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detetsu · a day ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi has never once forgotten a date.
oikawa's always told him it makes him sound weird and robotic—that no one remembers the exact day they broke their first bone or had their first kiss, iwa. that memories pass and days fade and you're not meant to remember the exact date of every little thing, but, if he's being completely honest, iwaizumi kind of likes it.
he's never forgotten a date, and so today, your birthday, is really no exception.
granted, he didn't expect himself to be standing at your front porch with a little piece of paper stuffed in his pocket today—but facetime just didn't seem like enough and he couldn't stomach the idea of you getting your birthday gift from the postman, so here he is.
"hajime?" you hover in the doorway, eyeing him, and for a moment, he thinks this might have been an incredibly stupid idea. "what are you doing here?"
"your birthday," he breathes. "i didn't wanna miss it."
and you laugh, "so you came all the way here?"
"so i came all the way here, yeah." he stands there for a moment, hoping to gauge some kind of reaction out of you, but he's caught between shock and horror, so that isn't really doing him any good.
"you really didn't have to"
"i know, i just," he hesitates, digging around in his pocket for a moment before he fishes out the paper. "i really wanted to hear your voice and i really wanted to give this to you in person and i really didn't want you to think i forgot, so here."
normally, he would curse himself for the word vomit, but right now he's a little busy thrusting an envelope into your hands for him to bring himself to care.
"oh-" you hold the letter between your fingers, twisting the little opening of the envelope in your hands. "what is it?"
and he eyes you.
"okay, yeah, yeah i have to open it to find out. you don't even have to say it," you say, and he chokes out a little laugh.
"at least you figured it out, i guess." he watches you sink your fingers beneath the little cover, unfolding the sheets in your hands and, he really considers telling you to wait until later to read it. he doesn't.
"babe?" you ask, and you look like you could cry. "did you write me a love letter for my birthday?"
he did. it's brief, incredibly so, and he's not sure he said anything that he was trying to say, but it's in his handwriting and it's in your hands, so he's not sure he could take it back now if he tried. truthfully, judging by the way your eyes spill across the words, holding the little letter in shaky hands, he's not so sure he'd want to either.
"something like that," he shrugs. "just—don't make fun of me if it sounds stupid."
"hajime," you start.
"or do, i guess, it doesn't really matter and it's your birthday so whatever makes you happy—"
"haji." he pauses.
"sorry, what?"
and you kiss him. it's a crash of lips and a crinkle of paper and the joining of the both of you on your little doorstep. it's the twisting of breaths and the ache of reunion and happy birthday whispered across your tongue.
you kiss him, and when you're finished, and your lips are sucking in every little twist of air they can muster, you kiss him again. you kiss him until his lungs ache—until his being is as much yours as it is his own, until the rain starts coming down too hard and you're both too soaked to think and you're pulling him inside by the wrist, so you can take him to your room and stare at his handwriting a little more.
you kiss him, and iwaizumi realizes at that moment that really, really likes remembering dates, especially if they're for you.
Tumblr media
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shoulmate · 2 days ago
"Andden de dwagon gwabs da pwincess!"
Atsumu gasps, clutching the pillow against himself as the little girl in front of him dramatically swoops a stuffed dragon over a doll.
"De bwave knight shoots an awwow, pcheww!! And saves da pwincess! But!"
Atsumu's eyes widen, entranced.
"De mean owd king makes da pwincess mawwy a mean pwince!"
Atsumu scoffs scandalized. "But she loves the knight!"
"I know," the little girl replies solemnly with a nod.
"And he's a good guy!" Atsumu frowns. "They should be allowed to get married."
"I know." She pats Atsumu's knee, arms full of her toys, and nods again before strolling off.
Atsumu watches her go, emotionally devastated, and you slide in next to him on the couch. "Did you hear that?" He's completely sincere. "She still wouldn't let them get married!"
You chuckle, enjoying his emotional investment in your niece's story. "If it's any consolation she forced that old king to marry the stuffed dragon last week."
Atsumu harrumphs and sinks back into the couch. "I still don't like it."
You snuggle against him and he wraps an arm around you; both of you look across your family's party, content to be with each other.
"Thanks for coming, 'Tsumu..." You whisper lacing your fingers with his. "My family always loves when you visit."
He looks down at you, honeyed eyes glowing. "Let's take a walk, yeah?"
Your brow quirks. "Okay," but you agree.
It's early evening when you're outside, soft sounds of people going about their lives and you're content to be holding Atsumu's hand. He stops when you're not too far from your house, just inside the little neighborhood park.
"Have you ever thought about having kids 'Tsumu?" You're watching children play thinking of how good Atsumu is with your niece. What a good dad he would make.
When Atsumu doesn't answer you turn to see his expression, tight as if he's deciding how to break something to you. You hold your breath.
"...Yeah, I've thought about it..."
"But?" you prompt.
He slowly sinks down to one knee. "But I only want them with ya... whaddya say princess? Will ya marry me?"
The way your family's waiting anxiously in the living room makes it clear they knew what was happening. You'll ask Atsumu later...for now? All you can do is hold out your left hand, tears in your eyes, and say with a bright smile "we're engaged!"
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shoyotime · a day ago
🗗 OUT OF CHARACTER | k. sakusa
Tumblr media
warnings. food mentions, very very slightly suggestive, mentions of knives and killing lmao isa i swear this ain't angst ( 0.8k approx. )
note. for isa ( @kiyelle ) my love ! happiest birthday, and i'm sorry this is like a day late. hope u like this ^_^ pls ignore that i haven't written /properly/ in like over a month help i forgot how to not make everything literal crack isa im so sorry
Tumblr media
"i'm pretty sure we don't use cleaver knives to slice salted eggs," oh, you know that. you don't need sakusa to remind you. however, a little experiment here and there, once in a while, doesn't really hurt.
"why do we even have this at home?" a scoff slips off your tongue as you press your lips in a thin line, checking out the anatomy of the said kitchen appliance, before shooting him a menacing grin. "you're not planning to murder me in sleep now, are you?"
"hm, perhaps?" he cocks his head slightly, mirroring the expression on your face before snaking his arms around you as he pulls you closer. "you do make living a tad bit harder."
you chuckle, that's the plan. a few beats pass away in silence as he admires you with utmost adoration in his eyes. there's a smile on his face and it resonates of love.
you missed these warm mornings with sakusa. you missed waking up next to him, the taste of his food, his kisses, his touch, him— maybe, it's the price you pay for dating nation's top volleyball player? it's funny. and if in case sakusa is capable of hearing your thoughts right now, you well aware that he'll laugh at you for being madly in love with him, despite knowing that he has fallen harder, and so deep that he's not being himself anymore.
"is there a way i can make it easier for you?" you mumble with the same lovestruck smile, hands wrapping around his neck as you step closer, capturing his lips with yours.
he smiles into the kiss, tucking on your waist a little to frame you against the kitchen counter. well, kissing is a good way to make his life easier. he can lose calories and spend less time at the gym, ultimately spending every second by your side. sakusa hopes it makes sense, even though he's certain it doesn't.
but logic is far out of his reach when you're in front of him, in his arms, your lips on his instead of preparing breakfast; he's at home. logic is the last thing he needs right now.
you try to pull away, only for him to lead you to the couch, a few giggles spin in the air as you lie down, one hand cupping his face while the other brushing through his hair. a dust of pink rests on his cheeks, and what you're doing right now is very out of character of him. sakusa likes to kiss you, he can do it all day, but not like this. not when you need to tend to your breakfast before it burns, not when your phone is ringing and he's doing everything to stop you from attending the call.
"omi—" you attempt to pull away again, only for him to deepen the kiss; and you give in, like the lover drunk soul you are. you don't know what happened to him in past few weeks while he was away from you. however, you surely don't complain.
another series of ringtones, another fight to pull away. you feel him smile, one that fades away quickly as you turn over, pinning him down to the couch before grabbing your phone. "kiyoomi. i need to take this call,"
and from what sakusa could hear, it's your workmate. he's checks the time, you're late by two minutes. his nose scrunches up in annoyance, it's just two minutes. sakusa has been known of his punctuality and it surely does come to him as a surprise when he realises that you're late for work and he doesn't mind any part of it. ( you know, he doesn't mind if either of you are late to work if you both are busy kissing each other )
he looks at you, fiddling with your fingers, waiting for you to hang up. just how long is it going to take? sakusa is going through multiple waves of emotions and one of them is purely because your workmate is disturbing you while you were busy doing some important work.
"no i'm not sick, i'll be there— ouch—" you shriek as he nibbles on your neck, a sinister grin on his face and you shift away from him, before answering your friend's questions. "no no, it's my cat. it scratched me."
sakusa smirks, some kind of cat you have.
"what's with you today?" you finally hang up, his hands sliding in yours as he pulls you closer. "you're acting like a five year old right now. so clingy, and for what?"
"i don't know, maybe because i was out for a tournament and haven't seen you in like two weeks?" that sounds like something atsumu would say, and you're sure sakusa has been spending too much time with the said miya that he has gone crazy. "maybe."
you see, being roommates with atsumu has it's own flaws. the last time they went for a tournament, sakusa came back with a weird habit of singing old, rusty songs after getting drunk. the time before that, atsumu rubbed off on him in the worst ways possible and sakusa hasn't stopped using deez nuts jokes ever since. his antics right now, you're sure he acquired them from him too. but again, who are you to complain?
sakusa's lips trail along your jawline, down your neck before he looks into your eyes once again. "you should call in sick today."
"i can't lie, you know it." now, that's a lie.
he frowns. "you lied about not knowing me when that reporter asked you about our relationship,"
"i can't lie to my employer, kiyoomi." you clarify, chuckling as you kiss his palms.
"we can get onto that." there's a mischievous hint in his voice as he kisses your fingers, eyes enunciating a wicked plan. "tell him you have some things to take care of at home,"
"like," and he pins you down the couch once again, leaning down as he smiles against your lips. "looking after your five year old clingy boyfriend."
Tumblr media
taglist in the rbs.
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vvviled · 2 days ago
Thinking about next door neighbor Atsumu who, when he moved in, scurried around the hallway all Sunday with unlabeled boxes in hand, foul words falling from his mouth as he cursed under his breath, earning disapproving head shakes from your fellow neighbors. Who, at the end of the day, sat on the front porch with a scowl on his face, angrily munching away on a bowl of instant ramen, exhausted and entirely sapped of energy. Even weeks later, you could spot unopened boxes still sitting in his corridor as you stole glances through his open door when he left his apartment to go to the gym.
Next door neighbor Atsumu, who regularly forgets his laundry in the washing machine and profusely thanks you when you go to remind him of it. Who‘s clothes are always wrinkly, apart from the skin-hugging pieces that cling to his build oh so nicely, because you’re sure he doesn‘t even own a flat iron.
Who cleans his windows every once in a while when his mother reminds him, but never the windowsill because “the rain will clean it perfectly fine.” (untrue)
Who’s always drenching wet and drags dirt into the stairway whenever it rains because he never brings an umbrella and thinks the doormat is just for decoration.
Who greets you in the hallway with a tired but contented smile the morning after celebrating a big win, voice hoarse from passionate yells, but the good kind of hoarse that resonates in your soul and has you flustered for no particular reason.
Who looks so unrightfully and effortlessly good even when he just got home from his morning run, hair disheveled and a sheen of sweat glistening on his skin. Who‘s muscles bulge so deliciously when he‘s carrying his bike up the stairs that you can‘t tear your eyes off him, although you know you should not gawk like that.
Who‘s your fearless and heroic saviour whenever there‘s a spider terrorizing you, graciously accepting a homecooked dinner as compensation for his “hard work.”
Who you always come to to have him open your jars despite you knowing that the trick is to let hot water run over the lid. Who knows that you know because he’s seen you open jars on your own before but who also prides himself in knowing that he’s the one you go to for help.
Who’s looking through the peephole and stands behind the door a little longer when he sees you to avoid looking too eager, but who’s grin that’s plastered on his face before he’s even fully opened the door yet is a dead giveaway.
Who holds open the door for you even when you’re not quite close to it yet and grins at your awkward little half-jog as you try to not keep him waiting for too long, and does it on purpose, too.
Who gives you a spare key to his apartment “in case he locks himself out,” and because “it’s cheaper than calling the key service,” but secretly relishes in this sense of domesticity.
Who invites you to dinner at Onigiri Miya, raving about the food with pride swelling in his chest, because that‘s my annoying brother. Who has you try all sorts of flavors and remembers your favorites to bring you a batch every once in a while, suggesting you eat with him when you insist on doing something to repay the favor.
Sighing thinking about sweet, sweet neighbor Atsumu who I wish lived near me but my neighbor only sucks at recycling and plays accordion at ungodly hours (badly)
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mae-gi-writes · 2 days ago
Just thinking about How Kuroo's camera roll wouldn't necessarily have pictures of him but probably:
Pics of cats
Videos of cute cats that are REALLY FLUFFY and make you go HAKDJDKS ❤
Paws PAWS PAWS all the way
Random photos of Bokuto doing BOKUTO things
Kenma gaming and Kenma's annoyed face in different sizes and dimensions
Spam photos of Bokuto and Atsumu's face on his phone
Spam photos of Nekoma team that he re-saves when they come up on facebook
Mountain views whenever he goes hiking
Beach volleyball photos when they have days off
Chaotic beach volleyball where half of it is practically blurry
Photos of your double chin
Spam photos of your double chin for him to laugh at
Photos of your hands in his because he loves knowing how tiny your hands are
Random videos and photos of you whenever you go on dates
He snaps pics of you when he thinks you're not looking
Only for you to flash him your ugliest face just to PROVE A POINT
Him falling about laughing because honestly that's the thing he lives for honestly
Selfies where he squishes his cheek with yours until you're annoyed lmap
SCREENSHOTS of middle school you
Aesthetic shots of you both on the beach, in the park, anywhere beautiful that he wants to capture with you and FINALLY
Pictures of your hand, with a ring
A screenshot of his text where he tells Kenma "she's finally mine."
Just Kuroo things 💘
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tinygumi · a day ago
— midnight musings
oikawa’s tired.
you can tell he is. his head is resting heavily against his hand which you’re sure has started to ache by now. his breaths have long since slowed, each one growing deeper. and his eyelids are drooping with every blink, waterline getting glossier as the night passes. you think, somewhat sickeningly, that he still looks perfect.
“get some rest, tooru,” you murmur through the line, tone laced with care and affection, “you had a rough practice. we can talk another time - tomorrow, even.”
but oikawa whines at your words, upset you had interrupted your own story to dote on him and his head shakes from side to side as a pout settles on his lips. you try to ignore how it makes you want to reach through the tiny screen of your phone and kiss him stupid.
“but we haven’t finished talking about your day!” he complains, stubborn as ever.
“we’ll have a million more days to talk about,” you grin softly and the promise hidden behind your response makes oikawa’s heart thrum in his chest. because there’s nothing more he wants than you by his side for the rest of time. and, truly, what was one day out of forever?
but having already spoken about his day and the volleyball practice that had left his very bones aching, oikawa’s adamant to hear every little detail of your own. he needs you to know that he cares too. (of course you do.)
so after a hard stare, you let out a sigh and ask with far too much hope in your voice, “what if you go to sleep and i keep going? then we both win.”
the giggles bubble up from oikawa’s chest until they’re loud and hearty laughs. you wonder if he’s delirious, he just thinks you’re funny. and still, you find yourself swelling with pride that you could pull out such a sound from your boyfriend.
“you think that’ll work? if i try my best to listen whilst asleep,” he hums amusedly as the chuckles fade away into a lazy, sleepy grin that sits contently on his lips.
and under oikawa’s gaze, fond and tired and so completely focused on you, the words fly, “i think you can do anything.”
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sakurasuzukim · 2 days ago
nsfw minors don't interact
warnings- fingering, IWAIZUMI WITH BIG COCK
I'm having iwaizumi thoughts 😔😕🙁
iwaizumi def has a big cock, but as much as you like it when he uses it, you love getting fingered by him
his fingers are the best at spreading you out, just as good as his cock. he fingers you out before he puts his cock in, just so he doesn't hurt you :(
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slatoru · a day ago
lights, camera, action!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
⋆ ˚ ☆ ˚ jade‘s 500 mini event masterlist ˚ ✧ ༊*·˚
Tumblr media
ever wondered what your favourite character would be like as a pornstar? or being his personal cam girl? or what kind of lewd images of you would fill his secret camera roll?
to celebrate 500 followers, i’d like to thank you all by writing drabbles/short fics with your favourite jjk or haikyuu characters!
how to participate: send me an ask (age MUST be in bio), your favourite character and a role you’d like to see. feel free to include kinks and dynamics (optional)!
e.g. -> oikawa + inexperienced pornstar (+kink)
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated! ღ mdni!
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hanmasbunny · a day ago
Tumblr media
You had your eyes closed as you play with Bokuto's hair. You couldn't help but smile to yourself as you bask in the joy of having him in your arms.
"Mmm. Good morning." He groaned as he lifted his head and leaned in to kiss your cheek.
"Morning, sleepyhead." You chuckled. You wrapped your arms around him and kissed his forehead.
"What time is it?" He looked at his phone to check the time. "Hmm. Almost practice time." He lifted himself but you didn't let go.
You whined. "No, come back..." You pleaded through your laughs.
He chuckled. "But I gotta go for practice."
"What if I'm sick?" You peeked and smirked at him.
"Are you?" A bit of concern was in his voice. He raised his brows a bit.
"I'm sick of missing you!" You told him and pulled him back down to the bed.
You both laughed. He kissed your temple. "You really need me here?"
You nodded and looked at him with pouted lips and big eyes.
He smiled and wrapped his arms even tighter around you. "We could take a day off. Wouldn't want to leave you when you're sick of missing me."
You chuckled. "I love you."
"I love you too." He kissed your cheeks.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bbysamu · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
AKAASHI Keiji really needs some hand warmers.
winter in tokyo has always been harsh, but this year at 5:33 PM, it was particularly unrelenting as akaashi pulled his scarf closer to his face, an attempt to warm up his nose as his hands stay frozen, despite hidden in his pockets. The bright “LAWSON” sign came to life right around the corner and he urged his feet to walk faster.
he finally relaxes when greeted by the gust of warm wind inside the cozy convenient store. akaashi looks down at his hand and winces at the faintest trace of purple. he knew he should’ve listened to his mother when she said to bring gloves. 
he speeds walk down the aisle. The layout of Lawsons were similar and the hand warmers should be here in the second to last aisle. gray-blue eyes wandering up and down until the unmistakable plastic wrappings of hand warmers came into view inside a little bamboo basket. 
with only one left, he reaches for it, long fingers accidentally colliding against yours. he couldn’t help but pull his hand back quickly after contact with yours. he spots the gloves in your left hand and wondered why your right hand was so cold. 
you laugh at his expression and offers an explanation, “I have cold hands, the gloves don’t help me at all. But please, take the last one, at least I have gloves.” 
akaashi felt bad that he made you feel like you had to explain yourself. but before he could respond, you round the corner, disappearing near the rows of hot chocolates. 
so he took his time browsing, being careful not to look like a creep as he watches you debate between hot matcha or hot oolong. he should’ve approached you by the snack aisle, but akaashi has always been a little indecisive. you were a stranger (thought you were really quite cute), but a cute stranger doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse to strike up a conversation.
yet, he follows suit and checks out his items when you went to the cashier. the automated “goodbye! come again!” was replayed twice as he chases after you. winters in tokyo are harsh and Akaashi shouldn’t feel this warm, but he does as adrenaline course through his body at the thought of stopping a stranger. he could hardly believe he was being so bold, but something about you made him not want you to disappear in the crowds. and before he could second guess himself, the words slipped out. 
“here! have the hand warmer!” he calls out, running behind you. you look back in surprise, stopping in your tracks. 
he gives you a light smile, trying to hide his uneven breathing, “I’ll trade you for your gloves. I like gloves better.”
“you’d trade your hand warmers for these pink gloves?” your giggles were carried away by the winter breeze and its cheesy, but akaashi wanted to chase it back. 
“yeah, pink is my favorite color”.
you laugh and he joins you. it was a lie that both of you knew yet didn’t want to expose. so you pull off your gloves, handing it to him. 
“these are my favorite pair so I can’t give ‘em to you but I can let you borrow it.”
“deal. how about you help me find another hand warmer and I'll return your gloves then? 
you nod as the two of you exchanged items, his fingers lingering on yours.
“I’m y/n.”
“I’m akaashi, but you can call me keiji”.
Tumblr media
reblogs are wildly appreciated <3
main masterlist | haikyū masterlist
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kaminarili · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
“i don’t care what you’re after, as long as i’m the one.”
“i don’t care why you’re leaving, you’ll miss me when you’re gone.”
he knew that no distance could separate you guys.
no matter the time zone, you guys take every opportunity to talk to each other. it’s 2 AM where you’re at? coffee can help. you have work? one day off won’t hurt. you miss his hugs? a facetime call will do for now.
you understood that his absence was important. he had talent. talent that needed to be seen, that needed to grow. what kind of partner would you be to halt him from that?
his dreams were your dreams.
you never listened to the rumors of him cheating. the bogusness never phased you guys. because there was trust.
you knew he loved you. if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have been in tears when he broke the news. if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have offered to stay with you. if he didn’t love you, he wouldn’t have thought of sacrificing his dreams.
you didn’t care if he was thousands of miles away. he was yours.
“take all the time you need love. i’ll keep cheering you on.”
atsumu, iwaizumi, HINATA, kageyama, ushijima, yaku, OIKAWA, tendou
Tumblr media
𝐂𝐎𝐏𝐘𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓 𝐎𝐅 𝐤𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐥𝐢 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟐
𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝!
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shoulmate · 21 hours ago
"Shut UP Kiyoomi!"
Everyone in the apartment freezes and something clatters to the ground behind you.
You stare up into the cold black eyes, your fists clenched at your side. "I get it. We get it! We're not cleaning up to your standards and the food isn't as good as when you cook it yourself. We know we're in your space and you're freaking out about germs and you would never do this for us but we don't care. You. Are. Sick! You can redo everything once you're healthy again so just shut the FUCK UP and go back to bed!"
You're willing the three big-hearted clowns behind you to stay quiet as you point to the bedroom like you're sending a child to time out. There's silence as everyone holds their breath.
Kiyoomi stares back at you for a moment before turning on his heel and closing, nearly slamming, the door shut.
The four of you collectively exhale in relief and return to the chores doing the best you each can do. Not too long later everything's done: Kiyoomi's laundry is folded, the bathroom cleaned, and the fridge restocked.
"Thanks again, guys. I couldn't have done this without you." You give them a tired smile as they put on their shoes.
"No problem, we're happy to help," replies Hinata with a smile like the sun.
"Yeah, anything to get Sakusa back on the court with us." Bokuto waves as he heads out after his teammate.
Atsumu lingers for a moment. "Delivery from 'Samu's shop will come by later." He glances at the bedroom door that hasn't reopened. "We know how he is, ok? Just let us know if ya need help with anything else."
You nod gratefully and give him a hug goodbye. When the apartment door closes you rest your forehead against it with a thump and muster whatever energy you have left.
A glass of water, some crackers and medicine. You crack the bedroom door and see the back of Kiyoomi's curly-haired head so you tip-toe the supplies to his nightstand prepared to slip back out but a quiet voice makes you pause.
"I'm sorry."
You find him watching you with glassy eyes, half-asleep, as he peaks over the covers. "I know, Kiyo. We all do. Just get some rest, okay?"
You turn to leave but hear his sleepy fading breath whisper "you're wrong, you know. I'd take care of you."
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citrusweather · 2 days ago
haikyuu boys taking care of you when you’re sick
Tumblr media
pairings: iwaizumi x reader, oikawa x reader
wc: 663
summary: y/n is sick and quick to come to her side are her two best friends: oikawa and iwaizumi
author’s note: i wrote this drabble out of boredom (and out of wanting to be spoiled). i’ve been sick these past 2 weeks and stuck in bed. stay healthy out there!
Tumblr media
“Okay babe, do you want me to rub your belly? Give you a hug? Hold you? Cuddle yo—”
“Yo shut up shittykawa,” Iwaizumi pushes Oikawa aside. “You’re barreling her with too many questions and making her even more sick.” Oikawa gives him his signature pout as he walks back to the kitchen. Iwa sits at the foot of your bed and stretches out to hold your hand as you lay on your side, swaddled in a blanket.
It’s day two of your stomach bug, and you're as miserable as ever. Having a sensitive stomach has always left you with all kinds of stomach issues since you were little. It leaves you feeling nauseous and woozy for days on end.
Even the boys knew that. That’s why they’re always the first visitors to your door whenever you’re sick.
“If there is anything you need at all  just let us know, okay?” Iwaizumi squeezes your hand to reassure you.
You would typically give him a small smile at the sound of that, but you’re too focused on trying not to throw up again. You slightly nod your head, trying to make as little movement as possible to keep from getting nauseous.
“Y/n-chaaann… do you want any chocolate syrup on your pancakes?” Oikawa sing-songs to you. Iwa sees you shaking your head, and he shakes his head at Oikawa. Oikawa gives him a thumbs up and turns off the stove. He walks over to you with breakfast and sets the lap tray on your bed. 
A small stack of perfectly round pancakes sits right in the middle. They’re plain today with no chocolate drizzle or the customary strawberries and whipped cream it’s often paired with. Instead, surrounding it is a single banana, a glass of milk, a bottle of gatorade, and some water.
Iwa would typically berate Oikawa for serving such a measly, incomplete, nutrient-deficient, and just plain unappetizing breakfast, but he knows that whenever your stomach bug hits, you can barely swallow a bite of anything, and you need all the hydration you can get.
“Okay, I know it’s hard to eat anything right now, but you still need your energy,” Iwa helps you up. You grumble in your covers as he firmly grasps both of your sides, lifting you like a lifeless rag doll to sit up.
Oikawa lines some pillows behind your back. He moves the tray closer to you and asks, “Do you want me to feed you, y/n-chan? I’ll give you small bites so that you can just take it slowly!”
You nod your head slightly and respond with a croak, “Yes, please.”
“There we go! I miss hearing that voice! Little croaky morning voice!” Oikawa slices some pancakes, “Croaking like a cute little frog, haha! Ribbit, ribbit! Hahaha! Ribbit, ribbit!”
And he’s about to give you your first bite when he’s met with the coldest of stares from both you and Iwa-chan. You had your mouth half-open ready to be fed but also ready to flick him in the forehead (if only you had the energy). Iwa on the other hand has his arms crossed, ready to swipe the fork away from him and feed you himself.
Oikawa's smile doesn’t waver, and he holds the fork up to your mouth. “Okay, open wide and say ahh!” he sing-songs and winks at you.
“Trashykawa,” you and Iwa mutter under your breaths simultaneously, making you raise your eyebrows and turn to each other in surprise.
You try to contain the impending laughter, but a snort suddenly comes out and Iwa doubles over. Chuckles resound between the two of you, making the bed rattle in response. Thankfully, it doesn't make you feel nauseous. 
Instead, it only makes Oikawa complain louder in the background, whining of how ungrateful you are and how mean Iwa-chan is. He crosses his arms and pouts while looking away, making you and Iwa laugh even harder over how petty this trashykawa truly is sometimes all the time.
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detetsu · a month ago
Tumblr media
sleeping next to kuroo is a trap.
he’s never been a morning person—never claimed to be, really—but it’s not until you’re pulling his hands off your waist and letting the sheets slip from your legs that you truly understand how severe it is.
“stay,” he murmurs, a soft little sound that spills across the sheets. “just for a little while.”
and truthfully ’a little while’ sounds terribly appealing. the idea of staying here—of falling back to the mattress, coaxed by the vibration of sleep in his throat and the warmth of his hands and the ache of the morning sun—you’re more than tempted.
but you know better than to tell him that.
“i gotta get up.” you stretch over his shoulder to glance at the time, sighing as his arm reaches towards you. “and you do too, idiot. we’re gonna be late.”
he shakes his head, nose brushing the pillow, the flush of morning still heavy on his cheeks.
“i’ll get ready so fast,” he hums.
“and what about me?”
“you’ll be even faster, obviously.” you raise a brow in his direction, swatting his hand away as it nears your thigh.
“we can even shower together—save a whole twenty minutes.” you laugh—and perhaps you’d feel a little guilty about giving him the satisfaction any other time, but right now there’s a drowsy little smile spreading across his cheeks and a breath of laughter filling the air that nearly swallows you whole.
“five minutes,” you sigh. “you get five minutes.”
and it doesn’t even take a second of those five minutes for him to pull you towards him, knowing well enough that he’ll be making the same plea again the next time you get up.
because kuroo tetsurō—who burns under the rising sun and kisses sweet words into your cheeks and begs you to stay just for a little while—has never been a morning person, so, suddenly, neither are you.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated
Tumblr media
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kissingkou · a month ago
Tumblr media
— multi. character x f!reader | drabbles
[ timeskip! bokuto, atsumu, & sakusa ]
warnings: morning sex with them <3 consensual somno (in bokuto’s), cunnilingus (in atsumu’s), fingering (in sakusa’s)
speaking from my heart: yes this is from my old blog pls don’t be mad i don’t have the motivation to write anything new :(
Tumblr media
nsfw content under the cut!
he’s needy, hungry for your touch. he wakes up before you, pressing kisses against your exposed skin, small marks from last night’s rendezvous bringing a smirk to bokuto’s face as he remembered the way you cried out his name in pleasure. he let out a low groan, gripping your hips as he ground himself into your backside. he brings a hand to your front, circling your clit as he slips his cock between your thighs. he pants in your ear, the feeling of your plush thigh squeezing around him making pre drip out of his reddening tip. “c’mon, baby, need you to wake up... fuck! please,” he groans, the feeling of the heat from your slick folds making his cock throb even more. you let out a soft whimper followed by his name, earning a grin from your boyfriend. “that’s it, baby,” he mutters, using his free hand to grip the fat of your thigh, lifting it slightly so he can push himself inside you, stretching your tight walls. your eyes flutter open, you turn your head and open your mouth to speak only for a moan to leave past your lips. he smiles at you, pressing a kiss to your temple. he continues to rut into you, his grip on your thigh tightening. “mornin’, babe.. f-fuck, you just looked so pretty, i couldn’t help it... needed you so bad, baby.”
you and atsumu always woke up at the same time, spending time in bed cuddling, passionately making out and holding each other close. these kisses became more heated, more needy. he’d hover over you, his hand trailing up your shirt to fondle with your breasts, his fingers pinching your erect nipple and earning a hiss of pleasure from your puffy lips. he’d trail his kisses from your lips down to your neck, lifting your shirt to press more along the valley of your breasts to your stomach before he reached the hem of your pants. he’d loop his fingers into the band, tugging your pants down your legs along with your panties. he’d lift your legs over his shoulders before placing a wet kiss to your already pulsating clit. his tongue licking a long stripe up your cunt. “mind if i have breakfast?” he’d joke, making you roll your eyes. as you open your mouth to comment back, only a gasp comes out. the feeling of atsumu’s lips wrapping around your clit and hungrily sucking on it as his tongue swirls around overwhelms you. lewd and wet noises erupt from him as he devours your cunt, his tongue pushing inside your hole as his hand grip harder onto your thighs, pulling you closer to his mouth. “cum f’me, darlin’... lemme taste ya.”
you always wake up before him, showering before getting yourself situated back in bed. his quiet snores leaving past his sleeping figure, mumbles of your name slipping past his slightly parted lips. you smile, carding your fingers through his curls, pressing your lips against his cheek. “omi,” you whisper, stirring him awake. he turns his head to face you, eyes fluttering open. “did you shower? you smell nice,” he mumbles tiredly, leaning in to kiss your lips. you nod your head, climbing on top of him. you rest yourself just above his abdomen, allowing him to feel your exposed cunt against his skin. he grins, fingers going to the hem of his shirt that you’re wearing and lifting it up. “this why you showered?” he asks teasingly. you pout, “i always shower in the morning.” he nods his head slowly, bringing his thumb to your clit and rubbing slow, teasing circles into it. “you’re wet,” he says, adding more pressure. you whimper, “n-no ‘m not.” he chuckles airily, pulling you closer to his face by your hips. “oh? then explain this,” he lifts you up, fingers plunging into your core, curling upwards into your g-spot. you let out a moan, head falling forward as your hands grip the sheets beneath you. “o-omi,” you whine. “dirty girl... it’s only eight in the morning and you’re already so messy.”
Tumblr media
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lexstacy-fics · a month ago
𝔇𝔦𝔩𝔣 𝓐𝔱𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔲
Tumblr media
DILF Osamu
chubby! reader cause Miya Twins eat chubby girls up
Tumblr media
DILF Atsumu who ages like fine fucking wine. Who seems to get more attractive with age, in every way. Like his brother, he’s bulked up with age, big where he was once lean, pecs nice and round, arms big n strong enough to bounce you up and down his cock for hours. Stopped holding back his accent years ago, now completely confident after seein the way you shiver when he slurs his words in your ear. Retired off the court, and now coaching on the sidelines, he’s got the perfect gig to keep his body fit and his wallet fat. He feels now more than ever fit to take care of you.
DILF Atsumu who’s a natural sugar daddy. who’s dick gets hard when you spend his money. who pouts at ya anytime you come home empty handed, and pulls out his phone to check his transactions, little pout settling into a reassured smile when he sees the charges you left for him. At first you felt nervous at the sheer amount he gives you. “I make a lotta money, doll,” he says so nonchalantly when you worry at him for it, “would go to waste if i didn’t spend it on ya.” he’d wink, kissing your forehead. A little telepathic signal letting you know it’s okay, he wants to spoil you. “Everytime you whine about it ‘m just gonna order you a new lingerie set n fuck ya till ya get it through yer head.”
And he does. He’s such a pussy bully and he knows it! Pounds into your cervix at top speed till your head spins. His stamina has only grown with age, and with his newfound strength he can man-handle you into any position he wants you in. And he knows he can, knows he can fuck you better than you ever thought possible. Makes you scream his name as he rails you through your orgasm- and laughs at you. He’s so mean without even tryin :’(
“Pretty lil thing, gotcha cryin on my cock, huh?” he teases as he smacks the fat of your ass, grinning wickedly as he watches your body jiggle against the snap of his hips. “hope yer not done, darlin, we gotta long night ahead of us.”
Folds you into a press so he can see your tummy roll up under him, eyes glued to the way your tits bounce. Switched up his rhythm to see them jump just the way he wants.
DILF Atsumu who laughs into his groans as he fills you up. Who pulls out and presses your legs back to watch his cum ooze out of your pretty little abused hole. Eats it out of you too, he’s such a menace :’<
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iwaizumis-bitch · 2 months ago
when he’s lovesick
content warnings: mentions of pregnancy, drinking, lovesick men
word count: 907
featuring: miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, ushijima wakatoshi, & suna rintaro
notes: i haven’t written fluff in forever omg, also suna is slowly becoming one of my favs🤤
Tumblr media
miya osamu
good with kids. kids loooove osamu. when a small family comes in during a quiet afternoon, osamu is all smiles at all of them. truth is, he’s thinking about you and him being like that one day in the future. when he’s taking their order he’s like, ‘aaand for the little fella?’ and it’s just so 🥺🥺🥺. he’ll see the boy has a buzz lightyear shirt on and will just entertain him with questions about toy story, making little jokes now and then, and the parents are loving it!! when their order is ready he’ll scribble a little mr and mrs potato head in sharpie on the brown paper bag and hand it to them. his heart melts when he hears the kid babble about how they should come here everyday as the three of them leave. but the best part??? he didn’t even know you were watching until he turned around, seeing you sat in a corner booth witn a dopey grin on your face and dried tears running down your cheeks.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime
everything learning new things. if someone had told hajime a few years ago that he would be an expert in hair braiding, he would’ve scoffed and thought nothing more of it. now, he’s a master at braiding, so much so he can braid your hair whilst his eyes are on the television. and when you come home that night with the braid he tied in your hair that morning still in, but wispy and looser, he loses it and goes red as a tomato. he’s also super gentle with your hair, even after all the years of you saying it’s ok if he pulls a bit, but he wouldn’t dare even try to hurt you. also!!!! he paints your nails on your non dominant hand and he’s always so focused with the brush, tongue poking out between his lips in concentration as he tries not to make it splotchy, but you would wear it either way.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
know his priorities. kiyoomi only had 3 priorities in life. you, himself, volleyball, in that order. you were his number one priority, and he made sure everyone in his life knew that, especially you. no one would question where sakusa had disappeared to, training wasn’t supposed to end for anothed 45 minutes! he sighed, declining another call from shoyo as he unlocked the door to your apartment. ‘omi!’, you exclaimed, running to him to give him a hug. ‘you’re early’, you said, voice muffled as you hid your face in his shoulder. ‘mmm, we got off early’, he said, crossing his fingers behind your back. it was just a white lie, it’s not like 45 minutes of practice would really make him a better player. oh yeah, and whenever a game finishes, he’s off looking in the front row of the grandstand for you. in that moment he didn’t care about anything except for you. no tabloid headline ‘stone faced volleyball star in love?!’. no atsumu calling him a simp, just you and him, he thought, pulling you in for a kiss with a small smile in front of everyone.
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
becomes domestic. it warms your heart every single night when you hear the front door click open around 7:30. you smile to yourself hearing his footsteps come to the kitchen, where you’re currently stirring a pot of pasta. ‘welcome home wakatoshi’, you hum, feeling his big arms circle around your waist. ‘dinner’ll be ready in 10, go have a shower, ‘kay?’, you tell the 6’4 sleepy giant, who just gives you a kiss on the top of your head and nods. it still doesn’t feel real, you think. you look down at your stomach, remembering the words of the sonographer you saw a few hours earlier. ‘you’re two months along, congrats!’, he smiled at you, handing you the photo of your baby. you poured the pasta into a seperate bowl, mixing the sauces around as you hear the shower turn off upstairs. you’re cleaning up the pot when you hear wakatoshi stop at the bottom of the stairs. ‘love?’, he says, concern laced in his voice. ‘yes?’, you reply, turning around to see him with a positive pregnancy test in his hand, a tear slipping down his cheek when you nod at him, coming to hug him.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
becomes absolutely enamored with you. whether it’s in real life or on social media, he’s always so happy to brag about how he has the best fiancé in the whole wide world. his instagram feed is just filled with photos of you, all captioned with some lovey dovey quote. the twins comments of calling him a ‘lovesick loser’, never phased him in his second year when he was pining after you, nor does it phase him now. if he hears anyone say shit about you, he’s so ready to defend you with his whole life. when he’s drunk, he’s bawling his eyes out to anyone who will give him the time of day about how in just a few months, he gets to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. atsumu and osamu have sent you countless videos of rintaro hunched over a bar, tears falling from his cheeks onto the sticky counter as he drunkenly babbles about how perfect you are and how he doesn’t deserve you. he’s so clingy, and he kisses your ring finger every night, counting down the days until you share the same last name.
Tumblr media
likes, reblogs, follows, and feedback are all appreciated 💗
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heartaro · 6 days ago
Hiiii , i really like your blog! your hurt/comfort r so well written i swearrr !!
so , i wanted to ask u of you could do a angst to fluff /hurt comfort with tsukishima, iwaizumi, and osamu plz ! Any prompt i dont really care lmaooo
Have a great day :)) <3
hi hi darling!! thank you so much :((( 💓💓 you’re so sweet and thank YOU for sending this in! i’ve been having crazy writer’s block, so this gave me some motivation to write!!
Tumblr media
— tsukishima, iwaizumi, & osamu x gn!reader | hurt/comfort
warnings: swearing, arguments, the boys mention their ex in an argument </3 oh also these r so long & dramatic (bc i’m dramatic lmfao i’m a leo)
note from heart: ugh i kno these prompts are so common, but i love reading these kinds of stories/drabbles!! i hope you enjoy 💓
Tumblr media
» we all know tsukishima kei isn’t the best at expressing his emotions; especially those of love & kindness
» but you know better than anyone else that he loved you more than anything & that his love for you is unconditional
» however, there are definitely moments where you both fight and things can get out of hand
» like this current argument that sprung up once he got home from work
» he came home a lot later than you had expected, but he didn’t even bother to respond to any of your text messages or return any of your calls
» and so now, about an hour later, you two were still arguing
“kei, i’m really not asking for much! if you’re gonna be home late, could you at least let me know? like answer my texts or something?” you say exasperatedly. you were starting to feel exhausted from all the bickering that’s happened in the past hour, but your words just didn’t seem to get past your boyfriend’s bitter mood.
“look, y/n, i don’t need to constantly tell you my every move and where i’m at, and you don’t need to keep waiting up for me! i swear to god, it’s like you treat me like a fucking kid!” he shouts back, throwing his hands in the air before taking a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose.
he didn’t have the best day at work; too much paperwork, idiots causing a ruckus, his manager doing nothing but hounding him all day. tsukishima was ready to just go to sleep, but here he was.
“sorry for wanting to make sure you’re safe? sorry i care about my boyfriend? why is that so bad?”
“because it’s fucking annoying, y/n! you’re constantly hovering over me, smothering me all the fucking time!” he responds, turning away from you. he sighs, shaking his head, “mei was never this clingy.”
despite his tone being more hushed and quiet, you still heard him loud and clear. his words rang in your ears, practically screaming back at you in your mind in a constant loop. “mei was never this ‘clingy’ because she didn’t love you,” you let out, your voice wavering as you fought to hold your tears back.
you turned in the opposite direction, making your way to your shared bedroom and slamming the door shut. at the sound, tsukishima flinched. he didn’t mean to let those words slip, and the second they fell from his mouth he instantly regretted it.
it was true, mei never loved him, but he didn’t care much for it after he met you. you showed him nothing but love, always caring for him whether that was packing his lunch for work and leaving cute, little notes for him to see during his break or staying by his side whenever he was feeling unwell. your love was genuine and never-ending, you always had so much of it to give to him. but now he’s shut that out, refusing to accept your love all because he had a bad day at work.
he sighs again, turning around to see your bedroom door shut. he felt a pang of guilt in his chest. he knew he had to make this better, but he was never good at these kinds of things. usually when the two of you argued and things went south, you both would give each other space and then come back together to have a more civil conversation. but now it seemed that you wanted to just completely be away from him, and a conversation about this didn’t seem like an option.
on your end, you sat on the edge of the bed, letting your tears fall down your cheeks. you kept wiping them away, gasping for air after each stifled sob. you knew tsukishima didn’t care for his ex anymore, you knew he was way over her when your relationship with him progressed. he had even opened up to you about how his relationship with you has made him the happiest he’s ever been. but now you’re unsure.
you asked for one, simple thing, but it just seemed like an annoyance to him. you love tsukishima and you’d do anything to make him comfortable in your relationship, so maybe you will decide to give him space because maybe- deep down- he wishes that you were just a bit like mei. if he said it, then surely part of him meant it.
the rest of the night was silent and lonely for the both of you. you eventually got ready for bed and fell asleep, wondering if he’d even come to bed with you. but in his head, he thought it’d be best to leave you be, and so he slept on the couch.
the next morning you woke, reaching over to feel the cold sheets on his side of the bed. you scrunch your eyebrows together, feeling your heart ache knowing that he didn’t even bother to come back to bed. you sat up, rubbing your puffy eyes before making your way into the kitchen. on your way there, you heard familiar soft snores from the couch. you peek over to see your boyfriend, still in his work clothes, fast asleep.
you frown slightly. he didn’t even bother changing into comfortable clothes- he must have slept horribly last night. but you decide to give him his space, not wanting to smother him so early in the morning.
you begin making breakfast, doing your best to keep the noise down so that he could continue sleeping. you prepared a quick meal for the both of you, making sure to set aside his plate before eating on your own. you figured you’d eat before him so that he could eat his breakfast in peace.
as you finished, you began to walk out of the kitchen, noticing tsukishima rise from the couch. he stretched, wincing at the aching feeling in his back. your eyes widened, wanting to make a quick exit so that you wouldn’t disturb him. you start walking towards the bedroom, greeting him quietly and letting him know that his plate is on the table.
he barely registers what you say, but the second he sees you walking quickly back to your bedroom, he follows you.
“y/n,” he says, finally catching up to you before you can shut the door. you don’t turn around, instead beginning to fix the bed in attempts to not have a conversation with him. “y/n,” he tries again, this time his tone more calm and soft.
you want to, so badly, turn around and talk to him; to resolve everything that happened the night prior, but you were still so hurt that he mentioned his ex.
he sighs, watching you sadly, waiting for you to turn in his direction. “y/n.. baby, i-i’m sorry,” he stumbles over his words, taking a few steps closer to you. you stop your actions, wondering if you had heard him correctly. “i’m so sorry,” he says again, standing behind you, unsure if he’s allowed to touch you.
you slowly turn around, tears welling up in your eyes again at the sight of him. you’re just reminded of his cruel words, but you’re fighting between pulling him in for a hug or turning back around to ignore him. his heart drops at the sight of the tears glossing over your eyes, bringing a hand to yours.
“i’m sorry for last night.. i know,” he takes a breath, just letting his thoughts pour out of his mouth. “i know i should’ve just texted you, and i know you’re just looking out for me. i was having a bad day, but i was being a total dick about it. i’m really sorry.”
you stare at him sadly, “but why did you have to bring up her?” you sniffle, turning away from him, “am i really that annoying?” your voice was timid, droplets of tears falling onto the sheets. his heart aches even more at the sight of you and knowing that he’s made you cry once again.
he’s never thought of you as annoying, he loves the affection you give him. tsukishima isn’t the best at expressing his emotions, but he truly loves everything about you. he loves the way you care about him, loves the way you shower him with love every morning and night, loves the way you give him kisses at any given moment; he loves you.
he pulls you in for a hug, squeezing you gently. he shuts his eyes, never wanting to let you go. “i don’t think that of you. i don’t think you’re annoying or that you smother me. i love you and everything that you do for me, and you’re right. mei never loved me, but you do and that’s what matters to me,” he pulls away to look at you. you’re crying even more which makes him panic internally.
he brings a hand to cup your cheek, “you matter to me. not mei, not my coworkers, not anyone else. only you. i don’t know why i even brought her up.. i was just in a shitty mood, but that’s not an excuse to be a shit boyfriend to you.”
you smile, nuzzling your face into his hand. “you’re an asshole, kei.”
he scrunches his nose before leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead. “yeah, well, this asshole’s in love with you.”
» arguments with iwaizumi were rare but were always quickly resolved
» you both were quite hot-headed, so sometimes these arguments could escalate rather quickly
» it would result to screaming matches, but whenever it got to that point, you both knew immediately to drop it and give each other some space
» you two loved each other dearly and always wanted the other to remember that
» no matter what was said or done, you always found a way to comfort one another
» but this time it’s different and now you’re unsure if this can be fixed
you and iwaizumi have been going at it for the past two hours. you offered to pick him up from work today, going in a bit early to see him in action at his job. you knew he had many clients, a whole variety really. but you didn’t expect to see a woman all over him, running her hands up and down his arms and smiling flirtatiously at him. and you certainly didn’t expect to see him smiling back at her, completely unfazed at another woman’s touch.
“why is it such a big deal, y/n? she’s my client! what do you want me to do, tell her i can’t see her anymore because my girlfriend said so?” he says incredulously, his expression full of frustration. you roll your eyes, “i just want to know why the hell she had her hands on you like that, hajime! and why were you just letting it fucking happen?”
you were seething, both of you were. your chests heaving up and down as you glared at one another. you both remained silent, the only sound being the both of you breathing heavily.
you scoff, beginning to turn away from him, “if you can’t tell me why then i’m going the fuck to sleep.” he lets a short laugh, “of course you are. you were always one to never finish what they started.” you ignore him, beginning to make your way back to your room, but something stops you.
“at least sonnie could actually finish an argument,” he mutters, making you snap your neck to look at him. “sonnie only finished an argument with you when they decided to leave you for good!” you shout, getting in his face.
he looks at you in shock, processing his words while guilt gradually flowed throughout his body. “wait, babe, i-“
“don’t,” you say, your tone more quiet. he opens and closes his mouth as he tries to find something to say, but nothing comes out. you turn away, continuing to walk back to your room. you enter the bedroom, slamming the door shut, making iwaizumi flinch at the sound.
he sighs in defeat, instantly regretting his words. he runs a hand through his hair, unsure of what to do. usually, at this point, you two would take a step back and try to have a calmer discussion about everything, but now you’ve shut him out and he can’t find a solution. you want nothing to do with him right now, and he knows that trying to comfort you will only frustrate you more. so he decides he’ll stay away.
but, here you are, sitting on the floor in front of your bed wishing nothing but for iwaizumi to walk into your shared bedroom and comfort you. you want him to hold you, to remind you that you are his and he is yours, to shower you with his unconditional love, and to be there to rid you of the feeling of sadness and hurt. you let yourself cry, but you feel yourself become numb to it, your tears trickling down your face as you stare at the door mindlessly.
the mention of his ex’s name hit you, and it hurt so much. you knew of his past relationship. sonnie was the only other person iwaizumi had been with. they were together for almost four years and then suddenly broke up after a tragic fight. you were there to comfort him because he was your best friend, and now he was your lover. after four years of pining, he had finally become yours.
but since he mentioned them, his first ever love, you can’t help but feel as though you were just a rebound. you feel as though he had just settled for you to fill the emptiness in his heart. you feel as though he probably doesn’t love you as much as he loved sonnie. and these thoughts and feelings alone only worsen your pain.
after what seemed like an eternity, iwaizumi decides it’s finally time to meet you and fix this. he walks cautiously towards the closed door, knocking on it softly before calling out to you. “y/n? baby? can i come in?” he asks, his voice calm and gentle. he gets no response, the feeling of his guilt once again weighing in his chest. “i’m coming in, okay?” he says again, opening the door to find coming out of the bathroom.
you had just showered, your eyes red and puffy from crying for the past couple hours. you don’t acknowledge his presence and instead make your way to the bed, laying down with your back turned to him.
he looks at you sadly, wanting nothing more than to fix this. “babe, i.. i’m really sorry. i was tired and angry and i just let it slip. i shouldn’t have done that, i was only letting my temper get the best of me. i’m so sorry, y/n,” he apologizes, cautiously taking steps closer to you.
he walks over to your side of the bed, kneeling down in front of you. you cast your gaze away from him, and iwaizumi feels his heart drop. “baby, can you look at me? please?” he pleads, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. you still don’t respond, laying before him as if you were just existing.
“i’m so sorry,” he whispers, reaching out to you, cupping your cheek and letting his thumb gently caress your skin. and that’s when you break, your tears pouring over once more, broken sobs leaving past your lips. you curl further into yourself, pushing his hand away from you. he watches you with a pained look, unsure of what to do next. “y/n, i-“
“why did you have to say their name?” you cry quietly. he drops his head, feeling so ashamed of himself. “i-i don’t know, y/n.. i was angry and-“
“and you took your anger out on me? just because i asked you why you didn’t set a boundary with your client?”
he looks back at you, finding your glossy eyes. he watches your lips tremble, your tears flowing down the side of your face. you look so heartbroken and betrayed, and iwaizumi’s heart begins to shatter.
“i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have done that. i should’ve listened to you instead of getting angry with you. i’m so sorry, baby.. i really didn’t mean any of what i said to you,” he says, gripping the bed sheets in attempts to keep himself from crying. you take in a shaky breath, shutting your eyes again. “am i enough for you?”
iwaizumi’s eyes widen at your question. he immediately stands up and scoops you into his arms, holding you close and letting you cry into his chest. he rubs your arm soothingly, pressing a kiss onto your forehead. “of course you are, y/n. you’re more than enough for me. you’ll always be more than enough, and i’m so happy to call you mine,” he whispers, letting his own tears fall.
he always feared that you may insecure in your relationship with him. he only ever wanted you to know that your relationship with him is important and that he cherishes it so much; that he cherishes you. he only wants you to feel love from him and to always remember that you are his end game; that he will only ever want you.
“i’m so sorry, baby.. i love you more than anything, okay? i love you and only you. i promise i’ll do better to set boundaries with my clients and to be a better boyfriend to you. i’m so sorry,” he cries softly, holding you just a bit tighter, never wanting to let you go.
you continue to cry, gripping onto his shirt, hoping and praying that he never leaves you. you two stay like this, grasping onto each other for dear life.
“i love you so much, y/n. you’re all i need.”
» ever since Onigiri Miya has shot up in popularity, osamu’s been really busy
» at first you really didn’t mind!! you were so proud of him for making his dreams come true
» but now it’s become something more of you two being roommates rather than you two being a couple
» he comes home late, too tired and exhausted to even greet you with a kiss
» it had even gotten to the point where you didn’t wait up for him like you usually would
» and now here you both were, arguing all because you had asked him to spend more time with you
“why are ya makin’ this such a big deal, y/n? we live together, isn’t that enough?” he shouts, sitting down on the couch and resting his head in his hands. you move to stand in front of him, your hands crossed over your chest. “samu, we are engaged! we’re going to get married eventually, and i’m just saying it would be nice if we just spent more time together!”
“and i’m sayin’ that we live together, y/n! i see ya every single day! why is it now that yer havin’ such a problem with this?” he looks up at you incredulously, eyebrows raised at you as if he were in pure shock. you shake your head, letting out a bitter laugh, “how am i supposed to get this through your thick skull, osamu? we. are. engaged.” you point out the ring on your finger, the same ring that he proposed to you with, the same ring that signified your promise to be with each other always.
he lets out a heavy sigh, leaning back against the couch, “i know that, y/n! yer actin’ like i’m not fuckin’ aware of that! seriously, what do you want me to do? just close down my restaurant after i worked so hard to-“
“i didn’t say that, osamu! i’m happy for you, and i’m so beyond proud of you, but i’m just asking for a little bit more time with you! you’re barely home these days, and it just doesn’t feel like we’re even a couple anymore!” you cry out, your voice starting to break. you were so frustrated, all you wanted was more time with him, to lay in his arms and to kiss him good morning and good night. but now it just seems like such a bother to him, like your love for him was just an annoyance and a distraction.
he looks away from you, standing up from the couch and beginning to make his way into the bedroom. “i’m done with this conversation, y/n,” he says firmly, his voice suddenly quiet and cold. “maya never had a fuckin’ problem with me being out all the time.”
you stare at his figure in shock, your heart wrenching at the words that fell from his lips. you inhaled, looking down at the ring on your finger then back up at him. he didn’t spare you even a glance, and without a second thought, you slipped the ring off your finger and set it down on the coffee table. turning on your heels, you made your way to the entrance, grabbing your bag and keys.
you turn back around one more time, hoping that osamu would have chased after you, but he wasn’t there. your hand met the handle, turning it as you opened the door. “maya didn’t mind since she was always with another man when you were gone,” you mutter, slamming the door shut and making your way to your car.
osamu heard the loud sound from inside the bedroom, his body quickly turning back around to make his way to the living room. when he enters he notices that you’re gone. your bag and keys missing from the entrance, your shoes no longer near the door, and your ring placed sadly on the table.
he panics, mentally berating himself for even uttering his ex’s name. he frantically looks for his phone, searching for your contact name and calling you. “pick up, pick up, pick up.. please, baby, please,” he begs quietly as he listens to the never ending rings. he’s hurrying to slip on his shoes, grabbing his own car keys to make his way out to find you. but before he leaves, he snatches the ring off the table, slipping it inside his pocket.
you’ve reached y/n’s phone! please leave a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can!
“fuck,” he mutters, trying once more, hoping that this time you answer his call. but this time it immediately goes to voicemail, his heart dropping into the pit of his stomach.
“baby? y/n, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry, i shouldn’t have said that. i’m so sorry, baby.. where are ya? please call me back… please come home, i’m so sorry,” he says, his voice wavering.
he ends his message and quickly goes to send you a text, only to be interrupted by a call from his brother.
“what, tsumu?” he asks, irritated. “cut the attitude, samu. the hell is yer problem?” atsumu responds.
“my problem is that i’m tryin’ to contact my fiancé, but ya fuckin’ interrupted me-“
“y/n’s coming to my place right now. what the hell did ya say to them?” atsumu argues, his voice stern. osamu’s guilt overflows. you called his own brother, you went to atsumu for comfort. osamu swallows the sudden lump in his throat, unsure of what to say. he knew his brother would lecture him for speaking poorly to you, and he didn’t want to hear especially from him. “if ya can’t tell me what ya said to them, ‘m not lettin’ ya come see them,” his brother says over the line.
osamu panics, gripping the steering wheel tighter. “i.. i brought up maya,” he confesses, hearing his brother sigh with disappointment. “i didn’t mean to, it just-“
“if ya didn’t mean to, then why’d ya say it at all?”
osamu knew his brother was right, closing his eyes as he rested his head against the wheel. “please, tsumu, i just wanna talk to y/n,” he mutters, wishing that he could at least hear your voice. atsumu sighs, a feint knock coming from his end of the call. “well, head over then ‘cause they’re here.”
osamu was practically speeding the entire drive there, almost running two red lights before finally making it to his brother’s apartment. he rushed out of the car and knocked on the door. atsumu answered, giving his twin a pointed look, but osamu ignored him. he pushed past, looking around for you.
“ya know ya should be thanking me for lettin’ ya in my house,” the blonde tries to joke, but osamu isn’t having it. despite his brother’s attempt to try and lighten his mood, osamu wanted nothing more than to just talk to you. atsumu sighs, pointing towards the direction of his guest bedroom, “y/n’s in there. be good to them, samu.”
osamu’s eyes dart towards the door, his body cautiously moving towards it. he opens the door gently, peeking in to see you sitting down on the edge of the bed facing away from the door. “tsumu, i really want to be left alone right now, i’m sorry, but thank-“
“wrong twin, baby,” osamu tries, smiling apologetically. you turn around, scowling at the man before you. “what the hell do you want? don’t you wanna be with maya?” you seethe, turning away from him. he walks over to you, kneeling down in front of you. he gently places a hand onto yours, hoping that you’ll allow him to be there with you. but you remove your hand from his touch, making his heart fall to the pit of his stomach.
“i’m sorry, y/n. it was stupid of me to have said that, but please know that i love ya. i want to marry ya. i want to be with you, and only you. i’m so sorry,” he slowly loses his accent, he’s always done that whenever he became serious about things.
he looks at you, hoping that you’d look at him and accept his apology. you sniffle, suppressing your sobs. “samu, you’re so mean sometimes, you know?” you cry, gripping the hem of your shirt. he sighs, going to hold your hand again, and this time you don’t push him away.
“i’m sorry, baby. i’ll do better, i promise. i love you so much. maya means nothing to me now, and i know it doesn’t seem that way, but i promise that you that you are all i ever want.”
you turn your head to face him, your glossed over eyes meeting his. “i love you, samu.. i just don’t want to lose you,” you whisper, and he nods, smiling up at you. you watch as he carefully pulls something from his pocket, revealing your ring. he adjusts himself so that he’s down on one knee, holding the ring up to you.
“will ya marry me, y/n? will ya stay with me forever and let me love ya forever?”
you smile, laughing lightly. he chuckles, happy to hear that sweet sound again, “well? will ya marry me?” you can’t help but laugh more, nodding your head and allowing him to place the ring back on your finger.
osamu sits down next to you, pulling you in for a kiss. “i love you, y/n,” he says against your lips, smiling when you utter the same words back to him.
“ew, seriously?” atsumu interrupts. you and osamu turn around, fighting back your fits of laughter as you watch the blonde stand back in disgust. “in my house too? yer both disgusting!” he pauses, his expression softening a bit, “but ‘m glad ya made up.. now, ya want me to make dinner or are ya both gonna just makeout in my guest bedroom?”
Tumblr media
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the type of boyfriend to say “text me when you get home.” and when you don’t text him for a while he blows up your phone until you answer
ATSUMU, HINATA, kuroo, BOKUTO, kageyama, NOYA, yaku, SUGAWARA, SUNA, hoshiumi, OIKAWA, TENDOU
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Haikyuu Boys
When he says "why are you so hard to love?" in an argument
It's been a week of unending arguments with Oikawa and again, today both of you are still arguing after breakfast.
"But y/n-chan she's only a fan. Why are you so mad about it?"
"How can I'm not mad seeing my boyfriend getting kissed by another girl?" you yelp, putting the glass a bit harsh.
"It's just a greeting!" Oikawa defense himself not feeling anything wrong with it.
"Gosh, whatever! Do as you wish Oikawa Tooru!" you look at him with a cynical look.
"God! I pampered you with many things and you don't even understand that thing? Why are you so hard to love?"
He yells in frustration, head looking down. His middle finger and index finger started to massage his temple.
But when he raises his head to meet your expression, he knows that he messed up.
"Ah, I see.. Sorry, I guess I am," in contrast to the previous high pitch tone, your voice is rather low and you smile weakly.
Before Oikawa can give any further comments, you already left him alone, going to your shared bedroom and slamming the door. Oikawa chooses to sit on the couch, cool down his mind.
It's been an hour since he exchanges stare with the blank screen of the turned-off TV. He feels really bad and wants to make up because he missed you already.
But when he almost reaches the doorknob, he stops himself as he hears you sniffling and talking alone - he guesses you called one of your best friends.
"I don't know, am I really too much?" your words are still jumbled from sobbing.
"I just- want him for me, you know? Maybe I'm just not good enough?" you sigh.
Oikawa's heart drops, he doesn't know that his friendly gesture to his fans made you feel this way.
"Um.. Guess he can replace me easily," your sobs have stopped, turning into a dry laugh.
Hearing your statement makes him open the door without thinking.
"NO I DON'T WANT ANYONE BUT YOU," he yells, half pleading. You are startled at his sudden intrusion.
Your friend who can hear him too chuckles and says a small "good luck" before ending the call.
Oikawa jumps into the bed and hugs you tightly, "Please don't leave me."
You hold a pause, still processing your mind. Then, you positioned yourself so you can talk eye-to-eye with him.
"Tooru, you know boundary right? Some things are okay with me and some things are not. Kissing or a quick peck is not okay for me."
He listens to you attentively.
You sigh, "Now, are you okay if some guy kisses me or holds me too much?"
"No." He yelps in complaint.
"And the same thing applies to me. Even you're a star athlete with millions of fans, you're still my boyfriend right?"
And with these words he just realized, because you never cross the line, he never imagine you being kissed nor touched by any other man.
"You're right, baby. I'm sorry that I never place my feet on your shoes." He takes your hand and places it to meet the warmth of his cheek.
You rolled your eyes, "Geez dummy", but you smile at the end.
"Yes y/n-chan, I'm your dummy and you still keep up with me. Thank you."
"Guess I was wrong, I'm the one who's hard to love."
You shake your head and chuckle, "That's okay because I won't stop loving you though".
The burden has been lifted from your heart and you two staring at each other earnestly, ready to pay back the lost time from the arguments.
His telephone rings for the third time this morning, Kuroo sees your name on the display and decides to answer the call.
"Hi, babe!" He greets you as usual like nothing wrong.
"Where are you Kuroo?" You answer him but rather in a high tone.
"I'm in the office of course." He answers you casually.
"How come? I thought we have already discussed with me to take a day off today?"
"Yes, sorry honey I got an unexpected meeting today. I guess I have left you a note right?"
You rolled your eyes looking at the sticky note on your hand, "Yeah, I saw your note."
"Great. Since we don't have any particular plan today, I guess it is okay." You can hear he's typing, probably still working on his document and not paying full attention to you.
"Don't you know what day is today? I even managed to get a day off from my strict boss", you started to get irritated from his carelessness.
"Of course! Happy wedding anniversary, baby. I will make up to you later. You can choose any fancy gift you want."
"Uhh, I don't want anything. I want you Kuroo. I just want you for today."
Kuroo sighed, finally stopping his type. "Geez, you know it's not possible today? Stop being so childish over an anniversary, we're an adult, y/n."
He continues, "I don't know but sometimes you're just so hard to love."
It takes a moment of silence before you reply to his piercing words.
"Okay. Sorry for bothering you, Tetsu." You finally end the call.
Somehow Kuroo felt he'd gone too far, he decides to make up later when he comes home.
Kuroo comes home to a dark and silent room. "I'm home, kitten!" He shouts from the entrance and searches for your presence, his left-hand holding a bouquet of roses.
When he reached the kitchen, he found a note in your handwriting.
"Happy wedding anniversary, Tetsu. I'm sorry that I'm causing you trouble today. I decide to sleepover today, dinner is in the fridge. -y/n-"
He frowns, it's too late. He really feels bad about how he spat at you but still, you're the one who ends up apologizing. He contemplates how he treats you so bad - he was trying to replace his time for you with fancy gifts.
And he comes into a horror thought: what if at some point you don't want him anymore. It gives him chills and he immediately speeds straight to your best friend's house.
When he arrives, he knocks on the house and greets your best friend politely. He tells her that he's coming to pick you up. Your friend nods in understanding and calls you.
When you see him in the front, you are surprised. You noticed how his eyes are filled with remorse. So, you decided to follow him to the car - not wanting to cause any ruckus on your friend's house.
When the two of you have finally settled on the car, both of you are exchanging a silent stare. You wait for his explanation and Kuroo finally opens his mouth,
"I'm sorry."
"I know sorry is not enough but still, sorry for broken the promise."
When you hear the deep apology from him, your long-held tears are broken. You haven't cried in a while so seeing you in this state really broke his heart. Thought still hesitate, he pulls you into his embrace, stroking the crown of your head.
"I was waiting and searching for you but you are gone. And it seems I've been a nuisance," your sobs as you started to utter your feeling.
He shakes his head, now he holds your shoulders and looks through your eyes.
"You never been a nuisance okay? I was taking you for granted, it was me who's being a jerk."
"I promise this won't happen again, I will keep every promise and treat you like you deserved to."
You nodded and smiled in response. You didn't notice that he almost cried about how relieved he is - that you still wanted to come back to him.
Along the way home, he holds your hand and asks, "So do you want to stop by anywhere? Or do you want anything for make up?"
You shake your head, "No, Tetsu. I just want to cuddle."
He smiles, being reminded that your simplicity is one of the things that makes him heads over heels for you.
"Of course, kitten. You will have my cuddles for the rest of your life though - until you are getting sick of me."
You chuckle and give him a quick peck on his cheek, "I won't."
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