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#haikyuu hcs
iwangel · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
featuring. timeskip!miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi + suna rintarō.
warnings. fluff + just the boys being softies w their kids <3
signed. thinking a whole lot about domestic life w my favourites + our little families—idek if these are considered habits but they’re cute so yea :/
Tumblr media
ꨄ ATSUMU his son got so used to seeing his dad whine for a kiss before bed now he can’t sleep without one either. you always end up having both of them standing infront of you with messy hair + similarly tired eyes waiting for their kisses, and the puffy cheeked pout on your sons lips that matches his father warms your heart when you watch them play fight to see who gets theirs first. “ay! daddy gets the kisses first cause...j-just cause a said so alright, ya can go next!” even though you normally have to push atsumu off of you when he takes the opportunity to tease your son, dragging out his kisses with a lazy smirk on his face and some exaggerated kissy noises. “just one more angel come on, a was here first anyway—always told ya i’ll never get enough of yer kisses. a aint sharin’” his son gets him back by falling asleep on you so you carry him to bed, atsumu trailing behind you with a few huffs and groans under his breath. “damn brat, hoggin’ all the cuddles too—it ain’t fair.”
ꨄ BOKUTO always greeted you after a trip away with a “hey, hey, hey” before lifting you into his arms—so everytime you pick up your son from kindergarten he decided that he should do the same. hearing a babbled “hey, hey, hey” as he runs towards you and your husband, his smile beaming and fists raised as he approaches you before wrapping his arms around your thigh—straining a little as he tries to lift you up before eventually pouting up at you and raising his arms to be lifted instead. it’s normally bokuto who lifts your son after, pulling him into his arms with a spin as they both giggle—familiarity in the way both their amber eyes gleam when they look at you with bright smiles. “it’s okay buddy! daddy’s so strong he can carry you both, you wanna see?” “koutarou, n-no!” “babe it’s fine, i had extra meat at practice look—“
ꨄ IWAIZUMI it was always obvious when iwaizumi was grumpy despite what he said, and it became even more apparent when you both had a son. it’s pretty funny when you return home to your son and his father having a disagreement. both males standing across from eachother in the living room with matching frowns, their arms crossed as your son pouts up at your husband—given how much bigger he stands above them. the similarity is even more noticeable when both start to grumble after a decent amount of time has passed, iwaizumi side glancing your figure as you fight the smile threatening to spread on your lips at the sight—because your son really was just like his father, maybe theyre both a little stubborn but you know that their frowns will soften as soon as their eyes meet yours because if they could agree on anything it would be that you were their everything.
ꨄ SAKUSA always tended to hold the hem of your jacket when it got a little crowded in public, making sure that you were kept close. you don’t know when your daughter picked up the habit from her father until you were strolling through the supermarket with them both. feeling a familiar tug on the hem of your jacket before turning to see that it was your daughter as she blinked up at you, leaning slightly into your side. “you okay, baby?” you grin when you watch your daughters curls bounce as she nods her head, only to feel sakusa tug on his side of your jacket after with a small pout on his lips realising that his usual spot had been taken. but you feel your heart warm when you notice a smile on kiyoomi’s features under the mask when his daughter finally reaches to grab onto his jacket instead, watching him turn to you with an almost proud look on his face.
ꨄ SUNA it could’ve been coincidence but when you feel your son always crawl his way into your lap to fall asleep you realise just how much like his father he was. tired but familiar green eyes blinking up at you as you brush the darker hair from his face before he nuzzles into you to go to sleep. although you thought he was cute, your husband wouldn’t say the same as he stands over you on the couch, green eyes narrowed and frowning down at the space in your lap that he normally looked forward to occupying after a long day at practice, only for it to now be taken. you stifle a laugh as you watch suna gather the toddler into his arms before taking him to bed, playfully stomping back with a ghost of a pout on his lips but you know he’s going to give him a quick kiss goodnight on his forehead anyway, before grabbing your ankles and yanking you further down the couch, flopping into your lap with a few kisses against your stomach before smooshing his cheek against the skin. “tsk trying to steal my pretty baby—is that it?”
Tumblr media
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sluttyissei · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
+ warnings: fem!reader, overstim mentions, dumbification if you squint
+ notes: another msby piece bc i am a whore with little to no shame 😔
Tumblr media
riding koutarou is an experience, to say the least. he’s not one to give up power, and whether he’s aware of it or not, he controls every little move you make. from his hands gripping and squeezing your waist, pushing and pulling so that you’re grinding on his fat cock, to his gentle words, lips bright pink and slick with spit as he whispers, “that’s it, baby. you’ve got it, feel good for me.” those last four words are repeated over and over as he holds you still, feet pressed into the mattress as he fucks up into you with everything he’s got, watching your tits bounce and eyes roll to the back of your head. despite the fact that you’re very clearly losing your mind on his cock, he’s still unaware of the fact that he holds the power, the fact that you’re heeding his every wish. he still begs and pleads, “cum for me baby, i wanna make you feel good,” his voice raised a few octaves, need dripping with every word. “can i cum? can i cum inside you, pretty girl?”
a tease, such a tease. it’s like he knows you won’t be able to take it, he knows he’ll end up having to flip the two of you over and make himself cum because his pretty baby fucked herself stupid on his cock. he’ll egg you on, lips quirked into a smirk as he asks if you can take it. if you’re looking too confident, a little less fucked out than he’d like, he latches to your nipples, his mouth pinching and pulling and sucking and biting while he keeps a hand on your clit, rubbing the swollen bud harshly— as if he wants to see you all dumb and cock-drunk. when he knows you can’t take anymore, when your legs shake and wobble and your pussy’s creaming around him, making a sticky white mess round the base of his cock, he’ll pull you closer, lips ghosting over your ear as he asks, “who’s cock is this?” he grins when you babble out, “mine, ‘s mine, ‘s mine,” over and over again, eyes squeezed shut, hips grinding against his with desperation. “yeah? fuck it, then— fuck me. prove that this is yer cock, baby.” 
kiyoomi likes to see you on top of him, likes to see and worship every inch of you while you use him to get off. he runs his fingers over every curve and dip of your body, taking note of which spots make you giggle, and which spots make you shudder and let out a heavy, sultry sigh. he doesn’t focus on how good you make him feel (although his head is spinning with how fucking good you feel), he keeps his attention and how good he wants to make you feel. he wants you creaming and squirting and dripping down his balls before he’ll even think about cumming himself. he keeps his fingers splayed out over your tummy, his thumb rubbing circles over your clit, while you lose yourself in him. this is what he loves the most, watching you let yourself go— if you let yourself drown in him, he’ll do the same. he’ll get lost in you, lost in the love and desire he feels all at the same time, keeping his eyes stuck to yours, whispering “i love you” as you cum, praising you when you fuck yourself though it, his eyes trained on where the two of you meet, where you bounce on him like it’s the only thing you know how to do. “just like that, angel. use that cock— you deserve it.”
another one who just wants to appreciate you. he’s used to fucking you, ramming his cock as deep as it’ll go, leaving you a sticky, sweaty mess before the nights over with, but shugo lacks experience in making love to you like this. it’s a rare sight, seeing him relaxed into the mattress, eyes glassy and mouth hung open, his fat cock buried deep in your cunt while you bounce in his lap. he stares in wonder, his heart nearly bursting out of his chest when you reach for his hand, pulling it towards your hip so he gets the message and rests both of his hands on your hips. he can’t help but let out low grunts and groans as you lean forwards, hands pressed to his broad chest, hips rolling slowly. he’s bewildered as you cum— it’s not like he’s never seen it before, but he’s never seen it like this. the love of his life, above him, back arched, eyes shut, mouth hung open as you let out the prettiest noises he’d ever heard. you look like an angel, he decides— he can almost see your halo as you come down from your high. his trails his hands up, gripping your waist, squeezing and pulling your chest to his. he can’t help but gawk at you, unashamedly staring in awe. “you’re fucking perfect. can’t believe you’re mine.”
to put it simply, he can’t handle it. the second he sees you sink down on him, sees your lips spread while your cunt swallows him whole, he nearly passes out. his eyes roll back, a lewd, porn-worthy moan escaping his lips— he’s totally gone. soon enough, the two of you are rutting against each other, your movements frenzied, near panicked, as if one of you could disappear from the other's arms at any given moment. he meets every rut and roll of your hips with ease, fucking you like he misses you, like he hasn’t seen you in months. he doesn’t stop until both of you have cum for than once, until you’re both shaking and sweating. then he’ll sink into the mattress, watching as you keep going, keep grinding and bouncing your puffy cunt on his cock, nearly using him as a toy.  he’s too pussy-drunk to speak in full sentences, simply babbling a mix of “thank you” and “i love you” as he fills up your pussy again and again.
Tumblr media
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gojosflame · 2 days ago
how the haikyuu boys tease you in public <3
Tumblr media
randomly mutters good girl under his breath, "oh i like that", sighs a bit deeper than usual while leaning back, lets his head fall back to expose his neck while laughing, says "i got you" but slowed down juuust enough for you to feel the sultry undertone. smirks when he sees you glare at him, your thighs slightly clenching make him chuckle. casually slides these into the conversation, but he knows exactly what hes doing to you ;)
- daichi, kuroo, ushijima, sakusa, k. ukai, terushima, suna, meian
talks softly and when you say you can't hear him, leans down to almost whisper in your ear. takes his time to say the most mundane things, just to watch your face heat up. always has a protective arm around you, while guiding you through crowds or just sitting on the couch. lets his arm wander just a bit, a bit lower on your waist or an inch away from your chest till you excuse yourself.
- tsukishima, oikawa, iwaizumi, akaashi, hanamaki, osamu, kenma
hugs you from the back, pulls you into him just enough for you to feel him against your ass. rests his face on your shoulder and has his sunshine smile so nobody suspects a thing. rolls his shoulders to ease his muscles, gives you a sneaky wink when he catches you staring. has a hand on your thigh whenever you are sitting beside each other, squeezing it mindlessly as you squirm
- bokuto, asahi, nishinoya, hinata, tanaka, yaku, atsumu, ennoshita
Tumblr media
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kageyamatobiyogurt · a day ago
calling haikyuu boys pretty pt.3 
a/n: AAA I LOVE YOU ALL. thank you so much for all lovely 400 of you!! thank you to those who’ve been here since the beginning and to those who are new :)) hoping we all stick around for a while yanno. so here’s my usual present for every milestone! 
-also i feel like some of these are steadily getting longer lmao
includes: bokuto, tsukishima, kenma (been having fun writing about him recently hehe) 
part 1 part 2
Tumblr media
one word: BABY
you two were kind of just chilling on the couch, tv playing something you weren’t paying attention to  
you were sitting on his lap because he refuses to let you sit anywhere else 
mans lets out such a loud whine if you try to shimmy off of him 
“but bAbe your seat is right here!” he whines as he gestures to his lap
so at some point you untuck your head from his shoulder and you sneak a glance at him 
his hair was relaxed as he watched the screen 
you could see all the curves of his handsome face and every part of it you adored 
from the bridge of his nose to where creases were starting to form at the corners of his eyes 
you loved how much he smiled 
you gently cupped his cheek and he instinctively leaned his head to your touch 
“you’re so pretty kou,” you told him 
he quickly turns his head to you, the corners of his mouth already turning up 
“really babe?” he grins 
“of course!” you smiled, bring up your other hand now to cup his other cheek too
“i love these,” you say, tracing the roundness of his cheeks with your thumbs, “and these too,” you continue, bringing one finger to gently trace the small indents at the corners of his eyes 
“what else?” he asks adorably, closing his eyes and even tilting his head different ways to give you more angles 
“hmm,” you thought out loud, “your eyes,” 
they opened instinctively, looking into yours, almost overwhelming you with how they were golden and how they were bright like the sun
“i could look into them forever” 
“what else?” he asked again, cocking his head to the side
“hmm, i love you too,” you smiled
somehow his smile got wider as he engulfed you in your favorite kind of hug from him- the one that engulfed you and all you could breathe and feel was him 
ofc tsukki deserves to be told he’s pretty 
but he also for some reason can’t take a compliment and it’s annoying lmao 
he was working and typing away on his laptop 
he usually pointed out when he’d catch you staring but in the moments where he was focused, you could get away with it 
you moved to sit next to him, resting your chin on his shoulder
even during something mundane you adored him 
“hm?” he replied, typing slower, but still going 
“you’re pretty,” you told him 
“i’m petty?” he asked, pausing his typing, “what’d i do?” 
you chuckled, “no. kei. i said you’re pretty”
“oh,” he sighed, “not really but thanks i guess,” returning to typing 
“hey!” you whined, giving his bicep a small pinch, “i meant it” 
he was still typing away but you could notice the slightest way his ears were turning pink 
“kei,” you repeated, nudging him again, “look at me” 
he sighed again but complied, momentarily closing his laptop. he took off his glasses for a moment, cleaning them with the hem of his shirt 
“you’re so pretty babe,” you said softly, noticing how he wasn’t looking you in the eye, putting most of his focus on his glasses 
“why can’t i call my boyfriend pretty!” you exclaimed, “is it too much to let him know i adore him!”
you surprised him with this tiny shove against his arm before standing up
his ears were getting pinker and a flush began to creep up his neck too, so you were smiling inside amidst your “outburst” 
you stood in front of him, between his parted legs, with your arms crossed 
“do you even know how much i love the way you smile? it’s so pretty!” 
your mini rant kept going, “it makes my stomach backflip and tumble when you smile! it makes me happier when i remember you’re mine!” 
by then you could see the small smile he had 
“gosh!” you huffed, throwing your hands up, “i spill my heart, telling you what i feel inside and you have the audacity to say no! you look like that just typing! it’s a crime! and you won’t even accept how good you look!” 
“i can’t believe this-” you tried, but as soon as you hands came down he reached out and suddenly pulled you towards him, making you fall onto him 
tsukishima just tucked his face into your neck, pulling you close, chuckling in that adorable way he does 
“okay okay, i get it,” he murmured into you, “you think i’m pretty, iloveyou” 
kenma makes me so soft lately ngl idk where these feelings suddenly popped out from 
he was taking a break from streaming, but he was sitting in his gaming chair as you came into the room 
he was scrolling on his phone, not realizing you were in the doorway
the room itself was relatively dark, his face was primarily illuminated by his pc screen 
what you couldn’t miss was the way his hair framed his face
loose strand of hair that made it out of the also loose tie gently rested on the sides of his face
with so much of it falling out of the loose bun, he just decided to let it all down
you couldn’t figure out how such a simple gesture could do so much
when you finally walked in, he automatically turned his chair slightly to you
he beckoned you to sit on his lap after you set the drink in your hands on the table
as soon as you sat down he nuzzled his cheek to yours, telling you a soft, “thank you”
“love, you know you look so pretty right now?” you asked
he always got a bit bashful at sudden compliments
something about the way those words left your lips made him not know what to do
you gently tucked one strand of hair behind his ear since he ducked his head down a little, hiding more of his face
“you know my jaw almost dropped seeing you from the doorway,” you said, “couldn’t believe my boyfriend looked so pretty without even trying”
you felt his hands link together around your waist, giving you a slight squeeze
he let out a small chuckle, “now you’re just exaggerating”
you shook your head, “not at all,” then placed a kiss to his cheek, “i think you’re very pretty and i’m very lucky”
you ran your hands through his hair, watching him close his eyes and let you
you did that for a bit, knowing it relaxed him and that he liked it more than he let on
“hm, well i think i just fell a little more in love,” he repliedeventually, eyes still closed, “can’t believe someone sees me the way you do”
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lostinwildflowers · a day ago
Oikawa likes to sing in the shower when he thinks you aren't there. He does his own renditions of Disney classics, Whitney Houston, and theme songs from Jurassic Park.
Iwaizumi subconscious taps his feet whenever he's working under your car. Sometimes it's just once it twice, sometimes it's in rhythm with the radio.
Bokuto doesn't realizes he claps his hands together when he finds something interesting. He'll be watching an old video from high school, and he when he sees a particularly good spike, he slaps his hands together once in praise.
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risumu · a day ago
their biggest physical insecurities pt. 2
Tumblr media
characters: tendou satori, kuroo tetsuro, akaashi keiji, oikawa tooru (x gn!reader)
eris’ notes: part two uhm i hope this is ok for all the ppl who requested. i’m not happy w this at all so sorry in advance
warnings: physical insecurities
Tumblr media
his eyes. he’d heard it from the time he was very young about how he looked like some sort of freak, a monster. and as he’d stand in front of his bedroom mirror, no more than six the first time, he had no choice but to agree. his hair probably didn’t help him much to look normal, but that was fine, he could always do something about that. what really set him off was his eyes. because he could eventually grow out of or change all his other features, but his big and wide eyes? those aren’t something he can just wish away. eventually, as he got older, he learned how to half lid them. how to make them rest rather than holding them open so they didn’t seem so wide. he perfected the little lazy gaze. of course people just started berating him for that too, but he thinks he looks a little better like this at least. it isn’t until well into highschool, when he meets ushijima, that he learns his eyes aren’t really a bad thing. “your eyes are freaky,” was one of the first things wakatoshi had told him, “it’s good. the opponent might get distracted.” he started using his off putting gaze to his advantage in matches, and slowly his teammates were there to applaud him. and he starts to realize that his eyes really aren’t even that bad.
(bonus: sometimes when he’s around you, and he just gets so excited, he forgets to let his lids droop and stares at you with his eyes full and wide. you love it, of course, but you also see the moment when realization hits him and he instantly slides his lids back down—as if he’s worried you’ll be freaked out. you’ll grab his face in your hands, press feather light kisses over his eyelids and at the crinkled up corners. and he’ll remember he doesn’t have to filter himself around you, feeling more comfortable than ever before).
his acne and acne scars. his entire life kuroo has had the truly awful habit of resting his face in his hands. he just can’t help it! he slouches naturally, and when you’re slumped over a desk, the only natural thing to do is use your palm to prop your head up. but sadly, all minute actions like this have rippling consequences, and kuroo knows full well all the biological and chemical reasons as to why the first pimple ever pops up on his chin. that isn’t to say he still wasn’t completely horrified. he still remembers crying about it to kenma as they walked home from school (“i look like a freak! it’s the size of a pepperoni!”—even though it really wasn’t even that noticeable). he brushed it off as puberty, tried not the lean on his hands so much, decided not to worry about it. but as the years went on, the amount of breakouts he had increased and the faint (and some not so faint) scars on his chin and cheeks seemed to multiply daily. and sweating from volleyball didn’t seem to help his problem at all. in high school he’d tutor a girl in exchange for tips on how to cover them up. it doesn’t bother him as much now that he’s older—the breakouts have dwindled in numbers, the scars have started to fade. and mostly, he’s come to terms with the fact that everybody deals with acne at one point or another, and that makes him feel okay.
(bonus: occasionally you’ll catch kuroo looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, frowning at his reflection as he traces his fingers over his cheeks. he’s mumbling under his breath, something about maybe getting some of that scar fading gel to see if it’ll help, and you just smile and join him. wrap your arms around his neck and make him look at you, tell him he’s “handsome, so handsome.” he’ll think you’re only saying it to cheer him up at first, but that’s fine. because slowly but surely, he starts to believe it too).
how ruined his cuticles are. it’s so secret to anyone that knows him that akaashi keiji has the terrible habit of wringing his hands when he’s nervous, or anxious, or just all the time really. he’s not entirely sure when it started, and his mother even took him to see someone about his anxiety to see if it could help. (it didn’t, and all it did was make his little problem a whole lot worse). he used to simply twist his fingers around, toy with them while he stood or sat or whatever. but somewhere along the way he started picking at his nails, messing with his cuticles as if making his fingers sore from movement wasn’t enough. he tried everything he could think of to break him from the habit (he even tried the whole wearing gloves things for a while, but cut that short when bokuto kept asking him if he was sick or cold). his nails are a complete and utter mess, but then konoha recommends a nail salon his mom goes to—which akaashi is sure is a way for him to tease, but he was desperate. as soon as he sat down in the nail tech’s chair and she started working on his nails, it was like a wave of insecurity started to wash out of him. he goes to the salon at least once every two weeks now, and even if his regular nail tech chastises him every time he sits in the chair for how he’s ruining his pretty fingers, it’s better. it’s so much better.
(bonus: when you and akaashi got together, there would be times where he’d literally yank his hand away from you. you didn’t understand at first, you thought you’d made him uncomfy or something. but then you noticed how he’d hold your hand on the days he went to the salon, for half the week after that, and then he started getting antsy. finally you tell him it’s okay, because you have things about you that are messy too, and grab his hand—ruined cuticles and all. and he kisses you because he doesn’t know what else to do).
the large birthmark on his back. against popular belief, it wasn’t til halfway through middle school that he’d realized that the girls in his class found him attractive. because that’s just something he’d never really thought about before. but since he knew that fact now, of course he had to play it all up! he couldn’t disappoint his new fans after all!! he started being the pretty boy everyone saw him as—all while hiding a flaw right under his shirt. he was born with a large birthmark in the middle of his shoulder blades, an angry red compared to his regular skin tone. he became aware very early on after a bully had shoved his head in the toilet for being a ‘weird marked freak’ as a kid that it would be better just not to show anyone. obviously his team found out, changing in the locker rooms does that, but after one forced smile from tooru and a bark from iwaizumi to ‘shut the fuck up or i’ll punch you’ they didn’t mention it again. oikawa doesn’t like having flaws, and maybe that’s why he brings up to his friends about getting it surgically removed. they all told him it was stupid, and he opened his mouth to argue, but then they said it’s good he has one flaw about him or else he’d be totally intolerable for being too perfect. plus, they all tell him the scar will look way worse than the birthmark, and that’s pretty much enough to make him not hate it as much.
(bonus: going to the beach was basically a given in your and oikawa’s relationship, but he refused to take off his shirt. you knew why, of course, and did everything you could to settle his nerves. “if you get too hot you need to take your shirt off,” you’d tell him, and he’d jus smirk over at you. “you just wanna see my hot body, don’t you yn-chan?” you’d just grin and traces your hands down his spine, and tooru would take his shirt off, just to be cheeky with you. the mark isn’t so bad after all, he thinks. and you seem to like it just fine, which is all he really cares about honestly).
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated
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sans-paroles · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Desiring Tendou to pound into you like there is no tomorrow, is a fantasy with which Satori is more than happy to comply with. He pushes you wherever he wants you to be with ease, and he towers over you - smiling deeply all the way, fully conscious that this is exactly what you want. At first he tried to be gentle, but whining for more every time drove him to the right path, on which Satori is a big predator, feline, and all he has to do is to chase his prey: you. He cannot keep his hands to himself and he loves to hear you coming undone under his own doing. He loves hearing you moan when he hits the right spot inside you, or when his feverish tongue draws circles over the sensitive skin of your neck. It is hellish fire the one flowing in between your bodies, fingers touching, gasped breaths and Satori mixing with you, not knowing where you begin or where your bodies separate. Satori is big, and his girth is enough to make you gasp on it own, but it is when he stop trying to pay attention to how he is moving that he brings out the best in himself and the rhythmic sound of his cock hitting the walls of your pussy become all there is to your world. He bruises your hips and can’t keep up with his own pace, until he falls upon you, like a weighted blanket, with his cock still inside you, cum slowly flowing in between. He kisses your cheeks tenderly, and then puts a finger into your mouth, before circling the wet tip around your nipple and move his hips forward, silently asking whether you are ready for another round. The second round, is even more intense and Satori does not let you catch a breath, as he stones you in the bed, balls deep inside you, over you, everywhere. 
He is fully aware he will have to carry you all over the place. 
He doesn’t care.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wishterya · a day ago
— soulmate au (ft. kuroo tetsuro)
Tumblr media
❤ pairing !! timeskip!kuroo x gn!reader
❤ genre !! fluff (with a little hurt/comfort as a treat)
❤ word count !! 0.8k
❤ author notes !! this started out as something i felt meh about, but now i really like it! yay self-confidence!
Tumblr media
every time you look into the eyes of another, that’s what you hear, and it breaks your heart. when you were small, you used to read endless children’s books about soulmates (partly because there were so many of them), and the so-called gift has been seared in your brain ever since: when you look into your soulmate’s eyes, a unique, special song for the two of you starts to play in both of your minds.
now, in your late 20s, with nearly all of your friends paired off, you’re starting to think that, maybe, you aren’t meant to ever hear your song. maybe, you think, you don’t even have one.
but then, your friends drag you out to a bar. ‘it’ll be fun!’ they say to you, ‘maybe you’ll meet someone! it doesn’t have to be your soulmate!’
you know they’re trying to help, but the more they do, the more you feel called out, and the more you want to just curl into yourself and never look at anyone else ever again, especially not random people at a bar that, at any moment, could find their own soulmate and leave you behind. it isn’t worth the risk.
“you look lonely,” a voice says above you, but you can’t bring yourself to look up. a few drinks in, swirling your next one in your glass, you just don’t want to deal with disappointment right now.
“i’m fine,” is your curt reply, and the man standing next to you has the audacity to laugh. you wrinkle your nose; something about him annoys you, and you’re not sure if it’s his overwhelming positivity, his expensive watch, the rolled-up button down, or his nice hands.
“well, why’re you out if you’re just going to mope?” he asks, and though you wish he’d just leave, he squeezes in next to you the second a barstool opens up. “this isn’t that kind of bar.”
he’s just some random salaryman, you think to yourself, but you can’t bring yourself to move. some cosmic force ties you down to this barstool, this sticky section of the bar, this corner just a few feet away from a group of cheering men you imagine he came with, huddled around a tv and watching a volleyball match.
the noise errs on the side of too much, but at least there isn’t music playing to remind you of what you don’t have. the man leans on the bar, and you notice him struggle with the way his shirt attaches itself to the wood where someone spilled a beer earlier before he inches a little closer.
“what’s your name?”
you tell him, overcome with impulsivity, and he repeats it. “that’s really pretty. i’m tetsuro.”
on the other side of the bar, your friends are seated around one of the other big tables in the room, and you contemplate going back, but that just means fifth-wheeling again, and you suppose it’s not the worst thing in the world to be chatted up by a stranger whose eyes you can’t see.
“you’re not going to look at me?” he eggs you on. “everyone looks at everyone, you know. at least until they find their soulmate, hear the song and everything. why’d yours leave you alone like this?”
“i don’t have one,” you bite, staring holes into your drink. “you ask way too many questions.”
there’s a silence, and you think he might leave you alone, until he says so quietly that the cheering of his friends nearly drowns him out, “i don’t either.”
you hold your breath. your heart leaps, wanting to hope, wanting to reach out, but instead, you squeeze your eyes shut in an effort to not be naive.
what are the chances, really, of finding your soulmate in a grungy tokyo bar when your friends leave you alone to be with their soulmates?
but also, you think, what are the chances?
you huff, ready to get this over with, until you look up and every sound in the room stops. the volleyball game, your friends, the street outside, all give way to nothingness for a brief, heart-stopping moment.
and then, you hear a song. it’s beautiful, like wind whispering through the trees on an early spring morning, soft kisses of sunlight laid all over your skin, a harp played surrounded by fragrant flowers in a meadow covered with morning dew. it’s yours. he’s yours. and your song sounds like gentle harp music in spring. it’s perfect.
when you look at him, you realize that he’s beautiful, too: tall, handsome, and so utterly perfect that you think you’ll never love anything as much as you’re going to love him.
his throat bobs as he swallows, and you think his eyes must have widened to twice their size because heaven help him if he usually looks like that.
“i didn’t know what compelled me to come over here,” he mumbles, suddenly shy and breathless, looking like his head is spinning to the tune of your song, “but i’m really lucky that you looked up.”
Tumblr media
❤ suggestions open; reblogs appreciated !!
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smolmo · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dear Santa-San!
-🎁HQ 2021 Fic Exchange Event🎁-
This is a Secret Santa fic exchange for writers of Haikyuu!!
Tumblr media
By signing up on this Form you are willing to create a fanfic for a person you will be randomly assigned to. In return, one person will be assigned to you and you'll receive a gift.
Word count can be anything starting from 1.5k words to 10k (a little bit above is okay but pls. write the minimum),
Use readmore when the WC is 2k+.
This Event is open to both Legals and Minors, obviously Minors are automatically exempt for 18+ content.
Dark fics and topics are EXCLUDED from this fic exchange.
As a writer, please respect your Secret Santa’s limits/wishes.
As a reader, please remember your ideas are there as a guide for your writer, you will not be guaranteed to get exactly what you ask for.
Matchups will be done by me, randomly ( I have a generator for that).
If you are in need of additional information from your assigned person, you can come into my ask box and I'll mediate.
Tumblr media
Applications are open until October 31st Midnight CET
I’ll look through the applicants and match them up randomly and you’ll get a notification in your DMs with your Santa and their wishes until the 7th of November Midnight CET. Nice Receive!
Time to create, you have all of November! Yay! Enjoy
If, after joining, you would like to drop out, please say so by December 13th!!
Posting starts on December 1st until December 26th. Make sure to use the #dearsecretsantasan and #HQ2021ficexchangeevent and ✨tag me ✨so I can reblog them on my page.
Tumblr media
enjoy and have fun , Love Mo
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kemakoshume · a day ago
PLS i just had the dumbest scenario pop into my brain. ok imagine showering with bokuto, well into the relationship but still kinda new, doing the whole "i'll wash your back, you wash mine" thing except you both have the humor of literal school children and everything's wholesome.
a/n; reader is coded to be black & chubby, as per usual. this is pretty sfw, just a tiny bit suggestive. also, my requests are open as always & i'm always down for new moots. i miss y'all :') i hope everyone's doing well in school and work. anyway lmao, enjoy!
Tumblr media
"Hey babe, hand me the stick loofah will you?" Bokuto asked, reaching out his free hand as he worked conditioner into his salt and pepper locks with the other one.
"You know you're actually supposed to wash your back after you rinse the conditioner out of your hair? 'Else the soap just dries on your back and can make you break out."
You had your eyes closed. The damp strands of your curly hair cascading down the nape of your neck as you lathered soap onto your favorite wash towel, rubbing the square section of tattered cloth across the delicate skin of your chest and arms.
"What?" he said, scrunching up his face in that adorably confused way that you loved, "Well shit, I guess I'll just wait. Naked and wet with nothing productive to do."
You chuckled, languidly flinging your arm behind you to smack him playfully.
"Don't just stand there hogging all the water dummy. Wash my back. I'm not as flexible as I once was love, I need some assistance."
"Fine, fine," he said, using both of his hands to grab either side of your plush waist, squeezing the soft skin as he switched your positions in the shower, leaning down to kiss you tenderly as you did so.
You were under the firm pressure of water cascading down from your showerhead, turning your body so that your front side was taking the bulk of the liquid. You stepped forward a bit, angling your head to the side so that water could momentarily fall down the length of your torso, continuing its descent down your ass, and onto your legs before you stepped back again.
"I'll wash your back, you'll wash mine?" he said, the click of the body wash bottle being opened audible in the small space.
"Only if you do a good job," you teased, grabbing your hair clip from where it was clamped against the shower caddy you had hanging from the showerhead, putting your hair up to give Bokuto access to the full surface of your neck and back.
He squirted a bit of the creamy, vanilla-scented, soap onto your towel, making quick work of cleaning the surface of your skin. His hands were huge, one firmly holding onto your waist to keep you still, while the other scrubbed away the grime from the long day you'd had.
He slowed his scrubbing when he reached your neck, taking a moment to massage the knotted muscle beneath your skin.
"Oh Bo, that feels nice," you groaned, feeling the tenseness in your neck dissipate as he worked his long fingers along the kinks.
"You deserve it baby," he said, leaning down to kiss your perfectly round cheeks.
You melted into the feeling, enjoying it for as long as it lasted before you eventually had to rinse off the soap.
"Okay," you sighed, feeling wonderfully relaxed, "Your turn. Rinse the conditioner out and I'll scrub your back."
"Oh, say less," he said, bouncing a bit as he eagerly switched with you to run his hair through the water, making quick work of squeezing out the hair product.
You cracked open the shower curtain, reaching down to get a pair of exfoliating gloves from the little box of shower products you kept just outside of the shower itself. Bokuto worked out his body much harder than you did throughout the day; between practice and the gym and how much the guy walked... you needed the big guns for this.
"Okay, it's all out," he said, grabbing your ungloved hand to run it through his now clean and silky smooth locks.
"Good job baby! Does someone want a gold star for knowing how to wash out conditioner?" you teased, taking it like a champ when he flicked your nipple in retaliation.
"Alright smartass, clean my back," he said, ignoring your soft "ow!" and the resulting smack to his butt.
"You're lucky I love you," you said, adding a tiny amount of soap to the exfoliating glove as you began scrubbing away at his back.
"You're lucky I love you," he said back, reaching his long arms backward to playfully smack your ass as you worked.
It didn't take you long to successfully scrub away all the day's effects from his skin, the gloves on your hands making the process much faster than just using a loofah would have been.
"Damn I'm glad your mom thought to buy me more of these things. They're so handy," you said, scrubbing away the last of dead skin and sweat from your partner's back, "They exfoliate so well."
"Turn," you instructed, making Bokuto wash away all the dead cells from his back.
"Kiss," you said, bouncing a bit as he leaned down to give you a sweet kiss.
"Turn again."
He did as he was told, turning so that you could wash his back with a decent amount of soap this time.
You don't know what came over you, but when you began your scrubbing again, you realized you'd neglected something, and the thought undeniably made you laugh.
"Uh, Bo..." you said, trying and failing to stifle your laughter. The giggle fit getting so bad that you had to lean your head forward to rest against his now squeaky clean back.
"What's so funny back there, huh?" he said, lifting up one singular eyebrow as he looked back at you over his shoulders.
You glanced down to look at your grown adult boyfriend's butt cheeks, your laugh irrupting as you made eye contact with his tight little buns. He involuntarily flexed a bit, making the muscles closest to his hips flex, which for some reason made you laugh even more.
"Nothing," you said through your giggles, "I just... I was just wondering if you wanted me to exfoliate your cheeks, or if you wanted to do it."
"I fucking hate you," he said, his own laugh booming against your tiled walls, "I'll wash my own cheeks, ma'am. You focus on your cheeks and I'll handle mine."
"Okay, noted," you giggled, scrubbing everything but his butt.
One of these days you'd be on "washing booties" level close, but not today. Not on a post-workout and volleyball practice day.
"Done," you said, spinning the towel into a tight (but not too tight) twist and playfully slapping it against his soaking wet skin.
"Asshole," he said, turning to come face to face with you, sliding his naked body against yours as he pulled you into a more heated kiss.
It didn't last long, since the once hot trickling of water coming from your shower was beginning to turn lukewarm, which signaled that it would soon be cold.
"Fuck," he groaned, peppering you with kisses as he handed you your bath towel from the hanging rack, "Let's finish up in here and head to the bedroom, hm?"
You nodded, pulling him into one last kiss. A low creaking sound rang through the walls from the pipes, a more urgent threat of the quickly impending cold shower that was to come.
"Okay, okay, we're going," you yelled, filling the bathroom with the sound of your laughs while you both raced to clean the rest of your bodies.
You didn't beat the cold. The water of the shower turning freezing cold just as you squeezed the excess water from your towels.
You almost tripped over each other trying to get out and away from the assault, wrapping yourselves up in your large fluffy bath towels once you'd escaped the shower.
You spent the rest of the night making each other warm again.
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sinnix · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
𝖂𝖆𝖗𝖓𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘: angst to fluff, hurt to comfort
𝕬𝖚𝖙𝖍𝖔𝖗'𝖘 𝕹𝖔𝖙𝖊: I cannot- write angst for the life of me, so hopefully this is an okay first time <3
Tumblr media
A picture.
That's all it took for everything to come crashing down. In your hands, under your friends contact name, a picture of him lip-locked with someone else. Someone that wasn't you.
You were numb, everything - your breathing shallowed, mind drawing a blank and your hands trembling - the sound of your phone clattering to the floor falling deaf to your ears.
Gathering what was left of yourself, keeping the tears a bay as you picked up your phone. The image on your screen displayed brightly as you clutched your phone tightly.
Exiting your class silently, the voices of your friends drowned out by the rapid thumping of your heart rate in your ears. Walking to his class by muscle memory, face blank passing the students in the hall.
Passing through the empty doorway, eyes trained on his seat, watching him smile so brightly with them, before bringing his lips to their head.
A loud slam sounded as you ran out, tears free-falling, footsteps thudding down behind you, his voice ringing out - your vision obstructed, head knocking into something in front of you, feeling arms wrapping around your figure tightly as you cried and whimpered into his shirt.
Your phone falling to the floor, face up displaying the photo, eyes trained on it before his calm voice whispered in your ear. Looking back at your now fuming ex behind, voice grave, his eyes venomous as he says-
"𝐓𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐤 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞, 𝐧𝐨𝐰 𝐰𝐚𝐭𝐜𝐡 𝐦𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐱 𝐢𝐭."
* ˚ ✦ EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR FAVs- and don't ever tell yourself different okay?
Or I will hunt you down and bopbop your head :)) Out of love of course
Tumblr media
·.✧ 𝓈𝓉𝒶𝓎 𝓈𝓁𝓊𝓉𝓉𝓎 𝓂𝓎 𝓁𝑜𝓋𝑒𝓈 ✧.·
© 𝖆𝖑𝖑 𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖙𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖇𝖊𝖑𝖔𝖓𝖌𝖘 𝖙𝖔 𝖘𝖎𝖓𝖓𝖎𝖝. 𝖉𝖔 𝖓𝖔𝖙 𝖗𝖊𝖕𝖔𝖘𝖙, 𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖓𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖙𝖊 𝖔𝖗 𝖈𝖍𝖆𝖓𝖌𝖊.
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uccmd · a day ago
timeskip!kenma headcanons
kenma likes to take strange poses while he is sitting or lying down. he remains motionless in abnormal or not the most comfortable positions because he is too busy to change anything, and this leads to the fact that he has a good stretch, but different parts of the body constantly hurt
kenma doesn't like bugs at all so his workplace is always clean, despite what others might think. he is not a fan of general cleaning so he uses special services, but his office is an inviolable place
kenma has a collection of elastic bands and hairpins that natsu has given him for a long time. sometimes he uses them or sends photos to shoya to give to his sister; she is pleased that her old gifts are still useful
on his windows there are stickers with snowflakes and snowmen, left after kuroo's christmas visit
he has a collection of shoes. it's not something he prefers to talk about, but he has a whole chest of drawers with all kinds of models that he doesn't wear
kenma maintains a good relationship with sakusa. they met through hinata, and their communication was short, but high-quality so sometimes they chat with each other. kenma likes to talk about kuroo's dog, and sakusa tells him about the mutt that atsumu runs after
kenma does not use bags, only backpacks for any kind of activity where a bag is needed
kenma doesn't have an album with old photos, but a large flash drive with all the data that was considered valuable enough to save: the first official games with kuroo, graduation, birthdays, first date
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ushijimascumbucket · 2 days ago
stupid haikyuu boys head cannons that no one asked for <333
Tumblr media
OSAMU: feels entirely neutral to it, included some vegan options in his shop to increase sales
ATSUMU: actively complains about vegans LMAO doesn’t understand why anyone would go vegan/vegetarian, “why would you eat fake meat”
AKAASHI: big flexitarian, will avoid meat wherever he can, but if it’s easier he won’t cause a ruckus, plans to go vegan one day but he’s easing into it, only drinks oat milk, does it for the planet
BOKUTO: i’m going to shock some people and say this boy is a vegan! not only did he hear it’s better for you, he visited a farm one day as a publicity event with some kids and met a piglet and gave it its milk and never looked back since
KAGEYAMA: vegetarian. consumes dairy by the kilo but says that meat gives him an upset tum tum :(
SUGAWARA: Isn’t vegan but doesn’t eat meat on week days, shops at the farmers market and only buys meat from a bonafide butchers. has SO many mason jars. always looking for new vegan recipes!
ASAHI: are you kidding me?????? if this man isn’t a vegetarian oml he couldn’t hurt a fly. not judgemental at all, tho
TANAKA: meat eating menace. waves beef in asahi’s face even though he literally doesn’t care LMAO actually uses the phrase ‘rabbit food’ when referring to vegetables. changed his ways the very moment he hear kiyoko say she was thinking about doing meatless mondays HEKEJS
KUROO; oh my god another member of the vegan hate club. goes on about how annoying they are but if u tell him ur vegan he won’t shut up about it for the rest of ur friendship. “plants have feelings too” boy i will hit you rnt u supposed to be smart?????
LEV: butt chugs Yeager bombs but tells you that it’s unhealthy to have that little protein in ur diet.
USHIJIMA: another beefy vegan!!! never really was that passionate about meat or the taste, and when he watched a slaughter house video on IGTV he gave it up for good. Says he feels more energised now
IWAIZUMI: big vegan, would never go back even tho something in me tells me that he’s partially doing it to get that tough-but-sensitive boy image and get the edge on oikawa with the girls LMAO anyway his smoothies are excellent
OIKAWA: hmm this is tricky i’d have to say an avid oat milk consumer, not vegan. he’ll try vegan options in a restaurant, and throughly enjoy it. started trying it out because of iwa (much to his annoyance). it’s that or he’s the most annoying vegan u will ever meet. won’t stop talking about it for one second, thinks he’s better than you no doubt. “is that beef? i haven’t eaten beef since i was five 😆” ok homeboy didn’t ask
AONE: vegan full stop. has chicks (as in 🐥). insulted at the mere mention of chicken tenders. eats eggs but only because their from his chickens and he knows they’re looked after well. a bit holier-than-thou but we forgive him bc he’s happiest when he’s giving his feathered children their feed in the mornings before work :,)
Tumblr media
Hey so this was entirely random and no one cares but came to mind and i ran with it. i am 100% right no one can dispute me don’t even try. as usual, reblogs appreciated! bye love you bye!!!
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axoxtxhxh · a day ago
Omg, I'm obsessed with these headcanons 😁
Can I request favorite emojis with Kuroo, Tsukishima, and Oikawa?
Hey Monica! I'm glad you like the headcanons! I was trying to find something with a variety haha Sorry, these feel so short because it’s just an emoji haha I hope you like them though!
12. Favorite Emoji
I’ve never actually thought about Kuroo texting or using emojis before haha but knowing how he talks and interacts with others, I feel like he would use emojis to make fun of people? Haha because of that, I think his emojis would be more jokes than to express how he’s feeling 🖕🏻💩🤣
Tsukki would definitely use ones to express himself, but also to make the other person realize how he is feeling. I’m sorry, but every time I use this emoji, I think of him 😒 he would probably also use this one 😐
Oikawa probably just communicates with emojis honestly haha I really think he would put TONS of them in conversation to express himself better. 🗣👀😤😳
September Headcanons
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sugasfanfics · a day ago
Atsumu Comfort Fic
Desc: Atsumu comforts you after a long day
With open arms Atsumu stands by his car door, ready and patiently waiting to more than willingly care for the deep mental scars left after what seemed to be the longest day ever. His only explanation of the events so far being the one that you’d rushed to describe to him in a breathy whisper over the phone whilst he scrambled to grab his keys and get to you as soon as possible, an overwhelming need to kiss the pain away taking over his body.
“Baby” he calls out softly, his voice barely rising over the buzz of your mind as you tumble your way over to him, your body all but collapsing into his as he cradles you into his chest, Atsumu’s body curves to your height as tender hands adjust in order to lay across the back of your head. This simple movement prompts you to sink further into his embrace, your heavy breaths filtering through his shirt as tears leave tiny reminders upon the material.
“Baby I’ve got you, I’m here and I’ve got you and it’ll be okay, we’re going to be okay, I promise” Atsumu assures with a quiet determination that you can hear in his tone of voice as he murmurs softly into your ear and the gentle touch of his skin as he runs a placid thumb over your tear-stained cheek. For a few seconds, or minutes, or hours he holds you like this, allowing the strain to run from your body and bones in a trickle of tears and a few more gasping whispers of explanation, frustration, and overbearing upset. When your breathing, if even slightly eases back to a calmer, familiar pace Atsumu pulls back, his hands slipping down to attach into yours after easing them from the tight grip around his jacket’s warmth that had kept you anchored to him. Carefully, he begins to smooth small shapes across your skin, his eyes meanwhile meeting yours, gentle gaze watching over you like the moon watching over the earth before he opens the car door and ushers you both inside, giving you an affectionate smile before leaving and making for home where he would be able to give you all his love once again.
Silently, Atsumu opens the car door in the driveway to your home, his affectionate hand extending out toward you which you take gladly and let him lead you into the house and to a seat where you fall into the reassuring cushioning. This sudden comfort and the sensitivity of Atsumu’s actions as he dips down to relieve the shoes from your feet before gifting you an encouraging grin ekes a weak smile from you, almost as a thank you for Atsumu’s care. As a small meaningful thank you for the drink he makes you after putting away your shoes, and the fact that he then brings you a pair of your comfiest clothes to put on, and eventually for the love you feel from him as he once again swaddles you in the sturdy support of his arms and supportive embrace.
From your side Atsumu moves into the most comforting position, one where your legs lay across his lap therefore allowing you to bend into his shoulder, your hands clenched around the neckline of his shirt as you press closer into his warmth. You don’t want another round of tears, nor do you want to think about what they had said and done to you, so you turn to Atsumu, wide imploring eyes staring up at Atsumu with a desperation like no other situation than this. Quickly Atsumu sees you and turns his touch from running circles over your hand to instead laying calm fingertips to your cheek, which he smooths over with his thumb, the subtle contented feeling blooming over your face managing to comfort you – or perhaps it was the way he looked at you with such significant compassion and love. The next thing you know is the plush kiss of Atsumu’s lips, it’s not wanting, rather it’s soft and filled with meaning, the gentle shine that fills your body being an indicator without words that Atsumu is there for you, through everything, no matter what. He’ll stay by your side, whispering consoling words and letting his skin be to yours as you do for him for as long as you’ll need him.
My Masterlist
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ozetia · 16 hours ago
Couple Halloween costumes Haikyuu/Genshin characters would wear.
Tumblr media
You went to your boyfriends work Halloween party dressed up as Sodium and he went as Chlorine, together you made salt. You both taped the periodic table information on your backs for both of your periodic elements, he claimed it was a great “bonding” experience. For the next halloween party you wasn’t available so he dramatically went as Neon and slapped forever alone on his back because Neon is a noble gas and doesn’t bond with others..
-FANDOM Kuroo.
Barbara and Adam from Beetlejuice. He wanted to scare the poor children knocking at your door asking for sweets. Beetlejuice was your thing, you knew all the songs, watched the live action and even knew the dance off by heart. The DIY project took a while but it was a fun challenge. The couple pics you took are definitely framed on the living room wall.
-Tendou, Tartaglia, Bokuto, Ennoshita, Daichi
The shining twins, two of the creepiest horror movies twins. You brought a tricycle from a thrift store to push you around on along with your outfits. They made you skip down every hallway, you took many detours that night scaring the hell of out poor strangers that witnessed this. A plus of dressing up as the twins was that you got to link hands the entire night! The downside was when you got home they skipped around the house not dropping the act, scaring the shit out of you.
-Nishonoya, Fukunaga, Matsukawa, Yukie, Saeko, Amber.
Slave Lei and Jabba. They’ve had this idea since January and it took a lot of convincing to make you dress up as Jabba because they wanted to be slave Lei. The downside going as Jabba was it made you look like you dressed up as a dick for Halloween but it made you both laugh there was no harm done. They don’t care if self-conscious men shout stupid comments from afar and plus the top of the Bikini is always reusable if you wish to use it in the future ;)
-Lisa, Kaeya, Saeko ( again because she’s a baddie) Kiyoko, Goshiki, Sugawara.
They don’t dress up. They claim it’s a waste of money, instead they spend the money on sweets for children knocking at your door, which are underwhelmed with the lack of costume. However they go all out with decorating the house, mixing up all your favourite horror movie props into one. They prefer carving pumpkins, making themed cakes, playing games and settling down watching cartoon themed horror movies with you than dressing up going outside.
- Akaashi, Ushijima, Yachi ( she’s just too scared to go outside) Tsukishima, Kenma, Iwaizumi, Kaori, Raiden Shogun, Ningguang.
Totally not over excited for Halloween
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risumu · 14 hours ago
suna will not fight a douche for you.
suna will sit back in his chair with his phone out, flash on, slurping on his straw yelling “KICK HIS ASS BABE!!” across the room as you fight the douche yourself.
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hvnlydmn · 5 months ago
OKAY HEAR ME OUT haikyuu boys responding/reacting to u when you stop kissing them to check your phone (suna and sakusa) and you can choose the other characters. BUT YEAH THANK YOU 💖
Tumblr media
characters — timeskip!sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintarō, iwaizumi hajime, miya atsumu, bokuto kōtarō
a/n — warning ⚠️ some making out so a lil suggestive cos i’ve no self control, AAAAAAA I LOVE THIS !! hope u enjoy - hope i did it justice <3
Tumblr media
☾ SAKUSA groaned as your hand pulled at the base of his curls, panting softly as his mouth slid so messily against yours, his arm stretching over to your waist, pulling you closer to him as he deepened the kiss, his free hand moving to the back of your neck just as you pulled away “two seconds, omi. gotta check something.” his eyes widened as you grabbed your phone, shuffling awkwardly in his seat as he attempted to fix the curls that now messily hung over his eyes, paired with swollen lips and a deep blush on his cheeks - letting his hands fall to his lap as he fidgeted with them, clearing his throat before he spoke “u-uh do you have to do that now?” his voice was still a little breathless, a smile spreading on your lips when you noticed his pout “sorry, omi - done.” you giggled as he sighed, his blush deepening as his hands returned to your body.
☾ SUNA you lay on top of him as his hands smoothed over your thighs, gripping at the skin as his tongue pushed past your lips to taste your own, you could feel him smirk as you whimpered, the feeling of his mouth on yours already overwhelming as his hands continued to roam your body “oh, hold on rin.” he deadpanned as he watched you grab your phone, tsking as you held it infront of his face just to end up plucking it from your grip and setting it aside, flipping you over so he now caged you against the bed, a pout on his lips before you his head dipped - placing open mouthed kisses along your jawline as he drawled out his words against the skin, his fingers ghosting up your stomach before they rested on the nape of your neck “come on pretty baby, you don’t want to keep me waiting.”
☾ IWAIZUMI had you sat on his lap as he let out a deep moan, his hands tight on your ass as his tongue dragged messily against your own “fuck, doll.” his voice was breathless, cheeks flushed as you pulled away to furrowed brows and a hazy stare “gotta check something.” “you’re kidding, right?” you wanted to laugh at the pout on his lips, a deep groan falling from them after as he let his head fall back against the couch, after a few seconds of his obvious impatience, you feel his hand on the back of your neck - his lips crashing against yours once again, causing you to completely forget about everything except him as he nibbles on your bottom lip, his hands drop to grab at your ass once again, pulling you impossibly closer, his voice raspier now as he speaks between breathes “attention on me, brat.”
☾ ATSUMU you sat on his lap, your fingers in his hair as his rested under your shirt, warm against the bare skin of your waist, a loud groan falls from his lips as you pull lightly at the gold strands “f-fuck angel, yer somethin’ else.” its messy the way your mouth moves with his, his tongue sliding along yours causing his fingers to tighten on your waist, his deep moan turning to a whimper as you pull away “gotta check something first ‘tsumu.” his eyes widen as he whines, flushed cheeks, messy hair and swollen lips making him look even cuter “baby, come on! right now?” you feel his forehead hit your chest as he whines, only to feel him place open mouthed kisses against your neck seconds later, throwing your head back as he bites down on a particularly sensitive spot before pulling away with a smirk to admire the new mark on your skin, you open your mouth to protest only to feel his mouth muffle your words as you feel him grin against your lips.
☾ BOKUTO cages you between his muscled frame and the plush of the couch as he whimpers into your mouth, his hands wrapping your thighs around his waist as his mouth moves against yours, feeling him moan as he presses his body closer to yours - only for you to tap his chest as he pulls away, half lidded eyes and flushed cheeks as he gazes at you, hand tracing soothing circles into your waist - scared he’s upset you “are you okay baby? are you uncomfortable?” you shake your head as you reach for your phone, feeling his chin hit your chest as you see him pout up at you with his now swollen lips, only to see him peek over your phone a few seconds later as he nuzzles into your hand, letting out little whines as he gives you puppy dog eyes - you end giving in as his lips immediately crash against yours once again, his hands roaming your skin as he smiles against your lips.
Tumblr media
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wishterya · 2 days ago
— five love languages (ft. sugawara koushi)
Tumblr media
❤ boys !! timeskip!sugawara
❤ genre !! character study
❤ author notes !! is this self indulgent? yes.
Tumblr media
❤ physical touch !! 
sugawara isn’t actually the touchiest person on the planet. pda starts and ends for him with holding hands, maybe slinging an arm around your shoulders or resting it on the back of your chair. at home, he’s happy to cuddle, to snuggle up next to you with a movie on, or maybe he’ll grab your hands and start playing with your fingers, but he’s absolutely not a handsy person unless he has a purpose (like keeping you close, encouraging you, etc.). and once again, suga’s kisses are either perfectly sweet or incredibly spicy; he has no in-between, but you can always tell exactly what he wants based on how he kisses and touches you!
❤ quality time !!
this is sugawara’s primary love language! even before you started dating, he realized that he had feelings for you because of how much he wants to spend his time with you: walking or driving you home, (if you’re coworkers) always sitting beside you in meetings, looking for excuses to come to you with questions or tell you about this funny thing that happened to him. after you start dating, it gets grander and more deliberate: if you ask sugawara what the best thing he could do with a day off is, he’d say that he wants to travel somewhere new and quiet with you so he can have you all to himself. at home, he makes time for you with an unwavering consistency: you cook dinner together whenever you can, you watch an episode or two of a show together before bed, he even sits in the same room as you when he’s grading just so he can be around you, breathing the same air and enjoying each other’s presence.
❤ acts of service !! 
and here’s sugawara’s secondary love language, which ties into his primary; in order to have the most possible time to spend talking with you or relaxing with you, he goes out of his way to get chores done extra fast – including your chores. was it your job to do the laundry this week? nope, he threw a load in before taking his shower. you needed some groceries for dinner? he stopped by the store near his school so you can cook together on time. he’s also perfectly happy to drive you places, even to the point of getting a little offended if you suggest taking the train home from a night out or taking the taxi to the airport. he can drive you! he’s happy to! just let him have this, so he can make sure you’re safe while stealing a few extra minutes of your time.
❤ words of affirmation !! 
he’s not great at this, to be honest. love is a feeling he struggles to put words to, so he isn’t a person who says “i love you” frequently. but, what he does do to encourage or affirm you is give amazing advice. if you’re struggling with something at work, he very much wants to sit and listen to you, no distractions, and try to either give you ideas to make it better or gently point out all the wonderful things about you that mean you can handle this yourself. he’s also one to send cute texts on hard days; if you have an important meeting at work, and you told him about it, he’ll send you a “you’re going to do great!” text with a funny sticker or even a selfie. his encouragement gives off dad vibes, but he’s trying, and that’s what matters most.
❤ gift-giving !! 
gift-giving is neither sugawara’s strong suit, nor something he considers doing reflexively. he actually struggles with birthday and holiday presents to the point where he keeps a note in his phone with a list of all of his friends and things that they’ve passively mentioned wanting throughout the year just so he can get something people will actually like. with gifts, he’s a little hopeless, so don’t expect random little presents, flowers, or anything of the sort. gifts from sugawara might be bringing you coffee in bed or booking a couples’ trip because he has a hard time finding “that one perfect thing” to symbolize your relationship when the time comes, so he’s focused instead on giving you things that make your life easier or things that can become new memories you make together.
Tumblr media
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sluttyissei · 27 days ago
“can i watch?” — haikyuu men + masturbation
Tumblr media
+ warnings: fem bodied reader, masturbation, pussy eating, edging, pussy job
+ notes: hello hello pls like or reblog if u liked this <3
Tumblr media
presses his chest to your back, his legs keeping yours open while his hands squeeze and grope your tits, fingers pinching and twisting your nipples almost painfully. his cock throbs at the feeling of you squirming and writhing in his arms, at the sight of you so desperate and needy. he keeps his lips close to your ear, his voice barely above a whisper. “you can’t do it, can you? i’ve got you trained so well you can’t even make yourself cum without me, is that right?” he lets out a low chuckle when you nod desperately. “you wanna cum, pretty baby? all you have to do is ask.”
HINATA, BOKUTO, tanaka, lev, NISHINOYA, kita
practically moaning praises with his face hovering over your cunt, his cock leaking and straining against his boxers while he ruts into the bed. his eyes shine with need, mouth hung open and lips bitten raw as he watches you work yourself over and over again right in front of him. it’s not long before he’s losing his control, latching his mouth to your overworked cunt, humming and slurping and drinking you in until he can’t breathe.
MEIAN, ushijima, k. ukai, SAKUSA, IWAIZUMI, daichi, tsukishima
sits on a chair at the end of the bed, legs spread wide enough for you to see the growing bulge in his pants, while he utters out simple commands. “just your clit” when he gets tired of seeing your fingers struggle to reach the same spot his long, thick digits do. a deep, startling “stop” every time you’re on the edge of that orgasm you’ve been working so hard for. after that, it’s “hands and knees. now.” and he’s sliding into you, almost smiling at the wail you let out. he sets an impatient, back-breaking pace, heavy grunts leaving his throat while you struggle to keep up.
KENMA, osamu, ATSUMU, akaashi, KAGEYAMA, kyōtani, matsukawa
eyes half-lidded and stuck to yours, cheeks flushed red and his mouth hung open as he pulls on his cock. he stands on his knees between your spread legs, the tip of his cock leaking over your cunt. he grips your thigh with one hand, spreading you open further to make room for his hips to align with your own. he doesn’t give you the satisfaction of being full, of being absolutely stuffed to the hilt with his fat cock. he only sandwiches himself between your puffy lips, groaning at the feeling of your hot, wet cunt against him. he ruts against you mindlessly, the tip of his cock catching your clit perfectly until the both of you are cumming all over each other.
Tumblr media
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