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#haikyuu fic
augustinewrites · a day ago
kita + love at first sight for the anon who requested kita or choso! i kinda turned it into a prequel to my other kita drabble
Tumblr media
you’re still digging through your little crate when the door you’ve just knocked on opens.
“hi, granny yumie!” you greet distractedly, still collecting the last of her bread order. “two loaves this week, huh? you havin’ a party or something?”
when you finally straighten to hand the bread to the sweet old lady you bring fresh bread to on sundays, you freeze when you see that it is not an old lady standing at the door.
it’s a man.
a good looking man. clean-cut and broad-shouldered, with gentle, yet handsome features. he’s dressed for work, sporting a pair of gloves and a fitted white t-shirt under unbuttoned, dark coveralls.
a working man.
there’s a telltale crunch of the bread’s crust under your fingertips, making you wince a little as your eyes immediately check the house number. yup, you’re at the right address. though it’d be difficult to mess up, considering it was a farm.
slightly embarrassed, you hug the warm loaves of bread to your chest, averting your gaze to your boots. for some inexplicable reason, you can’t stop smiling, your heart a butterfly beat in your chest. “you’re not, um, you don’t look like—”
you can practically hear the upward curl of his lips as he speaks, charming local accent bleeding through his soft voice. “like my gran?”
his gran. of course.
your smile only grows when you finally find the courage to meet his gaze. you say, without thinking, “ah, so that means you must be shin-chan.”
this time it’s him that looks a little flustered, leaning against the doorframe. “gran’s told ya about me, has she?”
“oh, the whole town adores ‘yumie’s boy,’” you explain, the tips of his ears turning crimson. “i take it you’ve just come back from school? what did you take, if you don’t mind my asking?”
he lifts a hand to scratch the back of his neck, biceps flexing subtly. “promise ya won’t laugh?”
“please, i would never,” you dismiss, holding out the loaves of bread to him. “i mean— i went to culinary school.”
“is that so?” he seems to relax a little, his small, charming smile returning as he takes the bread from your hands. “well, i studied agriculture so i could come back to help out around the family farm.”
handsome, educated, and a dutiful family man? oh, you were in trouble.
“would you—” his voice comes out a little strained, so he clears his throat, trying again. “would you like to come in for tea?”
“i wish i could,” you sigh longingly, crouching to retrieve your crate of baked goods. “but i have a few other deliveries to make in town. i’ll see you around though? say hello to your gran for me—
“i can come with,” he says quickly. when you raise your brows in surprise, he backtracks just as fast. he looks a little sheepish, a little shy. “if…if that’s okay with you.”
how could you say no?
“sure,” you agree, letting him take the crate from your hands. “thank you.”
the two of you are quietly walking down the dirt path when he speaks again. “my gran told me about you too, ya know.”
“oh yeah?” you prod, nudging him lightly with your shoulder (mistake, because wow he’s built). “what’d she say?”
“that you make a really good sourdough and are really pretty.”
heat immediately blooms across your cheeks. he can’t just say stuff like that. he’s either really confident or just very blunt.
the corner of his lips quirks up a little. “i haven’t tried the bread yet, but i suppose the other thing is true.”
oh god.
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shoyotime · 2 days ago
note : angst :› | unedited lmao
Tumblr media
it's cold.
the heater didn't seem to work. the couch wasn't getting warm even though you'd been sitting at the same place for twenty minutes now. all the windows were shut, it was just you and picture of a certain someone you wished was holding you right now.
the silence was deafening. you heard the calloused winds howling outside, the clock's ticking almost transcended your heart beats, there was water dripping somewhere, maybe it wasn't silent after all. maybe you lied.
just like when you said you were fine.
but iwaizumi wasn't a fool. he knew how you feel. that's why he found himself stepping inside your place, not ringing the bell because oikawa once told him not to and treat it like his own home. hajime never listened to him, until today. he crouched in front of you, holding your hands in his, they were cold.
he was cold, you were cold.
colder than ever. you refused to let your eyes meet his', so you continued to stare at the blank wall in front of you. he noticed your disheveled hair, you still looked pretty, though. then his eyes travelled down to your lips, when was the last time you drank water? probably last night, when you were having dinner with oikawa.
it's pathetic, you concluded. letting yourself hurt again and again, did you even deserve that? probably not. and three years ago, you promised yourself you will never fall so hard again. but you broke your rules for oikawa, for he made the fall feel like flying.
you felt tears brim your eyes once again as iwaizumi's grip fastened around your hands. "i feel cold," and among all the words you wanted to share, that's all you managed to whispered.
you wondered if he knew what you mean. the warm, fuzzy feeling inside you that kept you warm through out the winters, disappeared. you wonder if iwaizumi knew that. midst all, you also wondered if oikawa knew this, and also that you needed him, because it was getting colder.
"will you dance with me?" you asked, this time a bit louder, and for a second, your eyes met. iwaizumi didn't question anything, and so you both stood up, his hand on your waist and yours around his shoulder. his cheeks grew pink, but that's because of cold, or that's what you tell yourself. there was a familiar melody in your head, and you danced along with it.
"you should eat something," he whispered.
you declined. "i want to dance."
"y/n," you stopped, head hanging low as you responded with a faint hum. "did oikawa dance with you?"
and crouching down, you let the tears flow.
"haji— i'm sorry," you sniffed, burying your face inside your hands, unable to face him because you were too scared and ashamed of yourself. "i'm sorry for using you. i miss him— i miss tooru a lot," your cries got louder as his hands pulled you closer.
iwaizumi knew what you were thinking. probably, you were calling yourself horrible, pathetic, terrible, shameless, and everything that you were not. through the years, he watched oikawa fall for you everyday. oikawa might be a dumbass— but he was your dumbass, and his too. he also watched as he asked you out, then proposed you, iwaizumi was always there. a side character— maybe— because despite being in love with you, he did nothing. a lead always ends up with another lead, not a side character.
"it's okay," he whispered, rubbing circles on your back to soothe you. there was a wet patch on his shirt, thanks to your tears. iwaizumi didn't care, though. "you can use me all you want," because i'm in love with you, he wanted to say, but words never left his mouth.
and now it has been months since oikawa passed away. summers had arrived, but it keep getting cold, no matter how much warmth iwaizumi offered.
Tumblr media
taglist : @bubble-bootie @weeb-nation @hello0i @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @kaeyazuha @watashiwakurapikapls @setsunaia @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maixcore @smolmo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @strangechaos @sanzusgrl @itsmeaudrieee @ghostietales @iwaizumis-bitch @luvzsuri @carmillous
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yenyoulang · 2 days ago
♡right where she belongs♡
Pairing: Bokuto Koutarou x Fem!Reader
Warnings: probably typos, otherwise none, fluff
Word count: 316
A/N: Just lonely thoughts on how perfect Koutaro-baby is~
requests are open, but there’s always a chance that I wouldn’t be able to find time for writing:(
☆ have some fun today ☆
Tumblr media
Bokuto always couldn't find it in himself to let go of Y/N. Every time he kissed her goodbye before leaving, as well as every day he spent being abroad. He was unable to fall asleep without knowing for sure that she was okay, that she hadn't forgotten to have her lunch, that nobody had been mean to her...
Although he texted her every given moment, it was not the same.
Not a bit.
He missed her, her hands, her voice, her pretty smile. For Bokuto it was always so hard, so painful to be apart, so once she was back into his embrace, he couldn't find it in himself to let go of her.
It always made him excited, the way she felt so fragile, secured in his mighty hold.
Burying his face deeper into Y/N's neck, Bokuto kept her body so close to him, that he could feel her heartbeat against his chest. He inhaled her flowery scent, overwhelmed with the feeling of her presence.
Y/N giggled because of his ticklish breathing against her delicate skin. Her feet were dangling above the ground as Bokuto had lifted her up.
"Kou! you're insane! Put me down, I am heavy!" She tried to reason him, but her lovesick smile gave her true feelings out.
"No way," he placed an affectionate kiss upon her pulse point, grinning widely as a mad man, when he once again looked at her shining face.
No way he will let her go! In his arms - that's where she belongs.
"Babe, I missed you so much!" With that he started peppering her face with kisses.
Bokuto never truly cared about the other people in the airport staring at the two of them, never cared if his act of PDA would fluster anybody.
All he cared about was right where it belonged - the love of his life in his arms.
And he couldn't ask for more.
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haikyuuuuuhypeeeee · a day ago
Ch. Twenty One
Note: White Messages: YN POV
⚠️WARNING: Discussions of abusive relationship
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You smile as Suna carefully edges into his room, carrying two mugs topped with mini marshmallows.
“Sorry I fell asleep,” you say sheepishly.
“No worries,” he hands you one of the mugs gently, angling the handle towards you. “It seemed like you needed it.”
You nod, taking a sip. The hot cocoa is hot and sweet, and the warmth from the mug is soothing on your hands. Suna brings his desk chair over and settles in it, taking his own sip of his drink.
It’s silent, but it’s a mix between comfortable and uncomfortable. For the first time in a long time you feel relaxed and safe, not having the need to be on guard or ready for something. But on the other hand you know you owe Suna an explanation. (Besides a million other favors.)
“I should probably start talking.” You say, setting your mug down on his bedside table.
To that Suna just shrugs. “If you want, you’re not obligated to.”
You squint at him. His response is genuine enough, but it still doesn’t make sense. Not fully, anyway.
He sees the look on your face and squints back. “What?”
“You really don’t want to know what happened?” You ask, making the incredulity clear in your voice.
“I mean I do,” Suna replies. “But I’m not gonna force you to talk about it. Especially if you don’t want to. That’s not fair to you.”
“Oh.” You really don’t know how to respond to that. The conversation lapses into silence again, not as relaxing as the one before. But you’re not sure if that’s because of you or Suna.
“I was texting with the guys earlier.” Suna tells you. It’s a vague statement but it makes you freeze.
“Atsumu?” You ask quietly. He nods in response and you feel your shoulders come up to your ears.
“I blocked him.” You inform Suna. “I blocked his number and on my socials. I don’t want to talk to him.”
“He’s not gonna bother you.” Suna’s voice is authoritative, and that does bring you a small bout of reassurance. But you still can’t meet his eyes.
“I don’t want to talk to him.” You repeat. “Is that wrong?”
Suna shrugs. “Personally, I don’t think so. But I think I could see where you’re coming from.”
“It’s just, I feel like I do owe him an explanation.” The idea takes root in your brain, and as you think about it more the more it makes sense. “Like, we were dating for a long time. And I’m just breaking it off, cold turkey.”
“Can I tell you what I think?” Suna asks suddenly. “After you can tell me I’m wrong or call me an idiot, but just hear me out.”
He waits for you to nod before he speaks again. “I don’t think it’s bad to completely cut him off. And I don’t say that because I think Atsumu is an asshole. I think you gave him chance after chance to prove to you that he’s worthy of an explanation, and judging from the conversation I just had with him I get the impression that he didn’t meet your expectations. Which, isn’t surprising.
“If I had to guess, I think a reason why you’re hesitant to talk to him is because you’re scared he’ll convince you to take him back. And I don’t say that to make you feel bad.”
You just stare at Suna, because you realize he’s 100% correct. He articulated nearly every fear into a coherent statement, more articulate than you could have explained. And hearing it simplified like that makes is all the more clear that you shouldn’t talk to Atsumu.
“It’s kind of pathetic that I’m scared of to talk to him, no?” You laugh, a bitter sound to reflect how low you feel. “I must be pretty weak.”
“I don’t think so at all,” Suna counters automatically. “You trusted him for years, he was your boyfriend for years. It’s not like that trust is gonna disappear right away. I think it’s gonna take time for you to be fully okay with it.”
He moves from his chair to sit next to you on the bed, and he brings a hand up to your shoulder. You didn’t realize how cold you felt until you felt the warmth from his palm.
“I’m sorry,” Suna says quietly. “I’m sorry that you had to put up with Atsumu, and I’m sorry that I didn’t do more for you.”
You turn your head to look at your friend. “No, you don’t have to apologize. You tried Suna, you really really tried. I’m the one who didn’t listen. So it’s not your fault at all.”
“Well it’s not your fault either,” Suna replies. “Whatever he did to you, or however he made you feel - you didn’t do anything to deserve that.”
You feel examined under his gaze and you have to look away. His words are branded into your brain, and you know that they’re there. But believing them is another story.
“I guess.” Your reply is quiet and lackluster. Suna grips your shoulder tighter in response.
“Well I’ll always be around to remind you.” He says confidently. “I promise.”
“Always?” That makes you chuckle and you shake your head. “That’s a long time Suna.”
“I know.”
You look up and meet his determined gaze, and you can’t help but smile. In this moment, you are so grateful for your best friend. And how lucky you are that he stayed by your side, always helping and just being there.
“Suna, I don’t think I can ever find the words to explain how much you mean to me.” You see his eyes widen slightly but you keep going. “You’re my best friend, and you always have my back. And even now, you’re helping me and taking care of me, and I know I’ve done some shitty things but thank you.”
Suna blinks, eyes still wide but they crinkle when he gives you a small smile. “You don’t have to apologize for that YN. You’re my best friend, and I’ll always have your back.”
His arm comes up to wrap around your shoulder and you let yourself be comforted by him. It’s not wholly unfamiliar, but being able to be calmed because it’s what you need and without an ulterior motive is different from what you’re used to of late.
“I’m always here for you,” Suna murmurs. “I promise.” It’s punctuated with another squeeze, and you feel the corners of your mouth upturn.
“Thank you,” you whisper back. You sit together for a little while longer, basking in the soft comfort and tranquility.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
A/N: It’s soft hours with Suna and YN and I am SO HAPPY YOU CAN’T EVEN BELIEVE! YN has a long LONG road to recovery, and Suna too. But there’s the promise of being there for each other and supporting each other, and that makes me emotional. 😭😭😭😭 Still can’t believe we only have TWO CHAPTERS LEFT AFTER THIS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING!!!
Taglist: Open! Please send an Ask with the request to be added to the I Know Better SMAU: @psycho-nightrose @camcam1617 @kamalymaly @toobsessedsstuff @shookykookie30 @ara-mitsue @meianshugoswife @babiemay @call-me-lulu @amarinthe @trshex @qualitygiantshoepsychic @turtledoesnotcry @jellien @xmyshya @rintarovibes @myasaaaam @markeu-lii @creepykawass @everytimeswift @justablogforreblogs @kurapikasimpwrites @imarriedachef @pillboxmb @vvvselfindulgence @random-fandom-girl-24 @savantsoulfinder @shakesqueer444 @bakugouswh0r3 @rintsum @hanabihwa @watashi-wanna-die
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sukiwrites · 19 hours ago
softcore ; tooru oikawa #1
pairings : tooru oikawa/reader
genre : angst ? fluff ?
spoilers : haikyuu season two
summary : you set oikawa's heart ablaze but he liked the feeling of his world burning down.
note : that was a long long long break but i am back fr now, this is a mere word vomit which i might continue into a series. our beloved captain deserves something better but this is it for now :p
oikawa had never been good with words. since he was a child he allowed others to mould and twist his words till they were an ideal definition of what they wanted him to be. so he gave in and put up a false pretence till he could not recognise himself in the mirror anymore. who was he now?
he wished the words that he spoke were honest but every time he opened his mouth, they rested on his tongue like a bitter aftertaste, refusing to be let out. it was winter. he woke up shivering, feeling the piercing air nip at his neck, making him feel cold. it was so cold. he always felt this, he thought, pushing back his brunette strands that fell across his forehead. it was always wintertime in tooru oikawa's life, he would always feel the cold wash his skin, again and again, freezing his core. then came you, the prelude to his warm days.
you became the centre of his storm. at first, it was just playful bantering, fleeting conversations in the corridors of his high school and wistful gazes. at oikawa's games, you were the only constant in the crowd. soon, he found himself searching for your face amidst the strangers that cheered for him. his first instinct was to look for you, waiting outside after each game to hand him a box of cupcakes and congratulate him on finishing it, never winning.
"winning isn't everything tooru, i am proud of you."
his name fell off your lips so easily like melted butter glossing over the pan, sweet like honey, caressing his fragile emotions, not like a suspicious secret but a sacred oath.
he did not get into the nationals. a final blow at his wounded soul, tearing it apart like a piece of paper. "keep a brave face captain !" they said, inconsiderate fools, he thought as grief boiled under his skin, dissolving his bones. the tears on hajime's face left oikawa with a shameful feeling that destroyed a hole right through his aching heart. his masquerade was finally getting off, there was no great tooru oikawa anymore, it was him against his loss, his inadequacy to do one fucking thing right in his entire life. he chased perfection, yearned for the praise to fill the gaping holes in his heart while hating the idea to conform to the image everyone created of him. the irony of his situation was calming and disrupting at the same time. he wanted to scream.
you. he wanted you. the cupcakes and your words. you knew what to say to him. you saw right through his facade. there you were, standing in the hallways. oikawa put up his smile, winking, like a walking corpse. he wanted to seek comfort in your embrace, you tilted his world upside down, his feelings reigniting to the core. he was unsure of what this was.
" tooru, i will always be proud of you."
you both walked through the empty gardens, oikawa held it in, humming in response and smiling. you smiled back, unfazed. while you knew what to say at the right time, you knew when to stay silent and allow him to feel. you patched up his torn tapestry like it was nothing. you made everything look so easy. oikawa crumbled completely within your clutch. you were flawless. that was when anger coursed through his veins. what would you understand?
" you don't know anything. " oikawa snapped, hating every inch of himself, hating the words that so casually slipped from his mouth, you made him so fucking weak.
"indeed, i don't, but i would tell you about the mistakes i made to show you that you and i are the same, that i felt it too, the hatred and anger of my errors." you said, leaving oikawa onto his fucking knees. a raging emotion coursing through his being. he would never call it what it was at that time. that word. he knew it, sitting right on his tongue as always, but he never did.
oikawa had heard of the story of icarus. how he had built feathers, piece by piece to fly high and touch the sun. you were his sun. you walked into his wintry weather, filling it with gentle warmth. he felt like flying and breaking free every time you brushed your lips against his ears, whispering those three words carelessly. from the sunshine rays to the honeyed lights of the brown hues in your eyes, oikawa sensed it all. he took you in, feeling the world around him crash and burn, losing his mind over every lingering touch, observing his paper wings aflame with your heat.
what oikawa was unaware of was that icarus flew too high, the feathers melting as he fell to his death, carried away by the frigid ocean waves.
he felt it when he heard that you had a crush on karasuno's setter, a large grin on your face. he felt the scorching gaze of your fervour melting his wings. oikawa had let himself fly too high as he felt himself fall and he knew it won't stop feeling like that anytime soon.
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kiyokoism · 2 days ago
PACEMAKER ! i — r1: a round around the sun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ notes ]
i’ll post the kenma version tomorrow ^_<
— if u couldn’t tell suna visited y/n for the first time since they met in chapter 8 so if u catch me crying in the corner pls mind ur business 🥺
— the layout is bit weird but u can read the post and that’s the most important!
— god this feels weird i can tell i’m dragging writing this out cuz i really don’t want this to end </3 but at the same time i wanna finish something for once so it’s a double feeling
──── · • · ────
@peteunderoos @shobioo @songsongm @twistedvalkyrie @kac-chowsballs @lilith412426 @m-i-n-t-y-fresh @notendoplasm @bakugouswh0r3 @mysticstrawberryballoon @black-rose-29 @anime-meme-sanctuary @riceballsandanime @kysdabii @vhsryuu @enhyupn @micheleinumaki @athenarosaline @rinschuupet @bokutosuwus @haikoochi @kodzuken-blog @alatuskin @lovelykaia @kovjiro @meena-in-a-nutshell @fandomsgotmefucked @mikasacumslut @that-dark-emo-bitch @puddings-posts @meikoushi @grassbutneo @fucktheworlddude @starrysuna @pagkaiin @kenmaslov3r @lunarqq @kuroaka @daninaninani @gray-444 @lizziel1410 @sakusasimpbot @beidouluvr @urlocaloikawakinnie @rintarovibes @strawbrinkofdeath @kayskuroo @creepykawass
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tsumtsumland · a day ago
❆Tsumtsumland's "All I Want for Christmas" Event❆
Tumblr media
Hi lovely followers (and non-followers who may happenstance upon this post)! It's been a really long time, and for that I apologize. Real life has been crazy busy, and my physical and mental health have been up and down. I, unfortunately, have had way too much on my plate to write anything, BUT I love the holidays! Winter is also my favorite season, so in honor of that, I'm hosting this small event!
I'm so happy to invite you to request a cute drabble (maybe a one-shot, depending on how long it turns out) based on one of these fluffy prompts <3
Tumblr media
*Please send in ONE Haikyuu character of your choice and ONE prompt.
*There are two prompt lists in the post, one is "Dialogue" and the other is "Situations" please specify which one you'd like!
*Please specify NSFW or SFW.
*My original rules also apply to this event.
Tumblr media
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saomiya · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
birthday present + atsumu miya
warnings: breeding kink, overstimulation, degradation, mommy kink, petnames, service! dom atsumu, atsumu fucks you 24/7 as a bday present </3
synopsis: you'll get what you want for your birthday, a nice fuck from atsumu and a baby for you and him to take care of
a/n: a wild wild and a late birthday self-pleasure atsumu fic, i made him a horny animal, i hope you enjoy </3
Tumblr media
your eyes shut and open every moment feeling something intrude your insides. regret flushing over you when atsumu keeps cumming and cumming inside you, some of it pooling near your entrance and the base of his cock, dripping down his reddish and throbbing balls.
remembering slowly what you asked him for earlier, it's your birthday and you want to make it special. you wanted a baby, and atsumu was only happy to oblige, fucking you in every possible position and location, reverse-cowgirl in the bathtub during the morning, cockwarming him while you ate your breakfast, up against the wall with your toes touching your ears during noon and him making you bend on the couch as he held your neck, groaning while he thrusted into you, giving you five-minute breaks before continuing to ruin your insides.
it also didn't help that he said stuff you secretly liked, "such a fucking slut, you want a baby yeah? yeah? you're gonna get it, gonna give you the best fucking birthday present every year, hm?"
"not even tired doll? been fucking you all day and you keep asking for more and more, begging like a bitch. but how can i refuse hm? when you ask me so nicely, can't even talk properly, stuttering like a b-bitch" he mocks you, tears falling down your cheeks but he knows you like it, cause you came on his cock a few minutes later.
it's 10:00 pm, and you hadn't stopped yet, gonna make sure you're properly filled.
atsumu shudders slightly, he feels it, the entrance to your womb. his eyes close and he groans, loudly. "shit— fuck, baby, do you feel it? god, fuck, you feel so good, baby. this pussy's mine, made f'me, do you agree?"
you mindlessly nod, blinking up at him and prettily batting your sticky eyelashes at him, your face still covered with the cum he spurted on it, a few hours ago. safe to say, he's addicted.
"so pretty, fucked dumb aren't ya? but ya want more, greedy baby" you squeak slightly, nodding as you grip on the sheets beside you, your legs dangling on either side of his hips that were pushing itself farther inside you.
his calloused hand pressed on your stomach, a big bulge on it. and atsumu smirks in pleasure, his pushed back yellow hair and the sweat dripping down his toned chest made him look more attractive, and you clenched on his cock, your insides feeling like it was trying to keep his length captive.
and oh, did atsumu feel it. eyes widening as he focuses on you, lust-blown eyes greedily looking at you "fucking greedy, baby. so greedy, jus' because you want me to make you a mommy, but 'm feelin' nice today, say your pleases, i'll give you what you want."
and he won't stop till the clock hits 12:00 and by then, you'll be a blabbering and dirty mess, and he could just imagine what you looked like, all round and plump for him, carrying his baby.
Tumblr media
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dilf-uc · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING | daichi sawamura x fem!reader
GENRE | pwp, smut (18+)
SUMMARY | in which pornstar daichi sawamura plays the role of a police officer letting you, a reckless bimbo driver, off on your speeding ticket with one condition; he gets to fuck that slutty cunt and dirty mouth of yours in exchange for payment.
WARNINGS | porn with plot. nsfw. minors dni. pornstar!daichi x pornstar!reader. reader plays role of a bimbo! cursing. unprotected sex. porn industry. filming sex. public sex. car sex. oral. degradation. ass smackin'. rough sex. throat fucking. handcuffs. brief mention of sugawara joining in. exhibitionism. officer kink? overstimulation. size kink. cumming on face. light breeding. DO NOT IGNORE WARNINGS.
DISCLAIMER | please recognize that this is pure fiction and you should seriously be driving with a license LMFAOSDFGH
Tumblr media
pornstar DAICHI fucking his co-star dumb in the role of playing a police officer allowing your speeding ticket to slip only if he gets to fuck the slutty cunt you offered instead of paying.
you were nervous about fucking the daichi sawamura. being quite familiar with his acting style and taken a large liking to his other porn videos, you know he’s big and fucks his co-stars genuinely. as if his main goal is to really make them cum; even if the purpose of his video is for him to get a good nut and dip. no, he doesn’t just half-ass things. he’s known to really play his roles as if his life depended on it.
you’ve eyed and drooled through the screen at his massive and girth length more times than you can count; his cock is so big that you’re quite positive your tight pussy can’t take half of it in.
you were so excited to get the opportunity to film with him, your agent managed to snag you a spot in one of his upcoming videos and you had to do a double-take when you received an email from him telling you that he was looking forward to working with you. you’d like to say you’re a big fan.
and you knew you’d have a good time because not one single actress who’s worked with him ever got off-camera without cumming at least once; he’s just that good.
and he also can’t take half-assing from anybody else; he expects genuine reactions and satisfied moaning to his fucking. if you’re going to fake it, then what’s going to outdo other basic porn videos? go find someone else to work with who won’t be offended that he didn’t do a real good job at making you cum on camera. no, your orgasms have to gush right out of your pussy with his relentless pace.
when the day came and you arrived at his studio, you were marveled at the realistic setting. you were going to be honest; when you were given the script you weren’t expecting the filming of it to be so realistic and off the charts.
your director told you that the filming will take place on the busy street, as stated in the script— but the cars driving by over and over are all extras and will be special effects so that it’s explicitly on a set where no outsiders will come in and watch.
there’s no need to rehearse lines, obviously, as it is common sense porn that doesn’t leave much to the imagination.
or so you thought.
the director expected you and daichi to be on set 30 minutes before and you were so anxious to meet one of your favorite adult film actors— you wanted to outdo most of the actresses he's been within those videos and films and actually gives him a good time. you didn’t want him to be doing all the work, he deserves a good nut too.
the set took place on a busy street and the filming position included two cars a few feet from each other. the car you’re supposed to be in at the start and the one that where you’ll be seeing stars inside was ahead of a much more intimidating blue car with red flashing lights— the police car you’re told daichi will pull up in.
you rubbed your thighs together as you let your fingertips graze the windshield of the police car, this was so thrilling. even though the entire idea of it was fake, just the idea of being pulled over by a cop and then have him teach a lesson about being a good citizen just makes your cunt throb—!
“that car is real, you know.”
you gasp softly and turn around to be met with the man of the hour that is daichi sawamura; dressed fully in policeman attire, the blue fabric hugging his body in a breathtaking manner. no, seriously— you felt your breath hitch in your throat at how the uniform could barely contain his bulged muscles, from his biceps to his abs, to his massive thighs. you couldn’t help biting your lower lip as you took your time to admire him.
he was even hotter in person, if possible— reality taking you by surprise.
daichi completely noticed you eyeing him like a bitch in heat, but he chose to let it slide. you’re real cute. he wonders if perhaps this was the right video for you to film.
“it is?” you responded after some time, genuinely curious and shocked.
“yeah,” daichi chuckled, walking closer with his hands in his pockets. “i have a friend who works in the police force and he’s letting us borrow it for filming. the sirens work and everything.”
your lips part. this scenario is fake but the car is real? your fantasies were making you so flustered and heating up the deepest parts of your skin you wanted his hands to roam. oh, this was going to be so thrilling—!
“that’s cool,” you shyly smile, turning back to look at the car.
just imagine getting fucked by a real police officer in this car.
and it makes sense, as it is borrowed for props purposes only. and perhaps his friend would kill him to see the atmosphere left behind.
daichi would approach you even closer from behind and then walk over to the other side of the car, flexing his shoulders as he rests his elbow on the windshield, cheek leaning against his head. he looked so attractive in this position, you can’t stop blushing at the proximity.
“is it scaring you, pretty girl?” he’d ask.
“n-no,” you mumble breathlessly, feeling like joking. “i know you’re not a real officer.”
daichi would smirk and laugh.
“what makes you think i’m not?” he’d tilt his head.
“t-there’s no way, i’ve seen your fireman video,” you pointed out the obvious, mentally facepalming. that was a bad joke.
daichi would burst out laughing genuinely at your manner and your shy gaze would only get stronger— fingertips still feeling the windshield. it
“oh? you have?” he would say and you’d nod shyly.
“i’ve seen almost all of them,” you’d admit, fiddling with your fingertips.
“hm, all of them?” daichi would quirk a brow in muse. “i got too many, sweetheart— you’re gonna have to be specific for me.”
“i like the one i mentioned earlier… where you played the fireman that rescued a single mom from the building,” you’d gulp and it’s embarrassing how you could name them all off the top of your head. “she’d come over at some point later with cookies as a form of gratitude and you’d…”
this was humiliating, you can’t even finish your sentence.
“and then what?” daichi tilts his head.
“you’d let her into your apartment, and she’d offer to thank you in other ways…”
wow, he’s never met a fan before that shyly knows everything. almost as if it was your fantasy. and daichi loved that— shy little things like you waiting to be corrupted. but it’s not too far-fetched, after all, you’re in the same industry that he is.
perhaps moments like these make him not regret making those films.
“and what are the other ways?” he would say huskily, walking over to the side you stood at.
is this right? talking about his other films— what if you’re scaring him off—?
“sorry,” daichi would lie and you wouldn’t know. “but i barely remember that one, sweetheart.”
oh, maybe he really doesn’t remember.
he lies.
“she’d get down on her knees and spread your legs on the couch,” you’d remember, getting wet. “and she’d suck you off, saying you deserved it for being such a good fireman, doing your lawful duty at keeping the community safe.”
“oh right,” he’d smile familiarly, almost feeling as if he’ll experience deja vu. “single moms always suck you off good for working hard.”
“she was a real single mom?” you quirked a brow.
“yeah,” daichi would chuckle. “i’m sure you’re aware that i don’t half-ass things. i’d like to keep my work as real as the audience wants.”
of course, you knew— you were going to know even more in a couple of minutes.
“do you know that, sweetheart?” he would walk closer. “forgive me if i’m wrong, but you sound surprised.”
“i am surprised,” you smile, keeping up forward with his walk. “i know things from watching you; i know you don’t half-ass things. so i’m surprised you have to tell me, when i’d like to think i know that more than most of the women you’ve worked with.”
he was taken back at that, your sudden surge of confidence. he can’t help taking another breath.
“what makes you so sure?” daichi would ask, needing an answer. and your lips would part to answer…!
but the rush of people getting into the set cuts through the unresolved sexual tension you managed to create in just a few minutes of meeting him. it didn’t matter, it would be resolved in a few minutes anyway.
“i guess we’ll see,” you smiled confidently before walking over to your starting cut, slamming the car door behind you as you sat in the passenger’s seat, letting out a breath of anxiety.
you just did that.
the crew member who’d normally yell ‘cut!’ or ‘action!’ tapped on your window with a thumbs up, letting you know they’re ready to start filming whenever you do.
and then the cameras would start rolling, and you’d have to prove what you promised daichi.
and so your role as a reckless driver who simply went past the speed limit on the main street begins. just what does the law have in order for you?
Tumblr media
you hear it as you hold the steering wheel, the siren tailing behind you, your eyes flicker to the rearview mirror as you break; a police car was on your ass.
“pull over, ma’am!”
his voice ripples through the studio, and right to your core.
shit, maybe you shouldn’t have taken things too fast. maybe you shouldn’t have rushed anything. maybe you should have gone with the flow… of traffic, of course.
and then you’d get the view of the police officer exiting his car with small stacks of paper and a pen, his biceps prominent with every step forward to your car. you’re so scared! a police officer is going to arrest you.
god, you don’t know what to do! you don’t have the stable income to pay off a speeding ticket! this was the last thing you needed today. what were you thinking to speed on the main street? of course, there’d be cops roaming around the community, and it so happens that this one was so massive and ripped that you’d be so helpless against him… or the force, for that matter.
he approached the window of your driver’s seat far too quick for your liking, with his large arms raising up to softly knock on the closed window. you’d roll down the glass slowly, gulping when your face is mere inches from his in the barrier that is the door.
“i’m gonna have to see proof of your license and registration, ma’am,” is the first thing he’d say, calmly of course— he doesn’t want you to lash out. but you do anyway.
“y-yes, officer!” you’d exclaim in a state of panic, reaching over to the passenger drawer, pulling it down to take out your registration, insurance, and whatever else police officers look for when they pull you over.
you don’t even know what he’s talking about when he’s asking for your license and registration; it’s just pathetic excuses of paperwork your rich dad put in that drawer when he first bought you this car.
oh, right! the license is the card you got when you passed the test! see, this shouldn’t be too hard.
“here it is, o-officer!” you’d stutter, trying not to panic as you shove the papers in his hand, biting the inside of your cheek.
he’d skim over the papers, in the ‘authentication.’
“ma’am, it says here your license has expired as of a few weeks ago,” the muscled officer would quirk a brow at the papers.
“i-it has?” you lean over your seat, popping your head out of the window to look at the papers in his hand; your chest popping out your blouse not so subtly. it can be seen in the way his eyes flicker down there for a moment before looking back up.
“yes. i’m afraid this is a clear violation of traffic laws, as well as your speeding,” the officer clarifies your issue.
“this can’t be, it’s only a few weeks ago! i don’t see the issue, i’ve had it for years…”
“are you due for a renewal?” he’d ask, and you’d shake your head.
you knew the ticket was going to be expensive. you can’t possibly pay for it either.
in a moment like this, your pretty little dumb brain needs to come up with something to get you out of this mess! one thing you’re not stupid at; and that is using your to-die-for sweet pussy as an offering (or so you’ve been told by easy men).
“no, but there has to be a mistake—!” you’d plead.
“are you aware of how fast you were going, ma’am?” he’d ask, not even expecting you to know.
“n-no?” of course, you wouldn’t know.
“you were going ten above the posted speed limit,” he’d say and you wouldn’t know. again.
“really? i must have missed it...” you pout, rubbing your hand across your exposed thighs that rub against each other; the material of your jean shorts sliding up further and exposing more skin; the officer gulps at the sight. the skin looks so plush and soft to the touch.
“like you missed them expiration date on your license?” he would quirk a brow.
“yes…” you’d smile defensively and the officer looks uneasy.
“i’m afraid i’m gonna have to hand you a ticket, ma’am,” he would flip through the small stacked sticky papers, getting ready to write it—!
“but officer...” you lean over once more, making sure to slightly get off your seat to pop the plush skin of your ass through the jean shirts. “i have a problem…”
“what seems to be the problem?” he’d raise a brow, knowing damn well what you’re going to pull off.
“i don’t have any cash on me… and,” you’d look up through fluttering lashes. “i can’t seem to remember your name either. how am i supposed to pay for a ticket when i don’t know your name or when i don’t have money?”
the officer would sigh in pity, today was your unlucky day.
or was it?
“sawamura,” he’d state blankly, turning back to his notebook. “officer sawamura.”
“well, officer sawamura…” his real name rolls off your tongue like honey, leaning over closer to where your breath could fan his face. “is there any other way i could pay for the ticket?”
shit, you’re good. daichi thought (off-script?).
ah well, police officers work hard every day to ensure everyone’s safety. sure, your driving was reckless and you could have hurt someone… not to mention, your license was expired. there’s plenty of violations against traffic here.
surely, another violation wouldn’t hurt…
“i can think of a few ways,” the officer would shrug with a smile and you’d brighten up, heart rate increasing. “but first, i’m gonna need you to come with me, ma’am.”
“h-huh? but where to?’ your lips would part in confusion as daichi tilts his head to the police car, motioning towards it.
and you had to follow his orders. he was, after all, a real police officer in the police force. the walk back to his car was increase the thumping of your heart, surging adrenaline in your veins. this was happening!
then you’d reach the car and he’d motion for you to get in the backseat; the one with the steel covering; making it more thrilling.
“the back?” you’d gulp.
“i can’t let speeding cars get back into traffic so easily…” daichi would say, motioning for you to get in the car, and you do so slowly. “you’re lucky i’m almost off my shift to deal with speeding tickets.”
“of course, officer,” you’d flutter your lashes, leaning to put your hand against his muscley arm. “i’m certain the community appreciates what you do for them.”
“and what’s the community willing to do in return?” daichi would smirk, raising a brow.
“anything the top ranked officer desires,” you’d smile and get down on your knees, intimidated by how little you feel sandwiched between his massive thighs, you could get crushed at any moment.
“very well then,” daichi would stroke your hair as you eagerly unbuckle his pants, reaching towards the zipper. “i’m sure the top ranked officer will appreciate whatever you’re willing to give.”
you lick your lips at the sight; his cock was even larger in person. the girth confirmed it for you; there’s no way you’ll be able to take it with your pussy. you’re certain half of it wouldn’t even fit in your mouth.
“you’re so big, officer sawamura,” you’d look up with pink cheeks and he’d chuckle.
but you’ll have to make it fit; anything for the top ranked officer daichi sawamura.
and you’d lean over, giving him a nice view of your ass before you get to work. you’d start with slow kitten licks up his shaft, and you’d wrap your lips experimentally around the head of his cock, looking up to see his scrunched up facial expression. you barely started.
and then the real work starts; where you try taking him further into your mouth; your lips doing down a quarter inch more, tongue sliding down his shaft; and he’d lightly groan at the feeling.
“shit, you’re good at this, sweetheart,” daichi would say and it sounds like heaven in your ears to be praised when you’ve done the bare minimum.
you’d hum and quicken your pace, beginning to bob your head up and down on his length; enoying the little moans he lets out. and you’re fully aware this is acting; but for some reason the moans sound real, sound genuine. his hand resting against the back of your head, gently guiding it along with your movements.
and you had to make him cum. whatever it took—!
suddenly you’re pulled off his dick, you flutter your lashes in confusion.
did he not like it—?
“sorry, sweetheart,” he shifts his position slightly. “but at this rate, i won’t cum for another hour. and police officers do have better things to get to.”
you simply nod wanting to get back up but his large hands push you back down.
“i’m gonna fuck this slutty mouth of yours first— for having an expired license,” daichi would stroke your cheek, sending shivers down your spine. “and i’m gonna fuck your pussy second— for speeding in traffic.”
you’d only hum, taken by surprise but willing to do whatever it takes to make your officer cum.
“whatever you want officer,” you smiled and daichi wasted no time.
he thrusts into your mouth, and you gag immensely at the size bottoming out in your throat. and he’d thrust in and out at a brutal pace, the groans and moans slipping out his mouth were heavenly to allow you to endure the pain of his large cock. the slurping noises and drool mixed with precum slipping down your chin was a real sight for the hard-working officer.
“fuck— your mouth feels good wrapped around me, you reckless slut of a citizen,” he’d groan, large hands wrapped around the back of your head as he throws his head back. “‘s all you’re good for.”
tears flood your cheeks but you’re in pure euphoria; your cunt is dripping into yru shorts and the sight of daichi enjoying this was enough to make you clench around nothing.
“i’m close—fuck,” daichi would speed his thrusts and it stings; but it feels good.
you smile as he thrusts finally into your mouth; the tip hitting your uvula as he finally orgasms, splurts of cum coating it and his groans were heavenly yet again.
and he’d pull out; grabbing your waist as you knelt and pulling you into his lap, your thighs draped over his much larger ones and he turns to shuffle something out of his pocket; pulling out his… handcuffs?
your eyes widen but your cunt throbs at the thought of being restrained.
“don’t want you running away when the fun starts now, hm?” he’d say, grabbing your arms and throwing them around his shoulder; the metal of the cuffs clunking when it’s secured around your wrists behind his head. “like you said, i’m very big and you’ll probably want to escape.”
why would you want to escape—?
daichi pulls your shorts down, slightly ripping them and his fingers find your wet pussy dripping with arousal, fingers circling around your sensitive clit to collect some slick— spreading it.
and then he’d tease your folds with his cum-slick tip; causing you to bite your lip at the tiny feeling.
but then he’d thrust into you slowly; girth stretching you out inch by inch and you’d lean to bite his shoulder in order to adjust— he wasn’t wrong in the slightest. and when he finally bottoms out, that’s when your gaze lidded with lust registers the fact you’re going to be seeing stars at how good he’ll fuck you.
“we just got started, quit your whining,” daichi would order.
“you’re just s-so big, officer sawamura,” you’d bite his shoulder. “i can only take so much.”
“shouldn’t have been speeding on the highway then, sweetheart,” he’d say, slapping your ass and sending jolts of pleasure through your body.
“maybe i did it on purpose, officer,” you’d moan as he picks up the pace. “maybe i wanted a top ranked officer like you to pull me over and use me like this.”
“i bet you did,” he’d say and slap your ass once more, causing your pussy to flutter around his dick; which felt heavenly. “bet you wanted the whole police force of this community to put you in your place.”
you couldn’t even argue against that, his dick was hitting all the right spots inside you and for once you choose to think that this isn’t a porno you’re a part of. but rather— a not so disappointing reality. he felt so good, he was so big.
you’d like to assume daichi was enjoying this; filling you to the brim and gaining this pleasure. but in reality, it’s you who’s getting fucked dumb as your role.
but then his thrusts would be relentless; his large hands groping the plush skin of your ass that is sure to leave bruises; you can’t help but cry out at the sensation.
“please officer, i can’t take it!” you’d cry at the size, gaining another slap to your ass.
“you’ll have to take it, or else i’m gonna rethink on writing you that ticket,” he’d say thrusting upward and enjoying the moans bouncing in his police car.
“officer sawamura, please!” you moan at the merciless pace.
“if you keep whining…” daichi turned around to grab the radio in the back of his pocket; your eyes widening. “i’ll press this button and have the other officers patrolling this area come watch me fuck your messy cunt. would you like that?”
“n-no i’m satisfied with just you, officer sawamura!” you moan, nipping at his neck.
“did you just whine again?” daichi says, pressing the button and your eyes widen.
“officer sugawara? you copy?”
you gasp; one of his famous co-stars that works at this studio as well?
“copy that, officer daichi,” his voice would clearly voice out the radio and your lips part, he’s in the studio right now? on this radio call? “are you in need of backup?”
daichi wasn’t kidding when he said he preferred his work to be realistic. even to this extent; a real operating radio of sugawara talking somewhere in the studio.
“you could say something like that,” daichi would trail off, looking at your scared expression.
“oh really? send the coordinates then,” sugawara would say seductively
“n-no officer sawamura, promise i’ll be quiet!” you whisper-plead in his ear and he’d chuckle lowly, sending shivers down your spine. “just want you!”
daichi would see your desperate expression and soften.
“never mind, officer sugawara, i think i can handle it from here,” daichi would change his mind, causing you to let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.
“copy that.”
for some reason, the thought of being fucked by such hot and pretty police officers rocks you closer to your orgasm than you might think. daichi would speed up his thrusts up your cunt; hitting the coil that is threatening to snap, your hands around the back of his neck cuffed as you hold on for dear life.
“oh! right there, officer!” you moan in his ear, daichi groaning at the way your cunt is pulsating around his dick, clearly getting closer. “oh! i’m gonna cum, officer sawamura!”
“that’s the spot, eh?” he’d say. “don’t you think you’re cumming too fast? haven’t you learned your lesson about speeding?”
“‘m sorry, officer sawamura, you just fuck me so good like the dumb slut i am!” you cry out, oh you’re so close—!
“fuck— cum for me then,” daichi’s face would scrunch up in such a hot manner, your words rocking him closer to his own orgasm.
looks like the officer violated his own rule about speeding.
“i’m cumming, officer!” you cry out, cunt pulsating around his cock once more; milking his cum dry as your legs shake in his lap— you feel him coating your walls as he cums inside of you as well.
you take a moment to catch your breath before—!
“i suggest you don’t violate traffic laws if you don’t want this to happen again, ma’am,” daichi would breath out with an attractive smile.
“AND CUT!” the director yells, snapping you out of your little moment. “that was perfect daichi and y/n!”
“you did good, sweetheart,” daichi turns back to you and you smile back shyly, hiding in the crook of his neck and he’d chuckle. “i’d love to work with you again sometime.”
“me too,” you admitted, your lips parting when daichi grabs your ass while the camera clearly isn’t rolling.
“how about i bring in suga for real next time?” he smirks and you gasp softly in his arms.
how can you possibly refuse?
Tumblr media
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kotarotea · a month ago
Tumblr media
[2:01 a.m.]
what you’re doing is wrong. definitely wrong.
when you’d walked into the bar with some coworkers for a nice night out, taking a break after the long week you’ve faced, you didn’t think very much would happen, with exception to the work romance you’ve been trying to set up.
you had practically shoved your dearest coworker, millie, in the arms of the man and coworker she’s been ogling for ages, leaving you off to the side to enjoy the awkward show of them chatting up a storm with their cheeks mirrored dark shades of red.
what you didn’t expect to happen was a familiar voice call out to you with a loud cheer. “y/l/n! is that really ‘ya?”
you turn your head quickly to watch the large, boisterous man walk up to you with that signature toothy grin, lifting a beer glass in your direction. miya atsumu.
your breath hitches in your throat when you realize he’s got his twin brother under his free arm, dragging him along everywhere he went.
miya osamu.
“damn, y/n, it’s been a while, huh?” atsumu muses, ignoring the timid stare you’re giving his brother. “what’s it? three, four years?”
with a pressed smile, you turn to atsumu. “yep, three years.”
you’d met atsumu through your best friend of … forever, honestly. she’d set you up on a date with him and upon first meeting him, under that somewhat awkward situation, both of you knew you weren’t exactly going to click in that way. nonetheless, you remained friends, leaving no room for any awkward tension at a failed relationship.
that’s something you liked about atsumu. he treated things as they were and moved on.
“you r’member ‘samu, don’t’cha?” he shakes his brother in his grasp only to wince in memory. “i know it’s kinda awkward and all-”
“atsumu don’t you have rounds to get from the bar,” osamu grits, flicking his eyes up toward the bartender, nudging his head forward so atsumu gets the hint.
atsumu lets go of his twin, shrugging him off and rolling his stiff shoulder. “yeah, yeah, i’ll be off then.” and then he leaves.
there’s an awkward silence with you and osamu standing in front of each other.
“hey,” you greet him with a small wave and smile to match.
“hi,” he greets back, managing a half smile.
there really shouldn’t be any reason you feel awkward in front of him. you’re not the one who dated him.
it was your best friend.
…hence the setup with atsumu.
she’d been seeing osamu for a few weeks at that point and brought up the idea of how cute it’d be being best friends and dating twins. while the thought weirded you out at first, you agreed to her pleas for a double date; it was also the day you’d meet the man she’d been dating so you weren’t about to pass that opportunity.
“you look good,” osamu nods at you. “i mean, well. not like good, like you look good but-”
“thanks,” you cut him off with a chuckle. “you look good, er-well, too.” and then you grin, making osamu’s smile a little wider, too.
you meant it both ways. the man looks like he was doing well, eyes warm with light and not like some of your coworker’s who’s eyes are dim in fatigue and exhaustion.
and he looks good. you were aware the man was an athlete, making sense for the large, built physique he has but even years later after quitting the sport, he remained as buff as ever. his tight dress shirt hugged the muscles of his arms, straining against them as he has his arms crossed in a casual manner as he faced you. his shirt only did get looser - slightly - at his waist which was cinched to the point of being enviable at this point.
you merely glaze over his legs, well ware if you looked for too long, it’d be a dead give away you were checking the man out. from what you could tell from a glance, his thighs were thick in his jeans, probably strained if he sat down.
“do you wanna sit?” you ask the taller man, motioning to the empty bar stool beside you.
he nods silently under the blue lights, casually slipping into the seat beside yours. yep, his thighs are strained in those jeans. “so what’s got you here on a friday night?“ he breaks the ice, lightly drumming his fingers along the edge of the bar counter.
“work friends wanted a break,” you reply simply, gesturing over to the few you could see on the dance floor. “and who am i to pass up an opportunity of seeing some drama unfold maybe?”
you didn’t realize how late it’s gotten into the evening, becoming aware that only a few of your coworkers were still at the bar.
you don’t want to leave yet though.
“ah,” osamu’s eyes twinkle in amusement as he muses. “wish i could say the same for me.”
“atsumu got you here i’m assuming?”
he nods, rolling his eyes to the side. “‘wanted me out of the store.”
your eyes light at that. you recall osamu talking about opening his own restaurant while he dates your best friend but he wasn’t around for you to see the end product.
“how’s that going?” you ask, blinking up at him in curiosity.
osamu stares at you for a moment before shaking his head to himself as he begins to open up.
you fall into an easy conversation with osamu, catching up with him since you hadn’t spoken in around three years.
he recounts all the trials and tribulations of opening a restaurant - some you weren’t even aware of until he told you - and you expressed your own mundane feelings about your own job, though you both reached exactly where you wanted to be.
it’s comforting, sharing the negative past events leading up to where you are now, both being successful (even if it wasn’t your peak yet).
you’re both waving your hands around, talking animatedly to one other, eyes gleaming in delight at each other’s stories. from far away, it probably looks like two friends catching up after just a week apart.
osamu orders drinks for the both of you and you’ve yet to look back at those coworkers you’ve been trying to set up - if they’re still even at the bar, that is - since you’re far too focused on osamu’s grey eyes and the way the shine under the bar’s dim lights.
he has you doubling over in a laugh when he speaks of his brother as if he’s not only some feet away from him. osamu grins at your laughter, relaxing in his stool as he takes a swig of his beer.
before you realize, your stool has moved to be even closer to his. your shoulders are touching at this point, forearm draped over his as you absentmindedly trace the wood markings of the bar counter.
but neither of you say a word about it, as if you don’t need to.
when your conversation dies down, leaving the two of you lightly chuckling at each other, osamu turns to fully face you.
he’s about to say something but catches sight of something on your face first.
“hey, you’ve got some-“ he pauses to lift his hand and wipe a spot just under your bottom lip. “-sugar.” he smiles easily, hooded eyes boring into you in amusement.
the action has you frozen in place, lips parted open. you can’t even make a comment about the sugar on your lip from whatever sugar rimmed drink you decided to order. all you can think of is having his fingers caress your jaw one more time.
wait, what?
you don’t have a chance to say anything because atsumu’s stumbling toward the two of you, another man holding him up.
“‘samu, we’re going home, y’coming?” he slurs, blinking slowly as he looks between the two of you. if he suspects something, he says nothing about it.
“i uh, yeah,” he detaches from you, patting his jeans. he pauses to look at you, “do you have a ride home?”
“i’m fine on my own, don’t worry.” you give him a pressed smile, missing his body warmth already.
nope, y/n, you shouldn’t be missing his warmth.
“y/n,” osamu deadpans, looking at you flatly. “i just watched you have like four of those cocktails. i’m taking you home.” and then he turns back to his brother and the other man. “suna, can you take him?”
the man beside atsumu - suna, you’re assuming - nods with a dry expression. “yeah, yeah. get back safe.”
osamu bids suna and his brother goodbye and then he turns to you. “you want another?”
you blink up at him. “don’t you want to go home?”
he shrugs. “i’m not opening early tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about me. this is your relax night, no?”
you gnaw at your lip. “one more and then we can go.”
osamu gives you a close-lipped smile. “alright.” he raises a hand, gesturing to the bartender for one more for you. you notice his beer bottle has been empty for an hour now.
“i’m usually the designated driver,” osamu says when he notices your gaze. “it was lucky that suna’d shown up to bring ‘em home.”
“lucky,” you muse, smiling. truly lucky.
one drink later, you’re standing up from your stool, holding onto osamu’s muscular shoulder for support as you get used to wearing your heels. your feet are practically numb at this point after the long work week.
osamu leads you to his car, opening the door for you before he jogs over to the driver’s seat. you sit comfortably, playing with the hem of your dress absentmindedly.
“comfortable?” he asks, looking over at you briefly.
“mhm,” you hum, “very.”
he swallows and then puts the car into drive, asking you for your address.
the drive is quiet at first and you spend it glancing at osamu every few minutes, admiring how handsome he looks in the yellow and red lights reflected from the cars in front of his.
at a stop light, he arches an eyebrow as he turns to look at you, “what’s got’cha looking at me? don’t tell me I got sugar on my lip, too.”
you laugh at his joke, instinctively bringing your fingers up to your face to lightly trail along the spot he’d grazed earlier. “sorry, you’re just-” you cut yourself off, shaking your head firmly.
you’re intoxicated. you wouldn’t be thinking these things had there been no alcohol in your system.
“i’m just?” he asks, fluttering his lashes at you, eyes shining even prettier against the red lights of the brake lights in front of the car.
then again, drunken words are sober thoughts.
you let out a breath.
damn it, osamu.
“you’re just really handsome.”
you expect him to recoil back in his seat, awkwardly clearing his throat in discomfort. the ride’ll continue in a painful silence until he drops you off and vows to never see you again.
but his hooded eyes, lidded even further down, bore into yours as a smirk pulls up on one side of his lips. “yeah?” he asks, leaning forward.
your eyes widen slightly, but you nod nonetheless. you thinks he’ll say something else but he turns away when you see the red light reflecting off his face turn to green.
he resumes driving, but this time, he’s looking at you every few minutes, small smile never leaving his face.
“y’look good,” he says, breaking the silence as you stare out the window.
“you already said that-”
“i mean good, like pretty.” he catches your eyes, grinning at your flushed expression. “gorgeous, really. didn’t know if should’ve said that before but ‘m tellin’ ya now.”
by the time he pulls up in front of your apartment building, you’re still feeling rather flustered, but bolder.
osamu looks out the window, glancing at your apartment complex. then he looks over at you, eyes trailing across your features as if committing them to memory; as if this’ll be the last time he’ll see you.
“is it wrong,” you begin in a whisper, unclicking your seatbelt. “if i ask you to come up with me?”
osamu leans back in his seat, sighing.
the attraction is there, the both of you know it.
but there’s the piece wedged between the two of you, making you hesitate.
his ex.
your best friend.
“it is,” he firmly nods at you, making an ache form in your chest.
you expect him to bid you a goodnight, and then go on his way. he’ll go home, sleep away the night, and forget your obvious chemistry. he’ll open his restaurant as normal tomorrow, and this night will be nothing but a dimmed memory in a week.
you have to forget your expectations for osamu.
because he always does the opposite.
“it is,” he repeats after a beat, “but isn’t it more wrong if i say yes?”
and then you’re in the elevator of your apartment building, gripping and tugging at osamu’s button up shirt as he cups your cheeks with his large hands, kissing you with so much passion, you’d think he’d missed you for years.
the elevator dings and you’re stumbling in the hallway in direction of your apartment, clumsily twisting the key into your door as he trails messy kisses along your jaw.
what you’re doing is wrong. definitely wrong.
but you can’t find yourself to care, really. especially not when you’re waking up with both your bodies tangled together in a mess of limbs, and osamu’s head is buried in your neck as he inhales your sweet scent with each sleeping breath.
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risumu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
“that’s wrong. you’re supposed to—“
“ugh,” you groan, slamming your forehead down to your notebook before kuroo has a chance to reach over and fully explain your mistake.
he’s a good tutor, but you suppose that’s all because he’s the TA for the class too. and you’re lucky you were able to book a slot with him before they all filled up. you’re grateful, really! but then again.
“if i hear you say ‘that’s wrong’ one more time i’m dropping out immediately,” you grumble against the notebook paper.
it’s quiet for a moment. then kuroo speaks up.
“that’s incorrect.”
you groan again, slouching back in your seat and dragging your hands down your face. it’s late, you’ve been at this for a while, and you have decided you completely and utterly hate statistics with your whole entire heart. turning your head to look over to kuroo, you’re greeted with a smooth grin that is a flip side of your pouty little frown.
“i’m dropping out,” you huff.
“no, you’re not,” he chuckles, and you nearly flinch when he raises a hand to swipe back the hair that got stuck to your forehead. “what you are doing is mixing up your steps. look.”
and there he goes, leaning up beside you with his pencil in hand. he’s talking, you know he is, but your eyelids are heavy and you’ve pulled all nighters the past two days to study for your upcoming exam and the steady rumble of his voice is just so calming.
so it’s really not your fault when your head lolls over and is suddenly resting against your tutor’s shoulder.
“just gimme a few minutes, just wanna rest my eyes,” you mumble, and his shoulder is so much more comfortable than you thought it would be, honestly.
kuroo goes stiff for a few minutes, because literally what else is he supposed to do? the person who he secretly can’t keep his eyes off during ever lecture falling asleep on his shoulder? how is he supposed to act in this situation?
timidly—though he’ll tell his friends how confident he was during this moment later—he lifts a hand up to run it through your hair. and no, he does not blush when he hears you hum at his action and then wrap both your arms around the one of his you’re leaning against.
and really, he would be more than happy to stay like this for as long as possible, but the library is going to close in just a few minutes. so, with just a bit of internal panic and a whole lot of regret that he has to do this, he shakes you a little bit—gently of course.
“the library is about to close.”
he bites the inside of his cheek and curses himself for finding this as cute as he does. so, as good as he can without jostling you too much, he starts grabbing your books and sliding them back into your bag, then doing the same to his own.
“yn, i got your stuff. we need to go,” kuroo shakes you again, and you mumble something under your breath that he doesn’t really pick up on. “come on, up you go.”
even as he raises you out of your seat and onto your feet, you still don’t unwrap yourself from his arm. honestly, he’s not even sure your eyes are open as he slings the both of yours bags over his shoulder and starts leading you towards the door.
he’d rather die than admit to his current inner mantra of ‘don’t spazz out don’t spazz out’ as he walks out the door and into the open campus air. he starts walking, and he doesn’t even know which dorm you’re in so he’s not even sure where he’s going.
“kuroo,” you speak, making him jump just a little as you break your silence. “why are you taking me back to your dorm?”
kuroo’s steps stutter to a halt and he realizes that he is in fact—although it was completely subconsciously, he swears—leading you towards his dorm building. his brows furrow as he looks down to you.
“how’d you know this is my dorm?”
“my window,” you point, to the building the two of you have just passed, right across from the one you’re standing in front of. “it’s right across from yours. by the way, you’re a really bad dancer.”
kuroo wants to die on the spot as you look up to him with a sleepy smile, and he knows he’s blushing, he just hopes you can see it from the dim campus lights.
“please tell me you’ll just forget you ever saw that,” kuroo grins sheepishly, bangs curling up a little with the humidity in the air.
“that depends,” you shrug, unwrapping yourself from his arm and stealing your bag back from his shoulder before taking a step backwards.
“on what?” kuroo asks as you turn to walk away, fingers gripping his own backpack strap. his arm still feels warm from your contact.
you look back over your shoulder, and kuroo thinks you look far too pretty under the shitty campus lights.
“whether i pass my exam or not.”
and kuroo really can’t help it when he cuts all of his other sessions with other students short just so he can squeeze in more for you. he just wants you to pass is all! he cares about everyone’s grades!
(and it’s all for naught anyways, because you see him dance a lot more. but this time in a front row seat on the edge of his dorm room bed. and he never fails to grab your hand and make you dance with him.)
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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augustinewrites · 2 days ago
osamu + “we’re fake dating! why did you tell them we were engaged?!” for @amarinthe thanks for requesting this! it's probably one of my favourite prompts
Tumblr media
the moment you open your front door, you kind of regret it.
because while your totally hot neighbour is standing in your doorway in his dark jeans and fitted black t-shirt glory, you’re rocking shorts and an unreasonably large sweatshirt.
“osamu,” you blink, tugging the hem of your shirt down a little. “hey.”
“hey,” he replies with a smile that makes your knees weak, holding up a takeout bag. “i brought some onigiri home. wanna share?”
thinking about the instant ramen currently boiling on your stovetop, you couldn’t possibly refuse his offer (especially if it’s from miya osamu, whose very successful restaurant is quite literally across the street).
so you open your door wider, letting him step inside and slip his shoes off while you move into the kitchen, placing two plates on the counter.
“so, how was your day?” he asks, unpacking the setting two onigiri on each plate. “anything interesting happen?”
you slide into the stool next to him, swinging your legs lightly as you munch on happily on the food. “not particularly, you?”
“actually, yeah,” he starts, taking his cap off and running a hand through his hair (you think it’s unfair, how good it still looks, even after spending all day smushed under a baseball cap). “my ma called today.”
“your ma?” you hum through a mouthful of salmon and rice. “what’d she say?”
he picks disinterestedly at the seaweed on his onigiri. “she, uh, asked that i visit home for dinner tomorrow night.”
“that’s sounds fun,” you start, pausing when he visibly grimaces. “unless it’s...not?”
“my brother’s bringin’ his girl again,” he shrugs. “and i know that means ma’s gonna be on my ass about why i’m not datin’.”
“yeah, i’ve had that conversation with my parents before,” you shudder, patting his shoulder in understanding. “the future, grandchildren, the passive-aggressive judgement from siblings. you should just call and say you’re sick.”
“can’t,” he sighs heavily. “i already cancelled twice. she may disown me if i skip a third time, or worse, show up at my place.”
it’d probably be funny, you think, seeing mama and brother miya across the hall, bugging osamu. “then maybe you should bring someone,” you suggest off-handedly. “just to keep them off your back a little. when was the last time you went on a date?”
when he doesn’t answer, your happy chewing slows, and you glance over at him. “jeez, that long ago? i thought you had more game than that, miya.”
a slow grin spread across his face when he meets your gaze. “last time i went out with someone was...four months ago, actually.”
“four months ago? that was around when we—” your eyes widen slightly, heat spreading to your cheeks. “oh. that...was not a date. that was a slightly intoxicated but very satisfying sexual exchange between friends.”
osamu chuckles, ducking his head a little and making those eyes at you (the ones that’d lured you into fucking him on your living room floor at two in the morning). “maybe don’t bring that up when ya meet my mom.”
“excuse me?” you laugh. “you cannot bring me home to meet your family.”
“why not?” he questions, looking genuinely confused. “you’re the one who suggested it. it’s just for one night anyway.”
“i just can’t!” you insist, looking at him incredulously. “i’d be nervous even if we were dating. what if they ask questions about--”
“i’ll give you free onigiri for a month.”
“so, how did the two of you meet?” osamu’s mother asks as she pours you a generous glass of wine.
you freeze, blinking a few times. when you open your mouth, nothing comes out.
(it’s funny how, on the hour-long drive to hyogo, the two of you hadn’t discussed any basic information about your relationship. instead, you’d spent your time debating the best taylor swift album and making fun of the other tenants in your building.)
you almost flinch when someone places a hand on the small of your back, but relax when osamu’s faint cologne meets your senses. “actually it was the day after she moved in next door,” he says. “i brought some onigiri over because she’d asked me that morning where the closest grocery store was so i figured…”
you smile fondly, recalling the day you’d run into him at the mailboxes, and he’d shown up a few hours later with food. he’d claimed they were just leftovers even though it was mid-afternoon.
“i can’t believe you remember that,” you murmur.
he hums quietly, gaze flicking over your face briefly. “i guess it’s just when i knew.”
you’re sure that your heart stutters in your chest. surely he’d stolen that from some cheesy romance flick?
“how long have you two been together?” his mother follows up with, glancing between the two of you expectantly, a slow smile spreading across her face.
“eight months,” you say.
“almost a year,” osamu answers at the same time.
across from you, atsumu hides a smile behind his glass of water.
“i mean, who’s counting?” you laugh, quick to recover, reaching over to your ‘boyfriend’ blindly, meaning to pat his shoulder but instead catching him on the cheek. “time flies when you’re in love.”
you turn to stare at osamu when you feel him clasp your hand, pressing a kiss to your fingers, lips curling against them.
your stomach flutters a little at the gesture.
“‘tsumu,” he continues, redirecting the conversation. he rests your clasped hands on the table, thumb brushing the back of yours gently. “i thought you were bringing your girlfriend.”
“oh, she’s at her place doin’ some packing,” he answers easily. “she’s movin’ in next week.”
“that’s great news!” their mother beams, osamu’s hand tightening around yours as he blurts,
“yeah, well, we’re engaged!”
this time, you choke on your bite of chicken, almost hacking up a lung as you whip your head towards your neighbour/friend/fake boyfriend turned fake fiancé.
he shoots you a pleading gaze as he rubs firm circles on your back, and when you finally dislodge that traitorous piece of meat, you draw a slow breath and sigh. “babe, i thought we were going to wait until you made it official.” you lift your left hand, pointing at your empty ring finger before turning back to his mother and brother. “do you mind if we step away for a second?”
they both wave you off, and you snatch osamu’s wrist, dragging him out the back door, making sure it’s shut tight before you whisper-shout,
“we are fake dating! why would you tell them that we were engaged?”
he rubs his hands down his face, groaning. “i’m sorry, i panicked! it’s just that when atsumu mentioned moving in i got weirdly competitive because we’re twins—”
“so naturally you told your mother we were getting married? what’s next, atsumu mentions a joint bank account and you tell them that i’m pregnant?”
osamu lowers his hands to peek at you. “can i actually do that?”
“no! this is so not worth the free onigiri!” you growl, smacking him on the shoulder a few times, osamu yelling in protest.
(inside, atsumu and their mother peek out the kitchen window to watch the both of you, the latter murmuring, ‘definitely engaged.’)
“you cannot tell that story in your toast,” you laugh, three years later with a very real engagement ring on your finger.
“why not?” osamu whines, completely invading your side of the bed to wrap his arms around you. “it’s how we got together, isn’t it?”
“by lying to your family.”
“soon to be your family,” he reminds you happily. “and i didn’t have to tell them you were pregnant.”
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shoyotime · 2 hours ago
when they're jealous !
Tumblr media
about. akaashi, atsumu, oikawa, suna, osamu
note. added more characters bcz i didn't have a drabble idea <3 queued w self rbs !
Tumblr media
— akaashi
isn't vocal about it but there's a fair change of behavior which is rather obvious, if noticed carefully. you may think he isn't the type of get jealous but his gaze grows sharper as if he's planning someone's demise. again, he might not say anything about it, but expect his arms around your waist, or hands around your wrist a little more than usual. a little more inclination towards public affection, which is more of a sign to tell the person that you're off the markets. however, if you ever bring it up, he will end up getting flustered and switch topics multiple times.
— atsumu
is jealous but tries so hard not to make it obvious ( catch : he fails ) while his hands may or may be around your waist / wrist, his gaze and the exaggerated smile perfectly translates to ' you're talking to my s/o ' and it's funny, really. if things get serious, he would tell the person that you're his s/o and doesn't care if it makes everything a little awkward. would definitely whine because you were being hit on and you didn't even do anything. i mean, you could've told them that you already have a super hot and loving boyfriend — his words, of course.
— oikawa
gets so jealous, it embarrasses you. it's fine initially, he doesn't mind you talking to anyone, but that person has the audacity to hit on you while he's standing right next to you and it ticks him off. another second and his hands are around your shoulders, probably kissing your forehead. " i know, my s/o is so pretty " or if he wants to leave then probably makes excuses like, " i think we should go, my y/n needs to rest " even though you both arrived five minutes ago. over all, he adds 'my' after every salutation he uses for you and makes sure to stare into the depths of that person's eye to let him know that you're taken.
— suna
this man i swear, he doesn't even care. i mean he does, but he's best at hiding it. will probably listen to everything you and that 'sorry excuse of a human' — as he told you afterwards — are talking about. pretends to be busy on phone but he's probably typing phrases like, ' i'll kill you ' and ' you son of a bitch, get away from my s/o ' on his notepad. also scoffs dramatically every once a while and it pauses the conversation for a solid second. one of the guys you were talking to the other day ordered maple pancakes for you and suna legit went, " they like vanilla pancakes more, " in short, his point is to make every comment that proves that he knows you better than anyone else and that gives it away that you belong to him <3
— osamu
he's a patient guy, he doesn't pay much attention. osamu would simply observe you both talking while he's busy serving the customers but things take a turn when that other person tries to hold your hands, or anything physical. it blows him off, suddenly he's no longer the patient guy you know ( i mean he's atsumu's twin after all ) and then he'll walk to you with the most forced smile you've ever seen, saying : " having fun, darling? " while placing a peck on your nose. this loser gets so indulged into pda, you wonder if it's still osamu you're talking to. either way, he doesn't mind showing you off and stating it very clearly that you are his s/o until it gets imprinted in that stranger's mind.
Tumblr media
taglist in rbs !
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amalthea-000 · 6 months ago
‘ he compares you to his ex ⅱ ,
Tumblr media
☞ tags: angst to fluff, arguments and what nots, some romantic undertones
☞ 📍 tw📍: swearing, slight insecurity, being compared to, judged eating habits (dm if i missed one)
☞ with: timeskip! suna, iwaizumi x f!reader
wc: 1356 words
note: again, please dni if you ever feel triggered with topics like these, your comfort first! default name for the exes lol please send an ask if you want other haikyuu men for this series. :)) thank you for reading and taking interest in this series, here’s the 2nd part requested by @iiishaa​  !!
| masterlist | pt. 1 with miya twins | pt. 3 kuroo & ushi |
Tumblr media
° iwaizumi hajime:
- having a boyfriend as an athletic trainer has its perks, he always makes sure that both of you are on top shape when it comes to health. but then again, your body could not handle the vigorous routines and diets athletes/clients he handles carry out. sadly, iwaizumi pushes you to limits beyond.
difficult it may be, you try to follow iwaizumi's instructions, almost treating you like his clients, who were professionals and amateurs. but you? you were far from those people, you'd like to have your own freedom when it comes to exercising and food intake, nevertheless you comply because the smile on his face during your sessions are worth the fatigue.
 although sometimes iwaizumi seems to forget you were not his client but his lover.
"look haji, I've been craving this meal since last week, can you get of my back?" you reason, as soon as hajime saw the bag you're holding he lectured you about how trans fats and carbs will affect your body, you sigh and sit on the table, "no matter how many times you say that, I'm still going to eat this ‘cuz i bought it, if you want some, you can join me" not sparing him a glance since the aroma of the cheeseburger makes your mouth quiver in excitement. iwaizumi scoffed, 
"mika wouldn't pig out like you. tsk."
 mika? pig out? you? your mouth fell open at the words that came out of iwaizumi’s mouth. you let out a small “what?” hearing what he said to you left nasty thoughts in your head, you lost your appetite and immediately threw away the take away bag. iwaizumi just stood there frozen, mouth agape at what he just said. as you exited the kitchen, stopping beside him, “sorry, i can’t be like your perfect mika” you voice was shaky but you roll your eyes and slam the door to your bedroom. as soon as he heard those words, guilt hit him like a wave.
 you completely understood that iwaizumi just wanted the best for you but you didn’t deserve to be treated like that. angry tears were running down your face, the lecture was understandable but to bring her up? was a low blow, does he still think of her? was she better than you? ugh. you bring your knees closer and cried.
 on the other hand, the man in question was pacing back and forth in the kitchen, trying to figure out how to approach you. why am i such a dick? he thought. he truly did care for you but it was purely accidental when he said that comment. he rubbed his faced with his calloused hands and decided to knock on the bedroom door, “hey” no answer. his heart dropped the moment he saw your slumped figure sitting on the window sill with your knees on your chest. the ache in his chest grew when he heard your muffled sobs. 
 he immediately sat infront of you and cautiously touched your arm rubbing it with his thumb, iwaizumi was never good with words but he made sure that every embrace and fleeting touches he gives you are full of love and affection. you look up and he winced at the state he put you in. “baby, shit- ‘m sorry” he leaned his forehead on your arm, “are you going back to her?” his head shoots up “no! baby, no” he pulls you to his lap and cradles your figure, “shit, baby no, i’m yours, fuc-” “really?” he pulls away and cups your face with one hand, “yes, baby, always” he kissed your temple, still holding you close, 
“’m sorry, baby. how about we get those burgers again?”
° suna rintarou:
- weekends with suna are the best, just like him you love staying in and lazying around your home. it’s either binging your favorite movies or just basking in each others’ presence. your personalities contrasted, you were more talkative and outgoing, as rin is more quiet and prefers to listen. no matter the tiny difference in your personalities you loved each other very much.
but there was something about this particular weekend where suna just wanted peace and quiet, maybe it’s the tough training routines but one thing was straight, he just wanted a quiet and relaxing weekend with you. but you had other plans, you made a reservation to this interesting place your friend told you about and wanted to take your boyfriend there. 
as soon as you got home you excitedly told him about what you had in store for the both of you. he groaned in annoyance but you shrugged that off, while you were talking, he took out his phone and just started scrolling, he was lowkey ignoring you, “are you listening, rin? i mean what do you think?” you ask, and that’s where the heated discussion about "trying new things” started, words were exchanged calmly but each rebuttal was filled with bane.
“we always stay at home, rin, atleast do this for me?“ you insisted, “it’s always about you, y/n“ he deadpanned, you scowl at him “what’s that supposed to mean? look, i planned this for us, to have fun“ suna raised a brow at you, “and what makes you think that i’d agree?” you were starting to get really annoyed by his attitude, “rin, what’s with the attitude? it’s just a one fucking day with me, outside” you got up from the dining chair to get a glass of water, 
“nari never forced me to do stupid things, but you? tsk. it was so easy with her.“
 before suna even realizes what he said you slam the glass on the counter, gritting your teeth, “fuck you, suna” and left. the middle blocker just sat there gripping his phone, a frustrated groan left his lips as he stood up, made his way to the couch and decided to wait for you to come home. suna may look calm on the outside but with every tick of the clock his worry increases and leaves vile thoughts on what might happen to you or if you decide to disappear in his life for good. he didn’t even notice how his eyes got moist due to the situation. 
“come back to me, baby”
 god knows how long you’ve been driving but you couldn’t face suna right now, not after the shit he pulled. without thinking, your mind led you to yours and suna’s bench on top of the hill near your apartment, you pulled over and rest your head on the steering wheel, and there go the waterworks. how could he just casually mention her? were you really forcing him to do things? does he really think she’s better? after sometime, your grew tired of crying and thinking, so you made your way home. either way you have to face him.
 as soon as suna heard the front door open, he scurried to you and took you in his arms, your body jolts at the sudden affection, you hear him mumbling thank yous’, sorrys’ and you’re okay multiple times. you never saw him this worried since you met him, it’s kind of odd but comforting. he led you to the couch and sat you on his lap and nuzzle his head to your chest, “princess, i’m really sorry, i fucked up, i know, just i- mph” he sniffed, to think that you ran out of tears from crying earlier, here you were again, suna always had his walls up, to see him this vulnerable melted your heart, beacuse it just shows he truly loves you.
 you wrap your arms around his neck, “i know, rin. ‘was really hurtful you know?” you feel him nod “do you still think of her?” his body stiffens and pulls away, “how could i think of her? when I think about you all the time?” he gently caress your cheek “’was just really tired, i didn’t mean it ok?” “okay” you latch your self to him again, “can we stay like this? forever?” you chuckle, his grip on your waist tightens and he plants a soft kiss on your nape, “forever.”
Tumblr media
hello guys! ahhh here’s second part with suna and iwa. hope you like this aisha & everyone! sorry if it wasn’t up to par but i did my best <3 well someone actually told me iwa’s line hahah ‘twas bad but hey i still got to eat hte burger ahaha ahh anyways thank you for reading this, lemme give you all hugs and kithes <3. stay safe everyone and sanitize well. drink water!!!
- khlara
☞ taglist: @nakizumie @lumpiang-toge @arrogantsonofabiscuit​ @gayerthanthee​ @iiishaa​
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Ch. Twenty
Note: Black Messages: Suna POV
⚠️WARNING: Swearing, derogatory language, threats
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
»»————- ♡ ————-««
A/N: Mic fucking DROP. Holy shit can we get an AMEN for Suna? 😍😍😍😍😍 And Osamu finally being a decent human being - we GET that he’s your brother but c’mon, Atsumu is a piece of sh*t. Do we think that Atsumu is actually gonna back off? Thank you all for reading, if you’re getting this right at 5PM EST, the next chapter is going to be posted at 5:15PM EST, so please enjoy the double chapter!
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Picture Perfect
Tumblr media
it had been alisa's idea: a picture at oikawa's party to post on social media and make your ex-boyfriend jealous. but you should have known better to believe that oikawa tooru would be satisfied with only a picture.
Tumblr media
pairing: university au fuckboy!oikawa tooru x fem!reader, 4.7k, nsfw pwp (mdni, 18+)
warnings: consensual filming and sharing, oral (m! and f!receiving), light praise kink (use of pretty girl, love), slight overstimulation, implied exhibitionism
written for: the anilysium august 2021 nsfw collab hatefucking! masterpost found here.
thanks to: my lovely betas @oneblonded, @lemonadencran, @rosesandtoshi, and @anime-nymph. you're all the bees knees <3
tagging: @hqintheclub
baby part two || part three || part four
Tumblr media
You’d been stupid to think that nothing would change. You trusted your boyfriend with everything, so when he’d promised that you’d stay together even though you were going to different universities, you believed him. The first month had been fine, but then volleyball tryouts happened, he made the team, and you were effectively old, high school news.
The text you woke up to one morning clearly suggested that.
“I need to focus on volleyball right now,” Kageyama Tobio had written—short, poignant, to the point. At your indignant response of ‘over a text message, really???’, he’d given you a “sorry” and that was that.
You were now effectively single for the first time since sophomore year of high school.
You wallowed in your tears for a few days, your roommate Alisa drying your sobs with copious amounts of tissues and hugs. Her boyfriend Iwaizumi even came to visit with mochi and beer, promising to keep it a secret from the resident assistant with a joking little grin.
After a week, you were doing better, ready to dry your tears and find out what a Kageyama-free life could be like.
But then you happened upon Hinata Shouyou’s Instagram.
There the orange-haired player was, standing next to a drunk Kageyama in his story, the pretty setter babbling to a pretty brunette girl who giggled at whatever bullshit story he was saying. Kageyama? Sociable? Flirting? You had to pry his confession out of him in sophomore year, taking over a goddamn week for him to actually open up to you enough to start dating. And here he was, leaning over to some girl and—did he just kiss her?
You didn’t register you were screaming until Alisa ran out of the bathroom, eyeliner pen in her hand, ready to use it as a weapon if needed.
“That fuckin’ asshole!” You raged, turning your phone to show Alisa the story again. “He’s a goddamn liar!”
She watched the video replay, her red-painted eyes narrowing once Kageyama leaned over to kiss the brunette.
“Are you sure that’s the same person you dated?”
“I thought it was but I guess his one month in university changed him,” you grumbled, throwing your phone aside just as easily as Kageyama threw you aside for ‘volleyball.’ “Ass.”
“I’m not going to let you wallow tonight.” Alisa set her hands on her hips with a perfectly arched brow, pointing her eyeliner at you. “Get ready. You’re coming to the party.”
“Oikawa’s party?”
You’d heard of Oikawa before you actually met him. Kageyama had mentioned his old volleyball teammate from middle school, grumbling about what a jerk he was and how you should stay away from the playboy if you ever ran into him at university. Thanks to Alisa and Iwaizumi, you’d actually met Oikawa twice now, and both weren’t the best of experiences. He reminded you of those pick-up artists you saw on social media, who had pretty words for pretty girls, so that they’d make pretty sounds underneath him before he threw them away like ugly garbage. He still stuck to your side for some reason on both occasions, complimenting you until your cheeks were warm and Iwaizumi was telling him to knock it off. A party of his was dangerous; sure you’d told him you’d think about it last time but that was just so he’d go bug one of Alisa’s other model friends and give you a chance to breathe.
“Tobio told me to stay away from him—”
“And that’s why it’s the perfect revenge,” Alisa smiled mischievously. “They hate each other, so why not post on your Instagram at Oikawa’s party to make Kageyama jealous? Especially with a picture of Oikawa himself?”
It was probably a bad plan, but that didn’t matter to your angry brain. Without thinking twice, you followed Alisa to her closet to find the perfect dress to make Kageyama go crazy with jealousy.
Tumblr media
The house smells like sweat and spilled beer as soon as you step in, and the pounding music from the speakers makes your head thump. You know Oikawa is a third year student, living together with his high school buddies Iwaizumi, Mattsun, and Makki. You spot the latter two already making out with each other in the kitchen before Alisa drags you over to the beer pong table, where Iwaizumi and Oikawa trade shot for shot with two boys you’ve never seen before.
“Your good luck charms are here!” Alisa announces over the beat, pressing a chaste kiss to Iwaizumi’s cheek. The man grumbles but his cheeks grow noticeably pink underneath the bouncing strobe lights.
As soon as Oikawa’s gaze lands on you, you freeze. Is it the three shots you had as a pre-game warmup or does Oikawa look extra gorgeous tonight? There’s no doubt he’s a beautiful man and he certainly knows it, but his brown eyes slowly scan over your body before he smiles.
“Where’s mine, love?”
“Your what?”
“My kiss for good luck.”
You narrow your eyes at him as he presses one of his long fingers to his cheek, sly smile on his face like he expects you to listen. Your gaze flicks to the end of the table where they’re clearly winning the game, your lips quirking up.
“It doesn’t seem like you need any more luck, Oikawa.”
He drops his hand with a playful pout, taking a gulp of his drink when the other team sinks a ball.
“I still won’t deny a kiss though,” he teases when he’s finished, leaning against the table as Iwaizumi lines up his shot. “I didn’t expect to see you tonight. What made you finally change your mind?”
One stupid, stupid boy named Kageyama Tobio, you want to mutter, but you refuse to let your ex-boyfriend ruin your plans nor your night.
“Thought I’d see what your parties are all about.”
“Oikawa,” Iwaizumi grunts and catches his attention. Their lone cup sits in the middle of the table, one ball already floating in the water inside.
Oikawa glances back at you and gives you a smirk when he announces, “Wait for me, pretty girl. I’ll show you.”
You think his confidence is all a show—until he sinks the ball with barely a flick of his wrist and wins the game for their team. It’s impressive to say the least, especially when he downs his drink to celebrate even though his team apparently has won four in a row, according to the losing team’s grumbles.
“Refill. You coming?”
You almost tell him no, but then you see Alisa’s over-exaggerated head tilt toward the kitchen (where Mattsun and Makki no longer are), her eyes basically shouting at you that it’s the perfect chance to snap a revenge picture.
“Yeah… yeah, sure.”
For some reason, you grow shy as you follow the tall brunet to the empty kitchen. You’ve never been alone with him and that makes butterflies fly around in your stomach. Beer and liquor sit in blue coolers, half-open mixers all over the kitchen countertops. Oikawa makes a Jack and Coke before passing it your way, barely letting you grab it before he turns to make his own drink.
“What if I didn’t like Jack and Coke?” You question as you lean against the counter, sipping at your drink. The warmth of the liquid gives you the courage to look him in the eye when he turns back to you.
“Then Alisa would be a liar.”
“Wait—” You pause mid-drink, tilting your head. “You asked Alisa about me?”
“Am I not allowed to ask about the girl I’m interested in?”
His blunt question nearly makes you sputter your drink. There’s those pretty words to go along with his pretty smile, and it makes you wonder if anything else of his is pretty. Heat flushes through your body at the thought and you try to blink it away before he catches you staring.
“I don’t see why you would be.”
“The chase is always fun.”
“And after that?”
He debates his answer, giving you time to down your drink. You’re going to need the liquid courage to somehow steer the conversation back to a simple picture. You’ve already uploaded one to your story in front of the house, but that wasn’t enough to catch Kageyama’s attention. Not that you’re really thinking about him now, because Oikawa shifts closer, setting down his drink on the counter next to you and trapping you between his arms. He smells like musky cologne and Captain Morgan, the spice of both making your head swim as he leans in.
“That depends on if you’ll come upstairs with me or not.”
“Already showing your cards, Oikawa?” You challenge in return, lifting your hands to his shirt and fisting your hands in it. “Isn’t it a little early in the night?”
“I’m only checking our compatibility, love,” he smiles like it’s a totally innocent gesture, not one lined with the want that’s clearly hidden behind his sentence. “Besides, a little birdie told me you want to get revenge on Tobio-kun?”
Your ex-boyfriend’s name falling from his lips feels like a slap in the face. You lean back with wide eyes, checking to your left, where Alisa snaps picture after picture on her phone of the two of you. She gives a thumbs up before she turns to Iwaizumi, giggling as she starts typing what you assume is an Instagram story.
“Don’t look at her.” Oikawa’s soft voice in your ear calls you back and you shiver when he trails a finger down your cheek to lift your chin. “That hurts a little when I’m right here, you know.”
“Wait- wait—” You’re breathless as you stare at him. He’s so close that you can feel the sigh he lets out and smell the alcohol on his breath. “You knew why I was coming and still…?”
“It’s a win-win for me if you think about it. A pretty girl in my bed, her angry ex-boyfriend in my DMs.”
“I never said—”
“Oh?” He leans further into you, pressing your bodies together and slipping a knee between your legs. It makes you gasp and cling harder to his shirt. “You don’t really have to say anything.”
Oikawa’s lips ghost over your chin, up to your cheek to your ear, where he tugs on your earlobe gently. The sound that comes out of your mouth is swallowed by the change in music, but his confident little chuckle drifts over the beat and causes you to shiver.
“Come on pretty girl, why don’t we have some fun?”
You know Oikawa’s definition of fun lies upstairs in his bed, between his messy sheets as you writhe on them. You knew all about fuck boy Oikawa—and you’d still fallen for it hook, line, and sinker. When his knee presses up under the skirt of your dress and runs along your panties, you can’t keep the keen from escaping your lips, rocking your hips against the pressure. You can feel his smirk against the side of your face, and you wipe it from his lips by smashing your lips against his.
His kiss makes you dizzy, teeth nipping at your lower lip before forcing his tongue inside, licking all over your mouth. You wrap your arms around his neck to keep him close, the heat of his body sinking into your skin and lighting a fire in your stomach. His thigh moves faster against your covered cunt and you grind against him, pushing your tongue back against his when he tries to dominate you. It makes him chuckle as he nips down the side of your jaw, soft strands of his hair making your cheek itchy.
“Can you even make it upstairs?” He mocks you as his hands roam along your thighs, fingers playing with the ends of your short dress. You’d been cursing Alisa for being so tall when you put it on, but once Oikawa’s hands grope at your inner thighs, that complaint is easily forgotten. “Or do you want me to fuck you right here?” His thigh moves only so his fingers can brush over the crotch of your panties, his tongue moving along the side of your neck. “I’d love for everyone to hear you say my name.”
“Upstairs,” you whimper when his fingers push just right, your core pulsing as his short nails drag along your covered folds. A wicked idea floats through your mind: you’d come looking for a picture to make Kageyama jealous, but why not a video? “Then you can show Tobio what he’s really missing out on.”
Your suggestion makes Oikawa freeze for a moment, his body stiffening as he looks at you through his long lashes. Then he’s pulling away from you, hand around your wrist tugging you after him as he weaves through attendees, a sudden urgency in his step that makes you giggle. You’re upstairs in a flash, no time to greet Mattsun and Makki before Oikawa ushers you inside a door and slams it shut behind him. You don’t get a moment to admire the room; Oikawa’s lips are back on yours, passionate and unyielding as a hand on the back of your head holds you close.
He guides you to his bed, your knees knocking against the mattress before you fall unceremoniously to his sheets. His eyes roam over your body, from the messed up straps of your dress that slip down your shoulders to the wet panties peeking beneath the hem of your dress. His smirk grows, fingers digging into his back pocket for his phone.
“Do you want to hold your dress up for me, love?”
It was your idea in the first place, but actually doing it sends embarrassment flooding throughout your body. Your fingers slowly pick up the hem of your dress, your cheeks warm as you do what he says. The click of the camera fills the room before he types something; then Oikawa throws the phone next to your body, leaning over you to lift your legs.
“My pretty little model.” You can’t tell if he’s making fun of you or complimenting you, but you let him lift your hips to tug your panties down anyway. He doesn’t even bother taking them off all the way before he’s on his knees in front of you, keeping your legs apart with a firm grip on your knees. “Let’s hear what kind of sounds you make, hm?”
You can tell why he has so many girls and guys pining after him the minute he flattens his tongue along your folds. His tongue is just as crafty as he is, dipping into your wet cunt as a tease before pulling back. Oikawa laughs into your pussy when you whine, the sound elongating when his curious tongue finds your clit and circles once. Your hips jerk up to meet his mouth when he does it again, lips settling around the bud and sucking harshly. You match with a harsh tug to his brown locks, one that makes him groan when you do it again.
Two of his fingers hold open your cunt so he can dive in, tongue flicking all over your walls to make you keen. He pushes deep enough that his nose bumps against your clit, and you squirm to pull him impossibly closer as heat flushes through your body. It’s like he knows all your sensitive spots, knows where to hit to make you throw your head back and moan. He trails his tongue up, running it over your clit as one of his fingers eases its way into your cunt. It’s sickeningly easy with how wet you are, enough that he pushes a second inside after only a few strokes.
“Oikawa,” You gasp as your walls begin to clamp down on him, pleasure making your toes curl against the floor. Then you hear the worst sound: his laugh. He pulls away from your clit, lips shining with your slick as his fingers continue to scissor and thrust inside of you. It feels good but it isn’t enough. “Nn, please—“
“How could Tobio-kun give this up?” He muses as his sharp eyes watch you hump his fingers for a little bit more friction. You bite down on your bottom lip, whimpering his name again as your thighs twitch. You need more, you’re so close— “You look so pretty when you’re this desperate.”
The word makes you whine, shaking your head as you stare down at him. He looks like he belongs right between your thighs and he knows it too, based on the little smirk on his face as he rises to his feet. His eyes flick over to the phone by your head and he laughs again, though it’s a hoarse sound that’s laced with his desire.
“Tobio-kun is mad~” He sing-songs, and it would have made you huff if he didn’t brush your clit and make you keen instead. “Why don’t we make him even angrier?”
The fingers in your cunt are suddenly in your mouth, pushing down on your tongue. You suck on them, hooded eyes watching his face twist as you circle your tongue and graze your teeth along his flesh.
“Call me Tooru,” he grins, pulling his fingers from your mouth and holding your bottom lip down with his thumb. “Maybe you can show me what else that mouth can do?”
It only takes a little shuffling to have you naked and hovering over him, his pretty brown locks splayed all over his pillow, his newly bare chest rising as you trail a finger down his smooth skin. The bulge in his pants is undeniable, and something compels you to lean down and run your tongue the length of his jeans. You keep your eyes on him the entire time, a smirk on your lips when you hear him hitch a breath.
“You little tease,” he laughs, hand tightening on the phone in his hand. You giggle at the nickname, fingers hurrying to undo his belt and button so you can unzip his pants and tug them down. His cock is as pretty as he is, springing free from his silk boxers and slapping against his stomach. Your fingers wrap around the base, kitten licking at the precum that’s already leaking out of the slit. Oikawa groans, a deep rumble from his chest that turns into a chuckle. “Now be a good girl and show Tobio-kun what he’s missing.”
You should probably feel more embarrassed than you are, about to be recorded as you take Oikawa’s length into your mouth. But you can’t find it in yourself to be, not when the sounds leaving his mouth go straight to your needy cunt, not when your clit throbs when you suck and he bucks into your mouth. Your eye catches the camera as you lick up his shaft, the click of the shutter sending a shiver down your spine. Then you move faster, fingers ghosting over his balls, sucking hard enough to make Oikawa moan and set his phone aside.
“Fuck, what a good mouth you have,” he praises, pushing down on the back of your head so your nose meets his neatly trimmed pubic hair. It’s a good thing you learned the trick to deep throat, your left thumb settled between your fingers as you take all of him. You hear him breathe shit, and your little giggle vibrates enough to make him clench his thighs. “Wonder if you have a good cunt, too?”
You moan when he shifts forward and his hand gropes at your side, and you move so you’re perpendicular to him, your mouth still working on his cock. You only pop off when his fingers find your pussy, pads of his fingertips running up your wet folds before disappearing inside.
“Mm, Tooru,” you whimper, wrapping a hand around his base and pumping in stride with each thrust of his fingers. “Please.”
“You are desperate,” he mocks, but he’s just as bad as you: chest heaving, pupils dilated, light sheet of sweat on his forehead and chest.
“Yes,” you agree with a whine when his fingers curl and hit deep within you, making your legs tremble. You trail your tongue all around his tip, batting your eyelashes at him as you squeeze his cock and make him hiss. “Don’t you want to fuck me?”
“As if I can say no to that.” He smacks your ass, the sting making you shift with a half-moan, half-giggle before he clicks his fingers. “Up.”
You nearly scramble into his lap as he rummages around his nightstand for a condom. As soon as it’s rolled onto his cock, you’re hovering over his length, running your glistening folds along his cock. You both groan, your fingers holding open your folds so you can sink down on him, head falling back as he fills you up completely.
“Shit,” you gasp when you rock your hips back and forth, getting him as deep as you can. He’s thicker than Kageyama, stretching you out deliciously. You place your hands on his chest as you sit up and fall back down on his cock with a breathy groan. “Tooru.”
Another slap of your ass rings in the room and you keen when he lifts his feet, using his knees as leverage so you can begin to bounce on his dick. He scrambles for his phone and your pussy clenches down on him so hard that he chokes out a moan. Your tits bounce as you work faster, head falling to the side as you eye the camera with your best sultry expression.
“Tooru,” you repeat, breathier, louder, making sure the camera can hear your panting breaths and the squelching of your pussy as you ride him. None of this is for show if you’re honest—his cock feels snug within your walls, sending goosebumps up your arms when he jerks his hips up into you. “Ohhh, do that again, please.”
“Fuck, you sound good saying my name,” he gasps as you dig your nails into his knees to ride him harder, his free hand coming to play with your jiggling tits, squeezing the globes and playing with your nipples until they’re hard before he moves on. “Whose cock are you riding, love?” He asks quietly, and there’s a strange note of competitiveness in his tone, a darkness that makes your eyes snap to his behind the camera.
“Tooru.” He rewards your moan with another snap of his hips, another tug to your nipples. “Your cock—fuck, feels so good—”
He shuts you up with his thumb in your mouth, having you wet it generously before he trails it down your body. You nearly jerk off of his cock when he touches your clit, your sharp yelp ringing in the room.
“Look how pretty you are bouncing on my dick,” he compliments as he rubs your clit in quick circles, lazy smirk on his face as you begin to tremble.
The camera is focused on the way his cock disappears into your quivering pussy, allowing you to watch his expression twist with his pleasure every time you squeeze around him. He’s goddamn beautiful and it sends heat straight to your already pulsing cunt, sends a shiver down your spine that signals your looming orgasm. Oikawa starts to fuck up into you, the squeaking of the bed drowned out by your whines and cries.
“T-Tooru—” You warn him with a gasp, eyes nearly falling shut when he hits that part of you that makes you babble that you want to cum.
“Mm, fuck, gotta go.”
You hear the end of the video, and a few clicks later, the phone is thrown off to the side to be forgotten. Oikawa’s grip on your hips is strong as he fucks you, and your fingers quickly replace his thumb, the circles of your clit as quick as his thrusts. You don’t even know what falls out of your mouth as you cum, a steady string of whimpers and pleas as you fall forward and cling to his chest. His thrusts don’t slow down once, even as you’re shaking and falling apart above him, the pleasure making your mind go fuzzy.
When you whimper his name one more time, he flips you over so he’s on top, hoisting one of your legs over his shoulder. You wrap the other around his waist so he can fuck you without mercy, your body rising towards his headboard even with the harsh grip on your tits to keep you bouncing with him. You aren’t sure which is louder—the headboard smacking the wall, the squeak of the mattress, or the combined sounds falling from both of your lips—but you don’t give a shit. Especially not when he angles you and hits deep enough that you see stars, then hits it again and again when you beg for him to.
Your fingernails trail down his chest, no doubt leaving marks as his skin slaps against yours, and one of his hands trails down to your clit to rub the swollen nub.
“Ah, no, wait—” You whimper, still a bit sensitive from your previous orgasm, but the smirk on his face tells you that it’s on purpose.
“Come on, pretty girl,” he says through labored breaths. “One more for my eyes only.”
The possessiveness in his tone makes you shiver; the fast and messy rubs of your clit make your mind blank. Between how hard he fucks you, how fast he touches you, and how he tugs at your nipples as he thrusts, you’re a squirming, whimpering mess in no time. This orgasm is just as overwhelming as the first, heels digging into his back as you arch and shake, mouth fallen open with cries of his name that are loud enough to make your throat hoarse. There’s a choked off grunt of your name and a few more choppy thrusts before Oikawa lets out a soft cry that makes you pulse all around his softening cock. With a gentle swat, your leg falls to the bed, and his nose buries itself into your sweaty neck, his warm breaths making you squirm from the feeling.
“You really do sound pretty saying my name, you know,” he whispers into your skin as he draws lazy circles over your sides. He isn’t heavy so you gladly draw your fingers through his locks for a strange sense of peace after getting fucked boneless. “Better than Tobio-kun’s name, I’m sure.”
“Don’t bring him up,” you mutter, nose scrunching in annoyance. You’re trying to have a peaceful moment, even if it was your ex-boyfriend who brought on this situation in the first place.
“Oh?” His tone is playful as he pulls back enough to tilt his head at you, coming to rest on his forearm. “Did I fuck you good enough that you’ve forgotten all about him, love?”
“Hm.” You think about it for a moment, fingers trailing from his hair to his neck, down the line of his shoulder blade muscles to the small of his back. There you tap a few times, lips pursed in thought. “I had two years to train Tobio for what I like, so—”
“Train?” There’s another glint in Oikawa’s eye, playful, calculating, and downright unworldly. His free hand moves down your body, fingers brushing over your swollen folds and making you gasp. There’s a strange noise next to you, and it takes you a second to register that Oikawa’s phone is ringing endlessly. He barely looks over to the caller before he ignores it, parting your folds to swipe your clit. “And how did you do that?”
You can’t answer, body already singing with fire when he slips his cock from you and replaces it with two of his fingers. Not that you’d have any chance to; there’s angry stomping outside, a few people yelling, and then thunderous knocking on Oikawa’s bedroom door.
“Oikawa! Open up!”
You gasp. Kageyama Tobio stands outside the door, his annoyed and slurred voice drifting through his angry pounds against the door.
“Dude, we should go home—” That’s Hinata.
“What did Oikawa do now—” That’s Iwaizumi.
“I hope it’s my roommate—” That’s Alisa.
“Let me go—Oikawa!”
“You’re filming this, right, Makki?” That’s Mattsun.
“We should—” You try to urge but Oikawa’s fingers curl inside you and make you groan instead. The kiss he gives you when he leans down makes you forget all about the commotion outside the door, his tongue like a potion that makes you only see him.
His breath is hot, smirk even hotter when he breaks the kiss, fingers quickly making a mess of your already messy cunt.
“Why don’t you show him who you’re with now? I’m sure they’re all dying to hear it.”
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PACEMAKER ! i — r1: a round around the sun
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ notes ]
i have new meds so i can’t be very active today so pls bare with me xx
— resolved parental issues??? haha ur funny who do u think who wrote this shit 🤣🤣
— i tried to make the pictures as ambiguous as possible pls bare with me 😮‍💨
— yes! y/n graduated college what a queen
— i think i like this one more than the suna one and just because this looks better put together :) i hope i portrayed kenma well ☺️
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Tumblr media
to her monster.
part 0/0 - a case reawakened
pairing: various x f!reader
© 𝘫𝘰𝘺𝘢𝘱𝘩𝘰𝘳𝘪𝘢
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
On October 13, 2019, Y/N went missing.
It was an anonymous tip, a female voice that had called in and informed the police that her friend had been missing.
Police tried to investigate the case, but there were no school records, work records, no birth certificate, and most of all, no witnesses.
Nobody seemed to know who this young lady was, or that she even existed.
Due to lack of evidence, the case was buried, and a few days later, all files disappeared, completely wiping her out of being.
Two years later, on the same day that y/n had supposedly gone missing, four men came forward, one at 6 am, one at 12 pm, another at 6 pm, and the last at 11:59 pm — just before midnight.
They each claimed to know a woman that had gone missing two years ago, and just now received a sudden urge to speak about her.
Two days later, these four men were then brought in for questioning.
The transcripts of all four interviews were edited and put together, the most important information as one.
(Keep in mind that all of these interviews were held seperately; As far as the detectives are aware, none of these men know of each other, or of their connected relations to the missing female.)
October 14, 2019 — The Interview
[Interviewer]: Before we begin, please be aware that this interview will be recorded. We ask that you speak the truth at all times, and be as detailed as possible.
[Bokuto, shrugs]: There’s nothing to lie about.
[Interviewer]: We’re relieved. Can you begin by stating your name?
[Bokuto]: Gotcha! My name is Bokuto Koutaro, though I’m sure you already know that.
[Oikawa, scoffs]: Oikawa, Oikawa Tooru.. You’re literally interviewing me, don’t you already know?
[Suna]: Suna Rintarou.
[Sakusa]: My name is Sakusa Kiyoomi.
[Interviewer]: Wonderful, thank you, Sakusa-san. Now do you mind us asking what your relationship was with Y/N?
[Sakusa, uneasy]: We were... Friends — with benefits... kind of...
[Bokuto]: She was kind of a friend? She was there for me, gave me advice, but I had feelings for her.. I dont know, it was all kind of confusing.
[Suna]: We didn’t exactly have a label.. We really hated each other, but she just understood me, more than anyone else ever did.
[Oikawa]: She was my — Well, I had a girlfriend, and I was seeing Y/N... who wasn’t my girlfriend… you get what I’m trying to say?
[Interviewer, eyebrows raised]: So you were cheating on your girlfriend, with Y/N?
[Oikawa, flustered]: It’s kinda — Y/N had my heart before [Redacted] did.. I was only dating [Redacted] because my family would absolutely hate Y/N. Still, [Redacted] never meant nearly as much to me as Y/N did.
[Sakusa]: What kind of person was she? Well, Y/N was —
[Suna, sighing]: A spawn of the devil — that woman was crazy. She believed she could play God.. she was a fucking narcissist — and she was violent. That woman was so goddamn violent.
[Bokuto]: She was quiet, and even if she didn't talk much, she’s been through a lot. She’s so undeserving of all the wrong committed against her. I wish I could’ve protected her against whatever she was fighting.
[Sakusa]: A puzzle — so confusing, and twisted.. and wrong. She was so wrong, but in a way.. I can’t, I can’t explain it… She was so, like, neutral? Either I just couldn’t read her, or there was nothing to read.
[Oikawa, whistling]: She was so fucking bad, I swear I would’ve thrown my entire life away for her.. so fucking badass.. and her body? Her body is like fucking—
[Interviewer]: Not at all necessary, please keep it to yourself.
[Oikawa, chuckling]: your lost, my friend.
[Interviewer]: And when was the last time you saw y/n?
[Suna, dazed]: The last time?
[Interviewer]: Yes, the last time you’ve seen her or spoken to her.
[Witness #3 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Suna]: Last night.
[Witness #4 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Sakusa]: Last night.
[Witness #1 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Bokuto]: Last night.
[Witness #2 goes silent, and doesn’t answer until three minutes pass.]
[Oikawa]: last night.
The four witnesses were later dismissed, as police scramble through the information that was given to them.
All of the men seem to have very different opinions of Y/N, much to the point where police were convinced that they were each thinking of different women.
The only thing that made it clear that their cases were indeed connected, was that oddly, all of the witnesses now had employments in the volleyball industry, and back then, had still been pursuing them; That, and the fact that this faceless Y/N had clearly made a significant impact on all of their lives, and seemed to still be pulling their strings from behind the scenes.
Tumblr media
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blossomkoushi · 2 months ago
Muscles and Pressure
KINKTOBER: strength kink w/ Ushijima Wakatoshi
contains: afab reader, rough, unprotected sex
word count: 1.2k
Tumblr media
He’s hesitant, your lover. His strong hands only grazing over your skin, bulging biceps only wrapping around your body in gentle hugs and his thick thighs simply holding himself up while splitting you open. But he’s an athlete, playing professionally and his body is stronger than you could ever dream of, is it so horrible to want to feel him take advantage of that with you?
It nearly seems like it.
“Toshi, baby, please?” you plead, hanging over his back and rubbing your hands over his chest, cunt already throbbing just from the thought of laying hopelessly underneath him. You feel him sigh, chest moving under your fingertips.
“you know I don’t want to hurt you.” his words cut through the room, curt and to the point. It’s your turn to sigh, moving your hands off his body and walking around to sit next to him on the couch, pouting slightly.
“you wouldn’t hurt me…” you mumble, looking at him with pleading eyes, “please? You’re so strong-“ your hand cautiously rubs his thigh, “-just want to feel it… feel you take control over my body… please?”
Ushijima pauses for a moment, brows furrowing while he studies your face. Noticing just how badly you want it, he hums. “you remember the safeword?”
You perk up, “yes! Plums! Toshi, please-“
He’s suddenly standing up, bending over to lift you up and over his shoulder, causing you to yelp. Your hands slap down on his muscular back, body rippling under your touch as he walks towards the bedroom.
“remember that you asked for this” he grumbles after tossing you onto the bed, widened eyes looking up at him in awe, thighs rubbing together to ease the pooling heat growing in your panties. The frustration he’d previously felt seemed to have simmered off, replaced with a burning desire and arousal.
Both his and your clothes get discarded in seconds, naked bodies pressing against each other as you hungrily kiss. Your body moves as on instinct, planting yourself on his naked thighs as you usually do, lips never leaving his while your hand moves down to stroke his throbbing cock. The lustful haze envelopes you, sighing contently into the kiss. Which is why Ushijimas growl catches you off guard. His strong hands grip your waist, heaving you off him and you yelp as your back returns to the bed. He leans over you, his strong body making your mouth water and hands move up to brush over his hairy chest.
“did you forget the deal, darling?” he hums, leaning down to trail kisses down your neck and chest, leaving you shivering and holding onto his back desperately. “me and my strong body will be taking care of you.”
A loud whine escapes your parted lips, your whole body squirming uselessly, bucking your hips to try and catch his thick cock. With a sigh, Ushijima takes a hold of the back of your thighs, pushing them up to your chest. His fingers splay out over your skin, barely putting any force into his touch and yet keeping you pinned as your body goes slack, a gush of arousal seeping out from your pussy. He observes you with careful eyes, watching as your bottom lip catches between your teeth, eyes wide and glossy.
“you really do like this, huh?” he chuckles, watching you whine and nod, wiggling your hips as much as you can under his grip, trying to urge him to fuck you.
“p-please” you gasp, hands reaching up to grab onto his hair, bucking your hips again. He presses down more firmly, sinking you deeper into the mattress under your back, halting your movement.
Ushijima watches in awe as you gasp, cunt fluttering uselessly under his firm grip, unable to move due to his strength. It turns him on more than he’d like to admit, even to himself. Watching you lay uselessly, gasping as he pushes you down, nearly drooling from arousal. He finally moves a hand off your thighs, barely covering a smirk when you gasp yet again, plush skin raising up again where his palm had made an indent. Blushing slightly, he grips the base of his cock and looks down. Slapping the head over your clit, he hushes you softly when you start to beg. Pressing down with his thumb, he tilts the head down to prod at your entrance. Spongey tip pushes in, your leaking pussy making it easy for him to slip in, making him groan.
“that’s it” he mumbles to himself, letting go of his cock and placing his thumb on your clit, rubbing slow circles while he sheathes himself inside of you, hips flushing against hips. “feels good?”
“so good, Toshi” you gasp, reaching up to grip his muscular shoulders, legs falling onto the bed. “please, fuck me”
He nods curtly, leaning down for a quick kiss while he pulls back, swallowing your moans, exchanging them with his own. You’re so wet it nearly makes him dizzy, the tight, wet heat clenching around him while he slowly thrusts, grinding his hips against yours. His cock slowly splits you open, each stroke leaving you gasping when he pushes at your deepest parts. But you’re craving something else.
“toshi- baby- please” you whine, gently tugging at his hair, “h-harder”
Ushijima grunts, giving you another quick, bruising kiss before pulling away and letting his cock slide out of your cunt. He watches you squirm for a moment, eventually huffing to himself and gripping your hips, flipping you over with ease and pulling your hips up, quickly sliding deep inside of you again. His strong hands press on your shoulders, thrusting faster and deeper than before. Your hands desperately try to grip onto the sheets, screaming into the bed, suddenly cumming around him. Clenching hard enough that he can barely move, your body shakes, shivering with pleasure as the high zaps through your veins.
“you like it that much, huh?” Ushijima smirks when you finally relax around him, giving you a moment to breathe before starting the deep and slow thrusts again.
“’s so good” you slur, face still pressed into the bed, leaving your words muffled.
Ushijima only hums, moving his hands off your back to grope at your ass, spreading the cheeks and watching his cock slide in and out of your soaked heat. His length glistens with every move, a thin ring of white settling at the base of his cock. Somehow, that does it for him.
The hard thrusts return, his hands on your hips while he moves you to meet his thrusts, grunts and groans filling the room along with your muffled squeaks. The slapping gets louder, his groans deeper when he changes the angle, pushing your body down until you lay flat on the bed. He nudges your legs apart, leaning his body over yours while droplets of sweat land on your back.
Ushijima pulls out with a deep groan, fisting his cock urgently and you manage to turn your head just in time to see, and feel, his cum landing on your back. He barely manages to stifle his moan, breathing heavily when he flops down next to you, face and chest flushed.
“was… fuck- was it good?” he pants, looking over at you.
“so good,” you smile, reaching a hand out to play with the hairs on his chest, “but I think… I want it rougher next time”
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tetsvhoe · 4 months ago
character/s: timeskip!kuroo tetsuro x f!reader, timeskip!suna rintaro x f!reader, timeskip!miya atsumu x f!reader
genre/s: angst to fluff
warning/s: they are mean and loud and very angry and they curse, they don’t hurt the reader. crybaby reader. sorry i can’t help it im a cancer.
gwen’s notes 🤍: borrowed my sister’s laptop again to update this (context) finally after more than a week of no updates. all these are longer than intended, thus my brain is melting, thus it is not proofread
Tumblr media
kuroo tetsuro loves your endless doting and how you hover over him every chance you get, nagging him to take breaks, take care of himself, and overall just showering him with lots of affection. which is why it scares you that the things he love most about you can also sometimes be the things he hate.
he shuts the door behind him with a sigh, wanting nothing more than to hop in the shower and clock out completely. you didn’t get the memo though, seeing as how you’re humming and dancing in the kitchen, juggling pots and pans while you cook dinner.
“tetsu, you home?” you call out. kuroo finds himself sighing in irritation for some reason. he pinches the bridge of his nose, mumbling a small “yeah” which he knows you wouldn’t even hear.
you hear shuffling from the living room and just assume he didn’t hear you. “dinner’s almost ready,” you try again.
kuroo drags himself into kitchen. “hey, i kind of already ate before coming home,” he says flatly.
“what? but i made your favorite!” you spare him a glance and a little pout before quickly turning your attention back to the stove. you were never the best at working under pressure and multitasking, but you really wanted him to come home to a nice meal. “i swear it’s almost done, see! have a seat, you can take just a few bites,” you ramble.
he squeezes his eyes shut, feeling his head throb. he slides into a seat begrudgingly, propping his elbows up on the table and placing his head between his hands. he zones out as he hears you ramble about your day, complaining about your classes.
you notice how tired he seems and hurriedly set up the table, so much so that you spill something on his shirt.
“shit!” he grits through his teeth, jumping out of the chair.
“i’m sorry!” you screech, eyes wide and hands over your mouth. you run to get a towel.
“i got it,” he mumbles, trying to take it away.
“no, i’m sorry. i got it.” you stubbornly refuse, frantically blotting the stain.
“can we please make this quick,” he grumbles, rolling his eyes.
your eyebrows furrow, hands halting their movements and you straighten up. “hey, i know you might have had a pretty bad day. i was just trying to do something nice.”
he scoffs. “if you knew i was having a bad day, why would you go and make it worse.”
arms fold over your chest, annoyance quickly bubbling up. “sorry i messed up, it’s not like i purposely spilled it on your shirt.”
“it’s not like i asked you to do something ‘nice’ for me,” he mocks. “you can’t even do anything right.”
your mouth hangs open, disbelief flashes across your features before it is replaced with anger. “i don’t care if the universe is shitting on you and you’ve had the worst day of your life, you don’t get to talk to me like that especially when i go out of my way to look after you—”
“that’s the point!” he screeches, flinging his hands in the air exasperated. you stumble back on your feet, heart hammering inside your chest as he raises his voice too loud for your liking. “i don’t need you looking after me like that, i don’t need you breathing down my neck at every waking moment!”
a glass of water spills and shatters to pieces on the floor as his hand knocks it over. you can’t help but jolt up slightly and watch wide-eyed as liquid bleed out onto the tiled floor slowly. silence fills the entire apartment while you stare at it, eyes stinging as you attempt holding back tears. kuroo’s chest heaves up and down as he catches his breath and notices how oddly quiet and reserved you’ve become.
he feels a pang in his chest while he registers what happened. the more he looks at you, trying to close in on yourself and shy away from him, the more guilt bubbles up in his chest.
“kitten, i—”
you drop onto the floor out of panic, not knowing what else to do other than clean the mess up in a rush.
“no, no, wait! stop it—” he crouches down and tries to seize your hand from picking up the shards of broken glass, but you’ve already picked up a few pieces. you move almost robotically as you quickly clean it up, kuroo not being able to stop your movements. he stands up and sighs, frustratedly running his hands through his face.
“i’m sorry, please stop,” he pleads as he finally grabs a hold of your wrist.
you tuck your face away as you feel like you can no longer hold back the tears and feel a sob claws its way out of your throat.
“i’m so sorry. i didn’t mean to snap at you like that,” he whispers, pulling you to his chest. you’re too worn out to push him off, so you opt for sobbing into his shirt instead.
“you’re so fucking mean,” you cry out, balling your fist and hitting him meekly.
“i know, kitten. i messed up really bad. let me make it up to you, hm?” he coos, rubbing soothing circles on your back.
“no, fuck off,” you sniffle. you feel him shake as he lightly chuckles, and you take the opportunity to push yourself off.
the air in the apartment is thick and suffocating even as you both get ready for bed. you’re still pretty upset but ultimately too tired to deal with it. kuroo nuzzles into you, mumbling apologies, and sweet nothings. though he’s trying to play it off, his stomach is still in knots as he thinks back to what he did and how horribly he acted.
“i’m going to do better,” he whispers, a tear streams down his cheek and fear looms over him when you don’t answer. he tells himself you don’t need to, he just needs to do as hey says.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro is not one to lose his temper during arguments. he would rather shrug it off, wait until the heat of the moment passes, and then speak his mind. so why were you going at each other’s throats with passive aggressive remarks and offhanded provocative comments over something you can’t even remember?
“you’re being so difficult,” you grumble, eyebrows in a deep furrow. you turn your back on him as you fold your arms over your chest with a huff.
“oh, i’m the one being difficult, huh? i wounder who started all this shit in the first place.”
you notice how his voice gradually becomes louder from across the room and even with your back facing him, you could feel the daggers he’s glaring right at you. something irks him with the way you’re avoiding his gaze, shying away from him like you’re trying to escape his presence. “talking to you about what’s bothering me isn’t exactly ‘starting shit’, suna,” you humorlessly chuckle, your eyes rolling in annoyance.
his heart twitches at how vindictive his name rolls off your tongue paired with your sarcastic tone. “i already said i was sorry!”
“well sorry doesn’t quite cut it, doesn’t it!?” you shout, exasperated but you finally turn to look at him, tears line your eyes from the exhaustion of arguing for god knows how long. when your eyes finally meet, it hurts your heart to be in such situation in the first place but for some reason, suna refuses to feel small under your gaze.
“what do you want me to do then,” his voice is suddenly quiet, the stark contrast startles you. you open your mouth to speak but he cuts you off as he stalks towards you. “do you want me to beg on my knees for forgiveness, is that it?” his lips curve to a sinister smirk, making you equally confused and frightened. “tell me what the fuck you want me to do because clearly, i can’t go back in time to fix it!”
you never realize how close he’s actually gotten until his hands slam against the dresser behind you, making you jump in the slightest. he lightly shoves it out of frustration, making the things sitting on top of it fall with a loud clatter. you reel away as much as you can trapped between his arms. suna’s eyes mirror your wide ones as you both seem to break out of a trance, he watches as tears stream down your cheeks one after the other. you let out a sharp breath you didn’t know you were holding and he slightly backs away from you, retracing his arms back to his sides. he takes in how you cautiously eye him with teary eyes, hands clutched onto yourself, and his heart sinks into his stomach.
“i-um, i’m sorry,” he mumbles, eyes glued to the floor. you remain backed into the wooden dresser, seemingly frozen in place. you don’t reply and his heart thumps in his chest. he went too far, didn’t he? did you think he was going to hurt you? oh, god are you going to leave him? “i’m really sorry, i didn’t mean to go that far,” he whispers, feeling the guilt eat him up from the inside out.
his voice trembles and your body finally relaxes, moving on instinct to reach out to him. “it’s… it’s fine, can we please just stop arguing for tonight and get some rest,” you awkwardly plead, trying to hold his trembling hands.
“no, it’s not fine. please don’t say that it is. i never should have treated you like that.”
“i agree, but for now we should sleep it off, yeah?”
he nods in agreement. you clumsily walk past him and into the bathroom to get ready for bed, when you peek into the bedroom afterwards, you find suna cleaning up the mess from earlier.
“do you… want to sleep alone or…?”
“no,” you almost immediately answer. he gives you a slight nod.
you fall asleep engulfed in tension and in each other’s arms. he’s careful as he holds you, not wanting to see the look of fright flash on your eyes ever again, especially if he’s the cause behind it.
Tumblr media
miya atsumu is nothing short of intense. it’s just one more thing you love about him, but the same intensity and passion he has for all things does not translate well when you’re having misunderstandings.
he comes home like a ticking timebomb from the unbelievably terrible day he had, and it just so happened you were too busy with college and job applications to take care of the flat like you’re supposed to, putting off chores until later in the day but you never got around to doing them before he arrived. it was enough to set him off.
“i’m sorry, i just got too busy. i was planning on cleaning anyway, you go wash up and i’ll take care of this.”
“what’s so important that you can’t even do basic things in the house,” he mumbles irritated, shoving his duffel bag and shoes off.
your mouth falls slack, a sarcastic scoff escaping. “sorry if i have a life outside of looking out for you like a damn maid, i already said i was going to clean up. what’s your problem?”
he shoots you a scowl before turning back to shrug his team jacket off. “my problem is that i can’t even come home to a clean house after one hell of a day.”
you follow his steps as he stomps his way towards your bedroom, eyes trailed forward and an angry scowl on his features as he ignores your arguing. “you’re not the only one who has bad days, dipshit. it doesn’t give you the right to talk to me like this—”
your words cut off when he swivels on his heel, slamming the bedroom door shut, so loud that you almost feel the apartment quake. “can’t you just shut the fuck up,” he grits through his teeth, hunched over the doorknob and his back facing you.
you feel your body tremble but can’t will yourself to move or shout back at him. instead, warm tears trail down your cheeks as you stare at him in disbelief. atsumu’s ears are ringing, heart pounding in his chest from the adrenaline of hearing the door slam shut, and his breathing is shallow from the stress and fatigue of arguing. it takes a moment for him to register the quietness, save for your soft sobs.
he peels his eyes open as he begins to realize what he just did. your cries become more and more clear to his hearing, and he feels his heart plummet. he can’t bring himself to turn to look at you, scared of the horrified look he knows he’s going to see on your face.
he runs a hand through his hair, raking his brain for something to say but he realizes he can’t say anything to take away from the fact that he was being unreasonable and hostile, and that he made you feel unsafe on top of being an ass. “i’m sorry,” he mumbles breathlessly instead. he still doesn’t look at you, but you remain quiet.
he slowly turns around, heart shattering when his eyes falls on your wide teary ones and how you’re shakily clutching onto yourself.
“angel,” he calls out like a plead, a prayer. he takes a tiny step and you shuffle away out of fear or spite or anger, you don’t really care to know. all that matters is you didn’t want to be touched by him at the moment, or even be in the same room as him. “i really am sorry, i wasn’t going to hurt you, you know.” his head hangs low as he feels tears of his own form in his eyes.
“i need to take a breather,” you manage to croak out, wiping away at your tears and collecting your phone, wallet, and a jacket draped over a desk chair.
atsumu tries hard not to engulf you in his arms when you weave past him. “please be safe,” he calls out after your retreating figure before he is all alone in the barren apartment. he stands there for a good few minutes, replaying the scene in his mind and feeling more and more terrible. he figures he should at least try and clean up the mess he was so furious about moments ago which is ironic of him.
you immediately notice the difference when you walk back in but can’t bring yourself to care so you storm straight into the bedroom. atsumu is all but jumping off a chair when he hears the door open, eyes puffy and apologetic.
“i-uh… i prepared a bath for you. can we talk about this after you’re done?” he twiddles with his thumbs as he tries to look you in your uninterested eyes. you give him a curt nod.
“i just wanted you to know i’m sorry and i won’t let it happen again, angel,” he whispers while he watches you crawl into bed.
he chews on his lips, standing at the foot of the bed awkwardly. he understand his apology doesn’t make the problem go away. a beat of silence passes and he starts walking towards the door.
“where are you going?”
“i figured you wouldn’t want to sleep next to me so… i was going to sleep on the couch instead.”
eyes roll to the back of your head with a sigh. “never mind that, come here.” you pat the spot next to you and atsumu tries not to look so excited. you still catch on how he brightens up immediately.
“never again, huh?”
“i promise.”
Tumblr media
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