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Every friend group should include a bimbo,
Tumblr media
a mean bisexual,
Tumblr media
an even meaner lesbian,
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a token straight that’s on thin ice,
Tumblr media
an astrology bitch who has everyone’s brith chart memorised,
Tumblr media
the one who’s obsessed with dinosaurs,
Tumblr media
a confused gay,
Tumblr media
and a short King
Tumblr media
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risvtu · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ocean waves and Tobio🧡
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yutari · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
feat. iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō, miya atsumu, sakusa kiyoomi, matsukawa issei, oikawa tōru, akaashi keiji, sawamura daichi
warnings. fem!reader for kuroo, but otherwise just fluff :) also mentioned of alcohol!!
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI calls you babe in every passing moment. a whisper of the little name falling past his lips as he wakes in the morning, stretching out to reach for you. babe, he’ll mumble, his lips brushing against your shoulder, come on, we gotta get up.
KUROO mumbles my girl on late nights, when the strumming of his guitar has finally settled into the sound of city, when your lashes flutter shut against his chest, when you’ve finally allowed yourself to rest for a moment. that’s my girl, he whispers, lets get some rest, alright?
BOKUTO calls you baby whenever he sees you, a little pout on his lips and something mischievous in his eyes. his fingers brush over your cheeks, and when you quirk a brow up at him, a smile will break onto his face. baby, you gotta trust me, he’ll say, just one rollercoaster. please?
ATSUMU murmurs angel into your lips in the mornings, when he still tastes a bit like coffee and his hands are still warm from sleep. he presses a kiss to your cheek too, burying himself as far into you as he can. ‘m gonna miss you today, angel, he mumbles, gonna miss you a lot.
SAKUSA lets the words my love slip past his lips in particularly vulnerable moments. when he’s tired and trying to drag you into bed or a shower. my love, he’ll say, hands wrapped around your wrists, face buried into your collar as he walks backwards into your room, please let me sleep.
MATSUKAWA presses teasing kisses into your cheeks as the word honey leaves his lips. he’s bright and loud and letting his laughter fall past him like he knows nothing else, hands wandering around your hips as a smirk crawls its way up his face. honey, please, come on, he’ll say, each syllable mixing with the laughter that crosses his tongue, you’re too smart to believe that.
OIKAWA whispers mi amor into your shoulder as you stand at the beach, the ocean lapping at your ankles. he’ll press a kiss to the skin there, taste the sea salt resting on you, and realize that he’s far too in love with you to ever exist anywhere that isn’t with you. i can’t believe i found you here, mi amor, he mumbles, tell me you’ll always stay with me. please.
AKAASHI whispers my dear into you while he traces over your skin, sheets pooled around his waist. he’s covered in moonlight and sweet linens, the taste of wine still lingering on his tongue. you’ve won me over, my dear, he’ll say, as if there was ever a moment where he questioned it, i’m afraid i’m yours to keep.
DAICHI calls you sweetheart whenever he gets the chance. it’s as simple as when he comes home from work, fatigue evident in his voice but it’s still him, still enough to carry his words to you when he speaks. sweetheart, he’ll hum, it’s good to see you.
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rowdymice · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
male thot behavior
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17-nadph · a day ago
Tumblr media
Happy Birthday🖤💛
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neoheros · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
galas aren't really atsumu's thing.
he sees them more as work events than actual parties, and as much as he'd actually prefer to skip them, it is technically part of his job to attend with the team.
that's how he finds himself here.
standing in the middle of men in suits, sipping on fancy champagne and passing around tiny hors d'oeurves, when all he wants to do right now, more than anything in the world, is to go home to his warm and comfortable bed.
but, as luck would have it, in the midst of it all, he sees you, alone in a corner as you observe everyone else from a far distance.
and atsumu has a strong feeling, the night is going to get better.
"hey, you." he smiles, seeing you look up at him the second you hear his voice, and when you put away your phone to give more focus to him, he can’t help but smile wider.
miya atsumu is the bachelor of the evening.
his blond hair neatly gelled as his fringe falls gently to the side, his black tux fitting him perfectly with the exception of his unbuttoned cuff links, and finally, like a cherry on top, his sticker name tag placed directly on the middle of his chest.
and instead of his name on it, it reads “the hottest msby jackals player ever!!” in big, permanent black ink.
your eyes crinkle, shoulders rising lightly as you laugh, "you look like you’re having fun."
"nah." atsumu shakes his head, "feels stuffy in here with all the suits."
and you tease, "scared the other guys might show off better than you?"
and he looks at you, rolling his eyes, but the stark grin on his lips doesn’t waver.
fifty minutes into the gala and he was ready to leave and quit his job then and there, but two minutes with you, and he’s ready to attend a thousand more of these in the future.
"you look good tonight." atsumu tells you, his eyes focused exactly on how you’d react.
“thanks,” you wave him off, laughing like you think he isn’t serious, "you look okay, i guess."
"hey!" he frowns, patting the sticker on his chest harshly, "read the name tag."
"the hottest player in msby, huh?" you tease, shaking your head in faux annoyance.
"notice how i put “player”, so you can also technically be considered the hottest in the team too." he nods, looking very proudly at you as he explains it, and he taps the sticker on his chest again.
you tilt your head, "that’s very considerate?"
and he grins, "it’s accurate too."
the evening has been going on for a while, so it’s really hard to tell whether the people inside are having genuine fun or way too drunk to even recognize what actual music is.
but as atsumu stands in front of you, in your own little corner in the big event hall, you can’t tell if the red in his face is from the alcohol or from something completely other than that.
"miya atsumu." you smile, eyes crinkling, "are you flirting with me?"
and you mean that in a teasing way, your shoulders rising a bit as you laugh, and you take another sip of your drink as you watch him watch you.
"i have been for the past two years." he nods, his smile relaxed, and he laughs, "i was worried you were never gonna notice."
you shake your head, "well, maybe you’re just bad at it."
and in full atsumu fashion, he clutches his heart harshly, fakely falling onto one knee, and yelling, "ouch!" as he looks at you with a deep frown.
you’d call him an idiot, but you have a feeling he already knows you’d say that — so you let him have his fun, letting him grab onto your hand to lift him back up.
"what’re you doing here, atsumu?" you raise a brow.
he hums, "hm?"
"why are you here in this corner with me?" you ask, pointing slightly to the space around you.
he tilts his head, unsure of what you mean.
and you shrug, "like, shouldn’t you be out there with everyone else drinking and mingling?"
and atsumu laughs, "i am drinking and mingling."
"not with me." you roll your eyes, pushing his shoulder back lightly as he continues to laugh.
"i like…" he starts, and he looks to the wall, then back to you, and he’s suddenly very aware that he’s unsure of what to say.
so he says instead, "talking — to you — i like talking to you."
and it’s stupid, but his ears are pink, and his hands feel clammy and nervous — but you smile anyways, and you tell him you like talking to him too — and suddenly his ears turn from a light pink to a deep red that slightly reaches his nose.
you pat him on the shoulder.
"i have to do my rounds." you tell him, getting ready to leave as you put your glass of champagne down, "gotta check on everyone on the team."
"check on me?" atsumu grins.
you wave him off, laughing, "i think i just did."
and that would’ve been the end of it — you walking away from him as you go ahead to check on the rest of his team and him eventually asking bokuto for a ride home.
but there’s something about seeing you walk away from him that sets him on edge, and maybe it’s the alcohol, or the fact that the two of you have been so friendly tonight, but he’d really hate himself in the morning if he doesn’t at least try to make you stay.
"hey!" he calls out, biting his tongue as soon as he does, but when you turn around to face him again, the look on your face almost as curious as his, he finds it really hard to regret stopping you.
you tilt your head, “yeah, tsumu?”
he’s pink in the face, he puts his hand behind his neck, “i know yer probably gonna be busy but…”
and he hesitates, but not because he doesn’t know what to say, he knows very well what to say, he’s been practicing what to say and how to say it in the bathroom mirror every morning for months now — but right now, as you stand in front of him, waiting for him to speak, he’s suddenly at a loss for words.
the pink in his skin turns to red.
you blink, smiling, “atsumu?”
“ah fuck — i’m just gonna say it,” he laughs, almost a bit too randomly, and he says this more to himself than to you.
there’s a second stuck in the air.
and atsumu looks at you, "wanna go for some coffee after this?"
( what he really wanted to say was “do you wanna go on a date with me?” but hey, he’s nervous and he’s flustered, and the coffee thing was the easiest way to ask you out without him wanting to run in a marathon. )
"okay." you smile, nodding lightly.
"okay?" he quips a brow, and then he nods, mirroring your actions as he repeats, "okay!"
atsumu’s smile reaches his eyes, his shoulders rising with his chest as he laughs, and he looks at you diligently, repeating over and over again the word ‘okay!’
"you’re an idiot." you roll your eyes, shaking your head as you laugh, and you turn back on your heels to walk away.
atsumu calls out to you as you go, "well, you’re the one getting coffee with an idiot!"
and just as easily as how he found you earlier in the evening, you’re lost in the crowd again, but this time, atsumu isn’t feeling so cheap and bored with the party.
he walks around, the glass in his hand empty but he’s been refusing to refill it to keep himself sober for later.
a wide smile not once leaving his face, a slight skip in his steps.
"hey," hinata nudges him on the side, taking his attention as he stops to stand with him in a quiet corner, and he beams, "you look happy."
atsumu shrugs, the remnants of his conversation with you still stuck in his mind, and he smiles wider, "it’s a good party."
bokuto looks at hinata, narrowing his eyes slightly in suspicion as he knows well enough that this gala tonight is definitely far from a good party.
"is he drunk?" he frowns, and he turns to atsumu, shaking him lightly, "tsumu, are you drunk?"
he shakes his head.
and hinata chimes, "you want us to take you home?"
an hour ago, coming home sounded like the greatest idea there could be — but now — well, now he has you to look forward to.
"no, stop," atsumu shakes his head, waving both of his friends away as he fixes the way he stands, "i’m not drunk, i’m fine."
and he follows, with a big grin on, "and i'm not riding with you guys tonight."
bokuto and hinata share a look.
and hinata frowns, "cause you know if you are drunk, you’re gonna have to tell us so we can drive you home. you’re already a bad driver when you’re not full of alcohol, who knows how many laws you’ll break when you are drunk–"
but at some point in hinata's words, atsumu spaces out, waving his friend's voice off with a worry as he spots you again in the endless crowd.
it's been a very long time since atsumu's met you, but it really does feel like it was only yesterday when he mustered up the courage to admit to himself that maybe ... in a blue moon ... he's actually fallen in love with you.
he hates this dumb gala - it’s an annoying work event - he had all intentions of skipping, but somehow, somewhere along the lines of realizing you were attending and it meaning he'd get to spend some time with you, he found himself actually being excited for it.
under the yellow lights, with the music in the background and murmurs and chatter from the crowd, it's easy to lose focus in a party like this - but atsumu sees you well and clear.
the smile he doesn't even realize forming reaches his eyes, crinkling just a tiny bit as he finds himself liking looking at you.
"tsumu?" bokuto lightly shakes him, "you listening, buddy?"
"yeah." atsumu shakes his head, pulling himself back to reality and into the conversation, a silly smile on his face as he turns pink, "sorry, i - yeah."
and bokuto looks at him quizzically, "are you sure you're not drunk?"
from afar, atsumu's gaze shifts back to you, watching you intently as he finally notices that you aren't exactly by yourself.
by your side, clumsily standing over you, sakusa blinks heavily, his glass of expensive wine in your hands as he's obviously drank himself into a stupor, and the situation is pretty clear.
it's an innocent encounter - probably.
but it has atsumu's smile dropping when he sees how sakusa looks at you, because even drunk, sakusa really can't hide how much he likes you.
your arm links with sakusa's as you take his keys from him, and carefully, you guide him to walk with you, keeping him close and safe, and atsumu wonders if you'd ever do that for him too.
his chest feels heavy but just like earlier, he really can't bring himself to look away from you.
hinata taps on his shoulder, "you okay?"
and he blinks, and suddenly he's back to where he was again.
atsumu smiles, sighing shyly as he feels embarrassed more than anything else.
the evening is over, but his chest feels so much heavier.
"i think i may need a ride home after all."
Tumblr media
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throttlee · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
recreation of picture, because the baby owl grew up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! 🦉 based on this
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itachiyama · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
"c'mon, pretty, just give me the number," the man before you presses. glancing around the gym, you look for something—anything to come to your rescue, but you seem to have no such luck.
of course, you groan inwardly. the one time you decide to show up early to the gym, and not even thirty minutes in, some creep simply can't leave you alone. it's the last time you try to be productive, you think, no more going to the gym at the crack of dawn.
"i can't," you say, voice stiff and body even stiffer, tensing when he presses his face closer to yours.
"why? got a boyfriend or something? that's what they all seem to say—"
"as a matter of fact, they do have a boyfriend," a voice calls from behind you. an arm wraps around your waist, strong and muscular. despite the obvious sweatiness of the person behind you, the spicy smell of cologne wafts over you—it smells rather expensive. "is there an issue?"
the man before you quickly moves back, his face dropping as he glances the figure behind you up and down. if his face tells you anything about the mysterious stranger, along with the feel of the muscly arm clinging to your body, you figure your savior's got a rather large build.
"n-nah, man it's not like that," he stutters, amusing you greatly. "i-i...i was just making small talk," he mutters.
"oh! that's good," the voice behind you exclaims, and you can hear a smile just through the way he talks. it's contagious, really. you can't help the grin on your own lips, a small chuckle bubbling up in your throat as the man in front of you slowly inches away. "thought we were gonna have a problem."
"no problems here," he mutters. "well, i'll uh... i'll be on the other side, just working out," he chuckles nervously.
"you do that! let me know if you need a spotter," the cheery voice calls. once the cause of your distress is successfully across the gym, you feel yourself get turned—and the sight before you makes you freeze. "are you okay? sorry if i made you uncomfortable, he seemed like he was bothering you. i can leave if that would make you feel better. or i can walk you to your car! oh, i'm bokuto, by the way!" he grins after he says his name, and it steals your breath. he's utterly gorgeous. "bokuto koutaro," he points to himself with his thumb.
"uhh...hello, bokuto koutaro," you mumble. "thank you for helping me out back there. he wouldn't take no for an answer," you roll your eyes. he beams at you, instantly easing your conscience. his physique seems to add up to the guess you'd made earlier—bulky and rippling in muscle, and you have to force yourself not to check him out and focus on his face instead. his hair is slightly damp with sweat, some strands sticking up while others lay flat and frame his face, but his eyes allure you the most. they're a sweet honey, tainted with flecks of gold, and they're bright, like two suns gleam before you.
"great! nice to meet you..." he trails off, smiling at you expectantly. grinning back softly, you offer your hand.
"y/l/n," you say warmly. "y/l/n y/n." his smile stretches considerably larger across his face as he grips your hand firmly. his palm is rough and incredibly callused, but it's warm and sturdy and somehow feels so much like home. it feels almost like it should be home.
"i'll call you y/n! since i am your boyfriend and all," he winks. chuckling, you nod, playing along.
"well, i guess i'm gonna have to call you koutaro, then. since you know, you are my boyfriend and all," you murmur. his arm is still wrapped around your waist, and you can faintly make out the soft circles his thumb rubs into your hip. without thinking, you shuffle closer, and he seems like he doesn't mind too much. in fact, he seems like he doesn't mind at all—what with the soft blush dusting his cheeks and all.
"so, since i'm your boyfriend," he starts. you hum, encouraging him to continue. "i think the number that guy was talking about belongs in my phone," he says with a cheeky wink. grinning, you pretend to ponder it for a moment.
"hmm. i suppose boyfriends do need numbers," you agree.
"oh, yes," he nods.
"how else would they text me the address of our date?" you question. he laughs, and it's a sound you find you want to hear every day, even if it's just your first time experiencing it.
"or the time," he adds. "don't forget the time! it's important."
"oh, i could never," you assure. and as you exchange numbers with bokuto koutaro, your gym savior and supposed boyfriend, you can't help but think fate really works its wonders in the most peculiar of ways. perhaps being productive at the gym has its own set of perks—even at the crack of dawn.
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 2 days ago
when their ex approaches them in public
Tumblr media
featuring : akaashi, suna, sakusa, kenma
genre : fluff ??? ( tbh i really don't know what this is )
warnings : mentions of a shitty ex, gn!reader, cursing, not proofread ! ( when is it ever )
a/n : took me all my will to live to restrain myself to write another hc for tooru and save some for other characters
Tumblr media
— akaashi
it was a lovely date until his previous partner walked up to you while you were waiting for him to get the drinks. you didn't really care — not as much as they expected you to. akaashi and you went over his previous relationship a lot of times, complaining about a lot of them. however, just seeing this person in front of you sparked a feeling of insecurity inside you. that was until you felt an arm slide around your waist, eyes looking up to see who it belonged to. akaashi's typical calm demeanor was gone and you could feel him tensing up at the sight — not from the sudden appearance of his ex though. "you could've done so much better." — they snickered and it didn't take your boyfriend more than a second to have an outstanding comeback. "i did. i did so much better than my past relationship." he didn't even wait for their response and walked away — not like it was necessary. "are you okay?" — he asked, hands still resting on your waist. "oh, yeah, i am." you were, really, but he noticed the panic in your eyes, even if it lasted for a second. instinctively his hands tightened around your waist, pulling you closer as he mumbled a breathy, "i love you" in your ears, proceeding to pull you inside one of the shops along the street.
— suna
"rin, this is your—" — "it's suna for you." both you and his ex were surprised by his calloused voice. he wasn't necessarily enthusiastic about anything but you, or the things he loved, like the cat cafe you both were in. but the sudden drop in his voice was enough to tell that he clearly didn't like the situation you both were in — that is, in front of his ex. "whatever, if you ever want to get back, you know i'm right here." they scoffed, running eyes up and down your physique before he stepped between both of you, glaring at them with a scowl on his face. "you're really fucking confident for someone who i dumped long ago." suna never really cursed — not exactly, it was playful most of the time but not frequent. "grow up, yeah? arrogance isn't going to get you anywhere." — he added, pulling your out of the cafe. it was unfortunate how your perfect date with him was ruined by an uninvited someone but, suna knew better than just leaving for home and spending rest of the day in silence. "hey, you okay there?" — you asked, judging from the scowl on his face. "i am, are you though? i'm sorry for whatever happened." — "it's okay, rin. it wasn't your fault." and that's how the two of you ended up at an arcade for the next couple of hours.
— sakusa
sakusa was a patient guy. he wasn't interested in arguments, not until he spot his ex reach you out near the shopping counter, only to turn their attention to him as soon as he walked up to you. "kiyoomi, how have you been?" — his expression made it clear that out of everything, he didn't want his name to roll off their tongue. "you no longer have the right to call me that." — "what? is this just because of that little argument? omi we can still get—" — "no we can't." he was quick to cut them off, rolling eyes at their fake saccharine words. "first of all, it wasn't a little argument and secondly, stop bothering me and my s/o." it wasn't your first time meeting his ex. you saw them break up, helped sakusa get over them, never really expecting him to fall for in the process. amidst all, you always ended up bumping into his ex, as if they were following you around like a papparazzi. you noticed the way their mouth opened to say something before sakusa dragged you out of the shop. "i'm sorry for that. let's shop from another store." and even if you're doing just fine, he's going to make sure you aren't pooling in insecurities. so you best believe that he'll have his hands intertwined with yours all day long.
— kenma
he really wanted to stay home and watch movies instead of assisting you with shopping. not that he hated it, he was simply exhausted and the sight of his ex approaching him just fueled his desire to go home. "hey ken, it's been long. i see you're having fun with your friend." — "s/o. they're my s/o, we're dating." the look on their face was comically surprising, jaw dropping low as if they witnessed a ghost. kenma, on other hand, was unfazed. he didn't really care about his ex, especially their words now that they've broken up. "excuse us," you smiled — more like forced one — before wrapping your hands around his arms, only to be stopped by an unwanted person, again. "ken, i miss you." you didn't know if you should laugh or feel bad for them. after hearing countless tales about kenma's not-so-good relationship, your emotions towards his previous partner were far from pity and sympathy. now that they were in front of him, in front of you, begging him to come back right in front of you, his s/o, you were doing a good job with restraining your anger. when you felt the emotions over flow, only a chuckle escaped your lips and that too because of kenma's reply. "but i don't." that's it. that's all he said before doing the payments and rushing out of the store, looking at you with an unreadable expression. "told you we shouldn't have come to the store." — "it's okay, i think that was a nice." — "what was so nice about that?" — "their face."
Tumblr media
taglist : @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @aghashiii @watashiwakurapikapls @setsunaia @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maipxilia @smolmo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @bubble-bootie
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iwangel · 2 days ago
i know i talk about it all the time but i just want to talk about miya atsumu + his first love one more time.
atsumu who’s hotheaded and stubborn but cries after your arguments because he can’t forget the look of sadness on your face, especially when he always promised to make you happy. returning to pull you into his arms and babble out apologises as he kisses away your tears.
the atsumu who cries the first time you say you love him + he’s a little snotty when he babbles it back but he looks so happy, cheeks flushed and eyes watery but he’s smiling so wide, and you realise that maybe you do glow different when you’re in love.
the atsumu who loves you with everything he’s got because you are his everything. the one who panic calls osamu when he’s trying to make your favourite food for you because he wants you to be impressed, and he wants you to be proud of him.
your atsumu who always lets his darker roots grow in longer because he prefers the way he gets to hold you close while you fix them. who can’t pepper your face with kisses without obnoxious kissy noises, because he likes the way you giggle after. who always falls asleep in minutes when you play with his hair. who claims he can’t sleep without you, so he always calls when he’s away for games because he needs the last thing he hears before bed to be your voice.
your atsumu who smiles into the camera during a game because he knows you’re smiling back. who always has to beg hinata to let him squeeze some hoodies into his suitcase because he filled his with too many gifts for you.
your atsumu who follows you to the bathroom and pouts when you kick him out, and you still smile when he slides a note under the door with an “a miss ya.” signed with so many wobbly hearts as he waits outside. your atsumu who spins you around the kitchen as he sings off-key along to your favourite song, pretending he hadn’t been memorising the lyrics all night.
your atsumu who whispers bad jokes between sloppy kisses and always whines if you stop cuddling him. who knows your favourite hoodies of his and always messily tucks you in before he leaves for practice in the morning. your atsumu who cries with you at sad movies + screams with you at the scarier ones even though he’ll always say he’d protect you anyway.
your atsumu who teases you because his heart still races when you tease him back. your atsumu who brushes his teeth with his chest pressed against your back every morning because he wants to be close to you. your atsumu who carries you to bed with a more tender smile when you fall asleep with him on the couch when he’s up late analysing plays.
your atsumu, who always made you feel like you were enough, because he always made you feel loved.
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sincerelyjuuzou · 2 days ago
things the haikyuu boys do when they’re in love
Tumblr media
includes: hinata, kuroo, bokuto, atsumu, and sakusa
warnings: fluff, these guys are lovesick fools
author’s note: please enjoy this random hc that me and daisie were screaming about on discord. this is also unedited.
Tumblr media
always gets the most lovesick / sort of dazed look in his eyes whenever he’s looks at you, talks about you, or with just anything that involves you. you’ve never seen him do but all of hinata’s friends have told you about that. they often describe it as a sort of glossiness that clouds his eyes, making them shimmer. he looks at you as if you’re an angel sent from heaven. his entire face just seems to light up and he’s so enamored by you. there are days where he seems to have nothing but you on his mind. hinata will ramble on and on about these little things you do that he just loves about you to kageyama.
rests his chin on top of your head, especially when he’s holding you close. kuroo always has a teasing smile on his face whenever he creeps up behind you and wraps you up in his arms, rests his chin on top of your head and chuckles softly as you try wiggling out of his embrace. but your attempts are futile because he always catches your wrist, pulling you towards him so he could steal a kiss. he sometimes does that just to simply sway with you in his arms as he whispers sweet nothing to you.
likes lay between your leg with his head rested on your tummy whenever he gets home. it’s become a routine by now; you wait for him to get home while you half-listen to whatever show is on. then you perk up when you hear the click of the door, your grin mimics the one bokuto’s wearing as he kicks his shoes off and drops his bag. he’ll wiggle his way between your legs and makes himself comfortable as the tension of the day starts to leave his body. play with his hair, he loves it! do that while you talk about your day and he will melt. bokuto has his arms wrapped around your middle, nuzzles into your tummy, and would kiss it every now and then.
will try to help you with your hair. he’s not the best at it but he tries, just for you. on more than one occasion you have found him watching hair tutorials on his phone during his down time. it’ll take him a while to understand things like braiding, curling hair, etc. but he tries his best. most of the time, ‘tsumu will just plop down either behind or next to you and watching you with eager eyes as you style your hair so he could try to do it himself. ‘tsumu has burned his fingers a few times while trying to use your flat iron.
will let you rest your head on his shoulder when the two of you are traveling via public transport while he also shares his headphones with you. omi’s not the biggest fan of being in public places, they make him a little anxious. but when you trail over to the seats near the window with your hands intertwined, he finds himself able to calm down little by little. it’s the way you seem to melt against his arm as the you two depart from the station and he offers you one of his headphones to share. every now and then he would hear you softly humming to the song and he’d turn his face away ever so slightly before you could see the soft smile ghosting over his lips.
Tumblr media
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Tsukishima: Why??
Yamaguchi, sweating: I was doing… uhh… adult things on there
Tsukishima, glancing at the screen: This is a Buzzfeed quiz.
Yamaguchi, slamming the laptop down: What Disney princess I am is none of your business!
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 13 hours ago
Smiling Bokuto Collection
Happy Birthday to this giant ball of happiness and energy!!💙💙💙
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Easiest person to find smiling pictures of. He is precious🥺💙
Tumblr media
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ara-mitsue · a day ago
better in mine
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; maybe it's a good thing you didn't bring a jacket
- pairing; s.kiyoomi x gn!reader
- genre; fluff
- w.c; 1.4k
- warnings; drinking
a/n; for @xrux <3 as you can tell, i had a lot of fun writing this one hahaha hope you like it! sakusa + 6 + fluff
*this fic is a part of my 100 follower milestone event. the event is now closed! prompt by creativepromptsforwriting
Tumblr media
You really wish Osamu had eaten Atsumu in the womb. Maybe then you wouldn’t be here, shivering in front of a roaring fire. Or what should have been a roaring fire if someone wasn’t so stubborn.
“Should I get Meian-san?”
Atsumu turns to you, teeth bared like a feral animal. “Will ya shaddap? ‘M almost done.” You glare at him and not so discreetly kick his butt.
“You said that ten minutes ago!” You cross your arms when a breeze passes by.
“And I’m ten minutes closer to being done!” He turns back to the pit, grumbling under his breath, and throws a log on top of the small flame. The fire goes out, gray smoke curling into the air. You sigh.
When you’d been invited to the bonfire, your first reaction was to say no. You planned on staying home and ordering takeout, eating until you couldn’t move, and catching up on your favorite shows. But Atsumu wouldn’t stop nagging you— for whatever reason, you definitely had to go. It was with the promise of a month’s worth of your favorite snacks did you finally concede.
You crouch down and try not to shudder as another gust of wind blows through your hair. Atsumu frowns when he notices. “Why didn’t ya bring a jacket?” He asks, crinkling newspaper into a loose ball.
“None of my jackets look good with my outfit,” you mumble. “Plus, they cover my ass.”
He raises an eyebrow. “And?”
“And my ass looks fantastic in these jeans. I’m not letting that go to waste.” He laughs.
“Well, that I understand,” Atsumu says with a cheeky smile. “But who ya tryin’ to impress?” he flutters his eyelashes. “Little ol’ me?”
You scoff. “I’ll kick you into the fire once you get it going.”
A shadow looms over you, eclipsing the setting sun. “Not if I do it first.”
“Sakusa!” You stand up, straightening your clothes, and give him a bright smile. “Hi, didn’t think you’d make it.”
“Mandatory team gathering,”  he says, making you purse your lips. Funny, Atsumu never mentioned that part.
“Aha!” The setter pumps his fist into the air and he points at the tiny flame. “See! I got it!”
“Congratulations,” Sakusa says in a flat tone. You bite the inside of your cheek, a smile hidden behind your fist.
Before Atsumu can retaliate, the wind bursts through, blowing up sand and whipping against your face. You sputter and turn away from it, trembling as the cold bites through your sweater. You vigorously rub your hands up and down your arms. Atsumu looks at you in mild concern. “D’ya want my jacket?”
Sakusa sneers. “Trust me, they don’t want your germ-infested clothes.”
“Oi! I just washed this!”
“And yet it still smells like sh—“
“Look!” You point down the beach, hoping to distract them before the bickering gets worse. “Meian-san is here!” Atsumu perks up, immediately standing to find his captain. He grins and waves at the figure walking towards you.
“Meian-san!” He shouts. “Look! I got the fire going!” He runs off, nearly tripping in his haste.
You laugh, leaning away from the sand he kicks up while Sakusa takes two large steps back. “Disgusting.”
You shrug and wipe down your jeans. “We’re at the beach. It’s bound to get messy,” you say but then freeze when the revelation that you’re alone with Sakusa smacks you.
You are alone with Sakusa.
You hope the hissing fire and rolling waves mask the sound of your stuttering heart. “So…” you clear your throat when your voice cracks. Sakusa turns his head to cough and you’re ready to bury yourself into the sand. “Didn’t expect to see you here tonight.”
Sakusa arches his brow, the one below the two moles you’ve daydreamed about kissing. “Why wouldn’t I?” You uncross your arms and gesture to the ocean.
“I don’t peg you as a beach person.”
“I’m not,” he says, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “But as I said, it’s a mandatory outing.”
“Oh,” you say with a strained giggle. “You did mention that.” You wonder if you can justify throwing yourself into the fire. Sakusa’s cheeks lift, the sides of his eyes crinkle and you think he’s about to say something (you can’t really tell behind his mask) when a massive arm bears down on your shoulders.
“Don’t ya look cozy,” Atsumu purrs, smirking at you.
“G’off,” you grumble even though you’re grateful for the distraction. You elbow him in the stomach, ignoring the ‘oof’ he makes, and beam up at the MSBY captain. “Meian-san! It’s been a while. How are you?” The man laughs, already used to your and Atsumu’s antics. The rest of the team slowly trickles in, greeting you in various levels of enthusiasm and gather around the fire. You’re lost in the crowd, unable to connect back with Sakusa until later in the evening.
With a beer in hand, you huddle closer to the bonfire. Multiple people have offered you their jackets (Bokuto the most insistent) but you declined each time, convinced that you were fine. You quickly realize that wasn’t true as the temperature dropped lower than you anticipated. You grip the bottle tighter and try not to whimper when a shudder runs down your spine.
“You don’t look too good.”
You chuckle nervously, glancing at Sakusa as he stands next to you. His mask is gone, probably tucked into his pocket. “Ah, am I that obvious?”
Sakusa eyes you, his lips drawn in a tight line when you lean closer to the fire. “A bit.”
“I thought I’d be okay since it’s a bonfire party and all…” you down some beer, hoping it would be a good enough excuse to not talk. It’s hard not to get tongue-tied when you have such a pretty man staring at you. “Maybe I should ask ‘Tsumu for his jacket…”
Sakusa’s lip curls up in disdain but he says nothing. A moment of silence passes and you shiver again, both hands clutching the bottle for dear life. At this point, you’re so close to the flickering flames, you’re surprised you haven’t caught on fire. You debate about giving in and stealing someone’s coat when a flurry of black and gold slaps your face.
“Oh,” Sakusa says after a short pause. “Sorry.” You pull the material down and stare at the jacket in your hands. It smells like burning wood and Bleu de Chanel.
“This… is yours?” You sound as faint as you feel.
Sakusa looks at you from his peripheral. “Who else’s?”
You shake your head and hold it out to him. “It’s okay,” you say. “You don’t have to give it to me.”
“Take it,” he insists. “You look like you’re about to get hypothermia.” You shift from one foot to the other, hesitant but also screaming on the inside because it’s Sakusa Kiyoomi’s jacket. You pray your heart doesn’t give out as you carefully slip your arms through the sleeves. It’s big, the sleeves dangle over your hands, and the bottom reaches past your bum. It’s also very warm and smells like him. You try not to bury your nose into it.
“Thanks,” you mumble shyly, pushing the sleeves up and unable to look Sakusa directly in the eyes. When you do have the courage to look up, you’re startled to find the outside hitter staring so intensely at you. You immediately pat the material down, hoping in the ten seconds you’ve worn it, you didn’t accidentally stain the jacket. “Is there something wrong?”
He doesn’t respond, only steps closer and reaches for you.
You’re hallucinating. You have to be. Because how else can your brain comprehend how his fingers skim along the zipper track, gliding down until they grab the slider. How he takes his time, connects the bottom two pieces then slowly slides the zipper up until both tracks meet at the top, right beneath your chin.
You stare up at him, mouth agape as he busies himself with rolling the sleeves up. In the distance, Atsumu slaps Hinata's shoulder so he has someone to witness the proof that Atsumu's matchmaking skills are legendary. All it took was a party and a cold windy day.
“I’m glad you didn’t take Miya’s jacket,” Sakusa says, eyes concentrated on the task at hand. A light breeze that fans the fire, forcing it to flare and crackle. Shadows dance across his complexion, emphasizing the sharp lines of his jaw and cheeks. He looks at you through his lashes, his obsidian eyes reflecting the heat of the fire and a devastating smirk grazes the lips you can’t stop staring at. You’re pretty sure you’re about to have a heart attack.
“You look better in mine.”
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