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Hi! I’m going to be holding a new project. It’s called The Haikyuu Letter Project! The Haikyuu Letter Project is where writers can write a Haikyuu character’s letter to y/n. It can be angst, fluff, comedic, and just any genre you want. You can do any character you’d like. If someone is already writing for a character then no one else will be able to write for that character. There isn’t going to be a deadline so you don’t have to feel pressured. If you’re interested please send me a message!

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How the Haikyuu boys will hold your hand. 

Just loosely/awkwardly holds your hand:

Kageyama, Sakusa, Ushijima, Asahi, Tsukishima

Interlocks fingers:

Suga, Daichi, Yaku, Akaashi, Kenma, Kuroo, Oikawa, Tanaka

Will swing arms back and forth while walking:

Noya, Hinata, Lev, Bokuto, Koganegawa, Tendo, Yamaguchi

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snow angels

7. you look even more beautiful covered in snow.

pairing: suna rintarou x reader

warnings: nothin’ but fluff.

notes/other: i loved writing this! it was so fun :’) didn’t know if you would prefer a headcanon or scenario, so i went with the latter! <3 have a nice day, too, sweetheart! all of you, ok! <3 <3


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let me know what you think! feedback is always appreciated and encouraged! <3

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ˗ˏ ೃ⁀➷ ❄️ ✧ *

“Suna,” You murmur, head resting on his chest, eyes bleary and body cold as you tighten your arms around his torso. “I don’t wanna get up.”

He is already up — has been up for an hour or so — book placed in his hands comfortably, one arm wrapped around your shoulders, thumb rubbing soothing circles on your bare skin.

“Hm, yeah? I thought you wanted to play in the snow today.” He hums, reply cool as ever as he closes his book and places it on the nightstand. “Make a snowman or angels or whatever.”

Suna knows it was snow angels you wanted to make, but he wants to see you scoff, bury your face deeper into his side and murmur, snow angels - we’ve been over this! Because he loves the way you do those little cute actions.

“Awe,” you say, stretching the word more than necessary, “Suna! We’ve been over this! Snow angels are superior to everything else!”

He can’t help but laugh — scoot down so his face is in front of yours, a tiny smile slowly coming to adorn his face. “I know,” he kisses the tip of your nose — usual morning routine — and hugs you closer to him. “But we should have breakfast first. How about pancakes?”

“From the café down the street?”

Suna gives you another small smile, boops his nose against yours. “You read my mind.”

* * *

“Look, look! Isn’t it adorable?” You exclaim, your hand bringing Suna’s to a halt from the swinging you had been doing.

He looks over to the three foot snowman, button eyes and carrot nose and all, bright red scarf wrapped around its snow neck.

You’re more adorable, he wants to say while giving your lips a small peck — even if it is overly cheesy — but you’re pulling on his hand again, dragging him toward your apartment building so you can finally play in the snow.

And now you have an even bigger smile plastered on your face as you throw yourself (along with Suna) into a pile of snow, laughs erupting from your lips.

Suna can just stare in amazement — how can you be so beautiful? With your tousled hair and mustard yellow scarf, with the big matching yellow beanie that sits atop your head.

“Let’s see who can make the better angel!” You say, hand letting go of his while you scoot over to have more space. “Ready, set, go!”

You’re laughing at nothing, arms and legs moving around to create what you had been so excited to all day.

Suna follows your steps, happy that you’re happy, as a little smile graces his lips.

“We’re gonna catch a cold,” Suna laughs, voice a bit hoarse as he glances your way and then up to the gray sky, “and we’ll have to take care of each other.”

“I see no problem with that.” You smile, turning to look at him. “We can spend more time together.”

Suna watches as snowflakes start falling in a quick speed, then looks at you — heart beating faster, as if he’s fallen in love with you all over again.

Snowflakes adorn your face and lashes, the tip of your nose and more of your hair.

He smiles, taking the opportunity to be overly cheesy — since he lost the other. He scoots closer to you now, presses a feather light kiss to your lips and murmurs, “You look even more beautiful in the snow.”

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Meeting your parents

Shirabu x reader

A/N: i love him so much omg-also sorry for bad grammar i wrote this at history class


  • He isn’t actually showing it too much, but he wants your parents to love him
  • So this boy will try his hardest to act like a perfect boy
  • BUT
  • The moment he found out you have a younger cousin coming over
  • Shirabu + kids = no good
  • Now he was nervous
  • So nervous
  • But somehow you made him go at the end

“Kenjirou…” you said and he just hummed. “Why are you so nervous about this?” You teased a bit. “Cus your dumbass forgot to tell me that you have a younger cousin coming and if that bit-i mean… kid… pisses me off, i-” you started laughing. “W-why are you laughing” setter asked confused. You just hugged him. “Please, don’t you know that i am too annoyed with that brat too?” Did you help? No actually, now he didn’t want to mess up. Not now

When the two of you arrived, your mom was so kind to Shirabu, and in the other hand your dad was giving you the kinda not approving look. And then you heared your cousin. “Y/n-chann” (cousin name) called you. You sighed and answered her. She ran downstairs, and looked at Shirabu with “you kidding me” look. Dear God this’ll be long day.

After a hour of playing with (cousin name) you glanced at your boyfriend talking to your parents. He looked like he had a control of everything.

Then (cousin name) decided to be a brat ad go to Shirabu and ask him too many questions. He somehow had nerves till she asked “and what’s with your bangs?” (LIL BRAT WANNA DIS MY FAVS BANGS IMMA CRACK HER DUMB HEAD OPEN YA HEAR ME COUSIN NAME)

Oh no… you quickly looked at Shirabu, hoping that he doesn’t lose it now. And um let’s just say he said something too salty for kid to understand. You mentally kicked your face when you saw your boyfriend giving you ‘i told her babe’ look.

You mom and dad were um, not really happy with it, but still, they continue asking and asking stuff…

After 30min you stood up and went to your old room to change

And while you were changing, your dad asked Shirabu

“So, you really love her, huh?”

Shirabu nodded and smiled to himself “yes sir, i really do”

Your dad nodded and said “kid” Shirabu’s heart was never beating so fast, he didn’t want to lose you

“Welcome to the family” your dad said while patting your boyfriends shoulder. And Shirabu was never this happy in his whole life.

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college!terushima yuuji, 12:30 pm, nsfw

the music bounced through the walls of the frat house. you don’t normally go with yuuji to these parties, you would rather go to a less hyped-up bar for drinks. but you found yourself with no plans on a friday night and a new skirt you’re dying to wear.

the site of the party was near the college dormitories so it was not a surprise you found some of your friends. you haven’t taken many shots yet as your mouth was too busy making out with yuuji than drinking. nevertheless, the squeals and shouts of your friends encouraged you to let loose on the dancefloor.

yuuji knows you’re not the type to go to the dance floor. he knows you would rather sit on the booth and drunkenly gossip with friends or strangers. he prefers that anyway, with that, he never have to worry about some creep grinding with you when he’s not around.

the music intoxicated you. you roam your hands up your thighs as your hips swayed to the rhythm. you know yuuji is watching and you wanted him to know how good you look in that new skirt. you fraze your fingers through your collarbones as they reach pass your jaw and tug on your hair.

yuuji could have sworn his bones became jello as it took all of his power to stride to wear you are among the crowd. his large hands got ahold of your swaying hips as his lips went down to your ear.

“if you wanted me to pay attention to your skirt, you should have just told me directly.” he whispered. you felt the rings on his fingers burn your warm skin.

“where’s the fun in that?” you answered back. “besides, my legs look really good in them.”

he chuckled, to your surprise. the glint of his eye match the glint from the deathly piercing on his tongue.

“my cum dripping down your thigh would have completed the look.”


kofi ~ inbox

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