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guns and sex
Tumblr media
includes. oikawa tooru, iwaizumi hajime, hanamaki takahiro & matsukawa issei + f!reader
cw. mafia au! dark content: gun play, mentions of drunken sex, fivesome, vibrator, overstimulation, [lots of] degradation, face fucking, vaginal penetration, choking, double penetration, orgasm denial / orgasm control, finger sucking,
wc. 3.3k
a/n. let’s ignore the fact that if you took a few sentences out of this story, it’s just a normal seijoh 4 gangbang with gunplay, instead please thank the lovely @iwas-baby and her crime and punishment collab. also i should get some type of award for making the most bland title in the world, i’m sorry
+ @hqintheclub
Tumblr media
the car ride feels awfully awkward after that job.
"lighten up darling" oikawa grins. he knows full well it’s hard to lighten up! when the vibrator is still buzzing inside of you.
it wasn't easy to be accepted into their ring, in fact it took long weeks for you to finally be introduced to the boss, oikawa. even more time gone by before you start working as their bodyguard.
with so many rival gangs, it's given that they want to know if you're trustworthy, but even if you weren’t, they wouldn’t care. they quickly took a liking to you, specially after a drunken night you spent with them.
soon, they would specifically ask for you and would favor you over any of their other bodyguards. they made your job so difficult to do, especially today.
"aww, what's wrong pretty baby?" matsukawa asks, finally arriving at your apartment to take care of your problem. you hold onto oikawa's blazer, your knees week even if you only walked a few steps from the car to the door.
you tumble your way inside with the help of hajime, who holds your hand and guides you to the bedroom at the end of the hallway. there, he throws you on the bed and watches you shake in overstimulation.
"you like that, huh?" he asks, as if your moans and whimpers weren't enough to answer him. "yeah? fuckin' whore"
"no- 'm not a-... fuck" its so hard to say the right words when your second high is already building up deep inside, and you feel yourself growing even more skitish. you clench your thighs together, careless of the hand that tries to keep your legs apart from each other.
they want to have full access to the sight of your ruined panties, after iwaizumi was so kind as to leave you naked from the waist down except your lace panties, the ones they bought for you.
"you're not what? hm?" hanamaki asks, squeezing your face between his thumb and his pointer finger, making it harder to speak and answer him. "you're not a whore?" he taps his thumb on your lower lip and urges you to open your mouth to slip his thumb inside and watch you suckle on his digit. "'s that what you're trying to say?"
you nod your head frantically, paired with the way you fist the bedsheets and roll your eyes in ecstasy.
"then why are you so wet down here?" you feel another hand pressing at your clothed cunt, oikawa's fingers rolling your clothed clit and making you come undone again.
you're shaking, arching your back and bucking your hips to relieve some of the pleasure, greedily sucking on hanamaki's thumb. "you're not a whore but you like being tied up and used like a fucktoy?" matsukawa says, using his belt to skillfully tie up your hands above your head. "make up your mind, sweetheart"
"y-you're the one who told me t-to use th-this… h-haah!" you say, referring to the little bullet that keeps getting stronger and stronger vibrations inside of you.
you're right. they were the ones who sent you the vibrator to your house, wrapped up in a pretty small velvet box that looked too innocent considering what lay inside.
oikawa has the remote, and you know he's purposefully putting it to the top setting when you're talking to make it harder for you.
"and you're the one who didn't say no" he says before turning your body and leaving you on your hands and knees, your ass exposed to everyone in the room, your panties doing little to cover anything up. they're soaked, practically see through with how much you've drooled slick all over them.
"all yours" matsukawa says, stepping away from you with a small kiss to your cheek. the vibrations are suddenly turned off, and you're left a panting mess on the bed, trying to regain your breath. you should've known better. oikawa turns the controller to the highest setting, watching you squeal and squirm, bucking your hips back and biting the pillow under your head.
"f-fuck!" your hands struggle against the restraints on your wrists, tugging and trying to break through them, but iwaizumi interrupts when he pushes you into the mattress, careless of your cries and whimpers for no more! can't take it!
"stay" he orders you, but it's so hard to follow when you're still being stimulated after so many orgasms. "just gimme one more, and then we can take it out, ok?"
you shake your head, not sure if you can handle another high like your last one, though it doesn’t seem like he’s giving you any choice. your moans fall to deaf ears, while oikawa keeps running his hands over the curve of your ass, even slightly pinching it every once in a while.
hanamaki sneaks his hands over your body, before reaching your swollen clit and dragging small circles around it, watching your expression turn from a crying one to gasping for air because its too much- too much!
you moan into the pillow as you cum again, your slick dripping down your thighs, and your drooling cunt clenching around nothing but the small bullet inside.
"good girl, that's it" oikawa encourages, turning down the level of vibrations so you'll come down from your high. you struggle to catch your breath but eventually collapse on the bed from exhaustion.
"aww, you're tired?" you nod and sigh, but suddenly shudder at the feeling of his fingers prodding at your entrance. he starts with one, experimentally, then two, going in with a scissoring motion, watching how you writhe in pleasure.
"we're just getting started" you don't even have to turn back to know he's grinning like an idiot, he's having such a good time when he's torturing and teasing you like this.
he makes a shitty excuse about "i just can't find it" with a fake pout, but you know it's bullshit, he already knew exactly where it was, but he kept teasing you for the sake of seeing your tears roll down your cheeks and stain the pillow beneath you.
finally, after searching for so long, he finally pulls out the bullet, but not before pressing his fingers at the perfect angle, hitting the perfect spot to make you scream and reach back to grab his wrist.
"shh, 's ok" he holds your hand while he uses his other hand to unbuckle his belt. "i'll make you feel good darling, just stay still"
with a small mhmm you try to stay as still as possible, hoping he'll finally give you what you've been waiting for.
you arch your back and angle your hips to flash him the perfect view of your dripping heat. god, he hated that you knew just what to do to make him bend to your will, how you barely had to do anything to rile him up and have him dragging the head of his cock against your slit.
"you're so good to me, you want me to fuck you as a reward?" he says. "fuck you just how you just how you like it, make you cum real quick" just the thought of it makes you clench around the tip he's already easing into you. "you'd like that, right?"
"y-yes…!" it's an understatement to say you feel full, you feel beyond filled to the brim, as if the slightest of movements would result in you being broken in half from how much you're stretched around him.
he lets out a broken groan when he's finally inside, buried to the point where he's pushing against your cervix, pressing on it until he almost pushes into your womb. he's become intoxicated with the feeling of your walls around him, and he doesn't have room for not thoughts, other than the delicious way you wrap around him when he pushes against that spongy spot inside you.
there's a small pause before he starts sliding in and out at a small pace to let you get used to it, even if you've taken him before, it's still a struggle to take him.
you gasp every time he thrusts in, knocking the air out of your lungs as you grip the edge of the sheets for dear life.
tears run down your cheek from the pleasure you feel deep inside, your legs shake and your lip trembles, threatening to let out a moan anytime soon.
"good fucking girl, think you can take another one?" you hear a voice in front of you say, and open your eyes to see iwaizumi unbuckling his belt. his eyes meet yours in a hungry gaze, filled with his want for you.
if you look closely, you'll see a spark of jealousy in his eyes, envious that he wasn't the first to claim your cunt. its ok, theres always next time.
you nod, recalling to answer his question. you open your mouth as an invitation, waiting impatiently for him to take off his pants and mark your mouth with his cum.
oikawa is still fucking you relentlessly, gripping your hips with yoru calloused hands and moving them in rhythm with yours. his skin slaps against yours and a thin layer of white sheen covers his cock from the tip to the base, making it so much pleasurable to thrust into you and build up your orgasm.
he groans into your ear, panting for breath while his pace becomes sloppy, slick dripping down from the place you two meet. iwaizumi slaps his cock against your cheek, making you wince slightly before licking it, from the base to the tip, then sucking on the head until he's lacing his fingers in your hair, pulling you up to have a better view of the face he's going to ruin.
"take some more," you gladly follow his instructions, sucking eagerly before slowly taking him in your mouth, but you gag as soon as he reaches the back of your throat. "shhh," he puts his hands on your cheek, "that's it, take it"
he loves to have you like this, tears running down your face because it's too big to fit in your little mouth. maybe it's oikawa making you cry from how long he's been at it, but he couldn't care less, all that matters is how pretty you look with his cock in your mouth, prodding at your throat with a slight bulge as drool drips down the corners of your mouth.
"oh-... oh fuck, ohh fuck" he repeats, getting more and more vocal with every thrust, as he usually does when he's close to cumming. he holds your body pressed to his, even if he's behind you, you can feel he loving embrace he holds you in.
iwaizumi’s hands pull on your hair, pressing you closer, to take even more of him, more than you can handle.
“hmmph!” you cry, but it goes unnoticed. its muffled with his cock twitching and thrusting into your mouth like he won’t ever get to fuck your cute little throat again. meanwhile, oikawa slips out of your walls, pumping his cock a few times before paints his cum on your shaking thighs. he slicks his hair back with his free hand, pulling back all the hair that stuck to his forehead with his sweat. you could never get tired of his sounds, especially that sweet sigh he would always do after he finished with you, that sigh of relief, of finally knowing you were ruined with his seed.
you feel the bed shift, him getting out and another one of them setting up behind you, taking off his pants. you recognize the simple belt buckle that he throws next to you, the one with a little blood stain from a previous job.
he takes a moment to revel in the sight of your throbbing heat, and he sees how you clench around nothing when he’s barely even touched your inner thigh.
“you’re such a needy little thing, bet you’re thinking about me touching you already”
you shake your head, trying to deny him and shake off the thought of his gorgeous hands touching you, his thick fingers prodding at your entrance, but they could barely get inside because they’re so big compared to yours. you know how he gets when you give him what he wants, he takes that little bit of information and teases you about it for the rest of the night.
“no?” he asks, prying his hands away from your body, hoping the lack of contact will pull an answer from you, but it doesn’t. “you’re a stubborn little bitch, huh? you think i don’t see how you’re bucking your hips against my fingers, i haven’t even touched you and you’re creaming. you wanna tell me it’s just because of iwa fucking your mouth?” he’s right, the feeling of hajime’s cock hitting the back of your throat is arousing, but not enough to have you dripping like a faucet.
“hm? you really want me to believe that bullshit?” he asks. you try to focus on hollowing your cheeks and sucking on iwaizui’s cockhead, make him feel good, but god if it isn’t the worst torture when he touches your thighs, around where you need him the most.
suddenly, iwaizumi twitches inside your mouth, and he throws his head back groaning. his fingers unintentionally pull on your hair a little harder, keeping your mouth in place, close to the base of his cock, where he shoots hot spurts of his thick cum into your mouth. you almost gag around him, if it wasn’t because he pulled out and came the rest of his cum into your tongue.
you swallow, with the exception of a few drops dripping down your chin along with the mess of drool that gathers at the pillow beneath you.
“you’re not ignoring me, are you?” mattsun guides his hands to your neck, where he grips and pulls you towards his chest. you yelp and subconsciously reach for his hand, crying for him to let go, even though you know it’s just making you even wetter down there.
“‘m not ignoring you, i-i’m sorry, i didn’t m-mean to-”
“but you did, you didn’t answer when you were supposed to. even worse, you’re lying to me” he accentuates that last phrase with a tighter grip on your neck, and a slap to your ass.
“i’m sorry, i’m sorry!” you chant the words like a prayer. it’s not enough, he still rummages his pants for his weapon.
“prove it baby, come tell us how sorry you are, you pathetic little thing” you look down and see hanamaki naked, his cock hard and standing his hands landing on your hips. he pulls you over his lap, rubbing your wet lips over his sex while mattsun slowly lets go of your throat, giving in to the lovely sight in front of him.
“i’m sorry, ‘m s- sorry, won’t do it again… i’ll be good from now o-on” you beg, kneeling over hanamaki, hovering over his hips and using your hands to position his cock on your entrance. you slide it up and down, reaching your clit and shuddering at the jolt of ecstasy. when you prep it as best as you can, you start to slide down on it, shaking and trembling when it’s too much.
“aww, poor baby can’t take it?” he coos, you do your best to take him. but the feeling of issei’s cock on your slit tskes you by surprise, and you cry when he slowly enters the tip.
“don’t tell me you’re gonna cry,” he whispers in your ear.
“n-no, no” you say, but your body betrays you, tears already slipping down your cheeks when you hiss in pain. you’ve never taken the two of them before, it’s such a struggle to take just one of them, you would’ve never thought about them sharing your pussy, but damn if it isn’t intimidating.
“i can see you crying, you're gonna keep lying to me?” he pulls out his gun and presses it to the back of your shoulder, the cold metal barrel much more frightening than you imagined.
“i think you should think before you talk, stop lying to me, even if it isn’t on purpose” he says. with a few cries and tears running down your face, you gather enough courage to keep lowering yourself, until you reach the base of makki’s cock. he sighs and throws his head back, cursing to himself for not sharing you with mattsun sooner because you feel so much tighter when you’re taking the two of them at the same time.
“f-fuck i’m gonna-”
“don’t you dare cum” matsukawa threatens, pushing the weapon even further, far enough for you to be able to turn around and see it, but you don’t even want to look at it. you work with guns, you wear a gun on your belt, just like he does, you’ve fired a gun before, but yet the mere thought of one pointed at you still makes you shake in fear.
mattsun takes the first step, thrusting in and out of your sopping cunt. “you better not fucking cum until i tell you to, you got that?” you nod your head quickly, gasping in surprise when he slaps the fat of your ass.
“mh-mmhmm!” hanamaki suddenly take in your lips for a kiss, lacing his tongue with yours and leaving you breathless, not only because he’s reaching the deepest spots of your walls, pushing on places you didn’t even know would make you feel good, but because he has such an easy way to make you so eager with just his tongue, it’s embarrassing.
he drinks in your moans, delving in the sweet taste of your mouth and the tight grip of your pussy. his hands bounce you on his cock and he pulls away just to see how your lips part to take him in. he’s afraid to break you, you look like such a frail little thing, he wants to make sure you feel so good, that your legs will be trembling for days and you’ll drip his cum down your thighs like a fountain everytime you walk.
just the thought of cumming inside of you makes him twitch, he’s been pent up for two weeks, just waiting to have another one of these nights with you because his fist is just not the same. it doesn’t compare to the warmth of your walls, it could never milk him dry as much as you do, there’s nothing like your pussy.
he takes one of his fingers and skillfully rubs it against your clit, just how he knows you like to be touched. those tight circles he knew would make you cum in just a few seconds, the worst timing to do it because mattsun’s still pointing the weapon over you. even when he’s close to cumming, his hold on you doesn’t falter, he knows you’re enjoying this as much as he is, you’re practically dripping around him, covering his cock with creamy white and clenching around him so tightly.
“you wanna cum?” he asks, he wants to know how desperate you really are.
“yes! y-yes please i wanna c-cum! please let m-me cum, i’ll be good” and other sweet nothings slip out of your mouth, eager and ready to cum. you beg him to give you permission because between makki’s fingers and their cocks abusing your g-spot, you weren’t sure if you could keep yourself from orgasming anymore.
“alright baby,” he says, taking a slight pause for no other reason than to mess with you, to make the anticipation a little longer and make you suffer a few more seconds. he loves watching the expectant expression on your face, when you’re desperately waiting for his permission because you’re such an obedient slut. “cum” he whispers with a sultry voice in your ear.
you let go of the tight knot and cum around them, holding hanamaki’s shoulders because you’re legs have given up on you, your thighs shake and you scream in pleasure, moaning both of their names loud enough for mattsun to drop his gun and use his fingers to silence you instead, putting them in your mouth and having you suck on them.
“such a loud girl, moaning like a bitch in heat” he says. “but we’re not done yet” you pant, trying to get back the breath you lost with your high. “we haven’t even finished yet, you can hold on a little longer baby, can’t you?” he says, taping the gun on your shoulder as a reminder that you don’t really have another option.
Tumblr media
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Daddy’s girl
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ꕥ Pairing : Dilf! Kuroo x Reader
ꕥ Synopsis : a sex site leading you to fuck your bestfriends dad? what a miracle worker.
ꕥ Word count : 3.1k
ꕥ TW : Smut, dumbification, domination, degrading, cam recording, nude photos, sending pictures, receiving pictures, fingering, choking, mutual masturbation, phone sex, AGE GAP, mentions of oral (f+m), slight manipulation, intrusion, unsolicited exposure, insecurity, vulgar language, perversion, sexualising, contemplation, dub con, fear play, breath play, s&m, SLIGHT ASPHYXIATION by choking, pornography, Dom! kuroo, v clear daddy issues, orgasm denial. 18+
Tumblr media Tumblr media
'Hmm maybe more cleavage?' You think to yourself as you attempt to perfect the best tit pic. The lighting set low as you arched your back in attempt to make your breasts perkier than they already were.
The click of your camera and poke of your tongue had you contemplating on sending the next photo. Was it too risky? You may be able to make out who you were if you squinted hard enough, hair drifting down your shoulders as your completely naked form tucked underneath you on the pillowed bed.
'Forget it. I'll just send it...'
A sex site.
That's what you were doing.
Texting older men, trading nude photos as you giggled at the sight of them harshly pulling back their foreskin, cum trickling down their stomachs as they beg for even a glimpse of your beautiful face. Your body on full display as you played with yourself on video call, eyes oogling and tongues drooling at the sight of you, face indistinguishable as you merely angled the camera low towards your figure.
It was boring, your regular routine as a horny university student. Youth did nothing for you. You had the lazy hookups with the sleazy college students, you had your pussy ate out, you had your lips latched onto another guys writhed tip as he did nothing but loosely stare down at you. Yuck.
You had nothing good in your sex life, nothing adventurous or interesting. That's why you signed up for this site - no expectations, no awkward talking stage. Just vulgar photos and pornography shared between two anonymous people.
*1 message request from k3rc4t*
Looking at your phone you glimpsed at the sight of a topless man, abs coated in sweat as his drawers hung low on his waist, swiping on his photos they were all the same, teases from himself as he cups his large girth in the last photo, outline of a semi hard cock struck out from his boxers.
K3rc4t -
Hey beautiful.
Tapping your fingers at your phone you eagerly replied. It's been a while since you've had a well in shape guy message you.
Fk7slut -
Hey daddy...
K3RC4T is typing...
K3rc4t -
Fuck you look so tight. Your pictures get me hard.
Laughing at his lewd comments you typed back to him. Biting your lip at the pictures he's sending you, cock hard, throbbing against his hand as his veins pulse out to you. Balls hanging loosely under it as you could see he's clearly trained in shared pornography.
You snapped back, red lingerie glowing out to him as your nipple 'happened' to be poking out enough to tease him, you smiled at the way he was so quick to open it. The way he was so frantic to speak to you. Typical coming from men on this app.
A knock to your door had you scrambling to your feet, tired face and oversized top thrown over your figure as your eyelash extensions almost teared apart from how hard you were rubbing your eyes.
'Hm?' You said opening the door, sun catching you off guard as you almost hissed from the brightness.
'Y/N? It's 2PM?! I told you to be up at 10am. Whatever. Let me in I forgot the key'
Your bestfriend, Mai kuroo. You've known her for 4 years and ever since then you've been inseparable. Two peas in a pod you could say.
Moving to a side she trailed in, arms slumped across her body as she took you in. You looked a disaster, hardly correlating what's happening around you.
'So. My parents are getting a divorce...'
'What a way to put that to me first thing in the morning.' You laugh, walking into the kitchen pouring yourself a glass of black coffee.
'Yep. And you know what that means?' She trailed behind you, slumping herself over the counter as she leans her head on one of her hands. Cute smile beaming out to you as you KNOW she's about to ask you for a favour.
'...what...' you sip your coffee, attempting to ignore her pleading expression.
'Your coming with me to stay at my dads new house! Yay!' She clapped her hands. Expecting you to be as happy as she is. Instead you furrowed your eyebrows, why are you dragged into this.
'Mai as much as I love you, that's not fucking happening.'
'What why??' She whined.
'Isn't that a bit awkward, you know? Your parents just got a divorce why do I need to come with you anyways. I've hardly met him'
'And that's why! Please y/n. He works a lot so I don't see him much and he said I can bring you to stay. He owns a huge mansion in Tokyo. TOKYO. We can go on a shopping spree, explore the city, pleaseee... I really need a friend in need.'
Huffing you gave in. A few days off work is harmless you suppose.
K3rc4t -
Wanna video call? ;)
Setting your phone up on the edge of your bed you lowered the camera, long hair thrown over your shoulder as you crossed your legs over your bed. Waiting for him to pick up the phone.
'Hey beautiful' you heard him through the phone. Voice lower and sexier than you were prepared for.
'Hey daddy, you okay? I was thinking about you today...' you mumble through the phone. Pulling your top down harsh against your body to show the outline of your breasts and nipples.
The camera was directed towards his body, his laptop seemed to be laying on his lap as his figure rested against the headboard. Lazy set up as you could make out the band of his boxers and his semi hard erection lifting up slightly.
'Really? What you been thinking of beautiful.' You Heard his mellow voice murmur as he lifted his arm to rest on the headboard, arms flexed up as his muscles glowed into the camera.
'Just you daddy, and how bad I wanna feel your fingers inside me. How much I want your big dick inside of me...' You moved against the bed as you tried your hardest not to let your head drop low enough to show ur face.
'Yeah? Well why don't you show me baby. Take off your top lemme see those pretty tits.'
Complying you rolled your top off and threw it to the floor, hands moving up to pinch and play at your nipples, head swinging back as you heard his slight grunting from the other side of the phone, he himself teasing his rock hard cock through his material.
'Mm you like that daddy? I wanna touch myself so bad please daddy...' you cooed, the material of the bed not enough to keep you from getting over excited.
'Go on baby, show me what those fingers do.' He finally replied, his hand stroking himself at this point as you eagerly laid slightly back on your bed, head swung back as you pushed your digits inside you. A loud moan slipping from your lips as you pushed in and out of yourself, two fingers knuckle deep inside you as you slowly hit your g spot. Groans slipping from the anonymous man every time he heard the way your pussy squelched at just a simple touch.
'If you want me princess, two fingers isn't big enough. Put another one in there, and I wanna see you squirt. Got it?'
'Y-yes daddy' you hesitantly pushed your third finger inside of you as you picked up the space, clit writhing under your touch as your thumb moved to fiercely rub at it. Your eye catching onto the way he pulled out his cock and slapped it against his toned stomach, hand moving to fuck hinself at the same pace your going.
'A-ah-yes mm-' you muttered, feeling yourself almost come undone at the sheer size of him touching himself, uncircumcised huge dick rubbed against his large hand. Small mutters and groans escaping his hidden lips as he was mesmerised with the way your fingers delved inside of you.
'I-I'm gonn- cum- fuck fuck' you dragged out your lips, the knot in your stomach getting tighter and tighter the more you pushed inside yourself, video camera showing everything and more inside of you, the way your fingers curled inside of you, the way your clit beamed out onto the camera, the way slick began coating your legs and inside.
'Yeah? Cum for me baby fuck.'
So you did exactly that. Fluids spraying from under you as you squirted right onto your phone, head falling back as you continued to rub yourself right till your end. And so did he, spurts of cum hitting his torso as he watched yourself writhe so sexily with his permission. You were so submissive. So beautiful...
'Here we are!' Mai cheered infront of the grand house.
It was huge, paved driveway opening up towards beautiful steps perfectly carved to fit the modernised aesthetic of the house. Mai's dad must be a millionaire.
'Dad!' She screamed. Dropping her bags and jumping into her dads arms. He effortlessly twirled her in his arms as you were still in shock at the size of this place. You knew he was rich but this was overwhelming.
'Y/N. This is my dad. Dad, y/n'
'Nice to meet you sir'
'Oh please call me kuroo' familiar voice spoke out
You take in his hand and shake it, tinted glasses not being able to show the way you took in his clearly athletic body. Mai's dad was really something else. Why would anyone divorce HIM?
Every morning you'd be served with pancakes and syrup, a full English breakfast served on plates beneath you with so many things to choose from.
Every morning you'd be woken up to the sight of Mai waving her dads unlimited credit card in your face. Another shopping spree, of course you never took his money, even though he insisted.
Every morning you'd hope to get with someone like him, he's your friends father you know. Not HIM but like him. Not so bad right?
He was laughing with you when you spoke to him, occasionally you caught small glances from him being thrown your way, and you won't lie sometimes you put on a little show. Low cut tops and cute smile from you every time he would pass, knowing he would do his hardest not to disrupt your modesty. Knowing he would go into his room and think about how he needs to contain himself. Your his daughters bestfriend? A bit lewd coming from the fact he's pretty much double your age.
It's not any easier for you. He's so polite, so kind, sure you felt wrong doing this to Mai. But she was too oblivious to notice. Too interested in the way her newest shoes made her walk funny, or the fact her designer dress didn't fit her.
9 days. 9 days was all you had in this before you had to go back home, and the 9th night wrapped round ever so fast.
You didn't have much time to yourself, heck hardly any time. The only privacy you got was in the spare room of the house which u slept in. Even then you hardly slept a wink, too busy entertaining the guy on the other end of the phone.
And that's where it took you. As you patiently waited for him to reply to your newest nude you slumped your head on the back of the bed, naked form being cooled by the wind of the fan blowing in your direction. Fingers anxiously refreshing your phone for every second it took for him to reply.
K3rc4t -
That's it? Cmon princess I wanna see more of you. As much as I love your body show me more of those pretty lips.
You contemplated this. He wanted a face reveal, you wasn't insecure, you knew that your looks would be enough to have him crazy over you but...wouldn't it strip from the fun?
You moved to place your thumb on your mouth, teasingly pulling down your lip as you peered up into The lense, whole face on display as you fluttered your lashes up, the shutter went off and there you reluctantly sent it. Heart almost pounding at the thought of him receiving it.
Five minutes. Five whole minutes ago he read it. What's he doing? Maybe he's busy? Maybe his phone died? Maybe he's taking one back?...
You knew this was a bad idea, maybe it's leaked all over the internet. Maybe everyone's gonna find out about your secret little addiction. You almost bursted into tears at the thought of it, with every second that passed you grew more and more insane.
'Fucks sake I wish I never trusted h-'
You heard your name being called from outside your room as you froze at the sound of mai's dad. What do you do? Shit the doors opening.
Before you could move to cover your naked form up with the blanket you saw him step inside. Your phone being thrown on the bed in pure shock of what's going on.
You frantically move to grab your shirt and cover yourself but before you could you were pinned down on the bed, his face merely centre meters from yours.
'Y/N... Or should I even call you that?'
Confusion was the only thing you felt the more you stared up at him, his lingering eyes peering down your body as he seperated himself from you, standing broad and tall above you as you felt small and narrow underneath him.
'What?..I-I'm sorry but isn't it a bit intrusive to walk in on me like this?!' Collecting your words together you felt yourself getting more annoyed at the sight of him there, as attractive as he is you still deserve your personal space.
'Yeah? Really? I knew there was something about you the second you came in here. Thinking you can walk around with those slutty skirts and low tops. Fuck I don't know how I've stopped myself this long...'
'What the fuck are you on about? Why are you in here?'
'I'm hurt, you seriously don't recognise my voice? Maybe if I tell you what to do one more time your memory might come back to you'
And there it was, the realisation of what's going on. He's the guy on the other end, he's the one you fuck yourself to every other night, he's the one you cum over and over just to the sound of his commands. HES MAI's DAD.
'Y-your... tha- THATS YOU?!'
'Yep. And considering that last photo you sent me your getting fucked like there's no tomorrow, just how you've been begging me to do, isn't that right baby...'
His lips move to latch onto yours as you struggle underneath him, body writhing under his touch as his finger moves up to play with your nipple, tongue entering your mouth, gathering all the saliva he can as you moaned loudly as the feeling of his hardened clothed cock rutting into you.
Two fingers suddenly shot into your mouth, your hand moving to clutch at his wrist as you sucked harshly onto his long fingers, eyes staring straight into his as he watched you greedily shake for more.
'It's like you want my daughter walking in here, is that what you want, her to see me fucking her pretty little bestfriend, yeah?'
Your head frantically moved left to right, too scared of the consequences if she saw you fucking her dad. How would you explain it? He was the one you've been sexting these past few months, he's the guy whose seen you naked more times than she has?
'Your such a little slut, fuck your legs are coated...' he took his fingers out and played with the flesh on your thighs, a soft moan escaping your lips the closer he got to your cunt, fingers scissoring your slit as you were almost begging for him to touch you. Atleast once. All these months of waiting for him, for him only to be your new profound crush? Is this a dream come true?
‘Kuroo- please- need you..’ you struggled to get your words out as he continued rubbing you gently, teasing you with long flicks to your aching pussy.
‘Kuroo? That’s my name now? I prefer the other name you gave me baby..’
‘Daddy please- please..’
His fingers moved inside of you as your back arched off your bed, drool slipping from your mouth as your head lolled to the side. His pace agonisingly slow as he moved to rub your clit with his rough thumb, smirking at the way you winced at the cutting inside of you.
‘Use your words baby..’
‘Mmmm faster please- please I’ll be good I won’t be loud..’ you begged. He had enough, his cock was so strained against him at the sight of you already spoilt underneath him. He played with you, your pussy dripping his fingers as he glared at the way you sucked him in so well, glossy fingers coated with your slick as you moaned and cooed at the feeling of him inside of you. Heavy pants escaping your lips the closer you got to reaching your high, eyes glistening from the agonising teasing.
‘Gnna cum- so close’
‘Cum and I’ll spank you till your screaming, got it? Your so tempting baby, you sure you deserve my cock?’
‘YES- yes yes yes yes yesssssss’ you dragged out mind dumb and lust blown from the magic he’s already done from underneath you. To focused on not releasing already you didn’t even feel him pull himself out, only to replace it with his large aching cock, long veins striking down it as he pounded balls deep inside of you, fingers reaching inside your mouth as his other hand moved to choke your neck, you looked so dazed underneath him, tits moving up and down as your tongue lolled out, you look exactly like his imagination, he had to do everything to contain himself.
‘God your as tight as I thought you’d be…’ he murmured, eyes locked onto where you both connect, fingers blocking your airways as you felt your head almost go blank from dizzyness.
‘Daddy pleasseeeee- wan you please… inside please.’ You were knocked out, he already made you so dumb on his cock without having to try. You were such a pleasure to fuck, such an imaginable girl.
‘Cum for me baby- fuc-fuck-‘
On instance you both came at the same time, a large wail stripping from your body as his head hung low, eyes clammed shut in an attempt to reach his high. Large pants and breathing shared within the room as you both were too knocked off to realise what just happened…
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charismandal · 5 months ago
Onigiri Miya’s wall
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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andythelemon · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I desperately miss good food and good friends in these times.... (Yes, they showed up to Ichigo’s house uninvited on a school night and raided his fridge)
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tearofvenus · a month ago
Tumblr media
oikawa, the immature yet patient boyfriend, that takes you wherever he goes because he just loves being around you.
oikawa, who grows restless at night when you’re not there beside him and finds it hard to stop thinking about you.
oikawa, who’s more passionate about you than he ever has been about volleyball.
oikawa, who takes iwaizumi’s taunts and teases just to be able to look at you and call you his.
oikawa, who loves when you come to game night with the seijoh 4, but doesn’t appreciate when mattsun asks you to be his partner to piss tooru off.
oikawa, who always allows you to steal his hoodies and shirts no matter what, but loves them even more when you give them back and they smell distinctly of you.
that oikawa boy that happens to love you so much that he hesitates to accept the offer to go play for argentina’s volleyball team because it upset you so much.
oikawa, the boy who loves when you agree to watch movies with him, even if they’re the shitty alien movies he enjoys so much.
oikawa, the boy who accepts the alien-themed stuffed animals you religiously buy him so he has a closet full of them.
oikawa, whom allows you to play with his hair even when he treats it like one of his prized possessions, just because it makes you so happy when you try a different hairstyle on him that makes his face look weird.
oikawa, who picks you up in his arms on graduation day and spins you as his encore of iwaizumi, hanamaki, and matsukawa cheer and whoop now that you’re all officially free.
oikawa, who could never ask for a better partner.
and finally, that damn tooru who finds your face in a crowd of thousands at his olympic match against japan next to mattsun and makki and waves, smiling that perfect smile.
Tumblr media
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eggburial · a month ago
Tumblr media
The kageyamas
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missmorosis · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
random texts
-> feat. oikawa, sugawara, bokuto, kuroo, tsukishima, kenma
genre: crack
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TAGLIST!! @rayeofmoonlight @kirishimas-manly-eyeliner @idontlikeyourjob ​ @sushijimawakatoshi @bokutsumie ​​@jesssobs @nachotrash ​@tsukkisberry @crystal-lilac @hannas16 @cherriesradio @elektrosonix ​@marissawrld​ @gomchan @mysterystarz MWAH MWAHH
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avenora · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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kaitshimaeijiro · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Motivation? What more do you need than pride?”
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katsupeach · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hi everyone <3 I'm hosting an omegaverse au collab. other people have probably done this. i'm doing it too <3
- have your age in your bio.
- all characters must be over 18 or aged up
- only one character per slot in this collab, first come first serve, get in my ask box and ask. in your ask please state the character your writing for and their gender. for instance, "alpha matsukawa issei"
- posting: your fic must be AT LEAST 1K words, all content, dark, angst, fluff whatever, is allowed if there are proper warnings, please link to the masterlist, you must use a read more. please post on Nov 13th. If you're late or have to drop, know I'm not mad at all know im kissing you on the head. you MUST dm me the link tags sometimes get drowned out in my notifs.
- open to my hero academia, tokyo revengers, food wars, attack on titan, and haikyuu!!
- all people who join my collabs and post are guaranteed a rb from me w love and feedback during a high traffic hour on my dash. I MADE A DISCORD SERVER
Tumblr media
my hero academia
alpha!midoriya - @izuukii alpha!shouto - @em-plosion alpha!tamaki - @mikaaberry kirishima - @self-indulgentwriting bakugou - @cupcake-rogue​ omega!shigaraki - @erenscockslut alpha!sero - @thranif alpha!hawks - @darkenedniqhts alpha!natsuo - @cherryriotcrash alpha!dabi - @cherrykamado alpha!denki - @tteokdoroki alpha!toga - @krystalwithakay
tokyo revengers alpha!manjiro sano - @lovebykai alpha!draken - @thecrowcern omega!inui - @keizos​ alpha!baji - @dodjo alpha!smiley - @txixy alpha!hanma - @pupchiro​ alpha!taiju - @jthebeauty shinchiro - @delirieum alpha!takeomi akashi - @nanakoii alpha!mitsuya - @httptamaki​ alpha!sanzu - @kshira​ alpha!wakasa - @blueparadis​​
alpha!bokuto - @bakumi alpha!sakusa - @omiishii alpha!iwaizumi - @crewella alpha!ushijima - @spicysoftsweet alpha!atsumu - @streimiv​ alpha!asahi - @tawnyafterhours alpha!yamaguchi - @kou-taro alpha!tendou - @myheelsdontmatchmysweatpants alpha!osamu - @streimiv ​
food wars
ryou kurokiba - @talasweebshit
attack on titan
alpha!erwin smith - @sinnerofthewalls alpha!eren jaeger - @saccharine-darling alpha!levi ackerman - @erwinslut alpha!porco - @erwinslut
Tumblr media
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crimsonchxins · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
atsumu is scared of the dark.
and he's not telling anyone about it, no, never, not after the life time of teasing he got from osamu about it, he's not ready to hear it from you.
and boy, life is making it a little too hard for him to keep it a secret for another day.
its a chill night, really, the two of you are just hanging out at your place, lights on and chatting during the ad break of your show, when everything goes dark, the hum of the electricity current that unknowingly occupied the air suddenly goes off and its silence now.
you curse, "oh, shoot."
oh shoot doesn't even begin to sum up how much atsumu is scared right now.
god, it's so dark when you get up from the couch.
"hey — where are you going?" he asks, his eyes trying to keep up with your moving silhouette in the dark.
"oh, it's the entire neighborhood," you say, peeking out of the curtain, "well, the moon's out today, that should be our source of light," you chuckle, pulling the blinds open before stepping away from the window, and muttering to yourself, "i think i have some candles in the cabinets."
atsumu's not sure if he should get up to follow you or if he should just stay put at the couch because good god, he is freaking out, and before he could have a meltdown of some sort, you come by the coffee table and grab your phone, turning on the flashlight and shining it directly at atsumu's face.
you grin, "hey,"
and he says back, "hello."
"can you hold the flashlight for me in the kitchen while i look for the candles, please?"
he has no other choice but to oblige, "yeah, of course."
and he follows you into the kitchen, holding up the phone flashlight for you to see through the cabinets but he can't help but turn to look over his shoulder once in a while, he's a little worried, as one might say.
the dark scares atsumu a little too bad, really, he couldn't sleep alone in his bed for the first six years of his life, and when he finally took the step to sleeping alone, he had to sleep with the lights on, and the door opened, either that or he is not sleeping at all. and of course his brother took the opportunity to make fun of him for it because the dark freaks him out that bad, and he doesn't want you to see that freaked out miya atsumu.
you pull out the candles from the cabinet, "aha," you pull out a match, lighting each and everyone of them, and you pull away, crossing your arms when you're done, "huh, well that should be about it."
"yeah?" atsumu says, "that's good."
you wave your hand over at him, "come over,"
atsumu joins you in the kitchen, flashlight still on, and you say, "you want to tell horror stories?"
"uh," he laughs nervously, "let's not."
and you smirk, "i knew it."
"knew what?"
"you're scared," you state.
and he objects, frowning, "no, i'm not."
"yes, you are!"
"what makes you so sure?"
"oh, please," you laugh, "don't you think i heard the yelp you let out when the power went out? or the way you kept on glancing over your shoulder? you are so scared."
there is no point in denying it no more now.
and you chuckle, "awh, come on, you don't have to get so pouty now."
yeah, he's definitely pouty now.
"tsumu, you know i love you, right?" and now you're trying to pepper him with sweet words, but he's not budging anytime soon.
you giggle, "tsumu," you move up to him, "tsumu,"
okay, well now he has to respond when you used that tone, and he turns over to look at you.
"awh, you big baby," you cup his face in your hands, "you don't have to be scared, you know that?" you stand up on your tip toes to bring your face closer to his, "come on, i'm right here."
you plant a kiss on the tip of his nose, soft and quick and you pull away smiling, and yeah, okay, he feels a little less afraid now.
he says, "okay."
and you chuckle, "okay, well then, come on, what are you waiting for? i say its time for some spooning."
well, he can't say no to that.
Tumblr media
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katsukidon · 11 months ago
haikyuu captains accidentally confessing | texts
anon: i loved the texts with the jealous captains omg!! what about the captains texting you and accidentally confessing to you?! im excited just thinking about it hahaha
thanks for the fun request anon! hope you like it! also bokuto has 2 parts because,,, your honour i’m in love with him
requests are open, please read the faq/rules before requesting!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ hope you guys don’t mind the watermarks bc i really don’t want people stealing and reposting my stuff!
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fiendishpal · a month ago
Tumblr media
12/5 💛💛💛
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moririki · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
USHIJIMA WAKATOSHI X READER -> 1.5K despite your best efforts to confess your feelings to the infamous stone wall, he never quite seems to understand
Tumblr media
REQUEST -> n/a CONTAINS -> ushijima being fucking clueless lmaooo, reader stumbling around being awkward, tendo being a jackass in the best way, obvious pining MORI'S THOUGHTS -> this imagine is based off of monthly girls' nozaki-kun, which is a pretty good (and short!) anime i watched on netflix hehe. the dynamic just reminded me of ushi for some reason so this became a thing
Tumblr media
WHEN YOU FOUND YOURSELF FALLING HEAD OVER HEELS FOR THE CAPTAIN OF A VOLLEYBALL TEAM, YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. the two of you had nothing in common. the most you saw of him in a day was the brief glimpse of him before he headed into class. despite the fact that you could count the number of interactions that you've had with him on one hand, you were quick to develop feelings for the guy.
maybe you just had a type. he was tall, handsome, and quiet, but you were surprised that not many of the girls in your class gossiped about him. from what you knew about him, he mostly kept to himself or the volleyball team, with a very focused mindset accompanying him on and off of the court. the more that you knew about him only deepened your crush, to the point where it was getting unbearable to just admire him from afar.
while you felt like you knew the outcome before it started, you still decided to try your luck. today was the day of your confession.
"um, ushijima?" you tapped him on the shoulder hesitantly, stood next to his desk. he turned to you, face stoic as always. now or never. don't give away the fact that you're sweating bullets, you reminded yourself. your hands were balled into tight fists, nails digging into your palms as you felt your mouth open and close a few times with no sound coming out. fuck.
ushijima's face was blank, offering neither support nor disdain. well, the lack of outright disgust was always a good sign.
"i just wanted to say that i, uh.." you trailed off, resolve crumbling underneath the powerful gaze of ushijima. what were you thinking? you couldn't tell him how you felt, but you couldn't just slowly destroy yourself keeping it from him. might as well get it over and done with. "i want to be around you!" you ended up blurting out. and once the dam broke, more and more words started to spill past your lips.
"i've always admired you and how dedicated you are to volleyball, and i want to be around you more- and it's because i-" you finally hesitared at that, feeling your face flame up when confronted with the three little words which would change everything. but ushijima must have assumed that you had finished talking because your chance to confess had disappeared.
"i'm glad that you feel that way, y/n." ushijima's facial expression was still stern, but you perked up at his words nonetheless.
"you do?" you sounded breathless, eyes wide after you had just exposed exactly how you felt to your long-standing crush. ushijima nodded encouragingly, and you could feel a ringing in your ears as you begaj to think that you were dreaming. this was simply too good to be true, and you felt so lightheaded that you could float away with the lightest gust of wind.
"to confirm your position as manager you're going to have to fill out a form, but you can join practice tomorrow." you blinked, feeling yourself crash back down to earth when ushijima continued to speak.
"wait, what?" ushijima then looked at you in confusion.
"did you not just ask me to be a manager?" you hesitated, struggling internaly as to whether you should confess, again. but your cowardice won, and you sighed, nodding.
"i'll see you tomorrow."
Tumblr media
the plasticky squeak of trainers hitting gymnasium floor welcomed you, and you steeled your nerves before stepping through the doors and being welcomed by the bright lights. you squinted as the glare hit you, hands holding onto your arms in an attempt to pull yourself together.
the sound of a volleyball being spiked into the floor harshly grasped your attention, and you watched in awe as the shiratorizawa volleyball team began to warm up. ushijima had just delivered that terrifyingly fast spike, and you felt a blush rise to your face as you saw how concentrated he was. cute.
"oh, hello!" a singsong voice and accompanying face invaded your senses, and you squeaked in surprise, taking an involuntary step back. the red-headed boy grinned at you, his frame towering over yours. "are you the new manager?" you nodded once, eyes darting past him to look at ushijima again. the ace still had his attention trained onto the court, despite the racket his teammate was causing. you sighed when you realised that your crush hadn't noticed you come in, and your action caused the redhead in front of you to narrow his eyes shrewdly.
"tendo, get back to practice!" a second voice called from the court. another guy with grey hair was stood there with his hands on his hips, staring at the male in front of you expectantly.
"coming, semi-semi!" tendo sang, offering you a cheery wave before running back. you were glad that there was at least one friendly face in the gym, though you had to fend for yourself now.
considering the fact that you had minimal support and nobody else to show you the ropes, you had actually picked up rather quickly on how to be a semi-decent manager. you fell into a rhythm over the next few weeks, filling up water bottles and preparing towels for the sweaty players. at least your failed confession had led to you taking part in a club that would look very good on your college applications.
another positive from this whole experience was the fact that you had gained two new friends, who went by the names tendo and semi. it was almost embarrassing at how quickly they figured out your crush for their team captain- semi tried to flirt with you, and tendo cackled as you stuttered out a rejection for his advances. next thing you know, one instinctive glance in ushijima's direction had tendo unraveling the entire mystery as to why you had signed up for a position as manager.
of course, the two assholes found the whole situation hilarious at your expense. however, you couldn't find yourself holding a grudge against the boys when they offered to act as your official wingmen. as for the very reason why you had joined the team, things were going about as well as you could expect. while he made no indication of going out of his way to talk to you, ushijima would gladly return any conversation that you struck up when handing him his water bottle or towel. he'd then return to practice promptly, help to lock up the gym, and then leave with not much in terms of a second glance. it was unsurprising behaviour, but still disheartening to say the least.
that's how you found yourself ranting to tendo during the team's five-minute break, with the boy watching your frustrated face in amusement.
“i just- i can’t believe that i talked myself into being a manager! all because of a crush! a crush that doesn’t even realise that i like him!” you placed down the towel that you just folded in frustration, and tendo couldn’t stop a giggle escaping his lips.
“look, that’s just how he is.” the redhead attempted to console you, giving you a pat on the arm. “he’s difficult to read, and he never talks about his emotions. besides, i don’t think he’s ever had a crush before.”
you sighed, nodding in defeat.
“yeah, yeah. i get it.” tendo’s focus drifted from your face to behind you, and he was quick to sling an arm around your shoulder.
“speaking of the guy...” he muttered to you under his breath. you turned to see the captain approaching, his brow slightly knitted. you smiled as best as you could, offering him a water bottle.
“bye, sweetie,” tendo cooed at you, shooting you a painfully obvious wink that had you blushing and looking down at your shoes. now it was just you and ushijima, the latter being as silent as ever. you coughed once, peeking up at his face.
“you spiked well today.” ushijima nodded once, a small smile spreading across his face. the motion had your heart swelling.
“thank you. you’re a very good manager.” you laughed, mostly to hide your blush and just at how ironic this entire situation was.
“thank you.” you smiled up at the man, and that was the end of your interaction. you watched his back as he returned back to the court, going so much further away from you. tendo shot you two thumbs up and received a slap on the back of the head from semi, and that made you giggle.
hell, even if you got here under circumstances that weren’t in your favour, you wouldn’t trade it for the world. something about getting to watch ushijima perform in his element every day was enough to keep your crush going, reciprocated or not. besides, who knew how the guy really felt after all?
your daydreaming had you staring off into space as the coach blew a whistle to mark the return to practice, and a pair of olive eyes tore themselves away from you to focus back on the court.
you had been paying attention to his spikes, after all.
Tumblr media
back to the counter - ,, 💐 ·˚ ༘ ꒱
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shoyotime · 11 days ago
when their kid gets a perfect score for the first time !
Tumblr media
about. akaashi, bokuto
warnings. usage of word 'mom' and equivalents in some
notes. was abt to do 4 characters but forgot the plot for other two help 😟
Tumblr media
— akaashi
he's working in his study when the creak of the door catches his attention, a soft voice going 'daddy?' reaches his ears as he turns around, arms open as an invitation to a warm hug that goes unattended. "where's my hug?" he frowns, a dramatic one at that, but she shakes her head in response. "first, close your eyes daddy!" — "but why?" — "it's a surprise, now hurry!" he chuckles, nodding before closing his eyes as she steps closer, holding up the paper he hid behind her back in front of his face. "now open!" and her giggles spin uncontrollably as he gasps at her marksheet. "a perfect score? i'm so proud of you, love," he puts the sheet aside, pulling her into an embrace before smothering her face with kisses. "teacher gave me a candy because she said i'm smart!" — "yes baby, you're the smartest!"
— bokuto
"dad!" a loud voice catches bokuto's attention, who was helping you in the kitchen. "look, i got a perfect score!" and for a second, everything freezes. did he hear it correctly? a perfect score? he's having the best day of his life. without wasting another second, he lifts his son up as their laughs fill the living room, "y/n, did you hear that? he got a perfect score! good job, buddy!" you step out of the kitchen, watching the father-son duo having the time of their lives. "mommy!" he shuffles out of bokuto's arms, running to you, holding up the results. "now you have give me more chocolates, you promised!" you ruffle his hair before stepping back into the kitchen, "yes yes, i will. now, how about you go get changed? dad will help you." — "i still can't believe." bokuto adds, leaning against kitchen's door frame. "that's because you never got perfect scores, did you?" — "y/n!" — "it's okay daddy, i'll get perfect scores for both of us!"
Tumblr media
tags in the rb !
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juiche · a year ago
Tumblr media
get your own print or poster here ❤️
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hajimescutie · 5 months ago
Hi!! Do you think you could do another angst to fluff ‘Fight with s/o’ but with bokuto?? I really like the way you write!! Thank you <3
# — fighting with his s/o
Tumblr media
includes: k. bokuto x gn!reader
genre: angst to fluff
warnings: reader giving bokuto the silent treatment i’m putting this as a warning bc if anyone purposely ignores this man I’m sending you to jail
a/n: hi bby!! i’ve been anticipating this request and i’m ready to cry. thank you for your support!! <33 also i went off on this one bc i i’m going through a bokuto brainrot and he <3
main masterlist fukurodani masterlist
iwaizumi's oikawa's akaashi's tendou's kyotani's
Tumblr media
bokuto hates the silent treatment.
he hates how petty it is.
he hates how you focus your eyes on anything but him.
he hates how your beautiful smile is turned into a frown.
he hates that you know it’s his weakness because he lives for your attention, lives for your sweet gaze looking over him and sporting that smile.
it’s been almost 2 days since you’ve stopped talking to him. when he wakes up, you’re already out in the living room either picking between cereals or watching that crime show you love and hate at the same time. and when he gets up, you’re already briskly walking past him back in the bedroom to get ready for work. he feels empty, touch-deprived, and all because of this stupid fight.
well, he thought it was a stupid fight, you on the other hand were telling him that this was serious. this was all because of a drink. a drink that was shared between your sweet, doting boyfriend and his not-so-great ex-partner. the thing is, bokuto didn’t tell you about it since he knew you would’ve prevented him from going. he was a big boy, and he was devoted to you, so he didn’t think that it would’ve been an issue if he hadn’t mentioned it.
but boy was he wrong.
as soon as he came home the day you found out, he immediately could tell that you knew. so now to today as he stares at your figure walking into the bedroom, his hair deflates a little more. he’s tried countless times to initiate a conversation, hopefully when you’re in a good mood. but you just send him the toughest glare and he know to back off. he just wanted to fix this and love you and god just touch you.
he hates being ignored, and he knows he’s gonna this is gonna be another sad day when he tells you goodbye and you slam the front door in response.
you hated giving bokuto the silent treatment.
you’d do anything to be wrapped up in his strong arms, to run your fingers through his frosted tips, to kiss him on the tip of his nose so he scrunches it up and blushes. but what he did kinda really hurt, a lot. you know how attractive bokuto is, as well as many other people, and you just have this fear that maybe he’ll find someone better.
of course, bokuto has always made you understand that you’re the only one for him, that you’re his sparkling jewel, that he loves you. but you can’t help it. and sometimes you forget the bokuto can’t read your mind and that something like this requires communication.
you spent majority of the day contemplating whether to stop the silent treatment instead of working. you drove home in a daze, replaying potential conversations in your head. you sat in the driveway of your home with the professional volleyball player for 15 minutes before hastily getting out of the vehicle.
when you walked in, bokuto was sitting on the couch watching frozen, leaning his head back to shoot you a small smile. you didn’t make eye contact with him, yet again, and his lips turned into a pout. he turned his attention back to the movie, elsa’s voice swimming through his ears, knowing that this is probably going to be another evening where you pretend he doesn’t exist.
he’s too busy pouting to see you come out to stand in front of him, blocking his view from the movie. golden eyes shoot up to you in shock, his mouth agape a little and holding his breath to hear something, anything from you.
you looked away from him before saying, “…hi kou.”
bokuto teared up a bit. you looked at him with confusion and heartbreak as he practically broke down as he wrapped his arms around your legs.
“y/n i’m sorry i shouldn’t have kept that from you sometimes i don’t think and it’s something i’m trying to fix but i didn’t think you’d get that upset and it got worse when you ignored me and i’m so-“
“kōtarō,” you said calmly.
you cupped his face, squishing his cheeks together slightly, your soft skin against his prickly chin. he felt small against your gaze.
“it’s okay. i shouldn’t have given you the silent treatment. it was unfair of me and i should’ve talked to you about it instead of acting like a child,” you admitted.
your boyfriend let out a heavy sigh, leaning his head against your thighs. “you know how i feel about you baby… what makes you question that?”
it was a valid question, you just don’t know what it is specifically that makes you question his feelings for you. you tell him about your fear, how you think he deserves someone better, how you feel like you’re holding him back.
the whole time he was shaking his head, denying every word that came out of your mouth. he pulled you onto his lap, switching positions with his hands cupping your cheeks, golden-eyes boring into yours.
“y/n,” he started, “there’s no one in the entire universe that i would rather be with than you.”
you waited for him to continue, your eyebrows scrunching together as you were getting slightly irritable at his silence.
“and?” you said impatiently.
he clocked his head to the side, “eh? what do you mean ‘and?’ that’s all there is. you have my heart, and soon you’ll have my last name. that should be enough.”
your eyes widened, feeling warmth spread all throughout your body. you’ve never been more in love with someone more than you did now. even when you burst into tears at what he said, hiding your face in his neck and tear drops trickle onto his shirt.
“i’m s-sorry for giving you t-the silent treatment kō. you didn’t deserve it,” you weeped.
he hummed at your apology, a silent way to say that you’ve been forgiven. he whispers an apology as well, telling you he loves you about 27 times, not that you or him counted. even after you both fall asleep with arms and legs tangled together, you dream of his honey filled voice telling you those same 3 words over and over again.
after that day, you never gave bokuto the silent treatment ever again.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"i'm sick" texts
-> with bokuto, tsukishima, sugawara, kuroo, kenma, oikawa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TAGLIST!! @rayeofmoonlight @kirishimas-manly-eyeliner @idontlikeyourjob ​ @sushijimawakatoshi @bokutsumie ​​@jesssobs @felixsamour @nachotrash ​@idontlikeyourjob @tsukkisberry @crystal-lilac @hannas16 @cherriesradio @elektrosonix ​@marissawrld​ @gomchan @mysterystarz @tagehaya @celestiabunnyboo @kailleis-sunshine @nekanehq @tigerd-draws @onefoureightfive (OTHER NOTE IM SO SORRY I HAVENT UPDATED MY TAG LIST IN SO LONG FORGIVE ME) MWAH MWAHH
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Tumblr media
Summary: Passionate. Fiery. Dedicated. Three simple words you would use to describe Miya Atsumu, your partner of over three tumultuous years. Through the ups and downs you find yourself by his side, adamant that you know the man you love. But as you close out the final chapters of your high school career and real-life decisions hover on the horizon, your relationship evolves into something that you could have never imagined. It leaves you at a crossroads, one that your best friend Suna Rintarou is there to help you through. Can you figure out what you want in life and be happy?
I know better than to ever call you mine.
Pairing: highschool!Miya Atsumu x f!highschool!Reader x highschool!Suna Rintarou
Genre: Romance, love triangle, drama, angst, some crack, coming of age
Warnings: Emotionally abusive relationship, toxic relationship, underaged drinking, recreational drug use, implied sexual content (NO graphic detail,) swearing, hurt, angst with a happy ending
A/N: Howdy! Back with another very self-indulgent SMAU! I’ve been working on a long haul story and one day this trashy (and I say that lovingly), teen-drama story came to my mind and I wrote it in less than a week lol. But it is very, very dramatic, like B-movie levels of drama. It’s so bad but I think that’s what makes it so good, lolololol. Anyway, please enjoy! And I apologize in advance to my Miya Atsumu lovers (myself included.) He is not the nice guy in this story 👀 Also just some housekeeping - the entire story is complete and timestamps are accurate!
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8 with Written Content
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16 with Written Content
Chapter 17
Chapter 18 with Written Content
Chapter 19
Chapter 20
Chapter 21 with Written Content
Chapter 22
Chapter 23 with Written Content
»»————- ♡ ————-««<
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