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#haikyuu!! x reader

pairing: akaashi keiji x reader
summary: your movie night with akaashi takes a pleasant turn.
warnings: idk,,, fluff? making out.
word count: ~1.4k

special thanks to @osamiiya​ and @kageyuji​ 

♫ now playing ⇢ unbound by michelle


you were sure that the day akaashi keiji asked you out was the day that your heart almost gave out. when he came up to you with his shy smile and pretty blue eyes, you thought that you were going to keel over and cease to exist then and there. 

of course, you were wrong. sitting on the couch, tucked into akaashi’s side with his arm slung around your shoulders, you realize that this is the moment where your heart was about to give out. you glance up at him, your eyes tracing every feature of his face as he remains engrossed in the movie you were watching. 

you don’t even notice the small sigh that escapes your lips as you gaze at him, the soft sound drawing his attention to you. your cheeks flood with heat as his blue eyes meet yours, crinkling at the corners as he smiles at you.

“are you comfy?” he asks, his smile getting bigger when you nod. he tightens his arm around your shoulder, effectively pulling you closer to him as he presses a kiss to your forehead. your breath stutters at the contact and you can’t help the way your eyes wander towards his lips. he notices, of course, and ducks down slightly, pausing when his lips are a few centimeters away from yours. 

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no problem - you’re my first one, and i’m excited! i hope you like this, anon! oh, and i just realised- most of these are [d/n] (daughter’s name) orientated?? sorry if that isn’t what you’re looking for 💜


𝕒𝕥𝕤𝕦𝕞𝕦 𝕞𝕚𝕪𝕒

— 𝟙 first baby

“Tsum,” you sigh, “I got that bad feeling in my stomach. Did I forget something?”

Atsumu breathed out gently, leaning in to give you a quick peck on the forehead. “Ya didn’t forget anythin’, darlin’. Try and get some sleep, will ya?”

“Okay, okay,” you groan, burrowing your head into your pillow. “But-”

“Relax,” Atsumu says, chuckling, “if [d/n] gets up then I’ll take care of her.”




A distant cry echoed, and you smile into your pillow. “Tsum…”

“Instant regret,” he mutters, before gently sliding his body out of the bed. “Still, try and get some sleep will ya?”

“Make sure the water’s at about fifty degrees Celcius, four cups of milk powder into ninety mils of water-”

“I know, I know.” Atsumu stood up, yawning. “It is freezin’ out here.”

“Mmm-hmm,” you nod sleepily, “bring [d/n] in if she doesn’t settle.”

“I’ll be fine.”


“Don’t sound so smug, [y/n].”

About fifteen minutes later, Atsumu walks in with a fiddling baby in his arms. You were laying on the bed, awake, knowing with a feeling in your stomach. You chuckle when he gently opens the door, and you sit up to receive her.

“Uh-uh,” Atsumu says childishly, “[d/n] wants her daddy, right?”

The girl simply just coos. 


“Bring her over here, Atsumu.”


— 𝟚 first public appearance [random]

You put a finger to your lips. “Shhh, [d/n]. We’re gonna surprise daddy, okay?”

The cute little girl, now aged four, giggled and copied your motion by putting a clumsy hand to her lips. “Mmm!”

You could hear the loud cheers as the MSBY comes to an end. You and your daughter had watched it, but near the back, out of attention. You had been sighted before with Atsumu, sparking rumours, but he quickly cut them down. From then on, you were a well-kept media secret. 

But today, you and your daughter were going to come out to the public.

“C’mon,” you hold out your hand, and [d/n] grins widely and slips her hand into yours. You smile at her, and she beams at you, before you gently tug her along.

The two of you didn’t take long to reach the entrance of the courts, and the MSBY media manager gives you a big smile as she sees you.

You didn’t exchange any words other than pleasantries, with her knowing that you were slightly nervous even though you didn’t show it.

“Good luck!” She whispers. You smile at her, before leaning down to [d/n].

“See daddy-”


You chuckle as she runs at the speed of light towards her father, and Atsumu’s head snapped over, eyes light with anticipation.

“Hey, angel,” Atsumu grinned, crouching slightly as the girl bounces into his arms. 

“You were awesome!” She grinned, burying her head into his chest. 

“Don’t do that,” you say, “your father’s still sweaty.”

Atsumu’s face lit up as you walk towards the two of them, and he swoops in to give you a sloppy kiss on the cheek. You heard yelps and squeals from the stands, but you didn’t care. It was about time people knew that Atsumu was taken.

“What are ya doin’ here?” Atsumu’s face changed. “Don’t tell me it was today-”

You smile, taking a hold of [d/n]’s hand. “It was today.”

“Oh shiz,” Atsumu laughs, facing the camera. You didn’t even realise he was in the middle of an interview. “Right, it was today.” 

Then his smile widened, and you could audibly hear the reporter’s mouth drop wide open.

“This is [y/n],” he loops an arm around your shoulder, “my [s/o]. And this is [d/n], our daughter.”

All you could remember after that was the bright lights of cameras and phones attempting to get a good photo of you.

You were still surprised months after when you saw photos of you and your family being plastered everywhere on sports magazines. Some people even asked for your autograph.

— 𝟛 first parent interview [random]


“That’s us,” you say gently, standing up. 

Atsumu smiled at you, and the two of you walk in hand-in-hand. [d/n], who sat outside the office, gave you both a nervous look, but the two of you just smiled before sitting down with her classroom teacher.

The man nods slowly. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Kubo.”

Atsumu hums. “Nice to meetcha.”

“Is there anything in particular we need to talk about?” You say, rubbing your hands together. 

Kubo hestitates. “Yes, ma’am. Er, Miya-san, are you perhaps a professional sportsman?”

“I’m one of the Japanese national volleyball players, yeah,” Atsumu nods. You had to refrain from kicking him - a simple yes would do. But that man and his ego, of course he’d have to say that he was a national player.

The teacher gulped, slightly aware of Atsumu’s status and influence. He seemed uncomfortable to continue, trying to find the right words, so that was when you cut in.

“Our daughter is…?”

“She’s exceptional in sports.” Kubo blurts, folding his hands together. “Outstanding, even. We were thinking about pushing her in that aspect-”


You bit your lip from the inside, chiding yourself not to kick Atsumnu.

“Yes,” the teacher says, nodding, “volleyball.”

“What can we do to help?” You cut in before Atsumu could start singing praises about [d/n] and himself. “What can the school do to help as well?”

“As a young nine-year-old, excuse my inexperienced volleyball notes, she’s extremely talented and-”

You stomped on Atsumu’s foot, not too loud, but it was enough for him to shut his mouth. You just knew he was planning to interrupt.

“-we were thinking about letting her join our older students’ volleyball lessons to learn something new-”

Atsumu glared at you as Kubo glances down at his handwritten notes on his desk. You glare back.

“-and I hope you’ll agree to it, it’s a very good experience for [d/n] to have.”

Without missing a beat, you looked away from your husband and smiled. “Don’t you think moving her up a grade might affect her socially? She is still quite young.”

Atsumu snorts dryly, hiding it behind his hand as a cough. 

The teacher continues to speak, but his words died away into background noise as you saw from your perphial vision Atsumu’s ‘coughing’.

You dug your heel just a little deeper. He finally stopped.


Do not repost or modify my work. 2020 ©️ twritesanddreams

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✫ ˚♡ ⋆。 ❀ WARNINGS: swearing, loosing braincells, I think nsfw jokes? And talking about kidnapping but not in a mean way???


✫ ˚♡ ⋆。 ❀ SYNOPSIS: Number neighbours were surely a cool thing, that’s what y/n thought. So why not text her number neighbour? Because who would’ve thought that her number neighbour was Osamu? And who would’ve thought that Atsumu had a twin brother? So she assumed that she was texting Atsumu the whole time, but why did he act in school like they never talked to each other?

✫ ˚♡ ⋆。 ❀ GENRE: Fluff, crack, hint of angst

✫ ˚♡ ⋆。 ❀ A/N: spicy ✨drama✨


✫ ˚♡ ⋆。 ❀ TAGLIST: open ( @silent-wonders @90s-belladonna @dorkyhaikyu @mochahyuck @bokutosuwus @boba-teaaaa @namyari @kara-grayson04 @peppermintkiddo@daninaninani @hobobob38-blog @slythxr @ak-may @aquariarose @mokarozu @makkipie @elianetsantana @anotherhydrangea @irenevyas @Saturnfarie @alienvarmint @kittyddandnyla @Kaiju-teeth @channiechanchan @lovinnoya @channiechanchan @iminlovewhaikyuu @kellsvt @starrynightlullaby ) Send an ask into my inbox to get added! <3

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ft. semi x gender neutral reader.

warnings: none.

a/n: song included - this side of paradise by coyote theory.


— セミエイタ : SEMI

[5:36 AM]

eita hummed a low tune as he swayed from side to side gradually, legs crossed as his boots thumped together. his full lips parted as they muttered the designated lyrics flawlessly, his closed eyes fluttering as they squinted from behind his glasses to gaze at you.

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✧・゚: *Kenma cuddling ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

a/n : AHHHH I haven’t been active for so long I’m so sorry 🥺🥺 school has been killing me honestly!!


  • Kenma wouldn’t be comfortable with affection at first, but that’s because he just isn’t used to it
  • Now, don’t get me wrong, Nekoma would probably throw Kenma around like a volleyball for fun, intentional or not, but he wasn’t used to sincere, loving affection
  • The poor baby would feel kind of guilty when you’d ask him for cuddles but he didn’t know how to cuddle you
  • But it didn’t matter to you because all you wanted was lay in his arms, so whenever he was gaming you’d crawl up into his lap and nuzzle into the crook of Kenma’s neck
  • The baby would turn three shades more red the first few times you did this, but he eventually got used to it, and even started pressing occasional kisses to your forehead as you drifted away in the comfort of his arms
  • Sometimes, Kenma would get exhausted from volleyball, with Lev and Yaku screaming around, Kuroo being himself, and Yamamoto only speaking about girls ; he just craved comfort.
  • So, on those days, he’d lay onto your lap while playing animal crossing
  • So precious
  • Kenma would NEVER admit (but you knew anyways), that he loved when you played with his hair
  • It soothed him in thousands of different ways and even go as far as stopping to play his games
  • Kenma would also just crawl up to you and snuggle in your arms, enjoying the warmth
  • Enjoys Eskimo kisses PERIODT
  • no further arguments taken
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bread talks | tsukishima kei

chapter 08: she’s in the denial stage everyone

↳ pairing: tsukishima kei x female! reader

↳ genre: college au | aged up au | non-volleyball au | fluff | angst | crack | sfw | smau

↳ synopsis: when your mother tells you to deliver some leftover bread to the young man living above your family bake shop, you never expect to make a complete fool out of yourself. but things happen, and maybe, some small accidents were actually meant to be— just not in the way you expected.

↳ love letter: bit later than usual but here’s the next chapter!! also i’m really hungry for some pork buns now lmao but it’s almost 1AM HJNEFKH. anyways hope you like this chapter and let me know what you think! i may not always reply back but i really love to hear your thoughts uwu

want to be tagged? send in an ask or comment under this post!

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master | chapter 13 | CHAPTER 14 | chapter 15

warning: major character death, blood, violence - this one was rough for me.

After your day of rest, you were excited to arrive in Kansai to see your cousin. Driving through the streets of the capital city, you admired the floral decorations and embroidered banners hanging from the windows and lights in both the colors of your’s and Kuroo’s kingdom. Being family with the king of Kansai, you were very familiar with the people and they respected you as they would their own leader.

Greeted at the front doors to the palace by Kita and his two guards, the twins, you smiled brightly and uncerimoniously jumped into his arms. Festivities were set to start almost immediately, so you had to cut your greetings short in order to get ready for the dinner that night.

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a/n: hi! first of all, thank you for requesting! 🤍 i hope you enjoy this!


it all started when you made that one mistake, just one mistake is enough for him to make fun of you for the entire day. it wasn’t your intention to mistake osamu for his twin, aka your boyfriend, atsumu.

“why did you call me atsumu? didn’t you know that my name is osamu now?” atsumu casually rolled his eyes at you when you called him.

you sighed, this is the nth times he repeated the same thing and it’s getting irritating.

“okay, osamu. i guess i better off not talking to you then!” you jeered.

atsumu then raised his eyebrows as he watched you left. he knew you will turn back and talk to him, but his assumption was wrong this time. uh oh, he pissed you off this time.

he texted you once he got home but all he got was no reply from you. he knew you were mad and he messed up big time. he tried calling you but no calls were answered.

“that is what you got from being a pain in the ass, you piece of trash” osamu insulted him, and his twin wasn’t helping at all.

the next day when he spotted you and called you, you immediately walked away and started running when he started to catch up with your pace.

he pulled you once he caught up with you. “babe! i’m sorry okay! i didn’t mean to piss you off or anything! i’m sorry!”

you furrowed your brows, “did you mean what you said just now or you just wanted to feed your goddamn ego to make you feel better, huh?”

atsumu hated it when you bring up his ego in an argument but he was at fault this time. “i meant what i said just now. i am truly sorry. i won’t do it again, i promise.”

you rolled your eyes at him, “you better keep your words, atsumu or else i’m kicking you out of my life and be with osamu instead!”

atsumu gasped, “that’s so mean! as long as you forgive me then i’m okay. but please don’t be with osamu. do you want to see me dying inside?”

his words made you laughed, “whatever you say, atsumu. i’m going to class. bye!”

atsumu stole a kiss from you before you left, leaving you with butterflies in stomach for the entire day.

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we weren’t close friends right away, it took us time but slowly we began talking during class ❪ more like you listened to me ramble about everything that caught my attention ❫. we often ate lunch together with komori, and you started walking me to school and back everyday.

i clearly remember this one night, my parents weren’t talking to each other. the house felt so suffocating, i needed a way out, i wanted to call you but i’d figured you’d be in bed since you prefer sticking to the same routine. i decided to go out by myself, i didn’t expect you to be waiting outside my front door.

you looked surprised as if you didn’t know i lived there, it was cute seeing the puzzled expression on your face. instead of asking you why you were at my house, i asked if you could go on a late night walk with me, you said yes.

we ended up at the park sitting on the playground swings, well i sat on the swings ❪ you quote “would never sit on those filthy chairs” ❫. we talked for three hours straight about all the little things in life, what universities we wanted to attend out of high school? i told you, i wanted to study aboard. we talked about what our future plans would be once we’d finished with university?

it might sound stupid but i fell more in love with you that night. i couldn’t get the image of you under the stars out of my head, i had all these thoughts filled with hope that maybe you and i could be something. before i could even stop to think or process the words coming out of my mouth, i ended up confessing my feelings for you.

you were shocked, it was written all over your face. at that moment, i wanted to fall off the face of the earth, i wished that some black hole would’ve swallowed me whole and saved me from embarrassing myself any further. it didn’t help how silent you were. yes, you were never a talkative person but with me, you tried and that was enough.

your silence was the answer i’d been waiting for, it was a silent rejection. i came to a conclusion, you didn’t feel the same way about me, and that was okay.


[ LOVE LETTER #2 ]. > [ LOVE LETTER #4 ].

taglist: @tsukisemi, @waitforitillwritemywayout

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request: hi there! would it be fine to request sugawara, kageyama and yamaguchi with a pregnant s/o? i absolutely loved reading your tsukishima one a couple of days ago - anon

a/n: hey !! sorry this took so long but i’m finally caught up now 😌 i’m so happy you liked my tsukki fic 🥺🥺 honestly it was just a totally random thought that i happened to throw together lolll but i’d do anything for some soft haikyuu boy content 😌


sugawara, kageyama, and yamaguchi with a pregnant s/o

pairings: sugawara, kageyama, and yamaguchi x gender neutral reader (i wanted to make this more inclusive :)) )

genre: fluff <3

warnings: pregnancy, manga spoilers in suga’s, mentions of sex in kageyama’s, use of the word daddy (not in a sexual way), slight swearing


► now shuffling…

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are you mine?


suna rintarou x fem!reader

tw; 18+, slight smut (like barely), fwb (if you squint)

a/n; (*´∇`*) im heppy that i was able to write something again! hopefully i continue! IM A LITTLE RUSTY so :>


suna wasn’t stupid. he wasn’t a middle blocker on ejp because he was lucky. he had the ability to observe and pick up on things that no one else could. sometimes it was a blessing, sometimes it was a curse. and in this case, it was a curse, especially since he held you so close to his heart.

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warmth that comes with winter | kuroo tetsurou

kuroo tetsurou x reader

genre: domestic fluff

wc: 1.1k

a/n: very very self indulgent :’) have been really lonely and touch starved over the cold months so here’s the result.


“Baby can you please, please close the window?”

It’s the third week of November and you’re sitting by the opened window, a warm cup of cocoa in your hands and an oversized jacket over your shoulders. And yes, that was the third time Tetsurou asked for you to shut the window, but again, you reply to him with a hum. You’re sure your soft voice has been drowned by the eolian music of the wind blowing outside and through the window, but for once you brush the cold breeze hitting your face with a wince and a quiver of your body.  

“Babe, you’ve always disliked the winter. What’s up with you today?” You can hear the slight tremble in his voice as he sits down on the spot next to you, a thick blanket wrapped over his body because you, for the umpteenth time, have stolen his warmest jacket.  

“Hmm, I’d like to agree and disagree with that,” you reply with a mischievous smile, drawing a look of puzzlement from your boyfriend.  

You can’t deny that the cold weather sucks and winter is your most disliked season. Dry skin, chapped lips, unreasonable electricity bills from the overconsumption of radiators in the house, and eight hours of sunlight every day (that is, if the sun isn’t hidden behind the rain clouds). You compare that to spring, where the garden across the apartment you’re living in would come to life with its vibrant colours, and when that floral dress hung in your wardrobe would finally be of use.  

“Disagree? Name me one thing you love about winter.” Tetsurou always loves challenging you, and you’re always up for it.  


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a/n: cant believe I said I was in love with him and never did boyfriend hcs with him yet—

as always reblogs > likes

  • Not a wonderful boyfriend but he’s still a pretty damn good one
  • He’s definitely not a very affectionate person so don’t expect him to be. And definitely don’t expect PDA because he’d rather hug Hinata then ever do something like that
  • Tsukishima can be a very sarcastic and cold individual so please know that if he says something “mean” it’s just to mess with you. He would never be hateful to you on purpose
  • Ok so cute thing about or dear boy, he will “accidentally” leave one of his hoodies at your house to see if you’d wear it. And if you do wear it the next time he sees you, he is teasing you but he’s blushing the entire time he does it
  • Rants to you a lot about things that are bothering him. He doesn’t really like being open with his feelings but he trusts you and feels like he can tell you things
  • You at the very least on friendly terms with Yams. They’ve been friends since they were kids and he wants to be with someone that would at least be friendly with his best friend
  • He prefers to keep relationships private but if someone asks if he’s dating you, he’ll tell whoever asked the truth. He doesn’t see the point in lying about it
  • Tsukki can get pretty affectionate whenever you two are hanging out alone so he’s more than likely holding onto your hand or laying his head on your lap (or letting you do the same)
  • Tsukishima would be very supportive of you. If you came out to him for any reason, he will be there for you. He may act like he doesn’t necessarily care since that’s how he is but he’ll never be hateful towards you in any way
  • With that being said, he will absolutely roast the fuck out of someone if they’re ever being rude to you. Like he’s not about to let someone talk shit on his s/o
  • He likes to tease you often about most things but he’ll never overdue it. And if you’re not comfortable with something he’s said or he does, please let him know and he’ll stop. I know it may seem like he wouldn’t since Tsukki’s a bit of an ass but he wouldn’t do something to upset you on purpose
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hi dear, thank you for your order of [headcanons] at this writing/matchup cafe! 🍑 i only write for 2 characters at a time, so i picked the first two—hope that’s okay!


💌 accidentally falling asleep on kuroo & tsukishima 💌


Originally posted by 39point1

- honestly, kuroo’s first reaction to you accidentally falling asleep on him is one of surprise—he was startled, really. you two were sitting together on the couch—kuroo with a textbook in his hands and you with your phone in yours—and it was comfortable. but then, he noticed that you’d stopped shifting around every few minutes like you do, and only realized that you’d fallen asleep after glancing over at you

- immediately, kuroo is taken with how… cute you look, sleeping. you just look so at peace, and he sighs a little at how tired you must’ve been lately to just knock out cold like that :(

- he can’t lie though, there’s no denying how fast his heart is racing when he feels your cheek rested against his shoulder; he can practically feel your heartbeat against his sleeve, and he’s almost [irrationally] afraid that the sound of his own heart pounding might wake you up

- kuroo’s a little awkward and hesitant at first, but finally brings himself to gently brush the hair out of your face if it’s prickling you—he knows better than anyone how annoying long hair can be if you’re just trying to rest, and god forbid you wake up and cut this priceless moment short

- after he’s finally done staring at you like a nerd and thinking about how cute you look, his devilish side comes back—or that’s what he tells himself—and he takes his phone out to get a picture of you sleeping against his arm. he claims he’ll use it to blackmail you as an indisputable piece of evidence that you do rely on him sometimes, but honestly, he just wants to keep a cute photo of you two together for himself

- kuroo will do his best not to move, for fear of waking you, even if he’s stuck in a bit of an awkward position. it’s so rare that you’re so openly vulnerable with him like this, and he really does want you to finally get some rest. he can go back to teasing you and pestering you when you wake up—for now, kuroo is happy to stay like this with you for as long as you need


Originally posted by unemployedweeaboo


- tsukishima’s first thought when he feels your head fall limply against his shoulder on the bus is, are you serious? he can’t believe you’d just let yourself pass out on him like that. what if he was a stranger? surely this had to be dangerous, and dumb. but the more he wills himself to wake you up, the more he just can’t bring himself to

- he lets out an exasperated sigh and decides to leave you alone, letting you use his arm as a pillow if you need it

- but as the ride goes on, he can’t help but look at you and think about how… uncomfortable you look. you keep bouncing between leaning on him and flailing in the opposite direction, so much so that it’s getting painful even for him (and his neck) to watch

- tsukishima finally gives in and tilts your head onto his shoulder, leaning back in his seat a bit so that he’s not too tall for you. he thinks about how much of a pain it is to take care of you, but the feeling of your head nestled comfortably in the crevice of his neck makes him feel surprisingly… tender

- the idea of wrapping an arm around you to pull you closer crosses his mind, and he thinks about how that might not be such a bad option, actually

- but once tsukishima catches himself having such gross, mushy thoughts about you, he can’t stop the furious blush that spreads across his cheeks. but it’s not his fault you look so happy sleeping—you almost look like you’re smiling into his skin and he’d be lying if he said he doesn’t want to see more of it

- realizing that he’s completely powerless before you, tsukishima sighs and thinks about how he’s supposed to deal with you—and his feelings—once you wake up


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a vase of somedays
— ft. miya atsumu


art. young woman in front of a classical relief surrounded by flowers by jan baptist bosschaert
npm reader
tags. fluff, flowershop au, timeskip
summary. wherein atsumu keeps a vase of the many chances he didn’t take.


The door creaks open, the twinkling of bells heard from across the room. A voice rings out from the back, welcoming Atsumu in. His eyes are met with an assortment of florals, colorful blooms obstructing the view of the few people inside. He takes a deep breath, smiling as an old lady passes him, a tray of tiny plants in her hands.

Heading to the counter, he’s met with an assortment of potted plants and cut stems. Manning it, is the epitome of spring, all warm smiles and kind eyes.

“Welcome to our little cottage! What can I help you with?”

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