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#haikyuu fluff
luvbub · 2 days ago
Hey I hope you’re having a great day and not melting under the blazing sun.
Would it be alright if I request a scenario with any Haikyuu boy(or boys if you want) reacting to their crush being a participant for a date auction during a school festival. Maybe their friends would joking bet money to rile them up 
when their crush participates in a date auction
Tumblr media
feat. Iwaizumi, Suna, Kuroo
♡ a/n: ahhh this was so cute and entertaining to write hehe thank you
Tumblr media
it was no surprise that Oikawa was on the roster for the date auction, but when the setter glimpsed at the other names, he immediately made a mad dash to find his friends
fortunately it didn’t take long- Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, and Hanamaki were a few stalls down eating some food
“gUYS you’ll never believe who else is being auctioned for a date” Oikawa screeches
the three shrug, not knowing what the setter was getting at
“Y/N” and upon hearing your name, Iwaizumi nearly chokes on his food
Hanamaki and Matsukawa simultaneously pat the ace on the back
“AY, looks like you can finally get a date with them. since you know, you’ve been too shy to ask them out!” Matsukawa chuckles
“well, you know Y/n’s quite popular too. There’s already a little bid war going on for them. Not as much as me, but still quite a lot” Oikawa informs
the four walk back to the auction booth, and sure enough, there were a few underclassman clamoring about your bid sheet
“hey fellas, give it up. Iwaizumi here is gonna win that date with Y/n, alright?” Hanamaki says, and the underclassmen look in fear as their four seniors seemed to be looking down on them
Iwaizumi looks down at the sheet, and opens his wallet
“I have just enough to beat the former bid... but if someone outbids me then I’m screwed” he sighs, still writing down his name and bid on the paper
at this moment, you were walking past the auction booth. and upon seeing Iwaizumi, you tiptoed closer to see which student he was bidding on
and your heart almost stopped when you saw that he was bidding for you
suddenly, Iwaizumi turns around, and upon seeing you, he blushes profusely
“oh Y/n- uh I- hi I was just...” he stammers
“were you bidding for me?” you ask, hoping your eyes didn’t deceive you
Iwaizumi sheepishly nods, “uh yeah, but that’s as high as I can go..”
you walk closer to the booth and snatch the bidding paper up, and walk over to your friend, who fortunately was in charge of the auction booth
you hand her the paper, and she knowingly nods, putting the paper in a folder
turning back around to face Iwaizumi (and his friends), you give the cute ace two thumbs up
“well, now you have a guaranteed win Iwaizumi!! Now instead of worrying about the results, would you like to walk around the festival with me?” you ask, hoping that this sudden leap of faith worked in your favor
Iwaizumi is as shocked as his friends were by you, but he quickly nods
“yeah, of course! let’s go” he agrees, holding his hand out for you to hold
and with that, the two of you head out to enjoy the rest of the festival together
meanwhile Oikawa, Hanamaki, and Matsukawa stare in wonder at what just happened
“you know, considering that Y/n likes him back, I feel like Iwa-chan just wasted his money” Oikawa muses
which was true, but at the very least, he also prevented someone else from going on a date with you
“hey you know who I heard’s gonna be in the date auctioned?” Atsumu asks, nudging Suna with a smug look on his face
“not you” Suna replies, and Osamu bursts out into laughter
after the setter calms down, he shakes his head
“anyways, it’s Y/n” Atsumu says, noting the way Suna’s eyes slightly widen when he heard your name
“are they now? good for them” Suna replies, returning his attention to his phone
the three stop by a food booth that Osamu wanted to check out
“you know...” Atsumu ponders, “I was thinking of betting on Y/n myself”
although Suna remained indifferent, Atsumu knew that the middle blocker was clearly bothered
although Suna’s never officially spoken about his feelings towards you, his friends were able to tell how he was particularly fond of you
“really now? that’s surprising, given that you and Y/n rarely talk” Suna says, taking some of Osamu’s food
“yeah, which is why getting a date with them is the best way to get closer! c’mon Y/n’s really cute- who wouldn’t want to go on a date with them”
“whatever, do what you want Atsumu” Suna responds, and Atsumu smirks at his friend
“alright, I’ll be right back then!” and with that said, Atsumu takes off in the direction of the auction booth
when Atsumu returns, he grins at his friends
“looks like I’m gonna win a date with Y/n!” he announces, and the trio continue their trek throughout the school festival
at one point, the three walk past the auction booth, and Suna breaks away from the twins to head there
to his surprise, you were there, managing the booth
you greet Suna, who in turns gives you a silent nod, more focused on the bidding papers in front of him
he scans for your name, and when he sees the sheet, he scoffs
Atsumu did bid for you- but under Suna’s name
Suna sighs, and starts crossing off Atsumu’s bid
“something wrong Suna?” you ask, feeling a bit dejected that he was crossing off the bid. sure you saw Atsumu make that bid himself, but for Suna to retract that stung you just a bit
but what you didn’t expect was for Suna to write his name down again, instead writing down a larger bid for you
when Suna sees the flustered look on your face, he smiles
“text me if anyone else outbids me, alright?” he asks, and you excitedly nod
Suna takes his leave, and when he sees the twins, he ignores the hollers and teasing from them
all he was thinking about was the way your face lit up when you saw him bid for you
Kuroo honestly didn’t know how he became one of the participants for the school date auction
until he learned that the entire volleyball team submitted a request that he be added as a prank
they didn’t think it would work, but they found the situation to be amusing none the less
Kuroo stood in front of his own bidding paper, absolutely stressed
“what if someone weird wins the auction??” he complains
“then.. you have to go on a date with them? that’s literally how it works you kn-” Yaku answers, and when Kuroo looks back with a glare, the first year stops talking
“who would even sign up to participate in this thing” Kuroo groans, not understanding why anyone would even want to put themselves up for a date with a possible stranger
“Y/n did” Kenma says, and Kuroo straightens up at once
“they what?” Kuroo looks over, and sure enough, the sheet next to his had your name written at the top
some of his teammates snickered at Kuroo’s reaction
the captain’s crush on you didn’t go unnoticed by them, and they loved to see their beloved captain turn into a flustered wreck whenever you stopped by their practice to chat
suddenly the paper was obscured and in front of Kuroo was your cute face
“I'll have you know, just like you, I was forced to participate in this too!!” you giggle
“oh? well what if some complete weirdo bids on you and wins?” Kuroo asks, leaning on the table, pretending to be suave and not come off as nervous
“he definitely looks really nervous” Kenma whispers to the team
you blink at Kuroo, “oh shoot I didn’t even consider that outcome..."
Kuroo, clears his throat, hoping that what he as about to say wouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable
“you know, I have the same fear what if... we just bid on each other?” he suggests
your face brightens at the idea, and you quickly agree
“I get to avoid being with a potential stranger and go on two dates with you? I feel like this is possibly the best outcome that could have occurred!” you exclaim
Kuroo nearly loses his composure over seeing how excited you are over the whole plan
after bidding, and bribing the person running the auction stall to hide the bid papers, Kuroo takes his new found confidence to invite you to explore the rest of the festival with him
you agree, and the two of you head out to enjoy what some may consider your first date
although, the rest of the volleyball team are quite baffled that Kuroo just suddenly ditched them like that
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The Haikyuu Boys Respond to you Asking Them “Ass or Boobs?” | Pt.1
Pairing: Haikyuu boys x f!reader
Notes: I woke up at 8 AM this morning with this thought in mind, went back to sleep and woke up at 9 AM and could not fall back asleep, so I decided to do it. I hope that you like the starter for this chapter! This isn’t necessarily headcanons as to who I think likes ass or boobs more, but at the same time, if the shoe fits... 
In this chapter I have: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Makki, Kyōtani, Kunimi, Kindaichi, Kuroo, and Kenma! 
If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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teesumu · a day ago
Tumblr media
“What?” Looking up from the menu, he tilts his head in confusion at your tone. 
“You’re not going to like that,” you tell him, making his eyes widen in disbelief. He’s almost offended, takes it almost as an accusation. Or maybe a challenge, he’s a bit unpredictable. 
“Baby, ya don’t know that,” he huffs, making you raise a brow. “’S their special, I’m sure ‘s a great dessert. Popular for a reason, ya know,” he insists, looking back down at the menu before him with a defiant look on his face. Rolling your eyes, you usher the waiter to give you two another moment when he approaches. Atsumu jerks his head back, mouth agape before he turns to the waiter himself, furiously beckoning him over. 
“Tsum, it has peanut butter—”
“I am a grown man, y/n. I can read and decide if I want somethin’,” he says indignantly. “I don’t mind peanut butter anymore,” he promises. Not that Atsumu would actually know that, in all honesty. He hasn’t exactly had peanut butter in years, not since your first date, but he assumes his taste buds have matured since then. Pursing your lips, you simply shrug, deciding you’d leave him to his own devices when he realizes he’s made a mistake. 
“Whatever you say.” 
Atsumu hates peanut butter. It’s the first fact you learned about him other than he played volleyball with his twin. He asks you out on a date your third year in high school, standing in front of your locker with his sports bag hung loosely on his shoulder. Same day he finds out he’s captain. 
He tries to pretend he isn’t bothered by the peanut butter cups in his ice cream, tries to chew them down like a champ, but you don’t miss the way he cringes with each swallow. You both have already walked a good distance from the ice cream shop by then, so, with a gentle smile, you offer to share yours with him. 
He swears that’s the moment he knew he was in love with you.
Now, six years of dating and two years of marriage later, you’ve no longer got a schoolgirl crush on him. His little pout will not compel you to share your dessert with him. Not anymore, especially since you’ve already warned him.
So, when Atsumu claims he’ll take the special that has peanut butter in it, you merely shrug and place your own order. And when he takes the first spoonful and his body stiffens, forcing a gulp to swallow the taste of peanut butter that he realizes he very much does not like, you hold back a smile.
“‘S delicious,” he says with a tight smile when he catches you staring at him. “I love it, really,” he nods.
“I’m sure you do,” you hum. He plays around with his spoon, pout on his face as he wills himself to take a few more spoonfuls when you decide to take mercy on him.
With a roll of your eyes, you shove your bowl to the middle of your table, staring at him unimpressed as he stares back sheepishly.
“Here, you idiot,” you mutter. “This is why I never take you anywhere.”
“Don’t take me any—I’m takin’ ya, actually,” he huffs indignantly. “Don’t need ya ta share, I love ma order.”
“You love it?”
“Mhm,” he nods defiantly. You raise an eyebrow, and he wilts under your gaze, arms crossed and lips curled into a sad pout as you glare at him.
“What did I tell you about the peanut butter? What did I say, Atsumu?” He sinks in his chair a little bit, but you don’t relent.
“That I wouldn’t like it,” he mumbles quietly. He hears a small snicker from the table beside you and his ears turn red, looking over at the young child that laughs as he gets scolded with a glare. “Don’t say ma name so mean.”
“Don’t argue about things you know you’re wrong in, and I won’t have to be mean.” Still, you gently nudge your ice cream towards him, offering him to share just like you did all those years ago on your first date.
His heart melts, your eyes soften, and you’re once again at the starting point of an endless cycle.
You and Atsumu are in love. He loves you, and you love him, and each day is a continuation of the last, love seeping through the cracks.
It seeps into the crisp sheets of the morning, one where his strong arm holds you securely in your slumber. It seeps into the creamer of the coffee he brews for you, offering it to you with a giddy smile as you meet him in the kitchen. It seeps into each kiss you press to his face just as he leaves for practice—one on his cheek, another on his nose, two on his forehead. And by the time he comes home, you’re both flooded, drowning in the depths of the feelings you share.
But he keeps you breathing, and you keep him afloat, and the cycle starts again, small droplets of love eventually pouring like rain.
You and Atsumu are in love.
“Yer the one offerin’ ta share, not like I asked ya,” he grumbles. You crack the first smile, and he huffs the first laugh. Soon, you giggle like idiots in love.
“You haven’t learned anything from our first date have you?”
“Oh I’ve learned plenty,” Atsumu promises smugly. “All I gotta do is make ya share yer ice cream with me, and ya’ll fall hopelessly in love. This was ma master plan.” Snorting, you reach for his hand across the table, and he squeezes lightly when they meet.
“I wouldn’t say hopelessly,” you tease. And he knows you lie, but he still pouts playfully. “But I love you.”
“Yeah, me too,” Atsumu whispers. “I love ya.”
Tumblr media
based on a true story of my parents LMAO
reblogs are really appreciated !!
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inuhmaki · 2 days ago
ft. suna rintaro
haikyuu, mha and jjk requests are open <3
a/n - i made this bc genshin is updating rn <payne> anyways- i am honestly so happy with how i characterize suna. love sleepy boy <3
warnings: suna is a tease, suna rintaro /j, swearing
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed <3
reblogs are highly appreciated, and allow others to see my work!!
gen. taglist (open) - @myoyachi @kac-chowsballs @kaleidoscopekai @kawaii-angelanne @elektrosonix @mypainistemporary @discountkiyoko
mahal ka MWAH
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xakusa · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— the intimate conversation between two lovers after sex
includes // oikawa, osamu, mattsun, sakusa, atsumu
warnings // SOFT SOFT SOFT, gossiping, just honesty, slight jealousy, spooning, not really smut per se but tagged as ‘smut’ for some mentions of nsfw content!
❥ haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
𝔬𝔦𝔨𝔞𝔴𝔞 𝔱𝔬𝔬𝔯𝔲
♥︎ Both your naked bodies under the covers
♥︎ You just stay still like that for a little while
♥︎ Then he strikes a conversation about his teammates, your friends, his friends, his enemies, your neighbors
♥︎ Anything that comes to mind, really
♥︎ Oikawa loves to gossip
♥︎ He’ll sometimes talk bad about your friends and their bad relationships
♥︎ And how happy he is to be in a relationship he’d never wanna get out of
♥︎ “What? It’s true. You’re lucky to be with me,” he teases
♥︎ You laugh but you agree with him
♥︎ There’s nobody else like him
♥︎ In all honestly, he’s just glad he has you to listen to all of his ramblings, his childish antics
♥︎ And expects no judgement from you at all
Tumblr media
𝔪𝔦𝔶𝔞 𝔬𝔰𝔞𝔪𝔲
♥︎ “Hey, you know what we should do?”
♥︎ “We should go to that place you’ve always talked about.”
♥︎ “Tomorrow—no, wait. This weekend. Whaddya say?”
♥︎ It’s always the random bouts of ideas
♥︎ And every time feels like it’s the perfect time to bring stuff up
♥︎ Usually it’s about dates or traveling
♥︎ Others, it’s about getting a pet, going to your hometown, or getting a plant
♥︎ There’s also getting matching tattoos, adding new stuff to the menu, or prank calling atsumu at that unholy hour
♥︎ Some ideas, he never follows through with
♥︎ But some, he actually does
♥︎ Like that one time
♥︎ “Hey, move in with me.”
Tumblr media
𝔪𝔞𝔱𝔰𝔲𝔨𝔞𝔴𝔞 𝔦𝔰𝔰𝔢𝔦
♥︎ “Do you ever think about the future?”
♥︎ “Us—you and me.”
♥︎ “Wait—I am in your future, right?”
♥︎ “Right??”
♥︎ It’s lowkey adorable, really
♥︎ He gets worried about things that he should already know the answer to
♥︎ Sometimes he just needs the extra assurance
♥︎ Even though he already has your naked body up against his for an answer
♥︎ “Of course. You and me—us,” you say, and you mean every syllable
♥︎ “I do too.”
♥︎ “I know.”
♥︎ Usually pillow talk with him is a repeat of yesterday’s and last week’s
♥︎ But you never get tired of it
♥︎ Not one bit and neither does he
Tumblr media
𝔰𝔞𝔨𝔲𝔰𝔞 𝔨𝔦𝔶𝔬𝔬𝔪𝔦
♥︎ He doesn’t always speak his mind
♥︎ When he does, he’s just always so concise
♥︎ Straight to the point
♥︎ Often thinking that you don’t need to be told twice, or that it’s already a given
♥︎ That some things don’t need to be said over and over again
♥︎ Like how pretty you look
♥︎ Or how much he misses you when he’s away even for just a day
♥︎ But you can count on him to be 100% unfiltered when you’re in bed
♥︎ When you’re just lolling in each other’s warmth after sex
♥︎ Pillow talk is when he reminds you that he cares about you and he loves you though it may not always show
♥︎ But he does
♥︎ So fucking much
♥︎ And pillow talk makes him feel he could never be redundant
♥︎ Even if it means telling you you’re pretty, he loves you, loves it when you tell him you love him
♥︎ … ten times over
Tumblr media
𝔪𝔦𝔶𝔞 𝔞𝔱𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔲
♥︎ “Do you remember that time I confessed.”
♥︎ “You were so cute the first time I met you.”
♥︎ “Remember when we bumped into that ex of yours.”
♥︎ Always the kick of nostalgia with him
♥︎ “Shut up, I’m trying to tell you something.”
♥︎ And the usual retorts out of nowhere
♥︎ He’s already pretty honest on a daily basis
♥︎ But he’s different when he’s recovering from his high
♥︎ When he’s slightly out of breath
♥︎ When he fixes his disheveled hair before tucking yours behind your ear
♥︎ And he’s no longer brutally honest tsumu
♥︎ Just… a charming kind of honest tsumu
♥︎ Who’s still slightly annoying but you can tell he’s just happy to be there being intimate with you
Tumblr media
© xakusa 2021
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xybi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
↳ Hey can you do the "he's so hot" prank on Osamu, Kageyama, Kenma, Bokuto, & Iwaizumi? Wherein you pretend to gush about another guy in front of them; how would they react and stuff hehe thank you in advance mwah 💌 - nonnie
↳ hq masterlist
Tumblr media
KAGEYAMA was surely mistaken when he heard you squealing while you were on your phone; scrolling through your news feed like the usual. he's confused, what could be so exciting that it's worth having you roll around your bed with a bright smile on your face.
"tobio, look, he's so hot!" you yelled, handing him your phone. and for a second, kageyama thought that you were talking about another guy—since you didn't exactly mention that the 'hot guy' was him. he unknowingly released a relieved sigh, seeing that the picture you showed him—was him, during your date a few weeks ago.
he shook his head, completely annoyed, while you burst into a fit of laughter, making him exit your room with a pout. "tobio! 'm sorry! it was just a harmless prank, love!" "says you!" he yelled back, before getting tackled into a hug.
Tumblr media
KENMA sighed for the tenth time now, after hearing your never-ending rambles about how hot the stranger who you saw not too long ago. his brows were slightly furrowed in annoyance, he doesn't even remember seeing a stranger walk past you two; yet maybe he was possibly busy in his game.
"he was so hot, kenma. you should've seen the guy." you smiled dreamily, and your significant other only huffed in reply. immediately, kenma lets go of your hand—resulting in you being confused, as you two still continued walking. "something wrong, kenma?"
he couldn't even believe that you had the audacity to ask if something was wrong, "i didn't even see a stranger walk past us. and stop gushing over him, i'm right here, your boyfriend." the last part of his sentence was barely audible, yet you still managed to hear it. it brought a smile to your face as you intertwined your hand with his once more, before telling him that it was all a prank—and honestly, he couldn't be more relieved.
Tumblr media
BOKUTO visibly deflates before you could even finish your sentence, "oh and there was this guy, and he was so hot- kou? what's wrong?" you asked, seeing his saddened eyes look at you. a frown plastered on his face, as his hair even became somewhat droopy.
"who are you talking about?" his tone was filled with sadness, he hoped that it was enough to give you the idea that he was certainly jealous and sad hearing you ramble about another guy other than him. i mean, come on, you're in a relationship with one of the best aces in japan! is he not enough for you?
"look, i even got a picture of him!" you cheered, handing him your phone whilst he was quick to examine the picture. a picture of bokuto himself—the picture was taken after one of his tournaments, and it was one of your favorite pictures of him. "isn't he handsome?" bokuto only smiled, before picking you up then spinning you around happily.
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI's eyes snapped towards you as soon as you told him that you saw a cute stranger walk past you two. "what?" he asked, confused on what you just said; he must have heard you wrong, right? "could you repeat that again, love?"
"look! he's so hot." you replied, cupping his cheeks with a loving look all over your face. "my dear boyfriend's so hot, yeah?" a laugh came from you as iwaizumi scrunched his nose at you, clearly not amused of your little prank on him. he actually fell for it, he wasn't going to lie.
"don't do that again, you scared me a little." he hummed, intertwining his hand with yours, continuing your walk home—all while enjoying each other's company. who knows, you have many more pranks up your sleeves.
Tumblr media
OSAMU was unfazed with your statement. he only squinted his eyes at you, before going back to helping you make some pastries. "oh ya? stop playin' with me, [name]. i already knew that yer going to prank me from 'tsumu." he replied with a victorious smirk that somewhat made you sulky.
"no way," you sighed dramatically. wiping the flour off your face with a wash cloth, while osamu decided that it was a good idea to blow some more flour towards you, "ah- hey! osamu stop that! yer wasting flour!"
"next time," he started, looking at you with a confident grin. "if yer goin' to prank me, don't tell 'tsumu, 'kay? now ya look like a ghost." osamu laughs while you hit his shoulder in return.
Tumblr media
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nadiejuicy · 2 days ago
Hi! Can I request HC for Kuroo and Bokuto (separately) where their s.o. is with them at a party, but the boys are entertaining their fans and neglecting the s.o. so the s.o. leaves? Thank you!!!
ofc you can
Kuroo and Bokuto neglecting their s/o at a party
pairings: kuroo x gn! reader; bokuto x gn! reader
genre: light angst; fluffy
warnings: light insecurities and negligence; spoiler post-timeskip manga
a/n: i realized now that i could have written this one with them in high school, but ok (i also tried writing with gn! reader any mistakes let me know), hope you like it.
Tumblr media
Kuroo Tetsuro:
This guy is popular
As a member of the Japan Volleyball Association, he was included in everything
Even at commemorative parties when team wins
You found it really fun at first, meeting lots of nice people and drinking some delicious stuff
But for some reason you couldn't get close to Kuroo
See, you walked away for a moment and when you came back some people had recognized you from high school
You decided to give it some space, but when you noticed more people gathered around it
And he didn't look for you
Not on purpose, he's just sociable and polite.
He was waiting for you to return to the same place you left him
But you didn't know that
You sighed in frustration, the drink turned sour on your tongue, some time waiting and were still alone, Kuroo didn't even move, too engrossed in conversation to look for you. So you decide to leave.
Kuroo was keeping an eye on you, every now and then he would look for around the room, seeing you laughing with some of his coworkers, dancing at your own pace, he didn't come to you because he thought you were having fun, you said you'd be back soon.
When he sees you leaving, he immediately says goodbye to the people around him, following the same path as you. It doesn't take long for him to find you getting into the car.
"What's wrong, kitten?" he asks, smiling so charming but still very confused, why were you leaving? And without him?
You stare at him sitting sideways in the driver's seat, you wouldn't drive back home, but it was better to sit than stand for who knows how long.
“Nothing, Tetsu” you answer simple… too simple. What do you mean "nothing"? Kuroo knew it was nothing, as much as tried not to show it, your lips were slightly curved, jutted forward, were you just playing a little?
"C'mon, kitten, tell me, uh?" he asks, so softly, pulling you by the hands to stand, resting them on his neck right after.
“I just wanted to leave…” you say, but he arches his eyebrows at you, encouraging to say “Because you forgot me all night while talking to all those people”.
“Ah…” he pouts his mouth, mimicking you, saying nothing, he guides you towards the passenger seat, going back to get in the car, turning it on.
"What are you doing?" you ask, he smiles roguishly.
"Going home, you know, to remember how important you are to me".
Tumblr media
Bokuto Kotaro:
He doesn't do it on purpose
But we know he loves attention
Feverish people screaming for him, oh yeah
It was a Black Jackals victory, which deserved a celebration
Of course you were together with Bokuto, accompanied by the others s/o of the other players
So there he is being flattered by beautiful and charming fans saying how good he is
He likes the attention he gets, lavishing a big, bright smile
And you start to feel suffocated with so many people and even a little insecurity that made your body tremble
He doesn't even realize he's neglecting you
By the time he tries to pull your hand to introduce you to the fans
And he realizes you're not there anymore
It was suffocating to say the least. You knew that Bokuto liked attention, he attracted with every step, but seeing him there surrounded by beautiful people who took all his attention, made you feel left out. It wasn't bad, was it? No, you didn't think so, but still, you needed air, packed your things and went outside, without even letting him know, you wouldn't get past so many excited people anyway.
It took a little while for Bokuto to notice your absence, he liked attention and compliments of course, but the only person he wanted around praising him was you, he became a mess when he moved his hand to take yours and not found.
He called your name - too loud in everyone's opinion - and got no answer, he didn't even pay attention to the people who were there for him, prowling around looking for you, leaving everyone confused, he looked for you among his colleagues of team, unsuccessfully, bumping into Sakusa unintentionally, asking for you right away.
"Out, you fool" the tall player spoke, leaving the place as well and Bokuto couldn't be more confused.
He left and it didn't take long to find you head down leaning against the car, you didn't have your keys and you had come with him, so you decided to think outdoors at least.
“Hey baby” he calls out to you, striding towards you “What are you doing here? Come on, I wanted to introduce you to everyone,” he says so easy, which makes your shoulders slump in relaxation.
“Hn, Kou…” you start and your tone of voice makes him realize there's something wrong, he takes your hand and makes you look into his eyes “I'd rather not go back”.
"What? Why? Are you feeling bad?” he asks visibly worried, puppy dog eyes in your direction because he feels he's done something wrong or didn't protect you as he should.
“No, it's just…” you shrug, wrinkling nose at the discomfort of neglect dancing in your chest. "It's just, I'm feeling a little lonely there, you're surrounded by so many people..."
"No way baby" Oh he understands, too desperate to try to convince you it wasn't intentional "I don't care about-" he says waving an open hand towards the song "-that! We can leave if you want"
"No, Kou, I don't want to spoil your night."
He huffs, "Bullshit" he says wrapping his arms around your waist, leaning his forehead against yours "All I want is to be with you".
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shoyotime · 16 hours ago
Hi I loved the accidental confession text and was wondering if you can do it except it's not accidental this time. You can choose the characters but please include tsumu 😣 Thanks!
hq texts — when you confess to them
Tumblr media
featuring : suna, osamu, bokuto, atsumu
genre : fluff, slight humor
warnings : fem!reader ( the anon later clarified that the request was for fem reader ) teeny tiny bit suggestive in suna & tsumu <3
a/n : there was a kita one too but tumblr image limit </3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist : @kotarousproperty @aghashiii @escapenightmare @uxavity @elitparadox @milktyama @http-kimara @smolmo @mysterystarz @pockydays @sassyglassesbunny @admiringlove @buzymanifesting ( join the taglist here )
© — shoyotime.tumblr do no plagiarize, repost or recreate in any way!
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fairyryder · a day ago
hey idk if your requests are open. I was going through your blog and loved it!
is it okay if I request headcanons of s/o with big boobs but this time with Osamu, Ushijima and Tsukishima?
HQ BOYS with a s/o who has big boobs pt2!! Pt1
A/n; Thank you so much for requesting! If theses characters are ooc I’m so sorry, I’m not really confident in writing them😭 Request are open!!
Characters; Osamu, Ushijima, Tsukishima
Tw; Suggestive !!
Tumblr media
Osamu loves squishing your boobs randomly.
He also really stares a lot.
A lot.
One time when you were wearing a shirt that showed your breasts a little.
He couldn’t take his eyes off you.
He almost burned the food he was cooking😭
He would loves to lay on your boobs if you let him.
He finds it relaxing. Because when he is at work he is really stress so just coming home to letting him burying his face in your boobs is a blessing <333
He stares a lot too.
He wants to touch them but doesn’t just want to say it.
He thinks he would sound too weird.
But when you noticed him sneaking glances at your chest you grinned and asked him if he wanted to feel them.
He hesitantly shook his head and he took his large and and squished your boob.
He just kept squeezing and squishing them.
But he really likes how his hand barely covers it.
He is just really amazed.
Another guy that just stares.
He doesn’t want to but damn
Did he ever notice how big your boobs were and easily he could lay his he-
He catches himself staring and fastly turns his head around back to his work.
All this guy wants to do is lay there but he just doesn’t want to admit.
He would never EVER say it out loud.
He does loves (again would never say it aloud), when your boobs squish against his chest when you’re laying on him.
Anyways, this guy is a complete tsundere that doesn’t want to admit that your boobs are attractive <333
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · 2 days ago
picture perfect
for the konoha simp’s collab --> first ever collab i have actually submitted a piece to wow |
fluff and smut with suna rintaro
Tumblr media
“see her?” rin asks into your hair, passive lips curling as his tone pales to a gentle murmur, “she’s so pretty.” a tight hold on your chin prohibits you from  properly dividing your attention between the shame saturating your body and any distracting feature of your room. your cowering figure flushed against your rintaro’s taunt torso nixes your desired escape from the moment. timidly brushing over the shiny surface of the printed image, your eyes still exhibit an intense shade of disgust for the subject featured in the small frame.
“this is an ugly photo rin.” your hand reaches forward to rip the photograph from the brunet’s grasp, only for him to hiss softly directly into the shell of your ear, his focused breath hot and weighted against your skin. rin’s chest swells beneath you at a rough exhale racks from his lungs.
“if you shut up for once,” the arm coiled around your torso squeezes your body, “and stopped bitching maybe i’ll let you go.” the threat, benignant almost, demonstrates a degree of patience above what the variscite eyed male could typically afford you; recycled or not amongst his passive tone, rin’s shallow breaths color his efforts to get your attention. still, he doesn’t stir against your resistant gestures, but smiles at your expressions.
you huff between his arms, shooting him a glare that doesn’t measure into his gaze trained on the image. it’s you. a photo of you laughing, lips wide and eyes squinted shut as your head tilts back, the setting japanese sky panning behind you, fluffy white cumulonimbus clouds extending the width of the entire photo’s dimensions. you wore a low v-neck that plunged down your chest, accentuating your bust that day, denim-clad knees incorporated at the bottom of the print. kita’s two-toned hair made an appearance behind your bare sun-saturated shoulder. the person preserved inside the photograph looks happy and free, surrounded by friends and in the distance, the twins.
“ephemeral” suna whispers into your hair again, lips now tracing their way up to your temple. 
“you look ephemeral baby.” you glance back at the photo and consider the memory. perhaps there's a trace of that someone, that version of you, sitting here and now in a tiny apartment of a five story walk up, between the arms of a familiar voice, deserving of a heart that syncs to yours. suna’s lithe fingers release the photo, the image flicking onto the bed, lost from your gaze as your eyes settle on his hand. coarse with vivid veins and touches cascading along your hip, rin smiles into the crook of your neck, noticing how your breath hitches as he licks a stripe down your collarbone. “wanna taste you angel,” he reasons gently, voice murmured low and laced with a naturally deep husky tone.
suna’s hands scale down to your waist where he shoves you onto your back as he positions himself above you, arms coiling around you while one hand pins one of your hands above you. he rumbles against the space of your neck, tracing kisses against the warm skin. you lean into his touch, photograph long forgotten as a gentle moan slips past your paring lips. 
“fuck-rin,” you exhale as his teeth sink into your throat, canine’s applying special pressure to your jugular, just enough to make a tingle crawl up your spine. weight slightly baring upon your lower body, the brunet rolls his hips against yours, his hard flat torso brushes over your groin, bulge catching against you. a suggestive groan rumbles against the open space of your mouth brushing over the crown of his mahogany locks. “suna,” you exhale again, hands dizzily stroking the male’s clothed spine. Feeling the weight of your fingertips skimming over his back, suna retreats just a short distance between you, smiling gently at your little whine.
“needy little thing,” the middle blocker utters against your lips once his fingertips have drawn his graphic tee off his body. rintaro’s sly expression curls into a grin as he bites your mouth, reveling in the small whimpers and moans now tracing your lips. “You’re so pretty when you beg baby.” he praises warmly, hands now exploring the expanse of your body beneath his. fingers coiled into his messy locks, you tug gently. the emerald eyed male feigns a hiss against your mouth, “fuck-don’t do that babe,” 
leaning away from you, rin strips down to his underwear, your hand caressing his impressive erection through the grey fabric that does little to conceal the endowed member carved against the material. any thoughts that lingered from the photo he took of you, and the doubts storming through your conscious dissipate when you feel your boyfriend’s mouth lowering, inching closer to your breasts. 
“don’t think…” he mutters against your collarbone, “just feel.” eyes connecting to yours, you witness nothing but truth radiating from piercing, yet fond, aventurine toned orbs. “feel me.” 
you do feel the sculpted male’s body, one hand now cataloging the racing pace of the heart nestled in his chest. your fingers hesitantly brush over his exposed nipple, watching his features flinch in a sign of pleasure. 
you whine, “wanna be yours rin,” body, mind and being craving the attractive male. yo
“you’re always mine.” he says gently, tone simpering as his lips approach yours again, “always.” convinced you still don’t believe him, suna tastes you again, groaning as you lap at his tongue, entwined muscles working together in a harmony that your body desires also. feeling your body whimper against his, suna pulls away to nibble at your neck, breathing praise into your skin.
“i like you,” rintaro reassures you, hand entwined in yours as he pins you against the mattress with the aid of his body weight and position opposing yours. “i like taking photos of you.” despite your body’s instinct to stiffen at his words, suna programs a mewl to whisper across your lips. “i like everything about you baby.” with a nipple now exposed, he sucks it with romantic strokes of his tongue, teeth grazing over the sensitive nub. you buck against his body, core aching to feel him inside. brain dizzy, you truly begin to believe him.
“what if-,”
“shh,” rin mumbles against your chest, emerald gaze flashing across your gaze, “i want you.” he presses another genereous kiss to your skin, a hot breathe now fanning the spot, “i’ve always wanted you.” erection free fom his underwear, the garment now tossed somewhere else in the room, rintaro hovers above you, caressing his thick shaft in one lanky hand. gazing down at your exposed figure, he admires you, naked. you want to curl into yourself, hide, avoid those striking eyes from reaching inside you and seeing everything that feels wrong.
rin pleads with a gentle whimper, “don’t squirm. i’m seeing you.”
hand risen to caress his features, you exhale, “you always see me.” your voice is uncharacteristically low, cautionary, shaking with vulnerable emotions that bubble at the surface. your gaze flickers against his intense, watchful eyes. as warm as the color is, you feel cold below him, so exposed. “when will you see something you don’t like.” your voice is uncharacteristically low, cautionary, shaking with vulnerable emotions that bubble at the surface.
suna’s brows raise at the question, features gently paling at your question. quietly, he gazes down at where you two could be connected and guides your hand to his achingly hard cock. your hand replaces his, feeling the heat of dick. “baby, you caused this.” he throbs in your hand and presses his lips together tightly as pre-cum leaks from the tip. “all of you -ah,” you squeeze him experimentally and hold a timid smile as you watch him loose concentration. “s-stop that, t-trying-ah,” you do it again, growing more confident.
“do you like this rin?” you ask, lips presses against his chin, “like it when i touch you baby?”
a shudder trails down the male’s spine. “fuck keep going, please.” biting your own lip, you begin to stroke rin, touch maturing from timid slow jerks, that progress into deviant tugs of his pretty cock. “fuck, fuck, fuck,” suna leans forward, now bucking against your hand, itching for more. the ridges of his cock grow more prominent in your palm. your hand, coiled and now purposefully manipulating his sensitive member, eclipses the inflamed tip. the squelching sounds of his wet dick vibrate around the room, accented with his own pants and groans. “fuccccck,” the male groans, eyes shut as struggles to regain focus. despite his nearly inebriated state, suna grumbles against your mouth, “lemme put it in you baby,” 
you nod at your boyfriend who coats your pussy in his pre, watching as the bulbus head catches on your lips. you wiggle against him, wanting the slender male inside you, stretching you out. the gentle burn begins when suna pushes inside you, your walls clamping down on the intrusion. a hiss exhales off your lips as suna inches deeper inside you, groaning at the pressure coiled around his cock. “fuck,” he finally mutters against your forehead. “you look so fucking pretty with me inside you.”
reaching his eyes once again, you concentrate on the sway of his hips against yours as the male establishes an almost punishing pace. “you’re my pretty angel,” he comments as his balls slap against your body loudly, accented by the squelching narrative of your pussy. a hand wraps around your throat as he stabilizes inside you, pushing in deeper until his head kisses your special spots, making you whimper and see stars. “my pretty, pretty, perfect fucking baby.”
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shiningfriday · a day ago
Comforting Haikyuu boys after a long day 🏐
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oikawa: “hey...” your eyes overflowed with kindness as you ran your fingers through your boyfriend’s hair, attempting to turn his face towards your own so you could at least give him a kiss and remind him how much you loved him. but he simply looked away, eyes cast down in dejection, knowing he let you down. you sighed, wrapping your arms around his neck “you’re one of a kind, tōru, please don’t ever forget that” and for the first time that night his eyes met yours, knowing he may not have won the game today, but one defeat wouldn’t stop him from moving forward, not when he had you by his side.
Ushijima: ushijima didn’t talk much when he was upset, often opting to push you away while he sorted out his problems on his own. but when he needed you he needed you, and you were there no questions asked. today was one of those days. he didn’t need to talk, didn’t need you to say any magic words, he just wanted you near him. he wanted to feel your soft touches that meant the world to him, your fingers intertwined with his, your head resting on his chest, a gentle hand running through his hair. there was just something about your presence that brought him back to life. you were his rock, and a few kisses were all he needed to remind himself that he could do anything.
Bokuto: “no one’s perfect, bo” you couldn’t see his face but you were 99% sure your boyfriend was rolling his eyes at you, and you couldn’t blame him. you were never the best with words and your cliche statement probably wasn’t ideal, at least not for your diva of a boyfriend who thought the world was ending every time he missed a spike. “you know what, no!” he looked up at you suddenly, thrown off by your abrupt change in tone. “you made a mistake, because you’re human, but to me you are perfect. you’re the most talented volleyball player i’ve ever seen and you could wipe the floor with anyone else in the entire prefecture.” and voila, just like that, those were the words your boyfriend needed to hear so desperately, immediately perking up as he placed a gentle kiss on your cheek and nuzzled into you. seriously such a drama queen.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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luvbub · a day ago
hi! can i request kuroos and/or kenmas s/o being a little jealous when nekoma students start paying attention to the volleyball team after the tokyo nationals (when they were like "isn't kuroo kinda hot?") and suddenly they're getting more attention and confessions at school? thank you <3
when your boyfriend starts getting more attention
Tumblr media
feat. Kuroo, Kenma
♡ love a good jealousy prompt hehe, thank you for requesting~
Tumblr media
after Nekoma’s volleyball team started to do well in competitions, the team members themselves started to gain more traction amongst the student body
you would hear whispers as you walked through the halls with Kuroo
“apparently Kuroo’s the captain of the volleyball team!”
“yeah he’s hot and I heard he’s also pretty smart too- talk about a complete package”
and of course your boyfriend heard this too, and it went to his ego
he couldn’t help but smirk a bit when he heard all of the praises surrounding him
you, on the other hand, couldn’t help but get a bit annoyed by your boyfriend’s sudden popularity
but you kept a level head- there wasn’t any reason for you to get terribly upset just because more people found your boyfriend attractive
that is- until they started dismissing the fact that you were his s/o
even while you were holding hands with your boyfriend, students would come up to him and compliment him like crazy
at first it started off as innocuous comments about doing well in volleyball
then came in their thoughts about how nice he looked today, how tall he was, etc.
and you were just baffled out how audacious these other students were when you were standing right there- but still you never said a word
neither did Kuroo- although he did reject everyone, he never did check up on you
until one day you were walking and chatting with Kenma, on the way to the gym
but there your boyfriend was- getting confessed to
you quickly backed out of his line of sight, pulling Kenma back with you, hoping he didn’t notice
“I- you’re not gonna interrupt them?” Kenma asks, lowering his voice when you put a finger to your lips for him to stay quiet
“...well I know he’s gonna reject the confession... but I don’t know I feel like if I interrupt and make a big deal I’ll seem too jealous” you sigh
“aren’t you jealous though?? I’ve seen you pout all the time” Kenma raises an eyebrow at you
“not in like a possessive way... but more like....Tetsu’s always been this attractive and people are only realizing it because of how well the volleyball team is doing?? isn’t that ridiculous?”
Kenma chuckles at how you were upset at this motion
“not only that- but I dunno it doesn’t feel so good when I’m with Tetsu and people are just so blatantly flirting with him in front of me??” you mumble, but right as you finish talking you feel a pair of familiar arms hug you from behind
“ah- I should have noticed sooner how this was bothering you babe. I’m so sorry” Kuroo says, burying his face into the crook of your neck
“Tetsu, I thought you were getting confessed to?” you ask, slightly startled by his sudden appearance
“please, you’re not the most subtle person Y/n. the moment I saw you backtrack, I immediately turned the confession down and began to eavesdrop on you. and I’m glad I did because I got to learn what’s been bothering you and how to fix it” he mumbles, giving your cheek a kiss before lifting his head again, and turns you around so that you’re facing him
“although next time, I really do prefer if you tell me these things, alright?”
you nod, “okie dokie Tetsu”
Kuroo pulls you in for another kiss, much to Kenma’s chagrin
“please I’d rather practice than witness this” Kenma begs
you couldn’t find your boyfriend after school for some reason- so you figured he might have gone to the gym early
and when you popped your head in the gym, to your surprise he wasn’t there either
“if you’re looking for Kenma, he’s probably getting confessed to by a bunch of people” Kuroo comments, and you sigh, making your way into the gym to wait for your boyfriend
ever since Nekoma’s volleyball team entrance into Nationals, you noticed the huge spike that each player had
your own boyfriend included
“yOU KNOW WHATS ANNOYING ABOUT YOU GUYS BECOMING MORE POPULAR” you shout to the rest of the team across the gym
they all look at you and shrug
“IT’S THAT KENMA’S REALLY POPULAR NOW” you groan, plopping down onto the gym floor
“well well, look who’s getting jealous~” Kuroo teases, making his way over to you, chasing over a stray volleyball that went your way
“I’m not jealous Kuroo- I’m annoyed please learn to listen” you grumble, and Kuroo does his usual annoying cackle
“no but you totally are jealous? like people are crowding around him, calling him cute, asking to go out on a date- you can’t tell me otherwise Y/n!”
the stray volleyball was within arm’s reach of you, so you picked it up and chucked it as hard as you could at the captain
but he easily caught it
“I’ve been in love with Kenma forever now and constantly adoring him, and suddenly everyone else is too just because you guys are doing well in volleyball? Like they didn’t pay him any attention before?? Even though he’s the exact same??” you respond
“and fortunately for you, I’ve been in love with you for forever now” Kenma says, walking into the gym with bags of treats in his hand
“I- Kenma why do you have the gifts you got from your confessions?” Kuroo asks
Kenma sits down next to you, gives you a small kiss, and hands you all of the snacks
“Just because I turned them down doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate free stuff, alright? Also I know Y/n would like these snacks” Kenma answers, taking out his switch to play with it
he turns his attention to you now
“also, I’m very sorry you’re upset that I’ve been getting all of this attention-” he starts but you quickly interrupt, shaking your head
“no no it’s not your fault Kenma it’s fine”
“still, I could have just easily stood them up- I only didn’t because of the snacks. But what I’m trying to say is that no matter how anyone perceives me, I only care about what you think, alright?” he asks, waiting for you to nod
and when you do, he smiles, pressing another kiss to your lips
well, maybe Kenma’s sudden popularity did have a silver lining after all
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · 15 hours ago
The Haikyuu Boys Respond to you Asking Them “Ass or Boobs?” | Pt.3
Pairing: Haikyuu boys x f!reader
Notes: I’m back with another one! I’m still fiddling with my other series that’s in the works, but they’ll come out soon-ish. I haven’t really gotten much writing done today because I have not been home hardly at all, but I’m gonna spend the rest of the next couple hours writing and hopefully get something done! 
In this chapter I have: Akaashi, Bokuto, Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, Nisinoya, Tanaka, Daichi, Sugawara, and Ennoshita! I hope that you like this chapter 💕
If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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teesumu · a day ago
Tumblr media
characters: suna rintaro, oikawa tooru, iwaizumi hajime, miya atsumu, bokuto koutaro, hanamaki takahiro, sakusa kiyoomi, matsukawa issei, miya osamu, kuroo tetsuro
a/n: idk i was just thinking about this in my head and i decided to write it out and here you go. half of these people are my dynamics with people from my friend group
Tumblr media
✯ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 is that guy who never really pays attention in class, and he sits next to you and you realize he's actually pretty cool and is low-key fun to talk to. You end up having kind of a soft spot for him and carry him in the class, taking notes and sending him pictures, giving him the homework answers before he asks, and even whispering answers to him after you turn in your quiz and he's struggling through his. He unofficially just claims you as a friend and just sits next to you on the bus or comes to you during school activities to hang out and he always has updates on school drama.
✯ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 is that one guy you end up sitting by, and you guys end up talking and getting decently acquainted and have really good conversations, but he's also kind of popular or part of the jocks group. You think you can't really talk to him outside of this class or he'll be weirded out until he greets you in the hallway in front of his friends and actually makes an effort to speak to you when he sees you. Turns out he's actually really genuine, even comments on your instagram pictures every now and then.
✯ 𝐈𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐔𝐌𝐈 is the really annoyingly smart guy that doesn't act smart and you don't think he is at first because he walks into class every time there's a quiz or test like "I didn't study I have no idea what's happening" and then proceeds to ace it anyway. He really can't teach or explain things for the life of him, he tries his absolute best but he leaves you more confused than you started so you just sit there and wonder how this absolute idiot is so smart. But he's really chill and really nice so you can't even hate him and you probably have really funny banter.
✯ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 is that dude that everyone says his only personality trait is whatever club activity or extracurricular he's in, but then you talk to him and he has a really dorky side over something random that is also practically another personality trait, but it's really endearing and he's not as annoying as everyone makes him out to be when you get to know him. He's always at school in the early hours and the late ones, and he comes and keeps you company and waits with you for your ride or he just walks you if you're close enough.
✯ 𝐁𝐎𝐊𝐔𝐓𝐎 is that kid that's always wandering the halls, nine times out of ten if you're in the hallway passing by, you'll see him around. He walks you to where you're going, or if you're wandering and skipping class too, he keeps you company and rambles about random things and lets you ramble too. He's caught up on all your drama and gossip and he's always asking for updates or responds immediately if you text him to tell him. He always says something along the lines of "yeah me and y/n are real tight, aren't we?" to his friends and fist bumps you or something.
✯ 𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐀𝐌𝐀𝐊𝐈 never feels like digging through his backpack for paper so he always just asks you for a sheet like "I'll give you one next time" and then next time rolls around and he looks at you again for a sheet. You end up running out and he finally pulls out his stack of paper and then simply hands a section to you like "here you carry this and give me a sheet when we need one" and you just go with it because honestly who cares at this point and it's free paper so why not.
✯ 𝐒𝐀𝐊𝐔𝐒𝐀 is that guy you don't really talk to for the longest time, but there's someone else who sits at your table who you both really can't stand at all, so you guys make eye contact and roll your eyes together. One day said annoying person is absent and something small kind of breaks the ice, like a question one of you has on the assignment or a small comment, and then it leads to absolutely roasting the person you dislike. You find out you have a very similar sense of humor and then you talk in class pretty regularly past that point. You either end up dating him or you never speak again after that class is over for the year.
✯ 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 and you have no classes together and only really see each other in the halls every now and then, but all his friends are your friends and vice versa, so you have each other on all social media platforms. You guys end up developing a decent friendship online and then finally start talking in person after a while when you're with your mutual friends. You probably end up becoming closer to each other than the rest of them because your friendship isn't formed from seeing each other all the time in class or something so it's on your own accord and is really solid.
✯ 𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔 is the guy who dated someone you were acquainted with in another class but don't talk to anymore, and they told you horror stories about how awful he is and how much of a dick he can be, so you pretty much hate him from the get-go. You end up sharing a class and you realize he's really nice and the more you look back, the more you realize your old acquaintance was kind of toxic. One day you both kind of end up on the topic of his ex and he just tells you the overall story of what happened, and his side makes more sense and fills in gaps in the other and you realize he wasn't at fault.
✯ 𝐊𝐔𝐑𝐎𝐎 is that guy who seems super easygoing and funny, and he teases you and you have a lot of banter and stuff in the beginning, but the closer you get, the more you realize he's actually a really sensitive guy deep down. You end up staying up a lot of nights until like two am with him just messaging about deep topics and opening up to each other, and then once the year's over and you don't share the class anymore, you probably never talk again. You end up saying things like "oh yeah I was really close with him back in..." if he's ever a topic of discussion.
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sunasbabie · a day ago
pairing: kuroo x reader
prompt: i’m going to marry you one day
Tumblr media
you were never really the athletic type, opting to just watch on the sidelines or just offer to be the scorer. but your boyfriend on the other hand was a different topic, he was tall, strong and athletic, always participating in the sports event of the school and this year your last year in high school he decided that he was going to teach you a few tricks.
it’s not that you didn’t want to spend time with him, you did but you didn’t really want to embarrass yourself in front of him since he was the captain of the volleyball club.
somehow he managed to convince you to drop by their practice and teach you how to receive and hit the ball.
“y/n just do this with your arms, look” he clasped his hands together and bumped the ball to you which you tried receiving but ended up failing since it didn’t go the direction you wanted it to.
“tetsuro, i can’t do it” you pouted as you grabbed the stray ball putting it back in the ball cart
“babe, it’s just your first time trying it, i’m sure you can do better especially with me as your teacher” he said with a stupid grin on his face. you could practically hear kenma sigh after he said this knowing how much of a big head he could get. “hey, why don’t you wait for practice to be over i’ll walk you home after yeah?”
“sure” you nodded and took a seat on the bleachers watching your boyfriend and his team pass the ball around.
soon enough practice was over and the two of you were walking towards your house.
“you were really great out there today” grabbing his hand as you swayed it a little
“it was just practice y/n there’s really nothing much to it” he laughed at you “besides you were really great when you let the ball slip through your arms” he teased remembering the events from the earlier attempts of trying to teach you how to play
you let go of his and and crossed your arms “you know i don’t even know why i like you, you’re so mean to me” you huffed.
honestly kuroo did that just to get a reaction out of you, he finds it adorable when you pout that’s why he always teases you. he wrapped his arms around your shoulder “aww c’mon don’t be like that y/n you know i'm just kidding” he said as he pressed a kiss to your temple
“no don’t talk to me i hate you right not”
“oh you hate me? well how am i supposed to marry the person that hates me?” he teased again this time a smirk evident on his face
“shu-shut up tetsu” bingo he got you flustered
you two continued to walk for a while until you spoke up “you really mean that?” you stopped walking and faced him
“mean what shorty?” giving you a teasing smile
you just rolled your eyes at him “you’re going to marry me?”
he took your hand in his “y/n, i’m going to marry you one day and you better say yes cause i need you deal with my crazy ass for life”
“and what if i don’t?” you raised your eyebrow at him giving him a teasing look and started walking to your house.
“oi y/n, wait” he grabbed you by the arm “you’re really going to reject me?” he pouted as if that would work on you
“stop that you look dumb, but i won’t reject you, you know you’re going to be stuck with me forever right?” you said tiptoeing so you could wrap your arms around him
“yeah” he leaned in and gave you a peck on the lips before slapping your ass
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moririki · a day ago
Tumblr media
sakusa brainrot <3
there's a hidden side to sakusa kiyoomi. he's giggly and soft and clingy with barely any alcohol in his system, and demands more kisses and cuddles from you and wants nothing more than to be held by you some days and is actually a very thoughtful lover and can read you like an open book and will stroke your back until you fall asleep and read to you because you like how his voice sounds and he blushes when you kiss both of his moles and smile at him with such tenderness afterwards.
and he's snappy sometimes but hes learning how to apologise to you and he tries making you food but can barely do more than a scrambled egg and loves running baths for both of you to just relax in with your back against his chest as you talk about your day with your head tucked under his chin and how even though youre naked and pressed against each other it doesnt have to be sexual and you can just exist together so comfortably.
and a sakusa who pulls you to one side in public and swiftly tugs his mask down to give you a quick peck before straightening up. a sakusa who loves to tease you by pretending not to hear you until you tug on his sleeve to get him to bend down to your height. a sakusa who looks so grumpy when you're too busy to do a face mask with him as your little friday night ritual.
a sakusa who texts you as much as he can whenever he's away from you because of volleyball, and how he's always so dramatic about you being his only thread of sanity left when he has to be sleeping in the same room as atsumu.
a sakusa who stays on facetime with you even when you fall asleep a few minutes in and takes screenshots of your squished face with little hand-drawn hearts surrounding it in a tentative shade of pink.
a sakusa who has never felt more in love than when you come home one day with an array of mini hand sanitiser bottles so that you can still have fun with different smells while still making sure that he's comfortable. a sakusa who feels his heart swell even more when you also wear a mask that matches his, seeing how you're so willing to make sure that he is okay.
a sakusa who was tentative and standoffish at first, but now seeks you out like it's second nature. a sakusa who, when he finally gets home from an away game, refuses to leave your arms as you hold him close and play with his curls as he mumbles quietly into your ear about his time without you.
a sakusa who looks at you like you hung the moon and stars and blushes when he's caught. a sakusa who is undoubtedly in love with you no matter how mean or cold he may seem to others.
a sakusa that is completely yours in every way.
Tumblr media
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kenmei · 2 days ago
♡ gn!reader (no pronouns) x miya atsumu
Tumblr media
cw: angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, exes to lovers!au, college!au, food mention, alcohol mention
synopsis: in which miya atsumu makes the biggest mistake of his life, and how he clumsily (but lovingly) glues everything back together
wc: 1700+
notes from mei!
me: i hate exes to lovers >:( exes are exes for a reason
also me: atsumu exes to lovers >:))))))))
Tumblr media
miya atsumu is a star.
you always thought you were a star too. even if you didn’t shine as bright as him, he made you feel as though you had a place in the sky alongside him, forever. you wish you realized earlier that you, in fact, are not a star at all.
you’re nothing but a flower rooted in the dirt—beautiful and priceless in its own way nonetheless, but even then, flower and star were never made to be together.
as you stare at a polaroid of you and him, one you found while cleaning out your drawers, you laugh emptily at the memories those smiles of you and his once held; promises. a future.
honestly, you wonder how this came to be. just last week, you and him still had those smiles—having sleepovers that lasted the entire week and whispering confessions and promises of forever under thick duvets and blasted air conditioning, stealing each other’s warmth and looking forward to the morning routine you both built together.
you were both perfectly fine and so disgustingly in love, so you cry again for what feels like the hundredth time this week, drawing blanks when you try to figure out why he decided to end it all.
and again, for what also feels like the hundredth time this week, you tell yourself that what will be, will be.
because a star who gawks at a flower, unknowingly wanting to become something rooted in soil, will eventually fall from the sky and lose everything that makes it special.
and you couldn’t bear watching atsumu lose his love for volleyball.
Tumblr media
he’s a coward.
almost a month passed since he broke up with you, but even ‘til now, he feels the repercussions as though he broke your heart yesterday.
there’s an ache in his chest whenever he lays in his cold bed, knowing that he can’t call you anymore, asking if you’d spend the night for the fifth time that week.
“we might as well live together at this point,” you say, grinning at him from the other side of the doorframe.
“been tryna tell ya that since last month, angel,” he replies, grabbing your wrist to pull you inside, hands wandering to your jaw as he brushes his lips against yours. 
your arms circle around his middle, pulling yourself impossibly closer, “should i move in? or do ya wanna live in mine?”
he looks at you, stars in his eyes as he responds. “don’t care. as long as i’m waking up to ya for the rest of my life.”
miya atsumu feels like the biggest fool history’s ever seen.
he’s reckless with a selfish streak, hurting you all because he thought (in the spur of the moment) that he could be everything and more without you by his side because “lovers are only accessories” (miya atsumu, in the middle of a fight).
but as his coach benches him for the third practice game, he realizes he can never be anything without you—his backbone, his pride, soulmate and everything else that made atsumu, atsumu.
you’ve become a part of him that he desperately needs, and atsumu truly hopes that he’s still the same for you.
Tumblr media
“do you,” you pull up your mask, eyes darting around nervously, “do you need something? i gave everything of yours back already.”
atsumu stands between you and your apartment door. “i was hopin’ we could... we could talk.”
“maybe next time.” you decline, frowning under your mask. “i have an eight-hour shift i need to get ready for.”
“then let me in.” he says, “ya can make yer meal and we can talk. when ya finish, i’ll leave. swear ta ya.”
it’s weird seeing him so serious and desperate. you eye him suspiciously. 
of course when you’re finally coming to terms with everything, he conveniently comes back to ruin your life and you bet it’s because he’s trying to fix his.
“i don’t want you in my kitchen.”
“then i can stand in yer livin’ room.”
“atsumu, i don’t want you in my house.”
you’re being mean and inconsiderate, you think. but doesn’t he deserve it after everything he’s put you through?
he visibly sinks, eyes drooping and lip jutting into a small pout. you sigh, taking the first step past him and his hand immediately reaches for yours. you recoil, ignoring him as you jiggle your key into the slot, fumbling with the doorknob.
“please?” he asks once more.
“atsumu,” you sigh, opening your door. “what are you trying to do?”
he gapes, pink rushing to his cheeks and the tips of his ears. “i just—i just really wanted to talk with ya.”
and you sigh, eyes finally softening in the way he remembers and you nudge your door open for you and him.
(you were always bad at saying “no” to him—he would always say his charms were too irresistible to decline and you, in turn, would roll your eyes playfully and tell him he acted like an irritating child whenever you said no).
his eyes light up, and you sigh quietly once again, a miniscule of a smile creeping its way to your lips.
Tumblr media
standing in your living room, atsumu watches as you move around your kitchen, grabbing a small pot and filling it up with water. 
“ramen?” he asks, nervous, but the grin of a boy in love doesn’t escape his lips.
“old habits die hard.” you mutter sarcastically, grabbing two packets from the cupboard. “do you want water?”
“do ya have soju?”
he thinks he’ll have an easier time with some liquid courage in his bloodstream.
“not for you.”
he sinks.
and while the water is boiling, you both stand in silence. your back faces him and suddenly atsumu doesn’t feel 6′2 anymore. he feels significantly smaller in your presence, in the tense atmosphere he didn’t mean to create.
“if you’re just going to stare at me, then leave.” you say, pouring in the block of noodles.
he notes that your place is clean, your appearance is neat and your mental state surely isn’t fraying by the ends like his. is this what moving on looks like? he ponders, a dull feeling in his chest as he realizes you’re moving too quickly from his grasp.
“can we—can i try again?” he blurts out, unsure and nervous, but willing to have his heart crushed up even more, if it meant he could make up for all his mistakes. “i can’t do this without ya, y/n. ‘m serious.”
“you can,” you say, “you’ve basically been doing it all without me for the past three months—way before we broke up. i was just, a charm that you could brag about. you accomplished everything you wanted yourself, atsumu. don’t sell yourself short.”
he knows you’ll never forget his words. he hates that, because those words were a big fat lie he spat just to hurt you. but he hates it more how you speak like you were nothing to him, when you’re the biggest reason he keeps going and going. he wants to get you a house, a pet or two maybe, an actual little trinket that sits pretty on your ring finger, give you a life that you’ll never regret and more.
“it’s different, y’know..” he mumbles, “‘m better f’ya now. ‘samu gave me a beating, but i already realized it before he did it.”
“not for me, atsumu.” you say, calm and it pisses him off. “your next. you’re better now for your next.”
and at that, he explodes. “i don’t want a next, y/n! i want ya! yer all i ever wanted! since high school, when ya let me use yer pens and pencils cuz i forgot mine on the first day!”
“and all i wanted was for us to last.” you reply, turning off the stove and placing the lid on the pot, figuring now isn’t the time to be straining noodles. “and going to school with only a bento and a hundred yen in your book bag is something you’ll never live down.”
you meet his eyes, a gentle smile on your lips that tells him you’ve already accepted that you have to move on without him. “we broke up for a reason, atsumu, you know that.”
his hands ball into fists, “i was that reason! i know that now! so please, y/n, i’ll do anythin’, just let me make it up to ya.”
you know the breakup wasn’t your fault, but it still hurt to see him blaming himself, pain reflecting in the colours of his eyes. 
you feel dumb for tears sudden;y gathering in your eyes at his desperation. you’ve done enough crying for the entire year, but your heart still hurts when you look at him and that softness for him you’ve always had never left, it tugs at your heart, pleading for you to at least give him one chance.
truth is, you wanted to cry the second you saw him at your doorstep, hands in his pockets and an anxious look clouding his features. you never wanted to accept moving on without him, but you just wanted to prove that if he can do it on his own, so can you.
(but you realized early on that everything is better when you’re with him).
“you hurt me, y’know.” you say, tears getting caught on your lashes. “callin’ me an accessory and whatnot.”
“‘s not true. never was.” he cries a little bit, too, making his way around the dinner table to stand in front of you.
his heart breaks and mends back together all at once, at the sight of you lowering your head and inching a little bit closer. his arms pull you in and his large hands, soft and apologetic, run up and down soothingly as you cry into him.
“thank you.”
and he doesn’t kiss you—no, not yet. he makes a blueprint in his head of how he wants your second-first-kiss to go. one chance is all he has left.
and that’s all he’ll need.
because miya atsumu was no longer a star when he met you. he fell faster than anyone ever anticipated and lost his place in the skies; a tiny school crush engulfing him in flames and hauling him straight to you.
he’s in love. in way too deep.
but because it’s you, he couldn’t care less. you make him feel special in ways nothing else can. he’d burn bits of him and tear through everything in his path again and again, as long as it meant he’d end up alongside you, where he’s meant to be, with the flower that understood him more than any star could ever hope to.
Tumblr media
xtra notes from mei!
idk why i did stupid star and flower imagery i made everything harder for myself this is #embarrassing
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xybi · a day ago
Tumblr media
↳ gender-neutral reader, fluff, daughter is in her teenage years, cursing
↳ these happened in real life—shout out to my dad! he literally entered my room while i was squealing over a cute romance seen, and he was like ". . . why don't you help me prepare breakfast?" vv chill, nice
↳ hq masterlist
Tumblr media
KAGEYAMA rushed to your daughter's room as soon as he heard both you and [daughter's name] yell—almost in unison. at first, he thought that something bad might've happened, his second guess was that you two were once again watching horror movies; even though he knew that you and your daughter are both scaredy-cats. the last thing he expected was to know that his daughter had been doing heart-eyes at a certain someone—more specifically, her classmate. "ah, love! there's nothing to worry about, she's already at the right age. we should just have to trust her." he huffed, as you still tried to reason with him now that you two were left alone in your shared bedroom, "well, i know that—and i do have a lot of trust in her, but i don't trust that guy she's going to be seeing this weekend. he might break her heart-" "tobio, love, you're overreacting."
Tumblr media
KENMA's eyes dilated in shock, hearing from his daughter herself that she formed a little crush on one of her batch mates. and the first that came to his mind was to ask, "does [name] know?" once he listened to how your daughter rambled about her classmate, he soon learned that she was truly growing up—it was like yesterday when you couple had a hard time cooing her to sleep since she had a nightmare. and now, now, he couldn't believe that his daughter was now having an interest in someone. after their little father-daughter heartfelt conversation, kenma's now sulking on your lap, "that guy's going to break her heart." "we haven't even met him yet, dear." you replied, combing your soft hands through his hair. "i got a few people in contact to get his information." "kenma, no-"
Tumblr media
OIKAWA legitimately let out an exaggerated gasp before shaking you back and forth. you could only guess that his somewhat dramatic attitude from your high school days is still in him until now that you two were in your early forties. "she's going with a boy to their school dance!" he somewhat yelled, completely oblivious to you giving your daughter hand signals that she could just go to her room—and you'll be dealing with your husband by yourself. "well, yes, darling. she'll be going with a boy. he's literally her partner for their cotillion." he couldn't believe what you were saying, "she's going to be holding hands with a boy we don't even know! how am i going to entrust my dear daughter to a total stranger!" "tooru, i already met him. stop being a worrywart, the kid's a nice guy." "you met him?!"
Tumblr media
ATSUMU was confused on why his daughter was grinning like an idiot whilst still on her phone. and it didn't take long for him to get the idea, "are ya texting a boy?" he asked his daughter, arms crossed over his chest—standing by the doorway of [daughter's name] room. "yes dad, 'm texting one of my friends." he raised his eyebrows at her, "friends, huh? ya know ya can't hide anythin' from me, [daughter's name]. i heard ya squeal out of the blue for countless times now. are you in love?" before she could even answer him, you dragged your husband out. "stop bothering her, 'tsumu. that's literally how you were acting when i was messaging you in our courting days." "hey! shush! 'm just'a little worried, that's all."
Tumblr media
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dememetor · a day ago
What it feels like to fall in love with them
Tumblr media
characters kageyama tobio, kuroo tetsurou, bokuto koutarou, iwaizumi hajime, tsukishima kei, miya atsumu
warnings none
Kageyama Tobio
Goosebumps, a warm breeze on a winter's night; hands brushing against each other, quick glances from across the class, cold lips and soft kisses on the cheek, listening to the thunder together, writing your names on a foggy car window, running into a bakery just before they close, late night walks, watching the stars reflect in his eyes
Kuroo Tetsurou
Mischief, echoes of laughter in an empty parking lot; sharing a smile on the train ride, study dates with interlocked fingers, stealing his glasses, catching faint sounds of a festival in the distance, teaching him how to paint your nails, writing a song together, unexpected kisses, his hand in your back pocket, messy bedsheets, tracing your fingers up his forearm, wishing you could stay just a little longer
Bokuto Koutarou
Excitement, flushed cheeks after spending a day in the sun; hugs that last a lifetime, catching your breath after running on the beach, tickling in the backseat of a car, smearing vanilla ice cream all over his face, writing out words with sparklers, singing your favourite song at the top of your lungs, climbing on a building rooftop at sunset, looking down at the city lights turning on one by one and realizing the world is yours
Iwaizumi Hajime
Street lights, getting lost in the crowd of a big city; sharing childhood memories, stealing his jacket, slipping notes in class, watching movies in an empty cinema, slow dancing to classic rock, playful kisses in the kitchen, following the smell of freshly made pancakes, falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeat
Tsukishima Kei
Silence, finding comfort in each other's presence; making playlists for each other, facetiming at 2 am, refusing to end the call first, witty remarks, rolling eyes, kisses in the middle of a sentence, the soft buzz of a cd turning, late night coffee shop dates, stargazing in the backyard, feeling safe and understood
Atsumu Miya
Thrill, the feeling of losing balance; playing footsie under the table, wearing matching bracelets, giggling at inappropriate times, crouching down to pet a dog, blowing a kiss when no one's watching, sneaking out of your window, pillow fights, driving around the town at midnight, making out in a bathroom at a party, not giving a care in the world if you get caught
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sxtooru · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
it's awkward.
laying by tsukishima's side is extremely awkward, and you are pretty sure that he noticed the heavy discomfort hanging in the air around you, but he is quiet as always. his bed is big enough to fit his 190 centimeters well yet not enough for both of you to lay comfortably.
your body is stiff as you stare at the ceiling, absent-mindedly relaxing your breathing to the point where it matches his. you came to one of your usual study sessions with kei and it lasted a little bir longer, causing your unexpected 'sleepover' to happen due to streets being dark and you both being too tired.
he always greeted you with a nod, not that secure about your presence in his home yet, but as soon you start ranting about the sweets you brought this time he has the smallest of his smiles on his face, turning away just to not fill your ego about you being the reason behind it.
your eyes slowly travel to his profile. tsukishima looks peaceful; facial features noticably relaxed, breathing slow and deep, glasses off and eyes staring at the same ceiling. it actually feels nice to sense his body's weight on the matress, knowing that he is willingly letting you invade his space and does the same with yours.
cold air mixes into the room through the window making you shiver slightly in your place, rubbing your forearms.
tsukishima turns his head to face you, eyes barely sparkling with interest, "cold?"
you nod sheepishly, not trusting yourself in expressing what you really feel; not only cold, but content with the way things are and at the same time wishing for closer interaction with him, more than just laying side by side with obvious tension between you.
he looks back at the ceiling, prompting you to do the same with a small sigh. and then he moves; one arm gently sliding under your shoulders with you lifting yourself slightly to help him even though you were having hard time understanding why all of a sudden this was happening.
with a hand on the small of your back, kei presses your body against his and your head starts spinning from the deep breath you take because you can smell him. nothing outstanding, just the detergent you've seen his mother use a lot of times and some of the deodorant he barely used because he didn't really need it. but it feels so nice and you assume that it isn't that obvious how you are breathing him in intesely, eyes closed and face relaxed in the warmth of his chest.
his other hand catches your hand, the one that is not between your bodies on the left side of his chest where you can feel his not so steady heartbeat. long fingers wave through yours, squeeze softly and caress the skin, making you wonder if it all was a dream.
"better now?" he mutters, too gentle too sweet for him - the lemon boy of your dreams.
you know your face is propably heated from all the physical contact, his softness, and overwhelming love that fills your heart, but it sure does burn, when his golden irises land on it and stay there. it takes you everything to not turn away from unreasonable embarrassment. squeezing your eyes shut, you push your face further into his neck, breathing in deeply and deciding that your actions were enough as an answer. tsukishima seems to think the same and just stays silent, his hands holding you tighter.
Tumblr media
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