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Let’s play a game

‘Guess what the dub changed the line to’


“I’m Hinata Shouyou, from the barren concrete”

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Hi! I heard match ups were open? I'm 5'2 with wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. I'm the mom friend (tend to be kinda violent around friends). I like to mutter sassy remarks under my breath. I love cuddles! I play the violin. I wear glasses. I get high grades and people say I'm a great writer. I'm unathletic. I get flustered easily and I'm soft spoken and shy. When I'm with my friends, I'm a bit more outgoing. I tend to be caring and quite protective. I'm a bookworm and a fangirl. Thank you!

I ship you with


— ohhh boy

— he is in DENIAL at first

— but once you get in a relationship, its honestly a whole ass joyride

— you often get into lighthearted exchanges of sassy remarks and retorts to one another

— he finds your personality refreshing

— because of this, he has respect for you thus us able to open up and really love u 

— cuddles? Def

— he’s a big spoon tho and sometimes denies that he likes them 

— tho he’lll never pass a chance to cuddle with u :3

— he low-key likes listening to you play the violin, its really soothing to the ears

— he isn’t one to read much but will listen to you talk about what you’ve written and sometimes give straightforward comments on what he thinks

— he finds your ideas really creative

— he’s fine with you being unathletic, he just likes to show of to u LMAO

— often times he’ll find himself close to you and staying at you, then suddenly he’l; bonk your nose and glasses before giving you a kiss on the forehead before leaving to get something ksjsj

— he def likes seeing you flustered and will tease you time to time just to see your face go deep red

— he doesn’t mind you being soft spoken around those you aren’t close with, its honestly really understandable 

— he’s more of the childish type so having someone as the mom friend is pretty good to keep him on reigns

— caring and protective? Yep wife material right there

— he often get low-key pouty when you fangirl or are too engrossed in a book

— will do his best to fluster u in order to get your attention 

— yep, he likes you a lot.

Other possible matchup/s: yaku morisuke, sugawara koushi

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Hi! I'd like a matchup please! I'm a pisces and INFP. 5'4" with a slightly curvy figure (thicc lol). Shoulder length brown hair with a red tint, and I wear glasses. I'm very passionate about whatever I'm into. I love discovering smaller music artists. I'm very introverted but once I get to know you and I'm comfortable I'm talkative and loud. Most people assume I'm intimidating and mean but once they know me they think I'm goofy. I can be a bit of a dad friend despite being a girl. Love dogs!!!!

I ship you with


— y’all are meant to be

— curvy figure? He likes for it and reminds you on a daily basis you’re perfect

— he shares the passion you have for things you’re into and really admires that

— he puts effort in that he believes in and loves how you’re really fervent on what you like

— smaller music artists? His taste actually varies but definitely has a few smaller artist on his mainplaylistv and is hella down with getting recommendations from you and even listening a bit with you

— at first, he doesn’t mind you being introverted and quite, he’s used to being the loud one in friend groups in the first place

— but he absolutely finds it amazing and great how you become more open and talkative with and around him

— it makes him feel glad you’re commutable and happy around him

— your conversations are always so fun and really, someone he can talk to and talk back to him just has him really ecstatic 

— your goofy nature is great and he likes to joke and laugh around with you

— he low-key finds it amusing how people are intimidated by you

— he kinda understands the feeling since sometimes people get intimidated by him due to his hair, height, and form

— he’ll  surely joke around on you being intimidating though

— “my cute and attractive s/o? Intimidating?”

— “at least no one will steal you away from me~” 

— he’s often known as the dad of the team at the same time the child of the team LMAO 

— so you known as the “dad friend” adds perfect balance to keep him on check yet relate to him

— like I said meant to be

Other possible matchup/s: Daichi Sawamura

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Originally posted by volleygifs

*GIF not mine*

Summary: Speaking French in front of your crush was not as discreet as you originally thought. Maybe you should just start texting from now on… 

A/N: I’m so thankful for the growth that has happened to my account in the small span of 48 hours! Here’s a short imagine that I got an idea for from this prompt. Akaashi is really OOC, so I’m sorry. And I also kinda rambled on too long in the first part, but oh well, I’m a lil tired. Enjoy! :) 

Word count: 1240

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Do you have any thoughts/opinions on Kit Fisto x Aayla Secura (if it’s okay for me to ask)? I wanted to send you a request that kinda centers around that, but wanted to make sure it was okay or if you had any sort of opinion on that particular ship

I personally don’t ship it. I more ship aayla and commander blay but I will happily do what people want. If you want a kit and aayla ship I will do an imagine or headcannon for it. I’ll put a list down bellow of what I ship but like I said I’m happy to do any ship other people like.

Clone wars:

°anakin + padame

°obi-wan + cody

°obi-wan + satine

°Rex + cody

°plo koon + wolffe

°aalya + blay

°ventress + savage

My hero academia:

°izuku + todaroki

°bakugou + kirishima

°izuku + uraraka

°jiro + momo

°jiro + kaminari

°all might + inko

°aizawa + present mic

° momo + todaroki

One piece:

°luffy + nami

°luffy + zoro

°zoro + sanji

°Robin + franky

°usopp + kaya

°shanks + mihawk

One punch:

°genos + saitama


°hinata + kagayama

°hinata + Yachi

° hinata + kenma

°Suga + datchi

° tsukishima + yamaguchi

°noya + asahi

° Kenma + kuroo

°bokuto + akaashi


°soi fon + yoruichi

°ikakku + yumichika

°ichigo + rukia

°ichigo + orihime

°renji + rukia

Host club:

°haruhi + tamaki

°haruhi + hikaru


°sans + grillyby

°sans + toriel

°papyrus + mettaton

°alphys + undyn

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A/N Okay before I start this I just want to say that this whole thing was based on the fact that I like the colour of his eyes. That’s literally it. So I apologize if it’s terrible because I wrote this to simply let out my love for the colour of his eyes. I’m sorry.

Warnings: None

Iwaizumi x Reader

You were a second-year manager for Aoba Johsai’s volleyball team. You were bright, energetic, strong and also fun to talk to, yet you were still very sweet and gentle all at the same time. Everyone took everything you did for them as granted, well all other than a certain 3rd year. 

He noticed that you came earlier than anyone else to get fresh towels ready and water bottles filled up. He knew that you helped them clean up after practice was over so they had less work to do after a tiring day. He noticed that you really cared for them all and you did you very best as a manager. He also noticed that you wouldn’t say anything about it. You would just stay quiet and do all the extra work. And he loved that. He absolutely adored how you would do everything you can and tell others to rest. How you wouldn’t let others do work that she was capable of doing. He wanted to do something for you but he didn’t know what to do. Moreover, he didn’t even think that you noticed how much he was watching you. He didn’t think that you had noticed his multiple attempts to help you out.

But you did. And that was really all that mattered to you. Of course, you loved to help everyone out and do your best possible, but it didn’t matter if no one else was grateful or thankful for all the extra stuff you did. You couldn’t care less if no one noticed that you were doing extra stuff. All you could possibly care about was the fact that Iwaizumi-san was watching you. You noticed that he would tell you that you didn’t have to overwork yourself. You noticed that he would help you put things away. You loved watching him play and thought of seeing him lit up your whole morning, you would never tell him though. You were way too afraid to. There were so many things that he needed to focus on as a third-year and as the ace of the volleyball team, you didn’t want to distract him with anything extra for him to think of. Because you knew. Well, you thought you knew, that he was simply being nice and he had no feelings for you.

You managed to hide your feelings for him so very well until the stupid captain of your team found out. After club one day, Oikawa called you over.

“What is it, senpai?” you asked.

“(L/n)-chan, you like Iwa-chan, don’t you?” he said and bright, energetic you suddenly shut up.

“Y-you haven’t told him, have you?” you ask in horror.

“No, I haven’t but so it is true! You do like him!” he said to you and your face turned bright red.

“P-please don’t tell him,” you said and bowed.

“I won’t if you’re that against it but why not~”

“Because he doesn’t feel the same way for me and I don’t want to distract him in an unnecessary way,” you said.

“Hmm, alright then,” he said and your face lit up. “But tell me something you like about him.”

Your face turned bright red again and you looked away. “Do I have to?”

“Do you want me to tell him?”

“You’re evil,” you said and looked down to cover your blush a little more. “T-the colour of his eyes.” You quickly walked away, still while looking down to the ground 

“The colour of his eyes…?” Oikawa questioned to himself as you walked away, still looking down to make sure your bright red face was unseen.

But the third year that you love so very much was watching you. Watching you walk away from Oikawa with a bright red face. And that somehow broke his heart. He thought that he was used to people falling for Oikawa, but he wasn’t. Not this time at least. He really liked you and the very thought that you liked Oikawa made his heart sink.


Later that week, while the two childhood friends got ready for practice one morning, Oikawa stared intensely at Iwaizumi’s eyes, just to figure out what you were talking about.

“W-What the heck are you doing, Crappykawa?” he said and backed off from how close Oikawa’s face was to his.

“I’m looking at the colour of your eyes…” Oikawa responded seriously.

“Why you creep. W. H. Y.”

“Because (L/n)-chan said that she liked the colour of your eyes so I was just trying to fi–” he said absentmindedly before realizing what he had just said. “Oh no.”

“(L/n) said that…?” Iwaizumi asked a little more calmly and you walked over to them to see what they were talking about, after hearing your name.

“What happened?” you asked sweetly.

“(L/n)-chan, I’m sorry,” Oikawa said.

“OIKAWA!” you yelled and startled everyone in the room. “YOU SUCK! I HATE YOU!”

“W-what did he do…?”

“What could possibly make (L/n) upset?”

“Wow… Oikawa-senpai’s messed up…”

“H-how much did he tell you?” you asked with a blush covering your cheeks which made him blush in return.

“J-just the colour of my eyes,” he said and pointed to one of his eyes. 

You slumped down to the ground and covered your face, “Ahh, I could die of embarrassment right now…” and he did something unexpected.

“Hey, could you listen to something I have to say?” he said and crouched down beside you.

You shyly faced him and nodded. “O-of course,”

“I like you. I’ve liked you for quite a while now. I know you don’t feel the same way about me but I just wanted to say that that made me happy.” he said with a sad smile and the whole room fell silent.

What did you do? Well, you cried. You simply cried.

“Uh, you can forget what I said,” Iwaizumi frantically said.

“No, no. I’m, I’m just so happy,” you said. “I never thought you would like me back.”

“Wait are you serious?” he asked.

“Of course,” you said and stared at him, more specifically his eyes and his cheeks slowly turned redder and redder.

“D-don’t stare like that,” he said and pushed your face away as he looked away bashfully.

You quietly chuckled and said, “Haha, but I really do love the colour of your eyes. They’re so pretty.”

The two of you stood up and looked at each other one more time before laughing again.

“I’ll take a better look at them later,” you said and motioned for him to bend down so you could whisper him something. “I’ve always wanted to see them up close.”

“I-diot,” he whispered and pressed a super light, quick kiss on your forehead. One that only the two of you would know of. One that would probably never be forgotten. 

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