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Dosent know much about periods but he knows your in pain, so he tries his best to at least make you feel better since he knows it won’t really work— he cooks Onigiri for you or your favourite food, buys some pain killers and cuddles with you the whole day


Tries to be nicer and patient since he knows that you’re in pain especially when your starting to have cramps, so he brings you food your craving for and cuddles with you— he understands that you may start having mood swings so he doesn’t mind when it happens since he knows it’s normal


Gives you kisses and resures you that your going to be okay, gives you all the cuddles you want and stays by your side the whole day— tells you jokes to try to cheer you up and lighten up the mood


He already knows when it starts so he goes to the store and buys you everything you need— pads, chocolate, your favourite snacks, buys you heat pads and name it. He knows how difficult and painful it feels so he does his best to cheer you up and make you feel better

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We need protect this smile. Forever.

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pairing: suna rintarō x reader

word count: 1.1k

warnings: noneee just tooth rotting fluff

notes: happy birthday to one of my favorite boys <3

(if there’s mistakes i will cry <3333)


Suna Rintarō didn’t expect to wake up to you standing right above him, a wide smile on your face that he usually found adorable, but terrifying at the time. He let out a yell, jumping back on his bed. You began to laugh as Suna only glared at you through his tired eyes.

“What do you want?” He groaned, wondering why you snuck into his home at two in the morning. You sat down on his bed, pushing the dark hair away from his face.

“First off, happy birthday!” You exclaimed quietly, hoping that Suna’s parents hadn’t heard him shout before. A small smile came to his face as you pulled out a new hoodie for him out of the bag you were holding.

“I know you had your eye on it, so I got it for you.” You said softly. Suna kept his eyes on you, feeling overwhelmed with his feelings. You shrunk under his gaze, scared that he didn’t like the gift.

“If you don’t like it I can—” You began to speak, but Suna leaned over and cut you off with a kiss. You gasped in surprise, grabbing onto his shirt. Suna smirked against your mouth, taking the hoodie from you. He dragged you further on the bed, his hands running up and down your sides. You groaned when he slipped his tongue in, teasing you slightly before pulling away.

“My parents are in the other room, if you forgot.” He whispered, a wide smirk on his face as you glared at him. You rolled your eyes, pushing him playfully.

“We don’t have time for that anyways, I’m taking you out.” You said, standing up from the bed. Suna eyed you warily, wondering what you planned to do at two in the morning. He trusted you, but he wasn’t sure if there was much to do when everyone was sleeping.

“Where are we going?” He asked, pulling off his shirt and slipping on the new hoodie you bought for him. You beamed as you looked at him, the color making his eyes pop.

“Well, I know how much you like late night drives and we haven’t done one in a while. Also, I wanted to stop by Seven-Eleven because we usually get snacks there. I know it’s not much but—” You explained, beginning to ramble but Suna cut you off.

“It’s perfect, you’re perfect.” He mumbled, placing a kiss on your nose, loving the way you blushed under his gaze. Suna then took your hand, helping you to climb out of his window and towards your car.

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so i was a dumb bitch and accidentally bought two haikyuu official illustrations books so if anyone wants one… lmk :))

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hi lia! i feel like tropes are rapidly becoming my brand and i’m very okay with that <3

haikyuu boys as cliché first meetings ♡

→  HINATA texts the wrong number. you’re skeptical when you receive a message from an unknown number saying something about volleyball, but a quick connection soon forms between you and the sender. (maybe the mistyped number was destiny after all.)

→  KAGEYAMA crashes into you in hallway. you’re both rushing to get somewhere, so when the collision happens, papers go flying as you hit someone tall. large hands steady your shoulders, and you two both freeze when you make eye contact. 

→  TSUKISHIMA spills coffee on you. it’s neither of your faults that it happens, but it’s been a rough day for both of you. he’s grumbling an apology when he looks at you  – he’s never really thought strangers to be attractive before, but even with a stain on your shirt, you make him speechless.

→  SUGA moves into the place next to you. he wants to make a good impression on his neighbors, so he’s been going around introducing himself to everyone – the busy middle-aged lady, the senile old man, the small family across from him – until he comes to your door and wonders if it’s normal to crush on your neighbor.

→  OIKAWA gets a couples’ discount with you. you’re not a couple by any means; you’re a stranger he runs into outside a cafe on valentine’s day. both of you are single and stingy, so you agree to fake a relationship in front of the baristas to get the free cake and beverages sale they’re doing. you’ve just met, but he feels like it’s a real date.

→  IWAIZUMI pretends to be your boyfriend to save you from some guys harrassing you. it’s dark out when you head home, hands stuffed in your pockets and breath coming out in small puffs of white, when you hear iwaizumi call you “sweetheart.” he whispers that a few guys have been following you for a while – he’ll walk you to the train station to make sure you’re safe.

→  KUROO is your partner on a project. you don’t know him well since he’s from a different department, and you’re just looking to get the project done and earn a solid grade. he thinks the same thing until you meet up a few times. now, he wishes the project wouldn’t end.

→  KENMA meets you at an airport. you’re seated in adjacent terminals but headed to wildly different destinations, and when both of your flights get delayed due to a bad storm, you talk for an hour that turns into two hours and then the entire evening. 

→  BOKUTO meets you when he’s walking his dog, and you happen to be sitting on a bench in the park. he’s got the leash loose in his hand when his dog suddenly surges forward toward you, tail wagging. his dog takes an immediate liking to you – and if he’s being honest – he does, too.

→  AKAASHI picks up the same book as you. it’s the last available copy at the library, some niche book you’ve been meaning to check out for a while now. you’re surprised when you reach for it and a hand brushes yours, and you turn your head to see wide gunmetal blue eyes. 

→  ATSUMU crashes into your car. it’s not a bad accident, so there are no injuries, but your car’s bumper is beyond repair and his car’s hood has more than a few scrapes. despite the misfortune, he can’t help but think that maybe the whole thing is lucky.

→  OSAMU is the waiter at a restaurant where you’re having a disastrous blind date. he can tell it’s going poorly because the person you’re with is a jerk, so he keeps on swooping in and cracking thinly veiled jokes at their expense, giving you a small smirk as he brings your plate or refills your drink. your blind date’s not great, but you end up meeting someone even better.

→  SUNA is at a bad party that you’ve also been invited to. he sees you near a wall nursing a red solo cup and scowling, and on a whim (and maybe because he’s been thinking about talking to you all night), he says that the party’s boring, so do you wanna get out of there and do something with him instead?

→  SAKUSA is trapped in an elevator with you. it’s definitely not ideal for him to be stuck in a small space with a stranger, but he hands you his jacket when he notices you shivering, quietly reassuring you. by the time the elevator’s functioning again, he wants to know even more about you.

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Akaashi: Today’s been such a cheat day for me, I let myself sleep in, only did a four mile run instead of my usual five, and had some whipped cream on my fruit this morning

Konoha: I’ve eaten nothing but lemonade Oreos for the last three days.

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3:30 pm


konoha littered kisses all over your puffed cheeks. you were still the tiniest bit upset about the argument you had a week ago and this was your husband’s way of apologizing since his 47 verbal apologies weren’t enough. your eyes softened from a hard, deathly glare to nothing more than a playfully irritated side-eye. while you did forgive him, your pride was too large to ever admit it. so, you sent him a small grin and captured his lips in a gentle, passionate, kiss.

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  • This man has a horde of younger siblings (2 Brothers and 2 Sisters)
  • As the oldest brother he wants to take care of his siblings but let them learn from their mistakes
  • When each of his siblings was born he wanted to help his mom all the time and cried when he had to go back to school. 
  • Can feed and rock babies and toddlers like a pro 
  • Definitely helped with teaching his siblings to walk 
  • Has and will always dress up for tea parties 
  • Has and will always be the princess to rescue
  • He loves his siblings with all his heart and will die for them
  • When his sisters were old enough to date he played the stern father role (Daichi’s father isn’t mentioned in his family bio so…..)
  • Has stayed up all night helping with school projects, lunches, homework, etc.
  • Pulls the “So you wanna tell me where you’ve been?” meme when his siblings come home late


  • Most definitely wanted a little brother over a little sister to play with
  • Demanded to help paint the nursery for his brother
  • Cried when he couldn’t go to the hospital with his mom and dad when his brother was actually born
  • Like Daichi, Suga had separation issues when he had to leave his brother to go to school
  • Whenever his brother was asleep outside of the nursery Suga demanded to hold him
  • His brother’s first word was “bubda” and Suga cried causing both of them to cry
  • Suga’s brother has a dark shade of grey hair and the same mole 
  • Walked his brother to school and helps with homework
  • He’s just a great big brother ok?


  • Contrary to the other two I don’t think Ennoshita was amused about having a sibling
  • Definitely acted out when his brother was born
  • “Can we ship him back to the hospital?” was a popular line with him
  • Eventually he started to like his little brother but was always jealous of the attention his brother got
  • Started to take care of his brother in a similar way to the way he treats Noya and Tanaka when they act out
  • Loves his brother very much but does think his brother outshines him
  • Sometimes he pranks his brother because he’s the older one


  • Baby has two younger sisters
  • He was totally a train kid and made his sisters play trains with him
  • But he was always the blue one
  • Always hated disappointing his sisters but they would never know that
  • He was not the brother that they would get homework advice from
  • Was not a super responsible brother
  • Teased them relentlessly
  • Often forgot he was babysitting or that he needed to pick them up from something
  • Wrestles with his sisters all the effing time


  • We all been knew that Shouyo has Natsu as a sister
  • They’re relationship is blessed
  • Hinata’s parents didn’t know Natsu was going to be a girl so they didn’t tell Shouyo
  • Poor baby thought he was getting a brother 
  • Was so disappointed for like 0.2541619303 seconds until he realized he would be protecting Natsu
  • But Natsu is perfectly capable of taking care of herself so
  • But these two fight ALL THE TIME
  • Last meat bun? Fighting
  • First to shower? Fighting
  • The purple juice cup? Fighting
  • But they love each other very much

I hope you guys liked these heacanons! Right now I am working through the boys with younger siblings but I may do an older siblings headcanon soon!

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[17:21] somewhere only we know.


you gasp for air as you clutch at your chest while tears fall. you feel your feet moving but you have no idea where you’re going. maybe wherever they can take you. stress from the school semester has already started to build up and you feel as if you’re going to crumble. as soon you get to where your heart desired, you fall to your knees and stare at the cold ocean.

you place your fingers in the sand and attempt to bring yourself back down to earth. life should never get as complicated as it felt.


you lift your head and a sob automatically flows from your throat. you race towards the brown haired boy and wrap your arms around him. his arms immediately come to do the same and he begins to murmur statements to calm you down.

it doesn’t matter what he says, you think to yourself, he’s here.

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No one:

Literally no one:

Tooru Oikawa: ✨💫✌🏻"eveRy weEk iS FasHioN WeeK fOR mE"✨💫✌🏻

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I’ve never taken a request for writing before but I need to get my creativeness flowing & I’d love to take a few requests if you have any for me!✨💕

I’ll look for some prompt lists & add them here if you want to submit but aren’t sure for what or you can just let me know what you want & I’ll do my best!

Fandoms I write for:

Jujutsu Kaisen

Attack on Titan



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Oh yes I have seen an AU like That before! That’s so cool

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He takes naps with you and them on weekends- with you on his side and your kid laying on his chest, he loves the feeling of having his family right there in his arms


Has little tea parties with your daughter on his days off and runs around the house with her playing princess and prince— if he has a son he will tech him how to play volleyball and carry him while having a huge grin on his face when he does something right


Tells dad jokes to your kid every single day and they always laughs at them even if they don’t quite understand the jokes


Brings his kid to practice sometimes , and has a soft smile on his face when they start cheering for him on the bench while waving there hands around.

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thursday afternoon study dates…


just thinking about suna messing with his s/o while they’re trying to study. they invited him over for a study date but he’s too lazy to open up a textbook or turn on his laptop. he constantly poked at their sides and cheeks to get their attention, mumbling “can we please do something else, love?” “i’m booorreedd” “give me a kiss and i’ll read a paragraph” his smile reflecting how accomplished he feels when they give in and smother him with kisses.

god i’m in love with suna rintarō.

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I hope you don’t mind that I pick Tsuki. I don’t know much about Ennoshita and his personality to feel confident writing him 😭😭😭 Tsuki is a salty bitch and I love him.


Originally posted by cadenceh2o

“He’s such a jerk,” you huffed as you crossed your arms over your chest and glanced at your neighbor, Yachi, who was a third year to your second year. A nervous smiled curled over her lips as she reached out and pat you on the shoulder. “And I have to put up with him as the team manager now? Fantastic…”

Frustrated, you rubbed your eyes as you follow Yachi toward the gym, questioning just why you had been dumb enough to agree with becoming the team manager once Yachi graduated this year. You dreaded seeing him there, and his constant comments. You both reached the gym before you walked inside, seeing the other third year boys.

“He’s not that bad once you get used to him,” she assured you as your own gaze caught the stare of the infamous Tsukishima Kei.

“Ohhh, look what we have here…” Tsukishima said his lips curling into a snide smile.

Your eyes narrowed as you attempted to ignore his rude comments as you set your bag down onto the floor before following Yachi around as she showed you the ropes.

“Are you going to be able to reach the net to help break everything down?”

“Can’t you shut up for two seconds and leave me alone!”

“Sorry can’t hear you all the way up here princess,” Tsuki replied, smirking at you as a playful glint flashed in his golden eyes which only seemed to fuel your fury.

“Yeah, like I haven’t heard that one before,” you snapped back at him, causing his best friend Yamaguichi to nearly cackle at Tsuki’s blank stare. You weren’t sure if your comment had any affect on him, but it did shut him up for the time being, giving you a chance to continue learning from Yachi about manager duties.

“You know,” Yachi said, a giggle bubbling from her throat. “He often likes to tease the things he really enjoys…”

A look of horror flashed over your face. “I will vomit. Never say that again.”

“I’m just saying~!” She replied playfully.

“Never,” you hissed despite the burnig sensation filling your cheeks with embarrassment. “In a million years.”

“I suppose we’ll see!”

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