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onlyomi · a day ago
Tumblr media
+ f!reader, various haikyuu characters
++ degradation (“my slut”), overstim, oral (f receiving), fingering, 17+
+++ first post heheh >:)
Tumblr media
“you can give me one more, can’t you? that’s it, be a good girl for me,” with his cock shoved so deep inside you it knocks the breath from your lungs, his long fingers sprawled out on your stomach while he thumbs at your clit, a small smile on his face as he watches you twitch and shake beneath him.
DAICHI, sakusa, iwaizumi, MEIAN, osamu, kageyama, ukai
Tumblr media
“fuck— there you go, baby, there you go. make a mess for me,” he says, trying his hardest to ignore the fact that he’s just as fucked out as you are, his hair clinging to his sweaty forehead, drunken babbles flowing out of his mouth, along with almost embarrassing moans and whimpers as the both of you stumble over the edge for the nth time.
atsumu, BOKUTO, HINATA, goshiki, oikawa
Tumblr media
“was that not enough for you? my slut needs more, is that it?” a sick grin on his face as he dips his head down again, tongue swirling over your clit, fingers digging deep inside you to pull another ground-shaking, earth-shattering orgasm from your overworked body.
tsukishima, TENDOU, semi, matsukawa, kuroo, SUNA, kenma
Tumblr media
“please, doll? just one more for me,” as he fucks his cum deeper into you, his body shuddering above yours, eyes rolling to the back of his head at the slick, wet squeeze and pull of your cunt. he pushes your legs closer to your chest, mumbling something that sounds like thank you as you give him everything he’s been asking for.
USHIJIMA, kyotani, aone, KITA, aran, akaashi
Tumblr media
© ONLYOMI 2022. do not copy, edit, repost, or translate my work on this platform or other platforms.
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katsulia · 2 days ago
You're the “bad” parent. He has a really hard time saying no to your child and can't resist his puppy eyes. Except your child is aware of this and uses it to his advantage. Every time you punish him or cut him off from something, he turns to his father who will secretly give him back what you took from him. Don't count on your husband to put him to bed on time, it will be 10pm and you will come home to find them both watching yet another cartoon.  
Oikawa, Hinata, Atsumu, Suna, Bokuto, Kenma, Lev, Tendou, Nishinoya, Hoshiumi, Tanaka, Hanamaki, Konoha, Komori, Kuroo
Tumblr media
You're the “fun” parent. He knows how to be strict when he needs to be and won't let his child influence him. He wants him to learn the rules of the house and especially to learn to respect them. He's not always so serious, but he's the one who takes care of punishments because he knows you'll crack when he does the crocodile tears.
Sakusa, Ushijima, Iwaizumi, Daichi, Kageyama, Meian, Sugawara, Osamu, Kita, Tsukishima, Matsukawa, Shirabu, Yaku, Aran, Akaashi, Semi
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saksukei · 2 days ago
ushijima things I was thinking about
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
his hands are so large and calloused and yours are so small and soft that he loves it,, especially when you caress his face. your touch feels so warm to him. and because of your small hands, ushijima doesn't let you hold anything [it happens unintentionally], always saying ”let me hold that for you, darling.“ his hands somehow always know the right place to be, like rubbing circles on your back, giving you headpats or playing with your hair >:(
ushijima cooking! he's! an! amazing! cook! He wears a cute little apron with cute little animals on it,, asks you to come in and taste his food, as he blows on the spoon for you to try a bite. imagine a dinner date with him in the winter,, where both of you are huddled together to have warm soup with ramen.
ushijima giving shoulder kisses!! he loves pressing kisses to your shoulders and even your knuckles. when you're cuddling, with your back on his chest, he always whispers such sweet things like, ”i love you baby” or “make me feel like ’m on top of the world.“ and if you're watching some soapy tv show, he laughs in your ear and ushijima’s laugh >>> or whenever you cling to him during a scary movie, he grins.
ushijima absolutely tries to not crush you with his body weight but some days he's so tired from his matches, he just collapses on top of you,, inhaling your scent [not in a creepy way, it makes him feel at home]. you always smell like the sense of belonging he needed, he doesn't know how to explain it.
he steals glances at you whenever you're not looking. especially during his match, right before his serve, he just looks at you because it's somehow calming. whenever you're trying to focus, you can feel his gaze burning into you. he looks at you so intently, memorizing all your features. he just can't help but fall in love all over again.
absolutely the type of person to not let you walk on the side closer to the road,, he always shelters you and his grip on your hand is so tight on whenever you're in a crowd because he doesn't want you to get lost >:( will even carry you on your back or make you walk ahead of him.
speaking of a relative height difference, he always finds it so cute that you have to stand on top of things to tie his tie or reach his belongings. the type to lean against the doorframe and watch your frame struggle until he realizes he has to help. if you're taller than him, he is so fascinated that he places things higher on purpose to see you reach out for them because he thinks it's so cool??? like! you see the world like him?
he motivates you to become the best person in your life. he'll be there, for anything that's important to you. he'll push you to get better. he'll listen to you explain him a topic for hours and then ask questions! ranting to him is so much fun omg <3 he just sits there, saying things like, “you’re absolutely right”. He doesn't give his opinion unless he knows you're ready to hear it.
but I guess the hardest day is when he breaks down. it's so heartbreaking and gut wrenching because he's an amazing person who deserves the world.
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euphoricimagination · 2 days ago
𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒖𝒕𝒊𝒇𝒖𝒍 - 𝑺𝒂𝒌𝒖𝒔𝒂 𝒙 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓
Summary: Sakusa is the type of take precautions, think a lot, and thanks to that he doesn't have many things that he regrets doing. That was until he made a terrible mistake, one that he will regret forever.
Warning: ANGST, timeskip Sakusa
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I miss you so much
Sakusa Kiyoomi thinks to himself, hoping that his thoughts reach the sky, reach you.
You and Sakusa started dating in your first year of high school, and while he wasn’t the most affectionate boyfriend ever, he always made sure to show his love for you through small actions. Everyone thought you were the perfect couple, his cousin Komori was sure that you two could survive what most couples couldn’t. And for the big part that was true, you two were good at communicating.
That was until your graduation came by.
After receiving your university entrance exams you both sit down and talk, like you always did whenever a problem may appear. Both of you got accepted in the universities that you wanted, the problem was that yours was in Hyogo while his was in Tokyo. He was happy for you, truly, but for some reason he didn’t believe in long distance relationships. And once an idea settled on his brain, he was extremely stubborn about it. That’s how he ended up breaking up with you.
You didn’t expect this ending, you also were wary about long distance relationships, but you were willing to try it for him. That’s what hurt you the most, he wasn’t willing to try for you. You ended up leaving to Hyogo with a broken heart.
He thought it was the best option, but he couldn’t help to feel sad. He loves you after all. He was young, he didn’t thought that it’d hurt THIS much, but the smiles that you left behind stayed in his heart. He went to his university and started to play volleyball; he became relatively popular there, receiving a big amount of love letters and confessions, but he didn’t care about them. He misses you; he misses the days that you were with him.
According to Komori, who kept contact with you after you left, you were doing really good at your university. His cousin never mentioned more than necessary, mostly that you were doing fine. He understood his cousin position, he was also your friend and didn’t want to invade your privacy, but he wonders if you cry for him too; he has cry more he will ever admit.
He put all of his attention into volleyball and classes hoping that he will be able to get distracted, hoping that he wouldn’t get lost in all his memories with you. But he failed miserably, even in his loneliness there were traces of you. But this was his decision after all, he has to suck it up and endure the pain he chose.
Years pass and now he’s on his way to Hyogo, the MSBY Black Jackals contacted him to do a try out due to how good he was in college. He can’t help but wonder if you’re still living there, if you still miss him, if you still love him just as much as he loves you. So he make up his mind, after entering the team, he was going to contact you, tell you how much he still loves you in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you felt the same.
That’s why he’s surprised to see you in the gym, this wasn’t part of his plan, you weren’t supposed to be standing there looking at a clipboard. ‘So beautiful, you are more beautiful than anyone else' thinks Sakusa, frozen in the door looking at you. Should he approach? What is he supposed to do? Do you even want to talk to him? Do you still love him? What are you doing here? Sakusa feels his heart beating faster, the try out long forgotten.
- Hi, you are…Om- I mean, Sakusa? – you say stopping your movement. You knew that you guys had a try out today, but you didn’t expect to see HIM. Meanwhile he felt a slight pain by the fact that you used his last name, he may deserve it.
- Hi… - he whispers, eyes not leaving yours. His body moves before he could react, going directly to hug you, feeling you tense up at his touch – I missed you so much
- Sakusa, please stop hugging me
- oh…sorry – says moving away from you. It hurts that you treat him like this, but it was understandable
- Eh…so you’re coming for the try out, I guess. Come with me, I’ll let you talk to the coach while I finish setting up stuff – you say in your professional voice, desperately trying to ignore the fact that the boy behind you broke your heart years ago.
Sakusa starts talking to the coach, who is currently gushing about how good he was in college, but he was barely hearing him. His eyes were glued to you, watching you laugh with who he recognized as Miya Atsumu and Bokuto Kotarou from back in high school tournaments. He remembers how much you used to love to see them play; apart from him, they were your favorite players to watch. He isn’t surprised that you befriended them.
The try out goes smoothly, so good that by the end of it he was already part of the team. Once he finishes showering, he goes out and finds you putting the balls in the cart.
- So…you’re the manager of the team? – he asks getting closer to you, helping you out.
- Kind of…I’m on a internship, I’m not sure if I would end up here yet – you say. It was awkward, for sure, but if you end up as a manager and he joins the team, you had to be in good terms and talk at some point.
- I’m sure you will, you’re good – says, making you mutter a small thanks. You stayed quiet while putting the balls away. Sakusa takes a big breath, he needs to know – umm…I meant what I say early, I really miss you. What about y-
- Angel! Did ya finish? – says Atsumu, passing his arms through you and kissing your cheek – I owe ya a date, should we go home and order takeout? Or ya wanna go out? Whatever it’s fine by me.
- Can we stay in? I’m kinda tired
- Of course, what ma angel wants, ma angel gets. We can watch that movie you wanted too – says now kissing your forehead. Sakusa doesn’t know how to react at this interaction, seeing your eyes shine at his new teammate the same way they used to shine at him – Ah Omi-kun, we have a small reunion at Onigiri Miya tomorrow and since ya are a new member ya can come if ya want
- Ah thanks, I’ll see if I can go – says trying to act normal, thankfully he was good at keeping a poker face; but you knew him, you could see sadness in his eyes.
- Good, good. Lets go, angel – says taking your bag before grabbing your hand. Sakusa sees you lean onto his touch before turning to him
- Do you have where to sleep Omi-kun? I can reserve a hotel room until your dorm is ready – you say to him. You shouldn’t be nice to him, not after what he did to you. Why do you have to be so amazing? He doesn’t deserve your kindness.
- I do, don’t worry about me – says looking at you, then moving his eyes to your hand intertwined with Atsumu’s. The pain in his chest grows by the second, but he still gives you a small smile, the one that was only reserved for you – glad you’re doing good.
- Thanks, see you tomorrow
Sakusa sees you leave with Atsumu, who makes you giggle with a whisper in your ear. He’s standing there, in the middle of the gym alone, hating himself for realizing this now. He wanted to hold your hand, make you laugh, go home together. He wanted to buy you flowers, flowers that will never compare to your beauty; he wanted to hold you again, forever this time. But he already lost you.
Now, sitting in the floor of his hotel room, he’s crying once again. Crying because he lost the only person he ever loved, hating himself and regretting everything he did that led you two here. Why couldn’t he give it a shot? Why did he had to be so stubborn? Why did he let you go?
He wished he could blame you, he really wished that this was your fault…but he can’t. He was the one who broke up with you, the one who wasn’t willing to try and make your relationship work. He couldn’t possibly blame you for breaking his heart when he was the reason for everything that happened. It’s not your fault that you healed and found happiness with someone else, someone who was willing to do everything for you.
He still loves you, and he always will. But he isn’t going to ruin your happiness, not again.
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sapphicshav · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
❥︎ genre: floof
❥︎ tw:// none
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
☆ akaashi keiji is literally the best husband ever.
☆ he is such a great help around the house as he loves to do household chores. polishing and dusting an area that is unclean. cooking all the meals making sure you are eating healthy.
☆ he prefers to keep your relationship private.
☆ he never misses a date with you and if he does, he knows just how to make it up to you. he loves to show he cares about you by showering you with gifts and spending as much quality time with you as possible.
✩ whenever you come home from a long day a work he sets a warm bubble bath for you. cooks a homemade meal for you. there’s even a fresh bouquet of red roses waiting for you as soon as you open the front door.
☆ for your birthdays or anniversaries, akaashi goes all out just for you. he’ll fly you out of the country so you can spend time alone together. just the two of you. at an expensive hotel on a romantic getaway.
☆ he prefers stay-at-home dates rather than going out. that way he gets you all to himself. all his attention is on you as is yours. sat together on in the living room. enjoying each others company in comfortable silence.
☆ akaashi is so lucky to know that you are all his and he is all yours.
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suniken · a day ago
Just One Night
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: not to bad if I do say so myself, but not proofread cuz when do i ever do that?
Synopsis: Hinata made a bet with Atsumu that he couldn’t get a hot date to the gala. That shouldn’t have anything to do with you... right?
Warnings: Atsumu being kinda jealous, Atsumu kinda being a playboy, Meian being a bit of a drunk dick
AUs: Fake Dating, Post-Timeskip Characters
Taglist: @sunbeamx (also tagging @terushimatwinn​, consider this a gift love)
Tumblr media
“Please, please, m’ beggin’ ya, Y/n!” Atsumu clasped his hands together and stuck his bottom lip out, causing you to roll your eyes.
“Tsumu,” you hissed, “I am not going to be your fake date to some dumb event.”
“B-but,” his lip stuck out even further, though you weren’t sure how it was even possible at that point, “What about the bet?”
“That stupid bet with Hinata makes me want to do it even less, Tsumu! And why don’t you just go get one of your fangirls or something to do it?”
“I don’t like them,” he whined, plopping down on your couch and rolling to the side dramatically, “I want you to do it.”
You sighed and brought your hands up to rub at your temple.
“Let me get this straight. You want me, to be your fake date to a gala because you made a bet with Hinata that you couldn’t score a “hot” date, and because you fucked up and now your fans think you have a partner.”
Atsumu considered your words for a moment before nodding.
“Yep, sounds about right.”
He offered you a toothy grin and pulled one of your hands down.
“Pleeeeeeeease, Y/n. I’ll love you forever.”
You stared down at his pleading face. 
Stupid puppy eyes. Stupid smile. Stupid Atsumu, you thought.
“Fine. Fine, I’ll do it! But you have to leave me alone after this, got it?”
He nodded aggressively, bowing and thanking you over and over again.
“Thank you, y/n! You won’t regret it I promise!”
“Yeah, whatever Tsumu, but you have to buy me an outfit for this whole ordeal.”
“Already done.”
You looked at the two of you standing side by side in your full length mirror.
Damn... we look good.
“Wow, I picked the right date,” Atsumu smirked, helping you with the finishing touches to your jewelry. 
“Yeah,” you said, absentmindedly touching the necklace, “Just make sure I don’t regret anything, Tsumu.”
“Oh come on, have you ever regretted doin’ stuff with me?”
“Yes... many times actually.”
“Well not this time!” he linked his arm through yours and dragged you towards the door, “Right this way, our chariot awaits!”
“Tsumu,” you said, tugging on his jacket sleeve slightly. He placed his hand on the small of your back and leaned down, his lips a mere hair’s breath away from your ear.
“What’s up?”
“I don’t know anyone here,” you said, (after catching your breath from that momentary shock of your best friend catching you off guard like that), “it’s kinda-”
“Would you two get a room?” you heard Sakusa scoff in disgust. Atsumu pulled away from you immediantly, yet strangely left his hand where it was.
“Shut up, Omi! Yer’ just jealous that you don’t have a super attractive, wonderful, and cool date like I do.”
He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you into his side. Warmth bloomed all over your face, and you tucked your head into his arm to hide. Sakusa rolled his eyes and went back to sipping his drink.
“Can’t believe I actually lost the bet, you always said you guys were just friends,” Hinata mumbled as he stared at the two of you. Atsumu stuck his tongue out at Hinata and leaned down kissing your forehead. 
“Things change. Anyways, what were ya sayin, sweetie?”
“Sweetie?” you repeated in disbelief. Everything was just happening much too fast for your liking. Was this all part of the act or... was he trying to tell you something else?
Atsumu shrugged sheepishly.
“Sorry, thought it’d be cute, now what’d ya need?”
“I just, well I thought you could introduce me to the rest of your team, cause I only know you, Hinata, and Sakusa.”
Atsumu hesitated before nodding and leading you away to a small group of men.
“Bokuto! Meian!” Atsumu yelled, gesturing them over, “Meet my date, Y/n.”
You shook hands with both of the men.
“Nice to meet you.”
Meian raised and eyebrow at Atsumu.
“Gonna actually keep this one around, Miya? Cause if not...” his hand landed on your shoulder and the smell of booze filled your nose.
“Hey, hands off my partner,” Atsumu said with a scowl. You glanced up him, eyebrow cocked in curiousity. 
“Just making sure,” Meian said, raising his hands in defense. Bokuto laughed a bit nervously.
“Sorry he’s kinda drunk right now, I’ll get him some water.” Bokuto grabbed his captain’s arm and waved to you both as he dragged him away.
“Well that was something else. Your partner, huh?”
“Well I- uh-”
You cut him off with a giggle and a hug.
“S’okay ‘Tsumu, I think it’s funny that you were jealous.”
“I wasn’t jealous,” he pouted, but wrapped his arms around you nonetheless, “Will you though?”
“Hm?” you asked, pulling away slightly you looked up at him. He wouldn’t meet your eyes and there was a heavy blush across his cheeks.
“Will you be mine?”
Tumblr media
A/N: ngl, didnt know how to end this but hoped you like it <3
COPYRIGHT OF @/suniken 2022
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hajiberry · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
characters - hinata, oikawa, kenma, tanaka, kuroo, ukai a/n- i had this idea to like breakdown a song (this is fallingforyou by the 1975) and give each character their own lyric and do like a mini scenario so this is a new writing style for me but hope y’all enjoy :)
Tumblr media
i’m so excited for the night
tonight was the night, it was the night hinata was finally going to stop hiding his feelings from you. he was flying home from brazil for a visit and he would finally be seeing you after six long months. six months of regretting not telling you how he felt before he got on that plane. this was finally going to be the moment that would hopefully change everything for the good.
you said someday we might
“maybe when life’s not so crazy for both of us ya know”, you had told oikawa when he brought up the two of you getting together. he held onto those words like they were law, just waiting for the day that his life settled down enough for you to be in it comfortably.
and on this night, and in this light
the night kenma knew he was in love with you would replay in his head for the rest of his life. you were always beautiful, but the way the streetlights reflected off your face while you walked downtown with him to get burgers at 2 am made his knees weak. he knew in that moment you were it for him.
and maybe you, change your mind
being in love with someone that was working on themselves and not ready for a relationship was hard within itself. but being best friends with said person was the bane of tanakas existence. he respected your decision to not move forward with a relationship at the moment but every-time he was alone with you a part of him hoped you’d change your mind.
when the smoke is in your eyes you look so alive
you and kuroo didn’t smoke togeher too often, and this was exactly why. he couldn’t sit here and have a smoke sesh with you and not fall more madly in love with you; it was simply impossible and cruel to even expect it of him. the way you looked at him with half lidded eyes drove him insane, the way you giggled uncontrollably made his heart skip several beats. he knew if he didn’t tell you how he felt soon he would explode
i don’t wanna be your friend i wanna kiss your neck
ukai valued your friendship. he really did. but watching you sit up on the counter at his store and complain about the latest idiot you were seeing made him no longer wanna be your friend. he never really intended on being friends with you anyway. his goal was always to go out with you. but the closer the two of you got the more difficult it was for him to just go for it and ask you out. but he knew if he didn’t, one of these days one of these dates were going to lead to something that didn’t included complaining to him and he couldn’t have that.
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bokuroskitten · 20 hours ago
girl help. head empty. idea of being spanked bouncing around in my skull like a tv/windows logo......
AYOOOOO me too princess I’m always thinkin bout a good ass whooping:
Those who enjoy having you over their knee, your pants keeping your knees locked together as they have you count each strike
DAICHI, Kuroo, Iwaizumi, Ushijima, KITA, Osamu, Aran, Kyoutani, Saeko, ENNOSHITA, Akaashi, Ran, DRAKEN, Kisaki, Koko, TAIJU, Mitsuya, ANGRY.
Those who like to have you in doggy, holding your face pressed down into the mattress as they drill into you. Not only are their hips slapping against your ass, but so is their palm.
Sanzu, RINDOU, Chifuyu, BAJI, Kakucho, SMILEY, Mikey, Kenma, Oikawa, SUGAWARA, Terushima, Issei, BOKUTO, Tendou, Yamaguchi, SUNA.
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toxic-shroomboy · 2 days ago
"how charming."
osamu, atsumu x m!reader
summary: he takes you on a date, how sweet
genre: fluff? i tried lol (cant write anything other than crack for the life of me </3)
a/n: this is real short bc im a shithead who cant get shit done :)
Tumblr media
he invites you over (after promptly kicking atsumu out so he doesn't bother you two) to make onigiri. you listened to some music as you went. you didn't have a clue of whether or not you were making the onigiri properly, but osamu helped, so you'd say that it went well. atsumu came back and tried to steal a few, though. and so, it turned into a normal visit to the miya house.
he called you at, what? 2 am? for a snack run at the convenience store. you would decline, obviously, if you weren't craving some [favourite snack] right then and there. and you were conveniently out. you got a shit ton of snacks, and you both got a slushie even though it was freezing outside.
Tumblr media
yeah this aint my best shit sorry lol <33
- felix
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kirsteinspark · 23 hours ago
imagine going out somewhere with bokuto in winter and you have a bunch of coats on but you're still cold so then bokuto shares his really long scarf with you and hugs you the whole time while you both laugh cause you can't separate 🏃🏻‍♀️💨
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luvatsu · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feat — timeskip!atsumu, suna, iwaizumi, bokuto + sakusa.
warnings — none just fluff!
note — i love this idea ‘cause i love pet names!
Tumblr media
ఌ ATSUMU you were lying against his chest watching a movie when you hear your phone vibrate, nudging him a little to check he was awake, before you feel him pull you even tighter against him—nuzzling into you in response. “ya alright, angel?” he grumbles a little sleepy and you nod “‘tsum, can you hand me my phone, baby?” theres a beat of silence that follows after, but just when you pull away from his chest to look up at him you feel atsumu quickly flip you under him with a groan, before he’s flopping his weight on top of you and nuzzling into the crook of your neck. “‘tsumu, what’re you doing?” you giggle and you hear him whine in response before he’s peppering your neck and face with open mouthed kisses, grinning a little giddily even though his cheeks are flushed pink, his arms wrapping around your waist to keep you in place under him so you can’t squirm away. “‘m yer baby— right, angel? yer so cute yer killin’ me, it ain’t fair!”
ఌ SUNA you were both relaxing in bed while you scrolled through your phones, occasionally showing eachother tiktoks or funny instagram videos. “baby, look at this!” you mumble and suna’s eyes are already narrowed when you show him your phone, his face looking unphased even though he’s silently thanking himself for turning off the light, because he can feel the heat rising from his chest. “you’re a weirdo. cmeer, pretty baby.” he drawls and you groan when you feel his arm wrap around your shoulders, pulling you tightly against his chest as he rests his chin on top of your head with a huff—only pulling away to place a few kisses to your temple every so often. you end up giggling and telling him how cute he looks when you notice the red dusting the tips of his ears, which earns you a flick to the forehead and a tsk before you’re fighting him to take a photo.
ఌ IWAIZUMI you were making dinner at your house while he prepped some things on the counter next to you. “hajime? can you pass me that, babe?” you ask and you watch him freeze before he speaks “huh? u-uh, yeah.” you raise a brow when you hear him fumbling with the item infront of him, turning his body away from you as he hands you it. “uh, everything okay?” “y-yeah it’s fine, dumbass.” he groans, and you would’ve left it alone if you couldn’t see the red tint on the tips of his ears, quietly tiptoeing over to catch a peek at his face—only to see the same blush spread across his cheeks aswell, and you can’t help but giggle at how cute he looks. “you look so cute!” “hey! s-shutup—go away, brat!” hajime grumbles, batting you away before he ends up wresting with you in the kitchen while you to steal more glances at his flushed features, which ends up with you thrown over his shoulder to calm down while he continues prepping.
ఌ BOKUTO grins as he bounces into his living room after practice, his arms outstretched waiting for you to run into them after a long day. “kou! welcome home, baby.” you giggle and you’re quick to find your place around him, only to huff when you’re not immediately pulled into a tight hug like expected. but you find yourself smiling when you’re looking up at a wide-eyed, pink cheeked koutarou blinking down at you anyway, finally jolting from his daydream when his eyes meet yours before he’s immediately melting into you, cooing and giggling into a few quick kisses. “babe! call me that again, please! i like being baby.” he laughs and you shriek giddily when you feel bokuto lift you a little and almost sprint to the couch, his childish giggles filling the house when he sits down with you securely on his lap— still hugging you close to his chest and nuzzling into you with a grin.
ఌ SAKUSA had came along with you while you went to the store to grab some stuff, because even though he hates crowds he wanted to spend time with you. “do we have everything, baby?” you ask and kiyoomi’s eyebrows furrow at the petname as he scans over the list in his hands, casting you a side glance while he tries to ignore the way his heart is racing in his chest. you cast him a glance and you feel yourself grin when you notice the blush peeking out from under his mask, giggling to yourself before he clears his throat with a tsk. grumbling under his breath as he fidgets with his mask “s-stop laughing.” kiyoomi grumbles, but you smile because you can’t deny how cute he looks when he’s grumpy, feeling him lace his fingers with your own before stuffing your intertwined hands in his jacket pocket and pulling you along with a huff.
Tumblr media
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haikyutiehoe · 2 months ago
MAKING IT FIT [ sakusa, iwaizumi, ushijima, bokuto ] w general reader
( SAKUSA ) it involves a lot of initial spit to make his thick cock fit properly. “more.” he requests in a cold, low tone voice, distant obsidian eyes watching you with careful focus. you timidly glance down at the flushed head in your hands, watching it as you swirl your thumb closer to the sensitive slit. a small smile of approval grazes the spiker’s lips when you draw your spit covered tongue down his length, saturating it in your taste. “can’t wait to make you eat those petty words,” he threatens between satin lips, a frozen glare laced in his gaze. with his athletic prowress, the male roughly spreads your legs wider, tutting at your pathetic expression. “don’t be so selfish,” he warns, aligning himself with you. despite your whines and squirming frame, sakusa quickly slips inside, rutting quickly as he places a thick hand to eclipse to wail leaving your mouth.
( IWAIZUMI ) bending you to another available angel, iwaizumi clings to your thighs, tugging your struggling figure back into his hard cock. “where you running off too baby?” hajims asks, one hand caressing your spine as he rubs circles into the skin of your hip. “who said you could run off? don’t you love me?” a small knowing smile reaches the trainer’s curling lips. “don’t be bad baby, just wanna feel all of you.” inching deeper inside you, iwaizumi manipulates your legs wider and higher as he pins you down. “shhhh-just be pretty and take me like you want, whiny little whore.”
( USHIJIMA ) the captain releases a frustrated grunt when he feels your walls cling to his penetrating head, glaring down at the space between your legs. “why are you being so difficult baby, acting like you weren’t humping my leg earlier, huh?” a sharp hand lands on your bare ass causing you to jolt off his cock at the stinging pressure marinating across your sensitive cheek. pinned on your stomach, wakatoshi presses his weight against you, using his able body to press himself deeper against your tightness. “fuck,” he groans, forcing the head against the initial resistance of your virgin hole. “i can feel you clenching baby, just relax.” pressing slow, sultry kisses down your spine, ushi begins moving in deeper, eyes shut as he absorbs all the vulnerable whimpers leaving your body.
( BOKUTO ) distracting you with kisses that trace the feel of your tongue against his, bokuto moans against your whine as his tip rubs against your entrance. wet lips, the swap of your spit and saliva mold against the moan slipping past you swollen lips as bokuto’s head slips inside you, a distinct shape inside. “fuck bo,” you exhale raspily, hands attracted to his firm chest as you gently push him, fingers clinging to his pecs.
“t-too m-much?” he stammers, breaking your eye contact to register how you clench tightly around his sinking length. admiring how well you hold him, the ace releases a groan. “fuck-baby i can’t, g-gotta!” in a rough thrust, bokuto holds your throat as you spell out another defined whine as his dick penetrates you till his breeding balls slap at your thighs.
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sunkeiji · 3 months ago
# things you do that give them butterflies !
✫ ft. suna , akaashi , kuroo , sakusa , oikawa , iwaizumi , atsumu x gn!reader
✫ a/n: i’m a sucker for casual intimacy. @luvrinnie i hope this makes your week a lil better <3
Tumblr media
✫ SUNA can’t help but lean into your touch when you run your hands through his hair. “mm, keep doing that,” he tells you, closing his eyes with a gentle smile on his face. he’s laying his head in your lap, hiding his face in your stomach. and he’s lucky that you can’t see the blush on his cheeks as you comb your fingers through the soft strands. “what was that? you want me to stop?” slowly retracting your fingers, you hear a tsk. suna laces his slender fingers around your wrist and brings it back to his head. and when you lean down to give his forehead a soft kiss, a grin breaks out on his face — all because of you.
✫ AKAASHI feels his heart rate pick up when you pull him into a hug. there’s something so innocent about the way you hold onto his waist, pulling him towards you so you could wrap your arms around him, and he loves the pure kind of love you show him. he hopes you can’t hear the beating in his chest (you can), and he prays that you never let go. “keiji.” he simply hums in response. “you give the best hugs,” you murmur into his chest. a breathy laugh leaves his mouth, and you know by the sound of it that he’s smiling. his eyes are probably crinkled, his dimple making an appearance. and you smile, too, hearing the way the beating in his chest gets just a bit faster.
✫ KUROO feels so incredibly giddy when you laugh at his jokes. he melts at the sound of your laughter. to him, it sounds like everything beautiful in the world — the dew on a spring morning, wind chimes on a breezy day, the sparkles you see on water when the sun hits it just right. and when you look up at him with the remnants of that glorious sound leaving your lips, he can’t hold himself back from placing his hand on your jaw, and slowly leaning down to kiss your lips. you’re both laughing into the kiss — the feeling of nothing but joy encased between you two — and he feels his heart burst in his chest.
✫ SAKUSA knows that he isn’t always the best at giving you affection. of course, he tells you he loves you every day, and does little things for you, but physical touch has never been his strongest point. so when you lean your head on his shoulder to get comfortable during a long and tiring train ride, sakusa looks at you with love in his eyes. to be this comfortable with him and to initiate the touch he craved so much makes him fall for you even more. he leans his head on yours, taking the chance to slowly intertwine his fingers with yours.
✫ OIKAWA feels his face burn when you tell him you’re proud of him. with sparkling eyes, you tell him the three words that mean so much to him — “i’m so proud” — which sound a lot like three other special words to him. and sometimes, he’ll pretend it was nothing, saying “of course you are, i did great out there.” but when you nod in agreement, pink paints his cheeks. other times, he’ll look at you and simply pull you into a hug, pressing a kiss to your cheek, and wishing you’d tell him those words forever and more.
✫ IWAIZUMI rarely talks about his day, opting to ask about yours instead. he’s always been one to listen and support others, whether it be his team or you. however, when you ask him about his day out of the blue, his breath gets caught in his throat. all of a sudden, he’s a stuttering mess. he feels your hand slip into his, your thumb stroking the back of his hand, and he tells you about every aspect of his day: the little kid who said he wanted big arms like him, the bitter coffee at work, and how he missed you all day. at the end of it, you’re the one who’s flustered, smiling at the thought of being on his mind all day.
✫ ATSUMU lives for your attention. he says he can’t live without it. he often surprises you with little gifts, or by wrapping his arms around your waist to catch you off-guard, but once those actions are reciprocated, tsumu feels his whole body warm up with the feeling of pure love. and when you show him that you were thinking about him by bringing him some lunch to practice, or by randomly coming up to him to kiss his lips, he realizes that he’s never felt this type of love before he met you. “what was that for?” he’ll say smugly, taking ahold of your waist after you kiss his lips. “hm? nothing, just felt like doing that.” and with that, he’s pulling you in for another kiss — this one deeper, and slower. you can feel his heart beating in his chest against yours, and he hopes that your hands won’t notice how warm his cheeks are.
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 3 months ago
featuring haikyuu dads! ღ inspired by this art, check them out!
Tumblr media
has to hold back his tears, every single day; seeing his kids on the brink of tears because of him "leaving" just breaks his heart. he kisses you and the kids goodbye as he blinks back his tears, throat seizing up and avoiding his kids' equally teary puppy eyes. every day, it's like he wasn't going to work, instead it's as if he's going some faraway land and never to come back.
BOKUTO, makki, ATSUMU, tanaka, ASAHI, tendō, sugawara, OIKAWA
dashes out the door as soon as he gets his goodbye kisses; he kisses his kids and you goodbye, lingering just a few seconds more on your forehead, before grabbing his things and dashing out the door. he knows that if he stays home a few moments more, he'll cave in his kids' plea and cute little pouts for him to just stay home.
kyōtani, kageyama, KONOHA, terushima, hoshiumi, AKAASHI, hinata
promises to be home as soon as he can; he promises this as he kisses his little kid's forehead, smiling at the little pout they're making. he's quite a busy man and it will take him extra effort to come home earlier, but he'd do anything just to be able to spend a few extra hours more of his day with his kid and with you.
shirabu, IWAIZUMI, aone, mattsun, ARAN, KITA, yaku, koganegawa, kunimi
cradles and cuddles his kid/s until he gets to his car; his little kid's hands wrap around his neck, head buried on their dad's chest, unwilling to let go. so he lets them and cradles his kid in little pajamas in his arms until he's in front of his car. and you have to "pry" them away from each other or else he really won't leave.
SAKUSA, tsukki, USHIJIMA, meian, semi, KUROO, hirugami, daichi
convinced he'll skip work and just stay home; he drops his bag and puts on his home slippers once more as his kids jump in triumph and joy. just a little pout and a few cute words from his kids and he's 100% taken. besides, missing a day of work just to see those smiles won't do any harm.
suna, nishinoya, kenma, OSAMU, komori, FUTAKUCHI, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
note: this is me working on something completely new and not getting to my wips and requests :(
rbs appreciated *headpats!* » m. list
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rinesei · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
+ featuring. atsumu, iwaizumi, osamu, tendou, kita, sakusa, kenma
+ a/n. for those who voted husband!, that'll come soon too, my loves <3 for now take my silly little hcs of my favorite boys as fathers. tbh i find this post so shitty sobs </3
Tumblr media
—ATSUMU whines along with his twin boys when they declare they have to get some ice-cream, three pouty faces staring up at you, noses scrunched and eyes wide (sometimes you wonder if you have three kids, instead of two). It's not that he isn't mature (he's a changed man after having kids- well, a little bit at least)- Atsumu just wants his kids to see him as their best friend instead of an authoritative figure.
—IWAIZUMI is protective of his daughter, glaring at any boy who dare approach her (he's made some five year olds cry with that glance of his). He loosens up when you place your hand on his forearm, telling him to calm down- but no one better steal his precious princess away. He's the type of dad who's scared of his kids growing up too fast.
—OSAMU cooks with his sweet girl (or as she prefers to be addressed- his sous-chef), father and daughter looking oddly similar with their matching aprons, brows furrowed and lips parted as both of them stare at the pot eagerly, waiting patiently for its contents to cook. (you're their taste tester, of course). He loves spending time with her- eyes lighting up when she shoves her nose in the air- demanding to experiment with his recipes.
—TENDOU who makes silly faces at his toddler son when in a restaurant, making the boy giggle at his father- it's a sound that never fails to bring a smile to either of your faces. Even so, Tendou can't help but let tears form in his eyes when his boys grabs his pinky finger between breaths, flashing him a toothless grin while letting out a "a lu-uv da-da!"
—KITA who's kids are always well behaved. you're the subject of envy of every parent around, because your kids (although a little blunt at times) always clean up after themselves, sending soft respectful smiles here and there. Shinsuke often lays his hands on their head to express his pride, ruffling their hair gently- and when they grin at him, he knows he'd love them just as much even if they were a bunch of troublesome gremlins.
—SAKUSA can't help but spoil his princess, buying her the newest toys and prettiest clothes- he even takes her shopping with him, her small legs resting on his broad shoulders and arms secured firmly around his neck. a wide grin stretches on his lips under his mask when his daughter happily twirls in her dress, showing it off to her proud dad- he knows he'd do anything for your family.
—KENMA seldom lets you appear in his streams- not that he doesn't like you there, it's just too distracting. but his year old son is always seated on his lap, waving at the camera while Kenma's glance is fixed on the screen, only occasionally shifting downwards to look at his child. A small smile makes its way on his face when his little boy tilts his head at him, eyes big. Kenma ends up wrapping up the stream early, to cuddle with his baby boy- every single time.
Tumblr media
Reblogs appreciated !!
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missycherries · a month ago
Haikyuu boys who got the "cold" hands, and you know what they do to warm them?? They sneak their hands under their your hoodie and cup your soft and warm boobs because that's the best source of warmth that makes them groan out of the immense pleasure that courses through their palms. But they don't fail to notice how your nipples perk up and swell under his actions and the little gasps that leave your pretty lips which are music to his ears but he needs to hear you more, for you to BEG more. So he subtly leaves with his warmed up hands and spares you a side glance over his shoulders with a slight peak of his upturned lips that barely lie between a smile and a smirk. But he knows that he's got you, you need him more as well and you would come to him right?
SUNA (I was literally thinking of him haha), Oikawa, MATSUKAWA, Semi, TENDOU, OSAMUUU, Sugawara, KENMA, Tsukishima, KUROO, Akaashi (he'll be a gentleman but loves to see you crawl towards him 🥺), Konoha, FUTAKUCHI.
Tumblr media
<Minors and ageless blogs DNI>
a/n : is this my indirect way of saying which hq men are a sucker for your tits (like literally) ? Probably yes, who knows?!
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takemittchy · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ft. Oikawa Toru, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Kenma Kozume, Bokuto Kotaro x f!reader 
genre: fluff / slice of life
⚠️ warning: none
Tumblr media
OIKAWA TORŪ | your boyfriend sits across you, eyes intently focused on the menu ahead. By the way his brows knitted together, you already know his next words. “argh! it’s so hard, I don’t know what to choose!” Lunch and dinner are always such a hard dilemma for Oikawa. as he likes to say, “so many choices, too small of a stomach.” “why don’t you get the curry and I'll get the soba, and then we can swap later.” He smiles at you, “really? you’d do that? for me?” you roll your eyes, “stop being so dramatic and let’s order, I'm hungry.” Oikawa looks around, beckoning the waiter over with a polite smile. “are you guys ready to order?” Oikawa nods, “one beef curry for me please and one soba for my wife please.” at the mention of “wife”, you smile, cheeks feeling a little hotter than before. “no problem, I'll be right back with your orders.” “wife huh?” Oikawa pouts in faux confusion, “wife? I'm pretty sure I said girlfriend.” “Torū...” He laughs, before playfully picking up your fingers, intertwining them on the diner table, “fine, yes, I said wife because I'm going to marry you one day. Just gonna call you my wife now since it’s gonna happen anyways.” You chuckle but make no effort to deny him. it was undeniable, “wife” certainly has a nice ring coming out from Oikawa’s pretty mouth. 
SAKUSA KIYOOMI | it was a particularly hard day, practice felt extra hard but that didn’t stop the smile from lighting up his face the moment Sakusa spots you making your way through the crowd. It was also one of those days where fans crowded the gym as you and Sakusa made your way out. “Omi Omi! may I please have a signature?” one enthusiastic fan managed to make her way through the crowd. “sure,” he smiles at you before letting go of your hand, a ressurance that it’d only be a minute. “may I actually have a picture too? I'll find someone to take it for us.” “I don’t think my wife, I mean my girlfriend,” he quickly corrects himself with a little shake of the head, hints of red blossoming across his cheeks, “yeah, I don’t think my girlfriend would mind taking it for us, right babe?” You smile, hands catching the phone, “I was just about to offer.” The fan thanked the both of you and skipped away happily, leaving the two of you to continue. your journey to the restaurant. “Omi, you know I wouldn’t mind being your wife.” “and I wouldn’t mind being your husband,” he opens the door for you, and as you stood on your tippy toes to press a kiss to his cheeks, Omi hopes you don’t feel the way his heart flutters next to the little red box nestled comfortably in his pocket. 
KOZUME KENMA | Kenma slides on his headphones and makes himself comfortable before opening the stream. Within a few seconds, comments start pouring in. He’d forgotten to tell you he was streaming today when you made an accidental appearance. comments of “who’s that!” “is that your girlfriend?” “wow, she’s so pretty.” “she’s our girlfriend now.” started pouring in. There’s a reason why Kenma didn’t want to introduce you to his fans just yet. It was comments like these that make him uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and possessive. “she’s not my girlfriend, she’s my wife, so you guys can’t have her. Okay, anyways, the game we’re playing today is...” He thought you’d left the room, but you were watching his stream in his living room. Kenma’s wife sounds just right. Little did you know, just a few days later, Kenma makes it a reality. 
BOKUTO KŌTARŌ | date nights at the park were a common occurrence for you and Bokuto. Something about the sun that’s just setting, pressing on the horizon, painting the entire sky a canvas of orange and yellow, made you both feel like kids again as he pushes you on the swing. “okay, Kou, your turn.” you get off and just as he was about to sit on the swing, a little boy shyly approaches you with a flower in his hand, his mom chuckling lightly on the side. “he says you’re really pretty and would like give you this flower,” his mother explains as he nods, face completely red. you accept it, thanking him. Bokuto watches on the side, amused at the entire ordeal, that was until the little boy asks if he was your boyfriend. Bokuto knows its silly, yet he couldn’t help but feel a teensy bit jealous. Before you could answer, Bokuto interrupts you with a smile, “actually, I'm her husband, she’s my wife.” You were surprised but don’t bother correcting him. You continue to make a little conversation with the mother before the two of them left the park. “if I'm your wife, where’s my ring Kou?” you tease, not expecting him to be so serious as he replies, “I'm saving up. I’ll get you the best ring, I promise.” You nod happily because Bokuto Kotaro always keeps his promises. 
Tumblr media
masterlist | reblogs & likes are v.appreciated - thank you 💕
Tumblr media
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nymphobunnie · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 706 words.
+ contains. ushijima, kuroo, and bokuto.
+ warnings. afab reader, daddy kink, praise, facefucking, fem reader, blowjobs, dacryphilia, marking, slight dumbification, overstimulation, creampies, breeding kink.
Tumblr media
It’s not a big secret that’s he’s possessive.
And as much as he likes to keep his sex life private, he also loves the idea of making you completely his.
He usually likes to pull out and cum all over your pretty little pussy.
Just the sight of you all fucked out, thighs twitching while you’re covered in his seed gets him going.
“You look so pretty like this, sweetheart. My needy little princess all messy with daddy’s cum.. so perfect.”
He’s pretty shameless about his words too, ever-so blunt about everything he wants to say
“You love it when I mark you up like this, mm. when I make you mine? Such a good girl for me, taking everything daddy gives you.”
His hands caress and grope your plush thighs but when your glassy eyes meet his, it’s impossible for him to hold back.
He’ll start rutting the head of his cock against your entrance once again, teasingly spreading more of his cum against your folds.
“You got one more in there for me, sweetheart. you can cum for me one more time, right?”
He is one teasing bastard, we’ve been knew
That doesn’t change in or out of the bedroom you’ll have to learn to deal with it.
Absolutely obsessed with getting sloppy blowjobs from you, it’s just such a huge turn on for him.
Kuroo’s the type to thrust up into your mouth while you’re sucking him off, just to see you gag on his fat cock.
“Oh, isn’t this a pretty sight. I love seeing you like this, baby, on your knees and suckin’ me off so obediently.”
He’ll makes it his goal to ruin you
Doesn’t think you’re trying hard enough until there’s spit dribbling down your chin and mascara running down your flushed cheeks.
“Come on, you can take more than that can’t you, sweetheart? Choke on it s’more, hm. Be a good girl and take my cock, yeah.”
Don’t even think for a second that you’ll get away with teasing him, if you even try to edge him he’ll fuck your face exactly how he wants.
Before finally cumming all over your face, slapping the head of his cock against your waiting tongue and stroking himself through his orgasm.
BB; breeder balls, that’s all that needs to be said about him.
Bokuto’s eager, he always is, which is exactly why he loves to breed you
It’s just addicting to him.
Every time he fucks you, without fail, he’ll fill you up, enjoying the way your pussy barely even take his fat cock let alone all his seed.
“That’s my girl.. are you gonna take my cum like a good slut, mm? Yeah, you are..”
He doesn’t stop there either, the lewd squelches coming from your tight little hole while he fucks his cum deeper has him feral.
Fuck, look at how full you are, baby.. so fuckin’ perfect, my pretty little cumdump.”
His balls are always so full for you and he’ll make sure you take every last drop, just like you were trained to do.
“Don’t you dare waste my cum, princess. Unless you want me to fill you up again, bet you’d like that wouldn’t you?”
Makes you cockwarm him because he wants to make sure it doesn’t “go to waste” but we all know it just ends up in another round of fucking you stupid.
Tumblr media
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atsymu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
feat — timeskip!miya atsumu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, bokuto kōtarō + suna rintarō.
warnings — nsfw 18+ minors dni. f. reader, oral receiving, biting and marking, atsumu cums in his pants while humping the bed, kinda rushed and messy writing.
note — this draft has been chilling for months so this is me finally getting around to doing it—i got carried away with atsu.
Tumblr media
pull his hair. he can’t help the way it makes him keen when you tangle your fingers in his hair, the platinum smoothing between your fingers before they tighten—pulling at his roots and he can’t help but groan, his cock straining and throbbing at how fucking good it feels, his hips jolting and twitching, chasing any sort of friction.
“oh, fuck baby—“ atsumu groans, broad back expanding with each heavy exhale between your legs while his forearms keep your thighs pinned to the bed. he moans, ragged and shakey when your fingers tighten around the roots of his hair and his eyes roll back into his head when his hips unwillingly twitch, shamelessly dragging along the bed as his tongue sloppily curls against your clit, the vibration of his deep groans making you pull even harder on the bleached strands. “goddamn, yer fuckin’ killin’ me, angel—shiiit—“ he hisses, his teeth gritting while his hot breath rolls over your folds, shooting jolts of electricity straight to your core—feeling the bed dip as his hips continue to move against it. his head’s so clouded with the way you’re pulling on his hair that he can’t hold back from chasing the euphoria, his head shakes between your thighs messily as he alternates between circling your clit and slurping up your slick, his brown gaze blown and heavy as he looks up at you. “h-holy shit, baby, nghhh—.” atsumu groans, his tone a savage rumble and the lewd image of your 6’2 boyfriend humping the bed so shamelessly between your legs has you throbbing and dripping into his waiting mouth. atsumu’s nose tickles your clit as he buries himself deeper and you squirm when your orgasm washes over you, yanking harshly at his roots and he exhales a harsh breath before he groans sharply, spilling against the sheets as his hips twitch and jerk, the aftershocks of his orgasm racking his body before he collapses between your legs with a desperate rasp of a laugh “fuck—“
kiss his neck. he was a little embarrassed when you realised just how sensitive his neck was when it ripped a shakey groan from his lips. his hips sliding along yours languidly and his cheeks flush immediately before he’s stumbling over an excuse even though he wants nothing more than for you to keep going.
he’s so fucked, iwaizumi thinks when he feels you messily drag you’re tongue up the side of his neck—his hips jolting, forcing his cock deeper into your slick cunt while you straddle his lap. he exhales heavily, his cheeks flushed as his large palms drag over your skin, groping at your hips and your ass as he rocks you against him, his hips twitching in time with each languid swipe of your tongue. “f-fucking shit—“ iwaizumi spits shakily, his brows furrowed and eyes heavy as he lets his head fall back, revealing more of the smooth skin for you to suck between your teeth and his breathing grows growly and needy, fingers sure to leave bruises on the smooth skin of your waist while he swirls his hips against yours. iwaizumi sucks in a breath when you bite down on the column of his neck that has him jolting, hissing through his teeth as the sting tingles into a lulling pleasure that shoots straight to his cock when your tongue lolls over the sensitive area after. your cunt clenches tight at his physical reaction, pulling away from the marked skin with a pop before you pull back to look at him, his gaze heavy with lust when it meets yours. his strong grasp keeping you in place as he bounces you on his cock, your insides curl and ache with each smack of your hips against his before he’s guiding you back into the crook of his neck, his pace stuttering when he feels your breath fan against the skin “shit, doll—“
small, fleeting touches and messy kisses. kiyoomi was so sensitive, melting at the feeling of your fingers tracing along his abdomen and biceps—tracing every well defined muscle as his eyes grow heavy, watching your every move while his cock throbs and twitches between his thighs, panting softly when your fingers swipe across the sensitive tip.
kiyoomi’s flushed, already fucked out and you haven’t even started yet but you’re so entrancing and he gulps when your fingers trace down his chest—your other hand tightening around the base of his cock as you pump him slowly, feeling him throb and twitch while your finger traces along his defined torso. “g-god.” kiyoomi gulps, groaning and gasping at the combination of your slow strokes and his overwhelming need to feel your pussy around him as he drags you closer. his body stiffens when he feels your lips drag along his collarbones, your nails leaving featherlight touches up his biceps while you guide him to line himself up with your cunt, allowing yourself to sink down on him with a hiccup of his name. kiyoomi allows you a few minutes to get used to his size, closing his eyes to compose himself—already so addicted to the feeling of your skin against his, twitching as your pussy tightens once again before you’re pulling him in for a sloppy kiss, feeling his wet cock immediately drag along your walls when you suck his tongue into your mouth, his shaky hands pulling you closer as he tries to push himself deeper—his mind spinning as he kisses you eagerly, panting and growling under his breath before he begins to roll his hips up into yours, growling lowly “i, fuck—i want you.”
bite and mark up his thighs. it makes him even needier for you, his thighs are so sensitive—the sensation of your tongue smoothing over the newly blooming marks that litter his skin make his cock twitch between his thighs as he watches you, so desperate to feel more of you.
you whimper as you gaze up at bokuto from your place between his thighs, his lower lip is sucked between his teeth and his eyes are heavy, a pink blush decorating his cheeks. a low, crooning growl escapes his lips every time you nibble at his thighs, sucking and rolling the sensitive skin between your teeth before pulling away with a pop—smoothing your tongue over the newly blooming marks after. “shit, babe—ughhhh—k-keep doing that, fuck—that feels good.“ bokuto groans, resting his arm behind his head and the flexing of his bicep in the new position has your hips swaying behind you, smoothing your hands up the thick muscle before inching your way closer to where his other hand is wrapped around the base of his fat cock. you look up at him through your lashes before leaving little, sucking kisses to the sensitive skin on each side and you watch your silver-haired boyfriends mouth drop open with heavy breathes before he shoots you a fond grin. you move closer, nuzzling your nose against his heavy balls before your lips close around the skin just short of them and bokuto whimpers as his hips jolt at the sudden contact, swallowing and licking his lips before spreading his thighs wider—allowing his hand to smooth up the length of his cock to swipe over the sensitive head with a low growl. “y-you gotta let me fuck you, babe—i gotta fucking feel you, shit.”
leave marks on his back and shoulders. he’s addicted to it, obsessed with the feeling of your nails digging into his skin as he fucks into you—the slight tinge of pain mixing with the pleasure already surging through his system. his dick twitching every time he catches a glimpse of them in the mirror after.
suna’s folded around you, his core braced while his knees lay either side of your hips, your thighs wrapping tightly around his waist as he fucks into you, each thrust heavy and practiced—his hips slamming against your own as his nips at your ear, groaning lowly when you whimper and grasp at him. you rock your hips up to greedily meet his cock, his stomach flexing against yours when he presses deeper into you—feeling the push and pull of his muscles under your fingertips before he glides against your sweet spot, and the sudden pleasure coursing through you has your back arching against the bed, your nails dragging up the pretty, smooth skin of his back. suna hisses above you, his jaw clenching at the slight sting and his hips stutter momentarily before he finds his pace again—grinding and swirling his hips against yours with a shaky exhale “f-fuuuck, baby—just like that, you love this fat cock, d-don’t you?” suna grunts, gritting his teeth as your fingernails leave red marks along the bend of his waist, and he feels lightheaded when it mixes with the feeling of your cunt tightening around him. you’re so close, his pace pulling dreamy sounds from you and your fast approaching orgasm has you pulling him even closer, feeling his teeth drag along your jaw as he presses his weight down against you “y-youre gonna cum for me, got it?”
Tumblr media
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sunasbabie · 8 months ago
-ˋˏ things they do in the relationship ˎˊ-
warnings: a little suggestive
Tumblr media
goes inside the bathroom when you’re showering
⤷ suga, kageyama, kuroo, yamamoto, OIKAWA, makki, yahaba, kyotani, bokuto, akaashi, ushiwaka, goshiki, shirabu, sakusa, kita, ATSUMU, SUNA, osamu, korai & sachiro
Tumblr media
makes dirty jokes all the time
⤷ suga, noya, tanaka, KUROO, yaku, fukunaga, mattsun, FUTAKUCHI, KONOHA, TERUSHIMA, komori, ATSUMU, SUNA & korai
Tumblr media
gropes you out of nowhere
⤷ kuroo, mattsun, makki, IWA, yahaba, kunimi, tendo, hayato, sakusa & SUNA
Tumblr media
doesn’t hide his dick from when he has a boner
⤷ kuroo, KENMA, oikawa, mattsun, makki, kyotani, futakuchi, bokuto, SAKUSA, komori, aran, ATSUMU, SUNA & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
proclaims his love to you 24/7
⤷ noya, tanaka, kai, yamamoto, OIKAWA, kindaichi, bokuto, kita, atsumu & korai
Tumblr media
plays with your ass when you’re on your stomach
⤷ yaku, kenma, oikawa, mattsun, iwa, aone, bokuto, konoha, semi, shirabu, KOMORI, aran, gin, SUNA, osamu & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
asks for cuddles all the time
⤷ asahi, noya, tsuki, hisashi, yams, kai, kenma, inuoka, OIKAWA, iwa, kunimi, akaashi, goshiki, SAKUSA, ATSUMU, SUNA & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
drools on you when he falls asleep
⤷ yams, makki, kindaichi, aone, koganegawa, akaashi, semi, reon, terushima, kita, osamu, akagi, korai & sachiro
Tumblr media
picks their noses in front of you
⤷ hinata, noya, fukunaga, lev, makki, futakuchi, atsumu, osamu & korai
Tumblr media
pees with the door opened
⤷ suga, kuroo, fukunaga, MATTSUN, MAKKI, iwa, konoha, ushiwaka, terushima, aran, suna & sachiro
Tumblr media
farts in front of you
⤷ daichi, kageyama, narita, KUROO, kenma, fukunaga, OIKAWA (then he blames you for it), yahaba, futakuchi, BOKUTO, konoha, goshiki, taichi, komori, aran, gin, ATSUMU, suna, osamu & sachiro
Tumblr media
sings off key
⤷ tanaka, hinata, yaku, oikawa, makki & gin
Tumblr media
sleeps practically naked
⤷ kuroo, mattsun, makki, kyotani, koganegawa, atsumu & osamu
Tumblr media
makes you breakfast all the time
⤷ daichi, asahi, ennoshita, yams, kai, oikawa, IWA, aone, AKAASHI, sakusa, KITA, omimi, OSAMU & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
bites you out of nowhere
⤷ noya, kuroo, makki, konoha, komi, tendo, OSAMU, gin, akagi, SUNA, korai & SACHIRO
Tumblr media
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