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#haikyuu dads
ichigomis · 12 hours ago
featuring haikyuu dads! ღ inspired by this art, check them out!
Tumblr media
has to hold back his tears, every single day; seeing his kids on the brink of tears because of him "leaving" just breaks his heart. he kisses you and the kids goodbye as he blinks back his tears, throat seizing up and avoiding his kids' equally teary puppy eyes. every day, it's like he wasn't going to work, instead it's as if he's going some faraway land and never to come back.
BOKUTO, makki, ATSUMU, tanaka, ASAHI, tendō, sugawara, OIKAWA
dashes out the door as soon as he gets his goodbye kisses; he kisses his kids and you goodbye, lingering just a few seconds more on your forehead, before grabbing his things and dashing out the door. he knows that if he stays home a few moments more, he'll cave in his kids' plea and cute little pouts for him to just stay home.
kyōtani, kageyama, KONOHA, terushima, hoshiumi, AKAASHI, hinata
promises to be home as soon as he can; he promises this as he kisses his little kid's forehead, smiling at the little pout they're making. he's quite a busy man and it will take him extra effort to come home earlier, but he'd do anything just to be able to spend a few extra hours more of his day with his kid and with you.
shirabu, IWAIZUMI, aone, mattsun, ARAN, KITA, yaku, koganegawa, kunimi
cradles and cuddles his kid/s until he gets to his car; his little kid's hands wrap around his neck, head buried on their dad's chest, unwilling to let go. so he lets them and cradles his kid in little pajamas in his arms until he's in front of his car. and you have to "pry" them away from each other or else he really won't leave.
SAKUSA, tsukki, USHIJIMA, meian, semi, KUROO, hirugami, daichi
convinced he'll skip work and just stay home; he drops his bag and puts on his home slippers once more as his kids jump in triumph and joy. just a little pout and a few cute words from his kids and he's 100% taken. besides, missing a day of work just to see those smiles won't do any harm.
suna, nishinoya, kenma, OSAMU, komori, FUTAKUCHI, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
note: this is me working on something completely new and not getting to my wips and requests :(
rbs appreciated *headpats!* » m. list
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dokifluffs · 2 months ago
You’re Safe | Sakusa Kiyoomi
Pairing: Kiyoomi X Reader (female) 
Genre: MAFIA!AU, dad and husbando tehe, fluffy, action? thriller??
Author’s Note: mafia 🤝 protective 🤝 domestic father figure 🤝 SAKUSA
Warnings: k*lling, blood, vivid imagery, LONG, language
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose​ 🖤
“Y/N,” a husky voice spoke your name, pulling you from your much needed rest as life of being a new mother had been challenging though so far, it wasn’t anything you couldn’t handle
“Y/N, darling.”
You groaned in your sleep, not wanting to wake, to leave the warmth that you were so comfortable laying in
The edge of the bed shifted as a weight sat down beside you, making your body move toward the person
You brought yourself to open your eyes as heavy as they were, your vision clearing to find your husband sat beside you, his mask pulled down to his chin
The room was gloomy and gray though the curtains were open, not a bit of sunlight shining through as he looked down to you with gentle eyes
Despite his softer side with you, he was still the head of the clan - and his appearance matched him as well
He donned a black wool overcoat with the same colored turtleneck and mask
“What is it, Omi?” You asked sleepily as he cupped your cheek with his black gloved hand
His black gloves were always an accessory he had on him, whether he was wearing them or not
He had a thing with germs but he also saw no need to get his hands dirty when his men were always there to do the job for him
You nuzzled your face into his touch, very tempted to fall asleep holding him close but as your mind woke up more and more, you remembered what today was
What he had to do, where he had to go
“I’m leaving soon.. I’ll be back in a few days..” he whispered as he moved a strand of your hair from your face
You wanted to pretend you didn’t hear these words, that he never told you he had to leave or when he did
A part of you wished he left without telling you but an even greater part was so grateful that he woke you
“Do you really have to go again?” You squeezed his gloved hand as you sat yourself up straighter
“You know how my father is... He wants to make sure things are... under control.. I promise I’ll be back in two days.”
The way he spoke, the words fell so effortlessly from those lips, his voice low and cutting through the space yet he spoke at a volume as if he was telling you a great secret
“You said that last time and he kept you with him for a couple weeks...” you thought back to that time
You were seven months pregnant, almost eight, at the time and it was like he fell off the face of the earth
You couldn’t go anywhere or do anything but reside in the manor and you couldn’t even talk to him
You were alone again
“Don’t go...”
the nights in bed alone, the cramps, emotional rollercoasters, motion sickness, nausea
You at least wished he could have called you
The nightmares you had, the worst case scenarios playing in your head until you woke up with tears streaming down your face, only for you to cry yourself silently back to sleep as fear pooled and plagued you from within
He could see the sadness in your eyes and he could remember vividly the mental torture he was put under
No communication to you and all he could at most to see you was through the hidden cameras all connected to his phone  
Even checking in on you had to be done in secret, all to make sure that he was strong enough to continue on the family business even if he had to lose you or be away for unpredictable amounts of time
It was unbearable then and it was still unbearable now
He never asked to grow up into the business of the underworld, let alone take it over from his father at the prime age of 20 four years ago
He never wanted your life to be taken away when you two had already been together when he was recruited
“I’m sorry, darling, but you know I have to,” he sighed. “You know how my father is.” He cupped your cheek and kissed your temple then lips before he stood
“Am I going to lose you?” Your voice broke the silence, breaking through the white sound of the downpour outside
But you had stopped your question early
“Am I going to lose you today? Tomorrow? One day?”
He stood frozen in his place before he could reach for the knob
“No, Y/N. You won’t.” His eyes paused for a bit on you as he thought about his response, the fatigue of being a mother was already showing. “I’ll be able to call you this time and I’m the head now. The only title my father has to me now is father.”
“You won’t.” He stepped back over to you leaned down to kiss you again. “Not today at least…”
“I’ll call you at supper time, darling. Have a good day.”
You did your best to hold onto his hand as long as you could, to remember his touch, his voice, his scent, the way he looked before he walked out those doors
Because some days or nights, you never truly know if you would ever see him again
And it terrified you
The sound of the rain only seemed to get more intense now that he was gone and you were here
But now your day was beginning now that you were awake
You slipped out of the king sized bed, leaving the warmth you had slept in as the soft carpet at your feet, your toes sinking into the fibers
Brushing your teeth, showering in the grand bathroom of the manor, it was a life you surely never expected but here you were
Kiyoomi’s father and his entire family had built their name from nothing to the global known corporation that it was today
You dried your body off, finding what to wear today through the walk in closet and once that was found, it was breakfast
“Good morning, madam, shall I bring you your breakfast to the master suite?” Your right hand maid had greeted you as you stepped out as she carried the laundry with her
“Oh, thank you, Olivia, but I’ll head down to the kitchen after waking D/N,” you smiled to the older maid that had worked for the Sakusa family for decades
All the staff that worked and lived in the estates on the property outside of the manor were trained security, men and women, whose jobs were to protect the main family, to serve them, and to keep others who would pose a threat away and out, even if it meant killing them
But you always tried not to think or wonder about how many people these staff have killed or beat up or anything whenever you interacted with them, especially when they greeted you with a smile
They were there to protect you and to make sure that nothing and no would would ever harm your life
You stepped into the nursery, the wide room decorated with warm lights and stuffed animals, some more than twice the size of your daughter
“Hi,” you smiled so brightly seeing your baby’s eyes already open, looking up to you as she sat in her crib, holding onto her blankie. “Good morning precious,” you lowered the front gate of the crib so you could kneel down to her level
Sakusa sat in the limousine as he watched the scene of you and your daughter in the nursery, wishing he could just turn the car around and to stay home
Things were in balance, he knew this already but his father’s orders were orders he still had to respect
He clicked off his phone, tucking the device into his pocket as he was to be in the car for quite a bit of time before he would get to his father’s
The biggest smile spread on her face as she laughed seeing you, her bubbliness seeming to make all the gloominess disappear
“Let’s get you changed~” you chimed as you lifted the baby girl into your arms, getting a whiff of her heavy diaper and finding an outfit for her day 
“Olivia?” You called into the custom intercom by the nursery’s closet, though there was practically one in every room
“Yes, madam?”
“Sorry for troubling you, but could you actually bring breakfast for D/N and I up to the upstairs loft? You could even send it up the dumbwaiter and that’s fine too.”
“Of course, would you like the usual?”
“Yes please, thank you.”
You carried your little girl toward the upstairs loft, one of your favorite areas of the house since it was significantly smaller - well almost - than the living room downstairs
The loft didn’t extend all the way downstairs like how the ground floor’s living room ceiling extended to the second floor
More than ten thousand square feet of property, more rooms in the manor than you knew what to do with them
Four guest bedrooms with full bathrooms, a grand study and two story “little” library, two main bedrooms in addition to the master bedroom and a nursery
So much space, all sorts of technologies, gadgets and gizmos of all sorts in the house
All the systems in the house was made by the Sakusa corporation to ensure security
This even included your and Kiyoomi’s custom made phones
There was also the basement- all sorts of fun activities to be done: a pool, pool table, living room area that opened up to the backyard with the bar and barbecue, the fire pit
and finally, there was the cellar that was the only place Kiyoomi had requested that you never go - and you never did 
You knew that look in his eye, that tone of voice and you knew he had requested this for your best
And most importantly, there were three safe rooms, all three upstairs with hidden entryways to protect you, official guests, and anyone in the family
Before you knew it, Olivia had made her way upstairs with the breakfast as you played with your daughter in the loft, bouncing her on your lap sat on the wide couch
The loft was brightly lit and open, toys of all types for your daughter to play with as the TV played the morning kids show
As filled as the house was with the special staff and things to do, it still felt so lonely and empty as you sat there
You had tried to chat and converse with them but they never loosened up, always keeping all the formalities but it was never any use
The storm outside seemed to be getting worse as your eyes gazed to the horizon, spotting the trees at the edge of the estate where all their branches had been swaying in the wind, the paler, underside of their leaves revealed
Thunder began to rumble in the distance with the occasional flash of lightning but both unbothered your daughter and you as the two of you remained in the loft  
You watched as she rolled about on a blanket, playing with her stuffed animals and the other interactive toys that played music to keep her entertained while you watched the TV, finding nothing remotely as entertaining to watch
But just before you could change the channel to yet another disappointing channel, your attention was pulled to your phone vibrating beside you, your eyes lighting up as you saw the caller ID
“You seem so bored,” Kiyoomi’s deep voice sounded through the phone but he spoke the truth
You were tired and bored but you didn’t want to sleep - it would only make you unable to sleep later tonight anyways
“I am,” you sighed as you muted the TV. “How far out have you gone?”
“Actually, not too far. Only about half an hour since there was a major accident on the highway so we had to take a detour. But traffic is terrible so we were stuck for quite a bit before we could actually exit,” Sakusa almost groaned thinking about the terrible accident
How he was stuck in a single place for practically twenty minutes
“Wow, do you know what happened?”
“Well there was a…” his voice drowned out in your ears as you could hear something that didn’t sound like rain or thunder - they were too distinctly different
Loud bangs echoed in the distance, bringing your attention elsewhere though all you could look was outside the wall window to the dark skies  
But you couldn’t see anything except the normal background of the property but it was just silent again with the white noise of rain washing down the glass, followed by thunder and a flash of lightning as the storm brewed closer and closer
“I’m sorry what? I missed what you said... I think I heard… something weird..” you spoke as you looked outside the windows that looked to the back of the property
You could hear echoes of movement downstairs, the bustling business of the special staff in the house but it sounded standard... or so you thought
“What did you hear?”
“..I don’t know.. maybe it was the storm and I’m just distracted...” you smiled into the phone as you spoke while your daughter happily crawled to you, laying her head on your legs, her puffy cheeks round as ever
“Well, you two were my only source of entertainment so far this trip,” the corner of his lips curled as he picked off small specks off his suit
“That makes one… of us-“ your thought died out in a matter of seconds
You heard louder, clearer bangs while the staff that had been stationed with you just outside the loft talked over their ear coms to another elsewhere
Before you could continue your sentence or call, the bangs only got louder and your body reacted faster than you could say or think
Clear gunshots began firing at the front entrance, echoing off the high walls and ceilings of the manor while the staff worked on securing the doors and all other entrances and possible ones
“Y/N?” Sakusa could only hear the subtle commotion happening but it was clear you weren’t on the phone. “Shit shit shit..” he stayed on the line as he changed to the security cameras he had access to he used to watch you and your guys’ daughter
Looking through the camera surveillance, he caught a glimpse of you disappearing with your phone in hand while your arms carried your daughter as you disappeared toward the bedroom
“Turn back now,” Kiyoomi howled as his driver did just that, not wasting a single second
You ran into the master suite’s walk in closet that led to the entryway of one of the safe rooms, your baby girl in your arms as she held on to you  her whines already beginning before they would turn into cries
“Shh, it’s okay, baby, mama’s gonna protect you,” you smiled, whispering, your voice already shaky, lips trembling as you pressed a little kiss to the top of her head. “Even if it costs my life, precious.”
You moved, leaving the master suite and stayed low as you walked across the “bridge” that connected the loft to the other half of the house
Peeking down, you could hear groans of agony, puddles and splashes of of blood on the floor and walls, empty bullet shells on the ground, shards of glass and broken windows
“Search the house, find that bitch,” a deep voice yelled through the manor as for the first time since the loud bangs happened, it sounded so still, like any normal rainy day
But this was far from normal
You crawled across the marble flooring toward the library
There wasn’t any safe room here but the safe rooms were sure to be where they would look, whoever they were
They were able to get through the security, it seemed like the staff was dead
You silently stood as they scoured the lower levels - you could hear them and all the destruction they were havocking
The cars outside the window blurred into mere colors that passed as the limousine sped through the roads back towards the manor
To save time, they went toward the back roads — it was just the slightest bit longer but time could be shaved down since there were no cars anywhere
“Step on it!” Sakusa commanded as his men readied themselves. “Call in Unit 0,” he demanded as he kept his eyes on the cameras, trying to find you yet he couldn’t see you in the master suite’s safe room
Unit 0 being one of the few very highly trained professional assassins and killers who were at the disposal of the Sakusa family whenever needed
He scoured through the cameras, not even caring about all the destruction being done, all he needed to see was where you and your daughter were
You carefully entered the library, shutting the door behind you as you walked over the wooden floors carefully
Every step made your palms sweaty but your heart stopped after hearing a loud creak in the old floors
The worst part was that there was no way to lock the doors
outside of the door, you couldn’t hear too much but you could still clearly hear the storm as a great big window stretched from the floor to ceiling so all the lighting in here was natural
There was something about the walls surrounding the library that made it sound proof in a sense
You constantly bounced your baby girl in your arms to keep her calm as you tried to get a look outside as you approached one of the corners toward the window
“Search upstairs,” one of the men demanded as a handful of men ran upstairs. “Find her.”
The scoured through all the rooms, flipping every room apart, destroying things, tearing the curtains off, flipping the beds, wrecking the nursery
You peeked out the window that faced the front of the manor yet all you could see were broken things and to your horror, more lifeless bodies of the manor’s staff
But before you could look out any longer, a large rock was launched at the window, breaking the glass, shattering it
Your baby girl let out a loud cry in fear, making your heart drop
“No, D/N, shhhh, please, it’ll be okay, we’ll be okay.” You quickly pulled open the latch to the library’s hidden passage where the door was one of the bookcases
As soon as you closed the bookcase, you heard the door to the library burst open
Several men, guns ready
You scanned your finger print for the room to be safely locked however it wouldn’t let you. All you could do to make sure the room was locked was to see your body to keep the door shut and still
They walked through the wide open doorway to the library scanning the two open floors that was connected by two black steel staircases that wound their way up and down, connecting the two floors
“Shh, please,” you whimpered to your daughter as she cried into your chest as you stayed by the passage’s door so you could look out the peephole
They pulled books off the shelves, throwing them from the second level to the first, knocking the paintings off the walls, ripping them by sliding their knives through the canvas’, kicking them, breaking the frames
The ground shook as you heard a a loud boom, making you jump in your spot, the ground rumbling and shaking below where you sat
It sounded like a bomb went off on the lower level but you assumed it was the cars in the garage since you could hear the repeating alarm sounding off
Your daughters cries began to start back up at the loud noise, as you did your best to shush her
“Shhh, it’s okay,” you whispered to her as you wiped her tears, keeping her face to your chest as you stroked your trembling hand down her back as tears trickled down your cheeks and dripped off your chin
The limousine slid on the gravel outside the manor as Sakusa’s men sprang to action from the vehicle
Kiyoomi stayed in his seat, continuously scouring through the cameras but you were yet to be found
He couldn’t find a single trace of you
His men, as well as unit 0, entered through the blown open entrance, broken shards of glass crunching beneath their steps as they surrounded the estate the best they could, splitting up to eliminate the intruders
“Where are you, Y/N?” His heart hammered in his chest as he desperately tried to find you yet nothing
But before he could look any further, his heart dropped seeing the red system failure message. Whoever these people were, they were impressive, but not fast enough
Kiyoomi now meant business now that he had no access to actually see if you were okay
He ran out of the limousine as gunshots could be heard all throughout the house as half his men made their way to the upper level while the other half wiped out the intruders on the lower level
He followed behind unit 0, making their way upstairs
He clung onto his gun tightly in his hand, finger ready on the trigger as he barged into the master suite, firing two bullets into the chest and head of a large man as he was pillaging the closets
All the precious jewelry he bought for you were now stained in the pool of the filthy blood of the man who had the audacity to enter the premises
His heart almost dropped seeing him in the closet in the first place but it didn’t seem like the man noticed the entrance to the safe room behind the clothes on the hangers
As he pushed the luxurious wardrobe aside opening the door and to his fear, you were nowhere to be seen
More gunshots sounded off, echoing through the halls, sounding off the walls
He couldn’t focus, his thoughts incoherent, unfinished sentences running in his head as he just ran, killing those in his way to find you
A gun war was going off throughout the library as Sakusa’s men fired at the intruders on both levels but they had great firepower too
Both sides hid behind the marble pillars, the different bookshelves and furniture in the room as the rain showered in
Your baby girl cried loudly, her shaken cries sounding off throughout the passage
“No, no, no, please, baby.” Your heart raced as you dared to look out the peephole, only for it to drop as you saw a man you didn’t recognize yell something to another man near him
The man he yelled to fired more shots while the other one approached the passage entrance, banging noises coming through the bookshelf
“She’s in here! Hold them off!” The man yelled
“No, no, no.” Tears welled in your eyes as you did your best to keep the door closed but there was no actual way to since this was just a simple passageway
Your daughter cried loudly in your arms while you gave it your all to keep the door closed
Amongst all the shots being fired, Kiyoomi heard the words the man yelled and then it clicked
He knew where you were
“No.” This one word repeated in his head as he pushed through the front, racing past the bullets being shot towards him as he ran on pure adrenaline
“Boss, no!” His men yelled but this only got the intruders to focus on him, giving them the opening to shoot them all
Kiyoomi shot the man closer to him in the legs before letting his body move on pure killer instinct as he grabbed the man who had fallen to his knees by his jaw, snapping his neck
The other man changed his focus to Kiyoomi as he stood to his feet while the other struggled to pull his gun from his holster
Kiyoomi towered over him as his body moved on his own
He kicked the man to the wall, pressing the barrel of his gun to the man’s chin, pulling the trigger without a second thought
You squeeze your eyes shut, facing the other way from the door, bracing yourself
“I love you. Mama loves you, baby,” you whispered as you cried, a loud rumbling filling your ears as you felt the door being forced open
This was it
You were going to die
Your daughter was doing to die
you let out a blood curtling scream feeling the hands of whoever grab onto you, pulling you, kicking your legs to try to fight 
“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N!” Kiyoomi’s familiar voice sounded louder and louder over the rumbling you heard in your ears from clenching and bracing your body and your daughter’s
“It’s me, It’s just me!” He soothed you as he turned you
You couldn’t explain or even begin to describe the relief you felt wash through your body, your heart racing and slowing down at the same time as you broke down, your cries mixing with your daughter’s
“You’re safe, I’m here,” Kiyoomi pulled you into his arms, your body shaking terribly in his arms as you cried into his chest, all the fear you felt flooding your senses
“I know, I’m sorry this happened, but you’re okay. Everything will be okay,” he whispered as he pulled you into his lap, keeping the passage door somewhat closed
You were already put through enough today and he didn’t need you to see the second degree murder crime scene he had committed right outside
“I’m here, I’m here.” He reached up and pulled his mask off as he kissed the top of your head all over, wiping away your tears with his thumbs but you couldn’t stop crying
But that was entirely fine
“But Y/N,” he held your face in his bare hands, his normal gloves off as he stroked his thumb over your cold, damp cheeks
“Why didn’t you go into the safe rooms, darling?” His own voice was unsteady, his lips quivered, eyes teary. “I looked for you and I couldn’t find you and I thought I lost you..” His voice broke off as he gathered himself the best he could, taking deep breaths
Seeing Kiyoomi like this, it broke your heart even more
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what… I was just scared and- and-“ It hurt you so much
Everything about today did
But just this moment was Kiyoomi, it also touched you
He was such a stoic man, usually one to show a softer, affectionate side with you but this was the first time you saw him shed tears
A man who had taken so many lives was now showing his true emotions for the two lives he would give his own live for a hundred times over if it meant you and your daughter was okay
“I know, I know, but you’re safe,” he let out a deep, relieving breath as he hugged your head closer, your body shaking uncontrollably in his arms
“And hey, shhh, it’s okay baby. Papa’s here.” He stroked your daughter’s head as she sort of calmed down as the two of you sat together, doing your best as parents to shoo away her sadness while his men did their best to first and foremost clear the bodies and blood
You absolutely did not need to see that after today
“You two are both safe.” He breathed as he pulled you two impossibly closer, letting the shakiness of his own heart disperse  
“You’re safe…”
~~~~~ Thanks for reading! Masterlist for more! Please do not repost anywhere else! 
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sunalma · 5 months ago
in which suna and you babysit osamu’s daughter for an entire day
Tumblr media
-> this is the consequence of being moots with the queen of baby fevers @tsukkisfatsimp
-> genre : fluffy af, but the ending is even fluffier :0 | word count : 2.4k (yeah....)
-> timeskip!suna x f!reader (ft. osamu and a tiny bit of atsumu)
Tumblr media
it’s 8am when osamu’s familiar knock on your front door pulls you out of your thoughts and makes you put your coffee cup down. breakfast isn’t ready yet, but you sure are.
you’re rather quick to open the door, behind which osamu seems to be much more struggling with the two bags swung over his shoulder than with his daughter happily sitting on his left arm.
« i’ll pick her up around 8 if that’s ok with ya » he tells you as you outstretch your arms to relieve him from her featherlight weight. « lemme guess, suna’s still asleep ? » he asks, putting the bags down in your hall with a sigh of relief.
you nod evasively, already too busy poking the soft chubby cheeks of his undoubtedly well-fed daughter, who’s eyeing you with curious eyes.
« does he know that- »
« he doesn’t know anything » you whisper with a smirk at the thought that he still has no idea of what your day is going to look like.
« well, she’s been callin’ for him all mornin’ so he better brace himself - she might be clingy »
i sure hope she will, you think to yourself as osamu gives you some last-minute instructions, before leaving a kiss on his daughter’s forehead and walking back to his car - not without one last wave and blown kiss.
« alright sweetie, now that daddy’s gone… let’s go wake your uncle up » you smile mischievously at her and she immediately mimics your expression with a toothless grin.
and that grin grows two times bigger the moment her tiny hand pushes open your bedroom door : you could almost tell the exact moment she recognizes the person under the heap of blankets on your bed.
« go wake him up » you whisper to her ear as you carefully put her down, mindful that she’s only been walking for a few weeks. but you’re pretty sure that suna’s fully awake now anyways.
and the little girl does not go in for subtleties, shaking his shoulders and pulling the covers away from him until she sees both his eyes open. and although he’s quick to grab her with one hand to make her sit on top of him, his voice carries the consequences of going to bed at 4am. but the resonance of his voice in his chest only make the little girl giggle even more.
« hi stinky, came to bother me again? », he pinches her cheeks with a smirk before looking at you : « how long do we have to watch her? three hours, like last time? »
you fiddle with your fingers and press your lips in a thin line : « samu’s picking her up at 8 ». and, like she’s trying to punctuate your sentence, her tiny hands start to happily tug on suna’s t-shirt.
today might be long.
Tumblr media
it’s 9am and probably the first time in months that suna is having a proper breakfast on a saturday morning. that is, if eating on the couch in front of « the aristocats » can even be considered a proper breakfast.
« samu brought books and games for her, you know? » you ask, snapping your fingers in front of his face since he seems to be much more engrossed in the movie than she is, « you should play together ».
raising a surprised eyebrow, suna pats his movie partner on the shoulder : « hey stinky, wanna continue watching the cats? », and obviously she nods enthusiastically. because why would she say no?
and so he turns back at you with a victorious smile, before grabbing your hand and placing a quick kiss on your knuckle : « wanna watch with us? ».
then again… why would you say no ?
but although he might have won during breakfast, you’re not letting him get away with lunch, and literally put the jars of baby food in his hands before he has the time to avoid any responsibility. because you’ve already told him countless times that ‘babysitting is not supposed to be a movie marathon’.
and he acts cocky at first, reminding you of how many times he’s fed his little sister when she was just a toddler.
but his confidence vanishes at soon at the first spoonful of mashed carrots is spat right back in his face. observing from behind the counter, you’re incapable of holding back a snort in front of his disgusted face.
« i bet atsumu taught her that… » he mumbles between his teeth, grabbing a tissue to wipe his face and hers before getting up to throw it in the trash behind you.
« think this is funny, mmh? » he raises an eyebrow - and you’re unfortunately too slow to dodge the tissue he’s shoving in your face.
it’s now your turn to let out a disgusted whine, hitting his arm to make him stop.
« have you lost your mind? » he gasps offended my. « using violence in front of a child? »
but the child in question is not even paying attention to you… happily gurgling in her high chair, her cheeks seem full. and it’s clearly not of mashed carrots.
« what’s that in your mouth? » suna’s the first to react.
an inaudible noise bubbles out of her lips, and you’re only now noticing the wet chunk of bread she’s squeezing between her fingers. she must’ve grabbed it on the table when suna was too busy acting like a child with his tissue.
« wan’ some? » she asks very naturally, spitting out the soggy bread in her hand before handing it to suna who looks even more disgusted than before.
« no thanks. you can keep it » he laughs, sitting back on his chair and grabbing the plastic spoon he had left in the jar. « you know, your dad used to do the same thing after eating all my food… » he sighs as she happily keeps on chewing on her bread.
as for you, you stay behind the counter and observe him coming up with various stratagems to make her eat. swinging the spoon from left to right, up and down, even threatening to eat the food himself... it’s clear he hasn’t lost his older brother habits.
and the more the day progresses, the more memories samu’s daughter seems to bring back to him. from styling her hair the way she basically ordered him to, to the entire hour he spent taking pictures of her in that new purple dress she insisted on bringing here, you haven’t seen him that invested in something in a long time.
before you know it, it’s 4pm already - and you remember osamu’s instructions about her afternoon nap : « two to three hours, and she might get clingy ».
without much conviction, you ask her if she’d like to come with you to get changed for her nap. but she starts to cry before you can even pick her up, wiggling out of your embrace as she crawls to the couch where suna’s laying on.
« damn, she’s even clingier than you… » he chuckles, picking her up with one arm and putting his phone in his pocket with the other. « didn’t know that was possible », he winks after a quick kiss on your forehead. 
but once again, his new best friend doesn’t miss a thing of what he’s doing. letting out an excited squeal, she opens her eyes wide like she’s just realized how fun forehead kisses are. and obviously she has to try it out on suna, because 1. he’s within her reach, and 2. he’s clearly her favorite.
putting both her hands on his temples, she leaves a loud - not to mention slobbery - kiss on his forehead before enthusiastically patting his head like some sort of reward for staying still.
« thank you princess » he replies with a kiss on her cheek that has her squealing once again, « let’s go to bed now »
letting him handle the whole pre-napping protocole, you decide to stay downstairs to tidy your messy living room.
but as you put her toys back in her bags, something catches your attention - something that you had forgotten about. and osamu’s voice comes back to your mind, clear as ever « there’s a built-in baby monitor in her crib, here’s the other one. ya just have to click on that button to hear or talk to her »
you debate with yourself for a few seconds : can turning this on be considered an invasion of your boyfriend’s privacy?
well, not if he never finds out about it…
so you click on that button. and what you hear is close to be the most wholesome thing you’ve ever heard :
on the other end of the line, a high-pitched voice is singing what seems to be her favorite song from « the aristocats », and you can guess that suna’s most likely recording it, not forgetting to slip in a few compliments on her performance.
she likes to have a public, that’s for sure.
« alright superstar, now you really have to sleep or i’m gonna get scolded » he eventually interrupts her singing, finally putting her in bed. but she doesn’t seem willing to do as told…
« no no no, don’t give me those eyes… », you hear, and it sounds more like a supplication than an order. you know suna too well, he won’t resist her puppy eyes.
« fine… i’ll stay with you for a bit » he sighs, probably sitting down on the floor right next to her crib. 
you were right.
but suna’s definition of ‘for a bit’ must be different from yours since he still hasn’t come back after thirty minutes. and you obviously suspect why… but still decide to go upstairs just to confirm your hypothesis.
which is why you’re not really surprised to see suna sound asleep on the hard floor while she’s comfortably tucked in her sleep suit, her hand holding his pinky between the wooden bars.
since he must be in a terribly uncomfortable position, you’re quick to take a picture of this heartwarming scene before quietly waking him up.
opening one eye, suna winces in pain as he sits up with a frown. « well shit, i don’t even remember falling asleep » he whispers, freeing his own pinky before finally standing up and following you out of the bedroom.
« seems like you’ve got yourself a new fan » you smile after closing the door, « atsumu’s not gonna like that ».
he immediately smiles back at you : « that’s the whole point »
back in the living room and happy to finally get some rest, you decide to lay down on the couch with your head on his lap. 
« samu’s picking her up at 8, yeah? » suna asks you, one hand mindlessly playing with your hair.
you slightly nod your head.
« let’s go out for dinner tonight » he blurts out, « i don’t feel like cooking and we haven’t done that in a while »
surprised, but obviously not complaining, you nod your head a bit more enthusiastically this time, tugging on his t-shirt to make him bend over and have an easier access to his lips.
Tumblr media
osamu’s knock on your door at 7.54pm comes much quicker than you would’ve thought. not to mention that it interrupts the performance of his daughter - once again wearing her new purple dress - who’s showing you and suna her most amazing, breathtaking, showstopping dance moves on your bed, which seems to have been turned into a stage for the occasion.
and since suna is too busy filming the video of the century, you decide to go get the door.
« everything went good? » osamu asks you with a slightly worried tone.
letting him in, you don’t even bother to answer since the music and gibberish singing coming from upstairs is probably enough to understand that yes, everything went good.
« i think she’s having the time of her life right now » you smile as you both head to the living room to pick up her toys and bags. « and you didn’t lie, she stayed glued to rin the whole time »
« i told ya… it’s driving tsumu crazy » he laughs, remembering that time his brother almost cried because she had ran to suna’s arms before his. 
but his next words are spoken much more quietly, almost a whisper : « so… ya feel ready to tell him now? »
« yeah, i think so » you answer just as quietly, « i don’t even know why i was nervous… i just think i needed today to remind me of how good he is with kids »
osamu lets out another chuckle, still keeping his voice low. « wait ‘till ya see the way he’ll act with his own kid » he smiles encouragingly, resting a hand on your stomach. « d’ya think ya’ll tell him tonight ? »
picking up the last toys on the couch, you share with him the idea you’ve been brewing up all afternoon. « apparently he’s taking me out to dinner so… yeah. seems like a good- »
but your sentence is left unfinished as you hear hurried footsteps coming down the stairs, followed by little squeals of excitement that only stop once samu has taken his daughter from suna’s arms. 
he doesn’t even need to ask if she’s had a good time here, it’s written all over her cheerful face.
swinging his bags over his shoulders as you all head towards the front door, osamu and his little girl thank you both warmly for today - with a special mention to suna and his unfailing patience.
and on his way back to his car, the twin can’t help but to give one last glance at the door, from where you’re still waving at his daughter, suna’s chin resting on your shoulder. 
with a smile spread on his lips, he begins to wonder what will happen first tonight… your announcement ? or his best friend’s proposal ?
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @toworuu @catwithangerissues @ughgojo @livy384 @k0u-minamo2 @fullsundear @hsjvwq @cubbluv @hiraeth-z @velvetvirgos @kohi-zeri @kirishimas-manly-eyeliner @47meow @japanesevenom @geektastic84 @idontlikeyourjob @seiri-ami @admiringlove @nachotrash @kellesvt @aintyourholy @Moonlaeli @catchmewiddershins @duhsies @devilgirlcrybabiey @crystal-lilac @ijustwantfreenetflix @miw0 @maitenight @xomiya @shoyotime @ebiharachan @smolmo @lilliansis @tsukkisfatsimp
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atsuvu · 2 months ago
when his daughter calls him by his first name (part 2); various
Tumblr media
gn!reader x ushijima wakatoshi, miya atsumu, nishinoya yuu, miya osamu (separately)
0.7k words
warnings: food mention (ushijima, osamu)
a/n: i made a part 2! i know @hitokas-angel said they liked part one so I made another because why not :/
part 1
Tumblr media
u. wakatoshi
As soon as the door cracked open, Wakatoshi could hear the energetic footsteps of his little girl running to greet him after practice. A smile naturally found its way to his face as he dropped his bag and crouched open-armed for a hug. The little girl crashed into his embrace, hugging his neck as if she were begging to be carried. 
He made his way to the kitchen where you were baking brownies for a welcome back kiss, after which your daughter made her demand.
“Wakatoshi. Down.” Your gaze shifted to her, eyes wide. 
“Looks like someone’s got an attitude,” you mused. Wakatoshi merely frowned. 
“Hey now, that’s not how you ask to be set down, pumpkin,” he murmured, adjusting the bow in her hair.
“Daddy, put me down please,” she requested.
“That’s my girl,” he praised, lowering her with a kiss to her hairline. She quickly ran off to find a toy to play with, leaving you to turn to your husband with a raised eyebrow.
“You’re magic. She’d never do that if I had asked.” He shrugged. “I’m sorry, I’ll see what I can do, love.”
m. atsumu
“Hey, princess, we’re going to Uncle ‘Samu’s for dinner tonight, okay, do ya wanna wear yer new dress so you can show yer cousins?” Atsumu called, entering his girl’s bedroom. “Ya can wear yer jeans and Daddy’s jersey otherwise,” he added, noticing that’s what you’d dressed her in this morning after he’d left for practice.
“No!” She yelled defensively. “Wanna wear Daddy’s jersey,” she mumbled while she twiddled her thumbs. Atsumu couldn’t help the grin that spread across his face. 
“‘Atta girl, wearin’ ma Black Jackals jersey. ‘Ts yer last name too, ya know,” he gushed, picking her up to bring her to the living room couch, where you had her shoes ready to be put on. He placed her on his shoulders where she liked to sit, and like always, she weaved her small hands through his hair, grabbing strands like joysticks to steer.
“Onward, ‘Tsumu!” Her dad immediately froze, not taking another step. 
“Why’d ya have ta wound me like that, baby girl? ‘M yer father, only very special grown-ups get ta call me that!” He whined, finally reaching you on the couch. You watched incredulously as he place her on the couch.
“Okay, then when ‘m a grown-up, I’m gonna call ya ‘Tsumu!” She exclaimed. He locked eyes with you and you shook your head, chuckling a bit. 
“Saw that one coming.”
n. yuu
“Hey there, sunshine, wake up! We’ve got a family picnic planned today, you can’t miss it!” Yuu greeted, brushing hair out of his daughter’s face as she arose from her slumber. She groaned, not yet fully awake.
“No,” she whined, dragging out the vowel. “Go away, Yuu.” His eyebrows shot up and his eyes widened. He wasn’t offended, really, it was more of a surprise. He giggled, gently shaking his daughter’s form under the blankets.
“What was that all about, Squirt? You’re a silly one, aren’t you? Well let’s get going, I don’t want to get in trouble with the others when we’re late because you refused to get up, sleepyhead. You can nap during the car ride there.”
bonus: m. osamu
When you carried your little pride and joy into Onigiri Miya, she was beyond excited to see her father. While you and Osamu were blissfully unaware, she plotted a seemingly harmless prank to pull on her dad. Little did she know, it would later come back to kick her.
You set her down so she could run over to Osamu, and she immediately made a beeline for the front counter. As the two of them opened their arms for a hug, she cried,
You’d never seen your husband dodge anything so quickly. He retracted his arms and stepped back behind the cash register before she could tackle him.
“Why would ya do that ta yer father like that, cupcake? How dare ya insult me like so! ‘M not half as ugly as Uncle ‘Tsumu, ‘nd I’m much harder workin’ than him too! Ya don’t see him here runnin’ the restaurant!” She simply smirked and giggled as Osamu began to attack her sides with tickles. Picking her up, he whispered to you once you reached his side, “I’m givin’ her an extra salty onigiri.”
“You wouldn’t!”
“Watch me.”
Tumblr media
do not copy, claim, or repost
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bokutoslittledoll · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
FEATURING: Bokuto, Suna , Oikawa , Iwaizumi, 
Genre: Fluff, fluff and fluff.
A/N: I really don't like how it is executed but I am still gonna post this.
Not proofread though so forgive me for any mistakes. Sumimasen🙏
Tumblr media
▪️Bokuto (3 years old):
Bokuto had been lazing around in the living room since the afternoon. His insides were at warmth with the relief of not having to go to practice tomorrow. He propped his feet up at the couch heads and closed his eyes in content. Soon, his snores filled the whole room. This dual colour haired spiker had already dozed off. Meanwhile, you and your 3 year old daughter were already scurrying off to the kitchen. Taking out all the ingredients and preparing to bake a cake for the birthday boy, in order to wish him on 12 o’clock. He was oblivious of the little adventure you and your daughter seemed to have. She was a giggling mess as she helped her mom in cracking the eggs, sifting the flour and putting up little pieces of decorations. The cake was baked perfectly without any hindrance and you guys barely seemed to hold your excitement in. Bokuto as a dad , did more than you fathomed. His protectiveness for you and both of your daughter was praiseworthy. The playfulness he shows whenever his daughter hosts a tea party and invites him. The way he cages you and her in sleep and always gives the goodnight kisses just warms your heart. The way he peppered your face in kisses as you gave birth and to this date, praises you often as to how good of a mother you are. You ponder that this could be the least thing to do for this awesome man in your life.
  The day rolled over to night time as Bokuto headed to your shared room and you on the pretext of cleaning up a little bit more, took out the cake from refrigerator and put an owl candle on top. You had taken you guys’ daughter with you so you were sure Bokuto would come to the living area to find you both. And he did. 
The lights were dimmed as the roomed was flooded with the candle lights. Bokuto stopped dead in his tracks as he heard the sweetest melody of “Happy Birthday” coming from his wife and his daughter. Her daughter jumping in your lap and grinned ear to ear while exclaiming, “Happy Birthday, Dada. I made cake” and she clapped. Bokuto went up to hug both of you and you saw the tears cascading down his cheeks. He took his daughter in his lap and peppered her faces with kisses while muttering thank you every 2 seconds. His daughter seeing Bokuto in joyful tears, took her chubby hand and wiped his tears saying, “No more cry, dada”. You guys laugh as he says, “No tears” and pulls you close. He pecks your forehead and whispers,
“I love you guys so much. This is my best birthday ever".
▪️Suna (5 years old):
It was Saturday morning when you and your 5 year old daughter got the inspiration of baking a cake for Suna on Fathers Day and surprise him at midnight. Fortunately, your daughter inheriting you maturity and kept it quiet until Suna left for practice. You guys took a tour to the grocery store after lunch and bought the essentials for baking and got to work immediately. Suna was still at gym so you guys had a clear coast. You efficiently directed her to bake the little cupcakes as she insisted on baking it alone for her “Super Dada”. The main reason behind your little mission was Suna’s off demeanor. Your eyes had always caught Sunas face whenever your daughter preferred you over him. Whenever your daughter insisted you to read the bedtime story and wanted you to feed her. Suna being the naturally quiet person couldn’t help but brood over this. All these felt okay, even for him, since he often had big tournaments and matches, but soon enough his thoughts clouded over the fact that his daughter is purposely distancing herself from him and this was no less thing to scare Suna. He loved his little angel way too much. Yet, Suna had let this insecurity brew in himself and thought his daughter hates him. But you noticed and your heart squeezed sadly at this. 
And what could be the perfect moment to cut his self destructive thoughts other than Fathers Day itself? Especially when his daughter loves her dada unconditionally and often lets him rest by not pestering him. The cupcakes were fully ready almost, with little decorations of volleyball and chocolate frosting. Little sprinkles and a volleyball shaped cake in middle with blue and yellow icing that your daughter handpicked herself. You looked at the cakes that couldn’t be more perfect and anticipation bubbled inside you at the thought of Sunas reaction. By evening, the cakes were put up in the freezer to solidify the icings and next was Sunas arrival. You knew he would be a bit late so you both finished dinner by the time he came. As Suna stepped into the threshold of his home, his daughter exclaimed “Welcomeee” with a tinkling laugh that warmed Sunas heart. She gave him a hug that seeped all the fatigue from his body.
He headed to his room , freshened up and laid down a bit. Today had indeed seemed long. As he stared at the ceiling, his eyes drooped and the room filled with his deep breath and occasional snores. 
Suddenly some shaking woke him up as he rubs his eyes to see his daughter sitting atop him with a toothy smile.
“Dada, wake up and come on” she said as she jumped a with enthusiasm.
“What’s up, little angel? Is it morning already?” he asks with a little raspy voice from sleep. His daughter seemed more close to him today and this made him exuberant. She slipped down to the floor from his lap and padded her way to the hallway. Suna followed suit. Light was spilling from the hallway as he proceeded there. His eyes popped open.
There you were, standing in middle, holding a tray full of cakes. A beautiful smile etched on your face. You daughter ran and picked up a cake and moved towards Suna. He picked her up and she fed him the cake.
“You know, she made his for you. Without any help.” you said. He took your hand and pulled you close to himself. You side hug him. Bringing your mouth close to his ears, you whisper,
“She loves you dearly, Rin. More than anything”
Suna was almost to the verge of tears as he hugs you and his daughter tightly. His little family.
“Alright, angel. Time for sweets. Mumma can compromise the sweet tooth today what say?” He says while nosing her cheek. She giggles in response.
“Okie, Dada.”
▪️Oikawa (4 years old): 
Oikawa had a busy schedule. Balancing his work life and personal life was not an easy feat. Not when you are a star volleyball player and also a husband and father of a 4 year old. His love for Volleyball was still the same. He was still the same. The undying passion driving him to overwork. You were there to keep him grounded but still there were days he would be busy from sunrise to sunset. At his own will.
It was a stifling hot time of July when he had woken up early for his practice. You were sleeping peacefully beside him. He got ready, kissed you on forehead. He passed his daughters room. Her hands above her head as she slept with her mouth open. He kissed her for a long time and departed, skipping breakfast. Forgetting amidst all the things that today was his birthday. 
You had woken up shortly afterwards and seeing his absence, you felt a twinge of sadness for him. You were pretty sure he had forgotten his birthday today and you were right. Seeing him being this worked out induced something in you. You walked to you daughter to wake her up. You enthusiastically say,
“Princess, will you help me make a cake for dada? Wake up. Up. Up. Up.” you usher her as she sprang from her bed. 
It was around midday when you guys started preparing the birthday cake. You decided to make it milkbread themed, seeing as its your daughters favourite too. Inheriting from her dad. You guys finished it around late afternoon and kept it frozen. Waiting for the setter to arrive home. 
Meanwhile, Oikawa had visited gym, and was hoarded by tons of wishes and cheering. His mind suddenly clicking that it was his birthday. He remembers not meeting you nor his daughter and guilt crept up in him. He looks at his phone, you hadn’t called him today. Nor there were any messages from you. 
He ponders whether you are angry or something. He wraps up the practice early and rushes to his home soon after evening. 
He brings take away from his and your favourite restaurant as his treat and also a token of apology. He arrives home, which was empty. The kitchen was dark and so was the hallway. He gets a little nervous at this eerie silence. Soon this silence is cut off by the sweet Happy Birthday song coming from you and your daughter as you both hurtled yourselves in him. His face broke into a smile and he hugs you both. His daughter squealing in excitement at this joyous air. His insides were flooding with relief 
“Daddy, daddy. I made cake with momma today.”
“Really? Did my princess grow up so big already?” he says while blowing raspberries in her bubbly cheek. She laughs in return and you chuckle at their antics. 
You tug his hand to bring him to the living room and there it was,
Decorations hanging from ceiling and a “Happy Birthday Toru” banner hanging behind a table. The table had a cake which was designed as milkbread and little marshmallows in one bowl and surrounding the cake. His chest swelled in pride at what his daughter did for him.
Oikawa brings out his phones and starts clicking pictures of both the decorations and cake, small videos of his daughter and himself as he brags to the world, how amazing of a daughter he has. You stand in a corner as you mockingly exclaim,
“You know Toru, I helped too” smiling as he looks at you wide eyed. “no, its only daddy- daughter time, go away”. You scoff as he pulls you close to him.
“And world, this is my wife, who brought this little angel to life and gave me the best present ever”
You smile serenely at how content he looks after such a tiring day. He dives in for the cake with his daughter, as if he turned to the same age as her.
You look at them happily when Oikawa again broke the comfortable silence,
“Babe, I am thinking of taking a day off tomorrow and lets go somewhere for a drive and picnic, shall we? Its my treat” You lit up at his statement and exclaim exuberantly,
“Sure, Toru. God, I love you. I was about to say that. You have been working way too hard these days” you chirp up.
“Tomorrow it is then, but now lets eat the meal I bought”
The evening was pretty colorful for Toru.
▪️Iwaizumi (3 years old):
It has been 3 years since Iwaizumi Hajime became a father. And in these three years , he left no complain for anyone towards him, as a role of a Dad. He has been the amazing husband and even more amazing father you could have ever wished for your daughter. Spoiling her with everything, bringing gifts and chocolates. Being her play partner and taking part in pestering you together.
 Amidst all the roles he plays, you realise he is not reverting back to the old Iwaizumi. The Iwaizumi who loved going out with his friends, no matter how irked he looked. The Iwaizumi who would go for random dates. The Iwaizumi who would binge watch Godzilla movies all day long , because that is replaced by Paw Petrol and dates converted to little tea parties your 3 year old daughter has. Not that it is something you and he complains about but understanding and knowing him inside out, you know, he misses those things somedays. You do too. He had been feeling down and this caught your attention. You felt dejected for him, wanting to do something to lift this heavy feeling from him.
And not to mention the increased added pressure his work now possess, often has him coming home and fall limp straight over you, snoring loudly. This was a similar night like this. His body was draped over you as he nuzzled in your neck and you were combing your hand through his hair. The epiphany suddenly hit you that tomorrow is Father’s Day. Well, today, as the clock stated its 12:30 a.m. Hajime had work even tomorrow and this was perfect for you to surprise him. You brought your phone close to you and saw a perfect cake for him. Even better, a perfect person to do this. You smile as you wrap yourself around him more securely and drift of to sleep.
The next morning, Hajime kissed you and his daughter before going out.
“Bye, little mochi.” he said while leaving. You daughter continued playing as you crouch down before her and say,
“Wanna help me surprise daddy, mochi?” you say. You daughter eyes you curiously as you pick her up and head outside. As planned, you buy the ingredients and return home. Your daughter squealing happily at her moms new endeavor. You let her do the work and shoot a video of it for Hajime. Occasionally , ushering your daughter to say something to the camera, targeted for her dad. 
Finally, some toddler disaster later, the cakes were perfectly baked and ready to present. 
Hajime arrived that evening. You guys were sitting stiffly on the sofa, waiting for his arrival. He opens the door and finds you both hurtling towards him. A grin split into his face at this warm welcome. You guys take out the cake and bring it to Hajime, he sits on the table while placing your daughter in his lap. The video you shot earlier was being played. He looked at that in awe as he saw his daughter mentions him often, saying.
“For you, dadaa” she chirps up. 
You can see Hajimes eyes welling up as he holds his little girl more firmly in his grasp. You put your head against his shoulders. As the video ended, you mumble,
“How was it Hajime? He remains silent. Just holding on to his little girl and watching the baked coconut cake. His face set into a line of happiness as he interlocks one of his hands with yours and say,
“I am beyond lucky to have you both, my love”
“No, Hajime. We are lucky to get you in our life. So to show how much we appreciate you holding onto us, we are giving you a full free day with your friends. I know coach will agree on one day leave. Also, Oikawa is in town as well.”
He looks at you. Awe mixed with incredulity at your actions. He leans over to kiss you passionately.
"I would spend ny days with you two, babe" he says as his daughter now tries to feed him the cake.
"No Haji. Tomorrow is your day. Please spend this to your hearts content and be a youngster again. You'll have the whole life to be a dad, you know."
“And you wonder why you are the best wife on this entire fucking planet?”
“Haji, your daughter is right in front of you, you know” you mumble against his lips as your daughter looks at both of you with doe eyes. Curious on what her dad says.
You guys laugh at her expression before devouring on the delicious cake.
A perfect little bubble of happiness enclosing you three.
Tumblr media
Reblogs are highly appreciated
Thanks for reading.
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risumu · 3 months ago
how haikyuu boys do their daughters hair
Tumblr media
characters: a lot
eris’ notes: ugh hq dads <3
warnings: none
Tumblr media
is a little rough to be honest, and accidentally makes her shed a few tears from brushing out the tangles and such. cries when she cries so he’s sobbing, “i’m so sorry baby, daddy is so sorry.” refuses to do her hair for weeks after.
asahi, NOYA, LEV, koganegawa, goshiki, terushima, aran
tries to do her hair for like five minutes but when he gets fed up with it he just lets your little girl do his hair instead. he actually really likes it and gives her reviews like she’s an actual hairdresser and she loves it.
ATSUMU, sugawara, kageyama, oikawa, kunimi, BOKUTO, shirabu, komori
uses so so so many rubber bands and clips and your poor little girl is staring at you like “please help me, daddy’s making me look ugly.” when he’s done he asks how it looks and you both have to lie to him so you don’t hurt his feelings.
hinata, kuroo, YAKU, yamamoto, aone, tendou, HOSHIUMI
isn’t the best at doing your daughter’s hair but isn’t absolutely terrible. maneuvers her head around like it isn’t connected tho so a little uncomfy. there’s a few bumps in her ponytail but it’s a messy kinda cute so it’s fine.
daichi, yamaguchi, KENMA, matsukawa, kyotani, ushijima, SEMI, osamu
who the hell taught him to be so good at hair?? it’s seriously perfect every single time. he never brushes too hard, makes sure there’s no bumps or tangles, uses the cute clips and the proper amount too. it’s perfection. literal perfection.
tanaka, SAKUSA, tsukki, iwaizumi, AKAASHI, kita, suna
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 3 months ago
Can I request haikyuu dad's reaction when they see their daughter holding hands with some boy with Bokuto, Hinata, Oikawa, Iwaizumi and Tsukishima? Love your blog!
when they see their daughter holding hands with a boy
Tumblr media
featuring : bokuto, hinata, oikawa, iwaizumi, tsukishima
genre : fluff, humor
warnings : well since, none of the pronouns for readers of used, it's gn!reader in here
a/n : finally a request with hinata :o i've been wanting to write for him. however, i didn't come across a suitable prompt for him. thanks for requesting :)
Tumblr media
— bokuto
He was really excited for his little ice cream date with his daughter after picking her up from school but, the moment he spot her holding hands with one of her classmates, he got offended. "Dove, what are you doing?" and she's so clueless about it. Of course, he doesn't want to say anything that might hurt her or her friend so he just crouches in front of them and stares at their hands intertwined. ( says it reminds him of you but ok ) "Dad, meet my new friend!" She's so excited about it, he doesn't have the heart to tell her to leave his hand so he just smiles and nods before she finally gets in the car as he drives to her favorite ice cream parlor. "You love daddy the most, right?" He asks, lips adorned with a pout that melts soon as she nodded her head in affirmation. "Of course, daddy! You're the best!"
— hinata
Oh, he's so excited to be friends with him. His mind literally goes, 'such cute friendship' when he saw them holding hands but, that didn't stop the thoughts to flood his headspace. Especially, when she stops by the exit and talk to him instead of how he used to run to Hinata the moment he came to pick her up ?? He was heart broken. "Sunshine," He coos, it's half hearted, but that just makes her smile. And in an instant, she bid him goodbyes, walk back to the car with her dad as she talked about her day. "Daddy can I invite my him to our house this weekend?" He can't deny that how that she asked him with those puppy eyes. But he's afraid that their personal favorite 'father-daughter weekend date' would be cancelled. "Yes you can, but in return, you'll have to spend a whole day with me." — "We'll play volleyball!" That's enough to get him going.
— oikawa
New friend, class mate, best friend, he's not having any of that. The moment he saw his daughter holding hands with any male species, he will go feral. "BACK OFF!" He scared the poor child but, it was a joke. ( it wasn't ) "You might want to leave her hand, little man." He's not even discreet about it but, he says it with a smile to make sure the kid isn't terrified of him. And before he said anything else, his daughter took the matter in her own hands. "Dad, he's my new friend! Can he come over to play?" He looks over to her, then to her friend before accepting her request with a half assed smile. "Sure, princess." If that wasn't enough to offend him, she hugged her friend before holding Oikawa's hands and pulling him towards the car, telling him to leave. "Love, you know I love you, right?" — "Yes daddy, I love you too." He'll probably repeat it again and again, especially in front of her new friend.
— iwaizumi
He arrived at the park near the house ten minutes early in hopes to have a round at the local baker's with her, only for a frown to take over his face as he saw a boy help her get up as she slid down the slides, proceeding to hold hands they both walked towards the see-saw. But Iwaizumi was quick to get to her, grabbing her hands and pulling her into a hug before planting a gentle kiss on her forehead. "Time to go home, love." — "Dad, just a minute more, please! I want to play with him!" He's so offended; even if he loves her, Iwaizumi won't allow that. "I'm sorry but it's late, yeah? You can play again tomorrow." A sad grimace takes over her face before the boy chimes in with a smile, repeating Iwaizumi's words before linking pinkies with her a promise. "It's a promise, then." She giggled, watching him run away to his mother. "We need to talk about this boy, missy." And he knows he might be overthinking but whatever. He's doing this job as a dad.
— tsukishima
He arrived at the kindergarten, quite excited since it wasn't usual for him to pick her up since he was busy. He was a bit early, waiting for her to run to him and give her dino hugs ( which is basically her resting her head on top of his because she likes it ) only for him to stare at her with squinted eyes as he walked out with a boy, hands intertwined as they swung it back and forth with a smile on their face. "You shouldn't be holding hands, young lady." And even if it was pointed at her, he legit glared at the boy, he let go of her hand and ran to his parents after bowing with a little goodbye. "Dad, you scared him!" He can't help but apologize. She gets salty when she's mad, got it from her dad of course. "And you're too young to hold hands and walk around the school, miss girl."
Tumblr media
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starrysouya · 3 months ago
☆ ring pop
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: timeskip dad!suna x gn!reader
summary: single dad!suna goes on a date in hopes someone will stick it out till the end.
genre/warnings: fluff, slight angst for suna (if you squint)
wc: 1.5k
note: hello! i hope you enjoy my first self insert fic! please feel free to send asks and requests!!
Tumblr media
Suna hated going on dates.
Especially after becoming a father, it just got harder to find someone and quite frankly he was tired of looking. He was just fine being a single dad but the twins wouldn’t quit pestering him about finding someone, for reasons he’ll never know nor care enough to ask.
His daughter was his entire world, he didn’t need some person to help make him happy and feel satisfied when he already had everything; Volleyball was going great! He made it to the national team, money was good, and he could always count on his old teammates to watch his daughter whenever needed. Speaking of Rei...
“Thank you again, for always being able to watch her even with your restaurant and all.” Suna thanked, concerned that he was asking too much. Osamu just waved him off, saying he loved taking care of Rei.
“Enjoy tonight, I have a feeling it’ll be a good one.” Osamu winked.
Suna rolled his eyes, “You say that every time.”
With that, Suna said goodbye to his little girl and left for, what he hopes, is the last date he goes on for a while. He lost all hope after the first couple of times he has tried to look for someone, none have ever made it as far as even meeting Rei, they were never deemed enough or they said something that just ticked him off. Most people shy away from people who have kids too, none are ready for the commitment, which is fair. He never planned on having a kid unless he was married or in a place to settle down.
Taking a deep breath, he locked his car and entered the restaurant. Suna was also mentally preparing for the disappointment his dates went through after learning he had a kid. Worst case scenario if it’s another fan, never again had he let Atsumu set him up on a blind date. The middle blocker got chills just remembering that horrible night.
The hostess walked him to his table and, thankfully, he arrived first so he could mentally prepare more. Why was he so nervous? Does he want to be able to bring this person to meet his daughter? He had hoped Rei could live with two parents in one household rather than separate ones. Is that too much to ask for? With his head in his hands, Suna hadn’t heard his date arrive.
“Are you Suna Rintaro?” A voice asked.
Looking up, he sees a person dressed in Rei’s favorite color and he swears his heart skips a beat. Mentally shaking his head, he stands up and offers his hand.
“Yes, that’s me. Sorry that you had to see me like that.” He says and he pulls out your chair then goes back to his own, feeling a little embarrassed.
“It’s alright, you know if you didn’t want to be here then you could’ve declined. It must be hard being a professional volleyball player and all.” You reassured, you felt lucky enough to even be near him or that your friend even had connections to athletic professionals. Dating wasn’t a priority in your life right now, but there’s nothing wrong with going out every once in a while.
“No, no. I wouldn’t have accepted if I really didn’t want to be here.” A slightly awkward silence came over you both.
“Well, I’m glad I seemed interesting enough to give a try.” You lightly laughed, trying to ease the awkwardness. It worked, since he slightly smiled as well. “I’m y/n l/n.” You smiled.
For the next hour, conversation was easy and you guys really clicked. You both joked around, talked about your high school and college experiences. Things were going surprisingly great, so great that the athlete started to get nervous. As the food arrived, you guys still had small talk here and there, but Suna was clearly on guard and it threw you off. Have you done or said something wrong?
“Suna, are you okay? I hope I hadn’t said anything that pushed your boundaries.” Concern swimming in your eyes.
“Hmm? Oh, yeah I’m alright. Thanks for asking.” The silence was back, but you refused to have the night continue like this, not when everything was going great.
“We can end the night after this if you’d like?” You tried to offer, but he quickly shook his head.
“That’s the last thing I would want honestly.” His answer flustered you and your face felt hot, feeling better that you hadn't accidentally ruined anything. “It’s just, there’s something I have to say and I’m quite nervous about your reaction. I’ve never had a date go this well..”
Grabbing his hand, which you've noticed kept clenching, you looked at him, “Hey, whatever it is, it’ll be okay. I enjoyed tonight as well and if it helps, I don’t scare easily.” You offered him a smile. Squeezing your hand, he looked from you to your intertwined hands and prepared himself.
“I have a two year old daughter back at home.” He closed his eyes, he had never wanted something to go so well in so long. Suna would hate to let go of a good person just because they didn’t like the idea of kids. The brown-haired male felt his hope fading when he felt your hand pull back, only to be shocked when he felt a warm feeling on his cheek.
“Why do you seem so nervous?” Your voice was so soft, he felt like he could cry and he's not one to get moved that easily. Your expression held nothing but kindness, there was no panic in your eyes. Was this the reaction he was supposed to be receiving all those times? Were you going to make an excuse to leave? Maybe you were going to go to the bathroom and not come back? Why did his previous dates make having a kid seem so bad, he wasn’t asking them to help raise her together, he already had all the help he needed.
“This is usually the part where you tell me you aren’t ready for kids and end the date.” You looked at him confused.
“It’s not like you’re forcing me to sign a contract or something, I’m on this date because I like you. Plus it would be silly to run away just because you have a kid, no?” Suna was shocked, you seemed so calm and grown. You were right but a kid does make everything all the more different. While he’s a few steps ahead in life, you have yet to experience what having a child is like. He always understood when people left, he just wished they had done it more maturely and upfront instead of running away.
“Do you want to marry me?” Suna had joked. Your laugh was so pretty, so cute like you. He felt like he could breathe and enjoy himself.
“If you get me a ring pop then it’s a definite yes.”
“Shucks, I only have a diamond ring on me right now. Will you make an exception?” Suna fake pleaded. You’ve helped him feel young again, he’s aware he’s 22 but parenthood forces maturity on you but with you it’s easy.
“I mean, I guess for you I can excuse it.” You smiled, loving how this night was going. Sure, kids weren’t your cup of tea but it’s not like you resented them. It was just a door you never thought you’d open.
“Phew, thank you for allowing me such an honor.” He wiped fake sweat off his forehead and laughed, a laugh that reached his eyes and made his face glow. The 6’3 man had such an angelic laugh, you made it your personal goal to hear it more often.
Dessert came and went, and soon you guys had to part ways, sadly. You both left the restaurant, deciding to walk around the area to stall since you both clearly didn’t want the night to end. He opted on giving you his jacket, claiming the diamond ring was “weighing him down” and he needed a break. The night was filled with more laughs and held hands. As cliche as it seemed, your hands clicked in place and it felt right.
“Thank you, for tonight. I really enjoyed your company.” Suna had complimented as you both entered the parking lot of the now-closed restaurant.
“I did too, you’re really funny. Thank you for your jacket, I appreciate it.” You handed him back his jacket, as he gently grabbed both of your hands and you guys just stared at each other for a bit, drinking in each other’s warm presence.
He hesitated before asking, “Are you, perhaps, free next week?”
“I believe I am, but in case something comes up, here’s my number.”
Like the gentleman he is, Suna opened your car door and allowed you to get in then closing it; You started the engine while rolling down your window.
“Thank you again for tonight, Suna.”
“Rintaro.” With a confused look, he quickly clarified. “You can call me Rintaro, Suna is too formal.”
“It may be formal now, but I think it makes a great last name.” Man, he just couldn’t get enough of you.
“Goodnight, Rin.” His heart skipped a beat again.
“Have a good night as well, y/n.” With that, you both parted ways feeling warm and content. Suna couldn’t be more excited for the next week.
Tumblr media
© content of starrysouya. please do not repost or copy any of my work.
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sakuctsu · 4 months ago
warnings: pregnancy (obv), mentions of morning sickness
Tumblr media
always rubs your belly and talks to the baby:
- BOKUTO, osamu, aone, meian, akagi, oliver, GAO, fukuro, semi, kumini, koganegawa, konoha
gives you messages whenever you mention you’re feeling sore:
- IWAIZUMI, akaashi, daichi , kita, aran, kuroo, ushijima
holds your hair during morning sickness:
- suga, kita, AONE, omimi, aran, iwaizumi, yamaguchi
would wake up at ANYTIME to get your cravings:
- akaashi, gin, fukunaga, maki, komori, suna, osamu, kyotani, sachiro, TENDŌ, futakuchi
films you all the time to remember “the experience” :
- suna, hoshiumi, akagi, atsumu, semi, mattsun, oikawa
gets extremely cuddly, always has an arm around you:
- iwaizumi, atsumu, hinata, bokuto, goshiki, ROMERO
really protective of you, doesn’t let you do anything:
- IWAIZUMI, SAKUSA, yaku, akaashi, shirabu
goes baby shopping whenever he has the chance:
- OIKAWA, LEV, yaku, komori, terushima, atsumu
reads a lot of books to educate himself:
- KAGEYAMA, aone, akaashi, hirugami brothers
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inuhmaki · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
“for the last time, i’m not letting you put our babygirl in that, let alone buy it.”
“but what if i ask kita to order it for me?”
“kita isn’t her dad though, i am, bubs”
you let out a sigh. you just wanted to buy your daughter a lettuce blanket to wrap her in, but suna didn’t want that for her. you wiggled out of his arms to get up from your bed, and walked across the master bedroom while he watched with tired eyes.
your daughter had barely fallen asleep for the night. the mobile from her uncle samu slowly on top of her, and you took in the rotating fluffy sheep. she was sleeping soundly, wrapped in a blanket and looking so warm and cozy. you brushed her growing hair out of her resting face, so similar to her dad’s, when you felt a weight on your shoulder.
“come back to bed with me, pretty please?” suna said, kissing your cheek and leaning more into you. he was a little more clingy when he was tired, and every time you brought it up, he denied it. his arms wrapped around your waist, eyes closing, while you continued to admire your daughter. you knew something was missing.
“rin, she’s missing something.” you sighed, looking over at suna.
“she’s in a cute little onesie, she doesn’t need socks on while she sleeps, bub.. atsumu slept with socks on growing up, and look how he is now. a piss head”
“that’s not what i meant!” you said, playfully smacking him while he let out a small laugh.
standing up straight, he stretched- shirt slightly lifting and toned abs being revealed. you averted your eyes a little too late, and he was able to notice your stare. “something wrong, love?” he asks.
“of course there’s something wrong- our babygirl isn’t wrapped in a lettuce blanket.”
“say that one more time and i might just sleep in the guest bedroom.”
Tumblr media
yea idk what this is but i was fueled by the lettuce baby pic <3
gen. taglist (open) - @myoyachi @kac-chowsballs @kaleidoscopekai @kawaii-angelanne @elektrosonix @mypainistemporary
reblogs are appreciated! MWAH
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skynikasworld · 9 months ago
Haikyuu dad headcanons Part 3 (final)
Part 3: Kuroo, Kenma, Bokuto, Akaashi, Atsumu, Osamu, Suna, Kita
Kuroo loves children, especially when they are still a baby. Their little round, squishy faces.. He wants one of those! He could build a whole team of his own children if he only acted on his instincts and the occasional baby fever whenever one of his friends or colleagues get kids of their own. But Kuroo is also a responsible person. Realistically speaking he knows he could probably handle two to three children, that's his aim. He truly wishes to have a big, functioning family, something he didn't grow up with. But if there is one thing I can tell you, it is that he learned how to take responsibility as a dad from his own father growing up. You will always be talking about who stays home, who takes them to the doctor, when to plan your days off work and holidays.. working with him in his job is not nearly as good and efficient as him working with his family.
He doesn't have a preference in gender and I can see him liking either of them. He is the kind of person who loves dressing people up and at the same time the kind of father who loves showing his kids off. Meaning? He has a ton of pictures in his phone and some in his office of his kids dressed up in little suits and dresses, amazing costumes and cosplays that he always has to show anybody who didn't ask.
He is also very supportive, reliable.... funny, god, he is the dad joke father. But it's okay, he drives them around where ever they want to go, he will attend the matches of his son if he plays any sports (of his daughter too of course), he will even print out embarrasing support posters and they will wish they didn't tell him about the game. If they are volleyball nerds and he takes them to work though.. He is the best!
He struggles with his children growing up and leaving the nest, he will even try to convince you to make a new one once your kids are older, but you guys are just too old to have another young and energetic Kuroo running around your house. But he will go all out once he gets grandchildren again!
10/10, he might be embarrasing sometimes, but your house will never be silent, always filled with laughter and no worries.
Kenma didn't have kids on the radar for a long time. He would have been fine if you didn't want some, he is content with the way his life was before them. But he also doesn't hate the idea. The child is either an unplanned pregnancy, or you decided to have a child and it happened. He has no preference in gender, but he doesn't want more than one or two. It's not like he wouldn't be willing to change his life for them, that inevitably is going to happen, but he doesn't want his whole life to be about them, that was never the plan. He will make sacrifices though, dividing his private life even more strictly from his working and streaming life.
Before you have a kid, you will definetly train with a cat. And your child will grow up with cats!
Kenma doesn't believe in gender stereotypes and will encourage your child to do what they like. You have a son who happens to like pink dresses and play with barbies? That's okay. You have a daughter who plays sports or Video games and wants short hair? That's just as good.
He is probably going to buy their love to a certain extend, making a lot of expanses to have fancy trips with them, especially because those are rare. They get s generous amount of pocket money and if their passion happens to be video games? Jackpot, they are in the best possible household for that, Kenma isn't a collector or stingy with his possesions, he will share them. That doesn't mean he won't take time or show affection, he will definetly try to teach them values, even if it's in a more unconventional way sometimes, and when he can make time, they know it's just for them.
8.5/10, he does his best, but isn't a natural at fatherhood.
He is such a calm father. I can see him with two children, definety one boy, the other either a girl or boy. The kids don't have a huge age difference, maybe 15 to 20 months. The first pregnancy may be an accident, but he definetly wanted kids, so it's no problem. The second one was planned, he wants his children to be close in age. They are quite the calm kids, I can see his son liking music, learning singing or the piano and practicing covers of his favourite songs with Akaashi smiling in the background as he watches him. Akaashi is a multitaksing talent and extremely reliable. He will cook breakfast, talk to his boss on the phone and at the same time style his daughter's hair. He is very much emotionally available and notices whenever something is off, it's years of training that prepared him for this. He is a great listener and will have a lot of car conversations with his kids after school. They can trust him with everything and in his house, nobody needs to be ashamed of something. There won't be any secrety because no one will be scolded for their mistakes, they know it was wrong and you will find solutions to everything together. He may be busy with his job, but his family is a priority. He will always be home for dinner and additionally try to help with homework. If things get rough for his kids, he will overthink stuff and you will have to help him out of that mindstate. It shows just how much he cares though.
He is an 11/10, I can't really imagine a better father than him.
Similar to Kuroo, he loves kids. But in contrast to Kuroo, he won't limit himself in the same way. You're going to have 4 or 5 kids, one pair of twins, three boys and two girls. He adores them. There is no day, even after the longest of practices, where he doesn't find a bit of leftover energy to take care of them and show them his love and adoration. He is super supportive! It hurts him seeing them grow up, but he will be there every step of the way in their life, even if he's crying.
He isn't the greatest help with homework and he doesn't know boundaries. When his teenage daughter asked him to not bring her to school anymore because he's embarrasing, it was the worst day of his life. You really had to explain puberty to him and he and his daughter had a serious talk about it in the evening. From that day on, he hates aging. He also hates how he can't keep up with his kids later on, not being able to throw himself of the court to practice with his oldest son due to a bad back. The happiest day of his life was (obviously besides the wedding and the birth of his children) the day where you all came to a big game of his to cheer him on and he played amazingly, winning the game as the MVP.
He has a showcase with all his medals and archievements displayed and the most important pieces are the selfmade trophies his kids made in kindergarten that say "best dad". When they all grew up and had jobs, his kids threw money together to make a collective high quality one to give to him and it is his most priced possesion, making him emotional whenever he looks at it.
He may be an airhead and not always responsible and act overly emotional at times, but there is no person on earth being able to love another human more than he loves his kids, 9/10.
Do you remember the bet he and Osamu made, about who will have a happier life in the end? Once he found out Osamu's wife was pregnant, he got a severe baby fever. I know, it sounds horrible that THAT'S the initial reason for him to want to start planning your family, but it is. He knew kids were part of the deal in the future, but an undefined future quickly became "right now".
He got twins. Just like Osamu, but two months later. It almost felt like loosing, but every bet or intention was gone when he looked into his daughter's eyes for the first time. It was the most precious thing he ever saw. And he got two pairs of those eyes!
Atsumu is a drama father. He loves to gossip with other moms from daycare and throw in a few things he picked up to make things more spicy. His daughters picked that up. Pure mischiev with pigtails. Daddy's little princesses. He spoils them. In his eyes, there are no more beautiful girls in the world. He buys them nice dresses and accessoires, but you really have to make him step on the break so they don't become arrogant.
His girls are unseperable and become an amazing team. He does everything to keep it that way.
He knows all the gossip from school, because his daughters open up to him a lot. Especially after he retires, they are his new profession. If they are into sports, he will coach them, drive them everywhere, go onto fancy trips. He thinks that if he keeps them close, he won't have a problem once they grow up, but seeing them with boyfriends throws him into the worst midlife crisis. At one point he becomes so dramatic he curses Osamu for making him get kids if they only bring him pain and boys. He doesn't mean it though. He loves them with everything he has and can't imagine being happier. He's convinced he won the bet they made in high school because how was a person supposed to be more content with their life?
8.5/10, maybe a 9.
Twin boys. He didn't plan that, I mean nobody plans twins, but he definitely wanted children. He didn't have a gender preference, so there's that.
His boys are quite quiet, they aren't the most outgoing or social. They like to play games and read, play an instrument and are quite smart for their age, always on top of their class. Osamu is very proud of them, because without scolding his sons took their parents as role models and work hard. He would love them if they were lazy too, his love and affection are unconditional, but it's great things worked out they way they did.
He understands that people have bad days sometimes and wants his kids to communicate that. He is very hard working himself, so he isn't always able to be there for them, but his doors and arms are always open, even at work. As he grew up with a twin himself, he knows things wouldn't always be sunshine. On the other hand he is glad his kids are more relaxed and less competitive than he and Atsumu were (and still are to a certain extend).
He tries to be there for them as much as possible, so once his business was doing well, he hired more people to take over some of the work so he had more time to focus on his family. He is very focussed on creating a warm and steady home, but sometimes his crackhead energy comes back to surface, especially when Atsumu is around. Game nights are always fun, with Atsumu and his girls being highly competitive and Osamu starting to feel on fire again, in a way he hasn't since his highschool days. His boys will be confused for a minute, but then they give it everything they have and start outsmarting Atsumu and his kids. It's thrilling, even though they won't show it.
You can bet that Osamu highly values family and always wants his kids and their cousins, who are just a little younger than them, to get along well with each other. Osamu doesn't like the thought of boys trying to interfere with a woman's life by acting protective, but secretly just being possesive and controlling, so he won't say "Protect your cousins" or something like that. He will tell them to look out for them and help if they need it though, because family comes first. He wouldn't have to say that, those 4 are great friends, going to the same school and having the same friends. This all changed a bit when Osamu got his youngest daughter once his sons were 8 years old. They look out for her amazingly, always drive her around when she got older. She brought a whole new dynamic to the Miya household, turning unspoken rules upside down. Once she became a teen, the grey hair started, much to his dismay. Atsumu made fun of him for that and tries to win her over every game night, but even though he thinks he's the girl/daughter whisperer, Osamu's daughter acts like she was born to roast him. She would never betray her daddy. It became a running gag in the family, but it's truly just fun and games. She has to be a little more feisty, she is way younger than anyone else and doesn't have anyone her age there.
A: "Come on d/n, why can't you be cooperative and tell your handsome uncle what cards your father has on his hand?"
D: "Sorry, I know my team."
A: "We're all a big family, this is the team."
D: "If you were a team player, you would have given me a cousin 2 months younger than me just like you did with my brothers so I wouldn't have to sit here alone as the youngest, but apparently you were satisfied with the way your team already looked?" *mic drop*
It reall is fun and games though. Osamu has well mannered kids who know what they want in life and how to get it. He couldn't have asked or given more.
9.5/10 for lack of time early on, he had a business to run.
He never really thought about kids but wasn't opposed to the idea, it's just something that happens at one point in life and in a relationship to him.
He ends up with a really tough daughter. What that means? One time she had problems with a boy at school, he just told her to defend herself, told her it's okay to hit back or say something unladylike. He isn't raising a princess. He won't always be there to protect her and she needs to be able to stand her ground in this world. When she got in trouble for not just sucking it up, he took the blame for her behaviour in front of the teacher and turned the tables, accusing them of not properly taking care of the kids and making sure they don't bully his child. It's safe to say that no one ever touched her again, him being a famous athlete, not really poor and able to send her to a fancy school if things didn't go the way he wants to.
He loves his child and doesn't want her to hide behind gender and society standards, a girl can be tough in his point of view. They are a great team by the way, he always took her to practice and games when she was younger. They just have a quiet understanding of each other. His phone is filled with pictures and videos of her. He often put her on his shoulders when they walked around the park or zoo so she could see more.
Also, he is always up to date with the latest trends and slang, but he won't act on it. He understands when she tells a story though.
Overall a really solid and good father, 9/10 would recommend, but fighting society may not always be the best tip for a child growing up🙈
We already know he is going to be the best dad ever. He is amazing at taking responsibility, he's not afraid to help around the house, he is an affectionate person who takes great care of others. Imagine him with a sick child, taking care of it, making some fresh soup and fruits so they get better soon... He will already be amazing during the pregnancy. He cried when he found out he was going to be a father.
I think he would definetly have a sweet daughter. Maybe another child, but he won't build his own volleyball team. He wants to be able to have enough personal resources to properly take care of them.
Don't get me wrong, while I do think he isn't the most openly enthusiastic person or father, I truly believe he cares and his family will know it. They will know through the little notes he leaves in his kids bento boxes every day, wishing them a great day. They get a kiss before they head off to school and in the evening before bed. He will cry whenever something big happens in their life just because he is so proud that his little beans grew up so fast and became independent human beings.
20/10 you can't fight me on this.
I hope you enjoyed the dad headcanons as much as I did! I'm sorry I didn't include other characters, but these are the only ones I felt comfortable writing for 😊
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ichigomis · a month ago
If it's not a bother can you do a part 2 for the seeing their kids get hit with a volleyball scenario with the msby boys + oikawa? The first one was so soft and cute 😊 i think you write kyotani great if you ask me and the bonus iwa is just uwu. You don't have to do all of them if it's too much tho
Tumblr media
with: timeskip! sakusa, atsumu, bokuto, hinata, oikawa
notes: omg thank you nonnie ;; —fluff!
part one - part two
Tumblr media
❊ SAKUSA immediately runs towards his little daughter, the most worried look plastered on his face. she hiccups and sobs as she lifts her small arms to her father, a signal he is far too familiar with. and as if on queue, he takes her into his arms and lets her cry on his shoulder.
"does it hurt baby?" he asks as he pats her back, letting her know her father is right there with her. and when she gives him a little nod in between her silent cries, his heart sinks. "papa's got you, you'll be okay." he whispers, lifting her up from the floor, mind already set on leaving training early.
Tumblr media
❊ ATSUMU shouts his daughter's name and lets his instinct carry him towards her. without wasting a second, he scoops her up from the floor and cradles her into his arms. he quickly scans her for any possible injuries and lets out an audible sigh of relief when he sees none.
"dada's here," he mumbles, patting her little head and soothing her. he continues to let her cry on his chest, letting her know that he knows she's in pain, letting her know that her dada's got her, always.
Tumblr media
❊ BOKUTO lets out a booming cry as he sees his son get hit by a stray volleyball. he sprints across the court and immediately checks his son's arm, making sure he had no injuries and didn't have to be rushed to the emergency room.
"i'm fine daddy," his little son looks up at him and mumbles, obviously holding back tears as his lips tremble. the very sight of it was enough for bokuto's heart to sink as he starts to choke on his own tears.
"either way," he brings his son into a tight hug and kisses his little head, "papa's here."
Tumblr media
❊ HINATA drops whatever he's doing and runs towards his baby daughter. he scoops her up from the floor and frantically looks for a cold water bottle. and with nervous hands, he sits her down on a chair and presses the makeshift cold compress on the leg that the volleyball hit.
"does it hurt?" he asks her and she shakes her head, tears brimming in her eyes and biting her lip, "not anymore..." she mumbles avoiding her father's gaze. she knows that when she meets his eyes, he'll know she's lying. and it was true, for at that moment, he had already decided to clock out and tend to her for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
❊ OIKAWA gasps as he sees his daughter let out a cry as a stray volleyball hits her leg. without another second, he immediately runs towards her and carries her into his arms, "papà’s here mi àngel," he whispers as he lifts her up from her seat and takes her outside the gym.
he lets her cry onto his shoulder, little hands grabbing onto his jersey, tears run down her cheeks. he hums a little lullaby as he continues to cradle her like he does every night. "papà’s always here," he whispers again, kissing her head to make sure she knows.
Tumblr media
p.s.: im just really crying over the thought of oikawa speaking to his baby daughter in spanish that waaaaah
rbs are appreciated! *headpats* » m. list
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dokifluffs · 15 days ago
Falling Asleep in His Arms | Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Sakusa
Pairings: Akaashi X Reader (female), Iwaizumi X Reader (gender neutral), Sakusa X Reader (female) 
Genre: soft, domestic professor akaashi tehe and mafia sakusa!! sleepy, fluffy!! 
Author’s note: A mini snippet sequel to “This is My Child | Akaashi Keiji” and just a little mini snippet from the mafia hc world from “You’re Safe | Sakusa Kiyoomi” 
Kita, Kenma, Tsukishima, Bokuto
Tumblr media
Panel from Ch 382!
large, puffy snowflakes fell one after the other outside, building up a blanket that only got thicker and thicker as the days and night came
It was predicted to be one of the heaviest snowfalls in years
Your bodies were snuggled closely together, beneath the blanket on the couch as your head rest on his shoulder, hand resting on his chest as you were fast asleep in his arms
Winter break finally allowed Keiji to be free from straining his eyes at the computer screen all day, going through his lectures when online school shouldn’t have tried to be normal when life in the world was the farthest from normal
Even he didn’t understand the system for trying to make students attend school, take finals and quizzes and midterms and everything as normal to in-person school when it wasn’t normal
So he made everything as simple as he could to relieve any stress for his students
But now he could finally relax from being professor Akaashi and he could be Keiji
A husband who held onto his wife as she slept in his arms
And a father to two beautiful kids - A daughter of four years old and a son just around a year old
Your days had been getting quite busy with your errands, chores, and being the mother of two
Sleep only helped a fraction as it felt like as the days came and went, you burned more energy than regained when you rest
It wasn’t anything that you couldn’t handle at all, however, you could finally catch a break with your husband being free until the end of winter break
And now you could recharge your batter a bit
You slept like a baby in his arms, not moving a single bit in about an hour and a half now
He had an arm wrapped around you, the other would stroke your arm, played with your hand and fingers, or just rest behind his own head as he watched his stars play
D/N player with S/N, as she talked with her baby brother, teaching him how to play while he bounced around, following her with everything she did in his walker
The toys on top of it jingled and rattled as he walked, the wheels making a subtle droning sound as it rolled around the wood floors
They were so precious
He could remember so clearly the day you brought D/N into his class, the other time she bounced her way into his office, during his online class
Just by laying here, he could remember the time you were still pregnant with D/N
You had felt sick and you didn’t want to be alone and even then, you were drained as well
You slept on him with your head in his lap, lulled into peaceful sleep as you fell deeper and deeper asleep to the sound of his calm voice
now here you two were almost five years layer on the same couch
And now you two had two new members of the family
Your guys’ kids were such perfect combinations of you two
But just as he thought this, he could see the sneaky smile of his daughter spreading on her face
She whispered in her brother’s ear but Keiji was pretty sure that he didn’t know what she was saying anyways
But the two of them shyly looked at him and approached as she took his hand, leading him over to the couch
“Dada,” she looked up to him
“Yes?” He smiled as he turned his head, his son staring with his blank eyes that matched Keiji’s, a bit of drool on his chin
“Can we have hot chocolate?” She tilted her head, widening her eyes
Ah the puppy eyes and the pouty lip
“Ah…” he paused, thinking about it as he extended his arm so his sleeve would move, exposing his watch
“Please, please, please!” Her voice got louder as she bounced, her brother imitating her in his walker, babbling
“Alright,” he chuckled. “Shh, mommy’s sleeping..” He put a finger over his lips to which she playfully covered her mouth with her hands
“How about this, since it’s so close to dinner time, we’ll all eat one after dinner as a treat,” he compromised, his voice hushed as he drew circles with his finger on your upper arm as you shifted in your sleep, waking up just the slightest
“Okay!” She whisper yelled as she ran off, her baby brother going as fast as he could after her, arms reached out making little grabby’s toward her
You cracked your eyes open for the first time feeling quite refreshed for the first time in quite a bit but your eyes made you feel otherwise
“Hey, did you sleep okay?” He moved his hand down to your hand, rubbing small circles in your palm
“Mmhm..” You breathed, snuggling close once again, staying warm in your spot, feeling like you couldn’t move from this position even if you wanted to
He smiled, satisfied knowing how much you needed this sleep and pulled you closer, pressing a long and short kiss to your forehead
“You can sleep longer, I’ll wake you up when dinner’s ready, alright?” He smiled, knowing exactly this was what you wanted just by looking at you
After all, this was his wife
Tumblr media
Panel from Ch 402! 
Iwaizumi: Ft. Makki, Mattsun, and Oikawa! 
“You guys should come to Brazil, it’s so nice here with the golden beaches and the music and foods!” The bright, velvet voice of oikawa sounded through the speakers of Hajime’s laptop as he laid on the couch, relaxed, laying his head on his arm
“Not all of us has the time or the funds, Oikawa,” Matsukawa spoke, the tall guy laid on his stomach, head turned toward his own device for the call
“And not all of us are employed,” Maki piped up, joining in before he slurped in some ramen
“First of all, only you are unemployed,” Iwaizumi spoke up, joining in on the usual seijoh banter between the four of them
The comment made Maki choke on his ramen, making the three of them laugh
It wasn’t too late when the call started, the four of them picking a time to finally get together for their sort of bi-weekly call whenever anyone was free but the longer they talked, the faster it felt like time was going as the hours rolled by like they were nothing
It was just a few hours beyond midnight in Japan while it was the perfect afternoon time in Brazil
The four friends laughed about random things, talking about random things too like their high school days, talking about winning, dinners that Oikawa owed them, what they would do when he finally came back home and such
As Hajime listened to the story Oikawa was telling about seeing Hinata, he suddenly caught your form in his peripheral approaching him
“What’re you doing up? Couldn’t fall asleep?” His lips slowly curled into a smile as you nodded sleepily, your hair messy and his big oversized hoodies were oversized on you too
He propped himself up on his elbows just a little when he laid back down with you laying down on top of him
You let out a deep breath as you laid down on Hajime, feeling his warm beefy body wrap around you, your heavy eyes yearned so much for sleep
But you just couldn’t fall asleep no matter the position when you were upstairs in bed
You were so used to sleeping with Hajime, without him there, it was just so much hard to sleep when you were so close to falling asleep
You rest your head on it’s side, your ear pressed right over the valley in between his pecs, facing the back of the couch as he draped his legs over your own, resting his arms on your back and waist
“Oh, it’s Y/N,” the other three called repeatedly out to you as Hajime rubbed and stroked his hand up and down your back
As much as you wanted to just ignore them and sleep, you gave in and turned your head towards the light and the screen, giving a small smile and wave before turning back
Oikawa continued his story as you worked on getting comfy, moving up so your chest was on top of his, your head resting right on his collar so your forehead met his jaw
He continued rubbing your back, bringing his hand up and down knowing that was something you liked until slowing down, coming to a stop as you fell asleep in his arms
The two of you laid there as the crickets chirped outside, their voices slowly droning out as it got later and later in the night for you four and later in the day for Oikawa
As the call came to an end, to not disturb you, Hajime reached over and shut his laptop with his foot
He let his muscles go as he became one with the couch and you melted on top of him
As he breathed, your body rose and fell and your body did the same as you breathed against him
The sound of your light snores brought a small lazy smile to his face as he could feel his eyes beginning to sting from their tiredness
Yawn fell after yawn from him the longer he laid still, letting his head fall back into the pillows
Every now and then, your hand moved along his collar/ chest, waking him just the slightest
But soon enough, he joined you fast asleep with his arms draped over your back and waist
It was beyond peaceful to be here with you, to lay here and sleep here with you - somehow different but better than the bed
He wanted to wake you at some point and bring you upstairs but the couch was just so comfy and once he slept, he slept
He held you close, not letting you go a single bit, only when you got up to use the bathroom if you needed, but even when you went, he stayed awake until you came back to him, falling back to sleep as soon as you did completely
By morning, Hajime was woken by the silent whines and pawing of Zilla, your guys’ Rottweiler as she waited patiently for someone to take her out so she could do her business
Still full of sleep, he groggily got up, setting you to the side but it was your turn
You latched on to him and groaned in your sleep, not wanting your personal heated pillow to leave you
“I’ll be back in a bit,” he blinked slowly, eyes half open, voice deep and raspy as ever as he melted his lips to your temple before being set free from your grasp
And with that, ‘Zilla ran towards the front door, her tail wagging as she spun, looking up to Hajime  
Tumblr media
panel from ch 394! 
He leaned back in his seat, pinching the bridge of his nose from all the work he still had to do but this was a given considering he was the head of his clan
He had to maintain the balance his father had created in the underworld
But there was also a part of him that wanted to burn it all
To destroy it
If he could, he would go back in time and make sure that his father never ran his family into poverty
To ensure that he never went to the dark and suspicious places to look for work to make money back, he would
Especially with you
He never wanted to take your normal life away from you yet you took his hand and trusted your life with his and now you could never go back to that normal
Looking back at his monitor, he clicked his teeth, not wanting to finish what he had to do
It honestly made him want to punch his own screen at times since - which he has done
He was able to get a replacement within half an hour whenever he wanted
just as he balled his fist, the door to his open opened
He prepared to snap at whoever stepped in after he made clear instructions that he be not disturbed at all
But it was you - your sleepy but somewhat awake self so you weren’t sleepwalking as you walked down from the door with security closing it quietly right behind you, right toward him
Your body waddled a bit as your belly protruded from your shirt but the more you walked, the more nauseous and dizzy you got
Your pace staggered and the sleepy smile you had on your face slowly disappeared the more you felt sick
The room was so bright with the various color paintings and light fixtures, it made your head spin, your vision tricking you that even the room began to spin
All you could feel at this point was the burning dizziness that drilled through your head, you didn’t even begin to notice your legs and knees buckling beneath you
Kiyoomi saw everything unravel as his body moved without a second thought around his desk and right toward you, catching you in his arms and on his knelt legs before you could collapse and hit the floor
“Deep breaths, darling, deep breaths,” he held you securely in his arms, sitting you in his lap as you closed your eyes and regained yourself
You clung onto his shirt sleeve, fist shaking as you squeezed your eyes shut, letting your head reset and stabilize itself against his chest as he took deep breaths slowly with you, taking things slow, one after the other as he let you relax
“Atta girl,” he whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to your temple as you slowly opened your eyes, peeking at him
“Focus on me, you’re okay,” his voice was kind and smooth as the words fell from his lips
He held you there, forgetting about the darkness that was always around him, the work and balancing he needed to fix but how could he when you were right in front of him
You were the sun in his life that saved him from being completely consumed from the darkness
He helped you to your feet and walked you back to bed, being done with his work for the night - he couldn’t stare at it a second longer when you were in his arms
“Do not disturb us at all.” He spoke, his entire persona changing into his serious self for a moment as he instructed the security outside the bedroom, getting an obedient, silent nod in return before the door closed behind him with a firm click
He fluffed the pillows, helping you get in before he disappeared and washed up before joining back in right at your side
“Are you feeling better? Do you need to throw up?” He wrapped his arm around you as he stroked his hand down your back while the other held your hand, his thumb circling over your knuckles as he looked down to you with concern, brows furrowed
“Mmhm, I just need to.. breathe..” You paused, taking in a deep breath and slowly letting it out, keeping your eyes closed as he leaned you back into him
He knew it was around this point of your pregnant that morning sickness and just dizziness/ nausea were common symptoms you would be going through
Laying down would only make you dizzier and make it practically impossible for you to sleep
Kiyoomi stayed up later no matter how heavy his eyes got, holding you in his arms, making sure you were tucked in and comfy, not wanting the most precious being in his life to be in any discomfort
The lamp lights were dim all around the room as he kept his eyes open
No matter how tired he was, he dedicated himself to you with everything he could because he felt deep down that there was nothing he could do to give you a normal life where you could go see friends, your family, to go out and not worry about your life being at risk or his or anything
But at the same time, he thanked the universe for bringing your pureness to his darkness, being at his side
And now he could be with you
His gentle touch moved up and down your arm, lulling you deeper, pushing away the nausea and hoping you could sleep peacefully tonight, a wish he wished every night
~~~~~ Thanks for reading! Masterlist for more! Please do not repost anywhere else!
Tags (let me know if you wanna be tagged or removed for all my haikyuu posts): @makeusfreefromthisfandom @yams046 @sunboikyo00  @kara-grayson04  @fortheloveofbakugo @tsumtsumsemi @1-800-wholesome @yamagucci @realityisoftendisapointing @plantisnotplant @pink-panda-pancakes @differentballooncollection @osamusamusamu@therainroguefanfiction @euphorihan @turquoiselace @macaronnv  @oxmaddy @mrkoala4prsdnt @curiouslilbeast @plantisnotplant@therestless101 @abcdaichi @oyasenpai @kaaidalupita @lovinnoya @wisepandaslimeland @killuaking @kattykurr @bbymilkbread @tsumtsumland @suunikimchi @woah-there-cowboy-or-cowgirl @amandahh626 @nabisonyeo94 @wntrmn @dai-tsukki-desu @peteunderoos @ohyoumakemelive @aka-a-shii @shinhiromi @wompwomphq @lollypop-lam @isentsworld @blue-melody @u-wakatoshii @moondriplets @lovinnoya @yuueisteria @humanitysbiggestsimp @cjphoenix135 @inarizaki-captain @closetfurrytsukishima @chibichab @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @kuroosbixh @lavearchives @sweet-sour-devil-ish @daichis-kitty @creepyproxies @itsmarziapei @skyh20 @yehetstudies @that-chick212 @proherotheflamehashira @celestair @katiea03 @manga-only @chesirekittycat @ilovecheese08 @amy-yurima @realityisabitch-blr @suga-tofu @ushislittlewife @nabisonyeo94  @aaprilshowers @emotional-ayato @to-move-on-means-to-grow @kellesvt @haikyuu-galaxy @8-eight-8 @xiaoqiji @japanesevenom @cemeiia @pantherhappy @sassyglassesbunny @devilgirlcrybabiey  @ushijimacentral @manjiroarchiviste​ @clydesterminal @kurooslilbish @ebiharachan​ as
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sunalma · 5 months ago
PART 2 :: in which suna and you babysit osamu’s daughter for an entire day
check out pt.1 before reading!
Tumblr media
by popular demand~ here’s part 2 of that one shot you guys rly seemed to like...
also: since it was easier to give her a name, samu’s daughter is named hina :>
-> timeskip!suna x f!reader | word count : 2.5K (oopsie)
-> cw : mentions of pregnancy, suna being wholesomely awkward <3
reblogs are always appreciated!
Tumblr media
bathtime is and has always been sacred in the miya household. so sacred that nothing and no one has ever dared to bother osamu during one of these moments when he gets his daughter all for himself, away from the stressful paperwork and other responsibilities of his busy life.
but today is an exception. because today he’s got his phone cradled on his shoulder, both hands absentmindedly washing his little girl’s hair.
« well ok then, do it after dinner if yer more comfortable... ya could even do it at home y’know ? »
the voice on the other end of the line is hushed. not to mention a bit rushed - but it still carries suna’s usual nonchalant tone.
« fuck no, she deserves better than a lame-ass proposal between the couch and the tv »
« alright, alright, mr. romantic… » osamu rolls his eyes, dodging the splashes caused by his daughter repeatedly plunging her plastic seahorse in the soapy water. « take her on a walk or somethin’ after dinner… find a nice spot and boom, ya propose »
‘boom, you propose’. it’s obvious - considering his choice of words - that osamu has no idea of how much stress and panic suna has bottled up these last few weeks. and the closer he’s getting to the moment he’ll going down on his knee, the harder it is to keep these feelings bottled up.
« yeah i’ll probably do that… thanks » he responds, nervously chewing on the inside of his cheek. but the familiar sound of your shower faucet being turned off makes him suddenly stop. « i think she’s done. gotta go. bye »
and he hangs up without even letting his friend the time to wish him one last ‘good luck’.
but he’ll be fine without it, because he doesn’t really need luck for tonight… right ?
Tumblr media
wrapped in the towel that suna left you on the radiator, you’ve been staring at your closet for five good minutes now. obviously tonight’s a big night, but he isn’t supposed to know that... in fact dressing up too fancily might even look suspicious.
your intense reflexion is interrupted by the ‘ding’ of a notification, and you’re quick to grab your phone on the shelf behind you.
new text message from : samu
bathtime must be over, you think, remembering how he had to interrupt your ongoing conversation to give her bath to hina.
and his new message is a (short) answer to one of your many panicked questions about tonight’s oh-so-special announcement :
« do it after dinner »
Tumblr media
in six months to twenty years of experience, none of the restaurant’s waiters had ever seen a young couple as intriguing as suna and you tonight.
in fact you even fueled many of the conversations that took place behind the kitchen doors...
it was clear, from the moment they saw him instinctively hold the door for you and lead you to the table with a hand resting on your lower back, that this was far from being your first date.
then why were you two so stressed that you practically forgot to order ? not to mention the moment his glass slipped from his shaky hands halfway through the dinner. the tension was palpable, yet you were always so thoughtful towards each other ?
you were definitely a mystery for the entire staff.
but as they watched you leave the restaurant - stiff, yet still hand in hand, they resigned themselves to never get an explanation for your odd behaviors.
which is a shame, really, because that explanation is given less than ten minutes later...
it’s not even close to midnight, but the park in which suna has proposed you to take a walk is as silent as ever - apart maybe from the faint rustle of the last autumn leaves. it’s so silent that you’re starting to think that maybe he can hear your heart pounding against your ribcage.
but if he could hear yours, then you could definitely hear his.
« can we sit down for a minute ? there’s something i wanna show you » you blurt out, much faster than intended, as you lead him by the hand towards the nearest bench.
he follows you without saying a word, probably because his throat is too tight to even formulate a question. but his eyes still look down at your fingers around his palm, and for a second he fears that maybe he picked the wrong ring size.
no, that’s not possible. he remembers thoroughly measuring the size of all your rings at home, there’s no way he got it wrong.
« i bought something at the mall yesterday » you start once the both of you are sat on that bench.
maybe it’s just his imagination playing tricks on him, but it feels like your grip on his hand is getting tighter.
putting your purse next to you, you start to look for the small yellow bag you’ve hidden at the bottom before leaving.
« open it » you let out, and practically shove it against his chest.
fuck. what’s today’s date ? did he forget your anniversary ? his mind is racing almost as fast as his heart now. it seems like he’s forgetting that you celebrated your four years together only two months ago.
but it stops as abruptly as it started. because clearly what’s inside the bag isn’t a gift for him. and there’s no doubt about it now, you’re definitely holding his hand really tight.
« it’s really cute but... hina’s never gonna fit in this » he tells you, brows slightly furrowed as to why you would ever think that she would fit in that really really tiny cotton bodysuit.
it’s getting hard to hold back a smile now. especially after telling him that « it’s not for her ».
but you refuse to say more, because the thought of watching his expression gradually change when he’ll realize what you mean is rather exciting.
and you can pinpoint the exact moment when his brain makes the right connection. but it seems like he immediately tames his excitement - probably not wanting to get ahead of himself.
« you’re lying », he says, still holding the bodysuit in his hand. but your smile keeps on growing, and he has to admit that you look like you’re being 100% honest. « no fucking way... are you serious right now ? »
the excited nod of you head is obviously a good enough answer. but he’s waited so long for that moment that he can’t help but to ask again.
« promise you’re not messing with me »
but you would’ve been a terrible person to be messing with him right now. because never in four years of sharing his life have you ever seen him tear up so fast.
« i promi- »
but you’re cut short by what’s undoubtedly the tightest hug he’s ever given you. which is no small thing to say.
« i’m... this is- i mean- we’re gonna... holy shit, we’re gonna be parents ?! » he stammers against your ear. « i think- no i’m sure that this is the best thing you could have ever told me »
although you still can’t hear it, you can definitely feel his heartbeat against your chest now. and the more kisses he places on your already wet cheek, the slower its pace gets.
however, when he finally breaks the hug, his worried expression seems to come back.
« wait, i didn’t hug you too tight, did i ? are you ok ? i’m sorry i didn’t think about... »
« rin, i’m.. we’re ok » you chuckle, resting a hand on his shoulder. « i’m pregnant, not made of glass »
but he’s having none of that. because right now, as his gaze is irresistibly drawn to your belly, he realizes that he’s not sitting in front of his favorite person anymore, but in front of his two favorite people. and there’s something about going back to your house as a family instead of a couple that makes him feel like the happiest man alive.
« i’m not taking any risks. not while our child is in your belly » he flashes you a proud grin, voice filled with emotion and eyes still filled with tears as he starts to take off his jacket to put it around your shoulders.
and after offering you his help to get up from the bench (which you had no choice but to accept) he pauses for a second. « i can’t believe i just said those words... i’m— fuck, i’m so in love with you ? i don’t think you can even imagine how much. it’s- it’s crazy »
but as his lips meet yours in the most delicate way possible, you’re thinking that yes- you can definitely imagine how much. because even after parting, there’s so much tenderness in his eyes that you could swear it feels like the kiss hasn’t even stopped.
« alright, now let’s get you two home, angel »
your purse in his hand, and his other arm wrapped tightly around your waist with his palm hesitantly resting on your belly, suna’s already jubilating at the thought that now he finally has a good reason to show you the list of names he’s kept on his phone for years.
Tumblr media
« wait, i’m gonna get some more pillows for the couch. the backrest is too hard » is the very first thing he tells you after taking his shoes off.
watching him head towards your bedroom at a brisk pace, you hold back a chuckle in front of his overprotectiveness that, for once, he’s not even trying to hide or deny.
it doesn’t matter if his baby isn’t born yet, he already considers himself a father. and he’s ready to care for his family like he’s never cared for anything else before.
he’s back a few minutes later, holding two pillows that you recognize to be his, as well as the black plaid that he knows you keep under your bed for cold winter nights.
and, too busy putting these on the couch to make it comfier for you, he doesn’t even realize that you’re standing up just a few feet away from him, holding a tiny velvet box in your hand.
« rin, i found something in your pocket... » you finally speak up.
he turns around immediately, almost like these words have stung the back of his head. and when his eyes lay on the box, he simply freezes.
« you’ve got to be fucking kidding me » he whispers to himself, pinching the bridge of his nose. « can you... give that to me and just sit on the couch please ? »
intrigued, but already having a few suspicions on what’s about to happen, you open your mouth to reply, but he’s much quicker than you :
« please, baby, just... sit down, ok ? »
it almost looks painful for him to say these words, so you do as told. and your heartbeat, that had the time to slow down on your way home, seems to understand that something big is about to happen.
as for him, suna is trying his best not to beat himself up too much for forgetting something he’s been wanting to do for about four years.
he still remembers picking his sister up from school just to take her with him to the jewelry store because clearly she had better taste than him when it came to this kind of stuff. just like he remembers entrusting the box to komori to make sure you would never came across it in your house or osamu’s.
in other words, getting down on one knee between the couch and the tv definitely has a bitter taste...
« so... your boyfriend’s an idiot » he starts, giving you a forced smile as he decides to go completely off-script. « ...who got so excited to learn that his girlfriend was pregnant that he forgot the reason why he took you on a date in the first place »
you let out an endeared chuckle, trying your best not to break eye contact to look at his shaky hands holding the box.
« your boyfriend also had a full script prepared because, and you already know it, he isn’t the best with words... but it seems like following the script wasn’t exactly tonight’s theme anyways »
another chuckle slips out of your lips, but you’re pretty sure it’s just your way of calming your nerves. because it takes a lot of self control for you not to throw yourself into his arms right now.
« i know this is a lame proposal and i know you deserve better than this... but i also know that you deserve to spend the rest of your life with someone who’ll always feel like the luckiest person on earth for getting to fall asleep and wake up by your side everyday. and, i’m usually not the one to brag, but you know... i’m pretty sure i am that ‘someone’... »
a third chuckle. and that one almost sounds like the happy version of a sob, because many tears have already run down your cheeks.
« but what would really make me the luckiest man on earth, is if you agreed to marry your idiot of a boyfriend. but i’ve heard that i’m supposed to ask you an actual question, so let me rephrase : will you do me the honor of marrying me ? »
the box finally opens, but to be honest you couldn’t care less about what’s inside. in fact you couldn’t care less about anything that’s not the man kneeling in front of you right now.
« well... » you start, placing one hand over your belly « i guess i’m kinda stuck now »
« yeah... guess you are » he obviously plays along with a smirk spreading on his lips.
« in that case... yes. a hundred times yes! » you finally answer, not even taking the time to put the ring on before doing what you’ve been dying to do for a minute now : pull him into a hug that’s about as tight as the one he gave you earlier, right after you’ve changed his life in the best way possible.
and it turns out that suna’s improvised proposal is actually the first of many events that took place on that couch...
it’s on that couch that hina learned that her future best friend would be a girl, just like her.
it’s on that couch that your water broke when suna was still in sound asleep in bed.
it’s while you were resting on that couch that you watched him give your newborn daughter a complete tour of your house, pointing at every item he thought was worth showing her.
it’s also on that couch that he recorded her very first steps about a year later.
and, two weeks after that, it’s on that couch that you showed him the results of the three positive pregnancy tests you had taken in the morning.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @toworuu @catwithangerissues @ughgojo @livy384 @k0u-minamo2 @fullsundear @hsjvwq @cubbluv @hiraeth-z @velvetvirgos @kohi-zeri @kirishimas-manly-eyeliner @47meow @japanesevenom @geektastic84 @idontlikeyourjob @seiri-ami @admiringlove @nachotrash @kellesvt @aintyourholy @Moonlaeli @catchmewiddershins @duhsies @devilgirlcrybabiey @crystal-lilac @ijustwantfreenetflix @miw0 @maitenight @xomiya @shoyotime @ebiharachan @smolmo @lilliansis @succulentmom
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anxious2dsimp · 5 months ago
Haikyuu Dads celebrating Mother's Day | Osamu, Iwaizumi, & Kuroo
Pairings: Osamu x Reader, Iwaizumi x reader, Kuroo x Reader.
Flavor: Fluffy af bby ☁️
Reader: Female Mother!Reader
Format: Drabbles (1.1k words total)
Warnings: None, just fluffy mom (y/n) enjoying her lovely family.
A/N: Mother's Day just really sent me into a Haikyuu dads brainrot and these scenarios have been stuck in my head all day. Enjoy!
You tried to stifle your giggles as you sat at your home’s dining room table, the sound of childish bickering and hushed laughter coming from behind the closed kitchen door. “I’ll take the plates, you take the flowers,” the voice of one of your little boys demanded. “Nuh, uh! S’ my turn to take the food, I pwomise I won’t dwop it,” the youngest of the two boys replied while you could hear your husband’s quiet snorts in the background. Your face of surprise was ready when the door swung open a few seconds later to reveal your two sons holding onto either side of a plate, your husband standing behind them keeping an eye on them and the food so it got soundly to where you sat. Osamu and you exchanged a soft smile at the sight of your two boys working together with a concentrated pout that reminded you of their father’s as they slowly brought the food over. Heart-shaped onigiris of your favorite flavor plated with sesame seeds forming a smiley face were placed in front of you, the oldest smiling proudly as he boasted about how they made them themselves. You ruffled their hair and congratulated both boys who beamed at your comment on how they were greater cooks than their father. The cook in question sharing a knowing grin with you, both aware that in reality, he had made all the bases while the kids ensembled the shapes. “Happy Mother’s Day!” The two kids hugged you tightly in your chair, climbing onto you as you hug them back, feeling your heart swell with pride at what your husband and you had created. “Happy Mother’s Day,” Osamu said as he walked over to you, his lazy smirk paired with eyes full of love as his rough hand lifted your chin to capture your lips in a kiss. “Eww get a woom!” the youngest one exclaimed, as the older one made gagging sounds, you and your husband breaking apart to share a surprised look as you both chuckled, trying to figure out where the little boy learned that, probably uncle Atsumu. That Sunday at home, as you shared lunch with your three favorite people in the world to celebrate, all you felt was warmth.
Your eyes fluttered open at the feeling of your husband’s side of the bed being empty like it usually was early in the mornings, when he went for his run or cooked a healthy breakfast. He had kept this up even since the birth of your little girl, making it a bonding moment between them as he brought her energetic self along. Hajime knew how much effort it took to keep up with work and motherhood along with so many other things, so he loved sharing time with her daughter with the added bonus of it giving you a well-deserved rest. The sound of the bedroom door opening woke you from the gentle slumber you didn’t realize took over you to see your shirtless husband with your 8-month-old daughter babbling happily on one arm, both bathed in the warm sunlight of that beautiful Friday morning. Looking at where your daughter was reaching for before her familiar olive eyes landed on you, you were surprised to find a tray with a fruit smoothie and an omelet along with a bouquet of your favorite flowers. An amused smile appeared on your lips as you raised an eyebrow at Hajime as a form of a silent question. “Happy Mother’s Day,” he said, his voice still groggy and laced with sleep mindfully soft as to not to disturb the peace and quiet that enveloped the three of you like a spell, a love-sick smile on his face. “It’s today? Aww, thank you Haji,” you said wholeheartedly, the idea of this being the first of many years to come celebrating Mother’s Day making you teary-eyed as your husband put down the tray beside you. Giving you a peck, he hummed happily as he delicately took your daughter’s hands and waved them as he exclaimed in his baby talk voice; “happy first Mother’s Day mom, dad thought we should make it memorable.” You giggled at your husband’s antics, which nobody would guess considering his tough exterior. You and your daughter were and would always be his soft spot.
A huff escaped your lips at the weight of two small bodies landing on top of you on the couch, they had managed to sneak up on you as you were immersed in your laptop propped up in the table in front of you. You and your husband had taken that Tuesday afternoon off to celebrate Mother’s Day, Tetsurou going to pick up your daughter and son from school as you headed home and wait for them there. Between huffs and breathy laughs, the two kids wished you a happy Mother’s Day for a second time that day, and you managed to thank them before you felt a much heavier body pile on top of you three. “Daaad!” The eldest son groaned playfully as he tried to push of your husband who was carefully putting down part of his body weight on all of you. “You’re heavy,” your little girl whined between giggles as she tried to shield herself in your grasp. “Am I heavy or are you three just weak?” You could hear Kuroo’s knowledgeable smirk in his voice, the same one you fell in love with, as you scoffed dramatically in response. “We’re stronger than you Mr. Know-it-all,” you said in a sing-song voice as you started pushing your husband off of you, him only allowing you to when his two kids joined him. Once you had all calmed down you hugged your children and thanked them for the colorful cards and macaroni frames they put all their efforts into making at school. “My turn,” your husband exclaimed with his mouth full as he placed down his slice of cake and plopped down next to you, pulling out a small bag from behind the couch. Inside was a necklace locket, that you opened to reveal a picture of the four of you. “Tetsu, it’s beautiful, thank you,” you said as you hugged him tightly, yet you both knew you weren’t just thanking him for the thoughtful gift, but also for the wonderful life that you had created together. “No, thank you,” he replied, his tone genuine and filled with love as your kids pouted. You spent the rest of the afternoon spending quality time as a family and reassuring your two kids that their gifts were better than their father’s, who cheered them up with his “infamous” science puns, as he liked to say.
Pls I'm too soft for this😭 hmu with your thoughts and requests! <3
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iheartkuroorin · a month ago
Dad Aone
Tumblr media
Dad Aone would love the crap out of his kids. He wouldn’t spoil them rotten because he didn’t want them to grow up to be stuck up.
Dad Aone would have four little girls and one boy. He’d beg and beg you to try one more time for a boy and boom by the fifth time you’re pregnant it’s a boy!! He’d cry so much because he’d always wanted a boy. Aone would still cry when he found out about his four girls.
Dad Aone would let his daughters put all types of makeup on him (that your daughters stole from you of course) and just sit there smiling.
Dad Aone would teach all his kids volleyball but especially his youngest daughter and son. He was so surprised that one of his daughters wanted to learn volleyball.
Dad Aone would be very vocal with his children. Speaking to them everyday when they were still inside your tummy and once they’re born he reads to them every single night until they get older and beg him to stop.
Dad Aone would have three out of five kids look exactly like him. One daughter and your little boy looking exactly like you. All of them have his height expect your second to eldest daughter, she’s kinda a short one.
Dad Aone would be very overprotective of his daughters once they get into high school because he didn’t want them to get their heart broken, so you and your kids would have to reassure him that they’re tough and can handle themselves. He still worries even when they’re 20.
Dad Aone would cry while walking his kids down the aisle. He would get flashbacks of him taking them to their first day at school and seeing them being torn off from his leg because they want their daddy.
Dad Aone would love his kids with all his heart because they’re his life.
Tumblr media
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shoyotime · 4 months ago
bath time with hq dads
Tumblr media
featuring : iwaizumi, suna, kita, daichi
genre : fluff, slight humor
warnings : fem!reader, use of the word 'mommy' and it's equivalents for the reader
a/n : aha well i had fun baby sitting my cousin and now he has a habit of hiding his head in the crook of my neck and hugging me before grabbing my hair and pulling it mercilessly 🥰
Tumblr media
— iwaizumi
he had been planning for it even before your daughter was born. buying all kinds of baby products and bathroom decors, he never missed a single sale! he wants his bathing sessions with his daughter uninterrupted but she doesn't want that, unfortunately. "mommy." she looked at him with the puppy eyes, the ones he could never get over. "princess, i know you want your mommy but let's give her a break? let daddy bathe you, love." and as soon as he put her in her tub, he saw her eyes tearing up, lips curling into a frown. in no time, the tears were streaming down her cheeks as the shrill sound of her crying filled the bathroom. "oh my— haji is everything okay? why's she crying?" the cry for help was evident in his eyes. sighing, you take her in your arms, patting her back as she hid her a face in the crook of your neck. "it's okay baby, mommy's here." you chuckled as soon as she stopped crying, looking at the pout resting on your husband's face. "it's okay haji. you're just not her favorite parent, i guess." and it wasn't the right time to tease him. "well, i will make sure the kiddo in there—" he raised his brows, pointing at your stomach. "— chooses me as their favorite parent. i promise."
— suna
suna was never a fan of bath times until his daughter accidently put the foam on the tip of his nose before giggling adorably. since then, giving her baths became his full time job. "close your eyes, darling." and like the daughter she is, she did the same before he washed the soap off her face. "there you go. where's your little duckie, baby?" he asked, considering how she loves bathing the little duck toy, which is basically just her slamming the toy against the water as her giggles fill the bathroom. he held her with one hand as the other was busy fetching the towel kept on the counter behind him. a splash of water hit his face as he turned around, brows furrowing at the sound of her laughter before he broke into chuckles. "daddy duckie." — "daddy is not a duck, princess." he sighed, pulling her out of the tub and wrapping the towel around her, not realizing that the rubber duck was still in her hand until she hit his head with it. "ouch— baby please let me— stop hitting—!" she giggle uncontrollably at his disheveled hair, the two front teeth peeking through her lips. next moment, the toy duck was on the floor as she placed a sudden kiss on his cheeks before hiding her face into his chest. he chuckled, pinching her nose softly before laying her on the bed. "alright love. let's get you dressed, shall we?"
— kita
he's, undoubtedly, an amazing dad, except that bathing his daughter is actually the toughest part for him; not because he's inexperienced but because his daughter gets feral when it comes to bath time, especially when it's kita who's getting her a bath. "Daddy you should bath too." she murmured before rubbing the froth over his hands arms and cheeks. she was too invested in giving him a bath, she overheard everything he said to her. "Daddy already took a bath, it's your turn now." — "NO!" she screamed, flapping her hands on the water as it splashed all over kita. before he could say anything, tears were already brimming her eyes. in the end, he could do nothing but give in his daughter's request as he sighed in defeat. "I can help you bath too!" She giggled, lifting her hands to rub the froth over his cheeks before beaming a toothy grin. "It's done!" She waved her hands in water excitedly, once again splashing it over him as he leaned away, getting a grip on her arms. "Alright, it's your turn now, sweetie."
— daichi
to both, his and your's surprise, your daughter was somewhat scared of stepping into the tub, not because of her fear of water but skin that's sensitive to temperature changes. what's even surprising is that only daichi could get her to bath and he never misses a chance to rub it on your face. however, today she was being a bit more sensitive than usual. "c'mon baby, let's get you a bath?" he told— more like he asked, making sure not to force her into doing anything. she, on the other hand, gripped across his neck even tightly before burying her head into his shoulders and whispering a soft 'no.' "It's hot." She mumbled against his shoulder before shutting her eyes close. "It's not. Daddy checked the temperature, it's not hot, love." She looked at his to confirm his words, eyes following his hand as he dipped it in the water while he held her with the other. "See? It's not." Slowly, she put her in, registering how her grip around his shirt grew tighter, lips curling into a frown. "It's not." She whispered with a smile tucked on her lips, hands still gripping his shirt as not letting him go. "Let's get you a quick bath and we can read your favorite story after it." She looked at him with starry eyes. "Promise?" — "Promise."
Tumblr media
taglist ( bold means can’t tag ) : @kozu-zumi @levisbest-friend @mystic-helena @kotarousbabyowl @dreampathic @sunalma @crapimahuman @haiqnightlife @tooruhrs @asaitashi @thepurewhore @milktyama @xedspirits @elianetsantana @crystal-lilac @kurokore @perqabeth @itsmeaudrieee @devilgirlcrybabiey @sunarinluvr @mysterystarz @jesssobs @elektrosonix @aghashiii @savantsoulfinder @nothoughtsjustkenma [ join the taglist ]
© — shoyotime.tumblr do no plagiarize, repost or recreate in any way!
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xybi · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ timeskip!osamu x gender-neutral!reader
↳ never again are you entrusting osamu to take care of triplets. especially when you only took a short nap as you were exhausted from work.
↳ 500 words
↳ fluff, domestic life with osamu and adopted 2-year-old triplets who are all boys, mentions of food, and so on.
↳ [insert cool taking care of babies tip here], actually, i got nothing to share this time 🗿
↳ hq masterlist : the adventures of being parents series msterlist
Tumblr media
"are you really sure that you could watch over these troublemakers?" a small yawn escaped your lips as you gazed upon your significant other, who was currently tackled down on the floor by your adopted triplets. coming home from work today was exhausting to say the least, and osamu suggested that he would take care of the kids while you get some proper rest. you were reluctant of the idea; knowing that these little musketeers are quite troublesome to deal with.
osamu only hummed at you, swiftly picking up the two while the other clung onto his legs. "of course, i can. yer underestmitatin' my parentin' skills, love?" he lightly laughed as you rolled your eyes at him. "we'll be in the kitchen if you need anythin', get some sleep, [name]." osamu placed a small kiss on your forehead before exiting the room, the triplets wobbly following behind their father attentively.
"nom nom?" one of his sons asked, his gaze fixated on the cookie jar on top of the kitchen counter. his brothers happily walking by his side. "nommy! 'ookie!" the other remarked boisterously. osamu chuckled at this; what could possibly go wrong while the kids are under his watch? it's not like he hasn't taken care of them before, it'll be a piece of cake, he thought to himself.
okay, he was wrong. he was so, so wrong.
the kitchen was an absolute mess.
a light layer of flour coated the children's faces, chocolate smudges on their newly bought clothing, crumbs of pastry stuck on their little hands, and never-ending screams that made his ears ring painfully. "oh- shoot, careful there, buddy," he released a shaky exhalation. "now, wait a minute." once he noticed that there were only two children running around, worrying completely took over him.
"where's ta other one?"
he looked everywhere, all while watching the other two. unknown to him, the youngest one quickly waddled his way just to wake you up; for cookies, the youngest one woke you up to share his cookies with you. "hold on, baby. we have to clean your hands first." you sighed, finally catching up to your son as he obliged to your statement—extending his little chubby hands to you while you cleaned them with some wet baby wipes.
in a blink of an eye, your son was already wobbly running to find his brothers; with you trailing behind him intently, so much for some shut-eye. "oh my, why are baby ghosts running around?" you commended, as all three of them clung onto your legs, all giggling from the mess they've made, "it seems that my dear husband can't take care of three little troublemakers. and now, there's four."
"okay," he sighed in defeat, grabbing a wash cloth to wipe off the smudges in the kids' faces, "okay, maybe taking care of three kids was a little hassle."
"a little?"
"okay, t'was a lot of trouble."
Tumblr media
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haikyuutothetop · 3 months ago
in my arms
Tumblr media
a/n: blame dai (@babydai) for the hq dad brainrot.
prompt: he holds your baby in his arms for the first time.
characters: ushijima wakatoshi
warnings: none
Tumblr media
They say words can't possibly describe the feelings blossoming in your chest upon seeing your child for the first time.
The instant Ushijima lays his eyes on your figure, cradling a gurgling bundle in your arms, he knows that said statement rings true.
After all, how could he ever encapsulate the pure joy brimming in his chest, along with the bursting pride, the unbounded wonder, the immeasurable love?
You glance up from your baby to your husband by the doorway, beckoning him to come closer to the bed. He obliges, heavy footfalls echoing throughout the room. The warmth in his eyes as he studies your daughter's features is one you've never seen before—her nose is Ushijima's, but her eyes are undoubtedly yours.
"Do you want to hold her?"
The soft smile etched on your husband's face turns into one marred with reservation: Ushijima is well-aware of the power lying dormant in his hands. Smashes the public likens to the viciousness of a beast, balls hitting the court with the crack of a gunshot, the label of "Monster Generation" plastered on every headline featuring him and his teammates.
He doesn't say it outright, but you know the cause of the palpable fear rising in the air—Ushijima Wakatoshi, opposite hitter renowned for his strength, is afraid of hurting your daughter by holding her in his arms.
You sway your legs from underneath the sheets to stand beside your husband, a hand grazing his shoulder in comfort while the other carries your baby securely. "It's okay, Toshi," you whisper, passing your daughter into his arms. "You won't hurt her."
Ushijima is still wracked with uneasiness when he feels the baby's weight in his grasp, yet all nerves dissipate upon seeing a small hand reaching out from behind the swaddle of fleece blankets. His hand instinctively rise to meet his daughter's, and at his touch, she wraps her fingers around his.
The moment is ethereal, and Ushijima doesn't know whether to laugh or cry as he makes the first of many promises to his daughter:
"Don't worry, little one. I'll always protect you."
Tumblr media
— masterlist.
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pookiepoodle · 21 days ago
Their child has a crush ft. Akaashi
I don’t own any of the art. Please check out my masterlist, send in requests and enjoy!!!
Tumblr media
You were cleaning up your son’s room when you noticed the rather messy desk and full paper wastebasket. This wasn’t uncommon as your son had taken after his father’s love of writing and would often spend hours at his desk, his failed attempts at a masterpiece of words filling the basket until he got it. But there was something a bit different...
Glitter, ribbons, stickers and lace covered the oak desk along with glue and different shades of red and pink paper. Your son wasn’t artistic in the traditional sense so there had to be a reason for this beautiful mess. Of course, given the time of the year, you knew exactly what this was all about.
Valentine's Day.
At the same time as you were glancing (i.e. reading) the cast aside notes, your husband was downstairs, working away on his laptop to finish his editorial reviews in time for your date that evening. You eventually made your way down to him, calling out to Akaashi.
“Honey, look at this!” 
Akaashi glanced up to see you holding a red paper heart, with the words “I love you” written in the centre. Admittedly, the writing wasn’t perfect and the heart shape was a bit wobbly, but it was something precious your son had made and you were touched to see that he was clearly attempting to make him and you a card.
Or so you thought.
You’d talked to Akaashi about it and you agreed to play it cool, the two of you not saying a word about the card when you went to pick up your son from school. 
“I can’t believe he made us a card and he did so many attempts,” you whispered to him as you stood outside the gates, watching the children walk out. 
“Well, he takes after me in that sense,” Akaashi replied back quietly, a soft smile gracing his face. Both of them appeared to be perfectionists and you knew that he was very proud to see his son taking after him in that sense.
The sight of your precious boy made you grin brightly but then, suddenly, you realised a few things.
One. Your little boy was holding hands with a girl and not just any girl. Bokuto’s daughter, who was in the same year as your son.
Two. In her hand, was a bright red paper heart, with lace trimmings. The same lace you’d seen strewn across your son’s desk earlier.
“I know,” Akaashi exclaimed, giving your hand a little squeeze as he made his way over to the little boy,” It appears that I need to have a chat with Bokuto.”
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