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doodle based on my friend’s tweet

“yall really think suna would survive in an apocalypse au that guys plan is to sit in his livng room and see how things play out”

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20 follower event!

(i actually have 21 followers now so it’ll be like a 21 follower event!)

if you missed this follower cutoff i will be happy to do another event like this in the future if this turns out well!

i’ll be doing 10 here and the other 11 tomorrow because im very sleepy

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ACE OF CUPS (Sakusa Kiyoomi x F!Reader)

chapter eight

A/N: Hello! Based this prompt on a tiktok vid bec I FOUND IT SO FUNNY AAAAA and decided to adapt it (nd play with it a lil hihi) anywayss credits to the owner of the prompt and hope you guys enjoooy 🥰

WARNINGS ⚠️ Slight Sexual themes

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Y/n: I think the team thinks we’re fucking

Sakusa: Why?

*You show your phone to Sakusa*

Sakusa: Oh

Y/n: Shouldn’t we say something?

Sakusa: let them think what they want

*grabs your phone and throws it away*

Y/n: oi what did you do that for?

Sakusa: Come on let’s eat before the food gets cold


Taglist: Open! (Send me an ask here)

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update: i’m a lot better now! my muscles are still pretty sore but i’m able to type for long periods and all that so i’ll be sure to get some stuff out! in the meantime, send me your favorite haikyuu, bnha/mha, and saiki k headcanons :)

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after hours.


9:53PM, OCTOBER 12, 20XX.

when you asked akaashi out on a date, this isn’t nearly what he had in mind.

you sent him a text saying ‘look outside :D!’ and he sighed with a smile as he neared his bedroom window.

there you stood in front of a bike, worn from years of love and use, and a wicker basket in your arms. you beamed, waving wildly at the boy.

you had pulled out your phone again, and he had immediately grabbed his to see your next message.

you busy? you promised me a date!

dw, it’s got pegs!! and i got snacks ;)

he thought you were ridiculous, but nonetheless, he put on the nearest pair of sweats he could find and tugged a hoodie over his head. he slid on his shoes and tiptoed out of his home to meet you on the sidewalk.

he prayed his mother didn’t beat his ass when he got back.

“hey!” you smiled, huffing. “i rushed here— i’m sorry we didn’t go earlier. i thought you’d be tired right after practice and i took a nap anyways— but it’s really nice out and the parks gotta be empty now.”

akaashi merely nodded, stepping on the pegs of the bike and holding on to your shoulders while you peddled away.

the ride was relaxing, minus the occasional uneven road. you laughed every time akaashi’s hands gripped your shoulders tighter, promptly promising him that he was in good hands. he chuckled with you, assuring that he knew you wouldn’t kill him on purpose. on accident? maybe.

the trek was filled with soft conversation and quiet giggles until you reached the playground.

you came to a halt and wasted no time throwing the bike on it’s kickstand. you grabbed his hand and smiled and akaashi went warm.

he let you drag him off into the grass and he watched as you laid out a blanket for the two of you to sit on.

you poured out the basket of snacks and plopped on to the blanket, urging him to follow.

akaashi stumbled on to the sheets and watched you pat your lap. you laughed at the bewilderment in his eyes when you asked him to lay on your lap.

nonetheless, he did.

the blanket under him was soft, but with his head in your lap he concluded you were softer. your gentle hands ran through black tufts of hair with a small smile and akaashi couldn’t have felt more loved than he did now.

he wasn’t sure if you understood how much of an effect you really had on him.

your love wasn’t gentle and he couldn’t have appreciated it more. it was complex— it was almost scary, the way you knew the simplest gestures to tug at his heartstrings. you demanded that he saw everything you saw in him, and how could he not when you held him so tenderly?

you wormed your way into his life, ever-so rudely taking his heart while selflessly handing him yours.

“keiji,” you started with a ditzy smile, immediately catching his attention. your smile only seemed to grow wider when he looked at you, and he couldn’t help but grin with you.

“yes, (y/n)-san?”

despite the happy expression etched on to your features, you looked concentrated. with the way your eyes scanned akaashi’s face, boy did his best not to squirm under your gaze. a few moments past before you continued.

“i think i’m in love with you.”

akaashi choked.

you were going to be the death of him.

he was dumbfounded. he could feel his palms grow sweaty and he prayed you couldn’t hear his heart beating in his chest.

he wanted to ask you to repeat yourself. he was nearly sure that you had misspoke, but he didn’t dare question your intent once he saw the look in your eyes.

eventually, you focused back into the night sky and keiji pondered.

was this love?

sitting at parks with wicker baskets full of junk food on school nights, on blankets that felt like clouds, with the person you were sure you’d end up marrying.

this had to be love.

love wasn’t rational— especially for two high schoolers. but you weren’t exactly the most rational either. with that in mind, he told himself that he, too, was in love with you, and he solidified the belief the moment he reached over to you with shaky hands to plant a gentle kiss on your lips.

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scrolling thru tumblr, and my dashboard is full of our lovely horse c- issei. wElp… uHhh… God, it’s me again ….

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Warnings: Swearing

It’s a short headcanon thing, because why not

How the confessions went


- He thinks he’s not obvious about it

- But he is

- You’ve caught him staring at you in class so much

- But you think it’s cute

- He’s always thought you were so pretty and amazing, but he’s never had the courage to straight up tell you that

- If you two are ever paired up for something, you can guarantee that he tries to make it as non stressful as possible by trying to do the whole project by himself

- You got kind of offended that he thought you were stupid

- “Nononononono, that’s not it, it’s just I really don’t want you to stress over it and-”

- Apologized so much

- “You just make me so nervous, and I don’t know if I’m saying the right thing or not, and now I’m rambling…”

“Nervous? Why would you be nervous. It’s just me, no one special Kuroo-San.”

“No one special? You’re like the most special person in the world. You’re always so amazing, smart, and pretty and- oh fuck… I said that out loud didn’t I?”

- There’s a few moments of silence as you two stare at eachother.

- “All you had to say was you liked me. I would have gladly accepted if you asked me out on a date.”

“Huh? Wait, you’re serious?”

“Mhm… Unless I took your words the wrong way?”

- Dies of happiness

Sorry it’s so short, it’s 12 am, and this dumb bitch needs sleep :’)

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Always You - Soruga0Bandgeek - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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i ship you with…




how he asked you out

-> “Babe. Babe. Babe.” Tanaka was shaking your side, and you woke up from your nap with your dog. Your dog got up as well, leaving its position to get some food.

“Hm?” you hummed, tired.

“Babe,” Tanaka repeated, poking your shoulder, and you swatted him away.

“What?” you asked, rubbing your eyes. You blinked up at him, and he smiled at how cute you were to him, even in your sleepy state.

“Will you be my valentine?” His eyes looked just like your dog’s. You groaned: he had woken you up just for this?

“We’ve been dating for over a year.” You glared at him.

“I know, I know. Just wanted to make sure,” he whispered, kissing your forehead.

“Fine,” you sighed.

how you spent the day together

-> Karaoke was one of your favorite pastimes; singing without a care in the world and not caring what anyone else thought- perfect. You cranked up “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction at full volume and watched Tanaka’s face light up once he recognized the song you were playing.

“Baby, you light up my world like nobody else!” he sang at the loudest possible volume.

“The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed!” you sang back, matching his enthusiasm. The smile on his face warmed your heart.

“And when you smile at the ground, it ain’t hard to tell…”

“You don’t know, oh-oh,”

“YOU DON’T KNOW YOU BEAUTIFUL!” The two of you sang at the same time, your eyes meeting. His eyes sparkled, and you knew that you truly loved him at that exact moment.

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just… Daichi curling into you, burying his face into your shoulder, and using you as an anchor. a solid reminder that even though the world can be shitty, there’s you. you hold him; threading your fingers through his hair and cradling his head. you press a kiss to his temple and whisper soothing words that ease whatever it is that’s eating him up. he wraps his arms around you and pulls you flushed against him, finding comfort in your embrace. you let him. you let him nearly squeeze the air out of you as you feel the droplets of tears on your shoulder and it makes your heart wrench for him. you whisper “i love you”s and "i’m right here, not going anywhere”s and other loving words. and he hangs onto them because sometimes he needs you to be his solid foundation. his shoulder to cry on

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I’ve engaged only with haikyuu!! content for all of this month, so super sorry if any of you are actually following me for the four or five advertised fandoms for which this blog is supposed to put out content

As you can tell, I was in osayama rarepair hell for the first half of the month (during what was described to me as the “osayama renaissance”; thank you haikyuu-bu). There’s one older fic here but the rest of this fic is all quite recent!



again, like this by @noodletastic

  • sakusa/atsumu (+ side sunaosa); rated E; 55k words; 6/6
  • sakuatsu hook up once and then keep doing it
  • hot! but also like really sweet!! i’m in love with this fic and kept refreshing my inbox waiting for the updates
  • the author has released a sequel!

Fall Together, Fall Apart by darkmagicalgirl

  • kindaichi/kunimi/kageyama; rated T+; 16k words; 1/1
  • kinkunikage are soulmates but severed their bond (bc of canon events). non-linear narrative split between middle and high school
  • this is the one old fic among my recs this time
  • incredibly painful. wow the author built such a complete emotional landscape

miserability by copyrightings

  • tsukishima/yamaguchi; rated M; 28k words; 5/?
  • post-timeskip but something happened between tsukkiyama and now they’re out of touch. yamaguchi’s company sponsors tsukki’s team and now they have to interact
  • slowburn central but the angst is only getting worse from here
  • author has the most beautiful writing style; some of the lines take my breath away

parachute jump by @ravenclawboys

  • osamu/yamaguchi; rated Gen; 5k words; 1/1
  • when atsumu singles out hinata at the end of karasuno vs inarizaki match, osamu picks his own karasuno freshman :) + a reworking of the canon moment b/w yams and osamu in timeskip
  • very fluffy very cute and features one of my fave rarepairs. just two soft bois living life and pining a little bit

Subtle Inarizaki Dating by sifuhotman

  • osamu/suna (+ side sakuatsu); rated T+; 15k words; 1/1 (with a second story in series)
  • suna puts atsumu’s profile on a facebook dating group; as someone who looks identical to atsumu, osamu faces the consequences
  • standard well-written college au + a touch of socmed
  • suna’s kind of an asshole but that’s suna for you

Who do you follow first: Your crush? or Their friends? by 17kylie_readsalot17 @prideandpre-judas

  • osamu/yamaguchi; rated T+; 6k words; 2/2
  • osamu and yamaguchi + both of their friend groups reconnect after the msby v. schweiden match
  • karasuno first-years dynamics are on point, osayama are characterized accurately, and it’s just incredibly cute

still treating these recs like a “best of” bookmarks tab, but I really hope that these fic recs reach someone! I had a blast (or like utter heartbreak but same difference) reading each of these

send me more recs! I’m also very active on twitter

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characters - oikawa tōru, miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, kuroo tetsurō, tsukishima kei 

a/n - warning ⚠️ it’s a lil angsty ngl. tysm for the request nonnie i hope you enjoy <3 i feel like i took this too far


OIKAWAi think we should break up.” he froze at the words, swallowing the lump in his throat as he looked at you - you felt uneasy at the silence until you heard him clear his throat “is that so?” he scolded himself for the shake in his voice, but could you blame him when his heart beat so rapidly against his chest - dont go. you immediately regretted the prank when you seen the pain in his eyes, the smile on his lips different from the one you normally had the pleasure of seeing, less than genuine and a little broken because oikawa tōru had only hoped he would be enough for you. “infact just go then, i don’t care.” he turned, hoping you didn’t notice the way he blinked with his words but he thought his heart might burst when he felt a familiar warmth wrap around his waist “was a joke tōru, i’m sorry.” you were surprised how quickly he melted in your embrace, feeling the tension in his body drop “that wasn’t funny y/n-chan!” feeling a sense of familiarity in his giggle, hoping your arms around him would be enough to reassure him that oikawa tōru would always be enough.

ATSUMU you were on your way home, his hand reaching over to intertwine with yours as it rested in your lap in the passenger seat - you eyed him, smiling at the content look on his face as you sighed “i think we should break up.” you felt the slight tightening of his grip against your hand, his jaw clenching at your words as his head seemed to turn away from you - eyes still focused on the road “‘nd whys that?” anyone else wouldnt have noticed the feigned confidence in his voice but you noticed because you always knew him better. “just cause.” he turned slightly, allowing you to see how he knawed at the inside of his cheek as his other hand tapped at the steering wheel “so yer breakin’ ma heart ‘just cause’” his knuckles were basically white from the way they clung onto your own, a silent plead - don’t leave me. “i was joking ‘tsumu, we’re okay. you’re okay.” you feel him exhale as he chuckles, turning away again as he sniffles but you feel the wetness against your hand as your intertwined ones wipe at his eyes “fuck ya got me angel, al get ya back for that one.” your giggle in the air and your hand in his reassuring him that he’d still always have love.

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how he asked you out

-> Kageyama held you at his side as the two of you navigated through the bookstore. His eyes never left you as you seemed to bounce at the sight of all the books you could possibly read.

“Take your pick,” he said, gesturing to the shelves of books around you. You brightened up and immediately began searching through the hundreds of books, looking for one that seemed good enough to read.

“Mm, doesn’t this one look interesting?” You handed him a book that particularly caight your eye. He nodded half-heartedly, seeming like he was thinking deeply about something. “Whatcha thinking abo-”

“Will you go out with me?” he blurted, immediately going red the second he realized what he just said.

“O-oh. Um…” You were equally as flustered.

“You can say no if you want…” he told you, looking at everything but you.

“Oh- no, my answer is yes.” You smiled shyly at him, and he returned the smile.

how you spent the day together

-> The two of you decided to spend Valentine’s Day alone at home, seeing how a lot of couples were going out. Knowing how much you didn’t like messiness, Kageyama decided to organize something a lot simpler and cleaner at home: a candlelight dinner.

The plan was indeed going well so far; everything was perfect. Except for the stuttering mess in front of you.

Kageyama was flustered to say the least: starting from the way you did your hair to the way you laughed. He was in love.

“S-so… nice weather we’re having?” he said, and you burst out laughing at how awkward he was being.

“Tobio, I love you,” you told him through your giggles.

“I- I love you too.”

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Absolutely THRIVING bc you guys are sending in requests!! like I love it so much and yall are so sweet. But its 1am and I’m super tired so I PROMISE I’LL GET TO THE REST WHEN I WAKE UP :)

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