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#haikyuu drabble
kairakeiji · a day ago
Tumblr media
you got asked out.
for the first time in about six months, you got asked out.
and your supposed enemy suna rintarou is not too happy about it.
to the world he was your rival, the one person you despised more than anything. to the world you two bickered endlessly, arguments built up on frustrations that had yet to receive any kind of closure or understanding. you weren't meant to work together, that's what the world was supposed to perceive.
but to you, he was your boyfriend, the boy you took a chance on six months ago, the boy who acts completely different towards you behind closed doors, the boy you decided to play a little game with, a game full of secrets and subtle teasing. he was the person you loved more than words could describe. yet no one else knew of that love, it made the game more fun after all.
to the world, you were single. but to him, you were his. sure, suna had his fair share of confessions considering his place on the volleyball team, but now it felt different when it came to you. no matter what, suna would always reject his admirers, but the thought of you getting asked out, even if you said no, made his blood boil. a secret relationship does come with some pros and cons after all. this was just a downside that both you and suna had to deal with.
right now though, suna wanted to kiss you in the cafeteria, just so he can show everyone who you belong to.
"so who's the boy?" atsumu asks with a smile.
"a kid in my calculus class," you replied. "he's really nice, offers help, lends the spare pencil on occasions."
suna made a mental note to visit your calculus class more, maybe then the boy would get the message.
"how'd he ask you out?" atsumu then asked.
you crossed your arms, "why do you want all the details?"
"because our little baby is going out on a date," he cooed.
and you only rolled your eyes, "for the record, i'm the same age as all of you."
"still a month younger than me," suna notes, eyes still stuck on his phone trying not to show his interest in the conversation in front of him.
"still the youngest," atsumu smirks.
you brush them off rolling your eyes, "anyway, he asked me out after class, dinner and everything," you replied.
"exciting," atsumu smiled.
"so did you say yes?" osamu asks.
the twins blink at you for a moment, silence lingering over the table and suna can't help but smile.
"you said no?" atsumu clarifies.
"i said no," you answered.
"why'd you say no?" osamu asks, less shocked than his twin brother sitting next to him.
you shrug, "i'm just not really looking for a relationship right now."
and suna suddenly feels an odd sense of pride.
"you're not?" osamu asks.
you shake your head, "i'm not."
"interesting," osamu hums before silence overcomes the table.
suna does his best to hide his small smile and he looks over at you, scrolling through your own phone as you took a sip from your water bottle.
god if no one else was here he'd kiss you.
"do ya have a boyfriend or something?"
the whole table turns to look at atsumu at his question, "i don't," you deny a bit too quickly.
"ya sure?" atsumu tries again. "i don't think you'd say no to him if you didn't have one."
and suna can see the slight panic in your eyes.
"i don't," you reply again.
"after all," suna cuts in. "who'd want to date a micromanaging freak?"
your eyes turn at the sound of his voice.
"rude," you roll your eyes, but suna knows you'll thank him for it later.
"apparently, calculus kid does," osamu nods.
"besides," you cut in once more. "i don't want a relationship right now."
that's right, suna thinks to himself, you don't want one because you belong to him.
you met suna's gaze from across the table as you gave him a small smile, and he still really fucking wants to kiss you in front of everyone. but he waits, going back to his phone only to see a text notification coming from you.
thank you <3
of course baby, he types, before stealing a quick glance at the twins, now engrossed in their own little argument. you look at him from across the table, laughing at the stupid insults they're barreling at each other.
we argue better you reply.
i think we do too he answers.
he looks at you quickly, seeing the smile on your lips as you watch the twins bicker.
god he still wants to kiss you.
so he caves, meet me on the roof?
and in the corner of his eye, he catches you laughing softly at his text.
i'll be there in 5 idiot
one day the world's going to know of your love. one day the world's going to know that you don't actually despise each other. one day your game will end and the world's going to know suna as your boyfriend. and until that day comes, suna hopes no one else asks you out, or he's going to end the game himself.
Tumblr media
screams i love him
thanks for reading!! reblogs are incredibly appreciated mwah <3
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · a day ago
sakusa x gn!reader
Tumblr media
sakusa pouts as you coat your lips with lip balm, running the stick over your top, then your bottom lip, over and over. he watches the stick go from left to right almost resentfully, but still entranced nonetheless. you can sense his stare on you in the back of your mind, but you're too preoccupied, focusing on the task at hand.
he huffs when you still haven't put the lip balm away five seconds later. he's being dramatic, he knows. but it's for good reason.
"don't you think you've put enough?" he practically mumbles out aggressively, "maybe even too much?"
that makes you pause, your hand in the air, lip balm still on your lip. you look over at him questioningly and hesitantly. "...what?" you put the cap on and put it away, slowly rubbing your lips together.
his eyes catch on the movement of your lips and he gets temporarily distracted before he sighs and bites the inside of his cheek almost sheepishly as he looks to the side.
you tilt your head, eyes scanning over him as you try to figure him out. "you don't like when i put on lip balm?"
he shakes his head, like a child and you can't help but find it cute.
"why not?"
he hesitates for a few seconds before speaking up. "cause you don't let me kiss you till it dries off."
when he glances over and notices the smile growing on your lips, he clenches his jaw and crosses his arms, looking even more like a small child that didn't get their way.
you scoot closer to him and coo, "aww omi––" his shoulders sag and you can tell he regrets ever opening his mouth. "tell you what, i'll give you a free pass this time, kay?"
he hates himself for this, but your words make him perk up immediately, he's that whipped for you.
he tries to appear nonchalant as he turns to you, eyes flitting up to yours as he uncrosses his arms at the soft touch of your hand, urging them open.
he may be completely whipped for you, but as you press your lips against his and let out a content sigh, sinking further into him, one hand on his shoulder, the other in his curls, he realizes he doesn't care one bit. he slides an arm around your waist and tugs you closer. if he's only getting one kiss, he's gonna make it count.
Tumblr media
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hq-girl-next-door · 2 days ago
matsukawa + toothbrush 🪥
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Issei Matsukawa x GN!Reader
Prompt: Toothbrush
Tags: Fluff, Established Relationship, Crack-ish, Unedited
A/n: Again, this has been sitting in my inbox for so long. I have one more that is in my inbox for this event (that is still ongoing, so pls send me some more!) Please enjoy! Reblogs much appreciated  ♡
Mornings have never been a friend to Issei, and that’s something you’ve come to realize about him after being together for so long. It’s not a surprise to you when you just get some grunts and shrugs after he wakes up. Honestly he doesn't want to be awake. But jobs and daily life say otherwise. 
This morning was no exception. Mindlessly Issei got up out of bed, as you had already gotten up and are probably drinking your morning coffee. It’s nothing new to the scruffy man.
Truth be told, he can do his morning routine with his eyes closed. Which he sometimes does. Today was one of those mornings. He ended up putting his sweats on with the tiniest bit of eyesight and then made his way to the bathroom. Taking care of what he needed to and finishing, Issei made his way out to the kitchen. He too needed coffee in the morning or else he definitely couldn’t function.
“Morning sleepy head~” you coo out to him in a soft voice as you’re sitting on the couch.
“Morn’n” he mumbled in reply. You knew what he meant by it even if it wasn’t the full word. A chuckle left your lips and you waited for Issei to come sit next to you like every morning before. 
Time passes as the two of you sit on the couch, watching what ever tv show you picked out. Issei’s hand on your thigh lightly as he looks like he’s going to fall back asleep. It takes Issei a long time to fully wake up. 
Even after breakfast you only get some short replies to small talk, which is fine. It’s when the two of you go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and get ready for your day that it gets interesting. You end up brushing your teeth first while Issei gets dressed. 
Eventually he comes into the bathroom again and picks up a toothbrush. There are only two in the holder and usually he picks up his own and brushes away. But today he must have been extra tired. Why? Because he was using your toothbrush.
“Did you not get that great of sleep last night love?” you ask curiously as you watch. He didn’t seem to realize he was using your toothbrush at all.
Issei’s brows furrow as he thinks about it. “I think I slept fine- why? How’d you sleep?” he asks after he spits out the toothpaste from his mouth.
You can’t help but chuckle and shake her head “I slept fine. But I was just asking because you seem more sleepy than normal. And you’re using my toothbrush..”
Issei stopped moving completely, even stopped breathing a moment while he registered what you said to him. Slowly his eyes look down at the used toothbrush in his hand that hasn’t been rinsed off yet. A light smile crosses his lips as a deep chuckle escapes him. 
“Heh... Sorry... I mean not like my mouth hasn’t tasted yours before~” he cooed to you, throwing you completely off guard. You couldn’t even think of something to come back to it. You were just in awe of how quickly that remark came out of his mouth.
It gets you thinking that even though he seemed like he was still a walking zombie, there’s always some way that he throws you off with a comment like that. And lets be honest, that’s one of the reasons you love him so much.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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ripaya · 7 hours ago
𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐬  .  𝐭. 𝐤𝐮𝐫𝐨𝐨
Tumblr media
summary: kuroo’s a lovable dork that just wanted to impress you
pairing: kuroo x gn!reader
genre: fluff
tw: none :)
Tumblr media
kuroo swirls his cup for what feels like the thousandth time and sets it down. he carefully wipes the droplets of water from condensation that found its way onto the wooden cafe tabletop and shifts his eyes over to you.
unlike him, you’re enjoying the beverage you ordered, evident in the simple fact that you ordered your drink because you liked it, not because you foolishly wanted to impress your date.
but how could he not want to impress you in some way? you were his coworker, his extremely attractive coworker with the charming smile and amazing work ethic that he wish he had. the coworker he looked forward to greeting when entering the building and would wait an hour just to coincidentally have his lunch break at the same time. for kuroo, you were the beat-around-the-bush-to-ask-you-out-because-he-admired-you-so-much type of attractive coworker. frankly speaking, kuroo was in shock that he was even in such a scene, sitting across from you at a quaint cafe hidden near the station on a date.
kuroo shudders a bit, imagining kenma bursting out into cruel laughter over the minor predicament he was in. he gives the drink a hard glare and takes a deep breath. it’s now or never, he thinks and takes a large gulp of the americano.
“you alright?” you giggle, watching the tall man squeeze his eyes shut as he devours the coffee in such a theatrically agonizing manner. the way he gulped the coffee almost makes you believe that consuming the liquid was so excruciating and awful that it physically pains him. he pants and slams the coffee down onto the table, and it’s that moment that he remembers that he’s on a date. he should be focusing on you.
“yeah, yeah. i’m all good, um, are you?” kuroo hastily responds, blinking for a moment as he tentatively makes eye contact with you.
your eyes are kind, he thinks. the gentle furrow of your eyebrows and a slight downturn in your eyes make for such a sweet expression of concern that he’d think would convince even the frostiest of souls that humans have the capacity for genuine empathy.
“i’m doing just fine, thank you for asking,” you chuckle, covering your mouth to hide the smile spilling from the corners of your lips.
“good! good, um- yeah that’s good. being fine is good, yep, very good,” he nods with surprising fervor. kuroo mentally slaps himself as soon as words begin overflowing from his mouth, wondering just how much of a fool he seemed in front of you.
“i agree,” you nod. it’s amusing, seeing your normally smug (in the most attractive way possible, but he doesn’t need to know that) and suave coworker so flustered in the cafe. his face appears just as bright as a ripe tomato as he fumbles over his words, “i mean, doing well definitely trumps doing awful, doesn’t it?”
he aggressively nods again, agreeing with your words as his mind goes blank when searching for ones to respond with. he instead grabs his americano as a diversion and takes a sip, but is unable to hide the sour expression that overtakes his face.
“kuroo san, are you not a fan of americanos?” you hum, curiously observing his body language as he nods meekly.
“i like a bit of cream and sugar in mine,” he admits, raising his hands in defeat upon being found out. an amused smile dances on your lips as you raise your cup and take a sip.
“then what made you order an americano?” you ask as you tilt your head curiously. kuroo thinks for a moment, wondering if admitting his motivation behind his coffee order of the day would drive you away.
“it seemed more sophisticated than a latte,” he confesses with a sheepish smile. his heartbeats are suddenly emphasized, the prolonged pounds ringing in his ears until the distinct thumps were all that he heard and felt.
it’s not until he realizes that the smile on your face remains unfazed, still hung as he watches them move.
“so you’re the type to order black coffee to impress his date?”
his eyes dart over to his hands as his head hangs low, ashamed that his little attempt to boast his incredibly mature and refined tastebuds failed so instantaneously.
“i mean, i’m already impressed by you, kuroo san,” you wink, leaning forward a little as kuroo finds himself drawn to your gesture. his body follows, propelling itself forward, waiting for what else you have to say.
“let’s get coffee again another day, yeah? and let’s also make sure you get the order you actually want,”
“yeah,” kuroo breaths, nodding in agreement as he feels the little butterflies that had previously felt like a roughly situated pile of rocks resurface, “i’d really like that,”
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sunaerin · 10 days ago
[11:34 pm] - Sakusa Kiyoomi, fluff. 
Tumblr media
Sakusa Kiyoomi is the type of guy that would have four pictures on his public instagram and he’ll be the type to post once every blue moon. Posts with no captions but simply entailing a meaning behind the picture itself… With one picture of a beautiful scenic background, another of a memorable moment in his volleyball career, and the third of some random aesthetic picture that documented his highly appraised elegant style. Sakusa Kiyoomi was truly a mystery that even his most loyal fans couldn’t decipher. 
But when he posted his fourth… one where he specially and deliberately posted in such a manner - a blurry photo of a certain mysterious person, that held the honor of having a simple caption, “my everything.” It’s easy to say the internet went into havoc seeing such a move from him, to potentially venture into the private life of THE Sakusa Kiyoomi - one that always strayed far from opening up about his life, the one that’s made it absolutely clear to not ask about anything personal.
But little do such people know, that the pictures he’s posted within the years of having his socials… he’s been, well, secretly telling the world that you were with him through it all. You were there for every step of his victories, awaiting with a pretty smile and a warm embrace to give. And you were selflessly there to catch him through his downfalls with arms wide, always ready to carry him through his failures.
That even Sakusa Kiyoomi, the one that truly despised letting people into his life, couldn’t resist his burning desire to finally show you off to the world… because you, you were the exception that defied his all. So with a nervous hand and a proud heart, he posts a hazy picture of you sleeping - simply awed at the beauty of your vulnerable and natural state, that to him, no other could look more beautiful. And surely no other could have such a reign over his fragile heart.
That the moment he posts, he burrows his heated cheeks close into the delicate valley of your neck, and mutters his truth, 
“you are surely my everything, my love.”
But, your Omi wouldn’t be the Sakusa Kiyoomi the world knew, timid and shy, if he didn’t turn off the comments the moment he saw comments such as, “I just know they’ll be so beautiful,” or “does anyone know their handle?” … but today... today he chose not to.
Because despite as selfish as he was… he wanted you to be his one and only, untainted by the opinions of an irrelevant world; he simply wanted you to stay as his first love, his beloved partner… a deity that unintentionally made him show glimpses of who he truly was to the world, without him even knowing.
And today he chose to be honest.
So when he leaves his comments open, his once irrelevant world now fairly relevant - for he willingly shared his most treasured secret. Therefore, in lieu of such news, his followers collectively shocked at his unforeseen action couldn’t help but ponder, “who is this person that managed to change our stoic omi??! omg !! 😳” He responds with, again, as simple as he could be, but now with a welcoming smile laced on his face as he’s cuddled next to a warm you,
“that’s a secret. 🙂”
Tumblr media
holy fuck... to have this with him... OH MY GAWD
i haven’t finalized my taglist yet, but if you would like to join, the link is here!
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risumu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“that’s wrong. you’re supposed to—“
“ugh,” you groan, slamming your forehead down to your notebook before kuroo has a chance to reach over and fully explain your mistake.
he’s a good tutor, but you suppose that’s all because he’s the TA for the class too. and you’re lucky you were able to book a slot with him before they all filled up. you’re grateful, really! but then again.
“if i hear you say ‘that’s wrong’ one more time i’m dropping out immediately,” you grumble against the notebook paper.
it’s quiet for a moment. then kuroo speaks up.
“that’s incorrect.”
you groan again, slouching back in your seat and dragging your hands down your face. it’s late, you’ve been at this for a while, and you have decided you completely and utterly hate statistics with your whole entire heart. turning your head to look over to kuroo, you’re greeted with a smooth grin that is a flip side of your pouty little frown.
“i’m dropping out,” you huff.
“no, you’re not,” he chuckles, and you nearly flinch when he raises a hand to swipe back the hair that got stuck to your forehead. “what you are doing is mixing up your steps. look.”
and there he goes, leaning up beside you with his pencil in hand. he’s talking, you know he is, but your eyelids are heavy and you’ve pulled all nighters the past two days to study for your upcoming exam and the steady rumble of his voice is just so calming.
so it’s really not your fault when your head lolls over and is suddenly resting against your tutor’s shoulder.
“just gimme a few minutes, just wanna rest my eyes,” you mumble, and his shoulder is so much more comfortable than you thought it would be, honestly.
kuroo goes stiff for a few minutes, because literally what else is he supposed to do? the person who he secretly can’t keep his eyes off during ever lecture falling asleep on his shoulder? how is he supposed to act in this situation?
timidly—though he’ll tell his friends how confident he was during this moment later—he lifts a hand up to run it through your hair. and no, he does not blush when he hears you hum at his action and then wrap both your arms around the one of his you’re leaning against.
and really, he would be more than happy to stay like this for as long as possible, but the library is going to close in just a few minutes. so, with just a bit of internal panic and a whole lot of regret that he has to do this, he shakes you a little bit—gently of course.
“the library is about to close.”
he bites the inside of his cheek and curses himself for finding this as cute as he does. so, as good as he can without jostling you too much, he starts grabbing your books and sliding them back into your bag, then doing the same to his own.
“yn, i got your stuff. we need to go,” kuroo shakes you again, and you mumble something under your breath that he doesn’t really pick up on. “come on, up you go.”
even as he raises you out of your seat and onto your feet, you still don’t unwrap yourself from his arm. honestly, he’s not even sure your eyes are open as he slings the both of yours bags over his shoulder and starts leading you towards the door.
he’d rather die than admit to his current inner mantra of ‘don’t spazz out don’t spazz out’ as he walks out the door and into the open campus air. he starts walking, and he doesn’t even know which dorm you’re in so he’s not even sure where he’s going.
“kuroo,” you speak, making him jump just a little as you break your silence. “why are you taking me back to your dorm?”
kuroo’s steps stutter to a halt and he realizes that he is in fact—although it was completely subconsciously, he swears—leading you towards his dorm building. his brows furrow as he looks down to you.
“how’d you know this is my dorm?”
“my window,” you point, to the building the two of you have just passed, right across from the one you’re standing in front of. “it’s right across from yours. by the way, you’re a really bad dancer.”
kuroo wants to die on the spot as you look up to him with a sleepy smile, and he knows he’s blushing, he just hopes you can see it from the dim campus lights.
“please tell me you’ll just forget you ever saw that,” kuroo grins sheepishly, bangs curling up a little with the humidity in the air.
“that depends,” you shrug, unwrapping yourself from his arm and stealing your bag back from his shoulder before taking a step backwards.
“on what?” kuroo asks as you turn to walk away, fingers gripping his own backpack strap. his arm still feels warm from your contact.
you look back over your shoulder, and kuroo thinks you look far too pretty under the shitty campus lights.
“whether i pass my exam or not.”
and kuroo really can’t help it when he cuts all of his other sessions with other students short just so he can squeeze in more for you. he just wants you to pass is all! he cares about everyone’s grades!
(and it’s all for naught anyways, because you see him dance a lot more. but this time in a front row seat on the edge of his dorm room bed. and he never fails to grab your hand and make you dance with him.)
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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fsrintaro · a month ago
## ft. suna rintaro, bokuto koutaro, miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsuro
## a/n. i feel so lonely everytime i write fluff aaaa
Tumblr media
SUNA RINTARO would be the type to tug on the hem of your t-shirt, beckoning you to spare some attention for him. his head would nuzzle against your neck in an attempt to hide his flushed face because when has he ever became a clingy person? he doesn’t know when it started but he has always craved for your touch.
BOKUTO KOUTARO would be the one that works to get your attention. he would press kisses all over your face, stroking your hair and talking about how you are the best thing, the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to him. “baby i miss you.” “kou, you have been cuddling me for the past 30 minutes.”
MIYA ATSUMU too, would not ask for your attention directly but would casually make remarks about how his hand and arms are feeling very empty or how his lips are very lonely. you found his ways to be absolutely adorable so you would tease him back by just giving a hum of acknowledgment, leaving atsumu dumbfounded.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME would not hesitate to call you over so that he could envelope you in his arms. the only problem is that once you start cuddling, you can’t get out. any attempt from you to escape his hold would be met with a light slap on your thigh. “mine.” he smiled at you, fingers moving up to playfully pinch your nose.
KUROO TETSURO would screw things up on purpose. he just knows that you would feel pitiful watching him struggle to do something as simple as hanging the clothes out. he would plead for you to teach him and would ask for a reward if he succeeds. and somehow, he magically succeeds every single time. you were too happy with giving him a kiss to think about how he was such a ‘fast’ learner.
Tumblr media
ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ" likes, feedback and rbs are always appreciated 🤍
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blossomkoushi · a month ago
Tight Fit
KINKTOBER: size kink w/ matsukawa issei
contains: afab reader, light degradation, use of “good girl”, mentions of tummy and throat bulges but not to reader, mentions of the reader being used “as a fleshlight” but w consent ofc, creampie
word count: 800
Tumblr media
“look at this pretty little cunt” Matsukawa groans, his thumb pressing down at the base of his cock, rubbing the length over your pussy. Once the head returns down to your entrance, he lets a fat glob of spit fall, landing on the tip of his cock. Pushing the head in, he sighs and pinches your clit lightly, smirking when you whine. “such a tight little thing… sure you can fit me, doll? Barely fits in your slutty mouth”
His words leave you writhing on the bed, clenching around the head, and whining when he pulls out yet again. He’s always such a tease.
“please” you gasp, already going dumb for him, desperate to feel the familiar stretch of his cock splitting you open. “want you”
He chuckles, slapping the length of his cock down on your pussy and sighing, angling the head down to prod against your hole once more.
“remember to breathe for me” he mumbles, waiting until he can hear your deep inhale before starting to push inside.
It’s a tight fit from the get-go, the spongey tip of his cock popping inside, and you squirm, grimacing. Hushing you soothingly, Matsukawa lets go of his cock and places both hands down on the bed. His eyes are glued to where the two of you are connected, watching your folds move open for him while he slowly pushes in, shivering in satisfaction when you hiss in discomfort. It leaves his cock throbbing, and he has to stop moving for a moment, preventing himself from thrusting in the full length all at once.
“fuck, baby you have to relax for me” he groans, thumb pressing down on your clit and drawing small circles. “I know you want it, come on, doll”
A moan rips from your throat, shivering from his words and nodding, looking up at him with pleading eyes, “take care of me, please… want you.”
“good girl” he smiles, returning his attention to your cunt getting split open. He places the hand previously rubbing your clit on your lower stomach, adding pressure to his cock sliding in. he finally bottoms out, hips flush against yours.
“fuck!” you squeal, hands slapping onto his chest while you squirm, “t-too much! So big- ‘sei- i-in my throat”
Matsukawa groans lowly, cock throbbing painfully inside you, your words making his head spin. He falls on top of you, resting on his forearms by your head.
“you can take it, always do” his voice is strained, nearly finishing inside of you simply from the sight of your eyes welling up with tears.
He knows he’s big. Thick in girth and long shaft, being able to take him fully is a feat in of its own. And Matsukawa gets off from it. Watching anyone struggle to take him, whining about how it’ll split them in half. Tummies bulging out. Fucking throats that bulge as well. Having to train pussies to let him in, to let him press his hips against theirs. It makes him painfully hard.
He loses all self-restraint. Pulling back slowly, he shivers from the feeling of your body moving against his along with the whine that escapes your parted lips. Bracing himself, he thrusts in quickly, groaning loudly. The familiar plap plap plap fills the room, his hips snapping against yours, both of your mouths hanging open and moaning freely. Matsukawa leans up slightly, pressing down on your tummy again and fucking you harder, nearly using you as a fleshlight to get off.
“fuck- feel so fucking good-“ he groans, throwing his head back for a moment, feeling the sweat drip down his face, “still in your throat, baby?”
“a-ah!” you squeal, clawing at his body wherever you can reach, bucking your hips to meet his deep thrusts, “i-in my throat-, h-head- fuck!”
You nearly scream, head tossing back while you cum, clenching around his throbbing cock rhythmically. He stops moving, cursing under his breath while his thumb rubs your clit, eyes raking over your shaking body.
“good girl, that’s right, fuck” Matsukawa groans when you finally relax around him again, leaning down to kiss your neck, slowly starting to roll his hips again, “I’m so close baby, tight little pussy making me feel so fucking good, clench again for me baby- oh fuck”
He babbles, picking up speed and panting hotly against your neck, covering your body with his. He humps you desperately, chasing his high while you continue to squeeze his cock tightly, feeling his deep groans against your skin.
“oh- oh- oh fuck- nghh” he shivers, moaning while his hips stutter, slamming down against you one last time before stopping. His cock throbs inside you, warmth filling you deep inside while he cums, spilling his hot seed into you.
Flopping down on you, Matsukawa sighs and kisses your neck again, sleepily whispering about how good you feel while he drifts off, cock softening inside of you.
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cellotonin · 3 months ago
baby fever ➳ d. sawamura (18+!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
wc: 2.6k
tags/warnings: smut, 18+ (minors pls dni !!), fem!reader, unprotected sex, breeding, overstimulation, oral (f. receiving), slight cum play (??)
a/n: ok but would anyone believe me if i said i was supposed to finish this in march for @kingtamakimurder​​’s birthday,,,,,,, 🧍🏾‍♀️🧍🏾‍♀️ pls ignore this being nearly 5 months late WKJSKJSXDCFV ILY SHAN 😭 BUT ANYWHOO,,,, listen all i’m saying is,,, daichi w/ baby fever 😳 u know it’s gonna be a long night LMAO 🥴 let’s consider this my practice for this year’s kinktober i hope y’all enjoy <33 and ty @phasmwrites​ and @cyancherub​ for beta reading this for me i owe u my life <3
Tumblr media
Daichi’s hands are at your stomach again.
It’s become a new part of his greeting since last week. For every good morning, his palms rest just above your pelvis like a protective barrier. For every see you later, his hands linger on your navel for just a few extra seconds as if they don’t want to let go. For every welcome back or I’m home, his fingers gently press into the soft flesh of your stomach. And for every goodnight, his arms wrap around your torso again like it’s the only way he can sleep.
Your initial reaction is the same. Your breath catches in your throat, body stiff with anticipation as you wait for his next move. But his hands don’t travel further up towards your chest, nor do they slide further down past your hips. All that move are his fingers, tracing the faintest patterns along your skin as he rests his chin atop your shoulder. It’s as if his hands have grown a mind of their own, leaving him completely unaware of what they’re up to.
And it’s only when you squirm, asking if there’s something he needs, that Daichi suddenly seems to realize he’s doing. “Nothing, baby, just saying hi,” is the only response you ever get from him, pressing a kiss to your temple before he pulls his hands away. And once again, he leaves you on your own to wonder what that could have been about.
It must be a habit, that’s really the only conclusion you can come to. With no other possible explanation, you decide to leave it at that. Just a habit, nothing else to it.
But you can only brush it off for so long.
His new “habits” rapidly begin to increase in both number and frequency, each one less subtle than the last. He's suddenly much more attentive to your needs, asking if you’re sore, if you’re having any peculiar cravings, if you need to rest your feet. Each time he asks, his hands return to your lower belly like a magnet.
“You know, you’re really great with kids,” he starts to comment on almost a daily basis. Every time you run into a younger child, helping them find their parents or shake a ball down from a tree, Daichi never fails to remind you of your apparent skill.
Somehow, you don’t connect the dots until you start to catch him wandering towards the baby section in every store, until you often notice him running his fingers along the delicate fabric of the tiniest baby blue onesies, until you find him watching the children play with the toys, flashing a smile every time one of them notices his presence, until you develop your own habit of scanning your cart for any pacifiers or bottles or diapers that he might have “accidentally” dropped in when he wasn’t thinking.
You know exactly what he wants.
And yet, even as Daichi wordlessly approaches you in your shared bedroom, even as he nudges your legs apart and settles himself between your thighs, even as he presses his cheek against your stomach like he’s listening for something, you still find yourself asking him again. “What is it, Daichi? Do you need anything?”
He offers no verbal response. Instead, his hands begin to wander, disappearing under the fabric of your loose tank top as they travel upwards, only pausing once they’ve reached your breasts. Your breath jumps when his thumbs and forefingers ghost over your buds, which grow stiffer by the second as he gives them the faintest squeeze.
“Daichi…” you try again, squirming as both your face and your core grow warm. And for the second time, you're ignored.
His hands retreat from your chest after a few moments, and you find your thighs subconsciously parting further as he makes his way back towards your pelvis. Each kiss he places over your belly makes your skin burn with excitement, and you’re so focused on that particular sensation that you don’t even notice his left hand dip between your legs. A sharp gasp falls from your lips when his fingers glide across your clothed slit, just barely missing that one spot you thought they might land.
But just before he can discard the article of clothing that blocks his path, you reach down to tap his forehead. “Come on, Daichi… you gotta tell me what you want,” you whine, curling your lips into a pout.
This time, he answers. He lets out a soft hum, pausing his actions long enough to glance up at you. His eyes narrow as he smirks ever-so-slightly, a look that he knows will have you dripping in moments, and gives your hips the lightest squeeze. “Do I? I figured you already knew.”
“I - I don’t think I do.” You’re lying straight through your teeth. Of course, you already know. Everyone and their mothers have probably figured it out by now. But as eager as you are to start the process, you can’t help but drag it out. It’s always a little more fun when you do.
Daichi tuts quietly, digging his fingers further into your hips as you let out another gasp. “I know you’re lying to me, (Y/N). Sounds like you want me to spell it out for you, right?” 
“Maybe…” You swallow, waiting with bated breath for what he’ll do next.
“Fine then, I’ll humor you this time, baby.” He pushes himself up to one knee, making his way back up your body until his lips are hovering just over your ear. Two fingers slip under your panties and into your dripping cunt, pulling out a soft moan from your chest. “I want a baby right now, (Y/N). I wanna fill up this pretty cunt of yours until I know we’ve got one.”
Every hushed word sends an exhilarating shiver down your spine in time with the slow thrust of his fingers. You whine, rolling your hips against his hand as you seek more friction. “Daichi… please, don’t tease…”
“I’ve wanted this for so long, baby. I’ve always wanted a little version of us running around and calling us Mommy and Daddy,” he continues, pushing his thumb against your clit as he slowly picks up the pace. “Think you can do that, darling? Be good for me and let’s make that happen, yeah?”
His fingers curl upwards as he asks, hitting that extra sweet spot with ease and sending a fierce jolt of pleasure through your core. “Oh fuck - please, Daichi,” you gasp, squeezing your eyes shut.
He pushes his fingers even deeper in, pressing a trail of kisses along your collarbone as your breathing staggers. “Please what?” he asks, only pausing briefly to nudge your thighs further apart.
“Please, I… I want…” You’re already out of breath, quiet moans and whimpers cutting you off as steady waves of pleasure disrupt your thoughts.
“Talk to me, baby. What do you want?”
Some nerve he has, expecting you to speak as if you’re not currently on the brink of falling apart around just two of his fingers. But you know better by now. You know how he gets such a kick out of watching you struggle to use your words, because you know he won’t budge until you do. You know how he can sit there, relishing in your hushed cries and holding your orgasm just a hair’s width out of reach until he hears what he wants.
And as much as you’d like to drag out the fun even more, you’re not sure how much longer you’ll last while hovering so dangerously close to the edge. So with a shaky breath, you will yourself to form just one coherent sentence.
“I want your cum inside me, Daichi… please.”
His response is so subtle it nearly dips under the radar. But you catch the way his breath almost halts in his throat, the way his other hand twitches around your hip, the way his eyes glaze over with a particular lust you’ve never seen in him before. A second passes, then he lets out a soft chuckle. He slowly retracts his fingers from your core, wordlessly pressing a kiss under your chin when you begin to whine.
You’re not left empty for long. Your panties are tossed out of the way, and his two fingers are almost instantly replaced by the head of his cock, giving your cunt the perfect stretch it’s been yearning for. You cry out, your arms immediately flinging themselves around his neck as he continues to push himself further and further in. And you haven’t even fully registered just how close he had brought you with his fingers alone until he’s completely sheathed inside you, hardly a millimeter shy of hitting your cervix, and the pleasure is so much all at once that you start to spasm around him right away.
Daichi remains silent all the while, watching without a sound as your thighs quiver and struggle to stay open. He reaches out, gently swiping his thumb across your cheek as you shudder under his touch. For a moment, you almost begin to think that he’ll give you some time to recover from your sudden orgasm.
His lips curl into a sly grin as he gradually pulls out to the tip, and that’s when you quickly realize that your time is up. Before you even get a chance to steady your breaths, his hips are snapping into yours, knocking the wind right back out of your lungs. “Fuck-!” you rasp, tightening your hold on his shoulders as a desperate attempt to stabilize yourself. 
“So fucking tight,” you barely hear him mutter as he pounds further into you. “So perfect… gonna be so pretty when it’s dripping with my cum.”
Daichi’s praise goes straight to your cunt, making your walls twitch and flutter in response as you let out a whimper. He quickly catches on, as he always does, and doesn’t stop there. “That’s what you want, huh?” he continues between grunts and deep thrusts, “You want me to fuck a baby right into you, want me to breed you until you’re all nice and swollen with my child, don’t you?”
You’re not sure if he expects you to respond coherently at this point, but you still make a feeble attempt despite the onslaught of pleasure disrupting your thoughts. “Yes… yes, I - god - I want it…!” 
Daichi’s satisfaction with your answer is immediately evident. With a low groan, he grabs ahold of your legs right under your knees, pushing them up until they almost meet your chest. The new position gives him the perfect angle to slam the head of his cock into the most sensitive part of your cunt, and the sudden explosion of pleasure is nearly too much for you to handle.
“Gonna cum again for me, baby?” You can tell Daichi is nearing his own tipping point with the way his breathing becomes heavier, his cock twitching inside you like a ticking time bomb. This time, you can’t bring yourself to talk, nodding vigorously as an alternative and hoping it’ll suffice.
Much to your relief, he doesn’t bother to tease you any further. Instead, he tightens his hold on your thighs and picks up speed. “Cum, (Y/N)… cum for me right now… fuck - come on, baby.” 
And that’s the final push you need. Just one more thrust is enough to make you start gushing around his length, a loud cry escaping your lips as your fingers dig red welts into his shoulders. “Fuck, that’s it, good girl…” he continues to mutter, and it’s not long before loads of his cum are spilling into you, filling up every inch of your cunt.
The aftershocks of your second orgasm leave you dizzy, head spinning so fast that you can barely catch your breath. Through half-lidded eyes, you watch as Daichi slowly pulls himself out of you, leaving a delicate trail of kisses down the middle of your torso until his head is back between your thighs. His hands return to your lower abdomen once more, gently pressing into the skin as if he would already notice a difference. Despite your semi-delirious state, you can’t help but chuckle quietly at his behavior. “What is it now?” you ask, corners of your lips twitching upwards in amusement.
Your question is returned with another of his own. “Think you can keep all that in without letting anything slip out?”
“Daichi, what do you—” That’s the last thing you’re able to say before you’re interrupted by a sudden wave of searing heat, forcing a loud gasp out of you as your whole body flinches.
You can tell that he’s pleased at the reaction he got out of you, so he does it again. His tongue sneaks back out, dragging along your slit in a slow, upward motion, causing you to shudder the same way you had just moments ago. “Dai - Daichi, wait…” you whine, still struggling to recover from your previous orgasm.
He doesn’t listen, of course, and instead decides to swirl his tongue around your clit, attacking the bundle of nerves from all directions. Every skillful flick of the pink muscle rattles every nerve in your body, leaving you helpless to his ministrations. Your hands are indecisive, unable to choose between gripping at the sheets next to you or tugging at Daichi’s hair. Your legs can no longer hold their place on their own accord, making their best attempt to meet in the middle. But Daichi has no intentions of letting you close yourself off, catching your thighs just before they reach him and pushing them back out as far as your flexibility will allow. Now, your poor clit is even more exposed than ever, and he takes full advantage of it by closing his lips around your bud, sucking at it with little mercy.
“Too… s’too much… I can’t…” you quietly whimper, too overwhelmed with pleasure to do much else. Your cunt quivers as a familiar tension begins to build up at your center, and you doubt you’ll be able to hold out much longer.
Daichi has that mischievous grin on his face again, and you quickly realize that he already knows. He knows you can’t keep everything in with the way he’s devouring you, he knows you only have so much strength after making you cum twice, he knows you’ll have to let go soon enough, his cum inevitably seeping out of you. That’s the whole plan, to make you leak so much that he has an excuse to fill you up all over again.
But that realization comes too late. You’re already coming undone with a broken sob as your third orgasm hits you harder than the last two combined, your eyes squeezing shut as you desperately cling to his hair for some form of stability. The walls of your cunt finally give out, and you can practically feel Daichi’s cum spilling out of you, soiling the poor sheets that had just been washed not too long ago.
“Ah, what a mess,” you hear him sigh in feigned disappointment, sending a shiver right down to your stomach. You know he’s not disappointed at all, quite possibly the farthest thing from it. “How are we supposed to have a child if you can barely keep it in for more than five minutes, hmm?”
Your face heats in embarrassment as you avert your gaze. “Oh, come on, you know that’s not fair,” you huff with indignance, puffing air into your cheeks.
Now it’s Daichi’s turn to laugh at your response as he presses a kiss against your pelvis. “Maybe not,” he concedes, pushing himself back up until his hips are leveled with yours again. “But regardless, what’s lost was lost, so it looks like I’ve got no choice but to start over.”
You suck in a breath, mentally preparing yourself for another round, maybe even more. With Daichi, his stamina just might last him the whole night. And unless his baby fever has been satiated, you know he won’t be either.
“Oh, and this time, let’s make sure not a drop goes to waste, yeah?”
Tumblr media
reblogs + comments are greatly appreciated !! <3
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rintwro · a month ago
Tumblr media
best friend!rintaro who would agree to take your virginity so you can get some “experience” before doing it with other guys, but is so mean about it. Teasing you about how desperate you look for his cock, guiding you with a mocking tone, teaching you how to do it right, teaching you how it feels right, overstimulating you for the fun of having you squirming under him
He suggested you needed a few more lessons so you fell for it. And as you fucked, he started being rougher, nasty things leaving his mouth as he pounded into you, but that made your body react so well tears were filling your eyes.
Little did you know he kept fucking you cause he couldn't stand the thought of you letting anyone else touch your body. And he was going to teach you nobody could make you feel as good as he does.
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saitoru · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"omi," you warn, gasping as he thrusts once more, your body moving up and down the car seat that was conveniently laying flat beneath you.
he groans and continues to rut into you, both hands on your hips as he buries his face into your neck. before getting ready for work, you applied a generous amount of that sweet-smelling perfume that he likes, and it only further fueled his need to have you worn out and spread around his cock.
"i have to go! th-they're waiting!" you whine, eyes rolling back as his nails dig into your hips, and he sinks his teeth against the soft part of your skin, where shoulder meets neck.
"one more," he says, cursing lowly under his breath as he delights in how great your soft cunt feels around him; how tight and warm you are, squeezing around his cock as you sob and writhe beneath him.
you shake your head, your back arching as you moan out his name, omi, omi, omi. "you, you said that already, three times! they're going to fire me!" you sputter, though you shamelessly lift your hips in a pathetic attempt to meet his thrusts.
he lays a hand against the car window, sucking and pulling your skin between his teeth. "come on, baby. one more time, my pretty girl wants to make me proud, right?"
Tumblr media
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joyaphoria · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
it’s 12:23 pm, and kiyoomi is loosing his mind — silently.
valentines day is today, and sakusa knows from experience that whenever the holiday comes around, you make little pink cards for the entire class and hand them out with pink lollipops.
he’s been in the same homeroom as you since the beginning of elementary school, up to now, your last year before you graduate to junior high.
in other words, omi has five — and hopefully soon to be six — pink valentines day cards pinned to the wall in his bedroom, each one with his name scribbled a little neater as the years went on and your handwriting improved.
but this year, sakusa isn’t only hoping for another card; he’s hoping for a special one. a card that has more than a prewritten happy valentines day, with his name scribbled at the top, and a love, y/n at the bottom.
he wants one that you’ve secretly given to a select few throughout the years; the ones that were boasted around the schoolyard, despite your wishes to have them remain discreet.
ones that he pushed into tiny mobs of boys his age to see, where one of the boys would be showing the card around, grinning as if he’d won a free ice cream.
a card that has a special message on it, different for whoever receives it.
he wants one really bad, and he’s wanted one since year two, when you shooed away the boys that were trying to get omi to roll around in the mud with them. he’s wanted it even more since year four, when you caught his eye during lunch, and invited him over to your desk to have some of your food.
but it was last year — year five — that he swore to himself that he had to get one of those cards, when you asked him to touch his hair. he nodded quickly, and you gently picked up one of the strands, twisting it around your fingers. 
he remembers you whispering, they’re so soft, before ooh’s and ahh’s filled the classroom, and the two of you turned bright red.
he watches as you go desk to desk, shuffling through the plastic bag on your arm, handing each student a pink envelope and a lollipop. you’re almost to him, and sakusa hides his fidgeting hands beneath the desk.
he looks around the class, noticing that this time, everyone has a pink envelope. the special ones are usually a different colour, like the yellow ones from year one, or the purple ones from year three.
are you not handing out them out this year?
omi’s heart squeezes, but he wills himself to breathe, slowly looking up when your shoes stop in front of his desk.
“hi omi!” you beam, smiling at him, before rummaging through your bag. he watches as you accidentally pull out two envelopes, one red and one pink.
wait- is he gonna get a special one — a red one? even though nobody else—
you drop the red one in the bag and nervously hand him a pink one along with a lolipop, quickly shuffling away to the next person — but not before his mind takes a screenshot of the cursive scribble that was on the red envelope.
later on, he finds out that nobody got a special envelope that day, and omi doesn’t dare tell a soul that there was indeed a red envelope in that bag.
when he gets home, kiyoomi asks his mom to write out his name in cursive. she gives him a look that says okay..? but does it regardless, eyeing him between each letter. 
he folds the paper in half, and waits until he reaches his room before opening it.
in all honesty, kiyoomi has no idea how to read cursive, but it doesn’t matter; not when his (cursive) name, is near identical to the one he remembers on the red envelope.
kiyoomi, the envelope had written on it. 
kiyoomi, with two little hearts over the i’s.
though no one got a special envelope that day, kiyoomi knows that there was in fact a special one in there, one reserved especially for him; and you were too nervous to give it to him.
he buries his face in his pillow, and screams.
Tumblr media
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haikyuuhoo · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
"Do you think you could outrun a tiger?"
Suna doesn't even look up from his phone. "I don't have to. I just have to outrun you, which I know I can do."
You scoff, sitting up from where you'd been laying on the couch with your legs across his lap, nearly knocking his phone from his hand with your knee in the process. "What makes you think we'd both be running from a tiger?"
He raises an eyebrow as he looks at you. "If I'm doing something that stupid obviously you got us into it." He waves a dismissive hand, turning his gaze back to his phone. He rests his hand on your calf, fingers already idly stroking up and down your leg.
"Why would it have been me?" you squeak.
He doesn't even look at you, and you're barely able to catch the slight shrug of his shoulders. "Because you'd probably be having us doing something dumb like going on a safari."
"Going on a safari would not be dumb!"
This time he laughs, looking at you in exasperation. "Yes it would, especially if we had to run from a tiger!"
You groan, flopping back against the couch. "So I'm gonna take that as a no, you can’t outrun a tiger."
He gives your leg a squeeze. "Good thing we'll never have to find out."
"Does that mean no safaris?" You pout, but the puppy dog eyes you give him do nothing considering his gaze is fixed on the screen in his hand.
"No safaris," he confirms.
You pause, staring up at the ceiling. "A cruise might be fun," you offer.
"Can you outswim a shark?"
Suna laughs again when you throw your pillow at him, smile growing wider at the sight of your scowl.
"Maybe a cruise one day," he finally says, leaning over to peck your lips. "But you should take swimming lessons before we go."
You glare at him where he remains hovering over you. "If we get in a Titanic situation I am so not letting you on the door with me," you grumble, and he grins.
"Funny you think I wouldn't be on the door first."
You reach up to smack his chest and he grabs your wrist, leaning in to kiss you again before you can protest. "I hate you," you finally huff against his lips.
"I love you."
You pout, and he lets you press your hand against his chest this time. "I love you too, you jerk."
"Can't help it," Suna hums, pressing his thumb to the crease between your brows. "You look so cute when I tease you."
You let out a soft whine and try to relax your face. "You're gonna give me wrinkles," you mutter.
Suna shrugs, and the smile grows fonder. "Doesn't matter. I'll see them eventually anyway," he murmurs, and it makes your chest grow warm. "'Sides, I'm sure you'll still look hot when you're old and wrinkly."
Now it's your turn to laugh. "I wouldn't speak so soon. You never know, I could get all saggy."
"And I'll still love you."
You smile. "And I'll still love you when you're old and saggy too."
He raises an eyebrow. "I won't be getting saggy."
You roll your eyes, and this time you smack his chest before he can stop you. "You're the absolute worst."
He nuzzles his face into the crook of your neck, pressing a gentle kiss to the juncture between your neck and your shoulder. "You love me though," he hums, draping his body over yours and resting his full weight on you, making you let out a muffled groan. "And you can't get rid of me."
A soft sigh leaves your lips and you close your eyes, bringing a hand up to run it through his hair. "I don't think that I want to," you whisper, and you can feel the way he smiles against your skin.
"Good." He snakes his arms under you to wrap around your waist. "Just don't get eaten by a tiger otherwise I'll be all alone."
"Or a shark."
And he laughs again. "Yeah, or a shark."
Tumblr media
Hi all I'm v tired and I have a massive headache but I've been yearning for Suna fluff so here's what I have to offer you at this moment :) Hope you're all doing well!
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hq-girl-next-door · 2 days ago
for your event can i ask sakusa + wine bottle
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kiyoomi Sakusa x GN!Reader
Prompt: Wine Bottle
Tags: Alcohol, fluff, daily life
A/n: This has been sitting in my drafts for so long .-. so good to finally get it done, even if it didn’t actually take that much time to do 😅 Pls enjoy! Reblogs much appreciated! ♡
Your 3rd year anniversary. To some it might not be a big deal, but to Sakusa it meant everything. Being the type of guy that is kept to himself most times, he gets really amped up and excited for anniversaries with you. He wants to make them as special as can be. 
This time around, it had to be different than the last two anniversary celebrations. Over the time of three years, Sakusa has really honed in on what you like and don’t like. So here he was at the store. Trying to find all of the things he needed. 
There was one thing in particular he was looking for. A wine that the both of you loved. The wine bottle was a pretty dark blue bottle that was pretty plump at the bottom and the neck of the bottle was skinny and long. The label having silver writing saying what kind it was. A lovely sweet white wine that honestly didn’t taste like alcohol at all. 
Not seeing it at first glance, Sakusa starts to sweat a little. This was what he needed and he couldn’t find it. Out of reflex his hand came up to his chin as he carefuly eyed all of the wine bottles in front of him. It’s not like they keep wine in the same spot every single time he gets it. Which isn’t often. So it’s not something he automatically knows where it is, which annoys him a little. 
Eventually he finds it and has the biggest dumbest grin on his face. “Perfect.” he’d mumble to himself and go off to get the rest of what he needed to make this night even more special than the last ones.
Tumblr media
Send me a Character + Inanimate Object or Place 
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 4 months ago
iwaizumi x f!reader • (nsfw • cunnilingus • fingering)
Tumblr media
iwaizumi would never not feast on you like a starved man. if he had to pick his favorite place in the world, it would without a doubt be between your thighs. he could stay there for hours, making you come undone over and over, and he has.
and as he licks you up right now, you can barely keep your head on straight, your thighs squeezing around his head as you pull on his hair for your dear life. you're panting and moaning uncontrollably, your hips bucking, pushing your cunt further into his mouth.
"that's it baby," he slurs against your heat, slurping and practically making out with your lower lips. "want you to cum on my fucking tongue."
he licks a torturously slow stripe from your hole all the way to your clit before sucking on the bud harshly, the sounds basically echoing off the walls. his hands are holding your thighs against him, his fingertips digging into the soft flesh as he ravages you, shaking his head from side to side, letting you grind against his tongue.
he's groaning and moaning into you, hips rutting against the bed as he pleases you, drunk on your taste. before you know it, the pressure is snapping and your body tenses, your mouth dropping open in a silent moan, one of your hands gripping the pillow underneath your head, the other pulling at iwaizumi's hair, making him almost whimper against your pussy.
your legs are trembling and your breath is knocked out of you, short gasps escaping past your lips as your back arches almost violently. iwaizumi's lips chasing after your pulsing heat as you thrash, his hands holding you down the best they can.
when you calm down, he licks you slowly, smirking against you before pressing a wet kiss to your clit, taking his time to swipe his tongue along the bundle of nerves.
you breathe deeply and open your eyes slowly, letting your legs open up slightly as you raise your head and look into his piercing eyes. you can see the hunger clear as day in his irises and he teases you, letting his tongue hang out before he slowly engulfs your cunt with his mouth, his eyes locked on yours.
you gasp and squirm from both his gaze and his touch. "i–i came baby, you–you don't have to keep going."
he raises a humored and confused brow at your words. "oh but baby i want to." he slides a finger into your hole, cursing at how tight you wrap around him and you grip the sheets. "you're funny if you think i'm anywhere near done, doll. need to make you cum again and again and again before i fuck you."
"o–oh," you drop your head back down, your voice small, turning into a breathless mewl as he pumps his finger inside you. "okay."
he chuckles, before diving right back in. "you are so fucking cute." he nips your clit, before spitting on your hole, making you jolt and whimper. you were wet enough, there was no need for it, he just likes the sound you make whenever he does it. he slides a second finger in and crooks it, mumbling to himself as he watches you, mesmerized. "just makes me wanna break you."
Tumblr media
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risumu · 2 months ago
11:21 pm
Tumblr media
alcohol mention
Tumblr media
this was not how tonight was supposed to go.
“kiss me.”
“what?” kyotani snaps at you as he whips around, you tugging at his shirt sleeve with wide eyes and a sense of urgency.
no, definitely not how it was supposed to go.
“kiss me!” you repeat, tone more serious, fingers fisting up the material on his shoulder.
his first thought is that maybe you’re drunk, but seeing as how he’s monitored your alcohol consumption tonight while you were off with the rest of your friends, guarding your glass right next to his—he knows that’s not the case.
“what the hell’re you talking about?” he asks, and though the words may sound harsh, the look in his eyes is a stark contrast to it. all caring and warm.
“some guy over there won’t get off my ass so i told him you’re my boyfriend,” you explain, a little rushed. and that’s nothing new, you’ve used kentaro as that ever since you two became friends. he doesn’t mind. “but he said he’d only believe me if i came and kissed you. so kiss me so i can get back to dancing.”
kyotani instantly darts his gaze over your shoulder, leaning back on his barstool enough to get a glimpse of the dude you’re talking about, jaw clenching as he makes brief eye contact. he looks back to you, brows cinched.
“you don’t have to prove shit to that asshole, you know,” he grumbles, but you shuffle ever closer as he twists on his stool to fully face you, allowing you to step between his legs.
“ken,” you whine, pouting as you place your hands on his shoulders. “just one kiss. i wanna dance more before the fake id teenagers rush gets here!”
the blond looks absolutely torn, eyes darting to the dude over your shoulder once, before huffing out a breath and tugging you towards him by the loop in your waistband.
“fine,” he says, and he’s so close you can smell the vodka on his lips. “but hurry up, i’m tryna watch the game.”
he says hurry up, as if he wastes any time in moving his free hand up to cup the side of your neck and press his thumb below your jaw before he yanks you down to slam your lips together.
you expect it to be quick, just a simple peck and kyotani shooing you off so he can go back to his thing and you yours. but it isn’t.
kentaro kisses in a way that is the complete opposite of his demeanor. where he’s rough, his lips are soft. where his moves are sharp, his mouth is languid. where his aura is sour, his tongue is sweet.
nothing about the kiss is short or blunt or anything you had expected from a friend pretending to be dating you to get another guy off your ass for the night. and when he pulls away, kissing the edge of your parted mouth before leaning back, but not unhooking his fingers from your belt loop—you think maybe it’s not such a friendly kiss after all.
“well? go dance before the rush—“
it’s not friendly, as you wrap your arms around the blond’s neck and slam your lips back together. pushing and pressing and prying to steal that intimacy back, craving it to seep back onto your tongue, back on your lips, back to you. you can feel the way his fingers twist up around your belt loop, the hand on the side of your neck trying to tug you closer.
this time when you pull back, there’s a flush to his cheeks, hardly visible under the dim lights of the bar. you smile at him, biting the inside of your cheek.
“…dancing?” he asks, voice hoarse, breathy.
you shake your head. “no, i think i’m good on dancing. honestly my feet kinda hurt already.”
“we’ve only been here for an hour,” he states, and you know him well enough that when he smirks at you it’s because he’s thinking of something he probably shouldn’t say out loud.
“yeah, i know,” you grin, not failing to notice the way he subconsciously tugs you closer as that guy from earlier walks past the two of you. “but that’s kinda boring now.”
he gets what you mean, what you’re really trying to say. and even if he rolls his eyes at your antics he stands up from his stool regardless, handing some cash to the bartender before unlooping his hand from your waistband and flinging his arm around your shoulder—the game and your friends long forgotten.
“you taste like fruit, by the way.”
“yeah?” you grin up at him as you walk down the sidewalk, arm around his waist as you lean further into him.
“yeah,” he grunts, still looking straight forward as he says, “i don’t really like fruit.”
“are you sure you aren’t the asshole, not that guy back there?” you quip back, smacking his chest. but you’re still smiling, because you can’t help it.
(maybe you can blame it on the alcohol).
kyotani just shrugs, stopping under the buzzing of a street lamp and tugging you to him with his hands on your hips. he leans down, dangerously close, and licks his lips.
“maybe,” he whispers, gruff and low, “heard kissing helps it though.”
you laugh, shaking your head as you snake your arms around his neck again. “you need to lay off the vodka next time, ken. you’re a little too bold. starting to think you might regret it in the morning.”
“nah,” he hums, leaning in further, lips ghosting against your own, “never.”
and as he kisses you again, just as slow and just as sweet, you can’t help but believe him.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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fsrintaro · 29 days ago
## ft. miya atsumu, suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, kita shinsuke, kuroo tetsuro,
## a/n. i once had a crush that told me that i have bad taste in men while he was the one i liked LMAOOOO
[masterlist - 002]
Tumblr media
MIYA ATSUMU loves the way your scent sticks with him whenever you hug him. you thought that it was merely a playful gesture whenever atsumu hooks his arm around you to engulf you in his arms so you just went along with it. soon, you were the one that took the initiative to curl your arms around his torso. little to your knowledge, as your face was buried in his chest whilst hugging him, you failed to notice osamu chortling at his twin’s crimson face.
SUNA RINTARO would treat you like royalty. whether you’re hungry, sad or bored, suna would run to be by your side in a flash. he really just wants to make you happy. despite that, whenever his friends questions him on his relationship with you, he would make a big reaction to deny his feelings in front of them. if only he could see the way his eyes light up whenever he talks about you animatedly.
SAKUSA KIYOOMI refuses to make the first move. 3 seconds of eye contact was all sakusa could muster before he is forced to turn away to hide his blush, take it or leave it. after a while, you caught on to sakusa’s antics and decided to take matters into your own hands. you tried to bump into him as much as you could. he would act like he was weirded out to see you all the time, but truthfully, he could barely contain his excitement whenever he gets to spend time with you.
KITA SHINSUKE would slip hand-written letters along with a few sweets inside your locker. he would then scurry off to hide around the corner just to see the puzzled look on your face as you whipped around to see who could it possibly be. once he discovered how happy he could make you feel, the letters then became a routined thing between the two of you.
KUROO TETSURO knows his own feelings for you but he would rather sit back and help you fall in love with him, even if it takes some time. as your friendship grew deeper and started toeing the line between platonic and love, people started to notice. it was meant to be a joke when kenma piped up to ask if the two of you were dating. before you could deny, kuroo agreed firmly as his arm snaking around your waist to pull you towards him. flabbergasted at his response, your head snapped upwards to look at him, only to see him shooting you a wink.
Tumblr media
૮ ˙Ⱉ˙ ა likes and rbs are always appreciated <3
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blossomkoushi · 2 months ago
Okay but now I need pussydrunk Suna xD. Watching his generally cool exterior crumble under his pleasure would be 😩 perfect~!
contains: afab reader, usage of “good girl”, creampie and a bit of oral
Tumblr media
suna had been drooling ever since he bottomed out. he’d had a long day, his body and mind tired and desperate for some release, leading to him dragging you to the bedroom as soon as he got home.
“oh- oh- ohmygod- fuck” suna babbles under his breath, pushing your shoulders down onto the bed to keep you from seeing his desperate state. you didn’t need to see his eyes rolling back in his head, the drool running down his chin, flushes cheeks and lips plump from biting on them. all you got was his voice. which is more than enough. “feels so fuckin’ good, b-best pussy- fuck”
it leaves arousal running down your thigh, wetness splattering with each of his deep thrusts. he’s not going fast, trying to savor the feeling of your cunt clenching around him and the delicious feeling of your body moving around his. reaching his hand around your hips, he tries to play with your clit, quickly stopping when it gets too hard to, mind truly going fuzzy.
“baby- baby- clench a bit more- fuuuck that’s it, good girl” suna slurs, gasping when you get even tighter around him, “baby- ohh fuckfuckfuck- baby i’m gonna-”
“oh please rin, please cum in me” you whine, voice muffled by the sheets under your face.
a few more quick thrusts and he stills inside of you, hands pressing firmly on your hips while a low groan slips from his lips. his cock jumps and twitches, thick ropes of cum pooling deep inside your pussy. he stays inside of you, leaning over your body and breathing heavily, every exhale brushing over your sweaty skin.
he finally pulls out, his thick seed starting to leak out while you shift to lay down, his strong hands stopping you.
“didn’t say i was done” suna gasps, eyes glossy while he watches your glistening cunt, flattening his tongue over your pussy, teasing through the folds and licking up his own cum. “need more of this pretty pussy”
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babydai · a month ago
what piercings i think some of the hq boys would have !!
Tumblr media
industrial -> bokuto kōtarō
got it on his birthday and has not stopped showing it off and talking about it since + he knows he looks hot, kickstarted a piercing obsession and now he want a bunch more
runners up -> tadashi yamaguchi, ennoshita chikara
double helix -> sakusa kiyoomi
used to remove them before games but the one time he didn’t the fans went crazy, won’t admit he likes the attention but hasn’t taken them out since
runners up -> asahi azumane, akaashi keiji
eyebrow -> iwaizumi hajime
did because he lost a bet but it increased his intimidation factor by a million + he notices how everyone looks at him with heart eyes now
runners up -> suna rintaro, semi eita
nose ring -> atsumu miya
got it with bo, wasn’t intending on getting it pierced but it was the best impulsive decision he ever made + suits his face perfectly
runners up -> kenma kozume, sugawara kōshi
tongue -> kuroo tetsurō
the only reason he did it is because he knew it would be sexy, he was extremely right + now has a habit of sticking his tongue out in photos
runners up -> issei mattukawa, meian shūgo
lobes -> osamu miya
wears two little hoops in his ears that he never really takes out, subtle but gets him a lot of attention because they suit him so well
runners up -> aran ojiro, daichi sawamura
nose stud -> tsukishima kei
got it while he was still in high school and usually forgets its there unless people bring it up/compliment him about it, still gets it caught on his sweaters sometimes
runners up -> oikawa tōru, tanaka ryūnosuke
smiley -> tendō satori
has several piercings but the smiley his favorite, always visible cuz of the big grin he usually sports and cannot go more than a day without being complimented on it
runners up -> hinata shōyō, nishinoya yū
Tumblr media
reblogs are greatly appreciated !! <3
my masterlist
taglist: @floralkawa @bbytamaki @thighridingsamu @chesirekittycat @bbyhaji @jeanshorsed1ck @sunatear @chaosgremlinbrat @ebiharachan @april-avenue @avis-writeshq @samusrin @omiikeii @papitoshi @devilgirlcrybabiey @nkogneatho @sunascumdoll​@captain-toaster-man
taglist: open
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© babydai 2021- do not copy, edit, or repost
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tetsvhoe · 5 months ago
you never know what you have until it’s gone, so they say. you think by now they should have known that.
pt. 1 i know who you pretend i am
character/s: sakusa kiyoomi x gn!reader
genre/s: MOSTLY ANGST the fluff part is clickbait me thinks
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍 : it's 3am i didn't even notice. this shit slaps hard enjoy. 🥴
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
you could only take so much rejection from sakusa especially when you began to piece together that his dodginess never had anything to do with his germophobic tendencies but everything to do with you‒rather who you were not.
your hands still longed for the warmth of his, but now you catch it mid-reach because you knew you searched for his warmth, but you were to be greeted with his coldness. your fingertips missed the feeling of his soft curls weaving through them and wanted to trace his two little moles fondly, but you clutch them close. you refused to indulge yourself in the feeling of his embrace because three seconds tops of feeling safe and comforted in his arms could not compare to the utter disappointment when he would push you off. your lips craved to linger on his skin in feathery light kisses, but you knew the way he would recoil would leave a bitter taste on your tongue.
you still longed for him all the same, but you understood more and more that dealing with abstinence was way easier than facing his rejection over and over again. sakusa on the other hand came to realize more and more how he missed your touch and the warmth of your love that seemed to dwindle by the day.
he didn’t even realize when it all began. it dawned on him during a completely irrelevant setting‒his soft-spoken italicized “oh” moment. he was in the middle of practice, sweaty and exhausted, surrounded by his larger-than-life chaotic teammates. you were the last thing on his mind supposedly, but he suddenly thought how weird it was that you didn’t try to kiss him before he went to work. i mean i was going to dodge it anyway, he thought to himself dismissively. he’s been telling himself that for the past two weeks.
he found you on the couch, deeply invested in the show you’re watching on your laptop. you spared him a haphazard glance when you heard him open the front door but didn’t say anything. he’s had an exceptionally shitty day and he would be fine if you would just pull him to your chest and stroke his hair like you used to wherever he had a bad day.
“i’m home,” he subtly tried getting your attention.
i already know. “welcome home,” you replied instead.
sakusa prowled around you quietly, observing how you completely ignored him. he disposed of his mask and set his duffel bag down on a settee before sitting on the opposite corner of the couch, eyeing you expectantly.
you raised an eyebrow inquisitively as you pressed the spacebar to pause what you were watching. before you could open your mouth to ask him if he needed anything, he placed his hand above yours completely startling you. you didn’t mean to retract your hand so quick it was almost offensive, but you were glad you did.
his mouth fell open in both surprise and bewilderment and something in you snapped.
“i don’t-”
“what are you doing?” you questioned, voice formidable and eyebrows knitted in annoyance.
“sorry i-i was just trying to hold your hand,” he reiterated the obvious but looked genuinely puzzled as to why you were reacting in such a way.
“why?” one word was all it took for your voice to break and you hated yourself for it. you bared yourself in front of him enough and didn’t want him to witness you in such a vulnerable state but the more you tried to hold back, the more you wanted to break down. “why, sakusa is it because you are thoroughly touch starved and now you want my affection because you can’t get it anywhere else?”
the anger laced in your sharp words stung as they reached him. he recoiled from the look in your eyes, and he finally figured out how much he messed up. “it’s not like that,” he reasoned quietly, now unable to look you in your vindictive eyes.
“well do fucking tell. why? why is it that you avoid me-no push me away so much more than you do literally everyone else?” tears ran down your cheeks. it felt warm, comforting.
sakusa shrunk back even more, not liking how devoid of care and gentleness your eyes were. it made his stomach churn, an unfamiliar feeling. “i’m sorry,” was all he managed to say, gaining a bitter scoff from you. “i’m truly sorry for being so distant. i’m not just initiating it now because i need it, please believe me. i’ve been wanting to hold you for the past few weeks but i was scared.”
“bullshit,” you snarked. tears welled up in his eyes and fear bubbled in his chest. “you were always distant with me right from the start because-admit it or not, you’re still hung up on your ex.” since he wasn’t getting to the point, you did instead. “don’t pretend like you don’t longingly look at your pictures together.”
a look of panic flashes across his features before he’s shaking his head frantically. “no, no, no, it’s not what you think. i-i washung up and them and i was looking at our old pictures but… i just-i was afraid of getting that close to someone again and getting hurt-”
“don’t lie to me.”
“baby, please i’m telling the truth. what i did was inexcusable. i was a shitty boyfriend, but i’m willing to try harder. i can make things right. i love you and i know that now, please.”
“this is unfair, sakusa.”
his heart ached so much in his chest, he was pretty sure it got snapped in half hearing you say those words with such lifelessness and anguish. “i know, i know i’m unfair and i treated you so bad but please believe me. i love you, please,” he sobbed. “i’ll do anything, i swear. i’ll wait however long it takes just please let me make it better.”
your quietness, though it doesn’t make the situation even remotely better, gave him hope because silence wasn’t a yes. more importantly, silence wasn’t a no either.
it was the first time he was the one to be pushed away and he wondered if it felt just as painful for you for all the countless times he did.
Tumblr media
@mirakeul @realityisabitch-blr @erinoikawa @haji-bby @seijohoe @szeonn @banananaa4 @qualityshoepsychic @thezebra12
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