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tetsvhoe · 5 months ago
you never know what you have until it’s gone, so they say. you think by now they should have known that.
pt. 1 i know who you pretend i am
character/s: sakusa kiyoomi x gn!reader
genre/s: MOSTLY ANGST the fluff part is clickbait me thinks
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍 : it's 3am i didn't even notice. this shit slaps hard enjoy. 🥴
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
you could only take so much rejection from sakusa especially when you began to piece together that his dodginess never had anything to do with his germophobic tendencies but everything to do with you‒rather who you were not.
your hands still longed for the warmth of his, but now you catch it mid-reach because you knew you searched for his warmth, but you were to be greeted with his coldness. your fingertips missed the feeling of his soft curls weaving through them and wanted to trace his two little moles fondly, but you clutch them close. you refused to indulge yourself in the feeling of his embrace because three seconds tops of feeling safe and comforted in his arms could not compare to the utter disappointment when he would push you off. your lips craved to linger on his skin in feathery light kisses, but you knew the way he would recoil would leave a bitter taste on your tongue.
you still longed for him all the same, but you understood more and more that dealing with abstinence was way easier than facing his rejection over and over again. sakusa on the other hand came to realize more and more how he missed your touch and the warmth of your love that seemed to dwindle by the day.
he didn’t even realize when it all began. it dawned on him during a completely irrelevant setting‒his soft-spoken italicized “oh” moment. he was in the middle of practice, sweaty and exhausted, surrounded by his larger-than-life chaotic teammates. you were the last thing on his mind supposedly, but he suddenly thought how weird it was that you didn’t try to kiss him before he went to work. i mean i was going to dodge it anyway, he thought to himself dismissively. he’s been telling himself that for the past two weeks.
he found you on the couch, deeply invested in the show you’re watching on your laptop. you spared him a haphazard glance when you heard him open the front door but didn’t say anything. he’s had an exceptionally shitty day and he would be fine if you would just pull him to your chest and stroke his hair like you used to wherever he had a bad day.
“i’m home,” he subtly tried getting your attention.
i already know. “welcome home,” you replied instead.
sakusa prowled around you quietly, observing how you completely ignored him. he disposed of his mask and set his duffel bag down on a settee before sitting on the opposite corner of the couch, eyeing you expectantly.
you raised an eyebrow inquisitively as you pressed the spacebar to pause what you were watching. before you could open your mouth to ask him if he needed anything, he placed his hand above yours completely startling you. you didn’t mean to retract your hand so quick it was almost offensive, but you were glad you did.
his mouth fell open in both surprise and bewilderment and something in you snapped.
“i don’t-”
“what are you doing?” you questioned, voice formidable and eyebrows knitted in annoyance.
“sorry i-i was just trying to hold your hand,” he reiterated the obvious but looked genuinely puzzled as to why you were reacting in such a way.
“why?” one word was all it took for your voice to break and you hated yourself for it. you bared yourself in front of him enough and didn’t want him to witness you in such a vulnerable state but the more you tried to hold back, the more you wanted to break down. “why, sakusa is it because you are thoroughly touch starved and now you want my affection because you can’t get it anywhere else?”
the anger laced in your sharp words stung as they reached him. he recoiled from the look in your eyes, and he finally figured out how much he messed up. “it’s not like that,” he reasoned quietly, now unable to look you in your vindictive eyes.
“well do fucking tell. why? why is it that you avoid me-no push me away so much more than you do literally everyone else?” tears ran down your cheeks. it felt warm, comforting.
sakusa shrunk back even more, not liking how devoid of care and gentleness your eyes were. it made his stomach churn, an unfamiliar feeling. “i’m sorry,” was all he managed to say, gaining a bitter scoff from you. “i’m truly sorry for being so distant. i’m not just initiating it now because i need it, please believe me. i’ve been wanting to hold you for the past few weeks but i was scared.”
“bullshit,” you snarked. tears welled up in his eyes and fear bubbled in his chest. “you were always distant with me right from the start because-admit it or not, you’re still hung up on your ex.” since he wasn’t getting to the point, you did instead. “don’t pretend like you don’t longingly look at your pictures together.”
a look of panic flashes across his features before he’s shaking his head frantically. “no, no, no, it’s not what you think. i-i washung up and them and i was looking at our old pictures but… i just-i was afraid of getting that close to someone again and getting hurt-”
“don’t lie to me.”
“baby, please i’m telling the truth. what i did was inexcusable. i was a shitty boyfriend, but i’m willing to try harder. i can make things right. i love you and i know that now, please.”
“this is unfair, sakusa.”
his heart ached so much in his chest, he was pretty sure it got snapped in half hearing you say those words with such lifelessness and anguish. “i know, i know i’m unfair and i treated you so bad but please believe me. i love you, please,” he sobbed. “i’ll do anything, i swear. i’ll wait however long it takes just please let me make it better.”
your quietness, though it doesn’t make the situation even remotely better, gave him hope because silence wasn’t a yes. more importantly, silence wasn’t a no either.
it was the first time he was the one to be pushed away and he wondered if it felt just as painful for you for all the countless times he did.
Tumblr media
@mirakeul @realityisabitch-blr @erinoikawa @haji-bby @seijohoe @szeonn @banananaa4 @qualityshoepsychic @thezebra12
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goshikitsutomusmommy · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Everyday Texts with Suna’s Sister
Tumblr media
Everyday Boyfriend Texts with Suna vers.
Synopsis : Texts That You and Your Boyfriend’s, Suna Rintaro, Sister Share on a Day to Day Basis
Genre : Platonic , comedy , fluff
Pairing(s) : (Platonic) Suna’s Sister x reader , (romantic) Suna x reader
Warning(s) : Being called “queen” , a bunch of emojis , intentional spelling errors
Masterlist Link : Here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Author’s Note : USHDJWND I HOPE U ENJOY READING THESE, I texted exactly how my little cousin texts me (I love her omg😭😭😭) so I hope this is a bit accurate-ish
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sugasrose · 8 months ago
haikyuu boys worrying about you
featuring -> oikawa tooru
Tumblr media
oikawa hummed excitedly as he dug into his pocket for the keys to your shared apartment. practice had ended early and there was no one else oikawa wanted to spend his extra time with but you. he knew you weren’t feeling your best and had stayed home to recuperate and ctach up on your work. turning the knob and closing the door behind him, he’d expected to see your figure skipping into the arms of your beloved boyfriend.
“baby? you feeling okay?” he called while kicking his shoes off. when there was no answer, oikawa padded to the bedroom to investigate further. on his way there, he noticed a pot of noodles heating on the stove in the kitchen. “y/n-channn” he whined as he turned the heat off, “you can’t just leave the burner on, dummy”, but there was no response.
a heavy feeling pressed down on his chest as he begun to feel even more worried. where were you?
his stomach officially dropped right out of his ass when he saw the perfectly made bed, just the way he’d left it this morning. oikawa’s hand roughly pulled at his brown locks as he paced out of the bedroom and checked every other possible place you could be.
oikawa was never controlling or overly possessive of you, but he couldn’t help freaking out since you were supposed to be home sick and the stove was left on. you were always anxious of leaving things like that on and would’ve certainly checked on it at least twice.
frantic fingers dialed your number as quickly as possible, but you’d left your phone on the counter. oikawa swore to himself as he heard the familiar ringtone you had just for him, the photograph you two had taken on your last anniversary lighting up the device. oikawa bit his lip in worry at your smiling face in the photograph, completely ignorant of the peace sign he’d held up behind your head. looking into your eyes, he tried to calm down, rationalizing that you were a responsible adult and that he shouldn’t worry about you.
he sat down at the counter and began to draft a text to your friend to see if they’d seen you recently. his legs were uncontrollably shaky, knees banging against the hardwood of the kitchen island.
oikawa pushed off of the stool and stalked to the front door. he didn’t completely know what he was going to do, but his body physically wouldn’t let him wait around.
his long fingers yanked the door open as he stepped out and into the hallway. his footsteps were loud as he briskly walked. his phone dinged.
no, haven’t seen y/n since this weekend. it read.
oikawa huffed as he looked down at his phone before ramming right into someone.
“‘m sorry” he mumbled, pushing past the figure in front of him.
“tooru, baby, where are you going?” you asked, catching your boyfriend by his forearms. oikawa blinked at you for a moment before roughly tugging you into his arms.
“i was looking for you, you idiot! where were you?” he gasped out by your ear. his fingers dug into your waist as he pressed you impossibly close to him.
you giggled in response, “i just went to get some more milk. i need it for my mac.” you wiggled the arm holding the carton of milk out from his tight embrace for emphasis.
“but you’re sick, y/n-chan” he whined, pulling back a little to look at you with a pout, “AND you left the stove on.” his face grew stern as he scolded you.
“wait, really?” your jaw dropped. anxiety bloomed in your chest, “is everything okay?” you pushed out of oikawa’s embrace and past him to rush to your apartment.
“yeah since I, your perfect, amazing, hero of a boyfriend turned it off!” he followed you inside the apartment. “you’re supposed to be sick, y/n”
you shrugged at that “i was feeling better.” oikawa’s worry began to settle along with the twist in his stomach. “i may still be a little bit out of it, i suppose.” you grimaced as you stirred the burnt noodles around.
“no shit.” he scoffed, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. “go lay down, silly. i’ll make you somethin’”
“you suck at cooking.”
“i do not! take that back, y/n-chan!”
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theduosetter · a month ago
── 𝙋𝙪𝙧𝙚 𝙄𝙢𝙖𝙜𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kuroo Tetsuro x F!Reader [slight Akaashi x F!Reader ]
Summary: College is about opportunities, projects, making friends, going to parties etc. There was no doubt that when the most popular volleyball player suddenly asks to be your partner for a project that things would be surprising to say the least. It was all about being more open even if people did talk.
Warning: fluff, angst, cursing, over protectiveness,
Links: writing commissions ✏️|| tip the writer!💰💚|| series of works ||
"Why is everyone staring at me?" you whispered into Akaashi's ear.
Akaashi looked around the room not seeing anything out of the normal, students were sitting down getting ready for the lecture. Yet there were pairs of eyes following your every move. "Is there something you need?" he spoke out loud staring down at them.
They quickly turned to look away, that of course did not stop the whispering amongst one another. "What is everyone's deal?" you muttered "The one time I decide to not wash my hair because I was running late and this happens." dropping your bag into your chair, you then took out your laptop.
Your close friend followed your step and took his regular seat beside you. "It will blow over soon you know how rumors are." he said "Do not pay them any attention."
Frowning you sat down trying to ignore everyone's stare. "What did you end up getting on the test anyway?"
"I got a 95." he answered, "What about you? Did the notes help?"
"They did actually!" you smiled "I should have asked you for help sooner. I can't believe how easy it felt and not once did my thinking stopped."
He gently ruffled your hair "I am glad to hear that. We can go to the library later to study-"
"Y/n!" a voice spoke.
You both turned around to see your partner Kuroo standing in the doorway. The girls immediately rushed over to him. "Are you free today to work on our project?" he smiled walking over to you as he ignored the girls calling his name.
Suddenly you were the center of attention, the thing you hated the most. "I-I can't today actually." you responded "I already made plans and I need to study for an upcoming exam."
"Oh come on..." he pleaded taking a seat on the left, "We still have a lot to do plus, I was able to get those little insects that we needed." Kuroo leaned forward, "Can't you skip just for today?"
Akaashi looked at the crowd that had gathered, he then stepped in. "We can study at lunch that way you and Kuroo can finish the project, Y/n."
Turning your head you looked at Akaashi, "Are you sure? I thought you needed to-"
"-no don't worry about it." he reassured you "Kuroo she'll meet you at the library later now can you leave since class is about to start?"
Kuroo softly smiled at you "Oh right, sorry." he got up "I'll see you later then partner?"
With flushed cheeks you nodded, "Sure, see you later Kuroo!" he waved goodbye at you then took off.
"Are you sure you still want to be partnered up with him?"
"Why do you ask?"
He shrugged "It looks like to me he's grabbing your attention too much. You two did see each other a day ago."
Waving him off you started pulling up your notes, "He's not." you added "You are looking too much into things, Kuroo is popular but not like he feels that way about me." he was about to speak when the professor then walked in.
After finishing your classes for the day you messaged Kuroo about meeting up at a local cafe instead, since you did skip dinner to finish an essay. Your phone then vibrated.
Kuroo || 7:22 pm
'Hey! I just came across a cafe. What food would you like?'
You || 7:22 pm
I thought we were meeting at the one nearby campus, are you not close by?
Kuroo || 7:25 pm
I had to go off campus for some things. Plus the food here is better than the one there. I want you to have something good to eat you'll need the energy after all.
Your cheeks flushed, you had to reread the message to make sure you weren't hallucinating anything.
You || 7:27 pm
I can go for a sandwhich and a warm latte. ((:
Kuroo || 7:28 pm
Just like me! What a coincidence ((: I know just what to get, give me ten minutes and I'll be right there.
You bit your lip trying to contain the smile that was growing on your lips. People always had something to say about him. Yet you were starting to believe that maybe those were just rumors people made up and weren't seeing the real him.
Akaashi || 8:34 pm
Hey I am at your dorm, I brought some ice cream.
"That is so cool though!" you exclaimed, "Did you guys end up staying friends after what happened?"
Kuroo leaned back in his chair "I know people make it seem as if once you are rivals you stop being friends but that is nothing but lies." he answered "We are still close friends till this day but when we are on the court the feeling is different, the air itself feels like it comes from a different world."
You nodded, "Are you still going to pursue volleyball after you graduate or are you using your BA degree for chemistry?"
"I'm in the middle right now." he chuckled lightly "I want to continue to play... yet I really like what I'm studying too."
Smiling softly, you placed your pencil down on the table, and turned to look at him. "I think you should do both." you suggested. "You are still young to have to decide between two things. Volleyball is clearly what you enjoy right now why not keep going? After when you feel like you are going from loving to liking it then you can go and choose chemistry. It's basically having the best of both worlds."
He looked at you realizing how simple it sounded coming from your lips. "I never thought about it that way... I actually haven't told my parents either."
"In the end it is up to you. Going to your parents for advice is good they give you another perspective into things." you rested your cheek on the palm of your hand looking at him. "I think whatever you end up choosing you will be fine."
His heart was starting to beat faster, he bit his lip trying to contain his smile. "Why do you sound so sure?"
"I have a feeling is all." you smiled.
"I'm glad you agreed to be my partner." he confessed "I have seen you around school but never got a chance to talk to you till now."
"I felt shy in the beginning to be honest..." you chuckled "I was not quite sure what it would be like talking to you."
"Did your opinion change?"
"I can say that you took me by surprise." you answere smiling softly as you got back to work. He sat there for a moment watching as you worked, he did not realize how fast he was starting to like you.
Working with Kuroo has been a whole new world. It felt as if he was cracking open your small shell to let out the real you. Kuroo on the other hand did not see how more open he was being. Whenever he was with you, his thoughts seemed to come out without any worry or fear about people judging him. For once both your fears started to become invisble the longer you spent time together.
"Are you free this weekend?" by the way he asked as you arrived at the front of your dorm.
"I do not have any plans that I know of." you said "Did you want to work on the project?"
"Actually..." he scratched the back of his head feeling shy all of a sudden, "I wanted to take you out somewhere this weekend. If you wanted to of course!"
"Sure." you tucked a piece of hair behind your ear "DId you have somewhere in mind?"
"I'm still thinking about the place actually." he nervously laughed "I promise to let you know by tomorrow though."
'Okay he is being too cute right now!' you thought.
"Don't worry you can let me know tomorrow Kuroo." you reassured him.
He nodded, "Well... I should probably let you get some rest since it is eleven already."
"Right..." you slightly smiled feeling dissappointed that he had to leave, "Good night... Kuroo."
"Good night, Y/n." he softly said, being the bold person he is he leaned in and gave your cheek a gentle kiss.
You closed your eyes smiling as you felt his lips on your cheek. Butterflies began to fly all around in your stomach and your heart started to do flips of joy. When he pulled away his face stayed a few centimeteres away from yours.
"Good night... y/n."
"Good night, Kuroo."
"What's got you smiling so much?" Akaashi asked as he twisted the lid to open his tea.
"Life is just beautiful." your radiant smile made his heart beat. He couldn't help but replicated your good mood. Seeing you this happy made him happy.
"Have you talked to Kuroo?"
"Not yet." you answered, "But he has responded to my texts he said he has been busy with volleyball and the exams that are coming up for his class."
He nodded listening as you spoke, "At least he is not a jackass like the other guy. Kuroo had the decency to tell you he was busy..."
You sighed "I know." you mumbled "I really like... like him Akaashi." '
His footsteps stop, although his feelings were kept a secret from you except Kuroo, he did not want to stop you from being happy. Kuroo looked like a nice person yet he did not know if it was his jealousy or a feeling of uncertainty.
"I am happy that you are happy." he said.
"But?" you walked closer to him.
A small smile formed on his lips as he looked at you, "Nothing... I hope he is everything you are dreaming of, Y/n."
"Thank you for being there for me." you said, wrapping your arms around his torso you hugged him tightly.
He hugged you back, wrapping his arms around your figure, pressing a gently kiss to the top of your head. "I am right here if you need me." you burried your head into his chest not wanting to let go.
"Come on we should get going." he said "Or else the professor is going to be mad we missed lab today."
"Do we have to?" you mumbled.
A chuckle escaped his lips, "We have to if we want to finish the year off good."
Pulling away from one another you groan, "Alright... fine."
Akaashi took your bag and slung it over his shoulder, "Come on." he said and walked side by side in silence on your way to class.
When you arrived the class was already packed with other students. Many were barely arriving just like you both. As you walked down the stairs to get to your seats a group of girls walked over to where you stood.
"Um... can I help you?" you asked nervously.
"You do realize Kuroo is playing with you right?" the girl said.
"What are you talking about?"
The girl with brown hair then spoke up, "Your name came up on a post in a private chat about how long it would take for him to get you to fall for him."
Shaking your head you knew what they were saying wasn't true. "I-I think... you must be misunderstanding something. It can be anyone's name I'm not the only one named y/n."
Akaashi then stepped in "If this is a prank from you because Kuroo did not take an ever so glance at you then you are messing-"
"-I promise we are not lying-!" she took a deep breath and calmed her emotions. "Look one of the girls from our dorms messaged us last night about the post. It had your name and a picture from the rally last year."
You tilted your head down, your mind was running around in circles trying to figure out a clue or moment that indicated Kuroo didn't have good intentions. He saw the way your mood had changed, you weren't paying attention to the details the girl was telling you.
"How do we know you guys are telling the truth?" Akaashi questioned.
"I was one of the girls who he played with..." the brown haired girl spoke "That's when I met Inko that she also got played by one of the guys from Kuroo's group."
"You seem like such a great person and everyone here likes and respects you." Inko said "We don't want you to be part of his games like he did with us."
"Everyone sit down we have a long lab ahead of us!" your professor announced.
"Think about it what we told you please." she said then walked away with her other two friends.
You immediately sat down in your chair letting the half side of your hair cover your face. He sat down beside you and squeezed your shoulder gently in a supportive way.
"Alright class let's get into it." the professor began writing an equation on the baord. You were focused on it trying to stop your mind from wandering into a deep dark hole of thoughts.
"Do you need a minute?" Akaashi whispered to you.
"I-I'm fine..." you answered.
The double doors opened, on instinct you looked over your shoulder to see Kuroo along with his group of friends, making his way over to the stairs. As luck would have it he stopped at your seat. "Hey..." he whispered smiling warmingly at you.
"Hi..."you mumbled then turned back to your laptop.
Kuroo did not take the hint and took the empty seat behind you. He leaned forward and spoke softly "I got the date done we can put it on the project board today if you are free."
You gripped the pen in your hand hearing him talk so kindly to you. "The cafe that I picked up the food from is empty during the week." as sweet as his words sounded, it only pierced your heart even more. Your breathing became uneven while your eyes became glossy.
From the corner of your eyes you saw his group of friends whispering to one another, then pointed at you and laughed. It ticked it off. Every single rumor about him sounded so foreign. When someone spoke badly about him it made you mad, Kuroo was such a caring person you did not understand why people had to talk so badly about others... now everything made sense.
"Y/n?" The way your name sounded so angelic coming from him was the last straw for you. Turning around you turned to look at him with a straight face.
"How long did it take for me to fall for you?" You questioned in loud voice not caring about the professor or the people looking your way.
Kuroo noticed, his head looked both ways seeing all eyes were now on him and you. "W-what are you taking about?"
You kept the glare not being able to break it. "Are you really going to play dumb?" you stood up and he followed in suit. "Was I just a little bet or did you feel bad for me huh?"
"Y/n... what are you talking about?..." he carefully spoke "Because I have no clue what you are saying-"
"Oh you don't?" you chuckled dryly "I'm sorry I forgot people like you don't give a rats ass about anyone but themselves!"
"You have no right to offend me like that!-"
"-No I think I do." you crossed your arms in front of your chest. "I chose to ignore the gossip that surrounded you. I chose to believe that you weren't that type of person, people kept talking about. I thought those days we spend together was the real version I was getting from you." you blinked away the tears. "But I was stupid for thinking I could see the good in you-"
He interrupted you, "-but that was the real me."
"If it had been the real you then you would have come clean about what you did!" you exclaimed.
Kuroo ran his fingers through his hair, "I made a mistake... I really am sorry, y/n..."
Shaking your head you bit your lip but it did nothing to stop the tears. "You don't get to feel sorry when you knew what you were doing was wrong..."
"I admit... I did put your name in the group chat and we started to talk about you." He acknowledged "It was supposed to be short until we finished our project to see if I could make you fall for me."
"Because you saw me as weak huh?" you joked "To see how long does the lonely and desperate girl falls for the popular volleyball captain." He stood quiet giving you the answer that you needed. "I knew it."
"It was at first but then we started to talk and we got to know each other better as we met up." he explained, "Then... that night at the library we ended up talking longer that usual. I never thought I would confess all these self deprecating thought I had to someone I barely knew. I realized that I was starting to like you, y/n. I fell bad knowing that it started out as a bet then I started thinking about you and thinking about the date we were going to go to... I couldn't do that to you... not to someone who deserves better than being played by me."
"Was that also a lie?" you said getting closer. "Were those actually your hopes, dreams... that you shared with me? Or are those the things you say to every girl you decide to mess with?"
His eyes turned glossy, "I promise you it's not." he pleaded "Believe me when I know I fucked up but I like you... in ways I can't explain myself. I never joked about those private moments..."
Your heart was breaking, the tears became uncontrollable. You didn't know if to listen to your heart or your head.
"I'm sorry..." he said.
"For what?"
"For everything for playing with you and not realizing how stupid I was." he answered.
It wasn't enough. "If you truly care about someone you don't hurt them." you stated "You do not go around playing with people's feelings and making bets to embarrass another person. You respect them! You show them that you care!" you yelled "But people like you don't give a crap about that!"
"Y/n... please forgive me..."
"I do not have anything to forgive." you said "I do not need to accept your apology or acknowledge your feelings. No matter if we had been together it was going to be a losing game with you." you looked at him so much disgust and he felt it, he could see it in your eyes that he lost something so precious. "I wished you had never spoken to me... maybe then I could have saved myself the illusion that not everyone was a bad person. But thank you for proving to me that there's people like you in this world."
"You can insult me all you want y/n but you can't tell me that you do not feel anything for me."
"I don't." You sadly chuckled "Whatever I thought I did got destroyed away by your lies."
Swallowing down, Kuroo brought wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you close to his chest. He leaned down and pressed his lips against yours. It took everything within you to not kiss him back even if your heart was begging you to give in.
Akaashi then pulled you away and threw a fist at him. He punched him hard in the face making Kuroo stagger back from the impact.
"Don't you ever lay a hand on her again." He threatened, "Do you hear me?!" Your best friend pulled you close to him in a protective way.
Kuroo's friends went over to his side immediately. "Are you okay?" a short one spoke. He nodded and stood back up straight glaring at Akaashi. "You shouldn't have done that... you may be Bokuto's best friend but I won't hesitate in putting you in your place." he smiled and wiped away the blood from his face.
"I won't hold back either just give me a reason and you'll see." he sneered.
You felt a fire if irritation hearing his menacing words. "You're not doing anything to anyone Kuroo. And I'm telling you right now." you looked him in the eyes "I do not want to see you or hear anything from you ever again. There's nothing I need to talk with you."
"Y/n... we still have the project..."
"You have hands and a laptop don't you? I'll email you what we have but that's as far as I will go because I do not want to have to fail this project due to the lack of respect you have for people."
Kuroo bit his lip trying to hold back his tears "I deserve that..."
"Leave... there's no reason for you to be here."
He nodded and held his jaw in his hand feeling the pain starting to appear. His friends walked after him, as he got to the top of the stares he stopped to look at you. He was aching but it was late for him to do anything. Akaashi stared at him as he walked away his hand in a fist.
"Y/n do you need to go?" the professor spoke.
You wiped away off the tears that had dried on your cheeks. "No... let's continue with the lab please."
The professor nodded and got back to writing on the board. On instinct you and Akaashi held hands as a way of him saying 'I'm here' and it was the best thing you needed at the moment. Akaashi was the only person you needed in your life, never have you felt so thankful to have him by your side.
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haikyuuthots · 6 months ago
Not saying “I love you” back to see how they’d react
Characters: H. Iwaizumi, T. Kageyama, S. Hinata & K. Bokuto.
Warnings: none.
Scenario: you decide to try the trend where you don’t respond to your boyfriend when he says I love you.
A/n; hi besties!!!!! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, trying my best to be more active on here. Just know I see and notice all the love y’all show me and am immensely grateful. ❤️ hope u enjoy this, lmk what u want to read!!! 🤍
Tumblr media
Hajime Iwaizumi
You always told Iwa you loved him, every moment you had and he did the same
So when you saw this prank floating around online, you were curious to see how he’d react
He was getting ready to go to his daily training session, while you were in the bedroom, getting ready for the day
Grabbing his bag he heads over to you,
“Alright baby, I’m leaving,.” He says as he kisses you softly on the lips
“I love you, I’ll be back soon.”
“Ok haji, I’ll see you later.” You respond with a smile,
Iwaizumi stops at the door, before he can even exit, he looks back and glares at you
You pretend you don’t notice him lmao
He speaks again, “baby...”
you look up innocently, trying your best to keep a serious face
“I love you.” He says a bit more aggressive this time
You smile at him but still don’t say it back
He rolls his eyes and lets out a big huff as he makes his way over to you again, holding you to look at him
“Why, y/n why are you doing this right now?”
You let out a small chuckle “”what am I doing babe?!? I’m not doing anything.”
He’s still looking towards you unamused, “you know what I’m talking about.”
“No I don’t actually” you’re trying your best to hold in your laughter, as you watch his stressed face
“Want me to beg ya is that it???” He pauses for a second, “well I won’t, I take back my love you.”
He turns his back and grabs his bag again, making his way to the door, with a pout on his face
You laugh out loud as you quickly chase after him
“ baby, wait wait,” you stop him and hug him from behind
“I’m just playing with you. Of course I love you too”
He lets out a small laugh, as he takes in your embrace
Turning him around, you lightly cling onto him, trying you best to place a small kiss on his cheek
He lets out a small smile “yeah that’s what I thought.”
He holds you tightly leaning down to give you a small kiss, pulling away he speaks again “you better say it back.” He whispers lightly
“Tch. I’m gonna be late now.” He says as he notices the time
“All your fault princess, but I’ll get back at you later.”
You laugh at his response, “noooo baby I was just kidding!!!”
“Too late now.” He kisses you again, pulling away to head for the door again
“I love you.” He shouts as he walks away
“I love you too!” You respond right away,
He smiles to himself, hearing your response
He really did love you, a lot.
Tumblr media
Tobio Kageyama
At the beginning of your relationship, he was always too shy to say I love you
But now, he says it so naturally, every day, all the time.
He’s used to you reciprocating every I love you he throws at you, so when you saw this trend you were curious to see what he’d say if you didn’t
He had to run a few errands today, he asked you to join him but you kindly declined because you had stuff to do at home
He grabs his car keys from the counter, shouting to get you attention
You walk out from the bedroom, noticing him standing in the doorway “hm?”
He starts walking over to you, as he continues speaking “I’m heading out, I’ll be back in 2 hours.”
Pulling you close, he gives you a small peck on the lips, before he makes his way to the door
“I love you, bye!”
“Ok, see you later!” You shout as a response
He literally stops in his tracks, and turns around quickly to look at you in disbelief
“Ok????” He questions, annoyance laced in his tone
“Yeah?” You do your best to act clueless
“I said I love you,” he repeats, a bit more aggressive this time, as he makes his way over to you again
“Yeah baby I heard.” You’re trying your best not to laugh
“So.. say it back.” Hes holding you again, looking down at you, he has an annoyed look on his face
You don’t respond, just continue to subtly laugh
He shakes you gently, “stop laughing, I love you, now say it back.”
“Tobio you have to go,”
“Stop being a brat, I’m not leaving until you say it back”
You’re full blown laughing now,
But this only annoys him even more,
“Tch, whatever.” He lets go of you, making his way out with an evident scowl on his face
You quickly stop him by grabbing his wrist, “I’m sorry baby, don’t be mad I was just playing.” You chuckle out
He looks back at you, still unamused “you’re so annoying.”
You continue laughing as you wrap your arms around his neck, giving him a small kiss on his cheek
He smiles down at you, “put your shoes on, you’re coming with me.”
“Awww come on noo I don’t want to run errands” you protest
“Too bad, you owe me for that.”
You pout as you look up at him “fine”
He looks down at you, your little pout makes his heart flutter,
Leaning down he connects his lips with yours, “hurry up baby, I’ll wait for you here.”
You smile up at him, “alright then.”
You try to separate from him to make your way to your room but before you can, he stops you with his hold
“Wait before you go, say it.”
You give him a sincere smile “I love you Tobio.”
“Love you too.”
Well, looks like you were running errands after all.
Tumblr media
Shoyo Hinata
You were scrolling on Tik Tok when you stumbled upon a video of a girl doing this to her boyfriend
Your boyfriend is an absolute softie, so you just knew he’d give a funny reaction
You two are sitting down on the couch cuddled into each other, watching a movie
You decide to ask him to buy you some snacks, the convenience store was only two blocks away, you knew he’d do it with no hesitation.
“Shoyo, my love”
“Hm?” he responds, his attention still briefly on the tv
“I’m craving rocky road ice cream.., can you get me some please?”
He looks down at you, a smile forming on his face as he notices your soft expression
“You want ice cream baby?” He asks, in a gentle tone
“Yes please”
He cups your face, caressing your cheek as he responds “then I will go get you some.”
In a split second he stands up, getting ready to leave to buy what you’ve requested
Before he leaves you completely he leans down to give you a gentle kiss on the lips
“I’ll be back, it’ll only be a minute. I love you.”
He’s quickly making his way towards the door, but when he notices you don’t respond he stops at the doorway.
He looks back at you, confused. You always reciprocated his love you’s.
“Baby!” He yells again
“I love you. I’ll be back okay?”
“Ok Sho, I’ll be waiting.”
A small pout forms on his face, that’s not what he wanted to hear
He starts making his way over to you again, his upset demeanor is physically noticeable
“Y/n baby, i love you.” He repeats, a bit more desperately this time
You can’t help but chuckle, he looked like a baby begging for affection.
“Yes, Shoyo I know that.” You respond, still wanting to tease him a bit more.
“You’re supposed to say it back, I need to know you love me too.”
His response only causes you to laugh a bit more
He’s still unamused though, confused as to why you refuse to say it back,
He’s knelt down in front of you, his hands go to grab your face , making you look directly at him
“Stop laughing y/n I’m serious.”
You halt all your movements, as you look deeply into your boyfriends eyes. He’s desperate to hear an “I love you” from you.
“Please, can you say it before I leave?”
You were completely soft for this boy, his saddened expression made you feel bad for even attempting this
With no hesitation you quickly wrap your arms around him, bringing him into a tight hug
“I’m so sorry Sho, i can’t keep it going any longer. I was only teasing you.”
He doesn’t hesitate to hold you close to him, a small sigh of relief leaving his lips, as he smiles into the embrace.
“You’re so mean y/n.” He chuckles out, in a jokingly way. He was relieved
You laugh at his response, pulling away you stare at him again, before you speak
“I love you so much, you know that.”
He smiles, connecting his lips with yours “I love you more.” “Now I’ll be back, I’m gonna get you your snacks.”
You laugh again, as your boyfriend begins to make his way out again. You were lucky, there was no one like him.
Tumblr media
Kotaro Bokuto
His day could literally not be complete unless he heard an “I love you” from you
It’s just become instinct to say it to each other, at every moment of every day
When you saw this trend you just knew he’d give a big reaction, so you wanted to try it out
Now was the prefect time to do it, Bokuto was getting ready to go meet up with some of his old teammates to catch up
Fixing his clothes, he looks down at the time once again, noticing he should be on his way soon
“Baby!” He calls out for you
“Yes?” You respond, meeting him in the room
“I’m leaving now, okay?”
You smile at him, as he makes his way over to you, his giant body hovering above you now.
“Love you so much angel, I’ll miss you.” He states before leaning down to kiss you softly on the lips
“Ok Bo, have fun.” You reply, pretending to disregard his previous statement
You can see him physically deflate, as a giant pout forms on his face immediately
He grabs you close, “angel, are you mad at me?”
“No, I’m not.”
“You’re upset aren’t you? Why? Is it because I’m leaving??”
“Ko, I’m not upset at all, why would you think that?”
“Baby you didn’t say it back.”
“Say what back?” You’re pretending not to know what he’s referring to
“I love you , I said I love you, and you always say it back , why not now??” He’s genuinely confused, and a little upset.
But you try your best to continue the joke
“Bo, I don’t really feel like saying it right now. But just go, have fun !”
His heart literally sinks to his stomach, his expression changing into a more concerned one
Quickly he wraps his arms around you, pulling you into a tight hug
“No, no, no, don’t be like that. You know I can’t leave without you saying it”
You’re trying your best not to laugh out loud
You knew you boyfriend was a giant baby, even though he was big and strong, he was probably the softest person you’d ever met
“I love you baby, love you so much, don’t be mad”
Your heart literally can’t take the guilt anymore, you break in seconds
“Omg bo, I’m kidding!!! Just a joke.” You respond, as quickly as possible
He pulls away, and looks at you relieved
He starts laughing with you “oh my god baby, you scared me for a moment.”
“I’m sorry. I only wanted to tease you a bit.” You chuckle out
He goes to hold you again, prepping small kisses all over your face
“You’re so mean princess, but I don’t care, I love you either way”
You laugh at his comment, “I love you so much more Ko”
He leans down to kiss you on the lips, the kiss lasting a few seconds
Looking down at you lovingly he responds “thank you princess, now I can leave in peace.”
You laugh again, “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
He only stayed out for like an hour, because he missed you too much lol.
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coveringthebiconissue · 8 months ago
Can you do Kuroo, Osamu, sakusa, bokuto, and oikawa with a s/o who is pretty feisty like if a guy try’s to hurt her or something she’s like to her bf “dw I got it” and like totally kicks the guys ass lol (y/n is a bad b)
yes!! i love bad bitch y/n!!
note: the request had female pronouns but i’ll make a gender neutral one if anyone wants it!!
kuroo, osamu, sakusa, bokuto and oikawa with a feisty girlfriend
kuroo tetsuro
out of all of them, this mf enjoys it the most
he’s relieved that his gf can defend herself and he doesn’t have to worry abt her too much
at first when some douche makes a comment abt y/n, he’s ready to throw hands but she beats him to it
kuroo is laughing like a damn hyena as y/n drags the prick all the way to hell 💀
even tho he likes watching y/n kick ass, kuroo will stop her before she gets too far
he’s a strong man so he just throws her over his shoulder and walks away
kenma thinks y/n is cool and would actually laugh if she smacks lev for him
during matches away from their school, nekoma team doesn’t worry abt y/n getting harrassed bc they are fully aware that she’ll take care of the situation
miya osamu
osamu knew from the beginning that he doesn’t need to worry abt his gf
he’s fully aware that she can handle herself and loves it
so when someone makes a comment abt her, he grins and immediately holds y/n’s bag while watching the asshole get his ass handed to him
he does intervene when he thinks the guy learned his lesson so that y/n doesn’t get in trouble
when osamu is too tired, he encourages y/n to beat atsumu’s ass for him
atsumu is lowkey terrified of y/n LMAOO
suna films the whole thing for blackmail ofc
sakusa kiyoomi
sakusa finds fights and arguments pointless but can’t deny that he thinks it’s lowkey scary when y/n gets pissed
he just holds her stuff and waits for y/n to kick ass before leaving with her
sakusa’s like “you done?” LMAO
before he walks away with her, he never forgets to make a snarky comment to the asshole
he also offers y/n a hand sanitizier when she’s done
if y/n gets hurt after the fight even just a little, sakusa will help her clean up and take care of any injuries
sakusa usually warns y/n to not go too far and be careful
bokuto koutaro
#1 fanboy of his gf
seriously he’s in awe,, his baby is a badass
cheers so loud for her that people gather up and makes them cheer for y/n too
be careful bokuto ppl might start a fanclub for y/n LOL
anyway he also narrates the whole fight too
congratulates y/n when she wins and shouts “THATS MY GIRL!!”
akaashi never hears the end of these ofc
akaashi is impressed by y/n but lowkey worries she’ll get in trouble since bokuto doesn’t really stop her
so he tells bokuto to intervene when the guy is k.o
bokuto cares abt his gf very much so he listens to akaashi’s words
he does cheer like usual but stops her like akaashi said
good boyfie <33
oikawa tooru
oikawa might get worried at first when his gf kicks ass but afterwards he doesn’t shut up abt her
the seijoh team loves y/n but they don’t know how much of oikawa’s bragging they can handle
meanwhile iwaizumi gives y/n tips and tactics LMAOO
oikawa definitely films the dude catching y/n’s hands and shows it to his friends to humiliate the guy
just like nekoma, seijoh team aren’t worried too much abt y/n getting asked out bc they know she’ll handle it like a boss
oikawa is scared of y/n’s wrath like he’s terrified of iwaizumi’s lmao
if oikawa’s fangirls give him a hard time or talk shit abt y/n, it’s on sight
oikawa doesn’t even care that they’re his fans, if y/n is pissed then they must have done something to deserve it
if y/n beats someone’s ass for oikawa, he’s very flattered and teases her
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crimsonchxins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
notes & yours : a series collab with @solaxena featuring katsuki bakugo <33
hello, this is the masterlist with the links to all my writings, i write using she/her pronouns, but anyone is welcomed to read as they usually aren't mentioned.
sincerely, enjoy <3
Tumblr media
— 𝖺𝗄𝖺𝖺𝗌𝗁𝗂
( drabbles )
- flower bouquet
- cold nights
- camping
( timstamps )
- [11:01AM] fashion designer akaashi
— 𝖺𝗍𝗌𝗎𝗆𝗎
( drabbles )
- "a book would be perfection"
- "i think i'm in love with you, and it scares me"
- jealousy kisses
- 'friendly' dates
- affirmation
- atsumu is scared of the dark
- failed speeches
- don't be shy
— 𝗂𝗐𝖺𝗂𝗓𝗎𝗆𝗂
( drabbles )
- horror films
- pinkie promise
- "do you remember the day we first met?"
- horror nights
- down bad
- old times
- lip balm
- "would you move in with me?"
- roomies
- halloween
- hangovers
— 𝗌𝖺𝗄𝗎𝗌𝖺
( drabbles )
- love stuck
- no strings attached
- love ties
- over some wine
— 𝗄𝗎𝗋𝗈𝗈
( drabbles )
- laser tag
- good at loving you
- bad cook
- morning kisses
- rainy days
— 𝖻𝗈𝗄𝗎𝗍𝗈
( drabbles )
- sleepy mornings
— 𝗈𝗂𝗄𝖺𝗐𝖺
( drabbles )
- hopelessly cheesy
- fake dating
- three year anniversary
— tsukishima
( drabbles )
- tsukishima was observant
- "would you still love me if i were only five centimetres big?"
— 𝗌𝗎𝗇𝖺
( drabbles )
- friendship bracelets
- three am shenanigans
- 'dating'
- eyeliner
— 𝗈𝗌𝖺𝗆𝗎
( drabbles )
- thunderstorm cuddles
- cliche
— 𝗄𝖺𝗀𝖾𝗒𝖺𝗆𝖺
( drabbles )
- dandelions
— 𝗍𝖾𝗇𝖽𝗈𝗎
( drabbles )
- road trips
— yamaguchi
( drabbles )
- lazy sundays
— 𝗁𝗂𝗇𝖺𝗍𝖺
( drabbles )
- drunken words
- ice skating
- sick days
Tumblr media
© — crimsonchxins.tumblr all rights reserved, do not repost, plagiarize or recreate in anyway
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haikyuuublog · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ therealcbrad and replies OG
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ RACH4_theSTARZ
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ ttheantikris
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ emmaketchup7
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ SaraQDavid
Tumblr media
Tumblr: @chaospetal-deactivated20190812 and replies by @2k36 and OG reply
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ 50FirstTates and replies are OG
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ afiercemind
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ alivegirl001101 and replies by @lindyape and OG poster
Tumblr media
Twitter: @ GTE00
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meg-gumigumi · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Haikyuu boys and their cute little habits Part 2
a/n: here’s a second part because my blog needs to blow up. Also do I need to make a part 3?
Tumblr media
Matsukawa: he’ll cover the edges of the table or kitchen cupboard with his hands when you’re passing by. at first he did it to tease you since you always somehow manage to hurt yourself but now it’s become a habit. 
Oikawa: loves to take pictures of you when you’re not paying attention. He’s got a whole ass album in his photo gallery dedicated to you. But it is those moments where he realizes how deep in love he is even if they are photos of your worst moments. Whenever he’s gone abroad for a game he’ll scroll through the photos, wishing you were there with him.
Iwaizumi: always has to have his hand on you somewhere. When he’s driving he’ll have one on you thigh. Within a big crowd you’ll find it at your back or when his mouth is seamlessly moving against yours and his hand slides behind to your neck. Or to grab your neck. He isn’t really much into pda and likes to keep it private but the least he does in public is have his hand somewhere on your body. baby just needs to be touching you somehow.
Sakusa: when you’re sleeping, working or just cuddling he loves tucking your hair behind your ear so he can admire your face or just he’ll just playwith it. It soothes him. He’s surprisingly good at braiding so sometimes your dates consist of braiding each others hair. 
Suna: needs you by his side whenever he’s alseep or else he’ll be grumpy the whole day. You’re like his personal body pillow that he absolutely will not let go. Good luck trying to get to the bathroom. He’ll just let out a grunt and mumble a “no” when you begin to move and pull you closer, nuzzling his face into the the crook of your neck.
Tendou: he’s a little cheeky and loves to pinch your cheeks really hard to the point where they turn red. He also squishes them so that your lips jut out, he’ll let out a squeal and give you smol pecks.
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shoyotime · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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inez. seventeen. sfw + mildly suggestive blog.
ᵎ⌇ about me. | check my carrd for dni + byf
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ᵕ̈ menu.
ᵎ⌇ mlist. | to be updated !
♯ highlights.
ghost of you — akaashi + sakusa smau
love camp — hinata + kenma smau
start up — oikawa written fic
Tumblr media
ᵕ̈ rules.
ᵎ⌇ guidelines. | there's a keyword. read it and make sure you mention that in your requests so that i know you read the rules
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ᵎ⌇ taglist. | general taglist form. let me know in case you want your name off it through asks.
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goshikitsutomusmommy · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Passing the Phone Tiktok Trend with Inarizaki Second Years
Tumblr media
Synopsis : “I’m Passing the Phone to Someone...” Trend with Inarizaki High Second Years
Genre : Comedy
Paring(s) : Inarizaki Second Years x Manager! reader , Atsumu x reader , Osamu x reader , Suna x reader , Ginjima x reader
Word Count : 0.73k
Warning(s) : Swearing , slightly suggestive (??)
Masterlist Link : Here
Tumblr media
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to someone who is a fake blond and is defensive about it.
Atsumu : *Few moments of silence, offended raging*, Shut yer trap! A don’t get defensive ‘bout it, okay?! Am passin’ the phone to someone who crushes on every team we compete against.
[Name] : Okay? They’re hot, unlike you and your fried hair. Anyway, I’m passing the phone to someone who can’t even concentrate serving a ball without silence and does a stupid gesture to quiet people down. Oh! They also call people pigs if they breath too loudly!
Atsumu : Stop makin’ it personal! Ya suck! Am passin’ this dumb phone to someone who tries hard to hide their Kansai dialect to sound more like those Tokyo folks, but little do they know: We can tell it’s fake, it shows when they get mad.
[Name] : *Unimpressed look*... I’m passing the phone to someone who never thought of others before themself and is so out of touch with their surroundings.
Atsumu : Well, am passin’ the phone to someone pretends to be tough ‘nd all but is actually a big softie.
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to someone who is attractive but their personality sucks ass so it ruins it for them. Thank god for their even more attractive twin brother that doesn’t have piss hair, though.
Atsumu : *In the brim of tears*, [Name]-Chan! Ya think am attractive?! A mean, obviously but still never thought ya would admit it. Okay, am passin’ the phone to the bestest and most gorgeous manager a could ever ask for.
[Name] : No, I find ‘Samu attractive and said your hair and personality are both shit. You have selective hearing or something? Whatever, I’m bored. I’ll go do this with ‘Samu.
Atsumu : Wait! Come back and compliment me some more! [Name]-Chan?! Darn ya, ‘Samu...
Tumblr media
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to a hot volleyball player with a shitty twin. Oh, and they also are an amazing cook!
Osamu : *Sighing tiredly*, [Name], if this is yer way to get me to share my food since ya forgot yer own lunch, it’s not workin’... Am passin’ the phone to someone that is bothersome ‘nd only compliments me to get food.
[Name] : *Exaggerated gasp*, ‘Samu, that’s not true! Yer my bestest friend ever and ya know it!
Suna : Huh? I thought I was—
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to someone who I would smooch with no hesitation, *Awful attempt at winking*.
Osamu : Suna, can ya come ‘nd switch with me? A don’t like this game.
[Name] : No—!
Tumblr media
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to someone who just cockblocked me...
Suna : What did I even—?! You know what? I’m passing the phone to someone who cheats on every crush they’ve had.
[Name] : Huh? What do ya mean?!
Suna : Continue playing this stupid game.
[Name] : Okay, I’m passing the phone to someone who would be a lot more attractive if they dropped their shit attitude.
Suna : Funny coming from you... I’m passing the phone to someone who would have a shot if they weren’t so desperate.
[Name] : Low blow, Rin. I’m passing the phone to someone who had a major crush on me back in first year.
Suna : *Eyes widening comically* You knew?! What the hell?! When— I don’t care, I don’t like you like that anymore so it’s all right. I’m passing the phone to someone who still has a crush on Atsumu since first year but tries to hide it by pretending to have a crush on Osamu.
[Name] : *Shocked silence*, Wait, Rin, please don’t tell—
Tumblr media
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to a pussy that forgot to lock up the gym last night and blamed it on me.
Ginjima : *Cold sweat dropping and uncontrollable shaking*, W-w-what makes ya think a would ever do that to ya, [Name]-Chan...?
[Name] : Coach Kurosu yelled at me, ya idiot!
Ginjima : Am so sorry, a was scared he would yell at me and bench me today! Ya understand, right? Right?!
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to someone that is an incompetent volleyball player and back stabs their friends.
Ginjima : A said am sorry!
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to someone who watches Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir every Sunday.
Ginjima : *Getting more visibly scared by manager’s aggression*, A can’t help but think these are gettin’ personal...
[Name] : I’m passing the phone to someone who stole Suna’s homework answers but accidentally ripped them and blamed it on ‘Tsumu.
Atsumu : So a got yelled at for nothin’?!
[Name] : This isn’t ‘bout ya! Am passin’ the phone to someone that has an ugly ass haircut and—
Tumblr media
Author’s Note : Hey hey hey! This was just a fun little idea I had planned, I might do this for other teams, not sure yet. AND THANK YOU FOR 100 FOLLOWERS WHATTT, it’s crazy thinking that 100 people follow me on here😔☝🏼
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hrtkobeni · 9 months ago
❝ so pretty ❞
word count: 391 (soft dom kenma kozume)
warnings: praise, hair pulling, mirror sex, fingering, slight edging, pet names, hole slapping, swearing, no plot
summary: blurb of kenma fingering u in front of a mirror :D
Tumblr media
“k-kenma...” your voice quivering as his hand is softly squeezing around your throat. he lets out a sad sigh, his hand leaving your neck and sliding up and down your hips. letting his digits suddenly halt, your core clenching around him.
“i’m only teasing you hun. if you can’t handle my fingers, then how can you handle my cock?”
you two were standing in front of the bathroom mirror, kenma keeping his body in between your twitching legs with his arm wrapped around your waist. his two fingers buried deep in your hole, your body squirming and shaking.
your legs start to close before he removes his fingers and gives your hole a light slap. “keep them open, you’re doing great kitty.”
“but i-it hur-“ your pleas are cut off with another slap and a hard thrust of his fingers back in your core. “we’re almost done, just keep your legs spread.”
you feel kenma’s free hand grab your hair, forming a makeshift ponytail. he pulls your head up and you see your sweaty face and expanded pupils.
“look at you kitty, you look so gorgeous with my fingers deep inside you.” you throw your head back and moan his name, seeing stars when his fingers twirl around your g-spot.
“you hear that kitten? the noises your hole is making?” with his lips by your earlobe, you feel his warm breath caress the nape of your neck. nodding slightly, he moves his fingers faster and faster until you clench around him again.
“ken ken, please, fuck please let me come...” his hand leaves your hair and slowly strokes your face. his fingers slowly leave your hole and he brings them in front of the mirror.
“that’s all you kitty, i’m proud of you for this” he spreads his fingers, letting you see your arousal covered in his fingers. “kenma please fuck me, please just do it already.”
he smiles slightly and slips his shorts and boxers off, letting his tip rub against your opening. “you ready for it hun?”
“y-yes, please ken...”
readjusting himself, he easily slids himself in your hole, feeling your juices coat his member. his hands meeting your hips to help you move up and down on his length.
“i can’t wait to see how good you look while i fuck you right in front of this mirror.”
Tumblr media
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sugasrose · 8 months ago
Okay, but please consider college Tsukki...
Sitting on the quad with him during a really nice day. His head rests in your lap as he uses his hand to shield the sun from his eyes while reading. His long legs extend off of the floral blanket you’d laid out and he definitely grumbles about it to you when he first sits down. You’ll be writing something in a notebook when you hear him shuffle against your thigh. Kei sleepily hums into you as he sets his book down and closes his eyes against the warm rays of the sun. A smile tugs at the end of your lips as you gingerly remove his glasses and set them down beside you. You bring your fingers up to his face to lightly draw across his softened features with the pad of your middle finger.
Startled, Kei’s hand shoots up to grasp your own, but it’s not rough. Kei never found himself being rough or abrasive when it came to you. Confused brown eyes fixed on your own as his hand covered yours, “What are you doing?”
Give him a small smile and his entire body will relax back into the plush of your thigh, his hand falling to rest slightly above his head. His eyes bored into yours as you returned to your feather light touches.
“Mm, so soft, Kei” you mumble after a minute of comfortable silence. A blush began to bloom across his pale skin. Kei briskly turned his head away from you to face the setting sun.
“You’re so sappy, y/n. It’s disgusting.” he grumbles beneath you.
You playfully stalled your fingers, “Well, if I’m so disgusting, I guess I’ll stop.” Your hand hovered above the still pink skin of his smooth cheek. A deep sigh erupted from the chest of the boy below you. Kei flipped back to look back up at you from his position in your lap. Silently, he tilted his face up beneath your fingers and slightly turned so that your finger traced a line across his cheekbone. His eyes were lidded as he looked just past your head, but his features portrayed the vulnerability he so rarely let show.
Tsukishima Kei may have been one of the most stubborn men you’d ever meet, but under that cold exterior he was just a boy. A boy in love.
Tumblr media
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theduosetter · 3 months ago
── ✩ 𝐂𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐇𝐨𝐩𝐞 ✩  ──
Tumblr media
✩ Pairing: Kei Tsukishima x [Gender Neutral]!Reader 
✩ Summary: It became a ticking time bomb. Both of you saw it coming so why did it hurt so much?
✩ Warning(s): angst, yelling, cold tsukishima
✩ Links: [m.list] 
☆ 𝐚|𝐧: 𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐬, 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬, 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝!
"I just got here and you're already pestering me..." He mumbled feeling drained from hearing you. 
"Can you blame me?! You never come back early anymore."
Tsukishima sighed taking off his backpack and letting it fall onto the ground. "I told you I've been busy."
You followed him as he walked to the kitchen, crossing your arms in front of your chest."That's been your excuse every day... it's like you're avoiding me."
He turned around pinching the bridge of his nose, "I don't have to explain myself to you y/n. I've told you the truth if you don't believe me then that's on you." there was no emotion in his voice.
Every part of you wanted to scream at his face all the lies he's said. Yet deep down you knew there was no point, he didn't love you anymore. He wasn't around to hold you or give you a good night kiss like he used to. It was like living with a stranger.
Your eyes became glossier "Can you blame me?" you questioned "I've tried to make plans with you but you turn them down, every time." he slightly bended forward to look into the fridge, "These months haven’t felt like a relationship... it feels one sided Tsukishima."
His movements stopped as he heard his last name again. The only time you ever called him that was when you were in highschool. It hurt knowing that the distance between you two was growing faster than he realized.
"Just say you don't care..." you bit your lip trying to hold back tears, "I don't want to keep holding onto someone who doesn't give two shits about me anymore."
"You're not making is easy for me either." he gripped the door.
"What are you talking about-"
Slamming the door closed he turned to face you. "You don't think I see the way you've been getting closer to Kageyama!? Huh?" he snapped "Every time I walk passed your hall I see you both talking. Standing closer than what 'only friends' should be."
"You're going to take that little card out on me?" you scoffed wiping away your tears "I've speaking to him because he's the one who has been there for me!" you yelled looking at him. "He's been doing the job that you're supposed to be doing! Kageyama has taken care of me, talked to me, asked me about my day, and comforted me.” ypu paused “Making sure I'm safe because you don't bother with that anymore!" Tears escaped from your eyes, "Do you realize how bad it hurts knowing you have to seek comfort in someone else's arms?!"
Tsukishima looked off to the side not wanting to see your broken figure. On the outside he can put the blame on you all he wants but deep down he made it worse. He noticed the way you became closed off and not bothered whether he was present or not. It pained him.
"No matter h-how... h-hard I try..." you sobbed "I'll never get back the Tsukishima that fell in love with me..." your hands rested against his chest then gripped onto his shirt. "You don't care anymore... so please..." you whispered "Tell me you don't love me..."
Gently, he took your hands off of him. “I never said I didn’t love you.” 
“You don’t need to, you already did with the way you’ve been treating me.” you wiped your tears. 
“Everything ended the moment we decided to live together.” he said, your stomach dropped. “We can’t deny that it stopped being enjoyable. You can’t say that I’m lying.” 
“That’s not true...” you mumbled not wanting to face the music. 
“Oh come on!” he shouted “Nothing we do will ever fix things. Stop being dillusional and for once have the decency to admit it that this ‘relationship’ was never one anymore! We were stupid too stupid to move in together to begin with, it stopped being an us ever since we graduated from high school!”
You looked away, the room turned silent only your sniffles could be heard. ‘When did our everyday interaction turn into an absolute hell?’ you thought, ‘After everything we’ve been through...’ 
He then walked passed you, “It’s best if we stop this already. If we keep pretending for our sake it’s only going to make it worse.” 
“Everytime you open your mouth I want to push you over the edge of a cliff and I mean that with all my heart.” 
“Don’t you think I feel the same way about you?” he retorted “I had to convince myself that I still loved you but it kept getting harder. It’s useless for you to blame me when we’re both at fault.” 
Your hands turned into fists, every body in your bone was inching to punch to him. “Why didn’t you say h-how bad it was? Why did you have to keep leading me on thinking one day it could have been fxed?” 
For once he was being honest with you “It became a routine.” he answered grabbing his bag “There was no joy of coming back to this place, it felt empty and cold no matter what season it was. We were stuck in a time loop for both our sanity and fear of breaking apart. I realized it the minute I saw you with Kageyama.” 
“Your explanation is sounding like something you had already planned-” 
“Think what you want.” he rubbed his eyes “I don’t want to be stuck in a loophole like you.” another tear was felt in his heart at the sight of seeing his ex lover for the last time. 
“Why did I have to fall for someone like you Kei Tsukishima...” 
Looking away from you he took of his glasses “You can stay in the apartment if you’d like. I can stay with Tadashi for the time being.” he continued “We could have walked away at any time we were just avoiding the heartbreak we didn’t want to face.” 
He was walking away from you again but your feet didn’t move this time to stop him. There was still love for him somewhere deep inside of you yet your body didn’t react to him leaving. “You can come back for your things tomorrow.” 
Not saying another word he walked out, leaving you alone in your once shared apartment. Your knees buckled and you collapsed onto the ground. A cry errupted from within you as you felt the pain settle. Your phone then vibrated repeatedly, your blurry eyesight was able to make out the picture on the caller ID. 
Tsukishima stood on the other side of the door, biting his lip as he tried to contain his muffled cries. His fist rested against the door along with his head, he wanted to go back and carry you in his arms one last time. The ache in his chest grew bigger as reality was setting in. He was about to throw his pride and tell you how sorry he was for treating you badly in the past. Yet his hand didn’t turn the doorknob as he heard another voice coming from the other side of the door. 
“K-kageyama...” you said “He... he left.” 
“Y/n...” Kageyama spoke, “Don’t move okay? I’m on my way. Do you want me to call Suga too?” 
“No... just come only you please...” you begged. 
“I’m on my way hon, I promise I won’t keave your side.” 
‘I lost you for good.’ Tsukishima thought, ‘I hope you’re happier with him than you were with me.’ he walked downstairs and headed towards his friend’s place not looking back. 
“Tadashi? It’s me. Can I crash at your place for a while?” 
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haikyuuthots · 9 months ago
Hi! I really enjoyed that TikTok hcs you just posted so I was wondering if I could request some for Ushijima, Suna, and Iwaizumi about that TikTok challenge where the boys are doing something (playing video games or studying) and the girl is trying to cuddle them? Plus some cuddling hcs if you don't mind. Thank you very much and I hope you have a good day!
Clinging onto your boyfriend while he’s distracted (Tik Tok challenge)
Characters: Wakatoshi Ushijima, Rintaro Suna and Hajime Iwaizumi
Scenario: your boyfriend is busy but you distract them by clinging on to their lap to see how he’d react.
A/n: hi thank u so much for requesting!!! 💙 these tik tok challenges have been my favorite to write haha. I hope you enjoy reading ❤️
Tumblr media
Wakatoshi Ushijima
You’re hanging out in your boyfriends room while he finishes studying for an upcoming exam
You’re scrolling on Tik Tok when you stumble on a video of a girl trying her best to get her distracted boyfriend’s attention
As you watch you slightly laugh, thinking this is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen
your attention is caught when you hear your boyfriend sneeze,
Looking over you smile to yourself and think you want to try what you just saw on the video, but with your own boyfriend who was indeed distracted right now
At first you’re reluctant to try, because you don’t want to bother him while he studies
But then you remember that Toshi is a big softie for you, so the worst that could happen is he just asks you to leave him alone lol
Putting your phone down you make it over to your boyfriends desk
You shyly stand beside him for a moment before he notices you
Turning around to look towards you, Ushijima gives you a soft smile, “hi love, is everything okay?”
You nod your head as Ushijima pulls you closer to him so you’re now standing in between his legs.
“Yes, Im just bored.” You reply
“Im almost done babe, give me like an hour. ”
As he turns around to start working again you begin to adjust yourself on his lap
A bit confused he lets out a small chuckle
You still say no words as you continue to wrap your body against his, nuzzling your face into his neck
Ushijima doesn’t say anything, instead he takes in your embrace and lightly begins to caress the top of your head
He lets you remain on his lap for a moment, but you're happy enough with his reaction and decide not to bother him any further
You try getting off his lap but as you do Ushijima’s hold on you tightens, preventing you from moving
“where are you going?” He asks you with the most loving expression
Your eyes soften at his gaze, “i don't want to distract you, so i'll just wait until you're done.”
With no warning Ushijima stands up, still holding you, he’s now carrying you towards his bed
“i can take a break.” He says as he gently begins to adjust your bodies on the bed
Now laying down you snuggle further into your boyfriends arms, whom happily reciprocates with a warm embrace
theres a brief silence while you two cuddle for a moment, until you break it
“im sorry I distracted you Toshi.”
“dont be. I missed you too.” He responds, kissing you softly on the forehead
You smile brightly at his response leaning forward to leave a small kiss on his lips
He gladly reciprocates, smiling into the kiss.
You guys spend the next two hours wrapped in each others warmth.
Tumblr media
Rintaro Suna
You spent the whole day with your boyfriend Suna, running errands
Upon arriving home, Suna made his way over to his Playstation, quickly turning on the game
You subtly roll your eyes, not truly bothered because honestly at this point you were used to Suna playing his video games
You make your way over to the living room and start watching Tik Toks on your phone
You watch a video where the girlfriend sat on her boyfriends lap while he was gaming , and the reaction was very funny to you
After watching the video, you wondered how your boyfriend would react if you did the same thing
So you decided to try it out yourself
Walking back in the room you can hear your boyfriend talking to his friends through the mic,
You quickly make your way over to your boyfriend and begin to crawl into his lap
Suna is caught very off guard and begins to freak out because your body was in the way of the screen and he couldn’t see
“woah woah babe, hold up I cant see.”
You ignore him and chuckle to yourself continuing to wrap your body around his
Once you’re seated on his lap he doesn’t mind your presence at all.
He actually liked having you on him while he played
Every time he ended a match he looked towards you and kissed you softly on the lips
Although you were enjoying being in the arms of your boyfriend you were starting to get bored, and wanted to get off
So once again you shift to begin to stand up,
“wait. Stay.” Suna says, his gaze still on the tv
You let out a small laugh, “baby I’m bored, I’m gonna go watch a movie or something.”
Suna removes his gaze from the tv for a split second, only to look at you with soft eyes, “im almost done, this is the last match, I promise.”
You totally give in in his request and give him a small kiss on the cheek, as a form of saying you agree
After the game is over, Suna says his goodbyes and turns off the console
Looking over to you, still sitting in his lap, he can help but stare in awe
“im surprised you wanted to be with me while I gamed. You never do.”
“i love being with you Rin.” You chuckle out
Quickly his grip around you tightens and he leans in to give you a long kiss, you reciprocate right away
Pulling away he speaks again “”okay so lets go watch that movie you want to watch.”
Your face brightens with a smile and you quickly get up to get everything ready
Now you’re happily cuddled in your boyfriends arms, watching your favorite movie
Although you know he’s not paying much attention (you can tell by the fact he’s kissing you every 5 minutes lol) this is your favorite position to be in
Your legs tangled with eahother and your face briefly on the nape of his neck, you wouldn’t want it any other way
Tumblr media
Hajime Iwaizumi
Iwaizumi was busy looking over some notes that were important for his next game
Any time he’d be occupied you never distracted him, you weren’t really a clingy girlfriend
So when you saw that there was a trend going around where the girlfriend clings on their boyfriend while he was busy
You thought it’d be amusing to see how your boyfriend would react
You look over to where your boyfriend is sitting and notice he’s peacefully flipping through pages
Walking over to his desk Iwaizumi immediately notices your presence
He looks back at you and begins to speak “hey angel do you ne-“
Before he can even finish his sentence he’s cut off by you crawling into his lap
He’s caught off guard at first, but instantly he wraps his arms around you to tighten your hold on him
You begin laughing as he begins prepping your face with small kisses
Pulling away he looks at you with soft eyes “what’s the matter angel, you missed me already?”
“yes” you say as you begin to nuzzle your face further into his neck.
“okay.” He says as he lightly takes you off “lets go hang out.”
“but what about your notes?”
“i could take a break.”
You smile at your boyfriend as he holds his hand out for you to take.
As soon as you do he instantly brings your body towards his to wrap you in a giant hug
You laugh at his sudden movements, but its evident in your face you’re really happy
Laying down on the bed he pulls your body to be on top of his and kisses you once again
Pulling away he talks “ you’re the prettiest girl I know.”
You blush at his words “oh shut up.” You jokingly say
“im serious,” he chuckles out “you are.”
You drop your body on his and continue to hold him while he tightens the embrace
You can hear the sound of his heart beat, and you can’t help but feel calm
“Iwa.” You whisper
“im sorry I distracted you from your work, but can we stay like this for a while?”
He lovingly looks down at you. “don’t be sorry, I love being here, with you.”
You look up at him and gently kiss him on the lips as you wrap your body further into his
Wrapped in his arms you forgot this was a challenge altogether
But you were very grateful you tried it out,
Because you couldn’t have asked for a better reaction
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missmorosis · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
haikyuu’s strawberries!
[🍓] karasuno
[🍓] aoba josai
[🍓] fukurodani
[🍓] nekoma
Tumblr media
basket full of all scenarios!!
sick manager- bokuto, oikawa, tsukishima (fluff, hurt/comfort)
part 2 of sick manager- kuroo and sugawara (fluff, hurt/comfort ig??)
defending their s/o from a creepy man- bokuto, oikawa (fluff ig?? idk HAHSJD)
giving their s/o a panic attack during a fight- bokuto, oikawa (fluff, angst, comfort)
when he sees you in his jersey- oikawa, bokuto, tsukishima (fluffiest fluffy fluff)
part 2 of when he sees you in his jersey- sugawara, kenma, kuroo (FLUFF)
pranks they would pull on their s/o- oikawa, kuroo, bokuto (fluff/crack-ish!)
finding their s/o asleep!- bokuto, oikawa (fluff)
doing their s/o’s hair- oikawa, bokuto, tsukishima (fluff/crack)
stupid 3am thoughts-  oikawa, kuroo, bokuto and bonus. tsukishima (fluff/crack)
piggyback rides- bokuto, oikawa, kuroo, nishinoya (fluff/crack!)
they love it when...- kuroo, tsukishima, oikawa (fluff!)
crying in their arms- oikawa, bokuto (comfort)
telling them “there are plenty of other cute girls you could’ve dated” - sugawara, bokuto (comfort)
wiping their kisses off - bokuto, oikawa, tsukishima (fluff)
facetimes with them- kuroo, bokuto, kenma (fluff)
hq boys as cliche tropes bc i said so (fluff/crack)
Tumblr media
basket full of all headcanons!
relationship headcanons- tsukishima! (fluff!)
relationship headcanons- kageyama! (fluff!)
relationship headcanons- kuroo! (fluff!)
what they remind me of- oikawa, kuroo, bokuto, nishinoya, hinata, tsukishima, kenma! (fluff!)
their kisses- bokuto, hinata, nishinoya, tanaka, kuroo, oikawa, kenma, asahi, daichi, and kageyama LMAOO (fluff!)
hq boys as things my male friends have done
what music they love listening to and how they share that love w you <3 kuroo, kenma, oikawa, bokuto (fluff!!)
Tumblr media
basket full of all drabbles!
puzzles with bokuto bokuto x reader (fluff)
-> just some fun jigsaw puzzles with bo! :)
sleep oikawa x reader (fluff/comfort)
-> school has you stressed out and all oikawa wants is for you to get some rest.
comfort with tsukishima tsukishima x reader (comfort)
-> everything is really hard sometimes, and we need a tsukki to give us a hug.
glowsticks oikawa x reader (fluff to angst)
-> he used to tell you “glowsticks need to break before they glow” but now he’s not here anymore and you think you’ve finally snapped.
“you’re everything to me” tanaka x reader (angst to fluff)
-> you always thought you were undeserving of your boyfriend, but he thinks not.
“... love you too.” tsukishima x reader (fluff!!)
-> this tsundere finally admits he loves you during a study date smh
when he’s broken daichi x reader (angst)
i now realize i miss you oikawa x reader (angst)
forget you kuroo x reader (fluff! i swear its fluffy fluff)
sweeter than you oikawa x reader (royal au, fluff to angst!)
emergency lol kageyama x reader (sickfic, fluff)
how to sleep: a step by step guide by bokuto koutarou bokuto x reader (fluff!!)
gift wrapping tsukishima x reader (fluff??)
movie nights with kei tsukishima x reader (fluff!)
dream boy oikawa x reader (fluff?)
late night grocery runs oikawa x reader (FLUFF!!)
just a flight away oikawa x reader (fluff)
joke of the day bokuto x reader (comfort!)
favorite part of the day tsukishima x reader (fluff!!!)
Tumblr media
basket full of all smau-style!
“so i have a surprise” nishinoya x reader (fluff!)
random texts
texting them you're sick (fluff)
"she's busy" text prank (crack)
Tumblr media
basket full of all hq valentine’s day blurbs!
another tsukishima!
another oikawa! 
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