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strawberrykake · 2 days ago
His Super Reliable Manager
Kuroo, Osamu, Oikawa, Bokuto || manager!reader
warnings: jealous bfs, lowkey suggestive (mainly Osamu’s)
notes: requested, another long scenario(s) glhf
Tumblr media
As manager, you’re one of the most reliable people on team
They would go to ask you for anything or help with some things
Your captain bf was used to it…kinda
Kuroo would start to notice some things that he’s never noticed before you started dating
Like helping them into their jackets, assisting with injuries, helping with their shoelaces (bc you’re pretty good at tying them), aiding them in anything
Your bf would pretend not to care
Because it’s what you do, right?
But of course, one day he was watching as you dabbed some cream on Lev’s hand before placing a bandaid on it
“Make sure to change the bandaid after a shower, or if it gets dirty or wet,” you say with your arms on your hips.
“Thanks, [y/n]-san! Where can I find this…uh…” Lev tries to remember the name of the cream you used on his hand.
“Neosporin,” you answer.
Suddenly two large arms hug you from behind.
You immediately knew who it was because of the familiar skin tone and scent
“As long as your not allergic to neomycin sulfate, bactitracin zinc, or polymyxin B sulfate,” he says, resting his chin on your shoulder.
Lev’s head spins at the jumble of words thrown at him
You freeze, turning your head to him
“Hi?” You greet him in a how-can-i-help-you manner.
“Hey.” He smiles and gives you a lingering kiss on the lips.
Right. In. Front. Of. Everyone.
Right in front of everyone!!!
The most affection you’ve shown in public together was merely a peck on the cheek.
(Not that he mind PDA with you.) It was your idea to minimize the intimacy in public.
Lev takes that as his queue to walk away
“Tetsurou, what are you doing?” You turn around to face him.
“What, I can’t kiss my lover?” He has his hold still on you as he leans down to give you another kiss.
But you push away, whispering, “Not now, everyone’s watching us.”
He smirks.
You blush heavily, pulling away from him as he chuckles.
Now whenever you’d be seen getting a little too handsy (to Kuroo’s liking) with another team member, he’d pop out of nowhere
Like *poof* and start getting all flirty and intimate
Basically stealing your attention from them
Tumblr media
You becoming manager was the best thing that ever happened to him since you’ve both started dating
Because now you have a reason to be on the court with him
And it meant spending more time together
But it’s also the worst thing ever
Because your job is to also make sure the rest of the teammates are in their best form
And that means…doing exactly what you are doing right now:
You squeeze Suna’s shoulder joint, trying to find the painful area that he’s been complaining about
“No,” he says.
You lower your hand and press again.
“Ow!” He yelps. “Yep, right there,” he says groaning.
Ain’t no way, Osamu thinks to himself
He’s been watching you the whole time
His jaw clenches really hard seeing you with your hands on Suna’s shoulders, the middle blocker holding a pack of ice in his lap.
“Okay, leave the ice there.” You help the middle blocker lift the pack of frozen contents near his right arm. “Rest a bit.”
You both don’t think much about it until Osamu shows up
“Soooo, what’s going on here?” Your boyfriend doesn’t hide his emotions, sending a tired look to his teammate.
Suna scoots farther away from you on the seat, noticing your proximity.
“Suna might not play today,” you say, standing up.
“Sorry, bro,” the fox-eyed boy apologizes.
You don’t realize the apology was also for something else.
Their is a shared glance between the guys that you don’t catch.
Osamu gives a sigh.
“Take it easy, Suna.” The tall middle blocker nods to him.
With that, Osamu takes your hand and brings you to the side where there’s less people
“Samu, need something?” You ask, wondering if there was something wrong.
He glances at you with no words
“You?” he says after a moment of silence.
Oh, boy.
Osamu isn’t one to be super flirtatious
But these moments usually occur when he’s 1) done something wrong, 2) jealous, 4) just in the mood to be
“Samu, I don’t have time for this. The others need some help.”
You guessed jealousy based on the way he is now clinging on to you as you tried to walk back to the rest of the team
He circles his arms around you, pulling you into a hug.
“Just a little longer, yeah? ‘Need ya.”
You hug back, placing your face in his chest to hide your blush
His chest vibrates as he lets out a chuckle.
“Sorry, I’m kinda sweaty.”
You don’t really care, and neither does he
You have work to do
“‘Kay Samu. We got to go back.” you pull away before giving him a peck on the cheek.
“Don’t worry. We can continue this later,” you whisper in his ear.
And that makes him behave for the rest of the day for sureee!!!
Tumblr media
After a hard, long day of practice
The boys of Aoba Johsai go through the same routine
changing back into their comfy clothing, refreshing themselves
However, some guys had been pushing themselves way too hard, injuring their hands
Being the responsible, reliable manager you are, you quickly bring out the first aid kit and tend to their wounds
You sigh as you wrap the bandage around Kyoutani’s bruised finger.
“You gotta be careful Kyou-kun.” The aggressive wing-spiker grunts as a reply.
what the fuck?? Oikawa side-eyes you both from a distance, pretending to drink water.
Oikawa’s ears and eyes are aimed towards your direction. He can’t help but scowl at the sight of you touching another guy’s hands, especially like that
He stares daggers at the back of their heads.
Feeling chills, they turn their head around to see Oikawa, whose expression abruptly changes into an innocent, friendly smile.
But they know their captain too well. Hidden beneath the smile is pure evil, perhaps planning their demise if they keep clutching onto your hand like that.
As you move on to tend to the next person, Kindaichi, you notice the shallot-haired boy hesitate, looking a bit anxious.
“What’s wrong Kindaichi?”
Oikawa stares intensely at the 1st year. And the poor lad seemed to notice.
“Ah, i-it’s nothing. I can do it myself!” He attempts to take the medical tools.
“Oh, Kindaichi-kun, don’t kid yourself! Please, let me!” you say with a reassuring smile, wanting to be a supportive agent to the team.
The dude opens his mouth and closes it as if trying to say something
Before he could say a word, your bf suddenly appears out of nowhere, approaching you
“Babe, what about me?” He slings an arm around your shoulder, pulling you close.
“Oh, are you injured?” You ask, immediately searching his hands for any signs of injury.
There weren’t any, surprisingly.
“Yeah, but only a kiss would make it better,” he leans forward and pouts pointing at his lip.
It makes the rest of the guys walk off to give you guys space to flirt talk
His words make you roll your eyes.
“Tooru, not now. We need to fix their wounds.”
“Do you have to?” he says with a pitiful voice.
“It’s my job. I’m the manager?”
“You’ve done so much today, though. Here, relax.” He takes the bandages and creams from your hands and places them back in the small bin. “The boys can do it themselves. They’re big boy now, see?”
Kindaichi is seen struggling to wrap the bandages on his fingers before stomping over to his companion, Kunimi
They’ve grown accustomed to your help that they’ve depended so much on you
It makes your heart warm, thinking about the fact that you truly have a place in this team
But of course, now that you’re dating Oikawa, you’d run into these little situations where he’d start acting up
Making excuses so that you’d put your attention to him instead
However, you knew exactly how to put him in his place
By giving him exactly what he wants
“Here, gimme your hand, babe.” You motion towards his hands.
He raises an eyebrow, giving you his hand, palm faced down.
You bring his fingers to your lips, kissing each tip
“Better?” You ask.
His eyes gaze at you with a foggy look in his eyes, as if daydreaming.
He shakes his head as you call him back to reality.
“Yeah, yeah! It’s better.”
“Good.” You place a hand on his shoulder. “Now, can I go do my job?”
You smirk, trying not to laugh at his suddenly changed demeanor.
Tumblr media
He’s not sure why you got your hand wrapped around the ankle of one of his teammates
His eyebrows scrunch in confusion, watching you from a distance
As manager, you’ve always been helpful in many situations
But this was definitely a new situation to him
He’s never seen you get this handsy with another person
He absolutely hates it.
Konoha sat on the bench with you squatted on the ground, inspecting his hurt leg
Konoha yelps when you press a certain spot.
“Ah, there it is,” you say, chuckling as you gently apply the ice pack on the wing spiker’s shin.
Before you could say anything else to the injured player, two large arms scoop you up
Bokuto literally picks you up, making you squeal
“Get your own manager, Konoha!!!” He shouts as he pulls you away in his arms, bridal style
Konoha merely sighs as he watches you get carried away by your burly bf
Here we go again
“Kou! you need to let me—”
“No!” His grip on you is strong as he walks to a bench much farther from everyone else.
Finally reaching his destination, he sits down with you in his lap.
“Hehe,” he smirks, watching his team, sticking his tongue out at them.
They don’t seem fazed at all, used to his antics.
“Koutarou, what are you doing? We’re leaving soon. I need to help gather some things.” You try to squirm your way out of his arms but he just tightens his hold.
“Wait, wait—”
“Kou,” you say his name sternly.
You explain your role and duties as the manager
And how it is essential to be in their best form if they want to go in the “main arena” that he always dreamed about
“Fine,” he says, cowering. His eyes lower to the ground, creating pitiful look on his face.
You give him a light kiss on the cheek. Then another on his lips, surprising him.
“Who’s the most handsome, strong ace in the world?” You ask, booping his nose with a finger
He gives a weak smile. “Me.”
“My favorite person in the world?” You pinch his cheek.
Bokuto’s smile grows, his owl hair no longer drooping. “Me?”
“That’s right. And whose boyfriend?” Your smile is reflected on his face.
“You know it.”
He giggles, before leaning in for another kiss from you to which you gladly obliged.
“Alright, time to go,” you say after pulling away.
You slide from his lap and take his hand to walk with you
But he stands still, tugging on your hand.
“Wait, let me carry you back.” Your bf leans down with his back facing you. “Hop on.”
You laugh at his request.
“Okay, babe.” You drop on his back, your limbs clutching onto him.
Bokuto chuckles and carries you piggy-back style back to the team, definitely in a better mood
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justmywriting1313 · 2 days ago
Aggressively affectionate (sakusa x reader)
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi seems like the kind of partner who would aggressively baby you especially if he deems you as someone who isn't very good/ capable of taking care of themselves. The entire time he would be shaking his head, a perpetual frown on his face as he tucks you in and mutters under his breath, “silly girl... going and making me care for you and then love you only to be a complete idiot... You can’t go make me love you and then be incapable of keeping yourself alive... smh”
Tumblr media
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose gut has been twisting in worry for the past couple of weeks because he has watched you overwork yourself to the point of complete incoherency. He hasn’t said anything yet because so far you have always been the one to remind him of his limits but even that has been mild because lets face it, omi-omi is a fairly balanced person. However you guys are still new to this and the boundaries haven’t been placed so he doesn’t know when and where he can step in.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who borders on speeding when he gets a call from your co-worker wondering if he could come pick you up since you kind of blacked out for a while. For the first time he feels angry when he walks up to your table, gathering a listless you into himself and practically carrying you reassuring your boss and friends that he has this handled.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who settles you into his car, getting into his own seat and slamming the door shut. For a minute or two there is silence as he takes a moment to gather his thoughts while you did everything to avoid looking at the seething man next to you. He finally turned to you, dark eyes glistening with unreserved care and concern as he grabbed your chin with a firm, not forceful grip,
“I have tried to be patient... I really have... I have tried to do this the easy way for many reasons... we are still new to this and you are kind of a flight risk with relationships but I’m over it... I care about you too much to see you overwork yourself... so we are going to go home, you will stay over with me where I can keep on you and you are going to listen and do everything i say Y/N L/N... Am I clear?” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who ignores your grumbling about his use of your full name. Once he gets his agreement he is placing a kiss on your pouty lips before driving of to his apartment. His movements are firm and a little rough but not forceful as he drags you in by the upper arm. Sitting you down on his couch and placing painkillers for your headache, a much too large bottle of water and a couple of granola bars in-front of you. Before putting on a show for you, something lighthearted no matter how much you wanted to watch greys anatomy.
“I am going to fill a bath for you and set out some clothes... if the water and granola bars aren’t finished by the time I’m back...” 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who sets his entire house up, filling the bath up, setting a set of his own clothes out for you, getting some of the prep for a good meal done as he waits for you to finish what he gave you, his observing eyes never leaving you for too long. Just this took the little energy you had gotten in the car out of you as Kiyoomi carried you to the bathroom. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi whose actions become oh so gentle as he gently stands you up on two feet as he raises your arms for you. Soft voice as he calls you all the nicknames under the sun when your eyes get a little teary and you beg to just lie down on the floor and go to sleep, even if it is in the bathroom. He gets down on his knees and looks up at you with soft eyes as he watch you sob. Even as he helps you out of your skirt and panties. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who gets you into the water and with gentle strokes he washes your hair for you. Even as you sob into your hands and knees. Every cry bringing you closer to exhaustion. Kiyoomi would just sit and hear it all as he moves you into different positions, scrubbing your back and arms for you. Hands gliding across your stomach and down your legs as you loll your head back to look at him as he rinses you of. 
“‘M sorry ya had to take care of me Kiyo-kun”
“sweetheart wether you like it or not I’m here... and I’m not going anywhere and that means i get to take care of you and its something I want... You will never have to be sorry for it... cause its what I want to do”
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you up in a fluffy towel and takes you to bed where he dresses you up in his shirt that was one size too big. The collar dropping making you swim in it. He pulls one of his boxer briefs up your legs since his sweats were too big and falling off. Your Kiyo-kun who sits you down on the edge of the bed and rubs moisturiser into your legs as you grip a pillow in your arms. He lets his lips trail up your calf as he does so.
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who drags you to the couch sitting you on the floor in between his legs as he uses a towel and then hair dryer to dry your hair. Smiling softly when he watches your head lol onto his knee as you almost fall asleep. Before he gets up to get your food for you. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who suddenly goes back to angry when you refuse to eat. His eyes getting fiery as he ignores your whines that make false promises about eating when you wake up. Instead grabbing the chop sticks and feeding you himself. His face is still angry but inside he is chuckling a little as you pout all through the meal, huffing into your hands as you chew the bite of rice and meat he had forced you to eat. Once again a little teary eyed and red cheeked. You really were a cry baby when you were tired but Kiyoomi was far from upset with that discovery. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who leads you back to the bathroom where he sits you up on the counter handing you a toothbrush as he takes the fastest shower of his life not wanting to leave you too long. He comes out of the glass cubicle only to see you having fallen asleep while brushing and all he can do is sigh as he brushes his own teeth and changes before finally letting the both of you collapse into bed. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who wraps you and himself up like a burrito before finally taking a deep breath of relief at finally having you back in his arms knowing you were well taken care of safe. His mind wandering to all the ways he never wants this to happen again as he presses kisses to your temple as he breathes you in. The soft glow of the night light he thought it best to leave on, highlighting your dark circles and sallow complexion that had his heart plummeting. 
Boyfriend! Kiyoomi who airs out his grievances about how annoying you could be like this through whispered grumblings against your skin as he relaxes at finally having his missed intimacy with you. He also whispers out all of his promises about how when you failed to take care of yourself he would always step up no matter how annoyingly incapable you were because you are his to love and care for and he knew he could learn to be the best at that just like he was the best at Volleyball, 
“You are annoying... You are annoying and a cry baby and clumsy and careless with your safety and rash and reckless and I’m still shocked you have come this far alive somehow... You in all your delicate easily hurt yet having to do everything glory are annoying... But you’re still my person and if you are going to fail oh so miserably at keeping yourself alive thats fine... i’ll do it... cause you are all of these things but most of all you are mine... mine to care for, mine to love and mine to look after...I swear to god though, if you ever let it get this bad again I swear I will actually buy you one of those tracking apps and hound you all the time like a helicopter parent”   
This is very much trash and a good example of what happens when i’m rushed by anyone for something... even by myself but I have been in soft Kiyoomi hours for days now so here we are 
enjoyyyy and as always please comment, like and request stuff
okieee bye <3
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danishima · 2 days ago
Practice | Suna x Reader
warning: ugh kissing??? maybe suggestive but I don’t think so and yeah. first kiss and friends to lovers trope live in my mind rent free.
Tumblr media
You were hanging out with Suna after practice, well if sitting on your phones without talking could be called “hanging out”. And you were incredibly bored. Letting out your fifth sigh as you glanced over at him.
“Will you stop doing that.” He mumbled clearly annoyed. You let your head fall back against the bed with a huff as you whined “I’m bored! Entertain me.” Now it was his turn to sigh. “And how will I do that?” You though for a moment and he laughed as you were focused on finding an activity to do with your dearest friend. “Truth or dare?…” you said hesitantly. “No.” He replied without a thought.
“What are you hiding something from me?” You teased as he stood up straighter. “No, whenever you suggest playing truth or dare you can never think of anything to ask and it ends up with me listening to you ramble about your current crush.”
Well damn.
You furrowed your brows “What about those apps that give you the questions? Why don’t we download one of those?”
And that is exactly what you did. Having lots if fun calling Atsumu and “confessing” to him while calling him Osamu (his reaction was priceless) and learning that Suna used to be one of those kids who slicked back their hair everyday in primary school. Now as you looked at the question on the screen you started to feel heat rushing to your cheeks.
“How did your first kiss go?”
Hah. Fuck. You looked up to see Suna waiting for your answer. When you didn’t respond he spoke “Come on it couldn’t have been that bad, just tell me.” You bit your lip. Suna had a fair share of admirers as he was a part of the volleyball team so he had been on dates and had one or two girlfriends. It’s not like he would make fun of you but it was still kind of… odd? Silence filled the room for a few minutes before Suna spoke “(Y/n)? Did you have a first kiss?”
And that’s how you ended up like this.
Why did you agree to this in the first place. Taking back what you thought earlier, Suna absolutely did make fun of you. And when you wanted to pick a dare, what do you know? He had one for you.
“Let me be your first kiss.”
It wasn’t very romantic when you burst out laughing but here you were. Sitting in front of Suna waiting to kiss him.
“So do we just.. get into it?”
“You know when you say stuff like this it makes me understand why you haven’t had your first kiss before.”
“SHUT UP!” You slapped your hands over your face, covering it in embarrassment. “This is stupid I’m going home.” He let out a laugh as he reached to get a hold of your waist and dragging you on his lap.
“What’s stupid is you making this a bigger deal than it has to be.”
You scoffed ignoring the sidden rush being this close to him gave you “I can only imagine kissing you would be just you embarrassing me so it is a big deal for me.“
“It will be quick and painless I swear.” You groaned as you nodded your head. That was all the permission he needed.
Suna didn’t understand why he felt so excited to do this. You were a friend, he never really thought of you other than that, but now he couldn’t help but feel… nervous? “Ok so I am… going in?” Suna smiled at your clumsy state, nodding. You leaned in slowly you felt awkward as you realized both of your eyes were open. Smiling to hide the obvious tells of nervousness you were trying to ignore “I think we should close our eyes? That’s what they do when.. yeah.” You closed your eyes. Bringing your face closer to his you felt your breathing slow down and a second later your lips were on his.
It was soft and still. You didn’t move and neither did he. Just soft lips pressed against each other while uneven breaths were heard from both of you. Liking the feeling you stayed like that for a few seconds until you felt more pressure on your lips as Suna leaned into you more. Without thinking, he placed his hand on your cheek and you sighed. You felt yourself getting more comfortable so you started moving your lips. It wasn’t perfect, you were pretty clumsy and too careful of how you were parting your mouth like you saw in the movies but, you felt your slight panic easing when his tongue lightly grazed your bottom lip. Instinctively, you let your hands make their way to his soft hair and were pleased to hear the slightest hitch of his breath. Continuing like that for a while, lips moving at their own accord, his other hand sliding up and down from your neck to your waist you two sat there. Both aware this was way different than what you intended to do. What was supposed to be a quick kiss now turned into you sighing while leaning in for more and him smiling in between kisses trying to suppress the funny feeling he felt. He know things were going to be different now. This wasn’t what friends did.
Before you know it, the warm feeling on your lips was gone as Suna pulled away, your lips still chasing his with closed eyes. Sliding his hand from your cheek to your jaw he whispered “Did you like it?”
Feeling slightly dizzy you didn’t catch the teasing tone in his voice and mumbling something along the lines of yes you are a good kisser. Letting out an airy laugh he pat your head. “You are not too bad for an amateur either.” Swatting his hand away you pouted at his words.
All ready to go home, you waved your “friend” goodbye as you walked out of the door.
“Thanks asshole.” His eyes widened in amusement as he laughed
“Hey I helped you didn’t I? You should be thankful!”
“Shut up!”
As you left you both had the same thing on your minds
Something changed.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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detetsu · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
iwaizumi has never once forgotten a date.
oikawa's always told him it makes him sound weird and robotic—that no one remembers the exact day they broke their first bone or had their first kiss, iwa. that memories pass and days fade and you're not meant to remember the exact date of every little thing, but, if he's being completely honest, iwaizumi kind of likes it.
he's never forgotten a date, and so today, your birthday, is really no exception.
granted, he didn't expect himself to be standing at your front porch with a little piece of paper stuffed in his pocket today—but facetime just didn't seem like enough and he couldn't stomach the idea of you getting your birthday gift from the postman, so here he is.
"hajime?" you hover in the doorway, eyeing him, and for a moment, he thinks this might have been an incredibly stupid idea. "what are you doing here?"
"your birthday," he breathes. "i didn't wanna miss it."
and you laugh, "so you came all the way here?"
"so i came all the way here, yeah." he stands there for a moment, hoping to gauge some kind of reaction out of you, but he's caught between shock and horror, so that isn't really doing him any good.
"you really didn't have to"
"i know, i just," he hesitates, digging around in his pocket for a moment before he fishes out the paper. "i really wanted to hear your voice and i really wanted to give this to you in person and i really didn't want you to think i forgot, so here."
normally, he would curse himself for the word vomit, but right now he's a little busy thrusting an envelope into your hands for him to bring himself to care.
"oh-" you hold the letter between your fingers, twisting the little opening of the envelope in your hands. "what is it?"
and he eyes you.
"okay, yeah, yeah i have to open it to find out. you don't even have to say it," you say, and he chokes out a little laugh.
"at least you figured it out, i guess." he watches you sink your fingers beneath the little cover, unfolding the sheets in your hands and, he really considers telling you to wait until later to read it. he doesn't.
"babe?" you ask, and you look like you could cry. "did you write me a love letter for my birthday?"
he did. it's brief, incredibly so, and he's not sure he said anything that he was trying to say, but it's in his handwriting and it's in your hands, so he's not sure he could take it back now if he tried. truthfully, judging by the way your eyes spill across the words, holding the little letter in shaky hands, he's not so sure he'd want to either.
"something like that," he shrugs. "just—don't make fun of me if it sounds stupid."
"hajime," you start.
"or do, i guess, it doesn't really matter and it's your birthday so whatever makes you happy—"
"haji." he pauses.
"sorry, what?"
and you kiss him. it's a crash of lips and a crinkle of paper and the joining of the both of you on your little doorstep. it's the twisting of breaths and the ache of reunion and happy birthday whispered across your tongue.
you kiss him, and when you're finished, and your lips are sucking in every little twist of air they can muster, you kiss him again. you kiss him until his lungs ache—until his being is as much yours as it is his own, until the rain starts coming down too hard and you're both too soaked to think and you're pulling him inside by the wrist, so you can take him to your room and stare at his handwriting a little more.
you kiss him, and iwaizumi realizes at that moment that really, really likes remembering dates, especially if they're for you.
Tumblr media
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stuff-and-fluffs · 2 days ago
i’m not sure how but i’ve somehow fallen into a kitchen nightmare hole and it’s just… weirdly time-sucking. i must’ve watched like 10-15 episodes in like 3 days hehe. ehh not much work to do after i submitted that essay yesterday. requests are open, feel free to state your truths <3
Tumblr media
just thinking about getting boyfie! sakusa who doesn’t get how intimidating he might look to strangers. the only intimidating things about him — other than his height — are his rbf and the muscles he’s gained from his years of volleyball training. just imagine a 6’2.4 (later 6’3.7) muscly dude staring what seems to be death rays your way. not a fun place to be in, truly, so no one even tries hitting on you when you’re out with him. they don’t realize that he’s not gonna murder them in their sleep for approaching you — i mean, isn’t that the most logical conclusion when you see someone glaring daggers at you? i would assume so — so you’ve won not being bothered by random people. he says the glares aren’t intentional, and they probably aren’t. although he gets a bit pissy when someone flirts with the line while flirting with you, he doesn’t really mind all that much when someone’s not being pushy. he usually just pouts, but people tend to assume that he’s mad at them and tend to back off. he’s not completely sure why they abort mission sometimes, and it’s always kinda fun to explain to him that maybe they could be a teensy bit intimidated by him. he never really gets why they are, but hey! whatever gets his distaste for it across, eh?
Tumblr media
please do not plagiarize!
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bananaminbaby · 2 days ago
You and your fave are watching Netflix's Old Enough (Japanese show where 2 year-olds do their first errands around town), who will get baby fever first?
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shoyouu · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary ;; after a ruined date night with your boyfriend, you decide to fix things up in a different way than usual. (i'm terrible at summaries sorry lol) word count: 1.4k
pairing ;; kenma x fem!reader. (female anatomy)
cw ;; established relationship. blowjobs. handjobs. hair pulling. orgasm delay/denial. oral m!receiving. slight edging. cum swallowing. reader is called baby, doll, and angel a few times. let me know if i missed anything !
a/n ;; first smut one-shot I'm posting on here, this is just testing out my smut writing skill lmao. some things might not make sense plot wise (?) but that's just bc i wrote the smut before the plot. regardless, enjoy!
MINORS, AGELESS, AND BLANK BLOGS DNI !! you will be blocked.
Tumblr media
It isn’t your fault, really. 
After a ruined date night resulting with a heated argument between you and your boyfriend; all you want to do right now is bury yourself in the comfort of your bed, watch your favorite show and sleep it off. Arguing with Kenma was rare enough – and on top of that, you both chose to ignore each other the entire ride home and into the house. 
You know he didn't mean it, he didn't mean to say all those things. You come to the conclusion that it was said in the heat of the moment; and you've also said your share of words back at him, too. In the end though, you can't help but feel upset over the whole situation.
Usually after date nights like these; you two would get to spend some quality time in the bedroom. Which also means no streaming or gaming for kenma. And for the most part – you think it's worked out pretty well throughout the years. Setting boundaries and learning what both of you are comfortable with is important in a relationship. 
Already accepting the fact that this night was ruined – you decide you want to get back at him for saying all those things to you and lashing out, or at least trying to salvage what's left of this night. You think it might be a way of apologizing…but, not really .
And that’s exactly why you’re sitting right under his gaming table, in his dark room – bent forward just enough so you’re lined face-to-face with his cock. His swollen red tip leaking with pre, resting solid hard on his lower abdomen. The hoodie he’s wearing tucked in between his teeth as he lustfully stares down at you. 
“already this worked up, baby?” you tease, gazing at him through your lashes. You grab a hold of his length in your hand as you slowly start to stroke up and down, keeping a firm grip on him. He hisses through his teeth at the stimulation, eyebrows furrowing while trying his best to remain focused on the game he’s playing. 
You watch as he grows impossibly harder in your hand – smearing his pre all over and using it as lube. At the first lick of your tongue; he gasps and you feel his thighs tense under your touch. It's not hard to tell that he’s trying to keep up with this facade; pretending to be unbothered as he continues to game like nothing is happening.
‘you think this is so funny, huh? playing around with me like this,’  he isn’t voicing it; but you already know that those would be his exact words. His eyes are darting from your face and back to his monitor screen repeatedly as you continue to lick up and down his length, circling it around his tip but not quite fully in your mouth yet – and it’s driving him mad . 
Already fed up with your teasing; he tries his best to resist the urge of fucking straight into your mouth and having his way with you – letting you have your fun with him just this time. The cotton of his hoodie in his mouth is starting to grow damp between his teeth, biting down hard enough that it's painful . 
His eyes and head rolling back in pleasure as soon as you fully engulf him in your mouth; taking him straight down so that his tip lightly nudges the back of your throat. He isn't paying attention to the game he’s playing anymore – fingers no longer rapidly clicking his keyboard and mouse. The only sounds emitting from the room are the squelches and his heavy panting.
He lets himself indulge in the feeling of your warm, gummy walls around him. Could come on the spot – he thinks. Lips parting – his hoodie slips out of his teeth as he chooses to have his focus directly on you, watching you work your magic. 
You drag your tongue around the underside of his length just how he likes it – and it pulls a guttural moan out of his pretty lips; a sound you've been waiting patiently to hear all night. 
“..fuck, baby–” he lets out, inbetween short breaths. He brings his hands down from his desk to brush the stray strands of hair away from your face, gripping it firmly and using it as leverage to guide you up and down his throbbing cock. He thinks you look absolutely beautiful, “doin’ s’ good.. sucking me in like that,” you hum in return, creating a pleasant feeling of vibrations down his shaft. You feel your arousal grow because of the praise; pussy aching from the lack of stimulation.   
From the way his hips have started to stutter, and his muscles clenching under your touch – you know that he’s nearing his high. “..just like that, doll,” he groans, you don’t stop licking and sucking until he’s right on the edge; a thread away from his release. 
This is exactly when you completely pull away from him; your mouth leaving his cock and hands are back down to your sides. “w-what?– babe, please,” he whines, long and loud. His breathing becomes ragged and you notice the frustration written all over his face, “I told you, I’m sorry–!” 
His muscles continue to tense and clench as you massage over his thighs. “yeah? well …” his length now standing straight up, long and completely solid, “I don’t really appreciate it when you lash out on me, kenma..” you fake your annoyance, bottom lip turned up into a pout.
“I really wanted to, you know, spend some time with you and enjoy our night,” he groans at your words, seeing that you’ve already started to trace his cock with your index finger. His stomach matching the quick rise and fall of his breaths – the pain from his shaft slowly dying down as you start to stroke him again. 
“I– was just, oh fuck,” he struggles to speak his words as feeling your warm mouth wrap around his tip, twitching in your mouth, “..I was just, angry– angel, y-you know I didnt mean it,” he reasons, stumbling over his words. And you think you’ve played around enough, if you give him what he wants – you might just get something in return tonight as well. 
He notices the drool is gathering around the sides of your soft lips, taking his thumb and wiping it while you continue to suck him, hoping that this time you’d finish what you started. 
You simultaneously bob your head up and down his length while using your free hand to jerk whatever you couldn't reach. “so perfect, my sweet angel,” making direct eye contact with him – seeing his flushed face and blissful look; his adam's apple moving with every hard swallow. Some of his dual-coloured hair sticks to his forehead, a result of the sweat that's gathering.
He's nears his high again, hips thrusting back up into your mouth and hitting the back of your throat. His entire focus in this moment is only on you, what you're doing, how you're making him feel. The grip on your hair is getting tighter, and the continuous twitch of his cock in your mouth only means one thing. 
One, two, three more strokes of your wet mouth around him and he comes straight down your throat. His head is tossed back as he lets out a deep, long moan of satisfaction. The salty substance fills the spaces in your mouth and your instinct is to swallow all of it.
The room is quiet for a few moments, taking deep breaths in and out as he starts to calm down. He looks back down to check on you, seeing that you’re also catching your breath, “..let me see, baby,” tracing his thumb along your slick-covered lips encouraging you to open your mouth, “ah, that’s a good girl. swallowed every last drop,” you stare back at him from where you're kneeling, and he pulls you up to sit in his lap, placing his palms and roughly kneading your ass. 
“you still mad at me?” he asks, and you let out a soft giggle, shaking your head. Returning your soft gaze, he uses his free hand to wrap behind your head, pulling you from the nape into a deep kiss. You hum in approval, kissing him back.
“good, ‘cause I’m not done with you yet.” 
Tumblr media
thank you for reading !! likes + rbs appreciated <3
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katsoon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
დ pairing: suna x gn!reader
დ wc: 1.5k
დ info + warnings: neighbors au, fluff
დ summary: it’s the day after your first true encounter with suna and you have yet to put your new furniture together. luckily, you recall your neighbor offering his help with the assembly. you take him up on his offer.
დ previous | 𝐏𝐀𝐑𝐓 𝟐 | next
Tumblr media
hey neighbor! if u have some time 2nite, could u stop by to help me out w my couch pretty please??
suna’s breaks during practice were usually spent aimlessly scrolling on his phone but as he picked up the device from the bench, a text notification caught his attention—it was from you. he read the message over twice, a small smile pulling at his lips. maybe it was silly, but he thought that since you didn’t text him yesterday, you had handled it yourself. and that thought shouldn’t have left him disappointed in bed last night when he didn’t get a text from you then.
he sent you a quick reply saying he’d be over after practice.
what suna didn’t consider was that it was typical of him to collapse on his couch and lay there for at least half an hour each time he got home after finishing a grueling day of drills. his eyelids drooped low as he unlocked his door, dropping his bag in the entryway and closing the door once more before he could think about passing out for his scheduled cat nap. with a yawn, he spun around and took a few steps until he was standing outside your apartment, knuckles knocking against the entrance to announce his arrival.
it only took a few seconds before you opened the door.
“hey!” you greeted him with a bright smile.
he returned your greeting with a two-fingered wave, his jaw setting back in place upon completing his yawn. his eyes looked as tired as they did that first morning when you had unknowingly woken him from his sleep.
“are you tired? you don’t have to help if you’re exhausted from work.”
“it’s fine, i swear,” he reassured you. he’d already told you that he was willing to help out and he had no intention of bailing on you now. suna peeked over your head and into your unit, pointing behind you. “can i come in?”
“of course.” you nodded and stepped aside, sweeping your arm out in a motion to welcome him in. he left his shoes by yours on the mat you had situated on the floor.
suna snorted at the state of your living room. the boxes your couch and armchair had come in had yet to be disposed of and were leaned up against an empty wall in the room. the legs, back, and cushions were spread out on the floor as though you attempted to begin putting them together but hadn’t gotten very far. and the bean bags you were using as a substitute were pushed into the corner, though, it was clear they were still being used. he wouldn’t have thought much of it if you had requested his help last night—the same day your furniture had been delivered—but the fact that the parts had likely been sitting out since the previous morning was amusing to him. “you’ve been living like this since i left yesterday?” he asked.
“yeah,” you laughed, rubbing the back of your neck sheepishly. suna didn’t seem put off by the mess and he didn’t mind the first time around, but you couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit embarrassed by the clutter. “i thought i could do it on my own but now that i think about it, the most i’ve ever assembled was the utility cart i used for food in my college dorm.”
“you’re better than me.” suna crossed his feet and lowered himself into a sitting position on the space you had cleared on the floor. “i kept all my instant ramen in my dresser.”
“where’d you put all your clothes?” you asked through a laugh, folding your legs beneath you to sit beside him.
“the closet.” you glanced over to see if he was joking but you were met with blank eyes and an expression that displayed no teasing. you bit your cheek to keep yourself from laughing. he either cycled through the same few outfits every week or had extraordinary cramming skills to keep such a large amount of clothes in such a small area. the mental image of suna’s school-issued wardrobe stuffed with t-shirts and sweatpants brought a smile to your face.
you cleared your throat and shook the thought from your head. it couldn’t have been normal having such familiar thoughts about a man you’d known for barely three days. pointing to the instruction manual, you met suna’s gaze. “i don’t want to keep you for long...”
“right, let’s get started.” he clapped his hands, rubbing them together before reaching out for the legs of the couch.
“you don’t waste any time.” you spared the untouched booklet of instructions a lingering glance and turned back to suna. he was tearing open the pack of screws with his teeth. 
“manuals are for chumps.” he stuck his tongue out to make sure none of the plastic was left behind in his mouth. once he was sure he was clear, he continued. “besides, it’s just screwing on legs and adding the cushions, right?”
looking back on it now, he didn’t do much furniture set up when moved into his place. of course there was a couch in his living room and a dresser in his bedroom, but he had very limited recollection of actually being a part of the process in which they came to be. it made sense considering kita and aran did most of the work while suna sat around watching the twins bicker over what appliances should go where in the kitchen. the thought didn’t occur to him then, but he wasn’t very involved in putting his apartment together. the most he did was buy food for the fridge and a bedding set for his mattress. it made him wonder if he was qualified to lend a hand to you when he barely knew what he was doing.
suna wasn’t entirely sure what compelled him to make his offer that day but the last thing he was going to do was make a fool of himself—and in front of you, of all people. so he set his inexperience aside to make sure you’d have a couch set up in your living room. and, surprisingly, it went off without a hitch. you zipped the covers over the cushions while suna handled attached the legs. when the both of you were done with your separate tasks, you worked together to lift and move the furniture to where you wanted it. the biggest problem the two of you faced was the lack of space in the finite area. suna bit his tongue to hold back from asking how many people you planned on entertaining that warranted a sectional and a loveseat.
“that was easier than i thought.” suna ran a hand through his hair, the strands falling right back into place. the room was much more homey without all the packaging and the absence of the mismatched beanbag chairs.
“yeah, i guess the size was intimidating me. i probably could have done this by myself. sorry for the trouble, suna.” 
did you think this was a bother to him? it was more interesting than what he usually did after being released from practice and he actually enjoyed your company. he’d go as far as saying he had a good time. “i don’t mind, seriously.”
“well, thank you. i really appreciate it.” you didn’t want to pressure him into staying longer than necessary considering he likely had a long day at work, but you’d be a bad host if you didn’t offer him refreshments—especially since he was so helpful. you strolled over to your kitchen, calling over your shoulder, “do you want some water? or maybe a snack? i impulsively bought a jar of jelly sticks last night and need to get rid of some of them.”
not many things excited suna, but his ears perked up at the mention of chuupets. he already liked you more than any of the others in the apartment complex that he regularly ran into, but you were winning him over with each new interaction the two of you shared. but, he thought, it would be strange of him to express elation over something as childish as a jelly snack. so he cleared his throat to keep his voice level, responding, “sure, i’ll have a couple.”
you nodded, tucking two water bottles from the fridge under your arm and grabbing the container of jellies with your free hand before making your way over to your newly assembled couch. you plopped down and jerked your head in the direction of the cushion beside you, silently urging suna to sit. he followed your command and took a seat next to you. you handed him the jar and told him to take as many as he’d like. he rummaged through the individually packaged sticks in search of the grape flavored ones, picking out a few as he came across them.
“so,” you broke the silence after taking a quick swig of your water, “i finally met the guy who lives next to me and it’s no wonder that last tenant moved out, he’s a total—”
this—chatting casually over snacks—wasn’t something suna made a habit of doing with his neighbors but he wouldn’t be opposed to changing that for you.
Tumblr media
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phoebeyahhh · a day ago
the feels.
you hated the weird sensation that swells on your chest whenever kuroo tetsurou talks to you. you ignored it at first, realizing that you only feel it when kuroo is around.
you hated it because you have no clue what thet weird sensation is, you hated it to the point where you started avoiding him.
but you can't run away from him forever. you two share the same class, sitting infront of him by the windows.
he would poke your shoulders but ignores him. tye more you ignore him, the more you felt hurt. why?
but then, kuroo confronted you, "don't go avoiding me, y/n. what's wrong with you?" pinning you by the rooftop's wall, his aura feels overwhelming, you knew you can't escape from him.
you didn't answer him, avoiding his eyes and biting your bottom lip, to your surprise, he rose your chin up to him, making you look eye to eye with him.
heat rose up your cheeks as your gaze focused on him, breathe hitching.
"why are you avoiding me, hm? have i done something you didn't like?" his voice was soft, his other hand went on your waist to pull you closer to him.
you can feel his hot breath, tickling your cheeks. you can't help your face to get more redder, embarassed by the closeness.
"how cute, so embarassed for me. say, are you inlove with me?"
looking back, you would always stare at kuroo whenever you get the chance but akways ended up being catched by him.
the way your voice soften when you talk to him, eyes looking at him with full of adoration and care, the way his smile gives you butterflies in the stomach.
but when girls would talk to him with flirty tone, there's always a pang that stabs your chest, was it perhaps jealousy?
maybe, maybe he's right. maybe you're inlove with him, with kuroo tetsurou.
"..maybe..? i don't know..kuroo, but everytime i look at you....or whenever your presence is near me....my chest feels this weird sensation.." you, once again, avoided his gaze, feeling embarassed.
"that weird sensation you feel, do you think it's a bad feeling?"
you looked at him and eagerly shaked your head, staring at his eyes.
he then smiled, probably the softest one that he would rarely show to anyone, that carefree smile of him, you can tell that he was genuinely happy on your answer.
"i love you too, go on a date with me?" you closed your eyes as his forehead touches yours, hands clinging on his chest.
you smiled a bit, humming a 'yes' and kuroo hugged you tight, kissing your forehead. you felt incredibely happy, all this time, you never knew why your chest felt weird but now, kuroo taught you what was it, you were inlove with him.
you thought, maybe falling inlove with him, kuroo tetsurou isn't so bad.
maybe kuroo tetsurou was the best thing happened to your high school life.
Tumblr media
hewo! it's been a while since i wrote something, i hope you guys enjoy and thankyou!! ^^
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mae-gi-writes · a day ago
Just thinking about How Kuroo's camera roll wouldn't necessarily have pictures of him but probably:
Pics of cats
Videos of cute cats that are REALLY FLUFFY and make you go HAKDJDKS ❤
Paws PAWS PAWS all the way
Random photos of Bokuto doing BOKUTO things
Kenma gaming and Kenma's annoyed face in different sizes and dimensions
Spam photos of Bokuto and Atsumu's face on his phone
Spam photos of Nekoma team that he re-saves when they come up on facebook
Mountain views whenever he goes hiking
Beach volleyball photos when they have days off
Chaotic beach volleyball where half of it is practically blurry
Photos of your double chin
Spam photos of your double chin for him to laugh at
Photos of your hands in his because he loves knowing how tiny your hands are
Random videos and photos of you whenever you go on dates
He snaps pics of you when he thinks you're not looking
Only for you to flash him your ugliest face just to PROVE A POINT
Him falling about laughing because honestly that's the thing he lives for honestly
Selfies where he squishes his cheek with yours until you're annoyed lmap
SCREENSHOTS of middle school you
Aesthetic shots of you both on the beach, in the park, anywhere beautiful that he wants to capture with you and FINALLY
Pictures of your hand, with a ring
A screenshot of his text where he tells Kenma "she's finally mine."
Just Kuroo things 💘
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jesswritesthat · a day ago
Kyōtani Kentarō: All Bark No Bite
Fandom: Haikyuu!! — [ Masterlist ]
Summary: ~1.4k. fluff
• Mad Dog is known for being scary, but the tables turn when a date gets turned into babysitting.
Warnings: None
Tumblr media
"I can't go out with you."
Kyōtani was going to kill you for this.
Okay, he wasn't. 
If anything, this was hurting him far more considering you'd known how much courage it'd taken for him to establish a friendship with you - let alone anything else.
Oikawa was painfully clear that 'Mad Dog-Chan' was a savage barbed wire wall, and that you shouldn't take any interaction for granted (especially when you received consideration rather than rough barks like Seijoh did). 
So here he was standing outside your door, bomber jacket overlaying a crisp white t-shirt with a flash of disappointment quickly morphing back to his signature scowl.
"Is that your boyfriend?"
The two of you immediately locked surprised gazes, flicking down to the innocent tone of the child peering past your hip.
"Ah, this is Kyōtani, we were supposed to go out tonight Sakura..."
The small brunette hummed in understanding, prior to stepping past you and extending her little digits to pull his own from his pockets.
"I needed a babysitter last minute but I don't want to ruin your date. You should stay too Kyōtani-san!"
Instantly his widened eyes were seeking yours for approval, so you nodded with a smile - somewhat intrigued as to whether he'd agree considering his daunting nature and rebellious attitude. That wouldn't coincide with a delicate child, would it?
"Fine." It was forcibly choked out, Sakura having retrieved his calloused hand, tugged him toward the doorway and past your bewildered form. You thought he'd refuse...
It started with awkward introductions and explanations, Mad Dog sat stiffly, offering short and curt answers to satisfy the innocent curiosity of the 9 year old all whilst dodging any enlightenment regarding your relationship with him. How you knew each other from school and how you were friends with the volleyball club, and thus him included - except, you two were closer than the rest. It seemed informative enough judging by Sakuras' continuation to quiz him on an all manner of things.
Once acquainted you decided to prepare drinks, finding mild entertainment in the pleading look your friend sent you as you disappeared into the kitchen - the returning scene far more entertaining.
"Nice tiara Kentarō."
A darkened gaze settled on your figure, you'd expected embarrassment based on his sharp edge but instead Kyōtani sat up straighter, pink gems fracturing the light of the room, and nodded in proud approval.
Sakura giggled from her spot in front him, allowing him to continue his task with his tongue peeking out from his lips due to concentration whilst you placed the tray on the table.
"What are you doing?" You'd only been gone mere minutes, but it was plenty of time for the enthusiastic child to drag him into whatever world she'd carefully crafted.
"I asked Kyōtani to plait my hair!" With that gleeful statement, you raised your brow at the now flustered Spiker who refused to meet your gaze. Flushing further when you perched next to him to overlook his work as he tied it off.
"It's a perfect french braid."
"Really?! I want to see!" Instantly she'd ran off to the nearest mirror, leaving yourself and Kyōken alone for a while.
"Where'd you learn that?" Your tone was softer, almost admiring of his skill and was one he'd heard whenever you'd ask him about Volleyball. He was inclined to answer then, a brief smirk of remembrance tainting his lips and once removing the tiara, he rested his forearms on his legs and fiddled with the headpiece.
"I tried it on my dog when I was younger, but my mother insisted I learn with her hair instead."
"I bet your dog had fun, and it came in useful since you've made Sakuras' day." There was an amused scoff from him, yourself turning to sarcastically comment but were silenced when you felt a weight atop your head. "What're you doing—"
"You look better with it anyway, you're more like royalty than me."
"Mm, you certainly treat me like it Kentarō. I hope I repay the favour to you too." Your intimate words had left him speechless, flushing so deeply you could see the scarlet tint dusting the tips of his ears.
"I— yeah, you— always."
It was beautifully still, a cartoon softly playing in the background as you stared a second longer at each other with small soft smiles gracing your faces, within the next his gaze flickered to your lips and back up with a soft pink dusting his features now. In honesty, you wanted to kiss him too, hence how you'd tilted your head as a hint, then he'd began to lean in—
"Kyōtani-san! (Y/n)-chan! Shall we play a game?" She'd happily yelled before she'd skipped into the room, yourself immediately falling into Kentarōs chest - more solid than you'd originally thought.
The blonde stifled a laugh, grasping your jaw with his digits to pull you back up to meet his admiring gaze.
Regardless, you’d set up her Nintendo Wii and began a heated marathon of games - yourself and Mad Dog growing competitive, playfully nudging and blocking each other’s view when vying for the victory. Sakura suffered the same from the two of you, infuriated screams and giggles escaping her when you’d covered her eyes. Though you pretended to ignore the instance Kyōtani let her win, feigning disappointment as she’d proclaimed her victory.
Then Sakura rushed off to the toilet, leaving you and the Spiker to play a 1 vs 1, competitiveness getting the best of you when you’d tickled his side - finding yourself now pinned with the catchy defeat tune filling the room.
“That’s cheating, there’s consequences for that y’know.”
“What are you gonna do about it Mad Dog-Chan?”
That elicited a growl from his throat, the delicacy of the thumb ghosting over your lower lip completely contrasting it.
“Ready to lose again?” Sakura burst in, perplexed by the scene before her. “You two take Street Fighter quite literally don’t you? Whatever I still won, how about this game next?”
With a huff he’d sat up, Sakura pushing remotes over to the both of you.
"Thank you for tonight Kentarō, I'm sorry it's not what we expected." You’d gratefully admitted as you walked him out, coming to a standstill in the crisp night air.
"A date involves spending time with someone right? So this... was ideal."
"You think so?" The challenge posed in your tone forced him to cover his sentiment with his more aggressive attitude.
"Tch I stayed with you didn't I?"
"Yeah but is that because you liked my company or because you wanted the tiara?"
"Tiara obviously, I look good in it. Just ask Sakura." A nod of acknowledgment was sent to the young girl now joining your side - almost missing the sheepish confession of yours.
"You look good without it too..."
"I— I do?" Shaking himself from his initial flustering, he was quick to shove his hands in his pockets and look away with an irritated expression. "Uh whatever, dumbass."
His characteristic frown remained present as he’d return to look at you, then down to the smiling girl by your side.
Kyōtani breathed a heavy sigh having reconsidered, the blonde briskly clasping your hand to bring your knuckles to his lips. The kiss far more slow and gentle compared to his usual movements.
“Oh hell no. Sakura sorry but—“ Swift as a ninja you’d manoeuvred her inside, door closed before she could even turn around in protest - yourself situated in a position that prevented her from opening it despite the futile attempts.
“The f— mphf~” Kyōtani was curious, but instinctively surrendered when you’d pulled him toward you, palm flat against the wall beside you to steady himself. That’s when you kissed him, properly. Tentatively. As if asking if you had been misreading the signs all night. Judging by the cunning smirk against your skin and his willingness to continue though, you hadn’t.
“You’re not funny! Let me say goodbye to Kyōtani-san!” The incessant knocking behind your body stifled you, pulling away from Kentarō with a breathless laugh.
“Alright alright, I’ve already said mine.”
Releasing your hold on the door, Sakura stumbled out with a frustrated pout, eyeing the suspicious amount of space between the two of you and carried out her intention.
The two of you walking back inside after seeing the Spiker off, Sakura all too glad about goodness knows what.
“So he is your boyfriend.” She paused. “Knew it.”
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strawberrykake · 10 hours ago
When he pulls the “not saying ‘ily’ back” prank
Tumblr media
but with a twist…
—image reads: “i love you, i love you, don’t cry”
warnings/ notes: angst (omg finally??), broken/insecure relationships, married relationships, fluff, cursing, pregnancy (Atsumu), long reading (GLHF)
Kageyama, Atsumu (fem!reader) || reader
♢ Kageyama ☄. *. ⋆
“Really? I have to wait another whole day to see you?” you grumble against your phone to your athlete husband on the other end.
He had planned to come early to your shared home in the US after a long trip from the pro-game in Japan.
“Yeah, it sucks. If only they didn’t cancel the damn flight. Ugh.” Kageyama groans. “I gotta go. Ushijima-san is calling me. Bye, honey.”
“Aw, okay.” The solemn tone in your voice makes his heart crack.
Because of the time he spent focusing on volleyball, he had to make up for all the times he missed out with you.
Even though you never complained, he knew he was a terrible husband for it.
That’s why your husband has a whole surprise for you.
That’s why he’s not actually still in Japan.
And that is why he’s sitting in the car, outside your home with a lot of gifts and your favorite snacks from Japan that he knew you love.
Before hanging up, you end with your usual parting phrase. “Talk to you later, Tobio. Love you.”
“See you.” He smirks, having a cruel idea.
After a long pause, you speak. “Tobio?” you elongate the ‘o’ at the end of his name.
“Yes, sweetheart?” he says, grinning.
“Say it.” You say, sternly.
“Say what?” He asks, innocently.
What he doesn’t know is that you thought he was being genuine.
“Forget it, Kageyama,” you grit. “Bye.” And with that, you hung up.
Ooh. The last name. She’s real mad, he thinks to himself.
You, on the other hand start overthinking things.
Did he really forget? Oh my god. He’s fallen out of love for me, hasn’t he…I knew this would happen. And it’s partially my fault for not communicating with him.
Your thoughts go in a spiral and before you know it, tears start trickling down your cheeks.
You grab a kitchen towel and sat down at the empty dining table, drowning yourself in your miserable thoughts
Because you knew you still love him and there’s nothing you want more in this world than to see him happy
Maybe you don’t make him happy. Maybe playing volleyball is his escape from you.
Kageyama waits in the car, for a minute longer thinking you’d call back.
When you don’t, he rushes out with his bags and opens the door with his keys.
The living room door opening makes you jump
“Y/N?” His voice makes you go pale.
“What the hell?” You whisper, feeling both excited and nervous that he’s home.
You plan to hide your tears but it was too late as Kageyama rushes straight to you, giving you a huge hug.
“Y/N! Surprise! Babe, I missed you so much. You know I was just tric—y/n?” He stops mid-sentence when he hears you sniffle. He pulls away to observe your face, his heart almost stopping, and his smile now gone.
“D-do you still love me?” you ask, voice shaking a little.
At this point, you couldn’t stop your tears as they fell, though, you attempt to blink them
Nothing but regret filled his heart.
“Fck,” he cursed to himself. “I’m. So. Sorry. Holy shit. I’m so sorry. I’m an idiot.” He mentally punches himself.
It never occurred to him that you've been questioning his sincerity in your relationship.
Small whimpers escape your lips as you try to hold back your cries.
“I love you sooooo much. You don’t understand,” he starts, inhaling with shaky breaths and clinging to you. His hand softly caresses your hair. “I love you. I love you, please don’t cry.” Kageyama feels a lump in his throat as he says those words.
But it only made you crumble down harder
He, himself, is breaking. A tear, falling down his cheek, is evident of it.
You both know that this crying session is long overdue
After many moments of feigning laughs and the words “im ok”, it’s about time that you tell him the truth
And you both know you have a lot to talk about now that he’s back.
he intends on fixing this marriage and he’ll do whatever it takes to erase all the doubt that you’ve had before
Because there is absolutely no doubt in his heart, mind, body, and soul that he still loves you
♢ Atsumu ☄. *. ⋆
It all started off as a silly joke to him
He thoughts that maybe this would be a great way to lighten up the gloomy mood you’ve been in for the past few days
Boy was he wrong
Going on his way to the gym for a quick workout, he pretends to forget his usual “i love you”s whenever he departs
“Tsumu,” you say, in a scolding voice as you relax on the edge of the living room couch. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”
You watch your husbands back straighten.
“Hmm, I don’t think so,” he answers cooly, hand on the doorknob.
He turns around to say his final parting words
He almost breaks his facade when he looks at your face
“you really don’t?” You pout, your bottom lip quivering. But you quickly bite it, trying to hide the fact that you’re about to cry
“No.” The dumbass thinks your fake crying, so he continues with his jesting, keeping a straight face.
Your not sure why you’ve gotten so emotional lately
You’re usually making jokes and playing along with him but now is NOT the time for these type of jokes
Probably because of the human growing inside you and your hormones going batshit crazy
And… Atsumu has been looking tired these days
What if he’s grown tired of you, what if…he doesn’t want the baby?
You look down, blinking back tears
You hear the door shut.
Huh, he left.
With your eyes to the carpeted floor, you wipe the blurry vision from your eyes using the sleeve of your sweater
When you suddenly feel two strong arms wrap around you
“I love you, I love you, don’t cry” Atsumu’s voice whispers, repeating many more words of affirmation as he feels your shoulders shake.
He hadn’t left. He merely just closed the door and leaned against it, watching your actions intently before face palming himself bc he realized that he utterly fucked up
And his words make your tears spill more
You feel his lips press against your cheek, his own tear staining on your cheek
“I hate you,” you tell him with a glare.
“Er, I hear ya. I’m sorry, love. That was a bad joke. Never doing it again,” he says, apologetically. “I love you, always.”
You sigh. "I know, I'm just feeling a little sensitive right now."
He moves to sit on the couch, pulling you into his lap so he could hug you tighter.
“Are you not going to the gym?” You ask, eyebrow raised.
“Nah, let’s just cuddle today, yeah?” He snuggles his face into your neck, placing a lingering kiss on it.
“You sure? It’s leg day.” You ask, knowing that Miya Atsumu, never skips leg day. And he’d always advertise that when someone compliments his looks.
He pulls back to look you in the eyes, a hand going up to comb through your hair.
The look he gives you never fails to make you blush
“Nah, I’d rather spend time with ya today,” he says, eyes trailing down to your lips. His thumb dances across your bottom lip, and his eyes look back to yours.
Another hand reaches to your stomach, rubbing over it softly, a habit he picked up after your pregnancy whenever you'd sit close like this
It makes your worries of him not wanting to be a father quickly vanish
“Can a’ get a kiss?” He asks quietly. He’s still guilty abt his actions, unsure if you’d even want to kiss him right now.
Yes you were still mad about what he did, but the way he’s making those pitiful, googly eyes makes it difficult for you to resist
You sigh and grab his face to kiss him hard.
His arms wrap tightly around you, as the kiss deepens.
He gleefully sighs, feeling so grateful for moments like this
You are the most precious thing to him and if he can’t make you feel that way, then he knows that he failed his duty as a husband
He promises to do better
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erina-writes-headcanons · 2 days ago
hey boo! here are some ideas for some fluff you could do!
- making cake with the haikyuu boys (oikawa and atsumu would be clumsy) (osamu and akaashi would be teaching you and it would be so cute)
- surprising the haikyuu boys with a pet (like a dog)
- haikyuu boys play a prank on you by ‘forgetting’ it’s Valentine’s Day and make you mad but then surprise you afterwards
have a lovely day! x
Making Cake with Oikawa Tooru, Atsumu Miya, Osamu Miya, and Akaashi Keiji
Yo, my best girl! Thank you so much for the ask! I am sorry for the long update, there were too many asks and I need to finish them all. Also, the college has started so my response may be a bit late.
Warning: None other than profanity
Gender: Neutral
Oikawa Tooru
Tumblr media
I don't want to be mean once again but if you are baking a cake together with Oikawa, the greatest king of Aoba Johsai. I am praying for a bit of good luck for you.
Oikawa could be very playful around you, so I can see him smearing a flour on your face when you are not looking at him and then laughing his ass off once he sees your surprised face.
If you try to smear the flour back at him, he would squeal and look at you with surprise but that only lasts for a second as you can see him smirking at you.
If you manage to throw something and it lands on top of his head, he would whine at you, saying that you are messing with his hairstyle, "(Y/N)-chan!! You are dirtying my hair!!" and putting a pout on his face.
Don't get fooled by his whine and pout as he looks at you with his puppy eyes because once you turn your back against the dramatic boy, he would sneak up behind you.
Once your back are facing him, he would throw an egg or a flour on top of your head, laughing his ass off and running away one you turn around and giving him a death glare.
Baking together with Oikawa found end up like a world war because of the mess in the kitchen or it could be very fluffy where the two of you going to spoon feed each other baked cakes.
Even though there was a flour, frosting and egg war with Oikawa, the cake turns out good. The two of you going to have a good laugh after cooking and cleaning up the whole kitchen.
The result is 6/10 - even though he knows how to bake a cake. I think it's better when he is doing it alone, he is too distracted by playing with you a lot.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
The counter of the kitchen is painted with white dust as a frosting cake was smeared on Oikawa and your apron. Your face with Oikawa was also some have smeared egg yolks and the flour, you know if Iwaizumi saw the condition of you and Oikawa's kitchen, he would be pissed off and smack your heads including Oikawa, upside down.
You might be wondering how the hell the kitchen became messy, flour and posting are everywhere. The answer is your boyfriend Oikawa and you. The two of you have been following each other for a long time and Oikawa was the one who started the flour and frosting war together with you.
↠ Flashback ↞
As the two of you stood side by side, you were pouring flour, a pinch of salt and baking powder together as Oikawa was turning on the oven to heat it. Putting the plastic of flour away, you didn't see Oikawa's Eyes go slanted as he looks at the opened bag of flour. Reaching out slowly, his hands grabbed a handful of flour.
The male silently follows you from the side and without any warning not sign. Everything was white and you could hear your boyfriend laughing his ass off. The white powder that was surrounding you slowly fade into the air and you could see your boyfriend laughing and hunching over the kitchen counter.
"HAHAHAHA! Oh My God, Chibi-chan! Your face is priceless!" He snickered louder, pointing at your dumbfounded face.
"....Oh, you're on, Dooru-kun," You grabbed a fistful of flour, smirking at Oikawa who immediately shriek in panic.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Atsumu Miya
Tumblr media
Just like Oikawa, baking with Atsumu also would look like world war and your kitchen is going to be messy when the two of you are baking together.
Another world war when baking together with Atsumu, and I can see your kitchen even messier than you with Oikawa. After all, he is more competitive than the great king.
You need to shield yourself from him when it comes to baking, he won't be afraid to throw an egg at you instead of smearing it like Oikawa did to you.
He would be running around chasing you as his hands already had the cake frosting, giggling like a madman as he tries to catch you and mess your clothes with the frost.
Pouting like a baby if you manage to made a mess or smear a flour or frosting at his hair, whining that you ruined his beautiful bleached hair.
But that won't last long because he would try to smear it back to your hair and chuckle or laugh like a dolphin on a drug if he manage to make a mess on your hair.
Atsumu would also sneak some kisses on you when you were backing, hugging you from behind and kissing your shoulder teasingly just to fluster you to death.
If Oikawa and you manage to make the cake still looks decent enough to be eaten, with Atsumu... I had to be honest with you but your cake is going to look like a bomb just dropped on it.
The cake ended up with 4/10. He doesn't read the instruction at all, acting all cocky and 'I know how to bake the cake' and mostly distract you when you are baking.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Sitting on the chair and back hunched over a little bit, Atsumu places his head on top of his palm as he was watching you combine a mixture of sugar and butter with Flour, a pinch of salt and then baking powder. He does really want to help you baking a cake but unlike Osamu, he has a zero skill in cooking or baking.
Osamu would never let him cook or bake in the kitchen after the incident when he tried to make himself lunch. He almost set the kitchen on fire as the food got burnt because he forgot to add butter and oil. Plus, he kinda failed to make himself his own food. Because of that, he often steals from Osamu's lunch box or snacks.
As he notice that you were distracted by making the batter for the cake, a light bulb appears on top of his head as his lips stretched to the corner of his lips and his eyes were hooded, looking at you with a devilish stare. Standing up, Atsumu began walking up you slowly without you hearing his footsteps getting louder.
His arms slowly slide around your hips, hugging your waist as he places his chin on top of your shoulder, getting comfortable, "You need help, baby?" He asks, acting innocent and sadly, you didn't even notice it.
"Sure, can you put the flour away?" You keep mixing the batter.
"Okay," he smooches the top of your head.
Instead of feeling the plastic taken away, you were surrounded by a cloud of white smoke and powder. You could feel the powder sticking to your face as you can hear laughter from your boyfriend.
"BHAHAHAHA! You were so distracted that-" He got cuts off by an egg thrown to his head.
"Game on, Berry," you smirk.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Osamu Miya
Tumblr media
Baking with Osamu? Unlike Atsumu, your kitchen won't turn into another place of food battle because he knows what it feels like to clean the whole kitchen.
It wasn't really much of a surprise if you are baking cake together with Osamu and the cake turned out beautifully, simple yet beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.
He's very careful when it comes to baking cake and cooking food. Not only he can teach you baking and cooking but also he's very detailed and he can make cooking looks fun without messing the kitchen like Oikawa and Atsumu did.
His chest would be facing your back as his hands gently held onto yours while he was teaching you from behind. When baking with his S/O, the two of you would exactly look like a scene from a romantic movie.
His hands would gently lead you your hands and whisper from the back as his lips near your ears, making you flustered with the sudden physical contact with him.
Of course, Osamu noticed it when you were getting shy of his affection. He did not say it out loud but when you get embarrassed, he thinks you look cute.
There's a time he would purposely smear frosting on your face but it won't be as hardcore as Atsumu. It's just like he smear the frosting on the tip of his finger on your cheeks before chuckling at your reaction.
Overall, baking together with Osamu was definitely worth it, the two of you didn't turn your kitchen into a war zone and the cake ended up really good. It was plus and plus baking with him.
The cake ended up 9/10 even if you mess around with him. Even though he can bake a cake, he just prefers cooking and becoming a chef rather than baking, that's all.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Staring at the ingredient in front of you, you really wanna ask yourself how did you get into this situation. You're not a baker or a chef, and even if you can cook, you never make the hard one. It was only the simple ones like pancakes and stuff. You were nervous to bake a cake together with your boyfriend, Osamu Miya.
Sensing your unease the taller male glances at you as he gently held one of your hands, pulls you closer and cups your cheeks with the palm of his hand to comfort you, "(Y/N), Hey. it's okay, you told me you wanna try to bake a cake together with me. I promise I will help you in each every step," he says.
Listening to his every word, the beating of your heart was getting calmer than before. You know you can trust Osamu, even though he's just an Onigiri chef, he has some experience to make other foods, especially having a glutton twin who would often steal his food whenever he's not looking.
"Yeah, thank you, Osamu," You smile at him."
"No problem, now look at the ingredients and I will teach you how to bake a cake," sweetheart." He goes behind your back, placing the mixing bowl in front of you.
Even though the actions were innocent, you could feel his chest touching against your back and you can feel your cheeks heat up but the physical contact of your boyfriend. Seeing you getting embarrassed, Osamu couldn't;t help but let out a small smile at your cute shy face.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Akaashi Keiji
Tumblr media
Hear me out, I don't believe Akaashi Keiji's cooking and baking level is five stars, it's mediocre but I do believe he can still make the food homey, comforting and delicious.
However, a Baking session with Akaashi is also as worth it as if you are baking with Osamu. Your baking session with him has a full of a fluffy and romantic sessions.
He will be staying on your side, leading and instructing you carefully with the recipe book in front of him. If you had trouble, he would go on your side immediately.
Even though he's not as cheeky as Atsumu and Oikawa, I still can sense he would mear your face with flout or frosting when you are distracted as he let's out a tiny laugh.
Would stare at your face lovingly as your eyes focusing the frost of the cake as he thinks 'how did he get so lucky 'dating you and being able to bake together with you.
Would also playfully smear the flour or the frost on your nose just to see you wrinkle your nose and pout at him for doing that cheeky trick at you, he couldn't help it when there is a chance.
There's a chance that he made tiny mistakes together with you but it won't be as horrible as it sounds even though he did read the recipe from the book as you gave him some instruction.
It could be like filling the pan a little bit too much or just a little so the cake ended up a bit too big or too small. There would be some mistakes here and there but it's not a major problem, just a minor one that can be fixed.
The cake ended up 7/10 when baking with you. I'm sorry hun, he's not really a chef or baker but at least he knows the basics and he can help you around.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
Pouring the batter inside of the pan, Akaashi squinted his eyes as he was trying to look at the line borders but because he forgot to wear the glasses, he couldn't see the lines perfectly. Seeing him keep pouting the mixture, your footsteps got closer and your hands immediately stopped his action to continue pouting.
"Babe, you poured the batter a bit too much," you point it out.
"Oh, I did? I'm sorry then, (Y/N)." he apologizes.
"It's alright, it won't overflow. It's just going to be a bit puffier if I had to be honest," you told him as you carefully put the pans inside the oven after Akaashi preheat it ten minutes ago.
Sighing, Akaashi couldn't help but smile as he walked upon you, wrapping his arm around you and kissing the top of your head, "Thank you, (Y/N)-san for helping me," he pulls away carefully. The kiss was very unexpected, thus it causes you to get a bit flustered by Akaashi's soft affection.
"Y-your welcome," you said, looking down to hide your red face.
Ⰶ║ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ ⵈ║Ⰶ
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starnightcat · 2 days ago
hii id like to make a request it’s that alright.
what would be the reaction to c/n to seeing reader naked for the first time, the reader always wear loose clothing so it hides their curves, but one day it’s just like a mind blowing moment for c/n seeing us naked
um if it could be tsukishima, bokuto and then you can add whoever you’d like
thank you <333
Tsukishima & Bokuto seeing s/o naked
Tumblr media
He had never seen you wear anything other than loose clothing. You were home alone changing. You didn't hear the sound of Tsukishima walking into the house. He made his way upstairs and walked into the open bedroom. He froze. His eyes slowly traveling up and down. His cheeks turned red, the front of his pants growing. He said nothing but quickly and quietly as possibly made his way to the bathroom, far away from you so he couldn't be heard. He hoped you had not seen him and he would never speak of this incident.
Tumblr media
He was always loud when he came home. It was something you were used to. You were in the middle of changing when you heard the door slam. There wasn't enough time, the door to the bedroom was thrown open. You looked at him surprised. What an unfortunate situation to be in. He didn't notice. He flopped down on the bed and started talking about his day.
"Bokuto.. um.. I.." You were at a loss for words.
He sat up to look at you. "Are you.. oh."
He slowly looked you up and down.
"You look great!" He said happily with a smile.
You took your clothes and went into the bathroom to finish changing.
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shoyotime · 4 hours ago
🗗 OUT OF CHARACTER | k. sakusa
Tumblr media
warnings. food mentions, very very slightly suggestive, mentions of knives and killing lmao isa i swear this ain't angst ( 0.8k approx. )
note. for isa ( @kiyelle ) my love ! happiest birthday, and i'm sorry this is like a day late. hope u like this ^_^ pls ignore that i haven't written /properly/ in like over a month help i forgot how to not make everything literal crack isa im so sorry
Tumblr media
"i'm pretty sure we don't use cleaver knives to slice salted eggs," oh, you know that. you don't need sakusa to remind you. however, a little experiment here and there, once in a while, doesn't really hurt.
"why do we even have this at home?" a scoff slips off your tongue as you press your lips in a thin line, checking out the anatomy of the said kitchen appliance, before shooting him a menacing grin. "you're not planning to murder me in sleep now, are you?"
"hm, perhaps?" he cocks his head slightly, mirroring the expression on your face before snaking his arms around you as he pulls you closer. "you do make living a tad bit harder."
you chuckle, that's the plan. a few beats pass away in silence as he admires you with utmost adoration in his eyes. there's a smile on his face and it resonates of love.
you missed these warm mornings with sakusa. you missed waking up next to him, the taste of his food, his kisses, his touch, him— maybe, it's the price you pay for dating nation's top volleyball player? it's funny. and if in case sakusa is capable of hearing your thoughts right now, you well aware that he'll laugh at you for being madly in love with him, despite knowing that he has fallen harder, and so deep that he's not being himself anymore.
"is there a way i can make it easier for you?" you mumble with the same lovestruck smile, hands wrapping around his neck as you step closer, capturing his lips with yours.
he smiles into the kiss, tucking on your waist a little to frame you against the kitchen counter. well, kissing is a good way to make his life easier. he can lose calories and spend less time at the gym, ultimately spending every second by your side. sakusa hopes it makes sense, even though he's certain it doesn't.
but logic is far out of his reach when you're in front of him, in his arms, your lips on his instead of preparing breakfast; he's at home. logic is the last thing he needs right now.
you try to pull away, only for him to lead you to the couch, a few giggles spin in the air as you lie down, one hand cupping his face while the other brushing through his hair. a dust of pink rests on his cheeks, and what you're doing right now is very out of character of him. sakusa likes to kiss you, he can do it all day, but not like this. not when you need to tend to your breakfast before it burns, not when your phone is ringing and he's doing everything to stop you from attending the call.
"omi—" you attempt to pull away again, only for him to deepen the kiss; and you give in, like the lover drunk soul you are. you don't know what happened to him in past few weeks while he was away from you. however, you surely don't complain.
another series of ringtones, another fight to pull away. you feel him smile, one that fades away quickly as you turn over, pinning him down to the couch before grabbing your phone. "kiyoomi. i need to take this call,"
and from what sakusa could hear, it's your workmate. he's checks the time, you're late by two minutes. his nose scrunches up in annoyance, it's just two minutes. sakusa has been known of his punctuality and it surely does come to him as a surprise when he realises that you're late for work and he doesn't mind any part of it. ( you know, he doesn't mind if either of you are late to work if you both are busy kissing each other )
he looks at you, fiddling with your fingers, waiting for you to hang up. just how long is it going to take? sakusa is going through multiple waves of emotions and one of them is purely because your workmate is disturbing you while you were busy doing some important work.
"no i'm not sick, i'll be there— ouch—" you shriek as he nibbles on your neck, a sinister grin on his face and you shift away from him, before answering your friend's questions. "no no, it's my cat. it scratched me."
sakusa smirks, some kind of cat you have.
"what's with you today?" you finally hang up, his hands sliding in yours as he pulls you closer. "you're acting like a five year old right now. so clingy, and for what?"
"i don't know, maybe because i was out for a tournament and haven't seen you in like two weeks?" that sounds like something atsumu would say, and you're sure sakusa has been spending too much time with the said miya that he has gone crazy. "maybe."
you see, being roommates with atsumu has it's own flaws. the last time they went for a tournament, sakusa came back with a weird habit of singing old, rusty songs after getting drunk. the time before that, atsumu rubbed off on him in the worst ways possible and sakusa hasn't stopped using deez nuts jokes ever since. his antics right now, you're sure he acquired them from him too. but again, who are you to complain?
sakusa's lips trail along your jawline, down your neck before he looks into your eyes once again. "you should call in sick today."
"i can't lie, you know it." now, that's a lie.
he frowns. "you lied about not knowing me when that reporter asked you about our relationship,"
"i can't lie to my employer, kiyoomi." you clarify, chuckling as you kiss his palms.
"we can get onto that." there's a mischievous hint in his voice as he kisses your fingers, eyes enunciating a wicked plan. "tell him you have some things to take care of at home,"
"like," and he pins you down the couch once again, leaning down as he smiles against your lips. "looking after your five year old clingy boyfriend."
Tumblr media
taglist in the rbs.
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stuff-and-fluffs · 16 hours ago
i know it’s nowhere near christmas buuuut when you’ve volunteered for 10 hours the previous day and crashed for 14 hours after, you’re given a free-pass to post a time-inconsistent fic. so i took that offer hehe. requests open, feel free to say anything <3
Tumblr media
he might be older physically, but after all these years, atsumu is still a child at heart. he rushes down to the tiny christmas tree in your living room with you in tow at 1 am (after having slept through 17 different alarms) to open his christmas presents as soon as possible just like he did every year. he plops down on the ground, right in front of the small pile of presents, bringing you down as well. he asks you to hand him his presents as he excitedly places yours onto your lap. as soon as the first present is set, atsumu tears through the painted-newspaper gift wrap and hold the box in his hands as if it were a newborn. he shakes it gently before you usher him to open it. his eyes glitter and twinkle like stars, and his smile widens. he quickly pulls you into a hug, tightly wrapping his arms around you and buries his face into the crook of your neck. you smile to yourself and place your hand in his hair, stroking it gently. “merry christmas, ‘tsumu,” you whisper as you hear his breaths slowing down. “glad you liked it.”
Tumblr media
repost from my old blog! please do not plagiarize!
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Haikyuu!! Teams and their little quirks. P1
These are all headcannons pls dont get mad at me-
Karasuno Highschool p1:
Sawamura Daichi:
Tumblr media
-Daichi has rough hands, just generally. He can be caught on days when it's cold gently rubbing lotion into his hands to make sure it doesn't get worse.
-Has a huge habit of ruffling hair, or on team members who have little to no hair he will tap twice on their head to let them know they did good. (He taps Tsukishima on the shoulder, and Asahi on the hand because Tsukishima is too tall for him to reach and Asahi is more comfortable being tapped on the hand. )
-Hates his singing voice but loves to sing. He only sings around Asahi.
-Has rings and taps out songs.
Koushi Sugawara:
Tumblr media
- Loves pink lemonade. Just loves it.
-Habit of ruffling hair, like Daichi. Only exceptions are Tanaka: who gets a nuggi, Tsukishima: who he pats on the back, and Asahi: who he either hugs or yells affection at.
-Loves hanging upside down from things: like hanging off of couches at sleepovers or trees at the park.
-smooth hands that make Daichi jealous.
-Hates raspberries. He won't explain it but it's because he once mistook one for a strawberry when he was little and was mad cause it wasn't.
-Needs glasses but doesn't wear them, either wearing contacts or going through his day blind.
-Acts almost like a cat when tired and will sleep in weird places.
Asahi Azumane:
Tumblr media
-Adament book and history nerd but won't admit it.
-Got outed as both when Nishinoya went through one of his notebooks and it contained antiquarian studies and names of books he wanted to get his hands on.
-Sings together with Daichi during study days sometimes.
-Insecure about his hands because they are rough, and will instinctively hide them in pockets or behind his back.
-Has reading glasses he will only wear around Daichi and Nishinoya. Tanaka knows they exist and wants to see Asahi in them but keeps his boundaries, which he is thankful for.
-Sweaters in every season except mid-summer.
-Goofy side smiles when he finds something funny.
-Can't stand the texture of shells and cheese, but will eat it to be polite. He feels awful afterwards though and will apologize a some point for not liking it.
Yuu Nishinoya:
Tumblr media
-Hates foods that are the color purple. Like purple poptarts or cookies just feel unappealing to him.
-Also just kind of doesn't like purple. Still thinks it's worse on food than anywhere else.
-Always mixes M&Ms with popcorn no matter what. He argues that the sweet and salty are "meant to be" and to "leave him and his popcorn the fuck alone"
-Loves anything weighted. Blankets, hoodies, hats, stuffed animals. If it's got weight he loves it.
-Obessed with jello. Loves it for no reason. Can't explain it and won't.
-Adores dogs.
Ryuunosuke Tanaka:
Tumblr media
-Parents died when he and his sister were pretty young.
-Sweet boy. Will fight anyone to make sure no one is uncomfortable that is innocent or a friend of his.
-Is respectful of boundaries, and his flirting with Kiyoko had been discussed with her at some point to make sure she actually didn't mind.
-Learned to catch food in his mouth because it made his older sister happy when they were kids.
-Anytime he gets any form of award or trophy the people he tells in order are Saeko, Nishinoya (if he wasn't there), Sugawara, Daichi, Hinata, and then everyone else.
-Listens to Rob Zombie songs. (translated or not is up to you because I feel he would like them either way)
-Every year on Mothers day he gives his sister a white rose and a card of some form. It makes her cry every time when he thanks her for "putting up with him"
-Great with women on their periods and will always have some form of product on him. (His sis taught him right. 😌✋)
Chikara Ennoshita:
Tumblr media
-Grew up in a single parent household with his father and little brother until his father passed away when he was 11.
-Is very protective of his little brother.
-Hates his smile, he just thinks it looks weird.
-Doesn't like loud noises that are sudden or aggressive (like fireworks or angry yelling) but keeps it to himself.
-Does arts and crafts and has made nifty trinkets out of clay.
-Tanaka, Nishinoya, Kinoshita and Narita all got trinkets. Tanaka wears his around his neck when they hang out together.
-Bad habit of biting his cheeks, Kinoshita is trying to train him to stop.
-Gets sick easy.
-Despises warm coffee. He just hates the way it feels. But he LOVES cold brew.
-Drinks way too much hot chocolate than what should be healthy during the winter months.
-Cant stand pink lemonade and has to stop himself from arguing with Suga about it.
-Wants a rabbit but he knows with supporting himself and his little brother he couldn't afford to give it the care it deserves.
These are just headcannons! You can find the next part on my page soon <3
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ashthemadwriter · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Seeing you in a wedding dress for the First time
Fandom:Haikyuu Pairing:Suna x fem!reader Genre:fluff Format:Scenario Warnings:none,just fluff :) Word count:780
A/n:been day dreaming about this scenario from the moment i was born
not proofread
Tumblr media
You weren't surprised when your best friend A.K.A Osamu's girlfriend asked you to try her sister's wedding dress on,since your bodies were the same size and much alike.Her sister lived abroad an wanted to buy a dress from her home country,and thats why they needed your help.
But you were surprised when you found yourself looking into the mirror,looking Enchanting in that pretty,white dress.That dress was magical,signalizing every curve of your body in an Elegant way.
your friend seemed to be amazed too " well damn y/n! wanted to buy that for my sister but now im having doubts.maybe you should wear it instead of her.
you rolled your eyes at her,nervously chuckling as you observe yourself in the mirror for the thousandth time. "dont be ridiculous. your sister is way more attractive than i am,thats why shes getting married before me.im sure she'll look stunning when she wears it"
it was your friend's turn to roll her eyes now. "here we go again! why are you so insecure,bitch? wait till Suna gets here then see his reaction yourself" "yeah not happening,im going to change right n-"
you were caught off gaurd when your boyfriend and the younger twin suddenly opened the door of your apartment and came inside. "babe,do you have co-" Suna started talking,but went silent after he laid his eyes on you.
and suddenly the whole room was filled with a deadly silence.
Suna forgot why he came here.he forgot where he was,who else was here and what were they doing.all he could see was you,standing still, looking like a goddess.your dress was calling him in,telling him to come closer and merge his lips with yours.
your face,your eyes,your lips,your body...
breath taking.
you were nervous.youve been dating him for four years.sure! you wanted to take a step forward,but not like this.you didnt want to push him.and why was he still quiet anyway? why wasn't he saying anything? why wasnt he panicking like y-"
all of your thoughts got interrupted when you suddenly felt his lips being smashed to yours,tasting every cure of them,not wanting to let go.you were shocked,eyes widened,taken aback from receiving affection at this unexpected moment.
and ashamed of course.
you broke the kiss,shying away from him as you tried to hide your embarrassment by burying your face in his chest,surprised to feel his heart,racing so fast.was he...?
"R-Rin! i told you not to do it in front of your friends!" you whined as redness started spreading through your face,finding its way to your heated cheeks.He on the other hand,did not seem to be paying attention to your words.he was too fixated on how amazing you looks rather than caring about that right now.he was thirsty for you,and needed to taste you now.
therefore,he decided to ignore others presence as he lifted you up without warning,carring you princess way as he took the direction to the bedroom and smirked at your embarrassed reaction. "Rin! what are you- put me down! Rin!"
Osamu watched his friend clothing the door behind him with his foot, and chuckled as he laid his eyes on his girlfriend,who seemes to be enjoying the sight in front if her.He leaned toward her,putting his arm around her shoulder as he planted a small peck on her left cheek. "c'mon babe,lets give em some privacy,hm?" "ok..." your friend giggled,and grabbed her purse as she held her boyfriends hand,pressing it softly while closing the door behind her.
"ya know,maybe ya could borrow that dress from y/n afterwards... 'think it would look good on ya too" "no way Samu! thats my sisters wedding dress!" "well,not after tonight"
he had a point though; he knew Rin for a long time,after all.
Tumblr media
◆You did gave your friend the dress back,but your friend noticed a strong scent of laundry detergent that was not there before
◆Rintarou couldnt wait for the ring he specially ordered for you to be ready.the idea of proposing had been on his mind for quite a time,but after seeing you in a wedding dress? boy is in a hurry.he cant wait to make you his ;)
◆after that night,youre subconsciously waiting for him to bring the topic of marriage on,and he did notice this in your behaviour
◆He did "it" eventually :)
ok this is kinda self-insert,i guess.i mean thats what i could do if i was in that position...guess ill make an "Oikawa" version of this too reblogs,likes,comments or any type of interactions are wildly appreciated :D hehe Hope you enjoy reading this!
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detetsu · a month ago
Tumblr media
sleeping next to kuroo is a trap.
he’s never been a morning person—never claimed to be, really—but it’s not until you’re pulling his hands off your waist and letting the sheets slip from your legs that you truly understand how severe it is.
“stay,” he murmurs, a soft little sound that spills across the sheets. “just for a little while.”
and truthfully ’a little while’ sounds terribly appealing. the idea of staying here—of falling back to the mattress, coaxed by the vibration of sleep in his throat and the warmth of his hands and the ache of the morning sun—you’re more than tempted.
but you know better than to tell him that.
“i gotta get up.” you stretch over his shoulder to glance at the time, sighing as his arm reaches towards you. “and you do too, idiot. we’re gonna be late.”
he shakes his head, nose brushing the pillow, the flush of morning still heavy on his cheeks.
“i’ll get ready so fast,” he hums.
“and what about me?”
“you’ll be even faster, obviously.” you raise a brow in his direction, swatting his hand away as it nears your thigh.
“we can even shower together—save a whole twenty minutes.” you laugh—and perhaps you’d feel a little guilty about giving him the satisfaction any other time, but right now there’s a drowsy little smile spreading across his cheeks and a breath of laughter filling the air that nearly swallows you whole.
“five minutes,” you sigh. “you get five minutes.”
and it doesn’t even take a second of those five minutes for him to pull you towards him, knowing well enough that he’ll be making the same plea again the next time you get up.
because kuroo tetsurō—who burns under the rising sun and kisses sweet words into your cheeks and begs you to stay just for a little while—has never been a morning person, so, suddenly, neither are you.
Tumblr media
reblogs/interaction is always appreciated
Tumblr media
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o2amu · 24 days ago
you step in front of your boyfriend, looking down at him as he pushes himself off the floor, about to begin his first set of 50 push-ups. he doesn’t notice your quiet presence until you get down on your knees to meet his eyes which quickly shoot up at yours.
“oh my god, hey, you scared me,” iwaizumi says with a brief sigh of relief.
you giggle while slowly laying down on your back and attempt to slide gracefully underneath iwaizumi’s push-up stance. he gives you a confused look with a smile, all while adoring your strange but adorable behavior.
seconds later, you’re now lying underneath your boyfriend’s muscular build. both of your guys’ eyes locked on each other’s- full of admiration.
“haji, let’s do that thing couples do where one lays underneath and the other kisses them every time they descend from their push-up” you beam, breaking the silence.
he blinks a few times before letting out a soft chuckle, and without saying any words, he begins to fulfill your request.
not even three kisses in and you burst out into laughter. the cheesy couple act you and your boyfriend were currently doing caused loud giggles to erupt out of you. your laughs become too powerful to where they’re now silent ones. you bring your knees up to your chest due to the pain of your uncontrollable cackles.
iwaizumi finds your expression hilarious and catches your contagious laugh soon enough, as he then topples over you. both of you a laughing mess on the living room floor.
as soon as both of you calm down, you turn to each other. a soft smile forms on his as he brings his hand up to your cheek caressing it with his thumb.
“god, i honestly don’t mind this whole quarantine lockdown thingy ….” he comments. “... if it means i’ll be stuck with you at home everyday.”
“me too, haji.”
Tumblr media
this is an old work from my old blog! and this is meant to be set around the beginning of quarantine lol
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