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drabblewithkai · 6 minutes ago
The Song You and Yamaguchi Would Dance Around the Kitchen To
Helloooooo beautiful people! Sorry it's been a few days, I was busy with work this weekend but I'm back with another drabble for this series! Today is Yamaguchi's segment, I love him and the idea of this sm. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and that you're doing well! Just a reminder that my inbox is always open, as are my requests at the time that I'm posting this! Don't be afraid to reach out, request some writing, or offer ideas!! Xoxo
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Characters: Tadashi Yamaguchi
Warnings: None this is v fluffy
Word Count: 1,200 +
{For the best experience I recommend playing the song in the background while you read! Also, the gif below is meant to visualize the moment between you two}
Tadashi Yamaguchi- Better Together by Jack Johnson
Tumblr media
It was the weekend before finals, so you and Yamaguchi had decided to spend all weekend studying together while his parents were away. You arrived at his house just after 9:00 in the morning, and the two of you spent the rest of the day hunched over your books, only breaking to snack or use the bathroom. Finally, around midnight, you and Yamaguchi decided that you both felt confident enough with the material to stop for the night, and then do a quick review sometime tomorrow. With that, the two of you placed your books into your backpacks and curled up in Yamaguchi’s bed together, your head tucked into his chest and his arms around your shoulders.
You woke on Sunday morning to the glint of sunlight shining in through the curtains. You could feel the gentle rise and fall of Yamaguchi’s chest against your cheek. His arms, though his grip had loosened in slumber, were still wrapped lovingly around you. You reached up to brush some of his hair out of his face, and smiled at his peaceful expression. You cuddled up next to him for a little while longer, basking in the warmth radiating off of his sleeping figure until you felt him jostle around next to you. You glanced up to see Yamaguchi’s eyes were half opened in his sleepy state and already peering at you. He smiled down at you and pulled you closer to him, then pressed a tender kiss to your forehead.
“G’morning love. You been up long?” He said, his voice raspy and quiet from sleep.
“Not more than ten minutes or so. Not that I’d mind anyway, you’re really warm.” You said, burying your face into the crook of his neck.
Yamaguchi chuckled, pulling the blanket up higher over your shoulders.
“You could’ve said something if you were cold. Wait here, I’ll go grab you one of my sweaters, and then we can make pancakes for breakfast? That sound good?” Yamaguchi asked, pulling you gently into his warm spot and tightening the blankets back around you after he got up from bed.
You nodded enthusiastically and watched as he rummaged around in his closet, then pulled out a plain black sweater and tossed it on to the bed next to you. You slipped it on, relishing in how warm it was and how it smelled so delightfully like him. After you were finished, the two of you brushed your teeth and battled with your bedhead (you threw your hair into a messy bun, while Yamaguchi opted to just tousle his around until it turned into a uniform messiness) before heading downstairs to the kitchen. Yamaguchi turned the radio on so that music poured out in the house softly, while you lathered butter on to a pan that you placed on the stove. You set out a bowl for him to pour the pancake mix into, then went scavenging through the cabinets in search of chocolate chips to add. You hummed along sweetly as “Better Together” played out, the acoustic guitar and meaningful lyrics matching the vibe of this fine Sunday morning.
There's no combination of words I could put on the back of a postcard No song that I could sing, but I can try for your heart Our dreams, and they are made out of real things Like a shoe box of photographs
Yamaguchi added the pancake powder to the bowl and was about to add water to the mix until he thought up a wicked idea. He approached you from behind, watching on as you poked around in search of your desired toppings.
“Hey, (y/n)?” He called innocently behind you.
“Yeah, Tadashi?” You answered, turning around to see what he wanted.
Just as you faced him, you were ambushed with a small handful of pancake mix that he scooped from the bowl and threw at your neck and chest. He snickered as the white powder stuck to the black material and fell through the neck of his sweater to tickle your stomach. You gasped as you took in what just happened, then quickly scurried around him to grab the box of pancake mix that he had abandoned on the counter behind him. You poured a generous amount into your hand, then returned the favor of throwing it at him, the powder hitting his left shoulder as he just barely managed to escape from a back attack.
Mmm, it's always better when we're together Yeah, we'll look at the stars when we're together Well, it's always better when we're together Yeah, it's always better when we're together
He grumbled playfully, then grabbed more mix and sprinkled some on top of your head while you shrieked in protest. When he was finished, you ran your hands over your head so that any excess pancake mix that wasn’t trapped in your hair coated your hands. You then rubbed your hands into his own hair until his roots turned slightly white. Yamaguchi took hold of your wrists and pulled you against him, then laid your hands on his shoulders and moved his own down to your waist.
“Sorry, it was just too tempting to resist. Truce?” He admitted, giggling.
“Truce.” You replied, returning his grin.
You hugged your body against him tighter, the both of you too covered in pancake mix to care that you were just making each other messier. Yamaguchi started shifting his weight from foot to foot so that the two of you swayed gently along with the song.
With only two Just me and you Not so many things we got to do Or places we got to be
At some point your hands had slid up from his shoulders and were around his neck with your right hand gingerly playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Yamaguchi’s hands had snuck under the hem of his sweater and found purchase against the supple skin of your waist. His thumbs traced lazy, subconscious circles into the skin while he focused on keeping the rhythm of the sway going.
And there is no, no song I could sing And there is no combination of words I could say But I will still tell you one thing We're better together
There the two of you stayed, the thought of breakfast abandoned until the song ended and you looked at each other with dirty hair, messy clothes, and excited eyes.
“I’ll actually get breakfast underway and start cleaning up the kitchen if you wanna go swing through the shower quickly.” Yamaguhi offered. You cupped his cheeks with your hands and stood on your tip toes to press a chaste kiss to his lips.
“Thanks, Tadashi. I’ll be quick!”
Yamaguchi blushed from seeing you so raw and vulnerable on a Sunday morning, hair up, in his clothes, covered in pancake mix and beaming from dancing around the kitchen together. While he replenished the pancake mix that had been taken from the bowl, he silently wished that he would get to spend every morning making breakfast with you in the future.
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fichyu · 17 minutes ago
I read and loved your reader chasing after someone that rejected them before moving on angst and would like to request one for Suna, Iwaizumi, Sakusa, and Ushijima. I really loved the sad turn of events when they JUST fell for someone they rejected. It’s a satisfying slap in the face to me 🤧
reader chasing after someone that rejected them
a/n: im glad you liked it !! i'm making them extra angsty for today
includes: suna rintarou, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi and ushijima wakatoshi
requests: OPEN
Tumblr media
suna rintarou
you had liked suna for a long time now. all of your friends knew it by now, and had encouraged you to confess to him. "oh, um sorry. i don't feel the same way." he didn't have to say it; you already knew. either way, the awkwardness after confessing to a friend of yours was a stage you wanted to skip.
"he's a loser for not liking you." but honestly, suna wasn't a loser at all. he was the first guy you had met that was perfect in your eyes. you decided not to beat yourself up about it and continued to grow the friendship. your group of friends grew close, and as you guys grew closer the more close you became with suna.
"truth," - "do you have a crush on anyone here?" several "ooh's" sounded. "i do." suna truthfully answers. everyone started shouting louder, "now you have to tell who it is!" suna nodded. "i answered the truth, it's your turn." everyone sighed, they knew he had a crush and had suspicions who it was.
"dare." - "i dare you to tell us who your crush is." it was awfully quiet as everyone tried to listen to the answer they had all been waiting for. "(y/n)." the group of teens next to you were cheering, and gave money to eachother. "give me those 10 bucks you promised me, i was right!" nobody noticed the two of you leaving the room.
"i know i rejected you 2 months ago, but i can't help falling in love with you." the you from 2 months ago would probably be sweating, and blushing like crazy. you gave him a soft smile, "i'm sorry suna, but i'm over you."
iwaizumi hajime
"you know what the funny thing is? even now, i can’t wish i’d never met you." you chuckled when he rejected you. your were staring at the ground, trying not to cry. "hey, it's not like we have to be strangers, right? we can be friends." he said with a look of pity, however he knew that you didn't want to be just friends.
"hey (y/n), should we have lunch together?" you happily nodded, and waved him goodbye before entering your classroom. iwaizumi is a kind guy, and meant it when he told you he wanted to be friends. "you got a gift for me?" he said with sparkles in his eyes when you handed him the dessert. "wanna share?" you told him it was fine but he insisted. "it's good, and your money."
you couldn't take it. the daily things the two of you did together made you fall even more for him. you declined his offers to eat lunch with him and sat with your friends instead. "why are we acting like strangers?" iwaizumi said after two weeks of you avoiding him. "it's nothing, i just made some other friends." it was a lie, they were your friend all along the way of confessing.
iwaizumi had to make it up to you, and the moment he realised he was actually in love with you was the moment he decided to confess. he was slowly losing you, day by day. he hoped you still had some feelings left for him. "i like you, like a lot." you only told him one thing. : "i wish i'd never met you."
sakusa kiyoomi
was it weird for him to reject you? not at all. the only reason you confessed was to reassure yourself that you had no chance. it was expected, the two of you had never talked before. you remembered thinking about befriending him that day, so he would eventually fall for you.
"good luck on that volleyball game, sakusa." sakusa turned around to see who wished him good luck. he muttered a "thanks." before leaving. he knew who you were, and didn't understand what you were doing. he had rejected you, right? did they think they still had a chance? he didn't know at all.
"your pen ran out of ink today, and you didn't want a pen from someone else, so i bought you a pack." you placed it on his table. "the pens are untouched, only the plastic has been touched." - "why?" you flashed a smile, "we still have 4 periods to go, you want to take notes, right?" he nodded slightly and unpacked it. "thank you so much." - "no problem."
you were considerate and knew what sakusa disliked. it was the first time this had happened to him. people always told him he was stuck up, but you didn't seem to care at all. he searched the school for you because this time, he had something for you. it was a confession, and chocolate.
little did he know, you were at home. your friends told you he was going to confess to you. not wanting to hurt his feelings you just avoided him, leaving him clueless about his one-sided love.
ushijima wakatoshi
the reason you fell in love with ushijima was simple; he was focused on what he wanted and liked. most boys at your school were absolute airheads and laughed at everything. "i'm sorry, i'll have to reject you."
your confession did make him notice you more and it made it easier for you to spot him. he usually looked the other way, but after you confessing to him, he looked your way. "hey, ushijima!" you waved as he looked at you with a confused look.
"wave back, wakatoshi." tendou whispered as ushjima awkwardly held up his hand. you chuckled at the clueless guy in front of you. it's these little interactions that made your day, and it made his day as well. he wanted to see you more and more.
"goodmorning, (y/n)." - "ah! goodmorning ushijima!" - "is it okay if you meet me at lunch?" you gave him a small nod. today, you were the clueless one. it took you a while to realise he was trying to confess, and as you finally realised you ran. it was the first thing that came up to you; the two of you never talked again.
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kageyamatobiyogurt · 42 minutes ago
haikyuu boys playing uno
a/n: i thought this would be funny and chaotic, hope you all are well :)
- i take requests !
- -
- gets too aggressive, yells too much, has a habit of slamming their card down whenever it's their turn: tanaka, NISHINOYA, tendou, ATSUMU,
- cries when they have to pick up at least 10 cards, they feel beTRAYED, EMBARRASSED, HOW COULD YOU GUYS: asahi, BOKUTO, oikawa
- always first or second place by skill or PURE LUCK, there is no in between (these fuckers): kiyoko, suga, tsukki, sakusa, kenma, akaashi
- always forgets to say uno: yamagushi, KAGEYAMA, ushijima
- doesn't know the rules, please help them. sometimes they show you their cards and ask questions PLS: hinata, lev, koganegawa,
- secretly wants to win really badly, but luck just screws them over lmao. they PROMISE they aren't annoyed: daichi, iwaizumi, osamu, kuroo
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babyworld · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
request. ++ msg from @aiiwa — nhi baby, may i make a request? heheheh. i’m very much in love with your writing, but would you spare me some iwa love <333 i’m a sucker for something fluffy n funny, maybe even a smidge or more of spice too <333 thank you baby mwah.
notes. my love, nona! omg thank you sm for requesting! i hope that you’ll like this and i hope i did justice from what you want me to write 🥺 !! <3 as well as those who’ll come across this work of mine, i hope you’ll enjoy this !! reblogs and feedbacks are highly appreciated !! tysm 💓‼️
title creds: pu$$y fairy (otw) - jhené aiko
contains. fluff, hints of suggestive theme but nothing too hard ^^
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi doesn’t know how to deal with his feelings for you. There are a lot of times that he tried to confess and ask you out but he always catches himself tongue-tied every time he’s about to do it. He doesn’t even know why… Maybe it’s because you take his breath away all the time. It doesn’t even matter what you’re doing, how you look, it’s just that every time he finds himself wanting to say that he likes you and he really wants you to be his girlfriend, he backs out, completely retreating himself back in his comfort zone a.k.a your friendship with him.
His friends noticed his distress. They laugh at the way Iwaizumi has to hold back every time he wants to pull you by the waist, they snicker among themselves every time they catch Iwaizumi wanting to suddenly hold your hand, they stare at each other’s eyes with mirth gleaming in them every time they’d see Iwaizumi staring fondly at you. It’s pure comedy for his friends but as much as they take joy in seeing Iwaizumi trailing behind you like a puppy waiting for his owner to acknowledge him, they want him to be with you so he’d stop spamming their group chat with pictures of you and messages that she’s so beautiful, i like her so much, please oh my god have you ever seen someone as beautiful as her, y/n please hold my challenge.
It was Oikawa’s idea to annoy Iwaizumi. Since Iwa messaged their group chat that the two of you are watching a movie in his room, the former setter of Aoba Johsai started spamming the group chat with ideas on how he can make a move on you so he’d finally stop pining over you hopelessly. Then, of course, Mattsun and Makki taking delight in the situation, they added fuel to the fire.
It’s pissing Iwaizumu off. Because instead of relishing the time he has with you, your focus completely on the movie playing in his laptop as you snuggle closer to his frame, he’s spending his time flipping off his friends and asking them to shut the fuck up.
oikawa: but seriously man just try i’ve watched that vid in yt and it worked makki: yeah man you’d never know if you’ll never try mattsun: maybe she’d like the idea you know? just stop being a coward and just do what oiks suggested oikawa: yeah iwa!!! just ask her hey let’s test our friendship by making out with each other let’s see if it’s really platonic between the two of us and if she’s flustered or it escalated from there then you’d know your answer mattsun: you can finally shoot your shot after so long makki: i mean lmaooo you don’t really have any plans under your sleeves on how you’re going to ask her out right? then just follow oikawa’s plan!! i still stand by my point that yn likes you as well oikawa: FELT!!! mattsun: jfc just make out with her
Oikawa sent a link of a video on YouTube where the guy asked his friend to test their friendship as they make out with each other. Kissing each other to prove that there’s no chemistry and everything is full platonic is a stupid idea. It’s pissing him off even more because he can’t stop considering it. Why can’t he just ask you like a normal person? Why must he consider Oikawa’s suggestion? Oh yeah, it’s because even though he wants to deny it wholly he can’t. Iwaizumi has been dying to kiss you and feel your body against his.
Yeah, fuck it, if Makki thinks that maybe you like him as well then he’ll go all in. He knows that his friends wouldn’t put him in a humiliating situation.
“Y/N,” he murmured.
“Hm? What?” you asked, not taking your eyes away from the screen.
“Do you wanna test our friendship?”
“Huh?” you stare up at him. “What do you mean, Haji?”
“Let’s see if everything is pure platonic between us.”
You stare at him with confusion in your eyes. “Test? How?”
“Let’s kiss,” Iwaizumi said, his voice filled with seriousness.
While you? You could only gape at him, shocked because of what you heard. Your gaze scans his face to see if there are any hints of mischief but there’s none. Iwaizumi was dead serious about what he said.
“Wait? You’re sure? You’re not kidding?”
“No. I’m not. I mean, it’s totally cool if you don’t want to. It’s just that Oikawa sent me this interesting video where two friends kissed each other to prove that there’s no chemistry between them and I wanna try it out with us,” he shrugs his shoulders.
You cleared your throat, cheeks heating up because you can see Iwaizumi staring down at your lips now and then. In the end, you just found yourself nodding your head, agreeing to what he said because why wouldn’t you?
“Uh… okay. Sure,” you said nonchalantly.
“Cool,” Iwaizumi rasps.
As you watch Iwaizumi leaning closer and closer to your face, you can feel your heartbeat beating fast in your chest, you can’t calm yourself as you feel his hot breath fanning in your face and when you feel his lips on yours, it feels like something snaps inside you.
Yeah, there’s definitely a huge amount of chemistry between the two of you. You’re not denying it but you’re not admitting it either. After meeting Iwa and being his friend, you can feel yourself slipping from the line under the friendship zone into something else because imagining cute scenarios inside your head with him is not really a friend behavior.
Iwaizumi pulled away seconds later, his breathing uneven as he stared at you―your eyes, your nose, down to your lips, everywhere in your face and he can’t believe that he really kissed you. After daydreaming about it for so long, he can’t believe that he got to kiss your lips and it’s way better than what he had imagined.
He’s quiet as he waits for your reaction. But then he feels something igniting inside him when you wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him in closer as you said, “Let’s test it a bit more.”
Iwaizumi didn’t get to say anything because he felt your lips in his again but this time, you’re moving your lips, enticing him to kiss you better, to kiss you properly and who’s he to deny? Placing his arm in your waist, he pushes your body closer to him as he angles his head to kiss you properly, pushing his tongue inside your mouth to get a better taste and Iwa feels like he’s in heaven as he explores your mouth. Your kisses are sweet, too addicting and it’s making his head swirl. His entire body is burning as he feels your hand running up and down in his exposed arms because he’s wearing a tank top.
You pull away from the kiss seconds after, gasping for breath while you stare at his eyes and you can’t help but feel giddy as you notice the desire pooling in his gaze.
“Did that prove you anything?” you teasingly asked, raising a brow at him.
Iwaizumi groans, his head falling on your shoulder then you feel his lips trailing kisses along the skin of your neck. His grip around your waist tightens as he hoists your body to make you straddle him as he continues nipping and licking at your neck. Whimpers and mewls falling from your lips are like music to his ears as his thumb gently hovers your stomach up to the skin below your breast until he makes a bold move of cupping one and giving it a squeeze.
“Haji,” you moan, arching your back after you feel him lightly pinching your hardening nipple.
“Princess, I really think this test is going to take a long while, don’t you agree?” he whispers in your ear before licking biting your earlobe.
“Ngh―yes, I think so too,’ you moan after feeling Iwaizumi’s hand slipping past beneath your bra to cup your breast, his thumb swiping in your now hardened nipple.
Iwaizumi smirks after seeing you starting to pull off a drunk because of pleasure expression in your face, your heavy-lidded eyes, and your parted lips urging him to do so much more so he can pull those beautiful whimpers and moans from your lips again.
He made a mental note to thank his friends later but for now, his attention is on you and you only because Iwa knows that after this, he’ll make sure you’ll be his girlfriend. After all, just like what Makki had insinuated, you reciprocate his feelings since the kiss to prove that there’s no chemistry between the two of you went successfully because it proves that you’re both gone for each other.
Tumblr media
— nhi’s taglist: @aiiwa @hcneymilkks @tsumue​
if anyone wants to join my taglist please fill out this form <3 !!
Tumblr media
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kousukii · an hour ago
Catching Them Staring at You!
Tumblr media
genre. humor, fluff
feat. Atsumu, Akaashi, Kageyama, Oikawa
warnings. perhaps a lil suggestive and mentions of female reader in oikawa’s but its just one time
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© kousukii • reblogs would be nice (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
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kirakirasaku · 2 hours ago
Neko!Kenma loves rubbing his face on your cheeks, your arms, your neck, your hair, your hands... while purring. While you, on the other hand, are blushing mad on the spot—
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babyshoyo · 2 hours ago
9- Psssst
A/N: Light mode is Bokuto!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bokuto waited next to Akaashi, watching as Kuroo pulled Kenma away from you. When they both were gone he started to make his way towards your direction.
Smiling widely when he reached you, he said, “Hey I’m Bokuto Koutarou!”
You smiled softly and replied, “Hi, I’m l/n y/n”
Tumblr media
A/N: Sorry for slow updates! I’ve been getting really busy recently so I haven’t gotten to write much! Because my classes end in like 2 months I’ll be able to post a lot more then!
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Taglist: (Open) @kozuelle @elianetsantana @halesandy @anejuuuuoy @legendaryfuryqueen @420-uwu @heyheyheyhaikyu @kodzuklutz @hawksyoongi @its-the-aerieljeane @navymacaroons @nachotrash @leex10 @youtuboo @tsukkiswifeey @peitromoximaff @milfkei @katsumi-sumi @rory-cakes @alienvarmint @reina-de-tay @tobi-momo @em0racc00n @luajoseph @zonesoot @riyaisdead @tanakasimpcorner
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meiansmistress · 3 hours ago
Dream of You
Tumblr media
the entire world knows you and yuuji are dating. so why are you the only two that don't?
pairing: yuuji terushima x f!reader, nsfw pwp (minors dni), ~4k warnings: fluff all the way down for the birthday boy! 69, unprotected sex notes: this was written to be a "how they got together" fic for @vanille--kiss' Dad Teru drawing pictured here. please check out her amazing work as well as more headcanons written by me! vani deserves all the love!!
also included in bar hopping: a collection of smutty oneshots currently updating on my ao3 here!
banner by the amazing @kurinoot—i dunno what i'd do without you my love <3
Tumblr media
You first met Yuuji Terushima during cosmetology school.
A mixer of the new students meant you had exchanged plenty of flirtations during the night with the blonde-haired stylist wannabe. You were immediately drawn into his bright personality and happy grins, and even with the copious amounts of alcohol running through your system, you clearly remembered the feeling of his tongue piercing in your mouth as you made out in the shadows of the bar.
You hadn’t gone home with him that night, or the next, or the next—but you had gained a friend. A confidant. A staple in your life. You two became inseparable, like two peas in a pod. You were always there to be his wingwoman at the bar; he was always there to tell creepy men to back off “his favorite girl” whenever they wouldn’t leave you alone.
Even after you both graduated—him becoming a certified hair stylist and you becoming a nail artist—you stuck together. You found apartments close enough to each other to come and go as you pleased, always knowing each other’s house codes. It’s not a surprise anymore to see him on your couch when you come home—in fact, you expect it every Thursday or Friday, his favorite days to come see you. He’s even got clothes in your closet “just in case I crash on your couch” (which happens more often than you care to admit and usually ends with him sleeping next to you in your bed.)
This Thursday is no different.
Terushima sits on your couch with a beer in hand, giving you a greeting as soon as you open the door.
“I knew you’d be here,” you say in lieu of greeting, lifting the convenience store bag in your hand. “I brought bentos.”
“Is it pork cutlet? I’ll accept nothing else, baby girl.”
“You’ll accept what I buy for you, Yuuji.”
You stick your tongue out and hand him the shopping bag, walking off to go shower before dinner. When you come back out, towel around your neck, he’s already set up your bentos (pork cutlet because you already knew) and cracked open a beer for you.
You talk about your days over the droning of the news, sharing pictures of the nail designs and hair styles you both did. When dinner is finished, he pats the spot next to him on the couch and swings an arm over your shoulder when you climb up next to him.
“Are we going out tomorrow?”
“Nah, I’m going to Izumi’s for girl’s night. You’re on your own tomorrow.”
“What? And I’m not invited?”
You scoff and push at his chest, but he only laughs and squeezes you even closer to his side.
“Maybe if I wasn’t sure you’d try to hit on Izumi.”
“Why would I, when I have my favorite girl right here?”
You snort and look away from him, trying to hide your pink cheeks. He does this all the time—says things to get you flustered or blushing for him so he can tease you about it later. It’s not fair how he knows just what to say to make you flush; he definitely knows you better than anyone else in your life and you aren’t sure if that’s comforting or terrifying.
He doesn’t stay the night tonight but he leaves with a hug, and you swear you feel his lips brush against the crown of your head before he’s waving goodbye with a promise to text you soon.
Tumblr media
“Sometimes I think you’re an idiot,” Izumi scolds you as you set your phone down.
“What are you talking about?”
“You like him,” Mina chimes in, tilting her glass of wine toward you. “You've been on your phone all night.”
“I do not,” you emphasize with a frown. “He sent me a picture message from the bar. Am I supposed to ignore it?”
“You’re practically dating without the title.”
“Or the sex,” Izumi adds.
“You guys, give me a break. It’s not like that.”
“It’s not? He basically lives in your apartment,” Mina starts.
“He texts you pictures because he misses you,” Izumi continues.
“You fall asleep cuddling in your bed half the time.”
“He bought you flowers last week because ‘he thought of you during work.’”
“He calls you baby girl.”
“He chased away that last guy who liked you.”
“I asked him to!” You protest.
“Because you like him.”
You ponder Izumi’s words for a moment, letting them sink in. Do you like Yuuji? He’s been by your side for years now—your rock, your partner in crime. Seeing him makes your day so much brighter. You can’t imagine coming home and not seeing him waiting for you. Whenever he texts you, there’s an unknowing smile on your face and a flutter in your heart. You’ve thought about what it would be like to kiss him again, just like you did the first time you met. And maybe he could trail those lips down your neck and flatten his tongue piercing against—
“Oh fuck,” you moan and lay back on your friend’s floor, putting your hands over your eyes. “I like Yuuji Terushima.”
“You’re the last one to figure it out,” Mina cackles.
“No, I think Terushima doesn’t know either. He’s not the smartest cookie in the box,” Izumi laughs along.
“Hey!” You scold but laugh along with them, sitting back up. “What the hell do I do now?”
“You tell him, dumbass,” Mina shakes her head before downing the rest of her drink. “But tomorrow, because tonight you’re ours.”
You scoff when she wiggles her (very badly treated) nails at you and you jokingly swat her away, though you’re grateful for the distraction from how fast your heart is beating.
Tumblr media
Saturday is usually one of Yuuji’s busiest days, so you decide to surprise him with a homemade meal and a beer at your place. Tonight is the night you’ll tell him your newly discovered feelings. You wear your best dress, do your hair and make-up, and pace around your apartment when 7pm hits, waiting for the text that he’s on his way.
But it never comes.
You: you on your way? Yuuji Terushima: can’t come tonight. got a date at 8
… a date?
Your heart pangs sadly as you stare at your screen, fingers shaking as you think about how to respond. You shouldn’t care—not really. He doesn’t know that you harbor these feelings so he’s free to date whoever, but in the last two years, you both haven’t dated anyone. Is that a sign he doesn’t feel the same way? Am I too late?
You: oh
Great job, idiot, you scold yourself, glancing over at the wiener pan you painstakingly prepared for him. His favorite because you wanted everything to be perfect for your confession. Suddenly that dinner doesn’t look too appetizing. Cake from the local convenience store is calling your name instead, so you cover the pan and make your way outside with a heavy sigh.
You’re halfway through your second piece of chocolate cake when the buttons to your front door sound. Yuuji stands in your foyer, hands stuffed in his jeans pockets, his blonde hair curled back around his ears. You raise your eyebrow and check the clock on the wall—it’s just after 7:30.
“Don’t you have a date?”
He shrugs as he slips into the room. “I canceled on the way there.”
He doesn’t answer. His eyes flick over to the covered wiener pan on your stove then back over to you sitting on the couch. “Did you make that for me?”
“Sure did.”
“Did you get dressed up for me, too, baby girl?”
You did but you’re not going to let him know that. “No.”
“No? Then what for?”
“Maybe I have a date, too.”
It’s meant to be a joke but Yuuji’s eyebrows crease downward and the smile slips from his face slightly. “With who?”
“His first name is Chocolate and his last name is Cake.” You wiggle the fork in your hand at him with a chuckle.
“Can his first name be Yuuji, last name Terushima?”
You suck in a breath at the question, nearly dropping your fork in shock. Did he just…? Yuuji looks more worried than you’ve ever seen him, his cheeks puffed out, his bare foot tapping your wooden floors. Is the usually slick Yuuji nervous?
“Well,” you clear your throat to ward off the dryness. “Where would this Yuuji Terushima guy be taking me?”
His usual satisfied grin spreads across his face and makes your stomach flutter.
“He knows just the place.”
Tumblr media
He takes you to the bar where you first met and even manages to snag the same table you sat at all those years ago. He orders you two drinks and then wanders over, setting them down then taking the seat next to you. You don’t take a sip yet; you set your cheek on your palm, elbow on the table, and look at him with a little grin.
“So why did you pick this place?”
“Why not?” He grins back, leaning slightly into you. He smells musky, like that cologne you bought him for his birthday a few months ago. “We met here, after all.”
“Yeah, and made out here, too,” you laugh and slap a hand on his shoulder.
You try to pull away but he grabs your hand, keeping it close to his chest.
“Let’s do it again.”
“Do what again?”
“Make out.”
He chuckles and maneuvers your arm so it’s draped around his shoulders. One hand moves to your hip, and you think your heart might burst out of your chest when he leans in, the other hand lifting your chin to look at him with a brush of his fingers.
“You can’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.”
“Maybe in a dream or two,” you tease back breathlessly. “But you should do that with someone you like, right?”
“Why do you think I canceled my date, baby girl?”
He doesn’t give you time to answer before his lips cover yours, sending heat flooding through your entire body. His lips are soft thanks to the lip balm he always applies and they move against yours with a strange gentleness that you didn’t expect from him. The light touch of his tongue on your bottom lip and you part for him, your tongues meeting in the middle and sending a shiver down your spine. This kiss is much different from your first—then it had been quick and dirty, full of flirtation and fun, but this time is slow, languid, as if you’re exploring each other for the first time.
Your fingers clutch the front of his button-up shirt as your tongues move against each other’s, and you let out the faintest whine when he squeezes your hip with a strong hand. His tongue ring rolls over the top of your tongue and the feeling makes you shiver and shift closer to him. Terushima only pulls away when he needs air, setting his forehead against yours as he pants.
“You taste like chocolate cake.”
“I had a date with him before I came here,” you giggle, unable to resist leaning forward and kissing him again. It’s meant to be chaste, but he holds you close to make it longer. When you break, he leans back in his stool with a raised eyebrow.
“What are we doing here?”
“You’re the one who brought me here, Yuuji.”
“Let’s go back home. Wiener pan sounds really great right now.”
“I can’t believe you!” you scoff, but you don’t hesitate to take the hand he offers you.
Tumblr media
The untouched beer you left behind at the bar isn’t the only thing to remain untouched. You don’t get two steps into your apartment before Terushima is on you, cupping your cheeks between his hands as he kisses you. You cling to his wrists, letting him back you up into the couch in your living space before you both topple over the arm and come crashing down on the cushions. You laugh and wrap your arms around his shoulders, shimmying back as best you can so you both have enough room to lay on each other.
“What about the wiener pan?”
“I found something else I want to eat instead,” he grins with a few lifts of his eyebrows.
“Yuuji, that is the worst pickup line I’ve ever heard in my entire life.”
“Yeah, but you’re still underneath me, aren’t you?”
He laughs before kissing you again, trapping your head between his arms. You tug him closer so his body is flush against yours, intertwining your legs and running your sock-covered foot up and down his calf. His kiss is needier than the one in the bar, his tongue pushing into your mouth and tangling with yours fast enough to make you moan. A soft hand brushes through your hair and then travels down, fingers dancing along the column of your throat before he pulls back.
The feeling of the tongue piercing on your skin makes you shiver and turn your head so he has more room to work with. He laughs into your skin, hands pushing at your dress until it pools just underneath your breasts. He takes a moment to stare down at your nearly naked lower half, his eyes darkening as he runs his fingers over the elastic of your panties.
“Always wanted to see you like this,” he admits when he looks back up at you with a tilt of his lips. “Didn’t think you’d let me though.”
“So what, you dreamed of me?”
It’s meant to be a joke but Terushima’s quiet yeah makes your breath hitch. His fingers run the length of your panties before he pushes them aside, pads of his fingertips running along your folds. You mewl and shift on the couch, face flushing pink.
“And you were going to go on a date with someone else.” Your breathless laugh turns into a moan when his thumb brushes your clit.
“Hey, I didn’t, did I?” He smirks, sticking his tongue out at you. The metal of his piercing glints in the light and your clit throbs at the thought of it being inside you soon.
“Looks like you made the right decision, huh?”
“I’ll let you know as soon as you take your dress off, baby girl.”
He leans back so you can sit up, and your fast fingers tug your dress over your head and drop it to the floor. He follows suit, pulling his button-up shirt out of his pants and only unbuttoning the top two buttons before he flings it over his head along with his undershirt. Your fingers move on their own; you explore the tanned skin of his chest, running over the muscle he still somehow has from his years of high school volleyball. When your fingers brush his nipples, Terushima takes a sharp breath, and you giggle as you look up at him.
“You like that?”
“Are you really asking if I like you touching me?”
He shifts on the couch to unbutton his pants and you can see the outline of his already hard dick in his boxers once he wiggles them down far enough. You lick your lips and reach out for his bulge, squeezing hard enough to make him groan with pleasure. Hooded eyes look down at you as you run your fingers over his covered length, and a happy jolt goes straight to your pussy when you see him shiver.
He grabs your wrist and it’s a flurry of movement to get your clothes off, both of you tugging at each other until your clothes sit in a pile beside the couch. His mouth is relentless as he holds you against him, tugging you into his lap so you can straddle him. His hard length grinds into your wet pussy and you mewl, fingers burying deep into his hair and tugging.
“Lay down, Yuuji,” you purr, running your fingers down his toned chest until you reach his sides. You try to push him down but he grabs your wrists, giving you a challenging smile.
“And let you have all the fun? Come here.”
He shifts so he can lay down and grabs onto your hips, helping you turn you around then tugging you up to his mouth. You squirm to situate yourself, whimpering when his breath hits your already wet folds. His cock sits in front of you, long and red at the top with a bead of pre-cum leaking onto his stomach. You lean down to lick it up before using your tongue to circle around the head of his cock. He groans right into your wet cunt, fingers parting your lips so he can dive in.
It’s hard to concentrate with the way he laps at your walls and flicks his tongue over your sensitive clit. The tongue piercing makes it feel even better, the silver running over your nub and making you whine whenever you feel it. You run your tongue up the underside of his dick and he moans into your cunt, making your shift your hips even closer to his face. You swirl your tongue around the head before taking his entire length into your mouth, hollowing out your cheeks.
You match your pace to the way his tongue flicks against your clit, your moans muffled into his length. When your fingers ghost over his balls and lightly squeeze, his hips jerk and push his cock even deeper into your throat. He pushes two fingers inside of your wet cunt and you pop off his length to groan his name, head falling against his hip. You grab hold of his length and start pumping, thumb running over the cum that leaks from his slit as your mouth falls open in whimpers.
His finger dig even deeper into your hips as he holds your hips flush against his mouth, and when he sucks harshly on your clit then flicks his tongue over it, you see stars. Your hand squeezes his length as you pump faster, your tongue darting out to run all along his balls. His thighs flex beneath your head when you take one of his balls into your mouth and suck, just like he does with your clit. Heat builds in your stomach, your clit throbbing under his ministrations, hips grinding down on his face when his fingers curl just right and make you cry out.
“Yuuji!” you squeal out his name when you feel your orgasm crest, and he pushes his face even deeper into you, his moan muffled into your clenching walls. You bite down on his inner thigh to keep from screaming as you fall apart, body shaking against his as he pumps his fingers to ride out your high. When you can do no more than whimper and gyrate your hips into his, he pulls away, his harsh pants hitting your wet cunt and making you shiver.
“Fuck, that was good,” he laughs and pats your ass cheeks, signaling that he wants you to move. You crawl off of him, knees hitting your floor, hands holding onto the couch for support, but not for long. With a harsh push, you’re on your back on the ground, and Terushima leans over you with a smirk.
He runs his hard length up and down your wet pussy and your clit throbs when he accidentally slips inside and runs his tip over it. You squirm against him and lift your legs to wrap them around his waist, pulling him flush against you with your heels on the small of his back. You both moan when he pushes in, his fingers ghosting up your sides until they reach your breasts. He cups them in his hands and squeezes when he bottoms out.
Fingers find your nipples and tug when he starts moving, his pace slow and deep enough to make goosebumps rise on your arms. You watch him with half-lidded eyes, your fingers moving up his arms and digging into his shoulders with a whimper. You’ve seen tons of expressions on Terushima’s face before, but nothing compares to the one right now: sweaty, flushed, panting, eyes full of love when they meet yours.
“If you look at me like that, I’m gonna cum right away,” he chuckles and sits back on his legs, using your breasts as his anchor when he starts to thrust harder.
You squeal and hold onto him as he begins to pound into you, his rough hands holding onto you so tightly as he moves. Your head lolls back when he hits something deep within you and you gush around him, toes curling with your loud groan. Back arching off the ground, you rake your fingernails down his front until you reach his nipples; you give them an experimental tug and he lets out the faintest groan in between his gasps for breath.
His pace is relentless, hands moving to your hips to angle you up to hit even deeper. You feel the goosebumps rise on his skin, the way his thrusts become irregular and sloppy, the way his breath starts catching as he snaps his hips.
“On me, Yuuji,” you beg him with a whine. “I want you to cum on me.”
“Oh fuck,” he moans and pulls out from you, making you whimper at the loss. It’s short-lived—his warm cum splashes all over your stomach and thighs, making a mess all over your skin. You thought Terushima earlier was gorgeous, but now he’s even better, with that satisfied smile on his face, the little shiver of his shoulders, the way his toned chest rises and falls with his quick breaths.
You dip a finger into the cum pooled on your stomach and bring it to your lips, licking it from your digit while you watch him. His satisfied smile slips into something darker when you do it again, wrapping your mouth around your finger and moaning from the taste. You release it with a pop, putting on your best innocent smile.
“We should shower.”
“I’ll wash your back if you wash mine.”
“I can’t promise I’ll only touch your back,” you counter.
“That’s what I’m betting on, baby girl.”
Tumblr media
After another romp in the bathroom followed by an actual shower, Terushima sits between your legs in some of his extra sleepwear, head leaning into your touch. You run your fingers through his damp hair as you watch TV, half-eaten and now-cold wiener pan on the table in front of you. When the show cuts to a commercial, he leans back to look up at you with a grin.
“Nothing’s really changed, has it?”
“I guess we were the last people to know,” you laugh, leaning down to press a kiss to his forehead. “When did you realize?”
“On my way to the date, Bobata called. He asked Where’s your girlfriend? and I answered, at home having a beer, probably. ”
“Oh wow,” you whisper against his forehead in fake amusement. “Already your girlfriend and you haven’t even asked me.”
“I’m pretty sure we’ve been dating for at least a year, if not more, baby girl.”
He leans his head back even more so you can press your lips together and you smile against his, holding his cheeks between your hands. You pull back and catch his gaze full of love, your heart skipping a beat at the actual smile on his face.
“Next time, let’s order out for the wiener pan.”
“Are you saying my cooking is shit, Yuuji?”
“I didn’t say it, you did.”
You grab a pillow from the edge of your couch and smack him over the head with it, and he makes a sound of betrayal, grabbing onto your wrist to stop you from doing it again. He turns and tackles you back to the couch, making you laugh as you both fight for control of the pillow. It isn’t long before your play fight turns into playful kisses, the TV and your beers completely forgotten.
If this is what dating Yuuji Terushima is like, maybe you should have made it official sooner.
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clementinemornings · 3 hours ago
Random Headcanons: Captains Addition
Just some quick hc's I was thinking about the other day. I will absolutely make more if anyone wants them:)
Tumblr media
I picture Daichi to be someone who is genuinely protective when in a relationship
The type of person to text you good morning on his way to school/ good night as he’s about to go to bed he’s at your house studying with you and you fall asleep he will put your phone on the charger so it doesn’t die
Walks you to class and carries your bag on top of his own
Definitely the type to put a hand on the small of your back when you’re walking in tight or crowded places
I don’t see him as someone who is especially physical in public, like I think he keeps his pda to a minimum
But he’s still a teenage boy so all things considered I do think he would get *clingy* from time to time
If he stays after school to practice and he can’t walk home with you/catch the train he will ask you to text him when you get home just to make sure you arrived safely
He has the best communication skills out of all the captains, and he is incredibly patient, so if he gets frustrated or angry I think his first plan of action would be to talk things out and see where it goes from there
Dates with him are usually pretty casual, but what you don’t see is him panicking the day before he invites you because he wants everything to be perfect
Like I hc him as someone who won’t show it, but he plans everything down to the last detail to make sure everything is in order before he leaves his house to meet you
Probably picks up flowers for you because his mom said something about how romantic that would be
Is much more responsible than the average high school student and will always remind you to eat, take your vitamins, get enough sleep, etc
Buys you orange juice and slips a vitamin c tablet into it before giving it to you
Volleyball is a priority for him, but his team and the relationships he makes are what matter the most. At the end of the day, I think he realizes that you win some and you lose some, and he would rather be in your arms while thinking of those losses, than moping around on his own.
He seeks comfort in the most odd ways, like lifting your hand and placing it on top of his head
Or sticking his hands in the front pockets of your sweatshirts
Overall I think Daichi is a sweetheart, and that would show through while dating
Tumblr media
Bruhhhh this boy is so mf whiney
Like he will complain about everything that is surface level, but if something is truly bothering him he will keep it pent up
Part of the reason why his past relationships didn’t work is because he didn’t know how to balance volleyball and an s/o and always prioritized one (ahem, volleyball) over the other
So if he asks you out or vice versa, you need to be ready to give him unconditional support
Regardless, Oikawa is someone who is caring by instinct. I think that after becoming captain, be began to realize that it was better to lead his team on equal footing, so he took notice of any and everything
He applies this technique while dating, and sometimes has to remember that you’re not a volleyball opponent, you’re his s/o
He strikes me as the type of person to hold the door for you and then right as you’re about to reach the handle, will let it slam closed in your face while laughing from behind the glass
If you’re shorter than him, he will make fun of your height
If you’re taller than him, he will make fun of your height
You don’t win either way
I think he likes receiving confessions on the outside, but deep down he knows that these girls don’t really want anything special from him, and that bothers him to an extent
He’s still a teenage boy with a massive ego though, and while confessions may be one way to stroke it, I think he would want something genuine and passionate
I think he would also be the type of person to walk you home and then realize half a mile in that he got the both of you lost cause he was rambling about aliens or something
Definitely listens to true crime/supernatural podcasts
Probably has a Buzzfeed Unsolved addiction and watches Shane and Ryan in between study breaks
He is someone who has a lot of drive, and would want someone who is equally if not more hardworking than him
Would ask you to baby sit with him
Unlike Daichi you’re gonna be the one plugging his phone in at night so it doesn’t die
Will fall asleep on top of you if you don’t move every once in awhile, so be prepared to hold it if you’ve gotta use the bathroom
Tumblr media
Kuroo is a menace in the best way possible
He is so sly and he loves to tease you to the point where it can be almost unbearable
But he definitely knows where and when to draw the line, and on the off chance he does cross it, he apologizes almost immediately
I think Kuroo in a relationship would be really playful and laid back
He’s not someone who takes things too seriously, and in extremely intuitive and knows how to match other people's vibes/wave lengths
But when you first start dating it’s going to be awkward asf let's be real
He probably trys to warm up to you with some chemistry pick up line that flies right over your head
And while you sit there and laugh awkwardly while you question everything you’ve been taught in school up until now
Kuroo is attempting to recover from such a disastrous fail
But if you do understand the pun, and shoot him one back that is equally as intelligent, he will get all red in the face and will hide his blushing cheeks behind his hands
Either way, he’s going to be flustered
Kuroo is someone who can pick up on other people's emotions pretty well, and is quite observant, which comes in handy when dating
Will ask you what’s wrong before you even realize you’re upset
Brings you little cartons of milk or coffee and drops them off on your desk before school if he thinks you’ll be tired when you arrive
Despite his boisterous attitude, Kuroo is like *smart smart* ok he knows his stuff
He probably doesn’t even study he most likely just pays attention in school and takes really good notes and then right before a quiz he looks them over once
He makes up songs in his head to help him memorize important information, whether for school or for volleyball
Will 100% attempt to introduce you to Kenma
But if the blonde doesn’t like you then he will drop you
Jokes jokes (kind of) but I think it’s important for Kuroo that his best friend kind of likes you, or else it would be really awkward among the three of you
He will carry a hair tie on his wrist for you if you need it
If you’re bigger than him he will steal your sweatshirts, regardless of what’s on it.
I can imagine him studying with you one night and leaving with a hoodie, and rolling up to practice with like Sailor Moon plastered on the front of it
Really gives zero fucks
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viisvlr · 3 hours ago
i hate all of you why aren't you asking and requesting ive nothing to write anymore i literally write for everything and everyone.
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haikyutiehoe · 4 hours ago
Kuroo *dazed, confused, hesitant*: WHA-
Karasuno team & Nekoma : What. What did you call their car Kuroo?
You : *Head resting on the steering wheel*
Kuroo : *smirks* A Benzyme
You : If you do not get out of my car I will run you over and drop your body somewhere in a ditch
(I was in bio class learning about enzymes when I thought this piece up. I canon he has this attitude.)
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the-midnight-feline · 4 hours ago
Bokuto hates seeing you stressed, and when he sees you hunched over your desk, rubbing your temples and sighing ever so slightly, he knows that you're really stressed.
He goes to the kitchen as quiet as possible and carefully makes you a cup of his famous hot chocolate topped with some vanilla whip cream and a dusting of cocoa powder on top. He moves to your home office, decorated with pictures of both of you from high school, your college graduation, and your wedding photos.
Looking at your stressed form on the desk Bokuto slowly hugs you from behind with the mug of hot chocolate in his other hand,whispering sweet words against your ear, slowly pulling you away from your desk and into his warm hug.
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ugh-tsumu · 6 hours ago
Everybody thought they knew Oikawa from head to toe. Heck, they even learned that his favorite pastry is milk bread.
Milk bread made by whom, though...
Oikawa smirked to himself as he strode his way towards the familiar pastry shop you work at. Well, nobody knows which milk breads are his favorite.
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kaashiboo · 8 hours ago
haikyuu boys reacting to you not saying "i love you" back to them
Tumblr media
┇ oikawa, bokuto, and tendou
【warnings: none】
➢ general note: inspired by a tiktok!
Tumblr media
oikawa is definitely the clingier one— if not, then he turns it into a little competition between the two of you to see who would be clingier.
he would 101% deny the fact that he's clingy.
but this time, you decided to do a little prank on him.
"y/n! i'll be heading to practice now~ don't miss me too much, okay?" he leaned against the door frame of your room, arms crossed as he waits for your response.
"whatever." you laughed, gesturing for him to go but instead of actually leaving, he walked to you and hugged you tightly.
"I don't feel like going today." he whines, "babe, you should really go. i wanna go back to sleep already— besides, you wouldn't want iwaizumi to scold you again, right?" you held his shoulders, gently pushing him off you.
he sighs, unwillingly standing up away from the bed and finally deciding to leave the room. you listened to him rambling something about how the other pair of his shoes is missing again and so you took the opportunity to quickly take out your phone and place it in the bookshelf to be covered by the books.
"i'll leave now, y/n! see you later, i love you!" you heard him shout, followed by the sounds of his keys.
"take care, tooru!" you replied back, stifling a giggle to yourself as you try to make yourself look busy by randomly picking out a book as you were actually reading its content.
"babe?" you were startled when his head suddenly popped up, "yeah?" you asked.
"i said i love you." He frowned a bit.
"i know, i heard you the first time." you smiled, diverting your attention back to the book.
"that's all?" and there he is again, standing beside your bed.
"was i supposed to say anything else?" you tilted your head.
"you were supposed to say something like 'ohoho i love you too my wonderful boyfriend, tooru!'" you physically cringed at him, "ew, i don't sound like that." you playfully roll your eyes. still refusing to give in to him.
"y/n babe, just say it back, please? i really need to go." he pleads, snatching away your book.
"and besides, what are you even reading when the book is completely upside dow— is this one of your pranks again, y/n?" he exclaimed as soon as he finally caught up to what you were trying to do and you couldn't hold in your laugh.
"took you long enough." he exasperated a sigh, reaching out to your hand and pulled you to stand up.
he cups your cheeks, squeezing it which forces you to pout. "now, say it back." he demanded.
"i love you too, tooru." your words came out muffled.
"y/n-chan~ you're making me not want to leave." you had enough of his childishness and pushed him out, he was about to protest but just in time, he received a text from his best friend.
"oh." he mutters, staring blankly at his screen and you didn't even have to look before figuring out who it was.
"now go."
Tumblr media
it was almost impossible to describe your relationship with tendou, like literally—
you two would be fighting then a few minutes after that, you two would be seen making out again.
the whole team was honestly tired but oh well, you treat them food on a daily basis so who are they to complain?
however, the word 'boring' would never be a suitable adjective to explain your relationship. you know what word would perfectly describe the both of you?
"i'll buy snacks for us for our movie night, wait here." tendou happily said, getting his coat that you neatly folded.
you pulled your gaze away from the t.v and looked at your boyfriend who was standing right in front of the door.
"but babe, isn't our movie night tomorrow?" you quirked a brow at him, eyeing him suspiciously which earned a laugh from him.
"i know i know. i didn't forget about it. i just wanted to spend the whole night here tomorrow." he said.
"you're just gonna meet up with someone." you joked and of course he did not take that seriously because the trust you have in each other is too much.
but no jokes would stop him from leaving, especially if it involves food so he opened the door but before completely leaving, he turned to your direction.
"i'll go now! i'll be as quick as i can. i love you~" he waved energetically and by energetic, we all know that his whole upper body would be swaying along.
"take care, satori! make sure to buy my favorite drink." you reminded him before facing the t.v again.
the way his brows furrowed at you failed to be unnoticed by your peripheral vision but he shrugged it off and left.
true to his words, he came back shortly after. placing down the paper bag on the counter before sitting down right next to you.
"do you wanna pick the movie now?" you pointed at the remote that was placed between the two of you but he continued to just observe you.
you turned your head to him in confusion, "is there something on my face?" you ask but he didn't budge and so you snapped your fingers at him. still no response.
but he took that opportunity to grab your wrist that was formerly in front of his face and leaned in closer.
"i love you." he muttered.
"t-thanks?" you stammer out, leaning back on the couch until you were completely laying down while tendou is still on top.
his lips tugged upwards, "i hate you." he blurted, you were almost offended but you didn't want to give up yet.
"the feeling is mutual." you said, trying to sound as sincere as possible but the two of you just burst out laughing before going back to your original position a while ago.
"you could have chosen any other prank but you picked the most basic one?" he snorted before continuing," i'll show you what a real prank is. just so you wait."
well, good luck surviving the whole week.
Tumblr media
now why the heck would you prank this boy
probably because you can but anyway–
pranks don't happen often in your relationship because bokuto would rather cuddle with you instead!
but you decided to pull a harmless prank on him that you saw on your FYP this morning, but before that, you realized he wasn't beside you the whole time so you stood up to find him in your house.
"BAAAABBYY!" you slightly yelped and saw him come out of the bathroom, apologizing profusely as he approached you for a hug.
"sorry~ did i scare you?" you nodded and he backed away from the hug, his eyes staring at you lovingly.
"it's unfair for you to be this pretty!" he pouted, cupping your cheeks in his big hands and you chuckled. "i think akaashi's prettier though." your statement made him dramatically gasp.
"y/n baby! don't tell me you like MY best friend?!" you immediately pull him into a hug once again. your hand reaching out to his hair and ruffling it.
"of course not! i was just joking. besides, you're the only person i would date." you heard him whisper an 'oh' before he pulls away from your touch.
"that's good then! i thought you were gonna leave me."
"i would never." you smiled at him, giving him a reassurance tap on his shoulder.
he glanced at your wall clock before turning his gaze back to you and pouted. "as much as i want to stay, i promised konoha to help him with something so i might have to leave now."
"it's okay. stay safe out there." you reached for his hand and walked him to the door, knowing well that he won't bother moving so you had to force him.
"i love you!" he kissed you on the nose and waited for a response. "bye, kou!" he waited again for a few seconds, hoping for you to say it back but you didn't.
"did i... do something wrong? i won't leave if you don't want me to!" he insisted and guilt washed over you.
"wait, no! it was just a prank. i'm so sorry, kou. i love you too. i'm not mad at you, don't worry." he was still skeptical but he noticed how you were slowly closing the door so he sighed in defeat.
"i love you." he tries again.
"i love you too." and with that, he finally felt relief and finally left.
Tumblr media
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honeymegumi · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary ➛ haikyuu boys when the interview asks them a rather controversial question.
characters ➛ sakusa kiyoomi, miya atsumu
warnings ➛ swear words / not proofread + severe grammatical errors because school sucks. please forgive me :(
author's note ➛ i am sorry i could only do characters. these were kinda long to write. if you have any characters you want to request for, even if they don't play volleyball post timeskip (kuroo or suga), don't hesitate to request! i'll probably base their scenarios in the pre timeskip period. you know, getting interviewed at the spring tournament and stuff.
─ for more such works, check out my masterlist. you can even request there!
Tumblr media
Sakusa smiled stiffly behind his mask as thousands of cameras flashed in his face. 
His passion for volleyball struggled to remain intact at this moment as the news reporters fired off questions after questions, aggravating his already blinding headache, courtesy of his boisterous teammates and an agonizingly long and difficult match against the Adlers.  
He longed to be back home in your arms, your slender figure pressed flush against his muscular one, your face buried in the crook of his neck, while he inhaled the vanilla scent of your hair. He longed for the peace of your shared apartment, of the hushed laughter over an obligatory midnight snack, of your slender fingers intertwining with his as he recounted the misadventures of his day. 
He missed you awfully, and he swore he saw red when he heard the insinuating question escape from a particularly nasty-looking woman’s lips.
“So, Sakusa-san, you played amazing today. You scored four points in a row and received quite a few difficult spikes and serves. But I must say, in contrast to your last match where you scored seven points in a row, this match was quite disappointing for your fans. What’s the reason for this downgraded performance?”
“Could it be that something – or perhaps, ah, someone – is distracting you from playing well?”
Fool, was all Sakusa thought, as the woman’s heavily lipsticked mouth twisted in a devious smile, as if to say, Gotcha, didn’t I? 
Sakusa could only shake his head in response. He knew what this was about. Ever since June last year when he made the announcement about his relationship with you, his fans hadn’t been exactly happy with him, which, of course, came as no surprise to him or the management, given the fact that he was an internationally recognized volleyball player. 
And he was fine with it. He did not owe the world either an explanation or an apology. He wasn’t shy to flaunt his gorgeous girlfriend off at public events – though, his attendance to such events was mostly restricted to one per year, two if he is feeling generous. 
But he hated how you were the one who paid the price for his fame, who was at the receiving end of all the vicious remarks and bitter ridicules. 
Your relationship with Sakusa was built on trust and honesty, and you’ve admitted multiple times that sometimes these comments did get to you. Sakusa swore he felt his heart drop in his stomach the first time you admitted this to him, tears rolling down your cheeks uncontrollably as you showed him the mean tweets against your relationship, against you. You weren’t concerned with yourself, though; with wobbling lips, you’d asked him if you were really enough for him, saying that perhaps he deserved better. That night, while you sobbed into his chest, Sakusa swore vengeance on every person who ever questioned your competency as his partner. 
He stared into the dark, beady eyes of the interviewer and decided the time to return the favour had come. 
He narrowed his eyes pointedly, pushing away her mic with the tip of his finger. “I appreciate your concern, Miss, but I don’t think you understand how a volleyball match works. Blindly scoring points is not the only effective way of winning a match. You need to sacrifice some plays in order to gain an advantage over your opponents.”
“Coming to the second part of your question, I appreciate that you didn’t forthright name my girlfriend as the source of this so-called disturbance in my game because then I am afraid I would have asked the security to throw you out. (Y/N) is someone so dear to me, I am afraid to even imagine my life without her. She’s been the constant source of motivation for me to do well, because there's nothing in this world that makes me happier than seeing her eyes shine with excitement and awe whenever I pull off a complicated move. Her existence is the only thing preventing me from murdering Miya on sight—”
“—and I am very much in love with her. If there is someone with whom I wish to spend my entire life, it’s forever (Y/N).”
“And,” he said, his dark eyes boring in the camera, “I would be grateful if my fans respected my decision. Please refrain from making any comment about my girlfriend. Thank you.” He walked off, leaving the unpleasant woman stunned.
He ignored his teammates teasing looks and wiggling eyebrows and sat in the team van while the others completed their interviews. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and fished it out. 
One new message from (Y/N)❤ was displayed on the front screen. Clicking on the notification, his heart melted at the one-line message you’d sent him.
I look forward to spending my whole life with you as well, Kiyoomi <3
Tumblr media
“Babe, did ya see my last set? It was absolute perfection, right? The look on Tobio-kun’s face when he realized they lost was damn hilarious! Did ya see my serves, though? They were amazin’, right? Way better than Tobio’s, right?”
You laughed at his boisterous tone, pulling the phone just a few centimetres away from your ear. Despite being in the city, you were unable to attend his match due to work commitments. Though Atsumu had pouted at first, he later accepted his “destiny” – as proclaimed by him dramatically – and promised to call as soon as the match was over. 
As Atsumu continued to ramble about the match, a thought suddenly entered your head. If someone was to hear your conversation with him right now, they would no doubt think that Atsumu had a rather snobby attitude. However, you knew better. Behind the façade of his vainglorious talks, he was just seeking validation from the one person in his life whom he put on par with volleyball in his ‘most important things in life’ list. 
And you were grateful to him for that. “Definitely, ‘Tsumu. You were great out there, my love. I couldn’t take my eyes off you while you were on the court. Tobio must be feeling pretty rattled after today’s game; he must’ve realized he still needed to improve in order to beat you.”
The blonde setter’s chest swelled with pride. “I know, right? Good luck to him because I am not going down without a fight.” He stopped at the entrance of the stadium lobby where the press reporters were waiting to interview the players. “I gotta go, babe. The press is here. I’ll be home soon, though.”
“Aren’t you going to celebrate with your teammates? I thought they were going to that new club today.”
“And ruin my perfectly good mood? Thanks, but pass. I’d rather spend the rest of the day in your arms. We’re cuddling as soon as we get home, and then we’re having a movie marathon!”
You smiled, switching off the TV. You didn’t need to watch his interviews; he would rant about them as soon as he got home. “It’s a date, my love.” You disconnected the call and strolled off to the kitchen to prepare his favourite food.
Atsumu grinned and pocketed his phone. He walked through the lobby doors and was instantly surrounded by a whirlwind of reporters, cameras, and microphones. Normally, he didn’t mind the press or the attention. But today, he just wanted to head home and plop down in your lap while you ran your hand through his hair softly.
Yeah, he was whipped for you.
He blinked back to his senses when he heard the provocative question slip through the pesky woman’s lips.
“So, Miya-san, according to a recently conducted poll on Twitter, your fans feel that (Y/N) is not the best girlfriend for you. They feel that she’s too unattractive and boring for you. In fact, many of them want you to break up with her. Any comments?”
His first instinct was to punch the woman in the face. He, however, recalled the management’s redundant warnings to not cause a scene in front of the press, so he hesitated. Then, once again, he saw the twisted smile on her face and nearly lost control of his temper again. He composed himself in time when he recalled you were waiting for him to return, along with his favourite food, blankets, and Netflix.
This wasn’t the first time he’d been asked to make comments on his relationship, even being asked multiple times if your relationship was a publicity stunt. Because you were not a public figure yourself, people often questioned the relevance of your relationship. And though you were quick to assure him that you were fine every time your dates were interrupted by his screaming fans or when your TL was full of hate tweets and such, Atsumu wasn't fooled in the slightest by your act.
He saw it in the quick wobble of your lips how much these incidents affected you. Besides, they weren’t isolated acts done in jealousy; somehow, his fan base had come together to create a rift between you two while simultaneously trying to break you mentally.
And tonight, Atsumu decided, this had to stop.
His lips curled in a venomous smile and he snatched the microphone from everyone’s least favourite lady interviewer. 
“I thought only ‘Samu was capable of sayin’ dumb shit, but apparently he has some serious competition now. To answer ya question, (Y/N) is single-handedly the most beautiful girl I have ever laid my eyes on, and my eyes are never leaving her now. Forget what (Y/N) says, I am the lucky one in this relationship. I am glad I have such a kind and understanding partner like (Y/N). She is all I could ever ask for. If I shouldn’t date (Y/N), then who should I? You?” He sneered, enjoying the look of abrupt surprise that came over her face.
“I am tired of the vendetta going on against her on SNS. Random people who call themselves my fans stop her on the streets while she's shoppin' to belittle or mock her. The management will be taking strict against every user who will or has ever posted anything defamatory about my doll. And anyone who dares to hurt or mock her in public again will face my wrath in court. I have played to the best of my abilities to make myself, my doll, and my fans proud. All I am asking in return is to please, for the love of God, respect my privacy and happiness. Thank you.” He bowed and handed over the microphone to the stunned lady and left the stadium without another word.
He was tired. So tired that he did not wait for his teammates to complete their interviews so he could bid them goodbye; instead, he hailed a cab and instructed the driver to take him home as quickly as the law allows – or even fuck the law if it comes to that.
He just wanted to reach home. He’ll deal with the wrath of management and Osamu later.
Right now, you were the only thing on his mind.
As if, he heard the teasing voices of his friends in his head, that is something new.
Tumblr media
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yuujiya · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: iwaizumi hajime x reader
genre: fluff, mf comfort bc don't we all need comfort hehe,,,
wc: 383
n: this has been in my drafts and i finally decided to sit down and finish it!! official third fic published on here lmfaooo. def not proof read so sorry for any mistakes <33
Tumblr media
nestled on iwaizumi’s lap, you let out a giggle at your boyfriend’s immediate response of wrapping his big and tanned arms around you. it was like you guys were in your own warm bubble; the bonfire’s warmth kissing your cheeks as you rubbed your thumb on hajime’s hand. on the other side of the bonfire was the rest of your friend group singing and dancing loudly and without a care in the world.
your eyes watched the flames consume the firewood, pieces of glowing embers flying away. you sighed, leaning back some more, thinking about the future of your relationships. all of you were taking on different paths in life, whether it be going to college in a few months or moving across the country. wincing at the thought of never seeing your friends again, you glance to the side at your boyfriend.
a low rumble blossomed through his chest as he chuckled at makki and mattsun ganging up on oikawa (the latter shouting, “but i’m baby!”). hajime was nothing short of perfect with the fire pressing sweet light on to his tanned skin. he had a sharp scar piercing through his eyebrow from when you hit him in the face with a tennis racket while playing badminton in middle school (it wasn’t your fault that he was standing right in front of where the birdie was landing, and subsequently was met with your racket). his deep chocolate brown eyes were tender as he turned his gaze to meet yours. hajime leaned in, giving you a soft kiss on your nose which caused you to scrunch it up.
“what are you thinking about?” the ace murmured, rubbing the hand entwined with his rough one.
the moment was too soft to weigh down with the burdens of the near future. soon, this youthful flame will be no more and you weren’t ready to face that. one of your closest friends leaving to go across the world, no longer seeing these boys on a daily basis, and just your luck: your boyfriend and best friend leaving to america in less than two weeks. you just wanted to bask in the warmth of being around loved ones and the coziness of hajime’s arms.
you shook your head, letting out a soft laugh and replying, “just you.”
Tumblr media
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bokuroskitten · 13 hours ago
Okay so my request. 🥺
Poly relationship between Ushijima x reader x Bokuto. Reader feels super neglected due to both of them having super busy volleyball schedules. Of course she knew this when she started dating them. But she still gets lonely and needy. Both himbos don’t realize it due to them being well himbos. It’s not until they notice her clingy to a player from one of the teams who gives her attention. They confront her and she breaks down and spills her heart out to them. They give her the long awaited attention she needs. Can it possibly be smut please? 🥺🥺🥺
I hope this is everything you’re looking for love. Thank you for requesting and sorry it took a couple days. Please, enjoy. ❦
Tumblr media
〈You know Bokuto and Ushijima are busy men, but the longer you’re away from them, the larger the ache becomes
〷 This piece contains haikyuu time skip spoilers 〷
❈ genre: Angst/Comfort, NSFW 18+ (Minors DNI)
❈ warnings: anxiety/insecurities, Poly Relations (Reader x Bokuto Koutarou x Ushijima Wakatoshi), size kink, dom/sub dynamics, make-up sex.
It wasn’t like they were ignoring you on purpose. Bokuto and Ushijima would never do such a thing. Usually, they were so good at giving you all the attention you needed, checking up on you and asking about your day even after long practices or games.
But things had gotten really busy for your two boyfriends as volleyball season was back in full swing. Playing for the Japanese national team left little time for leisure, leaving you to an empty house that usually was always filled with Bokuto’s laughter or the sound of Ushijima’s rock music. Your days were filled with checking empty group chats, rushing home to make dinner only to find you were the only one eating it, and barely managing to stay awake when the front door finally opened.
It was starting to be too much for you. And you needed them oh so badly. Some night you tried wearing Bokuto’s shirt with your fingers buried deep between your thighs only to find they weren’t long enough to reach your good spots. Or you’d call out Ushijima’s name louder and louder hoping it would bring you closer to a high but it always fell flat.
You started to give up from frustration, actually felt yourself avoiding mirrors or even their touch. You didn’t deserve it, didn’t want to see. Maybe they were doing this on purpose, maybe this was their way of telling you that you weren’t enough for them anymore. Maybe there was someone else, prettier and younger and more bubbly.
There was that one pretty girl who was always conveniently at their practices...
The thoughts began to weigh on you. Made you feel like in your little house of three you didn’t really belong. But you weren’t sure how to bring it up to the boys, not when they were working so hard, and certainly not when they were exhausted every time they came home. So you just kept it all in your chest, letting it build and grow and spread.
All you wanted to do on your day off was stay in bed, allow the covers to swallow you whole so you didn’t have to think about anything. But Bokuto insisted you get up, that grin on his face that usually had you grinning right back.
“Cmon Birdy! Come watch us today! The rest of the boys will be happy to see you too!”
Normally you would have been thrilled at the opportunity, spending the whole day watching your men do what they loved so much. But with everything you’ve been feeling it was hard. Still, you tried your best to match that grin of his, rolling out of bed and getting ready so you could go to their joint practice.
You sat where you usually did, on the first bleacher, front and centre. You were usually so engaged, cheering them on when they hit a particularly good spike or bringing them water when they needed, but today you found yourself distracted. Eyes wandering to the ceiling or fiddling with the hem of the skirt you wore.
You hadn’t even noticed the stranger that sat beside you, just how close he’d gotten. You were taken more back when he spoke so close to your ear, making you jump a little in your seat.
His laughter was so warm. Smooth and thick like honey. You didn’t recognize him, but boy was he handsome. Dark features, light eyes, a smile with a perfect set of teeth. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you pretty.”
Pretty— did he really think you were pretty? Not wanting to seem more like a dunce you forced words from your lips, a little nervous giggle following suit. “I-I was totally zoned out, you didn’t scare me too bad, promise.”
He was staring, and normally this would have made you uncomfortable. Normally you would have told a handsome stranger right away that you were happily taken. But the longer he stared the tighter you pressed your thighs together, the deeper your flush became. You basked in it, the attention you were so craving from your two boyfriends...
“You must be new, I’d recognize a beautiful face like yours.” Another clench of your thighs. You were biting your lip and then his hand was on your thigh. This is where you’d usually slap someone, or call your much larger partners to handle it. But you couldn’t take your eyes off his. And right now you didn’t want to, not when his thumb felt so smooth on your skin.
“What’s your name? And phone number, if your willing of course.”
He was wearing a jersey, one didn’t recognize. Maybe from an opposing team? You just giggled again, tucked a piece of hair behind your ear. Words were on the tip of your tongue when a heavy hand fell on your shoulder. The male's hand all but flew off your thigh, his eyes a bit narrowed as the all too familiar voice sounded behind you.
“Baby, come with me.” Ushijima’s voice didn’t waver, in fact, it was deeper than usual, laced with an emotion you couldn’t quite point out. Looking towards the court you saw Bokuto too, thick brows furrowed and arms crossed. Your lips twisted in a thin line as you stayed still a moment, only for Ushijima to easily haul you to your feet.
“I said. Come.” There was a demand, one that had the frustration bubbling on your features. You tore yourself away from his grip but still stormed out of the bleachers. Bokuto was quick to follow, easily picking up with your pace and walking to your side.
“Baby... what was that...”
“Right in front of us too? Just disrespectful.” Ushijima spoke, now on your other side.
You could feel them, the hot and angry tears that began to swim in your gaze as you stormed towards an empty room. The two continued to talk, trying to understand. You never flirted so openly with others, especially didn’t let them touch you. They wanted answers, needed to know why.
But as soon as the door closed behind you, you snapped.
“It was nice getting attention for once you know!”
That shut them up quickly. Bokuto looked downright shocked, lips held open in a silent gasp while Ushijima still held that blank expression of his. He was going to be the first one to speak but you cut him off, finally letting the tears slip-free.
“I know you two are busy! I know that I signed up for it. But it’s been too much— I’ve been so so lonely... and no one ever seems to notice! Neither of you! I just— I miss my boys, I miss you two so much and it’s not fair... it’s not fair to feel this lonely when I have you both...”
Your voice faded with a small crack, the tears now pooling from your eyes. You tried your best to wipe them away, body beginning to tremble as all the feelings hit you at once. You felt bad yelling at them, seeing their looks of shock. But it was now or never, you had to get it out.
Arms were around you, and you had to blink out a couple tears to realize it was Ushijima who had pulled you in so close. One of his large palms cupped the back of your head, pressed you into his chest with a small little hum.
“Love... sorry you’ve been feeling this way—“
“Why didn’t you just tell us Birdy! We love you so much you know!” Bokuto was quick to follow suit, joining in on the hug which only seemed to make you more emotional. Finally being encased in their warmth, feeling their arms over yours. It was everything you had been wanting.
“I-I didn’t want to seem ungrateful.. and then I just got in my head... I thought maybe you two d-didn’t want—“
“Shush...” Ushijima murmured, not even allowing you to finish that sentence. He pulled away just enough so you could look both of them in the eyes. Bokuto was giving you a small little smile, hoping it would make those tears of yours go away, while Ushijima just sighed, smoothed his palm over your cheek to wipe away tears with his thumb.
“Baby, we love you so much, please don’t ever doubt that okay?” He made sure you nodded before continuing. “We’re sorry, sorry for making you feel unwanted.”
“So so sorry Birdy! I just love ya— well of course we both do but, I just love ya so so much!” Bokuto said with enthusiasm, his smile growing when you let out a little giggle. You wiped away the remainder of your tears, chest a bit shaky as you looked between your two boys. You could see, how genuinely sorry they were. You knew deep down that they would never stop loving you, but hearing it, seeing it on their faces, made the weight that had been sitting in your chest lift.
“I love you both... love you, Bo, love you Ushi...”
“Tonight will be all about you pretty bird, all night just for you,” Bokuto said, pulling you back into a hug that you happily got swallowed into. Ushi nodded in agreement, his palm smoothing over the back of your head as you swayed in Bokuto’s embrace.
❦ ❦ ❦ ❦
The evening really had been all about you. From the way Bokuto carried you bridal style into your shared apartment, to the way Ushijima had slowly stripped you in front of the full-length mirror, murmuring in your ear all his favourite parts of your lovely body. Now you were situated in Ushijima’s lap, naked body covered in a light layer of sweat as your chest rose and fell at a quick pace.
“P-Please Sir, want more, need more.” Your voice was nothing more than a whine that was easily shushed by Ushijima. His thick thighs tensed a bit around your own, pulling your legs further apart in the process. “Be patient baby girl, want you to feel every inch of Daddy’s cock.”
Bokuto was struggling to go slow as well, the urge to just thrust wildly into your perfect cunt filling his chest. The look Ushijima shot him told him to keep up this slow pace, for you. So he went in just another inch, making the two of you groan in unison.
“That’s it...” Ushijima’s voice was huskier than usual, large hand palming at your chest as he nodded His eyes were glued to your splitting pussy. “Another inch Bo, just one.”
And it went on just like that until Bokuto’s hips kissed the backs of your thighs, his head rolled back in a pleased moan as you squirmed in Ushijima’s grip. “Beautiful...” Ushi mumbled, his palm slithering down your body to rest on the bulge left in your stomach by Bokuto’s cock. You whimpered at the touch, cheeks feeling hot as his hand slid down to your pussy, traced the way your lips stretched around Bokuto’s throbbing length.
“You’re so stretched around Daddy’s cock baby, you see that? See how Bo can just split you open?” He took hold of your jaw with his free hand, making sure you were looked down at your full pussy. “S-see it Sir, and it feels so good.”
“Fuck yeah it does, this pretty pussy was made for me.” Bokuto rumbles out, his muscles tensing as he suddenly jutted his hips, his tip slapping against your cervix and making you yelp. Ushijima tsked at that, brows furrowing a bit as he snatched one of Bokuto’s hands, made him press it into the place where you and him met. “You need to be patient to Bo, just appreciate how little our baby is, how her perfect cunny stretches just for us. Isn’t it wonderful?”
Bokuto was basically drooling, his fingers pressing along the bulge on your tummy, the one he made. He licked his lips, before a grin curled on his handsome face. “It’s so so wonderful, the best fucking cunt ever. Going to fill you up over and over again tonight pretty girl, make sure you're stuffed absolutely full of Toshi and I so you never doubt again just how much we love you.”
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haicuties · 14 hours ago
Hi!! I hope you're having an awesome day 😁 I just found your blog and I love it lots!! I was wondering if you could continue a proper "endinf" / part 4 to the single dadchi post!! It'd be great to see what happens with their relationship / healing of the past / day to day life with their new family set up :)!! Thank you!!
hopefully this is closure for someone LOL used to have a book with what i wanted to do with this series,,, idk where it went so this is on the fly after reading what i wrote years ago. possible part 5? idk. -admin omi
Part I Part II Part III
warning: slight nsfw lol
It’s been almost two years and some months since you and Sawamura made your relationship official, and then about 9 months since he proposed to you. There has been a lot, and I mean a lot of adjustments you both had to make in order for this relationship to grow. A lot of arguing, crying, forgiving, and fucking your differences out. Both of you still have very deep wounds that have not completely healed, heck, maybe will never heal– that’s why you both always give your best, always putting in 100/0 effort.. Your parents love Sawamura, although they questioned why you would put 100/0 effort when something could happen.. afraid of what’s happened before, but they understood once you told them that you don’t expect anything back, you love him and that’s all that mattered– and he felt the exact same way.
0832 - Sunday morning
As the sun beamed through the blinds, you felt the warmth gradually increase onto your face. Looking to the other side of the bed, you saw him. The one man that made the pain of your late daughter, less painful. 
“Good morning, my beautiful wife.” he quietly cooed
“Were you just watching me sleep?” a small chuckle left your lips as you sat up to stretch, bringing his shirt to lift over your stomach. 
“As I do every morning, what can I say? I have the most beautiful woman sleeping next to me.”
“Yeah yeah, do you want coffee? I’m going to make myself some tea” you asked while standing and looking back at him seeing him nod.
Walking down the hallway, you peek into Manami’s room to check if she was still sleeping, knowing she’s likely to be knocked out. “As I thought, out like a light.. Maybe I’ll surprise her with pancakes.” You thought closing the door
Sawamura trailed behind you to join you.
“How is my second baby doing anyway?” He asked while rubbing her belly“Mm, she’s fine, moving a lot this week but that’s to be expected, I do only have a little more than 2 months left until her due date.” putting your hand on his you smiled softly. 
7 months prior
Sawamura sat you down and asked how you felt on having another child now that you were married. 
“I understand if you’re on edge about it.. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately– I just didn’t kno–”
“I– am nervous.” You said cutting him off“I have been thinking about it.. I am just afraid, that I’ll lose another.. Lose you. You already know after I got pregnant with Nori that he left.. I just don’t want you to leave either.” you said stuttering, you felt the tears welling up around your eyes“I’m not like him, and you know that! I would never leave you! Y/n, you make me feel something, happiness that I haven’t felt since Kayo.. you brought happiness to Manami!” he exclaimed, feeling the tears as well. “I’m dedicated to you. And only you.” 
“.. And Manami.” you laughed trying to lighten the mood. “Alright, physically, I am ready to bare another child, mentally, I am still afraid, but not as much now..” 
Seeing that it would be a bit difficult to try for a baby with Manami around, you both decided to drop her with her grandparents for a little more than a week, as a ‘vacation’ for her. Thrilled she was more than okay with it considering Daichis parents had a dog. 
After that, for the entire 8 days she was away, you both used any time (and anywhere) you could to try to have sex. “You think that was enough?” He said panting “I’m pretty sure the amount of cum I pumped into you over the week could amount to an entire gallon.”
Laughing, you looked at him and then down to your swollen pussy lips “Maybe, I guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks. If not, I mean your parents love having Nami over.” 
A couple weeks later, it was official. You held the pregnancy test in your hand showing the clear plus sign. “I’m pregnant..” you thought thinking back to when you found out you were pregnant with Nori.Sawamura then found you crying on the bed because of it. Your fears and anxiety were getting the best of you, and it was hard since now that it’s real. It feels like this is an attempt to replace Nori. And he knew you thought that too since that’s what he felt when he met you, like he was replacing Kayo- it wasn’t that though.. This was and is you both healing wounds that have taken charge of your your lives since the tragedy happened.
Turning to him, tears flowing down your red tinted face “I’m pregnant… and most of all, scared..” He sat down next to you and hugged you tight, bringing your body onto his lap and kissing you everywhere.“It’s alright to feel the way you do. I felt the same when I realized I loved you. It hurts, it feels wrong, but it also feels right.” he said bringing your chin so you could look at him He had a point, before the thoughts ran through your head, you felt happiness seeing that plus sign glow on that pregnancy test.
Back to present day
1047 - Sunday morning
”Darling, can you finally wake that daughter of ours to come eat? I made pancakes!” you giggled “Yes, I’ll go fetch her.” he said walking towards her room
Peeking into her room, “Manami? You up?” “Kind of daddy, I smelled pancakes.. Did mommy make.. pancakes?” she queitly said under the blanket half asleep waiting for a confirmation“Yes. thats right, she did make them.. the chocolate ones too.” 
Immediately, she jumps out of bed and runs towards the bathroom to freshen up “OKAY IM COMING!” she yelled out while visibly trying to rushYou set the plate of freshly made chocolate chip pancakes at the table and started to make everyone’s plate. Before you know it, Manami is sitting in her chair with fork and knife in hand impatiently waiting for her plate“GOOD MORNING MOMMY! I AM HERE TO EAT!” she shouted as Daichi sat down next to you“Well good morning pretty girl, you seem very energetic this morning.”“THAT’S BECAUSE MOMMY MADE ME PANCAKES! I LOVE PANCAKES” “Yes I sure do know that little one. Go on and eat up my love.” you said smiling softly while putting her plate in front of her and giving Daichi his
Sitting down, you rubbed your belly and sipped your tea. Looking at your two loves, you couldn’t help but think “How could I be so lucky with a family like mine..” 
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somftlof · 15 hours ago
💭 — thoughts
Tumblr media
how do I simply explain thick osamu— just slight hint of a dad bod? He’s still got a muscled physique from working out routinely but now that he owns a cute little café and always experiments with new dishes there’s an added layer of pure mass that is just—
one moment it’s sweet embraces of warm hands squishing your cheeks together, his palms warm and scented of baked breads as he places a chaste kiss to the tip of your nose before playfully swatting at your ass with a “get back ta work yer distractin’ me!”
the next moment it’s thick fingers spreading your dripping cunny open wide in preparation for his throbbing cock...biceps that seem to dwarf you in size making it easy for him to pin you to the bed as he whispers sweet little nothings in your ear “yer so good for me darlin’...”
and he feeds you so well with his fat cock inside your tight little pussy too...stretching you out slowly as he breathlessly tells you how good you’re doing for him—
“just like that darlin’ just a bit more yer takin’ me in so well...”
and when he’s fully inside you— his girth painfully stretching you as he sits heavy and full inside your little cunny while the tip of his cock kisses at your cervix
he’ll sit there for a moment letting you catch your breath just for him to knock it back out of you again— but before that he’ll admire the way your body is shaking underneath him as you whine for him and reach out to wrap your arms around his shoulders
except he’ll catch one of your hands, placing your palm just below your tummy and using his own hand to press down hard right before he ruts into you.
and you can swear his cock gets even harder, no, even bigger, when you clench around him the moment you feel your stomach bulge under the weight of your palm.
“ya like that darlin’? Like bein’ full of my cock hmm?”
he’ll emphasize every word with a thrust and the moment you squeal “mhmm!!” nodding your head to try and tell him you do like the good little birdie that you are— that single moment sends him off and he’ll begin pounding into you with force that is sure to leave your ass reddened and a grip on your thighs that’ll have his fingerprints bruising into the plush flesh as he bends them back until they’re roughly pressed into your chest...
he’ll pump you full of his cum— won’t stop until it’s gushing out of you around his cock trying desperately to stuff it back in...
but in the moments after he’s always sweet as he cleans you up with warm wash clothes and peppered kisses that feel like honey against your exhaustion as he offers to make you a snack or for the two of you to soak in the bath together before you doze off cuddled up to his chest with the feeling of home and lazy butterflies fluttering around in your chest.
“love ya darlin’...” sleepy words mumbled into the crown of your head and muffled by a kiss pressed into your hair as his eyes flutter shut and his breathe shallows in his sleep...
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yandere-sins · 15 hours ago
Hi!! I loved your recent Sakusa work sm! It was so good and intense and you did a great job!! I was wondering, if the requests & prompts are still open can you do board games & diary for either Sakusa or Atsumu! I’m fine with either one <3
Sorry, I am just too much into both to separate them! Enjoy some good ol’ manipulated double-teaming!
Board games - “Don’t say such means things.. it breaks my heart to put you back in those locks.” 
Diary - “My pet should hold no secrets from their owner and vice versa.”
»»———————— ♡ ————————««     
It was a hard pill to swallow, but you had to admit that you were growing desperate.
For more than a week now, you had been in the clutches of these two maniacs, had to live through ups and downs with them and alone. Yet, there still didn’t seem to be any signs of an end to this nightmarish episode you were going through. Slowly but surely, this meant you were desperate for change. For something - anything! - to happen, just so all of this would finally end.
You found yourself desperate for the comfort of a bed, the privacy of your own toilet, the warmth of a sweater. Sometimes your mouth remembered your favorite dishes, and your heart remembered the feeling of hugging someone dear to you. And, every time you found yourself craving the same as you had before your life went downhill, all you were faced with were two psychos using your needs for their own gain.
At least, that’s what you thought about this situation.
“Come on! It’s good!” Atsumu tried to make the spoon of soup palatable for you, as he had for the last two days. He did his best, but his best wasn’t good enough for you. Lips pressed together into a thin line, you kept avoiding the spoon, going as far as to dodge and move out of the way of his reach. You’d rather fall to the floor than sit on this couch and eat the damn soup, you decided. Were you not too afraid of the other ghost in this apartment, you would have tried making a run for the hallway and the front door, but they were too unpredictable.
“I can’t believe you’re doing this to me,” you sobbed, the frown on your face holding back the tears you felt burning in your eyes ever since you woke up in this place. “We’ve been friends since our childhood! But I guess I didn’t mean anything to you.”
Finally slipping out of his grip, you fell to your knees, the cold, hard parquet being as unwelcoming as you felt. Atsumu’s disgruntled deep breath was absolutely unjustified how you found. After all, he wasn’t the one being held captive against his will. Of all the people, you were the only one allowed to showcase your discontent like that.
Next to you, Atsumu set down the bowl of soup on the coffee table, a strong, firm grip reaching down to the rope binding your wrists behind your back. Anything was better than letting him do as he pleased. Kicking, screaming, and biting if necessary! But by now, you two were playing a meager game of who was stronger, the lack of sustainable food and rest being one reason why you didn’t always have the upper hand in these situations; thus, he pulled you up on the couch again easily.
“Don’t say such mean things... you mean everything to me, [Name].”
This assurance was least helpful to the constant anxiety raging through you. Before all this, you had trusted Atsumu with everything. You’d been the best friend one could have, got along well with his family. It had been bold of you to assume that he was capable of anything beyond complaining to and nagging you, but you always hoped that he’d one day come to understand the feelings you harbored for him.
But not like this. You didn’t want to be loved by him like this.
“Be nice, or I’ll have to put you back in those metal locks. It would break my heart, and you don’t like them either, do ya?”
You shivered just from thinking about the chains clasping around your wrists and ankles, cold and tight. You hated them, just as much as the cage you had been stuck in for the first few nights. Everything kept you in place. You couldn’t even turn if you wanted. It was followed by constant pain, and having someone treat you like a caged animal rather than a human while you were in there, was only the cherry on top.
Compared to that, just hanging out in the living room with ropes around your wrists was freedom. “No,” you whispered, the fight not having disappeared from your voice, and you were relieved to still have it in you. “See?” Atsumu sighed, pulling you back on the couch and between his legs, arms wrapping around you and keeping you pressed up against him. “It’ll be fine,” he mumbled, kissing the back of your head.
“Just don’t upset him.”
“Upset who?” another voice echoed through the room as if on cue. Instinctively your eyes followed the sound to the kitchen. Through the connecting door to the hallway, Sakusa entered, newspaper in hand and seemingly reading an article on it. “Nobody,” Atsumu was quick to avert, but you had felt the slight flinch he made when his partner spoke up.
“Did they eat?” Sakusa asked, unbothered by the angry glare you sent him and Atsumu’s lie, setting down both paper and coffee mug on the kitchen counter before shifting his attention to you. Three long steps were all he needed to approach the couch from behind, fingers flitting up your throat and to your jaw as he grazed you with a short glance before eyeing the bowl on the table.
“Done with work?” Atsumu asked, pressing you possessively closer to him, but it wasn’t like he could upset Sakusa with his doings, even if it was his intention. “Taxes, Atsumu, but yes. They didn’t eat?”
At that, Atsumu finally had to admit defeat, sighing and averting his eyes to some point in the room but far away from you or his partner. Sakusa let out the same sound, though quieter and with a shook of his head before rounding the couch and grabbing the bowl himself. “Why won’t you eat?” he asked, directing his questions to you now. “You should be thankful for the food you are given.”
“I don’t want it,” you replied, as confident as you could. The truth was that whenever your eyes met, you felt as if any strength you had was pulled from you. It may have been due to the fact you had argued and pleaded with this man for the first few days of your kidnapping, but out of the two, Sakusa was the one that scared you more than your childhood friend who had no backbone, joining forces with this madman.
Letting the soup slide over and from the spoon a few times, Sakusa eventually took a small sip of it, his thoughts hidden well behind the indifference in his expression. “There’s no reason for you to not eat it. It’s completely fine.”
“I don’t want it since it’s you giving it to me.”
Silence raked through the room while Atsumu shuffled behind your back, pressing you closer again. For a moment, you thought this time, it might be to protect you, rather for his own pleasure, and you were quick to realize why. “Are you an idiot?” was Sakusa’s short yet meaningful reply to your defiance, his face scrunching up into disbelieve. “Other people would be happy to have this kind of luxury of being fed.”
“Omi...” Atsumu tried to settle the rising dispute, but a raised hand from his teammate was enough to shut him up uncomfortably. “I’m not other people,” you spoke up for yourself, trying to stay calm and not let him agitate you. “After all, I have to be locked up with you two crazy bastards.”
This time, the silence felt like an eternity. As if it was slowly but surely cutting through your body as if you were butter. Perhaps, you had been too comfortable simply refusing and struggling against them for the last two days, so your mind had already started to forget about the horror you were living in.
“So that’s what you think about us,” was all that Sakusa hissed back at you, his eyes drilling into your psyche like nails. Behind you, Atsumu opened his mouth again, perhaps to set you straight, but no word ever left him, Sakusa being faster than him. “No, it’s fine. A pet should hold no secrets from their owner and vice versa.”
You didn’t expect him to be the first one to avert his eyes, Sakusa’s gaze wandering back to the door in the back of the living room, the very same one you had woken up in before. The one that was filled with ‘your’ kennel and restraints and an unbelievable amount of deprecation. “So I will be very honest with you too.”
Next thing you knew, Sakusa was up again, having reached for your hands still locked between yours and Atsumu’s body. This time, when you fell to the floor, it was anything but controlled, your ass being the first to hit the resistance of the ground, and you gasped in pain as your shoulder slammed into the coffee table. There wasn’t enough time to grasp how your body hurt at that moment, the back of your shirt being tugged at, the fabric pressing into your throat at the front as you were dragged over the floor gasping for air.
“You will be thankful for what we do for you in the future. You don’t have any choice. Until then, you’ll stay in your cage and think about your behavior. Don’t even think about making a ruckus, or you won’t live to see what I will do to you, do you understand?”
Instantly, the dread of feeling the cold, uncomfortable bars against your body made your heart drop in your chest. You couldn’t even get used to the darkness in the boarded-up room without sunlight from the windows when you already heard the lock fall into place.
“No! NO!” you cried out, forgetting all about his warning and slamming yourself towards the only source of light coming from the open door to the living room. “Don’t leave me here again! Please!”
It was pathetic. Using big words just seconds prior to this, and yet, here you were pleading with him to spare you the agony of this place. But despite not wanting to be here, in this apartment, you had a special dislike of being confined in this cold, tiny space all by yourself. You’d rather hang out on the couch, unproductively watching TV with Atsumu all weekend long than having to listen to the clicking of the clock as the only companion you had in this room. You, actually begging to not be left here, was just proof of how desperate you were, scared of the anxiety and degradation you had experienced last time.
“You’ll have enough time to think about your behavior here,” Sakusa sighed, annoyed by your screams. “Learn your place.”
“I do! I know... I just...”
“You know nothing.”
“Omi...” you suddenly heard from the door. Unsure, gripping onto his own arm, Atsumu stood there, the light revealing a conflicted expression playing on his face. “That’s just... It’s too much, man,” he mumbled, and Sakusa let out another deep sigh.
“I told you it wouldn’t be easy, Atsumu. You can still get out if you don’t think you can do it, but don’t pull me down with you. I won’t tell anyone about your involvement if that worries you.”
Standing up, Sakusa seemed to glide out of the shadow, approaching Atsumu who’s gaze shifted from you to his partner in crime. “I’ll take good care of them,” Sakusa promised, though his voice was so indifferent, you had trouble believing that he meant it. “No...” Atsumu eventually spoke up after a moment of contemplation. “I love them just as much- No, I love them more than you. I can’t leave now.”
“Then you understand that this is necessary, right?”
For the first time, as you looked into Atsumu’s eyes, you felt the hints of pity come over you, your old friend looking like a beaten dog next to Sakusa. You barely could believe that Atsumu listened to the manipulative words of someone who should have no rule over your both lives. Someone who didn’t hide how toxic he was at all, but it seemed like Atsumu ate out of his hand as Sakusa held it out to him.
One hand patting Atsumu’s shoulder, Sakusa turned around to you, his scolding, suppressing gaze making you lose all hope of escaping this. He reached for the doorknob, and the only thing you could do was try to reach out, fingers curling into the bars of the kennel, your voice cracking as you called out, “Atsu--”
But you were cut off by the darkness now filling the room, seeping into your throat through your open mouth as you wanted to call out to your childhood friend to save you. Because he loved you, he said so himself. His reason to be here was you, so he was as good as anyone to protect you from this hell you found yourself in. You were desperate enough to even believe in him after everything Atsumu did to you.
Only, what you hadn’t realized so far, was that he had been manipulated into this, as Sakusa was now trying to do to you.
And perhaps, that meant there was no saving for either of you.
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