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nijimurasx · 15 hours ago
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–Hey, guys! Are you watching me now? I'm just a normal ace!
Happy Birthday to Bokuto Koutarou! [9.20]
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throttlee · 8 hours ago
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recreation of picture, because the baby owl grew up. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! 🦉 based on this
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somnolent-kei · 22 hours ago
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おめでとう!!! Happy birthday Bokuto!!!
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 13 hours ago
Smiling Bokuto Collection
Happy Birthday to this giant ball of happiness and energy!!💙💙💙
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Easiest person to find smiling pictures of. He is precious🥺💙
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iwangel · 8 hours ago
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“baby—psssst, babe.”
you hear bokuto whisper from his place in the bed beside you, and although waking up in the mornings were always hard—when you hear the low hum of his voice rumble through his chest, you smile before moving closer.
there’s familiarity in the warm bicep that wraps around your waist to pull you into his chest after. smelling the lingering scent of his hair gel even though his hair now lay flat against his forehead, laced with hints of vanilla and mint—and you realise that you’ve never felt more at home than you do right now.
“baby,” bokuto whisper shouts again, nudging his face against your own before you finally open your eyes to meet the gold ones that although still heavy lidded with sleep, look at you like you hold his world—even though he thought you were always more than that.
“hi,” he giggles, placing a few butterfly kisses to your cheeks before he shoots you his first smile of the day when you breath back a “hi.”
you feel the weight of bokuto’s hand smooth under your shirt, tracing messy, wobbly hearts into the skin underneath and you narrow your eyes when you notice the way his lips are pulled into a pout.
you let yourself bask in the silence for a few, allowing the sleep to clear from your mind as you focus on the warmth of his palm against your skin, and when you begin to feel bokuto shuffle a little impatiently next to you followed by a soft whine, you soften before finally speaking again.
“happy birthday, kou.” you giggle, hearing a more tender laugh come from the man across from you before you feel his lips pepper a few more kisses to your temple.
bokuto’s hands move to guide your own to cup his face—gold eyes locked on your own as he nuzzles into the touch because you were warm too.
“twenty seven, baby.” he mumbles, blinking up at you expectantly and you feel your heart bloom as you watch another grin stretch his lips, and you’re reminded that maybe you do wake up beside the sun everyday.
you roll your eyes but you smile, shifting your position to lean closer before beginning to place kisses to bokuto’s face and you hear him count under his breath after each peck, his hands leaving yours to rest on your hips once more and he’s still warm.
hearing him hum and pull you a little closer with each press of your lips against his skin, leaning into each one in the hopes it’ll make it last a little longer.
“twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven—wait what about my normal good morning kiss.” he asks and his voice is almost tender, so you laugh before placing a final kiss against the tip of his nose, and he smiles an almost proud smile after, pulling you back against his chest and squeezing you slightly before pumping his fist above you both.
“best birthday ever, baby.” “kou, ‘ts just started.” “yeah but i just wanna stay here with you.” bokuto smiles, it’s enthusiastic and toothy—one that fills you with a warmth similar to the sun when it kisses your shoulders.
and you know the love you feel in his words is true, because all bokuto kōtarō wanted to do, was spend another birthday loving you.
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signed. ‘m not really here as often but i couldn’t miss my baby’s bday—happy bday to bokuto kōtarō, the selfship that’s been w me since the start, i will lovv u forever + thank u for helping me learn to love me <3
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incorrect-hq-quotes · 5 hours ago
Tendou: I have a headache and according to Google I'm gonna die.
Ushijima, holding up a volleyball: So Google's been sending you death threats...
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daichidaichidaichi · 10 hours ago
Daichi likes to lay his cock across your stomach from between his legs and coo down at you about how deep he’ll be soon 🥴
“See that, sweetheart? See how deep daddy’s going to be inside you?”
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myloriahh · 16 hours ago
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When his bedsheets, blankets and pillows are newly laundered, he'll shove his face into it and breathe, taking in the fresh scent.
☄ ASAHI (you can't change my mind)
Braids his hair when he's bored. He gathers it all in one side of his shoulder, then casually starts braiding.
Whenever he sees a cockroach (especially a big one), he'll talk to it. Saying things like, "GET AWAY FROM ME" or "IF YOU GO NEAR ME, I'LL KILL YOU". And no, he can't even kill it, he's too scared. He'll just dash out of the room, leaving whatever he was doing behind.
Will suddenly laugh out of nowhere. He'll be staring at nothing and just randomly giggle. It's because he remembered something funny oK.
He doodles a lot. Either on paper or on his bare skin.
He eats powdered milk or chocolate. Like, literally just eat the powder alone.
On a hot day, he will stand in front of an electric fan and lift his shirt up damn that's hawt
☄ KONOHA (i just think he does)
He never sleeps without a blanket, no matter what. If it is too hot, he'll stick a foot out and will feel comfortable afterwards.
He puts shampoo on his lips to form bubbles.
Will deconstruct his pen and assemble it again when bored.
If he sees random children staring at him, he can't do anything but smile at them. It's either they'll smile back, ignore him, or cry in return.
Listens to classical music and makes up scenarios in his head about him living in the 19th century.
Alternatively, whenever he listens to music with his earbuds/earphones/headphones on, he pretends that he's in a movie or music video.
Stands in the bathroom butt-naked, as he picks out the perfect song to jam to while he bathes.
If he accidentally farts out loud in public, he'll do a beatbox so that strangers around him will think that he's just beatboxing the whole time.
He uses a cardboard tube for bonking other people's heads. He will sometimes even straight-out hit them.
He randomly winks at his friends. Some will wink back or laugh, some will get disgusted, and some will just ignore him.
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Reblogs are always appreciated <3
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mistermrbee · 17 hours ago
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happy birthday to our fukurodani captain!
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sluttsumu · an hour ago
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Tumblr media
pairing: atsumu, suna, iwaizumi, bokuto x f!reader
warnings: 18+, use of recreational marijuana, use of the pet name “princess” (atsumu), bokuto being funny asf, suna’s is a lil sad if you really look into it
wc: 0.8??
a/n: i queued this yesterday but it didn’t work, so here it is your faves while high, suna’s was not supposed to be angsty i don’t know what happened LOL also not proofread lol.
Tumblr media
atsumu is horny.
the only thing on his mind is making you cum as many times as humanly possible. you thought smoking with him would be fun, which it was, till he started laughing and chasing you around your apartment with grabby hands.
“pretty baby, c’mere, i wanna taste ya”
you thought it was hilarious, but he was serious. staring at you with pink, half lidded eyes from the other side of the kitchen counter. he was gonna get you, no matter what. you couldn’t contain your laughter as you thought of how to escape him from catching you and never letting go. he stared intensely, palms face down on the marble.
he’d definitely caught you in a rock and a hard place. you falsely run to one side, meanwhile he flinches thinking that you’d actually run that way. he chuckles at your face as you try and think of how to get out of this predicament. thinking his distracted you run this time, but you athlete boyfriend’s quick reflexes were something you were no match for.
“HA! I GOTCHA” he yelled engulfing you in his arms as you playfully squirmed in his grasp. “ugh you’re too fast for me” you whine as he carried you walking towards your bedroom.
“‘tsumu you smell like weed”
“ ‘m gonna make ya cum sooo much princess ” he chuckled, closing your room door. atsumu was gone, his mind could not be saved from becoming a horny hell.
“did you even hear what i said?”
“let’s make some pretty babies, baby”
now that he had you his mind was clouded everything went in one ear and out the other. he didn’t hear a damn thing you just said.
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iwaizumi is sleepy.
at first when you brought up the idea of him getting high with you for once and, he wasn’t all for it. back in college when he went to UCI he was definitely a cigarette smoker, and didn’t find weed all that interesting. having a background in nutrition he knew all about the drug and didn’t think it’d be a good idea.
but then you made edibles…..and he ate them.
it was a complete accident, he just saw cookies and thought to eat them. you walk into the kitchen to see him on his third cookie, lord have mercy. “hajime— are those my…” you couldn’t bring yourself to finish you sentence in fear he’d frantically freak out. he arched a brow giving you a confused look as he continued to eat the sweet treat.
“those are my edibles…”
the rest of the cookie was now on the floor. iwaizumi’s eyes went wide but instead of the panicking reaction you expected out of him, he laughed. he laughed? you now stood confused at your boyfriends contagious laughter, which causes you to laugh along with him.
five minutes later, iwaizumi is slumped. dead asleep as if you weren’t just laughing with him a few minutes ago. though being 5’11 and probably 190+ pounds of raw muscle, he’s a complete lightweight. you rolled your eyes at him taking up your entire bed. taking out your phone to snap a picture of him, knowing that he will not remember any of this tomorrow.
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bokuto is a mess.
this man is laughing, crying, yelling, saying the stupidest shit. just all of the above. he’s the type to make crazy conspiracy theories that actually….make sense.
“kou— what’s the colour of my shirt again?” you snicker barely able to make it through your sentence. “i-it’s, dark white” the silence is loud as the two of you stare at one another before absolutely dying of loud, boisterous laughter. bokuto is on the floor, crying meanwhile you hold your stomach from laughing so hard.
“what— the FUCK, is dark white?” you yell, tears brimming in your eyes. before he answers you finish by saying “THIS IS GREY” in all technicalities bokuto was right, grey essentially is….dark white. everything in this moment was just too funny, getting ugh with him was the right decision.
“THAT IS NOT GREY, DARK WHITE.” his face and neck are flushed pink attempting to prove his point.
“OKAY SO WHATS LIGHT GREY?” you question giving him a look of ‘let’s see what you say this time’.
“UHM— I-ITS…..LIGHT DARK WHITE?” he answered nothing short of confidence and confusion in his tone. you quickly arched a brow thinking about the stupidity the you just heard. light. dark. white. he was wrong so wrong, but also so fucking right.
“kou lets go to bed, you are tired very tired” he looked at you confused as you attempted to pick him up off the floor and miserably failing falling o to him..
“you’re a fucking idiot”
“your idiot babe”
Tumblr media
suna is touchy.
he wants to feel on your body, and have you close to him. he has a very nonchalant and horny high. he definitely has you seated in his lap while blowing smoke in your face. he certainly was nicer under the influence, you wished he was like that all the time.
“you look so pretty like this” he smiles eyes blinking slowly. his hands secured themselves on the sides of your waist, he was just staring at your as if you were the most precious gem in the world. his eyes wavered back and fourth from your lips to your eyes, he wants to kiss you, he wants to show his pretty girl all the affection he has to offer. “you always do this” you sigh eyes stealing away from his.
“what’re you talking about?” did he really have the audacity to ask you that question? this was an endless cycle one that seems to never stop. he grabs your face bringing you eyes back to meet his low red ones. “you only compliment me when you’re high.”
his hands run up and down your sides, caressing all the parts of your body that he loved so much. “that’s not true pretty baby.” buy it was whether you stuck to your gut feeling or not, he always talked you out of it every time. you felt stupid for doubting yourself after his words, but each time you managed to convince yourself that you were wrong.
“i want a kiss” he pouts, and what rin wants rin gets. no matter the cost.
he encases your lips in a kiss in which you immediately try to pull away from before feeling his hand of your neck forcing your head in place, you hated that you loved it, loved him. the way he touched you telling you how much he loved you and to an extent he did.
suna rintarō was your drug, and you needed your daily fix.
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sluttsumu 2021
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kimbapisnotsushi · 22 hours ago
i personally think it's wild that we got it confirmed that kuroo has an older sister but he moved next door to kenma with JUST his dad and his grandparents and was such a shy nervous kid for a REASON and i haven't seen a SINGLE post talking about what could have possibly happened and how kenma probably filled in the gap that came with a fractured family and probably helped kuroo through one of the hardest times of his life and THAT'S why kuroo is so protective of him and thinks so highly of him and in this essay i will -
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haikyuudon · 14 hours ago
Pictures you can feel:
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[hehe sorry for not posting]
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