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#haikyuu crack
tetsuukuroo · a day ago
[05:34pm] - w/ Suna Rintarou.
Tumblr media
“Wait, wait. Do it again but slower,” Suna instructed as he narrowed his eyes in concentration.
“Again?” his little sister whined, bored of the same thing happening again and again causing you to chuckle as Suna flicked her forehead at her whining.
“It’s not my fault (F/n) went too fast,” he told her in annoyance before turning to you with a nod as if to start all over again.
You had to admit, at first this was fun. You even felt yourself softly awing at Suna wanting to do this for you when he watched you struggle to do it yourself when you were busy.
But you had your limits.
And trying to show Suna how to tie his little sister’s hair into a ponytail seven times because it was ‘too fast’ for him was starting to grow old.
“Well, (F/n)-nee-san, knows how to tie her hair so if you she wants it tied up she can do it herself,” she complained as she felt you undoing the ponytail once more, fiddling with the hair tie Suna gave her as a distraction.
“You said you wanted to stay here so this is what you gotta do to stay here,” Suna tells her with a heated gaze.
“Alright, alright,” you say as the mediator. “How about we compromise instead?”
You found yourself trying to stifle a chuckle as the two siblings -your dear boyfriend and his little sister- look up at you with identical expecting, wide-eyed gazes.
They truly looked alike.
“Rin, why don’t you make your attempt at tying her hair and if you get stuck I’ll help along the way before we finally call it a night,” you tell them and you watch as both siblings exchanged looks before nodding.
“Don’t pull my hair, Rin-nii,” the little girl warns as you hear Suna scoff at her words.
“I won’t, you big baby,” he tells her.
She was about to turn around in offence before you gently turned her head around as you handed Suna the hair tie with a warning look.
He simply shrugs before gently and hesitantly gathers her hair into a makeshift ponytail. He loops it through the hair tie before twisting it and then turns to you.
You nod encouragingly to him before you realise he didn’t know if he should twist the hair tie again or loop it through.
With a smile to him, you gently guide his hands before completing the hairstyle.
“Well done, baby,” you tell him as you turn to look at him only to see him staring at you.
“Were you even watching, Rin-nii-san?” you could hear his sister ask in disbelief before she scoffs and runs out the room, closing the door behind her.
“You’re so gross,” her yells muffled as Suna ignores her, rolling his eyes before turning to you.
He removes the hair tie around his wrist, reserved just for you and finally asks to do what he wanted to do the whole time since this whole thing started.
“Can I tie your hair now?”
Tumblr media
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Reblogs appreciated <3
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haikyuu-wonderland · 2 days ago
Haikyuu!! captain Christmas headcannons
anime # Haikyuu!!
genre # crack/fluff
pairing # Daichi x Kuroo x Oikawa x Bokuto (NON-ROMANTIC)
age range # given age in anime/manga
warnings # mentions of swearing, dark humour and ugly Christmas sweaters.
Tumblr media
# Christmas with the captains
# Kuroo had invited the three other captains over for Christmas movies at his house, knowing his parents were out for the weekend
# Daichi had first said no because his own team had planned a Christmas party same night
# but after he heard that it was Nishinoya, Tanaka and Hinata who were planning it, taking the train to Tokyo didn't bother him too much
# Oikawa was the first to arrive, having brought along his humongous jar of home baked Christmas cookies
# he hadn't baked it of course, his mom had
# Bokuto had caught a cold a few days before and even though Daichi had told him not come over, he did anyways, of coure
# it's Bokuto, what did you expect?
# boktuo bought Christmas sweaters.
# for. every. single. one.
# Daichi gets the fluffy one with the reindeer and button, so if you press that it plays jingle bells
# Kuroo got the big red one with a grumpy cat that says "meow Christmas"
# Bokuto had most defiantly chosen that for obvious reasons
# Oikawa had brought his own and simply refused to wear the one Bokuto had gotten for him
# Oikawas own sweater that said "pretty boy Christmas"
# the one Bokuto had gotten for him was a bunch of Christmas ordainments with glitter
# Bokuto had said it was to "finally give Oikawa some balls"
# Oikawa was very offended and had refused to even look at the sweater from that moment on
# emo Bokuto : unlocked
# Bokuto was wearing his own Christmas sweater with a giant penguin on
# throughout the night, Bokuto had managed to pass the cold on to Kuroo
# after having eaten takeout and watched the grinch like 500 times
# it was cookie time
# Daichi was in charge for the cookies because-
# Kuroo can only cook soup. and maybe rice. but that's it.
# Oikawa can MAX bake a milk bread on 10th try
# and Bokuto can make his way all the way to the convince store, buy ramen and pour hot water in
# so Daichi found a cookie recipe Sugawara send him last year
# he ordered around with the others and did his best to save the cookies if they fucked it up
# he had to use a strainer to get out the eggshells after Oikawa smashed it
# it went alright though
# Bokuto barely did anything, he was busy finding the perfect playlist
# he was mostly singing along
# Daichi only sang under his breath
# but Kuroo and Bokuto really just sang their soul out
# but when Oikawa got his fingers on the music, I'm sorry, but Beyoncés playing
# "Oikawa, please shut up-"
# Bokuto was so sad about it
# "It's not even a Christmas music :<"
# nonetheless
# it was fun
# very.
# after baking and decorating the cookies (Oikawa having over bedazzled his, if you have teeth intact after eating, you're lucky)
# the clock was like 2am when Oikawa was shaking everyone like crazy
# Bokuto has never been up so fast in his whole life
# to be honest, Daichi and Kuroo was tired as fuck
# but.
# they got up anyways, to look out for Bokuto and Oikawa
# Oikawa and Bokuto was already running around and throwing snow at each other
# "I'm gonna freeze my dick off."
# "I don't swear, but so is mine."
# Kuroo and Daichi was honestly just standing still for some time, tightly wrapped up in their sweater, jacket, hats, socks, scarfs, gloves, and multiple shirts underneath
# as they were still mumbling, slowly slipping out of their dazed sleep, Oikawa and Bokuto were sneaking up on them from behind
# they absolute fucking jumped them, dumping giant snowballs on both of them
# "Oh it's on-"
# it's now officially Kuroo and Daichi against Oikawa and Bokuto
# not even 3 minutes passed before it was everybody against everybody
# Kuroo accidentally hit a passing stranger in the face with a snowball
# Kuroo got scared and started running, Bokuto and Oikawa just followed
# Daichi had to apologise
# poor stranger to be honest
# you know those kids who'd either pour water to make ice or put stones in their snowballs?
# yeah.
# that kid's Bokuto
# Oikawa started sobbing
# after Daichi (once again) solved that they decided to built an igloo
# "n- no, no Kuroo that's not how- make them square! SQUARE."
# ket's all have a moment of silence for Daichi
# he decided to test it and crawled in.
# it didn't hold
# the whole roof and top of the walls fell down over him
# after having poked his head out, all three of his fellow captains were staring
# a solid 5 seconds passed before Daichi started smiling
# it ended up in laughter before Bokuto laid down on the pile of snow
# Kuroo and Oikawa pretty quickly followed, laying down beside the two
# they laid there for a solid hour looking at the snow and cracking a few jokes
# until Oikawa noticed Daichi's lips were turning a blue-ish purple
# "Daichi look, your lips are gonna match my teams colors!"
# they went back inside pretty quickly
# watched Home Alone before heading back to bed
# the next morning, Daichi was off before any of the others woke up
# Bokuto laughed silently with Kuroo as the took some "charming" pictures of Oikawa
# they also had a fun time rewatching their stories
I hope you all liked this <3
I really found this fun :) if you have any requests, feel free to ask <33
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tetszume · 7 hours ago
haikyuu boys things my guy bestfriends did pt. 2
★warnings/genre: FLUFF,some mutual pining, crack lots of it
★a/n:hello beutiful peeps i'm back once again with some content (.^◡^.) sorry this took a bit longer than i expected ෆ¯ࡇ¯ෆ i had to recall some stupid/sweet things my idiotic guys friends did for me
⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。 ⋆
※ he barged in your classroom in the middle of a lecture and asked the teacher if he could say "hi" to you,then all of your classmates started "OoOOOooOooohhhhing" and shipped you two together. you punched him after class tho.
hinata,KOMORI,hirugami,kunimi,KITA,hanamakki,suna(you- "i hate you" suna- "yeah sure you do sunshine")
※ you told him you forgot your lunch and he took you to his house and cooked food for the both of you then refused to let you feed yourself and handfed you♡.
KITA,iwaizumi,yaku,OSAMU,sugawara,akaashi,goshiki,daichi(you- "daichi i can feed my se-" daichi-"nope")
※ this trio shamelessly performed "candy store from heathers the musical" as a birthday present for your birthday,IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE TEAM
tanaka nishinoya and hinata,bokuto kuroo and lev, the twins and suna(atsumu's voice cracks at the final "candy store" part), the karasuno third years(apart from kiyoko),tendo kawanishi and goshiki
※ drank holy water he got from the church and went into a haunted house infested by demons because he was "pured by the holy water of thy father" and cause he was watching too much buzzfeed unsolved
yamaguchi,KENMA,shirabu,NISHINOYA("come out demons,i see jesus everyday i ain't afraid of ya-"),akagi
※ contacted 911 to ask if covid-19 was a girl or a boy
BOKUTO,ushijima,kageyama,GAO(the whole kamomedai-*face palm*),kindaichi
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tetsvhoe · 6 months ago
iwaizumi's part
character/s: kuroo tetsuro x gn reader ; miya atsumu x gn reader
genre/s: angst/fluff, hurt/comfort
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: this blog was orginally intended to be my hurt/comfort brainrot because i exhaust the haikyuu angst tag literally every night. when i ran out of things to read i was like, fine i'll do it myself.
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro
he's literally my favorite idk why i keep hurting myself with these. maybe it's because subconsciously i feel like i don't deserve love and i- yk what nvm.
the recurring theme i see in kuroo angst is him not having enough time for you because of his career;
he's young, well accomplished, charismatic. he had his whole life ahead of him and he could have anything – anyone he wanted. that frightened you, especially when you felt like he was slipping through your grasp and there was nothing you could do.
"i'm trying to understand kuroo, i really am. but you've been so dodgy with me lately!" you flung your arms in the air exasperated.
"are you really though? all i see is you trying to make everything about you!" his back was facing you, his tall figure hunched over the kitchen counter, yet you didn't miss the harsh glance he threw your way.
"i'm not making this about me, i just- i was just asking for a little bit of time. this is our relationship after all," your voice strained to get the words out. tears threatened to spill as you hastily take a step forward, trying to reach out for him.
"nari never nagged me this much and i was just the same to her," he mumbled under his breath, the words slipped before his mind could process them.
you stumbled back, quickly retracting your hand and clutching it to your chest. you stared at his back with wide tear-filled eyes in disbelief. you breathed a small "what?" at a loss for words.
kuroo's eyes widened in realization as he quickly turned to you. it was your turn to hide your face away, not wanting him to see the fresh warm tears that stained your cheeks.
he opened his mouth to say something that could mend the situation but he came up with nothing. mentally, he was cussing himself for even bringing that up just so that he could justify his actions, or in this case lack thereof.
"your ex never asked for attention because she was getting that from other people behind your back," you mumbled monotonously, fists clenched. your voice wavered but words cut through just as sharp. "if you'd rather have that than deal with me, you're free to go."
of course you didn't want him to leave, but he was out of line for even comparing you to someone you both knew hurt him terribly.
he tried to take a step closer to you. his heart sunk at the way you ever so slightly shuffled away from him.
"hey, i know i'm sorry. i just- i said it to make myself feel better. i was wrong," he pleaded, voice now softer.
you let out a tired sigh, quietly making your way into your bedroom. he trailed behind you like a lost puppy. he was praying for you to say something– cuss him out, shout in frustration, anything. the silence was unbearable.
"i'm really sorry. i... i didn't mean it," he tried again.
"i know. i'm just tired and really hurt."
you quickly washed up but he could hear your quiet sniffles through the door. he sat by the edge of the bed, chewing on his bottom lip nervously as he racked his brain on how he could make up for what he said. though when you finally walked out of the bathroom with such empty eyes, he's at a loss for words once more.
you couldn't even spare him a glance as you wordlessly crawled under the sheets, nearly falling off the bed as you tried to scoot away from him as far as your bed allowed.
you tensed up as you felt him hastily wrap his arms around you and rest his head against your back. tears started to stain your pillow even after you thought you've cried your eyes out enough earlier.
"i'm sorry, love. please let me make it up to you." you could hear the trembling in his voice and your heart ached for him too, despite the situation.
"do you... still think of her? am i overbearing?" you choked back a sob.
he tightened his grip, shaking his head vigorously. "no, no, not at all! i know i was being lazy and i wasn't putting in enough effort but i was too much of a coward to admit it."
you turned to face him. "so the next best thing was to compare me to your ex?" you scoffed bitterly.
he was stricken with guilt as his eyes brimmed with tears, suddenly feeling small under your gaze. "i know, i was so wrong for that but please let me make it up to you. i'll do better. i love you so much."
he buried his face into your hair and only sobbed harder when you finally wrap your arms around his shaking figure.
"i love you too, tetsu but i'm still upset. let's just talk about this in the morning okay?"
he nodded, whispering a chorus of thank yous and i'm sorrys.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
idk why atsumu is always portrayed as a womanizer in fics. i don't think he's all that interested in a lot of girls as he's preoccupied with volleyball.
which is why it came as a surprise when atsumu started dating. who knew he could commit to something other than his favorite sport? he still wasn't fond of overbearing fan girls though. sometimes you wondered if he saw you on the same level as them– a nuisance to him.
"i thought you said you'd understood the demands of my job before we started dating," he spat, arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed.
"i do! but extended training hours and weekend practices aren't your job's demands, atsumu. that's just you wanting to spend every waking moment playing but you have a life outside of volleyball," you argued back, nearly pulling your hair out of frustration.
you've been at it for hours and it felt like talking to a wall. it wasn't like you wanted him to quit, you just asked him not to spend so much of his free time training when he was barely spending time with you.
"by life you mean you, right? what you want my world to revolve around you, is that it?" he scoffed in annoyance.
you let out a groan. it was almost as if he was purposely pissing you off. he kept cherry picking at your words only to use it against you.
"are you even listening or do you just hear the words you want to hear? that's not what i was asking for. at all!"
he stubbornly turned his head to the side to avoid looking at you. without thinking, he grumbled, "this is why i hated dating. no wonder akira's the only relationship i had that lasted."
there was a deafening silence that followed as you stood there, mouth hanging open.
"what did you just say?"
as he slowly turned to look at you, the weight of his words started sinking in. anger and annoyance was quickly overcome with guilt, especially when he saw your tear-stricken face.
"i didn't–"
"if you hate dating so much go ahead and break up with me already you asshole! i'm tired of being the only one in this relationship." you stomped out the living room and into your bedroom. you snatched the nearest bag you could and started stuffing it with clothes.
"what are you doing?" he asked, panicking even as he tried to steady his voice. "hey, slow down. let's talk about this okay?" atsumu tried to seize your hands to stop you from leaving.
you yanked your hands back and shoved your overnight bag onto the floor. "i have been trying to talk to you for the past hour, atsumu! why is it you only wanna listen now?" you sobbed, unable to keep your tears at bay any longer.
he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly, mumbling, "i didn't mean what i said back there. i'm sorry."
you sat to bury your face into your palms as the exhaustion of the night caught up to you. you were tired, emotionally and physically. "i try so hard not to be a bother to you," you whispered, voice small and strained.
atsumu's heart sunk at your state. he hated himself for being the one to cause it. he bent down and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you flush against his chest. you were still mad but didn't have it in you to fight him for it.
"you're not a bother, angel. i was being a dick. i wasn't trying to understand you. i'm sorry." he stroked your hair gently, nervously waiting for a reply.
after several minutes of silence, you finally croaked out, "if you think this relationship isn't going anywhere then what even is the point?" your eyes were dull and lifeless as you pushed yourself off him.
panicked at your words, tears started to prick his eyes. he shook his head vigorously. "n-no i don't want to break up! i just- i said it to piss you off. i didn't mean it, baby please..."
he stared at your eyes intently for some kind of sign that you haven't completely given up on him, but you were too tired and hurt to sympathize with him at the moment. the panic in his chest grew larger by the second.
"i'll take a leave. i'll spend more time with you, i promise. please give me another chance. i really didn't mean it like that. i love you, only you. i... really don't want to break up," he rambled.
sighing, you finally gave in– not that you forgave him that instant. he did promise to make it better after all. "fine, i just- i need time to think, okay? i'm spending the night at my friend's house."
he gently grabbed your hand, stopping you from grabbing your bag again. "you don't have to go. i can sleep on the couch if you want, or stay at bokuto's," he mumbled in between little sniffles.
after giving it some thought, you let out another sigh and quickly stood up. "never mind, let's just sleep on the bed," you deadpanned, making your way to the bathroom. meanwhile atsumu's eyes glimmered with hope as he listed the things he wanted to do to make up for his mistakes.
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araragomennnn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The haikyuu boys when you catch them staring
The ones that quickly look away, wide eyed, visibly embarrassed as a crimson red blush coats their cheeks:
HINATA, tanaka, YAMAGUCHI, asahi, lev, shibayama, Iwaizumi(he’s a huge softy on the inside I take no arguments.), kindaichi, koganegawa, semi, goshiki, suguru.
The unfazed ones that politely nod in acknowledgement before looking away:
AONE, USHIJIMA, shirabu, sakusa, KITA, kageyama, daichi, kunimi, matsukawa???
The ones that try to act all smug and cool by maintaining eye contact with a smirk on their face but are dying on the inside:
KUROO(dork!!), OIKAWA, futakuchi, konoha, ATSUMU!!!
The ones that are smug and cool and maintain eye contact with you with a smirk on their face:
tsukki, matsukawa, terushima, SUNA RINTARO!!
The ones that casually look away but if you look close enough you’ll see a slight pink tint adorning their cheeks:
ennoshita, KENMA, YAKU, kunimi, AKAASHI!!!, SHIRABU, kyotani, OSAMU!!!!!
The ones that excitedly wave at you with a huge smile plastered across their face:
NISHINOYA, hinata, sugawara, LEV, Inuoka, akiteru, oikawa, BOKUTO, tendo.
The smooth ones that manage to look away before you catch them:
TSUKKI!!!!, kenma, sometimes akaashi, on a good day maybe suna.
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starrysouya · 3 months ago
★ random texts with atsumu
includes: miya atsumu x gn!reader
genre: fluff, crack and slight angst because why not
note: i’ve been soft for him lately 🤢
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© content of starrysouya. please do not repost or copy any of my work.
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snflwrkenma · 8 months ago
out of everyone else
a kuroo x reader x kenma smau
Tumblr media
this smau is inspired by the song hailey by wrenn.
summary -  as a well known and incredibly successful youtuber and gamer, your life seems to be going extremely well at the moment! i mean you have your dream job, loving and supportive friends, and an amazing boyfriend but,,,,, what happens when the two most important people in your life betray you? your life may never be the same; but, perhaps, that may be for the better.
genre & warnings - ANGST!!! so much angst!!, tw cheating, crack, fluff, suggestive themes, smut (maybe)
starring - kuroo tetsuro, bokuto koutaro, kozume kenma, alisa haiba, lev haiba, hitoka yachi, kiyoko shimizu, yamamoto akane, tsukishima kei, hinata shoyo, & akaashi keiji. with special appearances from; miya osamu, miya atsumu, suna rintaro, aran oijiro,oikawa tooru, & iwaizumi hajime
status - on going
schedule - sporadic tbh jhsdhj
taglist - open to 18+ users only
(✿◠‿◠) *:・゚✧ reblogs are greatly appreciated *:・゚✧
Tumblr media
chapters (unlinked titles may change)
season 1
hotties inc. | the bros™️
i. big boobs? favorite doja cat song?
ii. we paused moana for this...
iii. i believe in alisa haiba supremacy
iv. hotties inc. only: 24 hrs
v. i stepped on his ps5
vi. the bros™ only: 24 hrs
vii. where'd she go?
viii. wdym he left?
ix. dude, that was weird
x. or perhaps,,,, he didn’t see it correctly
xi. do u want to talk ab it?
xii. respectfully,,,,,, that didn't help at all
xiii. last minute preparations
xiii part ii. i still think she's in denial tho
xiv. anniversary time
xv. are u fucking kidding me?
xv. part ii. y/n rangers assemble
xvi. apologize and forgive
xvi part ii. we’re in this together
xvii. shakespeare buffs nd gamer girls
xvii cont.
xviii. i think we should put ice on that
xix. operation: gifts
xx. operation: decorations
xxi. operation: SURPRISE
xxii. one time for the birthday bitch
xxiii. all i know is u're not here
xxiv. u think i’d have learned by now
xxv. u say she’s just a friend, well okay
xxvi. so naturally, i listened in
xxvii. yeah, that's sus
xxviii. no snakes allowed
xxix. real friends and real love
xxx. i think i know u better than urself
xxxi. u deserve much better
xxxii. they're still lying to u
part ii. dumbass m*therf*cker
part iii. steal their kneecaps
part iv. don't u get tired?
xxxiii. playing the victim
xxxiv. running ur mouth
xxxv. that night
xxxvi. out of everyone else
xxxvii. why'd it have to be...
xxxviii. ur pain doesn’t compare
xxxix. new beginnings
season 2
xxxx. i am capable
xxxxi. sexy best friends
xxxxii. co-god-parenting?
xxxxiii. the kenma flair
xxxxiv. right in front of my salad?
xxxxv. CABIN TIME!
xxxxvi. hiking? 'm not about to go hiking.
xxxxvii. we painting nd we sipping
xxxxviii. hype house: crew edition
xxxxix. i think u should let her know
xxxxx. she's not ready.
Tumblr media
extra content
ooee: official playlist by me (@snflwrkenma)
apple music
playlist to listen to while reading by @cocainestew
y/n’s birthday: outfits
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c0rncheez · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Characters ~ TimeSkip! Oikawa, Kuroo, Ushijima, Bokuto, and Suna
Cw ~ NSFW, Crack, Fem! Y/n, Chaotic! Y/n, Slight Degradation, Slander, Cunnilingus, Dirty Talking, Edging & Teasing?, CatGirl! Y/n, They’ve all had enough of your shit
A/n ~ [PART 1 & 3] also I hope these make u snort atleast a little
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Ahh baby you like that shit?” Oikawa grunted over you, “You like when I’m fuckin you so deep, hmm? So deep in your slutty little pussy-”
You looked him dead in the eyes before seriously asking—
“You really think you got a big dick??”
To this day he slanders your name to Iwaizumi, to this day!
You were just asking a question, damn. 🙄
Tumblr media
He was eating you out while you sat content on your shared couch.
He heard your slight giggles but just assumed that your tv show was amusing you. Well he thought that until-
“Gobble Gobble!”
Eh? He stopped dead in his movement. Please why were you doing this.
He went back in to slurp on you again but-
“Gobble that pussy up, ROOSTER BOY!”
All he could do was fucking sigh, this was the third time this week you’ve done this. He just had to fall in love with an idiot, huh 🤨.
Tumblr media
You both just got home and were in a heated makeout session against the front door.
You took the initiative to fondle his heavy bulge and whisper nasty shit in his ear.
“Aw baby, look at these big ole breeder balls, filled with hot thick juicy cum, is it all for me?”
He froze for a millisecond.
“Honey, I think you’ve been on tumblr too much” He gently patted your head.
Tumblr media
You both were trying a new position in bed. It was quite intricate but you both were having fun. Until you decided to be difficult.
His thrusts into you were picking up speed as he got closer to his orgasm-
Your exclamation scared the crap out of him as he pulled out of you quickly.
“Baby! What wrong?? Are you hurt?” He worriedly asked.
“Nah, I’m good. Please continue.” You casually stated before opening your legs back up for him.
He was so lost but went back to his ministrations. But about 3 minutes later—
Tumblr media
He always liked when you cosplayed and dressed up cute for him. So tonight you were wearing his fav cat ears, and skimpy cheerleader uniform, and a black tail to match. He was so turned on that it was starting to hurt.
“Come here, kitten” He patted his lap while he sat on the edge of the bed.
…But you didn’t move. You just stared at him from across the room—wide-eyed.
“Did-did you…” Suna didn’t know what to say quite frankly, “Did you just hiss at me?? Babe—”
You ran out the room, completely failing at hiding your laughs.
The bewildered face Suna had as he sat on the bed was too good. If only you had a camera.
Suna on the other hand... spent the rest of the night trying to process what the FUCK just occurred.
Tumblr media
A/n ~ YALL ASKED FOR PART 2 😭😭 so here it is, pls the ushi one kills meeee, pls don’t learn how to dirty talk from tumblr yall, I BEG OF YOU
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ceijoh · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Relationship: atsumu x reader
Warnings/Contents/Notes: fluff, a bit of angst if you really squint, humour/crack (also if you saw the previous upload of this, no, you didn’t).
Summary: Atsumu just wants to plan his proposal to you. Will it go the way he wants it to?
Word Count: 1.9k+ 
Tumblr media
Atsumu has lied ever since he learnt that he could. Lied to his parents, lied to his brother, his friends and the strangers on the street. Now, does this mean that Atsumu is a good liar? No. 
His ears get really red and his hands do this weird thing where it has to keep touching things, no matter what it is. One time his grandmother asked him if he ate the cake she was baking for his grandfather and all he did was go red, and start playing with various baking utensils on the kitchen bench which ended up cutting him, and him crying his poor little heart out. He also cannot make eye contact with someone, which is usual for everyone who lies, but he also cannot stop moving. 
It’s easy to tell when at Atsumu is lying, so that’s why he’s been searching up on ‘how to lie better’, because how can he, the most obvious man when it comes to lying, lie to the love of his life to make sure that his plan goes the way he dreams it to? 
You knew that Atsumu was, well, doing something. He was making excuses every time he went out, which was weird because the two of you never really did that. He’s started sneakily hiding his phone when you come into the room, dodging all of your questions, and not really spending his days off with you. 
If it was anyone else, you would have started spiralling. Was he cheating on you? Why was he acting all suspicious? Your heart would be breaking, and you would be crying to your friends. But this was Atsumu. He may look the part of a heartbreaker, but you know that he would rather chop off his left leg than to ever cheat on you. 
So, what’s with the secrets? 
“Babe, there’s this new waffle place that ‘Samu told me about, do you want to come with me tomorrow?” You walked out of the bathroom and into your bedroom seeing Atsumu smoothly drop his phone. “You good?” 
“Ye babe,” he smoothed the duvet and opened up his legs so you could sit in his lap. Atsumu pecked your forehead, “Afraid we have training tomorrow.” 
You feel yourself deflate a little bit but still snuggle yourself into Atsumu, “It’s okay. Did you want me to bring you one home?” 
“Will ya promise not to eat it on the way home?” You lightly punched him which earned a chuckle from Atsumu. “‘m sorry that I’m not spending a lot of time with ya babe. Training’s been a bitch, and wit’ the sponsors.” 
You turned as best you could so you could face him, you took his face in your hands and caressed his cheeks gently, “Never have to apologise, ‘Tsum. I understand.” 
Atsumu felt his whole body warm, “I don’t deserve ya. Too good ‘fer me.” 
As you walked around the block, waffle in the bag around your hand for Atsumu, and your phone held against your ear. 
“So you mean to tell me that your boyfriend is being all sus and you’re completely fine with it?” 
“I am fine with it,” you briefly paused to readjust the bag in your hand. 
“Tooru, stop telling me to break up with him, I’m not going to break up with Atsumu!” You heard a scoff and rolled your eyes, “Iwa, tell him to stop.” 
You briefly heard Iwa scold Oikawa through the phone, followed by a whine from the latter man. There was a brief commotion and the line went silent for a minute. “(Y/N), as much as I hate to agree with Shittykawa, don’t you think it’s a bit weird?”
“Oh, not you too, I had such high hopes from you,” you complained as you heard Iwa’s voice through the speaker. “Look, “Tsum isn’t cheating on me, and he’d never do that.” 
“Okay, but if he ever does I’ll fly straight from Argentina and fight him,” Oikawa huffed, and you can practically see the man puffing his chest in pride. 
“You don’t even know how to fight, Kawa,” you interjected. “I’ll talk to you guys later, I just got home.” 
You heard the choruses of farewells from your two friends, and turned off your phone. Fishing your key out of your pocket, you were too distracted to hear the commotion on the other side of the door. 
Finally opening the door, what you saw on the other side was not what you were expecting. “What the hell is going on here?” 
“(Y/N)? I didn’t realise that you were coming back so early,” Atsumu explained, getting off the floor. 
Your eyes scanned the living room, which was clean when you left, that was now covered in blackboards, pinboards and various magazines on the floor.
“NO! Don’t look at ‘em,” Atsumu yelled, as he threw a blanket over the magazines, and pushed the closest person to block the boards. “(Y/N), if ya love me, you’ll turn around now.” 
Frozen and not comprehending Atsumu’s words, your eyes couldn’t stop flickering between his teammates who were lounging around looking at wedding magazines, and some who were obviously doing some note taking, to the various pin boards that held pictures of beautiful landscapes that you noticed were from Miyagi, or Hyogo, and handwritten notes connecting all of them. 
“(Y/N), babe,” you heard Atsumu call you and you finally looked at him. “I promise it’s not what it looks like, it’s not for us, it’s for Bokkun and Akaashi!” 
Everyone saw the red tint crawling up Atsumu’s face, his hand starting to fidget with the magazine in his hand. “Right, Bokkun?” He turned to the Bokuto who was by the board nodding. 
“Yeah!” Bokuto agreed, “Wanted the team to be part of the wedding or well the engagement!” 
“Uhm, yeah, okay,” you nodded, still trying to comprehend the situation. “Do you guys need a hand?” 
“Nope! We’re completely fine!” Atsumu turned to his teammates, silently asking them to agree. “Right?” 
Sakusa rolled his eyes and put down the notepad he was holding, “We have it under control, thank you though (Y/N)-chan.” 
You nodded, “Okay, I might just go do the groceries then.” 
Walking up to Atsumu, you handed him the bag and gave him a brief kiss. “Love you, ‘Tsum. Good luck with,” you looked around you, at the mess on the floor, his teammates suddenly finding the carpet or the ceiling very appealing, “everything?” 
As Atsumu followed you out the door, you couldn’t help but shake your head. What the hell was going on? 
On the other side of the door Atsumu dropped his head on the door, “Fuck.” 
“‘Tsum?” You called out as you entered the house after a couple of hours. “Can I come in?” 
You heard a chuckle, “It’s yer house too babe, you can come in at anytime.” 
You laughed, closing the door, “I mean a couple of hours ago it doesn’t seem like it was that rule.” 
Atsumu welcomed you with a groan, “Can we please forget that it happened?” 
“Forget that Kou was going to propose to Akaashi-san?” You arched a brow, and went to hug your boyfriend. “I honestly thought that they were already engaged.” 
You could feel him chuckle, and you moved around him to start placing the groceries in the kitchen. “They do act that way, don’t they?” You hummed in agreement. “Here babe, lemme help ya out.” 
Watching Atsumu bring in the groceries, you couldn’t help but comment, “What will I do without my big, strong, athletic boyfriend?” 
“Ya forgot handsome!” 
“And handsome boyfriend!” You grinned at him, as you helped him with the bags. You filled Atsumu on the rest of your day, the hours he wasn’t a part of. He paid attention as he began placing the items away as you passed it to him. 
“Oh, shoot!” 
“Ya okay babe?” 
You looked at the final bag and realised, “”Tsum, forgot your protein powder, gonna have to go tomorrow and get it.” 
He turned back around to you and smiled, “Grocery date?” 
You nodded and laughed, coming around and wrapping your arms around him, “Grocery date.” 
You heard shuffling beside you before Atsumu spoke, “Babe, I love you but for the love of god, stop moving.” You reached over with your left foot and nudged him. 
“Psst,” you felt the warmth from Atsumu’s breath and with a sigh you opened your eyes. “Hey, pretty.” 
You turned to your side and faced Atsumu who was on his stomach, “‘Tsum, I love you but if you really just stopped me from sleeping to tell me I’m pretty I’m going to make sure that I buy that weird protein powder flavour you don’t like tomorrow.” 
Atsumu huffed but still kept the grin on his face, he leaned over and pecked your lips, “Also, wanted to tell ya that I love ya so much.” 
As much as you wanted to be annoyed at Atsumu, or even to pretend to be annoyed at him, he always managed to make you feel giddy and happy. With your right hand, you brought it up and began playing with his hair. You smiled softly at the man in front of you, “I love you too, ‘Tsum,” you leaned and kissed his cheek which he nuzzled in closer. “But, I’m going to sleep now, so please don’t wake me up again.” You quickly pulled your hand back and turned yourself so your back was facing him, you heard Atsumu chuckle soft and felt his arms go around your waist. 
It didn’t even feel like five minutes before you heard Atsumu softly wake you up again, he whispered your name and you fought off a groan. Rubbing your eyes and yawning, you moved a bit so you were able to see him. “‘Tsum,” you started. 
“Wanna marry ya (Y/N),” Atsumu whispered but it felt like he was yelling at an empty stadium. “Was gonna wait until the right moment, why the boys were here today,” at that you laughed. “They were helping me find the right place and the right moment to ask ya, pulled up places at my childhood and yours, was gonna make ‘em cheesy speeches for ya to make ya cry.” 
Atsumu pulled himself up, so he was hovering a little bit, you looked up at him and even with just the moonlight shining through the bedroom window, you could clearly see all the love he held for you. “Couldn’t wait,” he shook his head and smiled, “Couldn’t wait another day, another minute without asking ya. So what do you say?” 
You wrapped your arms around Atsumu as best as you could, “I can’t believe I’m going to have to buy my fiance the chocolate protein powder tomorrow because he woke me up again.” 
A grin took over the smile that was on his face, and he ended up burrowing himself in your neck, “Ya said fiance,” he pulled his face back up. A peck on your left cheek, “‘Ma fiance,” a kiss on your right cheek, “‘ma pretty fiance,” then finally a small and soft kiss on your lips, “gonna love ya until forever ends.” 
Sure, it wasn’t the most romantic proposal of all time, there were no grand gestures, the expensive band and restaurant he wanted to rent out, no hysterical crying, no one else to witness one of the most important moments in your lives, like Atsumu planned. But that was okay. You were in your shared bed, in the house that you called home, the moonlight peaking through the window shining on Atsumu like the star he was as he hovered over you, the love and complete adoration on his face; no fidgeting, no red ears, it was just him and that was perfect.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"i'm sick" texts
-> with bokuto, tsukishima, sugawara, kuroo, kenma, oikawa
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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I’m quitting the volleyball team prank
In which: you decide to pull a prank on your poor boys but they don't seem to catch on that it's a joke
Warning: Seijoh boys being seijoh boys, longer than I expected it to be...oops
Features: Aoba Johsai x manager!reader
Tag list: open
Requests: open
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Tumblr media
just realised they're running in order of their jersey number
Seijoh adores you
Because it took them FOREVER to finally get a capable manager who didn't join the team just to flirt with Oikawa Tooru
So, obviously they would cherish you
But that didn't mean they didn't love messing with you
In fact, it was their favourite hobby to do other than volleyball
So, when you saw that you had the perfect chance to return the favour, you gladly took it
Unfortunately, for your part, it didn't turn out as expected
Fortunately, you enjoyed the outcome even more
"(F/n)-chan!" Oikawa exclaimed as the team took a water break.
You smiled at him as you waited expectantly for his hug, arms wrapping around you as he swung you around.
"You're so sweaty, Oikawa," you squealed before spraying him in the face with water from the bottle you were holding.
He lets out a screech as the other members of the team sighed in exasperation, not believing this was their captain when they weren't on the court.
"Watch out, (F/n), you might trip over the water again," Matsukawa teased causing you to huff at him, crossing your arms.
Hanamaki patted your back, "there there, dear manager," he says and you narrowed your eyes at him.
"Don't worry, you won't trip over don't need anything for you to trip anyway," he finishes off and you scoff as you throw a towel at his face as he and a few others laughed.
"Iwa! They're being mean again," you pouted to the ace who sighs as he places his water bottle down.
"Don't worry," he says encouragingly, "you do trip over your own feet so technically he's wrong."
You let out an over-exaggerated gasp of offence as you pointed an accusing finger at him. "You're such a traitor, Iwaizumi!"
"It's true though, (F/n)-chan!" Oikawa says as he slings an arm around your shoulders. "But don't mind. We love you just the way you are, (F/n)-chan."
"Clumsy or not, we do," Kindaichi adds in with a small smile he hid behind his hand.
"Give her a break, guys," Watari speaks up and you just about cried as you hugged him for 'saving you' from these vultures you're a slave to. He almost felt too bad for the next teasing line he added in but not enough to hold himself back, knowing it was going to be taken light-heartedly. "Her clumsiness is cute."
"I'm not clumsy!" you whined as you turned to Kyotani hopefully.
Surely, he would back you up, right? Right?!
He looks at you as you blinked to him, a faint blush making its way onto his face as he noticed how adorable you looked when you pouted for help from all the teasing.
He avoided eye contact with you to try and avoid the blush from growing, placing a hand over his mouth causing a noise of surprise to escape from your lips at the absolute betrayal.
"No comment," you heard him mutter before walking away from you, leaving you with your jaw to the ground from pure shock.
You let out comical tears, dramatically feigning a faint from the 'hurt' you're experiencing.
"No one here appreciates me enough," you sigh, eyes closing as you placed your hand on your forehead.
From the silence you opened one eye only to see your boys smiling at you for your dramatics causing you to scoff before grabbing the towel from Kunimi and swinging it over your shoulder.
"Just get back to hitting those damn volleyballs you're obsessed with," they heard you grumble but could see the smile on your face as you walked towards the bench.
Practice continued on for another hour and when it was finally over, you did your usual job as manager, beginning to clean up everything as the boys took the time to cool off before making their way to the team club room.
While you were cleaning and all the boys had already made their way to the club room to get changed, your childhood friend, Ushijima Wakatoshi, arrived in the gym.
You almost dropped the pole for the net out of surprise when he suddenly appeared behind you but he quickly took hold of the top of it before it could hit you.
"Toshi? What're you doing here so early? You know how Oikawa would react when he sees you here," you say as he helped you gather your things.
He shrugs as he followed you, your bags in his hands as you placed the net and its poles into the storage room.
"I finished practice early and decided to walk you to my house. My mother is waiting for us and has already made dinner for tonight," he tells you, holding out your bag once you finish locking the storage room. "Besides, this allows me to tell Oikawa Tooru to move to Shiratorizawa and join our team instead."
You smiled at his usual antics but Ushijima genuinely did not understand what you found funny about the situation.
Although, before you could explain, both of you turned your attention towards the very person you were talking about, the Oikawa Tooru standing at the entrance of the gym, letting out a horrified screech beside Iwaizumi, Hanamaki and Matsukawa.
Iwaizumi narrowed his eyes as he crossed his arms, Hanamaki and Matsukawa quirked a brow while Oikawa glared menacingly. All of their stares directed at Ushijima standing with you.
You furrowed your brows, noticing the other three's reactions, surprised. You did expect Oikawa to react the way he did though, so that's cool.
But what you didn't know was that the group only heard the last bit of that sentence before they entered the gym.
"-to move to Shiratorizawa and join our team instead."
Oh, boy.
"That's low, Ushiwaka! That's real low!" Oikawa huffed as he marched towards you two.
"What?" both you and Ushijima asked in confusion, one being more obvious than the other.
The fact that Ushijima didn't seem to feel an ounce of shame from coming to their turf and trying to steal their manager, just pissed Oikawa off even more.
The others couldn't help but to also feel the same way.
"I get that I'm amazing and everything but just because I rejected your so-called offer, does not mean you can come here and steal our manager," Oikawa says as he pouts, his nose scrunching up in disgust. "Too bad you have to face another rejection but this time from our amazing (F/n)-chan."
"But (F/n) did not reject anything?" Ushijima states, "In fact, I'm here to collect her."
At those words, all four boys' eyes widen, Oikawa's smug smile wiping off his face as they all turn to you.
You nervously laugh and that causes them to panic.
"Yeah, he'll be walking me home since I'm staying over at his house tonight. But thanks for waiting up for me though," you say, holding back a laugh as you mess with them.
This is what they get for endlessly ganging up on the teasing for you.
"B-but (F/n)-chan!" Oikawa screeches as he clings onto your waist, comically sobbing.
"Are you being serious, (F/n)?" Iwaizumi asks you and you nod as you turn towards them.
"Yeah, my mom is best friends with Toshi's so we've basically known each other our whole lives," you explain brirefly, "My mom's actually thinking of getting the house right beside his since she wants to actually invest in our own home instead of renting one."
Okay, you had to admit you were pushing it at that point but what you did say was all true.
Plus, you never stated that you were moving schools or even quitting the team at all.
The moment you said those words, Oikawa's world just about imploded.
He was losing a teammate of his, his precious manager, you, to Ushijima Wakatoshi!
You watched their reactions and held back a laugh.
"Relax, 'Kawa," you tell them as you pat his back.
He looked to you hopefully, "so you're not going home with Ushiwaka," he spat his name with so much disdain.
"Oh no, I do have to go to his house, my mom's probably going to wonder why I kept him so late too," you say and Oikawa returns to glaring at your friend. "But don't worry, it's nothing."
"Anyway, we're gonna head out now, guys. See ya tomorrow!" you waved to them as you and Ushijima left together, the four boys watching with absolute horror on their faces.
You know, you really should have specified it was all a joke instead of being so vague.
It was a solid thirty seconds before anyone spoke.
"She's really leaving us?" Hanamaki asked out loud.
"Was it because of all the teasing? Is that why she's fine with moving?" Matsukawa pouted.
Iwaizumi furrowed his brows as he clenched his hands.
"No!" Oikawa announced confidently, rising to his feet with a determined look in his eyes. "We will not lose to Shiratorizawa! Not this time!"
The three rose a brow, waiting expectantly for his next words but Oikawa seemed to think that was enough to say.
He waited for them to agree with him but he was simply left with silence causing him to cry out from them not agreeing and just judging him.
"I thought we were all on the same page," he bawled out as Iwaizumi pinched the bridge of his nose.
"We were waiting to hear your plan, Shittykawa," he mutters and instantly Oikawa sprung back up.
"We need to convince (F/n)-chan to stay as our manager! And once she's convinced, we can help her convince her mom to let her stay here and not Shiratorizawa," Oikawa spat out the opposing school name begrudgingly.
"And how do you plan to do all that?" Hanamaki asks him.
"With everyone from the team helping out," he simply replies before immediately texting in a separate group chat the team made when they planned a surprise party for you, calling a last minute team meeting at the ramen place close by.
Luckily for him, everyone was close by or still waiting for one another to finish up before they saw the text.
Within fifteen minutes the team had a late dinner in front of them as they waited expectantly for Oikawa to get on with the 'emergency family meeting' he called on the last minute on Friday night.
"Why'd you call an 'emergency family meeting'?" Kindaichi asked, using air quotes.
"And why's (F/n) not here? How come she gets to miss out on this?" Kyotani asks grumpily, obviously just wanting to get home and sleep away the school week he just went through.
"This is about (F/n)," Oikawa starts off, a serious tone exuding his words.
The rest of the team actually pays attention from how their captain was acting. He's only been like this on the court or on the rarest occasions. Not to mention, he was genuinely concerned about a situation you were in.
"What's wrong? Did something go wrong when she was putting the nets away?" Watari asks worriedly as he sits up.
"No, she's safe," Iwaizumi says from beside Oikawa and everyone collectively let out relieved sighs.
"Then what's wrong with (F/n)-senpai?" Kunimi asks.
"Ushiwaka," Oikawa says with a glare. "He came by the gym earlier. We heard him asking her to move to Shiratorizawa and to become their manager instead. Then she told us about how close their families are and how her mom wants her to move closer to Ushiwaka and to Shiratorizawa. He walked her home afterwards."
"What?!" the others exclaimed.
"Technically, he walked her to his home," Matsukawa corrected only causing another uproar.
Everyone was panicking at the thought of you moving until Yahaba asked another question.
"Did (F/n)-san really say she's moving?"
Oikawa and the other three exchanged glances, "she didn't deny what Ushiwaka said. We even asked her and she still didn't."
"It's 'cause of how we keep teasing her isn't it? Otherwise, she would've fought harder to stay with us. Or at least tell us so we could help out right?"
"We messed up," Kindaichi groaned as he banged his head on the table.
"That's why we need to work hard now," Iwaizumi says calmly and confidently. "We need to convince her that Aoba Johsai is where she should stay. And that Shiratorizawa isn't better than us when it comes to being a team."
"So, starting Monday, we help her out even more. We tease her less. We do everything we can to let her have the best time at Aoba Johsai," Oikawa instructs and everyone unanimously nods their heads in agreement, not a single person opposed to the idea.
"Let's do this, Seijoh!"
Monday morning was, unknowingly to you, the start of the boys doubling your confusion every time they do anything
At first, you were gladly enjoying them help you out with everything
You honestly didn't know where their sudden helpfulness came from but you weren't going to complain
You did, however, miss the banter you would have with them
Whenever one of them would begin to tease you, another person would scold them before they suddenly remember something before they apologise
It wasn't until Thursday that you decided enough was enough when they did all your manager work leaving you with nothing to do for the full two hours of practice
You slid open the door to the gym, taking out the keys for the storage room in your bag only to see the entire gym ready to go with the equipment for practice today.
All the nets were set up, the volleyball trolleys were placed where they should be, towels and bottles were also already prepared.
"Hey, (F/n)-chan!" Oikawa waves at you as the team were gathered by the benches waiting for you to arrive alongside the coaches.
"Uh, hey guys," you greet in confusion, slowly walking towards the group.
"Wow, (F/n), well done on setting up so quickly," Coach Irihata says approvingly.
"That our (F/n)-chan, the best manager we could ask for," Oikawa butts in and you turn to him in pure confusion before noticing the other boys agreeing too.
"She even had our bottles filled and the towels prepped," Hanamaki adds in and you stare at him, blinking once, twice.
The two coaches nod their head proudly before turning to you once more, "do you happen to have the notes we asked you about from the previous match?"
You quickly focus back to your coaches, ignoring your teammates odd behaviours, "uh, yes, they're up in the club room. I'll go-"
"We can go get them for you, (F/n)-senpai," Yahaba speaks up as he nudges Kyotani beside him who lets out a gruff while nodding his head.
"But-" you couldn't even interject since they already ran off.
You glance at the coaches who also seem to have a bit of confusion from the whole scene.
"I'm not the only one tripping right?" you whisper to the two coaches.
They turn to face you and briefly look at the team, a smile growing on their faces as they shook their head in amusement.
"Just a regular day at practice," Coach Mizoguchi dismisses amusingly as he and Coach Irihata exchange knowing smiles.
You watch after the two coaches in pure bewilderment.
"What?" you ask yourself out loud before turning towards Oikawa and the others.
They held back laughs from your reaction, knowing that they shouldn't tease you right now.
"Oikawa Tooru," you call out and he jumps at the sound of his full name. "Care to explain what the hell is going on?"
He shrugs, glancing to his friends for a moment, "we just thought, we'd help you around."
That didn't help your scepticism, not one bit. In fact, this whole week you thought they're nice deeds would come with a catch and so far not a single one has been brought up.
"What?!" you ask again.
"(F/n)-senpai, we have your notes," Yahaba calls out as he waves the book in the air, Kyotani by his side.
You thank them as you take the book and glance at everyone suspiciously.
"Why're you all acting so weird?" you ask them with narrowed eyes.
You could see some of them tense while others' eyes widened.
Iwaizumi cleared his throat, "what do you mean by that?"
You roll your eyes, "yeah, yeah, whatever. But I've got my eyes on you all."
They could hear you mutter to yourself as you walked towards the coaches with your notes on hand.
Practice continued on as normal after that.
The boys doing mini practice matches against one another as you took more notes on their progress seeing as all your work was done.
They even washed and dried the bibs!
You also noticed how they'd work even harder to make sure the ball was going in the opposite direction from you at all times.
Which you did appreciate very much but come on! Just a few weeks ago, Hanamaki and Matsukawa were playing a game of flinch with you.
When it came time to go home was when you had enough.
The boys were exhausted and they also were excited to just go home and rest.
So, you decided to hurry up with the cleaning thinking that they'll finally let you do your job.
The moment they saw you reach for their towels to put into the basket, they all snapped. They started rushing around to work together and put everything away.
Watari smiled at you, "thanks, (Y/n)-senpai!"
You blinked after you saw him quickly rush away, only realising he took the basket from you and started to grab all the towels to put them in.
You were left standing in the middle of the gym as they worked together.
Oikawa was helping direct Kunimi and Kindaichi as they put the nets away. Iwaizumi, Hanamaki and Matsukawa were busy gathering the bibs, Watari and Yahaba went off to put the towels into the washing machine while Kyotani brought the rack of empty water bottles where they belong.
"Alright! Stop, all of you just stop," you call out and everyone froze on the spot.
"What the hell is going on?" you ask once more. "And don't say this is normal."
Oikawa was, of course, the first to break the silence as he clung onto your waist all of a sudden as he cried, "don't leave us, (F/n)-chan!"
"What?" you ask even more confused.
"We heard that you might be moving to Shiratorizawa," Kindaichi speaks up and you look around to see everyone avoiding eye contact with you.
"Wait, what? I thought I already told you-"
"(F/n)?" Oikawa's grip on you tightens as he glares at Ushijima knocking on the gym doors.
"Back off, Ushiwaka! She's our manager, not yours," Oikawa yells and everyone else on the team takes a step towards Ushijima, staring at him coldly.
Ushijima blinks, once, twice, then speaks up, "I know that."
Oikawa lets out an offended scoff but turns to you as you giggle at his reaction.
"(F/n)-chan," he whines.
"Oikawa," you retort, patting his shoulder to tell him to stand up which he does reluctantly.
"I thought I told you it was just a joke and to relax about it," you say to him.
Everyone looks at you before letting out a simultaneous exclamation.
"You told us she said she was serious!"
"What the hell!"
"B-but, you said you were moving, and that you were going home with him," Hanamaki says and you roll your eyes with a smile.
"Yeah, I'm moving house and I had a sleepover at the Ushijima's place. But you do realise that I can still go to school here right?" you ask them amusingly.
"Why'd you joke around like that," Oikawa asks with comical tears.
"I thought it was a good way to tease you guys after you kept calling me clumsy," you shrug.
"But you are," they all say together.
You deadpan at them before turning around to grab Ushijima's arm, "come on, Toshi. Maybe I will go to Shiratorizawa."
"No wait!"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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oi-oikawa-chan · 3 months ago
3:00 AM
Tumblr media
"Suna, what the actual fuck?" You croaked, struggling to open your eyes.
Calling you at an ungodly hour, you didn't have to look at your phone to know who it was.
A few seconds passed, but there was no response from the other line.
You groaned, "If this is a prank-"
"I like you." Suna whispered ever so softly you weren't sure if you heard him right.
You blinked. Once, twice, as your heart and mind processed his words. All the grogginess in your body; gone in an instant.
"What?" He echoed, confused.
"What did you say?"
"I didn't say anything."
"But-but you said... you said something!"
"I didn't?" Suna bemused, and you can hear the frown in his voice.
"You did! You just said you like me!"
"I swear I didn't."
You got up from your bed and stared at the screen; your heart beating eratically in your ears as Suna's name and picture flashed before your eyes.
You knew what you heard. You weren't gonna let Suna fool you.
You took a deep breath and explained patiently, "You called me, Suna. And the first thing you said was 'I like you'-"
"I like you too."
"Please take care of me."
"I'm so sorry, that was so lame." You heard a muffled groan, like he just covered his face with a pillow. "If you're gonna reject me because of that, please do it now. I might cry if you reject me in person. I'm serious."
Suna paused to pluck up his courage, you could even hear him gulp. "But I really do like you, Y/n. I like-I love being with you... I hope you know and feel that when you're with me." He cleared his throat, "And... it's okay if you don't answer or if you don't like me back. Just... please let me be with you, but if you don't want to-"
"I didn't know you could say that much words, Suna."
The middle blocker sighed, exasperated. "... That's just mean Y/n. I'm so close to crying here."
"Hey, you called me at 3 am, confessed to me and pretended you didn't. You were mean first you know..." You trailed off, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks, "But I like you too."
"What did you-"
You suppressed a giggle, "I didn't say anything."
With that, Suna went panic mode. "Just so you know my heart is beating like I'm at the edge of a cliff right now, and I'm recording this call because I know you'd pull the same stunt with me, Y/n."
He was frantic. You could imagine his fox-like eyes getting bigger as he spoke. Suna always acts cool and laid back, it was satisfying to see him break character for once. And knowing it was because of you, his feelings for you... your heart might just explode.
A giddy laugh escaped your mouth, "I can't believe I like your annoying ass too.”
Tumblr media
confession timestamps masterlist. reblogs are love~
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aiiwa · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
— asahi, atsumu, bokuto, iwaizumi, meian, osamu, sakusa, ushijima.
genre: smau, crack, slight nsfw.
warnings: cursing, suggestive themes.
— a/n: because i’m down bad for wonho. also dedicated to ivette because she tapped her foot at me to get these done lmao.
part two.
Tumblr media
azumane asahi + miya atsumu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bokuto koutarou + iwaizumi hajime
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
meian shugo + miya osamu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi + ushijima wakatoshi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— tag list: @babyworld @xiaoli-i @bokutosworld @slutawara @sucker4setters @cuteshyallie @katsulovee @sunkithbo @devilgirlcrybabiey @kiyoo-omi @omijime @kac-chowsballs @ivsahi @shiggysvixen @yarichinotaku @shadowkunoichi @nikkacutiepie @iwaizoom @lavenderpup @savantsoulfinder @peachyaeger @sanemiya + please fill out the form linked on my navi to join my tag list!
© 2021 AIIWA. please do not copy, modify or repost my work.
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tetsvhoe · 6 months ago
hi!! i've just read the seeing your toxic ex with kuroo and i was wondering if you could do a version of it with suna and tsukki?
kuroo's part
bokuto, atsumu, and sakusa's part
iwaizumi, oikawa, and kageyama’s part
hinata, matsukawa, and osamu’s part
character/s: tsukishima kei x f reader ; suna rintaro x f reader
genre/s: fluff, comfort
warning/s: toxic, manipulative, emotionally abusive ex. mentions of cheating, not by reader or the boys!
gwen's notes 🤍: y'all this is my first request, i am so honored! tbh, i didn't really expect my first post would do as well as it did. i hope you like what i came up with mwah! 😭🤍
Tumblr media
tsukishima kei
you've been dying to see this new movie at the theaters, mostly because you missed the oddly comforting experience of going to the cinema.
you basically had to drag tsukishima out of the house to watch it with you (he loved going to theaters with you and having you cuddled up close to him while completely engrossed in the film, but he won't tell you that).
he had been in charge of acquiring the tickets and picking the best seats, you were in charge of the snacks.
you were struggling to balance the drinks, candies, and excessively huge tub of popcorn in your arms, intently focused on not spilling anything that you didn't notice your ex approaching you.
"all for you?" the voice caused your head to snap upwards, shocked written on your features even before you looked to see who it was. you already knew.
it took a moment for you to collect yourself, masking your surprise, and albeit a bit of fear, with a scowl. "actually, for me and my boyfriend," you spat, trying to swerve around him.
"aw c'mon. you couldn't have possibly replaced me that quickly." he took a step to block your way just as quickly, a wicked smirk on his face. "besides, i don't see anyone here."
"that's because he's getting us tickets dipshit get out of my–" you intentionally cut yourself off with a gasp that escaped your lips as he grabbed your arm, yanking you close.
"remember, no one could love you like i do, baby. you'll come running back to me soon enough when he breaks your heart."
you were struggling to wriggle out of his tightening hold, reeling away from his face much as you can. his words echoed in your mind, you tried to shake them off. you couldn't let him get to you, not again.
tsukishima's presence behind you put you out of your trance when you heard him tsk. your ex finally let you go and you stumble backwards to your boyfriend's chest. you let out a sigh of relief.
"she could have spilled those you know, she can be a bit of an idiot sometimes," he casually chimed, taking most of the snacks away from you. you frowned up at him, only to be met with a dismissive chuckle. "especially when she decided to date you as long as she did."
despite his teasing and nonchalant behavior, you didn't miss the way tsukishima stood taller than he usually did, shoulders broad, eyes narrowed, and his smirk menacing.
"are you trying to pick a fight?" your ex, fumed by tsukishima's daunts, took a step forward which only caused him to look smaller, funnily enough.
looking down on him, tsukishima muffled a 'pfft' to suppress his laugh. "you seriously do not have the facilities to try and act tough being built like that, you're not as intimidating as you think you look," he teased, pursing his lips to prevent a huge smirk forming on his lips.
"and you think you do?"
there was a moment of silence before your boyfriend bent down to his level, his voice low and cold as he said, "yes, if i wanted to. now if you excuse us we have a movie to catch."
he took your hand in his, the other one clutching your snacks and led you into the theater as your ex was left frozen in place.
"you better not let that ruin your whole mood for the day after you dragged me all the way here," he playfully remarked but when he noticed how your eyes were glued to the ground, he gave your hand a light squeeze. "i picked the best seats for us. oh and you won't make the same stupid mistake of dating idiots like that because you're stuck with me from now on," he grumbled, annoyed before kissing your cheek. yet when you finally looked up at him, he was hiding half his face over the collar of his hoodie. the bright tint of red at the tips of his ears gave him away.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
suna has been swamped with school work and training recently. you finally had a day to yourselves to catch up.
it was a lovely day at the park and he finally let you have an aesthetic picnic together. (he told you to lay off the tiktoks because you barely touched the frog cake you bought and all the other food, after taking a bunch of pictures).
he loved that you were so excited over it though, and thought the whole set up you prepared was cute. he also stocked on a new set of cute photos with you. definitely gonna post those on his highlights.
suna was rambling on about the latest gossip in his team, occasionally showing receipts of pictures and screenshots. you sat and listened intently, amused by your boyfriend's stories.
"oh i remember this one time when kita put the twins in time out that was hilarious," he recalled your chaotic friends from high school with a fond laugh.
he was scrolling through his loaded gallery when he noticed the sudden shift in your mood. suna caught the way your eyes skimmed behind him for a brief second, and your features instantly changed to a look of... anger? disgust? fear? he couldn't quite put a finger on it, but based on your reaction, he had a bit of an idea on what or who you saw.
your ex approached the two of you, and when he called out your name, suna's guess was confirmed even as he refused to turn around and look at him.
"ah! found it. look at this they were sat like this most of the training because–"
"can we talk in private?" your ex cut suna off, completely ignoring his existence and the way you shyed away from his gaze. you couldn't look either of them in the eye as you wanted to get out of there more than anything.
suna finally turned to look at your ex, an unimpressed look on his face. "excuse you i was talking can you not." he turned back to you, shoving his phone into your hands. you noticed how he scooched closed to and placed an arm behind you. "anyway as i was saying, tsumu was whining for hours–"
being interrupted for the second time, this time with a hand on his shoulder prying him away from you, suna glared up at your ex, heaving himself up from the ground and dusting himself off.
"i just wanted to talk to her," your ex reasoned, eyebrows raised.
"well i was talking to her first. say whatever it is you have to say right here and now and get lost." he comically faked a yawn, fanning a hand over his mouth and rolling his eyes.
your ex bitterly chuckled. "alright, whatever you say." he peaked over at where you were sat, blankly watching the scene unfold in front of you. "i was just wondering if you're the guy he cheated on me with."
your features instantly contort to that of pure shock and disbelief, mouth agape at his accusation. “excuse me you know damn well i never cheated on you, neither would i on anyone for that matter!” you exclaimed, furious.
he had a triumphant smirk as he mumbled to suna, “careful, man. she fools around with a lot of guys, based on my experience.”
you quickly jumped at your feet and stomped over to both of them, suna’s arm gently held you from getting any closer to your ex and gave you a semblance of calmness. “you mean my friends, genius? and don’t try to pin this on me you were the one cheating on me with multiple girls the whole time!” you were exasperated. to both your surprise, suna simply let out a low chuckle, shaking his head.
“do you usually project your own issues onto your partner? really, you were cheating the entire time and with that face?” suna began cackling uncontrollably, swaying your emotions. you held your own laughter back as he added, “man, i wish i had your confidence.”
finally letting out your own burst of laughter, you lightly slap suna’s arm while your ex stood there like a deer caught in headlights. he was utterly speechless and humiliated at your boyfriend’s taunts. being on the receiving end of suna’s insults, a cool, charismatic, attractive, and accomplished guy, was a huge blow to his ego. furious and embarrassed, the next best thing your ex thought to do (what he always did in your relationship, really) was to try and pick a fight with your boyfriend by shoving him, causing both your laughter to halt.
suna paused, when he finally looked up at him his eyes were cold and narrowed towards him. you cursed yourself for finding the way his tongue poked the inside of this cheek hot, given the situation. you anticipated his next words, the suspense he created was almost unbearable. instead, he only glanced at you and pulled you closer by the waist.
“come on, angel. let’s get out of here. the park suddenly smells a lot more like dog shit than it did earlier.” he glared at your ex as the last few words dragged out of his mouth.
“i would never give that prick the time of day,” suna scoffed and rolled his eyes as you both walked back to his car, blankets and baskets in your arms. “you shouldn’t either. i trust you and i know he put you through a lot of shit which makes it hard for you to trust me the same, but i’ll always be willing to reassure you as much as you need.”
there was a brief look of sincerity in his eyes making you want to tackle him to the ground in the middle of the park and smother him with kisses. it was short lived though as he quickly looked a way, a blush creeping on his cheeks. “...or whatever,” he mumbled trying to play it off, which only made you smile wider.
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suna-reversed · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
“honey, we broke the bed!”
characters- Ushijima, Bokuto, Iwaizumi, Daichi
Tumblr media
- headboard grabber !!
- like you know you’re done for as soon as his muscular arms move up above your head and Daichi uses his core strength to rut into you wildly
- but then you’d abruptly find yourself at a new angle which makes Daichi’s thrusts go so much more deeper when suddenly,
- Daichi’s first instinct would be to protect you, his hands immediately moving to support the back of your head as he tries to not let his body weight onto you
- “fuck, are you okay, baby?”
- as soon as he’s made sure that you’re fine, you’ll be getting picked up and being pressed against the nearest wall, his lips against yours once more
- “Dai! The bed-”
- “I’ll take care of it later.”
- Ushijima knows his strength when it comes to volleyball,,,but when it comes to other things, not so much
- he’d have been taking you from behind, his body leaning over yours while he grunts and groans into your ear
- you’ll get hit with the panic of a sudden downwards drop, not even having enough time to brace yourself as you wait to fall face first onto the floor
- only to realise that Ushijima’s arm had slid across your waist, holding you up to him. You’d look back at him with wide eyes
- he’d just be staring back at you like 😐
- “y/n, should we move to the couch?”
- definitely happens during angry sex
- apparently saying “oh you wanna kiss me so bad”🙄 in the middle of an argument does not bode well-
- and that is how you find yourself being fucked into another dimension while Iwa holds your legs up to your chest
- safe to say you’re stuck in quite an awkward position once the bed gives out, and it’s definitely caused a harsh jerk in your neck
- Iwa, on the other hand, did not only just lose an argument, get cockblocked by a wooden slab, but now also has to feel terrible because his baby is in pain
- At this point, mans would just carry you into the bathroom while cursing the ‘stupid bed’ and the ‘stupid argument’ and ‘stupid gravity’ (and somehow ‘stupid Oikawa’??)
- he’ll cuddle with you in the warm water, his hands massaging the areas on your neck and shoulders that hurt.
- would basically go into complete manbaby mode and take a nap with for the rest of the day, before takes the two of your for bed shopping in the evening
- Another one who really doesn’t realise the extent of his own strength, which is increased tenfold by his excitement around you
- You would’ve been on top riding him, but honestly, he would’ve been doing most of the work with his hips thrusting up into you and his hands fondling your boobs.
- He would literally not care that he just crashed down onto his ass.
- would simply stare at you with wide eyes for a second before continuing like nothing happened-
- fuck you’d be too far gone to care either because like...really? how are you gonna say no to his thick cock that’s hitting the sensitive spot inside you even better because of the new positioning
- he’d most likely click pictures of the broken bed later to send them to Akaashi with a “:)” for some reason
- and then to Kuroo with a “your weak kitty ass could never” 😏
*cue Kuroo dragging his s/o into their bedroom*
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araragomennnn · a month ago
Tumblr media
birds of a feather
Tumblr media
pairing: tsukishima x f!reader
genre: FLUFF, tooth rotting fluff, friends to lovers??
warnings: swearing (like once).
a/n: this might be the sweetest tsukki fic i've written so far.
Tumblr media
To say you were beautiful would be an understatement.
Tsukishima knew that.
Everyone knew that.
But he wishes you knew that.
You were oblivious, to say the least of the way you turned heads in every room.
Or maybe you just didn’t care, he didn’t know.
He wishes though, that he knew more about you.
You were an enigma to him, to everybody almost.
The oddly quiet girl with an oddly loud presence.
But if he were to be honest, it wasn’t your pretty face or contrasting reserved personality that made him notice you.
It was a stupidly simple reason actually and as Yamaguchi had said, a very obvious one.
The oddly quiet girl was oddly like him.
He saw himself in glimpses, in your exasperated sighs and faint eye rolls.
He saw himself whole in your secret smiles and soft eyes.
And before he knew it, his heart devoid of anyone had found its very first tenant.
After many knowing nudges from his best friend, Tsukishima on his first day as a second year, finally spoke to you.
And continued to, every day after that.
And then, albeit slowly you weren’t such an enigma to him anymore.
He learned you liked the rain when you dashed out of the convenience store on hearing the patter of raindrops against the concrete.
He learned that sad movies make you cry when he heard sniffles from across the couch.
He learned (the hard way) that you had a childish side when you pounced on him, tickling him without mercy because you were bored.
He learned your go-to coffee order during your many sleepless nights spent cramming.
He learned that you liked the snow when you pulled him down alongside you when he stretched out a hand to pick you up off the ground.
The oddly quiet girl, not that quiet anymore and to be honest neither was he.
He loved you, irredeemably so. He loved you enough to let himself fall into the snow alongside you just because it’d give you a hearty laugh and he loved you enough to brush the cold flakes out of your hair later.
Living in these small and sweet moments where he’d pretend not to think much of your lingering touches and held glances.
Memories of your soft smiles and warm hands seeped in so much longing that it hurt.
He loved you, irredeemably so and he realised that you did too when your soft lips pressed against his for the first time.
Pulling back to meet your eyes, only to find longing identical to his.
He kissed you.
He kissed you like he was deprived of air and your lips were oxygen, hands in your hair, smiling so hard against your lips.
He had fallen in love and so had you.
So finally, the odd boy at the odd age of 18 where you're not a kid nor a real adult asked the odd girl to marry him.
Backs against the slight slope of the roof watching the stars twinkle with your hand encased in his, he turned to you, caressing your cheek.
Marry me he said and you smiled almost expectantly and though he didn’t have a ring nor any money of his own at the moment to buy you one you said yes.
The years that followed were not easy but as if the universe was always pulling the strings in your favour everything always worked out.
And at 21 as the freshly placed ring on your finger glinted so magnificently in the moonlight, he knew he wouldn’t have done it any other way.
The apartment was a bit rundown but it was perfect according to him. After all, he was sharing it with you.
Spending weeks on a teeny mattress surrounded by unopened cardboard boxes in your new apartment that smelled of fresh paint he was so happy he could cry.
At 24 Tsukishima’s holding in tears, that were brimming dangerously at his lash line.
Yamaguchi and Akiteru weren’t doing much to control their hysterical sobbing, mumbling something about being so happy.
He inhaled sharply when you finally came into view, looking just as bad as him.
Your cheeks were flushed red and lips quivering.
Glossy eyes meeting his, you let out a stupidly giddy laugh and so did he.
And as you began to walk towards him, all the research he did beforehand on how to control tears seemed to be for nought as his cheeks were now stained with hot tears that kept spilling.
“You look like shit” you said between giggles whilst tears of your own stained your cheeks.
“You look beautiful”.
Tumblr media
general taglist:@bokee-hinataa-bokee , @tsumomii,@on-crows-wings, @chaotic-fangirl-blog,@friedpoliceruins,@kenmaslov3r,@devilgirlcrybabiey
join the taglist here.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
#includes: Ushijima, Osamu, Suna
#genre: pure fluff / crack
#Description: this idea was from @fullmetalpalchemy. Haikyuu boys reacting to pets they said they didn’t want. Suna’s is kinda flipped where he surprises you.
You quietly walked into the house , trying not to make a sound in hopes that you don’t alert Toshi that you’re home yet as you wanted to have enough time to find a hiding place for the box in your arms.
Unfortunately your efforts were for nothing as he strolled out of the kitchen and stopped right in front of you. He suspiciously eyed the box in your arms with furrowed brows.
“What’s in the box love?” “uuuhh…nothing?” That was definitely NOT convincing and you mentally facepalmed. This just made Toshi even more suspicious as he slowly started to walk towards you.
“Meow” ushijima raised a brow “what was that?” “Ahah that was just … me! Yeah me , meoww, see?” “Y/N….. what’s in the box sweetheart?” “Nothing! I swear , just don’t come any closer” “Y/N” he said sternly. A beat of silence passed before you broke “i couldn’t just leave him there! You should have seen him Toshi , he was all alone and shivering and looking at me with those eyes , his eyes Toshi! What type of person would I be if I left him ? A psychopath! That’s who” once your rant was over , Ushijima just gave you a small smile and chuckled out “I didn’t even say anything love” “you didn’t have to” you pouted. “I know how you feel about pets and if I asked you if I could take him and you said no I would have still brought him home” you meekly got out.
He just looked at you with soft eyes and realised that this was why he loved you , because you care so deeply about everyone and everything. “At least let me get a look at him before you start jumping to conclusions like that” . You slowly opened the top of the cardboard box in order not to startle the little black ball of fur that lay at the bottom. And as Ushijima took his first look at the little guy he knew he was a goner because the round eyes that peered back up at him looked too much like yours to dislike. “You know what? I think I can make an exception just this once” he whispered as he lifted the kitten into his large arms.
Tumblr media
“No” “why nooot??” You whined out and stomped your foot. “You’re acting like a child Y/N” “And you’re acting like an a big ole meanie” “Just because I said you can’t get a hamster doesn’t make me a meanie babe” “YES it does, give me one good reason Samu” “I’ll give you as many as you want! Be reasonable , who’s going to take care of it? We don’t have the time for a pet” “I promise babe I’ll do everything, I’ll feed it and clean its cage and take care of it and give it all the love it needs” “You know that’s going to last a week before I have to deal with it” “It won’t ! I promise” you gave him puppy eyes hoping it would lower his guard and make him more reasonable but he was holding strong and was not changing his mind.
You shove your phone into his face and he peers at the photo of the hamster you want to get “Just look at her little chubby cheeks Samu, you can’t say she isn’t cute” “Babe…please can we just drop it” you huff and end up admitting that you may or may not have already got her. “Sooo…. I didn’t want to tell you this but I may have already bought her..” you bite your lip and await his response. He looks at you with a very unimpressed face and sighs out “I was never going to win this argument anyway”
However, watching Samu now with the little round hamster laying in his lap peacefully sleeping while he does his work , you have a feeling that he doesn’t mind. The size comparison makes your heart melt and the way Osamu occasionally looks down to check up on her and softly stroke her back with his finger makes you fall in love with him all over again. Because while Osamu may be stubborn, he’ll always let you get your way because the smile that stretches your face when you look at your little baby is 100% worth it.
Tumblr media
It’s not the fact that he doesn’t want a pet puppy its more of the fact that he can’t. Mans is allergic to them and he hates himself for that everyday because he knows how badly you want one. The longing look you send every dog you see in the park and then slowly pout at him as if he chose to be allergic to them.
However, he can’t lie, he also really wants one. He wants you to have someone with you when he goes on away games so you don’t feel as lonely and miss him as much plus he thinks they’re really cute but he won’t tell you that.
So he ends up going to a doctor to find the best solution for his problem and they gave him a few options: A shot, allergy tablets and nasal sprays, plus many more. He’s relieved that there are so many options that can help him with his symptoms. After picking his poison he makes his way to the nearest shelter to have a look at all the cute dogs that are up for adoption and hopes that one catches his eye. Unfortunately, more than one catches his eye and he finds himself wanting to take them all home …. Going on his own was a mistake.
He finds a day where you’re out the house and won’t be home for a while to surprise you with the puppy he ended up choosing (you can imagine whatever dog you want :) ). He hides the dog in your closest and waits for you to get home and then ushers you into your room. You confusingly look around and before you can ask him why he brought you in here you hear soft whining. With big eyes you look at Suna, “No you didn’t” he softly smiles “yeah I did”.
You make your way to where you heard the sound and open the door. Lying on the ground, looking up at you with glass eyes is the cutest dog you’ve ever seen in your life. With gentle movements you pick them up and cradle them to your chest where they happily nuzzle into you. “They’re so cute but how? You’re allergic baby , how come you aren’t a mess right now?” He shyly scratches the nape of his neck “Well about that … I went to see a doctor and got some medication for it so it isn’t that bad anymore, plus this sight is definitely worth it” he walks over to you and kisses your forehead while petting the puppies head, “now you won’t be so lonely when I have to leave”
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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jarigui · 6 months ago
haikyuu boys as different tropes !
includes iwaizumi, atsumu, and ushijima
Tumblr media
genre/s: fluff and crack
pairings: iwaizumi hajime x reader, atsumu miya x reader, ushijima wakatoshi x reader
contains: fanfic tropes, only one bed trope, fake dating, “ooh you wanna kiss me so bad” trope, one pride and prejudice reference
note: this is my first scenario/drabble for haikyuu or for this blog so im a bit nervous. but i hope you enjoy <3 also, sorry if any of the characters are a bit ooc, im still trying to improve my writing, i hope you’ll be patient with me.
Tumblr media
THERE’S ONLY ONE BED TROPE — iwaizumi hajime
iwaizumi almost felt his soul leave his body when he saw that there’s only one bed.
“there’s supposed to be two,” he muttered. he fished his phone out of his pockets, “wait, i’ll call the team. there must be some mistake.”
“i don’t mind.”
he freezed at what he heard. “what?”
you were walking around the room, then you turned to him and smiled. “i don’t mind, plus the bed is big enough for the two of us.”
you pointed at the bed and iwaizumi followed your hand with his eyes. he can feel the heat rushing to his cheeks. it’s bad already that he has to spend the night with you as his roomate but now he has to be in the same bed as you?
now, he doesn’t mean it as bad bad. he likes you. he thinks you’re cute, cool, calm, smart, beautiful, and friendly — and did he mention that you’re pretty? he just thinks that he’ll make a mistake out of nervousness and embarrass himself. he’s the ace of sejioh. you said that you think he’s cool and that you look up to him in volleyball. he doesn’t want to ruin that reputation. he just loses his cool when he’s with you. you turn him into this nervous mess so he has to be more careful not to slip up.
“hey, iwa?” your voice snapped him out of his thoughts. “we don’t have to share if you don’t want to. i can sleep on the floor, or i can find another room to sleep in.”
you rubbed the back of your neck and looked down. “and i was the one who tagged along to this away game so i should’ve figured that rooms were already booked beforehand.”
iwaizumi raised his hands. “no! no! it’s okay, we can share the bed. i don’t mind.”
that’s what lead to him and his crush being on the same bed. iwaizumi kept on staring at the ceiling for half an hour now. his body felt stiff because he can feel you beside him.
he turned to his side to get more comfortable and to finally get some sleep. but he stopped when he saw that you were facing him while sleeping.
he smiled warmly. you look cute while sleeping. you were bundled up in a blanket that you stole from oikawa’s room. the light from outside the window gave iwaizumi the right amount of light to admire you. iwaizumi brushed aside the hair that was falling onto your face. he froze when you moved at bit.
“cold,” you mumbled in your sleep. you moved closer to iwaizumi’s space and stopped when your face almost touches his chest.
iwaizumi felt his heart pounding loudly in his chest. he was worried that it’s loud enough to wake you up. he can feel the heat rush to his cheeks again.
you moved closer to him again, unconsiouly trying to look for warmth. you’re cuddled up against him now. iwaizumi swore that he can hear his heart beating in his ears.
he relaxes his body and puts an arm around your waist, ready to provide you warmth for the night. he smiles, maybe this is a good kind of bad.
he was awoken by your sudden movement. he peered his eyes open to see you sat up on the bed, still with bedhead hair, sleepy eyes, and a hand on your mouth.
“iwa, im so sorry. i must’ve cuddled up to you while alseep.” your voice was a bit husky.
however, iwaizumi had no complaints. it was one of the best sleep of his life. although he stayed up late at night trying to get comfortable and sleep, he doesn’t feel exhausted at all. he feels energized, light even.
he remembers that the two of you cuddled all night and smiled to himself. “i don’t mind.”
“you don’t mind?”
he propped his elbows on the bed. “yeah, you were cold. also my sleep was great so i don’t really mind.”
“oh. okay.”
he laid back down and opened up his arms. your brows furrowed. maybe it’s his brain still processing his words, or the idea of you cuddling all night got to his head but he felt confident this morning. his words just seem to slip out of his mouth. and honestly he couldn’t care less. all he wanted now is to wrap his arms around you again.
“i provided warmth for you last night, it’s only fair that you give me one more hour of sleep.”
your eyes widened a bit at his statement. you didn’t know what to say. “um, uh,”
“come back to bed. please?”
iwaizumi’s normal voice was deep but his morning voice is huskier. and if you hear iwaizumi’s morning voice, how can you say no?
“okay,” you lay back down and iwaizumi wraps his arms around your waist.
“you’re warm. let’s stay like this for one more hour, okay?”
you hid your face in his chest, and you can feel iwaizumi chuckling.
for the next hour, iwaizumi didn’t sleep. he didn’t feel sleepy at all. he just wanted to savour the feeling of you close to him. your face was pressed to his chest, his arms were wrapped around your waist, and your legs were tangled. he pretended to sleep though, but it was obvious to you that he was pretending. i mean, who smiles while sleeping?
miya atsumu was a menace, always going out of his way to annoy you everyday. it feels like his day isn’t complete without seeing that scowl on your face.
“you’ll get wrinkles by frowning all the time,”
he’s leaning by the lockers next to yours with that smug grin of his. it’s already part of his everyday routine to make your day miserable.
you turned to him and glared. “i think the frown is only present when you’re around, miya.”
atsumu pouted dramatically. “miya? i thought we’re on first name basis already?”
“and why would be on first name basis?” your brows furrowed.
“because you like me.”
you rolled your eyes. “you wish.”
“ah, but it’s true! i mean, why else would you flirt with me everyday if you don’t like me. hm?”
you turned to ignore him, trying to get your things before class starts. “it’s you who keeps on bothering me everyday.”
even from the corner of your eye, you can still see that annoying smirk of his that you want to wipe off so bad.
it would always be the same routine. every morning, he would catch you by the lockers and pester you. then during lunch, he would try to sit with you and your friends. and before their practice, he would annoy you and try to convince you to watch their practice.
to watch me be awesome and maybe you’d fall in love with me, he would say.
you still don’t know how and why it started. you were in the middle before you knew you had begun.
“are you insinuating that it’s me who’s flirting with you everyday?”
you paused, getting caught off guard by atsumu’s statement. you’re sure it’s just him trying to get you riled up even more. i mean, that’s what he’s doing, right?
“isn’t that what you’re doing?” you smiled teasingly at him.
you hate how atsumu always makes you play his stupid little games.
he shifted his weight and placed his arm on the top of your locker. “you just noticed it now?”
your eyes widened. yes, he’s blunt but you haven’t heard this before. atsumu can see you getting flustered by his statement and (if it’s possible) his smirk just grew bigger.
hee likes seeing you getting riled up. he likes seeing your reaction towards his teasing and taunting. he likes seeing your expressions whenever he says something flirty. he likes seeing that teasing smile of yours.
he likes seeing you everyday.
“w-what are you on?” you stuttered.
he leaned closer, trying to see your face better. “did you just get flustered?”
“no.” you scoffed.
“then why can’t you look at me in the eye?”
you closed your locker. already had enough of atsumu’s flirting and teasing at the same time. “go to hell, miya.”
“ooh, just admit that you wanna kiss me so bad.”
“what?” you faced atsumu with your brows furrowed.
“well here they are, all ready for you to smooch.” he pouted his lips and started making kissy faces.
you rolled your eyes. “you’re annoying.”
you turned your back on him and started walking away. you can already feel your cheeks heating up. curse atsumu and his stupid flirting, teasing, and taunting. curse his stupid smirk on his stupid handsome face.
“i’ll claim that kiss someday!”
you heard him call after you. curse miya atsumu for making you flustered.
FAKE DATING TROPE — ushijima wakatoshi
ushijima never had a girlfriend before. being the star player of shiratorizawa, his schedule didn’t allow him to find a girlfriend for himself. but that doesn’t stop girls from crushing on him. they would give him gifts, food, and love letters. although ushijima is flattered. he always wanted to reject their gifts for him. i mean, he doesn’t get the reason behind it.
he just shrugged it off for the past few months but it has become worse these past few weeks. since his last year in shiratorizawa is about to end, many girls from different year levels have been following and giving him gifts nonstop.
he wanted to tell them to stop but he doesn’t know how to. so he went to the only person he thought could help him, which is tendou. but ushijima probably forgot the fact that tendou comes up with the craziest randomest ideas sometimes.
“just tell them you have a girlfriend.” tendou smirked as he glanced at ushijima.
ushijima’s brows creased. “but i don’t have a girlfriend.”
tendou shrugged. “i don’t know. make up a fake girlfriend or find a fake girlfriend.”
ushijima hates how tendou’s words can stick with him sometimes. he hates how he always takes tendou’s words into consideration, no matter how random or crazy it is. he lists down all the things he hates about tendou’s crazy ideas as he walks up to you.
you turn around and a smile immediately made its way to your lips. “hi wakatoshi,”
you’re ushijima’s only girl friend. although many girls have a crush on him, none of them actually made a move to befriend him. you’re the only one who was friendly to him with no ulterior motives.
is he really ready to risk this friendship over something trivial?
“do you need anything? you seem distracted.”
he snapped his gaze towards you again and shook his head. “no, no. i just, uh,”
his mouth felt dry and he couldn’t find the right words to say. ushijima scratched the back of his head and looked up to you. “i need to ask you a huge favor,”
you nodded. “sure, what is it?”
“it’s a really big favor.”
you chuckled. “it’s okay, i’ll do whatever i can to help you.”
“canyoubemyfakegirlfriendsothegirlswouldstopbotheringme,” he said all in one breath.
he didn’t think that you’d be able to understand it but felt the air in his lungs come to a stop when he saw you with wide eyes. both of his hands came up to his chest to take back everything he said. ushijima can feel his cheeks burning. shit.
“you want me to be your fake girlfriend?”
he slowly nodded.
there was minute of silence between the two of you. you were still trying to process ushijima’s words. you couldn’t even believe that those words came out of his mouth.
meanwhile, time seemed to drag on for ushijima. he felt more uneasy and nervous as each second passes. he seemed to look at everything except your eyes.
that made him look at you.
“sure, i’ll help you out.”
you can feel the heat rising to your cheeks. saying that ushijima is handsome is an understatement. there’s a reason why he’s so popular with the girls. he’s tall, athletic, handsome, and a gentleman. you aren’t immuned to his attractiveness.
he smiled geniunely. seeing him smile is a rare sight, and it puts a smile on your face instantly.
“thank you.”
and so you two acted like a couple for weeks. he would walk you to your class, and would help you carrying your stuff (even though you told him that it’s okay). he would also walk you home.
i want to make sure that you get home safe, he would say.
the two of you being together all the time made people think that you’re together. word spreaded like fire and the girls that flocked ushijima lessened.
you both aren’t that big on pda since he’s not used to it, but ushijima would always show his affection through simple gestures. he would pat your head, guide you while walking by touching your elbow and arms, and on the rarest occasions, he would give you a hug.
that went on for weeks and the two of you became more comfortable around each other.
he would invite you to watch his practice, and soon you became close with the rest of the shiratorizawa volleyball team.
ushijima and you would spend more time together outside school by stopping by a bakery, cafe or convinience store to grab something to eat.
it was a big game for shiratorizawa and he invited you. honestly, ushijima felt more at ease when you watch his games. he’s always at the top of his game and would get even more motivated when he sees you at the stands.
you hugged his jacket tighter around you. it already became a tradition for him to give you his jacket whenever you would watch his games.
he says that you should wear it so you won’t feel cold. secretly, he would want you to wear it so everyone will know that you’re with him — that you’re his girl. he likes showing you off in the most subtle ways.
it was an intense game and even you can see that ushijima is struggling to outplay the opposing team.
but still, they pulled through and won at the end.
you went down the stands and walked up to him. he was talking with tendou but turned around when semi nudged him.
a smile immediately came to his face when he saw you.
“congrats!” you beamed at him.
to everybody’s your surprise, he engulfed you in a hug. you froze for a second but started to relax, wrapping your arms around him.
he pulled away. “thank you for coming,”
“of course, i wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
for a second ushijima was just admiring your features, his hands still placed on both of your arms. “hey,”
“go out with me.”
your froze again. go out? with him? what does he mean by that?
“but we’re already going out, aren’t we?” you whispered, because it seems like the entire crowd has their eyes on you.
his brows furrowed. “no, for real this time. i like you.”
“okay,” you nodded with a huge smile on your face. “and i like you too, wakatoshi.”
he pressed his lips against yours. the whole crowd seemed to gasp at the sudden affection that ushijima showed. even tendou let out a low whistle.
after you both pulled away, he engulfed you in a hug again. according to tendou, this was the day he saw ushijima smile the most. it was honestly creepy to him (in a good way).
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