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Hey there, sweeties! ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

Another part of the 1st month celebration of this blog has arrived! Here’s part 3 of the fluff alphabet headcanons for Ushijima. 

This set of fluff alphabet headcanons doesn’t belong to me. They’re originally by the lovely @snk-warriors.

The other parts of this set can be found here:
A-E | F-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z

Ushijima Wakatoshi

Kiss - Are they a good kisser? What was the first kiss like?

  • His kisses are typically soft and gentle. He doesn’t want to hurt you, and he certainly doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. Ushijima tends to express his affection in more subtle ways, and kissing you softly and sweetly is one of his preferred ways to show you he loves you. 
  • The great thing about him is that he rarely ever teases you when you kiss. If you want a kiss, he’ll lean in if you tell him so. You don’t ever have to feel like you had to work for it.
  • Though his kisses are usually sweet, there are times when he presses his lips onto yours with a rare surge of passion. There are times when his kisses are hot and wanting, and the force of those kisses always takes your breath away. 
  • Your first kiss with Ushijima was awkward but it was very sweet. His lips were drawn too tightly together, and you could barely make out the feeling of his lips on yours because the part of the kiss when both your lips were touching was so short. Still, it was sweet that he was careful not to knock the lower half of his face onto yours. He was a gentleman about it, asking you first for permission to give you a kiss and then making sure not to accidentally slip you any tongue or even teeth then.

Love Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?

  • Ushijima is a simple man. If he likes you, he will tell you. In those exact words, nothing more and nothing less.
  • There are no garish displays and excess with him. He’s not going to pay to have a small aircraft spell out your name with a heart in the sky using smoky plane exhaust and say it’s from him. He will, however, make it a point to seek you out with a thoughtful gift in hand and sincerely tell you that he has feelings for you when the two of you are alone.
  • It will take a while for him to register that whatever he’s feeling towards you is vaguely romantic in any way, but once he knows, he takes action fairly quickly. If he likes you, he likes you. He doesn’t see the point in hesitating when his intention is just to let you know how he feels. He’s not going to confess because he wants to get something out of it. He’s going to confess because he wants you to know how he feels.

Marriage - Do they want to get married? How do they propose? What would the marriage be like?

  • He’s not fussed about getting married, though he does think about it sometimes once the two of you have been together for a while. Marriage is not high on his list of priorities due to personal experience, and it has never been, if he’s being honest. If you’re not one for marriage either, it will certainly drop lower on his list. Ushijima is content to just be with you. Married or not, he’s happy as long as you’re together.
  • He will only start thinking about proposing if you say that you want to be married someday. In the same way that you started dating when he confessed first, he would like to be the one who proposes first. You’re free to propose to him as well, if that’s what you want, but he would like to be one who asks first. It just gives him a certain gratification in asking you if you want to be with him. Naturally, the best part is when you say “yes”.
  • You can even tell him what kind of ring you want. He likes that you know what you want, and that you’re comfortable enough with him to tell him. He’s not a jewellery man, so he would really appreciate any nod in the right direction.
  • There’s really nothing much that changes once you’re married to Ushijima. If the two of you were already living together before, then even less changes. You still steal his hoodies and wear them. You still ask him to watch that anime you like for the 500th time. You still send him a thousand variations of the memes you like. You still hug. You still kiss. You still say those three little words. He’s still the same man who loves you with every fibre of his being and then some, before you bring up the idea of marriage, after the ceremony is over, and far, far beyond that one day the two of you have pledged yourselves to each other.

Nicknames - What do they call their s/o?

  • He’s really not one for nicknames. He just calls you by your first name.
  • When he’s feeling particularly sentimental, he will say your name more sweetly, and accompany it with a little smile. He’ll even throw in a bunch of kisses all over your face of the two if you are alone. 
  • Ushijima went as your plus one to a company dinner once, and he accidentally called you what your colleagues normally call you at work. It was a slip of the tongue and completely accidental, but hearing him call you “senpai” was really something else.
  • You can call him what you like, though the chance of him reciprocating is few and far between. He’s okay with you addressing him using pet names even in front of his teammates and people that he knows, but those weird nicknames that Tendou tells you to try on him are definitely off the limits outside the house. 
  • Do not call him “Wakawaka” (suggested by Tendou). He doesn’t like it at all.

On Cloud Nine - What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? How do they express their feelings?

  • At first glance, Ushijima doesn’t seem to behave any differently when he’s around you. He’s still blunt and speaks only when spoken to. He still has a somewhat emotionless face on. 
  • However, any changes in his demeanour are all in the little things. His eyes lose their hard edge when he’s looking at you, or when he’s talking about you. If you’re standing close enough to him, there’s a little crinkle at the corners of his eyes, like his eyes are smiling for him. He even smiles a little more frequently when you’re around. He speaks a little more and more freely, even talking about things other than volleyball. 
  • Again, the way he shows that he loves you is all in the little things. The way he leans into your personal space ever so slightly when you’re sitting beside him. The way he’ll hold your hand when the two of you are out together. The nonchalant way he removes his jacket to put it around you in anticipation of you telling him that you’re cold. The brush of his fingers against yours when he wants to let you know he’s listening. The way his hands somehow always lend their presence to the small of your back. The way he never shies away from telling the other people in his life about you.

Taglist: @nekxrizawa @ushissugarcube @lordexplosionsextra

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I have such a hard time writing for Ushijima ugh, which sucks bc I love him sm 🥺


-`,✎ Asahi and Ushijima’s reaction to you accidentally being hit by their spike


Asahi Azumane

  • He’s screaming apologies at you and asking if you’re okay at the same time
  • Basically he’s that one meme where the person ends up mixing “I’m sorry.” and “Are you okay?” together and says “ARE YOU SORRY?!”
  • He is so apologetic and guilty, you have to console the poor bby so much
  • He gets kinda teary eyed ngl protect him
  • Afterwards he gets thrown off his game that day because he keeps getting anxious and thinks he’ll hit someone again
  • “I am a danger to the ones around me.”
  • “Don’t be so dramatic–”
  • Daichi ends up scolding him because he would hold back when spiking
  • Afterwards he’d be clingier than usual, it’s his way of making up to you
  • He’d be gentler too, he’d act as if you were a procelain doll
  • He’ll always be worrying about you, you can’t blame him, he just loves you too much

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • To an outsider’s point of view, it would seem like Ushijima wasn’t really bothered that his rogue spike slammed into you
  • But you could see that he was genuinely concerned for you from the way the corners of his lips were pulled down into a frown as he helped you back up to your feet
  • He immediately asks if you need to go to the hospital, not the school infirmary, but an actual hospital
  • He is more than aware of how strong he is, he was afraid that he broke you or something
  • Bless him, he’s just worried about you, he isn’t taking any risks
  • You have to remind him that you’re tuffer than you look and he can’t help but let out a small smile he thinks you’re adorable
  • Regardless he’ll still bring you to the infirmary to fetch a cold compress for the bruise that was starting to show
  • He doesn’t look like it but he’s really just a big teddy bear
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if it wasn’t love; sawamura daichi

- bell


➸ ii. [flutter]

  • synopsis: he wants to show her what love really is.

fluff + slight angst
mentions of toxic / abusive relationships
fem! oc
a mini series

i’ve only ran looking forward
i’m scared of looking back for some reason

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“ah, toot toot,” akaashi curses.

you want to be angry at akaashi for ruining your confession to your crush with his really loud fart and his choice of words. but you can’t. laugher bubbles in you, threatening to escape. 

“sorry for interrupting but i have to take (name)-san away. i seem to have the case of fart-o-monia and (name)-san kept the pills.”

“w-what? what are you saying-”

“should i just… leave?” your crush says as he raises his hands up in surrender, slowly backing away.

“that would be wonderful.”

akaashi grabs your hand, proceeding to drag you away despite your constant protests (and he takes advantage of how you’re significantly weaker when trying to fight back laughter). it is only when you step on his feet then he stops, releasing his grip on you. 

“what was that? first, your fart. second, what is ‘toot toot’?”

he’s silent for a moment, staring at you, and you catch how a blush gradually forms to dust his cheeks. 

“it’s bro code.” he quickly covers his face in embarrassment. his weakness is you and he cannot lie to you, so he corrects himself.

“the fart was not intentional. i am sorry. i merely wanted to talk to you.”

“it took me so long to garner the courage to confess though,” you whine, shoulders slumping due to the weight of self-pity. “and i want to be angry at you but – that was hilarious.”

there is a sudden shift in the atmosphere. he’s looking at you, but it feels different from the usual look he gives. there’s a feeling of longing in his touch when he brushes his hand with yours in an attempt to hold it.

“i lied about having fart-o-monia, but i do think i have a love illness, and only you can cure it. please, don’t look at him anymore, but look at me.”

a/n: anon i love you why r u so funny kasdjfas

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a laser tag game


That was what you thought at first.The club had decided to go for a team bonding hangout,as suggested by Moniwa,before the third years retire for good.You tagged along,seeing that you were the manager’s apprentice.It was not by free will,but Mai insisted that you come to get to know the boys in a less formal setting.

Less formal alright.Laser tag was the said activity of the day,and you couldn’t be more horrified.

With an averagely fit physique and slow reflexes,it sounded like your nightmare just came true.Running about in the semi darkness with a group of athletic males with the threat of being shot at any moment didn’t sound too great.

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First thing first,

This is actually a selfship tag(?) I got three tag so far and I decided to grab all my main husbands for this! Even though it was supposed to be selfship, I will make the format to be x reader or x you or x y/n but with a hint of my personality



  • He’s not the type that would fall in love so easily. Love at first sight? Nah, what is that? Kita Shinsuke wouldn’t have any thought about falling in love just because he saw someone, no matter how angelic they look from the outside.
  • Let’s say that you are the first one who falls for him. I mean— IS THERE SOMEONE WHO AT LEAST DIDN’T RESPECT HIM?! Yeah, no one. So practically, you fall for how caring he is to the others, and knowing him is basically a blessing to your life.
  • So you tried your best to get his attention. Since you are a second-year and your best friend is supposedly someone from Volleyball Boys Club, you immediately jumped on him about it.
  • Your best friend, the middle blocker who apparently notice every single thing about his captain, could help you to gain the attention of Kita Shinsuke. Hopefully.
  • Suna told you the favourite food of the blunt captain, and that is Tofu Burger. If you couldn’t cook before, this is the time for you to learn how not to burn water. But if you could, thank god there’s google where you could find Jamie Oliver Tofu Burger that tasted so good. I have tried, you should try it guys
  • After many failed attempts, you could finally present Kita the decent Tofu Burger. You are not that brave, so you decided to ask Suna to be the one who gave it to him. In hope that Kita at least love the taste, you didn’t really care about what happened next actually. Didn’t want to get your hopes up you know?
  • So imagine how shocked you are when he suddenly stood in front of your classroom. The whole class was basically in uproar when KITA SHINSUKE, the terrifying captain and perfect student asking to meet someone.
  • You would take another look at your best friend who already gazed at you too. Your eyes screamed What the fuck?! While he only stare at you with a little smirk saying Go get ur man~ So you would try to look decent and clean up your uniform before walked up to Kita.
  • Basically, the first thing he do when you are finally standing in front of him was bowing at you as a token of gratitude. You could feel everyone staring at you from the back of your head. And there you are, standing awkwardly with immense blush adorned your face.
  • “Thank you for the tofu hamburger. It was one of the best that I have ever taste.”
  • YOU WERE TONGUE-TIED— like what should you say?!?!?! You basically never dared to have a thought about talking to him in general, let alone when he was the one who asked for you.
  • “Screw you, Suna.”
  • “I beg your pardon?”
  • You are screaming inside, you couldn’t believe that your mouth decided to betray you for saying the things on your mind out loud like that. You bit your lips, wanting to just cry because the first thing you ever said to Kita Shinsuke is “SCREW YOU?!” even though it’s not for him but still
  • So you decided to safe your first impression and talked about the things that brought the two of you together. Basically, Tofu Burger and Suna.
  • That’s when you knew Suna talked about a student in his class that worked very hard to grab her crush attention, yes, you. Suna always talk about how you wanted to know your crush, or how you basically wanted to be the best version of you. That happened by just the fact you like someone.
  • And when everyone in VBC knew that the crush who the girl liked is actually their captain, they immediately take a look at their captain. The sight shocked them, never thought they would finally saw their captain smiling at the thought of a girl, at the thought of you.
  • So when you were standing there in front of him, averting your gaze towards your left or right and rambling about all the things that maybe could fix your first impression to your crush, he would be there listening completely, focused solely to you.
  • You didn’t know that time, that he smiled so lovingly by just finally meeting the hardworking person that Suna never shut up about.
  • And if you knew he smiled like that at the time, you would curse yourself for the rest of your life just because you are not brave enough to look up at him.
  • But then again, you would have a lot of chances to see the same smile. Because something that everyone knew for sure, this messy occurrence would start something beautiful for both parties.
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♤ 𝐔𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐣𝐢𝐦𝐚 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐚 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐲 𝐚𝐢𝐦 // 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 ♤

♤ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: kudos to you if you somehow survive this omg cause it would definitely hurt like a bitch; 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫-𝐧𝐞𝐮𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫

♤ 𝐧𝐚𝐯𝐢𝐠𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐦𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭


  • You couldn’t choose someone who’s not as strong as Ushijima huh. If I had to choose someone who wouldn’t have a bad aim, it’d probably be Ushijima, but he has his moments also. They happen rarely and unfortunately, you stumbled into the gym when one of those rare moments were bound to occur
  • Even though you’re his partner, he doesn’t want you to come to his practices because balls are flying all over the place, and it’s not the safest setting for you. He can’t stop you from coming to practice and when you show up at the gym, Ushijima is, of course, happy to see you, but he can’t help but feel on edge. You can get seriously injured if you stay during practice
  • You didn’t listen and decided to stay while the team was busy practicing some serves. The brute force of your boyfriend’s serve never failed to surprise you. It effortlessly flies across court and slams on the court. The sound ringing from the impact always making you flinch. “Hope I won’t see that up close,” you’d think as you watch him play on the court, “thankfully I’m never going to play against him.”
  • Unfortunately for you, you didn’t have to play against him to experience the killer serve in action. One second you were watching him play, the other you felt something hit you with such speed that you were basically thrown off the bench and onto the gym floor. Groaning in pain, your eyes were tightly closed and the start of a massive headache was starting to show
  • “Y/N, Y/N are you okay?” Even though many were screaming around you and trying to see if you were okay, the deep voice of your boyfriend was the only sound you could hear. His rough hands moved to see the extent of the injury and you locked eyes with the worried look on his, usually stoic face. Thankfully, you weren’t injured that badly that it’d require a visit to the ER, but Ushijima immediately left practice with you
  • “You know Wakatoshi…” “Hm.” “I’d be scared shitless if I was your opponent.” “That is what I want to achieve.” *sweatdrop*
  • The positive side of this situation is that you get to experience his softer and caring side. He can’t help but feel guilty for hitting you, so enjoy this new side of Wakatoshi while it lasts ;)
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being friends with gym three squad

— so i actually ended up making a headcanon with this idea cs its too wholesome for me to ignore. so yeah here’s being in the same friend group with bokuto, akaashi, kuroo, tsukishima.

genre : crack ig, fluff, university au

disclaimer : i was watching a kdrama called hospital playlist and that’s the idea of how you all met came from so. 😗✌

  • akaashi and bokuto were invited to a party,
  • but they were today years old when they found out they didn’t do well with crowded places
  • so yea, they tried to escape but the host stopped them like 😐
  • “eh? its too early to go home. the night is still young! enjoy yourselves!”
  • cue akaashi screaming internally in the inside
  • cue bokuto screaming externally
  • akaashi : bokuto-san, i have a plan
  • bokuto : what is it akaashi?
  • akaashi : let’s hide somewhere for the rest of the night
  • so that’s how they ended up in a stockroom.
  • it wasn’t so bad honestly until someone opened the door.
  • it was a guy with a natural messy hair that spikes upwards due to his bed hair accompanied by a blond boy who wore glasses.
  • “…”
  • bokuto : akaashi … why are they here?
  • akaashi : probably because they’re like us, trying to hide from the party
  • “…”
  • stare
  • more staring
  • they all stared at each other in silence before the guy with bed hair spoke up
  • “can we come in …”
  • bokuto : woah, his voice is really nice … its like listening to a radio
  • stare
  • more staring
  • akaashi : sure, please come in.
  • the strangers went in and the pair sat down beside akaashi and bokuto
  • it was kind of cramped, but its better than dealing with the noisy people outside
  • bokuto : hello there! i’m bokuto koutarou and he’s akaashi keiji
  • he points at the black haired guy beside him.
  • bed hair guy : oh, i’m kuroo testsurou and this guy with the glasses is tsukishima kei
  • bokuto : cool
  • stare
  • more staring
  • tsukishima : isn’t it cramped here.
  • he breaks the silence, everyone’s attention suddenly turns towards him
  • kuroo : at least we’re only four here. deal with it.
  • cue someone opening the door
  • you : 👁👄👁
  • you : can i please come in?
  • you ask them politely
  • stare
  • more staring
  • all of them : yea … sure …
  • so you’re now all sitting down in the very cramped up space to tsukishima’s delight
  • you swear you could’ve heard him scoff
  • bokuto : hi, i’m bokuto koutarou and this is akaashi keiji
  • kuroo : i’m kuroo tetsurou and this is tsukishima kei
  • you : y/l/n y/n, nice to meet you
  • stare
  • more staring
  • you : ya’ll dry mfs ☹
  • tsukishima : your opinion is invalid
  • you : you’re invalid 🧚‍♀️✨
  • bokuto : GASP
  • kuroo : GASP
  • bokuto stares at kuroo
  • kuroo stares at bokuto
  • both of them : bro?
  • and that’s how bokuto and kuroo became best friends suddenly 😗✌
  • little by little, the room’s atmosphere became more welcoming due to bokuto’s antics and kuroo’s jokes
  • you : laughs
  • tsukishima : shut up midget
  • you : eXCUSE ME ?!?!
  • kuroo : can you both please be nice to each other
  • akaashi, suddenly : we’ll be stuck here for one more hour, please get along
  • bokuto asf : YEAH! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • you and tsukishima in sync : whatever
  • cue grumbling
  • suprisingly, you survived an hour with tsukishima
  • wait no, suprisingly he survived
  • bokuto : how about let’s take a photo! 🥺
  • you were supposed to say no but when you glanced at his face, his eyes looked so convincing
  • you, sighing : sure
  • the picture was taken by kuroo holding his phone out, akaashi and bokuto were behind him while you and tsukishima were trying not to eat each other’s faces up
  • and boy let me tell you
  • just when kuroo presses the button
  • the pole pushed you out of the frame and the picture went out with you blurry
  • you : WANT TO GET STRANGLED? (•̀o•́)ง
  • tsukishima : if you can reach my neck shortie ♡
  • before you can even literally jump on his ass, everyone pulled the both of you away from each other
  • akaashi : chill tf out pls, we can now leave this room and you don’t have to see each other’s faces anymore
  • bokuto : YEAH!!
  • kuroo : i’m hungry
  • cue your stomach growling at everyone
  • tsukishima : that was loud
  • you : shut up <3
  • kuroo : how about let’s go to mcdonald’s? there’s one near here
  • if kuroo’s there, tsukishima will also be there
  • bokuto : mcdonals?!?!? sign me up!?!?!
  • if bokuto’s there, akaashi will also be there
  • you : i’m going straight home 😗✌
  • akaashi : i thought you’re hungry though?
  • tsukishima : you’re literally going to go home while your stomach is growling
  • you send a glare to tsukishima
  • you : as if i’m going to go to mcdonald’s with a bunch of strangers at this hour
  • bokuto, visibly offended : we won’t do something bad to you !!!!!
  • kuroo : YEAH ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
  • tsukishima : are you dumb or what? did we do something to you for the past three hours we were stuck together?
  • you, quietly : no …
  • akaashi : so will you go with us?
  • you, even more quietly : fine. (pls don’t go out with random strangers)
  • so bOom suddenly you’re at a mcdonald’s
  • as you thought that your day won’t get even more unlucky
  • the whole world seemed to be against you
  • you : my wallet is missing … ☹
  • tsukishima, scoffing : i’ll pay for you.
  • you : woAH you’re not as bad as i thought! ☺
  • tsukishima : <please shut up3
  • anyways, after eating bokuto asked for your numbers cs he wants to meet you all again because ya’ll seem cool. 🥺
  • tsukishima gives his number to you hesitantly
  • you : don’t worry i won’t pull a prank on you
  • tsukishima : you better not or else you’re paying me back double
  • you : i’m supposed to pay you bACK?!?!
  • after that night you never heard from them for a week until someone made a group chat
  • bokuto : hi everyone! let’s meet up ☺🥺
  • everyone somehow agreed and the date was set to this weekend, so you have three days more before you meet them again
  • in the span of those three days, the group chat was always noisy thanks to kuroo and bokuto
  • bokuto’s always spamming the gc with his dad jokes that he found in the internet
  • kuroo sends tiktoks he find hilarious
  • tsukishima almost never replies unless if you call him out
  • akaashi …
  • oftens kills the chat
  • but its ok, he’s still pretty
  • so saturday rolls around and you’re going to watch a movie with them
  • tsukishima : pay up bitch
  • you ended up paying for tsukishima’s ticket cs you were always kind duh 🥰
  • after the movie, kuroo invites ya’ll to go to the skating rink and …
  • tsukishima never goes to the center, he’s always holding unto the rink’s sides
  • kuroo’s using the penguin aid and he never lets go of it
  • bokuto slips every five seconds
  • akaashi slips with bokuto every five seconds
  • you’re sitting on the ground cs you can’t get up
  • ya’ll were so noisy that everyone was 👁👄👁
  • you all would just stare at a kid who skates around ya’ll
  • kuroo, under his breath : showoff
  • once you got out, you knew your butt would be bruised along with bokuto’s and akaashi’s
  • kuroo scolded tsukishima
  • kuroo : you wasted your money!!!! you didn’t get the whole experience!!!
  • tsukishima : i didn’t pay to fall to the ground every second.
  • that shut kuroo up
  • everyone enjoyed, you all planned to meet up soon too
  • that was until you saw each other at the campus
  • “oH you go here too?”
  • tsukishima : y/n, you study !?!?!
  • everyone ended up spending time together everyday and everyone got so close
  • you all were inseperable uwu
  • yeah. magically, you were able to put up with tsukishima
  • he became seeing you as one of his friends now
  • ever since you let him listen to your playlist 💅
  • you became closer to kuroo bcs you willingly styled his hair 😌
  • akaashi and you were attached to the hip cs you were the only one who keeps his sanity in check
  • bokuto adores you sm because when everyone else was against him, you’d side him cs who can reject those eyes? 🥺
  • from then on, you did things together
  • you spent valentines together pls
  • like one time, ya’ll went to the one place where it was a famous place for couples to visit whenever its valentines
  • ya’ll just sate there and watch the couples and then judge them
  • “these two are the power couples”
  • “these two are dating in secret”
  • “that couple over there will break up soon”
  • “you see that? they only stay together because their family liked each other”
  • every april fool’s you have this kind of thing where you all put your name into different pieces of paper and then you’ll pick and whoever you got, you’ll be pranking them
  • one time bokuto got himself, you were all about to do the picking again but he was like,
  • bokuto : i can do this don’t worry!
  • everyone was like : ??
  • akaashi : please don’t mind him
  • so on april fool’s he literally tried to prank himself
  • it worked tho??
  • no one knows how
  • akaashi has the same pranks all over and over again
  • like the first april fool’s he did the oreo and toothpaste thing
  • it worked on you
  • but he did it again the following year
  • but still worked on kuroo and TSUKISHIMA
  • akaashi : i’ll be doing this until you won’t get fooled by it anymore
  • mother’s day rolled around and
  • THESE BOYS literally gave you a kid’s diaper, powedered milk, a onesie for a baby AND your very own mug with ‘world’s best mom’ written on it
  • its ok tho, you’ll get your revenge during father’s day
  • and then called them dad for a whole day
  • halloween will soon follow and,,
  • everyone dressed up as scooby doo
  • tsukishima was scooby, akaashi was daphne, bokuto was fred, you were velma and kuroo was shaggy
  • akaashi was so pretty omg
  • everyone simped for him that night
  • suddenly, you woke up
  • tsukishima was busy due to his part time job, he took his co worker’s shift frequently so you all decided to pay him a visit at the cafe
  • everything was cool and chill until you saw him outside of the cafe giving out free tastes
  • while wearing A SANTA COSTUME
  • you took a picture (maybe 20 but we won’t talk about that)
  • and you finally have the upper hand between the two of you now
  • congrats
  • you all went up to him like
  • “santa can i take a picture with you”
  • “santa can i tell you what i want for this christmas”
  • tsukishima : can you all piss off.
  • this was totally one of the bad day tsukishima had.
  • fast forward to new year’s eve, you all planned to have a sleepover at kuroo’s and let me tell you
  • akaashi : its ok, at least we got to start the year with sleep. who knows, we’ll probably get more sleep this year
  • and that’s on being sleep deprived college students 😗💅
  • to wrap it up
  • your friend group will be the most balanced group out there
  • you have the trouble makers
  • you have the mom of the group
  • you have the one who keeps any conversation going
  • and you have one that will make sure everyone’s heads aren’t above the clouds
  • please tell me where i can get these type of friends tysm
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400 Celebration! Please Read!

hey party people! ive hit 400 on this blog not too long ago and it’s looking like im steady speeding to 500 (which is absolutely fucking wild like thank you so much) but i wanted to celebrate and do something for 400 !

with that being said, i have a big sorta celebration planned for 500 but i still wanted to say a thank you and fulfill some requests + have fun w u all so i ended up deciding to do a song prompt challenge!

send in any song you like + any character for a fandom i write for and ill write you a little drabble! please read my rules before sending any requests but go buck wild

i have an affinity for hiphop and rnb but anything goes! thank u all sm for being here and vibing w me!

please send in some requests!!

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— caramel frappucino | 14



ship: sailing soon

⋅∘∶⋆✩∗⋅∗✩⋆∶∘⋅ ⋅∘∶⋆✩∗⋅∗✩⋆∶∘⋅ ⋅∘∶⋆✩∗⋅∗✩⋆∶∘⋅




⋅∘∶⋆✩∗⋅∗✩⋆∶∘⋅ ⋅∘∶⋆✩∗⋅∗✩⋆∶∘⋅ ⋅∘∶⋆✩∗⋅∗✩⋆∶∘⋅

marga’s note. soooo… my country’s so-called no. 1 university (it’s seriously hard to pass there) just released the results but somehow, i passed???? wthhajshajansnsjs how???


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thank you so much for your request!! I can assure you I’m happy and healthy! Eating well and trying to drink more water! Resting is iffy for me but I’m still getting 8 hours!!

I ship you with…


  • Since you are a water sign and he is an air sign you get along well
  • Ok so I feel like you guys met through sports, you were probably a cheerleader for Aoba Joshai!
  • Iwa 100% asked you out by sending a volleyball your way with a letter attached to it!!
  • Movie marathons 100%, might make you watch scary movies just so you cling to him and get scared
  • since Iwa is a Pisces rising he is really good with understanding peoples emotions and sentiments 
  • he is also very observative and can deal with different situations with ease so even the slightest vibe change he can feel it and knows how to make you feel better. (mentally….. and physically)
  • Iwa also doesn’t show his emotions but when he does he’s extremely vulnerable. 
  • He needs to trust you 110% with everything because if this vulnerability
  • because of his rising zodiac he likes talking about marriage and hopes that his better world will have you in it (honestly best boyfriend ever)
  • he would definitely propose to you at Disney?  
  • as a Gemini, he has very fast thinking and he’s super tolerant 
  • how else was he able to deal with Oikawa?
  • He’s very open with you in public as long as there are no disturbances 
  • he rarely shows any negative qualities.
  • Iwa is really truthful when it comes down it and he won’t be afraid to get a little inappropriate 
  • calls you an idiot as a joke even tho you could probably school him on every subject 


  • DOM
  • I don’t make the rules
  • When you guys first started fucking he used a condom but once he forgot one and came inside you that idea was GONE
  • thinks the daddy kink is HOT AF 
  • loves praising you but won’t be afraid to call you his slut 
  • 100% possessive AF
  • if someone even looks at you the wrong way he will drag you into the closest bathroom and get you on your knees
  • he has really long fingers so 100% likes giving more than recieving but if he needs to teach you a lesson you’re on your knees!!
  • he will edge you on until your begging for him, fuck you like it’s his last day on earth and then overstimulate you until your crying even more.
  • exhibitionism on a rare chance, maybe when you out at a movie.
  • loves your thighs, squeezes then under the table or when you’re in the movie
  • ass smacks is A MUST like literally has an obsession
  • even tho you have a small top half he will worship you!!
  • Always waits for you to cum first and takes pride in making you finish with just his dick 
  • Jealous sex is rough and fast but you won’t be able to get any words out
  • he’s definitely a grunter and some occasional breathy moans but overall doesn’t really make much noise 
  • Aftercare is really good!
  • If you don’t want to get up he will clean you up with a warm towel, put on a Disney movie, and will cuddle you until you fall asleep. 
  • 10/10 would recommend
  • An overall good relationship with lots of love and affection!! <3 

I really hope you enjoyed this!! It took me a little while longer than expected so sorry about that!! Also, can we all just take a moment to admire how HOT Iwaizumi Hajime is!?! he does not have the right, 100% simp mode activated!! 

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no need to shout - part 7

♫ Y/N works at a small music store on weekdays and as a bartender on weekends, enjoying her simple life. When a band she’s a fan of plays at the bar she works at, she finds herself unable to look away from the keyboardist, Semi Eita. Soon she finds her fate intertwined with his and with the band’s, and her life gets a bit more interesting.

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so ami’s contact name is supposed to be like (in English) to my love bc her name separated in Spanish makes a mi, which is like to my, and then love,,,, get it??? idk I thought it was cute and I realized later my initial understanding of it wasn’t what it really meant FBSKSKKS Y’ALL I SPEAK SPANISH EYE—

taglist: taglist: @bimboiiying @hinatashouyouuu @nerdyphantomlady @oikawannabeyourbabie @moonyremvs @mokonasenpaiposts @tepjameme @kurootetsuro-trash @shareyourfandomfaves @kelitt @kaithehero @bvnnyclouds @aminlovewithhaikyuu @t-rexmoreliket-flex @miyuswriting @syntax404error @idrinkarizonateareligiously @oikawawalmart-hq @livtheweeb @iwanttofeelchaotic @ky0ju @yogurtkink @guzmagirl @thats-kinda-sketchy @honeytobio @astrrnmy @etoilezone @venusinrome @shadyjinyoung @adoring-obi-wan @actual-smol @shoutobabyboy @thenezuko @officiallykuute @tobiyoloo @mikkasquare @ivebeenscreamingsinceiwas5 @slfmint @writingsbycrackhead @kawanisshi @lightmiracles @blueeyes-lilacskies @sugawsites @hera19 @sarcastic-5sos @tickles614

♪ updates every sunday and wednesday ♪

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a/n: hi eden ILY<3 this is to apologize for showing you bald kuroo-

✧・゚getting introduced as their s/o ✧・゚ headcanons

pairings: nishinoya x reader, oikawa x reader, kenma x reader, kita x reader, bokuto x reader

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* *:・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:* :・゚✧*:・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚:*



→ as soon as you two started dating, he wanted to tell the vbc

→ and he did hhshsjs

→ he was always talking about you at practice, the team knew so much about you

→ noya: “guys guess what!”

→ tsukishima: “let me guess, it has to do with (y/n)?”

→ noya: “no…well actually-”

→ so one day hinata was just like “let’s meet them!”

→ noya was SO up for it, he called you right after practice to make sure that it was okay

→ you couldn’t say no, you could just hear the excitement in his voice

→ so the next day at the end of school, he bolted to meet you after your last class

→ “hi baby!” he grabbed your hand “let’s go!”

→ next thing you know, your fingers are braided together and you’re running down the hallway to go to the gym-

→ you are so out of breath by the time you get there but he’s still bursting with excitement

→ he swung the gym doors open and just shouted - “everyone!! this is (y/n) !!”

→ he was like a 5 year old showing off a toy at show and tell-

→ since he talked about you so much, the team just instantly clicked with you

→ ugh they’re just so welcoming and friendly

→ since you connected with them so quickly, they added you to the vbc groupchat and invited you to come to their next practice

→ the team just adores you probably more than they like noya HAHA

→ tanaka is 100% your and noya’s wingman



→ okay before you, this boy would just fly through relationships

→ we know this for sure bc his nephew made fun of him 😔 heart been broke so many times-

→ anyways, so when you started dating he wanted to keep it on the downlow

→ he didn’t wanna jinx it! he just wants to see your relationship grow and last for a long time

even though deep down he wanted everyone to know that you were dating

→ yeah even though it was supposed to be lowkey, he put a picture of you as his lockscreen

→ being in a relationship with flattykawa, i feel like he’d definitely screenshot any snaps you send him or just in general has a lot of pictures of you on his phone

→ secret relationship my ASS- what was he expecting???

→ his mindset was “who’s gonna go through the captain’s phone?? nobody caus-”


→ it wasn’t intentional, he just wanted to check the time but then saw a new face on oikawa’s phone..

→ so he took the phone, walked up to oikawa, and just SHOWED HIM THE LOCKSCREEN


→ then wow no surprise here. the whole team is 👀

→ iwaizumi teases him about this-

→ and then the whole team caught on

→ so an embarrassed oikawa called you and was like “can i introduce you to the team?”

→ he was lowkey peer pressured but we’re not gonna talk about that-

→ ofc you said yes. he was literally the captain of the team how could you not-


→ at first they were all welcoming and friendly. but after a few minutes passed, they were just—sigh rip oikawa

→ he’s was blushing like crazy at his teammates telling all of these embarrassing stories of him and you were just laughing hsksh

→ anywho the team loves u and when you occasionally show up to practice, it’s always an adventure

→ iwa is ur new bestie and kyoutani/mad dog tells you that if oikawa ever does something mean to you, he’ll beat the shit out of him



→ i feel like kenma wouldn’t purposely hide your relationship, he’s just not the type to be so loud about it yk?

→ one day you texted him when he was at practice, and the nekoma vbc saw your contact name

→ “keNMA?? who’s (y/n) with a RED HEART??”

→ kenma: “my? s/o?”

→ and kuroo freaked out on him for not telling him

→ kenma: “it’s not like i was hiding it?”


→ that whole practice. everyone was just breathing down kenma’s neck

→ “what are they like???” “kenma you sly dog when’d this happen??” “when can we meet them?” “are u gonna get maaaarrrieeeed??”

→ cue annoyed and kind of blushing kenma

→ when he told you about the team finding out, he surprisingly had asked you if you wanted to meet them

→ “they’re really dumb but they’ll love you”

→ so next practice, he met up with you and walked u to the gym

→ and when you got there.. there was just SCREAMING

→ kenma: “guys back off you’re gonna scare them”

→ kuroo is basically like.. a mom. throw all that cool guy shit out of the window

→ he’s like shaking ur hand at 85 mph “kenma has told us so much about you”

→ lev: “but we just found out yester-?”

→ yaku: “just let him have his moment”

→ you become the team mom! how could u not? these boys love you too much

→ “kenma why didn’t you tell us about them earlier??!!”

→ the team is super hype whenever you show up, and when you don’t they’re all pouty — “kenma where’s (y/n) ?🥺”

→ bonus: you, kenma, lev, kuroo, and yaku all play minecraft together. boom ultimate friend group.



→ i feel like kita would hide your relationship for a few months

→ he’s a bit on the more reserved side? i’m not sure how to explain it but he would want to wait to make sure your relationship is going well enough to introduce you to his friends, family, etc.

→ and since he’s the captain of the volleyball team, he definitely wanted to let some time pass before introducing you

→ this boy literally cried when he realized that he was captain. he loves them but on the downlow hhdjsh

→ a few months in, kita was at practice and atsumu was just…

→ “kita?? come on now, you’re still single?”


→ “oh kitaaaa i know you hear me!”

→ kita: “hop off my dick pls❤️”

→ “nO listen i can help you out her-”

→ he thought about it for a quick second and thought that your relationship was in a good place so just flat out said “i’m seeing someone already”

→ atsumu: surprised pikachu face “wait fr FR??”

→ he was just in shock tbh LOL

→ kita’s confidence 📈📈

→ then the whole team kinda just gathered around

→ kita: “yeah. i’ve been seeing them for a few months”

→ ofc the team was happy for him. maybe a few teases here and there but yuh<3

→ atsumu was still >:O what

→ a few days passed and he had asked you if you wanted to meet the team

→ you agreed and were super pumped. he loved his team like i said earlier though, on the DOWNLOW

→ when you met them, they were very polite and respectful

→ it felt a little weird tbh SHSJJS

→ but nope here comes atsumu “have you two really been dating for so long?”

→ kita: “yes..??”

→ “oh. well, hi i’m atsumu! :) how is kita? like you know-?”

→ he teases you two about dating but is rooting for it

→ the first time meeting everyone was a little awkward but then everyone warmed up to you

→ like they became used to you coming to practice and would occasionally ask kita “how’s (y/n)?”

→ basically, you help kita with his captain duties and the team really appreciates you <3



→ being captain, the team is like his family

→ so it’s barely a few days into your relationship and he’s like “you should come to one of our practices!!”

→ and he’s bouncing up and down as he mentions it

→ “i’ll show you all of my cool moves-OH you can see how we do this thing ca-”

→ yeahhh you couldn’t say no

→ the team didn’t even know he was dating someone, he wanted to surprise everyone

→ so when you randomly showed up to practice with your bf, they were just “??? bokuto who is this ???”

→ there were stars in his eyes and he had this huge smile, “MY S/O! :DD”

→ the team is very welcoming. they’re just caught off guard because they’re lowkey thinking “how did bokuto manage to hop into a relationship he’s basically a baby-”

→ they’re a little quiet at first but then warm up to you. then it’s just wild

→ well bokuto gets wild..

→ bokuto: “HEY HEY- (Y/N) DID YOU SEE THAT?”

→ he 100% goes tryhard for you

→ the team notices this.. THEY TEASE HIM

→ they wouldn’t stop so he went into emo mode for a few minutes

→ you: “is he?? okay??”

→ akaashi: “oh yeah, he gets like this. bokuto weakness #7-”

→ akaashi lowkey becomes your wingman even though he denies it

→ he teaches you whatever ‘weaknesses’ bokuto has that you might need to know

→ bokuto also talks to akaashi about you a lot after you meet so you become besties at practices

→ if he starts acting like a baby while playing a match, you know how to calm him down or cheer him up

→ and then he plays 10x better

→ but yeah the team really likes you because you know how to control bokuto hsjsjhs

→ when bokuto adds you to the vbc groupchat, that’s when you become good friends with the team

→ like it’ll occasionally blow up at midnight when you send a tiktok lol

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i find ways to tell you i love you  ੈ♡₊˚•.


Originally posted by clair-audients

a super short ushijima filler post while i face writer’s block 👉👈

in which ushijima wakatoshi conveys his love for you through 10 ways::

i love you 1 

“y/n love, let me carry those books for you”

“its nothing, now pass me those books”

 i love you 2

“your mom let me in, you’re on your period right?”

“i downloaded this flo app? anyways i got you pads and ice cream.”

“we can cuddle too if you want”

 i love you 3

“missed you a lot today, practice was slightly tiring”

“please just hug me”

 i love you 4

“y/n, you’re really pretty”

“im so lucky to have you”

 i love you 5

“y/n i got you sushi”

“why are you dieting? you’re prefect enough”

“now eat, you haven’t been eating enough lately”

 i love you 6

“what’s wrong about your height?”

“you are gorgeous y/n, please don’t forget this”

“so do wear this dress, i know you’ll look dashing in it”

 i love you 7

“your hair was getting in the way”

“i bought this scrunchie for you,”

“i recalled that you like f/c scrunchies right?”

 i love you 8

“my mom likes you”

“whats so shocking about that?”

“besides volleyball, you are the only thing he talks about”

 i love you 9

“don’t be shy love, you’re pretty”

“you look pretty with your hair styled this way”

“i need to take pictures to remember you”

 i love you 10

“tendo taught me how to change my lockscreen”

“now i can see you everytime i open my phone”

“whats being cheesy?”

a/n◞♡   ⃗  this was inspired by my friend! if you’re seeing this then hi!! thank you for reading this filler post and have a great day ahead lovelies! 🤍🤍

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Watch out for the angel!


Originally posted by nanzse

pairing: Sakusa Kiyoomi x angel!fem.reader

synopsis: Sakusa Kiyoomi’s life turned upside down when a weird noisy girl moved into the house next to him. Besides having to deal with the neighbor following him everywhere, he still had to endure the girl telling him that he was an angel.

genre: fluff, humor, romance, a little angst.


chapter 1: The angel in the window

chapter 2: The hugs of an angel (06/02)

chapter 3: Be cared for by an angel (06/06)

chapter 4: Smiling angel

chapter 5: When the angel cries


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A/N I heard this line at the store the other day and it has been stuck in my head since and I just thought that it was totally something Daichi would say and do and I’ve had a rough couple days at work so I needed some fluff and here is some fluff

IT was late and you had a long day and decided to go to the bar for a drink and a much needed change of scenery. You put on a cute dress, put in some dry shampoo and some mascara and called it good. You hoped at the very least you could have a drink or two and maybe have a half decent talk with someone. 

You were going to a super cute  bar that your friends showed you a couple months ago because they both met their boyfriends here and they promised you that they had only the cutest boys here. So far you had no luck finding the cute boys they talked about, you got hit on often but you weren’t really interested in cowboys or male strippers so you had to pass on all of their moves. When you got to the bar you took a seat at the bar and ordered “whatever you recommend” to which you got a strawberry daiquiri that was absolutely amazing. The bartender was very sweet, the two of you have talked a couple of times before. But tonight he was way too busy to have any sort of conversation with you, that was fine because the gentleman next to you was keen on having a conversation with you. 

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