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#haikyuu!! x reader
kinksandkurlsss · 21 hours ago
What the Haikyuu!! guys sound like when they … 😈
Part two w/ Oikawa, Ukai, Atsumu and Kuroo (all college age, except our coach, of course)
And here’s part one w/ Bokuto, Ushijima, Daichi & Tendou 
Note: For 18+, minors do not interact
Tumblr media
He grunts as he gawks at your naked backside below him, his lips pursed while his hands grip your plump skin, admiring how the soft flesh bounces beneath his long fingers. 
He moans when you arch your back at just the right angle for him. His back almost collapses when he hears those sweet sounds leave your lips as he quickens his pace. 
“Gods, do you know what you do to me?” he rasps as he tilts his head back, just after you clenched the bars of the metal headboard.
So much of his arousal was driven by sight stimulation, and knowing you enjoyed being with him just as much as he was with you was always enough to get him over the edge. 
He gritted his teeth when he looked back down to see you writhing beneath him, his eyes narrowing on the way you rocked your hips so vigorously against his. 
It takes everything in him not to succumb to his orgasm before you as you fight so relentlessly to beat him just this once. 
He grunts as he tries to restrain from the point of no return. “You’re not--” he strains, his voice broken as he holds back, “not gonna beat me.” 
When you finally orgasm he groans as tucks his chin against his chest. He adjusts himself lower as he begins to pound into you even harder. 
A series of low moans leave him when he’s finally able to release, and each one is longer than the last. “The things you do to me.”
Tumblr media
His breathing turns laborious on the nape of your neck when he’s about to reach his peak, the audible pants setting your core aflame as he tightens his hold around. 
His voice becomes hoarse, growing deeper and deeper as he quickly slips his fingers to your aching heat. You know he’s close when a string of guttural noises begin to erupt from the back of his throat. 
You run your fingers behind you to cup his neck, bracing you both as you shuffle from the building pleasure in the storeroom closet. 
“Shhh -- babe, we gotta be quie--” you start to whisper before you break into a low moan as he dips his hips lower. 
He grabs your chin, swallowing your sounds in case a customer or one of your students is outside the door nearby as you both chase your orgasms. 
You usually tried to keep a low-profile around campus, given you were also a teacher, but that didn't stop your secret beau from coaxing you into a quickie in a closet at his second job. 
When he finally bursts, he groans into your hair as he squeezes your sex, wringing from you yet another ripple of pleasure. And he’s still thrusting even after. “Sorry, baby, it’s just so good.”
Tumblr media
Atsumu is an animal on the court, and that reality still rings true when it’s just you two behind closed doors. You’ll know when he’s almost at his breaking point by how feral his sounds become. 
The star player usually starts out with more punctuated sounds when you both get started, but when things get hotter and heavier, he turns into a beast. His low hums turn to long groans when he feels that tingling build in his lower core.
“Gahdamn, baby,” he grunts, securing his hands underneath your back to brace your frame as his thrusts grow wilder. He gets louder the more pleasure he feels. 
He can’t help it … the neighbors have learned to hate when your car is in the driveway. 
Sometimes he’ll dig his face into your neck when he’s about to orgasm to muffle the noises. Other times, you’ll rush to cover his mouth if you’re on campus grounds or in a bathroom somewhere. 
But, when he’s at his peak, it's almost impossible to stop him from yelling your name at the top of his lungs, as he crumbles from pleasure inside you. 
“I could do this the rest of my life,” he murmurs as you both cuddle afterward. 
Let’s just say, you’ve learned to get used to the stares from neighbors whenever you and he leave the house. 
Tumblr media
Without fail, Kuroo whimpers during sex every time he’s about to come, and, while it’s one of the biggest turn-ons for you, he can find it frustrating. 
He’s so used to being a stern and strong team captain a bulk of the time. But when it's just you and him in bed together, that armor fades and he turns into a cinnamon bun. 
He’s a passionate lover at his core, and regards love-making as something very special to him, so much so that he’s not particularly fond of one nights stands or flings, and instead prefers to have a relationship with someone before sex. Because of that, sex can be a very intense experience for the athlete. 
While he’s not super loud during sex, he’s very vocal, especially when he’s close to his release. 
He starts oftentimes with a mixture of low hums and praises to his partner. “Baby, you drive me insane.” 
He lets heavy sighs when he’s focused on getting his lover to their peak first, while still trying to keep his own impending orgasm at bay for as long as he can. 
But when he can hold on for no longer, he'll begin to throw caution to the wind completely, letting go of the last bits of his usually serious exterior as he folds to the blinding ecstasy between your legs. 
He’ll clench his eyes shut as a wave of soft whines leave his lips before he can catch them, distracted by how perfect your bodies always seem to fit to each other. 
Afterward, he can be embarrassed over it sometimes, until you tell him just how hot he sounds and how you’re getting riled up for another round just thinking about it. 
“I am obsessed with you,” he says before he takes your lips in another desperate kiss.
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ohmiyaa · a day ago
Tumblr media
kageyama being the sweetest to his partner whenever they go official. he’s hesitant and a little confused but it’s his first relationship! give him some time. 
kageyama absolutely spoiling you in affection in private and presents and praise in public because he knows the difference between public and private.
kageyama finally having someone to lend his karasuno jacket to when he has games. 
kageyama looking at you as if mother earth created you with her own hands whenever you talk about something you’re passionate about.
kageyama getting overprotective when you become persuaded to become karasuno’s manager just to spend time with him and his friends. 
being able to witness kageyama’s fire up front at intense games. 
after winning a game, kageyama comes for a kiss, earning teases from his teammates but he’s just happy that you’ve come to support him. 
kageyama being at his best whenever you’re with him. 
kageyama holding your hand beneath the table at team dinners and outings. 
kageyama being so absolutely infatuated with you it seems to melt his harsh exterior. 
sharing whispered ‘i love yous’ in the darkness when kageyama comes to spend the night. 
kageyama participating in karasuno’s game nights now that he won’t be utterly annoyed by hinata or tsukishima’s prodding. 
Tumblr media
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angelicstrwbrry · 2 days ago
>°☆♡☆°< as it gets colder...
Tumblr media
♡ukai will never stop giving you his sweaters. blizzards could roll in and the minute you begin to shiver slightly, a sweater, lingering with the scent of his body wash is thrown in your face. don't even attempt to give it back because he will just give you another one instead. you let him do it though because when he sees you warm, you know he feels proud of himself, and hell, the sweaters are a nice bonus.
♡fireside cuddles seem to occur more often with yamaguchi. its almost a sixth sense to start a fire as soon as you come home. dragging you to the couch, piling a multitude of blankets on you as he starts up the fireplace. yamaguchi will come back over to curl up with you. watching the fire go from a roaring orange glow to small red embers as you fall asleep in your lovers arms. happy and content.
♡coco bombs are a must have. tendō takes the process of making these as seriously as possible. that however doesn't eliminate the amount of fun that he usually presents with you. laughter fills the air as you get chocolate on satori's nose. turning to you, feigning betrayal, "how could you y/n?!". you squeal as he tickles your sides, love and warmth resting through the air as you two laugh together.
♡aran loves the snow that falls. he loves the way it turns your cheeks cold, makes your breath crisper. he awaits every year to see the way snowflakes land themselves in your eyelashes. dragging you outside with the promise of coco if you just come out for "just 10 minutes". you begrudgingly agree and in those 10 minutes, your lover swears he can fall in love with you all over again.
Tumblr media
this is loosely edited lmao so sorry
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honeykawa · a day ago
Tumblr media
oikawa is the type to push you away once he realizes that he’s in love with you. to him love is scary. it means opening up to someone and being vulnerable and he doesn’t know if he’s ready for something like that. it shakes him to his core just thinking about it. so for now he’ll keep his feelings locked away in his heart and pray that the sunshine and warmth you radiate doesn’t melt the wall he’s spent so long trying to build because he knows that it eventually will and it’s only a matter of time until that day comes.
Tumblr media
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violetarks · 2 days ago
i think i'm no good | oh my.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
chapter twelve | contents page | chapter fourteen
anime: haikyuu!!
character: iwaizumi hajime x reader, miya atsumu x reader
summary: y/n is a manga artist and writer that seems to project her emotions onto the work called “officially gone”. when she has to find new inspiration for her next arc, her marketing manager gives her a number of a friend he knows will help. but can y/n keep her personal life separate from her professional? will it help her feel better about herself, or even worse?
taglist: @ysatrap @perqabeth @myasaaaam @je-suis-argent-miel @koutsukki @daddyissuesmademe @creepykawass @shookykookie30 @pennylanewrites @random-fandom-girl-24 @vernon-dursley @venom-tch @kyu-pine @tinyegg
▹ y/n was meant to take atsumu to lunch but he ended up coming to her place two hours earlier than planned, so she asked him to wait while she cleaned up.
▹ atsumu is sure he's turning from a dog person to a cat person, all because of miso.
▹ that chain was kou's, he left it there last week for some reason. y/n doesn't even remember inviting him over.
▹ atsumu told tooru and hajime about the 'date', but somehow forgot to tell kiyoomi. happens a lot of the time.
▹ tooru has noticed hajime only posts about work or 'officially gone' now.
▹ atsumu left y/n's house after like... seven hours of playing with miso and working.
▹ kou and tetsu that y/n is easy to fall for, but kei doesn't believe anyone could be that stupid.
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milks-writings · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
synopsis: Faceblindness is a thing Y/N had never thought of. There was no way they would ever get this extremely rare medical condition, they did consider themself as unlucky, but not unlucky enough to be faceblind. But as much as they didn't consider it, it happened. It happened at the age of 10, and now they even can't recognize their own best friend, nor their family members. Isolating themselves and talking only to the same people over and over again seemed easy and promising. That was until Akaashi somehow slipped into their life, turning their whole monotone world around. He was content and nice, never called anyone out on their insecurities and always made sure to pick the right words before talking. It made them feel secure, but would it last long?
Tumblr media
genre: Fluff, crack, angst, strangers to lovers
characters: genderneutral reader, akaashi keiji, konoha akinori, misoo kim, yamato sarukui, kuroo tetsuro, kenma kozume
relationships: gn!reader x akaashi keiji, ??? x ???
Tumblr media
introduction 1 || Introduction 2
Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Tumblr media
< by ellie >
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daebraeksan · a day ago
Talking about dating and uncertainty with Bokuto 
Genre: established close emotionally intimate relationship, talking about relationships
Contents: cooking/eating dinner together, feeling hungry mention, eating a snack together, trauma mentioned (unspecified), reader calls themself “fucked up” (re: the trauma), confusion about romance/romantic love/feelings, reader never dated before, fear of abandonment, fear of uncertainty, fear of things going wrong, fear of the future, low self esteem, negative self image, cognitive distortion: negative filtering, cognitive distortion: foreshortened future, cognitive distortion: magnifying/catastrophizing,  working through trust issues
Wc: 4671
You and Bokuto have been getting along well. He’s someone precious to you, who you really hope to have around for a while.
He’s someone you can have fun with, and share your honest feelings with.
Most of your honest feelings. 
You don’t really want to tell him about how you’re imagining both of you not being friends anymore. That’s so depressing and weird to say. It makes you seem like you’re only one foot in and one foot out already. Which … you are… but not because you don’t value him. You’re not “waiting for someone better.” You don’t think you will find someone better than him.
That’s part of the problem.
You’re trying to protect yourself. 
You wish you weren’t always thinking about how things would end. You wish you weren’t always thinking about how things don't work out for you.
You’re preparing yourself for the worst. You’re trying to protect yourself from disappointment that might be too difficult to bear later on.
You’ve said “I love you” to too many people. It means a lot to you every time. You’ve meant it every time. You don’t say it lightly. You have a lot of love to give. You’re grateful to be surrounded by lots of love in lots of different ways, even if it’s not always in the ways you wish for. You’re grateful for what you have, while at the same time, cognizant of the pockets you’re still missing. 
Bokuto fulfils a many areas of love you wish you had. And now you have it, with him.
For a certain amount of time. Nothing lasts forever. 
You don’t say “I love you” lightly, but you mean it when you say it. It’s for people you’re grateful for. It’s for people who bring you joy. It’s for people who make you feel safe. It’s for people who make you feel loved, even if you can’t always accept it in your heart at the moment. 
In this moment, you love Bokuto and you’re grateful for him, because you’ve both cooked dinner together and you’re sitting down to eat.
“Thank you for the meal!” you both say. 
Dinner is always special when you eat it with Bokuto. Whatever you eat with Bokuto is special, even if it’s microwave ramen or chips.
Today, Bokuto looks thoughtful. He’s always present with you. He always listens intently and makes you feel seen and heard. Today, he looks like he’s preparing for something. 
You want to ask him about it, but you also don’t want to pressure him.
You smile at him. “Is something on your mind?” you ask. “You don’t have to share if you don’t want to.”
Bokuto looks at you wryly. “How could you tell?” he asks, a little sarcastically, a little rhetorically. 
You shrug. 
“Can I ask you something?” Bokuto asks. 
“Yeah, sure, what’s up?”
“I know we say it all the time,” Bokuto says, and it’s true. You do. At least six times a day. At least once a day, even if you don’t have a thorough text or phone conversation, but more often if you’ve already been in a lot of communication that day. 
“But, I love you,” he says.
“I love you, too,” you say. 
“Thank you.” His eyes crinkle and warmth bubbles in his eyes.
“Thank you!!”
He smiles. He looks tired? Serious? You need to stop interrupting him. It’s just, you’re both used to interrupting each other—but not during serious talks. Usually it’s not hard to tell the difference. 
You’re a little afraid of what he’s going to say. You don’t know why. You don’t know what’s coming.
(Actually, you know what you’re afraid of: abandonment.) 
There’s nothing you can do to reassure yourself. 
“I mean it when I say it,” Bokuto says.
You nod. “Me, too.”
“I know it can mean different things to different people.”
Again, you nod encouragingly. You’re following him. You guys have talked about that before, too.
“I first want to say that I love the way we are now. And I am happy with how we are. Are you happy?”
“Yes,” you say. 
“Okay.” He runs a hand through his hair. He looks frantic. “I didn't mean to put you on the spot. I shouldn't have said it like that.”
“That’s okay.”
“Obviously if there’s something not working between us, we should talk about it.”
“I feel safe to talk about it with you,” you say.
“I feel the same way!” he says, excitement picking up in his voice, at the drop of a hat. Or, at the drop of verbal affirmations of your love and relationship. 
You feel that way, too.
“Thank you for saying that,” you say. “I am happy with us. I am grateful for you and I love you.”
“I love you, too,” he replies immediately. He touches the side of his nose, almost near his eye. He squeezes his eyes shut and opens them, relaxing his eyebrows and face. “So I’m not asking this because I’m unhappy. I’m just curious about this aspect. Potentially as it pertains to us. Is that okay?”
You don’t know where this is going. Or maybe you know. Now you’re worried he’s dragging it out. Is he dragging it out? Is he beating around the bush? “What is it?” you ask. 
“Are you interested in dating someone?” Bokuto asks. “Or having a romantic partner?”
You don’t know where this is coming from. Well, of course you know where this is coming from. You can guess. You live in a society. Everyone does. 
You’re afraid. 
“Do you mean you, or someone else?”
Bokuto looks alarmed at that question. “Is there someone else? No, wait, don’t answer that. I… either. I’m asking in general.”
“There’s no one else,” you say. You watch his reaction.
He looks relieved.
Then looks like he shouldn’t feel relieved. 
“Sorry,” he says.
You shake your head. He shouldn’t have to apologize for that. Shouldn’t. But you still feel weird. You feel stupid. You shouldn’t have to say that. It’s not like you guys own each other. 
“We don’t have to talk about this,” he says. He looks at you nervously. 
“Have you been thinking about it a lot lately?” you ask. You don’t want him to be nervous, but you can’t control his feelings. You want to remind him of the safe space between you two. He can ask you anything. You place your fist on the table, pinky out. He links his pinky with yours and smiles, wobbly. 
“No,” he lies. Then he looks a little sheepish. He takes his hand back.  “Not a lot. Not lately. It’s something I am curious about. But I don't think about it all the time. Just sometimes. I’m sorry.”
“I love you,” you say. “It’s okay. Thank you for sharing that with me. We can talk about it.”
“Okay!” he says. “I love you, too. And if you want to stop, we can stop.
You nod. You have so much to say, and not say, so much that is true that you are embarrassed about. You could go on so many tangents. There’s so much trauma to bring up. It’s all related. It’s all posturing. It’s all defensive. It’s all missing the point. “What—what was the question again?”
“Are you interested in dating anyone ever?”
You sigh. “I don't know.”
Bokuto nods. “And that’s okay. I understand that it can be confusing or a lot. I don't mean to spring anything on you or go too fast or pressure you into making a decision too soon. About me or anyone else. I wanted to bring it up since it was on my mind, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. We don’t have to figure it out today. Or if you know for sure, we don’t have to talk about it ever again.”
You shake your head. “No, it’s not like that. Thanks for bringing it up, and for sharing.”
“Thank you for listening.”
You’re grateful he said all that. Now you know your fear reaction is habitual and not actually relevant to this particular situation. Bokuto doesn't want to change anything right now. Bokuto loves you. Bokuto is not going to leave you.
You’re still scared. 
Bokuto smiles at you. He hovers his hand out and you reach towards him. He squeezes your hand. You look at your fingers laced together. You love him.
“Are you okay to continue this conversation?” Bokuto asks. “We don’t have to right now, if it’s too uncomfortable.”
You think. It is uncomfortable. He’s right. He knows you, and he’s giving you an out. And you know he wouldn't resent you. 
But you’re afraid he would resent you.
You are afraid that he’ll wake up and realize that he wants something else and you're holding him back. You’re afraid.
Part of you wants to get it over with, and get abandoned already—why wait? Why drag it out?— so you can take care of yourself and move on—or enter the worst case scenario where you can’t move on, and it’s too much, and this is the one thing you can’t overcome. 
Either way, you just want to know. You want the certainty.
Nothing is certain right now. 
“It is uncomfortable,” you say. “I’m scared. I’m sorry.”
“I love you. I’m sorry, too.”
You press your toes into the floor and draw your lips into a firm line. “I want to talk about this. I want to know what’s on your mind, if you want to share.”
Bokuto nods. “If it ever becomes too much, we can stop. I love you, and I value you.”
You nod. “Thank you. I want us both to be heard.”’
Bokuto smiles. “I appreciate that about us.”
Your heart clenches. This is Bokuto. Your same Bokuto he’s always been, reliable and strong and funny and there for you. You love each other. Things will be okay. At least this conversation will be okay. “Me too.” You stare at the table, and then the wall behind Bokuto’s hair. Then you look into Bokuto’s eyes. “Did you have anything else you wanted to share?”
Bokuto nodded. “I was wondering if I could ask you more about dating,” he says. 
You nod. You’re going to be exposed. He knows this about you. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe you’ve alluded to it in different contexts. Maybe he’s speculated. Maybe he’s connected the dots.
Maybe he knows you’re wrong and embarrassing.
No, he wouldn't be here if he didn’t want this to work, if he didn’t care.
You’re both here talking about this because you care and you want what’s best for both of you. 
“Yes,” you say. “What were you thinking about? What did you want to know?”
“Okay,” Bokuto says. He looks nervous to ask. He swallows and circles his fingers on the table, drawing swirls. You try to see if his fingers are picking up dust. When was the last time you dusted?
“I was wondering if you could elaborate on what you didn’t know about, with romantic relationships, or life partners,” he says. “If you want to. If you don’t have any other elaborations, that’s fine.”
You think. You always have more elaborations. You’re so fucked up. And you’re also very reflective. You are always trying to analyze yourself and connect the dots and discover why you behave the way you do and what’s the best way to move forward and get the outcome you want.
You want to play and have fun in your life. At least, that’s what you say you want. And you’ve always been jealous of other people having friends and going on vacations with their friends and watching sports together and having backyard parties and going to the beach. 
You say you want to play and have fun, but you’re scared.
And you have to overcome that somehow. 
But anyway. Back to Bokuto’s question. 
He watches you while you think. He stares at your eyebrows, and your neck and your shoulders and your comfy shirt. He watches the spot on the table that you’re studying while you think. 
He waits. He wants to know. 
“There’s so much I don’t know about,” you say. Fluff. You’re biding your time. You’re stalling. You don’t know how to answer this question. You want to know the answer, yourself. “I’ve never dated.”
“Can I ask why? Or—no, wait, that’s the wrong question to ask. I just meant, if you have anything else to say about that, I want to know.” His eyes are desperate and earnest. “I want to know anything you’re willing to tell me.”
You lap up his attention. You want it. You want him to care. You are glad he is here with you. You’re not skittish right now. You’re here, you’re seen, you’re heard. You have what you want. 
“Why haven’t I dated?” you clarify.
He scratches the back of his head. “I didn’t mean it like that.”
“It's okay,” you say. “I’m not offended. You just want to know like… the circumstances? Of why I haven’t dated?”
“If you want to share,” he says.
“I’ve never been liked back,” you say.
He looks so ready to argue. He looks ready to jump out of his chair. You wait for a few seconds.
He doesn’t say anything.
Despite everything—despite this emotionally taxing conversation, despite your nerves, despite your fear—you’re amused by him. You love him. You want him to argue. It’s going to stroke your ego, if only in the moment. You want the external validation that Bokuto thinks someone else would like you back.
That’s so silly!
No one would like you back.
Not in “that way.”
He looks at you intently. He says your name slowly. “I know I am not supposed to invalidate you when you’re sharing what’s true for you,” he says. “But. I just—it’s factually untrue!”
“You literally cannot say that,” you say.
“I can!” he booms. “Statistically!”
“What do you know about statistics? Aren’t you bad at math?”
His jaw drops, offended. “Don’t bring that up!”
“I’m just kidding, I’m kidding,” you say, raising your palms up, placating. 
“Anyway,” Bokuto says, bitingly, crossing his arms over his chest. “I don’t have to be good at math to know that people have liked you back.”
You sigh.
He uncrosses his arms and learns forward. “Was that annoying? I’m sorry.”
You look at him tenderly. You love him so much. “No, Bokuto, I never find you annoying.”
He snorts. “Okay, calm down, you don’t have to lie.”
“I’m not lying!” you cry.
He grins. He rests his cheeks in his palms. “I love when you declare your love for me!”
You huff and roll your eyes. “I do a million times a day.”
“It’s not enough!” he crows. 
“I love you,” you say, exaggeratedly grouchy.
“I love you, too,” he singsongs. 
You sigh.
Bokuto taps his fingers together in front of his chest, deliberation style. “So, why else do you think you haven't dated?”
“So you can tell me why I’m wrong?” you squawk.
“Sometimes it’s important and healthy to be told you’re wrong,” Bokuto says, narrowing his eyes, to an almost-close, Bodhisattva-style.
You swear you hear a gong ringing somewhere in the distance. 
You fail to hold back your snickers. “I can’t,” you say. 
“We’re on a roll!” Bokuto exclaims. “Let’s keep debunking your myths!”
You stretch and chuff. You feel a bit lighter now. You’re also so grateful. Even though there’s clearly been a lot on Bokuto’s mind, he still wants you to feel better about yourself. 
You can’t with him.
He’s so nice. 
You’re not willing to have this conversation with anyone but him.
“You basically want to ask me if we’re going to be life partners?” you ask.
He freezes, eyes wide. He looks exposed, like, hand caught in the cookie jar exposed. 
“That’s not—” he starts, but it’s obviously a lie. “You—” He opens and closes his mouth several times.
You wait. 
“I didn’t want to ask you if I didn’t even know if you wanted one in the first place.” He looks at you for approval.
You nod. “Makes sense.”
He stares at you.
You stare at him.
“Do you want  a life partner?” he asks, insanity edging the cracks in his voice. 
You grin at him, enjoying the simple pleasures in life, like riling up Bokuto.
But then you have to get to his question. 
Gosh. Do you? Want? A life partner?
Every part of that question is giving you trouble.
What do you want?
Do you actually not know, or do you know, but you’re afraid to say it?
If it’s Bokuto, yeah, maybe?
But you can’t say that.
“I’m afraid of things going wrong,” you say.
Bokuto nods emphatically. 
“I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle it if things go wrong.”
Bokuto looks pained. You wish you weren’t causing him pain. You’re so much trouble. 
“Thank you for sharing that with me,” he says.
“Thank you for listening.”
“I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just wanted to say that I love you and you’re brave.”
You smile. “It’s okay. It wasn't interrupting. Thank you, and I love you.”
“I love you, too.”
He’s supporting you, and he wants to listen. If you have anything else to share, you should share it. If you want to. 
You want to share.
You don’t have to be afraid. You are, and that's okay. But he’s not going to blame you or be mad at you for how you feel.
“I don’t want one other person to be the only reason I have for living or the only thing that makes me happy,” you say. “I am afraid that will instinctively happen. I am afraid I don't know how to act any other way, except to make someone my one thing, my everything.”
Bokuto lets out a sigh. “Wow,” he says, admiring you. “That’s really awesome.”
You feel a jolt. You look at him in shock. No matter how well you think you know him, he can always surprise you. It’s in a predictable way. He always surprises you with how supportive he is.
Maybe you are the asshole, not believing in him, not believing in yourself, and not believing in the both of you together.
You laugh nervously. “Really? What do you mean?”
“It’s admirable that you know that about yourself, since that probably took a lot of thinking and reflecting, and that’s so cool and strong to say.”
You’re a little embarrassed now. You’re not cool and strong. Your instinct is to try really hard to make sure Bokuto never thinks of you as anything other than cool and strong ever again. But you know that’s not necessary. Bokuto already sees the good in you. He already sees the best version of you that you can be. You don’t need to pretend. You can just take this compliment and move on. 
Still. You're you, and your inner critical voice isn’t that easy to defeat. “You really think so?” 
“Yeah!” Bokuto says. “Thank you for explaining that to me.”
“Thank you for listening.”
Bokuto nods. 
“Does someone being your life partner make you think that they are supposed to be your whole world?” Bokuto asks. 
You look down. You’re so embarrassed that you don’t “get it.” But this is the real you. You don’t “get it.” You don’t know what's going on. You don’t know what all these people are doing. It’s not clear to you. You love your friends, you love your family—love is clear to you. Romantic love is not. “That’s what media makes it seem like.”
“What about in real life?”
You shrug. “I feel like it wasn’t modeled well to me growing up,” you say. “Or even as a grown up.”
Bokuto nods. “That’s a toughie,” he says.
You’re sad. “Yeah.”
“How are you feeling?” Bokuto asks.
“Sad,” you say.
“Do you want to stop talking about this?” 
You meet the concern in his eyes with certainty. You’re safe with him. You hope he knows that. “Do you have more to ask?” 
Bokuto presses his lips together and looks away. “Yeah. But I feel selfish. It’s not important. I don’t want to talk about it if it’s going to hurt you.”
“What you want to share is important,” you say. He looks at you gratefully. “And it’s not you that’s hurting me,” you say. “I was hurt a long time ago. It means a lot to me that I can talk about what hurts me with you. It hurts in the moment, but I know that talking about it is going to help, and I’m going to feel better about that later.”
Bokuto looks at you and he’s so proud of you, you’re almost embarrassed. 
“I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you.”
“I’m grateful to have you.”
“You’re so brave.”
You’re pleased. “Thank you.”
He looks at you, and there’s so much battling between his eyes. You want to make it better. But maybe that’s not your job. But also maybe what you’re doing right now, this conversation, is something that can help. 
“Can I ask another question?” he asks.
You nod. 
“What if your life partner wasn’t trying to be your only thing?”
You hold back your sigh. You don’t want this conversation to be a clickbait article titled “17 reasons why Bokuto shouldn’t ask you out.”
You’re afraid it’s become that anyway. 
“I don’t know if it’s about their effort, so much as my own defense mechanisms, and me being fucked up,” you say, honestly.
Bokuto looks hurt. “I know that you are expressing how you feel, and I love you, and I am grateful that you can share with me. I just—I guess I feel like sharing that it’s okay to have stuff to work on. And having stuff to work on doesn’t have to be cause for negative judgements.”
You nod. You’re not really processing that. You get what he’s saying, but you don’t feel that way. You’re very hard on yourself. You’re going to need a second to let that one sink in.
“Thank you,” you say.
He nods. He sighs. “Have I asked too much?”
You shake your head. 
“Does what you've shared with me feel like a hard hurdle to cross?” 
You shrug. “I haven’t solved it so far,” you say. That’s very defeatist. You look at Bokuto. You wonder if he thinks you’re telling him to give up. 
He looks at you, determined. “I don’t want to make assumptions. I don’t want to be presumptuous. But I want to be there for you. I know that. I’m not ready for us to end.”
“I’m not ready for that either. I don’t want it to.”
“It doesn’t feel like the right time,” he says. “For us to end.”
“I agree. I feel like we have a lot more to learn from each other.”
“Right! You are always so full of knowledge and wisdom, I love talking to you so much.”
“Stop!” you squeak delightedly. “I am so in awe of how you view the world and I learn so much talking to you!”
“Awe,” he says. He’s literally blushing. He’s so cute. “You don’t mean that.”
“I do mean that!” you say. “And don't even try to say that you’re dumb because you are so smart and valuable and I love you.”
“I wasn’t going to say that,” he grumbles even though you know he was definitely going to say that. 
“Good,” you say. “Don’t.”
“Okay! I wasn't!”
You blink at him angelically.
He shakes his head. Bokuto takes a shallow breath. He says your name, uncertainly. “Is there something about me that makes you unsure?”
“No,” you answer immediately and firmly. Because it’s not about him. It’s about you. You’re scared. He shouldn't take that on. It’s not his fault. “About being life partners? No.”
His eyes shine, unguarded. Maybe he’s a little scared, too. 
“I love you,” you say. “You don’t do anything to make me doubt you.”
He looks unconvinced. “Do I do anything to make you think that I won’t be there for you?” he asks. “Or that I don’t want to?”
You shake your head. “It’s…” You have to address this concern. You cannot let him think it’s about him. You have to reveal how fucked up you are. You hate this part. “I wish someone could be there for me one-hundred-percent. I want certainty. But that’s my anxiety. The reality is that life is uncertain. That’s okay and I'm learning to be okay with that. I mean, it’s hard. I’m not—I feel like I’m not doing a good job being okay with uncertainty. I don’t know how to fix it. I’m trying. I don’t know. It’s annoying. I wish I could just fix this so I could be happy—or like not afraid of being unhappy.”
Your words finally stop tumbling from your mouth. There’s a translucent, fluttery feel to vulnerability. 
“You’re doing so much,” Bokuto says. “You’re trying so hard.”
You nod. You are. It’s true. If there’s one thing you’re doing, it’s trying. You’re still here. If you didn’t think things could get better, you wouldn’t still be here. 
“I’m so proud of you,” he grins.
You break into a smile, too. “Yeah. Thank you. We’re doing so good.”
“We’re doing awesome,” Bokuto agrees.
You grin.  “Yay.”
“Also—I love you no matter what the outcome of this conversation is,” Bokuto says seriously. Then he looks alarmed, like he scared himself. “Unless you don’t want to talk to me anymore,” he blurts. “I mean, I’ll still love you, but I will respect your space.”
You grin. You almost want to laugh. This experience with Bokuto, what you have  with him—it’s true. You feel sad, and happy, and longing, but also content. It’s everything. “I’m going to want to talk to you no matter what. If you don’t want to talk to me anymore, I’ll respect your space, too.” You hope that doesn’t happen. But you know that you love him, and that means you want what’s best for him, and for both of you. It’s not going to be best for both of you if one of you doesn't want to be in this anymore.
Bokuto leans in. “I’m always going to want to talk to you.”
“We always have so much to say to each other!” you say excitedly.
“There’s always a lot going on!” he cries, increasing the energy. 
“So much!” 
The delight and love is precious between the two of you. You feel safe here. You feel safe enough to be scared and still try. 
“What a nightmare,” you say.
“What?” Bokuto whines, high pitched and watery.
“Not you, me,” you say.
“You’re not!” Bokuto cries.
“Stop invalidating me,” you say, in a dull nasally, joking voice. 
Bokuto looks at you appraisingly, eyes narrowed. “Are you hungry? Do you need a snack?”
“Can you stop?” you snap, exaggeratedly prickly. Actually, you are hungry, but why does he know that?
“Do you want to eat a snack together?” Bokuto asks, overly self-satisfied and smug. But actually, he’s hungry and wants a snack, too.
You sigh. “I guess, so.”
“Huh??? What did you say??”
“I said, yes, please!” you cry.
Bokuto grins. “Yay! Snack time!”
You throw your hands in the air. “Snack time!”
You both high five and dance your way into the kitchen. 
The reality is, it doesn’t matter what you call this thing with Bokuto. It only matters that every day, you love each other and are there for each other, and want the best for each other. You’re grateful for his patience. And you’re grateful for what he sees in you. 
You’re making progress, one step at a time, and Bokuto is there with you, supporting you while you figure this out. You’re doing a good job, and it’s going to be okay. For now, you can enjoy your snack and the rest of your evening with Bokuto. Things are going to be okay.
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sweetsbysatori · an hour ago
haikyuu boys as cute things my boyfriend does
notes: i’m a big simp™️ for my bf so he is my inspiration for this post hehe <3 likes & reblogs are always appreciated!!
Tumblr media
thrashes around in his sleep (like this man CANNOT sleep stationary at all) but you always somehow wake up with at least one limb touching, whether his arm is wrapped around your body or your legs are intertwined
ushijima (big boi), daichi, aran, asahi, kageyama, AONE, meian <3, HINATA
tickles you. yes, tickles you (in a non-fetishy way). just because he likes hearing you laugh (and lowkey pissing you off LOL)
nishinoya, TENDOU, sugawara tbh, terushima pls, lev (lil himbo doesn’t know it sometimes pisses u off LOL)
even when you’re upset with each other, he’ll still offer to get you food (god i literally cry when he does this for me 🥺)
OSAMUUUU, iwaizumi <3, tsukishima?!??!, sakusa, yaku, KUNIMI, daishou
lets you sit on his lap when he plays league or any other video games. sometimes you play video games together to bond (when my bf and i first started dating we played stardew valley FOR HOURS and those were like our “dates” lol)
kenma <3, SUNA, yamaguchi (omg y’all playing animal crossing I CANNOT), matsukawa (makes u cheer him on during league matches tbh), hanamaki (makes u shit talk the rest of seijoh 4 on his headset during valorant matches), semi-semi!!!
randomly sends you pics of his pets with the caption “they miss u :(” (my bf has the cutest boxer doggies and they’re SIBLINGS i love them sm <3)
kuroo (& his cats PLS),  akaashi, kita (& his farm animals omfg), HIRUGAMI eek, KYOTANI (i hc that he has big dogs!! like pitbulls/rottweilers/etc), goshiki!! 
gets really pouty when the weekend is over and you have to return to uni. litters your face with kisses before you hop on the train <3
bokuto!!!, oikawa, TANAKA, atsumu bby, kindaichi, KOGANEGAWA, komori, hoshiumi (ik that man is a simp deep down i feel it in my clit)
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xnchxntmxnt · 3 hours ago
Midnight Drive
Tumblr media
Fandom: Haikyuu
Character: Miya Atsumu
Warnings: not much just him being cute
Notes: i wanted to write more to this but 🤷‍♂️ here we are
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Tumblr media
Tsumie <3 You busy?
Me Babe its 12:40 am
Tsumie<3 And you're awake. so. you busy?
You roll your eyes at your phone—you hadn’t been planning on answering your phone this late at night, but when your boyfriend’s name popped up on your screen, you couldn’t help it.
Me I’m not busy, what do you want?
Tsumie <3 Ooh so rude, how dare you 😂 No but anyway, can i come pick you up? I'm bored and i wanna go on a drive
Me What you wanna sneak out like were kids again
Tsumie <3 Yes I’ll be there in ten?
Me Sure
You threw on some clothes and shoes, heading to the front door of your apartment. Just as you were going to open the door, a knock sounded through it. Before opening it, you checked through the peephole and saw Atsumu looking at his phone. You open the door and he looked up, grinning at you.
“‘Was just about ta text ya, sweetheart,” he said, offering his hand for you. When you took it, he pulled you in, taking the opportunity to wrap his free arm around your waist. “Gimme a kiss, won’t cha?”
You grin at him and press a quick kiss to his lips. “What’s got you all wide awake, Mr. Miya?”
He chuckled and pulled you closer to him, leaning you backward in his arms, slightly. He knew you weren’t going anywhere, though—all those years of volleyball had to pay off somehow. “‘M just lovin’ ya, darlin’, what else is new?”
You rolled your eyes, taking the opportunity to kiss him again. “Shut up and get out to the car so we can drive, hm?” you ask with a smile.
“If you so choose. Let’s go.”
You lean your head against Atsumu’s shoulder, smiling at the stars above your heads. “It’s pretty out.”
“Yer prettier.”
He scoffs and wraps his arm around your shoulders. “Thanks for coming out with me tonight, darlin’. I got bored and couldn’t sleep.”
“How come?”
“Dunno.” He shrugged. “How come you were up?”
“I don’t know, either, actually. Right place right time?”
“We can go with that,” he chuckled, kissing your temple. “Ya know, I meant what I said earlier.”
You look at him, turning your body to face him. “About what?”
“I love ya.”
He turned to face you, too, pulling you a little closer to him at the waist. You brushed a little hair out of his face, letting your hand rest on the side of his neck. You pulled him in, pressing a slow, gentle kiss to his lips. He tasted like the chapstick you let him borrow, you noted—that was one more thing to love about him. He never liked to have his own things, he just stole yours. It was fine because you stole his, too. There was so much of each other’s stuff at your apartments that it was hard to tell what was whose.
You smile as you pull away, leaning your head against his. “I love you, too, Atsumu.”
Tumblr media
taglist (open!)
@mysterystarz @y-infen @kodzukoi @duckymcdoorknob
hey hey @shirari since i cant write shirabu heres some tsumu content for you
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astarriscus · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# 50+ followers milestone event !!
Tumblr media
— ft. ASTARRISCUS. thank you so much for 50+ ! i appreciate you all lots and lots /gen <3 ——— navigation. announcement post.
thank you so much everyone! i love you all /p hehe, here's my small event i'll be working on in my free time! tysm, it's quite a small number to some, but nonetheless, it means that you thought enough of my blog to give a follow. that means a lot, tysm. <3
Tumblr media
send in two characters or fandom/s and i will pick one character to write a drabble for. specify genre, send in 3-5 emojis, and optionally any one word/phrase. pls check actual steps down below, and also the rules utc! ⤵︎
INBOX : 1/20 (i am accepting 19 more requests!)
(followers before this event started / my mutuals, new or old, can disregard the slots! feel free to request anytime until the event is officially closed, even after the above inbox slots are full <3)
Tumblr media
——— steps to follow ! <3
000. to get a drabble of around 400 to 800 words (approximate number of words is susceptible to change, but expect around 700 usually!), follow the instructions below!
001. send in any two characters from any fandom/s that i write for in my list (different fandoms ok!). feel free to specify which character from the two you'd prefer! or if you'd like, just send in one or two fandoms in my askbox! i'll pick the characters myself, if that's the case.
002. please specify what genre you'd like! fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, specific au you'd prefer, any specific details (but not relating to racial-specific appearances such as skin ; stuff like height, specific relationship w/ character, occupation, etc. are ok)...
003. send in any 3-5 emojis (ex. 💘💤💭🌼🍃) + optionally, any one word or phrase! any at all! (ex. pick-up lines)
004. with all required elements, i will then write you a short-ish drabble! of one of the characters/fandoms that you sent! that is based off the emojis and the genre/s you specified!
— sample request: hello! for your 50 follower event, may i please request a drabble for kazuha, with thoma as my 2nd choice? 💘💤💭🌼🍃 + the phrase "pick-up lines". thank you so much!
notice. — pls make sure to send 2 (or more) characters for me to choose from in case i cannot write the drabble well enough fr your 1st chosen char! (unless they're bolded or not italicized in my list)
Tumblr media
——— rules to follow ! <3
... it is very very very much appreciated if you are actually a follower before requesting for this event ^^ new followers are always welcome! tysm, if ever, for being here!
... here is the link to my general rules / character list. i write for genshin impact, haikyuu!!, jujutsu kaisen, tears of themis, kimetsu no yaiba, and my hero academia.
... those who are not followers of mine but are joining this event, it's okay for you to join! no worries at all hehe <3
... anonymous ok! y'all are more than okay here <3
... i only write sfw, as i am a minor. so no nsfw requests at all, please. slightly suggestive is alright!
... i am a student! please bare with me as i may take time with getting your request out. so, please be respectful and patient.
... feel free to ask questions !! tysm again to everyone hehehe <333
... requests may be extended beyond 20, but that depends! event will last for as long as i like maybe, but expect at least a week? ^^ tentative date ; nov. 25 - dec. 7.
Tumblr media
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kshira · a month ago
Tumblr media
ft. sakusa, oikawa, mattsun, iwa, kuroo, kenma, bokuto, atsumu, tendou
tw. fem!reader, cursing, dirty talk, praise, fingering, handjob, m!oral, creampie, f!oral, soft dom! w/ sub! reader
an. a mixture of pussy drunk and them being needy for you, this is day six and i hope you enjoy <3
✰ kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
he’s hesitant to touch you, eyes glossing over your naked body, sakusa thinks you’re like a delicate gem, so beautiful to look at but afraid if he’s not too careful you’ll slip through his fingers; and shatter. a tremble of his name and he’s pulled from his lingering thoughts, “what do you want, princess?” his larger body leans down, eyes scanning over your face when he finally touches you, fingers skimming down your soft skin and that’s when he realizes; he wants more. the voice, the begging tone of you calling out to him—sakusa needs to hear it. “kiss me” he urges, lips brushing across your own “i need you to kiss me while i make you cum” and sakusa drops the clueless act, skillful fingers playing with your slit, dipping in your wet hole and his deprived tongue exploring the insides of your mouth. he swallows every moan you recite to him, his cock throbbing every time you beg for more, it builds the warmth in his chest, masks his vision with want and sakusa is growing desperate. “cum for me, please” his voice is muffled between your lips, digits pumping faster—and your voice; driving him to crash you into your orgasm. he feels your legs shake, your cunt gushing all on his fingers and sakusa watches the gem shatter from below him; and it’s such a beautiful sight.
“but princess, i need you” oikawa pouts, throwing his hands over your body as you try to get out of bed, “look how hard i am” he grabs your hand guiding you under the covers at his brief bulge “you make me this hard” he coos, eyes growing bigger when you grab him. “s-see? s’hard f-for you” oikawa stutters out, watching your hand slowly jerk him under the fabric, “f-fuck, just like that” your wrist snaps harder, fisting harder and closing his trembling lips with your own. oikawa struggles to concentrate on your hand, lips swallowing his choked moans—his neediness overflowing his brain. “wanna cum, wanna cum for you princess, please” oikawa whines, eyes rolling as you pump harder lingering your lips down to the sensitive skin on his neck. “fuck fuck fuck” he chants now, hips bucking into your hands, his cock throbbing against your palm. oikawa’s bronze eyes meet your gaze, lips parting with moans when he lets go, white ribbons painting his stomach, and oikawa keeps looking at you; but he had to. after all, he couldn't cum without you.
“need help?” iwaizumi grins, his calloused thumb soothing circles on your bare thigh. “can my pretty girl not ride me anymore, getting tired?” he taunts, lips curling into a sweetened smile, iwaizumi pushes the strands of hair from your face gazing at your fucked out expression; you looked tired. but you kept going, shaking your head and continuing to bounce on him. iwaizumi groans, swallowing the thick lump in his throat, he’s been holding out for so long; in all honesty he was so close to tipping over as soon as your warm cunt engulfed him. “move your hips like this, yeah? make me feel good princess” he muffled the moan, resigning in your neck; mostly to cover the soft pink shadowed on his cheeks, his arms wrapping around you to mask the tremble of his fingers. he silently thrust inside you, bouncing you harder on his lap, cock smoothing against your walls and soon enough you begin to unravel. tight coil snapping beneath your stomach, gushing around him—iwaizumi can finally let go, coloring your velvet walls with pretty whites. “see angel? you can’t cum without me” he places a kiss on your cheek, and he’s lying through his teeth though because it’s the other way around.
his eyes are trained on the tv, arm lazily slung across your shoulder as you watch faded figments of the tv, the pixels descending into your brain while something else clouds it. you look down at his lap, gut turning at the faded outline of your boyfriend's crotch. your eyes gaze back up at him, his face is relaxed with lips pursed in concentration. matsukawa darts his eyes over to you when you start palming at his crotch, cock throbbing under your grasp as soon as you start rolling your hand across it. “whatever you do, don’t fuckin’ stop” he says, gritting his teeth with his chocolate orbs studying you. “need your mouth now” he demands, pulling his cock out from under your hands and slapping it against your mouth, “suck, please angel.” his head slams against the back of the couch, groaning when your mouth slides against his length, the stretch held in your mouth burns but the whimpering coming from your boyfriend is well worth it. “y-yeah, just like that, please more” he moans, fingers threading through your hair and aiding you down further, your head bobs—mouth slurps and chokes around his length. “you know once i cum down that pretty throat of yours, i’ll want more” matsukawa groans, feeling his body completely crumble to your touch.
“fuck, don’t stop” kuroo pushes your head harder on his cock, the tip of his tongue swiping his bottom lip “needed this all day, angel.” his fingers grip your hair “but you know what’s better?” cumming in that pretty pussy.” kuroo looks down to you, head cocking sideways “don’t you think?” and you have no right to answer, only using his temptations to fuck you more when you get between his legs, but as soon as he is above you, clothing stripped, lips locked—he’s falling apart. “t-tight, shit, you’re so tight” kuroo eyes close shut, driving on the instinct of rolling his hips and moans slipping from his mouth, he’s drowning, waves above his head at the feeling. falling forward to fuck you deeper in the bed, hands flying up to hold him from the ruthless pounding. “gonna—gonna cum” kuroo recites the words, chanting them back in louder volumes when his cock sinks to the deepest parts of you, a gurgled choke when he feels your weeping cunt gush around him. he sucks a breath in, gathering the oxygen to fuel his lungs but it doesn’t feel as good as suffocating under divine waves of you.
“go ahead and do what you want with me” kenma whispers, pushing your hair behind your ear “i’m all yours.” and a pinch in your stomach throbs at his words, rising your orbs at him, he smiles “fuck me the way i deserve” he lays back, hands gripping harder on your plush hips “i know you can do that.” you gulp, watching your boyfriend hovering your cunt over his cock “only you know how to fuck me so good, my pretty girl.” kenma sighs, a relief of tension draining through his system when you sink down, hands shaking at the heat sliding on his length “y-yeah, that’s it.” your head unstable at the stretch, face knocking down on his shoulders, gasping at the pleasure rushing through your veins, kenma brings a hand up on your back, rocking you against him “you’re doing good—so good for me princess.” tired eyes look at you, watching your body curl against him, mindlessly getting off on him and kenma is sober but he feels so drunk; mind clouded with nothing but bright colors taunting his orbs. in the world he paints so black and white, you splash colors on him, “you wanna make me cum?” he breaks the silence, muffled whimpers leak from his shoulder, yet he hears the simple yes. he smiles, “make me cum then” kenma doesn’t know why but shades of new colors invade his mind as you cream around him, life isn’t so simple when he has someone making him work for something more complex.
bokuto is behind you, pounding into you from the back as it’s his favorite way to fuck you—watching all your beautiful curves move in delicate directions at the drills from his cock. they’re sloppy, pausing every so often to smooth a hand over your back, he’s only been in for seconds but god—it feels like a lifetime to him. they’re needy thrusts, angled just right to curve his cock deeper in you and he’s already at the end of his rope, dick throbbing for release and every time he thinks about it; there’s only one ending. “don’t wanna” he pouts, shutting his eyes tight, head tilted towards the ceiling, praying mindlessly to a god for time to slow the fuck down. but not all prayers are answered and evidently that’s now; as he cums inside you after another shock worthy pump. “not done baby, i swear” and bokuto is a man of his words, flipping you over, legs thrown over his shoulders and he’s back at it again, fucking through the sensitivity lined on his dick and straight into your weeping cunt. his jaw is tight, eyes watching your face contort into nothing but beautiful features and he wants this moment just for a little bit longer, or if possible just rewind everything because seeing you, watching his cock disappear inside you; it’s a moment worth living in forever.
“my precious angel, aren’t ya so cute?” atsumu hums, face buried in your cunt, absently licking inside your hole. “so sweet cumming on my tongue” he coos, bringing a thick finger up to slowly sink in your pussy. your back arches off the bed, spine crumbling under the weight of your boyfriend's tongue lapping at your clit, fingers curling in your tight walls. “that’s it baby, give me another” atsumu groans when you do as he says, liquids coating his finger, airy moans fluttering from your lips. he takes it all, everything you have atsumu wants it, he craves how good he makes you feel—the way your body moves and trembles for him. pride fills his chest watching you cry out, clawing at his broad shoulders, he can fuck you with his tongue, make you cum with one curl of his fingers but with his dick; you can’t stop begging for more. “i got ya baby, gonna fuck ya so good” atsumu hovers over you “cause i’m the only one that can make ya feel this good, right pretty baby?” and he takes the audible gasp as an answer when he slides in, heavy arms above you buckling at the sight and once is never enough with him—not when he’s the one that starts begging for more.
tendou is a clumsy lover, he stumbles to take your clothes off, trips over his words when he’s finally hovering over you. his heart feels so heavy, he can barely breathe looking at you. his chest is tight, like his head is barely above the surface. and it feels like this everytime, with you—he feels immortal, life shouldn’t be this good with you or your cunt. “look at me, please princess” he asks delicately, he never wants attention drawn on him but right now tendou wants you to watch, he wants to see the faces you make, the moans you expel— and maybe, your eyes locked on him; he won’t feel so lost. “does it feel good pretty girl?” tendou softly brings his hands up to your face, cupping it within his grasps, his cock slowly sinking inside you, you gasp hands grabbing at his shoulder “i’m right here, not going to move till you say so—okay angel?” and he’s reassuring himself with the words, looking into your eyes for the answer. it’s tied within your orbs, flickering happiness to him. tendou smiles back, shakily grabbing your knees and spreading you further, slowly pumping inside you, the warmth overflowing on his cock—the wetness coating him and dripping down to his balls and tendou is so afraid always to tumble over into this unexplainable bliss but with you, it’s a free fall.
Tumblr media
tagging— @chronic-claire-universe @ravenina14 @mattsunmakkilovebot @bakugousmrs @hqintheclub
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kurosukii · 3 months ago
𝐩𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: sakusa kiyoomi x f!reader
summary: as a broke and desperate college student, you resort to becoming a camgirl—not knowing that the professor you despise the most is your number one viewer.
genre: smut, college au, camgirl au, student x teacher
warnings: 18+. noncon/dubcon, manipulation, coercion, abuse of power, student/teacher (prof sakusa is a perv), sex work (camgirl reader), sex toys (reader gets boinked by a sex machine), exhibitionism, voyeurism, unprotected sex, multiple orgasms, male masturbation, sir kink, praise, degradation, overstimulation, hair pulling, oral (f (slight) and m receiving), face-fucking, slight biting, nipple play, spitting, squirting, spanking, creampie, cumplay
word count: 6.4k
author's note: for babie L's @bokuroskitten a-are you filming this? collab! thanks for letting me join boo! i really enjoyed writing this hihi (let me know if i missed any warnings!) (MINORS DNI)
º thank you @chicoree​ for beta-ing <3 (i finally got around to posting it ehe) 
everyone pls thank my bff for planting the seeds of professor x student in my mind—this is the result .
Tumblr media
[5:57 PM]
your literature professor is arguably the most irritating and most attractive man you’ve ever seen in your life.
he could definitely pass off as a high fashion model with his elegant and sculpted features, and with the way his iron-pressed dress shirts cling to his broad shouldered and muscled frame, he could definitely pass for an athlete too.
college students are scavengers. they scour for information that can either be used for good or bad or, in everyone’s case, to add a fantasy to their spank bank. through the power of social media and avid lurking, some students found pictures of professor sakusa back in the day.
much to your absolute dismay the pictures went to your spank bank too, to be used when you’re doing your other, definitely more lucrative job every friday night.
lo and behold, that hot robot of a man was an athlete. volleyball was his sport, and even though the atrocious color of his uniform could burn anyone’s corneas with how bright it was, it still didn’t hide the fact that he was nothing but attractive in his younger days before he finally hung up the jersey and ventured into academia.
he’s the most infuriating man in academia, if you were to be asked. seriously; the man walks, talks, and acts like he has a proverbial stick up his ass all around the clock.
“your paper lacks depth; are you sure you read the instructions clearly? it says to ‘thoroughly explain the presence of the recurring theme in pride and prejudice to the modern era’. this paper is lackluster for a third year english literature major. i will have to ask you to make major revisions.”
what a complete prick. never mind that the people who read your paper were singing praises about your insights and words, of course nothing will ever be up to par with professor sakusa and his array of accomplishments that no mortal human can achieve.
he’s your first class on fridays, so you always go through the day with a permanent scowl etched on your face.
at least this gruelling day is finally done, you mutter to yourself as you step inside your shared dorm with your roommate who’s nowhere to be found. shit, it’s friday.
you were so engrossed with the bad energy from your professor, you forgot that it’s streaming night. you skip to your room, practically giddy as you remember the box you picked up from the post office.
it was supposed to be a one-time thing, but money is a drug and a broke and scavenging college student like you quickly becomes addicted. not to mention—the boost of confidence in your own body that quickly came after that realization.
like most broke girls, you’ve fallen into the spectrum of sex work and camming. it’s good money and the numerous comments about people wanting to fuck your sexy ass body—as they always say—never fail to leave you wanting for more.
a megawatt grin graces your lips when you see the non-descript box in the center of your twin-sized school issued bed. there’s a small envelope on top (you’re glad that the employees at the post office didn’t mess with it) and you take it, sitting on the bed as you bite your lip in anticipation.
the envelope looks like it came out of the classic literature books you’ve read and studied. it’s cream colored, sepia at the edges, and with a blood red wax seal at the center.
you don’t miss the letter imprinted on the wax: D in a gothic font. your body heats up as you gently peel off the seal, revealing a note inside.
it’s my size and shape. - mr. darcy
it’s printed in black ink and you’re secretly disappointed because you wish it was handwritten. but for safety purposes, there’s no indication of who it might be. after all, you accepted the package under a pseudonym (never mind the less than legal process you went through for an id).
mr darcy. you’d squealed like a schoolgirl when his user popped up on the paid private chats after one of your streams. a couple other people messaged you but this one was different. there’s a regal air to him, despite the fact that he’s paying to jack off to your body.  
it doesn’t help that your username is lizzybennet. what are the damn odds? he’s always present, practically your number one viewer with the amount of money he gives you.
just a few days ago, he told you he was going to give a gift, in celebration for you reaching 50k subscribers. the box on your lap is the gift and you have an inkling of what’s buried underneath the crepe paper.
you rummage through the packaging and once you see it, you gasp. it’s a mini sex machine. your eyes are wide as you inspect the contraption and you notice that there’s a note attached to the mechanical body of the toy.  
“a celebratory gift for you amassing 50k subscribers. please use it on your next stream; i have the controller.”
how can he be so eloquent when there’s a literal fucking machine on your lap? he’s taking this whole mr. darcy thing down to the bone.
you gulp, nervous and excited about the last part of what he said. fuck, he’s basically going to fuck you with the machine.
your pussy flutters at the idea, wetness immediately dampening your panties. your eyes wander and what catches your attention is the dildo that’s attached to the body.
this dildo is his dick in silicone? is he joking? this looks like it belongs in the superhuman section of bad dragon.
it’s thick and long, curving a little bit to the right with multiple veins running down the shaft. the color is bright, like a neon highlighter and in the back of your mind, it seems familiar but you can’t quite place it.
it’s cold to the touch and you rub your thighs, excited to use it and give your viewers a show they’ll never forget. you set it down and stand up from the bed, doing all the necessary rituals for your weekly stream.
“hi guys! i guess you all know by now that i’ve reached a milestone! so i want to do something different this time,”
you chirp, voice sweet and  saccharine. you’re dressed in your favorite lingerie, fiddling slightly with the straps as you shift around the bed, face still out of view from the camera.
the toy is propped on a stool that’s also out of view and you take a deep breath, calming yourself before pushing through with your face reveal. luckily, the site doesn’t allow screenshots and quickly kicks out any user who does.
“i figured you guys deserve to see my face with how good you all have been to me.”
slowly moving forward, you reach for the camera and adjust it, your face finally coming into view. pings start coming in and you giggle at the excitement of your viewers.
fuck, you’re gorgeous.
can’t believe you’ve been hiding that pretty face, baby.
god damn, your face already makes me hard.
everyone has some kind of dirty laundry, and it just so happens that the seemingly stoic professor’s dirty laundry is watching camgirls as his nightly routine.
a man has his needs and because he’s so busy and surrounded by geriatrics and stinky hormonal college students on a daily basis, he doesn’t have enough time or energy to look for a hookup.
imagine his relief when he found someone who reminded him of you as he was scrolling through numerous profiles. lizzybennet got him hooked because his username was already mrdarcy.
the resemblance of the voice and skin tone was enough to reel him in and for sakusa, it was instantly a match made in heaven. she quickly reminded him of one of his favourite students who he shamelessly fantasizes about all the time.
he supposes that he should feel disgusted with himself, but he doesn’t.
and now, his eyes are wide and his usually cool head is spinning. his blood is rushing, down south, in his ears, everywhere. the odds of him jacking off to a girl who uncannily resembles his student, only to find out it’s actually you.
he doesn’t know what to feel, but the way his cock is already standing at attention in his pants, well, he’s about to get his money’s worth.
shirtless and racking up a cold sweat, he unbuttons his pants and pulls out his cock, hissing as it throbs at the sight of you in lingerie. lingerie you bought with his money.
“one of you sweeties sent me a gift and i’ll definitely be putting it to good use,” you giggle, cheeks becoming warm at the lewd comments and occasional wholesome compliments.
you sit back on the bed, leaning further until you can’t see the chat anymore. hooking your ankle on the leg of the stool, you drag it to the end of the bed, between your legs as the pings get louder.
sakusa clutches the controller in his big hand, the other softly stroking his cock. biting his lower lip, his dark eyes sear into you and he wonders what it would be like if he were the one to ruin your pretty pussy with his cock—his real cock.
taking the bottle of lube beside you, you smear it over the toy, moaning as you pump it a few times while imagining it’s a certain professor’s dick.
he’s the star of your fantasies and the reason why you always cum so hard. thankfully, your mouth is kind to you and doesn’t blurt his name when you’re pleasing yourself on stream.
once it’s wet enough, you pull your panties to the side and your fingers play with your folds, closing your eyes as you bite your lips and get into the zone.
“shit, i wish it was your fingers playing with my pussy,” you whine, your free hand pulling the straps of your bra down, exposing your breasts to the camera, nipples hardening at the growing pleasure in your veins.
you take a nipple between your fingers, twisting and pulling gently as you whimper at the sting. the fingers playing with your folds are wet enough with your slick, and you insert two of them in your cunt, stretching yourself for the toy that’s about to fuck you.
your breathing picks up after scissoring yourself for a bit and you pull them out, showing the screen your soaked fingers before putting them in your mouth, moaning as you suck on your digits.
on the other side of the screen, sakusa groans as he leans back on his chair while holding his shaft, pumping his cock slowly as pre-cum leaks from the tip. his eyes flutter as he imagines fucking your pussy with his dexterous fingers, pulling whines and moans from your lips.
you position yourself on the bed and adjust the toy so that it’s directly in front of your dripping hole, fingers holding your panties to the side.
you look to the camera and your sultry gaze goes straight to sakusa’s cock and he hisses, squeezing himself as he flips the switch on the controller, preparing to turn the dial.
“ready when you are, sir,” you tease, slowly licking your lips as you wait for the toy to enter you.
sakusa growls under his breath, bristling at your challenge as desire courses through him when he hears the title fall from your pouty lips.
he turns the dial and the machine whirs to life, and your eyes glaze over in wonder as you spread your folds, watching as the toy slowly enters you.
you whine at the size; it’s cold and lifeless, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s practically splitting you open. your legs tremble, toes curling as you play with your clit, causing more slick to gush out of you.
sakusa watches through his screen as you squirm and moan, the toy finally bottoming out in your cunt. his dark eyes flash and he gulps as your pussy swallows the toy.
you can definitely take him and he’ll make sure that it will happen, soon.
he doesn’t bother letting you adjust to the toy, a toy that’s bigger than all the ones he’s watched you fuck your pussy with. after all, you’re a slut and you can take it, right?
the toy increases in speed and you cry out, hands immediately bunching the sheets between your fingers as you throw your head back. pleasure courses through your body as you pant heavily, moans steadily rising in volume.
you close your eyes tightly as your chest heaves, starting to think of him.
stupid man and his stupid black curls that freely flip around his face, dark eyes always narrowed as they dart over you.
what would his hair feel like between your fingers? would they be soft from the clean and citrusy scent that wafts off of him when he roams around the classroom?
how would his eyes look up at you? would they be swimming with unbridled hunger as his skilled tongue flicks and laps away at your clit? would his deep voice reverberate through your shaking body when he groans as your taste coats his mouth?
would his large hands, adorned with long and slender fingers, squeeze your thighs, holding you still as he buries his face in your cunt?
all these vivid images flow through your brain, the constant pings of steady donations mere background noise as you imagine your professor’s deep voice ordering you, commanding you to cum.
“wish it was you fucking me right now—oh shit!” you moan, words blending together as tempo of the sex machine is increased.
the buzzing sound of the machine is in sync with your fast heartbeats as the silicone cock thrusts into you, lewd squelching filling the room as your moans and cries become choked and broken as your orgasm looms close behind.
not a lot of things can topple professor sakusa kiyoomi off of his pedestal, but the sight of his favorite student getting her pussy fucked by the toy that he gifted is definitely worth his jaw going slack for.
you’re so pretty, cheeks flushed and lips parting into the perfect orgasm face as your shaking arm reaches for your clit, eyes so hooded that you can barely see the screen in front of you.
sakusa’s hand pumps his cock a little faster, following the rough and fast circles you’re subjecting your aching clit to. it delights him to no end that you really know how to work your body.
he allows himself to groan loudly, gripping the arm of the chair as he thrusts up into his hand, pre-cum spilling over his shaft.
the controller is long forgotten to the side of his laptop, the dial turned to the highest setting as the machine fucks you hard and fast.
your high pitched moans are music to his ears and the twitching of your legs are proof of the pleasure that he’s indirectly causing.
your head’s thrown back, exposing your neck as your hips roll against the toy, juices from your cunt sliding down your ass as it drenches the sheets below you.
“sir, sir please! can i cum? please let me cum! i’ve been a good girl!”
tingles run down sakusa’s spine as he hears your whiny voice beg. even when he’s not touching you, he still has control over you.
“cum for me,” he groans under his breath, chair creaking as he fucks his hand and as if you heard him, you pinch your clit and scream, body convulsing as you cum all over the toy.
sakusa follows suit, moaning your name as white spurts of cum shoot out of his cock, staining his thighs and abs. eyes dark and mind hazy from his orgasm, he forgets to turn the dial off and his attention is called when he hears you crying and squealing.
“s-sir, p-please turn it o-off! it’s t-too much, fuck!” you cry out, tears stream down your face as the machine continues to pound you, hands fisting the sheets as overstimulation quickly washes over your body.
sakusa’s eyes are wide, staring with rapt attention as the toy abuses your cunt. he can turn it off if he wants to, but he doesn’t because he knows you can easily scoot back on the bed and end your supposed agony, but you don’t.
instead, he smirks as he watches steady tears roll down your cheeks as you beg and beg. your body is glistening with a fine sheen of sweat and because sakusa has watched your body countless of times, burned the curves and dips of your frame into his mind—he knows you’re going to cum again.
“f-fuck, fuck, fuck! i’m cumming again!” you wail, back arching off the bed as you cum once more. your body stiffens at the uncomfortable position and this time, a stream of clear liquid shoots out of your pussy, drenching your soiled sheets even more.
the pings are louder than before, and if you had your audience in your room, they would definitely be in awe as they watch you squirt over and over again.
sakusa’s hand returns to his cock, movements slow as he watches you whimper and twitch from the mind blowing orgasm. having mercy on you, he takes hold of the controller as he slowly turns the dial, the buzzing of the machine turning into soft whirs as the toy stops fucking you.
your eyes are heavy and lidded when you sit up, chest heaving and nipples aching as the toy slowly leaves your pussy, whining as you feel your juices slide down your ass.
you surprise everyone, including your professor, when you fumble around the machine and dislodge the toy that’s shining and glistening with your essence.
you put the wet and warm toy in your mouth, sucking and licking like you would on a real cock. sakusa hisses, closing his eyes as he hears you moan, tasting yourself on the toy.
his brain forms images in his mind, imagining you doing that to him, choking on his cock before he grabs your hips and slaps your ass, entering your needy pussy in one hard thrust.
you practically crawl towards the laptop, eyes sultry and inviting before you pull the toy out of your mouth with a wet pop and throw a dazzling smile at the camera, as if you didn’t get ruined by a silicone cock a few moments before.
fuck. this is your best stream ever lizzy.
shiiit, wish you squirted all over my cock like that, sweet cheeks.
i’d pay to cum on that pretty face any time, liz.
you’re so fucking beautiful, can’t believe i can finally picture a face to jack off to every night.
the last comment makes you giggle; men really are one and the same, huh?
the cursor hovers over the bright red button, and before you press it, you speak to the camera and although it might sound like you’re talking to all of them, you’re really just talking to him.
“i hope you enjoyed the show, sir. but i wish it was your real cock that made me cum and squirt like that.”
with one last wink to the camera, you end the stream.
sakusa didn’t get to sleep that night—but you did. slept like a baby too, because of the hefty amount that dropped in your bank account after the stream ended.
mr. darcy was like that—he preferred to do things all in one go.
“i expect that all of you have finished the required readings. we will have a unit test tomorrow. class dismissed.”
you sigh in relief as you pack your things in your bag, glad that your class with him has ended. there are perks, you guess, of him being your only class on mondays because it means that you’d have enough time to recover from his snarkiness, and it doesn’t even matter that he’s attractive as hell.
sometimes you’re happy that you sit at the top of the auditorium (of course professor sakusa requested his classroom to be there) so that you can have more time engraving his alluring features in your mind, but other times—like now—you wish you sat right beside the door.
you’re about to make a run for it when his deep and melodic voice calls your name.
“i would like to talk to you about your performance,” sakusa says, but there’s a weight behind the last word, like there’s a double entendre. “what do you have to say about it?”
you tilt your head to the side, legs robotically descending the stairs. why is he asking this now? your heart’s pounding and you try to ground yourself, ironically thinking about him and his quirks.
he’s always wearing a mask—like he did when he was in high school, something you noticed in his pictures—outside of classrooms and you guess he’s a clean freak, which is evident with the clinical organization of his desk.
he’s prim and proper personified, or so you think.
“i-i think i’ve been doing w-well, sir.”
fuck, why did you stutter? your mental beration at your nervousness quickly dissipates when you hear your professor’s groan. eyes wide, you focus back on him and his fists are clenched as he shamelessly adjusts his slacks that are currently housing a very prominent bulge on his crotch.
before you know it, you’re standing before him and your nervousness shows itself once more. half rimmed glasses rest on the bridge of his perfect nose as his fingers reach for it, folding them as he places it on his desk.
his weight sits on the wide, dark red desk as his dark eyes bore into you while he neatly folds his sleeves up to his elbows. too afraid to make eye contact, you stare at the moles on his forehead, peeking behind the stray curls.
“yes, you’ve been doing well. very well, isn’t that right, lizzy?”
a choked gasp leaves you and you feel like you’re going to faint as a finger traces your cheek, jaw, then lower lip. there’s cotton in your ears and your heart is about to jump out of your chest when sakusa slips his thumb between your parted lips.
he pushes down on your tongue and you stare at him helplessly. his usual exasperated expression is replaced with something sinister, a smirk gracing his rosy lips.
“such a beautiful girl...skilled with her fingers, skilled with her mouth, definitely skilled with that pussy,” he whispers to himself, trailing off as his other hand sneaks under your skirt, resting on your ass. you shouldn’t have worn that pesky piece of clothing.
his thumb rubs your tongue for a few more moments and his large hand squeezes your ass, earning a broken squeak from you. he retracts them and crosses his arms over his chest. you follow his movements as you breathe heavily, eyes round at his corded forearms.  
“p-professor, i-i don’t know what y-you’re talking about—”
“oh, but you do. i’m actually thrilled that you put my gift to good use, angel,”
he whispers, and with how quiet it is in the auditorium, he might as well have yelled because the implication of his words are ringing loudly in your ears.
like a predator, he slowly circles around you, the soles of his shoes softly clicking on the linoleum floor. you should run but it’s like your feet are cemented to the ground and all you can do is whisper in a tiny, broken voice.
“a-are you-are you going to report me?”
he raises one thick eyebrow as he stops in front of you. there’s a hint of confusion in his eyes and hope blooms in your chest and once again, you’re thankful that screenshots aren’t allowed by the website.
“you don't have solid proof that it's me,” you say with more conviction, hope brewing in your chest, but unfortunately, it quickly dies.
“that may be so, but you wouldn't want those kinds of allegations against you, no?” sakusa taunts you, his low voice suddenly appearing beside your ear.
“i could easily pass it off as an anonymous tip, they would never know it was me, their beloved professor sakusa kiyoomi.”
your breath hitches when you feel a rough and calloused hand, ghosting over your thigh underneath your skirt. sakusa smirks at your reaction, leaning closer to nibble on your earlobe.
“moreover, word will spread. people will be tempted to check your account; people you know, people that you may have been intimate with,” he continues, hot breath making you shiver.
his hand suddenly cups your mound, the heat emanating from your pussy making his cock twitch in his pants. you let out a soft cry as your body leans towards him, your chests touching.
his other hand wraps around your waist, bringing you closer to him and crushing your body against his.
“taking screenshots may not be allowed and your streams disappear, but what about the pictures and videos that you post? they will definitely recognize that sexy and provocative body anywhere.”
you want to retort but it’s like your tongue is glued to the roof of your mouth and the only time you make any kind of sound is when sakusa touches you. pathetic.
“either way, your name still gets tarnished and my reputation would be clean as a slate. i’m the professor who has a camgirl student—not the one who watches her streams every friday night.”
sakusa’s thumb reaches for your cheek and wipes a tear that unknowingly escaped your eye. your vision is getting smaller and your professor’s dark eyes are the only thing you can clearly see.
“p-please tell me...what i-i can do for y-you to not say anything,” you stutter in the softest voice, and sakusa’s eyes flash at your whiny plea.
“your begging sounds even better in real life, sweetheart,” sakusa hisses, his middle finger teasing your covered slit as you whimper against his shoulder. “i think you know what i want.”
“i’ve been paying you good money. don’t you think i deserve to get the real deal?”
you whimper as his large hand puts pressure on your shoulder.
“get on your knees. don’t keep sir waiting.”
your lower lip trembles as you lower yourself to your bare knees, face to face with the growing bulge in his slacks.
sakusa leans against his desk, hands on either side of his frame as he stares at you from under his lashes. your shaking hands fumble with his belt, the sound of metal echoing in the empty room.
“where’s the confident girl that got fucked by my toy?” sakusa tuts, tilting his head to the side as his fingers tap on the wood, feigning disappointment.
you wince, but don’t bother replying because as you pull his pants and underwear down, his cock springs free and bobs against his covered abdomen.
he wasn’t lying about the toy. it’s definitely his size and shape, but facing the real thing? it leaves your mouth dry as you try to swallow the lump in your throat.
there’s a bead of pre-cum on his tip and sakusa holds his shaft, thumb smearing it over his head. he guides his cock to your lips, dragging his length across it, leaving a wet sheen.
“open up.”
your lips part obediently as sakusa’s other hand takes hold of your hair. his thick cock slowly enters your mouth, your jaw aching as it tries to accommodate his size.
you gag when he hits the back of your throat, balls resting against your chin. his thumb caresses your cheek as he coos at you and wipes at your fresh tears.
his cock is hot and heavy in your mouth, veins dragging along the sensitive skin. not giving you enough time to adjust to his length, he pulls your head until only the tip is inside and thrusts back into your mouth.
you choke as your hands fly to his strong thighs, attempting to cry out as his hips thrust harshly, mindlessly using your mouth as a fleshlight.
“i’ve waited so long to fuck this slutty mouth—shit,” sakusa groans, throwing his head back as he bobs you on his cock.
tears mix with your saliva and drool as it coats his length, making it glide easily inside of your mouth. your throat and jaw are aching, never had you sucked a cock this thick and long in your life and yet here you are, getting used like a sex toy for your professor’s pleasure.
he’s not shy about his volume, letting out loud groans and grunts as he fucks your mouth. in your peripheral vision, you can see that the blinds on the door are closed, but anyone can walk in and see your compromising position.
“fuck, i’m going to cum,” sakusa hisses, both of his hands taking hold of your hair. you moan around his cock, the vibrations making sakusa growl as he thrusts harder as your grip on his thighs tighten.
his dark eyes find yours, searing into you with his pretty pink lips parted as his balls tighten, slapping against your chin.
“fuck, fuck, fuck!” he groans loudly, hips jerking as his cum shoots in your mouth. your whine is garbled as you forcefully swallow the viscous liquid.
sakusa’s seed is too much for you to take and some of it ends up seeping through the corners of your mouth as he slowly pulls out.
“don’t waste it, slut,” he says menacingly, and you whimper at the venom in his tone. he roughly wipes the mess around your mouth, long fingers pushing his cum between your lips.
you blink twice and next thing you know, your aching knees are relieved from the cold floor and you’re face down on his pristine desk, which is going to be ruined soon.
you can't deny that you’ve been dreaming about this for the longest time, but certainly not like this.
you’re too busy wallowing in your thoughts to realize that sakusa is flipping up your skirt, exposing your wet panties to the cold air of the room.
a loud crack rings across the room as his large hand comes down and smacks the globes of your ass. lurching forward on his desk, you yelp as the sting spreads throughout your body.
“you just sucked my cock and you’re already this wet? you really are a slut, huh?” he sneers, teeth nipping the skin of your ass before he spanks you again.
you whine as sakusa pulls your panties down your shaking legs, placing it on his desk as he spreads your cheeks, baring your pussy to his hungry eyes.
he catches you by surprise when he holds your leg, folding it as he places it on his desk. you whimper as you grip the edge of the table, embarrassed at how you’re so exposed to him.
he spits on your cunt, not giving you time to process what’s happening before his tongue licks one long and sloppy stripe on your folds.
your body instinctively jerks, crying out as you feel the warmth of his tongue against you. sakusa ignores your whines of protest as he skillfully avoids your clit, softly chuckling as you try to find the stimulation you need.
you end up moving your hips, trying to chase the movements of his tongue so it can flick against your aching clit until he abruptly pulls away, heavy hand coming down to slap your ass.
“did i tell you that you can move, hm?”
you whimper at his reprimanding tone, nails scraping on the wood when he slaps your ass again.
“a good student answers when she’s being asked,” he hisses, his hand connecting to your ass again, aching and warm from his spanks.
“n-no sir! you didn’t tell me to move!”
“exactly, but i think i’ve teased you long enough,” he hisses, finally standing up to his full height, cock hard again as he reaches out to wrap his hand on the back of your neck.  
sakusa guides his cock towards your hole, breathing heavily as he feels the heat emanating from you. you exhale noisily, wondering if his dick will feel the same as the toy. probably not, because as much as you loved it, nothing beats the warmth and throb of a real cock.
you squirm when his tip slowly breaches past your muscle, soft whines leaving your lips as he stretches you. you’re so wrong; the toy is nothing compared to him. he feels bigger, and the veins on his shaft drag deliciously against your walls.
you can’t help but clench around him, which earns you a hiss and smack, making you moan loudly. there’s a bead of sweat on sakusa’s temple trailing down his neck that disappears into his chest, a few buttons undone to show off his fair and glistening skin.
heavy pants replace his words, too drunk on the way you’re taking him. both of you moan loudly when he finally bottoms out, his tip nudging your cervix as his forehead rests on your back, scrunching his nose when he feels your shirt soaked with sweat.
“s-sir, y-you’re too big.”
sakusa smirks at the delirium in your tone, cheek squished as you turn your head back to look at him, his curls wild and shining. he pays you no mind, hands holding your hips in a bruising grip, immediately setting up a brutal but rhythmic pace.
the articles on his desk shake and fall, smashing to the ground as he fucks you, practically pushing your body into the desk. the drag of the fabric on your hardened nipples sends a delicious tingle down your spine, making you shiver.
your moans increase in volume as your cheeks flame, hearing his heavy balls slap against your clit as he pulls your hips back and forth along his throbbing cock.
the humiliation of you creaming around your professor’s cock brings tears to your eyes but it quickly gets replaced by the delicious sting of him spanking your ass, complete filth coming out of his mouth—a jarring contrast to the way he usually talks during class.
“fuck yeah, i’ve been thinking about fucking this tight little pussy for the longest time.”
what was once soft but stern is now commanding and rough. it makes your head spin, moaning his title as your pussy sucks him in. who knew your professor had a dirty mouth on him?
it turns you on, as much as you hate to admit it, but you can’t help it. he feels so good and you can’t get enough of him. your body feels the same, rising on your trembling arms as your hips roll, pushing back on his cock.
“come on, that’s a good girl. my cock’s better than the toy i gave you, hmm?” sakusa coaxes you, thrusting harder when he sees you reciprocating his movements.
“definitely worth my money,” he growls in your ear, stopping you from moving as he takes control of your body once more.
shivering at the ice in his tone, you cry out as your hands instinctively fly to the back of your head where he has a death grip on your hair, tugging at your scalp.
“sir, please! harder!”
sakusa’s eyes flash, muscles rippling and tensing at the way you beg so pathetically for him. he’s a professor, and professors always want the best for their students.
“look at you, begging for my cock like a good. little. bitch.”
he punctuates the last three words with hard thrusts, burying himself so deep in your cunt that the desk is resting against the whiteboard.
a mixture of incoherent words and broken moans fall from your lips, your head falling forward when sakusa let go of your hair to hold your bruised hips again.
“are you going to cum for me?” he leans into your ear, biting the lobe as the slapping of skin and squelching of your pussy echo throughout the empty auditorium.
“fuck, yes! g-gonna cum!”
you wail, the knot in your stomach tightening the faster and harder sakusa fucks your leaking cunt.
“yeah? then cum,” he growls, hips losing their rhythm as they jerk, cock throbbing as thick and hot spurts of his cum coat your walls.
he groans your name just as your voice shakes, whimpering his title as your trembling bodies slowly stop moving, reveling in the haze of your orgasms.
soft cries and whimpers fall from your lips, wincing when you hear your mixed juices leak out of you, staining the once pristine desk.
you crash down on the desk, body limp and cheek squished as you breathe heavily, drool seeping from your parted mouth.
sakusa groans and bites his lip as he pulls out, drops of white dripping from his cock. you whine, squirming uncomfortably when more juices leaks from your battered pussy.
you crane your neck in his direction as his shaking arm reaches for the discarded panties beside you, inspecting the soiled fabric. your eyes practically bug out of your head when you see him put your panties in front of his nose with a loud satisfied inhale.  
he grins at your dumbfounded expression when he wipes his cock with your underwear before tucking himself back into the confines of his pants, his zipper ringing loudly.
“i can’t get my slacks dirty, now can i?”
he says with a thick eyebrow raised before he pulls your leg, chuckling when he sees how much you’re still shaking.
kneeling on the floor, sakusa loops your legs through each hole, calloused hands dragging up your sweaty skin before they rest on the swells of your ass.
his large hands knead and caress the bruised skin, and he rises up to his full height as he looms over your ear.
“you’re wasting my cum by letting it fall to the floor.”
you let out a garbled sound, making him smirk as he watches you stand up straight with your knees wobbling.
he traps you between the desk and his thick frame as his hot breath ghosts the shell of your ear, biting it before he whispers in his low and husky voice, “don’t think that this is going to be a one-time thing.”
for good measure, he slaps your ass again, dark eyes gleaming when you stumble and yelp, bumping the table forward.
“i’ll see you tomorrow at my office, miss bennet.”
[6:59 PM]
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meiansmistress · 2 months ago
wrong number.
Tumblr media
akaashi keiji thinks it's a mistake when his stepsister sends him an explicit photo. it only takes a few days to prove that false.
Tumblr media
pairing: stepbrother!akaashi x fem!reader, 3.7K, nsfw pwp, 18+ mdni
warnings: stepcest, masturbation (male, female), video recording, soft dom akaashi, blackmail, use of the word "slut", use of the word "nii-chan/nii", mirror sex, multiple orgasms, creampie, overstimulation, slight praise kink
written for: the caught in 4k collab by @hornime!!
thanks to: @anime-nymph, @oneblonded, @betheydocrimewrites, and @mianavs for looking this over for me!! i am forever grateful <3
tagging: @hqintheclub
Tumblr media
When Akaashi opens his phone, he certainly isn’t expecting the picture message you’ve sent him. You usually send him dumb memes over the course of the day, a few requests for what you want for dinner, or some bored texts from your university classes as you listen to your old professor drone on and on.
Not this time.
It’s lucky Akaashi left the library early thanks to skipping breakfast, because he nearly falls out of his chair when he sees you naked on his screen. You sit on your knees on top of pink sheets, your breasts on full display as you push them out; one of your hands cups your tit while the other rests over your black lacy panties. But best of all is your expression—lightly flushed, biting your lip, looking directly into the camera.
You’re going to be the death of him, he decides right then and there. He should delete the photo and pretend it never happened. You’re his stepsister for God’s sake—he’s known you for two years since your parents remarried, and you’ve been living in his university apartment for the past year. Something about your parents wanting you to get closer, and it made sense since you both were now attending the same university.
Akaashi really hadn’t minded since he had an extra room now that Bokuto graduated, but he didn’t realize how hard it would become as the year went on. Cute cotton shorts that barely cover your ass; walking around in a towel after your showers and lingering in shared spaces; throwing yourself over his lap as you lay on the couch with an innocent smile. The fact that you’re his stepsister doesn’t stop him from imagining pinning you down, making you sincerely apologize for every time your hand brushes over his ass or cock with a sharp, “oh sorry, Keiji-nii!”
He saves the photo to his phone before texting you back.
‘Wrong number.’
To your merit, you’re extremely flustered the minute you come home from university. You’d meant to send it to someone else (apparently named Moniwa, he draws out of you as he blankly stares at your shaking hands.) Moniwa’s message had been right below his and you’d clicked the wrong thread by accident.
“You should be careful. What if you’d accidentally sent it to someone who wasn’t me?” he scolds quietly, and there’s a sick thrill that runs down his spine when he sees you duck your head in embarrassment.
“M’sorry, Keiji-nii,” you pout before looking up and batting your lashes at him. “It won’t happen again.”
He doesn’t scold you any further, but he also doesn’t scold himself when he pulls up your photo that night, tugging down his sweatpants as he stares at you. Pretty nipples, coy expression, fingers looking like they are ready to plunge deep into your cunt. He hisses when he palms his hard cock, eyes focused on your covered pussy before they slip closed. He can practically hear you in his ear, whimpering Keiji-nii, Keiji-nii, touch me.
Oh, he’d touch you alright, deft fingers plunging deep into you until you beg him to stop because it’s too sensitive. Then he’d lick it all up, moaning into your cunt as you tug on his hair. He even tugs on his own locks to imitate the feeling, tongue lolling out like he’s pushing deep into your cunt and making you squeal for him. After your voice is hoarse, he wouldn’t give you any time, pushing his cock deep inside your core until you clamp down around him, pretty voice sobbing “Keiji-nii, so full!”
His cock throbs in his palm, hand moving too fast because it feels too good. His thighs tremble as he imagines you splayed out beneath him, squirming and thrashing as he fucks you. It doesn’t take long before he’s biting down on his lip to keep quiet, glasses sliding down his nose from the sweat. Akaashi gives one muffled grunt and then he’s spilling all over his hand, pretending it’s your cunt that takes him, all of him, every last drop.
When he’s finished, he cleans himself up in the bathroom and ignores your closed bedroom door as he goes back to bed.
Everything is the same as always. You send him memes, bug him to make katsudon for dinner, complain about the old geezer who gave you a low mark on your quiz. You’re as bright and pretty as ever in your little dresses, growing shorter and shorter thanks to the summer heat, and he pretends he didn’t look “Moniwa” up on social media to see who you have a crush on. You also don’t talk about the picture still sitting safely in his photo album, the one that’s been burned into his memory thanks to looking at it so often.
The apartment is quiet when he shuffles inside. His boss let him go thirty minutes early from his part-time barista job, and you’re not due back for another hour or so thanks to some group project you’re working on. He pads to his bedroom, rolling out a kink in his neck, and pauses the second he opens the door.
You’re sitting in front of his full-length mirror, legs spread wide, phone in your hand as you take a video through the mirror. Your hand trails down your stomach, legs spreading just a little bit wider as your fingers graze over your folds. It’s easy to see everything because you sit naked except for the black see-through thigh highs that squeeze into your flesh. You let out a quiet little moan, too focused on the way your fingers dance over your wet folds to notice him standing in the doorway.
It takes him longer than he’d like to get his bearings, eyes watching your chest heave as you dip your fingertip inside your folds.
“Wish this was you,” you moan. It snaps him out of his reverie, because you’re not taking the video for him but that Moniwa punk who doesn’t deserve you like your nii-chan does.
“What are you doing?”
Your eyes lock on his through the mirror and you squeal loudly, dropping the phone as you squeeze your legs together. You curl up into a ball, arms crossed over your chest, but it only gives him a better look at the swell of your ass and a peek of your cunt.
“This is my room,” he reminds you as he closes the door behind him. You glance over when he starts to pad closer, his sock-covered feet quiet on the hardwood. “I asked what you’re doing.”
“I-I… t-the lighting was better, so—”
“Sit up.” You whine and shake your head, curling into yourself even more, so Akaashi lowers his voice to a calm whisper as he repeats, “Sit up.”
Akaashi doesn’t miss the shiver that runs down your spine or the way you lick your lips before you listen to him. You straighten up, arms crossed over your chest, legs pressed together as you sit back on your heels. He leans down to grab the phone you dropped and presses the stop button on the recording before looking up at you.
“I told you to be careful.”
“I know, I’m sorry, Keiji-nii.”
Akaashi glances down at the phone again. The hardwood flashes through the camera app as he lifts it—then it shows your face in all its flushed, embarrassed glory.
“Go on.”
“If you want to take a video so badly, I’ll help you.”
Your little intake of breath goes straight to his cock, and he shifts to alleviate some of the pressure of his tightening pants. He focuses the camera on you, both hands tight around the phone as he watches you shake through the screen.
His command is soft but firm, and you swallow, moving your arms away from your chest. Your eyes focus on him through the camera lens as your fingers begin to tweak at your nipples. Akaashi has to take a soft breath to keep from gasping when you moan, fingers rolling your hardening nubs between your fingertips. You play with your breasts for a little bit, biting your bottom lip when you knead and squeeze, and then one hand trails down your stomach to your cunt. You whimper when you touch your folds, fingers grazing over the sensitive flesh, your hips moving to feel more friction. When you part your legs for more leverage, Akaashi nearly curses. Even through the camera he can see how wet you are when you part your folds for him.
Your whine is quiet as your fingers brush over your clit, and Akaashi has to grip the phone harder to keep it slipping from his hand. His jaw clenches when you dip two of your fingertips into your cunt, slowly edging them further and further in until you’re two knuckles deep. He feels like he’s teetering with you, head rocking back and forth at the same pace as your fingers until they disappear completely into your pussy.
You throw your head back as your fingers start pumping, and it’s cute how your thumb tries to circle your clit at the same time as your quick pumps. His mouth goes dry as he stares at the sweaty column of your neck, the urge to mark all over flesh nearly too difficult to contain. But he does, lowering the camera for a better look at your wet fingers, trying to pick up the sound of your squelching pussy as you work.
“Does that feel good?” He asks quietly, and your dilated eyes snap up to him. You look so pretty with your cheeks flushed and hips grinding to meet your hand.
“Y-yes,” you whimper, leaning back on your free hand, and—
Fuck, he can see everything clearly now; see your glistening cunt, the stretch of your fingers as you drag them against your walls, your swollen clit as you rub it quickly with your thumb. Eventually you give up fingering yourself, chest heaving as you move your wet fingers directly to your clit. You bite your lip but it doesn’t stop the sounds leaving your mouth as you buck into your hand. Akaashi would laugh at how fast you’re moving to reach your orgasm if his cock wasn’t straining painfully against his pants, waiting to be pushed into that needy cunt of yours.
“Fuck,” you breathe, and Akaashi thinks he cums a little right there. It’s a cute little sound, barely audible by the camera, but he hears it loud and clear. Your entire body starts shaking and your eyes can barely stay open as you hump your fingers to get your release.
The phone slips a little in his hands when you cry out, body shuddering in as you orgasm. He can hear your harsh pants as you keep rubbing harsh circles, eyes clenched shut with your pleasure. You keep circling your clit even after your body stops shaking so much, eyes slowly opening to look at the camera. You weren’t kidding earlier about the lighting—your fingers shine in the sunlight streaming from the window when you pull them away from your wet cunt, and Akaashi can clearly see the sweat on your brow when you bite your lip one more time.
“Get on the bed.” His voice is gruff with the dryness in his throat, and you hesitate for only a moment until you do what he says.
At his quiet command, you lay down and spread your legs, and he immediately zooms in on your wet pussy. He catches the way your juices drip down your folds, the quiver of your thighs when he brushes a hand over them to spread your further. His quiet “open” is obeyed immediately and he gets the perfect vision of you wet and glistening, clenching around nothing as you whine.
Akaashi pretends he isn’t light-headed when he pulls back and stops the video, lowering the phone to look at you.
“I’m going to keep this for myself—”
“—and,” he continues like you haven’t interrupted him. “You’ll only send them to me from now on or else I’m going to release the video.”
You squirm on the bed, whimpering as you place a hand over your mouth. “Keiji-nii, no…”
“No? Do you want to send it to Moniwa?” His voice holds a dangerous edge as he sets his knee on the bed and leans over you, trailing one of his hands up your side. You’re trembling when he reaches your chin, but there’s something off about your expression that he can’t quite place.
“I looked him up,” Akaashi mumbles as he peels your hand away. With his thumb, he drags your lower lip down before pushing it inside your mouth; his cock throbs when you start to suck on it, eyes wide and hanging off his every word. “He looks just like me, doesn’t he? Is that what you wanted?” He starts to move his finger back and forth, and his eyes narrow when he notices you’re parting for him, sucking and licking his finger just like you would his cock. “For me to notice you instead of him?”
“No.” Your whine is muffled around his thumb, but Akaashi doesn’t miss the way your thighs clench and rub together slightly.
“Coming into my room and spreading yourself on my floor,” he muses as he pops his thumb from your mouth and trails it down your stomach. “Do you know what we call girls like that?” You’re heaving for breath as he runs his fingers over your upper thighs before you part them to fit his hand inside. “Do you?”
“A…” Akaashi can see the way you swallow, the way your hips slightly raise to meet his wandering fingers before you force them down. “A slut,” you answer breathlessly.
“You’re not a slut, are you?” He asks as his wet thumb brushes the upper part of your folds, and you can’t hold back your whimper when it dips inside to touch your clit.
“No,” you manage through heavy breaths, biting your bottom lip.
“Are you going to be a good girl?”
“Your good girl, Keiji-nii.”
His eyes snap up to yours and that’s when he realizes what felt off earlier. You want this. Based on the way you’re trying to hide a smile, Akaashi is even sure you planned this. You wanted him to get mad over Moniwa; you came into his room in hopes he’d walk in and find you spread and wet for him.
“That’s right,” he murmurs, surprising himself with how calm he sounds when on the inside he wants nothing more than to be inside you already. “My good girl.”
He rewards you with a roll of your clit and you sigh, spreading your legs further open for him to work with. It’s easy to sink two fingers into your cunt, and your walls squeeze down on him when he starts pumping them in and out. Even though you whine and squirm on the bed, Akaashi keeps his thrusts lazy, bending down to take a nipple into his mouth. He works the nub to hardness, sucking and licking all over, keeping the same pace as the slow circles on your clit.
When he curls his fingers you groan, head tilting back as your fingers find his hair. He almost loses his mind when you tug on his locks—it feels so much better than doing it to himself, and he picks up the pace to make you do it again. Akaashi shifts to the other side, giving your other nipple the same treatment as the previous, his fingers moving fast enough that the wet sounds of your pussy fill his ears. It doesn’t take long for you to start humping his fingers, your cute little voice whining for him.
He can sense your orgasm approaching—your walls clamp down harder; your toes start to curl into the bedding; your breathing picks up as you tug and tug on his locks with little sounds. Akaashi lifts his head to watch your face twist in pleasure, lidded eyes studying your expression as you fall apart for your nii-chan, as you squeal his name when you come undone. Your pussy sucks him in as you cum, juices gushing down his fingers as he keeps thrusting, and Akaashi doesn’t realize he’s grinding his hard cock against your thigh until you clench your thigh and push it against his bulge.
You’ve barely stopped shaking before he grabs your hips and forces you to turn. You’re on your hands and knees in a second, and his firm but gentle hand lifts your chin. You gasp when you see him in the mirror, grinding his covered cock against your wet and pulsing cunt. You try to drop your chin, embarrassment clear in the twisting of your face, but Akaashi keeps your focus on him, even as he fumbles to undo his pants. Eventually he gets it and with a few tugs, his jeans and boxers hang around his knees, and his hard cock ruts against your swollen folds.
“Eyes on me,” he demands quietly when you try to close your eyes, and they immediately snap open to watch his cockhead disappear and reappear between your thighs. “Who’s doing this to you?”
“Keiji-nii,” you whine when he accidentally bumps your swollen clit, and his body shudders at the desperation in your tone and the absolutely sinful look on your face. “Please!”
His cock slips in so easily, and he can’t contain the groan that slips from his lips when he realizes how tight you are. You clamp down around him, letting out the prettiest sigh when he bottoms out. His fingers slip into your mouth, thumb and pinky holding your chin up as he starts to thrust into you slowly. Your fingers grip the sheets as you watch him through the mirror, your tongue running over his fingertip as he picks up the pace.
He can feel your every breath like this, your every moan, vibrating into his skin and making him tremble. Akaashi wants to take it slow but he feels like he’s going insane already, each snap of his hips making a dull sound that resonates in the room. The way you moan for him and suck on his fingers is intoxicating, and he doesn’t think he’ll ever forget the way your eyes bore into his, pupils dilated and lids wet.
Your pussy squeezes him so hard that he grunts, and there’s a wicked smile on your face as he speeds up. His fingers grip you even tighter, making you choke for a moment on your gasp; it turns into a loud moan when he grips your hip and fucks you even harder.
“Keiji-nii, touch me,” you beg, and a ripple immediately goes down his spine. It sounds even better than his fantasies, and he lets go of your chin to move down to your clit.
You squeal when he touches it, quick rubs matching his quick thrusts. His bed squeaks under his forceful ruts, and your head drops down to the sheets, fingers fisting as he hits even deeper. Akaashi watches you through the mirror, watches your ass bounce with each thrust, drinking in the way you squirm as he continues to assault your clit. Another pulse of your pussy and he whines, fingertips digging into your side as his balls tighten.
The whimper of his name is muffled by the sheets, and when he looks down, he sees you staring back at him. You have the comforter between your teeth, eyes lidded, face flushed with pleasure. It’s his undoing; with a choked gasp, he shoots white and hot into your pussy, thrusts stuttering as he fucks himself through it. His fingers don’t stop rubbing your clit even though they’re trembling, and though his softened cock burns from overstimulation, he keeps thrusting.
Your pussy is so messy, juices covering his cock as he continues to rut into you until you’re crying out and burying your face in the sheets. If Akaashi hadn’t cum already, he would have right then and there; it feels like Heaven the way you grip him, the way you cream around his cock and lose yourself for your nii-chan’s eyes only.
He runs his hand all over your body, from your sweaty back to your hanging breasts, like he’s writing your body to memory from touch alone. Akaashi is careful when he pulls out and turns you over, eyes focused on the way his cum dribbles from your pulsing pussy and coats your folds and inner thighs. His shirt clings to his back, his glasses slipping down his nose until he pushes them back up.
“Have you learned your lesson?” He asks, and the way you shift from the quiet scolding makes fire burn in his veins.
“I think…” You start to say, and then you push up on your elbows.
Your kiss is light, tentative, and takes him by surprise. Your hand feels cool against his warm skin, and your hesitancy morphs into resolve when he kisses you back. It’s innocent at first, your mouth moving against his lightly, but then you tilt your head and press a little bit harder. His tongue slips into your mouth and tangles with yours, hand tightening on the back of your head as he holds you close. His cock twitches against your wet thigh when you push against him, and he falls back against the bedding, his hair splayed out all around him.
You climb over him, and he moans when your wet cunt grinds against his twitching cock. His hands move to your hips, helping you slowly rut against him until he’s half-hard and ready to sink back into your warm pussy.
“I think,” you say again, and Akaashi’s breath leaves the moment you finish with a much-too-innocent smile, “I think I need to show you what a good girl I can be, Keiji-nii.”
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him - Part 2
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4
Pairings: Kuroo x Fem! Reader | Iwaizumi x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Request: Hi Lovely! I just read your wonderful work "You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him and it was just amazing :) Can I request Kuroo and Iwaizumi (if you feel comfortable with them of course!) for the prompt? BTW I love all the Asahi content, I feel like he is so underrated in the fandom!
Requested by: @captain-janeway
A/N: Again, these were supposed to be shorter but, I reiterate, I have no control over myself. Also, please these are making me FEEL things. I spent three entire days writing this and I really hope you enjoy! 🥺
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsurou
Kuroo Tetsurou is a lot of things. If you asked people, they would call him an athlete, a nerd, a tease, a merciless captain (*cough* Lev *cough*) a smartass and a smug bastard who loves riling others up. It's true, Kuroo Tetsurou is all of these things. But to you, he is so much more.
He is the one you go to whenever you are feeling down. He is the one who teases you to death all the time. He is your 3AM buddy, and the one you can count on to be at your side no matter what. He is the one who always makes sure you are fine and takes care of you without you asking him to. He is so much more than what he shows to the world. He is caring and thoughtful and never fails to bring a smile to your face. To you, Kuroo Tetsurou is your best friend.
He is also the one you're hopelessly pining for.
It doesn't help that he teases and flirts with you playfully all the time and it makes your heart want to jump out of your chest. You cannot figure out if this is just his nature or if he actually likes you back.
You always go to his games to cheer him on and today was no different except for the fact that a lot more people from your batch were here to cheer for Nekoma, seeing that it was the Nationals. You are sitting in your seat, happily watching the boys line up on the court when someone speaks up behind you.
"Isn't that Kuroo-san? He's hot, isn't he?"
You slowly turn around to see who said that and, to your dismay, it was Sato Hitomi, one of the prettiest girls in your batch. You have always marvelled at the way she carries herself so gracefully. It irks you that she just called Kuroo hot. You turn back around to focus on the game.
You want to pay attention to what's happening in the game. You really do. But it is impossible with Hitomi sitting so near you and talking so excitedly about Kuroo to her friend.
"Wow, I never knew he was such a talented blocker."
"His hairstyle is so unique! It makes him look 10 times more handsome."
"Look at those muscles! Damn!"
"That back attack was so cool!"
"Look at him motivating his teammates. He is such a good captain"
"Woah, he looked so hot doing that."
Every word of praise she speaks pierces your heart like a dagger.
"They won!!" she says and stands up, clapping and cheering. You forget about her for a moment as you stand up to cheer and clap too. From the court, Kuroo gives a big smile and a thumbs-up in your direction. You thought it was for you but Hitomi also gives him a thumbs-up back so you're not sure now.
"Do you think I should ask him out on a date? Do you think he will say yes?" Hitomi asks her friend and your breath catches in your throat.
"Of course he will say yes. I mean, he would be stupid to say no to you," her friend encourages her.
The giant lump in your throat is making it hard to swallow. Every trace of excitement you felt for a moment has vanished.
She is right, of course. Sato Hitomi is one of the nicest and prettiest girls in Nekoma. Very few boys would ever say no to a girl like her. Kuroo really would be stupid if he said no to her. In fact, you're sure Taketora would actually murder him if he ever rejected a girl like her.
It is taking all you have to not run out of the stadium right then. No, you're Kuroo's best friend first and you came here to support him. If you leave without saying anything, he would worry and that is the last thing he needs in the midst of Nationals. No, you're going to pretend everything is okay and you won't leave without congratulating him first.
You make your way to the locker rooms where you know the boys would have finished changing by now. Kuroo is standing right outside the room, hand on his hip. He sees you approaching and the corner of his mouth twitches upwards into his usual smirk.
Pretending to be fine is going to be harder than you thought.
You smile at him as brightly as you can, hoping it will cover up what you're actually feeling.
"Heeeey! I told you you would do it!" you say, a little too animatedly, raising your hand to give him a high five.
"Yeah, it was tough going for a while but we-"
You both turn to see Hitomi running towards you, waving and smiling widely.
"Ah, Sato-san!" he smiles and waves at her.
She runs up to Kuroo and grabs both his hands with hers.
At this moment, Taketora is coming out of the locker room and, as he watches the whole scene unfold, you can swear you see a vein burst in his head.
"Kuroo-san you were so great oh my god! You-" she continues with a string of high praises for him.
Kuroo has completely forgotten that you're standing right next to him as he listens to this sudden and unexpected rain of compliments. His hands are still in hers and you can see a blush is starting to creep up his cheeks.
You suddenly realize that your cheeks are wet. You don't even know when the tears started falling from your eyes. Thankfully, Kuroo has not looked at you at all since Hitomi started speaking so he hasn't noticed. You use his distractedness to your advantage to quietly slip away. Once you are out of earshot, you run outside to hail a cab, desperate to get as far away from this place as you can.
As you're getting in the cab, you hear someone shout your name from behind. You can't be sure but it sounds like Kuroo. However, you're in no state to face anyone right now so you dive into the cab and ask the driver to drive off quickly.
2 minutes later your phone starts ringing and you check to see that Kuroo is calling you. If you pick up right now, he will know instantly that you're crying. He will probably worry anyway if you don't pick up but this way you can make up any excuse later. You set your phone to silent and throw it in your bag.
You spend the entire ride home crying quietly in the back of your cab.
Once you are home, you throw your bag on your bed and head straight to the shower. You take a long shower and feel a lot better once you are done.
After changing into something comfortable, you plop onto your bed and take out your phone.
You are surprised to see there are 17 missed calls. 14 from Kuroo, 2 from Tora and 1 from Kenma.
You open your messages and see that Tora and Kuroo have texted you.
Tora @ 4:08PM: Y/N-san please pick up the call. Kuroo-san is freaking out.
Kuroo @ 2:30PM: Y/N, why did you leave without saying anything??
Kuroo @ 2:30PM: Why did Tora just tell me you were crying? Were you crying????
Kuroo @ 2:43PM: Why won't you pick up???
Kuroo @ 2:57PM: Please talk to me.
Kuroo @ 3:26PM: Look, I would come to your house right now if I didn't have to talk strategy for tomorrow's match with my team. Can you please at least let me know you're okay?
You groan. You had completely forgotten that Tora was around. You're going to have to come up with a really good explanation for this. As you're about to type your response, your phone dings again.
Kuroo @ 4:16PM: After all this time if you still think...
You frown. What's that supposed to mean?
You decide to ignore it for now.
You: Hey. I'm so sorry, my phone was on silent and I didn't see your messages till now.
You: Please don't worry about me, I was crying because I had a fight with my mom. That's why I rushed home. And I'm okay now, we resolved it.
Kuroo: So, you're going to straight up lie to me now?
You: But I'm not??
You hear the bell ring downstairs. A minute later, your father shouts for you, "Y/N! Kuroo is here. I'm sending him upstairs."
He's here?!?!
You barely have time to absorb that information when you hear a knock on your door.
"Come in."
The door opens and Kuroo steps in. He closes the door behind him and turns to you, arms crossed and an annoyed expression on his face.
"Tetsu, what are you doing here? You have a match tomorrow! You should be with your team!"
"You leave without saying goodbye, I find out that you were crying when you left and you won't pick your phone or reply to my messages. What else do you expect me to do?"
You hang your head in shame. You're feeling so guilty now for not responding to him immediately.
"I- I'm so sorry, Tetsu. Really. The reason I didn't pick up was because I didn't want you to find out I was crying. I didn't want to worry you. I just put my phone on silent and threw it in my bag. I didn't see any of the calls or messages until now."
"Are you going to tell me why you were crying?"
"I already did!"
"I called your mom when you weren't picking up and she told me that she hadn't seen or spoken to you since morning. So, are you going to stick to this made up story of yours?"
He's caught you right in the middle of your lie. There's no way out of this. You don't say anything. You just play with your hands in your lap, not daring to meet him in the eye.
Kuroo comes and sits next to you on your bed.
"How long have we known each other, Y/N?"
His question surprises you. You look up at him and see his expression has softened. He's looking at you seriously but he isn't annoyed anymore.
"Six years...why?"
"So, after six years of knowing me, if you still think that I have eyes for anyone but you, then you don't know me at all."
Your eyes are open so wide that they might pop out of their sockets any second now. You try to respond but you just make random noises instead of forming coherent sentences.
"What- I- you knew?? you too??? you like me?? I too- I mean! Me too- I-"
Kuroo throws his head back and laughs. He reaches over and pulls you in for a tight hug. Your heart feels like it might explode in your chest.
He gently kisses the top of your forehead and then leans down to rest his own against it, smiling widely.
"I too, Y/N. I too."
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi Hajime
You don't remember how many times you must have internally thanked Oikawa for being Iwaizumi Hajime's best friend. His conventionally pretty face attracts almost all the girls towards him, letting you have Iwaizumi all to yourself.
Well, sort of. He is still just your close friend. You haven't been able to gather the courage to confess to him yet. And only the Gods above know if he feels the same way about you because he certainly has never done or said anything to you that shows that he has feelings for you too.
You're sure that if you do confess and he doesn't feel the same way, it wouldn't affect your friendship at all. If anything, he would become even more considerate of your emotions and do anything to make sure you are all right. But you didn't think you were ready to handle the heartbreak of being rejected by him. Until now.
For almost a whole year, you have skirted around your feelings for him. It is your final year of High School now and you have decided that it is now or never. If you don't confess now, you might regret it for the rest of your life.
You make your way to the Seijoh gym where you know the boys must be getting ready for practice. You are greeted with loud gasps and a chorus of "heyys" and "Hi Y/Ns!" as soon as you step into the gym. You shout and wave back cheerfully as you make your way to your friends. As usual, your eyes find Iwa and your heart does a somersault as he smiles softly at you, his eyes wide with surprise. What with the two-week long term break and your cousin's wedding right after, it has been a while since you've seen him. Looking at him now makes you realize how terribly you missed him. All you want to do is run into his arms and hug him tightly.
"Y/N-chan, you're so cruel. Making us miss you for the entire first week of our last year," Oikawa pouts playfully at you.
"Aww. I missed you all too, Tooru. In fact, I missed you all so much that I came back a day earlier just so I could see this very look of surprise on your stupid face," you say as you give everyone a high five.
"Well, I'm glad you're back because at least now you can take Iwa-chan off my back," he says and you laugh.
"Someone's already doing that, though," Makki whispers a little too loudly and earns a smack on his head by an angry Iwa.
You frown. What was that about?
But before you can enquire further, Oikawa drags you away to introduce you to the new first years in the team.
It is time for them to practice so you make your way to the bench on the side. You're not the manager for their team but you might as well have been since you spend all your free time hanging around in the gym, watching them practice.
"Sorry, I'm late!" you turn around and see someone run into the gym, huffing and panting, "I couldn't find my shoes and spent a long time looking for them."
"Ah, Noriko-chan. Come, come. We were just about to start," Oikawa waves at her from the court.
"Sorry, give me just one minute to set up," she says and runs towards the bench you are sitting on.
She looks a little surprised to see you but smiles at you as she sets her things down.
She seems nice. You watch as she pulls out a notebook and a pen from her bag and goes and sits next to the scoreboard.
She must be the new manager Iwaizumi had told you about. She is a year younger than you and you have seen her around in school a few times.
You plan to confess to Iwaizumi tonight and, as the practice nears its end, you start getting more and more restless and nervous. You will confess to him on your usual walk back home, when it's just the two of you.
After practice, you stroll over to him as he stuffs his jersey into his gym bag. You are going to do this tonight for better or for worse.
Relax. You're just going to ask him if he's ready to leave. You try to calm yourself, your heart going a 100 miles an hour already.
"He-ey, Hajime! You ready to go, yet? There's something I wanted to talk to you about on the way back."
His expression suddenly changes into something uncomfortable.
"Uhh, actually, Y/N. I'm walking back home with Noriko tonight. Is it important? I can ask her to wait."
You blink at him.
He must have noticed the disappointment on your face because he continues, looking even more guilty and uncomfortable somehow, "Sorry. I didn't know that you were coming a day earlier and I had already promised her I'd walk her."
"It's all right, Hajime. You don't need to explain. I'll just walk back with the others," you smile at him and start walking away.
"Wait, you never told me what you wanted to talk to me about."
"Ahh, don't worry about it. It was nothing important," you say, not looking back at him.
At that moment Noriko appears from the opposite direction and runs towards Iwaizumi.
"Hajime-kun. You ready to leave?"
Hajime? They're on a first name basis already?
Your stomach feels like it has been filled with a pile of rocks as you walk back to Oikawa, who is talking about a new play strategy with Mattsun.
"Y/N! Do you mind waiting for a bit? I was just explaining to Mattsun about this new technique we can try tomorrow."
"Take your time! I'm in no hurry. I'll go sit outside until then," you say and make your way out of the gym.
You spot Noriko and Iwaizumi walking out of the front gate and the feeling of dread grows in your chest. You sit on the grass, holding your knees close to your chest. Your head is spinning with questions.
How did they become this close in just three weeks? Or has it been going on longer? Is this what Makki was referring to when he joked earlier? Why hadn't Iwaizumi told you anything about her except that she was the new manager? After all, you were one of his closest friends, he would tell you if he was seeing someone.
Wouldn't he?
This is not how you had imagined today to go at all. You had woken up this morning equal parts excited and nervous because today was the day you were finally going to tell Iwaizumi everything you felt for him. But now it feels like you might never get to do that.
No. No. No. Stop overreacting. There might be a simple explanation for all this. You put your head between your knees and take in deep breaths to calm yourself. You don't want the others to see you like this.
You've calmed yourself down considerably by the time they arrive and you finally set off home with the rest of the team.
The usual banter between the boys helps take your mind off things and you find the tightness in your chest easing as the third years resort to their usual clown antics.
"Hey, isn't that Iwaizumi Senpai?" one of the first years says and everyone stops in their tracks. You turn to see where he's looking.
You inhale sharply and you can feel Oikawa stiffen next to you.
You're all standing a little way away from a really cute bakery and, through the window, you can see Iwaizumi and Noriko sitting and talking to each other.
"Hah! I told you they were dating," Makki says with a smug expression on his face.
Oikawa, in a slightly panicked voice, says, "Now, now, let's not jump to conclusions."
"Pssh, you're only saying that because you were wrong and I was right. They're clearly on a date right now! Back me up Mattsun!," Makki quips back.
"I don't care."
Their argument just fades into the background as you watch Iwa and Noriko from the window. Noriko hands Iwa a rectangular box, wrapped with a pink paper with hearts drawn over it. It looks like something a girlfriend would give to her boyfriend.
You're wishing a hole would open up in the ground right now and swallow you forever.
"There's a very simple solution to this, all right? We will ask Iwa-chan tomorrow. Then we will see who was right. Let's not stand here and gape at them from the window, it will be awkward if they see us. Come on, chop chop, let's go," Oikawa's panic is evident in his voice as he tries to usher everyone away from the window.
"Y/N, come on. Let's go," Oikawa says.
You hear him but you don't move. It feels like your feet are planted into the ground. He reaches out, grabs your hand and pulls you towards him.
As he does that, Iwaizumi looks out of the window.
And, just for a split second, your eyes meet. But before you can register it, Oikawa has pulled you out of view.
The rest of the group is walking a little ahead, chatting animatedly. Thankfully, none of them noticed anything.
Well, except Oikawa. You can sense he is struggling to think of words to say to you.
"Y/N, look, don't listen to these idiots, okay? They don't know what they're talking about," he says to you in a low voice.
You stop in your tracks and he stops with you.
It's not surprising that he knows about your feelings, seeing how close you both are. He probably figured it out long ago. There's no point hiding it now.
"I was going to confess to him tonight, you k-know?" and as you say that, your voice cracks.
"I w-was going to tell him everything. A-about how much he means to me, about how I have felt about him for the last one year, about how he is all I think about all the time- and- I- I-," you're trembling from head to toe as another sob escapes from your mouth.
"And what makes you think that I don't feel the same way about you?" a quiet voice speaks up from behind you.
You spin around and see Iwaizumi standing a few feet away, the last fading rays of the sun falling on his face at an angle, highlighting his serious expression.
"It's not her fault. Makki wouldn't stop going on about how he was right about you two dating," Oikawa says.
Iwaizumi just nods at Oikawa, "Can you walk Noriko home? She's waiting at the bakery."
Oikawa nods and walks off. The others have also long since gone ahead. It is just you and Iwaizumi on this empty road now.
He comes closer to you, olive green eyes looking straight into yours as he speaks.
"I've had feelings for you for a while now but I wasn't sure how to tell you. I didn't just want to tell you, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me."
He says and holds out a box for you. It is rectangular in shape and is wrapped with a pink paper with hearts drawn all around it.
"Open it."
You take it from him silently. It is heavier than it looks and you are careful not to drop it as you tear it open.
You gasp as you realize what it is. It is a framed painting of you and Iwaizumi. Or rather, it is a painting of your favourite photo of you and Iwaizumi. You had taken this picture on your first school trip together, both of you smiling ear to ear with the sun setting over the hills in the background.
"I had heard about a junior who paints really well and I had approached her right before school ended. That junior was Noriko and she is the one who painted this. Coincidentally, she also joined the team as a manager.
I had been meeting her to check on the progress of the painting which, of course, was an invitation for everyone to let their imaginations run wild about us.
She was supposed to give me the painting today and a treat at her favourite bakery was just my way of saying thank you to her, nothing more."
You're overwhelmed with emotions and your eyes keep flitting back and forth from Iwa and the painting.
"It's beautiful. You're beautiful. Thank you. I- I don't know what to say," you say, your voice barely a whisper
His face finally breaks into a smile.
"Just say yes to being my girlfriend?"
You link your arm with his and gaze lovingly into his eyes.
"Yes. A million times over, yes."
Tumblr media
Hope you like it!! <3
Check out this BEAUTIFUL IWA ART of the painting by @darthdutton
Reblogs appreciated. Please do not steal or repost.
Taglist: @pansexualproblemchild
You can comment or send me an ask to be added to the taglist for this series.
Check out THIS POST to know what all characters I have written and will be writing for in this series.
Buy me a Kofi! <3
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yutari · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
feat. iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō, atsumu miya, sakusa kiyoomi, matsukawa issei
warnings. none!! i like this it’s sweet and yeah :)
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI is hardly one for public affection, but when you’re out at a bar (undeniably with the seijoh 4), and the crowd’s a little louder than usual and the light’s a little darker, he’ll press his lips to your temple. the kiss always has whispers of adoration that chase after it, ardor and affection dripping from his tongue in a way that, if anyone else saw, would be sure to earn him a teasing. but in the privacy that comes with the roaring public, he can say sweet things with reddened cheeks and scotch in his hand as though you were alone.
KUROO likes to call you sweet names in public. mostly, it’s casual, a little babe, can you come here for a sec? or hey, angel, mind passing me my drink? it can be sweet and lovely and most of the time, he doesn’t even think before the term of endearment passes his tongue and crosses his lips. sometimes, though, he’ll try to be amusing with it, using ridiculous names in the hopes that you’ll swat his arm or give him some kind of attention. when he called you my little cabbage patch one day and you glared at him though, he knew he’d gone too far.
BOKUTO has never really cared what others saw. now, with you, he’s sweet in the best of ways. he loves to kiss your cheek whenever you’re out in public. if he has to go grab something for both of you, he’ll kiss your cheek before heading off, a smiling carving its way onto his cheeks and i’ll be right back passing his lips in the sweetest of ways.
ATSUMU likes to have you lean into him whenever you’re out in public. he’ll throw an arm around you, tugging you into him until your head is resting on his shoulder and he can feel the way your hair tickles the bare skin of his neck. and when he has his arm around you, he’s a bit greedy, tracing little patterns on your shoulder and letting his fingers dip beneath the cloth of your sleeve if your shirt allows it. the whole time, he had this terribly proud look on his face—his smile a little crooked but lovely all the same.
SAKUSA is certainly not one for public affection. instead of being outward about it, instead of kissing you or sweeping you up in swirling bits of affection, he brushes his pinky finger against yours whenever they’re both resting on a table or whenever your hands are in your lap. some days, he’ll cross his finger over and on top of your, running dull nails along your knuckles, but it’s subtle—nothing if not sweet and private even in the most public of spaces.
MATSUKAWA likes to stand behind you, arms wrapped around your waist or your shoulders, pressing kisses to the back of your neck or along your shoulder blades whenever there’s a moment where he isn’t speaking (and though those are rare, he certainly makes time for them). when he’s wrapped around you, you can feel the rumble of laughter in his chest and smell the drifting scent of his cologne as he leans into you. you can feel the brush of his fingers against your skin until it feels something like home, until he’s pressing another kiss to your shoulder and you swear you could be alone.
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sukirichi · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
BROKEN RECORDS. [ masterlist ]
→ heartbroken after breaking up with his ex, suna rintaro hits up an old flame to ease the pain. or at least using you to get someone off his mind was what he intended, until suna realizes that maybe, you were the real one he truly wanted to forget.
content warnings. explicit smut. heavy angst. romance centred. fluff. slice of life. friends with benefits. friends to lovers. slight comedy. rich! reader. timeskip! suna. heavily smut series.
status : completed.
Tumblr media
[ TRACK 001. love to dream ] → i know what you mean, you don’t fuck with randoms. i got everything, everything but real love…
[ TRACK 002. too good at goodbyes ] → i’m never gonna get too close to you, even when i mean the most to you, in case you go and leave me in the dirt...
[ TRACK 003. dancing in the moonlight ] → we like our fun and we never fight, you can’t dance and stay uptight...
[ TRACK 004. ref:rain ] → i still can’t say the goodbye that I dreamed in the days when i’ve been counting . . . i’m still not familiar with the repetition of the same events from that season - if i had been a little more mature, what could i have said?
[ TRACK 005. eastside ] → my love is yours if you’re willing to take it, give me your heart ‘cause i ain’t gonna break it...
[ TRACK 006. crying over you ] → we had our flaws, i’ll be the first to admit, and we both struggled to commit. but, oh, was it really that bleak?
[ TRACK 007. adore you ] → you don’t have to say you love me, you don’t have to say nothing, you don’t have to say you’re mine — just let me adore you.
[ TRACK 008. savior ] → like fate, like destiny, we get along so naturally. you already have a piece of my heart which i have never given you — i could tell from the moment i met you that you are the savior that has come to ruin to me.
[ TRACK 009. for the lover that i lost ] → all of the memories feel like magic, all of the fighting seemed so sweet. all that we were, my love, was tragic — and you’re the last thing that i need.
[ TRACK 010. can’t help falling in love ] → shall i stay? would it be a sin if i can’t help falling in love with you? — darling, so it goes, some things are meant to be
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milks-writings · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Introduction 1 | Masterlist | Chapter one
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Akaashi actually did start a small book recommendation page on Twitter, but it’s another blog. He didn’t tell anyone yet
Bokuto doesnt think that the matching icons are “mean” because akaashi seems “annoyed”, he actually kinda thinks that it matches since bokuto is really energetic and akaashi is rather quiet, but never annoyed
Kenma only recently started to stream but is already kinda famous, his fans aren’t toxic and always support him :)
Kuroo bought Kenma a new switch, he even took a job to afford one, he just felt bad
Tumblr media
<by ellie>
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lostinwildflowers · 2 months ago
Sugawara is insecure about the mole on his cheek, and the hidden ones that curl down his neck and back.
Bokuto is insecure about his hair and his stretch marks, being muscular and having unique hair can take it's toll.
Akaashi is insecure about his smile and his hands, he doesn't like the way one of his teeth is a little crooked, and he doesn't like how rough and beat up his hands are.
Daichi is insecure about his body hair, it's dark and thick and sometimes he feels like it's too much.
Atsumu is insecure about his hair and his body, his hair is damaged and doesn't compare to Osamu's, so he tries to keep his body fit to catch up.
Kageyama is insecure about his feelings and emotions, he finds it hard to talk to others to express himself.
Osamu is insecure about his body for the opposite, he doesn't like the way his tummy bulges after he eats and it makes him worry constantly.
Hinata is insecure about his dreams and ambitions, it's not easy to aim so high when being small.
These characters are definitely insecure about something. So remember the next time you are doubting yourself about anything, we love them even though we probably overlook their imperfections. We imagine that they would love us for ours, so keep your chin up. You got this.
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tsukishumai · 3 months ago
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
It was unusual enough for you to have woken up to an empty bed, but the position of the sunbeams shining directly on your face tells you that you were granted the rare opportunity to sleep in.
The warmth of the rumpled and empty bedsheets beside you indicate that Atsumu wasn’t too far ahead, and you lazily climb out of your comforter.
Your slippers hardly made any noise as you dragged your feet down the hardwood staircase, but the yawn that crawled from out of your throat had echoed throughout the hallways.
The first thing you noticed when you stepped foot into the kitchen were the two mugs that sat forgotten beside the coffee maker. Specks of ground coffee littered your kitchen counter, and you would have been upset if not for the nutty aroma of your favorite morning blend permeating in the air.
The second thing you noticed was Atsumu staring out the glass sliding door that led into the backyard. His back was facing you, but you could see his shoulders shaking in time with the coffee bubbling into the pitcher.
“Atsumu…?” You slowly approached your husband, but he paid you no mind. His attention was focused solely on the scene playing in your backyard, and it was only when you step beside your husband did you finally understand.
A soft glowing warmth bloomed within your heart as you watched your son playing in the grass, his father’s blue and yellow volleyball bouncing up and down his forearms. The ball was nearly half his size, but he took to it easily, and from the corner of your eye, Atsumu’s lips quiver. You laugh quietly when the ball hits his arms at an odd angle, effectively flying to the other side of the yard.
You turn and rub your hand in circles around Atsumu’s back, smiling softly at the silent tears that were freely spilling down his cheeks.
“There, there,” you say quietly, and Atsumu brings a hand up to cover his mouth.
You smile up at him gently as you pull the sliding door open, the wheels clattering against the track loudly catching the attention of your son.
“Sweetheart, want to come in for some breakfast?” You call out, and the soft pout on your son’s lips had made him look more like his father than he ever has.
“Later,” his tiny voice called back, nearly hitting his face as he attempted to do an overhand pass.
“Dad! Can you teach me how to serve?”
Atsumu buries his face on the side of your neck, and you pat his head as he lets out a sob. You chuckle when you begin to feel his tears soak your shirt, and he attempts to let out a garbled confirmation.
Your son stares back at you oddly as you begin to wrap your arms around your husband.
“Your dad says he’ll be out there in a second!”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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atsymu · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ft; — timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, oikawa tōru, kuroo tetsurō, hinata shōyō
warnings — nsfw 18+ all characters are post timeskip, x f. reader, degradation/praise, choking, breeding/creampie, spanking, dirty talk, oral, dacryphilia, exhibitionism [hinata’s], ‘puppy.”
summary — haikyuu’s noisiest boys during sex, a reupload w a little less lewdness of the hentai header.
Tumblr media
— he is shameless, why wouldn’t he be loud when you made him feel so good? sucked his dick so well? head thrown back as he babbles and mumbles dirty praise and curses between sighs and loud groans, loves telling you how good you are, how pretty you look when you’re creaming on his cock. is just as loud when he’s pleasing you, groaning into your cunt as your fingers pull at his hair, humping the bed for some form of stimulation.
his eyes are glazed as he loses himself in the feeling of your pussy greedily sucking him in - a low, crooning growl escaping him as his hips twitch against yours, his cock driving even deeper into you at an unforgiving pace “holy s-shit, yer so fuckin’ good baby, fuck!” his eyes rolling back as he hammers at the spot that always had you tightening around him “look at yer cute lil pussy, takin’ all ma fat cock so well— nghh, fuck— ya were fuckin’ made for me.” his hand moving between your bodies as his thumb circles your puffy clit, throwing your head back as you clamp down on him for the nth time that night, his moans matching yours as he continues his bruising pace, his fingers probably leaving bruises on your hips with how hard they're digging into the skin “a love ya babygirl ya know that? ‘m gonna cum, fuck ‘m gonna fill up this greedy fuckin’ pussy.”
— he’s so loud naturally which translates in the bedroom, so enthusiastic and isn’t at all ashamed at how loud his moans sound, especially when you’re clamping down so deliciously around his thick cock. he’s so sensitive so even just brushing against his crotch will cause him to whine and buck into you, goes between deep groans and whiney moans, showers you in praise telling you how fucking good you take him - you just feel so good he can’t help it.
you felt so full, every snap of his hips meeting yours causes your mind to grow hazy, your nails clawing at his back as he groans at the feeling, headboard banging against the wall due to the amount of power behind his thrusts, your thighs are slick with a mixture of both of your previous releases “baby—fuck, b-baby! you just feel s-so good, my cock feels so good- ahhnggh, ‘m gonna cum puppy-“ his hips slowing to grind against yours as he cums, riding out his high, head thrown back as he groans shamelessly, already lost count of how many times he’s filled up your sloppy pussy, his irises almost completely swallowed by the darkness of his pupils “s-so good, feels too good— nghh, can’t stop baby, g-gotta cum.” whimpering as his thrusts pick up again.
— he makes the prettiest sounds, whimpers and whines when you’re sucking his cock so well, his back arching as he pushes deeper into your throat. goes between praise and degradation depending on his mood, has such a filthy mouth, pace unrelenting as he calls you a “pretty little whore.” pretty gasps and literally does not care how loud he’s being. he sounds so needy, choking out a sob as he fucks you.
you whimpered as his fingers tangled in your hair, pulling your trembling body up so your back met his chest, his pace was unforgiving - your entire body shaking in his hold as he continued to ram into you mercilessly, your head fell back against his shoulder, allowing you to hear his pretty pants mixed with his broken moans, his hand in your hair moving to wrap around you throat, fingers tightening as your mind grew hazy, he scoffed “pretty little whore, you’re already fucked dumb.” his condescending tone causing your already tight walls to clench around him tighter as he hissed through his teeth, tears clouding your vision before they fell down your cheeks, his cock twitching inside you at the sight, his groans turning whinier as he neared his release “you gonna cum for me princess? f-fuck— such a messy little slut.”
— literally won’t shut up, his teasing doesn’t stop in the bedroom, can’t help it when you’re falling apart underneath him, the look of you being completely fucked dumb makes his ego sky rocket. loves showering you in praises and petnames - deep, raspy groans and they’re so loud but he gets lost in how good you feel. sometimes his words are cut off, straining as he tries to keep his voice steady.
“s-shit kitten, so fucking—” the end of his sentence cut off by his strangled moan as you lower yourself completely on his cock, beginning to bounce on his lap as he sucks his bottom lip between his teeth, trying to silence his loud moans as your walls tighten around him “so tight, you must've missed my cock baby, yeah?— nghhh, shit— fuck, just like that.” his teasing cut off by a groan as he tries to calm his shallow breathing, his cock hitting so deep inside you that hes afraid he won't last much longer, his fingers digging into your hips as he thrusts up into you, slamming you down to meet him “you’re so perfect, f-fuck” he held your hips against him, his orgasm hitting out of nowhere as the room filled with both of your shared moans, losing yourselves in eachother completely. “thats it, fuck— thats my kitten.”
— pls, timeskip beefy hinata who's big on praise with a little degradation, loves telling you how good you're making him feel, how pretty you look when hes fucking you dumb, shameless deep growls against you as he fucks you on the balcony of your shared apartment. always making sure you're comfortable as he angles his cock to his that spot inside you that has you shaking in his hold.
“how's that feel, baby? good?” your chest against the cold wall behind you, you’d normally be embarrassed about being fucked in the bathroom of the restaurant he was at with his team, but his cocked filled you up so well you couldn't focus on anything but him “’s-‘s good sho.” feeling him push deeper inside you, pace never faltering as he continues to fuck into you - your pussy stretching almost painfully to accommodate how thick he is, greedily sucking him in with each thrust of his hips “thats it pretty baby, ahhh- fuck, so good.” his deep moans have your head spinning, pushing your hips back to meet his, chasing your orgasm, anyone walking by would be able to guess what's happening with how loud his skin slapped against yours, but when his thumb came to circle your clit you didn't care who heard “thats it pretty, let everyone hear how good im fucking you. nnghh- fuck, gonna breed this greedy pussy.”
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