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Tumblr media
satori doodles for satori day 🍫
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Aggressively affectionate (sakusa x reader)
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi seems like the kind of partner who would aggressively baby you especially if he deems you as someone who isn't very good/ capable of taking care of themselves. The entire time he would be shaking his head, a perpetual frown on his face as he tucks you in and mutters under his breath, “silly girl... going and making me care for you and then love you only to be a complete idiot... You can’t go make me love you and then be incapable of keeping yourself alive... smh”
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose gut has been twisting in worry for the past couple of weeks because he has watched you overwork yourself to the point of complete incoherency. He hasn’t said anything yet because so far you have always been the one to remind him of his limits but even that has been mild because lets face it, omi-omi is a fairly balanced person. However you guys are still new to this and the boundaries haven’t been placed so he doesn’t know when and where he can step in.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who borders on speeding when he gets a call from your co-worker wondering if he could come pick you up since you kind of blacked out for a while. For the first time he feels angry when he walks up to your table, gathering a listless you into himself and practically carrying you reassuring your boss and friends that he has this handled.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who settles you into his car, getting into his own seat and slamming the door shut. For a minute or two there is silence as he takes a moment to gather his thoughts while you did everything to avoid looking at the seething man next to you. He finally turned to you, dark eyes glistening with unreserved care and concern as he grabbed your chin with a firm, not forceful grip,
“I have tried to be patient... I really have... I have tried to do this the easy way for many reasons... we are still new to this and you are kind of a flight risk with relationships but I’m over it... I care about you too much to see you overwork yourself... so we are going to go home, you will stay over with me where I can keep on you and you are going to listen and do everything i say Y/N L/N... Am I clear?” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who ignores your grumbling about his use of your full name. Once he gets his agreement he is placing a kiss on your pouty lips before driving of to his apartment. His movements are firm and a little rough but not forceful as he drags you in by the upper arm. Sitting you down on his couch and placing painkillers for your headache, a much too large bottle of water and a couple of granola bars in-front of you. Before putting on a show for you, something lighthearted no matter how much you wanted to watch greys anatomy.
“I am going to fill a bath for you and set out some clothes... if the water and granola bars aren’t finished by the time I’m back...” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who sets his entire house up, filling the bath up, setting a set of his own clothes out for you, getting some of the prep for a good meal done as he waits for you to finish what he gave you, his observing eyes never leaving you for too long. Just this took the little energy you had gotten in the car out of you as Kiyoomi carried you to the bathroom. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose actions become oh so gentle as he gently stands you up on two feet as he raises your arms for you. Soft voice as he calls you all the nicknames under the sun when your eyes get a little teary and you beg to just lie down on the floor and go to sleep, even if it is in the bathroom. He gets down on his knees and looks up at you with soft eyes as he watch you sob. Even as he helps you out of your skirt and panties. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who gets you into the water and with gentle strokes he washes your hair for you. Even as you sob into your hands and knees. Every cry bringing you closer to exhaustion. Kiyoomi would just sit and hear it all as he moves you into different positions, scrubbing your back and arms for you. Hands gliding across your stomach and down your legs as you loll your head back to look at him as he rinses you of. 
“‘M sorry ya had to take care of me Kiyo-kun”
“sweetheart wether you like it or not I’m here... and I’m not going anywhere and that means i get to take care of you and its something I want... You will never have to be sorry for it... cause its what I want to do”
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you up in a fluffy towel and takes you to bed where he dresses you up in his shirt that was one size too big. The collar dropping making you swim in it. He pulls one of his boxer briefs up your legs since his sweats were too big and falling off. Your Kiyo-kun who sits you down on the edge of the bed and rubs moisturiser into your legs as you grip a pillow in your arms. He lets his lips trail up your calf as he does so.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who drags you to the couch sitting you on the floor in between his legs as he uses a towel and then hair dryer to dry your hair. Smiling softly when he watches your head lol onto his knee as you almost fall asleep. Before he gets up to get your food for you. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who suddenly goes back to angry when you refuse to eat. His eyes getting fiery as he ignores your whines that make false promises about eating when you wake up. Instead grabbing the chop sticks and feeding you himself. His face is still angry but inside he is chuckling a little as you pout all through the meal, huffing into your hands as you chew the bite of rice and meat he had forced you to eat. Once again a little teary eyed and red cheeked. You really were a cry baby when you were tired but Kiyoomi was far from upset with that discovery. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who leads you back to the bathroom where he sits you up on the counter handing you a toothbrush as he takes the fastest shower of his life not wanting to leave you too long. He comes out of the glass cubicle only to see you having fallen asleep while brushing and all he can do is sigh as he brushes his own teeth and changes before finally letting the both of you collapse into bed. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you and himself up like a burrito before finally taking a deep breath of relief at finally having you back in his arms knowing you were well taken care of safe. His mind wandering to all the ways he never wants this to happen again as he presses kisses to your temple as he breathes you in. The soft glow of the night light he thought it best to leave on, highlighting your dark circles and sallow complexion that had his heart plummeting. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who airs out his grievances about how annoying you could be like this through whispered grumblings against your skin as he relaxes at finally having his missed intimacy with you. He also whispers out all of his promises about how when you failed to take care of yourself he would always step up no matter how annoyingly incapable you were because you are his to love and care for and he knew he could learn to be the best at that just like he was the best at Volleyball, 
“You are annoying... You are annoying and a cry baby and clumsy and careless with your safety and rash and reckless and I’m still shocked you have come this far alive somehow... You in all your delicate easily hurt yet having to do everything glory are annoying... But you’re still my person and if you are going to fail oh so miserably at keeping yourself alive thats fine... i’ll do it... cause you are all of these things but most of all you are mine... mine to care for, mine to love and mine to look after...I swear to god though, if you ever let it get this bad again I swear I will actually buy you one of those tracking apps and hound you all the time like a helicopter parent”   
This is very much trash and a good example of what happens when i’m rushed by anyone for something... even by myself but I have been in soft Kiyoomi hours for days now so here we are 
enjoyyyy and as always please comment, like and request stuff
okieee bye <3
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next in line 
you thought that suna had reciprocated his feelings towards you, until a game of truth or dare had told you otherwise. so, the one next in line gets his turn: miya atsumu.
ʚ suna rintaro x reader + miya atsumu x reader | college!au | 3.9k words
warning: alcohol, mentions of sleeping with someone, suna breaking our hearts
author’s note: EVERYONE !! thank y’all so much for the love y’all gave my last drabble! i was so surprised and wondered where everyone came from. we have over 200 notes on it !! please give some love to this work too pls !! <33 i’ll be writing a part 2 to this soon!
(p.s: i was inspired from picka: 30 days to love! this is inspired by me being upset over the partner game around day 20 😭)
Tumblr media
“hey! we’re playing truth or dare here! anyone interested, come through!”
a few bodies had moved from their previous spot, others had moved away from where the voice had come from.
a few familiar faces sat in the little living space near the front door. lots of the members from the college’s volleyball team were there too, including atsumu and suna. bokuto was there too, along with some unrecognizable faces. 
staring at the circle, you didn’t catch the ball of orange running behind you and ushering you into the space. 
“h-hey wait!” you stood your ground, feeting dragging every other step yet the sheer force of his running and pushing behind you stood a chance against your movements.
behind your ear, you hear hinata’s laugh as he was pushing you along. “come on, y/n! it’ll be fun! trust!”
you sighed, knowing that the only outcome to this situation was to play along. and played along you did, sitting right beside bokuto and hinata, you sandwiched between them. 
“hey y/n! how’s it going?” a roaring voice across from where you sat called out to you. staring up, you locked eyes with atsumu who was clearly already drunk from the amount of alcohol he had earlier and the glow of red on his cheeks, maybe from the alcohol or just the extra smiling he’d been doing the whole time. sat next to him was suna who was uninterested and on his phone with one hand, a bottle of beer in the other.
atsumu was one of your good friends and the one you got close to the quickest due to his extroverted personality. he was someone you could rely on, and him the same, with you always talking about everything from the one girl you hate in one of your lecture halls, to your crush on suna.
“hi, atsumu. i’m good. i’d ask how you are but i think i can tell,” you joked. he had smiled back at you with a much wider grin and chuckled before waving his arm around and shushing the group.
“alright guys, let’s get this thing started. hopefully all of you know what to do.” atsumu grabbed an empty beer bottle from his side and set it in the middle. “i’ll spin this, whoever the bottle lands on must answer truth or dare. pass a truth or dare, you have to drink!” from that announcement the crowd got a bit rowdier. claps and hollers circled around you before atsumu took the clear bottle and spun it.
the first round landed on an unfamiliar person, who decided to go for a dare right off the bat. he was forced to lick the underside of someone’s shoe, much to his dismay.
the second round had landed on yaku, who you knew to be someone on the volleyball team. he was given a truth to answer, which was to answer when the last time he slept with someone was. denying to respond, he had taken a shot and everybody moved onto the next victim.
a few rounds passed. several disgusting dares and shocking truths came out until the bottle had finally landed on you.
atsumu had stared up at you. “ah, miss y/n, truth or dare?”
“i’ll go with truth.” 
he smiled before he responded. “is it true that you’re still madly in love with suna?”
your mouth went agape. out of all things, he asked you this question? this was embarrassing for you, especially when he was sitting in front of you. plus when his name was mentioned, he had stopped staring at his phone and stared at atsumu before staring back at you with a questionable but upset gaze. 
suna and you had some history back then. you had found yourself knees deep in your crush towards him when you told yourself you wouldn’t find any romantic interest for the guy. yet, there you were, with your lies embodied in you. 
he had actually reciprocated the flirting that you had done with him, to the point where all your friends and even the team had wanted a happy ending for the two of you. he even took you out on a date, kissed you, did so much of the stereotypical romantic stuff that you were absolutely swooning over him. however, you just choose to keep your gigantic crush on him on the low.
“atsumu, really?” you groaned, but the others around you had been hyped from such a scandalous question. you quickly took the bottle of alcohol from the middle and poured yourself a shot straight into your mouth. sounds of disappointment surrounded you.
the bottle spun a few times, with even more truths and dares being given out. some players quit due to their alcohol limits being reached, and some were still left. including you, atsumu, and suna.
the bottle spun once more, taking a while to stop until its momentum slowed down and stopped right in front of suna.
“hey! i got one for suna when he answers!” a player shouted. something bubbled in your gut. not from the alcohol, but from the bad feeling you had gotten from the voice. it felt like it had mal intentions. 
“okay. i’ll uh, go with truth this time,” suna adjusted his position on the floor before looking at the onlooker. 
“are your feelings for y/n real?” this time, the crowd was rowdier than ever before. those outside the game came to see the drama going on, and all eyes were on the two of you now.
you glanced at suna before hiding your gaze to the floor. to be honest, you never knew where his intentions with you were. he had a hunch about your infatuation with him, but none of you really ever acted on it, only going for occasional flirting and the one kiss you shared. nothing more. but this question had certainly caught your attention.
suna stared out a little before he glanced towards you. he looked back at the ground before he spoke his mind.
“no, they were never there.”
saying that the silence was so loud you could hear a pin drop was a wildly low understatement. the silence was so loud that you could hear your own heart break. atsumu had embarrassed you first until suna had completely obliterated you. you were so embarrassed, you wanted to die. be swallowed up by the earth. have a plane crash into the house. everything but face the repercussions of the truth suna spat out.
there you sat, frozen solid. you stared at him back onto his phone, scrolling through who the hell knows. what he didn’t know was the amount of sheer shame he brought you. all you could do was sit there for the longest time and hold back your tears and onto your broken heart.
beside you, hinata had broken the silence first. “h-hey, suna, don’t you think that was a little too much?” from his question, all suna could say was one simple word:
and that broke you. you stood up and nonchalantly walked out the front door. you just wanted to get out of there, forget everything that happened tonight, cry yourself to sleep. you hated what suna did to you tonight, and you don’t think you’d have it in you to forgive him if he had the pride to apologize.
you were already out the door and a block away. behind you, you heard the heavy steps of running and heavy breathing. you came to a stop before turning and seeing the blond setter coming towards your way.
“atsumu? what are you doing here, go back to your party. i’m going home.”
out of breath, he took a moment to respond, hands on his knees trying to slow his breathing down. “can’t… go alone… walk with… you…” 
you put a hand on his shoulder for reassurance. “no, it’s okay tsumu, i’ll be okay.”
“no it’s too dark… rather walk you home myself…” atsumu slowly caught his breath. he stood up normally before looking down at your worried stare. 
“if you’re sure, then i’m okay with it.” you continued walking before he jogged up to you, standing on the side closest to the street.
“i forgot to apologize.”
you stared at the twin. his gaze was facing forward, face molded with his serious face. 
“for what, tsumu?” you questioned.
“i kind of brought up the whole suna thing. that was me being drunk. i’m sorry that it snowballed from there.” he looked down at you and smiled with a sheepish grin. you couldn’t help but to smile back, looking down at the ground before you while you two kept walking.
“it’s okay. really, i promise. no one really expected things to go this way. i’m just upset at suna i guess. he led me on this whole time.” you pouted. atsumu could see the disappointment in your face. oh how he wished he could be the one to turn your frown upside down.
he sighed before speaking up once again. “well, y/n. at least you know his true character. i’d say you dodged a nuke back there,” he joked with you.
you laughed back. “you’re right, but it’s hard to not forget about him, especially in my case where i was attached to him by the strongest glue imaginable.” 
atsumu had hummed to that statement and the conversation soon turned silent, the clacking of your heels and his steps the only sound around for you two to hear. not before long, you returned back to your campus dorm, where he stood at the entrance.
“well, guess we’re here huh? text me when you get inside. and text me if you need anything, okay?” atsumu had asked you, and you told him that there was nothing to be worried about before walking inside to your dorm.
but to his experience, one who says there’s nothing to be worried about is usually the one that you should be definitely worried about. 
for the next couple days, you stayed cooped up in your dorms. you hadn’t bothered to go to class or even open your computer. noticing your absence, atsumu decided to check in with you.
in your dorm, you laid underneath your blankets scrolling through social media before your phone buzzed and atsumu’s picture came up on your phone. you answered his call after a few seconds.
“y/n? how are you? i haven’t seen you since… you know.”
“i’m okay, really, don’t worry about me,” you let out a breathy laugh. you spoke in a tone that would hopefully convince him of your wellbeing.
but he wasn’t buying it.
“hm, okay. just checking in on you, bye!” he spoke before quickly hanging up on you. you thought nothing of it, tossing your phone to the side and taking a quick nap.
atsumu had hung up, but he decided that enough was enough and he had to go see you. he walked at a rushed pace all the way to your dorm and put in your door code. once inside, he took the elevator up to your floor, then walked out and straight to your door.
three knocks were heard. 
“who is it?”
you were met with silence. the knocks were heard again, at a quicker pace. 
you walked up and out of your bed and the knocks were even louder and much more frantic. you trudged to the door, and opened it to see none other than atsumu behind the wood.
“why are you knocking at my door?” you questioned him. you looked like a mess, but you didn’t care.
“i know you’re not okay,” atsumu breathed out. he noticed how pale you were, your eyebags grew more prominent, and your whole attire was unlike what you usually wore. you were more, put together, to describe it. yet here you were, looking like the total opposite of put together.
“i told you, i’m perfectly fine,” you grumbled. you walked back to your bed, letting atsumu in who shut the door behind him. your room was much worse— the whole room was dark, save from your screen on your phone. your trash can had been filled to the brim with tissues and junk food, clothes piled on the floor. you were normally such a neat freak too, but from looking at your state of your being and your room, he could obviously tell how much the situation at the party affected you.
he sat back on the edge of the bed, looking at you typing on your phone before going back to sleeping. he felt bad about everything, but more than anything he felt bad about suna saying that about you too. he wanted his friend to feel better.
“do you wanna go on a date?” atsumu spoke out loud. he had asked without hesitation and out of the blue, which definitely shocked the both of you.
you sat up from where you laid, looking at him in confusion. you were glad the room was dark though, because he would’ve seen how much your words had an affect on you. but maybe he could tell from the tone of your voice when you wondered about his question.
“i mean, as friends of course. but i wanna take you out, forget about that jerk. you deserve better, and you gotta get over him before you can find someone new.” atsumu had stopped looking at you from that point on, opting to stare down on your bed and playing with the fabric of your blanket that poked out. 
you thought about his words for a second. it would definitely be a great distraction, but you still had a crush on suna. it wouldn’t be so soon as to where you can find someone else. but, it would be fun to go on a date with atsumu for a day.
“okay.” he looked up from what he was doing, finding you gazing at him.
“yes really,” you smiled. he gave you a gentle smile back.
“okay, is tomorrow too soon? at 6?”
“no, i’ll be good then.”
atsumu smiled widely, hopping out from where he sat. “alright, guess my mission here’s complete! guess i’m outta here.”
“w-wait is that all you came here for? to ask me on a date?” 
the blond turned around once again and smiled at you. “no, my plan was to make you feel better again. seeing you genuinely smile today means i did my part. but we still have that date, so hopefully i’ll make you happy again!” he walked out but not before waving you goodbye and shutting the door on his way out. that miya may be the death of you, but at least he made living fun.
the next day, you had wallowed in self pity all day up until an hour before your date. atsumu had planned to pick you up later in the day, but you still had no clue on what to wear even minutes before he said he’d come.
with great timing, he had texted you asking if you still wanted to go on that date.
[yes, i’m still down. but what am i supposed to wear? i’m not exactly aware of date attire or anything.]
he texted back, telling you to wear something warm and casual, so you opted for a warm top and comfortable bottoms, making sure you’d be warm at this hour of the evening. 
[i’m here.] he texted you half an hour later. you walked out of your dorm and went down to the first floor. you walked out of the building to see atsumu wearing slacks and a hoodie layered by his volleyball letterman. he had been leaning on the brick wall, before noticing you and walking up to you.
“hey! you look good, y/n.” you smiled up at him.
“this was just something i put on. it’s nothing fancy or anything,” you spoke. atsumu laughed at your humble attitude.
“you still look good anyways. oh, and here,” he pulled out a bouquet of pink flowers. it was absolutely beautiful and smelled amazing.
“atsumu! you didn’t have to.” you flustered over the sudden gift. he patted your head before saying that this was a date, you deserve some flowers on a date.
he walked you to his car, but not before opening your door to let you in and closing it behind you. he circled around the hood to get into the driver’s side.
you buckled in and settled the flowers on your lap. “so, where are we going tonight?”
he started the car, then started driving out of the campus. “i got two things in mind that you’ll hopefully love. but it’s a surprise, so you’ll know when we get there.”
you groaned and he laughed. the rest of the car ride was some banter between the two of you while his playlist of your shared music was on a low volume before you arrived at some unknown location.
“where are we?” you spoke as atsumu had opened your door again. as you stepped out, your nose was flooded with the scent of all kinds of food. it was hard to figure out what was what, but nonetheless it made your mouth water. 
“a food festival. hopefully you haven’t eaten yet, but food’s on me. get whatever you want.” he held out his hand for you to hold. you looked at him before looking back at his hand, hesitant on whether or not it was okay.
“i don’t have chickenpox, y/n. it’s okay,” he joked. you grumbled back at him before holding his hand and he squeezed it in comfort.
the both of you walked around the food festival with you looking at all the options you had in front of you and him suggesting on what to eat. the both of you first tried some savory foods, grabbing one meal from a food stand and eating it before moving onto the next. some foods were absolutely amazing, others were not as good. but you continued to eat your hearts away with some meals, and ended it off with some different desserts.
“dude, i’m so full.” atsumu had stretched and rubbed his stomach. you did the same and laughed out loud. 
“me too, but that was great. never thought i would see the day where i eat a peanut butter and jelly mac and cheese.” you sipped on the drink you had bought earlier, and headed back into atsumu’s car.
“alright, part one done. now, it��s the second part of the date,” he spoke. he drove out of the parking lot and towards the hills. 
“where’re we going now?” you questioned him, but you would’ve guessed that he would be keeping it from you as a surprise.
“i have a spot where we can see all of tokyo and the bay.” he spoke, eyes staring straight ahead. you looked out the passenger window, taking in all the lights you can already see.
compared to the ride to the food festival, this one was quiet but not overbearing or awkward. in fact, it felt peaceful. the music was still playing over the radio but was nice background noise that accompanied the sounds of the car.
eventually, the car came to a stop. you stared out the windshield to be met with a view of tokyo. the lights were bright, the bridge in front of you sparkled as you saw several cars come and go on it. behind it were all the lights of the buildings in the busy metropolitan area, and on the bottom of it all was the bay, reflecting all of its lights and moving with the wind. it was truly a sight to behold.
“wow,” you broke the silence. “it looks amazing here.” the both of you stepped out the car and sat on the hood, where you continued to take in the scenery. 
“nice, huh,” atsumu spoke to you.
“yeah,” you responded.
you both sat in silence. the air was cold, and your hands froze. you shoved your hands in your pockets while atsumu rubbed his and blew his breath on it.
he shuffled around a bit, leaning his weight onto his other leg before breaking the silence once again. “what did you ever see in suna, by the way?”
to be honest, you didn’t know. all you knew was that you had a crush on him. but thinking more on his words, was there really anything notable about him that made you infatuated? maybe you liked him because of his looks, or his “love” that he showed you, or even the banter between you. maybe because he was a volleyball player and a mutual friend? but even so, there was nothing about him personality-wise that really attracted you. maybe you were just attracted to what he gave you instead of him as a whole.
small tears started spilling out, hitting a sensitive spot that had healed temporarily only to be forced open once more. “i don’t know.” 
atsumu held onto your hand. his was warm compared to the frigid feeling of yours. you were such a bright and warm person but now your hand felt like ice. was this the effect of what that middle blocker had done to you?
you looked at him, where he continued to look at the bay all while his grasp on your hand kept on. 
“be mine. i’ll treat you better. but i mean, you can say no too. i know it’s too soon, but i really admire you and you overall. and i want to be able to make you happy.” he squeezed your hand as his breath fogged out. this was surely a distraction from suna, but was it a good one? you were unsure.
just like how you felt about him attempting to court you.
“atsumu…” you looked down at your feet, unsure of what to say.
“it’s okay to say no, y/n. i just wanted to tell you. and if you do say no, i hope we can still be friends.” 
you looked out at the sights before you. would it really be better than what suna had gave you? atsumu on this date had been nothing but a gentleman. he was really caring towards you and even bought you flowers. suna hadn’t done that but he was also kind to you. so what would be different?
“atsumu i’m flattered, really, but i think i need time to figure it out. you’re really sweet but what would be different if i decided to be by your side?”
he squeezed your hand. “everything. we can take it slow, i’ll go the long way for you. i just want you to be mine.”
you were still hesitant. but as you wondered, you realized that maybe things could work out for you if you would open yourself up to the opportunity. so you spoke to him.
“okay. i’ll be yours. but you have to take me on another date. and prove it to me. prove that you’ll be better than him, then i’ll decide if i want to take your offer.”
atsumu smiled at your answer. he smiled and took your hand up to his mouth where he placed a gentle kiss on your palm. he grabbed your hand with both of his, and stared at your eyes.
“i promise i’ll take care of you. anything for the best."
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Tumblr media
OIKAWA: after suddenly pressing a soft kiss on his lips, his eyes widen due to surprise but not even a split second goes by until he turns to you with smirk and urges for more. you roll your eyes and place a few more kisses on his cheek, topping it off with a light peck on his nose. his brows furrow and a pout forms on his pretty face. receiving a confused look from you, he decides to lean towards you himself and give you the extra kisses he actually wanted.
AKAASHI: you give him a quick peck on the cheek when you step into the bathroom while he’s brushing his teeth. he halts for half a second, then quickly bends over to rinse his mouth. as you’re about to walk out of the room with the towel you came in for, he grabs your wrist and spins you around to face him. he pulls you close and latches his lips onto your yours, noses brushing against each other, as he smiles into the kiss. you practically melt into his arms seeing his charming smile so close to your face and you can’t help but smile too.
SAKUSA: he just waits until you finish peppering his hand with pecks but smiles softly and watches you in admiration. ‘so cute’ he thinks. “your hands taste like alcohol.” you blurt, sticking your tongue out. he softly laughs, “it’s sanitizer baby.” an ‘oh’ escapes your lips then he grabs your hands, bringing it close to his face to place light kisses on your knuckles. the stop light finally turns green and he continues to hold the steering wheel with one hand, and one hand still intertwined with yours for the remainder of the car ride.
KUROO: he stops you midway and latches his lips onto yours, definitely catching you off guard. he deepens the kiss and you can’t help but melt into his soft touch. his arms wrapped around your waist and your arms locked around his neck. the intimate moment cutting short when your the oven lets out a loud ding, reminding you of the dinner you were making about half an hour ago. you’re both startled at the sound but kuroo immediately shrugs it off and pulls you in again to continue what got interrupted.
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Just thinking about How Kuroo's camera roll wouldn't necessarily have pictures of him but probably:
Pics of cats
Videos of cute cats that are REALLY FLUFFY and make you go HAKDJDKS ❤
Paws PAWS PAWS all the way
Random photos of Bokuto doing BOKUTO things
Kenma gaming and Kenma's annoyed face in different sizes and dimensions
Spam photos of Bokuto and Atsumu's face on his phone
Spam photos of Nekoma team that he re-saves when they come up on facebook
Mountain views whenever he goes hiking
Beach volleyball photos when they have days off
Chaotic beach volleyball where half of it is practically blurry
Photos of your double chin
Spam photos of your double chin for him to laugh at
Photos of your hands in his because he loves knowing how tiny your hands are
Random videos and photos of you whenever you go on dates
He snaps pics of you when he thinks you're not looking
Only for you to flash him your ugliest face just to PROVE A POINT
Him falling about laughing because honestly that's the thing he lives for honestly
Selfies where he squishes his cheek with yours until you're annoyed lmap
SCREENSHOTS of middle school you
Aesthetic shots of you both on the beach, in the park, anywhere beautiful that he wants to capture with you and FINALLY
Pictures of your hand, with a ring
A screenshot of his text where he tells Kenma "she's finally mine."
Just Kuroo things 💘
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yyh · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ariavaana · a day ago
|♡| Phone Sex |♡|
Tumblr media
Feat. Tanaka Ryunosuke x F!Reader, Bokuto Kotaro x F!Reader, Tendou Satori x F! Reader
Description: Due to your loving boyfriend being in a different continent for personal reasons, you had been feeling quite lonely in your once shared apartment. You hadn’t expected him to come back for at least another three weeks, which almost seemed unbearable. You two had been keeping contact with innocent skype calls and text messages, until recently when things between the two of you get steamy through the screen. 
Rating: Smut
Disclaimer: Sexting, Mutual Masturbation,  Established Relationship, Long Distance?, Desperation, Mentions of Punishment, Brief Insecurities  Word Count: 2,681
Links: Masterlist,  Ask Me Anything
|♡| Tanaka Ryunosuke |♡|
“Miss you”
The short text has you smiling to yourself, kicking your feet at the edge of your bed as your boyfriend continues to complain about how tiresome this trip was and how much he wished he was in bed with you. It wasn’t long before your perverse boyfriend turned his sweet messages into provocative texts, hinting strongly to send him nude photos of yourself. 
“It’s fine if you dont wanna bby, just need a little motivation is all” He sends immediately after, noticing your lack of response. “Are the ones I sent before now cutting it?” You anxiously type the reply to which Tanaka is quick to respond. 
“Ofc, but you know I cant help but want more. I wanna see you.” 
You were always nervous about taking pictures. Always second-guessing your pose or hating on your expression. You had never felt like you were photogenic, and nudes seemed to only strengthen this insecurity despite Tanaka fucking it away numerous times before. 
But you knew your boyfriend, who was completely devoted and obsessed with your character. Just the slightest flash of skin and Tanaka would run laps and have slobber hang from his mouth. He was never shy about how attractive he thought you were. 
You decided to push through your thoughts and do it. After all, you were missing your boyfriend way more than your expected, and the ache between your legs became bothersome. 
“Okay Ryu”
You could practically hear his excitement through the phone as it buzzed with what you assumed was encouragement and gratitude but you were too busy trying to figure out a show to put on for him.
You were in nothing but his old volleyball jersey and some panties, but in the end, you decided it would have to do seeing as you were too anxious to sit and wait in your thoughts.
In the first photo you sat up straight on your knees, nipples poking through the thin fabric of the shirt looking pretty, just as he liked it, and your shirt slightly rid up revealing the flesh of your ass and your underwear. Before insecurities got the best of you, you quickly snapped a photo and sent it to your boyfriend.
Almost instantly you got a list of texts from Tanaka including both compliments and pictures of his boxers, red in color,  with a large imprint and slight wet spot around the tip.
“Your so pretty baby you always get me like this”
“It hurtsss”
Shamelessly you staired. You missed him so much, him pounding you away with so much enthusiasm you swore you could pass out on the spot. Nothing was as good as Tanaka’s cock, but you settled with your hand making its way between your legs, teasing your folds through your underwear.
“Can you take off my jersey for me baby?”
The request had you giggling. Tanaka had a thing for your chest, he would often ask you to push them together and give them a little shake so he could fuck them and cum on your face, breasts often soar and covered in cum from the titty jobs. So you did just that, knowing he would love it.
This time you had more confidence, sending a short video of you stripping off the jersey and leaving you in a lacey bra. You then snapped photos in various positions, each showing your round breasts, sometimes squeezing or pinching them leaving your nipples cute and red. 
- ‘Meathead’ has sent a video -
Tanaka then sent his own video, leaving you gasping audibly as the first frame showed your boyfriend sliding a pocket pussy over his thick cock, wet with what you could assume was his own spit. 
“Ah, babe look what you did to me. Shit, you look so pretty there in my jersey. Your not even showing me your cute cunt yet and your already driving me nuts baby.” He then proceeded to send picture after picture of his body only making you crave him more. 
Tanaka was muscular and cut, slight freckles adorning his shoulders and down the trail of his abs where his cock sat still wet from his previous actions which you assumed he stopped just for you. In some of the videos he was flexing and laughing with that same stupid grin and angry eyebrows that proved although you were a great distance apart and talking through a screen he was still your Tanaka. 
All caution was thrown to the wind as you decided to strip yourself of your panties after taking some photos of the wet spot he caused before sending him lengthy videos of your plunging your fingers in your cunt, attempting to imitate his own during your rounds of sex. 
“Ryu, Ryu, please. Feels so, so good.” You whined, attempting to hold your phone steady as you raised your hips to grind against your hand. Everything was too hot, the video of Tanaka fucking himself with a toy just kept playing in your mind and you couldn’t help but want more. You moved your fingers to flick your sensitive clit which seemed to do the trick and drive you over the edge.
“Wat you, want you so bad. Shit, shit — Ry-Ryunosuke,” you screamed as your hole clamped around your fingers and your eyes rolled back into your head, breath shallow from the intense orgasm that ripped through your body. It took a few minutes to recover before you shakily cleaned yourself up and sent the video to your beloved boyfriend. 
- ‘PRETTY BABY <3′ has sent a video -
“Hope this helps, Ryu, I miss you I wish you were here to help me <33″
|♡| Bokuto Kotaro |♡|
It was probably around one in the morning when your phone rang, buzzing so loud that it shook your whole nightstand causing you to curse yourself for not putting it on do not disturb. 
The call had interrupted your rather steamy dream about your boyfriend, imagining the tan he had gotten from his harsh training with the rest of the National Volleyball Team in some ‘top secret’ place Bokuto refused to tell you about until he had gotten back. 
Now you were left cranky, horny, and tired. Quickly, you smacked your hand down on the phone and answered, bringing the receiver to your mouth to groan out a displeased “what!”
“Don’t be mad..” Your eyes widened at Bokuto’s panting voice, small groans and whimpers making their way to your ear. “Ko? What is it puppy? Why are you calling me so late?”
“I’m sorry baby,” he whined, voice seemingly getting louder. “I’m so fucking hard, it hurt too much I couldn’t sleep.” You sat up quickly realizing what was happening. Just the very thought of Bokuto touching himself had you squeezing your thighs together. 
“Please! Say something I need your voice, can’t cum without you.” 
You smiled, slowly pushing down your loose shorts. “What are you doing now baby, tell me. I wanna know.” Bokuto whimpered at your tone, not enjoying your teasing but decided to play along. “I-I’m fucking fisting my cock babe, it feels so fucking good. I really want you I wish you were here. ‘m miss you.” 
“Wanna know what I’m doing Ko?” You ask slowly, his answer and small sounds of pleasure only fueling you as you circle your finger around my clit. Bokuto desperately asks you to tell him, feeding into your sultry voice and teasing remarks. 
“’m wearing only your jersey, I miss you too, so so much Ko. Smells just like you.” Your boyfriend moans loudly as you continue to describe what you're wearing, telling him every detail about your now discarded panties and your hair tied up messily just how he likes. If you weren’t before you were wide awake now. 
“I’m touching myself, Kotaro. Just for you, you make me feel so good, wish I could cum all over your cock.” You hear Bokuto drop the phone as the found of loud, wet smacking now mixes with his voice, which was begging you to let him touch, to let him taste even if it wasn’t possible.
“I wish it was your fingers baby. How many do you want me to put in? I want to feel good Ko, make me feel good.” 
“Oh fuck! Fuck baby put in two, I promise you, once these awful weeks are up you're not leaving that bed. I need you, baby, I need that pussy.” Bokuto’s voice is commanding and hoarse, telling you he’s probably rubbing himself raw to get to the edge. Your poor boyfriend, he must have been jerking off all night before he called you. 
You sighed when you followed his orders, hole already sensitive and clenching from your harsh rubs on your clit earlier. Not to mention the combination of the wet dream and his voice made you want to roll your eyes back and cream. You were probably closer than he was. But you were determined. 
“C’mon Ko, baby. I want you to cum so bad, miss you so much.” Bokuto’s breathing became sporadic and the harsh slapping sounds of his fist bumping his abs as he tried to get off to your voice increased tenfold. You decided to pull out the trump card, knowing it would drive Bokuto instantly off edge. 
“You’re so good for me Ko, such a good boy. I want you to cum for me Ko, wan’ it so bad. Please cum for me.” 
It was like you said the magic words because as soon as the praises left your mouth your boyfriend began withering and crying into the speaker of your phone, your pussy throbbing in response to him as your high came to a crash, leaving you shaking and panting. The combination of sleep and the orgasm left knocked you out cold because the next time you woke up was to the birds chirping and your alarm clock flashing a bright “8:45″ onto your face. 
You instantly went to check your phone to see several attachments from Bokuto with a cum covered chest and spent dick as well as shameless messages about how deep he was going to fuck you when he was finished training. At the end of it all was a simple but sweet message from him. 
“Night babe, love ya ;)” 
|♡| Tendou Satori  |♡|
“Love,” Tendou cooed, head in his hand as he watched you blush with a soft smile on his face. Tonight was another face-time session, often lasting hours as the two of you talked about your day and caught each other up. “Why are you looking at me like that?”
  Tendou noticed your heavy gaze on his lips, squirming slightly in your chair as you tried your best to focus on the conversation. You were daydreaming again, about his lips wrapped around your clit and flicking his heavenly tongue around your cunt till you screamed his name. It was quite obvious what you wanted, but your boyfriend decided he wanted to have some fun first.
  Your boyfriend set down his phone, leaning it against something on the desk of the hotel he was staying at before leaning back allowing his shirt to ride up slightly to give you a teasing view of his abs and happy trail.
  “I wish you were here sweetheart, these judges don’t know what good desserts taste like if they were even considering other people’s entries.” He droned on about the baking competition which had stolen him away from you for a couple of weeks, lifting his shirt up to wipe non-existent sweat off his face and reveal his pale torso.
The enticing view lasted for only a moment but your boyfriend couldn't help but snicker at your dazed look. "Hold on babe, I gotta change my pants they are getting a little...tight."  He then proceeded to walk off camera and throw down his pants and underwear, soft grunts leaving the speaker of your phone causing your pussy to clench at the show.
“Satori,” you whined, squeezing your thighs together slightly. You and Tendou often were in bed together, but this trip and lack of sex had really taken a toll on you. You were too shy to ask your boyfriend for phone sex in the past, but today you wanted to change that, you wanted to see him toy with his pretty cock, and you two cum together.
“I’m..,” You attempt to voice your needs but chicken out of it last second, turning your head to your lap to get a peek of the lingerie set you had worn under the old shirt you were wearing. It was one of Tendou’s favorites, dark maroon with thin sheer lace and pretty elaborate patterns.
“You have to tell me so I can give you what you want, I have no idea what you're getting at I need words, pretty,” Tendou called, looking up to see him sitting back down in his chair, the position his phone was in leaving his dick just out of view although you could see his hand move up and down.  It was then you realized your boyfriend was just toying with you, causing you to furrow your eyebrows and send a glare toward the red-haired man.
“What? Oh c’mon, I didn’t mean no harm.” He teased, a curved smirk covering his pretty lips as lifted his hips slightly to reveal his weeping pink head dribbling with pre-cum.
You scoffed, hands reaching for the hem of your shirt as you peeled it off yourself to reveal your sexy attire to the camera, pushing your chair back so he could get a good view. “Sure, pretty boy, of course, you didn't mean it. But that doesn't mean I won't give you a taste of your own medicine”
Quickly gaining confidence and wanting to get back at him for teasing, you spread your legs apart and began teasing yourself through your underwear, swaying yourself in the chair to not give him an easy view of yourself. “Wait, hold on baby,” he chuckled, quickly pushing down the camera in the hope you would forget your anger and instead get lost at the sight of him revealing his pretty cock in all its glory.
You remained strong however and clicked your tongue, pushing your panties to the side to give your fingers access to your sticky hole. Tendou quickly realized how much he was losing this battle and began to regret his slight teasing. “Baby don’t be that way, I’m sorry,” he sighed, pulling his cock as he watched your tits move while you swayed in the chair.
“I don’t know pretty boy, you’ve been teasing me this whole time with flirty messages and nudes knowing I can’t have you.” A fake pout made its way to your face as you sped up your maneuvers, freehand pulling down the cups of your proactive bra to tweak your nipple. “I don’t think that’s very fair, do you?”
  “Don’t tease me Y/N or I promise you when I get back-”
“What Satori? You’ll punish me three weeks from now?” You laughed at him, knowing very well when he gets back you were in for one hell of a ride. You decided to be merciful and stop swaying your body and give him a clear view of your soaking cunt.
  Tendou’s eyes were glued to your hole, fluttering around your fingers as you sloppily tried to reach your high, he knew he could do so much better than your tiny, clumsy hand. “Don’t cum,” he snarled, knowing by the way you heaved that you were getting close, but Tendou wasn’t nearly there from your previous efforts blocking what he craved to see. 
“Aww, pretty boy, your struggling?” You laughed, moving to rub your clit furiously and letting a few stray moans leave your lips. “Feels so good baby, if only you were here.”
“Y/N I swear-”
You hung up before you could hear the rest of his sentence, orgasm hitting you seconds after you hit the end call button releasing sounds between a laugh and a groan.  
You were in for it when he got home. |♡|—–|♡| 
Authors Note: Hello everyone! I’m not too sure how I like this one, I think only certain parts I was happy with (─‿─) . Let me know if you like this format with multiple characters! Buh bye!!  Links: Masterlist, Ask Me Anything
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hawberries · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
asshole 4 asshole
[image is a digital drawing of Atsumu and Sakusa in casual clothing, with Astumu leading his elbow obnoxiously onto Sakusa’s head with a grin, who looks disgruntled as he pulls down his face mask and swats at Atsumu with his other hand. alongside is a smaller, chibi drawing of Atsumu kissing Sakusa on the cheek; here, Sakusa looks pouty but affectionate.]
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demxnscous · 2 days ago
ok but how will reader react if atsumu goes out on a date like to try to get over reader :/ i want pain
i wanted to keep the idea of your ask (bc i love the angst it brings to the table) but made it more atsumu-centric instead :)
pairings: timeskip!atsumu x f!reader
wc: 0.4k
contains: bestfriend!atsumu, mutual suppressed feelings, angst, desperate atsumu, mutual pining, atsumu’s inner monologue
warnings: none
[more about bestfriend!atsumu here]
Tumblr media
What am I doing?
You smile at Atsumu and he doesn't think he deserves to see it. He grins at you, it feels unfamiliar.
Say something, please.
"Have fun, and don't do anything stupid while you're out," you tell him. He wants to hear anything else come from your mouth.
Tell me to stop.
"Yeah, I promise," Atsumu assuages you as he adjusts his tie. It's not a patterned one; you should tell him to change the tie, stall his time, keep him around you for longer. You don't.
"Where're you taking her?" you ask, and it's an innocent question.
He keeps adjusting his tie, he can't seem to get it right. "That new restaurant downtown. Heard it has some good reviews already, so I thought it might be worth a try."
I shouldn't be doing this.
"Isn't that place pretty expensive?"
Atsumu shrugs, he's fussing with the watch on his wrist now. "'M sure it's worth it." He doesn't see you rise from the couch, crossing to him, until your hand is over his own, keeping him from fiddling with the silver band.
"You look very nice, 'Tsumu, I'm sure the date will go well."
He can't read your expression; he wants to know what you're thinking again. Atsumu doesn't want you to let go. You do.
"Thank you," he says, watching you. And the desperation of it all splices at his skin, wanting to get out.
Two weeks have passed since his conversation with his brother about needing to talk to you. Now, however, is not the time for such.
He's about to leave for a date with a beautiful woman whom he'd met some time ago; she was a sports reporter—amiable, bold—that he interviewed with often enough after official games to become good acquaintances.
Though, she wasn't you.
Leaving the apartment, offering his goodbyes, he closes the door behind him. Atsumu stands there for a moment afterward, his back to the apartment, looking down the empty hallway.
He knows this date won't change anything, but he goes, willing to give it everything, just for a night, and see what may happen.
Tumblr media
Taglist [open]: @flycloudddd @hyeongjjun @erinoikawa @hai1q @bbyatsumu @zitabob @onigirintarou @on-crows-wings @bloombb @yaexure @voidshoutsback @malxoxo @ti-mame @saaraunicorn
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humbuns · 2 days ago
Not a character but i associate you with failed furniture assemble bc the impact of this art is too much for me😭😭 ITS SO SILLY BUT IT GIVES ME SO MUCH SEROTONIN even until now i still laugh when i think about it😭😭😭😭
ajdkskks i still love that comic so much till this day omg (it's already 2 years old too???? wild) so i'm taking this as a badge of honor
i feel bad that i never added another part to that comic because i got some suggestions of what happens afterwards that were all hilarious to read but i think a karasuno's moral support group was my favorite out of the bunch cause i can totally see Tsukki cracking up the whole time and threatening to post the whole situation on twitter instead of helping lol
Tumblr media
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tamoru · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
tiny ushiten for satori’s bday
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kaleshima · 2 days ago
hi hi i’m here for the prompt game c: i choose tsukishima and #140 ty!!
“would you just shut up and kiss me already?”
word count - 341
Tumblr media
it was late in the afternoon, school's ending creeping up. the clock couldn't go fast enough, something everyone thought, everyone even tsukishima kei. he sighed, trying to block out your not stop talking. usually school seemed long enough- but you would just not shut up.
"are you even paying attention?" you huffed, waving your hand in front of his face.
he swatted it away. "stop." he put his hand down and slipped his headphones back on.
you rolled your eyes and continued anyways. though he was ignoring you he couldn't help but continue to look at your face. you noticed this but brushed it off. you continued to ramble on about who knows what. he didn't care. he didn't want to, but he did. this whole time anyone would have assumed he put on his music to ignore you, but truly behind the bitchy façade, there was no music. he was listening the whole time. though he had a limit and you were indeed talking his ears off he couldn't help but hold back a smile. he liked you, a lot more than he wish he did. he wanted to keep the tough image he was known for but he couldn't help but to fall for you.
he took off his headphones and placed them on the table, turning to look at you. “would you just shut up and kiss me already?”
you immediately stopped what you were saying. "what?"
"you heard me." he said, turning away from you. a faint blush was dusted on his face. you paused, processing it. "yes.. yes I can."
"good." he turned back to look at you, waiting.
"good.." you mumbled. looking around to see if anyone was looking. thankfully no one was. you leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips. he gladly kissed you back quickly.
when you both pulled away your faces were covered in a shade of pink. you both sat silently blushing.
"you know I'm not actually going to shut up.." you comment.
"I didn't really want you to."
Tumblr media
send me a prompt <3 og post here
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yuzuir · 2 days ago
Oikawa tooru being a bully
Tumblr media
Bully! Oikawa who waits for you at the the school gates and drags you to the back of the school, just so you can suck him off before he goes to training camp since he’s not going to see you for a week or two
bully oikawa! When it’s his first time fucking you. Since he came back from training camp he’s been itching to get his cock inside of you. So he bent you over the little desk in the janitors closest and pounds you till your legs give out
“D-Daddy- ‘m gonna cum.” You whispered out to him as you tried to hold back your whimper.
Bully! oikawa! Who once saw you look at your body funny and saw your facial expression sadden. That instantly pissed him off and spent the next to hours after school in the locker rooms sucking on everything he loves about your body. To your cheeks, to your neck, to your tummy and to those gorgeous thighs you have. He’d spend at least a good 15 minutes fucking them.
“Da- Ah! Daddy you’re biting and sucking too hard.” You groan as oikawa grunted at you and told you to ‘shut the fuck up’ or ‘it’s your fault for saying those things to your body’
Bully! Oikawa who snatches you from random places when you’re walking in the building. You’d just be minding your own business and then the next thing you knew,that your arm is yanked into a janitors closet or in the small alleys that lead to the back of the school.
He’ll go to any risky lengths to fuck you. He just can’t get enough of you.
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Being MSBY's Manager
Relationship Troubles with Sakusa
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi featuring MSBY x Female Manager
Warnings: Swearing (mom drops the f bomb alot 😅 we shall call it a "sentence enhancer" 💅🏼), Sakusa being an absolute ass, major angst to fluff, Sakusa is toxic but I'm making him work on himself 🥰, suggestive ending
A/N: I 💙 emotional pain 🥲 so let's do Sakusa! A big shout out to Gen Z anon for helping me with the ending 😘
Ope 😶
I think we are about to really feel this one
Sakusa can be a little... brash
He's a Pisces/Aries cusp- two very emotional signs
And I totally see him being a "tell it like it is" type character
So being his partner might be kind of tough
I do think this man loves just as hard as Bokuto and Atsumu- but he definitely needs time to himself
I mean we all do- self 👏🏻 care 👏🏻
So let's get into this heartbreak shall we 🙃
First off, you met him at some random place ✋🏻
Sakusa probably isn't the type to date online
But 👀 hear me out
You are in the laundromat doing your laundry
You had just graduated and moved to a new city
Your ex boyfriend, a complete POS, had found you clingy and annoying
Spoiler alert: you aren't, men just suck 😒
He had cheated on you numerous times because he said you were "too needy and not giving enough in return" 🙄
Can we all say Toxic?
Your friends told you it wasn't true and you knew it wasn't
But your past relationship had really affected you
So you decided to start anew in a brand new city 🙌🏻
Honestly goals!
You have a load going and decide to clean out the lint traps of some of the dryers
I mean 1) it's a fire hazard 2) it's just a nice thing to do 🤗
And that's our sweet bby YN
A gorgeous, sweet, caring woman who always wants to help
While you're throwing the lint away, you see a tall man, wearing a mask watching you
He has gorgeous dark curly hair and dark eyes
And his dark eyes lock on yours
You gulp and blush because like, someone's watching you AND he's hot 🥵
Being Sakusa he walks up to you
"What are you doing?"- Sakusa
You 👉🏻 👁👄👁 huh-
"Why are you cleaning the lint traps out? That's not your job"- Sakusa
Ok then- forward much?
"Oh I- I uh like to do nice things. And you never know, it could make someone's life a little easier"- you smiling up at the tall man
He totally just narrows his eyes at you- and turns to leave
Ok then 😐
You turn and walk back to your clothes, moving them from the washer to the dryer
You proceed to wipe down the washer you used with a sanitizing wipe
Again, we are in a pandemic and it's just nice to do!
Sakusa gets up, approaching you again
"Now what are you doing?"- he questions, looming over you
You look up at him, eyes widening 😳
"Uh I'm wiping down the washer I used"- you answering the question
"I didn't know people did that"- Sakusa looking at you
"Well most don't but it just seems hygienic to me. Like common sense I guess"-you shrug
"Mind if I have some of those wipes"- Sakusa asks, mouth still covered by his mask
"Of course! Help yourself"- you hand them to him as you turn to continue your crusade
Sakusa is intrigued by you
An absolutely stunning women doing laundry alone in the laundry mat
Yet you take time out of you day to help others 💙
When your laundry is dry, you take it out and begin to fold it
"Why are you doing laundry in a laundromat alone? Isn't that dangerous?"- Sakusa blurts out, still watching you
"Umm well I don't think it's any more dangerous than walking thought a convince store. I mean there is cameras. Plus I start a new job tomorrow and I need clean clothes"- you say, shrugging as you fold your leggings, putting them in the basket
"Yeah but still anything could happen. I mean you are a stunning women"- Sakusa
Honestly fire signs are way to blunt for our own good
It enters our brain and comes right out our mouths 🙃
"Well thank you, you are a very good looking man as well"- You, winking 😉 at Sakusa
Please this makes him smile behind his mask 😫😫😫
You pack up your clothing and turn to face Sakusa
"Well it was nice meeting you-"
"Sakusa- Sakusa Kiyoomi"
"Kiyoomi, I'm LN YN!! Good luck with your laundry"- you say smiling as you walk out of the laundrymat
Smooth YN, Smooth 😏
Sakusa debates for a few minutes if he should go ask for your number
He ultimately decides not too
But believe me when I say he kicks himself over and over again for not doing it
However, lucky for him, I'm writing this 🙌🏻
And in my world, we grant 🎆 second changes 🎆
Which is EXACTLY what happens 🤩
Sakusa walks into training the next morning tired
He was beating himself up last night for not asking you for your number
He may of thought of a plan or two to try and find you again
Which included swinging by the laundromat daily to check for you
And/or leaving a note on the laundromat bulletin board addressed to you
He thought about it as he stepped into the locker room, hearing Atsumu talking
God it was too early for that 😒
"Did you guys see the new manager? She's hot as hell!"- Atsumu
"Don't even think about it Sumu, Captain already said she's off limits"- Barnes said laughing from his locker
"Hey a man can dream right Omi?"- Atsumu says as Sakusa set his gear down
"Dream big Sumu"- Sakusa said as Bokuto and Hinata came leaping into the locker room
"New manager day!"- Bokuto shouted
"Please take it easy on this one Bo. We'd like to keep her for more than a week"- Inunaki said walking out into the gym
Sakusa changed and made his way out to the gym
He say Meian talking to a women who was facing away from the team
Her hair streamed down her back as she looked up and laughed at something Meian had said
The men lined up as Meian addressed the group, the woman turning around
Holy shit- 😳
Her eyes widened when they met his and he couldn't help but smile
Yn Ln, the weird laundromat girl, was their new manager 😱
The interaction was not missed by Thomas who elbowed Sakusa
"Hey Omi, you know her?"- Thomas probed
"Wait Omi knows that hotty?"- Hinata
Sakusa glared at Hinata as YN approaches him
"Kiyoomi! How nice to see you again. I didn't know you played for MSBY?"- you asked, your smile so bright it almost blinded everyone in the gym
Pure perfection YN 💅🏼
"Yeah, I'm a uh- wing spiker. I didn't know you were a manager?" Sakusa questioned, rubbing the back of his neck
"Yeah I was for my college team! I just graduated a few months ago and this job came up and I figured I'd try for it! I'm so glad we will be working together"- You, so excited and bubbly
"Wow that's awesome"- Sakusa says, smiling down at you
Please all the guys are like 👁👄👁
They've never seem their Omi Omi so happy before
During training, you proved yourself worthy of the title of MSBY's Manager
Practice was ending and Atsumu was still serving
You step under the net and get in position
Everyone watches you in fascination as you get in a receiving position
"Umm- YN what you are doing?"- Meian asks, curious
"Yeah YN, don't you know my serves are deadly"- Atsumu 💅🏼
You just roll you eyes 🙄
"Trust me Atsumu, I'll be fine. Just send it up"- you, getting a perfect receiving stance
The guys all watch you, Sakusa intrigued but also nervous
"Suit yourself YN"- Atsumu says sending up the ball and slamming it into the opposite court
Only it doesn't hit the floor 👀
Because you pulled off a perfect receive, sending it right to where the setter would be
"Holy shit YN that was incredible!"- Hinata shouts as he runs towards you
Sakusas eyes widen and his mouth gapes
Man just fell harder for our Queen 🥰
"I'm betting YN use to play. Libero perhaps?"- Inunaki announced
"You caught me"- you laugh putting your hands up
"That's so cool YN!!! Did you ever make it to nationals??"- Bokuto
"We did, my third year! We were in the top 8 but then got eliminated unfortunately"- you ask smiling at the fond memory
Sakusa walked over to join the team who was now surrounding you
"Atsumu that is one wicked serve you got there"- you, looking at a now sulking Atsumu
"I can't believe you received that"- Sumu said as he looked at you with narrow eyes
You just shrug and smile
"Ok ok- practice is over. Time to get out so YN can do her job"- Meian says, ushering the men to the locker rooms
Sakusa watched you as you went about your duties, taking down the nets and cleaning the floor
It was obvious you were a pro when it came to cleanliness and your job
"God she's even hotter than I imagined she'd be"- Atsumu said, taking off his sweat dampened shirt
Pls at this point I'm writing drabble/hcs and turning it into soft-core smut 🤣
"I wonder if she has a boyfriend"- Hinata
"Nope- she's single"- Meian said interrupting
"And you would know because..."- Thomas
Please Meian is one of those guys you just instantly trust 🤚🏻
I'd spill all my secrets to that man without a second thought
Meian shrugged "she just told me she moved here alone a few months ago. A bad relationship or something"
"Damn well maybe I'll ask her if she's interested in seeing the town"- Atsumu
Before anyone could say anything, Sakusa walks up to Atsumu
Stared him dead in the eyes 😐 and says "stay away from her Miya"
Possessive men am I right 🥵🥵🥵
Please these nosey bitches are like ope- 👀
"Does Omi have a little crush?"- Bokuto
Please Sakusa glares at him and it makes Bokuto so nervous 😅
"Alright alright, Sumu stay away from YN. And Sakusa-" Meian says looking at him
"Don't kill Atsumu"
Please Sakisa grabs his towel, walking to shower saying "I make no promises" ✌🏻
Over the next few weeks, you got accustomed to your job as MSBY's Manager
You learned the quirks of the guys, their likes and dislikes
You realized that Bokuto needs constant praise or you'll be dealing with emo mode
And Bokuto emo mode is the WORST
Please Bokuto laid, face down on the gym floor for 2 hours after practice because he kept getting blocked
You had to drag him across the floor in order to clean said floor 🤣
You also learned a lot about the guys eating habits
You'd often have to set timers to make the guys get off the court to eat
"Ok time for lunch" you announce as Sakusa, Meian, Barnes, Thomas and Inunaki come off the court
"Sumu, Shoyo and Kotaro, I'm talking to you three! Get off now!"- you say, hands on your hips, mom voice radiating
"Make me"- Atsumu
Please, move over Iwaizumi because there's a new sheriff in town 💅🏼
You whip a volleyball straight at Atsumu as it hits him, causing him to fall forward
"Ouch YN"- Sumu
You channeling Dadchi 👇🏻
Tumblr media
Please Atsumu practically trips running from the gym
"Geez YN's a bad ass"- Inunaki says as you walk by
You do a hair flip and walk out
Please these boys are SO WHIPPED
Sakusa especially 😏
He would love a partner who can handle themselves and Atsumu
As the weeks continue into the regular season, you start to get more busy
The Adlers and MSBY are scheduled to have a practice match this afternoon and you are so excited 🤗
You are bouncing about, hair in a cute high ponytail as you go about your duties
"YN in leggings is my new favorite view"- Thomas says as the team watches you fill up water bottles in your leggings and MSBY t-shirt
Sakusa glares at Thomas who just smirks back 😏
Please these boys would never infringe on their teammate
But that doesn't mean they can't annoy them a little 🙃
Sakusa would happily admit your outfit is one of the highlights of his day
But then again, everything you do is Sakusa's favorite 😍
Please this man is such a simp for you I CANNOT 🤚🏻
But as much as this man had been crushing on you, he hasn't worked up the nerve to ask you out
Part of him doesn't want to make it awkward if you say no
You'd definitely NEVER decline YN let's be real
But also, Sakusa is a bit self-concious of his social skills
I mean, he knows you're easy to get along with
But like what if you don't find him as charming
Even thought you have numerous conversations during practice 🤔
And you always sit next to him at meetings
And stand next to him on the sidelines 🤨
😐 can it be more obvious that you like this man!?!
He's like 92% sure you like him, still he's nervous
So let's give him a little push shall we 🙃
A push in the form of a certain stoic member from the Adlers 👀
Because you see, I think Sakusa would really be bothered by Ushijima
Like he'd see him as a true rival
So when the Adlers show up for a practice match, and Sakusa sees Ushijima watching his YN
Yes HIS 😤
All bets are off!
Mans will be glaring 😑
At this point, it's clear that Sakusa has a huge crush on you
But also, you only have eyes for Sakusa 😍
Sure Ushi is good looking but Sakusa stole your heart from the first look at the laundromat
Ushijima walks up to you and introduces himself
He's just that type of a guy ok 🤚🏻
"Hello, I'm Ushijima and you must be YN? It's very nice to meet you"- 😐 Ushijima
"Hi!!! Its so awesome to meet you finally!"- you 🤪🤸‍♀️
Sakusa does not like this one bit
Once again, you have zero interest in anyone but Sakusa
Not even Meian has caught your eye
Honestly what is wrong with you YN istg- 😐
Anyways, the teams settle and you begin your work
You notice Sakusa is watching you alot
Particularly when a certain someone is near 👀
"YN might you be able to fill this up for me please?"- Ushijima handing YN his bottle and accidently skimming his hand with yours 👀
Ohhh Omi is NOT happy about that!
Please something about that act alone just pushes Sakusa over the edge 😅
Sakusa will march up behind you and just loom
"Can't you do it yourself? You're use to not having a manager"- Sakusa 😑
🌳 🐜 🌳
👆🏻you right now YN
"I merely asked YN if she could, if she's unable to that is also fine"- Ushijima, still just as stoic as ever 😐
"Kiyoomi knock it off! Ushijima I would be happy to help"- you, glaring as Sakusa and turning your head to face Ushijima
You walk off shaking your head, wandering what would prompt Sakusa to behave like that
Sakusa full on growls at Ushijima
Yes G R O W L S
Again, possessive men 😏
When you return, you walk into a heated rally happening between the teams
Nobody is letting the ball even come close to hitting the floor
Suddenly, Ushijima spikes the ball and it deflects off Inunaki's arms
"YN! Watch out!"- Barnes, yelling as you see the ball headed right for you
You scream and try to cover as fast as you can only to be tackled to the ground by Sakusa right as the ball slams past you
"Shit YN, are you ok?"- Sakusa says, bracing himself over you as he tries not to put his weight on you
You peek out from behind your arms, eyes wide as you lightly shake your head
Sakusa grabs you and pulls you close, lightly kissing the top of your head as he holds you
🥺🥺 please I'm such a sap
"YN I'm so sorry! I thought I had a handle on it"- Inunaki says running up to you
"It's ok! I should have been watching more"- you say, still in Sakusa embrace
Please that mans never letting you go again
"YN my apologies for hitting the ball so hard"- Ushijima says walking up to you
Sakusa pulls you up and in close to his chest and glares at Ushijima
"It's ok Ushi, I know you didn't mean to"- You, now holding onto Sakusa
"Come on Yn let's get your checked out"- Sakusa says, pulling you away from the group as he guides you to the office
Sakusa picks you up, sitting you on the exam table as you speak
"Omi really I'm- hmmpf" you say before your words are literally taken away by Sakusa himself planting his lips right on yours
He moves away, his forehead going to yours as you both breath
When he backs away, he looks at you and says "now let's get your checked out"
You 👉🏻👁👄👁 ok-
Seriously what just happened??
I have no idea, you have no idea, hell idk if Sakusa even knows 🤣
"Kiyoomi, what was that?"- you finally asking the big question
"Something I should have done at the laundromat a long time ago"- Sakusa, putting his hands on your face and kissing you again
Please say less sir 😫
After that, your relationship with Sakusa just kind of happened
I mean, you would hang out during practice and after practice
Kissing and other things 👀
Like playing volleyball 🙃
I know what you all were thinking 😏
Sakusa wasn't much for PDA which was honestly fine with you
Like he would hold your hand after practice sometimes or kiss your forehead inbetween sets
When Atsumu was annoying you, Sakusa would assert his dominance and lay his claim
"Atsumu leave my girlfriend alone before I spike a ball right in your face"- Sakusa, about to channel Iwaizumi for moral support
Your nights were spent most of the time with Sakusa, either at your place or his
You told him all about your previous relationship and why you had moved
Sakusa was very understanding and supportive of you
You had established a great routine 👏🏻
Honestly it was perfect
Until it wasn't 🙃
Because we are here to shatter dreams and break hearts
It happened gradually
You could tell Sakusa was getting frustrated during practice
He would withdraw from you and the team
He wasn't able to hit as many spikes, his receives were off
He was just having a rough time
You figured it was the stress of the olympic try outs approaching
He has told you that this was his one chance to make it big and to compete with the best
He was working so hard and you knew it
Unfortunately, all your efforts at trying to help him, only set him off more
"Hey Omi, why don't you take a break?"- you suggested after another failed spike
"I can't just sit on my ass all day like you YN, I have to practice if I'm going to make the Olympic team"- Sakusa, glaring at you as he turns to walk back to the line
Ouch ☹️
Hinata notices your eyes dampen as he looks from Sakusa to you
"Hey YN-" he starts to say as you stand up
"Im going to do some office work. I forgot I have some- uh some papers to fill out"- you say, forcing a smile as you turn to run to the office
The next day, you arrive at the gym to see Sakusa serving
You walk in and wave at him just as he's tossing the ball up, causing him to hit it straight into the net
"FOR FUCKS SAKES YN CANT YOU SEE IM BUSY?"- Sakusa says yelling at you
You flinch as your eyes widen
"Im- I'm sorry Omi-" you, apologizing for something you don't need to apologize for
Sakusa ignores you as he goes back to the end line, tossing up another ball
Atsumu and Bokuto watch your lip quiver as you run go the office, shutting the door behind you
They look at Sakusa who looks back at them
"What are you two looking at?"- Sakusa
"You're such a jerk Omi"- Bokuto, walking away as Atsumu shakes his head
Sakusa rolls his eyes and goes back to serving
Honestly how hard is it for you to just leave him alone 🙄
Oh idk Omi try communicating 🗣
Men istg-
A week goes by and you've seen the bare minimum of Sakusa
You've asked him over for dinner, out for dinner, over to watch TV, offered to help him practice
He's done nothing but said "not today YN" all week
It's made you feel unwanted and unloved
All you want is a little time with your man
Is that too much to ask?
Spoiler alert: it's not
Thankfully today is Friday and you are determined to have time with Kiyoomi
He promised you a few weeks ago you'd go to see a movie you've been dying to see
You bounce into work, excited and ready for the day
The Adlers are coming for a practice match
You fill water bottles, ready towels and prepare as the Adlers arrive
You run up to greet them and help everyone settle
"You are in a cheery mood today YN?"- Kageyama says
"I am!! It's Friday and I'm so excited for the weekend!"- You, bouncing with joy
Please how could anyone be mean to our precious YN!
Sakusa has yet to say anything to you as you bop around the gym, getting ready
You can't help but feel a little unwanted but you hope after the match, Sakusa's mood with change
Honestly it's a pipe dream YN 😔
The matches start and Sakusa just isn't on his game
He's hitting out of bounds, his serves are crap and his receives just aren't it
You sigh as the second set ends, while MSBY won, you notice how angry Sakusa is
You decide to see if there is anything you can do to help
Because that's who you are YN
Our sweet angel bby who is always here to help
"Hey Omi, you did great out there"- You, trying to encourage our little germaphobe
Sakusa doesn't say anything, he just glares at you
You decide to proceed
"Hey, don't look so down. We can go have dinner tonight and to the movies. It will be so fun-" you, right before your world shatters
"Will you just SHUT UP YN!"- Sakusa, screaming at you
You flinch, backing up as your eyes widen
The gym suddenly quiets
The Adlers and MSBY watching you
"Omi, I'm-"
"Yeah yeah YN I know! You're sorry! Well how about instead of being an annoying fucking baby like you constantly are why don't you try actually helping me and leave me the fuck alone!"- Sakusa, now getting in your space as you keep backing up
"Kiyoomi, please-" you say, tears filling your eyes
"You know Yn, I get it now. I understand why your ex fucking up and left you. You are so annoying and clingy that it's almost impossible to deal with! You literally can't do anything on your own without needing some kind of attention! God it's exhausting being around you!"- Sakusa, now heaving and yelling as your body goes numb
Your eyes brimming with tears, some now falling as your heart shatters in front of not only MSBY but the Adlers as well
"SAKUSA ENOUGH!"- Meian yells as Sakusa looks down as you, his anger brimming as your heartbroken state hits him
With your tears falling, your look to see the players staring at your and Sakusa
Your face heats with embarrassment as you feel your body break down
You run past Sakusa and the guys as you start crying, the sounds of your sadness filling the gym
"Fuck"- Atsumu says running after you as Bokuto and Hinata follow
"What in the hell was that!"- Hirugami says as Meian glares at Sakusa, crossing his arms over his broad chest
"Sakusa your a fucking asshole"- Inunaki says walking past Sakusa out the door to find you
Ushijima stares at Sakusa before he shakes his head
"You don't deserve YN Sakusa"- Ushijima says, the words hitting Sakusa right in the chest
Sakusa's emotions are all over as he walks past the teams, heading to grab his things
Meanwhile, you run from the gym to the parking lot to find your car
You sit down, your eyes flowing with tears as you start to shake and cry frantically
How could Kiyoomi say such horrible things to you?
How could he stoop so low as to point out your biggest insecurities?
He knew exactly how much your relationship with your ex affected you and there he was, throwing it in your face
You put your head on the steering wheel, crying uncontrollably as you turn the car on
Just as you look up, you see Atsumu, Bokuto and Hinata running towards you with Ushijima and Inunaki behind
"YN come on you can't drive"- Atsumu, trying to open your car door
"Just leave me alone Atsumu"- you, crying harder as Hinata and Bokuto watch
"YN please let one of us take you home at the very least"- Inunaki says, managing to open your side door
"Please just leave me alone. I'm so embarrassed. Those things he said-" your tears are now flowing uncontrollably, your body shaking
"YN please don't be embarrashed. None of this was your fault"- Bokuto, his hair deflated
Our sweet little empath 🥺
"He knew about my biggest insecurities and he just threw them right in my face! Right in front of everyone"- you say, crying harder as you gasp for air
"YN come on- its not safe for you to drive right now"- Inunaki says as he reaches for you
You look up at him, tears streaming down your face
"Please, please just leave me alone"- you say whispering
Their hearts break for you as they watch helplessly as you cry in your car
"Maybe we should just back off?"- Hinata
"Yeah I don't think she's going anywhere"- Ushijima says, standing back
"If you need us YN, we'll be inside ok? But please don't drive right now"- Atsumu
You nod a little, the numbness of everything hitting you hard as the men give you one final glance before returning inside
Meanwhile, Sakusa is in the locker room gathering his gear and shoving it in his bag
He grabbed a quick shower and is ready to leave
One thing about Sakusa is that he definitely knows he overreacted
He also knows what he said to you was not ok
But he's not going to apologize until he's fully ready
Because he knows he needs to mean it and think it over
Dick move? Absolutely but at the same time, a half assed apology doesn't mean shit
And he's still mad
He can hear the guys talking in the gym as he throws his bag over his shoulder
"Is she ok?"- Meian says
"She's sitting in her car, she won't let us take her home but we also don't want her to drive"- Atsumu
"Poor girl, what the hell got into Sakusa?"- Romero
"Who the hell knows but man was he ever a fucking dick!"- Hoshiumi says
Sakusa's heard enough as he walks out into the gym and past his team mates who pay him no mind
He walks into the parking lot, straight to his car
The problem is his car is parked right next to yours...
However when he approaches he only sees your car and not you
Deciding he can't be bothered right now, he leaves, heading home
Meanwhile, Atsumu receives a text from you saying you took the train home
You knew it wasn't safe to drive but you couldn't stay there any longer
You knew if you saw Omi come out, you'd cry even more
Once at home, you lock your doors, shut your blinds and crawl into bed
You spend most of the sleepless night crying and replaying the awful words Sakusa said to you in your mind
The next morning, you get up and make coffee, mopping around your apartment
Your phone has been going non-stop with incoming texts from the team making sure your ok
You opt to write a short message and shut your phone off
After a long weekend of crying and thinking, you decide the best thing you can do is hold you head high and walk into the gym with dignity
Because we will NOT let a man define our worth!
You get dressed, do your best to look presentable and head to work
You pull into the parking lot, parking as far away from Sakusa's car as you can
You notice him sitting inside, watching as you get out and make your way to the gym
Little do you know that Sakusa has spent all weekend thinking about the huge mistake he made
He barely slept, choosing to spend most of his time at the gym or running to try to distract himself
He realizes what he's done and how big of an ass he was
But still, apologizing doesn't come easy to Kiyoomi
Once in the gym, you go about your daily tasks
You try to act like nothings wrong but you admit it's hard seeing Sakusa
You try and ignore his presence
He only looks at you, but has yet to approach
And he probably won't 😔
"Hey YN, can you help toss up for spiking please?"- Meian
"Sure"- you say smiling as you take your position to toss
The guys line up beside you as you toss
When Sakusa comes up to spike, he watches you intently
You however, ignore him 💅🏼
As 👏🏻 you 👏🏻 should 👏🏻
Because you see, the anger is now starting to set in
How fucking rude and unwarranted Sakusa's comments towards you were
You toss the ball up as Atsumu sets and Omi spikes
"Nice kill"- you say as you prepare for the next spiker
Sakusa looks at you as you go about your duties
That night, you pick up your bag and head out of the gym
You say goodnight to the team as you make your way to your car
You can see Sakusa watching you from his car but you say nothing and quickly get in, driving off
Honestly ignoring Sakusa is probably going to irritate him the most
Again, AS 👏🏻 IT 👏🏻 SHOULD 👏🏻
The week goes by and you have zero interaction with Sakusa
You still miss him and care very much for him
But that doesn't mean his words didn't hurt
Sakusa on the other hand, is going insane 🙃
He was actually waiting to see if you gave him anything to work with
And YN gave nothing 👏🏻
You gave him no chance to speak with him alone, you barely even glanced at him all week
Honestly, he doesn't blame you
He's starting to realize how badly he fucked up and the man is suffering now
Good! Let him suffer!
The following Monday, Sakusa decides he's had enough
He misses you and the man is willing to admit he's done FUCKED UP 👏🏻
Unfortunately for him, it's too late
He steps out of his car only to see you hugging Ushijima at the entrance to the front of the gym
Oh the rage he is feeling right now 🤬
He's about ready to blow
But then you laugh at something Ushijima says
And your smile just digs the knife penetrating his cold heart deeper
You're vibrant smile and beautiful eyes that Sakusa has grown to love so much
Only you're now giving it to another man
Please we are about to see some jealous Sakusa
Sakusa is going to get out of his car, rage walk up to Ushijima and shove him away from you
"Get away from my girl"- Sakusa says, pushing Ushijima
Ushijima barely budges
Mans is a brick wall 🧱
"Kiyoomi what the hell?"- you getting in between Ushijima and Sakusa
"Back the fuck off of YN- she's mine!"- Sakusa growls as he pushes into you getting into Ushijima's face
"Kiyoomi stop it!"- you now shouting
Atsumu, Kageyama and Bokuto come rushing cover and pull Sakusa back
Please Ushijima is just like 🧍‍♂️😐 the whole time
I can NOT 😫
"Sakusa what the hell man?"- Bokuto
"Omi dude chill out"- Atsumu
"I was merely talking to YN Sakusa"- Ushijima
"Talking my ass! I saw you hugging her!"- Sakusa
"It wasn't anything more than a hug Kiyoomi! And I'll have you know as far as I'm concerned, we are no longer together so what I do and with whom I do it is my business and my business only!"- our queen asserting her dominance
"The hell we aren't! We never broke up YN! Just because I'm an idiot and said some stupid shit-" Sakusa
But oh no no no, YN is not letting this happen
"NO! You don't get to come over here and barge in on my personal life when you made it VERY FUCKING CLEAR Kiyoomi that I'm a burden on your life! I will absolutely not stand here and take that shit from you or any man! I trusted you and YOU KNEW! You knew what I went through. And you threw it right in my fucking face in front of everyone!"- You now screaming
Bokuto, Atsumu and Kageyama are scared 😅
Ushijima is just like 🧍‍♂️ 😳
And Sakusa, well Sakusa is breaking apart
Because everything you said, every single word is true
And he knows it
You're eyes start to fill with tears as you stomp your way into the gym, slamming the doors behind you
Seriously nobody better get in the way of YN
Our bby is on the war path
Sakusa doesn't say anything, he just stands there stunned and broken
The full effect of his words are now hitting him
The fact that there is no fixing this and that you are done
How could he have taken you for granted?
How could he have treated you this way?
Sakusa says nothing as he makes his way into the gym and prepares for practice
The next few days, Sakusa is on auto mode
Spike, sleep, eat, repeat
Literally he doesn't deviate, he says nothing to anyone and has completely withdrawn from the team
You have also pulled away from the team
It's become increasingly uncomfortable for everyone
Finally, Meian decides he needs to intervene
After practice, Sakusa is sitting in the locker room, packing up his bag
"Team meeting"- Meian says as Barnes, Thomas, Inunaki, Atsumu, Bokuto and Hinata surround him
"About what?"- Sakusa, oblivious
"It's time you swallow you pride and get your girl back"- Barnes
"Yeah, honestly I'm sick of sappy Sakusa"- Atsumu
Sakusa glares at Atsumu but says nothing
"Come on dude. You and YN are fucking miserable without each other"- Inunaki
"You heard her! She's done with me. And honestly I don't fucking blame her. I'm the biggest asshole ever"- Sakusa, deflated more than Bokuto during a bad emo mode
"Well then you need to do whatever you can to win her back! Beg on your knees if you have too"- Thomas says
Sakusa is so deflated
Pls Bokuto's emo modes have nothing on this man's current state 🤚🏻
"But what if she doesn't want me back? I mean I really fucked up guys. Like REALLY"- Sakusa
"Then you learn from it. Listen, you love YN right?"- Barnes
"Yeah- yeah I do"- Sakusa, finally admitting he's deeply in love with you
"And YN is in love with you, trust me. You've got alot of work to do but you need to prove to YN that you are willing to change"- Barnes
Sakusa nods and stands up
He knows he has to make this right in any way he can
Now I don't think simply apologizing in this situation is enough
Sakusa was a complete ass and said some really hurtful things
I also think he knows this and he's willing to do what he can to change
Even if it means attending therapy to help him deal better with his emotions
Honestly we love when people take accountability for their actions 👏🏻
If you make a mistake, you fix it! And that's what Sakusa wants to do
He makes an appointment with a therapist for the following week and goes to work on his plan to win you back
Meanwhile, your heart is slowly healing
You love Sakusa and that's just not going to go away anytime soon
He's been helping you process and deal with your fight with Sakusa
You've found a great friend and companion in Ushijima
Your relationship is strictly platonic and honestly, Ushijima is fine with that 👌🏻
Ushijima is one of those logical guys
He can see things from both sides and provide a very honest and unbiased opinion
At your apartment, you cook as Ushijima sits and talks with you
It's become a weekly thing that you and Ushijima hang out, making dinner and chatting
Tonight, you are making homemade Ramen
Ushijima is sitting at the table as you bring the bowls over
Unfortunately for you, you trip, sending the bowls tumbling on you and Ushijima
"Oh shit! Omg Im so sorry Wakatoshi! Are you burnt?"- You, tearing up because you messed up
"YN I'm fine, are you ok?- Ushijima
"🥺 I keep messing up Waka, no wonder Omi said the things he did"- you, now crying as you sit down at the table
"YN, Sakusa was a complete jerk. And while I know he is stressed, it doesn't ever give him the right to say those things. You did not mess up YN. It was an accident"- Ushijima
You sniffle and nod your head
"I have to clean this up. I think Omi left a shirt here that you can borrow for now. I'm going to go and change"- you, getting up and going to your room
Ushijima remives his shirt, revealing his muscles and broad chest
You pay no mind because Ushijima isn't Sakusa
It's fine YN, move aside and I shall oogle on your behalf 😍🥵
When you are changing, the doorbell rings
Ushijima answers it as you emerge from your room, wearing a crop top and shorts
On the other side is Sakusa 👀
Now remember, Ushijima has no shirt on, as in ZERO top clothing
Nothing, nada, it's completely GONE
And you are wearing the bare minimum
Sakusa's eyes widen in shock as Ushijima stands at the door and you appear next to him
"Kiyoomi? What are you doing here?"- You say, shocked
"I uh- I uh- I came to talk with you"- Sakusa 👁👄👁
Please it hasn't hit you yet the situation you are currently in
"Is everything ok?"- you, still oblivious
Sakusa is just staring, mouth agape 😲
Ushijima is just like 🧍‍♂️ 😐
"YN I uh- I wanted to apologize but I see you've already moved on"- Sakusa, his eyes now filling with tears
"What are you-"
DING DING DING it finally hits you 😃
"Omg Kiyoomi no-"
"YN PLEASE LISTEN TO ME! IM SO FUCKING SORRY"- Sakusa is now inside the apartment, begging on his knees, holding your legs
"Kiyoomi what-"
Ushijima 👉🏻 🧍‍♂️ 😳
You bend down, tears pooling in your eyes as you kneel in front of Sakusa who now has tears all over
"Kiyoomi you love me?"- You, tearing up
Please I'm such a sap 🥲
"I do YN. I love you so much. And everyday I think about how much I hurt you. I want to make myself a better man for you. So I called a therapist and I've been seeing someone to help me control my emotions. You didn't deserve any of that yn and I know that. Please- just please know how much I love you and how much on a idiot I am!"- Sakusa, looking into your eyes
"Kiyoomi you are the biggest fucking jerk I know and I love you, you big fucking idiot"- you, grabbing Sakusa's cheeks and kissing him as he holds you close
Ushijima 👉🏻 🧍‍♂️ 🥲
Sakusa pulls away and puts his forehead on yours
Then it hits him and he stands up, pulling you towards him in an embrace
"What the hell are you doing with YN?"- Sakusa says, pointing at Ushijima
"I was having Ramen with YN when she spilled it on herself and me"- Ushijima 😐
"I was getting a new shirt for Toshi when you knocked Omi! It's nothing. Toshi and I are only friends"- You
Sakusa 👉🏻😐😑
Ushijima 👉🏻 🧍‍♂️ 😐
"I think it might be best if I leave YN. It seems you and Sakusa have worked out your issues"- Ushijima
"You definitely should leave"- Sakusa 😑 our jealous bby
"Omi knock it off! Toshi let me grab you a shirt at least"- You
"It's fine YN, I have an extra shirt in my car. Thank you for Ramen"- Ushijima, turning to leave
Please he just walked out without his shirt on 😫😫😫 I love him so much
"Well that was awkward"- you 😅
Sakusa closes the door and locks it as he turns to you and grabs your hips
"Whats more awkward is that you and I are both standing here, fully dressed"- Sakusa 😏
Say less sir 🤚🏻 we have a whole lot of making up to do 🙃
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phoebeyahhh · a day ago
the feels.
you hated the weird sensation that swells on your chest whenever kuroo tetsurou talks to you. you ignored it at first, realizing that you only feel it when kuroo is around.
you hated it because you have no clue what thet weird sensation is, you hated it to the point where you started avoiding him.
but you can't run away from him forever. you two share the same class, sitting infront of him by the windows.
he would poke your shoulders but ignores him. tye more you ignore him, the more you felt hurt. why?
but then, kuroo confronted you, "don't go avoiding me, y/n. what's wrong with you?" pinning you by the rooftop's wall, his aura feels overwhelming, you knew you can't escape from him.
you didn't answer him, avoiding his eyes and biting your bottom lip, to your surprise, he rose your chin up to him, making you look eye to eye with him.
heat rose up your cheeks as your gaze focused on him, breathe hitching.
"why are you avoiding me, hm? have i done something you didn't like?" his voice was soft, his other hand went on your waist to pull you closer to him.
you can feel his hot breath, tickling your cheeks. you can't help your face to get more redder, embarassed by the closeness.
"how cute, so embarassed for me. say, are you inlove with me?"
looking back, you would always stare at kuroo whenever you get the chance but akways ended up being catched by him.
the way your voice soften when you talk to him, eyes looking at him with full of adoration and care, the way his smile gives you butterflies in the stomach.
but when girls would talk to him with flirty tone, there's always a pang that stabs your chest, was it perhaps jealousy?
maybe, maybe he's right. maybe you're inlove with him, with kuroo tetsurou.
"..maybe..? i don't know..kuroo, but everytime i look at you....or whenever your presence is near me....my chest feels this weird sensation.." you, once again, avoided his gaze, feeling embarassed.
"that weird sensation you feel, do you think it's a bad feeling?"
you looked at him and eagerly shaked your head, staring at his eyes.
he then smiled, probably the softest one that he would rarely show to anyone, that carefree smile of him, you can tell that he was genuinely happy on your answer.
"i love you too, go on a date with me?" you closed your eyes as his forehead touches yours, hands clinging on his chest.
you smiled a bit, humming a 'yes' and kuroo hugged you tight, kissing your forehead. you felt incredibely happy, all this time, you never knew why your chest felt weird but now, kuroo taught you what was it, you were inlove with him.
you thought, maybe falling inlove with him, kuroo tetsurou isn't so bad.
maybe kuroo tetsurou was the best thing happened to your high school life.
Tumblr media
hewo! it's been a while since i wrote something, i hope you guys enjoy and thankyou!! ^^
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rintones · 2 days ago
a collection of notes the haikyuu boy wrote but never gave you/you never got
Characters -> Semi Eita, Miya Osamu & Oikawa Toru
Tumblr media
Dear y/n, I don’t know how to start this. This sounds cliché but my therapist is making me write this. Anyways I just want you to know that I’m sorry for everything, for the lying, the arguing and, especially for saying you weren’t enough for me. Because you’re IT for me y/n and you always will be. I remember the first time we hung out, we were second years in highschool and you came over because your parents were arguing. We were sitting on my bedroom flood listening to music and I remember you putting on this one song. It was so bad but apparently you loved it. Dubbed it your ‘favorite song in the entire world,’ later that day when you went back home I layed on my bed and feel asleep thinking of you and music, my two favorite things. You know I never liked that song, but once I knew it was your favorite I listened to it on repeat and it became one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. I’m sorry y/n, I’m so so sorry I said you weren’t enough for me,I’m sorry you walked out of the apartment angry and I’m sorry you got into that car crash. I’m writing this to let you know that you were enough and your heartbeat will always be my favorite song even though it’s gone, but hey, all songs have to come to an ending eventually right?
Dear fucking y/n l/n, sincerely FUCK YOU
Dear y/n, I hate you 
Dear y/n, I’ve always wonder what crosses you mind when you your eyes meet mine. If you thought of me the way I thought of you. If you loved me the way I loved love you. It’s been years and I know I should move on. Move on from something we’ve never had. Move on from one silly kiss that you made clear was a mistake. I writing this because I know my brother is going to purpose to you tomorrow on the roof of onigiri, ironic right. My brother is gonna purpose to the unrequited love of my life on the roof of MY shop…I should’ve said no. What do you see in him that you don’t see in me? We’re twins and yet you still chose him every time. My biggest mistake wasn’t falling for you, it was thinking that you had fallen for me too. But I’ll never tell you that I won’t even give you this stupid letter I’ve wrote on a napkin.
I love you y/n, I’ll always love you despite everything. We almost hit 6 months before the incident. Before I betrayed you and your trust. I never should’ve dated you for a bet, I should’ve maned up and asked you out myself. I know you don’t believe me, but l loved you months before I asked you out. I don’t know why I let my friends pressure me into that stupid stupid bet. You probably won’t get this message since you’ve blocked me but no matter how much time has passed, there will always be times when I think of you and it suddenly get harder to breathe. That will never change my love.
Tumblr media
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yyh · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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everythang-studio · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
sketchy sketch manga panel redraws of this precious boy-o
Happy birthday, miracle boy Tendou Satori!
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miyakuli · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
** Permission to post it was granted by the artist Do not repost/edit the art without permission Please, support the artist on their pages too **
Artist : 一春虫虫人 (weibo / twitter)
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demxnscous · 2 days ago
What do you think of pillow talk (is that the right term??) with bsf atsumu? It doesn't have to be an intimate conversation (haha, unless you want to...), it could just be a random convo of them getting on each other's nerves
Also sorry if my english isn't too good, I'm still learning!Please just ignore this if it doesn't make sense :)
your english is wonderful, no need to worry!
"pillow talk" is a term usually used to describe two people having a conversation directly after sex; however, for the sake of the ongoing plot, I've written a drabble that includes the intimacy you're thinking of but in a platonic manner (and without the sex) i hope you enjoy!
pairings: timeskip!atsumu x gn!reader
wc: 0.4k
contains: bestfriend!atsumu, suppressed feelings, a small moment of intimacy in the beginning (minor fluff), mention of childhood memories, slight angst, nervous-wreck atsumu, pining, atsumu's inner monologue
warnings: none
[more about bestfriend!atsumu here]
Tumblr media
"I remember when we were younger, your mom used to get so mad at you for bringing me back all bruised up."
Atsumu frowns as he removes the packaging around the onigiri. "I always tried to fix what I could before we got back to the house—and you were clumsy." He looks up, smiles as he says, "Still are, apparently."
You laugh to yourself, eating the food he had given you.
Osamu's words nip at his hands, his heart. "This little roundabout you’ve had goin’ on with her since we were kids is gettin’ old," he had said. And Atsumu mulled it over, then once more, when he drove back to the apartment. His brother was right.
"'Samu says 'hi,' by the way," he mentions off-handedly, watching his hands maneuver the food rather than look at you. He wants to tell you everything, needs to gut his heart for you like his own terrible butcher; Atsumu doesn't know how to go about this.
You hum, using your uninjured foot to nudge at his shoe beneath the table. "Did you give him a hard time while you were there?"
"I could've been worse."
"Really? Then why's your nose red?"
Atsumu pauses, then continues chewing, shaking his head. "'S nothin'. Allergies have been botherin' me lately."
"Allergies," you repeat, obvious disbelief in your words. "You never get allergies this time of year."
"Must be somethin' in the air then." He shrugs. You look like you want to kick him; he would probably let you.
You, instead, shift the conversation elsewhere. "How're your legs? Still hurting you?"
"No, they're alright now. I've been doin' those individual stretches that the trainer gave me, and they've been workin' good."
"Ya' know, I was talkin' to Meian the other day, and he was tellin' me about this upcoming press panel we're s'posed to be havin'. He says it'll be at this real nice venue because of the estimated turnout." Atsumu is rushing his words, his hand gestures a bit more dramatic. There had been this tone in your voice when you said his name, and it made him terrified for what you would have said next.
You nod at his sudden prattling, "Are you...nervous about it?"
Atsumu laughs shortly, scratching at the side of his nose. "Nervous? 'S just a press panel, nothin' much to worry about there."
You're trying to catch his eye, moving your head slightly. And when you do, you physically ease. Though the concern sewn into your expression makes him want to hunker.
He can't tell you, not yet.
Tumblr media
Taglist [open]: @flycloudddd @hyeongjjun @erinoikawa @hai1q @bbyatsumu @zitabob @onigirintarou @on-crows-wings @bloombb @yaexure @voidshoutsback @malxoxo @ti-mame @saaraunicorn
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