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#haikyuu drabbles
ohmiyaa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
oikawa, the immature yet patient boyfriend, that takes you wherever he goes because he just loves being around you.
oikawa, who grows restless at night when you’re not there beside him and finds it hard to stop thinking about you.
oikawa, who’s more passionate about you than he ever has been about volleyball.
oikawa, who takes iwaizumi’s taunts and teases just to be able to look at you and call you his.
oikawa, who loves when you come to game night with the seijoh 4, but doesn’t appreciate when mattsun asks you to be his partner to piss tooru off.
oikawa, who always allows you to steal his hoodies and shirts no matter what, but loves them even more when you give them back and they smell distinctly of you.
that oikawa boy that happens to love you so much that he hesitates to accept the offer to go play for argentina’s volleyball team because it upset you so much.
oikawa, the boy who loves when you agree to watch movies with him, even if they’re the shitty alien movies he enjoys so much.
oikawa, the boy who accepts the alien-themed stuffed animals you religiously buy him so he has a closet full of them.
oikawa, whom allows you to play with his hair even when he treats it like one of his prized possessions, just because it makes you so happy when you try a different hairstyle on him that makes his face look weird.
oikawa, who picks you up in his arms on graduation day and spins you as his encore of iwaizumi, hanamaki, and matsukawa cheer and whoop now that you’re all officially free.
oikawa, who could never ask for a better partner.
and finally, that damn tooru who finds your face in a crowd of thousands at his olympic match against japan next to mattsun and makki and waves, smiling that perfect smile.
Tumblr media
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kissmeomi · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warnings : degradation, use of handcuffs, biting, sadism, creampie, use of the nickname princess, it ends with fluff (sort’ve-ish).
pairing : mafia! kotaro bokuto x female reader
synopsis : bokuto loves wrecking his girl and then treating her. she’s just so pretty, you know? | (reposted from old blog)
drabble : 0.65k words
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You just had to be needy and pushy during an important meeting. You just had to keep running your fingers up his inner thigh and knowingly tease him to the point of getting hard in front of all his men. Whether his men had noticed or not, he didn’t care. Kotaro was just fed up with your antics. He’d told you that this meeting was important for his business, but of course, he should’ve expected that you’d take that as an invitation. Of course you’d be a fucking brat, because you knew it’d get you fucked hard enough to turn your legs to jelly. While also permanently wrecking your spine.
His hands are on your lower back, pressing you into the mattress as his hips ram into your ass. The sound of your skin slapping together fills every corner of the bedroom, but not loud enough to drown out your whimpers and cries. Kotaro relishes in the fact that he has you broken down, sobbing, pussy weeping around his cock.
Your tears leave salt lines down your cheeks, making them itch. “Ko- fuck, ‘s too much.”
“You’re gonna take it.”
His hands move up your back, one hand wrapping around the front of your throat to pull your gaze to his. The other grips the chain of your handcuffs.
“Because you couldn’t wait to be a slut.”
You shiver, eyes welling up from the look of anger, yet pure satisfaction in his. Kotaro smirks down at you, letting go of your neck to lace his fingers with yours. The silver chain rattles as he presses his body flush against yours, hiding his face in the crook of your neck. He kisses the tender skin, nipping and sucking every few centimeters, while his hips continue to bruise your ass.
His skin is on fire and he can smell the new perfume he’d bought you, clinging to the skin behind your ear. It made him groan, biting down on your shoulder. Even when you weren’t being used and broken in, you walked around smelling like him, wearing the things he bought for you. Because you were his.
Kotaro funded your expensive wardrobe out of guilt for how rough he was with you during sex. But it also made him hard, seeing all the fine silk and lace. He couldn’t help but stare at you every morning when you got dressed and he often took his time slipping the fabric from your body.
Being able to see how his men ogle you and try to hide their hard-ons out of shame, made him feel cocky to the highest degree. Only he could see you completely naked, soft skin pressed against his, moaning only for him, your gummy walls molded to fit him perfectly. His hands had left imprints in your hips, reminding him of how many times they’d been there.
With a choked moan of your name, he’s cumming after you, fucking you through your orgasm. He doesn’t stop till he’s positive he’s left every drop inside you. Kotaro stills for a few moments, gathering himself enough to reach for the key to your handcuffs. He tosses them to the side, pulling out of you so he can roll you onto your back and take your wrists in his hands.
“You okay, princess?” Kotaro gently rubs at the raw skin, leaning down to kiss you softly on the lips. “Was I too rough?”
You shake your head, pulling his hands to your mouth so you could kiss his knuckles. “I liked it. Promise I’d tell you if I didn’t.”
Kotaro smiles, getting off the bed to retrieve a black velvet box from a shelf in your shared room. When he sits back down beside you, he pulls you into his lap, helping you straddle his waist.
“Close your eyes for me, doll.” He mutters, taking a sterling, Chanel necklace from the box and putting it around your neck. His newest gift while he’d been away on business.
You open your eyes and he starts rubbing soft circles into your sides, looking at you like he always does. Utterly enraptured by your presence.
Tumblr media
© kissmeomi 2021 ⤏ do not steal, plagiarise, modify, or repost my content. do not recommend my work outside of tumblr.
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
You’re jealous but you can’t do anything because you’re not dating him - Part 5
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4
Pairings: Lev x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Requested by: @sad-b-tch
A/N: Only one story in this part because I am travelling for a few days and I won't find the time to write for a while. This was written in a hurry and is not proofread so pls 2 forgive any errors.
I'm not sure how exchange programs happen in Japan but when my friend went to Germany, she lived with a student's family who had agreed to host exchange students at their home. That is the concept I followed in this. Also, since it was never clarified which of his parents was Russian, I have assumed it was his mother in this story. Also, I have used like 2 Russian dialogues in this fic with the help of Google so if they're wrong, I'm sry pls lmk I am not friends w any Russian people. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!
Tumblr media
Haiba Lev is a friendly guy.
"A little too friendly sometimes", you think as you watch him grab Sofia's arm and drag her away to her next class, leaving you in the hallway.
Of course, Lev had been assigned to host and guide the new exchange student from Russia. Sofia Volkov. A girl who is so breathtakingly gorgeous that she might as well have descended from heaven. Hell, she is so beautiful that even you find yourself developing a girl crush on her. Ever since she arrived at Nekoma a week ago, at least 9 people have asked her out on a date. She, however, rejected them all.
Even though Lev does not speak Russian and Sofia cannot speak a word of Japanese, you can't help but admit that he was the perfect choice to be her guide around Nekoma. Sofia seems to have warmed up to him quite a bit in such a short time. He is just that kind of person who can communicate with others so easily and effortlessly.
"Did you see Lev hold Sofia's hand just then? Do you think they are dating?"
"I wouldn't be surprised if they are. She seems to spend all her time in school with him even though she's already living in his house."
"Yeah. If anyone in this school can match Sofia in good looks, it is Lev."
Every hushed whisper you hear about Lev and Sofia feels like a stab straight through your heart.
Stupid rumour mongers. You know they are not dating. Lev would have told you if they were. Yet, thinking about the possibility of them getting together...
You see Lev returning from Sofia's class. He has a giant smile on his face that makes your heart do backflips. God, why did he have to be so pretty?
"Y/N! Thanks for waiting!"
"Of course!" you smile at him, "How is Sofia liking it here?"
"I think she is settling in well. Mom seems to have fallen in love with her. They keep chatting away in Russian late into the night. I have heard more Russian in the past week than I have in my entire life."
You chuckle. "Aww. Your mom must be happy to have someone from her homeland around. She must miss it awfully."
"She does. If it were up to her, she would probably keep Sofia with us forever. She even joked about me marrying her just so she could stay here."
The smile on your face disappears as soon as you hear that. It was a joke. Just a simple joke. You try to console yourself but the worry shows in your face. Thankfully, Lev is too busy chatting away to notice.
"... So I thought I would show her the Tokyo Skytree tomorrow. I think she'd like it, yeah?"
"Yeah, she would."
"Mum insisted I take her at night because it is prettier with all the lights."
It's also more romantic.
"Yeah, night sounds good. She will like it."
"Y/N? Are you okay?"
You look to your side and find Lev looking at you, his head cocked and brows slightly furrowed with worry.
Your internal battle must have shown on your face. "Yeah, yeah. Sorry. I'm all good, I was just trying to remember if I finished the assignment for the next class."
It is a lame reason but it is all you could come up with on the spot. The bell's ringing for the next class saves you from further questions.
It has been 2 days since you last met Lev or even spoke to him properly. He was, understandably, busy showing Sofia around town. He had invited you to accompany them but you had been busy with family stuff and couldn't join them. Still, when he did not reply to your texts as fast as he usually does, you couldn't help but feel a little upset. It also didn't help that your mind ran wild with the possible scenarios of Lev and Sofia getting together.
But as you go about your day in school as usual, chatting and laughing, you begin to feel a little stupid for getting so worked up over nothing.
That was until you met Sofia after school.
She had been waiting to walk home with Lev outside the school gate. As soon as she saw you two approaching, she waved in your direction, a big smile on her face and said something in Russian. As soon as Lev heard her, he turned red as a beetroot.
However, before he could respond, he was hailed by someone from the Nekoma VBC.
What the hell was that about? You think as you watch him sprint towards Yaku-san, still blushing furiously.
Sofia's voice pulls you from your thoughts. She is standing right next to you and is smiling at you. You can tell that she wants to talk to you. You smile back and patiently wait for her to speak.
"Eyy- uh -" she looks around and points at Lev.
"Lev? You want to tell me something related to him?"
She nods eagerly and points at him again, "Boyfriend."
It feels like someone has suddenly dropped a brick in your stomach.
"B-boyfriend? Are you saying Lev is your b-boyfriend?"
"Da! Yes! Boyfriend! boyfriend!!" she jumps up in excitement at finally getting through, smiling and nodding eagerly at you, "Lev Boyfriend? Da?"
The smile on your face is long gone. It is all you can do to keep yourself from bursting into tears right there.
So that's why he was blushing.
"Hey, sorry about that. Yaku-san wanted to tell me about the club meeting later tonight. We can walk home now."
You had not realized Lev had made his way back to you. You turn your face away from him so he won't notice the tears that are now forming in your eyes.
He comes up to Sofia and repeats the same sentence to her in broken Russian.
You definitely won't be able to maintain your composure the entire walk back home.
"Actually, you guys go on ahead. I have some things I need to buy for mum so I'm going in the other direction."
"We can come with you!" Lev says, smiling.
"Oh, I'm pretty sure you'll just get bored there. I'll text you once I'm home," you say and start to sprint away from them, not wanting to spend another second there.
"Wait! Wait! Why are you running away? Y/N!" Lev's extremely confused voice calls after you as you try to get away from them as quickly as you can.
From the corner of your eye, you see Lev start to run after you but Sofia grabs his arm and stops him. That gives you a few moments to slip away, tears streaming down your face as you run.
It doesn't take him long to catch up, though, as you hear him huffing and puffing behind you just a few minutes later. "Y/N! Please! Stop!"
You quicken your pace and try to give him the slip again but it's impossible to keep up with his long-ass legs and you feel a strong grip on your shoulder, trying to get you to stop. You finally do.
Lev gently turns you around to face him and he is shocked to see the fat tears rolling down your face.
"Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no! I am so, so sorry. Sofia told me that she told you. I am really, so, so, sorry."
"I- It's o-okay. Y-you have nothing to apo-apologize for. You d-did nothing wrong," your silent crying has now turned to full-blown sobs now that Lev himself has confirmed the worst.
"I did. I should have been the one to tell you. I told her not to say anything, I wanted to tell you myself but she got excited and jumped the gun. Please, I am so sorry, I never wanted to make you cry like this," Lev's face is contorted with worry and it looks like he might cry too.
" 's ok. I w-will be fine."
"And it is totally okay that you do not feel the same way. Please believe me, I am happy with being the way we always have been."
His words give you pause.
"Sorry, sorry! I shouldn't have brought it up right away!"
"What do you mean I do not feel the same way? The same way about what?"
Lev stares at you blankly. "Uhh, Y/N, what did Sofia tell you?"
"That you're her boyfriend?"
"Did she really say I am her boyfriend?"
"Well, I couldn't understand most of what she said. She was pointing at you and saying 'boyfriend' and when I asked her if you were her boyfriend, she got excited and started saying 'Da' and 'yes' and 'boyfriend'".
"Oh. OH," Lev's eyes widen as realization hits him. He suddenly starts blushing again.
"Y/N. Sofia was not saying that I am her boyfriend. She was asking YOU if you would like me as your boyfriend."
You stare at him blankly, unable to make sense of what he is saying.
"Y-you see. We were talking about crushes and stuff and I accidentally told her that I had feelings for you. She got excited and wanted me to confess to you right away but I... Well, honestly, I was scared. She was so sure that you liked me back and I was just being dumb by not confessing so she decided to take matters into her own hands. But...wait! If you misunderstood her, why did you run away crying?"
"Because she was right."
"She was right about me liking you back. When I thought you two became a couple... ever since she has been here, everyone is always talking about how beautiful she is and how good you two look together. I am not blaming her at all. She is gorgeous and really nice. It is just that... even the thought of you being someone else's had been making me sad for a while. When she spoke to me, I jumped to the worst conclusion and I just couldn't hold myself together so I ran away."
"REALLY?! You really like me back?!" Lev's expression has changed from worry to that of pure joy. He is smiling so wide that you can't help but smile at him through your residual tears.
He takes your hands in his and brings them up to his lips, placing a soft kiss on each of them.
"Ty budesh' moyey devushkoy?" he says, his green eyes glazed over with a softness as he looks into yours.
You giggle. "What does that mean?"
"It means 'will you be my girlfriend?'"
You lean to place a kiss on his forehead, smiling widely as you pull back.
"Da. I will."
Tumblr media
Hope you liked it! <3
Reblogs appreciated. Please do not steal or repost.
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keisl0vergirl · 2 days ago
“would you kiss my best friend to save my life?”
Tumblr media
parings : haikyuu setters x reader (separate)
genre : fluff
authors note : suga might be ooc idk i haven’t watched or read anything haikyuu based in months💀
Tumblr media
“hey i have a question.” you had been scrolling on tiktok for a few hours, [REDACTED] cuddled up to your chest. “yeah..?” [READACTED] lifted his head up, staring into your eyes. “would you kiss my best friend to save my life?”
“huh..?” he stared at you with his eyes blank. “you know,” you chuckled, “let’s say, i had some type of virus that was only curable with you kissing my best friend, if you didn’t kiss her i will die. so will you kiss her, yes or no?” he blinked.. and blinked again before attempting to answer, but it was clear he went blank. “uhh.. no.” you’re smile dropped, feigning disappointment, “NO? so you want me dead?” “im sure you won’t die, they’ll find a cure for you another way.” “no the only way to save my life is to kiss her.” “oh.. well no. that’s cheating.” your smile wiggles it’s way back onto your lips, “what do you mean?” “kissing someone who isn’t you is cheating.. and im not a cheater.” he furrowed his eyebrows and you melted, grabbing his head kissing him deeply. “mhm.”
“HUUUH? y/n is there something you wanna tell me??” he leaped up, sitting next to you with his head craned besides yours. “it’s a question ‘tsum.. would you or would you not kiss my best friend to save my life?” you smiled as he visibly grew more confused. “okay you’re clearly confused so let’s break it down. imagine i caught a disease and the only way for me to be cured is for you to kiss my best friend. if you don’t then i’ll die. so will you kiss her?” he rubbed his forehead, eyes focused on the blanket. “no of course not” he looked at you warily. “so you want me to die??” “YOU KNOW I DONT” “so you’ll kiss her?” “Y/N—”
“‘m too tired for this.” he faced other direction, head now in the nape of your neck. “kenmaa answer the question… pleasee” he groaned, grumpy at you for stopping your cuddling session. he had seen the trend on tiktok and hoped for it to skip your fyp because he knew you would try it. unfortunately for him, it was the first video you saw when you opened the app. “no i will not kiss her, no i don’t want you to die.” “wait you can’t—” “sleep. now.” “but—” “sleep.” “okay.”
“wha..” he had just woken up and wasnt prepared for a question. “you heard. if you don’t answer im going to assume that you don’t kiss her until i die then you get married to her.” he rapidly blinked as he was trying make sense of the scenario. “is this your way of finding out if i have a crush on your best friend?” “well do you???” he laughs at the accusation, smile shining so bright it triggered the release of butterflies in the pit of your stomach. “i don’t know.. do i?” now the discussion had switched from a funny prank to a worrying topic, the butterflies switching to moths real quick. “you know i don’t. if i did i wouldn’t be cuddled up to your boobs.” your cheeks got hot but you attempted to keep an unbothered face, “hm that’s fair..”
akaashi always looked the prettiest when waking up, hair tussled, eyes slightly closed. “hm? what did you say?” you paused, halting as you were taken by surprise, his raw beauty having you in a chokehold. “i have a question.. if the kissing my best friend was the only way to save my life, would you kiss her?” he hummed, “why would kissing her be a reasonable way to save your life? i think there would be a better way for us to sort it out.” you scowled, he was always trying to find a better, more convenient, way, which was also one of the many reasons why you loved him. “no there’s no other way.” “then ill spend every last moment we have together loving you. but it will never happen so we don’t have to worry.” you smiled, pecking his lips, “yeah it wouldn’t.”
“yes i would.” he brought his face closer to you, eyelashes brushing your cheek. “what.” the smirk you had fell instantly. “i thought you would want me to kiss her, don’t you want to live?” he grinned, you really thought you could prank him? please. “oh.. i just thought you’d take more time to decide” “no it wasn’t a hard decision, she’s really pretty too.” you sat up, oikawa rolling to the side. “i need to use the bathroom.” you jumped off the bed, about to walk away and fight back the insecure thoughts when you felt a large hand grip your wrist and pull you back into a warm chest. “im kidding, no i wouldn’t kiss her, you’re it for me. and even if you were dying then im coming with you. together forever, right?” his lips softly pecked your cheeks, “right.”
Tumblr media
© 2021 all rights reserved.
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mysterystarz · 11 hours ago
haikyuu boys as things my guy friend has done:
Tumblr media
characters: kuroo tetsuro, oikawa tooru, iwaizumi hajime, miya atsumu
genre: fluff
a/n: totally definitely not based off of study dude nope not at all + i listened to this while writing and it just <33 (give it a listen if you'd like!) || these are all hs based since i’m a student hehe
reblogs are appreciated <33
Tumblr media
KUROO TETSURO stays up studying with you on facetime until midnight, even though you had a big day the next day. the two of you spent time talking about your topics of academics, of course, but also everything that interested you in between. regardless of the fact that the sleep has seeped into his voice and his ideas are getting a little hazy, he puts in the work and greets you goodnight with the sweetest voice when you finally do part ways.
OIKAWA TOORU gives you the latest gossip about anything he can possibly discover. he sits right by you, an amused grin on his face as he recounts all the things he heard recently, and feeding off your reactions to only continue the flow of information. time flies that way, and if you see the person in the hallway, you glance at each other in amusement before suppressing giggles.
IWAIZUMI HAJIME takes your side when somebody wrongs you. regardless of whether it’s someone you know well or perhaps even someone who caused you a minor inconvenience, he’ll always hear out your side of the story, even going as far as relating his own experiences as well!
MIYA ATSUMU plays games with you, whether it be a simple trivia when there’s a substitute, or sending you game pigeons from time to time. he’s competitive for sure, and when he wins he gloats playfully before you eventually beat him and remind him not let his ego get too inflated. even then, those games are some of the highlights of your freer days, and deep down, you know it wouldn’t be the same with anyone else.
Tumblr media
©mysterystarz all rights reserved, please do not plagiarize, translate, or modify my fics in any way even if credited
taglist: @tetsuukuroo @kousukii @iwasunshine @kawaii-angelanne @haikyuutothetop @catchmewiddershins @perqabeth @sunarinluvr @elektrosonix @shoyotime @milktyama @ebiharachan @kitacharm @lia-miya @angelecho @fushigurin @solaxena @fxckingshame @yesuraloser @tejxswini @uxavity @shookykookie30 @escapenightmare @amarinthe @kenmaslov3r @sscarchiyo @sanzusgrl @spiritingawaytoanime @bokuatsubro
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augustinewrites · 11 hours ago
Cooking with Suna? Rate his cooking skills-- I think he is like "acceptable" 😂
Love your blog so much!!!
ahh i love this one! suna's skills in the kitchen? edible but not very fun to look at. the type of dude to order takeout, put it in a fancy dish, and say bone apple teeth. (also tagging @julieshaikyu who requested this too!)
Tumblr media
"can i just--"
"what if i--"
"do you not believe in me or something?" suna sticks the knife into the potato he's cutting, glancing up at where you're perched on the counter.
"of course i do!" you try your best to feign innocence, smiling sweetly. "just...please curl your fingers in when you chop vegetables."
"i was a teenager when the knife game was popular," he scoffs, resuming his chopping. "and i was friends with the miya twins. i think i can cut a vegetable without losing a finger."
you peek into the bowl he's depositing the pieces into, studying the chunks. "hm. i guess it's a good thing we'll be mashing these. the cuts are so uneven it's like looking at a bowl of gravel."
"wherever would i be without your endless support?" he drawls, rolling his eyes as he skins the last potato.
"without me, you'd be a pro athlete living on takeout, instant ramen, and jelly sticks," you answer, swinging your legs back and forth, laughing when he throws a potato peel at you. "what? you asked!"
"you really shouldn't be bullying the person who's cooking you dinner tonight."
"i made the main course," you scoff, pointing at the pot roast in the oven. "nice try. your one job was to buy wine, which you forgot. but you did come home with," you reach over to open the cabinet holding your snacks. "more jelly--"
suna drops the knife onto the counter, reaching out and grabbing your jaw before you can stop him, pulling you into a rough kiss.
"you better drop the attitude, babe," he smirks when the two of you finally part. "or you won't get dessert."
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aftersamu · a day ago
– BLANKET FORT PAIRING: miya atsumu x gn!reader GENRE: fluff
Tumblr media
atsumu has always been a difficult person.
he almost always has something to do, and his life is usually a non-stop routine and cluster of volleyball practice and training.
it’s a struggle sometimes, the two of you getting to be together, getting to see each other outside of phone calls and text messages. atsumu is either busy, or you’re out with friends or cluttered with assignments due.
still, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t good parts.
atsumu despite being one of the biggest dorks in the world, has a romantic side. the type of romance you see in chick-flicks, in cliche rom-coms, and see in taylor swift ‘speak now’ album – and it works because you love them just as much as him.
his hands covering your eyes, leading you down the back entrance to his garden – tripping over your feet occasionally – before removing his hands for you to see what he’s done. where fairy lights hang from tree to tree, pillows and blankets on the ground to form a messy blanket fort with tons of snacks covering the surfaces.
“surprise!” atsumu exclaims, moving to stand in front of you, arms extended out to the side. “I know we haven’t seen each other recently,” he says, an arm draping itself over your shoulders as he walks with you to the fort.
“but I wanted to make it up to you before our schedules get to crazy, just a weekend – only us two.”
Tumblr media
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ackerluvr · 11 hours ago
“you’re my favorite person, y’know.”
the lull of bokuto’s uncharacteristically soft voice rouses you from your sleep. you sigh into his neck as he traces soft patterns down your spine, smiling while you mutter incoherently to wake yourself up.
the statement hangs in the air for a moment, either out of shock or pure grogginess, before you respond.
“but what about everyone else, kou?”
you’d never considered yourself anyone’s favorite. sure, bokuto’s your boyfriend and you love him, but you’d always figured he had family and even teammates whom he valued over you.
it was his turn to sigh sleepily, strong arms caging you to his chest. nuzzling your hair, bokuto inhaled your scent, committing it to memory and remembering just how much he truly loves you.
“no one else. just you, baby. always and forever.”
his words are utterly sweet and a bit slurred as you feel him succumb to sleep. nevertheless, your heart is beating a mile a minute at the thought of someone else loving you that much.
and bokuto did.
with your last bit of strength for the day, you lean up and place a delicate kiss to his chin. once both of you are settled, you whisper one last thing into the night as your boyfriend finally closes his eyes.
“and you’re my favorite person too, kou. always and forever.”
++this is rlly shitty and short i’m sorry i was half asleep while writing this tbh
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one-more-fangirl · 2 days ago
tsukishima key - headphones
you're in the bus. and you've been on your phone, and it dies. and tsukki warned you this would happen. he said "charge your phone during the night, otherwise it won't make it back from uni", but did you listen? noooooo. so now you're left pouting at the black screen in front of you as you slump against your seat, which obviously gets your boyfriend's attention.
he takes one look at you and scoffs. "i told you this would happen, stupid". he really did. only reason why you're not even looking at him right now, because he told you, and complaining to him will only make him feel like a god that was right and feed his ego. he has enough of that already. so you look out the window and prepare yourself for the condescending comments that are sure to follow.
but, he doesn't make fun of you. he just sighs and takes his wireless headphones off, rummaging through his bag to get a pair of wired ones out, placing the plug in and putting one on his right ear as he tosses you the other. you look at it for a moment, then turn to him.
he's not looking at you, his eyes are trained towards the other window and he refuses to look in any other direction. but the blush is obvious as he quickly side-eyes you and mutters "take it already. i don't wanna hear you whine because you're bored"
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suncakie · a day ago
[6:45pm]—Kageyama Tobio
Tumblr media
"Wait- Tobio come back!"
You rushed out of the bedroom door, your heart beat was racing a million times per hour, heck, you thought you could win first place if you were a car racer.
You were panicking and laughing at the same time, eyes glossy from how Kageyama wanted to leave the house because of Tsum-Tsum, you were just having fun with him, is anything wrong with that?!
"No, I'm leaving and I'm never coming back" kageyama hissed at you as he tried to find the car keys.
You pushed him off the drawer with brute force that made him stumble to the edge of the couch "Tobio, I can explain!"
"What are you gonna explain? You've been playing with Tsum for the whole day!" Kageyama complained as he extended his arms with a sigh and pouted his lips with a frown forming on his face.
"Tsum-Tsum needs attention too you know!" You gasped dramatically extending your hand out to the blonde sitting innocently on the couch.
Kageyama huffed and mumbled something under his breath, and you took a while to process his words and grinned mischievously.
"Your Jealous of Tsum-Tsum aren't ya?" You teased while grabbing the said boy from the couch.
"Is lil witty Kageyama Tobio Jealous of our pet Tsum-Tsum?!" Squeezing the life out of the siberian husky the two of you got a few months prior.
"Why would I be Jealous of a dog?"
You hummed at thought and listed out some reasons why he should be Jealous of Tsum-Tsum "one, I give more attention to him, Two, I give him whatever he wants, three, He's basically my boss, four, I named him from your rival"
"Dumb*ss Y/n! DUMB*SS!" he yelled frustrated punching the life of the throw pillow that sat innocently on the side of the couch.
"Omg Tobio! Language! No cussing! Tsum-Tsum is in the room!" You playfully scolded as you covered the dogs ears, a surprised expression leaving your features.
"Why did you name him from Miya-san anyway?" He gently asked, giving up on your antics and threw the car keys that were hidden on his pocket all along.
You rose your brow as he threw the keys, but chose to ignore it and answer is question "I wanted to name him from your senior when you were in junior high, but i realized he looked like the dog version of Atsumu-san!"
Kageyama sighed and disappointingly placed his arm at the top of his eyes "why did the dog got everything i wanted from my girlfriend"
You giggled and pinched his cheeks playfully  "its called favoritism hun"
Skipping through the kitchen you added something along with your statement "nothing compares with my love for you tho"
Kageyama's lips twitched slightly upward, a content smile reaching his stotic features until he got up and rushed to you after the next thing you said after your cringy statement.
"In your dreams"
Tumblr media
Day two
31 Days of Haikyuu Masterlist. [🏐]
@suncakie 31 Days if Haikyuu
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white-poppie · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Forget me not never
Part 1: Forget me not (Read this for background info!!)
(Ps I made the banner, so please don’t reuse it ♥) Character: Kageyama Tobio x reader Source: Anime- Haikyu!! Genre: Angst Warnings: neglection, a bit of toxicity Writer: @white-poppie
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I really wonder now Toby, do even love me anymore?”
That night Kageyama couldn't bring himself to open the door to his house and see the betrayed look on your face. He deserved it, he deserved the curses, the taunts, the blaming, but the worst part was that you did none of that. You calmly let your loneliness eat you up.
"Hinata-" he hoarsely held the phone against his ear.
"This better be worth waking me up at 2 in the morning," he seethed.
"I messed up Shoyo," he sobbed, pent up frustration of his efforts, practices and life pouring out, "I messed up really bad."
Hinata sighed, "I know, they aren't picking up my calls after telling me about the entire situation."
"What should I do?"
"Ask yourself the same question they asked you."
“I really wonder now Toby, do even love me anymore?”
Yes, he does.
“I really wonder now Toby, do even love me anymore?”
Yes, he DOES HE DOES! HE DOES! HE DOES! He does, so much that you are the only thing that keeps him sane, the only thing that has made him grounded. The euphoric bliss he feels when he is around you is something he would trade anything for.
Tumblr media
He had called you, and surprisingly you picked it the first time only; it made him feel even more guilty.
"Y/N please, I know you are angry, but lets meet at the café tomorrow anytime that's fine by you."
You sighed and cleared your throat so that it doesn't sound like you were crying, "Fine."
You really wondered if it will be worth it...
Tumblr media
There he stood, in front of the cafe, dressed in blue jeans and blacktop, his hair slightly sticking out and in his hand rested a large bouquet of forget me nots
You smiled and made your way towards him, setting his hair down, "Good to see you Tobio."
Tears welled up in his eyes, dropping on the petals of the flowers, "I am sor-"
"I know," your handed rested on his face wiping his tears, "I already forgave you." He smiled through his blurry eyes, corners crinkling like tiny diamonds.
"Also Shoyo, you can come out from behind the plant, your orange hair is fairly easy to spot."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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MASTERLIST Please like and reblog it if you find it nice. The story is written by me and please do not plagiarize my work. If you find anyone copying this, please inform me ASAP. This took a lot of effort. If this fic inspired you in any way, please don't forget to tag me!! If you want to request any kind of prompt/fic please feel free. Love <3 @white-poppie™ on Tumblr
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sukiwrites · 20 hours ago
softcore ; tooru oikawa #1
pairings : tooru oikawa/reader
genre : angst ? fluff ?
spoilers : haikyuu season two
summary : you set oikawa's heart ablaze but he liked the feeling of his world burning down.
note : that was a long long long break but i am back fr now, this is a mere word vomit which i might continue into a series. our beloved captain deserves something better but this is it for now :p
oikawa had never been good with words. since he was a child he allowed others to mould and twist his words till they were an ideal definition of what they wanted him to be. so he gave in and put up a false pretence till he could not recognise himself in the mirror anymore. who was he now?
he wished the words that he spoke were honest but every time he opened his mouth, they rested on his tongue like a bitter aftertaste, refusing to be let out. it was winter. he woke up shivering, feeling the piercing air nip at his neck, making him feel cold. it was so cold. he always felt this, he thought, pushing back his brunette strands that fell across his forehead. it was always wintertime in tooru oikawa's life, he would always feel the cold wash his skin, again and again, freezing his core. then came you, the prelude to his warm days.
you became the centre of his storm. at first, it was just playful bantering, fleeting conversations in the corridors of his high school and wistful gazes. at oikawa's games, you were the only constant in the crowd. soon, he found himself searching for your face amidst the strangers that cheered for him. his first instinct was to look for you, waiting outside after each game to hand him a box of cupcakes and congratulate him on finishing it, never winning.
"winning isn't everything tooru, i am proud of you."
his name fell off your lips so easily like melted butter glossing over the pan, sweet like honey, caressing his fragile emotions, not like a suspicious secret but a sacred oath.
he did not get into the nationals. a final blow at his wounded soul, tearing it apart like a piece of paper. "keep a brave face captain !" they said, inconsiderate fools, he thought as grief boiled under his skin, dissolving his bones. the tears on hajime's face left oikawa with a shameful feeling that destroyed a hole right through his aching heart. his masquerade was finally getting off, there was no great tooru oikawa anymore, it was him against his loss, his inadequacy to do one fucking thing right in his entire life. he chased perfection, yearned for the praise to fill the gaping holes in his heart while hating the idea to conform to the image everyone created of him. the irony of his situation was calming and disrupting at the same time. he wanted to scream.
you. he wanted you. the cupcakes and your words. you knew what to say to him. you saw right through his facade. there you were, standing in the hallways. oikawa put up his smile, winking, like a walking corpse. he wanted to seek comfort in your embrace, you tilted his world upside down, his feelings reigniting to the core. he was unsure of what this was.
" tooru, i will always be proud of you."
you both walked through the empty gardens, oikawa held it in, humming in response and smiling. you smiled back, unfazed. while you knew what to say at the right time, you knew when to stay silent and allow him to feel. you patched up his torn tapestry like it was nothing. you made everything look so easy. oikawa crumbled completely within your clutch. you were flawless. that was when anger coursed through his veins. what would you understand?
" you don't know anything. " oikawa snapped, hating every inch of himself, hating the words that so casually slipped from his mouth, you made him so fucking weak.
"indeed, i don't, but i would tell you about the mistakes i made to show you that you and i are the same, that i felt it too, the hatred and anger of my errors." you said, leaving oikawa onto his fucking knees. a raging emotion coursing through his being. he would never call it what it was at that time. that word. he knew it, sitting right on his tongue as always, but he never did.
oikawa had heard of the story of icarus. how he had built feathers, piece by piece to fly high and touch the sun. you were his sun. you walked into his wintry weather, filling it with gentle warmth. he felt like flying and breaking free every time you brushed your lips against his ears, whispering those three words carelessly. from the sunshine rays to the honeyed lights of the brown hues in your eyes, oikawa sensed it all. he took you in, feeling the world around him crash and burn, losing his mind over every lingering touch, observing his paper wings aflame with your heat.
what oikawa was unaware of was that icarus flew too high, the feathers melting as he fell to his death, carried away by the frigid ocean waves.
he felt it when he heard that you had a crush on karasuno's setter, a large grin on your face. he felt the scorching gaze of your fervour melting his wings. oikawa had let himself fly too high as he felt himself fall and he knew it won't stop feeling like that anytime soon.
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quirkyseastone · a day ago
Hi! For your Christmas event, can you do a drabble for Kuroo with the prompt snow and a fem!s/o?
A/N: Hi Anon!!! I am so THRILLED to do this request because I swear the love I have for Kuroo is so insane, I am happy to be able to write for him for this event! I really hope you like it and that it turned out okay, and thank you so much!!
🎄Join my Holiday Event!🎄
Tumblr media
Starting a Snowball Fight with Tetsuro Kuroo (Fem!Reader)
You knew provoking your boyfriend was a terrible idea. Tetsuro Kuroo had a reputation for being a master at instigating people and was one of the biggest teases you knew—even with you, his precious girlfriend. And yet, you had no fear at all when you decided to grab a handful of snow and toss it gently at his shoulder. You didn't pack it into a ball, and you threw it so light that it barely bounced off of his thick jacket, but you immediately knew it was enough when his lips curled into a devilish grin. "Are you sure you know what you're starting, sweetheart?" He asked, a devious chuckle under his breath. You simply shrugged, pursing your lips and holding back your laughter. It was all he needed, grabbing a snowball before you could even react and tossing it at your jacket. You rushed to put together your own crude ball of snow and toss it into his bedhead-ridden hair before he ducked away. You could hear him cackling as he put together more balls of snow, hiding behind a tree for cover as you tried to pelt him with even more, him returning a few that occasionally hit. You found your own hiding place behind a large pine tree, eagerly making more snowballs and waiting for his next attack. You heard the light "KSSH" of a few more snowballs against the trunk before it suddenly stopped. It remained quiet for what seemed like forever, only the sound of your drumming heart filling your ears. "...Tetsu?" You called out, moving from behind your hiding spot. You immediately knew you made a mistake when you heard the soft crunching of footsteps behind you, a surprised squeal escaping from you when Kuroo swept you up princess style, running you to the largest pile of snow you'd ever see. "Do you apologize for starting this war?" He asked, his cheeks flushed from the cold, and the same playful yet dark smirk spread across his face. You bit your lip, thinking it over for a moment before shaking your head. His grin widened, "Alright, don't say I didn't warn you." he said, before dropping you with little hesitation. You screamed as you fell in, the cold snow surrounding you and getting into your clothes. Goosebumps formed wherever the cold touched, and your hair was now coated in a thick layer of white. Kuroo seemed proud of himself, but you didn't let him have his victory for long—grabbing him by his shirt and yanking him down next to you. The shock he had didn't last for long, both of you laughing breathlessly side by side in the snow. You guys sat there for a while, before Kuroo stood up, pulling you up after him and dusting the snow off of your clothes and hair. "We better go warm up and change out of these wet clothes before we catch a cold. You can borrow some of my sweats, and I think some cuddling is due—you know, for the body heat." He suggested, giving you a little wink at the end. It honestly sounded like a perfect end to your day.
Tumblr media
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fluffieveggie · a day ago
kageyama reminds you of warm sunny days at the beach- his cerulean eyes like the calm blue waves, lapping against your ankles and hugging your waist as you venture further and further from shore. his gentle touch reminds you of the warmth of the sun rays against your skin, his fluffy raven locks like the sand, soft to the touch. it's beautiful and all, but...
the thing is, you aren't exactly the fondest of beaches.
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bratinc · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐢𝐧: @mysticmessofcrap
𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧: enjoy, pretty — mwah.
𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 — 𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐟𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝!
Tumblr media
I think both of you would be perfect for each other! He’s not one to judge people based on experience but he’d definitely take some pride in being the first to take you out on a date, and there’s a part of him that’ll want to make it as special and comfortable for you as possible. Which is why he’d let you take the reins and throw in some ideas of where you’d want to go, he’s so patient and understanding of it too. And there isn’t anything but a genuine smile on his face as he listens to you.
Your love languages match up perfectly too, Akaashi was never one for words but he tried a little harder when it came to you knowing that you liked hearing praise and affirmations. He always took the time to pay attention to the things that you liked, as well as spend time with you.
He also knew that you loved physical affection so he’d indulge you with a few soft touches in public; linking pinkies, short hugs and a forehead kiss here and there. All because he knew he just couldn’t say no to you, he loved you too much to do that.
Both of you loved reading, and I can see you two spending time together just.. sitting in a comfortable silence with your noses buried in a good book. And even when you were reading completely different things, he liked hearing you ramble on about everything that happened in your story. Akaashi found your excitement and little expressions adorable and he could listen to you animatedly talk about your book for hours on end.
When he was in a softer mood, he’d ask you to read to him. The sound of your voice just soothed him and he couldn’t get enough of it. Watching musicals was another thing you both did together, he was familiar with a few but you could take all the credit in getting him into them. Sometimes he’d walk around your place just humming the tunes since they get stuck in his head and honestly, it’s the most precious thing.
Akashi knows you get anxious and you have a hard time focusing at times so he’s real sweet to you, always reminding you of any appointments and plans you have so you don’t forget even letting you draw on him and play with his hands when you needed a distraction. You retained a lot of information from books you read or movies you watch and he thinks it’s super cute when you pull out a random fact about the most mundane things and just start babbling on about them.
Tumblr media
𝑯𝑶𝑾 𝒀𝑶𝑼 𝑴𝑬𝑻 : by chance.
Tumblr media
Him and Bokuto were in a rush to get somewhere and unfortunately, his overexcited friend managed to turn a corner and bump into you making you spill your drink.
Both of them seemed very apologetic but they knew they couldn’t stay for long, Akaashi managed to convince you to give him your number and promised he’d buy you a drink some other time.
Of course, you didn’t really take his words seriously. But he seemed trustworthy and attractive so you didn’t really see a reason to say no to his request, and though you hated to admit it, a tiny part of you really hoped he’d call you like he said.
You were very surprised to get a text later on in the afternoon, and that’s when everything started. He was quite a busy man, so making plans were a tad bit hard for him but you both kept texting despite that and eventually you met up once again. 
And you guys were both nervous and excited all in one. Completely unaware of how much would change from the unexpected friendship that’d blossomed.
𝒀𝑶𝑼𝑹 𝑭𝑰𝑹𝑺𝑻 𝑫𝑨𝑻𝑬 : coffee shop.
Tumblr media
Your first date was also coincidentally where you both ran into each other for the first time, he was just what you expected from the weeks of messaging back and forth. Sweet, polite, gentlemanly, nothing short of perfect.
It was a bit nerve wracking for you because you couldn’t deny that the man you were with interested you, and you weren’t sure how to take this. Was it a date? Meeting as friends? Or was he only here to grant his promise of buying you that drink?
But all of your worries were silenced as you guys walked up to the cashier, he looked over the menu before nodding at you as a sign for you to order first. And you did, before quickly through your purse and taking your card out so you could pay for your order.
You were lightly startled as his hands rested on top of yours, “What’re you doing, Becca? I owe you a drink, remember. Besides, I’m not letting you pay on our first date. Maybe on the second? If you’ll let me take you out again, of course.”
𝒀𝑶𝑼𝑹 𝑹𝑬𝑳𝑨𝑻𝑰𝑶𝑵𝑺𝑯𝑰𝑷 : random headcanons.
Tumblr media
Whenever you guys fight but somehow don’t end up talking it out the night before, his own way of apologizing is by making you breakfast in bed. It becomes a sort of tradition between you two and there’s no way you could stay mad at him for too long anyways.
He never forgets to give you a kiss before he leaves for work, it doesn’t matter if you’re awake or not. He’ll stop your still-sleeping form and press a soft kiss against your forehead while humming out a soft “I love you”
During anniversaries, you can absolutely expect to receive a handwritten love letter from him. And he goes all out too; seals, stamps, pretty paper and ink, the whole shabam.
Akaashi always carries around a jacket for you, he’ll constantly remind you to wear one because it’s chilly and you always insist you don’t need one but he knows one way or another.. you will. So, it’s just second nature for him to grab one when you’re both heading out at this point.
Tumblr media
Brazil by Declan McKenna
Picnic dates and picking wildflowers in a beautiful meadow, that’s exactly the vibe this song gives me. Just happy memories with the two of you under the sun, all giggles and smiles. Nothing but good vibes and sweet times with him.
Let’s Fall in Love for the Night by FINNEAS
I just imagine you two listening to this song after a long day at work, doing nothing but relaxing in each other’s arms with only a few hushed and mumbled ‘I-love-you’s’ filing the comfortable silence between you two.
Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley
This is the song that Akaashi plays right after you have dinner together, the sun is just setting, the mood is right and he’ll just come by and sweep you off of your feet. Leading you out of your seat and slipping his hand onto your waist, gracefully dancing with you.
Tumblr media
𝑳𝑶𝑽𝑬 𝑳𝑬𝑻𝑻𝑬𝑹 : pick-me up.
Hello darling,
I know today didn’t go as great as planned and if it was up to me, I’d be right there holding you and making my angel feel better but you’ll have to make do with this for now, yeah?
You are wonderful, sometimes we try our best and things just don’t work out. But please don’t beat yourself up over it, one silly mistake doesn’t define you, my love.
It doesn’t matter what happens, I will always be here for you. Life has a funny way of working out—of putting us in the line of people that we need to be around, for one reason or another. I truly believe that you were put in my line because we were meant to know each other. We were meant to be, always remember that.
I love you, princess.
Sincerely, Keiji.
Tumblr media
𝑨 𝑫𝑹𝑨𝑩𝑩𝑳𝑬 : first kiss.
You could feel your breath catch in your throat as his hands gently cradled your cheek, the sudden chilly breeze in the night did nothing but intensify the nervousness pooling in your stomach. It felt like you’d been staring at each other for eternity, neither one of you dating to break the calm atmosphere.
The smile on his face never falters, instead it grows at the sight of your gaze slowly moving down to rest on his parted lips. You weren’t sure what you were doing, you’d never even done this before and somehow everything just came naturally.
Your eyes fluttered shut as you leant up to finally press your lips against his, and the low groan on satisfaction and surprise he lets out against them makes me you giggle. Even as you pulled away, the same giddy feeling stayed and the butterflies in your stomach were still prevalent.
It was just..
“Perfect, that was.. perfect.” He spoke out, and really that was everything that needed to be said.
Tumblr media
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tsumtsumland · a day ago
❆Tsumtsumland's "All I Want for Christmas" Event❆
Tumblr media
Hi lovely followers (and non-followers who may happenstance upon this post)! It's been a really long time, and for that I apologize. Real life has been crazy busy, and my physical and mental health have been up and down. I, unfortunately, have had way too much on my plate to write anything, BUT I love the holidays! Winter is also my favorite season, so in honor of that, I'm hosting this small event!
I'm so happy to invite you to request a cute drabble (maybe a one-shot, depending on how long it turns out) based on one of these fluffy prompts <3
Tumblr media
*Please send in ONE Haikyuu character of your choice and ONE prompt.
*There are two prompt lists in the post, one is "Dialogue" and the other is "Situations" please specify which one you'd like!
*Please specify NSFW or SFW.
*My original rules also apply to this event.
Tumblr media
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augustinewrites · 15 hours ago
Baaabe! can you do grocery shopping with my dear boy omi? 💞😍
babe!!! the grocery shopping prompt is always a great one 😌 and with omi??
Tumblr media
"i still don't get why we have to do this."
you roll your eyes for the dozenth time since you've entered the store. "we just got settled into our first house, omi. we have to christen it."
the look on his face is one of genuine befuddlement. "but we already had sex in every room."
your cheeks burn when a nearby woman holding the hand of a toddler shoots you both a dirty look, and you drop a few boxes of crackers into the basket your husband is holding. "i meant a housewarming party."
he doesn't look embarrassed in the least, and you know he's smirking at you behind his mask. "oh."
"yeah, oh. now go get some manchego. make sure it's enough for us and your friends."
you try to shove him in the right direction, but he doesn't budge. "or i could just get enough for you and i. save some money."
he groans loudly at the warning use of his last name. "fine, sakusa. but just so you know, i still think wine is a bad idea because the couch is new and we know that my teammates can't be trusted with things that stain."
"that was one time," you sigh, reading the labels of different jams. "and it was kind of our fault."
"what, because it was our rug and hinata tripped on it? that is not on us."
"so he's challenged in horizontal movement," you shrug, reaching for the apricot jam on the top shelf. "that was two years ago, he's grown. not vertically, but..."
kiyoomi sighs, placing a hand on your waist to move you aside and grab the jar himself. "you know, you really don't have a right to judge anyone's vertical growth."
you snatch the jar from his hands, shooting him a glare. "say something like that again, and this jam is the only thing you're going to be eating tonight."
"it's probably all i'm going to be eating anyways, because atsumu is going to eat all our cheese again."
"then we'll get extra," you tell him, pointing at a jar of raspberry for him to grab, secretly admiring the prominent v that peeks out when the hem of his shirt rides up. "now come on, i have other things i need you to reach."
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sweetsbysatori · 18 days ago
sugardaddy!hq boys helping their sugar baby study for college exams
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
pairings: kuroo x f!reader, akaashi x f!reader, shirabu x f!reader, iwaizumi x f!reader, bokuto x f!reader; (she/her pronouns, afab!reader)
warnings: explicit language, SMUT (18+, minors DNI!!), fingering, vaginal sex, spanking, oral (m!receiving), a teeny bit of dubcon for iwaizumi, sugar daddy hq boys, age gap (10+ years), lmk if there’s anything that i missed!
notes: i just performed poorly on an analytical chemistry exam that i did not prepare for well enough so this is how i cope! likes and reblogs are always appreciated :D
part 1 | part 2
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾  ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
sugardaddy!kuroo who helps you prepare for your upcoming accounting midterm, teaching you all of the useful Excel shortcuts so that you’re able to complete your balance sheet with ample time to double check your work. and when you excitedly come home and let him know that you got the highest score in the class, he throws you onto his bedsheets, fucking you at any pace that you want-- rough and fast or passionate and slow-- anything to reward his princess for being so pretty and smart <3
sugardaddy!akaashi who proofreads your essays. he’s an editor for a shonen manga magazine, so his brain easily catches argument inconsistencies, spelling errors, and grammar mistakes. he sits on his plush leather chair in his home office, carefully typing away on his laptop-- adding commas here and there, fixing phrases for parallel structure, and occasionally building on your argument to make your points clearer and more cohesive. meanwhile, you sit underneath his desk; your knees ache and your jaw is sore from sucking keiji’s cock for almost an hour. he swears that he doesn’t need any repayment-- that seeing you succeed is more than enough of a reward-- but you insist, and who is he to deny his precious baby? <3
sugardaddy!shirabu who tutors you for the MCAT. it’s been over a decade since he graduated from med school and an even longer time since he had to take that wretched standardized test, but he figures that it’s always a good idea to review basic biology and chemistry. that’s how you find yourself in your current predicament-- your skirt is flipped over and your baby pink panties pool around your ankles. kenjirou lands a harsh spank to your ass, the flesh stinging from the impact. he’s spanked you 20, maybe even 25 times at this point-- one per every question you missed on the practice exam. you whine when you realize how many more you have to endure, but don’t worry, it all pays off when you score in the 99th percentile! <3
sugardaddy!iwaizumi who quizzes you for your anatomy practical. he’s a firm believer in hands-on learning, so he’ll lay you on his bed and point to various joints and bones on your body. he’ll make you answer with the corresponding anatomical term— he points to your elbow, you confidently respond “olecranon;” he taps your kneecap, you respond “patella” with a giggle. but not long after, his fingers slowly trail up your thighs and gently ghost over your core, making your breath hitch. his fingers push your cotton shorts and panties to the side, index and middle fingers running up and down your slit and collecting your juices. you hesitate, protesting that “it’s not on the exam!” and with a devilish smirk, he shoves two fingers into your needy hole, replying, “i know sweet thing, but you’ve been working so hard that i think you deserve a study break” <3
sugardaddy!bokuto who never went to college, so he doesn’t fully understand how stressful finals season is. but when you come to him crying, complaining about how none of the topics you studied was on your organic chemistry final, his heart shatters. he immediately tries to make you feel better, and what better way to relieve stress than by splitting you open with his thick cock, rubbing tight circles on your pretty clit, and letting you cum and cream all over him as many times as you want? once your tears of sadness morph into tears of pleasure, you whine and beg for him to move, to give you more, and he eagerly obliges. koutarou is the best sugar daddy you could ask for, so generous and understanding <3
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nkogneatho · 2 months ago
𝗗 𝗜 𝗟 𝗙 𝗧 𝗢 𝗕 𝗘 𝗥 [m.list]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tired of getting disappointed by stupid boys? Well, only your anime daddies can help you in this case this. @nkogneatho presents you a dilf show known as "Dilftober" since I hit 4k.
Enjoy your best dilfs with big cocks and a lot of kinks for the whole month of October. This show contains drabble (500–1k words) and some fics.
Tumblr media
My moots collaborating: @iwasbunny @httptamaki @aztecbrujeria @bunbyy @kentosovertime @emperorwriter @stariwrites
Note: This masterlist contains dark content too. MDNI. days are assigned as per the dates of october month. Changes will be made if necessary.
Send an ask to be added to the taglist.
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated
Tumblr media
🎟 Day 1 ✔︎
Stepdad!Gojo x fem!reader + Daddy kink +Slight praise kink + Dry humping by @nkogneatho
🎟 Day 2 ✔︎
Todoroki Shoto x fem!reader + daddy kink + spanking by @iwasbunny
🎟 Day 3 ✔︎
Kamo Choso x fem!reader + stigmatophilia by @aztecbrujeria
🎟Day 4 ✔︎
Dabi x gn!reader + Daddy kink by @stariwrites
🎟 Day 5 ✔︎
Yakuza!Toji x gn!reader + Degradation kink by @/nkogneatho
🎟 Day 6 ✔︎
Switch!Mikey x male!reader + bdsm by @emperorwriter
🎟 Day 7 ✔︎
Kaminari Denki + praise kink by @iwasbunny
🎟 Day 8 ✔︎
Gym trainer!Iwaizumi x fem!reader + exhibitionism by @/nkogneatho
🎟 Day 9 ✔︎
Fushiguro Megumi x fem!reader + daddy + breeding kink by @kentosovertime
🎟 Day 10 ✔︎
Miya Osamu x gn!reader + Fist fucking + Edging by @/aztecbrujeria
🎟 Day 11 ✔︎
Ushijima Wakatoshi x male!reader + shibari by @/aztecbrujeria
🎟 Day 12 ✔︎
Mafia!Hanma x fem!reader + Breeding kink by @/nkogneatho
🎟 Day 13 ✔︎
Tamaki Amajiki + size kink by @/iwasbunny
🎟 Day 14 ✔︎
Jean Krischtein x fem!reader + hate sex by @bunbyy
🎟 Day 15 ✔︎
Dom!Angry x gn!reader + bdsm by @/emperorwriter
🎟 Day 17 ✔︎
Professor!Aizawa x gn!reader + cockwarming by @/nkogneatho
🎟 Day 18 ✔︎
Ukai Keishin x fem!reader + lactation kink by @httptamaki
🎟 Day 21 [in progress]
Bodyguard!Eren x gn!reader + brat taming kink by @/nkogneatho
🎟 Day 22 [in progress]
Kyoutani Kentaro + exhibitionism by @/iwasbunny
🎟 Day 23 ✔︎
Nanami Kento x fem!reader + semi-public sex by @/bunbyy
🎟 Day 24 ✔︎
Sano Shinichiro x fem!reader + praise kink by @/httptamaki
🎟 Day 25 [in progress]
Executive!Rindou x fem!reader + voyeurism kink by @/nkogneatho [ft. Haitani Ran]
🎟 Day 26 ✔︎
Zenin Naoya x fem!reader + pregnancy + breeding kink by @/kentosovertime
🎟 Day 27
Kirishima Eijirou x fem!reader + corruption kink by @/iwasbunny
🎟 Day 29 ✔︎
Shinsou Hitoshi x fem!reader + breeding kink by @/httptamaki
🎟 Day 31
Tattoo artist!Issei x gn!reader + gagging kink by @/nkogneatho
Tumblr media
Taglist: @chiizfuyu @ob-levi-on @bbytamaki @ushijimasprincess @bratty-bug @gojoussunglasses @kyoutxni @wiafi @sleepy3 @gojosflame @fsrintaro @ebiharachan @acidfrauds @valhallawhispers @hiqhkey @chfyu @reinersmilkies @crapimahuman @tenkomybeloved @heaven-s-door-diary @haengbokpixie @tehehebri @hollowpurpl @roses-and-grasses @erishaitto @anon-sloot @the-princess-button
Tumblr media
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kiyelle · 10 days ago
with: sakusa, atsumu, bokuto, kuroo, akaashi, iwaizumi
isabelle says: i missed this, i missed writing my lil heart out <3
Tumblr media
ʚ SAKUSA - but the way that you look up at him from behind your eyelashes has his heart positively racing in ways he just can’t comprehend. you make him feel weightless, like he’s the only one in your world, universes away from all the others. falling in love with you was not something he had anticipated, but now he can’t imagine an existence without your touch. he takes your face into his hands and brushes his thumbs against your cheeks, ‘stop it, i want to kiss you when you look at me like that’
ʚ ATSUMU - but when you jump into his arms after a long day apart he realises he doesn’t want to be away from you for another second. his arms circle your waist as his face shies away, hidden into the crook of your neck. your hands pull him impossibly closer as his soft kisses align along your skin until they reach your lips. he hates ever being separated from you, but he can’t help but adore moments like these when you’re finally in his arms again. the love and relief that flows through him ressembles the waves of an endless ocean.
ʚ BOKUTO - but when you slightly tilt your head while listening to him talk he starts stuttering over his words. you watch him with such pure interest he grows a little nervous beneath your gaze. he’s flustered to say the least as his cheeks flush, widening into a goofy smile as a little laugh escapes his lips. in a heartbeat he’s forgotten what he was even telling you, lost in the way you make him feel heard and important in ways no one else ever could.
ʚ KUROO - but when he sees you biting down on your lip trying to suppress a smile after one of his terribly flirty jokes, he feels his heart constrict in so many heavenly ways. the effect you have on him is like no other, he could probably explain the thousands of small chemical reactions going off in his brain as his vision of you is tinted with a light shade of love. there isn’t a thing he wouldn’t do in order to see you try over and over to hide that smile that belongs to him and only him.
ʚ AKAASHI - but when you randomly take a picture of him because you think he ‘looks pretty’ it’s almost impossible for him to ignore the fluttering that awakens in his stomach. he almost can’t understand how you could ever find him pretty when you exist in this little world. he stops whatever it is he was doing when you decided to take the photo and instead takes the phone out of your hand and starts recording. ‘and there they are,’ he starts, a proud smile gracing his lips as he slowly zooms in ‘the prettiest person in the world’
ʚ IWAIZUMI - but when he hears your breathing slowly even out on the other side of the phone he wonders if you’ll be dreaming of him tonight, because he certainly will dream of you. he loves how safe he feels knowing you’re both surrounded by the very same canvas of stars every night. that if he were to try to wake you up over the call and tell you to look out your window for the brightest star, you’d probably both be looking at the same one. then he’d whisper some sappy lovey joke about you being his brightest star, but all this is just probable, for now he’ll let you sleep.
Tumblr media
thank you for reading angel, mwah! -> masterlist
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