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#haikyuu imagines
hankuto · a day ago
Tumblr media
atsumu is in love with you.
hopelessly, mindlessly, stupidly in love with you—and it took this little coffee shop to realize that.
he knew he liked you before—knew your smile was pretty and your laugh was bright and there was something about you that he couldn’t quite get over—but now, as you sit beside him, if you told him you put the stars in the sky he’d probably believe you.
“you’re kidding,” you say, elbows on the table, swirling your mug between your fingers. “there’s no way you’re on the top bunk.”
“what’s that supposed to mean?”
“you just—“ you hum, tilting your head to the side. “you strike me as a bottom bunk kinda guy.”
“a bottom bunk kinda guy?” he looks hurt—betrayed even.
“yeah, you know.” he doesn’t. “you just look like you’d be on the bottom bunk.”
and he laughs, “that’s definitely an insult.”
“now i never said that. i just think it’d suit you.”
he opens his mouth to respond, but at the twist of his features, you laugh. it’s warm and pretty and something so much like home that it makes him want to rip the sheets right off that top bunk just to hear it again.
“you’re funny ‘tsumu, you know that?” you draw your mug towards your lips, painting your cheeks in steam and if his mind wasn’t so drawn in by the sound of your voice, he’d ask if he could kiss you.
“so i’ve been told,” he muses.
“oh really, by who? all the other girls you take out?”
“yep,” he grins. “every one of ‘em.”
you eye him, a devilish little smile drawing across your face.
“do you tell all of them that you sleep in a bunk bed?”
and he can’t contain his laughter anymore—soft breaths spilling from his lips. “only the ones i like.”
“oh, so you like me?” you hum.
and maybe it’s the whisper of your voice or the hum of the air or the swirling scent of this coffee shop—but atsumu wants to tell you that ‘like’ isn’t quite the word. that maybe there’s something more to this and something more to you—and maybe he wants to hold your hand and walk you home and let him see his stupid little bunk bed because he knows it’d make you laugh.
but he bites his cheeks and holds his tongue, pretty white teeth flashing with the pull of his lips.
“i do, actually. a lot more than you’d think.”
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 14 hours ago
Hi bub! Can I ask a prompt about how the boys (akaashi, bokuto, kuroo, tsukishima) becoming mesmerized by reader’s beauty, like reader is just telling a story and the boys just stop and stare bc “wow they’re so pretty today” and just pure fluff, thanks I hope you can do it but if you can’t it’s fine. Have a great day!
mesmerized by you
Tumblr media
feat. Akaashi, Bokuto, Kuroo, Tsukishima
♡ a/n: this is short but it was v sweet to write ૮꒰˵• ﻌ •˵꒱ა
Tumblr media
you and Akaashi were having a cute little date at a cafe
it was the optimal way for the two of you to spend time together while being able to get some work done
and as the two of you were waiting for your drinks, Akaashi had asked you what current project you were working on
so you went off, going off and chattering about your work, the minuscule details and the big picture plan that was envisioned
Akaashi was drawn by you in that moment
he loved hearing you talk of course, but there was something about the way yours eyes lit up when you were excited
how you just couldn’t stop rambling on about your passions
you just looked so cute to him like this
Akaashi slightly tilts his head, a smile forming on his face without him even thinking
and you took notice of this, abruptly stopping your spiel to point this out
“what’re you smiling at?” you ask, turning your head around to see what’s caught his eye
“you, of course” he chuckles, shaking his head at how adorable you were
“I- me? What did I do?”
“You didn’t do anything per se. You just are incredibly beautiful. And I couldn’t help myself but to smile” Akaashi explains, smiling when he sees your eyes widen as you get more embarrassed by his words
but before you could reply, the waiter came over with your drinks
and you hastily picked up your cup to take a sip- regardless of how hot your drink was
it didn’t matter, your cheeks were already burning up
and with the way Akaashi loved to continuously complimented you, you knew that this feeling wouldn’t be going away anytime soon
oftentimes Bokuto liked to take you out on big dates- ones where he could spoil you silly and be as flashy as he wants
but he did enjoy the simpler dates from time to time
like today, when the two of you went to go take a nice stroll around the neighborhood during sunset
insert stuff
Bokuto glanced over at you once, and he couldn’t take his eyes off you
he already knew how attractive you were
but there was something about the way the sunset light that made you look even more ethereal
Bokuto watched as the glow from the sunset seemed to enhance your features more
what he saw in front of him reminded him of a scene straight from a romance movie- one where the main lead captivates everyone with their beauty
he honestly just couldn’t stop staring at you- and he didn’t even try to hide it
you noticed him looking from the corner of your eye fairly quickly and when you saw that he wasn’t looking away you became a tad self conscious
“I- Kou why are you staring?” you ask, shielding your face away from your boyfriend
Bokuto stops walking and immediately takes hold of your hands into his
he gently moves them away so that you’re no longer obscuring your face
“I’m sorry- I didn’t mean to get you all worked up. I just kept thinking how pretty you were” he explains simply
as if that didn’t fluster you even more
but Bokuto casually shrugs at you, before intertwining your fingers with his and continuing the walk as if he said nothing
the two of you were lounging at home, watching documentaries as the rain poured outside
and as Kuroo glanced over at you, he smiles as he watches you become incredibly invested in the documentary
“Tetsu, I’m sure that there are more flattering angles of me than my side profile” you say, noticing Kuroo starting from the corner of your eye
“impossible. You’re too stunning babe. You definitely don’t have any bad angles.”
your eyes widen for a split seconds, and you quickly bury your face into a pillow, hiding yourself from your boyfriend
you felt as Kuroo proceeded to scoot on the couch closer to you
“aw babe, are you getting all shy now?” Kuroo teases, taking the pillow away from you
and when he does, you’re forced to look at him, the flustered look on your face still apparent
Kuroo’s mind blanks when he sees you
because he’s seen this look on your face many times before, but he’s never really gotten a grasp at how lovely you are
he cups your face, giving you a quick kiss before turning his focus back to the documentary
“you’re seriously so stunning Y/n..” he mutters under his breath
you note how his cheeks become flushed, but you don’t bring it up
who would’ve guessed in an attempt to get you all worked up, your silly boyfriend ended up getting flustered himself
it was just after sunrise, and the few sun rays that shone through the window made it just a bit easier to see in the room
Tsukishima turned over, only to be met with your face
you were still asleep- not at all surprising since it was early in the morning
normally your boyfriend would go back to sleep, but he found himself drawn to your face
though your bedroom was still dark, Tsukishima could still make out the features on your face
even when you were asleep, your mouth seemed to have formed into just the tiniest grin
and Tsukishima couldn’t take his eyes off of you
you were so at peace, so incredibly gorgeous- as if there was not a single bother in the world right not
he couldn’t help it as his hand lifted to touch your face, his fingers delicately tracing over your cheek
but this small action somehow stirred you, and your eyes slowly fluttered open
you were still tired, and you found it hard to keep them open
“mmm, what’s wrong Kei?” you murmur, letting your heavy eyelids win
as your eyes shut close again you snuggle closer to your boyfriend, letting his arms wrap around you
“nothing, nothing at all” Tsukishima answers, pressing a kiss to your forehead before closing his eyes too
“just admiring the view”
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fsrintaro · a day ago
types of kisses with hq men
Tumblr media
## ft. sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintaro, kageyama tobio, iwaizumi hajime
## a/n. i just wanna give a kiss to all these bous because theyre adorable and deserve it ;-;; also i erm got carried away with suna and iwaizumi in case you couldn’t tell hehehe
## warnings. heavy smooch smooch, sickening fluff from iwa’s part, suggestive if you squint at suna’s part
inspiration from this post <3
part 2 (w/ kuroo)
Tumblr media
the “we really shouldn’t be doing this.” kisses
making out in the closet was really one of the most ‘teenager-esque’ shenanigans that you and SAKUSA KIYOOMI has pulled. currently, what you were supposed to be doing was sitting prettily next to sakusa, your hand clasped in his as the two of you laugh at the story that one of your old classmate is reminiscing about at the reunion dinner. yet, all it took was one speech that bored sakusa to near death for him to grab your hand, pulling you to the corridors. he flung opened the door and forced the two of you in it.
and here you are, your hair dishevelled from sakusa’s fingers grabbing and weaving through your hair and his blazer tossed haphazardly towards the ground. a guttural moan escaped sakusa’s lips as he caught sight of how smudged your lipstick was from.
“w-we really shouldn’t be doing-mmmm ah- this now, omi.” you whimpered against your lips. it has seemed that your body has betrayed you when you unconsciously rolled your hips in the air when sakusa laid open-mouthed kisses on your shoulder.
“it doesn’t seem like you want to stop though, love.” you felt his lips curved upwards against your skin as he mused. “but if you want to go back so badly, then…”
deep down, you were disappointed to have to pull away but confusion soon settled in as why would omi give in so easily?
your question was answered when sakusa attacked your neck with his teeth, making wet suckling noises as he nibbled at your neck. he pecked you on the lips one last time before he pulled away admire his work of dark blue blooming on your neck. taking your hand in one and his blazer in the other, he opened the door to bring you back to the dinner.
as you walked through the corridor, guests that were lining the area gasped as their eyes zoned into your neck. feeling self-conscious all of the sudden, your hand darted to your neck to hide it from them.
“don’t hide it, love. you look so sexy with it.” omi shot you a wink. he almost shrieked when you pinched his underarm.
the “we’re so late for work but that is a problem for later.” kisses
“honey, where are my knee pads?” SUNA RINTARO called out from the front door as his hands frantically pats himself down to check if he is forgetting anything else.
with one hand, you made sure to grab his knee pads from the hanger as you rushed out of the kitchen, the other holding both of your bento boxes. with road congestion in tow, you weren’t sure that you would be able to drive you and suna to work on time.
“wallet? your ID?”
“check…and check.” you huffed as your hand scrambled through your bag to see if you have taken everything.
if only you were looking at suna, you would have seen how he was looking at you with glazed eyes that were fixed on memorising your features. he would be seeing you again tonight after your work but his heart can’t help but clench at the thought of the hours that he will spend in training, away from you. he finds it silly but he always gets down whenever the two of you are at your door, about to part. clingy much? suna scoffed to himself. well, this was your effect on him after all.
you felt a pair of arms slither around your torso and pulling you towards them. colliding with suna’s firm chest with a small thud, you tilted your head up to face his that were only inches from yours. he lightly pressed his lips against yours longingly, “goodbye kiss?” chuckling, you turned to face him as you took his face with both of your hands to capture your lips in his. you felt his tongue dart out of his mouth, swiping along your soft lips, tasting the citrus flavour of the orange juice that the two of you drank this morning over a breakfast of pancakes.
“i love you, y/n.” suna whispered against your mouth as he captured your bottom lip with his teeth, softly nibbling and eliciting a moan from you.
“i love you too, rinnie but we have to go, otherwise we’re going to run late.” you tried to break from his hold to grab your bag but his hard darted towards your chin to guide your lips back to his. instantly, you felt a pair of hands wander towards your butt, roaming and squeezing at its plushness. suna inwardly moans, so soft. such a perfect ass for me. a hard slap landed on your ass, jolting your body against his as a gasp escaped your mouth.
suna hoisted you up and you instinctively hooked your legs around his hips. you did not know where rin was taking you but it surely was not to work. the next thing you know, suna’s body was hovering over yours on the bed. his lips ghosting over the ridges of your collarbone
“that will be a problem for late, babe.” suna winks while he gave your shoulder a long kiss, “stay with me here a little longer?”
the kisses that start out shy but gradually becomes more passionately
KAGEYAMA TOBIO loves receiving affection from you. it is just like you can read his mind that was literally screaming at you to kiss him. you’ve just been on the computer for hours, catching up with your friends. don’t get kageyama wrong, he loves seeing how happy you are with your friends but it has just been hours since you touched or kissed him.
he shuffled towards you, head drooped down like a poor puppy, his hand hesitantly reaching for the bottom of your shirt to give it a slight tug. while you noticed his presence as he came into view in your camera, you didn’t seem to take note of his insistent tugs. it was not until one of your friends pointed it out in a teasing tone, “heyy, y/n. i think your baby missed you.”
you whipped your head in kageyma’s direction, giggling when he raised a finger to tap on his pouting lips — a signal asking you for a peck. you nodded excitedly and invited him with outstretched arms, causing a relieved grin to break out on kageyama’s face. he ducked beneath your arms to give you a small peck.
“tobio~ are you sure that’s all you want?” you waggled your eyebrows at him, laughing inwardly when his face flushed red.
peck by peck, the kiss got deeper as his lips never left yours. his head only tilting to press his lips firmly against yours while he moaned wantonly. he missed this. your lips and your touch. chortles from the computer frightened you and kageyama apart and it both struck you that you were literally snogging in front of your friends.
“t-t-obio, i think we can continue this later” you pushed at his chest to get him out of the frame. your friends only whining and teasing you to keep him there. however, he caught your wrist and pulled you towards him. the chair that you sat on rolled you towards him, resulting in your face only being a few inches away from him.
“i don’t want to.” turning to your camera to wave your friends goodbye, kageyama clicked the mouse. camera off. hang up call. again, he swallowed your protests with his mouth, silencing whatever inhibitions you had with a long kiss.
kisses, in which you have said goodbye but can’t help stealing a little more
considering the scenario you are in with hajime right now, hands clasped together as you swing it back and forth while strolling back to your home, there would have been music playing if it were in a movie. HAJIME IWAIZUMI has always made you feel like you were in a movie, especially during today’s date.
but movies do come to an end, just like your moment with iwaizumi as you spot your building from a distance away. cherishing every moment, the two of you would sneakily exchange kisses under the night sky.
“i guess this is you…” iwaizumi smiled sadly, head drooping down to look at your arms swinging together. He hopes to stall some time to look at you a little while longer before you go. he wish he could make you smile again before you had to leave. it would probably be months before he could see you again, he wasn’t so sure and he doesn’t want to think about it. it makes his stomach twist in anxiety. will you eat your meals? will you remember to drink water throughout your day? such worries plagued his mind but deep down, he knows it was all just excuses so that he could see you for more than just a day.
the pads of your fingers traced the outline of his jaw before you tilted his head to give you access to his lips, locking them with yours. his fingers slowly intertwined against yours and pulled you towards him before guiding your arms to encircle his torso. chest-to-chest, the only sound between the two of you is the soft thumps of each other’s heart that beats steadily and races for one another.
‘i…i’ll miss you haji-“ you were caught off by iwaizumi grabbing your nape to pull you into a kiss again even when you were about to pull away. neither of you were ready to let each other go even for just a while. although you had to go overseas for work and iwaizumi had to go overseas as well to lead the team, these obligations seem to fade into the background as the two of you pull the other towards them each time they tried to pull away.
it’s just not enough.
when it was time to part, you and iwaizumi wouldn’t take your eyes off each other whil you bid goodbye. iwaizumi would walk backwards to watch your waving figure that is now posing with your arm curved in the shape of a halved heart. grinning, iwaizumi took his other arm, curving it to form the other half — the two of you making one whole. it will be a while before you can be a whole again with hajime but that’s okay because he makes the wait worth it.
Tumblr media
๑´ ³`)ノ likes and reblogs are always appreciated <3333
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choozari · 2 days ago
can i request tsukki, kageyama and any other hq boys that u want hc? Their reaction to their s/o casually calling them pretty boy and saying that they (the boys) have a kissable face
haikyuu boys reacting to casually being called pretty boy with a kissable face !
> ft. kageyama, tsukishima, oikawa, iwaizumi, kuroo & bokuto
♡ tobio
“w— what are you saying?!” “ you mean that?”
gets super shy
wouldn't dare look into your eyes
looks down because his face?? you think it's pretty??
his heart kinda wants to leap out of his chest right now
is hella flattered, bites his lip as he tries to prevent his blush
“t— thanks, i think you're pretty, too.”
♡ kei
“stop saying nonsense.” “that's hardly a compliment.”
huffs, scowls, glares
tries his best to look annoyed to hide the embarrassment
anything to make it seem like he didn't like what you just told him
but the blush on his cheeks cancels every reaction he tried to show you
“come here, idiot.”
♡ tooru
“i know, right?— wait, i was just joking!” “how about you kiss this pretty face?— come on, you wanna kiss me so bad!”
his ego skyrockets even more
only because your compliments are the only compliments that truly matter
would chase you around for that kiss when you playfully denied it from him
“well, pretty people gotta stick together, right?”
♡ hajime
“shut up !!” “don't randomly say things like that!”
you think his heart could take it?
no, it can't
would blush furiously
would hug you from behind and look down fondly at you
“if you think i'm pretty, then what are you?”
♡ tetsurou
“you think i'm pretty?” “kiss me then!”
wiggles his eyebrows
grins so wide it's almost scary
would engulf you in a hug and kisses your nose
“you have a kissable face, too, and i wanna kiss it right now.”
♡ koutaro
“really?! i think you're prettier!” “okay, give me a kiss!”
tackles you into a bear hug
would nuzzle his face into yours
it would put him into a very good mood
smiles so bright and genuinely, it's contagious
“you're way, wayyy prettier !!”
asks are open<3
- love, zari
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kiyownme · 14 hours ago
damn your sucking hanma's balls post has me thinking about what it would be like sucking suna's 😐
MINORS DNI — 18+ ; warnings: somnophilia, hand/blowjobs, fem! reader
Tumblr media
you glare at your boyfriend as he simply rolls away, pulling the covers over his body and falling back into a slumber. it’s late, and suna should be up, but of course, every day off is spent with him lounging around and being lazy.
you’ve been patiently waiting for him to wake up for a long time now, and if he won’t wake on his own, you’ll just make him, you think.
reaching under the blanket, your hand cups his member through his boxers, half hard already as he stirs slightly in his sleep. slowly, as if not to wake him, you palm him as he grows fully erect, a small groan flying past his parted mouth.
still asleep, you scoff as you look at him.
pulling his hardened cock out, you watch as his face twitches slightly when you stroke his length slowly, rolling your palm over the tip and making him elicit a soft whine.
“mmh, y/n?” he groans, eyes blinking open. smirking, you take that as your sign to step it up a notch, crawling between his legs and spreading his thighs apart. he offers no arguments, moving the covers to make things easier for you. “what’s got you—oh fuck, shit baby, like that,” he groans, gripping the sheets tightly as your hand strokes him quickly. moaning when you fondle his balls, his eyes scrunch shut as his breath quickens into ragged pants.
“y-y/n, slow…slow dow—fuck, y/n,” he cries when you seem to only go faster. and suna must still be in a sleep hazed state of mind, otherwise he’d never let out a high pitch whine like that when your mouth leans in and takes one swollen ball in, sucking gently as your hand twists round and pumps his pulsing cock. “sh-shit, y/n, c’mon,” he groans. “slow down a bit.. ‘m gonna… ‘m gonna cum,” he grunts, but his hips buck upwards to match your pace, even despite his words.
not so tired now, you think as you roll your eyes.
but you glance up, and perhaps it’s a blessing he’s sleepy because his bed head, tousled and slightly frizzy, his shirtless chest and deep morning voice as he groans out your name, it’s all a sight that makes your core heat up. his chest heaves as a thin layer of sweat shines across the smooth skin, mouth parted as broken moans and whimpers escapes him, and you just want to see him cum already.
latching off the ball in your mouth, you move onto his other one, free hand moving up to fondle the one you let go of so it’s still tended to. and he lets out a shaky sigh, whining when you run a thumb over his slit, tracing his vein before your fist his cock tighter, flicking your wrist faster, sending him over the edge.
suna cums with a loud groan, his back arching off the bed as his hands fist the sheet tighter, knuckles a pale white from the pressure.
“fuck, fuck, ‘m cumming, princess—ah shit,” he moans, his cum shooting across his abs and your hand in thick spurts, your hand continuing it’s movements to help him through his orgasm. and you don’t stop sucking on his balls, the stimulation sending him in a frenzy as he whines from how you don’t falter. “s-so good, pretty girl,” he stutters, panting as you slowly pull away when he’s rode out his orgasm, waiting for him to calm down a bit.
letting him catch his breath, you sit up, kissing his tip gently as you do, making him hiss slightly.
“are you finally up, rin?” you smirk, and he rolls his eyes, glancing at your hand that’s still coated in his cum. his cock twitches slightly.
“yeah, i am,” he grins. “c’mere, i’ll return the favor.”
a/n: damn wanna have suna’s balls in my mouth too now 😐
Tumblr media
once a brat, always a brat xoxo
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ellewords · a day ago
haikyuu boys + family outings
Tumblr media
request from @queenelleee​​ : Hello! May I request for a fluff scenario of timeskip and married Oikawa, Sakusa, and Osamu x y/n (separate) where they have a family day/outing at the park or beach (or whatever settings you want them to be at) together with their child/children and they are really having fun and took a family picture? Then in the end, the boys are having a sentimental moment where they are looking at their own family or family picture lovingly. Thank you so much in advance.
fic notes : timeskip!oikawa, sakusa, osamu x gn!reader, fluff, headcanons + scenario, wc: ~0.65k each
from elle! aaaa i'm a sucker for domestic stuff so i ended up writing the whole day out in hc form and then put a lil scenario at the end where they look at the pic...I hope you don't mind hehe i hope you enjoy reading <3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
❥   oikawa t.
the first thing you wake up to one morning is oikawa’s grinning face, eyes alight with an unmistakeable excitement. he’s practically bouncing on the mattress and if that weren’t enough to wake you up, your six-year-old daughter comes barrelling in the bedroom squealing that you get up from bed. you raise your hands up in surrender and sit-up to find your husband in a loose short-sleeved button-down and your daughter in a colorful sundress. tilting your head to the side, you ask, “what’s going on?”
apparently oikawa decided to surprise the two of you with a beach trip, calling your office and her school ahead of time to tell them that the two of you won’t be able to come in. knowing that you couldn’t say no if everything had already been planned and set in place, he had called the resort weeks ago and packed your bags while you slept. all you had to do was get changed.
the car ride there consisted of the three of you belting out songs in the car. as you were nearing the beach, oikawa lowered the windows so you could feel the wind hitting your face and let the salt air fill your senses.
oikawa, being the adorable menace that he is, wolf-whistles as soon as you step out in your swimwear. he holds his left hand over his heart, wedding ring glinting in the sunlight, “well, aren’t i a lucky guy?”
his laughter echoes out the entirety of the beach as he attempts to chase your daughter around, you, on the other hand, are running after them because they hadn’t even put on their sunscreen yet. your daughter challenged the two of you with a sandcastle building competition, and asks for some ice cream as a reward when you let her win.
the three of you walk hand in hand on the boardwalk to make your way to the nearest ice cream parlor when a fan notices oikawa and asks for a picture. of course, he agrees after sending an apologetic look to you — which you waved off. he also took the opportunity to brag about you and your daughter to the fan, telling them how amazing you are and how this was a much needed break.
the fan, endeared by the large amount of affection that oikawa had for your little family, asks if the three of you would like to have your picture taken as they had brought along a polaroid camera. of course, your husband immediately agrees.
your daughter is on oikawa’s shoulders, her lips stretched out into a toothless grin as she stared right the camera. you stay close to oikawa’s side, a hand around his waist, your eyes squinting slightly from the sun’s brightness and a small smile on your face. oikawa’s hair is flying out in different directions from how windy it had been. he holds onto your daughter’s angles to make sure she doesn’t fall off. while you and your daughter stared at the camera, he looked at you; nothing but love in his gaze.
when your daughter settles down and falls asleep on of the beds in your hotel room, you find oikawa sitting on the edge of the other, the polaroid in his hands.
“penny for your thoughts?” you ask, sitting down next to him and resting your chin on his shoulder. 
oikawa chuckles, gaze still trained on the photograph, “i really am the luckiest man to have you two in my life, hmmm?”
“believe me, we’re just as lucky to have you.” your lips meet his cheek in a quick kiss.
his heart is hammering in his chest, finally turning to look at you. his voice grows quiet, almost shy, “can i keep this photo?” 
oikawa buys a clear phone case and places the polaroid on the back of his phone <3
Tumblr media
❥   sakusa k.
sakusa just knows that you have something planned when you ask him if he had anything planned for the afternoon. it really is a trick question, you had already called his team’s manager and asked ahead if he had any practices or games. you wouldn’t spend all this time planning if you weren’t sure that he could go anyways.
since your daughter entered your lives, you and sakusa have always thought about moving into the suburbs. recently, the two of you had finally bought a new home and you were excited to explore more of the neighbourhood. you had been scouting a park just a ten minute walk from your house. 
sakusa raises a brow and tells you that he was free for the rest of the day. just as you were about to tell him your plans, your twelve-year-old daughter enters the living room with the picnic basket that you just packed and face masks in hand, “daddy! we’re going out today! we made sandwiches and cookies.”
he shakes his head smiles letting your daughter grab a hold of his pinky and holding his hand out for you to take, “well, darling…it seems like the rest of my day is set. shall we?”
the walk to the park is relatively peaceful. your daughter swings hers and sakusa’s intertwined hands back and forth as she skipped along the smooth pavement. a cool breeze moves past the three of you as you hummed your favorite tune, already looking forward to an entire afternoon spent with your two favorite people. 
the three of you reach a pretty isolated section of the park, not that there were many people around in the first place. you and your husband lay the blanket under a large tree, making sure to keep an eye on your daughter as she picked a few flowers around the grassy area.
your daughter teaches sakusa how to weave the daisies she had just picked into a flower crown. a smile plays on your lips as her small hands guide his much larger ones struggling to weave the delicate stems together. sakusa looks at you, jokingly panicking as you set up the snacks you and your daughter had prepared earlier. you simply shrug your shoulders as if to say ‘you’re on your own on this one.’
“thank you for this, my love.” your husband’s voice is soft, pressing a quick kiss to your temple as you finished laying everything out on the blanket.
“we made these cookies earlier, have a bite.” your daughter practically shoves a cookie in sakusa’s face, eyes silently asking what he thought of them. sakusa takes a bite, pausing to think — adding to your daughter’s growing nervousness. you gently nudge his shoulder with yours, “stop teasing her.”
before you knew it, the sun was beginning to set and you wanted nothing more that to have a keepsake of the perfect afternoon. you grab your phone and use its front camera : “everybody smile.”
daisy wreaths that your daughter and sakusa had made are on all of your heads, the colorful sky from a setting sun served as a backdrop. while you and your daughter had bright smiles on your faces, mild shock is on sakusa’s — clearly taken off guard. it wasn’t the perfect picture, but you loved it anyways.
so did sakusa, making you send it to him immediately. 
a bright light interrupts your sleep, you turn to your side to find sakusa staring at his phone; the screen’s harsh glare had been the cause of you waking up. 
“omi-” you wanted to scold him, but couldn’t find it in yourself when you realize he had been staring at the photo from earlier in the day. “get some sleep, the picture will still be there tomorrow morning.”
“five more minutes.” there’s a loving look in his eyes, one you were certain you’d never forget.
he sets the photo as his phone’s lockscreen <3
Tumblr media
❥   miya o.
you didn’t know what to expect when your eight-year-old son came bounding in the living room with a brightly colored flyer in hand and a gigantic grin present on his face. your husband, osamu, immediately raises a brow and sets him on his lap. “whatcha got there, champ?”
apparently, there was going to be a fair in the next few days. when your son pulled out the puppy-dog eyes and jutted out his bottom lip, in the way he knew would be absolutely adorable, you and osamu almost immediately agreed. even without all the fanfare from your son, the two of you would have agreed anyways; always looking for ways to spend more time together as a family. 
the days leading up to the fair had your son reminding you about it almost every minute, but you and your husband had no complaints as you were looking forward to it as well. when the day of the fair finally came around, osamu closed onigiri miya early and you asked to be dismissed early from work so the two of you could pick your son up from school and head to the fair together.
your son practically sprints away from the two of you as soon as he stepped into the fair’s gates. you and osamu simply looked at each other shook your heads, still amazed by your son’s energy and enthusiasm, before running after him. the smell of funnel cakes fill your senses, the sound of various mechanical rides ring in your ears, your heart begins to beat faster than its normal rate as your husband threw his head back in laughter. 
the three of you spend most of your time on various game booths such as knocking down bottles and tossing rings. of course, osamu took it as an opportunity to show off a little bit, winking at you whenever he was successful. but you let your son pick the prizes since he seemed to want something from every booth.
when you weren’t playing games, your son drags the two of you to almost every ride imaginable. luckily, the roller coaster was small and not that quick, just enough to get all three of your screaming with smiles on your faces. you could never forget watching the sun set from the top of a ferris wheel, seeing the way your son’s eyes widened in complete fascination as the sky transformed into several shades of orange, pink, and purple. osamu gently nudges your arm and brings his lips close to your ear, “yer a much better sight, ya know?”
osamu had bought a disposable camera from one of the stalls, using it to capture several pictures of you and/or your son as you enjoyed the fair. however, you felt bad that he was in very little photos himself. when the sun had set and a starless night sky had begun to cast over the fairgrounds, you wanted a picture with all three of you in it to commemorate the day. 
you handed a stranger the camera before pulling osamu and your son to your sides. it couldn’t have been a more perfect time as fireworks began to go off just as the photograph was taken, providing a colorful backdrop to three grinning faces.
when the pictures were finally developed, it’s the one osamu had asked to keep for himself.
“so this is where you put that photo.” you laugh, not expecting osamu to be gazing at the photograph when you and your son visit him at onigiri miya. “shouldn’t you be working? tons of people waiting out there.”
“just getting some inspiration.” he smiles at the teasing tone in your voice, picking your son up as soon as he ran to his arms, “how was school, buddy?”
yeah, osamu gets the photo framed and hangs it up on one of the walls of onigiri miya’s kitchen <3
Tumblr media
—  see if you can request something here.
Tumblr media
taglist : @haikyuutothetop​​​ @crystal-lilac​​​ @tobioespresso​​​ @sushijimawakatoshi​​​ @itsmeaudrieee​​​ @pantherhappy @jesssobs​​​ @mysticstrawberryballoon​​​ @cloudedsky29​​​ @sakusasimpbot​​​​ @aoirohi @kokogxddess​​​​ @livy384​​​​ @itachislut​​​​ @crapimahuman​​​​ @fr00g1es​​​​ @duhsies​​​​
taglist pt. two will be in the rbs <3
join my hq taglist here. <3
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neoheros · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
it’s storming.
one of the worst storms atsumu's ever had the misfortune of ever experiencing, and it's now, quite literally, raining down on his parade.
now, for it to storm randomly on a very normal tuesday is one thing, but for the storm to hit right during as he's stranded in an empty bus stop? that felt personal.
it was as if the universe itself decided to just let rain start pouring down on his town to deliberately piss him off today.
"screw miya atsumu's feelings!" it's not as if everyone hasn't been doing that already anyways.
so he sits here — cold and damp from the pouring rain — cursing himself over and over again for being two minutes late for his stupid stupid bus.
but as luck would have it, just as he was about to decide on running all the way home, a yellow taxi pulls up on the spot just before him.
the door swinging open as it stops, and in addition to the universe’s game today — it’s you.
"atsumu!" you call to him, your head slightly ducked outside the taxi door to let him see you more, and you say, "get in!"
you don't have to tell him twice.
putting his bag over his head to shield him from the heavy rain, he hops into the cab, letting you move further in so he can sit next to you, and the second he sits, he makes sure to shut the door close to keep the rain outside.
his hair slightly damp, the edges of his shirt wet and soaked, but the smile on his face easily reaches his eyes as he sits back on the comfortable car cushions that promises to keep him away from the menacing rain.
at some point, you tell the cab driver to continue driving, giving them a whole new set of directions to where he easily recognizes as his place.
"oh my god," he breathes out a huge sigh of relief, his shoulders falling with his chest as he looks at you, "you're a life saver."
you wave him off with a smile, "what the hell were you doing out there anyways?"
now, atsumu miya has done a handful of idiotic things in his life, but for him to be stranded in a bus stop, with not even a single shred of an umbrella? that's probably the stupidest thing he's done yet.
"i went to check on samu, ran long, and lo and behold, that's the last time i'm ever missing my bus." he keeps his head against the headboard, letting the rest of his headache melt away.
but for a second, he sits up quickly, turning his head to look at you with a big grin, "so it was really good that you saw me when you did."
it was kind of embarrassing for him to let you see him like that— stranded, hopeless, and wet— but he still can't shake off the stars in his eyes as he realizes that of all the people in the world he could be sharing a cab with, it really just had to be you.
it takes him an entire second to shake away the jitters of being here with you, and it takes him a second longer to properly take a good look at you today.
and to no surprise at all, you look really good.
but not the kind of "really good" you'd be on a normal day-to-day basis, it was the kind of "really good" that'd only be noticeable in important events like galas, or parties or —
"were you on a date?"
the question is out from his mouth before he could stop himself, and suddenly, for the first time all day, that once cozy cab is suddenly feeling very small.
"what?" you smile, raising a brow as you look at him, and when all he does is look back at you, slightly pointing to how you’re dressed today, you won't deny that that smile slightly turns into something more bashful.
your shoulders rise, "oh this? no."
and you only start to laugh when atsumu fixes how he sits, inching a bit closer to you, and tilting his head slightly as he looks at you unconvinced.
"it was just coffee." you shake your head, making it a point to look the other way.
and atsumu asks, "with omi-kun?"
so you say back, with a timid smile on your face and a roll of the eyes, "yeah — but it’s whatever."
remember when atsumu said something about the universe personally beating him down today? yeah. apparently, it just keeps on piling up.
first, it was the rain, then it was you seeing him soaked from that said rain, and now - now, he finds out that the person he's been dying to ask out all year has went on a coffee date with one of his closest friends.
there’s a groan at the back of his throat.
"ah." he keeps the grin on his face, leaning back into the seat as he moves away from you.
"what?" you raise a brow, your head tilting slightly as you look his way, "what is it?"
and atsumu tells you, in a gentle teasing sort of way, "you were on a date with omi."
"i was not." you scoff, shaking your head as you wave him off.
and he tells you, nodding his head, "yes, you were."
"i was not." you say again, your voice firmer this time, but you can't help the laughter starting to mingle with your words.
so atsumu tells you again, the grin still plastered on his face, "yes, you were."
he's not really sure why he keeps pressing onto this matter.
heck, he wants you to tell him that you weren't on a date with omi, so why is he being so insistent on getting you to admit that you were?
"it wasn't a date, okay?" you sit back gently, the remnants of your laughter still tracing through to your smile, "and it started storming so he couldn't make it anyways."
okay, knowing that sakusa asked you out before him? hurts like a bitch. but sakusa not being able to make it to said date because of the storm? definitely hurts a lot way less.
you look at the window, "it wasn't a date."
"it wasn't a date." he repeats, the smile on his face slightly widening, and he's suddenly very glad that you have your head turned away from him right now.
"do you remember the first time we ever shared a taxi?" he asks you, partially to strike conversation, and partially to, well, hear your voice.
a smile comes onto your face the second the memory hits, and you beam, "hinata's welcome party!"
that party was almost a year ago today.
bokuto had suggested to throw a party for his old high school friend, hinata, since he was joining the team, and oddly enough, atsumu had offered for his place to be where its hosted.
how he managed to share a cab with you that night when it was at his place that the party was set, is still a mystery to you, and you're not really sure if you wanna know why or how that ended up happening.
"it was really nice of you to lend your apartment for that." you smile, patting his shoulder lightly.
"nope. it was a terrible mistake." he immediately tells you, the smile on his face falling into a thin line as he quickly shakes his head, "i broke two windows that night."
and you cross your arms, "i think that's what you get for inviting the entire msby team over to your place."
"didn't you just say that it was really nice of me to do that?" atsumu scoffs, dramatically turning his back away from you.
"yeah, but," and you laugh, "i never said it was smart."
to be honest, atsumu can't remember the last time he's spent a decent moment with you. it feels as if every chance he's gotten to see you this past month has been an awful attempt in one-upping sakusa.
so to have you here with him now, just the two of you, (and an awfully slow cab driver), it really does get him thinking about just how much he's missed you.
"do you remember the other thing that happened that night?" he asks, the edges of his ears starting to pink up.
and you look at him, head slightly tilted, "the other thing?"
the other thing.
atsumu isn't lying when he says that he's been in love with you for over a year now. even back then when msby was just starting out, he only ever really did see you.
and that night, at that party, when he had you to himself in the corner of a room, chatting and laughing like the two of you are doing now, he won't deny that what he felt for you then is exactly the same as what he feels for you now.
that's why he almost kissed you that night.
and you're both pretty sure that it would've actually ended up happening if it wasn't for that phone call that interrupted the whole thing.
"oh," your face feels hotter than before, "that."
atsumu laughs, but it doesn't come out as his usual smug ones, the laugh that he lets out now is nervous - shaky, "yeah."
you brush the embarrassment off, shoulders rising as you laugh with him, "can you believe we almost -"
"i know." he laughs with you, cutting your sentence off short.
this cab ride feels longer than it should.
you sit back on the seat behind you, watching as atsumu does the same, and it doesn't take a full second for both of you to notice and ignore the deliberate amount of space between the two of you.
atsumu looks to your side, "good thing we didn't."
and you smile, "yeah."
the cab really does feel a lot smaller now, and you'd move inches away from him, but you don't want to make it seem like you're bothered with how close the two of you have gotten.
"i’m pretty sure if we had kissed that night we wouldn't be as close as we are now." you say, a small smile on your face as the tiresome day finally starts to kick in.
"yeah." atsumu nods, his shoulder hitting yours as a grin comes up on his face, "it would've been awkward."
"and silly." you add, your own grin starting to show.
atsumu has known you for a very long time now, and he's pretty sure that he can confidently say that he's loved you for about most of that duration.
but tonight, as he tells you about how relieved he is that he didn't get to kiss you at that party when he's had the chance - this is probably the first time he's ever lied to you.
"disaster averted." you tease, nudging his side.
and he nods, "definitely."
your shoulders are touching, and the cab is still making its long way down the road to its destination.
"it would've ruined everything if we'd been all like-" and atsumu laughs, making ridiculous kissing noises as he looks at you, eyes closed, and puckering his lips jokingly as he goes "mwahmwahmwahmwah".
laughter bubbles in your chest, and you watch him stop making the weird kissing noises to catch his breath to laugh some more.
your head turns to him, and you laugh, "yeah, especially if we were like -" and you vocalize your own version of ridiculous smooching noises, blurring your voice as you make something that resembles, "ahlalalaahlalalalala."
"what the hell is that?" atsumu scoffs, his laughter coming from laughing with you abruptly turning into laughing at you. "kissing goes like 'mwahmwahmhwa' not 'lalalala'."
"atsumu miya." you scoff, crossing your arms over your chest, "are you telling me that you can make better fake kissing noises better than me?"
and he mocks, "pretty sure anyone in the world can make better fake kissing noises than you."
"no - see - ahlalalalala is cute!"
"no! its 'mwahmwhamhwa'!"
and somewhere between both of you making those weird fake noises together, laughing and smiling, and only slightly scoffing every once in a while, it doesn't take long for atsumu to realize how close the two of you have gotten to each other.
so before he thinks about it, before he lets him psych himself out, he doesn’t waste another moment to decide that in the chance that you had to pick between him and sakusa — he would make you choose him.
and he kisses you.
Tumblr media
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riniackerman · a day ago
tsukki perving on your ass and huge tits then ramming you ? <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
╰ pervert tsukkishima ramming you before his practice
a/n: mmmm pervert tsukkishima praising all over your body while his teammates are just few meters away? hnnnnng 😤 i rlly can’t stop thinking ab his slender fingers 😩😩
Tumblr media
pairing: pervert!tsukkishima x fem!reader
genre: nsfw
warnings: 18+ mdni, nipple play, rough sex, unprotected sex (stay safe!), semi public sex
w/c: 1k
notes: tsukkishima is in his 3rd year
Tumblr media
“tsukki! look!” you hop towards tsukki who was leaning against the wall, listening to your shared playlist while he waited for the rest of the members to change. “what are you doing here?” he says, taking one side of the headset off.
“wanted to show you something baby” you hum as you tiptoed to kiss his lips. tuskki covered his mouth with the back of his hand as he flushed in coy. “w-what is it” he says, trying his best to not let you show his reddened cheek.
“look!” you beam as you turned back, lifting your skirt to show your new white lingerie set that you both talked about days ago. tsukki’s eyes swelled when he saw a clear outline of your ample cunt. he says nothing but puts on his smirk, grasping your wrist as he led over to the locker room.
there you saw all of his teammates walking out the locker room, hinata and kageyama yelling at each other while yamaguchi tried to stop them. “idiots” tsukki whispers, when all of them left you and tsukki crept into the locker room.
“turn around angel, let me see you” tuskki hums as he locked the door while his eyes were still glued at you. you leaned your breasts against one of the lockers as you upped your skirt up, exposing the pretty lacy white lingerie for him. he slowly ambles over to you, taking off his black jacket.
“you wore this for me hm?” he whispers as his slender fingers trailed to your jaw, brushing them making you shiver at the arouse. you felt tsukki’s hard cock rubbing against your clothed cunt. “s-so hard baby” you mewl as you grind your damped draped slit.
“wonder who did it” he says, slowly making both of his hands under your shirt, kneading your tits, fingers swirling around your hardened nipples. his hands were fast yet thorough allowing pretty moans left your mouth as your back arched even more.
“missed this so much” tuskki can’t live a day without feeling your huge tits and ass around his hands, and he will never miss a chance when he has. even though it’s the middle of his practice. knowing damn well know daichi will scold him after for ditching practice.
“tsukki- can you fuck me? please?” you mewl as one of his hands lifted your skirts up, cupping his hand around your ass, kneading them until he felt enough. his cock was rock hard. it was in need to be fucked. as much he wanted to please you but he couldn’t control himself after looking at the pleasant edge of your cunt.
“gotta fuck this pretty pussy” he says, pulling down your lingerie quickly, giving few spanks to see your ass jiggle. “so pretty” he hums, lightly stretching your ass cheek to see your juice leaking down your inner thighs.
“t-tsukki!” you shrieked when his cock entered inside without an absolute warning. his hand was quick enough to balance you on your hips as his hips rammed inside you.
broken moans and whimpers quickly filled up the room. yes, you did had a mind that tsukki would go crazy with your new set but not this crazy. but you weren’t complaining as you always had a thought of getting fucked in public.
Your eyes started to tear up when you felt his cock was ramming and hitting your sensitive spot every thrust, not knowing how to stand still. tuskki marked all over your neck with his bites and kisses. he loves to see his marks all over your body, it reminded him who you really belonged to.
tuskki wrapped his long fingers around your throat as he slammed you, a smirk coming to his lips as he hear a gasp of surprise when he tighten his grip around your neck. tsukki chuckled at how desperate you were to cum, bucking your hips back to feel him go deeper inside you.
“hah- baby i’m gonna c-cum!” you cry, your hands finding their way to hold on to tsukki’s large hands over your waist.
“hold it baby, you can’t cum yet- want to feel you more” tsukki hums, holding your hips as he moans. throwing his head back, feeling the tight wall clenching around his hard cock. his thrust was so fast that you couldn’t even process your brain.
“no-no i want it tsukki hah- please!“ you gasp, pushing yourself deeper and gripping tuskki’s wrist behind your back as you release all over his cock. tsukki raises his brow, scoffing as he tightens his grip on your waist, slamming you back down on him, watching you as you become a drooling mess.
“you want to be filled that badly, angel? show me how many times you can make a mess of yourself then-” he pants as he rams inside you hazily, not giving a shit if anyone would walk in.
“tsukki?” you close your mouth with your hands when yamaguchi’s voice was heard outside the locker room. “f-fucking hell” tsukki lowly curses under his breath as he deep thrust you for the last time, pulling his cock out and pumped it until he cummed all over your back.
“yeah i’m here, don’t come in” he demands while he holds onto your trembling body with his fingers. “oh- okay! coach wants you!” yamaguchi walks away after earning an mhm from tsukki.
“we’ll finish this later angel- go take some rest” he hums, showering your back with kisses as he wiped his loads with a towel then throwing them away. “love you baby” you pant as tsukki helped you to sit down on the bench. “you look hot with that angel”
Tumblr media
© RINIACKERMAN ⇒ do not repost, claim or copy my works
Tumblr media
↻ / ♡ are appreciated !
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arrogantsonofabiscuit · 2 days ago
When you hug them and don’t let go-I
Featuring:- Sakusa, Kuroo, Atsumu & Bokuto
A/n:-I wanna be babied so bad ughh.
Genre:- fluff , lil bit suggestive and use of pet names. Mentions of food in Atsumu’s part & Bokuto’s part
Tumblr media
♡SAKUSA , He enters through the front door placing his duffel bag on the floor , he sighs as the long day is finally over. “OMIIIII!!!!!” “H-hey” you hug him tightly you always did that but he never got used to it. “How was your day Omi?” you ask still hugging him. “Tiring as usual wbu?” He picks you up knowing that you won’t be leaving him soon. “It went good , on the way I pet a puppy brought you your favourite snacks and over all my day was good” you giggle as he kisses your forehead. “Shower?” “Yeah” “alright” . You were still in his arms as he was gently kissing your face under the shower.
♡KUROO , He places the grocery bags on the countertop opening the fridge to grab a drink. As he sips his drink he reads the little sticky notes on the refrigerator door and his poorly done doodle. “Oh ?” He enters the bedroom undoing his tie observing you sitting on bed wearing his jersey with a plushie in your arm. “You can hug the real thing?” “Tetsu?!!!!!” “Yeah” you rush towards him placing the plushie on the other corner of bed hugging your boyfriend tightly nuzzling your face on his neck. “So did you read my note?” “How could I not when you wrote Tetsu I love you but pls don’t be late today or else you will be sleeping on the couch? Hmm?” “The end was important dummy” “I miss you tbh that part?” “Yeah” you blush drawing random shapes on his back. “Wanna watch a movie?” “Yeah!” You don’t let go off him still hugging him enjoying each other’s company.
♡ATSUMU , You were pissed at him , I mean why wouldn’t you be when he ate the last piece of cake which you kept for yourself as a treat for getting through your day? “I am sorry Angel face! I swear I didn’t mean to” “but you did anyways” “what would make you happy?” “Nothing” “really? Even when you ate the last cookie I saved for myself?” “I-“ “what?hmm?” “Tit for tat I guess now c’mere” you snuggle your boyfriend pinching him when he tickled you. He gets up from the bed to get something to drink. “Nooooooooo come backkkk” “clingy are we today Angel face?” “Yes” “🥺” he settles down hugging you as close as possible enjoying the movie.
♡BOKUTO , He was in the kitchen making some late night snack as he was super hungry. You wake up to a cold bed searching for your boyfriend. Finally deciding to get up and search for him, you start walking down the hall way and you could hear some humming sound along with some clatter of the kitchen utensils. “Kou?” “Baby!!” He rushes towards you with a pan in his hand. “What are you doing?” “I was hungry and I heard you say that you are hungry as well” “I said that in my sleep?” “Yeah and so I decided to make something to eat” you hug him tightly whispering a small thank you as he kisses your forehead. He continues to make some snack with you koaled on his back.
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading.take care <3
Reblogs are highly appreciated <3
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lovekiyoomi · a day ago
Tumblr media
⚠️warning: 18+, minors DNI…SMUT ….gender neutral. Ignore any errors please.
Tumblr media
Sakusa adores worshiping every inch of you as you ride his cock. The way you sit above him and roll your pretty hips stirs a feeling of hunger deep inside him.
Your skin shimmers with a thin sheen of sweat, highlighting the way it bounces with each desperate rock.
He probably should help you — thrust up into your heat to bring you the high you want and wholeheartedly deserve. However, watching you like this is a rare treat.
Usually he takes over. He has a thing with control but, this is a welcoming sight. The visage before him causes his balls to ache and twitch beneath you.
He loves sliding his calloused fingers all over you as you lean back to hit your sweet spot. Each time you do, your face contorting in pure ecstasy. Your hands gripping his toned thighs and latch on for dear life — core leaking around his thick cock. God, Sakusa could cum right now, but he bites his rosy lips holding off, balls clenching.
 His soft voice calls up to you, "That's it, my angel." He sweetly mutters to you. "You're doing so good. Keep it up, and I'll make you cum several times tonight."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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iiiwachan · 2 days ago
Miya Atsumu, the type of guy who likes being taken care of and also the type of guy who likes falling asleep in your arms with his head on your chest
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shoyotime · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
[ 10 : 05 pm ]
Tumblr media
you never knew you had two kids until today.
your daughter, and her dearest 'superman volleyball' daddy — but that's something she calls him. oikawa is a grown man with mental age of a 5 year old, so technically another kid.
what made you realize that today was when you saw their sulky faces across the kitchen counter, your daughter pointing a spoon in his direction with the most offended face ever. pretty exhausting scene for someone who just returned from work, if you're being honest.
"no daddy, santa exists and aliens don't!" your feet stop in middle of the living room, sigh escaping your lips as you resisted the urge to say, 'you've addressed the forbidden,' because that's exactly how it goes.
his slammed his hand on the table — softly, of course, he doesn't want to scare her. "no, princess, aliens do exist. if santa does, aliens do too."
"they don't!" she spat back. "i've seen a santa, he leaves me gifts every year. have you ever seen an alien?"
"that's not santa, that's me an—"
"tooru!" it's about time for you to step in before your husband broke hear heart, even if it wasn't intentional. "did you have dinner?"
"mommy!" she jumps off her chair, running to you on her little feet — and you loved the way she sprinted around the house on them. "daddy says aliens are real."
you pick her up, chuckling at the pout on her face, lips slightly stained with milk from her cereal bowl. "does, he?" you wipe her mouth, planting a soft kiss on her cheek before putting her down. "aliens aren't real, baby. let's put you to bed now? it's late."
"of course, y/n." oikawa snickers. you don't get why he's sulking over such a trivial topic, even though you're sure you'll sulk too if someone ever states that your favorites don't exist. "anyway, you both can go to sleep, i have work to do."
with that, he disappears behind the closed doors of his study. you're unaware whether the aggression in his voice was because of the recent argument or the fact that he had a comparatively tiring day. either way, you couldn't help but worry. you notice your daughter's eyes drooping low as you carried her to the bed, tucking her in before checking up on oikawa.
what you fails to notice are the footsteps of your daughter as she steps inside oikawa's study, hissing at the creak of the door. oikawa whips his head towards the entrance, removing his glasses as he takes off towards her before lifting her up in his arms.
"sweetheart, why aren't you sleeping?" and he seems like he's forgotten the conversation from an hour ago — or was it two?
"missed you, daddy." her little arms wrap around his neck, head burying into his crook as her warm breath dances over his skin — a soft smile finding it's way to his lips. "can i sleep with you?"
he can not decline her request, especially when she pleads with such a cute face. "sure."
"you both left me out." your voice was low, body leaning against the door frame as a faint smile — or a pout — sat still on your lips.
"no," oikawa denied. "let us have our father-daughter moment, y/n."
"exactly mommy, go away." and oh God, you didn't expect your daughter to switch sides. "you said aliens aren't real, go away!"
your eyes shift towards oikawa, his lips curling into a grin. turns out her just earned himself another moment he can rub on your face anywhere and everywhere.
Tumblr media
taglist : @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @kaeyazuha @watashiwakurapikapls @setsunaia @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @Kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maipxilia @smolmo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa @rinyx @siriuslychim @omiikeii @yumisballs @bbykotarou @milkbreadforlife @anniesfavoritesimp @ririakaashi @lexasaurusr3x @tsukishimarawr @sun-drak @hello0i @bubble-bootie @weeb-nation @strangechaos @iwaizumis-bitch @ghostietales
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tsumtsumya · 2 days ago
Kuroo knows just as well as anyone that spiraling need to work work work when exams come up. He’s no stranger to all-nighters and day long study sessions.
However, he also has learned the importance of stopping and taking a breather. He’s been trying to get you to do the same for the past few days, but you’re extremely stubborn. You have to study, and it absolutely cannot wait.
Instead of telling you to take a break like he’s been doing, Kuroo scoops you up from your desk. He flops onto the bed with you in his arms.
You squirm in an attempt to escape, but then he brings you even closer, face pressed into his sweater and nose filled with the lavender-scented fabric softener he uses.
“Break time! No ifs, ands, or buts.”
“Tetsuro,” you huff, voice muffled by his chest. “I really-”
“If you want to leave, you’ll have to kill me.”
With a loud, long, suffering groan, you let yourself go limp in his arms. Kuroo lets out a quiet yay! and pulls back to press an obnoxiously loud kiss to your cheek. Rolling your eyes, you allow yourself a smile as you loop your arms around his neck.
“I know you went to sleep at four. Close your eyes.”
“Says the man who literally did an all nighter last Thursday.”
“You are such a hypocrite.”
“Nap time, dearest.”
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · 8 hours ago
The Haikyuu Boys Responding to you Texting Them “You Hurt My Feelings” After a Fight | Pt.1
Pairing: Haikyuu boys x f!reader
Notes: Because Haikyuu boys for a new series won the poll, here we go! This one was fun to do and I finished it a little while ago, but today I rearranged my room and that took awhile. When I tell you guys literally everything is backwards... 
In this chapter I have: Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Matsukawa, Makki, Kyōtani, Kunimi, Kindaichi, Kuroo, and Kenma! 
If you want to check out my masterlist for the texting series posts as I make them, you can follow {this link} to the page!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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akeijirin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
cw : reader doesn't know how to dancing, mentions of future children, marriage, readers indecisive?
Tumblr media
Learning to dance with your soon to be husband
one day, just one day till you'll officially be 'y/n miya'. It feels like this days took years to come along, even though atsumu proposed just two weeks ago. You both took time on the wedding, planning it to be perfect. It wasn't easy, especially since you are indecisive. Still, it eventually came along. Until a few days ago, he has mentioned what music would you like.
You thought it would be music in general but when he started suggesting music to dance to.
oh no.
with you lying on his chest covered with the blanket that perfectly fits both of you, he couldnt ask for anything in this moment. You both wished it could last forever. "uhm, tsumu?" you interrupted as he was talking, He smiled a bit at the nickname. Its been years you've been using it, but he'll never get tired of it. "Hm?" He gave a small hum, feeling his chest vibrate under your head. Your hands grip his — a bit too thin — shirt. "You know have you've been talking about, uhm the wedding" His heart races just a bit more faster, in worry. "Yeah?" he expects a comment like 'I don't want to marry you' or maybe you found someone better, his mind races. But when you actually tell him, he cant help but chuckle. "Its not funny!" You say, defendingly. "You're right, its not. But it's very cute" he says with a small smirk that never fails to make you blush.
and that's what lead you here, him trying to teach you to dance. Keyword; trying. Its late, midnight, the moonlight lays above atsumu's figure from the window. God. He looks like an angel, oh how badly you want to kiss those lips of his. "Ow" he says barely a whisper, as you accidentally step on his foot. Again. But instead of complaining he starts laughing. "You know, you're horrible at this" you let out a dramatic gasp, offended. "You could be nicer about it, I'm sorry im not some perfect human who can look beautiful as shit and dance perfectly" He cant lie. Your words catch him off guard, a small tint of red appearing on his cheeks. Barely visible as the moonlights covers it, how hes thankful for that. "Just relax kay? Look" he grabs your hand and leads you into the dance once again.
But this time, its slow, hes slow. He's always been patient with you. Caring about you. You wished this moment would never come to an end, even though you know it isn't true. "i love you" he whispers, but the sentence doesnt sound like it ended. He brings his fingers underneath your chin, bringing your face up to look at him. He stares into your eyes, the same eyes he loves seeing cheering from the crowd. The same eyes that brought him comfort on ugly days. The same eyes that have faced hard nights, but are still here. The same eyes who, he wants to spend his life and the next with. The same eyes at least one of his children will have. He kisses you, but its not his usual, messy kiss. Its a different one, more desperate. but its soft, soft and slow, soft and careful. Like you're made up of glass that would break any minute. Atsumu was a cocky basterd to others, but you knew the true him. After he pulls away, he smiles. A small one, but its enough to express words and feelings he cant explain.
"so much"
Tumblr media
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fsrintaro · 2 days ago
hiii there, can i request for reader having a poly relationship with iwaoi? i just finished reading the manga and i cant stop thinking about it
:00000 a poly r/s with iwaoi would be so cute !!! i hope you enjoy this <3
synopsis: getting a king size bed to accomodate the three of you was one problem down. rotation of hugs was another.
Tumblr media
“it is my tuuuurn with haji- what the hell are you doing in my spot?”
you stopped dead in your tracks to see oikawa all snuggled up next to iwaizumi. at your words, oikawa withdrew from his conversation with iwaizumi, twisting his head to meet your gaze. you would have expected him to shift over to make space. instead, he only shifted to snuggle deeper into iwaizumi’s arms while his grip tightens around the other’s torso. he casted you the stink eye and a teasing smirk on the lips that is just telling you, mine.
to everyone, even beyond the relationship you have with the two of them, it is a fact that hajime iwaizumi is the best cuddler to bed. his hugs just lulls you to sleep whenever he smooths his hand over your back, humming happily and whispering to you, “you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” the other, well, just tries to join in by hooking their arms across the two of you.
so initially, it was a sort of free-for-all between you and oikawa to see who could snatch him up for the night. it started with coaxing iwaizumi with more kisses (not like the two of you have not already been doing that) before iwaizumi suggested a rotation system where you and oikawa could alternate. it worked for a while until the situation before you now.
“please, y/n! just for one more night! i-i had a really bad day.” oikawa pouted, hands clasped against his chest as he took iwaizumi’s arms to hook it around his own body.
“a bad day? you literally had hajime for the entire day.” you stomped over to dig space for yourself in between.
pouncing between them to wedge in between them, you were desperate to claw your way. you too, had a bad day. oikawa’s brightness has always been the cure to your bad days but today, you just felt hollow. a cavity wandering around the world, searching for their purpose. life is hard and will always be, which is why you are thankful for the two idiots that love you to the moon and back, and would beat down anyone that made you a tinge bit unhappy.
“look, look.” hajime situates himself between you and oikawa, raising his hands to both of your heads to pull you two into a hug. “what about i be in the middle today? it might not what the two of you want but it allows me to be here for the two of you.”
it didn’t take much pondering for both you and oikawa to accept his offer as each of you crawled into iwaizumi’s arms.
“i love the two of you so so much, okay? so please don’t fight.” iwaizumi pressed a small kiss on the crown of your head and you let out a small hum in agreement.
you reached over, flopping your hand at oikawa. he chuckled, thinking about the silly fight you had earlier. intertwining your hands together, the three of you laid in each other’s arms as you started to fall asleep to the soft heaving of iwaizumi’s chest and oikawa’s thumb rubbing along the ridges of your knuckles.
Tumblr media
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babyshoyo · 2 days ago
Pair: Daichi x Reader {Reader is GN!}
Genre: Fluff
Scenario: As a single father, seeing you get along with his daughter is the cutest thing ever to him
Characters are aged up!
Tumblr media
You were currently playing with Daichi’s cute daughter, Sera. She was running around the room as you chased her before picking her up. She laughed out loud before gasping as she hears the front door open. You place Sera back down and she quickly runs to the front door to hug her father.
“Daddy, I missed you so much! Y/n and I were playing monsters! Do you want to play too?” She yells out as she wraps her small arms around her dad’s neck after he picked her up.
“I missed you too princess. Daddy’s a little tired so maybe next time ok?” Daichi says as he puts her down.
Sera pouts and crosses her arms, “hmmm fine but I want Y/n to stay longer!”
“Sera, Y/n is busy and I’m sure they want to go hang out with their friends since it is a Saturday night,” Daichi replies.
Sera then starts to whine which makes you giggle. Daichi couldn’t help but swoon after hearing you giggle. He always found you so attractive and seeing you get along with his daughter is such a huge bonus.
“I can stay till it’s Sera’s bedtime if that’s ok with you Daichi.,” you suggest, making Daichi snap out of his thoughts.
“Oh of course I’m ok with it!” He responds.
Sera gets excited and drags you back to the living room, playing for hours while Daichi takes a shower and eats his dinner before it was finally bedtime for Sera.
Daichi was done getting ready for bed and went to go check if you had put Sera to bed. He felt his chest feel all warm and fuzzy as he saw you and Sera sleeping softly next to each other.
He quietly walks to Sera’s side and gives her a small kiss on her forehead before walking around to your side. You looked so beautiful sleeping and it just made him fall in love with you even harder.
He decided to be a bit brave and gave you a small kiss on your cheek before wishing you and Sera a good night.
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screamin-abt-haikyuu · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
You're jealous but you can't do anything because you're not dating him - Part 3
Tumblr media
Part 1 | Part 2
Pairings: Aone x Fem! Reader | Yamaguchi x Fem! Reader
Genre: Angst to Fluff
Warnings: One (1) mention of death in Yamaguchi's scenario. Reader takes a painkiller.
Request: Hi! I absolutely love all of your Asahi content, and I definitely loved the 'Jealous' drabble you recently did, especially because it was about two of my favorite characters! I was curious if you would be willing to do the same prompt for Aone and / or Yamaguchi? I totally understand if not, since not everyone writes for them. But they're my two other favorite characters so I figured I would ask! Thank you either way <3
Requested by: @kitsu-writes
A/N: Thank you for 500 followers!! So happy you're all enjoying this series so much. Since Aone is such a quiet person, I wanted to respect that personality trait of his. I hope I did these characters justice. I just love both of these gentle sweethearts so much.
Tumblr media
Aone Takanobu
As the manager of Date Tech Volleyball Club, you sometimes feel like you shouldn't have favourites among the boys. Yet, you do. You have a clear favourite and that person is Aone Takanobu.
Aone. Gentle, sweet, quiet Aone. He is always such a comforting presence to be around. It surprises you how protective and considerate he is towards you. He silences anyone who makes fun of you by glaring at them. He never lets you be the last person to leave the gym. He always stays back until you are ready to leave and walks with you until the junction where you part ways to go to your respective homes. He is not much of a talker so you're usually the one who is chittering about something or the other and he just nods his head at you as he listens. Sometimes you say something that makes him smile and that smile is so beautiful that it turns your heart to mush. Needless to say, you always try your best to say or do something just so you can see his pretty and rare smile again.
But, unfortunately for you, that is the extent of it. You cannot, for the life of you, figure out if he has feelings for you or if it is just his nature. He does not really interact with any other girl so you cannot even compare his behaviour towards other girls to know if you're special to him. However, for the time being, you are perfectly content with your interactions during practice and your walks home.
It's Halloween season and the Date Tech VBC have all decided to go to a Halloween themed carnival together. You're meeting up with the rest of the team at a meetup point from where you will all go to the venue together.
"Hey, Y/N-san!" Koganegawa waves at you with a wide-toothed smile as you approach them.
"Hey, everyone! I hope I am not late," you say waving and sprinting towards them.
"No, not at all. We're still waiting for Aone and Futakuchi and his sister," Kamasaki says.
You frown a little. Aone is late? That almost never happens.
"Oooooh, the same sister who has a crush on Aone-san?" Koganegawa pipes up.
You feel a tiny pang in your heart at his words. You've never seen Kenji's sister. All you know about her is that she is a year younger than you and goes to a different school.
"She does?" you ask him, trying to sound as casual as you can.
"Oh, yeah! You should have seen her during the study session we held at Futakuchi-senpai's place. She wouldn't stop giggling and smiling at him," Koganegawa replies.
"I think it's the height. The Futakuchis are all really tall and she goes to an all-girls school. I think she was just happy to see someone taller than her," Obara joins in, chuckling
"Don't let Futakuchi hear you all," Moniwa warns.
"I don't think he minds," Obara laughs.
It's getting harder to keep the fake smile plastered on your face.
"Ah, there they are!"
You turn around and see Futakuchi approaching the group with a girl who could only be his sister. She's almost as tall as him and her long hair is the same shade of brown as her brother. You can't help but think how cute she looks as she waves excitedly at everyone and shouts greetings, her painted lips curved up in an adorable smile.
"Ah, you must be the manager I have heard so much about. Hi! I'm Futakuchi Mei! You can call me Mei. It is nice to meet you," she says, smiling brightly at you.
"L/N Y/N," you say, smiling genuinely this time, "It is nice to meet you too."
"Sorry for the delay. This one took a long time to decide her outfit," Futakuchi says, feigning disapproval.
"Don't worry, we're still waiting on Aone."
"Speak of the devil- Aone is here," Kamasaki says and nods towards the tall figure approaching the group.
You can instantly see Aone has put extra effort into getting ready today. His hair is neater and looks like it has been set with hair gel. He is also wearing a wristband and a maroon jacket over a plain black t-shirt. You've never seen him dress up like this and you can't believe how well it suits him.
"He looks so good," Mei whispers to her brother but she's close enough for you to be able to hear.
"Behave yourself," Kenji whispers back, rolling his eyes at her.
As he reaches the group, Aone stops and starts bowing repeatedly.
"Aone! It's all right! The others just got here too! You don't have to apologize!," Moniwa interjects, panicking at how close Aone's head gets to the ground as he bows.
He finally stops and nods, the expression on his face still apologetic.
The walk to the carnival is pleasant and full of laughter and conversation. However, you're rather quiet, trying to ignore the knot that seems to be growing in your stomach as you watch Mei walk beside Aone, chatting animatedly. She is really tall and her black dress complements his outfit, making them look like one of those picture-perfect power couples you see in magazines. Aone, as usual, is simply nodding along to the conversation around him.
The sun has almost set by the time you reach the venue. Moniwa suggests going straight to the haunted house before trying other activities.
"We're right on time. It will get crowded later."
You have never really been scared of ghosts or haunted houses but you can sense how nervous some of the others are, especially Koganegawa and Mei.
You were right. As soon as the first ghost appeared, Mei screeched and Koganegawa screamed a really high pitched scream and ran ahead blindly, causing Futakuchi and the third years to run after him. Now it's just you, Aone, Obara and a very scared Mei who is refusing to move ahead. You and Obara try to encourage her and she finally starts moving a little.
Unfortunately, the second jump-scare ghost appears a little too close for comfort. Mei screams bloody murder and flings herself right onto Aone, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest, trembling with fear.
Once he recovers from his initial shock, Aone is at a loss as to what to do. He pats her shoulder awkwardly.
"I'm sorry, Aone-san. I'm really scared of these things and my brother isn't here either. Can I just hang on to you like this until we are out of this place?" she says, her eyes pleading.
Aone nods and puts his arm around her, allowing her to hold on to him comfortably as she closes her eyes and buries her face into his chest again.
You don't want to feel this way. You really don't. She is scared and she is just hugging him out of fear. You know that. So why does it feel like someone is twisting your insides with an iron claw? You just want to get out of this place as soon as possible.
After what feels like an eternity, you finally step out of the haunted house, welcoming the feeling of the cool evening air hitting your face. You had started to feel suffocated in there. Behind you, Mei is still clinging on to Aone as they step out together, him almost carrying her on one arm at this point.
Futakuchi spots them and runs over, apologizing profusely to Aone for leaving Mei behind and for him having to take care of her.
"It was no problem. She was scared," Aone finally speaks his first words of the night.
"Aone-san. Thank you so much," Mei says, bowing over and over, "Please let me make it up to you. Please let me buy you anything you want to eat as a thank you."
Aone looks awkward as he says, "There's no need-"
"Please, you have been very helpful. I won't take no for an answer. Please let me repay you," she says, still bowing repeatedly.
He finally nods. Before he can say anything, she grabs his hand and drags him away towards the stalls, leaving you behind.
You don't make an effort to catch up to them. You just watch them as you fall to the very back of the group, idly chatting with Koganegawa, hoping he will be too distracted to notice the worry on your face as he tells you about how scary the haunted house was.
As you watch, Mei says something to Aone and he nods at her and smiles. The very smile that makes your heart soar. Except, this time, it feels like it is breaking.
"Ooo Aone-san is having snacks with Mei-chan! and they also came out of the haunted house together! I knew it! I knew she liked him! Maybe he likes her back too! I wonder if they will also go on the Ferris wheel ride together?" Koganegawa whispers excitedly, voicing out every worry that is gnawing at your heart currently.
You excuse yourself at the pretext of going to the restroom and dash away, hoping to distance yourself from everyone as quickly as you can so they don't see the tears falling from your eyes.
You weren't special to him after all. All this while, it was just him being... him. Kind, sweet, protective. Like he was to Mei today. Mei, who seems so much better for him. It didn't even take too long for her to make him smile.
You splash water on your face repeatedly, trying to hide your tears and soft sobs behind it as ladies flit in and out of the restroom.
Playing carnival games, eating your favourite snacks, looking at spooky exhibitions together and finally the Ferris wheel, you'd be lying if you said you hadn't fantasized about spending this day with Aone. Even if it was just as friends.
You just want to go home now but you cannot do that without spoiling the fun for others. You just need to suck it up and pretend to enjoy yourself. You take a few deep breaths to calm yourself down and make your way back to the others.
As you come into view, Koganegawa spots you and waves at you to come over. You're afraid they will notice your bloodshot eyes straightaway so you point towards a nearby Taiyaki stall and walk towards it instead, hoping to buy some time for your eyes to return back to normal.
Taiyaki is one of your favourite foods and your mouth starts to water as you watch it being cooked, breathing in the most delicious smells wafting from it.
"You're quiet today."
You had been so distracted by the Taiyaki that you did not notice Aone walk up behind you. He looks more serious than usual.
"You're one to talk," you say with a smirk, trying to lighten the mood.
"But I'm always quiet. You're not," he says.
Why is he asking you this? How do you even reply to this?
At that moment, the shopkeeper calls you to hand you the Taiyaki you ordered, giving you a few seconds to think of your answer.
"Uhh, I mean I have been talking, maybe you just didn't notice because you were busy with other people," you say.
"But I always notice you," he says, looking straight at you.
Now you definitely don't know how to reply. Your heart soars for a second. Did he just-?
He points to his jacket, "I thought you would say something about it."
Oh. He just wanted you to compliment his jacket. You try to hide your disappointment behind a smile.
"It's really nice, the colour really suits you. I thought that the moment I saw you but didn't get a chance to say it. Also, that wristband is a really nice touch!," you say, truthfully.
He smiles, the lightest shade of pink dusting his cheeks. It makes your heart do backflips.
"Your favourite colour. I thought you'd like it," he says, looking at the jacket. His tone and expression reflect the subtlest sense of pride and victory now that you've validated his choice.
He wore it for you?!??
"I- You wore it for me?" you say, eyes wide with surprise.
He nods quietly.
He doesn't answer straight away. Instead, he looks at the ground and thinks for a few seconds before finally looking up at you.
"I wanted to impress you. I thought if I looked extra good today, you would say yes to a date with me," he says, his eyes never leaving yours, "But when you didn't say anything and were generally quiet the entire time, I got worried that maybe you didn't like it. Or me."
He put in all this effort to impress you? While you were crying about not being good enough for him, he was trying to make you notice him?
Your eyes well up again.
"You look absolutely amazing. But you know that you don't have to change anything for me to like you, right? You don't need to impress me. I like you just the way you are and I always have."
His expression softens into one of slight surprise and delight.
"Really? Does that mean you will go on a date with me?"
"Yes!" you say, smiling softly at him.
You take his hand in yours and lace your fingers with his. "You wanna go on that Ferris Wheel ride with me?"
He nods.
As you both walk hand-in-hand towards the ride, you glance sideways at him and see that he is smiling the biggest, most beautiful smile you have seen till now.
Tumblr media
Yamaguchi Tadashi
When your best friend Yachi asked you to come with her to the Volleyball Club as her moral support after Kiyoko graduated, you did not expect to run into the cute boy you had seen around school but never spoken to. And that was the beginning of your friendship with Yamaguchi Tadashi, a boy who is as kind and sweet as he is good looking.
Even though Yachi does not need your moral support anymore, you still accompany her to practices almost every day. It started out as an excuse to be around Tadashi but as you interacted more and more with the other Karasuno members, you began to actually enjoy spending time with your newfound friends.
Before you knew it, you and Yachi were spending almost all of your time with him and Tsukki, occasionally joined by the other VBC members. Lunch breaks, volleyball practice, study sessions before exams, walking home together, any opportunity you get to spend time with Tadashi, you take it. He is just so caring and supportive and such a pleasant person to be around that you can't help but soak in every moment you get with him.
Of course, no one knows about your crush on him. Not even Yachi. There are a lot of reasons for this. But the main reason is that you do not want to destroy your friend group with awkwardness in case he doesn't reciprocate. Even though Tsukki might be a pain in the ass sometimes, you have grown to enjoy the company of all your Volleyball friends.
That is why you have been pretty good at not letting your feelings show till now. A fact that is about to come back to bite you in the butt as you make your way to the gym.
Nishinoya had sent you a rather confusing message this morning and you are curious to find out what he meant.
Come to the gym right after school ends. Alone. Don't tell anyone. Especially Yachi.
As ominous as the message sounded, you are pretty sure it is about something harmless.
You peek inside the gym and see that Tanaka and Nishinoya are already here. Nishinoya spots you and waves you over.
"Y/N! You got my message!"
"I did, Noya senpai. Why did you call me here?"
"It's Valentine's Day tomorrow and since you're Yachi's best friend we thought we'd ask for your help."
"Help with what?"
"Help with setting her up with Yamaguchi."
The sentence hits you like a ton of bricks.
"I- what? Do they like each other?"
"Well, we don't know about Yachi but Yamaguchi sure seems extra smiley and shy around her. Haven't you noticed? You're always with them."
"Not," you say, trying to think back to your interactions. Were you that blinded by your liking for him that you didn't realize he had feelings for your best friend?
"So, will you help us?" Nishinoya's words pull you out of your thoughts.
"Uh... I'm not sure. I don't even know if Yachi likes him back. I don't think we should meddle in their business. Also, why isn't Tsukishima here? He's Tadashi's best friend, isn't he?"
"Tsukki already agreed to participate," Noya says.
"Of course he did. We came up with the perfect plan for them to spend time together without too much meddling. If they end up getting together, we'll have fulfilled our duty as the best senpai," Tanaka says, proudly.
Tsukki agreed to the plan? It must be true, then.
Tadashi likes Yachi.
This information is hitting you harder than you could have anticipated. It feels like all the air has been knocked out of your lungs.
The others are looking at you expectantly and it is taking all you have to not burst into tears right then. You need to hold out for a little longer.
"All right. I'll help you out. What's the plan?."
The plan, much to your surprise, is actually simple. You will all make plans to watch a movie (romantic, of course!) tomorrow. Then, at the last moment, everyone will come up with an excuse to not be able to attend the movie, leaving Yachi and Yamaguchi alone to watch it together. All you have to do is convince Yachi to come to the movie and then back out at the last second. Tsukki will do the same for Yamaguchi.
After bidding everyone farewell, as soon as you step out of the gym, you break into a run and you don't stop running until you're home. You run straight to your bedroom and slam the door shut.
It takes a minute for the events of the day to sink in and when they do, your knees buckle and you use the edge of your bed for support, sinking to the floor. You let yourself cry until you can't cry anymore.
He doesn't like you, he likes your best friend.
Your best friend.
Your best friend who is like a sister to you.
She is someone you know would do anything for you. And you would do anything for her too.
If Yamaguchi is an angel, so is Yachi. They're both so nice and genuine and kind and smart. Looking at it objectively, they're perfect for each other. And if it can't be you, then you can't think of a better person for Yamaguchi than Yachi.
Will you be able to see them together? Well, not unless you want to die a thousand deaths every day.
But for two of your favourite people in the world, you are ready to face even that.
You text Yachi and get her confirmation for the movie. Noya informs you of Yamaguchi's confirmation as well.
Sleep seems to have eluded you completely tonight as you toss and turn in your bed, trying to console yourself over and over again.
Maybe Yachi doesn't like him back? She certainly hasn't told you anything. But then, neither have you said anything to her about your own feelings. Although, who wouldn't like a person like Yamaguchi after knowing him so closely? Even if she doesn't like him, he likes her. Tsukki agreeing to help with the plan proves just that.
By the time it is time for you to call Yachi with an excuse of being sick, you actually do feel sick. You have a raging headache from the lack of sleep and excessive crying. It also doesn't help that every time you think of Yachi and Yamaguchi on the date, your stomach starts to do flips, threatening to throw up the measly breakfast you forced yourself to have.
Yachi gets really worried and disappointed that you can't come for the movie.
"Y/N! Are you okay? What's wrong?! Is it serious? Should I come over? Do we need to take you to the hospital??" she sounds almost hysterical and it takes you a while to console her and tell her it is just a headache and you'll go to the doctor later if it gets worse.
"But your parents would be at work! Who will take you to the doctor then? I'm coming over, we can watch the movie together some other day!" she says and it takes you another fifteen minutes to come up with a foolproof plan of taking care of yourself that cannot result in your death.
Begrudgingly, she finally agrees to go to the movie without you.
You cut the call and sigh. Your head feels like someone is hitting it with a jackhammer so you pop a painkiller and try to sleep again. Thankfully, it works this time and you finally drift off into a dreamless sleep.
You are woken up to the sound of the doorbell ringing continuously. Groaning, you get up and make your way to the front door.
"Coming- I'M COMING!" you shout as the bell keeps ringing.
You open the door and are extremely surprised to see Yamaguchi standing there, huffing and panting.
"Tadashi? What- what are you doing here?"
"I- Tsukki he- told me- They- all wrong- I-" Yamaguchi sputters in between gasps.
"You're completely out of breath! Did you run all the way here!? Come- come inside first," you say, gesturing him inside.
Yamaguchi is still babbling half-broken sentences at you as you make your way inside. You try to calm him down but he doesn't seem to hear you. You grab both his shoulders and raise your voice a little.
"Tadashi!" you say, your voice loud but tone gentle. He finally stops talking and looks at you, worry etched on his face.
"What's wrong?" you ask him calmly, looking straight into his eyes, encouraging him to speak his mind.
He swallows thickly before responding.
"I like you."
It is like a dam bursts and all the frustration, worry and sadness you've been storing since yesterday comes pouring out in the form of tears and loud sobs.
You feel his strong arms wrap around you and you pull him in tighter, burying your face in his chest, not caring about the way your tears are wetting his t-shirt.
He rubs circles on your back, mumbling words of comfort in your ear until you let everything out. Once you've finally calmed down, he hands you his handkerchief and you use it to wipe the remaining tears on your face before finally meeting his gaze again.
"Do you really like me?" you ask softly, scared that you heard him wrong the first time.
He nods, his brows still raised in worry for you.
"But Noya- and Tanaka senp-"
"They were wrong. It was never behaving that way for Yachi. It was always you."
"But Tsukki agreed to the plan so I thought-"
"He only agreed because he was tired of us not acting on our feelings. He thought you would say no to the plan and perhaps be motivated to confess to me. And on the off chance that you agreed to the plan, he meant to tell me the truth all along. Which he did."
"Oh," you say, relief flooding over you, "The entire reason I agreed was because he did too. It was basically like confirmation that you like Yachi- wait! speaking of Yachi, does she know? About everything? and where is she?"
"She doesn't. I wouldn't even know how to explain it to her. As soon as Tsukki told me the truth, I just ran here instead. But I called everyone involved and I might or might not have yelled at them to go to the cinema and watch the movie with her," he says, sheepishly.
You can't help but laugh at the image of Tadashi yelling at Tanaka and Noya.
"This entire thing is a giant mess," you say, smiling at him.
"Yeah, it is," he smiles and rests his forehead against yours, "I'm sorry it took me so long to tell you. Maybe if I had confessed earlier, you wouldn't have had to cry so much-"
"Hey, I didn't confess either. And I agreed to go ahead with the plan. Honestly, I'm just glad you feel the same way."
"Can't believe you were willing to go that far. You're incredible," he says.
You don't say anything. You just pull him in for a hug again and you both stay that way for a long time, just enjoying being with each other in silence.
Tumblr media
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through another’s eyes
Tumblr media
fic notes : timeskip!osamu,bokuto + gn!reader, fluff, headcanons + scenario, wc: ~0.65k each
from elle ! remember when i said i wanted to write a fic that’s not in yours or your hq bf’s pov? yeah, here’s that asdfghjk this was pretty interesting to write so i hope you like it <3 reblogs are appreciated, they help a ton <3
Tumblr media
❥   miya o.
ikehara mitsuo has been coming to onigiri miya everyday since the restaurant first opened its doors. at precisely eleven-thirty in the morning, the slow steps of his brown loafers signals his arrival. a smile spreads across his lips, emphasizing the wrinkles on his features. he waves a hand out to the much younger man as soon as he sits down, he had always been ordering the same thing : two umeboshi and two salmon.
osamu had always been kind to him, never failing to make conversation as he takes his order; perhaps that was the reason why he had always held a sense of endearment towards him. osamu had always treated his customers with a sincerity he had never seen from any other shop owner, passion and happiness radiating through every encounter.
like all the other regulars at onigiri miya, mitsuo has been noticing something rather strange as of late. osamu’s smiles had been much brighter, eyes flicking towards the clock that hung on the wall whenever it was about to strike noon. he knew it was because of no one else but you. with your enticing demeanor and the spring in your step, you managed to capture the store owner’s heart; something mitsuo definitely didn’t fail to notice. 
“are they not coming today?” ikehara wondered out loud, ignoring that osamu had been there to clear his table. it was already half-past noon, usually you would have graced the store with your presence by now. your laughter should have been ringing in his ears, the tips of osamu’s ears should be turning pink.
osamu raised a brow, the usual light layer of sweat that covered his forehead absent on account of it being a rather slow day at the shop. “who’s not coming today?”
“the one you’re always waitin’ for.” ikehara spoke, looking up at osamu the second he had heard his voice. for all the times he had seen you walk in, observed your interactions with osamu, he had never figured out your name.
“yn?” osamu’s mouth parts in shock when he nods, especially as his eyes light up at the mention of your name.
“yn, huh? so that’s their name.” he chuckles, “been coming around here a lot, pretty hard to miss.”
“you must like ‘em a lot.” ikehara rolled his eyes at osamu shaking his head, knowing that he had just caught him in a complete and utter lie. “why don’t ya sit down with me? won’t be long, ‘m sure you got tons to do.”
osamu looked around the store, sighing before taking the seat opposite him. it wouldn’t be a rare sight to see osamu taking a couple of minutes to talk to a customer, still ikehara could tell there was a nervousness building in the pit of his stomach the second he began avoiding his gaze.
“how did ya know, ikehara-san?”
“it was easy.” the older man smiled, gently twisting the wedding band on his finger. “you look at ‘em the way i look at my katsumi. like they’re your whole world. and believe me when i tell you that they look at you the same.”
osamu could only blink back at him, and he took his silence as an invitation to continue. “listen. kid. i only got fifty or so years on ya, so indulge me and let me give you some advice: people like that. people like my katsumi and your yn, they only come around once in a lifetime. don’t let them slip away.”
“i know…and i won’t.”
ikehara wasn’t too sure if osamu had taken his words at heart or if he was only humoring him. that is until the very next day when he notices that osamu was much more anxious for your arrival and your voice practically shouting an “i’d love to!” that he knew osamu had meant what he said. ikehara silently raises a glass towards the two of you.
Tumblr media
❥   bokuto k.
nagano kimi was a freshman when bokuto koutarou was a senior at fukurodani. she had never been one to follow any sort of sport for most of her life, that is until a friend had dragged her to a game of volleyball. just like that, she was hooked. however, she had become a larger fan of a particular ace on the team. she admired his skill and passion for the game, completely entranced by the way he moved on the court.
flash forward to a few years later: she had graduated high school, finished university, and worked at an advertising firm. still, she had kept a record of not missing a single one of bokuto’s games. she came with a banner expertly decorated, his jersey number painted on her cheek, and a voice so loud you could almost pick it apart from the hundreds of other cheers.
her heart never fails to flutter when he flashed a smile in the direction of her section in the stands. she knew it was not meant for her, it would never be meant for her. it will always be meant for you. for some unknown reason, she always ended up in the section where you were. 
kimi’s hand is shaky as she reached out for your shoulder, pulling back ever so slightly before eventually giving it a couple of gentle taps. the first thing she noticed is your smile, warm and inviting. it had taken her aback, her feet moving a couple of small steps back. the second thing she notices was your jersey, one that sported bokuto’s name and number. it was like hers, except it probably wasn’t from the merch store. it was most likely one that he owns.
“can i help you?” your tone of voice is sweet, mildly laced with shock, but you lean in closer so she could hear you better. considerate, kimi noted.
 “you’re bokuto’s significant other, right?” 
you nodded, but before a word could leave your lips, bokuto had scored a point that put his team in the lead. the crowd, including the two of you, went wild. he sends another smile to your section before pointing at you in the stands.   
“you love him a lot, don’t you?” she noticed the affection in your gaze as you looked at him, the pure love and belief in your eyes and smile as you held a hand over your heart. your reply didn’t even remotely surprise her.
“i do,” you chuckled. “is it that obvious?”
“you look at him the way i do.” kimi shakes her head at your stunned expression, not even letting you say a word before continuing. “but it’s different. you know him in the way i don’t. i’ve only seen him at his best, when he’s out on the court. but you’ve seen him on bad days, when he’s at his worst…and you still choose to love him. just, take care of him. okay?”
“i will.” there’s determination in your voice, but it’s your next words that assure her that you meant it. “and i have no doubt that you are going to find someone who looks at you that way as well. you seem to care for the people in your life, whether they know you or not. i hope you never lose that trait.”  
sweet. you were sweet. you didn’t have to say that and yet you did.
without another world, kimi turned her attention back to the game, cheering with rest when it ended in a victory for his team. but even as she goes home and watches the post-game interviews, your words are the ones that ring in her ears.
she smiled at bokuto on her screen, he’s a little bit out of breath but she understood his words nonetheless: “i would like to thank my yn. i couldn’t ask for anyone better to have by my side.”
after your earlier conversation, kimi definitely agrees. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
summary; sakusa waits for you to come home
- pairing; s.kiyoomi x gn!reader
- genre; fluff, angst, comfort
- w.c; 439
- warnings; depression
a/n; i've been struggling so here's me writing for my comfort character 🥲
Tumblr media
This is where Sakusa finds you, curled up under the blanket and staring at the wall. He lingers by the door before quietly setting his gym bag on the floor and walks over to you. He unhooks his mask, places it on the nightstand then shrugs his jacket off to hang it up in the closet. He sits on the edge of the bed, his obsidian eyes sweeping over your unmoving form.
You don’t acknowledge him.
“Hey,” Sakusa says, voice gentle as he scoots closer to place his hand on your shoulder. “How are you feeling?”
“Fine,” you sound wistful, a soft distant tone as though you've floated away, lost at sea. You blink at the cream-colored wall. “How’s your day?”
Sakusa runs his fingers along your arm. “It's alright,” he says simply before standing up to draw the covers back and slip in. You don’t protest as he rearranges you, coaxes you to turn away from the plaster and drywall, and instead fall onto him and his welcomed warmth. Despite being under layers of soft cotton and down feathers, you’re cold to the touch.
He pulls you closer.
You’re unsure how long you stay like this, swathed in all things Sakusa Kiyoomi. His calloused fingers trace patterns along your skin as the smell of cedarwood and eucalyptus fill your nostrils. Your lips skim along the apex of his shirt and collarbone, you listen to each breath he takes, count the seconds between each inhale and exhale. You shudder and close your eyes.
Sakusa smoothes down your hair and presses his mouth to your forehead as you tremble against him. You’ve drifted nearer but still too far away, just outside of his reach. So he continues to soothe you.
“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” he murmurs against your skin. “We all have our bad days.” Sakusa cups your calf and hikes your leg around his waist to pull you impossibly closer like he’s trying to absorb you. You tighten your hold on him, clinging to him like he’s your lifeline, the anchor to keep you from sailing away.
And here you stay until the darkness begins to subside until the voices in your head quiet down enough for you to focus on the steady thump, thump, thump of Sakusa Kiyoomi’s heart, a reminder that you are alive and you are loved.
You bury your face into the crook of his neck, your fingers brush along the short curls at the base of his skull.
“Thank you,” you whisper, voice quivering but it’s clear and present.
You’re home.
He hums and presses his cheek against the crown of your head.
Welcome back.
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