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◞ summary: what i think dating haikyuu boys would be like | part one: tsukishima kei |

◞ a/n: since i was gone for a while, i’ve decided to start this series. you can request more topics to be added if you want. ( if i like it, i’ll add it to the current post and the future ones ).

◞ warnings: established relationship


➶ first-kiss;


⤿ while walking you home, tsukishima finally got the courage to tell you how he felt. before you parted ways, he placed a delicate kiss on your lips. you both will never forget this day.

➶ dates;


⤿ study dates are usually his go-to. even if it isn’t the most romantic option, tsukishima enjoys it. he confessed that he studies better when you’re around.

➶ favorite memory;


⤿ you persuaded tsukishima to take a train to the last stop. there was no motive behind it but you often think about how amazing this night was.

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I definitely hope they do let us out early then, sounds like nekoma made the smart choice !

i really just enjoy history all together, but my favorite time to study is probably the dark ages lol !

thanks for chatting wity me it’s really kind of you, kuroo🥺 im sure you’re busy so thank you you’re very sweet

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title: real love


detail(s): 353 words; hanahaki au, unrequited love; nishinoya x gn!reader

warning(s): mentions of blood but it’s like four words


You don’t know what made you like Nishinoya.

Maybe it was because he smiled (at you) a lot. Or that he tried too hard in PE class but was helpless in any other subject. Or because he was bright, like the sun, lighting up even the darkest of your days with just his presence.

Whatever the case, you liked him now. And no matter how much you friends urged you to tell him, you were content with just letting your feelings pass.

But they didn’t pass. They grew slowly, blooming more each time he grinned or looked your way.

You welcomed the way he made your heart hurt; the pain felt so inreal. They were the only tangible  But your feelings grew so much it manifested into something more real than anything you’ve ever experienced.

“Hey, y/n,” Nishinoya whispered. He leaned his chair to you. “Hey. Hey. Hey.”

You glanced at him, smiling softly. “Yes?”

“Do you”—he wobbled a bit; you grabbed the back of his chair—“have the answers to the chemistry homework?”

You slid your homework towards him. “It might be wrong.”

He shook his head, his eyes gleaming with admiration. It’s not the same kind of admiration he has for his teammates or for the volleyball manager. It’s something softer and fleeting. You’d never be able to make him feel any more than that. “Nah, you’re always right. Thanks, y/n!”

A dull, familiar pain bloomed in your chest. You averted your gaze. “No problem,” you said.

After lunch, Nishinoya handed your homework back to you. He grinned, letting another “thanks” leave him before running after one of his friends. You watched his back fade into the crowd. 

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing how much you’d be willing to sacrifice for something that could never be returned.

Standing over the toilet, you wiped the blood off your mouth and smoothed your uniform. As long as you presented yourself properly, no one would suspect anything. That would be enough.

As you watched the pink and yellow petals flush down the toilet, your only thought was: I hope I don’t clog the sewage.


— fun fact of the day: hinata can sleep standing up.

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Hi Thanks for sending in a request! Sorry this took so long lol and I’m assuming that ‘liking’ meant ‘linking’ because I don’t know what you meant by it so sorry. Anyways I hope you enjoy!


Originally posted by bbblaaast

Asahi Azumane

- This guy would be so flustered at first as well but will allow you to link arms with him

- Both of you Will warm up to it eventually

- Lowkey would enjoy it

- If you ask him to link arms with you, he wouldn’t resist, he finds you cute especially your height

- People in public will find you guys cute especially your height differences

- Both of you just blushing side by side with arms linked

- Eventually this becomes part of your normal PDF


Originally posted by script-nef

Nishinoya Yu

- It’s ok if you feel a little flustered or hesitant at first because he is the type of guy who would jump at the opportunity to link arms with you

- Everywhere you go you guys will be linking arms no matter what

- most of the time it’s because both of you want to make sure the other person is not lost, since the both of you are short

- He would most likely initiates it first

- But you don’t mind it, and is happy that you get to link arms with this ball of energy

- Your world involves each other so linking arms is just another way to show you both appreciate each other.

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Originally posted by theamazingfeeling


- When Tsukishima met you, you were standing next to the teacher’s desk and had your head hung low 

- “Tsukishima-kun, science is one of your best subjects. Y/l/n-san will be taking the remedial test next weekend. Could you help them out until then?”

- What was he going to do? Say no? 

- “Thank you so much, I’m sorry for inconveniencing you – “ “I have volleyball practice after school, so meet me in the library an hour and a half before class starts if you want my time.”

- He walked away leaving you to pick up your own jaw off the floor.

- To his surprise, you were already at the library when he got there the next morning, a cup of coffee in both hands. You handed one out to him as he approached you, and he eyed it curiously.

- “Here, I just wanted to lessen the chances of you being such a bitch in the mornings.”

- After one tutoring session, it was very clear to him that you actually were pretty smart, and you were able to keep up with what he was saying

- He gave you a practice test though, and when you gave it back he was like what? The? Fuck?

- “We just went over this, how did you get it wrong?” “I don’t know! The wording was confusing?” “What do you mean? Walk me through your thought process.”

- From that moment, it was clear to him that you were actually just a really horrible test taker.

- He had spent the rest of the week teaching you test taking skills, and how to cope with your anxiety. You had spent the rest of the week making jokes, teasing him, and trying to get under his skin. 

- The day of your remedial test came, and Tsukki actually showed up at your house? To walk you to school to your take your test? 

- He gave you a little mantra to say when you needed to calm down and clear your head, and you found yourself saying it over and over during your test.

- Your results came out and you passed! Hurray! You found Tsukishima standing by the school gates waiting for you, and you ran up to him with the biggest smile on your face.

- “I passed! It was all thanks to you! Thank you, Tsukki!”

- He congratulated you, and as you dragged him to the café by school to treat him for all his hard work, he tried to fight the gnawing feeling at the pit of his stomach he recognized as disappointment when he realized he wouldn’t be sharing his mornings with you anymore.


Originally posted by houseofkarasuno


- You were a first year when Kageyama was a second year.

- Yachi had cornered you in the hallway during your first few weeks at Karasuno, handing you a flyer to their Volleyball club.

- You weren’t going to lie; you saw them on TV last year at nationals, so you figured it might be a fun experience. 

- You had sat in on only one practice before you made your decision. Who wouldn’t want to be the manager of a team that exuded confidence and had so much talent, dedication, and inspiration?

- Kageyama noticed all of the little things you would do for everyone on the team. He used to be the first one to show up to practice, but now he would come and he would find you there, setting up the net and rolling out the volleyball cart.

- “Hey, Kageyama-senpai,” you would say, then run to your bag to grab a smoothie packet, tossing it to him, “Here, drink up! I wouldn’t want you to cramp.”

- He was never good at communicating what he needed, but you seem to always know what he wanted to say.

- “Wh-why is Kageyama-san glaring at me?” “Oh, he thinks that your footwork was too slow, and you need to work on your jumping.”

- Whenever Karasuno had practice matches, you knew what Kageyama needed even before he did.

- “My knee,” he started, and you already had put a tube of Icy Hot in his hands.

- If Kageyama looked back at his last couple of years at Karasuno, all those memories would be stamped with your presence, always making him feel light and airy. 

- After graduating, he had a really hard time adjusting.

- Adjusting to what? He wasn’t sure. He was used to waking up early, used to going to practices, so why was he having such a hard time?

- Later, he had went with Hinata, Tsukishima, and Yamaguchi to watch their Karasuno kohai at the Interhigh Tournament. He mentioned off handedly that he didn’t realize volleyball in college would be so… different.

- “Why? Is it because you don’t have Y/N-chan around to coddle you?” “What do you mean? She did that for everyone.” “Are you fucking kidding me, Bakayama?”

- He looked down into the court; he felt something tingle at the pit of his stomach when he saw you take your seat next to Coach Ukai, a spiraled notebook and pen in your hand. You looked up right then, and the sudden eye contact made Kageyama shudder. You smiled up at him and gave him an excited wave, and the realization hit him in that moment like a ton of bricks.


Originally posted by null-san


- You had been neighbors with Hinata Shoyo your entire life

- You would always try to tell him to stop bouncing his ball around because it was so damn annoying, yet somehow you would always get roped into practicing with him?

- He asked you to cheer him on during his first and only game in junior high.

- And of course, you were the one to take him out for ice cream after he had lost.

- The two of you had gone to different high schools, but it never changed your friendship.

- “Aren’t you tired from coming home so late every night? You weren’t even supposed to be there,” you whispered to him over the phone when you noticed he finally got back from the Shiratorizawa training camp.

- “Yes, but if it’s for Volleyball, it’s worth it.”

- Hinata’s life was constantly changing, every year there was something new and something different, but the one thing that remained the same was you

- Every time he looked into the stands, whether he won the game or lost, he would find you there.

- Afterwards, you would take him out for ice cream. That was something Hinata could count on.

- Until he was the one that changed. He jumped on a plane to Brazil, and even though he left with promises of messages and video calls, life will always manage to get in the way.

- He was doing what he loves, and he knew this was the right path for him to take, so why did it always feel like something was missing?

- Why was he always looking into the crowd, and only feeling sadness when he didn’t find what he was looking for?

- What was he looking for? 

- He made his way back to Japan, landed a spot on MSBY Black Jackals, and sent you a ticket to his first game.

- He wasn’t sure if you were going to show up, you never responded.

- But when he heard a loud and familiar “Shoyo-kun!” that made his heart tighten in his chest, he let his eyes scan the faces of the crowd one last time before it landed on you.

- There was an explosion in his stomach, and he could feel the warmth spread all the way to his toes.

- He ended his debut game with a win, and when you came bounding down the steps, you didn’t hesitate to jump into his sweaty arms, and he held you so tight as he felt everything he missed when he was in Brazil.

- “Come on,” you said, “I’ll treat you to ice cream.”

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。・:*:・゚★ fmk + atsumu, ushijima & kageyama


warnings: nsfw & cursing


☆ fuck : atsumu miya

atsumu glare never left your sight as you flirted with his friends, the way his jaw tightened at the sight of your fingers dancing on kita’s shoulder just like the way it used to grip his cock. or when you would lean closer to aran and batt your eyelashes just like the way you used to when you were under him begging for more.

but here you were now, standing in front of him. you’d broke up with him months ago for a stupid reason or so that’s what atsumu had told everybody. but in reality he was just so jealous. he can’t say you’re his anymore but he can have you for tonight for you stood in front of him with your bare chest open, nipples pebbled from his greedy fingers.

“if yer gonna act like a slut then you can get on yer knees, where you belong” atsumu grunts through his teeth and shoves you down, feeling the burning of the carpet spit back at your knees.

with his cock out and in attention you look up at him through your lashes, groans escape from within him and echo through the stilled apartment “god you look so beautiful like this, i bet this is how you treat yer company every night isn’t it eh?”

you don’t want to answer him to boost his ego or make him feel like he’s won you again so grabbing him in your hand you smear the precum on your lips before taking him down your throat and shutting him up.

★ marry: ushijima wakatoshi

it was another stressful day for the ace of shiratorizawa that had fused in with his spot as a newfound regular position within his team. with missing sets being thrown over his head, behind him or not to him at all, ushijima was frustrated.

“to be the top three aces in tokyo you sure are out of it today” hoshiumi said bouncing beside following with him to the exit. ushijima opened his mouth to speak back but immediately closed it shut. wasting his breath to insult their setter’s choice of horrendous sets just wasn’t in him today.

you were standing by the running car when you saw your boyfriend push through the gymnasium doors. his eyes set forward with a stone look plastered to his face, striking his feet down to a marched path to you as his hand flew up in a single slap to the wind to wave goodbye to his teammates.

“how was practice? i’m sure you didn’t miss a single serve huh?” you were gleaming at him, your eyes shined in admiration. “i can’t wait to see you play in the professional courts, it’s going to be so amazing.”

ushijima smiled softly as you boasted about him, your hands gathered together while you swung them side to side by your face with a cheeky smile adorned to it. he sneaked closer to you while you still rambled on and reached his calloused palms to cup your face.

you looked up at him with tints of pink cascading your cheeks, the prideful smile turning over to a bashful one.

“i love you so much y/n” he said before planting his lips on yours.

☾ kill: kageyama tobio

it was the first cold winter night of the year, the stars washed over the tangerine sunset. a peaceful feeling lingered in the night sky as another season marched through it, and it was almost perfect to spend another day with your boyfriend.

if it wasn’t for your bellowing sobs that followed through the air.

tears started streaming down your face again at the bitter look kageyama had looking down at you. his dark cold stare bored into you while you ran your finger up to your puffy eyes to wipe the painful tears away.

“i’m sorry that things have been hard for you but that doesn’t give you the right to be shitty to me, i just can’t be with someone that’s fueled by bitterness and negativity!” you sobbed out watching him flinch at the sudden yell in your tiny voice.

kageyama walked closer to you with his hands shoved into his jeans “well then what the fuck are you doing here then? huh?”

you looked deep into his eyes, searching for that old him that loved and cherished you “what has happened kageyama?”

kageyama crossed his arms, his eyes looking up at the starry night. it really was such a beautiful night for such an ugly day. “you didn’t know me, then you fell in love with me and now you know me.” he said never meeting your pitiful gaze.

you couldn’t help but cry at that, it felt like knifes were striking your weakened heart. you grabbed your chest through your sweater that couldn’t even protect you from the cold searing pain it was pumping out.

dropping your eyes to your feet you mumbled through tears “you know its funny, when you look at someone through kaleidoscope eyes all the red flags just look like flags.”

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General HCs for Goshiki and reader  

  • You guys met in middle school. You didn’t play volleyball, but you knew him since he was in the same class as you. 
  • Goshiki was always like he was. Full of optimism of his abilities and confident. 
  • This was one of his many quality which lured you to him. 
  • He sat next to you, and you guys shared notes during classes or move your tables closer if the teacher assigned group works. 
  • He joined Shiratorizawa because of his dream, and you initially feared you wouldn’t see him since volleyball was not your passion, however, Goshiki is very loyal and while you guys didn’t go to the same high school, he made sure to keep the contact with you. 
  • You guys would meet up on the weekends and after school. 
  • You guys did a variety of things, walking around the shop streets of Sendai, just talking or playing games at your house. 
  • Over the time people suspected you guys were an item. 
  • When asked about it, Goshiki would blush and deny it very strongly, emphasing you were just very close friends. 
  • It was in his 2nd year at Shiratorizawa that he realised that he wanted more from the relationship with you. 
  • Goshiki thought he messed up since he never made any moves on you, thinking he missed his chance, but after a talk with Shirabu, he decided to make moves on you. 
  • He did many things. Some were subtle and some were not so subtle. 
  • He googled things like “How to flirt” or “How to escape the friendzone.”
  • Depending on you, reader, he might have had a harder time confessing his feelings if you are someone who is more oblivious. 
  • But in the end, he confessed his feelings to you. 
  • You came to his matches before, but ever since you guys became an item, he would insist on you coming to his games. 
  • You would wear his jerseys, and if he scored a point, he would point to you and wink. 
  • After a win, he would usually become a little bit cocky and would want an ego stroke from you. 
  • After a loss, he simply wants to cuddle with you.  
  • You are kind of his security blanket, and after graduating you guys would be stronger than ever. 
  • Since he joined the V.League, you thought he would forget about you, however, he made it his mission to reserve time for you.
  • A lot of things in his life are uncertain, but he knows for sure you are the only certainty in his life, and he would do everything to keep you at his side. 🥺 
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