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lilbitofkitkat · 5 minutes ago
hand study
By berfinwrites
Miya Atsumu accidentally hurts Sakusa Kiyoomi’s hand in a practice match, and he is all over the latter’s house cooking him meals, unravelling the man and feeding him with his own hands for a while. He’s doing it solely out of the burden on his conscience and for the fun of it, not because of his non–existent enormous crush on Sakusa, thank you.
Miya Atsumu/Sakusa Kiyoomi | Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou | Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio | Miya Osamu/Suna Rintarou | Tendou Satori/Ushijima Wakatoshi | past atsuhina mentions - Relationship | past iwaoi mentions | pls be aware that all other ships that are not sakuatsu are MINOR and DONT YELL AT ME ABOUT IT OKAY
Additional Tags:
miya atsumu has a Hand Kink | miya atsumu also gives a Lap Dance | we are all one heart beating for kiyoomi as he struggles | Light Dom/sub | Kinky | Mutual Pining | Angst with a Happy Ending | Hurt/Comfort | Drunk Sex | Dubious Consent | Intoxication | Heavy pining | Twilight References | Choking | no beta we die like men | Food Fight | Spanking | Subspace | kiyoomi is an idiot | horror movie mentions (the ring) | Angry Sex | Edging | Masochism | the angst kicks in | just so you know | again another horror movie | this time its one about paranoia and murder | and ALIENS | basically everything i'm afraid of | Deepthroating | :))) | also.... a lot OF FLUFF THAT BROKE MY HEART TO WRITE | internalized homophobia of miya osamu but it's just a mention | Getting Together | Happy Ending | Smoking | of course there is smoking it is MY fic after all | Ferns. A Lot of Them | this story broke me | sakusa kiyoomi is a Plant Dad | miya atsumu has a past of pole dancing but i didn't have the time to explore that in this fic | Drugs | Alcohol | the author (me) has wept for two hours straight after finishing the fic | because she was way too fucking invested in this story | my first fic and i will always hold it dear to my heart
Rating: E • Category: M/M • Completed • Chapters: 7/7 • Language: English
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incorrect-nozaki-kun · 6 minutes ago
Hori, pointing at a cup on a high shelf: Hey can you get that for me?
Tsukishima: Oh so you do need me in your life, huh?
Hori: I can and will replace you with a step stool don't get cocky
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lovebo · 9 minutes ago
request: cumplay with bokuto.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
+ cumplay with bokuto (like coming on or in u and messing with it instead of shoving it back in?)
note: thank you for requesting! i hope you enjoy this!
Tumblr media
bokuto kotaro.
cw: use of puppy, mean!bokuto, creampie
✰ bokuto never pulls out.
✰ he can't stand to see his cum go to waste
✰ he works so hard to get you off, make you cream and gush everywhere
✰ the least you can do is let him dump load after load into your sensitive, messy little cunt
✰ thinks it's so rude when you clench and spill all his cum everywhere
✰ he knows you can't help it, not with the aftershocks of the numerous orgasms he gave you still rocking your poor body
✰ so what's he to do, except feed his cum back into your precious pussy ? <3
he can hear his heartbeat in his ears, his breath coming out in harsh pants as his hips finally still. his cock still throbs, almost painfully, from how much cum he'd forced from himself. he'd long since fucked himself past overstimulation, but filling you up over and over again with hot cum was just too addictive to stop.
he finally pulls his cock from the hot vice of your cunt, keeping your legs spread so he can watch the way your pretty little hole gapes and clenches as soon as he pops the head out.
a frown makes its way across his face and you whine, feeling his cum drool from your cunt. he watches as it makes a mess of the sheets, catching some on his fingers before feeding it back inside.
"that's not very nice," he complains softly, "i gave you all this cum...and you're just gonna waste it?"
you whine and he sighs, shaking his head. it's mean. he's so mean as he glares at you, wrapping his fist around his cock again before slowly beginning to press back inside. he listens to the way you sob, cumming around is length again before he even sinks inside.
"guess i'll have to give you more, huh, puppy?"
Tumblr media
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bimboholic · 10 minutes ago
i'm gonna fucking cum.
Tumblr media
cw: finger gagging, spitting, face slapping, possessiveness, bratty!reader with mean punk!tadashi
Tumblr media
god you were such a bitch. the pretty freckled boy thought to himself as he sucked on his lip piercing while gagging you with his fingers. the bitchiest girl with the biggest princess complex he's ever seen.
he couldn't stand you sometimes. you were too uptight and demanding on how everything's about you or how everything has to go your way. you made him want rip his hair out, but then again who else could he blame for your attitude. he was the bastard who chose to be with you and who spoiled you, his prissy little princess who's ego he fed into every night with his fat cock.
today, though, you were just too much. you couldn't shut up about how that group of girls you two saw at the mall were eyeing at your boyfriend, looking at like they'd strip and fuck him right then and there. you hated it. he was yours. not theirs, yours.
your whiny voice echoed in his ears as he clenched his eyes shut, exhaling hard through his nose as he tried to drown it out by forcing his fingers deeper into the wet tunnel of your throat until wet gags filled his ears.
he lets out a soft sigh as the ringing finally tampered down before slowly opening his eyes, long black lashes batting down at you as he took in the way tears and drool wet your face.
pretty brown eyes watch the way a blanket of haze washes over your irises, a cocky scoff leaving his pierced lips as he pulls his long digits out of your mouth and eyes the strings of spit keeping him and your pink tongue connected.
he does a once over on you, taking in the way your eyes are unfocused and your slick lips hold a lazy smile.
his expression doesn't give anything away, but on the inside he's holding back the shittiest grin because it makes him feel like a fucking champ whenever he manages to get you dumb just by finger fucking your whore throat.
you flinch as the same tattooed fingers that were down your throat suddenly reached up and squeezed your cheeks, hard, making your lips part and pucker out. you watch the man above you nod his head at you once before you grow lax in his hold, his hand easing it's grip on your soft cheeks as he watches the way your eyes perk up in understanding.
he allows his fingers to slowly slack on your face until he's just gripping your jaw before he's sticking his tongue out and putting your favorite shiny silver ball on display, rolling his pink muscle so saliva bubbles and gathers so it can be deposited down to your eager tongue.
after he sees you swallow everything, he orders you to stick your tongue out for good measure before he's nodding in approval and releasing your face just to reel a hand back and land a harsh tap on your cheek. you whine out as your big eyes gloss over before you physically shrink back as the tall boy above you bends down ‘til you're nose to nose.
“are ya gonna shut the fuck up now or do i have to fuck you in front of those bitches the next time you run your mouth again?”
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so-many-reblogs · 11 minutes ago
Boy, this blog really shows the different phases of my obsessions, huh
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miyahex · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SMAU Masterlist | Ask to be added to the taglist!
Tumblr media
@boosyboo9206, @darlingimawitch, @duhsies, @inlovewithkuroo, @atsumiye, @kawaii-angelanne,
Tumblr media
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lilbitofkitkat · 16 minutes ago
A Liar's Truth
By internetpistol
In which Sakusa Kiyoomi is raised to believe that gay people go to hell but then takes one look at Miya Atsumu and thinks, then why the hell did God make them so fucking hot?
Miya Atsumu/Sakusa Kiyoomi | Miya Atsumu & Miya Osamu | Komori Motoya & Sakusa Kiyoomi
Additional Tags:
Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence | Coming Out |Coming of Age | Homophobia | Underage Sex | Sexual Tension | Smut | Angst with a Happy Ending | Fluff and Crack | Bastards To Lovers | Miya Twins Dynamic | Atsumu Cries Over Sakusa Too Much | Rimming
Rating: E • Category: M/M • Completed • Chapters: 2/2 • Language: English
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snflwrkenma · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
hi bbies! have u missed me? bc i’ve missed u all so much omg<33
we now have 2 days until we resume ooee nd i wanted to make an official announcement regarding a couple of topics! please read thoroughly nd send me any questions or thoughts u have<333
first, i want to warn all of u that season 2 will have pregnancy/parenting in the second half. i know there are people who aren’t too comfortable w that topic so i wanted to make sure to warn u now. i will also be sure to include trigger warnings at the start of the chapters, so u can avoid reading them. i may even make alternate chapters w/out pregnancy if enough people want it, but if u think u can bear it then awesome hehe <33
second, as of right now, i am still no longer doing multiple routes- but this doesn’t mean that i will never do them. i’ve thought it over nd i’ve decided that i would love to put a little time nd effort into creating other routes when i can. however, i will not have the routes out soon- it will be a while before i can get to them tbf. with all of this being said, i have decided to extend an invite to other haikyuu creators (who have read ooee nd are interested) to create something hehe. i have more details here, but yeah. u don’t even have to be a writer, if u want to create a drabble or something small, then go right ahead! i’ll add it to masterlist under the extra content tab nd it’ll be a real good time!
our third topic is ab when ooee ends! m hoping to finish ooee in about two nd a half weeks. this, like many other things, isn’t promised bc my life is super duper hectic sometimes LMAO but yeah! hopefully i’ll finish by sometime early next month?? after ooee ends, i will be having my 1k event nd it’s going to be so cute omg i have some cool ideas nd m excited for it so i hope y’all are too! more details on that in about a week/a week nd a half! i also have another big project in the works w an amazingly talented mutual of mine 😌 i don’t want to say too much, but an official announcement will be coming vvv soon, so please be on the lookout for that!
that’s pretty much all i have to say hehe, i hope i didn’t ramble too much 😅 but anyway m vvv excited to resume uploading nd creating content for u all<333 be ready for season 2 chapter 1 nd the beginning of keny/n’s love story on wednesday june 16th, 2021 <333 i love u all sm MWAHHHHH
Tumblr media
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sol-god-of-the-sun · 24 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Haikyuu: Fukunaga
Angels of Death: Zac/Isaac Foster
Mha: Shoji
Danganronpa: Ibuki Mioda
Death Parade: Nona
Yuri on Ice: JJ
Ouran Highschool Host Club: Mori-Senpai
Free: Sousuke
Nanbaka: Uno
Assassination Classroom: Chiba
Fairy Tail: Cana Alberona
Touken Ranbu Hanamaru: Imanotsurugi
Demon Slayer: Inosuke
The Promised Neverland: Ray
Jujutsu Kaisen: Inumaki
Attack on Titan: Jean
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cant-think-of-a-username · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
i literally wish i had an older brother bc being the oldest sucks smh
featuring : tsukishima, suna
warnings : some cursing and being stood up ?
Tumblr media
❥ he is very annoying and will never waste a chance to make fun of you
❥ it will probably take you a while to convince him to help you study
❥ will refuse to cover up for you if you plan to go somewhere
❥ but he actually does his assigned chores at home
❥ yes he may act like a little shit most of the time, but if someone dares to hurt you he will not hesitate to humiliate them in front of anyone and everyone
❥ doesn’t like it when any guy comes near you and refuses to drive you to your first date
❥ but when you got stood up once he literally came within 10 minutes after receiving your call
❥ he probably told you how he knew this guy was a jerk and all that
❥ but when he sees how hurt you are he will awkwardly pull you into a hug and then take you out for ice cream
❥ you sometimes fall asleep on the couch and wake up covered in a blanket that you clearly remember wasn’t there before
❥ if you mention it to him he would respond with “well of course i had to dumbass, who do you think is gonna be stuck taking care of you if you get sick ?” (awww)
❥ the biggest asshole ever
❥ you guys always fight when it comes to watching anything on tv
❥ he is holding the remote and you are covering the receiver and it’s a never ending battle
❥ he has a whole album dedicated for dumb pics and videos of you on his phone and is not afraid to use it against you
❥ will bribe you to do his chores
❥ you guys have a lot (and i mean a lot) of dirt on each other and literally everyone else too
❥ he will cover up for you if you buy him a pack of chuppets
❥ ik he is the type to come in to your room and then leave door open on his way out like a little bitch
❥ ok now the sweet-ish part ig
❥ you and suna have a ritual of watching dumb movies every weekend and laughing your asses off at how dumb they are
❥ when he goes out to buy himself some snacks he always gets you some too
❥ glares at any guy who gets too close to you
❥ atsumu flirts with you just to get on rin’s nerves
❥ will find out everything about any guy you start dating to make sure he is good enough for you
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nightgcrden · 29 minutes ago
to neverland
Tumblr media
if it were up to semi, you two would’ve moved to a place where problems didn’t exist. but since things aren’t up to semi, he likes to tell you all about those fantasies instead.
he was deep in thought on the bed beside you, hands folded on his stomach. you on the other hand lay right at his side on propped elbows, chin resting in the palm of one hand as you looked at your boyfriend with a sweet gaze.
“a house carved into a mountain.” was what semi said after a minute or two of silence.
you raised a brow. “that’s where you want to live?”
he only shrugged. “maybe. or we can live in a treehouse in the jungle—swiss robinson family style.“
the endearment in your smile was undeniable, but he couldn’t see that. not when he was intricately planning your fake lives in a far away place within his own mind.
“i like the mountains better. it’s cooler and there aren‘t any mosquitos.“ he decided, nodding to himself. his eyes fluttered shut, a content sigh falling from his lips. “we can have a bed swing on the porch and fairy lights hanging from the bottom of the second floor porch.“
”plants?” you asked, shuffling closer to semi. he reached out for your waist and nudged your side. You complied to his silent ask, falling gently onto his chest.
”everywhere.“ his eyes opened again, this time watching you as you slid your hand into his.
you nuzzled your nose against his collarbone. “there has to be a pool that we can swim in every night and we have to watch the sunrise from the bed swing every morning.”
”of course,” he chuckled, holding your hand tighter. “and there are windows everywhere. to make our home feel open. and for the mountain views.”
“i like this little neverland we created, eita.” you muttered into his neck.
he squeezed your hip. “we’ll reach it someday, darling.”
Tumblr media
© nightgcrden 2021 ;; please refrain from copying, claiming, and/or reposting my works as your own. thank you!!
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sunflowershouto · 30 minutes ago
this is me being completely self indulgent, but which of the haikyuu boys do you guys think would like having an s/o who does horror art and illustrations? the wishful thinking part of me wants to say akaashi LMAO
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aquastellium · 31 minutes ago
like children
pairing: akamori
summary: iwaizumi catches a quiet moment between akagi and komori
wc: 644
series: haikyuu 2021 pride collection
It had been a… Week? Yeah, a week, since the Olympians had moved into the Olympic village, a large compound built specifically for the athletes to be housed together. Some were excited, some were horrified by the prospect. Fits were thrown over who would room with who, pleas were made to not be roomed with certain teammates. A headache and a half that led to the administration going out for drinks that night and waking up with an even bigger headache.
And, of course, with them living all together and in the middle of the most intense parts of training, schedules and regulations had to be made. The most controversial regulation being the sleep schedule for the athletes, the one that even the coach was too scared to enforce. The one that needed a “strict” and “harsh” enforcer to handle.
Enter Iwaizumi, 27, athletic trainer. A hand covering his yawn, desperately fighting off the sleep that threatened to make him pass out in the middle of the hallway after a long day of work. His feet shuffled across the floor, loud enough to alert the team that he was out and about doing room checks. So long as everyone was in their rooms and shut down for the night, that was all that mattered to him. Most nights, it wasn’t an issue, with everyone settled down for the night since they all took care of their own health.
Well, most nights, at least.
“Shhhh, shhh, Iwaizumi will get us in trouble if he hears us.”
At the sound of the hurried shushes, Iwaizumi’s curiosity was caught. His eyes wandered up to the room number, mentally going through the list of rooms. This would be… his eyes squinted at the 116 carved into the door. Komori’s, right? Isn’t he rooming with his cousin? What the hell would he be doing up this late at night?
Quietly, the trainer turned the room door, quietly pushing it open as he craned his neck in. In Komori’s bed, two faces lit up by a single tablet as they laid on their stomachs on the bed, blanket pulled up over their heads. Komori’s arm was wrapped around the unknown black haired man’s shoulder, cuddled close together as they watched whatever they were watching. Akagi, right? Iwaizumi vaguely recalled meeting the man during a night out on the town. 
Iwaizumi found himself unable to stop the warmth blossoming through his chest as he watched the two, completely enamored by whatever they were watching, face glowing from the screen. It reminded him of the nights that he and Oikawa would sneak away during high school training camps to watch whatever stupid movie they wanted to watch, the few times that he went easy on his captain. Looking back, he probably should have known at that moment that he was in love with his captain, but hindsight is always 20/20.
A creaking floor from his footstep alerted the pair, their eyes widening as they shot up to look at the trainer. Komori’s mouth started moving, no words coming out from him, knowing just how strict Iwaizumi was with their sleep schedules. But to his shock, he watched as he was dismissed with the wave of a hand.
“Don’t worry, your coach just called and requested a day off of practice for you.” It sounded realistic enough, at least. “I haven’t updated your schedule yet, so I wanted to stop by and let you know. Have a nice night you two.”
Iwaizumi slowly shut the door behind him, making sure to not disturb the other players in the hall. A small smile crept on his face as he shook his head, heading back to his room to update the schedule before he forgot. A small little opportunity for normalcy in the midst of the Olympics was sometimes just what the players needed.
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saintvrin · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"aren't you a little too old to believe in that?"
you just mentioned something the whole soulmate thing with sei since it was beginning to get close to your seventieth birthday, when everything would start to happen. to believe in the whole soulmate system is the only way it would work. that's what your mother said to you when you were little and curious.
this whole process is something that's unique. only because the signs of finding your soulmates differ depending on your most common trait. how your parents together was because of their passion for music, so they both heard what the other one hears.
"you know me than anyone else, sei. well except for hiro. of course i would believe in that stuff." it's part of your life. the excitement of turning 17 to find someone whose supposed to be born on the same star as you. "that's how my parents came to be." reminiscing the memories of when your mother shared stories of her experience.
"okay, so what if your soulmate doesn't believe in this whole soulmate thing?"
"as long as one believes in it the soulmate universe works." you read books, read articles, watched vlogs of couples, got tips from people who are experiencing it. it doesn't look like you were into this stuff, people would assume that you aren't that much into the whole soulmate universe.
even if it's sided to believe in that universe, the process would still work, probably not as strong. the connection between the two supposed partners would be stronger if both sides trust in the system. the tricky thing is, the system is a one time process, lose interest equals lose the soulmate connection and the love won't be the same.
mother had said to you that you must be careful and that this process isn't easy. if any circumstances like hating your soulmate ever occur, you would never have that happen. your mother had told you that your connection was strong from the start, so you would never have hatred towards someone.
"if you say so, miss. hyogo... your train is coming, don't want to miss it." sei lead the way as he strolled your luggage. you and sei were best buds at the beginning, well maybe because your brother was friends with him and that's how you two became aquatinted. soon after, just before middle school, soren came along to join the friend group.
"will you miss me?" you clung onto his arm annoyingly just to see his reaction and hear his response. "dude, we're literally going to see each other every weekend." you chuckled, remembering that there were going to be band meet ups every weekend.
"admit it please." you pouted with that face. its the charm you use to get things your way, hiro describes it as the spell from the witch. "fine. i guess i'll miss you." he patted your head. and with that your train arrived. you got all your baggage and wave bye to your friend, sei.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
previous # masterlist # next
you always had a platonic relationship with sei. he allowed a little intimacy here and there but overall your friendship stays the same.
though you and sei did make a promise that if both of you reached the age of 30 and hasn’t gotten married, you would marry each other.
stay safe!
#TAGLIST. OPEN (ask or inbox)
@yamayoomi @kac-chowsballs @anngelllla @heavenini @starryhyun @calumsfringe @swan-chan @lilith412426 @sunahyejin @tanakasimpcorner @urfavsenpai420 (i’m still looking for that lost ask for this taglist, and if you’re that person i forgot to tag, please tell me!)
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lilbitofkitkat · 36 minutes ago
but not for spring to well up
By tookumade
Miya Brothers Sellers & Buyers of Antiques & Curiosities
Suna Rintarou squints at the small sign attached to the front door of the brick shopfront.
He wasn’t sure what he’d been expecting. Something flashier? More brass? The Miya brothers could do with a pot plant out the front. The shopfront has one single large window that’s covered by a plain white curtain, so maybe they could open that up and have some of their antiques and such on display so people get an idea of what they buy and sell. Maybe a paint job for the door, which is the most boring brown Suna has ever seen. There is nothing he can say about it—it’s not nice nor ugly, it’s just boring.
Or, maybe Suna could stop giving any more of a damn about this shopfront and just get his appointment over and done with.
Miya Osamu/Suna Rintarou
Additional Tags:
Magical Realism | Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic | Break Up | Aged-Up Character(s) | Friends to Lovers | Friendship/Love | Slow Burn | Past Relationship(s) | Song Lyrics | Inspired by Stray Italian Greyhound (Vienna Teng) | Urban Fantasy | Alternate Universe - Urban Fantasy
Rating: T • Category: M/M • Completed • Chapters: 1/1 • Language: English
Read here:
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