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kotarotea · a day ago
a/n: i’m pms-ing so enjoy this angst ;) part two perhaps?
feat. oikawa, ushijima & atsumu
Tumblr media
˚₊❏❜ 𝐎𝐈𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 ꒱
“ma’am?” the waitress who’s been checking on you walks up to your table for the nth time that night. from the sympathetic smile on her face, you already know what she’s about to say. “we really need the table, so if you’re not going to order anything...” her voice trails off, averting eye contact and chooses to look at the menus sitting on the edge of the table, just where she left them when she first showed you to the table.
“i understand,” you smile politely, bringing your small purse closer to you. “sorry for the wait.”
“no, no, we’re, i’m sorry for...” she begins stammering, embarrassed – maybe more embarrassed than you are – about the ordeal.
“have a good night!” you give the nice waitress a winning smile, appearing unfazed about being stood up on. but your eyes tell all.
it doesn’t help that it’s raining out. your heels click against the damp pavement and rain patters against the top of your umbrella as you attempt to hail a cab over. after your second attempt, you smile warmly at the driver who pulls in front of you.
returning home, you’re not surprised at the dimness and silence you hear. oikawa’s been busy at long practices for weeks now. you can’r recall the last time you’ve sat and had a proper meal with him. well, tonight was supposed to be an attempt at that but... he never showed.
you slip off your heels and leave them near the entrance, padding your feet in the direction of your bedroom. stripping yourself from the gorgeous dress you’d spent hours shopping online for, you settle into your ratty pajamas and white fluffy slippers. 
at the rumble of your stomach, you frown with a sigh. 
cup noodles, it is then.
it’s meanwhile you’re picking at the styrofoam cup with a spoon that oikawa bursts through the door.
“hey tooru,” you murmur a greeting, without bothering to look up at the man, knowing he’ll just make the sinking feeling in your heart worse than it already is.
“baby, i’m so sorry,” oikawa quickly rushes to you, kneeling in front of your sat figure at the kitchen table, taking your hands from the cheap meal. oikawa frowns at the sight of it. “i...i totally forgot.”
“it’s okay,” you sigh, pushing yourself from the table and standing up, making oikawa drop your hands. “how was practice?”
“y/n...” he trails off, nibbling his lip. 
this isn’t the first time oikawa’s flaked out on a date. hell, in the past few months, he’s flaked out on at least two. and those times he did, man, did he hear your wrath.
“it was humiliating!”
“why didn’t you call me?”
“everybody was staring at me!”
but now, here you were, dejected about it all. oikawa almost wants you to yell at him instead.
“y/n,” he tries again, reaching for your hands but they’re occupied holding the cup you’re walking over to the trash to throw out.
“i’m heading to bed. it’s been a long day.”
“i’m sorry!” he apologizes at your turned away figure walking toward the bedroom.
“yeah,” you hum, chuckling dryly. “aren’t you always.”
Tumblr media
ushijima is a hard worker in everything he sets his mind to. he was a hard worker in school, and an especially hard worker when it came to being on court. as a boyfriend, though, there are some doubts that swirl in the far back of your mind.
you love your boyfriend, you do. some would call him aloof, rarely matching your energy when you gush about something your excited about or when you tug his arm on one of your days out shopping. but there a warmth in his eyes, albeit a twinkle, that only you can see during those moments.
“can you please wait a few more minutes?” there’s optimism in your tone as you ask the waiter, who looks rather exhausted with his job. or maybe it’s just you he’s exhausted with… this is his third visit to your table, after all.
“i’m sorry miss, but it’s been thirty minutes. you need to give up the table.”
“my boyfriend is just running a little late, that’s all,” you mumble firmly as you twist the fabric napkin on your lap between your manicured fingers, maybe to convince yourself. maybe if you speak it into existence enough, it’ll make the fact true. ushijima is just running a little late. he’s racing through traffic at that moment, just to sit in the seat across yours.
“again, i’m sorry miss, but the restaurant’s policy says to give up the table exceeding thirty minutes without order.”
“oh,” you sigh glumly, shoulders drooping in defeat.
of course a fancy restaurant like this one would have that sort of policy, it only took months for you to snag the reservation at the popular establishment.
you gather your belongings and tuck them under your arm and stand from the table. couples all around stare at you with either perplexed expressions, or just plain pitiful ones. you hated being pitied for.
you leave the restaurant with a quickness, walking through the parking lot, searching for your car among fancy, expensive cars parked. only when you settle into your car, does your tight lipped facade drop.
you sigh, frown pulling your cheeks downward, as you drive in silence back to your home. when you reach your home, you head straight for the bathroom and get the bath ready.
while you bathe, you look over at your phone, in case your boyfriend happened to text you back but ti no avail.
ushijima usually silenced his phone while he was at practice so it isn’t very surprising to receive no answer from him. still, you thought he would’ve remember your date by now.
hours later, ushijima steps inside your home, dropping his keys on the hook near the door and shuffles out of his shoes, taking note of your heels at the foot of the door. his resting frown deepens further at the recollection of your planned night.
he walks swiftly to your bedroom, opening the door and his eyebrows crease in regret at the sight; you’ve already gone to bed.
you never go to bed without saying good night to him first.
Tumblr media
“atsumu,” you seethe into the phone, trying to remain as quiet as possible in the restaurant. “where are you!?”
“‘m practicing,” he drawls through the phone, tone sounding too casual for your liking. “why?”
“what do you mean why? we have a date!”
“oh, right,” he sighs. “i forgot about that…”
“they’re asking me to give up the table.” your lip is caught between your teeth as his words, as blunt as they came out, strike into your heart. he forgot?
“i wouldn’t make it in time,” he mumbles. you half expect an apology from him but he quickly perks up. “hey, how ‘bout you just order my usual and bring it to me as leftovers i’ll eat when i get home?”
your lips part in shock at his request. he wanted you to continue the date... all alone?”
“atsumu, you can’t be ser-”
“crap, gotta go babe. i’ll see ‘ya later!”
he has the audacity.
with a newfound pride, you sit back and call the waiter over, ready to give your order.
it’s nine o’clock when atsumu comes home and your cuddled on the couch, watching whatever rerun you could find that you found appealing.
“i’m home!”
you only avert your gaze when atsumu begins rubbing his hands together as he makes his way to the refrigerator in anticipation. opening the door, he looks at the inside expectantly, only to furrow his brows in confusion.
“y/n? where’s the food?”
“hm? oh, i didn’t have leftovers so i didn’t bring any.”
“i said to order my meal, too!” he whines, turning to you.
you let out a laugh, though it’s humorless. “i was not doing that.”
“why not?”
“you stood me up!”
he scoffs. “tch, stood you up. i had practice!”
yes, but you, you both made plans.
your roll your eyes. “yeah, yeah, it’s always practice isn’t it?”
“whats that supposed to mean?” his tone harshens and his eyes narrow down at you.
“it means what I said,” your tone is equally as firm and you stare him down as well.
something about you and atsumu’s relationship is that you matched each other’s energy. while, it could be seen as something beneficial like when the two of you work together, in place of an argument, like where this conversation is going, it’s not so helpful.
the staredown only breaks off when he looks away, scoffing again. “s’rsly…? this is how the night’s going to go? i just got back, i’m tired, hungry-”
“you didn’t even apologize…” your voice falls to a whisper, fiery tone and eyes long gone as you recall the reason for your poor mood. “i was so embarrassed and then you told me to order something for you?”
atsumu’s own glare falls when you look down.
“shit, y/n-”
“forget it.” you shake your head, sighing. “you don’t have to say it. i’m just going to bed.”
you’re tired.
atsumu reaches his arm out, as if being feet away from you with his arm extended would be enough to grasp you. you slip out of the room, quietly closing the bedroom door behind you.
Tumblr media
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mavrintarou · 2 days ago
[7:00 A M] - Breakfast for champs
Character: Sakusa x (f) y/n Warnings: it was suppose to be fluff... that turned into smut... lactation (don't judge Omi) - a solid S M U T (18+); mentions of pregnancy; tad bit dom-Omi
. . .
At exactly 5:00AM, Sakusa Kiyoomi would push any loose and out of place hair behind your ear.
And then he wait ten seconds before kissing your forehead, then nose and then lips.
“Good morning,” he would whisper softly.
He then fix the comforters around you before slipping out of bed to wash up for the morning.
He would go for a morning run and workout routine until 6:30AM.
It’s approximately 6:45AM when you hear the faint clinging of pots and pans.
“Good morning,” you mumble against his back as you wrap your arms around his hips. “It smells good.”
“It’s ham and cheese omelet this morning.”
Breakfast was his thing while you cooked dinner. It was a fair tradeoff.
He taps on your hand, and you release him so he could move around. You walk over and sit in your usual spot at the table.
You fix the wrap around your head after a quick morning shower and threw on one of Kiyoomi’s oversize shirt with only panties underneath.
Kiyoomi sets only one plate in the middle of the table with a glass of orange juice. You stood up to go grab plates and utensil when he catches your wrist.
“Come here,” he demands after settling in his spot. He pats the spot on the table in front of him, indicating for you to sit on the table in front of him. You eye him suspiciously but scooting yourself onto the table, legs dangling.
He widens your legs and scoots his chair until he’s in between them. He reaches for the plate of food and with one hand uses the spoon to cut bite sizes and bring it to your mouth.
You groan at the first bite. “Delicious.”
You were about to take the spoon and feed him too when he shook his head. “This is for you.”
You blink at him confused. “What about you?”
He sets the spoon on the edge of the plate before lifting your (his) shirt and slipping his head inside. His hands tugged your body against his until his face is planted against the valley of your breasts. “I want this for breakfast.”
His mouth licks your nipple before mouth fully latching and he suckles.
You moan, chest thrusting forward and hand pushing his head into your breasts.
Since your eight-month-old son, Kiyoshi, has learned to sleep in longer in the morning and no longer needed nightly feeding, your breasts has ached being so full overnight.
For a second there you had to wake up in the middle of the night to pump, but your husband stepped in to help in other ways.
You thought he would be grossed out at the thoughts of trying breast milk, but he licked the white bead once and immediately suckled.
Two days in a row now, Kiyoomi has helped you relieved your breast ache with no problem.
He pulls away, “eat, you need breakfast.”
You were no longer hungry.
He turns his attention to the other breast and suckles.
You grabbed the plate of food and hold it close to your mouth and ate while you nursed your husband.
His large hands tugged you again, until you are at the edge of the table, and you nearly dropped the plate on his head when his fingers swiped at your core. The plate settled back on the table with a rattle when a particular finger slipped past your panties.
Your back arched and hands supported your weight as you angled your hips to feel more of his finger.
“O – omi…” you uttered when another finger slipped inside your pussy. “Please…”
His mouth releases your nipple, and he slips out of from the shirt. His curls messy and out of place as he smiles at you. “Please what?”
“Fuck me, Omi.” Your lips curve, “please.”
His dark eyes flash and he pushes you gently down on your back and tugs his sweatpants down enough to free his cock.
Too impatient, you tug your panties aside and widen your legs. He hooks his arms under neath your knees and slides his cock in completely.
Sex with Omi wasn’t as frequently after you gave birth to your son. Kiyoshi required all your attention and any time you had any to spare for your husband, you were exhausted.
His thrusts were slow, and knew he was holding back from ramming into you.
“We – we need to hurry before Yoshi wakes up.”
Kiyoomi didn’t need to be told twice.
The table squeaked with each fasten thrusts of his.
You bite down on a finger to keep your moans down.
“Omi!” you moaned when he shift your legs, pressing them down onto your chest and fasten his thrust.
A squeal echoes your kitchen when he slaps a hand on your bottom, “did you – hear me?”
He towers over you, pressing you even more in half. “I said I’m going to fuck another baby into you…”
“Om…i,” you gasped.
His thrusts are excruciating slow, and he grounds his hips into yours. He pushes your shirt until your both your tits are exposed and squeezes them until milk is spraying out. “Can’t let this go yet…”
His tongue stuck out as the milk sprayed all over his face.
The scene before you was so erotic that you came.
He chuckles and release your legs but holding them in place. “You love it when I suck your tits, right?”
You nod your head shamelessly.
Kiyoomi’s face flinches and he grunts with his thrusts. A few shallow thrusts and his cock is twitching inside of you, filling you full.
He lets your legs go, dangling off the edge of the table. He catches his breath for a few seconds before opening his mouth but was immediately interrupted by his son’s cry from down the hallway.
“Are you serious about another baby?” you teased, “that means no more spontaneous sex?”
Kiyoomi slicks his hair back, but his curls bounce right back, “it was in the moment… we should wait.”
A month later, baby number two was not waiting.
. . .
> > > @amarinthe
E/N: Happy holidays everyone!
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swellsweaters · 14 hours ago
things you do that make them blush
Tumblr media
ft. iwaizumi, kyoutani, oikawa
[ warnings : none | fluffy goodess ] a/n. hi there !! drink some water and take care of yourself >:)
Tumblr media
:: IWAIZUMI HAJIME :: any time where you two are just co-existing together. iwaizumi knows how these tender, fragile moments can be so very over-looked, which is why he craves them. love isn't always about giving it an 100% effort, every single day for your partner - that would be exhausting for anyone. he believes, it's the ability to enjoy the quietest moments that define a good relationship; the genuine contentment of doing nothing and still finding that gleam of adoration in your eyes does nothing else but make his heart pound harder for you.
:: KYOUTANI KENTARO :: when you put him in line. kyoutani knows he has a temper about him, and he's very (though not outwardly) grateful towards your understanding and patience. however, he's never seen you actually tell him off before up until now... in all honesty, he's probably going to piss you off more if he gets to see you all up in his grill; seeing the slight pout in your scowl, the softness in your creased brow, the care in your narrowed eyes. he loves it when you tell him off, throwing your own bout of aggression and put him in his place.
:: OIKAWA TOORU :: you talking about something you're passionate about. it's times like these where he's unusually quiet, totally attentive to what you're saying and nodding along. maybe he doesn't know what exactly you're so animated for, but so what? if you're happy about something, then that's what counts. a soft blush coats his face as you start getting more excited about it, a smile gracing your features, and god, when you make eye contact with him while you rant? oikawa's gone. he hides a smile of him behind his hand.
Tumblr media
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lotsoffandomimagines · 2 days ago
kenma with the flu hcs pls!
taking care of your boyfriend kozume kenma when he has the flu would include…
Tumblr media
warnings: sick!kenma :((
I hate to say it… but Kenma is so adorable when he gets sick. He’s just like a little kitten with a cold
He softly sniffles a lot and sneezes in the cutest way possibly. Even though you feel bad that he’s sick you can’t help but go 🥺 whenever you hear that little sneeze
As cute as he is, as soon as Kenma texts you to come take care of him you but all your effort into curing his flu
Kenma’s already pretty lazy so he kind of likes that he has an excuse for you to take care of him. And although he’s never admit it he loves when all your attention is on him
He’s almost like being sick if it wasn’t for the fact that he was too weak to play his video games
There’s this chicken soup that you make that Kenma adores and you make sure to make it for him when he’s not feeling well
Along with the soup you bring him tons of tissues for his runny nose and medicine that will hopefully help
After he’s done his soup you wrap Kenma with blankets until he’s this comfy lil sushi roll
Kenma doesn’t want you to catch what he has but he also lives for your cuddles. So he doesn’t fight you too much when you insist on giving him cuddles
As lazy as he is I promise you that Kenma will return the favour if you just so happen to get sick after taking care of him. It’s only fair
masterlist | buy the author a coffee
tags: @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @zeldafreak688 / @natasha-danvers / @simonsbluee / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @sunflowerirl / @czarinera / @sirkekselord / @leighbechilling / @curiouslilbeast / @taurus852 / @goldenhoney-cas / @crapimahuman / @nnmesis / @xspideyboyx / @simp-lauren / @chesirekittycat / @duhsies / @mangoessassafras / @akuri-shinsou / @issamomma / @poe30 / @aaprilshowers / @cutie-aquarius / @barrysimpparker / @asainpersuasion / @alienoresimagines / @fangirlsarah16 / @just-that-bi-girl / @megudori / @izzymultifan / @idklol237 / @manjiroarchiviste / @escapenightmare / @iixangxl / @not-cool-1 / @nxxagent / @inu1gf / @jahnvi-d / @blackiegal / @dai-tsukki-desu / @swagfishblrofreptiblr / @amarinthe
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sartetsu · 16 hours ago
As your wife, it’s only fair I send you your first ask on this new blog.
Anyway, how about Noya with a tutor who helps him during exam season?
And so, this routine has been going on for a while. Until Noya realizes he’s caught feelings.
(Bonus points if Tanaka’s part of the study group and caught on early on and has been trying to set up his friends for months, but they’re both oblivious shits)
Tumblr media
characters. Yū Nishinoya
authors note. you read my mind with the tanaka bit wifey
warnings. like one swear word 
Tumblr media
You and Tanaka have been pretty good friends since middle school. You always helped with school in which you succeeded, and he did not. 
Exam season was approaching, and of course, Tanaka was going to seek help from the smartest person he knew, which was you. 
Originally, it was only supposed to be you and him, but all the second years hopped on forming a little study group.
In return for each session, a different one would buy your dinner.
Now Noya had the most trouble. He wasn’t understanding half the shit coming out of your mouth, so he’d stopped paying attention. He started randomly leaving the room, drawing on everything, going on his phone, etc., you get my point. 
this study group ended up becoming a regular thing and you ended befriending them all but seemed to spend the most time with Noya.
You always sat next to him during studying, not only cause you were the only one in the group to get him to chill tf out, but you two became really good friends, even hanging out at school. 
Many found you balanced each other out- Noya was a hyperactive wild ferret, and you, well, were not. 
Hell, people thought you two were dating now.
You honestly enjoyed his company and thought he was a good person. He had a good heart and stuck up for not only his friends but what he believed in. 
Tanaka, of all people, was the first one to notice that spark between you both. His two best friends were falling for one another and didn’t even know it- and he’s the dumbass
So for his job as one of your best friends, he was going to try and make you admit your feelings. 
Now Tanaka would do the basic “best friend trying to set up their two best friends” thing, often bringing one of you up to the other or constantly asking about one of you. A few times he would make plans but suddenly “couldn’t make it,” leaving you too alone
Spoilers: it didn’t and it actually made you both think he liked the other.
Noya ended up asking Tanaka if he liked you, and that made him realize his plan failed. 
Tanaka ended up explaining himself and then told Noya he thought he liked you. 
“Do you like Y/n?” 
“Are you sure?”
Basically, that's how that convo went...
But obviously, Noya wasn’t going to admit it- sure, he thought you were smart and attractive. He was shit at memorization, but he remembers your favourite food and song. He noticed that your eyes would light up when you talked about your current obsession and how excited you would get when someone was interested in it too. 
But that doesn’t mean he likes you.
Noya being Noya would be in denial for weeks but suddenly, at 3 am while he’s on his phone, it would just hit him. Instantly would call up Tanaka, screaming that he liked you- both his mom who he woke up and Tanaka would tell him to shut up and that they could have told him that months ago. 
Now it was time to tell you:)
There was no plan, as soon as he realized he wanted to tell you right away. Noya was going to call you that night, but Tanaka told him to wait in person. 
So that morning, we all know that man's sleep schedule is wack cmon, he was so excited to go to school, omg-
When he got there, he practically ran looking for you. 
You happened to be at your locker when you heard your name being screamed down the hallway, and when you looked, you saw him running at you at full speed.
Before you had time to process what was happening, Nishinoya screamed, “I like you,” slapped his hands over his mouth and ran off in a panic.You kind of just stood there, and people walked past you with the most confused looks, and you just smiled before rushing to go find him. The first place you looked was the gym for obvious reasons, and you were right- Noya was leaning against the side of the building. 
You walked up to him, proceeding to scare the shit out of him. Leaning against the wall, the two of you sat in silence. 
It was killing you, so you had to say something,
“I like you too.”
No one could ever describe the pure genuine shock and excitement on his face. 
Oh, you definitely bet that Tanaka dragged the whole team to watch this go down.None of them were impressed.
They were just like, “well fucking finally.” The two of you caught them, and together, you beat up Tanaka but also thanked him at the same time.
a few months ago you were helping him barely pass math finding him the most annoying thing ever and now you were happily in a relationship with him;)
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veenxys · a month ago
haikyuu: the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up ﹠ the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the ones who’d kiss you to shut you up;
kuroo, osamu, oikawa, sakusa,
KUROO — he does it just because. he loves the way your voice falters and the way your words trail off against his lips and he especially loves it when you recover from the initial surprise and a smile settles on your lips as you deepen the kiss, not letting go even when he tries to pull away. by the time it’s over you’re gazing at each other, breathless laughter escaping your lips
OSAMU — he does it to assure you — because he isn’t sure how else to stop your overthinking and rambling. it’s a soft but firm kiss and he leaves a sweet peck on your forehead and he holds your hand and lets you know everything’s going to be alright.
OIKAWA — he does it all the time. when you're talking, he is just in awe of how beautiful you are; he puts his hand on the back of your neck and pulls you into a breathtaking kiss or a light kiss on your lips (there's no between) and then he pretends nothing happened and asks you to continue with whatever you're saying and that he's really going to pay attention now - but you know he'll do it again.
SAKUSA — does this to reassure you or calm you down; sometimes, you may ramble and speak so fast because you’re stressed and/or panicking. or sometimes, he just had a bad day and you think he’s mad at you or something, but he puts your mind at rest by kissing you and letting you know that it’s not because of you.
the ones you’d kiss to shut them up
bokuto, atsumu, suna, kenma.
BOKUTO — you do so because clearly, that’s what he wants. “y/n. y/n. y/n - ” and with a smile, he welcomes your lips on his, melting into the kiss as he cups your cheek, and when you abruptly pull away and say, “now shut up, i’m trying to watch a movie,” he can only pout before leaving little pecks on your temple and cheek and jaw.
ATSUMU — you do so because he’s singing a little too loudly in the middle of the night and when you playfully tell him to shut up, he gets in your face challengingly, saying something about you having to make him, only to have his sentence cut short as your lips meet his, and he forgets to close his eyes for a moment before deepening the kiss by pulling you even closer.
SUNA — you do so because he’s an idiot for not realizing that you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for the past half-hour. and when you suddenly lean in, barely touching, he’s unfazed, pressing a finger on your lips and a playful smile settling on his face, “you weren’t even listening, were you?” he has barely finished his sentence when your lips find his.
KENMA — he can be so clueless sometimes and he gets so lost in his own thoughts and is just speaking so much that he fails to realize you’ve been waiting for him to kiss you for hours now. you usually have to take the matter in your own hands and kiss him first.
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ara-mitsue · a month ago
The Hand
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; the time you almost broke the internet
♡ pairing; k.kenma x gn!reader
♡ genre; fluff
♡ w.c; 1.9k
♡ warnings; swearing
a/n; happy belated birthday kenken <3
*this fic is a part of my ‘five ways to say i love you’ mini-series. check out the other stories here!
Tumblr media
You are lovingly dubbed as “The Hand.”
The almighty mysterious being that appears on and off-screen whenever Kodzuken needs something— water, snacks… a poke on the forehead. The fans have never seen your face— not even heard your voice. The only parts they’ve been privy to are the little scar on your arm from a bike accident when you were a kid, and the bombass manicure you’re sporting that week.
Until now, that is.
The stream starts off like any other— the only difference being the unusually early start time. It’s Kenma’s first charity event, a 24-hour stream that starts at 6 am and ends at 5:59 am the next day to raise money for children who didn’t have access to sports or fitness opportunities.
“Hey everyone,” Kenma says around a yawn when he starts. He’s in a hoodie (his own merch) and sweats (also his own merch) and he rubs one eye while sipping on his first coffee of the day. “Hope you’re ready cause I’m not.”
You stifle your giggle as you walk over to him, a blanket in hand. You reach around the back of one of the monitors and drop it on his head. He grunts on impact. “Thanks,” Kenma says with a smile when he pulls the material into his lap, remnants of sleep still stuck along his lashes. You nearly coo and the chat bursts to life.
look at him smiling!! kjdfhsdkfkasjdlaks
It’s The Hand! Good Morning Hand! 👋👋👋
loving the new mani 🥺
sleepy ken-ken is my fav omgggg
i luv rage ken-ken more lol
His golden eyes flicker across the screens, coffee clutched in his hand. “The chat says good morning,” Kenma says and you wave. He reads a few more messages with a small quirk of the lip. He peers at you over the rim of his cup. “Can you wave to the viewers?”
You raise an eyebrow but lean over to sway your arm from side to side in front of the camera as he slips on his blue light glasses. You can see the dual screens reflecting off of them, the chat is going crazy. You eventually leave the room, blowing Kenma a kiss and a thumbs up.
You amble to your bedroom and settle down into bed, face buried into your pillow and one arm wrapped around your cat Rover, who mewls and snuggles deeper into the comforter. You wake up a few hours later and open the streaming app on your phone to see what Kenma is up to. You grin when you see he's playing Animal Crossing. He’s working on your shared island, de-weeding, and figuring out what to do for his fall/Halloween theme. After watching for a few more minutes, you stretch then roll out of bed.
You peek your head into the streaming room after swinging by the kitchen to find Kenma focused on one of the monitors. You lightly tap the doorframe to get his attention. He glances up. “Hey,” he says as you pick up his empty water glass and replace it with a fresh one. You take his coffee mug and place a bowl of apple slices on the table. The corners of his lips curve upward. “Thank you.”
The day progresses as such— you check up on his stream before appearing every once in a while to give him water, energy drinks, or food. Kenma comes by and gives you a kiss or a hug during his bathroom breaks, and once he takes his first fifteen-minute break, he collapses on the couch next to you.
“How are you doing?” You ask, brushing away his bangs. He sighs and turns his head to kiss your palm.
“M’tired,” he complains. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this for another seventeen hours.”
You chuckle as Rover jumps on him and kneads his stomach. “Take a nap.”
Kenma shakes his head. “If I do that, I won’t wake up,” he says. “I’m regretting this already.”
“Think of the children,” you say, pinching his cheek. He swats at your hand.
“Yeah,” Kenma grumbles, “It’s for the kids.”
He gets off your lap when he has five minutes to spare, leaning forward until his lips are barely touching yours. “Thanks for taking care of me while I do this,” he murmurs. You grin.
“Of course, Ken-ken. I’ll get another pot of coffee going.”
A few more hours go by— your hand pops in and out of the screen, the chat says hello. Kenma blinks up at you when you come by to switch his cups. Despite the copious amounts of caffeine, he looks tired and you frown at him. He notices the look but shakes his head. “I’m fine,” he insists.
And before you know it, it’s 5 am. You can barely keep your eyes open as you stand in front of the kettle. You’ve decided to power through the last bit with Kenma, keeping the streamer engaged with tea now that he’s passed your accepted limit of coffee and energy drinks. The whistle of the kettle makes you jump and you quickly move it off the burner. You pour the hot water into two mugs and add a teabag to each. You carefully carry them to the gaming room.
Kenma jolts when you place the mugs on the table. You narrow your eyes at him and mouth ‘are you okay?’ He nods, though it takes him a minute.
“Almost done,” he sighs, taking off his glasses and leaning back in his chair. Kenma lifts one of the cups to his lips. When you roll his extra gaming chair over, just out of frame, he quirks an eyebrow at you. “Are you gonna camp out with me?” You smile at him as you nod, leaning forward to grab your mug before settling down.
“You sure? We still have…” he checks the time. “Fifty minutes.” You nod again and motion to his computer— he's forgotten about his audience in the midst of talking to you. He winces. “Sorry guys,” he says, turning back to his monitors. He squints as he reads. “Yeah, it’s my partner… they will be here for the last stretch.” He chuckles at one of the messages and reads it aloud. “Will The Hand finally be The Face Reveal?”
You place your hand over your mouth to silence your laugh before taking a sip of your tea. “Hmm let’s see…” Kenma taps his finger on the rim of his drink. “Since we already hit the regular goal, if we can reach the stretch goal, then they will make an appearance.” He glances at you for confirmation and you shrug.
Though Kenma had raised a considerable amount, there was still a substantial amount left to meet the stretch goal, especially for the last forty-five minutes of the stream. It probably wasn't going to happen so you agree and kick the floor, slowly twirling in the seat as you scroll through your phone, and half-listen as he plays Minecraft, the last game of the stream.
The streamer stifles a yawn as he checks the time. “Five minutes left…” he looks over at the fundraising website pulled up on the other screen. “Wow guys, this is amazing.” He smiles sleepily at the camera. “We didn’t make it to the face reveal goal but that's cool. I’ll be giving away merch to the highest donator and have a random draw—“ His eyes grow wide as he immediately pauses. “Wait… guys don’t donate if you can’t afford it, it’s okay.”
You look up from your phone to find Kenma staring at his computer, hands hovering above his keyboard. You click on the streaming app. Last-minute donations are flooding in, the notifications won’t stop.
do it for the face reveal!
don’t feel obligated to donate, if u can’t afford it!!
The hand’s face the hand’s face the hand’s face the hand’s face
What a fucking mess 😂
hi from seoul! 🇰🇷
omg lol this is so chaotic
You watch as the donated amount goes up, up, up...
It’s silent as the number on the screen bursts into a cloud of confetti. Balloons fill the screen as the words "CONGRATULATIONS!" stare back at you. Kenma looks at you. You look at him. And then you burst into laughter. The chat explodes once more.
Did you hear that?! Was that them???
omg they sound so cute im already sobbing 😭
Kenma mutes his mic and turns to you. “You don’t have to do this,” he says. “Really, I kind of threw you in without asking first.”
You tug on the collar of your hoodie, Kodzuken merch, and smile at him as you brush your fingers through your hair to hopefully look more presentable. A flutter of butterflies frantically beat around in your stomach, anticipation waking you up better than any amount of coffee and energy drinks can. “It’s fine,” you tell him. “We were going to do this at some point so I don’t mind." You grimace when you catch a knot. "Sorry I look like a mess.”
Kenma smiles softly at you, hand reaching out to detangle the strands. “You always look beautiful to me.”
“Wow, sleep-deprived Kodzuken has reached a new level,” you tease and drag him closer to press your lips to his. You can’t even imagine what the chat must look like right now. “Go ahead, I’ll come on whenever you want me to.”
Kenma nods then give you one more kiss. He turns back to the webcam. “Alright,” he breathes. “I don’t know how you guys pulled through at the last minute, but we did it. Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who donated. This charity means a lot to me so I’m grateful to everyone who contributed, whether it was a dollar or a hundred.” He glances at you and you roll your chair closer to him. “As promised, I would like to introduce you to, 'The Hand.'”
You stick your hand out and wave, laughing after a moment of reading through the comments. “I’m kidding,” you say as you roll your chair in the frame. It's weird to be on this side of the monitors.
The chat nearly breaks, unable to keep up with the multitude of comments that flood in. You respond to a few, tittering and bantering as Kenma leans his head against your shoulder, slips his hand into yours. You reach around his head to pet his hair. “We should probably end it here,” you whisper. “Maybe we can do something like this again. Thanks to everyone who participated!” Kenma lethargically waves before ending the stream. He groans and pushes his chair back.
“Bed. Now.”
You allow him to drag you out of the gaming room and to the bedroom. Rover is already there, curled up on Kenma's pillow. He moves out of the way when Kenma nudges him gently to the side, curling around the streamer's head when he settles. You giggle and slip in as well. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you to him until you're flush against his body.
“I know I already said this a lot, but thanks again for taking care of me today," he says, squeezing you a little tighter. "Promise to return the favor later."
You grin against his collarbone. "No worries, just get some sleep."
He murmurs something incoherent, fast asleep when you whisper, "Night, Ken-ken.”
You're awoken several hours later to your phone blowing up. When you tap on the screen and check the first notification, the title makes you chuckle.
New Video!! Koduzen and The Hand nearly break the internet.
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated <3
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seijohbear · a month ago
— streamer
Tumblr media
kinktober masterlist
full haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
kinktober oct 19 : cockwarming
kozume kenma x f!reader
description: your boyfriend wasn’t paying attention to you, so you decide to take matters into your own matters. literally.
genre: smut, university au
warnings: cockwarming, mention of creampies, begging, kenma is a streamer
Tumblr media
You had always been supportive of your boyfriend’s career. Being a streamer was a lot of work, especially with consistent uploads and livestreams. You knew he loved it, so you loved it too.
But not so much when you were extremely horny and he was too busy to give you attention.
Kenma had been sitting at his computer for hours, talking to chat and playing some game. He knew that you wanted his attention. “Just a little longer.” He said, muted with you out of frame.
His fans knew who you were, they just didn’t know what you looked like or what your real name is. For the first half of his streaming career, Kenma was faceless. Private. And he planned to keep a lot of it that way.
Finally, after you were basically whining for him, he gave in and turned to you.
You had gotten completely naked, sitting on the edge of his bed. He swallowed, yet gave you an annoyed look.
“Alright guys. I gotta go.” Kenma announced. “My girlfriend wants me to pay attention to her.”
A series of awwws and byes rolled across the screen as he ended it.
Quickly swirling in his chair, he gave you a look. You smiled sweetly, innocently, as if you weren’t begging for him. You’d been alone all day, and horny as fuck to add to it.
“I have a video to upload.” He told you, stoic per usual. “Do you think you could do it yourself?”
You were giddy. “Yes, yes. Yes.”
As he swiveled back around, you found a place directly on his lap. His arms engulfed your sides. He paid you no mind as he worked to edit and upload his video.
He was already semi hard, despite his nonchalant attitude. It was something he was into: you getting yourself off to him. You knew it, and he knew it.
But there was something else he was into, that you also knew. Being yours.
You only rolled his sweats down a little. You only needed his cock to be out, after all.
A small groan from the back of his throat made your head snap up.
“You’re so wet, babe.” He mumbled. His eyes never even met yours.
“Mhm.” You shifted your hips to meet his. “I needed you so bad but you were so busy.”
You sat on his dick, taking his full length and bottoming out. His breath hitched.
“Focus on your upload.” You didn’t move, but you felt his hips try to shift. “I won’t move until it’s posted.”
Fuck. That’ll do. The feeling of him twitch inside of you, the feeling of his deepening breath against your neck as he tried to make the video upload faster (like he could make the internet work quicker), the feeling of him inside of you. It was all you needed.
You placed a kiss to his neck, right below where his hair sits. He looked to you.
“Please move.”
You shook your head. “But you feel so good like this.”
“Please,” He took his hands from his mouse and keyboard to your waist. “I can’t … I need…”
“You can cum whenever you want.” You smiled the same innocent smile. You pressed another kiss to his neck. “But I’m gonna stay here until you’re done on the computer.”
Letting out a long sigh, he closed his eyes. Kenma was always fun to tease.
Just him being inside of you was perfect. The way his warm cock felt as it caressed your insides, the way you could feel him attempt to thrust and move. You wanted him to cum, to feel him unload into you just because you were sitting there. Still. You wanted to make him cum again, fill you up with twice as much.
You knew he would do it, too.
Just the thought has you hot. If you were on the verge of cumming before he paid attention to you, this was it now. You could feel the familiar pressure in your stomach, and when you clenched, you heard him gasp.
“Do you wanna cum already?” You asked, clenching your thighs around him. His grasp hardened on your waist. “All I’ve done is sit here.”
“You feel amazing.” Is all he said.
You giggled, not daring to move.
“If you cum before it uploads, I’ll start to ride you. How’s that?” You suggested.
He nodded frantically. Turns out he needed you just as much as you needed him.
Tumblr media
taglist: @ochakoakabane
Tumblr media
please do not repost my works on any site. copyright © seijohbear 2021
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rintaroll · 10 months ago
❝ *・🎥 ·̩͙ TRUTH OR DRINK ❞ | exes edition
[ tags : suggestive, slight timeskip spoilers? hints on exes to lovers trope :D ]
[ truth or drink m.list ] 
Tumblr media
you : i'm y/n.
atsumu : and i'm atsumu.
you : and... we dated for three years.
the video cuts to a text on a white background. the text says, 'these exes will ask each other a set of random questions. they can either answer the question or take a shot.'
Tumblr media
[were you guys in love?]
atsumu : yeah.
atsumu sees you give a firm nod with a tight lipped smile from the corner of his eyes.
[when did you guys break up?]
you : um... it's been almost a year i think?
atsumu : it'll be a year next week.
both of you share a look before you turn your head back to the camera.
you : so, yeah. almost a year.
Tumblr media
atsumu : ya ready?
you : mhm.
he picks a card from the stack in front of him before reading it out loud.
atsumu : why'd we break up?
he notices how you fumble with your own hands.
you : for me, i think i wanted to give you space, i guess. you were so focused on… you know... practice, and promotions and stuff. you were busy, and i thought i was just…
atsumu :
you : weighing you down.
you finally find the courage to return his gaze. he opens his mouth, only to immediately close it again.
[what about you?]
atsumu : me?
atsumu looks at the director behind the camera and points to himself. the director nods.
atsumu : um…
you catch something flicker in his eyes.
atsumu : i jus' felt like… i wasn't being the best boyfriend for ya. thought ya deserved someone who can actually give ya their time and, uh... yeah...
you :
atsumu : so i let ya go.
there's a few seconds of awkward yet comfortable silence that blankets the room when you and atsumu finally look at each other again. breaking eye contact, you whip your head towards the director.
you : can we still take a shot even after answering?
the scene cuts to both of you clinking your glasses and downing your shot together with smiles etched onto your faces.
Tumblr media
after reading the next card, you stifle a giggle that's rising from your throat.
you : rate- oh god- rate me in bed, and how can i improve?
atsumu : what?
you : rate me in be-
atsumu : no, no i heard ya the first time-
atsumu looks at the director behind the camera.
atsumu : i'm... i'm takin' a shot.
you gasp comically, laughing.
you : you'd rather take a shot than answer that question?
atsumu : ... yes?
you : ... how– how low is my score?
atsumu : it's not low– ya try answerin' it then!
you : well, i personally think you're a solid 8 out of 10.
atsumu : an eight?
you : next question!
atsumu : wait, wait, wait, i want an explanation-
Tumblr media
atsumu : were ya attra–
you snort at the sight of him groaning before finishing the question, smacking the card right side down on the table.
atsumu : i don't even have to ask this. i know what yer gonna answer.
you : what's the question?
atsumu : ... were ya attracted to any of my friends while we dated?
your hand flies up to cover your mouth as you let out a laugh. atsumu looks into the camera like he's in an office episode with a deadpan expression on his face.
atsumu : see?
you : whaaat? i only said he looked so much better since high school!
atsumu : no, ya said he looked so much hotter since high school.
you : i mean… am i wrong…?
you laugh at atsumu when when he scoffs and crosses his arms.
atsumu : i'm tellin' suna-
you : WAIT NO- 'tsumu you can't just say his name like that!
it's atsumu's turn to laugh at your distress, making you squint your eyes at him.
you : i hate you.
atsumu : no ya don't.
you :
atsumu :
you : ... unfortunately.
atsumu flashes his signature handsome grin at the camera.
Tumblr media
you : alright, next one.
atsumu : mhm.
you : is there anything you want to apologize for?
atsumu drums his fingers against the surface of the table absentmindedly before answering.
atsumu : sorry for forgettin’ our third year anniversary-
you :
you : ah.
atsumu : -and for not returnin’ the shirokuma plushie i won for ya during our, what, third? third date?
your jaw slowly falls open.
you : oh, i forgot about that- was it that time you spent hours at the claw machine and-
atsumu : ya left me to get mcdonald’s.
both of you laugh, reminiscing on the spontaneous arcade date that happened when you just started dating.
atsumu : can't believe i spent an hour tryin' to get that for ya and all ya gave me was a few soggy fries.
you : you should feel honored! i never share my food.
atsumu rolls his eyes playfully at you while chuckling.
you : how is shirokuma anyways? you brought it with you that time you stayed at tokyo right?
atsumu : yeah. ‘cause it smelled like ya.
you : huh?
atsumu : nothing. anyways-
you : wha-
atsumu : -d’ya want it back? i can drop by yer place some time and give it to ya if y'want.
you : oh, sure. i swear if he looks different than the last time i saw him-
atsumu : i took good care of 'im i promise!
you :
atsumu : what?
you : i don't trust you.
atsumu's jaw drops as the room is filled with the crew's laughter. you stick your tongue out at him.
Tumblr media
atsumu : are ya ready for the next one?
you : yup.
atsumu : alright-
he clears his throat dramatically before reading the question out loud.
atsumu : i dare ya to kiss me on the mouth, take two shots to get out of it.
there's another pause of silence, and you pretend not to see the tips of atsumu's ears growing slightly redder as he looks away.
you : i- um. uh-
atsumu : ya don’t have to do it-
you : no, it’s fine. actually i think i’d much rather kiss you than take two shots of whiskey-
atsumu : oh, uh, alright then.
you : yeah. alright. so, um-
atsumu leans forward with his forearms resting on the table while you stand up from your seat. bending over the surface, you finally kiss atsumu for the first time ever since your break up. from how his lips moving lightly against yours, to how his fingers graze your jaw; the familiarity of it all sends chills down your spine. you’re quick to pull away and sit back down, looking at the crew behind the camera for approval while atsumu stares at you. ignoring the jitters at the pit of your stomach, you gulp before breaking silence.
you : was that... good enough?
[yeah, you can go move on to the next question now.]
Tumblr media
atsumu : wow, this one’s kinda...
you let out a small groan.
you : what is it?
atsumu : uh- what’d it take for us to get back together?
you : oh.
atsumu : um...
you : we’d have to talk it out first i guess... we haven’t really sat down and talked to each other properly for a year.
atsumu : that's fair.
you nod. atsumu nods along with you.
[so both of you would consider getting back together?]
atsumu : depends on them.
he motions to you.
you : sure.
Tumblr media
atsumu : is this the last question?
you : yeah.
you take the last card, fingers brushing against atsumu’s for a quick second but you’re quick to pull away.
you : do you- oh... uh-
your eyes flicker to atsumu’s questioning ones before going back to your card.
you : do you still love me, did you ever love me?
atsumu : i... of course i did.
you : me too.
atsumu : actually...
you : hm?
atsumu : i still do.
there's unmistakeable sincerity shining in atsumu's eyes, and suddenly you're looking at the same person you fell head over heels in love with four years ago.
you : i... i do too.
atsumu :
you :
atsumu :
you : ... now what?
everyone breaks into laughter, including you and the blonde before you. the scene slowly fades to black after the producer yells 'that's a wrap!' and voices belonging to you and atsumu slowly fade as atsumu tells you that he's taking you home.
Tumblr media
*・🎬 ·̩͙ special cut
you take yet another card from the pile, ready for another difficult question, but after giving it a onceover, your eyes widen and your hand clamps over your mouth.
atsumu : what does it say?
you :
atsumu : let me see-
atsumu takes the card from your limp hand and reads part of it aloud.
atsumu : do i ever pop into your head when yer mas- oh.
you shake your head vigorously while atsumu laughs.
you : i don't wanna know.
atsumu : ya go answer it then.
you : i-
atsumu raises an eyebrow.
you : no. absolutely not. i'm taking a shot.
atsumu : does that mean ya–
atsumu laughs harder as you glare at him despite your burning cheeks. the scene cuts to both of you downing a shot, this time with your eyes avoiding him and atsumu with a smirk on his face.
atsumu : so...
you : shut up.
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crimsonchxins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
atsumu's hitting on you.
again, for the fifth time this week, for the seventeenth time in the last fourteen days.
"come on," he smirks, "won't you like someone like me?"
"no," you say, straightforward and blunt as you watch his facade crumble.
"oh come on," he whines, "just give me a chance."
you'd call this less of flirting, and more like a failed confession and you bite back a laugh, "no,"
atsumu's a nice guy, really, he's funny, he's supportive and sweet, but good god does he have ego.
he's full of himself and arrogant, but for once in his life, he isn't so sure of himself anymore.
five months ago, exactly five months ago from today did he start feeling like something changed, it started with tension in the air because he was no more smooth with his words, then butterflies fluttering around in his stomach whenever you came around, then the tightening of his chest whenever his name fell from your lips, then the red that would bloom on his cheeks whenever you had physical contact, and god does he feel so hopeless.
because you are the only one who could make his ego crumble, the only one who could make the butterflies in his stomach flutter and the only only who could bring red to his face.
"okay, scenario," atsumu starts, "i'm the last man on earth, would you date me?"
you ponder it for a moment, "meh."
"are you serious right now?"
that's why he's been needy, desperate even lately, dropping pick up lines and confessions as jokes for any kind of affirmation, a push strong enough for him to actually ask you out, because he really, really needs it.
"okay, another scenario," he says, "an asshole just dumped you, and you need someone else to get over them, would you date me then?"
and you laugh, "tsumu, no,"
he scoffs, offended, "would you throw me a bone here?"
it's a late afternoon on a wednesday and the two of you are hanging out at your place, having a couple drinks by the kitchen counter as the sunlight pours in, the tv is on, volume low and quiet, there is no traffic jam outside and it's quite cozy, before the two of you have to get back to work a couple minutes.
atsumu says, "alright, how about this, i offer you a dance?"
you set your empty glass in the sink, "i think you're a bad dancer."
"what?!" and oh, he sounds so offended.
"yeah, atsumu," you say, snickering, "i saw the highschool prom video."
he practically shrinks down with a surprised, horrified expression.
you laugh, and you throw a towel at him, before grabbing your keys and heading to the door, "alright, come on, lover boy, we have to go now."
atsumu gets up from his seat, and he's shoulders are noticeably slump, and he says, "just, give me a chance,"
by the doorway you turn over to him, "how about instead of all these silly scenarios and cheeky confessions, you actually ask me out after practice today?" you raise your eyebrows, smirking, and you turn away, "now, come on, we're gonna be late."
surprised doesn't even begin to describe how he feels, and it feels as if he regained a little bit of his ego now, enough confidence to actually ask you out.
looks like he got his affirmation.
Tumblr media
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risumu · 2 months ago
11:21 pm
Tumblr media
alcohol mention
Tumblr media
this was not how tonight was supposed to go.
“kiss me.”
“what?” kyotani snaps at you as he whips around, you tugging at his shirt sleeve with wide eyes and a sense of urgency.
no, definitely not how it was supposed to go.
“kiss me!” you repeat, tone more serious, fingers fisting up the material on his shoulder.
his first thought is that maybe you’re drunk, but seeing as how he’s monitored your alcohol consumption tonight while you were off with the rest of your friends, guarding your glass right next to his—he knows that’s not the case.
“what the hell’re you talking about?” he asks, and though the words may sound harsh, the look in his eyes is a stark contrast to it. all caring and warm.
“some guy over there won’t get off my ass so i told him you’re my boyfriend,” you explain, a little rushed. and that’s nothing new, you’ve used kentaro as that ever since you two became friends. he doesn’t mind. “but he said he’d only believe me if i came and kissed you. so kiss me so i can get back to dancing.”
kyotani instantly darts his gaze over your shoulder, leaning back on his barstool enough to get a glimpse of the dude you’re talking about, jaw clenching as he makes brief eye contact. he looks back to you, brows cinched.
“you don’t have to prove shit to that asshole, you know,” he grumbles, but you shuffle ever closer as he twists on his stool to fully face you, allowing you to step between his legs.
“ken,” you whine, pouting as you place your hands on his shoulders. “just one kiss. i wanna dance more before the fake id teenagers rush gets here!”
the blond looks absolutely torn, eyes darting to the dude over your shoulder once, before huffing out a breath and tugging you towards him by the loop in your waistband.
“fine,” he says, and he’s so close you can smell the vodka on his lips. “but hurry up, i’m tryna watch the game.”
he says hurry up, as if he wastes any time in moving his free hand up to cup the side of your neck and press his thumb below your jaw before he yanks you down to slam your lips together.
you expect it to be quick, just a simple peck and kyotani shooing you off so he can go back to his thing and you yours. but it isn’t.
kentaro kisses in a way that is the complete opposite of his demeanor. where he’s rough, his lips are soft. where his moves are sharp, his mouth is languid. where his aura is sour, his tongue is sweet.
nothing about the kiss is short or blunt or anything you had expected from a friend pretending to be dating you to get another guy off your ass for the night. and when he pulls away, kissing the edge of your parted mouth before leaning back, but not unhooking his fingers from your belt loop—you think maybe it’s not such a friendly kiss after all.
“well? go dance before the rush—“
it’s not friendly, as you wrap your arms around the blond’s neck and slam your lips back together. pushing and pressing and prying to steal that intimacy back, craving it to seep back onto your tongue, back on your lips, back to you. you can feel the way his fingers twist up around your belt loop, the hand on the side of your neck trying to tug you closer.
this time when you pull back, there’s a flush to his cheeks, hardly visible under the dim lights of the bar. you smile at him, biting the inside of your cheek.
“…dancing?” he asks, voice hoarse, breathy.
you shake your head. “no, i think i’m good on dancing. honestly my feet kinda hurt already.”
“we’ve only been here for an hour,” he states, and you know him well enough that when he smirks at you it’s because he’s thinking of something he probably shouldn’t say out loud.
“yeah, i know,” you grin, not failing to notice the way he subconsciously tugs you closer as that guy from earlier walks past the two of you. “but that’s kinda boring now.”
he gets what you mean, what you’re really trying to say. and even if he rolls his eyes at your antics he stands up from his stool regardless, handing some cash to the bartender before unlooping his hand from your waistband and flinging his arm around your shoulder—the game and your friends long forgotten.
“you taste like fruit, by the way.”
“yeah?” you grin up at him as you walk down the sidewalk, arm around his waist as you lean further into him.
“yeah,” he grunts, still looking straight forward as he says, “i don’t really like fruit.”
“are you sure you aren’t the asshole, not that guy back there?” you quip back, smacking his chest. but you’re still smiling, because you can’t help it.
(maybe you can blame it on the alcohol).
kyotani just shrugs, stopping under the buzzing of a street lamp and tugging you to him with his hands on your hips. he leans down, dangerously close, and licks his lips.
“maybe,” he whispers, gruff and low, “heard kissing helps it though.”
you laugh, shaking your head as you snake your arms around his neck again. “you need to lay off the vodka next time, ken. you’re a little too bold. starting to think you might regret it in the morning.”
“nah,” he hums, leaning in further, lips ghosting against your own, “never.”
and as he kisses you again, just as slow and just as sweet, you can’t help but believe him.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
summary: when you break up with someone, you’re not exactly supposed to hold onto the other person’s belongings, right? you know it’s the case for most situations. so why is it that you can’t let go of something of your ex, miya atsumu’s? it’s just a stupid hoodie, isn’t it?
pairing: miya atsumu x fem!reader
genre: exes!au, college!au, exes to lovers, fluff, some angst
word count: 6.3k
a/n: inspired by the song ‘hoodie’ by heyviolet! <3 hope you enjoy!!
taglist: @mirakeul @kimkai-is-my-man @jeannie-beannie @camcam1617 @lvrkuroo​ @kookie-doughs​ @mellowknightcolorfarm​ @waitforitillwritemywayout​ @toworuu​ @miyalove​ @erinoikawa​ @satosimp​ @ochabby​ @miyadarling​ @kac-chowsballs​ @jeannie-beannie​ @crapimahuman​ @perqabeth​
Tumblr media
you know it’s wrong. even though the thought is pushed to the back of your mind, you still know. yet, you still manage to draw yourself back to that same stupid sweatshirt and you couldn’t place your finger on why.
it’s like compulsion; before you can even think, you’re reaching for the piece of clothing and letting it swallow your figure, bringing you a shameful sense of comfort. maybe it’s the sense of welcomeness, the fact that it’s always there, just waiting to be worn. or maybe it’s the sense of home, or rather, hiraeth; the desire and longing for a home that doesn’t exist or no longer exists.
at first, it was just a lazy piece of fabric to put on when there wasn’t anything better to wear. the sweatshirt was for times like when you woke up late for class or had to make a quick grocery store run and you needed something convenient and easy to wear.
the sweatshirt was thrown around your room and found in different places each time. sometimes it hung behind your desk chair, making it easy for you to slip your arms through the sleeves during an especially cold day where your school’s heating system did nothing beneficial against it. other times, it was hung in your closet, dead-center, as if knowing it’s purpose was being a go-to resort. 
on a particularly chilly day, you’re hunched over your desk, typing away on your laptop, probably resembling a zombie by the lack of rest you’ve gotten in the past weeks. everything school related seems to pile up on you at the most inconvenient of times and with two projects and three exams to study for, your sleep schedule was taking a beating.
reading your typed response, you shake your head, opening your mouth to yawn, before aggressively tapping the backspace button. nothing sounds right.
how much is this worth in your final grade? you debate on winging the paper, taking the blow for your final average but the small inner-overachiever voice in you cheers for you to push forward, knowing you’re in the homestretch.
your warm-toned plaster walls feel more cool-toned in the frigid weather. what normally was a sticky bedroom during the summer felt dry and cold and you can’t decide which one you hate more. 
you turn your head to glance over at your unkempt–although welcoming–bed and frown at the soft pillows and that plush blankets just calling your name to return.
setting up classes later in the day was a curse disguised as a blessing. facing your prior semesters with waking up early, you were absolutely stoked at the chances of being able to sleep in and have more time getting ready for class. but alas, things aren’t what they seem. with late class, that just meant you were given homework assignments later in the day. in other words, you’d be found doing your homework well into the early morning or sacrificing your day time, more specifically, social hour. 
you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen your friends. granted, your schedule wasn’t the sole reason you hadn’t spoke with them, but at least it’s an excuse you don’t feel exactly guilty for.
coffee, you think, attempting to blink yourself awake. coffee might help.
stretching your arms up, you let out another yawn. using your palm against the top of your desk to support your body, you push yourself up off your desk chair, slightly fumbling with your keys and id card hung on a hook.
although the foggy, dreary air gave your university a somber aura, you enjoy the weather nonetheless; as you simply put, it’s an excuse to wear the comfiest of clothes, like hoodies and sweatpants, without being judged too harshly for it.
you spin on your heel, eyes scanning the room in search of the something to cover you up for your trip. and, as they always do, your eyes halt at the familiar gray sweatshirt hanging on the back of your dorm room’s door.
you shuffle closer to it, gripping the thick fabric between your fingers, and pull it off the hook. you stare down at it for a moment and you suck the inside of your cheek. it was just a university sweatshirt. the logo was slightly worn, obvious from the use it received and the aglets from the strings had since fell off, leaving them unbraided and slightly frayed at the ends.
with a sigh, you pull the larger sweatshirt over your body, refusing to accept the pounding of your heart at the familiar scent that engulfs your nostrils. yet, just as quickly as your heart races, it also calms down as if it was a simple adrenaline rush. carrying on, you flip over your scattered shoes, slipping them on.
shoving your hands into the hoodie’s pockets, you shiver as a cold wind brushes past you, making the hairs on your neck stick up. the walk to the coffee shop is a relatively short one, with just some other buildings to walk past. including the dreaded recreation center aka gym.
you aren’t against fitness, that’s not it at all.
but when a certain someone probably spent more of his time there than his own room, that was a run-in you had to constantly be cautious about.
miya atsumu was accepted to your university with a full athletic scholarship where he’d play the setter position for the volleyball team. 
if you had told yourself on your first day of freshman year that you’d end up dating an athlete, much less a starting line athlete, you’d probably double over in a laugh. but hey, fate has a funny way of twisting events to its will.
had you not gotten drunk at that one party and ended up barfing in the rented house’s bathroom with the faux blonde standing behind you, holding your hair back, you’re sure none of the future events would’ve happened.
at the time, you were far too wasted to feel any embarrassment and only felt the way your stomach contents were practically punching themselves from your body. but the day after? phew, you still cringe about it sometimes. 
the first weekend parties of the university semester are always a mess for some people; freshman don’t know their limit and end up going too far near or to the point of blacking out. you were lucky you hadn’t shown up in the hospital like some other students you heard about.
regardless of the night’s events, miya atsumu met you. and that meeting would drastically change your expected university routine for the semesters to come.
your steps falter when you notice you’re walking alongside the recreation center. most of the gym has glass windows lining the walls, making it great for natural sunlight and well, as you used to put it, scouting. you lightly scoff at the memory of seeing girls giggle amongst themselves, observing the men workout and pointing out which ones they found the most attractive.
your eyes dart along the glass panels, observing the weight lifting gym equipment scattered along the first floor. men and women were found doing their bench presses and pull ups and for a second, you almost miss the environment.
a year ago...
“you are not making me workout with you.”
“awh, come on, y/n! i’ll spot you and everythin’! like a couple thing,” atsumu grins, slinging an arm over your shoulder as he guides you through the intimidating equipment. 
“we aren’t a couple,” you deadpan, turning your head so he can’t see the flush of your cheeks.
“yet,” atsumu chirps, and you can just imagine the dumb smirk on his face. “we aren’t a couple yet, doll.”
your scanning eyes freeze at a familiar head of blond hair and even though you shouldn’t, you squint your eyes and crane your neck forward to make sure you aren’t imagining things. and, as if feeling like someone’s staring holes at the back of his head, like you are, the man turns around.
your body jolts in surprise at your own actions, quickly turning your head to face the ground and you scurry past the building in hopes he hadn’t caught your face.
your pace never falters as you take quick strides down the pavement in the direction of the coffee shop. your steps do slow when you see the view of the cafe in your line of sight and and releasing the nerves tingling throughout your back from the prior event, your shoulders slouch in relief.
you order your coffee with no hassle and, surprisingly, without a long line, a perk that managed to brighten your hazy day ever so slightly. that source of light is something you’re going to clutch onto as you spend the rest of your early afternoon until class came around.
what should i attempt to complete once i get back? that damn essay?
you shudder with a frown at the thought of the nearly blank word document saved on your desktop.
i could start studying for those exams coming in a few weeks, you ponder.
before you could even make a choice, your phone buzzes in your pocket. using the free hand that’s not holding your coffee, you pull out your phone, casually unlocking the device. your brows raise at the numerous texts you’re being sent, one after another. 
reading over the texts, your lips twitch upwards at the long string of sad emojis being spammed by your best friend. you quickly walk back to your dorm and grab the necessary belongings for a day of studying at the library.
“i swear, this school’s heating system is crazy,” you grumble, turning in your seat to reach for the hoodie you took off when you walked into the semi-crowded library.
your close friend, hinata, watches you skeptically as you tug on the sleeves of the familiar piece of clothing. then, his eyes widen in recognition. “y/n?” he asks, furrowing his eyebrows. his tone is in between one of concern and confusion and by the look on his face, you’re assuming he’s feeling both at the moment.
“yeah?” you ask, tilting your head slightly at his expression. “everything alright?”
“isn’t that,” hinata trails off, pointing to the hoodie. he looks around him a few times, as if searching for anyone who could be listening in on your conversation. leaning in, he cups a hand beside his mouth and whispers, “atsumu’s sweatshirt?”
furrowing your brows, you look down at the hoodie. “yeah, so?” you shrug.
hinata’s mouth parts at your nonchalance and blinks rapidly. “did you get back together and not tell me?”
you shake your head. “no, why?”
“it’s just,” hinata mumbles, leaning back in his seat to scratch his temple. “when you’re broken up, don’t you give back all the belongings that belong to your ex?”
you’d think it’d be strange having your closest friend at university also be one of atsumu’s closest friends. granted, they are athletes on the same team so it makes sense for them. atsumu was the reason you even met the orange haired sophomore in the first place.
while together, you often tagged along, following atsumu to practice and built proper friendships with the rest of his teammates. hinata, and some other players, would also attend the same classes as you in addition to that so it only made sense that you hung out with them, too.
even following your break up, since you were technically a part of the friend group, no player ended their friendship with you.
hinata, who bonded with you during classes and study sessions, not to mention his adamant trips to the bubble tea shop on campus, also took the sly role of being the middle man. while neither of you asked him directly, hinata would hint at you and atsumu’s wellbeing’s to each other. it was a simple gesture really, something he started to just observe the residual feelings either of you had, if there were any.
you ponder over his question for a few seconds before nodding haphazardly. “i guess? i forgot to give this one back and i found it about a month after we ended things. ‘didn’t think he wanted to see me anyway.”
“ you’re choosing to wear it around instead?” hinata’s face crumples into disbelief and you’re sure if you look closely enough, there’d be smoke coming out of his ears by how the cogs are swirling in his head.
“i guess?” your voice lilts as you repeat what you said previously and hinata’s face only shows more concern. “why are you looking at me like that?”
“you can’t just be so casual about it!”
“y/n,” hinata deadpans, dropping his chin into his chest. “you are wearing your ex boyfriend’s sweatshirt around, claiming you’re not together and you’re acting this normal? are you feeling okay?”
you snort at your friend’s questions. “sho, it’s literally fine. not a big deal.”
“oh, so you’re just in denial then,” hinata huffs, leaning back in his seat. never did he think he’d so blatantly see an obvious show of your feelings for your ex boyfriend. why the hell was he trying to be sly by slipping atsumu into conversations briefly just to catch any reaction from you?
“denial? what am i in denial about?” your brows furrow at his accusatory tone.
“obviously there’s some deep buried feelings for him if you’re keeping it, right? y’can be honest with me, i’m your best friend!” hinata nods his head vigorously, showing off a reassuring grin; reassuring, but a little mischievous, too.
“fee-feelings?” you scoff incredulously before leaning forward to flick your friend’s forehead. “are you feeling okay?”
“yes, feelings.”
“i do not have feelings for him anymore, sho.” you look away from his knowing glance and shrink on your seat. “we broke up a while ago...”
“so?” he raises an eyebrow. “y’all were the poster couple for right person, wrong time. feelings like those sometimes don’t go away.”
right person, wrong time.
your friend had a point...
although the universe conjured your love story in a less than smooth way, starting with the two of you meeting by chance at a party and then more times in random places, the timing of it all was awful. atsumu is an athlete at your school, pressure about going pro heavily placed on his shoulders.
while you were dating, you understood just how busy his schedule was but with your workload in your major in addition, your schedule was busy, too. after months of relishing those small moments you were able to share, the toil of looking forward to only an hour a day if you were lucky was bearing less satisfaction than usual.
“i’m just saying,” hinata says when you stay silent. “if you still have feelings for atsumu, that’s understandable. but if you really want to be over him or you’re claiming you’re a hundred percent over him, i suggest maybe not wearing that thing around?” he finishes off with a wince.
did the sweatshirt really represent your feelings for your ex? sure, you hadn’t gotten rid of it because you’re sure it’d be an awkward exchange anyway.
with a sympathetic look in his eyes, hinata pulls one side of his lips up in a side smile. “sorry for bringing it up. we can go back to our work.”
hours pass with you and hinata typing away on your laptops, finishing up your study outlines and comparing notes. it’s comforting to share a class with someone you know well enough to share notes and admit worries regarding exams and projects. 
but even as you did your work together, the nagging thought of hinata’s question picked at your brain, making the entire experience more difficult than it should’ve been.
“so uh,” hinata mumbles, adjusting the trap of his backpack as he reaches to tug on the hood of his jacket. “about the sweatshirt...”at your silence, hinata continues. “i’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, please, that’s the last thing i want nor need to do for you.” hinata chuckles, shaking his head. “i just think it means something.”
his words echo in your head as you part ways, him going off to his own dorm building and you to yours. was this piece of fabric really meaningless for you to wear? did you actually disassociate your previous relationship with it and pretend it had no ties to it?
of course not.
i miss him.
you frown at the revelation, feeling a tightness in your chest. you’d missed him this whole time but you were far to stubborn to admit that to yourself. you were adamant on the fact that the breakup was mutual, leaving the two of you on relatively decent terms really wasn’t mutual.
and you hated admitting that.
for the next few days, you star at the sweatshirt as it hangs on the corner of your bedpost. you really don’t know what to do with it. 
trash it?
burn it?
return it?
you figure you should do something since wearing it around won’t exactly erase the feelings you begrudgingly still have for your ex. if you want to heal, you should rid yourself of the thing. right?
burning it feels like too much of an extreme and it’d be something you’d do if you held a certain grudge over atsumu, which you don’t.
regarding returning it, you simply couldn’t do that. you can just imagine facing him after so many months with a, ‘hey! here’s the sweatshirt i’ve had for months after we broke up! i decided to give it back in hopes of actually getting over you.’ yeah, that sounds promising...
so, you decide to go with your first thought. grabbing the hoodie by the sleeves, you hold it up to take a final look at it. a guilty feeling rises from the pit of your stomach at the mere thought of dumping the thing.
i’ve worn it this more time won’t hurt.
you pull the hoodie over your head and this time, you don’t ignore the sinking feeling in your stomach or the way your heart skips a beat. absentmindedly, you smile softly at the familiar scent blended into the fabric; even after so many months, the familiar cologne lingered in the material. what made your smile slightly watery were the fleeting memories flashing in your mind.
several months ago...
“you know,” you begin, smile playing on your lips as you play with the drawstrings of the sweatshirt. 
“hm?” atsumu hums in a slight daze, laying beside you and blinking slowly as his eyes adjust to being open after napping for the past hour. 
these kinds of days were probably your favorite. the two of you didn’t share the same major and many classes so seeing each other was only possible when you were both free. you spend your time together, swinging your intertwined hands as you walk throughout the campus, meeting up with friends, or, like now, lounging around in each other’s dorm rooms without a single bad thought in either of your heads.
“i’m keeping this.”
“doll,” atsumu says pointedly, raising an amused eyebrow. “you can’t just claim my hoodie as yours.”
you let out a hum of consideration and after a few seconds, you shake your head. “uh, yes i can, and that’s what i’m doing.”
atsumu observes you as you shift your body further into him and bury your head into the neck of his sweatshirt you were currently wearing. a grin finds its way on his face and before he could even think about making some cocky comment, he instead decides to be wholesome:
“i would say no and see if you attempt to steal it from me, but,” he trails off when you look up at him through those oh-so adorable eyes. “you’re too damn cute.”
atsumu coughs in surprise at your blatant remark, quickly glaring at the smirk on your face. “i’m trying to be roma-”
“i’m always going to have this though,” you murmur quietly, eyes shifting away from his as your tone grows more serious. “‘makes me feel closer to you when you’re not around.”
atsumu sighs, tightening his grip on your waist. “you better.” and when fatigue washes over him again, both from the workload of the week and the mushy energy in the room, he pecks your forehead twice and closes his eyes shut.
you sigh at the memory, feeling your heart clench in your chest. looking down at the slightly faded material, you realize a few darker spots from tears. when had you started crying? you rub at your eyes, quickly bushing away the effects from the negative feeling sitting in your chest.
i can’t get rid of this now...
no matter how much you should, you can’t find it in yourself to discard of the sweatshirt. it’s going to be tied to you, whether you liked it or not and truthfully, you didn’t mind that. the sweatshirt’s sense of comfort was enough to blemish the harsh reality of what happened between the original owner and you in the first place.
in fact, against hinata’s judgment, you find yourself wearing the hoodie wherever you could. it was like his questions about it ripped the veil off of whatever desire you had for it that you’d long repressed. 
you’ll get rid of the hoodie...eventually. just not today...or tomorrow.
it’s hard at first, of course, knowing the owner of that sweatshirt isn’t yours anymore and if you’re being honest, he probably doesn’t even know you still own the damn thing.
well, what he doesn’t know won’t kill him, right?
you wore the hoodie to class, walking to the coffee shop, just as you normally would have and did for the past few months. only now, you’re hyper aware of the fact that you’re wearing it. you’re not wearing it out of pure convenience anymore. no, you’re wearing it because you want to. truth be told, maybe you always did want to and you simply never registered it before.
and about that comment about what atsumu doesn’t know won’t kill him?
on a dreary friday afternoon, as atsumu finishes up his usual upper body routine and walks over to the water fountain to fill his water bottle, he’s given a clear sight of you walking past the recreation center, most likely on your way to the coffee shop just as you normally did. atsumu isn’t totally aware of your schedule since you’d broken up at the end of the last block, but he knows that you need your fair share of caffeine to function as he recalls the numerous times you’d asked him to pick some up before he came to see you.
he focuses less on your coffee habit and more on the dark piece of clothing swallowing your figure in a familiar way. then, when taking a closer look by walking toward the window and slightly squinting his eyes, atsumu realizes: that’s his hoodie.
returning back from a late class, you kick your shoes off with a relieved sigh. class wasn’t too harsh on you but with the weight of finals on your back, it was more tiring than anything.
allowing yourself to fall back on your bed, you sprawl out, closing your eyes. you rotate between checking your phone and taking power naps to fill in the rest of your night’s time. you’re well aware as soon as you wake up in the morning, it’s straight back to studying so you tried your best to relax the best you could for the time being.
at around the eleven p.m. time, there’s a knock at your door. you sit up, furrowing your brows. it can’t be an RA when you sound like you might as well be dead, and it certainly isn’t a cleaner since it’s too late into the evening.
rolling your eyes, you remember a specific occurrence when you had a knock closer to midnight than you’d have liked. i swear to god if it’s that girl in physics who asks for the homework, you think with a frown, approaching the door. swinging open the door, you’re ready to threaten whoever it was, but you freeze in place.
“uh-” atsumu’s eyes widen as if he himself is shocked at the fact that you were the one who answered the door. he mentally smacks himself with the thought, who else would’ve answered HER door, idiot?
“atsumu, what...” you trail off, raising your eyebrows in disbelief.
it’d been at least three months since the two of you had faced each other so close in person. following your breakup, the two of you remained in each other’s presence since you both shared mutual friends but after a while, you realize that when one of you confirm about being present during a get together, the other doesn’t show up. you used to be relieved when hinata believed your excuse about an exam or project.
your real reason was easy: it took everything not to stare at him and reach out for him like you casually would when the two of you were still dating. 
his reason? you’re not so sure.
“what are you doing here?” you finally find your words and force a welcoming smile on your face because, even if the two of you had broken up, it didn’t mean you couldn’t be civil.
“i uh- you have night classes - sho told me - and i wasn’t sure when to stop by,” he stammers, staring down at his shuffling feet, “i saw y’walk past the gym earlier...and i um noticed the...the sweatshirt.” atsumu’s eyes gaze down toward the familiar piece of clothing that you’re still wearing. 
“oh!” you face grows flushed in embarrassment. you’ve become so focused on speeding past the gym in fear of making eye contact with your ex, you hadn’t even realized he could’ve easily spotted you anyway! “do you want it back? i’m so sorry-”
atsumu cuts you off when you grip the bottom of the sweatshirt and move to lift it. “no, no!” his cheeks tint with a reddish hue. “you promised you’d always have it. i’m just surprised you kept it.” atsumu rubs the back of his neck.
“well, if i’m being honest, it was stuffed in the back of my closet,” you chuckle, lifting a hand to scratch your temple, “and i was far, to give it back.” before atsumu has a chance to ask what you meant by ‘sensitive,’ you clap your hands, “but! i don’t break a promise either so maybe it was fate.”
“fate,” atsumu repeats, eyes softening, “sure.”
feeling the environment become heavy all of a sudden, you try to lighten the situation. “bokuto told me you were in mr. kim’s business class. never thought you’d just ignore a warning from me.” you murmur quietly, humor lacing your tone as you cross your arms over your chest.
small talk? really, y/n?
atsumu quickly blurts, lifting his hands in exasperation, “it was the only section left! ‘wasn’t my fault!”
“hm, was it the only section left because you waited ‘till the last minute to make your schedule?” 
atsumu huffs, looking away briefly. “’s hard, ok? i’ve got to make sure nothing clashes with volleyball practice and meetings and the advisors are never helpful it’s just-”
“damn, maybe you should’ve paid me for making your schedule those few times i did, hm?”
atsumu’s grin mirrors yours and he shakes his head in amusement.
this is nice. although it’s awkward seeing your ex face to face after such a long time apart, conversing with atsumu felt so natural still. the ache in your heart began to grow, though.
“so,” you trail off, “if you aren’t here about the sweatshirt, what are you here for?” your head tilts to the side in slight question. you hate to ruin whatever moment you’re having but your curiosity gets the best of you. 
“you,” he answers bluntly, without skipping a beat. his cheeks are crimson at this point and after he says the word, he looks back down at his feet. “i needed to see you.”
“you did?” you blink.
“i’ll be honest, i didn’t even realize i was walking to your dorm until i reached the front of your building...” he slowly cranes his neck back up and winces, as if fearing your reaction. “i’ve missed you.”
your breath shallows and it nearly feels like your lungs might collapse in on themselves. you certainly weren’t expecting something so bold from him. still, your heart warms, the ache subsiding for a moment. “i’ve missed you, too,” you answer softly, hands clutching your sleeve tightly.
“i mean,” atsumu chuckles lowly, “shoyo does let me know about your wellbeing but it’s been a while since i’ve seen you in person.”
“yeah, we really cut ties, huh?” you nod in agreement and gnaw the inside of your lower lip, shifting from foot to foot.
“yeah.” atsumu swallows before swallowing the lump in his throat. “how have you been?” you wonder if his chest feels as heavy as yours does.
“meh,” you gesture with a flail of your hand toward your desk in the corner of your room. “papers and studying, mostly.”
“you’re takin’ care of yourself, right?” it’s purely instinctual for atsumu to ask that he can’t stop himself. relief washes over his face at the way you don’t seem very fazed.
you nod, a smile reappearing on your face. “i’m trying my best. and you?”
atsumu wracks his head for the right answer. should he mention volleyball? class? midterms? he’s sure anything specific he might say will just remind you of your breakup.
a few months ago...
“how about thursday? you don’t have class time around then,” you say, looking over at your boyfriend who’s busy tapping away on his phone.
he gives a long sigh, shaking his head. “coach, he’s planning meetings nearly everyday now.”
“so, you’re unavailable mornings and evenings now?” you frown. “gee, that sucks.”
atsumu frowns at the pout on your face. he’s been flaking far too often than a boyfriend should and you’ve been nothing but supportive.
“but i guess we’ll have to wait until your schedule clears then!”
the optimism in your voice makes atsumu’s frown deepen. “it’s not going to clear up anytime soon, at least, not ‘til the season’s over. then again, i have year round training so i’m not sure how much time i’ll actually-”
“hey,” you cut him off from his ramble. “well figure it out.”
atsumu hates that you’re still smiling.
“no?” you raise an eyebrow, surprised laugh escaping your lips. “never thought i’d hear miya atsumu say no. what’s gotten into you?”
“you don’t deserve this.” atsumu’s words are curt and cold, a side of him you never really get to see. he’s being serious. “i just,” he doesn’t know what’s he saying. “all this time away from each other. i get that you may be okay with it, but i hate that you’re okay with it. plus, m’not okay with it.”
“oh.” you blink. “what are you saying then?”
atsumu sighs and rakes his head through his golden locks. “i think maybe i shouldn’t’ve gotten into a relationship in college. it’s tough.”
your eyes widen a fraction at his words. you know by now that he’s blunt by nature but hearing him basically say he regrets getting in a relationship (with you) still hurt.
“do you mean that?”
atsumu looks back over at you and the hope he once saw in your eyes, a look that used to shine easily, was flickering now. he didn’t mean it. had he not have gotten in a relationship with you, something that grounded him and allowed him to be more comfortable with himself, he probably would’ve been an asshole. but believing this was a better outcome, he answers:
“so...” you trail off, nibbling on your lip and averting your eyes. you play with the bottom of his sweatshirt, “are you saying we should...break up?”
“i don’t want you to keep waiting for me... maybe in the future, when my life isn’t so busy...? but, until then, i should really focus on my career, too.” 
but i want to wait for you, you want to answer, but the tiredness in atsumu’s eyes keeps you quiet. “i see...” 
you’ve always been understanding of his career wishes, even going as far as pushing him to put more of his attention on it and less on you. but god, in this situation, it just hurts.
“well,” you break a moment of silence and nod. “i certainly don’t want to put more pressure on your plate as it is, and i have been missing you-” (not enough to break up with him) “so, if it’s best, maybe you’re right.”
atsumu visibly sighs at your answer, as if believing you might’ve gotten angry or been more offended. but it was you, so of course you wouldn’t. atsumu smiles apprehensively at you. when you exchange goodbyes, your hug lasts longer than usual and you have to be the first to pull away, ducking your head low and you swiftly leave his dorm room. there’s no way you wanted him to see the tears streaming down your face when he was smiling at you.
his words that day have to be one of his biggest regrets.
atsumu frowns at the memory and clenching his fists, he remembered the first thought that appeared in his head when he started making his way to your dorm. “not very well.”
at that, you tilt your head in concern. “why not? are you alright?”
“no,” he says firmly, shaking his head. “the love of my life isn’t with me anymore and since she’s been gone, i’ve been a cavity of a man.” a voice in the back of atsumu’s mind laughs at his theatrics. cavity of a man? where the hell did he learn that from?
“atsumu,” you gasp, blinking. 
“i mean it,” he huffs. “god, i’m still so consumingly in love with you and i’ve been trying so damn hard to respect the decision we,” he pauses to look at you. he’d be lying if he said that he didn’t see that flash of hurt cross your face when he brought up breaking up all those months ago. you agreed to it, but that was just the selfless part of you that cared more about him that yourself. “the decision i made to grow apart and wait for a possible future but i just can’t.”
your lips purse and your chin drops slightly – a sure sign of your shyness – as you watch the stern look in atsumu’s eyes. he’s only ever had that look while he was on the court, immersed in his deepest concentration. 
“and then i saw you walk by wearing that?” his eyes soften as he points at his sweatshirt. “i knew i had to see you and tell you.”
“but atsumu–”
“tsum,” he corrects.
“–our schedules are always clashing and there’s never time for us. besides, you still have your priorities and volleyball and-”
“do you still love me?”
your face falls when he takes a step closer to you. you gulp at the knowing look in his eye.
he knows it isn’t a fair question but he asks it anyway. reaching over, atsumu lifts your chin with his hand, quirking an eyebrow. “y/n?”
you look away from him, avoiding eye contact as you nibble on your lip.
atsumu doesn’t give you a moment to say anything else because he’s taking your jaw in between both his palms and presses his lips to yours. the kiss sucks the air out of you, nearly making your knees buckle in on themselves but one of his hands trails down to your waist to support you.
when he pulls away, he sighs and presses his forehead to yours. “i don’t care about the scheduling. i’ll make time for you, for us. i don’t care what i have to change but i can’t not be with you.”
you pull him away so you’re at arms length, even with the racing of your heartbeat, you find yourself lightly smirking. “you’re always the dramatic, aren’t you?”
atsumu grins, nodding a few times. “i think i remember someone tell me it was charming.”
you roll your eyes in amusement at that. “maybe i did.”
“so?” he asks, this time more seriously. “can we try again? i just know, i really do, it’ll be different.”
“and if it’s not?” your voice softens and it’s laced with the concern of facing the fate of your previous relationship.
atsumu frowns at the way your lip wobbles. he really deserves a punch in the face for putting you through the break up; he won’t be surprised if you chose yourself for once, instead of another relationship with him. “i won’t be a coward like i was before,” he mumbles, sure of himself. “i promise.”
he sucks in a breath as you think hard. after a moment, your hard stare finally breaks as you slouch in his arms.
“well, who am i to not accept one of miya atsumu’s promises,” you sigh longingly, eyes twinkling with warmth. 
“god, i love ya.” a long smile stretches across atsumu’s face, a smile that lifts his cheeks and crinkles his usually hooded eyes. bringing your face closer once more, he closes the gap between you, murmuring something about making up for lost time.
atsumu hates apologizing but that night, you think you heard it at least ten times. it wasn’t the apologies that made your heart swell, though. it was probably the thank you’s that you allowed him to be yours again.
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kairakeiji · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
if there was anything sakusa hated, it was the flash from cameras.
sure, he despised unclean spaces and large, crowded events, but there was something about a camera flash that just seemed to utterly piss him off. it was why he avoided the paparazzi, why he tended to wear masks and hats in hopes of not catching someone's eye. while he did enjoy it at times, fame felt like the price he needed to pay for his dream. and unfortunately, one of the big components of this fame is standing in front of a said camera for extended hours at a time.
team photoshoot day.
the day sakusa deems the bane of his existence.
not only did he need to stand in front of a camera for hours in a suit with a collar that was a bit too tight, but he had to put up with his teammates for much longer than he'd usually like.
"how do i look?!" a bumbling hinata comes up to him, sporting his number 21 jersey. it was his first team photoshoot with msby and everyone in the room could tell he was a bit too excited to only be standing in front of a camera.
"you look good," sakusa answers simply, watching as hinata's eyes light up at his compliment.
"you look great shoyo!!" bokuto comes up behind him, patting his shoulder. "the jersey's perfect on you." despite hinata in his jersey, bokuto was wearing a suit similar to sakusa's having finished his part of the jersey shoot as well.
"thank you!!" hinata nods to the two boys before his name is called, the last jersey shoot to be done. "coming!!" he calls after before turning back to sakusa and bokuto. "wish me luck!"
"good luck!!" bokuto calls out with a smile as he watches hinata run off. sakusa gives hinata a small wave. "oh," bokuto adds. "they switched out the photographer."
sakusa turns to where bokuto's pointing, "i did hear that the other one was only here for the first shoot.” sakusa explained “we are doing two separate photoshoots today," his eyes turn to the new photographer now snapping pictures of of the overly excited boy.
"you look great hinata!"
and sakusa's eyes widen.
he knows that voice.
he knows that voice anywhere.
the camera leaves the photographer's face as they give hinata a bright smile, "perfect, let me just check the shots and see if we need to take more."
it was you.
sakusa hadn't seen you since high school. he hadn't spoken a word to you since you broke up. it wasn't even a messy break up, nor one where you guys left on bad terms. neither of you reached out, it was as simple as that.
but it doesn't mean that your feelings were just as black and white.
sakusa's heart skipped a beat as he saw you walking in his direction, your eyes still focused on the camera in front of you as you continued walking.
"they look good," you mumble to yourself. "hinata's perfect with posing."
"probably because he's been so excited for today," sakusa finishes.
your eyes widen at the sound of someone finishing your sentence. eyes widening as you met a familiar gaze. "kiy- sakusa?"
the change in name hurt him much more than he anticipated.
"that's me," he replied simply.
"how are you?" you smiled. "it's been forever since we last spoke!"
it has been, and neither of you two are happy about that.
"it has," he answered. "i'm doing good, i didn't think you'd be our photographer today."
"and i didn't think i'd see you at today's shoot."
you knew.
but you didn't what him to know that, especially after you searched up his accounts after you found out you were taking photos for him.
"h-how are you doing?" he adds.
you nod, "doing good, doing good. you've got the job of your dreams sakusa, congrats."
he hates hearing you say sakusa.
"thanks, and it seems you've gotten yours too?"
"yep," you smile. "you've always known my love for photography."
sakusa sighs, recalling all the times you'd force him to go out and take pictures with you. "the perfect model," you'd always call him. it always made his cheeks dust pink.
"well congrats," he adds on.
"thanks," you smile.
"we should catch up after this," sakusa finds himself blurting out. your eyes widen slightly at his out of the blue proposal. "i mean it's been so long hasn't it?" he quickly adds.
you nod, "it has yeah."
"there's a good coffee shop nearby, i can thank you for the nice pictures you'll take today?"
and you laugh, "i haven't even taken pictures of you yet."
"and i already know they'll turn out great."
you couldn't help but smile, "that's sweet," you jokingly teased. "i'll say yes just for that."
sakusa's heartbeat increases twofold. "perfect."
"well," you sigh, letting go of the breath you had no idea you were even holding, "once i review these shots with the director, you're my first person to shoot."
and despite his mask still being on, you can still see the smile in his eyes. "i can't wait."
"find me after okay?" you ask as you begin to walk off, and sakusa nods in response.
the nerves hit the boy like a truck despite his rather calm demeanor. he watched as you left him before he went to get the jacket he left in his dressing room. sakusa still wanted your attention, just like in high school. snapshots of you cheering for him at his games flashed through his head. sakusa couldn't help but wonder how you felt. he couldn't help but wonder if maybe you still had the same feelings for you as he did if he still had your attention just like he did back in high school. you had all of his attention back then. but now he knows he has to work a little more to even get a fraction of it. not that he minded, any kind of effort that he put towards you was never effort wasted.
"oi kiyoomi!" a voice calls out to sakusa as he makes his way back to set.
a pity it was.
"look who our photographer is!"
that when he came back to the set, he spots you laughing with none other than miya atsumu, who has half a nerve to invite him to your conversation.
Tumblr media
notice the bold...hehehehehe
thanks for reading!! reblogs are so so appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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hajimine · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: multi-character
type/genre: headcanons; fluff & crack
a/n: i had a random thought about this in the shower so i figured might as well make a hc thing for it lol <3
Tumblr media
➥ KITA, AKAASHI, yamaguchi, asahi, komori, sugawara, hirugami, yaku
Tumblr media
➥ SUNA, MATTSUN, konoha, kuroo, kunimi, tendou, futakuchi, hoshiumi
Tumblr media
➥ IWAIZUMI, ARAN, daichi, ushijima, aone, osamu, tanaka, reon, goshiki (trust me, he would)
Tumblr media
➥ BOKUTO, ATSUMU, LEV, terushima, oikawa, koganegawa, nishinoya, makki, hinata
Tumblr media
➥ SAKUSA, KENMA, kageyama, kyoutani, shirabu, kindaichi, tsukishima, semi
Tumblr media
-> writing masterlist
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kageyuji · 6 months ago
secretly dating (until you forget his camera is on)
Tumblr media
⤷ atsumu, oikawa, iwaizumi, suna ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: secret dating trope, fluff, crack if you squint, ‘baby’ used as a petname (iwaizumi)
notes: reblogs are super helpful !! so pls reblog ;-; i’ll kiss you, not clickbait
Tumblr media
━━ atsumu;
good luck </3
atsumu.exe has stopped working
he probably panics and leaves the class LMAO
still doesn’t change the fact that people realized what was happening; his phone lit up with several notifications from people
stepping into his room, you saw your boyfriend half asleep at his desk. he lifted his head at the sound of his bedroom door clicking open, humming softly. you smiled at him — he was adorable when he looked so sleepy.
“hey,” you said, setting your bag by the door.
you walked by him, kissing the top of his head as you went. he hummed softly again, smiling. after ruffling his hair, you continued to make your way to his bed. you sat cross-legged at the foot of it, waiting for him to finish whatever it was he was working on.
a chime was heard in the room, followed by two more. curiously, you looked towards his phone. he did too, a similar look of confusion on his face.
then his eyes widened, and he quickly moved to click the ‘end call’ button on his computer screen.
“what’s wrong?”
you moved to peek at his phone. he’d unlocked it and showed you the message from suna before you’d even made your way over to his desk though.
“angel, i had my camera on.”
“oh. just tell them you’re studying with me or something.”
“no, i mean,” he looked worried. “you kissed me. on the head, sure, but you wouldn’t do that if we were ‘just studying’.”
the reason you’d decided to keep your relationship a secret was something he’d done to protect you. he loved you, and he of course he wouldn’t let you doubt yourself.
that didn’t change the fact that his fans could get a little... possessive.
you hummed, stepping forward to kiss his forehead. “it’s fine. i know not to believe petty, jealous little middle schoolers.”
he laughed at that. “alright then. but... tell me if something happens, okay?”
━━ oikawa;
ngl a part of him was alright with this
he knew how protective his fans could get, and he hated the idea of one of them getting under your skin
but then again, he likes people to know you’re his, and that he’s yours
so he might be a little flustered at first, but he won’t deny it
“oh, tooru, listen. so-”
whenever you walked into his room, you hadn’t paid any attention to the fact that oikawa was still in class. but you heard the quick snap of his finger, looked up at him pointing at his computer.
“oh,” you say. a lot quieter this time. “sorry, baby.”
you try to be quiet about stepping out of your shoes. oikawa looked terrified though, so you were quick to walk over to him. that was when you noticed that there seemed to only be a few people in his class.
no, that wasn’t right, you realize. they were working on a project together — you’d heard oikawa complaining about it the other night. which means that his camera was on, and so was his mic.
“was that y/n?” iwaizumi’s voice sounded.
“uhm.” oikawa really couldn’t say anything else. he cleared his throat, then looked over to you. his chair rolled over to you a little grabbing you by the wrist and pulling you back over to him.
his hands found your hips and he pulled you down onto his lap. still, he didn’t answer anyone. he just hooked his chin over your shoulder and smiled.
“lucky bastard.”
━━ iwaizumi;
he doesn’t care that much honestly — it was a mutual decision to keep the relationship quiet, neither of you wanted the attention that it would inevitably bring
after all, seijoh’s ace didn’t seem like the soft or romantic type
(he is, to the point that it surprises even him sometimes)
he’s not concerned for himself, he just doesn’t want you to be upset with him over it
“y/n? could you hand me a pen? should be on the nightstand.” iwa muttered, right after the ding signifying that he’d joined his class.
your eyes followed where he was pointing, and you reached over to grab the pen he was referring to.
“here.” you tossed the pen over to him.
he caught it with ease, clicking it and turning back around to face his desk. “thank you, baby.”
it was quiet for another second or two, and then you heard iwaizumi’s phone start to ding. hearing the noise twice made you look up, a third and fourth time coaxed you to crawl across the bed. a fifth made you speak.
“who is that?”
he just hummed, reaching for his phone. oikawa had a habit of double texting, which iwaizumi didn’t really mind, but he was supposed to be in class at the moment and didn’t want to get distracted.
and then his eyebrows shot up his forehead. quickly, he looked towards his computer, and you watched him click the camera and mic buttons. as they turned red, you realized.
“did... did you forgot to turn off your camera?”
“and my mic.” he said with a sigh, running a hand through his hair.
you could see the annoyance on his face. if you didn’t know iwaizumi as well as you do, you might have assumed all of it was annoyance. but it wasn’t — there was worry pooling in his stomach.
“are they off now?”
you stepped off of his bed and padded over to where he was at his desk. your arms wrapped around his neck, pressing a kiss to his temple.
“it’s fine. we can ignore them, kisses might distract us, no?”
“that is an option, yes.”
━━ suna;
suna loves you, which is why he wanted to keep the relationship a secret
while most of inarizaki’s fans fawned over the twins, particularly atsumu, it didn’t mean suna was without his own fans
besides, the attention that came with it wasn’t really something he wanted
whether that be from fans or his own friends
“rin,” you whined, stepping into his room.
you found him sitting on his bed, his computer in his lap and his back leaning onto the headboard. a smile tugged at the corner of his lips when he looked over to you.
“hi, angel. what’s wrong?”
“tired.” you groaned, and made your way over to him.
he moved his computer off of his lap and patted the bed beside himself. you took that as an invitation to cuddle, so you moved over to lay beside him.
your back was pressed against his chest and one of his hands was wrapped around your waist. he propped his head up with his other arm.
he could see the computer from this position, but he couldn’t be bothered to turn over and check his phone. it was blowing up with notifications, but he figured it was just atsumu or someone yelling about something else.
“are you gonna look?” you said, though there was a slight slur to your voice; sleep was already beginning to takeover.
suna huffed and turned over, and before you could ask him what the notifications were about, he reaching over you to you his computer. you watched the camera button on his computer turn red and realized it’d been on.
“did- was that on the whole time?”
he gave you an apologetic look. “yeah, i didn’t-”
you shook your head. “jus let me nap. can worry about everythin’ later.”
he smiled and hummed, then wrapped his arm around you again. he pulled you into his chest and kissed the top of your head. “yeah, of course. sweet dreams.”
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veenxys · 2 months ago
「Attractive things haikyuu boys do」
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
⤷ Bokuto
he offers to carry heavy things for you then rolls his sleeves up to his elbows before effortlessly lifting whatever you had trouble carrying. or when he’s on his way home after tiring formal events or dinners, he not only pulls the sleeves up but also loosens the top buttons of his shirt with one hand while keeping the other one on the steering wheel as he drives.
⤷ Kuroo
he has a habit of putting his hand on your thigh when you’re sitting next to him, it’s instinctual at this point. he places one hand on your thigh while the other lazily scrolls on his phone, or when he’s driving and you’re in the passenger seat, he drums his fingers on your skin to the beat of the song playing on the radio while one hand is on the steering wheel.
⤷ Atsumu
he says things like "oh yeah?" "what are you going to do about it?" "make me." even if it's a really small thing, something about the way he says those words affects your heart. the words escape his lips so softly but at the same time so inviting; his eyes filled with a mischievous glint, a small smile tugging at his lips as he looks at you defiantly, waiting for you to take the first step so he can finish what he started.
⤷ Osamu
he ever-so-slightly brushes his lips against your fingers when you hand-feed him some candy or fruit, and the way he catches you off-guard by keeping eye contact as he bites into the food before pulling away with a smug glint in his eyes at the way you hurriedly clear your throat, and he just tilts his head while ‘innocently’ asking you, “you alright?”
⤷ Kenma
you can’t help but gush a little inside when he fixes your clothes or jewelry. perhaps you’re talking to him or you’re distracted with something else and he reaches over to place the clasp of your necklace back to its proper place or to pull up the cardigan that has slipped past your shoulders. it’s such a small gesture but heart-fluttering, nonetheless.
⤷ Oikawa
when he kisses you, he likes to play with the belt hoop or waistband of your jeans. it’s an innocent enough gesture, he doesn’t have much intentions behind doing this and most of the times, it’s habitual. he hooks his finger around it, tugging you closer to him and then his hand moving up to your waist, leaving lingering touches.
⤷ Sakusa
even when you guys are fighting and he’s mad at you, he’s still so caring; mid-argument while walking, he gently moves you away and lets you walk on the side of the road where there aren’t moving cars as he calmly and firmly explains why he’s upset. even when you’re not really speaking, he still offers to drive you home. by the end of the night, he texts you a simple ‘good night’ regardless of whether you reply or not.
⤷ Suna
the way he immediately grabs your hand and sucks the tip of your finger to soothe the burn that you’ve just accidentally given yourself. you find it both heart-warming and attractive and it especially does a thing or two to your heart when he meets your gaze with slightly concerned eyes, your fingertip still lingering over his lips.
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ara-mitsue · 22 days ago
caught in 4k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; kenma goes viral and you might too
- pairing; k.kenma x gn!reader
- genre; fluff
- w.c; 886
- warnings; mild violence, nothing serious
a/n; a present to @kirakirasaku and @kodzucafe for feeding my kenken brainrot 🥴 i hope you like it 🥺
Tumblr media
“It’s at one thousand views.”
You hear muffled groaning beside you and you giggle, tapping at your phone screen to refresh the video. “Ohh, now it’s at thirteen hundred!”
Your boyfriend pokes his head out from under the comforter, hair spilling from the haphazard bun, cheeks flushed like freshly bloomed azaleas. You reach out to poke his nose. He swats your hand away. “Will you stop watching that,” he gripes, reaching out to snatch the device out of your hands but you’re too quick, nimbly ducking beneath his arm to instead slide down next to him.
“But you look so funny,” you snigger, replaying the shaky footage captured not even fifteen hours ago. It had been uploaded to the web not even five minutes ago. “And this part is gold.”
You bite your lip as you watch, holding back a smile as the video replays for what must be the sixteenth time. It’s obviously from a fan who caught you and Kenma on your day out. You had managed to convince him to buy you some ice cream, and you were seated at what you thought was a more secluded area of the park. The person is too far away to hear your conversation, but you can clearly see your faces, the shine in your eyes as you laugh along with your boyfriend.
You watch, heart flipping when Kenma points at the corner of your mouth. Before you can react, he reaches out, swiping his thumb across your lip before popping the digit into his mouth. Your shocked and flustered expression makes him grin, and he’s so focused on you that he can’t see the shit-eating smirk on Kuroo’s face, who saw the whole thing and is walking over to you from the right.
“Turn it off,” Kenma groans, once against swiping at your phone but you move your arm back and stick your tongue out at him.
“No! Let me watch!”
You resume the video, eyes intensely watching as Kenma catches sight of him and freezes. Kuroo stands a few feet away from the two of you, a white box in one hand while the other is on his hip. He’s smirking, saying something that makes Kenma turn a brilliant red as he glares at him, resembling a cat with its hackles raised. Some more words are exchanged before the streamer launches his ice cream cone at Kuroo, who shrieks loud enough for the camera to capture the sound before taking off, a raging Kenma pursuing him. The video ends, zooming in on your slightly dumbfounded expression.
Your boyfriend successfully snatches your phone while you’re too busy cackling. “That will never not be funny,” you say amidst your hiccuping laughter, and though Kenma is still burning from humiliation, seeing the pure joy and delight on your face takes most of the sting away.
“He’s lucky he brought us pie,” the streamer mumbles, wrapping an arm around your waist and tugging you closer to him. “Otherwise I would have killed him.”
“He just wanted to congratulate you on five million subscribers,” you coo, swinging your leg around his midsection and burrowing your face against his neck. “And he was just teasing like he always is.”
Kenma grumbles something low, the vibrations his chest too loud against your ear for you to properly hear him. He runs his fingers through your hair, lips pressing against your forehead as you sigh contentedly. You stay like this for a moment longer before you squirm, trying to get out of his hold.
“Where are you going?” He asks with a frown as you shift to roll out of bed.
“I’m thirsty,” you say, shivering from the sudden lack of warmth. “I’ll be right back.” You’re barely an inch off the bed when Kenma yanks you by the back of your shirt, causing you to fall onto the bed with a yelp.
“You’re staying right here,” he says stubbornly, dragging you across the comforter back to him. “This is your punishment for laughing and rewatching that stupid video.”
Rolling your eyes, you turn around and settle back into bed, limbs tangled with his. “And how long will I be punished for?”
He doesn’t say anything, just keeps shifting around and grabs at your hand. You allow him to glide his finger along your palm, enjoy the tingling sensation his touch leaves on your skin when something cold is slipped onto your finger. You jerk back, eyes wide, and stare at a slightly sweating Kenma, whose eyes dart around the room.
“For forever,” he mumbles, unable to look at you as you keep your orbs trained on him, refusing to look down at your hand despite the gleam that is trying to catch your eye. “If you’ll have me.”
Your voice is barely above a whisper when you question, “Are you asking me what I think you’re asking?”
Kenma swallows before his golden orbs meet yours. There’s a determined glint, something you only ever see when he’s playing a particularly challenging game. “I am,” he says, voice soft but unwavering. He nods at something on the desk beside the bed and when you look, it’s a camera, hidden under a stack of books. When he says your name, a chill runs down your spine.
Then, four words.
“Will you marry me?”
Tumblr media
taglist: @rintah0e @justanawolf (if you would like to be tagged on future fics, fill out this form!)
reblogs appreciated <3
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