plans, and he had nothing better to do.
“no, I don’t.” kyotani stated, glaring at oikawa.
oikawa’s lips curled up into a smile. he knew that he was right, that kyotani was wrong. but he also knew that he would never be able to talk sense into the other guy. not alone, anyway.
“really?” hanamaki asked, quirking a brow. “so you didn’t light up whenever you saw y/n at the game today? and you definitely didn’t start blushing when they complimented you after?”
kyotani blinked a few times, staring at the other people at the table. then he rolled his eyes, looking down at his plate, though he was just pushing his food around the plate.
“...shut up.” was all that he responded with, but he was starting to consider what they’d said.
━━ kenma;
the idea that he loves you starts small. and then the spark turns into a flame, though kenma still refuses to believe there’s a fire at all until it’s burning him.
kenma knew that this was in no way normal... but he couldn’t help it. he didn’t have a full-blown love for you, but he couldn’t help but think about you so often.
what started off a simple adoration had somehow turned into him thinking about you every second of every day. as if that wasn’t enough, everything reminded him of you.
video games had once been his escape from the rest of the world; a nice way to block out all of his problems. of course, he could never see you as a problem, but he hated this feeling. he wishes he could put a name on it.
however, that was short lived. even games that required his full focus and attention, there were things that reminded him of you.
it was frustrating, to say the least.
“kenma,” kuroo said, smiling at his friend. “I know you don’t wanna think about it, and you won’t admit it to yourself, but you love them. it’s kinda obvious.”
━━ atsumu;
he likes to think he can deny his feelings until the day that he’s six feet under, but he can’t. eventually he finds himself unable to shake the thought of you, and he thinks that is what is slowly going to kill him
the red lights of his alarm clock seemed to be mocking him. he knew that it was almost one in the morning, but it’s not like he could help it.
thoughts of you had been running rampant in his head all day. it was making him sick, he’s sure of it.
rather, the fact that he could never get sick of you is making him sick. and he hates that — because of all the people in the world, he was stuck on you, the person he didn’t know how to tell.
it was close to three in the morning whenever he finally decided enough was enough. he hoped you were asleep by now and that he could play this off in the morning whenever he was thinking more rationally.
after reaching for his phone, he took a deep breath, and opened his messages.
“hey do you think i can ask you smth? unless ur asleep i mean”
“no i’m still up !! what did u wanna ask?”
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bakugohoex · 3 months ago
“i’m gonna fuck another baby into you”
Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu miya x female reader
cw: fluff, long fic, milf reader and timeskip atsumu, nsfw (breeding kink, spit kink, nipple play, female receiving oral, kissing, biting and marking, finger sucking, jaw grabbing, unprotected sex, creampie, age gap (28/24), hair pulling, finger marks, cunt slap), use of mummy by readers son and mentions of cheating
word count: 8700+ 
a/n: please dont ask about the word count, i’m on crack. 
information: MILF collab by @ultimate-astridwriting
summary: in which atsumu meets his new neighbour and an unlikely relationship occurs until finally he gives into the temptation
↞ back to haikyu!! masterlist
Tumblr media
The moving vans piled into the driveway, the way the sound of men seemed to encompass the street. It was unusual to have anybody under the age of 30 living on the street apart from of course you and your son. But as you were going through the garage with your son playing in the front garden it seemed to be an unexpected surprise for the two of you. A shock more than anything else when you saw the house become filled with items upon items, it was a much larger house then your own.
But the man who seemed to be walking inside seemed to lead no children or wife, only the delivery men. Your son watched as he dropped the football he was playing with ready to kick it right at the owner of the house. You weren’t paying attention to him, as you dismissed your new neighbour who was most likely renting the place out.
You turned walking back into the kitchen as you went to take out the cupcakes you had made, it was a special treat for your son after getting through another week of school. How could you not resist giving him something, he deserved it, hell you deserved it for finally being free and on a long weekend.
As you took the cupcakes out of the oven, putting them on a rack to cool down. You took one halving it for your son to have as well, just as you stepped out into the sun, you saw your son kick the football right into the side of the mysterious new occupant. “AKIRA,” both your son and the man froze after hearing you shout, you ran up to him as the man held the ball in his hands.
“What did I say about kicking balls at people, go apologise….” Before you could make him go through a walk of shame to the man, he had come up towards the both of you. Hand clasped around the ball, he was wearing a hoodie which looked to have his name on it and some shorts most likely to not drown in sweat in the spring heat.
He passed the ball back as he got on his knees towards your son, “no worries little man, ya like football?”
Akira looked up at you as you nodded, hand on his shoulder to tell him to speak, “it’s okay…”
“Volleyball is so much cooler, ya know how to play?” Your son shook his head as the mysterious man looked up towards you.
His hair was clearly dyed and as he stood up he towered in front of the two of you, “damn has yer sister not taught ya anythin’.”
“Mother…” you interrupted the mysterious man's words. “I’m his mother…”
He nodded still possible not getting over the fact that you looked so young to be this child’s mother, he turned to face your son once again as he spoke, “I’ll teach ya if yer mother wants, I playe’ in the Olympics…”
“You did?” Both you and your son said with the same expression, one of utter shock.
The man scratched the back of his neck as he nodded to both of you, “ya ‘m a setter, and now yer new neighbour, Atsumu Miya.”
He put his hand out as he introduced himself. You took it upon yourself, “y/n y/l/n and this is my son…”
“Akira y/l/n…” he squealed out as he never thought he’d meet someone who had played for Japan at the Olympics. He jumped to catch Atsumu’s hand as he almost dragged Atsumu down, you held your son giving him a look as you rolled your eyes.
“Why don’t you bring a cupcake for Mr Miya to eat?” He happily nodded as he took the cupcake you gave him and ate away at it. “I’m sorry about him…he can get excited.”
“No worries ya can call me Atsumu, no need for formalities,” he smiled as you nodded at him, “if ya wante’ i finish practice early tomorrow, obviously ya don’t know me but you could bring ya son over and I can teach him how to play…”
Atsumu avoided facing you, yeah you were pretty and from what he could see from your left hand no ring. But that didn’t mean you weren’t taken or that you’d even let this random stranger teach their son volleyball.
“I…” before you could say anything your son came through with two cupcakes, passing one to you as he brought one to Atsumu.
“Mummy please can we go?” He looked at you softly as he ate the cupcake, his hair fell to the sides of his head as the dinosaur t shirt and shorts he wore with grazed knees made him look even more younger and softer than he was.
Atsumu chuckled as he bit into the cupcake savouring at the taste. You were good at baking, he had to hand it to you, “as long as Atsumu is not busy then…”
He hadn’t been paying attention to the conversation between you and your son as the two of you turned to face the man. Crumbs of the chocolate cupcake encased his lips as he licked them before swallowing the cupcake, “’m not, I finish at 4 if the two of ya want to swing by.”
Your son became giddy at the idea of trying a different sport apart from football, you knew he didn’t enjoy it as much but maybe your new neighbour could help to teach him something else. “Atsumu where do you want the rest of the stuff?”
You both heard shouting from inside the house, he shouted back to leave it by the entrance, “it’s a big house for one person?”
“It’s an investment…” he shrugged as you nodded, Akira still staring up at Atsumu.
Akira pulled at your sleeve as you looked down at your son with soft eyes, “yes darling.”
“Can you google him; I want to see him play?” You chuckled as you could see Atsumu turn away probably out of embarrassment of your son wanting to see him play. As you searched on youtube for the man playing volleyball, you bent down showing it to your son, you watched as Atsumu was on the court with some other players. How he served the ball up and in an instant it was spiked right down on the other end.
“Mummy that’s so cool, did you see that mummy? It went whoosh…” you son mimicked as you couldn’t help but stare up at the man who had put his hands in his pockets.
You grabbed your son up, carrying him on your waist as he was finally able to meet Atsumu’s height, “you’re really good, isn’t he?”
“Mummy he’s so good, he threw it and that man smashed it down.” He gestured, hitting Atsumu’s shoulder as his arm flung down. Both chuckling at least you knew your neighbour wasn’t lying about his occupation.
Atsumu ate the last of the cupcake as you noticed how his eyeline had gone inside the house where most of the cupcakes were. “I can give you some if you want?”
“I wouldn’ wanna take them away from Akira,” he scratched the back of his neck even after you chuckled at the man, you gestured from him to wait there.
“Come on ‘Kira let’s get Atsumu some cupcakes…” he watched you both go inside the house as Osamu came outside from helping the delivery men.
He hit his twins shoulder as he rolled his eyes, “I know yer not trying to get with yer neighbour already whilst ’m moving ya shit in yer house”
“Oh shut it, she has a son, he wants to play volleyball,” Atsumu spoke as Osamu shrugged, “she’s bringin’ food.”
“Maybe ya should keep speakin’ to her,” Osamu spoke eagerly knowing that he was going to get some food from this mysterious woman.
As you and Akira stepped outside with the cupcakes in hand, you were met by the sight of his presumed twin, “mummy look there's two of them.” Akira pointed out as you chuckled getting to pass two more cupcakes from the two men.
“This is ma brother Osamu,” Osamu waved as he took the cupcake happily, already digging into it.
Atsumu smiled watching the interaction with your son and his brother as he turned to face you, “I can give ya my number and send the address to where practices is?”
“Yeah of course,” as Atsumu put his number into your phone, you gave it a call, so that he could have your own. The sun had begun to sweat and you could already tell that Atsumu would have a long night unpacking himself, “Akira why don’t you say bye to Atsumu and Osamu and get ready for dinner.”
Your son nodded as he waved a goodbye to the two men, happily going back into the house. “We’ll see you tomorrow,” your voice was filled with warmth as you waved goodbye.
Atsumu and Osamu watching you leave into your house, “ya think she's single?”
“You’re gross,” Osamu muttered hitting the top of Atsumu’s head as they walked towards the house, “the cupcakes were nice.”
Atsumu spent the rest of the evening sorting his own house out, easily moving everything to where he wanted it to be. It was an empty house for an even lonelier man.
The next day seemed to come quickly as you and your son began the journey to the gym where Atsumu’s team held their practices. The text had spoken of how practice had finished early and that his friend would be there to help as well.
Akira seemed happier than normal as he sat eagerly shouting and grinning at how excited he was, “I watched more videos of Atsumu mummy, and he’s so good.”
Your son eagerly praised as you looked out of the windows to the sign for the gym, looking around to find Atsumu waiting outside. He looked to have been pacing around the entrance, staring at his phone. The black shorts and black shirt which looked to be his uniform and a jacket with his surname on the back moved through the wind.
Akira easily undid his seat belt waiting for you to open his door as he eagerly stared at the fake blond. Atsumu saw you step out and open Akira’s door, as he eagerly waved at the man, you grabbed his backpack which he gestured to carry as you held his hand locking your car.
Atsumu smiled as just as you both crossed the road, Akira let go of your hand and jumped onto Atsumu. You knew your son was eager, it was pretty obvious from the way he had spoken highly of your new neighbour all morning. But you almost felt bad for the man who had lifted your son up onto his hip. “Ya haven’ been troubling yer mother have ya?” your son chuckles as he shakes his head, Atsumu watching as you gave a small smile at their interaction.
They both start walking in as you followed beside them both, going through the entrance without any trouble. You had been anxious that Atsumu had promised too much for your son, already having prepared alternative plans if this fell through. Your worries settled as Atsumu took you both into the main gym, it seemed to be empty as early practice led to the men already having left. Except the three who seemed to still be practicing, “yah sorry about those three they wanted ta help.”
“It’s fine, Akira seems to like them already,” you pointed out, seeing how your son watched the way the man with black and grey hair jumped up to spike the ball down.
“Mum, it's him, it’s the man who we saw this morning,” your son shouted as the three men turned to see the little boy jumping out of Atsumu’s arms and running up to the men. The orange haired boy instinctively ran up to him as well as he crouched down to meet your son. “My mum showed me you all last night,” the man who had spiked the ball crouched down to your son as well as the other man wore his mask and followed.
“Your mum has great taste,” the orange haired man said as both you and Atsumu followed your son. The orange haired man stood up to meet your eyeline as your son pulled on Atsumu’s jacket to meet everybody’s eyeline.
Atsumu carried him once again as introductions occurred, “so you’re the woman who has these amazing cupcakes we’ve heard about.”
Hinata chuckled as Atsumu’s eyes widened, you gave a soft laugh as you gestured for Akira to open his backup up, “we bought you some if you guys wanted them?”
The four men’s eyes lit up, even Sakusa who you had learnt didn’t like crowded spaces. He watched how your son pushed the container of cupcakes out for them all to take. “Tsum Tsum you should bring them more often,” Bokuto had stuffed his face with a cupcake as Sakusa gave a look of disgust at how crumbs went across Bokuto’s mouth.
“Tsum Tsum,” your son repeated as he looked at the man, “can I call you that?”
“Akira…” you muttered lowly as Atsumu nodded.
He gave a small smile to you before speaking himself, “o’ve course ya can, little man, come on why don’t we give ya mum yer bag and we can teach ya sum stuff.”
Akira’s face brightened as soon as he heard Atsumu’s words, passing you his bag and coat as you had made him wear some shorts and shirt earlier in the day. Sakusa pointed to where you could stand and watch, smiling and bowing your head in thanks as you walked towards the side. They were a lively group of men, you watched how Bokuto showed him how to spike the ball and how Hinata and Sakusa went to the other side to receive it. The net seemed to have been lowered allowing your son to jump as high as he could without missing the top of the net.
It was a moment that you knew he’d treasure, as Hinata and Sakusa were showing him how to receive from Bokuto’s spikes. Atsumu walked up towards you with a cheer, “he seems to be enjoyin’ himself.”
“Yeah…I cant thank you enough for this, it means a lot for the both of us,” Atsumu looked at you with a happy smile as another bright idea came to mind.
“Wanna join?”
Your eyebrows raised as you stared at the man, “I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself even trying.”
“I’ll get ya to play with me one day,” it was a proposition as you smiled at the man. He continued to speak to you as you both watched from the side-lines, your son giving a happy hey, hey, hey every time he spiked the ball down.
Your phone began to ring after an hour of playing, already knowing who the number was as you excused yourself to take it. “You didn’t say you were coming to spend time with Akira…you need to call at least…whatever we’ll be home in an hour…yes you can wait.”
You hung up the phone as Atsumu raised an eyebrow, “who was that?”
“Akira’s dad,” you mumbled anxiously.
“Is he…”
You already knew what he was going to say, it was pretty obvious from his gesture and tilted head, “we’re not together anymore…we divorced 6 years ago.”
“Ya married young then?” he was trying to not be invasive, but he did want to know more about you and Akira.
You nodded softly as you knew you and Akira would both have to go home soon, “we better get out of your hair though, you guys must want to practice.”
You began walking onto the court, Akira jumping out of Bokuto’s arms and into your own, “come on Akira, your dad wants to take you out we better get going,” your son whined as he spoke.
“Can I get a picture to show my friends, pleaseeee?” You chuckled as you looked at the four men who agreed.
The three of them stood with their backs partially arched as Akira and Atsumu kneeled at the front, you took a couple of phones which you already knew Akira would want framed somewhere, before you continued to speak, “you know what to say?”
The four men stood in a line as Akira let go of you and looked up at them, “thank you for teaching me how to play, and thank you Tsum Tsum for inviting me and my mum.”
The men smiled at the man as the boy ran back to you shyly after speaking so freely, “I’ll walk you both out.”
You said goodbye to the other three as Atsumu held Akira’s hand and you held his other, walking out together. “Thanks again, it meant a lot to Akira,” Atsumu helped Akira into the car as he nodded at you.
“No problem…and if ya ever wanna come again, little man then just come knockin’,” you smiled at their interaction and before Atsumu could close the door, Akira proposed another idea.
“Can I ask him?” You gave a questioning look as you were unaware of your son's next words, nodding at him instead, “can…can you come watch me play football?”
Atsumu looked over to you, waiting to see if you’d say anything but instead you smiled at him, “I’d love to come and watch ya play, but just remember volleyball is a lot better, kay.”
Akira giggled as Atsumu ruffled his hair before closing the door, you looked at him softly giving him another look of thanks. Atsumu didn’t know the position you and your son were in; he didn’t know if your ex-husband would even be at the game. But he didn’t care, he liked spending time with your son, he liked seeing you smile even more.
Two weeks had passed since you had met your neighbour, most nights you had offered him dinner if he came home late. Which was often, having a sort of family dinner, even if Akira was half asleep as you and Atsumu ate food. On the days that Atsumu did come home early, he had set up a volleyball net in his back garden, playing with your son as you made dinner for the three of you. Atsumu had relied on taking away or forcing his brother to make him food, but having you and your son around him didn’t make him as lonely as he had first thought when he moved in.
Atsumu knocked at your door on Friday morning, your son opened the door inviting him in. As you were in a hurry with breakfast and grabbing your son's football boots and kit. “Need any help?” Atsumu asked as he looked through the door of the living room, he did like your house a lot. Pictures of you and your son scattered around the room, ones of your son and his cousin and he assumed that the one with the man and your son was your ex-husband.
“Could you help Akira fill his water bottle up?” You mumbled with toast still being chewed, Atsumu stared at your form, however.
He would sometimes forget you were a mother, being only 4 years older than him. You had experienced stuff he hadn’t, of course he wanted a family one day, but you were already living through one. You had your son, and he couldn’t lie and say that spending every night eating dinner with you or both you and son hadn’t made him believe he had joined your little family.
He walked towards your son, he looked cheerly at the man as Atsumu helped him fill his water bottle up. You ran up the stairs as you grabbed both yours and Akira’s coats, and some food that he might want to eat on the way as well. “Akira show Atsumu the snacks, tell him to take what he wants,” you shouted from on top of the stairs.
Akira nodded, taking Atsumu’s jacket sleeve and showing him to a cupboard with snacks, “Tsum Tsum?” Akira asked softly as Atsumu was rummaging through the boxes, he couldn’t lie and say it didn’t look like a corner shop in the cupboard.
Akira's voice was soft as he spoke, “are you going to leave us?”
Atsumu froze as he met your son's eyeline, he may have only known you for two week, but spending time with you and your son every day. He should’ve known your son would have become accustomed to it, “I won’t.”
Akira nodded, putting a smile on as he opened the bag for Atsumu to put food in it. Atsumu gladly did as you came down the stairs, phone in hand as you seemed to be on a call with someone. “I’ll put these in my car,” Atsumu spoke as you nodded, Akira following the blond. You seemed to be pissed at whatever you were hearing and Atsumu knew it better to start putting Akira and his bag in the car.
“It’s his choice…I didn’t say anything, you should know Akira…He’s your son, I don’t want him to do something he hates, okay?...I have to go…you’re not even going to be there…bye.” Atsumu heard the last part as you hadn’t noticed the man’s arrival, you rubbed your eyes slowly before turning around and smiling at him. “We ready?”
Atsumu nodded as you locked the house up and joined Atsumu, Akira had begun talking to Atsumu about how he wanted to learn how to spike sideways like Bokuto had done. More conversations about volleyball occurred as you seemed to still be stressed over whoever you were on call with.
As Atsumu rounded into the pitch, Akira gave a sigh as he undid his seat belt and waited for the door to open up. “Don’t sigh Kira,” you muttered as Atsumu took Akira and held his hand, you following with his bag.
“I don’t like football anymore though…” both you and Atsumu gave your son a look before you spoke.
“I know but can we talk about this after the game, please for me?” You smiled at your son, it was the last game of the term and once he got through it then he’d never have to do it again if he didn’t want to.
Akira nodded as he took his coat off and let go of Atsumu’s hand, running to his group of friends. “He doesn’ want to play anymore?” Atsumu took his bag from your hands as you both stood on the side-lines.
Nodding, “he was telling me this morning how he wants to play volleyball now.”
“Ya don’t want him too,” Atsumu questioned.
Shaking your head you looked at him softly, he had done so much for you and your son and he wouldn’t even know. Akira had become a lot more boisterous, and you could see a glimmer of happiness whenever he saw Atsumu’s car pull up into his driveway. “It's not that, I want him to do whatever he wants to do…I just need to persuade his dad…that’s all.”
Atsumu didn’t ask anything else, he didn’t want to bring up any pent-up emotion you had to your ex instead he turned to watch the game. Akira played the game decently, but Atsumu had never seen such unenthusiasm for a sport than what Akira was giving to kicking the ball. Everyday he had spent watching your son spike and set the ball up with such enthusiasm but here he was not able to even kick the ball.
“I guess I better sign him up to the volleyball team,” you mumble as the corner of your lip arched upwards. Akira was stubborn and he got it from you, but Atsumu couldn’t help but smile at your words. He could help Akira play; he could teach him different things and most of all he could spend more time with you.
“He’ll fit in straight away,” Atsumu smiled back at you.
Your eyes flicked onto his form, he was handsome, beautiful even, his light blond hair, bright eyes, happy grin whenever Akira did put effort into the game. He was handsome but so so…young, even if it was 4 years, you were a divorced single mother. He played in a division one volleyball team and had so much going for him; you dismissed any idea of being more than friends with the man as you both continued to watch the game play out instead.
“Tsum Tsum was I good?” Akira gave a smirk at you waiting to hear the reply that would persuade you into letting him join the Volleyball club instead.
You rolled your eyes as Atsumu played along with your son's idea, “ya were soooo bad ‘Kira, what was that? Even yer mother could play better than that.”
“See mummy even Tsum Tsum thinks I shout play a different sport,” you chuckled at your son, passing him some water and ruffling his hair.
“You can join…I won't stop you.” Akira hugged you as he looked up at you happily before hugging Atsumu as well, thanking him for playing along with Akira’s plan.
Akira turned to go back to his friends as some of them began pointing at Atsumu, “seems like you have a fanbase.” You had leaned into Atsumu’s side on instinct and he hadn’t questioned it as he scratched the back of his head lightly.
“My fans already think I ‘ave a secret son,” he pointed out as he had been spotted carrying your son throughout the two weeks.
You chuckled as you didn’t have enough time to be social media aware, “you’re more of a father to Akira than his real one has ever been.”
Atsumu didn’t question your comment, instead relishing in the fact that you somehow considered him to be a part of the family, a part of your daily life as well.
As Akira introduced his friends to the volleyball player, you knew you were going to get an earful from your ex very soon. Atsumu offered to take photos with them all, even Akira had asked for another one with the blond, you took it before the three of you left to go back to the car. Akira a lot happier than he had been when you had first arrived with him, “Tsum Tsum do you have a girlfriend?”
You froze as you did his seatbelt up, Atsumu having stood beside you holding the door open, you turned to him giving him a look that he did not need to answer. “We don’t ask people that Akira…”
“No, it's fine, I don’t...volleyball takes up a lot of ma time,” Akira nodded as he watched you close the door on him.
“I apologise for him; he shouldn’t have asked…”
Atsumu interrupted once again as he looked down at you softly, “why go on date in ma spare time, when I ‘ave got you and Akira to spend time with?” You don’t meet his eyeline as you cant help but get flushed at his comment, he had been so close to you. You could almost feel his breath against you but as soon as he spoke he left to open your door for you.
You didn’t speak throughout the journey home, instead listening to whatever Akira and Atsumu were rambling on about. He had so much going for him; he wasn’t going to spend everyday playing volleyball with your son…he would leave and hopefully have his own family. He had easily befriended your son, easily came into your life but he could leave just as easily as well.
Akira was the first to run into the house, running to go have a shower as you went to go lie some clothes down for him. You saw Atsumu give you a smile as he locked his car walking up into his own driveway, he hated spending time in the house. Hated how lonely he felt whilst the people who he had felt drawn too were next door. “We’re having chutoro sushi tonight, “ you called out as he smiled at you nodding.
He hadn’t even said anything, but you still managed to call out his favourite food, it was as if he had a place in your home. He walked into the house, grabbing his stuff for practice before leaving back into the spring weather. He could hear your son shouting at some tv show he was watching as you told him to quieten down through the open window. An unknown familiarity that encased your warm house always seemed to be welcoming the blond in.
As soon as school had started once again for your son it had become harder for Atsumu to teach him with the new year having approached. The three of you sat at the dinner table as you smiled at how your son spoke of the volleyball team he had joined at his school, “there’s this really tall guy Tsum Tsum, he’s so tall.”
“I’m glad yer makin’ friends Kira,” Atsumu smiled as your son continued to ramble about how they had started teaching receiving and he had been told he was the best in his class.
You chuckled as Atsumu couldn’t help but feel praised that he was able to hear your son talk, but even more than he had influenced your son to join the team. “It’s so fun, they said that if we wanted too we could bring our parents to come and watch on Friday…can you come too?”
Atsumu smiled at your son as he ruffled his hair, “course I’ll come, gotta show them how ta really play.” Your son chuckled as they helped to start taking the dishes into the kitchen for you to wash.
Putting the plates on the side, Akira used the stool to sit beside the rack as he grabbed the towel to dry it all for Atsumu to put away. It had been a system you had become accustomed to and it brought a familiar warmth that even after these weeks, Atsumu had remained by you and your son's side.
“Mummy why can't you come with us on Saturday?” Akira asked you as you had suds of soap across his arms.
“I have to work Kira, you have to be good for Atsumu though, promise?”
Akira puts his pinky out as you put your own, he laughs as suds of soap go onto his own finger as well. You continued to wash the dishes as Atsumu had thought about the exchange, he had offered to take your son out for the day seeing as you had been needed for a meeting with a client. He could never resist spending the day with your son and hopefully helping you out, the two of you had spent many late nights together. Often relaxing by the tv whilst your son slept, always finding you passed out on his chest within half an hour.
You never spoke of the night events, only smiling at him whenever you saw him the next day. It was a routine that you refused to give answers too. Just as Akira wiped the last dish to pass to Atsumu, you all heard the doorbell as you gave a weary look of who it was. “I’ll get it,” Atsumu said as Akira followed behind him, he held onto the end of Atsumu’s shirt as you put the leftovers into the fridge.
“Mummy look…” your son had grabbed onto your hand as he dragged you to the front door. Your eyes widened as you saw an unexpected visitor.
Atsumu and your ex remained staring at one another as you finally spoke up, “what are you doing here?”
“Whose this?” He avoided your question as Atsumu remained at the door, he was almost looking down at your ex and preventing him from entering your home. Akira stood behind Atsumu’s leg as he didn’t look up to see his father.
“My neighbour, now what are you doing here?” You muttered crossing your arms as you stood your ground to the man in front of you.
Your ex put his phone up where you saw the email he had gotten from the school about changing to volleyball, “you let him change without even telling me.”
“You came all the way here because of a stupid email…not to see your bloody son,” Atsumu had felt fear run through him, your calm and collected words were filled with such fury as even Akira tensed.
Your ex barged past Atsumu as he moved towards you instead, “we said we’d consult one another before doing these changes.”
You looked at Atsumu and Akira as you knew a shouting match was going to occur and didn’t want either to hear it, “Atsumu take Akira into your garden.”
“Are you…” Atsumu stopped as he saw you nod, going with your son as your son gave a look of distress himself over the situation.
You both watched them leave before you spoke, “if Akira didn’t want to play anymore, he didn’t want to play.”
“Is it him?” Your ex pointed at Atsumu who he recognised as a volleyball player, “you fucking that stupid boy and he instantly gets to dictate what my son does.”
You chuckle at the pronoun used, “your son, you must be fucking joking if you think Akira thinks of you as a father. Atsumu had been more of a father in the past month than you have in 6 fucking years…you cheated on me…you left me for three years with a child and not that you came back you think you can control his life.”
Your ex paused as he heard the words he never wanted to acknowledge, “you’ve made my son believe me to be the threat when you’re the one he should be worried about. You’ve always been stupid its why I married you in the first place to get a son from you. You’re worthless Y/n, utterly worthless I wouldn’t be surprised if that boy toy of yours leaves you just as I did.”
“Get out!”
“No, because if you’re going to shout at me so am I. He’s young you stupid bitch, you don’t think what you have here is permanent. It's not, he’ll leave you for someone younger, who would want some old woman with a child. Nobody, I’m glad I fucking cheated on you.”
Your jaw clenched as your eyes became glossed, you weren’t emotional. You had become strong since the day you had seen your ex fucking some girl in your bed. You were about to speak when a familiar figure met you at the door instead, “ya need to leave.”
“Oh so your toy does speak Y/n, you’d be better of getting your dick wet somewhere else than here.” Atsumu’s jaw clenched as his knuckles became white from the comment.
“Leave…before I break yer face,” his voice was calm as your ex left without a goodbye to your son. Akira had run back into the house, with what looked like Atsumu’s twin in tow, in an instant Akira hugged you.
Hugging him back as Atsumu and Osamu gave a small smile to one another, “hey Akira, why don’t we get ya ready for bed?” Osamu spoke softly as he knew both you and Atsumu would need to talk.
Akira nodded as he squished your face before showing Osamu to his room, “are ya okay?” Atsumu whispered as he didn’t know what else to say.
He felt your arms wrap around his body as you sobbed into his chest. Putting his chin on top of your head he held you as he just wanted to bring you comfort. “Am I…am I someone who deserves to be cheated on…do I des…”
Atsumu stopped you as he held your face in his hands, “Y/n what the fuck? Ya don’t deserve any of this, yer stupid fuckin’ cunt of an ex deserves to rot in hell…” he didn’t know if he should eve mutter his next words. But against his judgement he did, “I would never cheat on ya…yer smart and have yer life together, hell ya ‘ave it all and yer so god damn gorgeous that anybody who does cheat on ya never deserved ya in the first place.”
You held onto him tighter after hearing his words a mix of emotions washed over you. Before you could even go over them, Osamu and your son both came downstairs. “Goodnight mummy, Osamu said Tsum Tsum will protect us from him, so don’t worry.”
You smiled at him as you ruffled his hair and gave a soft kiss on the cheek. He smiled as Osamu offered to get him to bed, which you happily obliged him too. Atsumu followed as they both came back down the stairs within a couple of minutes. “Passed out as soon as he hit the bed,” you nodded at Atsumu as Osamu had already left with a goodbye.
“What Samu said is right?” you watched him sit beside you as you didn’t question what he was on about, instead focusing on the night sky. “I’ll protect you both, I don’t care if he hurts me.”
“Why?” You softly whispered, hand grabbing onto his arm as he turned to meet your gaze.
Atsumu couldn’t help but put his hand on your cheek, watching how you tried to turn away from his gaze. “I told you…” he moved closer as his other hand went to your thigh. “You and Akira…deserve the world.”
He looks down at your lips as you nod softly, feeling him close the gap as your own hands moved into his locks of hair. His tongue swept across your lip as it divulged past your own, he grabbed onto your hips pushing you onto his waist as he held you close. You both hadn’t spoken a word through the exchange, instead moaning softly as you rolled your hips against his joggers.
He moaned loudly as his hands moved to the bottom of your shirt, just as you parted he slipped the shirt off. Holding onto your face with his own hand, tongue brushing against your lips as he couldn’t help but look down at your body, “so beautiful…”
His mouth moved to your neck as he discarded the shirt to the ground, your own hands moved under his shirt as you moaned his name softly, “Atsumu,” your breathing was heavy as he left littered marks against your skin.
“I’ve wanted ya…” he kisses your lips softly, “for so long.”
You pull his shirt over his head as your hands trail the distinct lines of muscle across his chest. He was perfect in every way, your eyes flashed to his own. Filled with warmth as your arms wrapped around his neck, “I want you too.”
It was a soft whisper as he grabbed your thighs to carry you up the stairs. Soft kisses as he held you up until kicking your door open, he dropped you down onto your bed as he went to close the door to make sure your son couldn’t hear anything.
He watched you softly as he leant his head against the door, his body arching as his chest heaved. Your bottoms had slipped off as you kneeled for him, watching as he finally met your eyeline, he grinned as he slowly moved his own joggers out. Before kneeling onto the bed himself, he brought your face in his palms as he forced you to look up to him, “ya want me to fuck you?”
About to nod his hand grabbed your jaw tighter, “use yer words.”
“I want…I want you Atsumu,” you murmured up to him, he looked down at you, you looked so pretty as he kneeled on the bed. So small, valuable, pure for him, he guided your mouth to open up as he looked into your eyes.
“All of me,” he whispered as you nodded. A build of spit was heard as he felt the spit form in his mouth before letting it fall down your mouth. Your head tilted to allow for it to trickle down your throat, it was warm and mixed with your own spit as he watched you swallow it as soon as it hit the back of your throat, “ya gonna be good for me.”
“Yes…please I need…you.”
Your voice was broken as he let go of your jaw pushing your body down onto the soft white sheets. He’d never been in your room before, but even in the dark he could tell it was home, his hand moved to unclip your bra as his other worked on sliding your underwear down to the ground. Your back arched as his mouth trailed across your thighs before his tongue left a long stripe up towards your clit.
“Already wet for ma, ya want me that badly,” your moans filled the room as he felt intoxicated with the way your thighs wrapped around his neck. His warm breath grazed against your clit before his fingers moved back and forth to get a build up of slick. “Ya want me?”
“Ple…please Tsumu I…I want you,” his fingers moved to stuff themselves in your  mouth as you began to suck on them. He chuckled lightly at how eager you were, his tongue gliding across your clit down to your cunt. He felt himself grow hard just from having your thighs pressed against his neck.
Your hands moved to his hair, pushing him down as you groaned through his fingers. Drool and spit dripping down the corners of your mouth as Atsumu’s tongue moved into your cunt, his tongue moving through your cunt as he felt your legs tense, he didn’t care as your moans felt like music to his ears.
“Fu…fuck…Tsumu please…more,” your voice was shaky as you spoke through his fingers, it felt more like gargles than anything else, but the sound still intoxicated him. He moved his hands away from you, holding onto your thighs instead as he spread your legs wider to gain more access for his tongue.
Drool and slick stuck to his mouth as he looked up at your body, your hand against your mouth as you tried to suppress your moans. He didn’t like you hiding it, giving your cunt a slap as you jolted with a loud moan that would most likely have been heard by someone in any other room. “Don’t hide ya moans,” he felt your hands go back into his hair as you gave a drooled smile.
Mouth divulging back into your sloppy cunt as his tongue lapped between your walls, he heard you give another moan of his name. His own pace increased as he swirled his tongue through your slick coated cunt. “I…I…need cum…” he loved how fucked you were just from his mouth, how your legs tried to clamp down on his neck, but he kept them spread for him to devour you.
“No…not yet…” he murmured as his tongue circled your clit back down to your cunt. He felt your legs twitch as he knew you were close, “wa…wait…” he whispered continuing to want to taste you for a little bit longer.
He saw you moan and push his head closer to your cunt before you felt the coil that had wrapped up in your stomach snap, white gushing out of your folds and landing right into Atsumu’s mouth. He sucked and licked at the cum as he devoured at your cum, he was hungry, hungry to have more of you.
He licked his lips as he finally met your eye, the way your chest heaved as you felt his fingers push the remaining cum back into your folds. “I want ya…” he muttered as he saw how you tried to lift yourself up with your elbows.
Your hair was dishevelled as he watched you grab his hands before bringing your arms around his neck. Kissing him softly as his eyes brought him back to reality, you were underneath him, giving yourself to him freely and all he could see was you. How pretty you looked, with those soft eyes of yours. “Have me all…” you trailed off as you kissed him once again.
He flipped you over as your back was facing him, breasts pushed against the bed as your cum leaked from your cunt. He took his boxers off, palming himself as pre cum helped to lube his cock up, he grabbed a fistful of your hair, wrapping it around his hand as he brought your body up to his body. His cock slid past your clit as he teased at your cunt, “I’ll fuck another baby into you,” you moaned loudly as his cock moved into your cunt.
Feeling your cunt clench against the sheer size of him, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, as he kept your body pressed against his own, his other hand moving to play with your nipples. Flicking between the hard tit as your neck tilted against his chest at how he moved back and forth into you.
Each time the pace getting quicker as he divulged into your harder, hitting each spot of your cunt every time. His mouth trailed kisses against your neck as he continued to fuck into you, “fuck…fuck please…f…fuck.”
“I…I want give you an…another baby…I wa…want my babies…in ya…” Atsumu’s voice was breathless at each thrust into you, he wanted to see you have his babies. He wanted Akira to have a brother, he wanted to be with you. He wanted to be the father figure your son deserved, and as he kissed against your already bruised neck. His mind was going to nothing but how he wanted to be there for you and your son.
You mumbled incoherent words as you felt him hit the back of your cervix, his eyes flashing to just how beautiful you were. Your rolled back eyes, the sly moans that encased your wet mouth, the way your tits bounced as he thrusted into you, even the stretch marks against your sides and thighs from having carried a baby.
You had it all, you were perfect, “I wan…want ya not jus…just tonight…I want ya forever…”
Your eyes opened up as he kissed into your neck, hiding his face to hide the flustered look he had. You smiled at him softly, hand moving into his hair as you played with it softly, “I wan…want you…God…I want you…too.”
It was all he needed to hear as he let go of your hair, pushing you back down on your front as he watched you arch your back for him to fuck into you. His legs between your own as he pushed your head down into the mattress, “Fuck…fuck Y/n.”
Both your moans filled the room and you had forgotten about your son sleeping in the room over, your mind had fixated on the pleasure you had felt from feeling Atsumu inside of you. The way his other hand gripped your side to allow for him to go deeper into you, “cum…cu…”
Your voice was inaudible as he pressed your face down into the mattress, he knew though, watched how your legs twitched for your second orgasm. He wasn’t going to suppress you though, just wanting to cum with you. And as he felt you give out another loud moan of his name he felt your coil snap and cum gush out, it helped him to move easier in you as he spoke himself, “Y/n…fuck…” cum gushed into your cunt as you felt filled up with him.
He slid out of you watching as you groaned trying to turn over, as you did cum dripped out of your cunt. It was a sight to see you in this way, the way your legs had his fingers imprinted on them, your neck scattered with marks and your cunt filled with him.
“Let me run ya bath,” you nodded as you tried to get up but instead felt your legs shake instead.
Atsumu came back having sorted himself out and grabbing two towels, he carried you as you leant against his bare body. Placing you inside the bath he sat behind you, the water pushing against the sides as you leant your body against his own. You both began speaking quietly to one another, he let you play with his fingers as you snuggled closer into his form.
“Everything I said was true,” he spoke softly, seeing how you were already half asleep you nodded acknowledging that your own words were true. He kissed your head as he let you stay in his arms, he knew you’d had a long day as he sorted you out, changing the bed sheets before laying you on it. Even in your dazed state you held onto the man closely as his arms wrapped around you and you finally fell asleep with someone.
Friday afternoon had approached as you and Atsumu had grown accustomed to a sort of unofficial dating occurring. He would spend the night most days, making Akira smile as he saw Atsumu make him breakfast before dropping him off to school for you. It felt like a home, a family for Atsumu, even if he rarely spent time actually inside his own home, only using it to change and use the volleyball net in the back garden. You were his home; you and Akira were something more to him than an empty house.
He held your hand as you both walked into your son's school, going to where the volleyball practice was, it was a rare occurrence where parents could watch their sons play. Even more rare that a professional volleyball player would be accompanying you, you both stood on the side-lines as your son came running to you both.
“Tsum Tsum, Mum,” he smiled giddily as he jumped into Atsumu’s hands, “you came.”
“I said I would little man, now you go smash it, beat ‘hem,” your son chuckled as he got off of Atsumu and ran back to his friends.
You both watched the game occur, watching as your son spiked the ball passed the other players. Atsumu’s arm around your own as he leant back seeing how well your son had done, “Bokuto might need to ask Kira for help after this game.”
You chuckled lightly as you leant against his side, feeling him give you a soft kiss on the cheek, “I’m proud of him.”
You gave a small smile as you continued to watch the small game, more parents having arrived as you waved at the few that you knew. With work it had gotten hard to make friends with the other parents but with Atsumu it became easier to become more involved with Akira’s friends.
As the game ended, your eyes flashed at the score, your son's team having the lead to 25 as you cheered for him. The setter threw the ball up letting your son spike it right past the other blockers as he cheered with the rest of the team as the whistle blew.
You smiled at him as he ran into your arms, “you did so good Kira.”
Akira hugged you tightly before jumping onto Atsumu, “Tsum Tsum I want to be like you when I grow up.”
Atsumu felt his heart grow soft as he ruffled your son's hair, “you’ll become even better than ma.”
Akira laughed as they both talked to one another about what was occurring in the game. Even if you were only semi-aware of what was occurring, you understood the basics, nodding along whenever your son would do an action of the game.
Before the three of you could leave, your son let go of Atsumu and he went over to his teacher as you smiled at them. “This is him, he’s a professi…” your son could barely say the word as he ignored the rest, his teacher smiled as she most likely hadn’t believed your son when he spoke of knowing a professional player, “Miss…can you take a photo of the three of us, I want a family photo.”
Your eyes widened as you gave a soft smile to your son, his teacher happily obliged as she took Atsumu’s phone. Both you and Atsumu crouched to your son's height, his hand around your waist and the other on Akira’s shoulder. Akira gave a gleeful smile as you and Atsumu grinned as well, Akira had a family again, he had someone to look up to but better yet…Atsumu no longer felt alone as he looked down at his new family.
Tumblr media
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planetsano · a month ago
sweet as candy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis ↷ suna fucks you in the bathroom at one his frat parties because little ole you made him a bit jealous.
warnings ↷ 🔞, frat boy! au, toxic suna, misogyny, toxic relationship, unestablished relationship, manipulation, unprotected sex, (1) mention of breeding, voyeurism, drug use (weed), drug mention (ecstasy), corruption undertones.
character ↷ suna rintarō ft. miya atsumu.
wc ↷ 3.OK
Tumblr media
Suna Rintarō's toxic trait was preying on sweet girls who didn’t know any better and making turning them into his own little fuck toys. His personal little trinkets he can play with, dress up and bend at his own will. They didn’t have free will once in his possession. They eat, sleep and breathe Suna Rintaro. The only served one (1) purpose: and that was being his cumdump.
Did he keep these beloved toys around? Absolutely not. It’s a cycle, you know? Suna finds a pretty face that matches his tastes. He goes for the cute type. The type to get flustered when he does the bare minimum. Let’s be honest with a face and body like his he doesn’t have to do much. His favorite is calling them “his pretty girl” and watching them melt like honey in between his fingers. Then, after about a week or so he’s on to the next, looking for another dolly to add to his collection. Their fate will end the same as the others, being left up on the shelf and forgotten— not to be touched or even spared a glance at again.
You should be lucky he’s kept you around this long, honored even. It's been about a month now? And he’s still using your cunt like it was brand new. You should feel special that he was just a tad less mean to you than he was to the others. To an unassuming soul, the two of you seemed like a couple— always together. But the majority of the campus knew better than that, Suna’s reputation was far from that of a “relationship” kind of guy.
There was an ongoing bet around in the Inarizaki frat house about how long he would keep you around. Some said you wouldn’t last another week while others thought you’d be around for more than a while. Suna was aware of the little bet going on and he couldn’t give less of a fuck, though, he did wish his brothers would stay the hell out of his business. It was usually a light topic of conversation amongst the house when Suna brought you around— nothing too serious. It was more so to give Suna a hard time, nothing against you.
You were Suna’s plus one for a party the Inarizaki house was hosting. It was a regular occurrence for most Saturday nights, they were known to throw some of the best parties among the frat houses on campus. Suna gave you a heads up about the event a couple of days beforehand giving you enough time to prepare and shop for a cute new outfit.
Saturday finally came rolling around and you were as ready as you ever would be as you checked your appearance in the mirror for one last time. You leaned in closer to your reflection to adjust your false lash and wipe the corners of your lips for any excess lip gloss. You thought you looked nice, you just hoped Suna thought so too.
Even the thought of his name gave you butterflies and a warm feeling in your cheeks. You liked him, even though you weren’t really sure what exactly he was to you. It was unclear how you actually got involved with him to the extent you are now. You just remember him asking you out on a boring Tuesday while you were studying in the library. You recognized him of course. But you didn’t know much about him other than that he was pretty popular on campus amongst everyone, especially women. From there everything seemed to happen so fast and by the time you realized what was happening, it was already too late. He managed to have his claws stuck deep into you.
In hindsight, you probably should have said no. Suna was mean, he treated you like more of an object than he did a human being. You often beat yourself up over your feelings for him. He was controlling, manipulative, and misogynistic. His aloof and deadpan personality didn’t make it better at all. It was sick because he made you feel wanted. Only he could call you at two in the morning telling you he’s coming over to fuck you. Only he cared enough about you to tell you what you looked good on as well as what you didn’t. He was quick to tell you if he didn’t like the way you did your makeup or if you wore a shirt he thought was hideous. Only Suna could make you drop all your plans because he wanted to see you on his own time.
Suna was an incredible lover. He was the only man who could make you cum four times in a row within the span of 15 minutes and leave you begging for more. He always knew what to say to keep you coming back to him. There was a reason why he went after the sweet and docile girls like you: there was no backbone. You let him use you like a doormat and that’s what he liked.
You sighed at yourself in the mirror once you were pleased with your appearance then grabbed your keys. It was time to start the night.
Tumblr media
When you arrived at the house, you were met with a sea of bodies, loud music, and an overwhelming smell of liquor and weed. As your eyes wandered the crowd looking for a particular golden-eyed man, you failed to notice the few curious eyes that had been locked on your figure as soon as you entered the old and heavy wooden doors. The four men were gathered around the marbled island counter in the kitchen.
“There’s Suna’s little girlfriend. She’s cute.” Aran muses before bringing a red solo cup up to his lips.
“Damn, she’s still around? Pussy must be amazing.” Atsumu stands beside him, his upper half leaning against the island counter, his words earning snickers from the rest of the guys near him.
“Yeah, that or the bastard caught feelings,” Aran says.
“Suna? Not a fuckin’ chance.” Osamu quips with an eye roll.
“You never know,” Shinsuke starts, he grabs his cup from off the counter. “I’m gonna go talk to her. She looks lost.” He states before walking off into the mix of the party.
His eyes never left your frame as he approached you closer and closer. You still looked lost and your eyes were still searching for Suna, completely unaware of the tall man that walked upon you until he grabbed your attention.
“Hey. You’re looking for Suna, right?” A tall gray and black-haired man you knew as Kita spoke to you with a knowing look on his face. Despite you never holding a legitimate conversation with the chapter’s President, he was well aware of who you were. You opened your mouth to speak but settled on a soft nod paired with a shy smile.
“Yeah, he’s upstairs in his room. But I’m sure you know where that is.” He says before nursing the red solo cup in his hand up to his lips. His wording and tone made your face feel hot in embarrassment. A part deep within you knew what you were “known” for around the frat. You were Suna’s fucktoy to them and it was embarrassing. You thought of yourself as a modest girl but being involved with Suna made you feel so dirty. Maybe it was the similar misogynistic mindset many of them shared that made you feel reduced to nothing more than an object to be used whenever and wherever Suna pleased.
“Oh, thank you.” You smile before excusing yourself. Once again failing to see how Shinsuke’s eyes lingered on your figure as you walked away.
You made your way through the crowd of bodies while politely excusing yourself as you brushed past everyone. You followed your usual pathway. Up the staircase and through the maze of hallways decorated with vintage portraits of previous founders, trophies, and statues until you finally arrived at his room.
“Rin?” Your knuckles tapped at his door twice before hearing a muffled voice telling you to come in. Your hand twisted the golden doorknob before pushing the door open. Suna was sitting on the edge of his bed, his weight leaning one of his arms behind him as he held a joint up to his lips. A large puff of smoke expelled from his lips before giving you a simple head nod that acknowledged your presence. His room was tidy as it always was and dark with the only source of light coming from the moonlight illuminating through the large window in his room. He wore all black with a silver chain hanging gracefully around his neck and a black belt with a matching silver buckle. Suna looked perfect as always.
“Hi,” You said sweetly as you closed the door behind you.
“I was waiting on you.” Suna sits up and pats in his lap, offering a seat to you. The soft clicking from your heels sounded against the old oak flooring as you walked to him. You sat yourself right in his lap.
“Were you?” You place an arm around the back of his neck.
“Yeah,” He confirms. Suna gives you one hard look, like he’s analyzing you-- because he is. You begin to feel anxious when he doesn’t say anything. Did he not like the way you did your makeup? Maybe the dress you wore was too much? Did-
“You look pretty. You do something different with your makeup?” He gives you a slight head tilt.
“New lip gloss.” You answer as relief settles over your body. A happy Suna is a happy you.
“Ah,” he puts out the joint. “You ready?”
“Mhm!” You smile widely, giving him an eager nod. He tapped your thigh signaling for you to get up.
“Let’s go.”
Tumblr media
Maybe it was the shots, but you were clingier than usual tonight. The way you held onto Suna’s hand and trailed behind him like a lost puppy was genuinely pathetic. Looking up at him like everything to escape his lips was so incredibly profound did nothing but boost his ego. You couldn’t help yourself: you were tipsy and he was pretty. Your feelings for him were evident when you were under the influence. How could you not give him that look of pure infatuation? Every time he looked at you there was nothing but admiration and affection swimming in your irises. You wondered if he saw it.
“I’ll be right back,” Suna says into your ear before slipping his hand from yours and walking off. Your brows knitted together in the middle and watched him walk away wondering where he was going.
“Oh- okay..” You trailed off, pouting slightly while looking at your reflection in the fruity liquor in your cup.
“Want company?” A voice asked, you looked up and saw Shinsuke. A small but inviting smile spread on your lips as you looked up at the attractive man.
“I’d love that, yes.” You say.
Suna Rintarō was not an insecure man. He wasn’t— fucking look at him. Name a single thing he has to be insecure about? But seeing you get a touch too friendly with Shinsuke gave him a nasty feeling that erupted in the pit of his stomach and spilled into his chest. That feeling of a stomach-churning followed by heart clenching. Jealousy wasn’t a pretty feeling and he hated that you were eliciting these feelings out of him. Suna’s always been nice. He didn’t mind if his friends played with his toys from time to time. Sharing is caring, right? But for some reason seeing you with another man made his skin crawl. He didn’t like it, not one fucking bit.
Suna felt betrayed, you know? He had feelings too. He leaves you for five minutes and there you are practically fucking one of his house brothers right in front of his face. You should be grateful, he had half a mind to put you in your place in front of everyone but honestly, he didn’t have the energy— he never did. Instead, he had another idea.
The pretty brunette walked up to you, a lazy arm slinging over your shoulder while his other hand guided your chin until your eyes met his feline-like ones. You blinked once you were met with his bored expression. Suna loved when you gave him that ditzy fucking look you give him. All doe-eyed with your plump lips parted. Any other day it made him want to fuck your face until you were crying but right now, he was mad at you. Why were you being such a slut?
“You like him?” Suna asks. It was a simple question, you didn’t think much of it so you answered without a second thought.
“Mhm, he’s nice.” You say in a very gentle and unassuming tone. Suna only nodded at your response.
“Come with me.” Is all he said before dragging you by the back of your neck with a firm hand.
“Where- where are we going?” You asked, trying to find your footing in your heels.
“Shh, please.” He says in an apathetic tone.
That’s how you ended up here: bent over a bathroom sink while Suna pounded relentlessly into your poor little cunny. Your mom would be so proud, wouldn’t she? You remember the day she sent you off to college with the proudest tears pricking at the corners of her eyes. How would she feel now knowing that her sweet, darling daughter was getting slutted out by one of the most popular scumbags on campus?
“Rin, s-slow down, please-” Your voice was whiny and slightly broken up from the sheer force behind his thrusts. He kept one hand latched on your hip while his other held the back of your neck— applying pressure as he pushed your head down on the cool porcelain of the bathroom sink. Suna ignored your pathetic cries, well, he didn’t mean to but he just wasn’t listening to you after a while. It also didn’t help that he smoked nearly a whole joint by himself earlier. Frankly, he was tweaked out of his mind.
“I-I can’t take it-!” You pleaded again. You reached behind you, a clammy hand found his wrist and gripped for dear life as he continued his assault on your cunt. Your fingernails dug into his skin and left tiny crescent-shaped moons behind. Suna wasn’t affected at all by it, just another silly attempt on your end. He knows you can take it he hates when you act like he didn’t train your cunt to take a beating.
“God, do you ever stop talking?” Suna groans.
“You- you’re so mean, Rin,” You whine.
“Yeah? That’s unfortunate.” Suna’s hands spread your plump ass cheeks, his eyes locked on how his cock continuously disappeared into your creamy hole. The milky white ring at the base of his shaft lets him know that you’ve cum already at least once. Maybe that’s why you’re bitching and whining, poor cunny’s all overstimulated. That’s too bad, really. Suna isn’t stopping until he breeds that sweet little cunt.
“R-Rin, please-!” You cried out, feeling him about to yank yet another orgasm out of you. There was a loud knock at the door.
“Busy,” Suna said gruffly.
“Open the damn door, asshole.” You knew that voice. “I got the shit ya wanted.”
You didn’t expect Suna to unlock the door, letting the blond twin you knew as Atsumu into the bathroom. Your eyes widened and before you could say anything, Suna positioned his hips to an angle that made you see stars.
When Atsumu entered the room, he sat on top of the bathroom sink counter a mere centimeters away from your indecent form. You were so embarrassed-- so ashamed that someone was watching you get fucked. You couldn't think straight, there was so much going on that you weren’t able to fully process what was going on. The worst thing about it was, neither of the men was affected by the perverted situation at hand. Suna kept snapping his hips into your abused hole as if Atsumu wasn’t there. The boys have had their fair share of threesomes, sometimes even a gangbang— this was nothing new.
The blond pulled out a small baggie of four colorful pills in cute shapes from his jacket pocket and handed them over to Suna. Suna took a hand from your hip and pocketed the drugs. Atsumu watched in amusement as you whined Suna’s name.
“She sounds fuckin’ cute. Nice ass on her too,” Atsumu says. “She tight?”
“Very— fuck,” Suna groans.
“Rin, no more. ‘M embarrassed,” You say with tears pooling at your waterline.
“Lying isn’t pretty. You forget that I can feel your cunt, you’re about to cum.” Suna scolds. He’s losing his rhythm and pace the closer he gets to his release. The drag of Suna’s cock was massaging your velvety walls so well, you didn’t know how long you would last.
“Don’t cry, sweetpea.” Atsumu takes a hand and puts it under your chin. You’re looking up at him when your tears fall freely down your cheeks, you almost fall for his faux sweetness until he speaks again. “Go ‘head, cum in front of me like the nasty bitch ya are.”
Atsumu’s vulgar words paired with Suna’s thrusts triggered you into your second orgasm. It hit you like a freight train, your cunt pulsing and creaming around the brunette’s cock. Your legs gave out and if it wasn’t for the quickness of Suna then you would’ve fell. He kept a tight arm around your midsection, holding you up as he continued to pound into you. He came soon after you, filling your pussy to the brim while he fucked himself through his release. His arm let go of your midsection causing you to fall limp against resting Atsumu’s lap. Suna was pulling up his pants, tucking himself back into his boxers when his lidded eyes met the blond’s.
“Get out, pervert.” Suna dismissed Atsumu with a look of disgust.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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ky0sohma · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ˏˋ°•*⁀➷  how long it takes the haikyuu characters to realize that you've stopped walking beside them.
➼ pairing! multiple haikyuu characters x reader
➼ warnings! none
➼ type! humor and fluff
➼ author’s note! based on this tiktok trend! a video like this reminded me of daichi and i couldn’t help myself lol. some characters were harder to place than others but i tried my best. :)
Tumblr media
notices you stopped as soon as you do so and turns to look at you. will just silently stare at you until you have no choice but to catch up with them and keep walking; yaku, kenma, yahaba, shirabu, fukunaga, semi
notices as soon as you stop and they immediately think something is wrong. their first instinct is to ask you if you're okay. please reassure them that you are; ushijima, akaashi, kiyoko, kita, kai, hirugami, yamaguchi, reon, komori, aone, ennoshita
also notices as soon as you stop but instead of concern, they regard you with (faux) annoyance. will simply snatch your hand in theirs and pull you along, mumbling something along the lines of "don't do that again"; taichi, tsukishima, sakusa, iwaizumi, osamu, futakuchi, kyoutani, taichi
notices pretty quickly but keeps walking just to mess with you. pretends they don't hear you calling their name when they get pretty far away but they can't contain their laughter when they hear you start to run after them; suna, kuroo, hanamaki, matsukawa, atsumu, kunimi, sugawara, probabaly tsukishima as well
doesn't notice until they're a good couple of feet ahead of you. tenses up as soon as they realize you're no longer besides them and practically runs back to where you are; bokuto, hinata, hoshiumi, goshiki, noya (first five were probably just too busy talking to notice), yachi, asahi, kindaichi
doesn't notice and will not notice. they're either just extremely clueless or are simply a man on a mission. will quite literally leave you behind if you don't call out to them; daichi, aran, lev (he's just clueless), yamamoto (also very clueless), tanaka, kageyama (clueless <3), konoha
you don't even get the chance to do this with them because there's never a moment where they’re not holding your hand when you’re with them; tendou, koganegawa, oikawa, inuoka, also bokuto
Tumblr media
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ohajime · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Haikyu boys when they make you insecure PT 1 (Kenma,Kuroo)
Tumblr media
Part 1 Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6.
Word Count:3k 
genre: angst, fluff
Tumblr media
You and Kenma have been in a long distance relationship for a while.
Both of you stream, Kenma doing it seriously for his job and you just playing it for fun,
Sometimes you stream together of course but because of your difference in audiences and games you don’t do it all the time
“Bye guys! Hope you enjoyed todays stream” You wave off to the camera and shut off your PC taking a few sips of water.
Kenma: Hey.. nice stream today Y/N are you going to watch mine?
Y/N: Of course I will 
Kenma: Ok talk to you later
Y/N: okayy <3
Kenma is what inspired you to stream, he also taught you all the ins and outs of streaming making sure you were set and ready. Your gaming style was very relaxed and friendly as you obviously weren’t streaming as a career just for fun and to make friends with your online viewers. The games you played were usually: minecraft, COD, Sims 4, Roblox, Animal crossing and *Insert your favourite game here* the way I literally named all the games I play 
You wait for Kenmas stream to start, kind of excited as you’ve always loved seeing your boyfriend in his ‘element’ when it comes to playing to games. As your boyfriends stream starts you see he’s already chosen what game he is playing today which is to your surprise Call of duty, since that was the game you were playing earlier.
As he gets into the stream you are entertained, as always since Kenma was being his usual self laughing at his own deadpan jokes and interacting with his viewers. He is currently waiting for his capture the flag game to start so as he waits he decides to read some comments in the chat.
You’re used to the usual ‘Kenma where is Y/N I miss your usual streams together’ or ‘kenma please RAIL me’ which always makes you laugh. You were also used to the common hate comments Kenma and You both got on your streams but you were definitely not ready for this..
@ Ihatewomanandiamadick : Hey Kenma did you see your girls stream today she is so dog shit at COD lmaoooo jhdfkjdrhdrr
“Well hello ihatewomenandiamadick” started Kenma “but yes I did see Y/N stream and obviously she is not the best at games and I would definitely NOT ask her to team with me for any serious gaming competitions ... but she’s fun to watch I guess” as he finished speaking about you his game loaded up so he focused his attention on that the words he just spoke going to the back of his mind as they end up at the forefront of yours.
You obviously knew you were no match for Kenma’s gaming expertise but you didn’t expect him to publicly agree with a hate comment let alone add more of his imput on you. Did he really think that about you? ‘She’s fun to watch I guess’ did he not even enjoy your streams that much?
You wanted to distract yourself, and you definitely couldn’t do that watching him so you close off of his stream and get in your bed deciding to watch your favourite show. 
Waking up at 6pm after your sad nap, you see that Kenma has left some messages to you,
Kenma: hey did you watch my stream?
Kenma: do you want to facetime later and play some minecraft..?
Kenma: y/n r u ok??
Y/N: oh hey cnt play minecraft w you rn not really in the mood..
Kenma: oh ok..
Time passed since then a month to be exact and you basically dropped off of the face of the earth, you weren’t in the mood to do anything let alone game and stream, which was a constant reminder of your boyfriend (something you didn’t want at the time.) 
You felt embarrassed over all the things he said about you and all the things you now think he thinks about you and the way you play. Maybe he thinks even worse things about you, beyond just how you game? What if he doesn’t even genuinely like you...or he has someone does make sense, you do both live miles and miles away from eachother AND he’s a big streamer you see the amount of girls in his comments.
You shake your head to erase your protruding thoughts coming in your mind, but it doesn’t really help. You and Kenma haven’t spoken much over this month he tried to constantly reach out to you at first but you assume he got bored over your constant, repetitive dry texts. So you were almost content with you and Kenma not even being in a relationship anymore.
However on Kenma’s side, he was beyond worried about you. Since you haven’t been streaming or barely responded to his texts he thought something happened to you, but he didn’t want to be seen as ‘overstepping boundaries’ if there was nothing wrong at all with you and you simply were just ‘not in the mood.’ 
So here he is, in Kuroo’s apartment trying to get him to help him out on finding out what is wrong with you.
“So kenma can you remember what happened the day when Y/N went ‘ghost’“ asked Kuroo in a mock detective voice
“Y/N didn’t go ‘ghost’ Kuro, and take this seriously” said Kenma “I’m worried bout her”
“Okay fine, but for real what’s the last thing you remember before she started acting all weird.” 
“Umm I think it was around a month ago I did my saturday stream and I think she was on it but she didn’t leave her usual nice comments throughout”
“Ohh that was the stream when you sai-” Kuroo said before pausing his words as the memory of what Kenma said about you on his stream came in his mind, as even Kuroo thought it was a tad bit harsh for Kenma to say all those things “I think I know why Y/N has been so distant kiddo”
“What why?” Asked Kenma
Kuroo pulls out his phone and brings up the clip off what Kenma said and Kenma’s face cringes ‘did he really say all those things about you’ he thinks. 
“Shit.. I didn’t know I said all of that” he said quietly “how do I make it up to her?”
“There’s only one thing you can really do Kenma” said kuroo
You are woken up out of your sleep by a knock on the door. Getting out your bed like a zombie, you trudge to your front door only surprised by what you see. There in his 5′6 glory stood your ‘boyfriend’ Kenma with a controller and a kitten teddy in his hand. You were very tempted to shut the door in his face and get back to your dreamless sleep but you waited on him to speak.
“Hi Y/N” he said quietly “wanna play some minecraft...?”
“Why so you can ridicule me on how shit I am?” You ask bitterly ready to shut the door on him
“No! No not all” he said stopping you from shutting the door entering your place “Y/N i’m really sorry on what I said, I wasn’t thinking AT ALL... I love watching your streams and I think you’re great at playing games...I was just being a dick,”
You take a deep breath before tears pool in your eyes “what you said really hurt me kenma..” you say “ I know people say shitty things on the internet all the time... it’s the internet. But I wasn’t expecting you to agree with the hater and say even more shitty things on top of that.. I don’t think I want to even stream anymore”
Upon hearing that, Kenma’s mouth parts open with shock ‘you dont want to stream anymore’ were his comments that bad? Now he feel even worse as he should and is now more determined to make things right. 
He impulsively drags your arm into your game room, catching your surprise ‘what is he up too?’ you think. He stops for a second seeing your usual pristine gaming set up, collected up with dust. 
“What are you do-” you start 
“Just wait!” He says, as he rushes away turning on all your stuff and logging onto his twitch account as he sees the views go up he starts to speak
 “Hi guys, its me kodzuken and today I’m here on stream with my beautiful girlfriend and today I want to say..” he turns to you “Y/N im so sorry for the horrible things I said to you that day... I was just being a dick and I’m sorry I really am.”
You look at the chat and you see some confusion and some people recalling his words from last month. “It’s fine Kenma, I forgive you” you say giving him a hug”
“Okay Y/N, so what do you say... wanna beat my ass at bed wars?” He says with a smirk 
“When have I ever loss?” you return his smirk
Of course you did beat his ass as bed wars for rounds on rounds never losing proving yourself to actually be a good gamer girl. You enjoyed your time with Kenma, forgetting what he said before about you and moving on. 
Eventually, you guys moved in together and streamed together all the time and yes you still do play for fun but you’ve gotten way better at COD (some may say better then Kenma) but who is better didn’t matter to any of you, as long as you got to play together that’s all you both cared about.
Tumblr media
Kuroo and you have been together since you were in your first year of high school 
You met as friends first when you got him to tutor you in chemistry ( a subject you still aren’t that good at.)
Now you have your upcoming entrance exams for university in a month so your school has you doing mock exams in preparation for them.
You look down at your chemistry paper that your teacher just handed you. 20%. You’re surprised, very surprised since out of all your subjects (that you go 90+% on) you studied on the chemistry test the hardest ensuring Testurou, that you didn’t need his help at all. But I guess it turns out, you did.
This failing mock grade put a blunder on your day, you didn’t interact with anyone and didn’t want to see your boyfriend so you skipped your usual routine of meeting him on the rooftop and went to the library instead ‘might aswell start early on your studying’ you thought.
As you were going over your chemistry topics, you hear an ‘ahem’ next to you and you turn your head only to find your boyfriend and his friends next to you. Kuroo with his usual goofy smile on his face. 
“Hey kitten where were you at lunch?” he asked 
“Needed to go to the library, Chemistry is kicking my ass” you mumbled 
“Oya” he said as he noticed your chemistry test laying under your textbook “20%, well damn Y/N I knew you were stupid, but I didn’t know you were that stupid” he laughed doing his stupid usual hyena-like laugh.
Ouch well that hurt. You slightly flinched at his words, “Really your name, you didn’t know the molecular formula for ethanol, that’s first year work” he said continuing to laugh “I’m pretty sure that’s one of the first things I tutored you on when we first met” 
His overbearing laughter was not good for you, you were already having a bad day and yes you do know your not that good at chemistry but you didn’t need your chemistry-enthusiast boyfriend to make fun of you for failing. Kenma and Yaku stood there awkwardly obviously aware of how bad Kuroo is making you feel but they didn’t really know how to stop his friend in the moment.Whilst he’s still dying of laughter you decide to pack up your stuff and leave the library.
You managed to get your Chemistry tutor to let you retake your mock paper in a week so that means, extra hard studying with no distractions you definitely can’t fail again. Since studying on your own was definitely not a good option, and you couldn’t go to Kuroo (especially after he ridiculed you) you decided to ask the second smartest person you know to tutor you.
Y/N: Hey Yaku! Can I ask you a favour?
Yaku: Hi Y/N what do you need??
Y/N: I have my chemistry retake next week, and as you know from your loud-loud friend I failed my recent test so can you tutor me?? 
Y/N: Pleaseeee
Yaku: Ok Y/N why can’t you ask Kuroo you know that he’d be more than happy to help
Y/N: Yakuu pleasee just help me out 
So there you was, nearly a week done with your study sessions with Yaku and you’re feeling way more confident than before. 
“Y/N what is the functional group of a Carboxylic Acid” Yaku asked
“umm... COO?” 
“Great! that’s correct Y/N” he praises i dont actually know if it’s correct or not
You then hear a knock at Yaku’s front door and hear his mum let the person in, Kuroo then enters Yaku’s bedroom with shock plastered on his face surprised to see you here.
“Y/N...hey?” he says confused “what are you doing here?”
“Oh Mori-chan is just helping me with chemistry for my retake tommorow” you say nochalantly internally smiling at the twinge in Kuroo’s face at the purposeful use of Yaku’s first name.
“So why didn’t you ask me to help you know I’m a chemistry whiz” he asks
“Maybe I’m too stupid to be taught under your tutelage” you mumble “since I seem to forget whatever you teach me, even when it’s 3 years ago... but ok”
“Y/N I-” he starts 
“Oh save it Kuroo, I have studying to do” you say cutting him off
“But I-” he tries
“So Mori-chan COOH is the function group of ethyl ethonate right?” you ask ignoring your boyfriend who is now at a lost for words
“ummm yeah it is” says yaku who is clearly feeling heavily awkward at the tension in his bedroom.
Kuroo leaves and you and yaku finish off the studying for the night, you did feel a little bad for being a bit mean to Kuroo but it’s karma for him being a dick to you. 
You wake up the next day ready for your exam which was first thing in the morning, before you hand in your phone you see a message from Kuroo,
Kuroo: I know you’re still mad at me, but I think you’re going to do so well on this test. You’re not stupid at all, you’re really smart and I love you < 3 
Kuroo: Good luck Y/N
You don’t respond to the message but smile at the sincerity of it and thankful for the boost of confidence it gave you before you start your exam.
Finishing the exam with a smile, you were confident you did well as everything you and Yaku went over was on the paper and you’re almost certain you atleast got more than 75%. You have to wait an hour before your teacher can give you your results, so in the meantime you might aswell reconcile with Kuroo.
When you exit the classroom, standing there was Kuroo who seemed to have been waiting for you for the whole duration of the exam.
“So how was it?” Kuroo asked, apprenhensive as he assumed you would just ignore him like you did at Yaku’s house.
“It was fine, I think it went alright..” you say
You say simultaneously, he pauses for a second to let you speak “I’m sorry I was being so stand offish when we were at Yaku’s I just wanted you to see I could do it on my own, and when you called me stupid I really took that to heart since you and I both know that Chemistry wasn’t ever my best subject” 
“I’m sorry too, I didn’t mean to make you feel bad, and since it was only a practice test I didn’t think you’d take it to heart but I am sorry I know you aren’t stupid.”
Before you got to say anything else, your Chemistry teacher exited the room with your chemistry paper in hand. Kuroo grabbed your hand anticipating your nerves and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“Miss L/N” said your teacher “Well done on your chemistry test” he turned your test around to sure a perfect 100%. Both you and Kuroo gasped, you were elated to say the least you wanted to jump up and down in excitement but a PERFECT 100%.
“I’d also like to add that you have now got the top chemistry score in the school beating the previous title holder Kuroo Testurou” said your teacher, this made Kuroo open his mouth even wider in surprise nearly making you giggle at his response. 
Your teacher took his leave, leaving you and Kuroo in the hallway “ I guess i’m the chemistry whizz now “ you say wiggling your eyebrows just as Kuroo did to you before at Yaku’s this made him chuckle as he came to put his arm around you.
“Y/N don’t get ahead of yourself now, you may have won this battle but I will win the war” he said smiling
In the final exam, you continue your winning streak also getting a near 100% and still beating Kuroo which didn’t matter to either of you, now you’re just like him cracking chemistry puns and jokes all the time which none of your friends appreciated but atleast Kuroo found them SODIUM funny.
AN: Please kill me for the last line of Kuroos, I didn’t really like Kuroo’s since it was a bit self indulgent with my hate for chemistry but what do you guys think?
Tumblr media
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thighridingsamu · 2 months ago
hq boys and your first time together
tsukishima kei x gn!reader, bokuto kotaro x gn!reader, kuroo tetsuro x gn!reader, akaashi keiji x gn!reader | pt.2, pt.3, pt.4 |
content warning: swearing, biting (tsukishima, bokuto), praise, reader and kuroo tease each other, one soft, affectionate thigh slap from kuroo, the faintest of dom/sub dynamic with akaashi, dry humping (akaashi), marking (akaashi), akaashi uses sweetheart
word count: ~1.2k
a/n: these are my opinions! you can headcanon them differently, this is just how my lil brain works when thinking of this scenario. these were made with the idea that the character and the reader have had previous sexual experience. feel free to request more characters (im willing to add your own little twist), i think that'd be fun!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think Kei would be surprised at the way he just absolutely melts at your touch. He always felt like the one in control when it came to bedroom activities, but with you, he's willing to follow your lead and command. His main goal is to satisfy you and make sure you get everything you want from him. He finds himself holding back his pants and groans so he can hear you clear as day. That way it's easier for him to remember what he did to draw out each reaction.
Your cheeks are flushed, a blissful look on your face that makes Kei groan quietly and hide his face in your neck. He keeps his hands moving across your body, exploring each and every inch. It wasn't overeager or desperate, instead firm and sure, succeeding at warming your body and bringing you closer to the high you'd been anticipating.
"Kei," you breathe through a moan, your hands finding purchase on his bicep and the nape of his neck. "Please, wanna hear you more. You sound so pretty."
This elicits a shiver and a moan from him, hips stuttering as he thrusts forward. He couldn't recall ever feeling like this before, body deliciously overwhelmed and sensitive as he moved inside you. And he hasn't even come yet.
"Fuck, I think m'gonna come," he whines, hissing when your nails begin to dig into his arm. "Tell me you're close too."
You moan in affirmation when his fingers press into your hip and teeth sink into the junction between your neck and shoulder.
Kei waits for a bit, helping you finally lose yourself in an orgasm, before spilling into the condom and letting out those pretty moans you were talking about.
I believe that Bokuto would be very.. composed the first time you get down and dirty? He's extremely observant and does a good job at reassuring any doubts you may have. Not to mention he really tries to make it as comfortable and enjoyable for you rather than him. This when he realizes everything truly isn't about him. m'sorry bo i love you ALSO,, PRAISE. KING.
"You feel so good, baby," Bokuto groans into your chest, licking over the indents of his teeth. He moves at a pace that had you teetering over the edge and tears slowly falling from how full and good you feel. "Want you to come nice and good from my cock. Can you do that?"
You whimper and try to whisper out a yes, carding your fingers through his hair. He groans again when you tug, deep voice making the knot in your tummy so much closer to snapping.
He picks up his face from your chest when you clench around him, the usual excited glint in his eyes shining. His ego inflates, proud of himself for being able to break you down so nicely, so well.
"That's it, good job. So cute like this," he whispers, a tight moan following right after as he comes.
I don't know why, but I feel like Kuroo really encourages you to ride him the first time you're together like this. He says he wants you to set the pace, and it technically isn't a lie, but he's mostly aiming for you to be presented above him. He likes to tease, have his fun making your cheeks red from sex and his words, but absolutely loses it when you tease back.
You'd never know how much Kuroo was holding back from the way his smirk seems to appear so easily. He'd been talking about how pretty you were bouncing on his cock, quick little quips leaving his lips every time you moaned especially loud.
"Sh- Shut up, asshole," you try and snap, failing as you throw your head back. The head of his cock hit the one spot that nearly has you seeing white. "Fuck."
One of his hands moves down from your hip to your thigh. You don't pay much attention when he rubs and massages your thigh, until he lays a firm slap. You whine and shiver from the contact, hands flying to his forearms to stabilize yourself.
"You shouldn't call the person that makes those sounds leave your lips an asshole." You click your tongue, the grip on his arms tightening. "Shit, you should see yourself from down here. So fucking sexy," he purrs.
"Oh yeah? You should see yourself, Tetsu," you manage to say. "You've never looked better."
He knows you're poking your own fun. He knows you're trying to get a rise out of him. And if he was in a more normal state, he'd scoff and say that was a pathetic comeback.
But fuck, Kuroo can feel the words send heat straight to where the two of your are connected.
He's red in the face and his bottom lip is between his teeth, fingers digging into your hips and subtly moving you faster and bringing you down harder.
Very much the opposite of Tsukki, Keiji is a bit accustomed to relinquishing control and following the lead of his partners. In day to day life, he didn't play an especially dominant role in any kind of way. But suddenly, with his pretty baby, he needs to be the one calling the shots (while, of course, making you feel the best he possibly can and more). He loves to sing your praises. It's soft and firm, like there's no other option to believe him. Really likes dry humping and getting you worked up during foreplay. HAND. GUIDER.
It feels too good, the way Keiji rolls his hips and presses his cock against you. His mouth is hot against your jaw and neck, teeth grazing the wet skin just enough to make you feel it but not yet enough to mark you up. Yet.
You barely process the way he takes your hand and puts it over his toned stomach, encouraging you to touch him. Your hand has a mind of its own as it sneaks underneath his shirt. The feeling of him draws a low moan from you.
"Why don't you touch a little lower, sweetheart? Don't be shy, my love." He hums when your hand travels down and over the bulge in his pants, taking your ear lobe between his teeth. "Just like that, yeah."
You're on cloud 9 when the clothes are off and he's inside you, expertly touching every spot on your body that just ignites that absolute need.
He lifts his head from your neck, kissing the blooming bruises before kissing your lips. He carefully removes one of your hands from his back, moaning blissfully when you touch the sensitive scratch marks you left behind.
"I want to see you when you come for me, my pretty baby," he whispers, placing your hand on his cheek. He kisses your hand so sweetly it makes you melt and whine.
Keiji smirks and kisses your lips once more, speeding up his pace to finally let you come undone.
Tumblr media
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bunny-xoxo · 4 months ago
HQ boys thigh riding hc
Warnings: NSFW, swearing ? it’s thigh riding so I mean,,
I have been ITCHING to post this one ok, and now that I made my official minors DNI post I feel ok to post NSFW works here on my blog , but this is some hq boys and how I think thigh riding would go down ☺️🤲🏼 I hope y’all enjoy and pls feel welcome to come in my inbox with your thirsts and thoughts 🥳 all characters are aged up and generally always are!
Characters: Kenma, Tsukishima, Hinata, Oikawa, & Kageyama
He loves when you sit on his lap period. When he’s gaming, when you two are watching a movie, it doesn’t matter he just loves when you come over and slide yourself onto his lap to cuddle. He loves feeling your weight and how warm you make him, so of course he’s gonna love when you ride his thigh.
Sometimes he initiates it when he can tell you want his, attention, it’s usually while he’s gaming of course.
You’d be squirming on his lap, moving back and forth on him and sighing while his arms are wrapped around you and he’d lean forward a little to talk in your ear, “go ahead then baby, I know what you want.”
He’d bounce his leg while your face is buried into his neck and your hands are gripping his shoulders, your hips are circling on him while you do your best to get off and he’d only give you side glances and little kisses to your cheek.
“You got it baby, almost there.”
But other times, especially when you initiate it, he is a VERY involved man.
Kenma’s lips would crash against your hungrily, his hands squeezing your hips almost as roughly as your pulling on his hair.
He’s not talking much now, only groaning into your mouth and breathing heavily against your neck between licks and kisses.
Cocky. That’s all I gotta say.
It doesn’t matter how obviously hard he is, he’s gonna act unbothered and tease you.
He’d have his hands lightly resting on your hips, but he’s not gripping you at all or helping you move, it’s just more convenient for him to keep them there.
He’s making you do all the work while he just barely kisses your jaw and whispers in your ear about how dirty you are the whole time.
“Oh what baby, you only gonna cum on me once? You made all the fuss for that?”
You never get to bother him and only cum once. He’s gonna want a show.
Now he’s squeezing your cheeks and making your lips pout, paying no mind to how you’re whining.
“Maybe if you’re a good girl and do it again I’ll help next time.”
He’s probably the most excited of them all.
There’s just something about seeing you get off that gets him painfully hard. He doesn’t know if it’s how you sound, or how you start to move the closer you get, and how you get this look on your face like you wanna cum so bad with your eyebrows furrowed; but he swears he could cum just at the sight. So when you want to ride his thigh he thinks he’s gonna pass out.
He has his hands on your hips moving with you an urgency as if he’s chasing his own high, and his moans are getting louder with yours. He sounds more desperate for you to finish than yourself.
“Fuck, please cum on me baby.” His voice is raspy and needy and he can’t help but bury his face in your neck.
You start moving faster and you swear you’re gonna draw blood with how badly your digging your nails into his biceps, but something tells you he wouldn’t care.
“Fuck, Shōyō, m’close.” You whisper breathlessly with your head thrown back.
He whimpers into your neck and starts bouncing his thigh, kissing at any exposed skin.
“C’mon baby please, do it. I wanna see you cum so fucking bad.”
You grind against him one more time when you feel yourself let go on his jeans, Hinata’s moaning sweetly into your ear at the sight.
“God, I wanna see you do that again.”
He’s just SUCH an asshole
He will be mocking you and embarrassing you probably the whole time, he just gets so cocky seeing you get off on him like this.
Your face is buried in his neck while he’s pressing his cheek against your head, whispering with a hoarse voice into your ear.
“Yeah? You like that pretty baby?” His voice has a rasp and need to it, he needs you to be louder and he needs you to want this more.
“Oh, you feel too good to answer my question now? Hmm?”
You grip onto his shirt tighter and nod your head, starting to speak before he did something dramatic.
“Y-yes, I like it.”
“Y-yeah? Aw I like when you sound this pathetic.”
Your breathings getting heavier as you’re practically panting now, not caring how desperate you seem anymore while you start to move faster, needing that release so bad. Your throat is dry when you let out a breathy moan, just a few moments away from coming undone.
“C’mon, I wanna hear you nice and loud when you make a mess pretty girl.”
And who are you to not oblige?
God you got this boy mf entranced. You always catch him staring as is, he just finds you so beautiful and can’t help it sometimes. And it was hard for him to always have the confidence to tell you how how gorgeous he thinks you look all the time, but slowly he got better at it.
Eventually it wasn’t just glances and embarrassed red cheeks, but blunt compliments, and then little touches or kisses, and now you’re here.
Grinding down on his thigh while his eyes are burning into your face and his hands are gripping your hips so tight you think his thumbs are gonna leave a bruise.
He’s not a big talker, he’s too busy watching you and groaning with you at your every move.
He especially loves when you press your forehead against his and kiss while moaning into each other’s mouth. It might not be the same as getting to watch you make a mess of yourself on his thigh while he fights the urge to stroke his cock and cum with you, but something about your mouth moving against his and your hand pulling on his hair, your grip getting harder the closer you get, is just as good enough for him.
Ahhh ok look posting this did make me a lil nervous alright so please let me know what you guys thought Okie 🥰🍆👍🏼🏐 I hope you enjoyed! send an ask or message if you’d like to he added to my taglist!
taglist: @plutowrites
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